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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 2, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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bookstores. i say fox rocks. you rock. thank you. we're number one at 1 on the number one cable news network. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. president with comments on brett kavanaugh as the senate is planning to vote this week on his nomination to the supreme court. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." for now republican leaders are standing firmly behind kavanaugh, calling him a highly called capable nominee. president trump saying this -- >> i really think that judge kavanaugh is going to be accepted and voted on and positively voted on. but we're gonna have to see what the fbi says. they'll come back with a report. >> dana: kristen fisher with an update on the fbi investigation,
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but we begin with mike emanuel. mike? >> reporter: dana, good afternoon. there are reporters and news crews following key senators all over capitol hill these days. a short time ago we had an unusual instance where you had lisa murkowski talking to reporters. she jumps in with maine susan collins another critical senator on the kavanaugh nomination. murkowski told us she's been told the fbi will be thorough. >> what i have been assured is that they are conducting this background investigation as they do all background investigations, allowing for the investigation to take its course. that's important. but what i think we all need to do now is to wait and see exactly what comes back. >> i don't think it's proper for the senate to be telling the fbi how do their job. they know how to do this.
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they do it regularly. it should be devoid of politics. but it also represents what many have observed as moving the goal post. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell continues saying the united states senate will vote this week on the judge brett kavanaugh nomination making some democrats uncomfortable. >> i believe it is. i believe it's too soon. it's tuesday. we have to put all the facts together. >> reporter: judge kavanaugh defended his name and integrity last week in a very emotional appearance before the judiciary committee. some suggested he was too fiery. others say if there's evidence he lied, that would be a political game changer. >> that changes everything. if they can cooperate, i think they'll doing so. >> reporter: midterm elections are exactly five weeks from today, making politics inevitable. dana? >> dana: thank you, mike. for the latest developments in the investigation itself we go
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to kristen fisher on capitol hill. kristen? >> reporter: hey, dana. two stories we're tracking that broke over the last 24 hours or so. first is an nbc news report claiming judge kavanaugh and his team have been texting with two of his old yale classmates trying to get them to refute the second accuser's claims before they became public. that's a big deal if true because at the hearing last week, judge kavanaugh told the committee he had only learned of the accusations after they became public. here's chuck shumer on the senate floor just hours ago. >> beyond tupb seemliness of a federal judge pressuring former classmates to support his nomination, it seems judge kavanaugh was at least very misleading to the judiciary committee about miss ramirez story. >> reporter: but a spokes person for the judiciary committee is defending the judge. quote, these texts from miss
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birchem, who is one of kavanaugh's old classmates do not appear relative or contra ductry to judge kavanaugh's testimony. this appears to be a last ditch effort to derail the nomination with baseless innuendo by democrats. another story claims kavanaugh was caught throwing ice at a man at a bar from back when he was in college. well today police in connecticut released a report saying kavanaugh was questioned about the incident but he was not arrested. here's republican senator don koryn. >> that strikes me about as serious as cross-examining him about his high school year book. this has gotten pretty ridiculous. >> reporter: as for where exactly this fbi investigation stands, we know that the fbi has finished investigating mark judge, one of the central figures in the kavanaugh hearings and kavanaugh
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accusations. but best we can tell as of this morning, they had not contacted or finished interviewing dr. ford. so, dana, everybody here really just waiting for this fbi report to come in. but no senator, republican or democrat, wants to weigh in until they get to read and dig into what exactly is in this report. dana? >> dana: all right, kristen fisher, thank you. president trump last hour addressing judge kavanaugh's testimony. >> i don't think you should lie to congress. there have been a lot of people over the last year that have lied to congress. to me, that would not be acceptable. >> dana: joining me now, you can join us to, for law school with judge andrew nepolatano. tell me where you think things stand. it's tuesday, diane feinstein said. it's already tuesday. that's a long time if you're out there with no protection as kavanaugh is. >> i get the sense from mike emanuel and kristen fisher that
