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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 4, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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the villages talking to the folks about not just the cookbook but about kavanaugh. >> good luck with that. >> have a great day. >> bill: big important day today. the report is in. senators looking over the f.b.i. seventh assessment of brett kavanaugh. according to a white house source the bureau found nothing to support or corroborate the allegations of sexual assault. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. members of the senate judiciary committee are taking turns reviewing the report. there is only one copy and we're being told it will not be made public. this as majority leader mitch mcconnell gets the ball rolling on a vote. >> this information comes on top of what was already been one of the most thorough and most exhaustive senate reviews of any supreme court nominee in the entire history of our country. there will be plenty of time
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for members to review and be briefed on the supplemental material before a friday cloture vote. >> sandra: white house spokesman raj shah saying with the additional information the white house is fully confident the senate will vote to confirm judge kavanaugh to the supreme court. >> bill: we're on every angle. kristin fisher live on capitol hill. matt schlapp has reaction on what's next. we begin with kevin corke from the white house. let's start there. what is the strategy between now and what could be a vote this weekend? >> good morning. two things. first of all you'll see a real full-court press by white house officials. a lot of availability and sound in support not just of the judge, but also in support of those who may be on the fence in the senate. i think the second thing is really important as well. you will see a bit of a reliance on the f.b.i. report again to bolster the argument. a man who served on the bench more than two decades should not have this allegation and an
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uncorroborated allegation keep him from serving on the u.s. supreme court. the president is talking about it once again this morning. he said this. the harsh and unfair treatment of judge brett kavanaugh is having an incredible -- an incredible upward impact on voters. the people get it far better than most politicians. more importantly or most importantly, this great life cannot be ruined by mean and despicable democrats and totally uncorroborated allegations. there you see it right there. to be sure, there is a political aspect to this confirmation battle. but i think more crucially the argument over the next couple of days, bill, will be about the content of the report and the fairness of the process which is included, as you know, a bevy of late allegations and questions about judge kavanaugh's fitness. >> all these types of questions get thoroughly investigated throughout one's career. he has been entrusted with some of the most important jobs in government over the last 25
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years with a very high-profile career. and all the folks that are demanding this type of an investigation in the senate are democrats who have already pledged to vote no. they want to delay the process. >> that is raj shah. we anticipate getting more sound with him and grabbed him on his way after that interview. as i get more sound i'll pass that along. we can always tell you this, the president got the report -- the white house got the report after 3:00 a.m. this morning. we do know the president has been briefed on it, bill. we don't believe he has actually read it himself yet. >> bill: we heard the f.b.i. reached out to nine individuals. ford is not one of them. her team isn't happy with that. how is the white house characterizing that, kevin? >> you hit the nail on the head from their perspective dr. ford has been effectively interviewed for the world to see under oath on capitol hill.
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so given that, it's important, they say, to allow the f.b.i. to sort of unpack other allegations that have been out there. the bureau could have chosen to interview her, they did not. about which her lawyer said this. an f.b.i. supplemental background investigation that didn't include an interviewed of ford or witnesses who corroborate her testimony can't be called an investigation. we're profoundly disappointed that after the tremendous sacrifice she made in coming forward those directing the f.b.i. investigation were not interested in seeking the truth. it is expected, bill, that the president will get an opportunity to take a look at that report firsthand here this morning. of course, as we learn more about it, we'll be sure to pass it along. back to you. >> bill: sarah sanders coming up next hour to address that and more. >> sandra: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell moving the ball forward on a confirmation vote filing for
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cloture last night to end the debate on kavanaugh's nomination. a word we're hearing a lot this morning. what exactly is cloture? >> cloture is a procedural device used to cut off a filibuster filed late last night by mitch mcconnell and what that did is it really just gives the opponents in this case, the democrats, 30 hours before a procedural vote can take place. now that the clock is running it looks like the vote will take place sometime tomorrow followed by the big confirmation vote either saturday or sunday. until then what's going to be happening is all of these senators are going to be pouring over the contents of this f.b.i. report. we know that senate judiciary committee got it around 2:30 in the morning. grassley and feinstein got the first crack at it and now opened up to all the senators and they'll take a look at it as they arrive on capitol hill today. it's important to point out this isn't the kind of document
