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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 4, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," today as always, "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a good day, goodbye. >> a fox news alert breaking overnight, the white house fully confident brett cavanagh will be confirmed, as the fbi closes its case. >> mitch mcconnell tees up a vote. >> personal information, endangering the lives of conservatives. >> i'm clear about my sweatshirt. it is too patriotic, i tell you what. jillian: does chris pratt have a case of the red, white and blues? rob: what he is wearing underneath that shirt. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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♪ >> dying to know what chris pratt is wearing. rob: between that and shirtless photos i don't know what kind of show we are doing. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. rob: right to a fox news alert. a bombshell report claims the white house and fbi found no corroboration of sexual misconduct allegations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. jillian: the senate could vote as early as saturday.
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>> reporter: deputy white house spokesman tweeting the statement saying the white house received the fbi supplemental background investigation into brett kavanaugh and being transmitted to the senate. the white house is confident the senate will vote to confirm brett kavanaugh to the supreme court and wall street journal reports the white house found no corroboration of sexual misconduct as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell files cloture last night. >> plenty of time for members to review and be briefed on supplemental material before a friday cloture vote. i filed a cloture on the nomination this evening. as i indicated earlier this week. >> ending debate on brett cavanagh allowing democrats 30 hours of pod time and the opportunity for all 100 senators to the fbi report into brett
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kavanaugh. a frustrated white house is losing patience with democrats. >> democrats want to block brett kavanaugh and hold the seat open until the 2020 elections. this is about politics and power pure and simple. >> reporter: the white house may need a few democrats, senators collins, murkowski and flay, fence. one potential democrat vote, joe manchin, where support is strong, he is keeping an open mind. >> i'm looking for some clarity. i can't judge on anything as a person in a community, i am looking at everything, trying to put the human side to it. >> as we wait that vote doctor ford's attorney saying they were profoundly disappointed, the interview their client and it is not a complete investigation.
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>> there's a lot of criticism of this investigation. we will break that down in a few minutes. >> democrats moving goalposts again discrediting the investigation they demanded. rob: mark smith joined "fox and friends" trends, what the left's argument is totally off base. >> remember the sex crimes prosecutor rachel mitchell said in her 8-page singlespaced document that there is no corroborating evidence that doctor ford's testimony was inconsistent, had major gaps in it and the like and although i think the senate judiciary committee has bent over backwards to hear doctor for the reality is you may have a right to be heard but don't have a right to be believed. there's nothing more to be said. democrats won in the sense they got there extra week to drum up more support or encourage
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republican senators to defect but at this point, what more is left to do but vote? jillian: should be vote move forward? should the fbi report be made public? send us your thoughts and we will share them later in the hour. rob: investigators in south carolina searching for a motive after a police officer shot dead and 6 others wounded a multi-million-dollar home. jillian: the war on cops escalates nationwide. >> reporter: the city of florence heartbroken after one of their officers is killed in the line of duty. the suspect fired todd: officers serving a warrant for a sexual assault investigation. the gunmen barricading himself with children inside the upscale home for two hours, he eventually surrendered and was taken into custody. police releasing the chilling dispatch audio. >> a high-powered rifle firing at offices as we speak. >> an officer down at this time.
