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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 3, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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stolen tractor, he tried to run and hit the deputy, when he tried to run again the deputy used his taser. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great day, goodbye. jillian: wednesday, october 3rd. ready to close the case. the fbi may wrap up its investigation into brett kavanaugh today. rob: has the damage been done by the democrats? [chanting] jillian: live in washington, the supreme court clash is filled out of the capital on to college campuses. rob: also this morning vladimir putin is back with another shirtless photo shoot. jillian: the only thing you hear about is meddling with the motions, "fox and friends first"
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continues right now. ♪ ♪ before the thunder ♪ thunder ♪ thunder ♪ thunder ♪ thunder ♪ thunder ♪ thunder ♪ rob: could you sleep last night? jillian: that enough to wake up at midnight for work but i woke up at 10:30 last night in the storm and have not been able to sleep since. they were bad. lucky you. they were bad. rob: there was one good bolt. jillian: we will talk about that. rob: good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first".
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jillian: a fox news alert, the search is on for whoever sent package is filled with ricin to the president at the pentagon. secret service intercepting a suspicious envelope the tested positive for the poison. rob: mail screen is that the pentagon discover contaminated envelopes for james mattis in a top navy chief after a scare as senator ted cruz's office building in houston, two people rushed to the hospital after coming into contact with the white powder. that was not a hazardous material. no staff members were affected. ms 13 gang member sentenced to 36 years behind bars and the vicious death of a teenager. he the 15-year-old boy to a beach in boston by creating a fake facebook page and making him think a girl wanted to meet him. gang members beat and stabbed that teenager to death. the gang members promoted within
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the gang for the brutal murder. he could be deported to el salvador. jillian: the fbi investigation into supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh could wrap up as early as today setting the stage for a potential vote this week. garrett tenney live in washington as bombshell revelations about doctor christine blasey-ford's testimony comes to light. so much information. >> reporter: ex-boyfriend of doctor ford's is raising questions about her testimony. in a letter to the judiciary committee the man says during the 6 years he coordinated in the 90s she never voiced any fear of flying and had no problem living in a small apartment with a single door. those statements contradict what she told the committee under oath. what has chuck grassley concerned about is the boyfriend's allegation that ford was not honest about her past experiences with polygraph tests
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and helped a friend prepare for one. the ex-boyfriend wrote, quote, i witnessed doctor ford prepare for potential polygraph exam. doctor ford explained in detail what to expect, how polygraphs worked and helped become familiar and less nervous about the exam. that is very different from the emphatic denial doctor ford gave last week. >> have you ever had discussions with anyone besides your attorneys on how to take a polygraph? >> never. >> donald trump defended his nominee and took a different tone by pointing out the gaps in her recollection of the alleged assault. >> how did you get home? i don't remember. how did you get there? don't remember. where's the place? i don't remember. how many years ago? i don't know. i don't know.
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>> reporter: fox news has the fbi could deliver a report to the white house as early as this afternoon but doctor ford's legal team is complaining they have not been contacted by the bureau saying in a letter it is inconceivable the fbi could conduct a thorough investigation of doctor ford's allegations without interviewing her, brett kavanaugh or the witnesses we identified in our letters to you. law enforcement sources say forward and kavanaugh may not be interview because agents have hours of their sworn testimony and would only reach out if there is new information they need to corroborate. of the fbi concludes the investigation by today we expect the senate to hold confirmation vote this weekend. rob: despite democrats efforts to derail judge cavanagh's confirmation, one republican lawmaker think they are playing into the hands of the gop.
