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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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♪ >> tucker: what you do about the craziness in developing your world? you can vote but you can also understand why it's happening. my book out today explained the whole story. pick it up. we will see you tomorrow. >> sean: congrats on the book, welcome to "hannity," we are in washington, d.c. this is a fox news alert. breaking right now, fox news has now learned that the fbi supplemental report about judge kavanaugh could be delivered to the white house as soon as tomorrow. this couldn't come at a more important time. dems announcing they don't want to make public. that's interesting. now everything we hold dear as americans now weighs in the balance as desperate democrats, people on the left, are trying to unload even more insanity tonight on brett kavanaugh, zero consideration of his family. the looming confirmation of judge brett kavanaugh represents so much more than just one seat on the u.s. supreme court. where we end up as a country,
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that hangs in the balance. what we are seeing now is a battle for what is basic human rights and decency. those values that made this country great. on the left to have democrats and trying to and due process, all presumption of innocence. that's so dangerous for you and your family. they are also asking the american people to suspend every bit of common sense and decency we are all born with and believe that a man with an impeccable 40 year track record is a monster involved in gang rape and drugging young girls, totally uncorroborated and refuted. fights on boats in rhode island, allegations since recanted, he's never been to rhode island. wild parties. not one person can confirm his attendance. nobody. and now a completely ridiculous story from "the new york times" about, get this, and ice-throwing incident, and democrats want the fbi to investigate this. kavanaugh may have once thrown
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some ice cubes at a bar. this is what it's reduced to. we are going to expose the left's two-faced attempt to take out judge kavanaugh. five weeks from tonight, 35 days, the most important midterm and our lifetime, do you want senate majority leader chuck schumer, do you want speaker of the house nancy pelosi, dianne feinstein, maxine waters, michael avenatti controlling your future? buckle up, it's time for our d.c. breaking news opening monologue. ♪ so with the midterm elections just around the corner, five weeks from tonight, 35 days, the results, you will be watching them come in. the stakes could not be anymore obvious. do you like human rights? do like our constitution? do you value fair trials, due process, presumption of innocence? do you value simple, basic god-given common sense or do you want a new standard, guilt by
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accusation? if you care, and you should, get to the polls five weeks from tonight because democrats, they are now trying to literally upend our entire system just so they can block a supreme court nomination and get power. and tonight president trump is fighting back. he is standing by judge kavanaugh and he's calling on the senate to send him to the u.s. supreme court. here's what he said. >> they've been trying to destroy judge kavanaugh since the very first second he was announced. because they know judge kavanaugh will follow the constitution as written. and a man's life is in tatters. a man's life is shattered. his wife is shattered, his daughters, beautiful, incredible young kids. they destroy people. they want to destroy people. these are really evil people.
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>> sean: as i have said so many times, judge kavanaugh's life is ruined because of refuted allegations with no evidence, no corroboration, guess what? you can be next. people you love can be next. look at his track record. decades now a public service and very high-profile jobs. six, now seven, fbi background checks, hundreds of character witnesses that say he is a cut above. not a single allegation against him until 16 days ago. if we lose the presumption of innocence in this country, i promise you it's never coming back and today president trump issued this very serious warning, let's take a look. >> it's a very scary time for young men in america when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of. this is a very, very -- very difficult time. what's happening here has much more to do than even the appointment of a supreme court justice. it really does merit you could
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be somebody that was perfect your entire life and somebody could accuse you of something. it doesn't necessarily have to be a woman, as everybody is saying, but somebody could accuse you of something and you are automatically guilty, but in this realm you are truly guilty until proven innocent. >> sean: 35 days before an election, at least on it we have confirmation of the democrats do not care about fundamental rights, the constitution. democrats apparently don't care -- free people, their lives are ruined, their families are ruined. clearly they just want to win. it's about power. just look at what they have been using to smear judge kavanaugh. it was an uncorroborated sexual misconduct allegation from professor ford. he said there was and i witness, the eyewitness said it didn't happen. republicans rightfully took that story seriously. professor ford doesn't member a date, a date of the wii,
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location. no corroborating evidence of any kind. no forensic evidence of any kind. 36 years ago, no one can backup her story in any way. all four witnesses listed by ford to corroborate her claims deny having any knowledge of what she is alleging. all four in sworn statements under penalty of felony, including one of her lifelong friends, democrats and a few spineless republicans tonight, they thought this baseless accusation deserved an fbi background check. it's now well underway. according to reports at this hour, the investigation is now expected to wrap up tomorrow and a source is telling us here at fox with those who are interviewed continue to refute or deny any knowledge of professor ford's claims. next up you've got your corrupt media, which is an arm of the democratic party. i told you in 2007, journalism is dead. they pushed the claim from a woman who thinks she may have potentially witnessed kavanaugh expose himself at a college party. this was of course printed.
