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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 3, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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bring them to the white house since we can remove [bleep] and be on the same page. >> trump would show up i think but would colin kaepernick? that would be fun if he should show up. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it here with the latest developments. >> we have brand-new things, no one sleeping at the committee. >> almost over, a couple more days. shannon: this is a fox news alert. sources tell fox news tonight the fbi inquiry into allegations against brett cavanagh could be wrapped up as soon as tomorrow potentially paving the way for confirmation vote in the senate is mitch mcconnell vowed by the
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end of this week and chuck grassley tells doctor for this legal team he is tired of their stalling and it is time to turn over key pieces of evidence and a new buzzword, temperament claiming he is too partisan and combative to take a seat in the nation's escort and they are already considering impeachment proceedings if they retake the house. here is national correspondent it henry with the latest, hard to keep up. >> we have something new tonight. pro public and court are predicting brett cavanagh will be confirmed no later than saturday. significant because corker has not always been on board with donald trump, has been quite critical but he told bill tv that after what he calls heartfelt conversations with several republican colleagues he believes the president now has the votes because in his words democrats overplayed their hand
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on the fbi probe and the salacious allegations, this is fox is learning the fbi report on brett cavanagh could be delivered as early as tomorrow afternoon. that would be a couple days before friday's deadline. that may explain why senator mcconnell told colleagues they expect reports soon. they have a little time to review and he is moving ahead with by the end of the week, as corker suggested as well. new tonight doctor ford's legal team wrote to the fbi demanding she could a chance to speak but we are hearing from law enforcement sources that she and brett cavanagh might not be interviewed, they could lean on many hours of sworn testimony but only reach out if there is some new corroboration. absent that mcconnell is going forward with procedural votes and then a straight up or down vote on brett cavanagh's confirmation. donald trump stepped up his questioning of doctor ford's memory in mississippi and chuck
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schumer lashed out about what he sees as a rush after republicans blocked the nomination of merrick garland. >> the gall of the man to complain about a 1-week delay for an fbi hearing when he held up a nominee for the supreme court and kept the seat vacant for 10 months is staggering. >> 36 years ago i had one beer, right? i had one beer. it was one beer. how did you get home? i don't remember. how did you get there? where is the place? i don't remember. how many years ago? i don't know. what neighborhood? i don't know. where's the house? i don't know. upstairs, downstairs, where was it? i don't know. but i had one beer. >> reporter: schumer's anger had to do with heidi heitkamp who is undecided trails a republican opponent by 10 points but appalled by the judicial crisis network found 56% of north dakota's want brett cavanagh confirmed and joe manchin in
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west virginia has deal with the same conservative for finding 58% of voters want a yes vote. we are keeping and i on undecided republicans. flake had been a yes but indicating brett kavanaugh's heart exchanges, there are moderate democrats very much on the griddle tonight. >> with these 7 background checks on brett kavanaugh potentially done tomorrow at a vote soon after senator corker said he believes democrats overplayed their and bring in senior advisor to hillary clinton and national republican committee, kaylee mcinerney, the president is very disciplined about that but it was very and scripted when he talked about doctor ford and brett kavanaugh and the things they were proceeding. with that off message? >> it is where he intended to go
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and was consistent with what a lot of republicans, and the time and place around the house but she did remember two things, she had one beer, not 100% certain this person was brett kavanaugh, not telling anyone it was in fact he was an assailant but several others made the point. shannon: a lot of people are weighing in from all over the place but even republicans are seeming -- jeff flake is the one who led us to this 1-week delay. >> a little leeway because of what he has been through but on the other hand, we can't have this on the floor. we simply can't. >> that is what we heard from your former boss, hillary
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clinton. >> for anyone who believes there is such a thing as judicial temperament, we want judges particularly those on our highest court to approach issues, plaintiff and defendant's with a sense of fairness that there's a lot to be concerned about. >> that is the new thing, temperament. a lot of folks say he was backed into a corner and trying to fight his way out, sounds partisan. >> i don't think that was emotional. it was a meltdown. i understand, i have been asked this, what would you do? would you just sit there? i would be indignant, i would be upset but i would call for an investigation. i would say i am innocent. i respect what doctor ford said, can't reconcile the two but i want the benefit of the doubt, to get to the bottom of this and i'm not going anywhere until you do. that is not what he said. he should have said i want an