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use precaution. >> officer terrence caraway was killed in a shootout, just received his 30 are service pin, 3 deputies and 3 other officers are hurt, the law enforcement community is asking for prayers. >> we lost a good friend of mine. a human being, pray for these officers. >> reporter: donald trump tweeting my thoughts and prayers are with the florida county sheriff's office and the florence police department in south carolina. we are forever grateful for what our law enforcement officers do 24/7/365 lose the identity of the suspect is not released, this marks the 40th officer to be killed in the line of duty this year alone. rob: terrible story. our hearts go out to his family. a federal judge, deportation of
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300,000 immigrants, san francisco judge edward chen stopping the trump administration from ending temporary protective status for immigrants from el salvador and nicaragua, haiti and sudan. the judge claims the decision was motivated by racism. the justice department's as the judge is trampling on the president's security and immigration powers. >> mike pompeo announcing termination of the 1955 treaty of amity with iran after the un ordered the us to lift sanctions on humanitarian goods to the regime. >> the choices being made inside of iran to use money to film and terror around the world are dollars that uranium leadership is squandering and they could be providing humanitarian assistance to their own people but have chosen instead a different path. >> iran is trying to challenge the us after the trump administration pooled out of the
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nuclear deal. >> the president's senior advisor making a pit stop in north carolina, the first daughter touring the nascar technical institute and discussing development with students and racing professionals as well as met with the fire department search and rescue teams to save lives after hurricane florence and should thank them for their service. jillian: it is two american astronauts returning to earth after 197 days in space. >> separation confirmed that 2:507 am central time. jillian: drew feustel and his crew will touch down and has extended a few hours. rob: new york yankees on their way to a victory in the wildcard
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game, starting with the two run homer. carlo stanton crushed the summer -- solo homer. >> way back. this will go flying. jillian: the yankees beat the as 7-numtwo and beat the red sox in the division series, the national league division series came underway facing the rockies on top of one and the dodgers taking on the braves. lots of champagne celebrations. rob: want to be fun. jillian: the shocking moment a suspected drunk driver violently mowed down people on the sidewalk, how they were able to walk away without a scratch. rob: the white house confident brett cavanagh will be confirmed despite attempts from democrats to derail the confirmation.
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heather: after reviewing reports from the fbi probe into brett kavanaugh the white house reportedly finding nothing to support allegations of misconduct leveled against him. rob: our next guest says this should be no surprise. good morning, i think a lot of people thought this 1-week positive this fbi investigation would be the demise of democrats but they have a lot of criticisms here. what do you think? >> of course democrats continue to criticize this but the white house is very correct it appears
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the fbi background investigation has yielded nothing. any rational, reasonable person looking at this would understand brett kavanaugh has been through six companies of, now twee 7 fbi investigations since 1993 for very high profile high-level white house positions and on the dc circuit bench so for this type of allegation to remain hidden for so long and come out in the 11th hour doesn't make sense. this week long delay needs to come to a end and mcconnell is he was filing for cloture and looks like the vote will happen as soon as saturday. heather: he gets confirmed how do you think this changes the game for brett kavanaugh going forward. does it? >> he has been through a difficult overly politicized process. this has been an attack against conservative values, and to
2:15 am
change the game, how he is looking at america. this is changing the american voters mind. they say there will be a blue wave in november but of the family institute we are seeing something entirely different. we are hearing from family constituency this intentional vicious attack on a very good, rational, strong, christian moral man is changing the minds of the american voter and evangelicals and faith-based community will vote their values. >> this is a good a lot of people and motivate a lot of republicans, the treatment of this judge which is interesting in itself. they didn't interview brett kavanaugh and doctor ford and this is what democrats are enraged by. this is come to a close without these interviews.
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>> they are very clear they would not direct the fbi investigation, carried two packages and the spokesman for the white house, it is not a fishing expedition, they are conducting the investigation and the white house looking at the report. for democrats to claim the white house is directing this and doing too much and that they didn't do enough is against speaking out of both sides of their mouth and using tactics. >> the washington post, the white house is in control of this investigation. is that true? >> that is what they do. and the context of the type of investigation and they interview witnesses and what is on the
2:17 am
record, there's more documentation comprehensively for the supreme court nominees combined. and unreasonable for the democrats and no matter what, would have come out, we are going to delay because sarah sanders was correct and the laying past 2020. in terms of advice and consent, good-faith obligation to look at a judicial nominee, eminently qualified. >> jeff flake, heidi heitkamp and joe mansion, this could come down to what? >> looking at a couple different interesting factors here, even though he's not up for reelection, as a senator.