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then she would find out for "the new york times," wasn't exactly sure kavanaugh was the perpetrator, was: former yale classmates to ask them. if calling around to friends, do you remember the incident? they did not. she even acknowledges memory gaps from the evening, "the new york times" refused to run the story because of lack of evidence but let not your heart be troubled. we will get back to the times in a moment. a third claim, but woman named julie swetnam, three being represented by trump zealot and she is alleging kavanaugh, get this, was involved in regular serial drugging, gang raping, almost every weekend when she was in college and brett kavanaugh was in high school where boys were drugged these young girls, line up in the hall so they can rape them and . nbc news actually air this
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interview where she backtracked member tremendously. how the air this is beyond -- take a look. >> in that statement she said she became aware by efforts of kavanaugh and his friend mike judge to spiked punch at parties. in our interview she said she saw them near the punch but did not specifically say she saw either man spike it. >> did you see brett kavanaugh, you know, spiking the punch? >> i saw him giving red solo cops took quite a few girls during that time frame. i saw him around the punch -- i won't say bowls, or the punch containers. i don't know what he did but i saw him buy them. >> are the friends were part of these -- >> i think everybody in the county remembers these parties. >> we haven't heard from those friends, so i'm asking, are the people alive today -- >> yes. if there are people who know about those parties. >> this morning, swetnick provided four names of her and
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she said went to the party with her. one of them said she did not recall julie swetnick. another of the friends is deceased, we've reached out to the other two and haven't heard back. >> sean: nbc news is perfectly happy airing that interview despite no corroboration. one of the floor, i don't know who she is, one is dead. backtracking is spectacular in this case. the same network sat on the one nita broderick interview because they could not verify her claims. the same nbc that punted ronan farrow's report on harvey weinstein. now literally when you thought it couldn't get any more absurd, "the new york times" publishing a story about a claim that kavanaugh may have once actually thrown ice at a man at a bar in college for some unknown reason and as it turned out the so called journalist that authored that piece for "the new york times" against kavanaugh was a partisan hack. in fact, she came out on twitter against the confirmation of judge kavanaugh the very night
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he was nominated, just like most democrats. one democratic senator from hawaii is now laughably, although sadly, calling for an investigation into this horrific instance. of ice-throwing. i'm not making this up. the same senator that told men to shut up and sit down. take a look. >> these police documents that show that brett kavanaugh through ice in someone's face during a bar fight when he was in college. do you feel that that is in any way disqualifying for someone to sit on the supreme court? >> this is why we need an fbi investigation, because there are a lot of allegations and the reports really are about how he behaves when he is drunk. >> sean: here we are to make, uncorroborated misconduct claims with no evidence to now absurd, really dangerous claims of gang rape on an almost weekend basis to ice throwing out a bar.
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even a new claim from senator camille harris that an unknown jane doe was raped in a car at an unknown time or place. that just came out today and now the aclu, which supposedly used to care about civil liberties, they are now asking you to suspend all presumption of innocence. the aclu, they want you to believe kavanaugh is just like bill cosby and they are spending a fortune to run this despicable add. take a look. >> we've seen this before, denials from powerful men. >> i did not have relations with that woman. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> i categorically and unequivocally denied the allegations against me by dr. ford. >> america is watching and as we choose a lifetime seat on our highest court we cannot have any doubt. >> sean: aclu, civil liberties, no, just a national disgrace. part of the smear merchants campaign society.