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they're on pins and needles because things keep happening. the nbc report is far more serious than the new york times. who cares about throwing ice when he was a kid. but the new york times one and chuck shumer is correct on this, it's a violation of legal ethics for a sitting federal judge to be asking people for favors. >> dana: we haven't seen those text messages. >> only if true. >> dana: yeah. i am -- if nbc wants to reveal these or somehow we find out what the text messages are. as a spokes person for judge roberts and judge olito. during those times, say -- remember the olito nomination. there were allegations about vanguard and payment and all the investments. >> yes. >> dana: what did i have to do? i got to call people. i got to ask the judge, did this happen? i don't know. let me call my broker. that's not inappropriate from my point of view. >> making phone calls to gather
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information is not appropriate. judge making phone calls to will be by people would. >> dana: nbc made the assumption, jumping ahead to where they are. >> where this sits now, we don't know. the fbi is going to dig and dig. if they find that's evidence of crime misleading congress by him or somebody else, lying to them by any of the people that they interrogated, their job is to gather all the evidence they can about that crime irrespective of time limits and irrespective of the political consequence. >> dana: what will happen when the fbi report is completed? will we ever see it? >> welsh it will go to the white house. the white house will then be pressured to share for the senate judiciary committee. 21 senators will have it. will we see it? of course we will. leakers will leak what they want us to see, whether it's pro kavanaugh or against kavanaugh. >> dana: right. you have these people the other
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report about one of the accusers swetnick, basically torn apart. >> yes. >> dana: does that help judge kavanaugh? >> it helps him that one of the accusers is now being disbelieved. the issue, is the fbi going to pursue this? did she file false documents with congress, which is a crime? did she lie when the fbi was interrogating her, which is a crime. even if they are crimes, are they crimes worth pursuing? if an accuser accuses him of something and the story is obliterated, of course it helps him. >> dana: senator mcconnell said we're voting on this this week. in your estimation, the fbi investigation may not be finished. >> what would senator mcconnell or grassley do if chris wray, we're on to a couple leads here, we need another week.
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according to senate rules 30 hours of debate. i don't know how they'll get all that debate in. that talk has not started. >> dana: the vote would be conceivably sunday. >> friday or saturday seems optimistic to me, without having seen the fbi report. >> dana: we'll stay on pins and needles as well and keep in touch with you. judge napolitano, thank you. how could heidi heitkamp's vote on kavanaugh affect her chances for reelection. president trump gearing up to talk to a convention about electrical workers about tax reform. while your spouse was serving our country,
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>> dana: senator lindsey graham is speaking. let's take a listen. >> people can look at it then we're going to vote. it's time to vote. i keep telling my colleagues, this is the new normal. god help us all. who would want to be a judge in this environment? we've got to turn this around before it's too late. taking kavanaugh down with unleashed forces from the darker side of american politics. if you think only one side is capable of doing this, you're wrong. >> chuck shumer said he wanted an fbi briefing once the report came in. >> that would be fine with me. the fbi can brief us. i don't mind that. i don't mind the public looking at it. whatever the fbi finds, look at it, make your own decisions. >> what was the mood at lunch today? >> the best conference i can remember ever being in. people were talking about some
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personal nature of this. people asked me about it. i thought dr. ford was really well treated. she was respected. she was asked questions consistent with what you would ask someone who made an accusation. used to be the woman was the unfavored character, and the old way of doing business. you tear the woman down. she was treated respectfully, i think. we learned some things that make me go -- i didn't find anything that bolstered her case. bottom line is i thought brett kavanaugh was just humiliated. i hear that from a lot of people who share my view. some don't. so i hope that women will come forward in larger numbers, be heard respectfully and we'll have some constitutional process to initiate a claim. i thought she was well treated.