2:18 am
looking at good-faith on the nominee, what is actually in the record no proof or corroboration of allegations against brett cavanagh, and need to make sure they are standing up for due process and they voted no to the american voter, next time you might be you or your family, targeting opposition political attack, for every particularly republican, they need to stand up for constitutional protections, not waived because you are judicial nominee. >> that is looking good. thank you for your time, appreciate it this morning. 18 after the hour, dramatic video showing moments immediately after an officer is sought three times, his partner rushing to his side. >> cover down.
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>> what these officer goes through every day is incredible. the officer was able to walk away unscathed. >> air force veterans flag burns to ashes in a devastating fire. a fire crew stepped in to help. hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ tand, our adulte children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide.
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rob: a police officer shot three times only to be saved by his that antibody camera. his body camera. >> cover down. my arm.
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rob: the baltimore police officer hit in the arm and the chest. three shot hit him, one bullet was stopped by his protective vest and the other hitting his body camera. the suspect was killed in that shootout. rob: dramatic surveillance footage of the moment a drunk lift a driver -- a drunk driver slammed into people outside a club in hollywood, the car hopping the sidewalk before slamming into a pole. a man and woman ended up on the hood. incredibly no one seriously hurt. the driver was off-duty at the time. rob: oscar by starting early, the front-runner showing the true story what happens when powerhouse is taken down overnight. jillian: michael to merrill got an exclusive interview with hugh jackman. the front-runner for the oscar so far.
2:24 am
>> if you are watching the news particularly political stories these days and ask how did we get to this place especially when asking the supreme court nominee, a lot of people can point to this moment in time in 1987 when gary hart was running for president, everybody assumed he was a front runner and would go on to win the eventual race, was taken down by the miami herald, politics went tabloid and they changed the things they covered. it is based on all the truth is out, great look at what happened and how it changed politics forever. hugh jackman plays gary hart, does an incredible job, we caught up with him and he told me what surprised him most about that. what surprised you most about this story? you like myself leaped through it. >> i feel like i have a sensible
2:25 am
idea what it must be like but if you are watching on tv and watch how closely i really thought, surely there are advisors it is happening so fast, there is chaos and this movie captures that. really surprised me. he realize it is a bunch of humans making mistakes as they go and fumbling along as they go. >> a very different role for hugh jackman. one of his finest performances of his career. it opens up in theaters in november. definitely a must see. there is a lot. >> it has been a great season at the box office.
2:26 am
>> i like that. >> what did you think? >> that schedule. >> appreciate it. the cavanagh confirmation circus hits startling new low after congressional intern is caught and charged with endangering republicans lives. >> you don't know what dangerous people are out there and the american people are starting to see how terrible and dangerous this has become. >> the serious charges he is now facing. rob: a word you will hear a lot in the next few days, what is cloture? todd pyro here to explain the process and when we can see a final senate confirmation vote. ♪ man 1: (behind wall) yep, geico helped me with renters insurance, too! um... the walls seem a bit thin...
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>> good thursday morning. the white house finding no corroboration against supreme court justice nominee brett cavanagh, the bombshell report comes as sanders gear up to vote as early as this weekend. >> todd pyro with new reaction from the white house. >> reporter: the fbi probe into brett kavanaugh, the white house deputy press secretary tweeting the white house has received the supplemental background investigation into brett cavanagh with mitch mcconnell's cloture filing, senators had to give ample time to review the background investigation, the white house fully confident the senate will vote to confirm brett kavanaugh. fox confirming the white house found no corroboration of sexual misconduct in that fbi report. this comes after mitch mcconnell filed for cloture. so the question is what is cloture?