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you can email out. this has to be viewed in a secure facility on capitol hill. you cannot take it out. but what we may not get to look at it in full, parts of it are almost certainly going to leak out and that's what a lot of reporters here on capitol hill are waiting for today, sandra. >> sandra: all right. all that considered, what is the latest that we're hearing on where those three critical gop senators stand? >> senators collins, murcowski and flake. they have -- their position hasn't changed all that much over the last few days. they have said they're not going to say anything. they are not going to weigh in until after they get a chance to actually read what is inside this f.b.i. report. here is senator murcowski speaking to reporters as she was leaving capitol hill last night. >> what i want is i want to see the report, the 302s, whatever they are, i want to see them and so that's what i'm waiting
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for. >> but that wait and see period is almost over if she hasn't seen it already, she surely will within the next few hours. so now the job of all the reporters here on capitol hill today will be trying to find senators murcowski, collins and flake and see if there is anything in that report that changed their mind or swayed their vote. >> sandra: a quickly-moving story this morning. we're following it all. >> bill: matt schlapp, the chairman of the american conservative union. good morning to you. it appears the senators faced the exact same question today or tomorrow as they did a week ago, dogs it not? >> exactly right, bill. all this supplemental investigation does is ask similar questions of people, what do you know about brett kavanaugh that would be problematic with his service on the supreme court. they give answers. in this case because mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley want to put all of this down
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the right path, they'll let every senator read every word. >> bill: okay. nancy pelosi was at an event just yesterday. just want to roll this clip here and we'll get reaction to pelosi and then mcconnell and what is to be expected in washington, d.c. later today. first pelosi. >> i guess there is a similarity that people have with the people that they respect, crazy about putin, in love with kim jong-un, thinks kavanaugh is a great, upstanding person. he doesn't even know what he is talking about. >> if that's the resistance, bill, it is make fun of trump, it is mock him and do everything to stop him. brett kavanaugh has become a proxy battle in that resistance movement and it is a shame because what is happening out there in the country, bill, is we are divided blue and red and getting more divided. what is happening in this as we go to this mid-term election is
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the red side is getting very fired up over what they see as a disgusting, revolting process in the senate. >> bill: here is mitch mcconnell late last night on intimidation factors. >> i want to make it clear to these people chasing my members around the hall here or harassing them at the airports, or going to their homes, we won't be intimidated by these people. there is no chance in the world they are going to scare us out of doing our duty. >> bill: we have been getting reports that the capitol is tense. the report on cnn at 6:20 this morning. a group of protestors on board a bus in new jersey bound for your town. watch. >> this is one of several buses of protestors heading down from new york city and various cities down to washington, d.c. to protest the confirmation of kavanaugh. the idea is to rally outside the courthouse where judge kavanaugh currently sits and march to the one where he is hoping to the supreme court.
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they want to do everything they can to keep that from happening. >> bill: i've seen reporters on buses arriving and people getting off the bus but never on the bus. what do you expect in our nation's capital as we reach the most critical point here, matt? >> this is an epic vote, no que. ifm owe glad the american people are getting engaged on both sides. i'm not pleased there is a paid movement on the left to try to disrupt the process and intimidate senators. i think that goes too far. you know what i think is great? a lot of people who know brett kavanaugh, they aren't there in the same numbers but they're up there and they know him and saying we know this is a good man and all the paid protestors in the world shouldn't keep the republican senators -- remember, it only take republican senators to get this done. it shouldn't keep republican senators that told voters what they would do 50 years.
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if the republican party can't get this right, bill, i'm not sure we can keep it all together. the stakes are very high. for those three individual senators, they know they are signing their political death warrant if they vote against brett kavanaugh because they promised they would do the thing of confirming people like this. >> bill: what happens to kavanaugh? >> it's hard to predict in this. it has gone here, there and everywhere. for susan collins it is a very stupid political thing to take this fight on. for murcowski, she lost her last primary and she'll lose it again if she votes wrong in this issue. i believe they'll do the right thing and the democrats like joe manchin and other democrats, if they don't vote for brett kavanaugh it's the end of their senate career. i think at the end of this it will move towards judge kavanaugh's way and i'm hopeful he will get confirmed. >> bill: thank you. we'll see whether or not you're right in the end. almost 12 past the hour.
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>> sandra: what a morning already. so much more coming up in the next hour. today's headliner is sarah sanders. she will join us live at 10:30 a.m. eastern time and, of course, bill, that will be just ahead of the senate press conference that will be held at the top of the 11:00 hour. we look forward to speaking with her. >> bill: we'll see at what point he saw the f.b.i. report. some are calling it the new low in this confirmation battle. police arresting a democratic congressional intern accused of leaking personal information of three senators who support the confirmation. >> sandra: a break in the investigation into poison-laced envelopes sent to the white house and the pentagon. who is accused of sending them? >> bill: also a community in mourning today after a shooting leaves one officer dead and six others wounded. what we're leniabt the suspect today.