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of meanwhile, left-wing protesters have actively tried to bully republican senators. remember there was the attorney general of florida, pam bondi, secretary nielsen, homeland security, senator ted cruz and of course sarah sanders, maxine waters urging people to get in other people's faces, following into gas stations and grocery stores. mitch mcconnell was accosted at the airport yesterday. let's look at this. >> how many stories of violence do need to hear in order to believe women? >> sean: according out tonight to, many protests the one you saw him, they are being organized, funded, actually, shockingly, by george soros and a group that he is backing. extremely wealthy liberal billionaire who wants to take away your second amendment rights and he has a different version of what america should
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be, obviously a global world. i believe in the united states of america and as you can see, the left is trying to bully everyone and anyone into believing these smears. they want you to forget kavanaugh's life of accomplishment, his 40 years of an impeccable track record. they want you to accept the most wild, absurd, he's an alcoholic, degenerate gang- gang-rapist. these yearbook pictures, beer drinking, ice throwing. i don't remember any outrage, by the way, over obama's own account, former president, of his wild high school party days. maybe the media needs to go back down memory lane. here's a hannity history lesson. >> i spent the last two years of high school in a daze, locking away the questions that life seemed insistent on posing. i kept playing basketball, attended classes sparingly,
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drank beer heavily and tried drugs enthusiastically. i discovered it didn't make any difference whether you smoke reefer in a white classmates smoking a van or in the dorm room of her brother you met down at the gym or on the beach with a couple of hawaiian kids who drop out of school and spent most of their time looking for an excuse to brawl. >> sean: he didn't throw ice at anybody. and that's just one small part of the democrats overwhelmingly blatant double standard. bill clinton, exhibit a. absolutely revered by almost everybody in the democratic party. they stood by his side, supported him, even after allegations of rape rolled in. paula jones, kathleen willie, one nita broderick. democrats never claimed they had a right to believe -- to be believed. they never stood up for any of those victims despite corroborating forensic evidence. hillary clinton even accused of trying to silence those victims, but of course she's now weighing in hypocritically on all of this. take a look.
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>> brett kavanaugh said that the political hit job directed at him was being done on the half of the clintons among other people. your response? >> [laughs] i mean, really. yes, it deserves a lot of laughter. i thought it was just part of the whole of his very defensive and unconvincing presentation. >> sean: zero self-awareness. she really is the perfect representation of what is now a one-sided democratic party. there's no more moderates in the democratic party. it's a party now of smearing, slanders, lies, for searching besmirch meant, character assassination, carrot up down my character bludgeoning with the
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laughable sad double standard. don't forget about the deputy chair of this party, the dnc, keith ellison. he's facing abuse allegations leveled by his ex-girlfriend, karen monahan, who had supportively produced radical atomic medical records, therapist notes, text messages and apparently she has recordings as well, but the left doesn't believe her. they are not standing by her side. if neither to the lawyer who cleared ellison in the report to the state democratic party of minnesota, a law firm donated 500 grand to the democrats. now the police are looking into it tonight. senator cory booker, a.k.a. spartacus, 1992. look at what he wrote in his own high school groping escapades while the senate democrats demanded an fbi investigation into kavanaugh's high school years, what about his misconduct? now we have also tonight beto o'rourke, the liberal hero running against ted cruz in texas. tonight he's facing a new scandal. why? over his theater review that he authored where he writes " "actresses whose only
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qualifications seem to be the phenomenally large breats and tight buttocks." he has since apologized. democratic leadership, they still support him all the way. no wonder he's best friends with chuckie schumer, who would love to welcome the very liberal o'rourke to the senate. here's where we are tonight, as we speak, the kavanaugh nomination remains in the balance. senator bob corker is predicting that kavanaugh would be confirmed. i wouldn't be so sure. look at your screen. three senators will be the deciding vote on whether or not judge kavanaugh is confirmed. it's in their hands tonight. they will decide if due process matters. they will decide whether a man who lived an exemplary life will be destroyed with no evidence or corroboration and no perception of innocence. will these senators be bullied by the left or will they do the right thing? 35 days from tonight, five weeks from tonight, you get to weigh in. hopefully you will tune into the