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investigation. the next day everyone turned on him and call for an investigation. the temperament part is legitimate. you want someone with maturity. what is the saying? sober like a judge? he was not sober like a judge. he practically had anger management problems. i understand how frustrated he must be, to explain and be compelling without the guy who showed up and if you go with the boys will be boys defense -- >> that was not a meltdown. having not shown any emotion, he didn't show any emotion. if you had to sit for a week as you watch the mainstream media, heinous accusations i am pretty certain anyone -- >> what is happening on all
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sides, they have threats and an incredibly stressful situation for anyone not drawn into it, and -- >> people can't believe this, this woman came forward and made a statement and i don't understand the republican talking points. is it mistaken identity. >> people think that. let's talk about senator coons. i would be concerned we might not get a thorough investigation these serious allegations the senate and the people deserve. he was the one making the deal and now he found it is not good enough. to quote senator mcconnell, i can hear him moving the goal posts, predictable end point of
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democrats calling for the investigation just one week, what is the problem with one week? nothing is good enough because nothing will satisfy democrats. it is about the link be on the midterms, until 2020. that is the central event in doing so they are smearing an innocent man. shannon: should they vote by the end of the week? >> there should be an artificial deadline. shannon: should they vote? >> people should read it and decide. shannon: brett cavanagh will become justice cavanagh and democrats will come on board. >> starting to think republicans don't like letting investigations. shannon: they all agreed to this 1-week thing. what you think? tonight democrats bringing in questions about brett cavanagh's temperament while downplaying reports that they will impeach and when they take the house. we will separate fact from fiction. >> reporter: if brett cavanagh is confirmed, nancy pelosi says it is not her plan to impeach him.
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her plate is full saying, quote, i have enough people on my back to impeach the president. she went on to say the senate will do the right thing in not confirming brett kavanaugh in the first place. her colleague, the top democrat on the house judiciary committee who could chair the committee should democrats when the house is he would put brett kavanaugh's fee to the fire, quote, we would have to investigate credible allegations of perjury and other things that have not been properly looked into and as chair of the judiciary committee he would have subpoena power and the ability to drop articles of impeachment but even if the house voted to impeach him they would need two thirds of the senate to remove him from the bench and if you can't get 50 votes to stop him being confirmed it is unlikely you would get 67 votes to kick him off the court which is why there is a major push to condemn his judicial temperament.
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as a republican senator jeff flake who clearly holds a pivotal gop vote talked about his responses during the hearing. >> the interaction with members was sharp and partisan and that concerns me. i tell myself give a little leeway because of what he has been through, but on the other hand, you can't have this on the court. >> reporter: just yesterday flake said if he were wrongly accused he would be every bit as indignant as brett cavanagh. hillary clinton was asked about his behavior before the hearing. >> the performance, the behavior was quite out of bounds. i don't ever remember anything like that. >> reporter: in this context hillary clinton is talking about judicial temperament, noting during the been guy the hearings in 2015 clinton was highly criticized for laughing and shouting at members of congress
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then. shannon: thank you very much. constitutional law professor jonathan turley argues democrats are laying a perjury trap for brett kavanaugh. in an op-ed entitled booked -- if confirmed actually impeached violated democratic congress on the basis of lying about drinking or sexual terms. let's bring in jonathan turley to discuss. how worried are you this is the path we are going down? this isn't just about what kind of judge he would be. this was putting out statements in a place where he would have lies about things from his past. >> there was an otherworldly feeling about these hearings when you have a us senator going literally through yearbook saying what did you mean when you told your friends this or that? that had the feeling of a
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perjury trap. democratic questions, they did not press much on the actual allegations of sexual assault, they kept trying to get him to define terms that would otherwise be quite embarrassing. the idea being he could either refuse and say that is not a very dignified question which i think he probably should have considered doing, or he might lie at which point you could say all this doesn't matter because he lied under oath. if that is going to be the new standard, one can only imagine what the future holds. shannon: and how many will put themselves through that. i haven't been covering politics that long but long enough, 11 years, i feel entitled to play this part. the position brett cavanagh was being honest about his drinking is the worst hill to die upon i have ever seen otherwise smart people tried to die upon. people from the beginning before it even had a name, do whatever