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>> these officers are my family. please pray for these officers and their speedy recovery. pray for the family who lost the bravest police officer that i have ever known.
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>> sandra: fox news alert a utah man under arrest after he allegedly tried to send a crude form of ricin to the white house and pentagon. william clyde allen is in custody and in federal court tomorrow. officials say the envelopes are now in the hands of the f.b.i. after they tested positive for the substance. a senior defense official tells fox news alan is a navy veteran who served four years. >> bill: capitol hill police arresting a democratic intern allegedly posting the personal information at least three republican senators online during last week's kavanaugh hearing. police are now investigating
6:17 am
two more incidents, one of them targeting senator rand paul. jason chaffetz former u.s. congressman, fox news contributor, how are you doing and good morning to you. how does an intern do this, 27-year-old jackson cost co-, how does that happen? >> it doesn't smell right on the surface but what's fascinating there are seven different charges, identity theft, second degree burglary, witness tampering. where does witness tampering come into this? it's more than just stealing senator mike lee's personal information and posting it to wikipedia. there is something more here. >> bill: i don't get it. did the intern get the information or someone give it to him? there is your question. >> again, i'm looking at the charges just like everybody else but it sounds a little bit more sophisticated and the fact that how quickly they arrested this person and charged with person. and again, with seven different
6:18 am
charges out there, it -- burglary, those types of things, it really makes it sounds it's a bit more sophisticated and widespread. you see senator rand paul is also having issues. don't know if it's tied to this particular case. it would make at least four senators. >> bill: they're all -- we'll try to get to the bottom of that. what is a skiff? what is this place in the u.s. capitol where the senators can go look at the f.b.i. report? describe it. >> it's a bunker. if you were smack dab in the middle of the capitol. the dome and you went down three or four floors, then there is a fortress. when you walk in even as a senator or member of the house of representatives you give up all your electronics. you can't go in there with your i watch or or iphone, they watch you. it will be interesting to see
6:19 am
if the senators are allowed to take notes. sometimes you can and sometimes you don't. and usually they have somebody sitting there watching you read the material. >> bill: interesting. no pictures so it's all -- i expect to get leaks. i imagine you would, too, it's washington, d.c., after all. >> people can read this information. it isn't necessarily classified because they aren't talking about national security secrets, what has been sources and methods. i'm sure senators will start to come out of there. they leave one at a time in alternating fashion to read it. people will come out and give their own take. of course the democrats have their talking points saying it wasn't thorough enough. we need more time and more interviews. that's not what the senate set up. >> bill: you've kept in touch with your colleagues there in washington house and senate side. i think about last friday when,
6:20 am
you know, the record scratched in the afternoon and senator jeff flake said hang on, let's go ahead and give it another week. what's the harm. here is that moment from last friday. >> i can only say that i would be comfortable moving forward to the floor. i'll move it out of committee but only comfortable on the floor until the f.b.i. has done more investigation than they had already. >> in the key line he said up to a week. tomorrow is one week. what does flake do? what do the others do? does kavanaugh get confirmed? >> i was encouraged that he voted it out of committee and i would anticipate he would vote in favor of cloture, where they have to get past the 50-vote threshold. and part of the excuse here for the extra week was that it's tearing the committee and tearing the country apart. that's why we need more time. and i would argue that had the exact opposite effect. it is creating more division in our country instead of the
6:21 am
senate doing its job and making a definitive decision. it is their job to do advice and consent not to throw it back to the executive branch saying give us more input after six f.b.i. investigation. they need a little civics lesson. it is their job. ms. ford was given the opportunity to say whatever she had to say and now it's time to vote. >> bill: thank you for coming back today. what's next? >> sandra: in the midst of this confirmation battle, president trump has been hitting the campaign trail hard. today he heads to the battleground minnesota as brand-new fox news polling shows the enthusiasm on the republican side beginning to surge in several key battleground states. could it be the kavanaugh effect? we'll dig into the numbers there. >> bill: stunning video of a car plowing onto a sidewalk filled with pedestrians, whoa. details on how they are doing in a moment.