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fox news channel. every network will cover the midterm elections. this is now a choice between one party in america that is so power-hungry that they will destroy a man, destroy his wife, destroy his kids and family because of their thirst for power. this is a group of people who have tried to undermine the president, his agenda since day one. reckless claims about russia collusion. they offered no solutions to make your life better. at the life of the forgotten men and women in this country. five weeks from tonight, you will either see a giddy news media announcing nancy pelosi is the next speaker of the house, maxine waters as the chairman of a committee in a house and chuck schumer and chuck schumer will be the head of the senate, ecstatic at all of that. or five weeks from tonight you can again shock the world. you can tune in and watch the media and the left in this country have a collective meltdown and they will once again go down in a stunning
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defeat. you later decide. five weeks from tonight. training is now lindsey graham. you've been giving us updates every step of the way, what's the latest? >> the kavanaugh bump is real. the biggest change in the 2018 midterms. in north dakota he should be confirmed. every -- there's been asserted by republicans, why? whether you are a trump republican, libertarian, vegetarian, mccain republican, romney republican, bush republican, you are mad as hell because we are all united that this is unfair what they are doing to this good decent man. the republicans he will be a democrat, not a republican. you've been able to do something that i could never do, unite this party. >> sean: the anger is real. >> what to do what you have to sway good men and the only way he stays
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destroyed is if we buy into this trap. putting him on the court is the only antidote. >> sean: you were a prosecutor. when you see no corroboration -- >> i don't prosecute. >> sean: you don't prosecute. >> the law requires you to tell the accused where it happened, when it happened and to have corroboration that it did happen. my beef is not with dr. ford. i think she's been used and abused. my beef is with the democratic party who laid in wait, betrayed her trust, didn't tell her we would go to california. my beef is with the fact that they've done everything they can do to destroy his life. if you don't believe he's a gang-rapists, a predator, stumbling drunk, how about he doesn't have the temperament? this is the one that bothers me the most. he apologized for amy klobuchar for snapping at her. what would you do if you were accused of all these things, had her life ruined? here's what i can, amy klobuchar should apologize to judge
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kavanaugh and his family for being part of a smear campaign i haven't seen in over 20 years in politics. >> sean: what about these red state democrats? >> i think they are toast. >> sean: all of them? >> all of them. >> sean: the only two that are open seemingly -- >> they are toast if they vote no. they should be. president trump won the states promising to nominate conservative judges. this is a bush guy. he worked for the bush white house. he's as mainstream as you can get. he's been on the d.c. circuit court of appeals for 12 years. glowing assessments of his credibility, his integrity before this hearing. if you're going to reward people for destroying his life by questioning his temperament then you are setting in motion the destruction of the judiciary. at two and a republican who wants to question kavanaugh's temperament, what you're doing is the people were putting -- >> sean: five weeks from tonight the results will start flowing in. if you went pretty viable, your comments on this program last night and you said that if you
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fall one vote short, that this election five weeks from tonight that this could be a referendum, the president could renominate kavanaugh with the new senate and enough votes for tomei to confirm him. >> looks like the people decide. corker made an observation that we've got the votes and here's what i would say to bob. we have to wait on the fbi report. lisa murkowski and susan collins really want to the fbi to validate the committee's work. they are just about done. i'm confident both of them, if there is no change, if the fbi learns nothing new about the allegation or legitimacy to ramirez, that they will vote for kavanaugh because we've done everything within reason and i hope jeff flake will also -- he voted yes in committee and now he's talking about temperament and yearbook entries. to those who questioned the yearbook entries, just listen to what you are saying. you're going to decide this man's fate based on the yearbook
6:23 pm
entry. >> sean: ice-throwing. at the senator from hawaii. >> the triangle. if you have a doubt what it really means, go back and talk to judge kavanaugh himself. don't humiliate this man. >> sean: if the fbi -- there's one report that they haven't talked to dr. ford. is there a need to talk to her? >> the last thing dr. ford needs in my view is to go through the ringer again. she came forward to the committee, couldn't tell us anything in person. i think something really did happen to her, i am convinced it wasn't brett kavanaugh. if she was wrong about her best friend being at the party, what else was she wrong about? her best friend says i'm not here to refute her claim, i'm just saying i've never met brett kavanaugh. how do you know you just had one beer and you can't remember anything else? >> sean: senator, you've been a force for fairness in this. this shouldn't be republican or democrat. >> it sure is now. if you don't get what they are doing -- >> sean: you voted for both of
6:24 pm
obama's nominees. republicans didn't act this way. >> for good reason. >> sean: senator, good to see you. >> he's going to get on the court. >> sean: thank you. when we come back, we are going to unpack all the latest with alan dershowitz, sara carter, gregg jarrett as we continue from the swamp from washington, d.c. since you're heading off to school, i got you this brita. dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind. our tap water is 220.