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kavanaugh, not so much. so hopefully, if we can get this thing behind us as a turning point where women can come forward and treated with respect. >> senator, one question about this report. >> i don't care -- >> do you want a summary? >> i personally don't care. i want people to look at what the fbi found. after this investigation, did they find anything new? if they found something that changes the trajectory of this case, i'll be surprised, but i'll let you know about it. if they validate what we already knew, i think that's important to come out. to me, this is such an emotional event now. give the public as information as you can. >> she indicated that she did not want the fbi report to be public. >> i respect her. i don't think diane had anything
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to do with that. somebody did. [ inaudible ] >> i don't know ab her staff but i don't think she did it. the if eub looked at what the committee looked at. i'm curious to what they find. >> is this a scary time for men? >> i think it's a scary time for principles. a woman can be accused of something. you could be accused of doing something to a child, any of us could. the accusation should always be listened to. man or woman. and sexual violence is not just limited to men on women. men are abused by men sometimes. it's about process. it's about encouraging people to come forward who have been treated badly. a person can be accused, can defend themselves and that there
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are certain systems in place that will stand the test of time. that's what i'm hoping for. the reason i have been so passionate is about this, i thought the process worked in terms of finding out who was qualified. i can never imagine me engaging in anything like this. i have been a lawyer. i enjoy politics. i am privileged to represent south carolina. it's a place no matter high and mighty you are, you can still be challenged. as a president, you can be challenged. a nominee to the supreme court should be challenged. doesn't mean there's a challenge, that's not enough. we'll see where this goes. i think he's gonna be just fine, in terms of the votes. i don't think he'll ever be the same. i think he will be a great judge on the court.
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maybe, maybe, i don't know why i think this, this is a turning point. this is bottom. if this is not bottom, god help us all. thank you. >> dana: that was lindsey graham, senator from south carolina. caught in the hallway by reporters, giving a lot of commentary about judge kavanaugh and the status of the nomination and his thinking. also from a big picture point of view about due process. now let's turn to this. new polling showing a widening gap between kevin kramer and his race to unseat heidi heitkamp. a poll showing kramer with a ten point lead 51 to 41 over heitkamp. the same poll also shows north dakota residents support confirming brett kavanaugh by more than a 2:1 margin. i'm very fortunate to be joined by the national editor of the political report. one of the best people to follow anywhere especially on twitter.
11:19 am
few races to go through. i did want to get your take on this. heidi heitkamp had been named the most vulnerable senator up for re-election. is that proving to be true? >> yes. i think both sides would agree to that. what heidi heitkamp has been able to do, it's a very small state, very republican state. because it's such a small state, she has a personal relationship with voters there. we don't have to put them in the same category. what this vote does, however, it nationalizes heidi heitkamp, whatever vote that she decides to take. if she votes against kavanaugh, she will be taking the side of national democrats as you can see from that poll in that state, it's not a great place to be if you're a democrat. she's been able to vote against other pieces of legislation that republicans support that the president supported like the tax bill and repealing obamacare, in part because those pieces of
11:20 am
legislation are not as popular in the state. >> dana: then let me take you to virginia, barbara comstock's race down there. she's running in virginia, virginia 10. the new poll by monmoth shows 50% of voters support the democrat and 44% republican barbara comstock. she's had tough races before. this same poll, only 5% support comstock in light of the allegations. 81% said it hasn't changed their mind. i wonder from your viewpoint and expertise, people want to know, is the kavanaugh situation going to motivate voters to come to the poll, or will it make a difference either way? what are your thoughts? >> this is suburban washington, d.c. this is professional suburbs. these are some of the most
11:21 am
politically engaged people. they live five, ten miles from washington. you're not going to have a lotted of influence there. the question remains like barbara comstock turning out the vote. are they engaged. are they motivated by this nomination? we also know it's likely that republican partisans will be much more motivated in a place like north dakota. not gonna matter as much in a place like virginia where the president is deeply under water. i want to know how independents feel about this. if you look at the numbers, they say more of them would oppose than support kavanaugh, but it's not as strongly held as it is among them. >> dana: we'll see how it changes throughout the week. president trump set to talk
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about the economy, trade and tax reform in philadelphia in just a few moments. plus, democrat john tester, he's a no for kavanaugh. how will that affect his chances for re-election to the senate in montana? 300 miles an hour,
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11:26 am
those are initial tests. they're currently with the fbi for testing. ricin requires a significant amount to kill somebody. one of those packages was delivered to defense secretary jim mattis. the other to the navy's top admiral. the packages never made their way into the pentagon having been discovered in a mail delivery building next door to the pentagon. the fbi has the lead on the investigation to make the final determination. that could take another day according to officials. a pentagon spokesman said the packages were discovered monday but not turned over to the fbi until today. quote, on monday the pentagon force detection agency detected a substance at the pentagon's mail remote screening facility. all usps mail received at the pentagon mail screening facility yesterday is currently under quarantine and poses no threat to pentagon personnel. it's the first package scare at the pentagon since march when a
11:27 am
seattle area man was arrested for sending suspicious bomb explosive material in packages to different government agencies throughout the washington area, including cia headquarters at the pentagon and currently, like you said, dana, this was discovered early. the pentagon had the packages for further testing. we'll await the fbi results. >> dana: lucas, thank you. president trump set to speak soon at an event in philadelphia. plus we're awaiting mitch mcconnell and his weekly press conference where we're sure he'll be asked about the brett kavanaugh background investigation so stick around for that. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. >> dana: here's senator mitch mcconnell.