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it takes to stop this person, whether it is about temperament, or a calendar, it is anything too small to go after? >> know. what is being argued here is the question whether he lied on any subject and the scope of the subject matter is expanding to the point it defies definition. anything could be asked of a nominee now. any answer that is not openly and frankly embarrassing and disclosing of your past could be viewed as perjury. the question is this is what we want from the confirmation hearing is what people do we expect to get? if everything in your past can be brought up and you can be confronted and demand to answer. my gravest concern about all this is we are so far removed from the original allegations. they were asking about drinking
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and these terms because there was a reference to his being a blackout drunk but then it became clear that was an artificial excuse because they were asking details as to who he drank with, how he drank, whether he was belligerent and this is a perjury trap. heather: if they retake the house as many people think they will he would be heading up the house judiciary committee and he is talking about impeachment. >> if he is on the supreme court and the senate had been investigated, would have to investigate incredible allegations of perjury and other things that haven't been looked at before. >> university of alabama law school professor in the new york times, the case for impeaching him, said house democratic leadership should pledge that if they win a majority they will
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conduct an impeachment investigation, the senate didn't kick him out. what about that path? >> you can't count anything out in this environment but i'm disappointed to hear members taking such a reckless path. i was lead counsel in the just -- the last judicial impeachment, it is a terrible process. i have no question they would not succeed but the president they would lay this type of move would be destructive to our system. the framers created a protective zone for our justices which is why they made impeachment is difficult, you can't reduce their salaries. if you're impeached it is generally for something you have done while in office. if he is confirmed, a majority of senators found they were satisfied with this record you may disagree with them but to say you will do a do over would
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open up any justice to that type of treatment. alana kagan was accused of lying or misrepresenting facts in her background particularly in terms of her work with healthcare litigation. weather that has substance or not, anyone who claimed to have a do over in court would be vulnerable to pressure. the thing the framers wanted us to avoid. shannon: that would require brett kavanaugh to be confirmed. thanks for coming in. thank you. ed alluded to this, new pulling out late tonight, the brett kavanaugh effect heading into the midterms in red states where democrats are playing defense in thought aware polls have tightened and donald trump at his mag a rally. >> they want to get the power that they so desperately crave that was taken away from them.
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shannon: stick around for the brett cavanagh chaos. the first lady visits africa, first solo international trip. why she is going and why this could be a moment for her in the spotlight. spotlight.
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♪ >> a new america t
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>> a new america that is incredibly constructive. he talks to them all the time. if by no means a majority, it is very hard-core, supporting him for a variety of reasons. shannon: donald trump talking to the -- cindy hyde smith in a top special election, a unique set up, republicans worried about splitting the vote. jonathan, tell us more. >> reporter: a spirited crowd, the crowd cheered when donald trump talked about the achievements of his agenda including his supreme court nomination. the gop is hoping to translate
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this enthusiasm to actual votes during the midterm elections as the party tries to retain control of the senate. in mississippi donald trump is stumping for cindy hyde smith who was appointed in april to fill the seat of senator cochran. on november 6th, toby barthy, because there is a nonpartisan special election, all four names on the same ballot going into november 27th runoff if no one gets more than 50% of the vote. and switching parties in 2010, swearingen as a republican senator, she has been a staunch ally of donald trump and supporter of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> cindy has voted for me 100% of the time. she always had my back, always
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had your back, a vote for cindy is a vote for me and make america great again. >> in mississippi, a county donald trump carried with two thirds of the vote during the 2016 presidential election. and the reelection bid, trump told the crowd he predicts it will be the last one. shannon: being a red state democrat open for reelection this is getting trickier. how will this impact democrats playing defense this fall? the guy with the answers, policy editor chris stierwald. those who are making decisions, heidi heitkamp, joe manchin, donnelly said he was a know on friday.