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brita? 110... seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do.
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♪ >> sean: over the weekend, professor alan dershowitz tweeted "swetnick affidavit should be thoroughly investigated by the fbi and her alleged witnesses, named in question. if burger there should be consequences most corporate hear, hear now with reaction, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, author of another best seller, the case against impeaching trump, effexor alan dershowitz, fox news contributor sara carter in d.c. when you saw the interview that
6:29 pm
i don't think ever should have eric, professor, and all of the backtracking, he was near the punch bowl, it wasn't a line -- she was claiming originally that there was systemic regular drugging and gang-raping of young girls and she had attended ten of these advents it happened almost every weekend she said. nobody told a parent, teacher or law enforcement. it happened regularly, than she backs off, what should happen? >> first, i'm glad they were in the interview. i think it's an educational moment. i think the fbi ought to investigate every single one of her claims and if it turns out, if it turns out that she made it up, that she never met kavanaugh, that she was several years older then, that she along with others or by herself simply made up a story, the fbi should conclude that, she should be tried for perjury and she should
6:30 pm
be sent to prison. this becomes a very important educational moment because when you have to teach the women of the world and the men of the world that there is no genetically-linked aspect of telling the truth, that women make up stories about alleged events that never occurred and that's why it's so important. we know this happened so many times. but this is an education moment. at the world is watching. that's why she is the most important subject to the fbi investigation. >> sean: she backtracked spectacularly in this interview. she mentored for people to corroborate, one is dead, too didn't respond and one said i never heard of her. >> you're being generous to her when you say she backtracked. she swore under oath, subject to felony and perjury that certain things happened. she then said they didn't happen
6:31 pm
and she changed her view. any good prosecutor, if the evidence shows that she made it up out of whole cloth, should be able to prosecutor incentives or to prison. the problem is women who live in falsely accuse men get away with it. they don't go to prison. and president trump is absolutely right when he talked about how young men are vulnerable, young women are vulnerable. there's too much sexual assault but there's too many false accusations of sexual assault and the fbi must get to the bottom. one such example. >> sean: there is evil, there are predators, there are people that commit atrocities like rape and assault and drugging and it doesn't help the case of those women that are real victims. >> even putting aside who it helps, the idea that a woman will get away with having made a willful decision to falsely accuse somebody. >> sean: what about the attorney? >> we have to ask that question.