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>> -- reasonable request. the senate follows on. let me tell you what i can tell you will certainly happen. we'll get an fbi report soon. it will be made available to each senator and only senators will be allowed to look at it. that's the way these reports are always handled, that's background checks with the fbi to the judiciary committee. and we'll be voting this week. so the fbi report will be finished and we will be voting this week on the kavanaugh nominatio nomination. >> so the request last friday was for seven days, up to seven days for additional supplemental background investigation by the fbi. the majority leader said we will get that. but now you're starting to hear new arguments being made since
11:31 am
they realized that everything the witnesses have previously told the judiciary committee under oath under penalty of felony, they're likely to tell the fbi the same thing. it would make sense to me. but now they want to focus on judge kavanaugh's high school year book. give me a break. that just shows the sort of desperation that the other side has to not only deny the nominee a fair and dignified confirmation process, but to turn this into a three ring circus. and now we're talking about throwing ice on somebody when you were in college as disqualifying you from a seat on the united states supreme court? this has not been a search for the truth. this has been about search and destroy. and the process setting a precedent we will regret for the rest of our lives where an unproven accusation is enough to deny somebody a confirm eight in
11:32 am
the united states senate. and, in fact, as rachel mitchell pointed out, the confirmation was all in favor of judge kavanaugh's position, that what was alleged never happened. so this is about whether we're going to continue to have a presumption of innocence, due process of law, fairness, listen to both sides and that's what's happened so far, but in a way that should never have turned out into the spectacle that it has, primarily because the ranking member sat on the accusation of july 30th, creating the circumstances we have now. what we're seeing is just one excuse after another to continue delaying and delaying. i support what the majority leader has called for, which is a vote this week after we get the fbi's supplemental background investigation. >> make no mistake about it, the democrats have one goal here and that is to delay, obstruct,
11:33 am
stall, do anything they can to push this into next year, at which time they hope to be in the majority and hope to stop any trump nominee from being put on the supreme court. so i echo what the leader and the whip said in terms of a schedule. i think it's important that we get the fbi report and, obviously, move forward with the vote. time for people to be on record. and in the meantime, we're continuing here in the senate, to put up bipartisan accomplishments. we will vote, hopefully later today, on an fda reautrhorizatin bill which is a five year piece of legislation, a bipartisan product, the work of many, many months of negotiation with both republicans and democrats. >> dana: that's republican senators finishing their weekly lunch. they came out to talk about this. mitch mcconnell saying the fbi report will be back soon to the senators, only to the senators, and there will be a vote. let's bring in josh holmes form
11:34 am
r chief of staff to mitch mcconnell and maryanne marsh. i want to play the sound we just got from hillary clinton about judge kavanaugh. listen. >> for anyone who believes there's such a thing as a judicial temperment and that we want judges particularly those on our highest court to approach issues, approach plaintiffs and defendants with a sense of fairness, that there's a lot to be concerned about. >> dana: glad you're here with me. i want to play for you some sound from senator manchin of west virginia. you have a very interesting point to make about him. let's listen. >> i was one of the ones coming out of the chute saying there should be an investigation. it would be hypocritical for me to make any comments until this is over. >> are you confident this can be accomplished in a week? >> i think chuck shumer agreed
11:35 am
to that, the president. we're waiting for the investigation to be done and i'll make a decision. >> dana: polling out of west virginia is strong in favor of the president and kavanaugh. but you think, i believe, senator manchin would be safe enough to vote against kavanaugh and still win? >> there's no question about it. manchin is up by 12 points. that full 12 point lead he has over the attorney general there that trump just went in and campaigned for last week is all due to women. so if manchin now turns around and votes for kavanaugh, he will lose the support of women and make that face far more competitive than it is today. that's true for so many democrats in races that are close or not. i think that's what you're looking at. i wouldn't put tester in there. tester's already come out. he has a seven point lead. he's going to vote against kavanaugh. when you look at heitkamp, she could lose. both of them could end up losing if they vote for kavanaugh because women voters are the gasoline and the fuel in this