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jillian: jim jordan says republicans should be using the left's tactics to turn the tide on their so-called blue wave. >> they applied colin kaepernick when he disrespectful flag, cuomo when he says america was never that great and maxine waters when she says harass republicans like what happened to senator flake. this is just the left. americans see through this, around the country, want brett kavanaugh to be on the court and know that he deserves to be on the court. the left and other craziness, look at the record under donald trump's leadership in the last 20 months how amazing that is, frame it like that and we can win. >> just 34 days until the midterms. jillian: last night's rally donald trump urging voters to head to the polls in november and warning of the dangers ahead if democrats take congress. >> the only reason to vote
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democrat is if you are tired of winning. you got to go out and vote. we have the right ideas. we are making our country great again, doing the right thing, we need more republican votes. jillian: senator cindy hyde smith joining the president to thank him for his support, up against multiple opponents this november after being asked earlier this year 2 still senator cochran's seat after he retired. >> the us and north korea getting together with nuclear denuclearization talks, mike pompeo heads to pyongyang sunday as the trumpet ministration pressures kim jong un to give up his nuclear weapons. >> that shows the president's commitment to the agreement they came to at the singapore summit. as we often say the conversations continue. we have quite a ways to go but we look forward to the next step in this conversation. >> this could be mike pompeo's
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fourth trip, south korea announced despite renewed diplomatic relations the north could still have as many as 60 nuclear weapons. jillian: breaking overnight, world court ordering the united states to lift sanctions on iran. the tribunal wants to ensure sanctions do not impact humanitarian aid or civil aviation safety, handing a victory to tehran which argues us sanctions violate terms of the 1955 treaty affinity. us special open accused of giving a terrorist suspect lever behind bars, daniels facing the judge today after being charged with obstruction and sharing classified information last month. she told a syrian national at the center of the counterterrorism probe that he is under, investigation. the pair became romantically involved while she was working at the us consulate in dubai in 2016.
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rob: severe weather causing serious flash flooding in connecticut, some streets overtaken by water, stalled cars among many problems reported in new york and new jersey. jillian: the cleaner beginning in pennsylvania after a tornado tears through nursing home. nobody seriously hurt but 150 people had to be evacuated. they were so bad. >> i slept through them. sometimes you got to sleep through. no one was injured. tornadoes sometimes happen in the northeast, so does thunder and lightning and we had that last night. a frontal boundary draped across part of the northeast back through the great lakes and the midwest. north of that front we have cooler air, south that the warm air mass. that is what happened last night, a couple areas of low
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pressure, a lot of heavy rain and the severe threat. past 24 hours you have the frontal boundary giving potential of severe storms across the great lakes in the upper midwest, large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes will be a threat and the threat for flooding again across the southwest courtesy of a system moving in from the pacific and moisture left over from hurricane tropical storm rosa. that is ongoing with flood warnings in effect. 78 in new york city, much, whether. there were a lot of thunderstorms last night. rob: a bolt of lightning at one world trade center, full picture on fox news instagram, pretty cool. jillian: 10 minutes after the hour. the fbi's investigation may wrap up today.
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>> let me tell you what will certainly happen. we will get an fbi report soon. it will be made available to each senator and we will be voting this week on the kavanaugh nomination. rob: mitch mcconnell doubling down on his promise to end the
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supreme court confirmation circus with a final vote this week. jillian: new reports the fbi is ready to wrap up its seventh investigation into brett kavanaugh as early as today. will mcconnell come through on his word? rob: madison, thanks for coming on this morning. the big question at this point is jeff flake and what he decides if they want to get out of this committee, he is the break. >> good morning. from the beginning, we see democrats delay and obstruct on this but not only democrats will lose vote in november but republicans will lose votes if they don't confirm brett cavanagh. once the fbi report comes out if there is no additional corroborating evidence which i don't anticipate there will be as many as these witnesses submitted statement under penalty of perjury like mark judge if they don't confirm him
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republicans across the country will be enraged. jillian: how strong a chance that he's not confirmed? >> at this point on a daily basis. i think it is hard to tell. hard to say. i anticipate most republicans will feel pressure from their constituents as we said over and over for the past couple weeks there is no corroborating evidence to support doctor ford's story, witnesses of not supported her and in many cases things come forward the question her honesty. rob: a lot of stories picking apart the women making claims, the latest one goes into doctor ford a bit, democrats not trying to make this about the temperament of the judge and how he handled that. jeff flake saying we don't need this on the supreme court. they might lose him. what you think of the argument that he doesn't have the temperament?