6:32 pm
i've asked michael avenatti to waive where client privilege so the fbi can ask her how did the story begin, did he help you? did he make the story more elaborate, would got to get to the bottom of this. >> sean: let me ask you the same question. and i will tell you this, i learned a lot when i was in atlanta. i didn't rush to judgment of richard jewell, nor did i do it and took lacrosse, nor did i do it in ferguson or baltimore or cambridge police or trade on martin as others did. there's way too much rushing to judgment in this country, especially by my so-called colleagues in the media. >> i agree with the professor, julie sweat nick what appeared to be in legal jeopardy and here's why. perjury is a material false statement that is willful and deliberate and purposeful. her sworn statement is dramatically different than what she told nbc news. she would be well advised to fire up michael avenatti, the publicity-seeking carnival
6:33 pm
barker and hire a real lawyer and she is going to need a good criminal defense attorney i predict because her story is completely disintegrating and anybody else in this case, including any other accuser who made a false statement is also in legal jeopardy and it's probably a good idea that the fbi launched this investigation, because they will be looking into the truthfulness and credibility of these accusation accusations. >> sean: you're both right. a letter from a boyfriend of dr. ford. i witnessed dr. ford help mclean prepare for potential polygraph exam and dr. ford explained in detail what to expect, how polygraphs worked and helped mclean become familiar and less nervous about the exam. dr. ford was able to help because of her background in psychology, what do we take out of that? >> this is incredible. i agree 100% with alan dershowitz and with gregg jarrett.
6:34 pm
if they were lying we should not ignore this. if they find out they were caught and perjury, they should be prosecuted for this, because this is a man's life and his family that's at stake. not only that, it discredits every other woman that's been assault. >> sean: let me ask you this, every single case from professor ford, she identified an eyewitness who does not agree with her allegation or account, the same thing, the story of miss ramirez and the gaps in memory and inebriation, et cetera and even "the new york times" said she was asking people, i don't remember, but do you, was it him? i'm not sure. >> she's calling people, mrs. ramirez. it was at him, could it be him? they are just throwing allegations out there. this is a disinformation campaign with one objective in mind, to destroy judge kavanaugh. and god bless him, if he is actually standing up for what he believes in and fighting this
6:35 pm
back, he needs to continue -- >> sean: the acquisition will stay with him forever. >> it will. but at this point in time he can fight this and the people will stand up and believing. we cannot walk away from this. >> sean: professor? >> the real villain is the american civil liberties union. on the board i served with honor for many years when it was the aclu, the american civil liberties union instead of the aclu, the anti-civil liberties union. they are now saying that suspicion is enough, that presumptions are to be in favor of guilt. that if there is doubt, you convict. imagine if they had said that during the mccarthy period. during the mccarthy period they never set when people were fired from their jobs, this is just a job interview, their required proof by a high standard. when it comes to this, they are making a fortune of money. their budget has gone from 20 million to 130 million because they have abandoned civil liberties and have one campaign, get drunk, get his appointments, get his nominees.
6:36 pm
>> the good news is the american public are not buying this. there's a new harris harvard poll out, 60% say kavanaugh should be confirmed absent any corroborating evidence against him in so far there is none. exactly. >> sean: -- >> dianne feinstein is to blame for this national disgrace for withholding information. >> sean: last word, sarah. >> i want to keep an open mind if there are information that are disqualifying. >> sean: as of now there is nothing. >> we have to look at the evidence. follow the evidence. >> sean: agreed, let's see it. >> absolutely and americans aren't stupid. they know what's going on here. they are going to follow that. that's why we are seeing the polls the way they are and that's what people are going to go out to vote. >> sean: the american people usually get it right. i trust them. >> we do. >> sean: thank you all for
6:37 pm
being with us. when we come back, dan bongino, steve doocy, where late-night appearance, sean spicer. they will weigh in on the media's effort to smear kavanaugh. busy breaking news night, we are in washington, d.c. we are glad you are with us. ♪ i think we can do better. change is hard. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad. this is for me, son? principal. we can help you plan for that.