11:36 am
election cycle for democrats. >> dana: josh, do you think the democrats are looking at this through the wrong lens? you've been looking at the data coming out of these red states. >> there's just no data to support it. it's a great political spin. reality is what this has happened with the electorate with respect to the kavanaugh debate, it has lit both bases on fire. democrats have been on fire for a year and a half basically since the trump presidency began. republicans have not been. up to this point they've had special elections, reduced turnout from what we saw in 2016. what's happening in this kavanaugh debate, it has lit red state america on fire. when you live in a state like west virginia, north dakota, missouri, there are more republicans than democrats that are center left. whatever way you cut the maps, if you just look at what's happening, it doesn't make any sense for anyone like joe manchin. i hope he takes her advice.
11:37 am
he's not coming back next year if he does. >> dana: let me ask you about the house for a moment. amy walters was talking about that house race where barbara comstock is trading. her democratic challenger. since setting aside the senate for a moment, i'm curious what you think about the galvanizing for democrats and the numbers of new registered voters are really big. i don't think the republicans are at the advantage there. >> that's exactly right. i think most pollsteres are missing that. this is a registered voter election not a likely voter election when you look at the polls. this looks like 2012 to me where a lot of pollsteres miss that because democrats are registers so many more women, so many voters of color. they're not on anyone's list. they're not being polled by anybody. but boy did they turn out in 2012. this is gonna look more like a presidential election than a midterm election. i'll remind josh, more voters than ever are women.
11:38 am
not left, not right, not center. there are more women voters than anyone else. >> dana: are you concerned republicans are behind on new voter registration? >> no, no, absolutely. >> dana: the numbers were astounding to me. 138,000 new registered voters in virginia ten. >> yeah. no, no. look, there are many things that were just said that i don't disagree with. in wave elections, midterms where they cut one way or the other, a company does hay. the one piece of this that i will quibble with the that somehow women are monolithic. >> dana: indeed. >> i think the idea so profoundly misleading to try to claim that women are monolithic and they see this entire thing only one way. that is just not the case. we're seeing that play out
11:39 am
across the country now. >> dana: i want to correct myself. 138,000 new registered voters, that's for all of virginia, not just virginia ten. it's a big number no matter how you look at it. twice as many as the last midterm that was held. josh and maryanne, thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: let's head to montana for more on that senate seat. peter doocy is in bozeman. is there any chance john tester flips and decides to support kavanaugh after the fbi report is done? >> reporter: it doesn't sound like it, dana. these allegations of sexual misconduct levelled recently against brett kavanaugh are not the main concern that john tester has about him. >> he has made decisions for the patriot act. that alone is disqualifying because we need to have somebody who will uphold the 4th
11:40 am
amendment. he also supports dark money in campaigns, which i think puts our democracy at risk. >> reporter: trump won montana by 20 points in 2016. this isn't the first time tester has been at the center of a no vote for a critical trump nominee. tester went public with unproven allegations about drunken behavior against ronnie jackson which led for ronnie jackson leading to be the va secretary. kavanaugh is what's on people's minds today. five weeks until election day. the republican challenger for tester's seat is trying to channel the anger he says montana voters are feeling into votes. >> i think what it's done is basically galvanized certainly the republican voters. i think it clearly demonstrated for the independents that the democratic party in washington, d.c. will use nothing more than a bunch of smear tactics to
11:41 am
destroy anybody who is going to possibly help our president. >> reporter: and rosendale was able to take that message on the road a lot more than tester is because tester is stuck in d.c. for just about all of october. that's because mitch mcconnell changed the calendar to keep the senatein. makes it harder for republicans to try to win re-election with the judges that elected donald trump in 2016. just a few minutes from now, we are expected to see rosendale in bozeman with vice president mike pence. >> dana: up there in god's country, have a good time. we are awaiting remarks from president trump. he's in philadelphia, as the white house touts the strong economy and its new trade agreement.