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>> it is ridiculous was anybody who has been falsely accused of something like that would be frustrated and angry. he had an impeccable career, worked hard to reach the level he had in the judicial world and i would be angry if i was him as well. jillian: we want to play a soundbite from lindsey graham on sean hannity's show if he is not confirmed. >> i would renominate him and take this case to the american people. if voters want to appeal the verdict of their senator. jillian: you agree with lindsey graham? >> don't think it is something we should put off the table but there are other amazing people that could be nominated like amy barrett who has come up in multiple conversations. there are other options. i don't think renominate in him is off the table. rob: my big question, if the
2:18 am
republicans lose jeff flake in the hearing, 21 vote hearing you are down to 11-10 for the democrats and he hinted he might not go there way. is there a chance this doesn't get out of committee? the question a lot of people ask. >> there is a chance that i think it will. ultimately i think it will get out of committee and we will have the vote. jillian: thank you for your time, appreciate it, 18 after the are, hillary clinton back in the spotlight to launch fresh attacks against donald trump and his supporters. >> he has been racist, sexist, he talks to that america. he talked to them all the time. rob: former presidential candidate taking a step further to get personal against her own voters. jackie ibanez with reaction to that coming up. ♪
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heather: florida governor rick scott squaring off with bill nelson in a heated debate clashing over a range of issues including immigration policies and brett kavanaugh's nomination. >> you see children being taken away from their families at the border. when that was happening my opponent was silent. >> my opponent had 40 years to do something on immigration and has done nothing. >> there was not the temperament that is needed of what you want
2:23 am
to put someone on the highest court in the land. >> the way senate handle this is circus, bill nelson is a partisan politician, all he does is attack republicans and defend democrats. heather: the polls show the candidates in a dead heat for the senate seat. rob: protesters caught on camera ripping up posters made by supporters of brett kavanaugh. the activists shouting at the student group at the university of texas. >> we believe survivors! we believe survivors! we believe survivors! todd: protesters also snatched a make america great again hat but later returned it. nobody was arrested. it is unclear students will face disciplinary action. jillian: hillary clinton slamming donald trump supporters while laughing about brett kavanaugh's hearings. rob: that is just the beginning
2:24 am
of this tale. a lot of people were taken aback by her comments. >> reporter: the former presidential candidate sat down for a wide-ranging discussion in washington dc wasting no time taking aim at the president and his supporters. listen. >> he has been racist, he has been sexist, he has been islamohphobic he has been anti-lgbt queue. there's a long list. he talks to that america. he talks to them all the time. it is a very hard-core who are responding to him and supporting him. jillian: clinton was asked about brett kavanaugh's decision that allegations against him were part of a democratic hit job in revenge for clinton's lost. [laughter] >> i thought it was just part of
2:25 am
the whole of his very defensive and unconvincing presentation. >> reporter: clinton was asked about russian meddling in the 2016 election which she says played a role in her loss but she went a step further comparing it to 9/11. >> it would be like i can't even imagine after 9/11 george w. bush said i don't have time to meet, we feel terrible and we will rebuild new york and the pentagon but we are not going to worry about it. at a certain point that is what this is turning into. >> reporter: all of this coming as clinton promotes the newest addition of her book what happened. we are getting a lot of reaction to this on social media with the common theme, trixie tweeting not only lose an election to keep losing. michelle asks why will she not just go away? she is everywhere every day,
2:26 am
constant reminder of the lies, corruption and illegality that surrounds her and her husband. mark right on facebook newsflash, you lost. jillian: it is 25 minutes after the hour, the left losing at school, taking their harassment of gop lawmakers to epic proportions. >> shame on you! shame on you! jillian: the senator that turned the tables on one anti-kavanaugh protester. rob: nike taking a stand for the usa. p texas live at the college of the ozarks where patriotism is being put first. >> at the college of the ozarks, hard work you is what they call it. they love this. we will bring you the college of
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honey. you ready? ♪ jillian: the media viciously attacking supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. rob: it henry has the reports into kavanaugh's background. >> reporter: the kavanaugh derangement syndrome. is brett kavanaugh known as a virgin? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: the text directed at donald trump are now being aimed at brett cavanagh. leica politico op-ed entitled law and order, why the fbi should investigate boothing, a former spokesman for hillary clinton and chuck schumer.