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>> sandra: brand-new fox polling showing the gop is gaining ground in some key senate races specifically ones republicans are looking to flip from blue to red in indiana. democratic incumbent joe donnelly has a two-point lead over republican challenger braun. the senate race in missouri a tie. incumbent democrat claire mccaskill and josh hawley. north dakota, one of the most vulnerable senate democrats in the mid-terms heitkamp and kevin kramer taking a big lead. heitkamp is losing support from women voters and college graduates.
6:26 am
president trump heading to minnesota today pushing for big wins there. what a morning, what a day it will be. bill is here to break it down. >> bill: interesting numbers, sandra. take our viewers through a couple possibilities now here on the board as we try to examine this. a balance of power in the u.s. senate. you know where it stands now, 51-49 republicans over democrats. pop back out here one time here and show the breakdown. if you go to the maps and show -- let's go ahead and start this bad boy over one time. hang with me. here we go. now we got it set. it's a learning process, smitty, right? like getting a new iphone. you have to reprogram your brain. here 51-49. the polling you showed is very interesting. if republicans are able to flip north dakota from blue to red that's a pickup. maybe missouri blue to red. now you see the numbers changing significantly. i don't know what happens in indiana. it's too close to call right
6:27 am
now. if democrats can flip arizona from red to blue, maybe you look at a scenario republicans keep roll of the senate and gain one seat. it's 52-48. that's not taking into account what happens in a great race in florida about rick scott. in west virginia with joe manchin. this stuff will go into the potion and the porridge over the next five weeks or so. the other thing i was looking at a moment ago talking about the house race. in the midwest we tried to break it down according to regions. the president goes to minnesota today. half the state is considered a toss-up now. we have 30 toss-up seats in the house. could be a few more or less over the next five weeks. now in minnesota the 8th district around duluth, the iron range is a toss-up. so is minnesota three west of minneapolis. southeast of st. paul and minnesota one in rochester, minnesota. half the state right now is
6:28 am
considered a toss-up. that's just an extraordinary race that holds a lot of drama come election night in early november. other thing, if you look deep into the fox polling. interesting findings. if you look close enough you could -- give me that, perfect. nationally the president's approval rating is between when 44 and 45%. among the states we polled look at his approval numbers, above 50% in arizona, indiana, missouri, north dakota and tennessee. you have to factor that in. the other thing that we're looking at is the kavanaugh nomination. put it one time and this is what we found. indiana donley, missouri, missouri mccost kel and heitkamp north dakota. if they oppose kavanaugh's nomination are you more or less likely to support that candidate? all these numbers are slightly less likely to vote for donley, mccaskill and heitkamp. factor that in as we look at this debate going toward the
6:29 am
weekend, sandra. >> sandra: clear trends showing up in that fox poll. thank you. meanwhile melania trump continues her trip across africa. a live report on her most recent visit with students and her be best efforts. meanwhile, top story of the day all eyes on capitol hill senators look over the f.b.i. report on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. what is white house is saying at this hour. >> what critics want is a never-ending fishing expedition into high school drinking. that's not what the senators wanted. it went to serious allegations. i know that every single time that i suit up, there is a chance that's the last time.
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6:33 am
we'll keep an eye on the markets. a lot of questions right now about what do we do with china, tariffs, trade, whether or not you get a deal coming up with mexico? here is what i want to tell you. sarah sanders is coming up in one hour and we'll get a better read as to the china discussion and find out where we are on that debate. stand by. >> sandra: we look forward to that. >> i do think part of why senator flake and i thought this further background investigation was warranted was so that the allegations made by dr. ford and ms. ramirez could be further investigated and the result be either they are corroborated or the judge is cleared. i don't think enough people were interviewed to reach that full result. >> sandra: that's senator chris coons on "fox & friends" this morning. the white house weighs in as a f.b.i. wraps up its latest investigation into brett kavanaugh and senators sift through the findings.