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>> manchin is the bellwether leading the men. we talked about this many times before, this nomination is an intensifier on the left and right. if you are a republican in a district or state with a lot of democrats this is bad news but if you're a democrat with a lot of republicans, claire mccaskill, the four endorsement for the democrats, if you're in one of the states donald trump won by 15 points, 20 points, shooting to the top of the pack, if you're in one of those states this is difficult because it increases turnout among the broader electorate and they are republican. heather: in florida couple big races, the governor's race which has gillam, the democrat and ron
12:26 am
desantis for governor, and a tight senate race, bill nelson the current senator and governor rick scott and we see interesting things. the polling has tightened up. andrew gillam, there is a one point lead for him, well within the mason-dixon polling and strategy surveys error margin of 3.5 percentage points, the difference between this poll and others is his was taken from september 24th through september 27th, the height of the confirmation hearing for brett cavanagh. he thinks that may have tightened up. >> that is a substantial effect, ron desantis who is running to succeed rick scott who is term limited and running against bill nelson for the senate seat, the race we talked about a few weeks ago started to shift in democrats favor for a variety of reasons, this poll is closer than before. brett kavanaugh is part of it but another factor is gillam's administration as mayor is under federal investigation.
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in another story, he himself was one of the subject of the investigation. shannon: he is saying i am happy to cooperate but it is not be directly, sounds like it is. >> florida everything is wide open. politico was able to establish he was the subject of the investigation and that will complicate things dramatically and make ron desantis fall in love with the fbi. everything old is new again. heather: i love that florida and west virginia are in the middle of this. almost out of time but manchin is very measured. the fbi finds nothing more than what we know. >> if the fbi comes back with a clean bill of health, as we talked about many times before brett cavanagh will be withdrawn or going to pass with 55 votes.
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i don't think this is going to be a 50 plus pence situation. heather: rachel mitchell, the prosecutor that senate judiciary republicans brought interface christine blasey-ford is facing backlash about her findings in ford's testimony. a formal mitchell collie says this is absurd and he is here to make the case why. first lady milania trump on her first solo trip outside the us and some in the media loving it. stick around. yep, geico helped e with renters insurance, too! um... the walls seem a bit thin... man 2: (behind wall) they are! and craig practices the accordion every night! says the guy who sings karaoke by himself. i'm a very shy singer. you're tone deaf! ehh... should we move on to the next one? it's a great building! you'll love it here! we have mixers every thursday. geico®. it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? >> shannon: the republican shannon: the prosecutor an republican side to question brett kavanaugh's accuser, christine blasey-ford, finds her conclusions under scrutiny. rachel mitchell says, quote, i do not think a reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on evidence before the committee. when critic says that is absurd based on what mitchell taught him as a prosecutor. is part of the power panel,
12:33 am
kevin prock, lisa boosts and former colleague of rachel mitchell matthew long. i went to read what you said publicly. early analysis should have been the process you have given me, the information we have is in for sufficient. rachel mitchell's failure to have any analysis of brett kavanaugh reveals her political bias. >> i stand by that considering the questions that should be asked, who is paying for ms. mitchell? how much? the same criticisms miss mitchell posts to doctor ford out to be signed on her as well given her history of demand and particularly stringent protocol and investigation integrity but not seeking those in this context and it is troubling
12:34 am
given her role as a prosecutor and her position in the past including positions she takes on current cases active in her office. >> they did pay her outside. and they paid standard fees that they hire. we can keep digging. that is a bit of information we have on that. i went to get to a letter from the chairman, senate judiciary chair chuck grassley who sent a letter to ford's legal team, specific things he wants, therapy notes, some were provided to the washington post. he wants all recordings of the polygraph and all legal team communications with the media regarding kavanaugh allegations whatever they say. what would a recording of the polygraph tell them? he said he talked for an hour
12:35 am
and a half and after two questions that was pretty standard. >> it is standard in a polygraph to have one or two operative questions that are asked. if somebody wants to look at the recording and see how the question is framed and what the actual answers were but i will say my experience dealing with calligraphers from the fbi and those hired privately, if you hire a polygrapher you get what you pay for. that is my experience. nobody should be surprised the outcome of the polygraph from somebody that you hire largely comports with the outcome you are looking for. >> he was hired and paid by her legal team, that is how the scenario worked but we will see if those records regarding his examination are turned over to the committee. her team says they contacted the
12:36 am
fbi numerous times and no one has gotten back to them about when professor ford herself will talk to the fbi and there are reports that maybe the fbi is not planning to talk to her because they have hours of sworn testimony and other things but her legal team says it is inconceivable the fbi did conduct a thorough investigation of doctor ford's allegations without interviewing her, brett kavanaugh or the witnesses. we are hearing they may be wrapped up tomorrow. what do you make of these concerns? >> i hope they are. it is inconceivable for anyone to find her credible. you don't have to gone to law school to see the. it is plainly obvious. everyone is she named his denied what she is saying. the only thing she has remotely close to evidence is her alleged therapist notes that she won't turnover and she testified under oath that kavanaugh's name is they were to be found in some. she says it happened in the 1980s and then narrows it down to summer of 1982.