2:31 am
it is a vote to end debate on the nomination which would move the nomination onto a confirmation vote by the senate. they must sign the petition to invoke cloture and the petition is ignored for a day, 24-hour period known as the legislative day when senators review the full fbi report. after that there is a vote on cloture which can be held no sooner than friday morning once those 24 hours have passed. if it passes with a simple majority, debate on brett kavanaugh is limited to 30 hours meaning democrats cannot filibuster the nomination. and it means the senate could vote to confirm as early as saturday. the final vote pretty simple, it comes down to these votes. jeff flake, lisa murkowski and susan collins, red state, north
2:32 am
dakota's heidi heitkamp and west virginia's joe manchin. brett cavanagh must get 50 votes in the senate before mike pence can break the tie. the review of the fbi report by senators begins in a few hours. rob: should be a fun day. we never have any news. jillian: everyday is quite and easy. rob: the environment in dc is very visceral, a lot of protests going on. jillian: democratic intern charged with dock thing republican senators, researching information and publishing it on the internet. capital police say justin costco posted home addresses and phone numbers for senators lindsey graham, orrin hatch and mike lee on wikipedia and interned for congressman sheila jackson lee and worked for senator dianne feinstein. fox news contributor sarah carter says this is another
2:33 am
example of leftist extremism. >> it is outrageous and showing how far the left has gone. how dangerous is it when people who show up at their homes, we don't know what dangerous people are out there and the american people are starting to see how terrible and dangerous this has become. the fundamentals of the constitution and our own life and safety of liberty. jillian: capitol hill police are looking at two other cases, not clear if they are connected. rob: slamming brett kavanaugh protesters who are harassing him, the senator walking the reagan national airport with his wife when he was confronted monday. perdue tells laura ingram they are funded by liberal billionaire george soros. >> these are not genuine people talking about doctor ford, a
2:34 am
george soros conspiracy, to stand up and fight for our country, that is what is at stake here. rob: ripping democrats on the senate floor say they have, quote, on too far this time. jillian: north korean hackers accused of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from banks around the world, american cyber security firms is the hackers entered computer systems in 11 countries since 2014 claiming the money went to north korea's capital city of pyongyang, the findings come days before mike pompeo visits the country. rob: donald from popping on the campaign trail in minnesota rallying support for republican jim hadadorn was running against democrat dan feehan. this will be his fourth rally since saturday. he has been very busy.
2:35 am
jillian: hollywood actor chris pratt takes office american flag sweatshirt saying it is too patriotic but see what was underneath. >> i'm a little insecure about my sweatshirt, it is too patriotic. i tell you what. i am going to retire it. i don't want to come across as a guy who is too pro american. rob: he's not afraid to show his love for our country, showing a video and instagram that has gone viral, it reads america, land of the free. jillian has a question. he told me -- she thought he was hot. she said that. jillian: i did say that. you also said he is hot. rob: not a bad looking guy. >> something peter hegseth would
2:36 am
wear. >> it is very nice. we have a cold front coming through, as we do in the autumn, bringing cooler air for canada and sometimes we see potential for severe storms, you see the cold front, severe storms across the midwest and great lakes last night as the front groups through and the white stuff on radar is snow so that is coming. a lot of wind reports, tornado reports, looking at potential for more heavy rain across the west, the remnants of rosa still the problem and there is your today forecast, you will see big storm system moving out of the rockies. this is the time of the year we see low-pressure areas moving into sinful uso concern for heavy rain across the central plains on the weekend, several inches, we could see areas through wisconsin upwards of 5
2:37 am
inches of rain this weekend. that is the power of the cold front. still very warm across the south but much cooler air coming again across the northern plains. you are both hot. jillian: so are you. >> so is carly shimkus. everyone is hot. jillian: 37 after the hour. a star-studded protest. how liberal hollywood plans to take attacks against brett kavanaugh to another level today. rob: we saw justin trudeau breaking it down in india. teresa may following in his footsteps. could you believe it got even worse for the british prime minister? well, carly shimkus here with more. a lot of people shaking their head. ♪
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. rob: the new presidential alert system hitting phones nationwide. i did not get it. jillian: ladies of the view ripping donald trump for the automated message. >> a proven liar. what if he sends a lie about a terrorist attack. i would not put that passed him. running around like a crazy person because he sends me something with his improper phone etiquette. jillian: carly shimkus, here is the reaction pouring in online. >> the national emergency alert system, not on their watch. despite the name of the presidential alert he did not
2:42 am
personally send it. fema was behind it, seeing if they could reach people during a serious emergency like a terrorist attack. folks on social media talking about the clip from the view, hosting a bomb rather than a warning due to phone etiquette. a lot of folks on social media had fun with it like this yankees fan who said anybody get the same presidential others message as me? the yankees will win tonight, they did. congratulations to yankees fans, san diego zoo getting an award, emergency alert, this is a test, we are reaching pandemic levels of cute, no further action needed. they when the best tweet award in my opinion. jillian: it was funny how social media handled that. lindsey graham still firing back at people.