2:31 am
and he should no longer be able to serve as a basketball coach for young girls, the papers you clarification but the viciousness stunned a son of the late justice antonin scalia. >> that story was tasteless i thought because last week he was a gang rapist and now the insinuation is he is a pedophile. >> reporter: msnbc airing unverified allegations of gang grape lodged by julie swetnick who backtracked on some of the accusations she previously made in a sworn statement. the nbc interview admitted they cannot corroborate it after swetnick offered four names of witnesses. now stories by bloomberg in the new york times are charging when kavanaugh was at yale he threw ice at someone at a bar. the co-author of the time story was an opinion writer who has been savaging cavanagh in recent
2:32 am
tweets including a july tweet charging he is a fifth vote for a hard right turn on voting rights, so much more that will harm the democratic process and prevent a more equal society. the times admitted it was a mistake to have her contribute to the story and should have chosen someone else but they stand behind the story and bill cassidy once the fbi to prove all statements by swetnick. the department of energy investing $30 million to beef up cybersecurity, $20 million in grants among different research projects discover new ways to protect hackers from the electrical grid. oil pipelines and other energy infrastructure. jillian: fraud is skyrocketing is more illegal immigrants meet children across the borders which according to homeland security numbers by the washington times there has been 150 cases of people fraudulently using a family loophole to get into the country from may to
2:33 am
august of this year. the findings show 40% of illegals attending to exploit the loopholes are men. these men might root for different teams but they are both here on the red, white and blue, showing fan gordy brower helping a giants fan sitting in front of him to stand for the national anthem. rob: was shared 17,000 times on facebook as the nfl deals with players kneeling in protest of the anthem. hard work, the qualities embodied by students at the college of the ozarks. jillian: students just learning the basics, also learning what it means to be patriotic americans. rob: "fox and friends" weekend cohost joins us live from point look out, missouri. >> reporter: you got to see it in missouri. college of the ozarks, hard work you.
2:34 am
every student believes the college of the ozarks leaves debt-free because they work on campus, they run this campus. they also learn freedom, faith and america. you see the students are proud of their institutions and took a big stand on the nike controversy. we don't want nike on the campus anymore. we had a chance to see the campus yesterday. we are here at the college of the ozarks in missouri where students learn faith, freedom, love of country and how to work hard before they leave this campus. they call it hard work you. where are we? >> the keeter center. >> tell me about it? >> it is our large on campus where we have 15 rooms.
2:35 am
all students running top of the line facility. >> reporter: how do you end appear? >> i was very fortunate to come to college of the ozarks because i grew up in a family where those opportunities, the institution's ability to work for my education -- >> reporter: how many hours a week? >> two 40 hour work weeks. >> reporter: in exchange for debt-free education. >> that is correct. i can do a dirty job. >> reporter: regular courseload. >> we oversee students to make sure -- >> reporter: you are able to process it. as well. >> yes. >> reporter: tell me about working here. >> everything honestly. i did not come for many ag background so every day i came in knowing i would learn something new but i liked that. >> reporter: we are on campus at the college of the ozarks. we have green beans,
2:36 am
cauliflower, broccoli. this is not your typical experience. >> the school like to educate head to heart and hand. i am learning a lot implementing knowledge like campus garden. >> we are at the fruitcake angeli kitchen, 40,000 different projects which have you learn to be more proud of your country at this college? >> yes i have. definitely. the ability to stand up for what you believe. >> reporter: and the ability to make killer jams. would you be willing to show me how to do this? >> of course. >> reporter: can i try one? >> yes, be careful, it is hot. it is fantastic, really good. well done.