6:34 am
the president tweeted this this morning. the harsh and unfair treatment of judge brett kavanaugh is having an incredible upward impact on voters. the people get it far better than the politicians. most importantly this great life cannot be ruined by mean and despicable democrats and totally uncorroborated allegations. john yoo is a former assistant attorney general in george w. bush department of justice and on the senate judiciary committee. things seem to be quickly changing. i know you've been following this minute by minute. what can you tell us about what you have seen and heard so far at this hour? >> as you know, the f.b.i. has turned over the supplemental background investigation, which is standard fare to the white house, which has turned it over to the judiciary committee and senators are now able to look at it in closed chambers, as it were, which is also standard procedure. i think now that the senators can see all the information
6:35 am
related to these accusations, they have the constitutional duty to vote. they have to remember that they are not conducting a criminal trial, nor are they conducting an inquisition into every single thing that brett kavanaugh has ever done in his life. they are to judge is he a fit character to give advice and consent to join the supreme court as an associate justice. i think they have all the information now that they need to do that. >> sandra: you've already heard response from some democrats, including chris coons, that was about 35 minutes ago that we heard from him, he is already making the case not enough people were interviewed in this f.b.i. investigation. what do you say back to that? >> well, i was-in-law school with senator coons and judge kavanaugh. we were all there at the same time. i think what we should all try to strive for is what the american people are striving for as you saw in the poll results you just mentioned, what do regular americans think is fair? and what americans think is
6:36 am
fair is that people should not be railroaded and stopped based on wild, uncorroborated allegations. our sense of due process and fairness and justice, not just as lawyers or yale law school graduates but as regular americans, people shouldn't be harmed because others levy unsupported allegations against them. we could go on for years investigating brett kavanaugh. he has already gone seven background investigations now. the f.b.i. will have done its job to try to interview the accusers, they so far according to the reports that you've just mentioned haven't found anything to corroborate these allegations, so i think it's time for them to go forward and vote. >> sandra: stay with me here. a lot changing. we get an update from chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reporting per a judiciary committee source that the f.b.i. supplemental report on judge kavanaugh is being
6:37 am
held in the scif, the sensitive compartment information facility. reporting that chuck grassley is being briefed right now. all 100 senators will have access and majority and minority committee staff, equal time. and again chairman grassley is being briefed at this moment. just wanted to give our viewers and listeners an update there. did you have something to say on that, john, before i move on? >> as a former general counsel of the committee i used to do that. review these kinds of files and talk with the members about them. it is important to keep in mind those files contain uncorroborated, sometimes wild statements by people. it is important to realize this is not a criminal trial. we aren't trying to figure out the truth of the matter. the f.b.i. is out there to collect as much information as possible. present it to the senators. it is the senators who give constitutional advice and consent and judge the
6:38 am
credibility of witnesses and statements and make a final decision about their -- the fitness of brett kavanaugh's character to be on the supreme court. >> sandra: while that's happening dr. ford has responded through her lawyer upon the completion of this f.b.i. investigation saying quote, an f.b.i. supplemental background investigation that did not include an interview of dr. christine blasey ford nor the witnesses who corroborate her testimony cannot be called an investigation. we're profoundly disappointed after the tremendous sacrifice she made in coming forward those directing the investigation were not interested in seeking the truth. john. >> i'm afraid again that's an example of someone confusing the f.b.i.'s role here and what's going on. they are trying to argue it's a criminal trial. it is not. the senate already heard from dr. ford under oath, under threat of perjury if she were lying. what else is the f.b.i. going to ask her that wasn't already revealed to the senate during
6:39 am
those hearings? they're free to send things to the f.b.i. and senators to supplement what dr. ford said during the hearings. she already gave her testimony it wasn't necessary for the f.b.i. agents to go back out there and perform a second duplicate interview. >> sandra: is it your sense finally that judge kavanaugh will go on to be confirmed to the supreme court? >> i expect so. i think again americans sense of fairness that people should not be destroyed by uncorroborated allegations. imagine if it was your brother, father, son were accused in the same way. we would not want their lives destroyed over accusations that couldn't be proven. i think the american people will demand their senators apply that same standard and senators will listen to them and ultimately vote to confirm judge kavanaugh. >> sandra: by the way, we didn't get to it. fascinating piece by marc thiessen saying he believes prosecutor rachel mitchell may
6:40 am
serve as history looks back at the pivotal person in the whole thing saying it may have been a brilliant move on the part of republicans. john, thank you for your time and perspective this morning. >> thanks, sandra. >> bill: the first lady melania trump continues her trip through africa arriving a short time ago in malawi where she visited with teachers and students at a school. the president tweeted our country's great first lady is doing really well in africa. the people love her and she loves them. a beautiful thing to see. we have the story live in johannesburg, south africa following the trip there. paul. >> hi, bill. the first lady was definitely reminded how big africa is after taking a six hour flight. the first lady today is continuing her work on the be best campaign and seems to shine a spotlight on successful programs and organizations that teach children tools and skills. the first lady's be best