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11:43 am
11:44 am
>> dana: as the fbi digs into
11:45 am
christine blasey ford's sexual assault allegations against judge brett kavanaugh, accusations of two other women still linger. although it remains uncertain whether investigators consider these claims credible or think they will pose any real challenge to his confirmation. joining me now is former policy director for the mitt romney campaign. good to have you here in studio, of course. take a listen to diane feinstein talking about this friday, three days from now, four days, being too soon to vote. watc watch. >> would a vote on friday on the floor be too soon? >> well, i believe it is. i believe it's too soon. it's tuesday. we have to put all the facts together. this is, i guess it's my ten supreme court hearing that i sat on. there's never been one like this with issues like this. i don't take it lightly.
11:46 am
>> dana: this just in from senator chuck shumer who spoke after mitch mcconnell about all of this. listen to him. >> republican colleagues are pulling their hair out because they know their candidate is so flawed. so they don't want to talk about their candidate. and they incorrectly and almost nastily.their finger at democrats when we've had nothing to do with the delay. >> dana: the democrats think they have nothing to do with delay. let me get your thoughts on that. >> very very difficult to find that credible. delay is part of the strategy here. fundamentally to say we can't vote on friday. there will never be a time when the democrats believe it is time to vote on brett kavanaugh. that is the challenge we're running into here. we've had extensive vetting of judge kavanaugh at this point already. obviously, the fbi has got its investigation going on. at the end of the week we'll have the reports from the fbi. i do think it's time to vote. to leave this hanging in limbo is irresponsible. >> dana: should mitch mcconnell
11:47 am
call for it? mitch mcconnell, we showed it live, he's a man of few words but he said, we will vote this week. will he call for the vote if he doesn't think he has enough republican votes to confirm him? >> i don't think so. he is a very savvy guy when it comes to figuring out where the support is. everyone knows we're focusing on flake and murkowski and collins. that's the three crucial votes. everyone else is decided on this. depending on where that comes out, senator mcconnell will make the go/no go decision. there is optimism those votes will be there. >> dana: the president is about to speak in philadelphia. he's going to talk about the economy and the new trade agreement. listen to larry kudlow, his economic adviser. >> i think to send a signal to china that we are acting as one. i think that's very good. also, amen, really like the currency, stability provision. i would like to see that at the
11:48 am
g-20 world wide cooperation and coordination rather than currency wars, things of that sort. >> dana: let me get your take on this. i'm waiting to see what president trump says. very important. you don't just get a deal and walk away. you have to get through congress. listen to what he said. >> many of the democrats, including chuck shumer, came out and said nice things. that's very nice to hear that. so it's nice to see a little bit of a bipartisan approach. but the trade deal, the big trade deal, the largest deal ever made so far in trade. i expect to top it with china or e.u. >> dana: what do you think about the policy? got it done by the deadline. now it will go to congress. >> i'm pretty optimistic about it. there are things for republicans and democrats to like. for democrats, higher labor, environmental standards. for republican, obviously, concessions from the canadians on dairy, ability to do more
11:49 am
manufacturing on autos here in the united states. that's all good news. frankly, given the alternative, people were afraid where this was going to go. i think this deal is a relatively positive indicator of where things are headed on trade. china's a different kettle of fish. >> dana: you cross this one off your to do list, china you can focus on. >> yes. >> dana: thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> dana: we are waiting president trump and we will bring that to you next. ancestrydna makes over 10 million new family connections, every day.