2:37 am
>> reporter: the stuff they make is worth thinking and eating. it is amazing what they produce. this college is a special place where god and country are valued and not having debt is up at a good thing, right? i think so too. they stand for big things. college of the ozarks is pretty neat, we will come all morning long from "fox and friends". it is a party. jillian: how many of them are still up? rob: i heard they have a party in the ozarks. rob: probably all. jillian: 37 after the hour. not her first rodeo. the georgetown professor who says cavanagh supported should be killed has a history of verbal assault. disturbing accusations from a former colleague. rob: amazon giving its employees a big raise, donald trump's
2:38 am
booming economy. how this will give republicans a boost in the midterms. ♪
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winner. winner. yay me! oh, hi! good luck. switch to geico®. it's a win-win. >> the white house plans a new york times report claiming donald trump committed tax fraud with a $413 million loan from his dad. white house press secretary sarah sanders writes, quote, donald trump has been gone for 20 years and said to witness this misleading attack against the trump family. many decades ago the irs reviewed and signed off on these transactions. rob: georgetown university professor suspended by twitter after calling for the death of republican senators who support brett kavanaugh. telling tucker carlson she called her a nazi for voting for donald trump.
2:42 am
>> not just a simple troubling remark, part of the larger dynamic, and an extremist alt left insurgency in america that is timed to topple this government with any means necessary. rob: they say she has a right to free speech but the school expect her to keep her classrooms free of bias. good luck with that. jillian: the national wage growth hitting a 17 month high as one of the biggest retailers on the planet announces a pay raise for all minimum-wage employees. >> $15 an hour. [cheers and applause] rob: jeff bezos credits critics
2:43 am
for encouraging the wage hike but should that critic be given to the current economy? jillian: here to weigh in his the executive vice president and chair of the program on business and finance in new york city, thank you for joining us. what do you think? i know donald trump continues on this economy and that is what he has been talking about and that is on the back burner. >> jeff bezos is talking about guys like bernie sanders and the threats he made about amazon, if you don't pay higher wages we will text you but the truth is there is no way amazon would be doing this if the economy wasn't going to wait is going. amazon is paying higher wages because it's competitors are paying higher wages to try to attract workers, the labor market is so tight, they cancel their open spots. rob: this is a tremendous race, 350,000 people, a lot of them,
2:44 am
it is doubling their pay. this is $15. >> what is interesting is amazon is pairing with this call for a higher federal minimum wage. that is interesting because what that does is put pressure on amazon's competitors to raise their wages. they want to automate the operations, getting a lot of people out of the processes, and they know this will hurt their competitors if there's a higher minimum wage. it is not all truism, jeff bezos is playing hardball strategies when it comes to minimum-wage. jillian: how will this impact the midterms? >> this kind of economy should be helping republicans big-time but the problem they had for a long time is selling it. they have not done a great job linking tax cuts and regular
2:45 am
shortcuts to the economy and the growth we are seeing. if they can do that they are in trouble. jillian: donald trump has been trying to do that. a lot of people from the party have been trying to do that but there are so many other things the focus has been on. >> democrats have done a really good job trying to distract, call attention to everything they can besides the economy because they know the economic story is so good. it is hard for republicans that they have to cut through that. in the last month they have to be more focused than they have been, money in your pocket, you better vote for us because the people who could get elected in november could change these economic policies. jillian: the president -- quite a bit. it does speak to something bernie sanders did push for this and points to the flaws of capitalism where you have these
2:46 am
low-wage workers that still have to be on public assistance to get by even though they are working for a huge company. >> bernie sanders once to claim credit for this. he came out yesterday and started doing that but the fact is if the economy is not growing as workers don't have choices their wages won't rise. we saw that for eight years. workers had nowhere to go. now all sorts of companies say we like your services, that puts them in the position of saying great, give me more time off. that is why you see company step up. if you don't have economic growth forget about it, you're not going to keep that. rob: more jobs than people to fill them. >> got to have a lot of jobs. jillian: appreciate it. rob: let's check with another brian with what is coming up on "fox and friends". brian: brian is a lot nicer than me and much more closer and personal and he can do your taxes and i can't.