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the most available driver assist technology in its class. the new 2019 ford edge. ♪ >> i said the 2016 election may have been the greatest election of all time. there's never been anything like that. we had to fight the democrats, but more difficult was fighting a very, very dishonest media. that was much more difficult. [boos] fighting the media is tougher than fighting the democrats, but they are equal partners. >> sean: that was the president slamming the mainstream media bias and the collusion with the democratic party. here now with reaction, the author of a brand-new book, a good friend of mine, from the beginning of our fox days, we began our 23rd year, believe it
6:42 pm
or not, fox and friends cohost steve doocy, number one cable show on the morning and former white house press secretary sean spicer, former secret service agent dan bongin bongino. first of all, you put in your book my corned beef and cabbage recipe. >> it's on page 181. >> sean: why am i not on page three or one? let me guess, you put brian and ainsley first and me last. >> calm down, please. you are in the corned beef and cabbage department. you can put that up and appetizers. don't you hope cookbooks work? >> sean: i was a cook at 13 in a real restaurant pub. >> when sean hannity was 12 he worked at a dishwasher at the norwood inn in west hempstead. he was making 2.25 an hour. the boss could see was driven, he needed help on the rail, so he gave them a 50% raise and that's where he learned how to cook stuff. >> sean: it's a long story but it's the best thing i ever did and i got not only 2.25 an hour,
6:43 pm
i walked home the happiest 12-year-old in the country. we've been doing this a while. i've never seen it this bad and it never seen a smear effort this bad. >> i watch her show and i know you have a lot of guests on who say the media are out to get donald trump, but you look at the media landscape these days and the standards have just changed. i grew up working in newsrooms where if you had a bias against the person you are going to cover the boss wouldn't send you out on the story. but then you look at this story, the big headlines this morning in "the new york times" was about back in 1985 brett kavanaugh was in a bar fight and then you read it -- he threw ice, exactly. who did "the new york times" assigned that story? a woman who back in july on twitter revealed that she was
6:44 pm
anti-kavanaugh and nonetheless they assigned her to do that and then later in the day "the new york times" said we probably shouldn't have sent her, but it's just another one of those things. >> you had to deal with this. sara sanders is now stuck in that job, i feel sorry for her, felt sorry for you at the time. it's never been this bad. >> it gets worse every day. i think steve's point is exactly right. not that they send a reporter in the entrance were publicly stated her hatred and her animosity towards brett kavanaugh and conservatives in general, but then "the new york times" afterwards said she might not have been the best person, we stand by it. i think nbc, "the washington post," all these other -- they have lost all sense of objectivity to the point where for all of their talk about lying in truth telling and facts, the other day prior to the hearing andrea mitchell on air talking about how many people helped brett kavanaugh prepare his testimony. what's the first thing kavanaugh says coming out of the gate? nobody helped me prepare this
6:45 pm
testimony. >> sean: eroded myself pretty >> no one has reviewed it and yet nbc news didn't say a word afterwards to correct that. so for all of their pious talk about caring about facts and the truth, they are so against this president. >> sean: they are full of it. dan bongino. >> after the election, i know sean spicer remembers this when "the new york times" of "the washington post" said we will do better, we blew the 2016 election, now it seems their motto is how can we make this worse? let me just say two quick examples of the double standard. they are claiming other kavanaugh doesn't have the temperament and that he's kept an angry right now. remember when eric holder nearly challenged louie gohmert to a fight? he said you don't want to go there. at the media loved them, they thought it was great and one more thing, barack obama himsel himself. he wrote his book about hanging with the gang. i've been listening -- go
6:46 pm
>> sean: i could tell by his laughing. you've saw it, steve, ray? >> by the way, there's a brownie waffle recipe in here that's just perfect. >> sean: the only reason to buy the book is my corned beef and cabbage recipe. >> i just want to make sure we remind everyone that this confirmation is a serious issue. if these charges are serious issues. unfortunately, what the media has done has taken a serious confirmation and serious allegations and turn them into a complete circus. this is disgusting what is going on. there's a reason that the public continues to lose faith in the media. it's because you watch the president do stuff like nafta. >> sean: i declared media debt in 2008. >> i still have faith in the country. i believe there are still good reporters on there. >> sean: your book tour. dan bongino also. steve, what page my own in your new book?
6:47 pm
>> 181. >> sean: dump me in the back, but everyone else up there. >> you are in the meat and potatoes department! >> sean: brownies and cabbage. >> my water recipe should be up there too. >> sean: what was brian and ainsley's recipes? >> ainsley did chicken divan and we are going to make that tomorrow on the show, my mom's pot roast and brian's was his mother's meatballs. >> sean: i can't believe brian is often. brian works in the morning, outnumbered. fills in for trucker. congrats on the book, all of you guys, thank you for being with us. when we come back, where democrats -- why are they up in arms about keith ellison? we come back, ed henry is a full report, that's next. argets tougn for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long.