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that's more ways to discover new relatives. people who share your dna. and maybe a whole lot more. order your kit at
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>> dana: it's hard to believe but today marks the first anniversary of the daily briefing here on fox news. here's a look back at some of the stories and guests that shaped the past year. fox news alert. we are awaiting the white house briefing to start just a few hours after president trump made his first formal comments on the las vegas massacre.
11:53 am
hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and welcome to "the daily briefing." >> we heard the pop pop pop, and everybody thought it was fireworks. we dropped to the ground. >> dana: the shooting reopening the gun control debate in washington. >> let's not put politics into this. people lost their lives. >> dana: the suspect in the parkland florida massacre making his first appearance in court. are things better than people think? >> everybody ought to relax. what you're seeing is a great american political debate. >> i am a great believer in freedom of the press. i think it's very important. >> did you ever anticipate this? >> dana: we just taped our 100th episode of the "i'll tell you what" podcast " the white house briefing under way." here's sarah sanders. here you go.
11:54 am
all right. that was sarah sanders, white house press secretary wrapping up a very useful news briefing today talking about tax cuts. >> this is bigger than the reagan '86 tax reform which was done the year i got my driver's license. >> dana: do you think more women are running in response to hillary clinton's candidacy or in response to president trump? >> my impression is it's in response to president trump. >> franken basically walked out and said, i'm innocent. >> dana: last night we had the special elections. the result is, the democrat won for the first time in 25 years. another significant staff change for the white house. >> president of the united states tweets out that he's replacing the secretary of state. >> people have suggested alternative titles for this book like zoo without walls. >> i think it's a mistake to talk about impeachment. >> it was embarrassing the democrats were trying to be cheerleaders trying to cover for
11:55 am
him. >> other nations are attempting to manipulate us. >> dana: a historic day in finland as president trump meets one on one with president putin. >> it's the symbolism that's important. the united states recognizing jerusalem is the capital of israel. >> the iran deal. i didn't support the deal at the time. i think we could have gotten a better deal. >> the fact that the president backed out of the deal raises the question in north korea about are we going to be able to get a deal that is at least as good. >> dana: president trump heading home with stops in guam and pearl harbor after a historic meeting. >> maybe this is their geneva. >> dana: the outer band of hurricane florence starts hitting the carolina coast. >> one of the great strengths of our country is how we do come together. >> what you're hearing from the democrats is they don't want to
11:56 am
talk about the qualification of kavanaugh. >> >> none of these allegations are true. >> correct. >> dana: many thanks to the staff that put that together. it's been a wonderful year. thanks to fox news for all the support and all of my colleagues on the five. appreciate everyone and we'll be right back. [music playing] (vo) after the 1906 earthquake people needed access to their money. so even though bank records were buried, wells fargo let customers withdraw based on their word. we had your back then... ...and we've got your back today. now customers with direct deposit can benefit from overdraft rewind. an overdraft forgiveness feature, only from wells fargo. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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just before he president trump talking to the national electrical contractors association. let's listen in. speak to congressman gt thompson and the great lou barletta will be our next senator. thank you, gt. and thank you, lou. what a job you are doing. i tell you what. if he is your next senator, he
12:00 pm
will have no more problems. he is a doer. so i'm very proud of you, man. great job. and i hear you are doing well and i'm proud. also here with us are members of the mississippi congressional delegation. in fact, i'm going there with the delegation, i will be there tonight. people say, where do you get this energy? you know where i get it? i love doing it. actually. if you like doing it is easy. if you don't like doing it, it's not so good. senator cindy hyde-smith. thank you, cindy. i hear you are doing really well. a man who always does well is senator roger wicker. roger, he's been a great friend of mine from the beginning. and representative greg


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