12:37 am
in her polygraph letter alone she gives two versions of how many people were at the party. she said four, four boys and two girls, another story she said about how many people were there and if you want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say it was 36 years ago, look at the recent what looks like blatant lies she told people about flying, she the jetsetters, flies across the country every year, flown to hawaii, costa rica and the story about meeting a second border house was a farce. remodeling happened years prior and the second door was used to rent out a room in her house to other people including a marriage counselor. there have been so many inconsistencies, so many lies and ex-boyfriend letter we haven't gotten to testifying under penalty of felony that she coached a friend about how to pass a polygraph. shannon: talked friend through
12:38 am
the process. we are almost out of time. senator bill cassidy said criminal referrals should be sent to the fbi and doj regarding false affidavit signed by julie swetnick. >> it is for to investigate anyone who had a role whether it was democrats or republicans or anyone else. it is clear the seat -- everybody's motive should be questions. >> it can be referred and acted upon. shannon: final word on julie swetnick as we hear from supporters and in a statement from someone who said she did see these things happen, she made gang grape accusations and supports julie swetnick. >> doesn't mean it happens, they
12:39 am
should go after each of these women if it can be proven they lied because they have ruined brett kavanaugh's life for the rest of his life, he will be tainted with it and there is 0 corroboration for these stories. even deborah ramirez reached out to several dozen people at the new york times, if it is proven. shannon: interesting to see the fbi report, to see if anybody is happy. thank you all for your time. the new york times getting financial records with the real news roundup. donald trump reached millions from a funny corporation to avoid gifts from his parents. the new york attorney general is reviewing the report. sarah sanders says this is a misleading attack on the president's family adding many decades ago the irs reviewed and signed off on these transactions. the new york times coming under
12:40 am
fire for giving a byline to an article alleging rowdy behavior on the part of brett kavanaugh in college, saying he is a threat to democracy and society. the editor should have used another reporter for the assignment. we fully stand behind it. the anti-from georgetown university professor who talked about castrating senators for using specific threat. a data set, mike pompeo will be meeting with kim jong un even though critics warn there are no meaningful steps toward dismantling so what about china and russia? sabotaging the trump administration efforts? daniel hoffman ways in live after the break.
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hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks.
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what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these. shannon: america's top diplomat will be with kim jong un in mike pompeo's fourth trip to the hermit kingdom in an effort to reinvigorate nuclear fission talks. >> these conversations are going in the right direction and we'll feel confident enough to hop on a plane to had their to continue the conversation. shannon: a discussion by a possible second summit between kim and donald trump if mike
12:45 am
pompeo visits japan, south korea and china, to debrief them on the way out. fox news contributor daniel hoffman, great to have you with us. north korea's foreign minister has this about getting together in a speech at the un saturday. without any trust in the us there will be no confidence in our national security and under such circumstances there is no way we will unilaterally disarm. how do we make progress? >> donald trump has presented mike pompeo with the ultimate art of the deal diplomatic challenge. kim jong un is a ruthless dictator who wants to exact maximum economic concessions while giving up as little as possible on denuclearization because his regime security relies on nuclear weapons and icbms. shannon: how tough are russia and china making this process? they voted for tough sanctions, doesn't appear they are
12:46 am
enforcing them. >> we lack a united front and i would add south korea to that mix. they are talking economic relationships with north korea that are not helpful now. china has 90% of their trade and using the leverage to induce kim jong un to come to the negotiating table and eliminating sanctions for denuclearization. russia and china would like to reduce or eliminate our military in the peninsula. shannon: and kim is doing that as well. >> he met with ping before the senate and lavrov at a summit in december with president moon of south korea. shannon: to the point of china which is involved in a lot of foreign-policy issues, there's going to be big speech thursday morning regarding china. a lot of back and forth with election meddling.