2:47 am
coming up straight ahead, we will talk about the president's decision last night to open fire on the first accuser of brett kavanaugh. tommy laren pumped up about fox nation commentating on what everybody is saying about the midterms. speaking of midterms rick scott wants to be senator rick scott. how close is that the reality after last night's debate? charlie hurt, what this means for the midterm election for republicans and democrats although the red state getting more competitive these days and a special guest on tap. staff sergeant ronald cho will be here honored by the president, medal of honor recipient, honored to have him on our show. don't miss a minute, 13 minutes sets to go and steve will finally get dressed. jillian: we will not miss a minute of it. we will see you in a bit. when we come back leftist
2:48 am
protesters harassing another conservative on capitol hill. >> absence of evidence. rob: the billion a democratic donor tied to the protests when carly shimkus joins us next. -these people, they speak a language we cannot understand. ♪ [ telephone ringing ] -whoa. [ indistinct talking ] -deductible? -definitely speaking insurance. -additional interest on umbrella policy? -can you translate? -damage minimization of civil commotion. -when insurance needs translating, get answers in plain english at ♪ -he wants you to sign karen's birthday card. it's a high honor. -he wants you to sign karen's birthday card. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need
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>> reporter: mitch mcconnell, ted cruz, and bill cassidy, harassed by left-wing protesters. >> why wouldn't i support cavanagh? are you okay as a person to go ahead and an uncorroborated charge in the absence of
2:52 am
evidence. >> fox news headlines 247 serious xm 115 here with reaction, democratic billionaire could be funding these attacks, getting messy. >> it sure is. that run in with bill cassidy may not have gone in her favor. the president's protesters have been successful. jeff flake called for the fbi investigation after this encounter with two protesters in an elevator and mitch mcconnell faced a similar scenario with protesters at an airport and now we know in both cases the women involved are part of an organization that received funding from liberal billionaire george soros. one such organization responded to fox news's request for comment saying the foundations probably support the right of all citizens to make their voices heard by their elected representatives, bedrock principle to democracy that surely fox news believes in as well.
2:53 am
here is what folks have to say about this. who keeps letting these people in much less do this? is there no security? a funny question. carry on twitter says anyone surprised? katherine echoing that thank wake up, america, democrats are funded by soros. lots of protests building on capitol hill over this. jillian: weiner base is buying the most expensive cups ever. >> the air force in hot water over hot cups. fox news recently reported over the past three years and airbase in california spent $56,000 on metal coffee cups that can reheat liquid in flight, they cost $1300 a pop. senator grassley said this is the latest on spending taxpayer dollars, gives me no confidence that they are taking real steps to reduce wasteful spending
2:54 am
practices. and the costs so much, when dropped the handle breaks easily. the expenditure of several thousands of dollars to replace those cups, some hot cup controversy on our hands. one user says let's spend $200,000 investigating the price of it and wondering are they made of gold? >> the coffee is hot. >> that makes one of us. if you are searching for holiday stocking stuffer, live report got you covered because of the official 2019 calendar is out. you can see him there shirt was holding a -- there he is with a snow leopard showing he is masculine but has a softer side
2:55 am
as well. >> these look like bad tinder profiles. rob: i guarantee you vladimir putin is on it. jillian: once upon a time there were 3 little bears looking for a midnight snack. >> two babies. rob: the heartwarming moment firefighters find a third and there they go. ♪
2:56 am
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jillian: welcome back time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly u we start with the good. three cubs barely escape after getting stuck in a garbage pin. letting them out with their momma bear watching them closely. next the bad, hold the applause for one school about to see a surge in finger painting? >> these are spirit fingers. rob: this pc stuff goes across the pond. banning clapping at some campus event because the noise makes for anxiety. encouraging students to use sign language wage clapping or jazz hands instead.
3:00 am
jillian: finally the ugly. you can buy these sandals for a lot of green u selling for $122 a pair. just a note. they are not edible in case anyone was confused. rob: bye. the fbi investigation into supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh could wrap up as early as today. >> they have been trying to destroy judge kavanaugh since the very first second he was announced. they know judge kavanaugh will follow the constitution as written. >> hillary clinton back at it again, repeating some of her favorite themes from 2016. >> he has been a racist. he has been sexist. he's been islamophobic and he talks to that america. >> she is thought attacking the president so much as she is attacking his voters and the explanation is trump won because it's a bad country. >> presi


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