2:43 am
>> don't mess with lindsey graham, listen to how he fired back at audience members who were angry with him for his support of brett kavanaugh. >> i am the first person to say i want to hear from doctor ford. i thought she was handled respectfully. i thought brett cavanagh was treated like crap. blue your self. jillian: you will hear that a lot today. he has become a hero among people who support brett cavanagh. look at these tweets, thank you for standing up for us, good job, mister graham, i am with you with lindsey graham, tell them like it is, you are my hero. he is angering some people but winning a lot of support as well. rob: he quoted james carville and people said it was his quote. i cannot believe how ridiculous. >> he clarified it was something james carville said.
2:44 am
>> also a little bit ridiculous. teresa made needs to stop dancing. >> usually not a good idea when a politician stands in public and teresa may, you can imagine, take a look. ♪ a little bit of back story. she actually chose the song when she decided to dance as a way to make fun of herself for the video we played in africa so she has a good sense of humor. >> i give her credit. dance moves coming to a wedding near you. >> not as bad. >> she is good at the robot. there is a dance for her. you see this right here?
2:45 am
talking about an ad in the new york times, america turns to fox news and here's the proof. jillian: dominating the ratings during coverage of the brett kavanaugh hearing. if you opened a major newspaper today you will see the at you see on screen with the numbers fox news averaged 5.7 million viewers during the dramatic hours long hearing topping msnbc and cnn combined and beating out all broadcast coverage. you got to take a moment. >> cbs, nbc, that is awesome. what do you think of that? pete: we know who it is these days. very nice. coming up on "fox and friends" in 15 minutes it looks like things will be happening in the u.s. senate regarding brett cavanagh's confirmation. we will talk to democrat senator chris coons with us and judge
2:46 am
janine, and dean came with the hollywood point of view. a very busy 3 hours in 15 minutes from right now. ladies and gentlemen. jillian: coming right back. ♪ ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? now wh♪n you go out, you cash in. cleaning floors with a mop and bucket is a hassle, meaning you probably don't clean as often as you'd like. for a quick and convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet. there's no heavy bucket, or mop to wring out,
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beyond clumsy dial-ins and pins. to one-touch conference calls. ♪ ♪ beyond low-res surveillance video. to images so sharp, they can help protect your business. ♪ ♪ comcast business. the company that delivers unrelenting speed in more places. is also the company that's redefining what a provider provides. comcast business. beyond fast. >> a star-studded protest planned in dc, several liberal celebrities will demonstrate against brett kavanaugh. organizers of the protest say it is critical for their voices to be heard. he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman 30 years ago.