12:47 am
>> we have a 5-year plan. we have figured out what is going to happen in 2023. in beijing they are thinking what is the 200 your future of china and this gets to the south china sea. >> how do we feel? >> china is the number one strategic threat to our national security and they are very bold both economically and militarily. in spite of ping's pronouncement to the contrary of the rose garden in 2015 china has proceeded to militarize the south china sea. a military base, mounting massive espionage operations, $600 billion a year. what we need is not just about trade. when he talked about china's interference in our elections he was expanding a dialogue. we need a whole government approach where we deal with
12:48 am
china. china doesn't want us to contain them. shannon: any idea or thoughts on this? >> i'm looking forward to that speech. it is exactly what we need, the commander's intend, the vice president will speak on behalf of the president when he delivers his speech and china will be listening. shannon: we will be too. aid trickling into indonesia. that tops where in the world. food, water, fuel and medicine is yet to reach hard-hit areas, one man quoted by newswire says he hasn't eaten in three days and is not alone. many roads in the earthquake zone are blocked, lines are down days after a magnitude 7.5 quake and tsunami struck. the official death toll is 1200 but there are scores of unaccounted bodies as well. to italy, the famous pro-migrant mayor facing house arrest.
12:49 am
he has allegedly been shielding illegal immigrants and facilitating marriages of convenience to help female migrants stay. the kremlin unveiling the 2019 vladimir putin calendar. john man is always in season, shirtless with the fish, cuddling a leopard and so on. moscow claims the calendar is selling off the shelves. the solo trip for the first lady giving her a chance to shine. milania trump's a letter to africa live after the break.
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>> shannon: with a wave and a with the wave and smile and the baby in her arms milania trump opened her first international solo trip in africa. the tour will focus on child's well-being. here is richardson with what this could mean for the first lady. >> reporter: first lady diplomacy. milania trump and rebecca auto visit children in a hospital. the first lady passes out teddy bears and blankets. written on them, be best. the first lady at initiative encouraging wellness, kindness and respect in children. it is her first extensive international trip without the
12:54 am
president and she has chosen africa. >> its own unique challenges. i know in my heart we are united in our commitment to raising the next generation, be happy, healthy and morally responsible adults. >> reporter: this trip combines her passions and continues to give her an identity outside of her husband. this is been very important to other first ladies like pat can, nancy reagan and laura bush. the first lady's destination is a source of criticism against her husband and his administration. earlier this year the president disparaged african and special -- central american countries for drying protests from diplomats. >> i'm proud of the work the administration is doing through aid. >> reporter: the trump administration proposed substantial cuts to usaid and foreign assistance. >> the us government has to take a look at where it is spending its resources and the best use of taxpayer dollars but the
12:55 am
continent of africa is extremely important to this administration, to the us government and that is evident in the fact the first lady is making her first solo trip to the african continent. >> reporter: from ghana the trip continues to kenya, malawi and egypt where she will visit schools, hospitals and shelters. shannon: our midnight hero gave his life for others literally. 20 when-year-old antonius azam may have saved the lives of 147 people as the 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit indonesia. a large wave coming in on the coastline, he told a pilot to take off early. as the plane was taxiing to leave the air traffic controller decided he needed to stay to guide the plane rather than run for cover so the plane barely made it before the disaster rolled in. everyone on the plane was saved
12:56 am
but he died when his tower collapsed. we salute him for being so selfless in the midst of a frightening moment with tragic results. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington, shannon bream.
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heather: is wednesday, october 3rd and this is "fox and friends first," a fox news alert, deadly delivery, the search identifying for who mailed poison to donald trump and the pentagon. the fbi probe could end today. what this means for the quest for the supreme court. c-span -- he has been sexist and islam a phobic, he talks about america. heather: how hillary clinton is reaching into the basket


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