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♪ >> sean: now with the latest
6:52 pm
on the accusations facing minnesota ag candidate and of course the number two, the deputy dnc chair keith ellison, fox news chief national correspondent here in studio, good to see you. how are you? >> fantastic. democrats have dumped these 36 rolled allegations about judge kavanaugh to try and block them from the high court yet they have said very little about much more recent on the record, in some cases verifiable allegations of abuse by a sitting congressman. he mentioned number two at the dnc and running to be the top law-enforcement official in minnesota. that state's republican nominee for the u.s. senate is demanding a new investigation by the state attorney general office into the allegations of domestic abuse that had been lodged against keith ellison, all of which he has vehemently denied. interestingly because he is taking on democratic senator tina smith, al franken amid harassment allegations. charged without evidence that he "committed sexual assault." a smith and amy klobuchar have both been calling for swift
6:53 pm
probes of the charges against kavanaugh but have been less aggressive about taking on ellison. nancy pelosi has said the house ethics panel can take care of all of this. former ellison girlfriend karen monahan has alleged he wants director of the bed while shouting profanities, sent abusive texts and engaged in other physical and emotional abuse and has also provided medical records of their documentation. the democratic party in minnesota brought in a lawyer to investigate this. they say that lawyer was not able to substantiate the claims. if hired by the democratic party so it's raised questions about why democrats have been so vocal and going after kavanaugh but not going after one of their own. >> sean: would you have also senator grassley sending me a letter to the attorneys for professor ford. they want therapy notes, they want any evidence of the polygraph, how it was administered, et cetera, et cetera. >> bob corker come he predicted that kavanaugh will be confirmed. >> sean: if you would have watched opening monologue you would've seen that. >> it was shorter than usual. i like to tease her about that. >> sean: thank you ed henry.
6:54 pm
joining is now republican candidate for the u.s. senate for minnesota, karen housley is with us. let's talk about keith ellison and the double standard. >> thank you so much for having me. the democrats don't want to talk about this when it's allegations against somebody in their own party. they are using this #metoo movement to their advantage to get power and i'm running for the #metoo seat here in minnesota and my opponent tina smith continues to campaign with keith ellison because she says keith ellison has categorically denied these claims, therefore it must be true, so she continues to campaign with him. yet brett kavanaugh also categorically denied his allegations under oath. >> sean: an fbi investigation for ellison? if we are going to go back this far, bill clinton even? >> absolutely, but again, democrats don't want one it's one of their own, didn't happen.
6:55 pm
but when it's one of ours, absolutely. everybody jumps on it. and to use this for political power is absolutely disgusting and my opponent here in minnesota, tina smith is doing just that, continually calling for a full investigation of brett kavanaugh and then keith ellison, i had to call the attorney general to do an investigation here in minnesota but let's hope it gets done in keith ellison is outed for all minnesota voters to see who he really is. >> sean: you can win this race race. i believe -- this is now a game changing moment for the country and i wish you all the luck in your race there. thank you for being with us. morse "hannity" as we continue from d.c. straight ahead. ream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain.
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♪ >> sean: five weeks from tonight you will be watching television. if you want new speaker of the house pelosi, senate majority leader schumer, do you want this party of smear, slander, rush to judgment, no presumption of it
7:00 pm
to process, this is a very critical moment of this country. we will always be fair and balanced and we are not the destroyed from media and we will be back in d.c. if tomorrow night. let not your heart be troubled. in the neck studio overcome a laura ingraham. laura. >> laura: are we still saying anger him? >> sean: i will come to your studio, just wait for him, hang on one second. >> laura: unlocking the door. you are not supposed to tell people. it supposed to be a surprise. >> sean: this is a surprise walking. this is how close i am to you. >> laura: make sure the lighting is really shadowy. a shadowy figure. >> sean: by the way, did you put it low on purpose? >> laura: i wanted it really shadowy like a dark figure who enters through -- are you moving here? what's going


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