2:50 am
rob: college is taking boys will be boys into extremes, in green mountain college in vermont, it will look at sexual assault and misconduct claims with a focus on brett kavanaugh. earlier media director for called it inappropriate. >> no environment of discussion, due process is being ignored in a way of pushing political ideology and that should be a concern for all americans. >> we will get allegations against bill clinton and clarence thomas. >> republicans cutting democrats lead in-house races and have, democrats only leading by 7 points according to a new quinnipiac poll and last month democrats held a 14 point margin ahead of republicans. >> what does this mean as we are for a half weeks out from the
2:51 am
midterm elections getting close? john, thanks for coming on this one, people speculate the treatment of brett kavanaugh by the left has her democrats chances in november. >> i think so but what you have to recognize, this is more about winning the senate than the supreme court. of the 35 seats in the senate 26 i democrats, ten states that donald trump won. democrats, chuck schumer is really smart, the democratic leader, he realizes you have 90 million voters in the midterm, the trump campaign, our strategy was to bring out millions of new voters, it was 63 million for trump and if you have 63 million trump voters excited, they will change the senate to increase the republican seats so if schumer and the democrats with
2:52 am
the most ruthless unfounded uncorroborated personal smear, they could get republicans to not come up with enough votes that would suppress the trump voters, millions of trump voters would be disappointed and not come out so this is a ruthless democrat sphere, you saw they tried to defeat donald trump. >> we see more voters in the midterms than in the past? such a point in the country where people feel they want their voices heard and this is a way for them to do it? >> last thursday we put out a national survey, republicans were down four in generic polls so you are in range of the house but over the weekend brett kavanaugh voters coming in, trump voters coming back in so, more supported donald trump and
2:53 am
they are upset by the treatment of brett kavanaugh. they recognize this is a smear, the dc swamp at its worst. got to make sure he gets confirmed, and get them confirmed and those voters will be there november 6th because we only have 33 days to go it is a very volatile. >> you see a 4 point lead for the democrats in the house in the generic ballot. going back to september 12th a few weeks ago it was 52-38 according to quinnipiac and that moves to 49-42, 7 points in 28 days. you are seeing four points now. this is got to be something. >> one of those hillary locke polls, donald trump would never be on it.
2:54 am
now they are seeing the closing and republican voters coming out in texas, florida, indiana, where there is competitive u.s. senate races so when you think of it, you have 26 democrats, ten states that donald trump won, millions of voters coming out matching anti-trump voters who have the enthusiasm to come out against us, we are matching them. we have to make sure he gets confirmed so voters still come out. >> we appreciate it. >> the white house confident brett cavanagh will be confirmed as the fbi wraps up their investigation with a couple days to spare. will the report be made public? comments coming in and we will have that.
2:55 am
>> the hilarious moment a reporter accidentally knocks a sailor into the water on live tv, don't want to miss it. . .
2:56 am
2:57 am
2:58 am
rob: white house confident judge brett kavanaugh will be confirmed as the fbi wraps up its case. mitch mcconnell teeing up a vote tore the end of the week. we asked should the vote move forward and should the fbi report be made public?
2:59 am
it's being kept under lock and could i at this point. responses are pouring in. jillian: your response every american should be able to read the report. rob: parts of the report will be released anyway in only way to be fair is whole thing is released. maybe the president should tweet it line by line. jillian: vote him in. the dems got what they wanted. fbi report. and still no evidence. sexual assault is never a good thing. rob: firefighters who put out the blaze replaced old glory for that veteran who served more than 23 years. jillian: excellent. next the bad a daring dog goes for a spin on the motorcycle. golden doodle named buster riding around jacksonville, florida in a backpack with his name on it. rob: and shades, too. a reporter tries and fails to give a weather update on live tv. >> going to be -- oh! oh my gosh. are you all right?
3:00 am
>> oh my god. rob: the reporter knocking a sailor into the water and then it looks like she got in there with him, too. british news show. that is hilarious. jillian: thanks for watching. ♪ >> brett kavanaugh's nomination until the moves forward. >> a vote is set to confirm brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. >> fbi supplemental report is now complete. now it's time for senators to step up and vote. >> apparently the fbi came back and said there is nothing there. >> dianne feinstein now is attempting to conceal the fbi report that she demanded. >> what a joke. this has never been about the truth. it's been about delaying the hearing. [bleep] [shouting] >> i want to make it clear these shouting my members around at the airport will not be intimidated. >> capital police arrested


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