6:41 am
campaign covers several aspects with the well-being of children and babies. she looked at healthcare in ghana. today in malawi she was enjoying herself. she said this is why i came here, spending quality time at a school for young children in the country's capital, the first lady is a strong believer that a better life and employment is a result of good education. the attention that mrs. trump brings to this nation is most welcome. more than half of the country's 17 million people live below the poverty line according to u.s. aid. this visit is a special moment for the first lady and her be best campaign as the children inspired to have pride in themselves have been shouting i am the best, you are the best. one final note, in malawi we're seeing more people coming out to wave at the first lady's motorcade as she goes by compared to began ya. it is in the hundreds and it does
6:42 am
contain a handful of protestors. >> bill: watching that story in south africa. thank you for that. 18 minutes now before the hour. >> sandra: the new york yankees showing off the best in the american league win or go home. wild card came. outfielder aaron judd getting things start evidence with a first inning two-run shot and they didn't look back. they advanced to the division series facing their bitter rival, you know who. >> bill: if you look closely you see giuliani sitting behand home plate. fox news alert right now serving 30 years on the court, this is the officer who lost his life in south carolina but who is the suspect? more on that in a moment here. >> sandra: senators, they can now see the latest f.b.i. background check on judge brett kavanaugh. more on how the entire investigation was conducted.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
>> sandra: a live look at the justice department now where officials are announcing criminal hacking charges against seven russian intelligence officers. they are accused of hacking anti-doping agencies that supported an international ban on russian athletes. prosecutors also accused them of targeting an organization investigating chemical weapons in syria. that press conference is ongoing at the justice department. >> the scope was set by the senate and i cannot actually -- i'm not permitted to confirm or deny any of the witnesses even if their attorneys are able to do so. i'm precluded by law from doing
6:47 am
so. what i will say is those two witnesses had -- those two individuals had an opportunity to tell in a very detailed and comprehensive fashion to the senate their testimony. >> bill: the latest. how does the process work, what does the f.b.i. do and what do they return? senators can review the findings behind closed doors in the capitol building. chris swecker is former assistant director of the f.b.i. what is the process for the f.b.i.? what is their mandate? what are they told to do? >> well, the process in these special inquiries called spins are that they do background checks. basically doing a background check for the white house for presidential nominees. they've done thousands over the years. anyone who has been nominated for federal judge, hundreds across the country, or white house position has been through one. they do interviews and record checks. they are not investigations. people need to understand that. they keep saying he is under f.b.i. investigation.
6:48 am
that means every -- anyone that's ever been a presidential nominee was under f.b.i. investigation, which has connotations that just aren't true. these are background checks. >> bill: we are told the original request from the senate was the talk to four people. that expanded to at least nine, maybe 10 according to our reporting from the white house. so they go do them, they ask the que, they file the report and they prepare that. do they summarize it? what does that paperwork look like in the capitol now? >> there will be summaries of the interviews on a form called 302. f.b.i. witness summaries. they'll be put together. there will be an executive summary on a cover sheet that will lay out the high points of it but there will be no opinions about credibility and no judgments about it. they will highlight some of the more important things that were said by the witnesses in that executive summary. and that's pretty much it. there is a lot of personal
6:49 am
information in there and in the main background check where routinely they'll do 35 to 50 interviews of references & associates. this follow-up they'll hone in on the allegations of sexual assaults and why they didn't interview 30 witnesses. they don't care about drinking in college. >> bill: i do believe in two hours you'll hear a lot of democrats come to the floor of the senate saying they should have talked to dr. ford again. how would you address that prior to that claim? >> well, i understand why they didn't, if they didn't. that is that she had a full day of testimony in the judiciary committee and her story is out. so presumably she told them everything she knew about the incident under heavy questioning by both sides of the aisle. so i think the f.b.i. is thinking more likely the white house, don mcgahn's thinking there is no need to go back and
6:50 am
reinterview her. for optics it might have been good to reinterview her but i don't think it would have gone well for her if they had. >> bill: we may have more questions throughout the day and tomorrow. >> sandra: stunning new video showing pedestrians running for their lives when a car jumps a curb and plows into this crowd. what police say may have caused the driver to lose control. (humming a lullaby)
6:51 am
you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone
6:52 am
who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for.
6:53 am
>> bill: surveillance video catching a horrific moment in california. a car plowing into a crowd. wait for it. right there. four people injured, two went to the hospital minor injuries, police say the man behind the wheel was a lyft driver and
6:54 am
charged with suspicion of dui and he has lost his job from early wednesday morning. >> sandra: fox news alert after a two-hour stand-off a police officer is dead. six other officers are wounded. it happened in south carolina last night. a man opening fire when police tried to serve a search warrant. the suspect is now in police custody. jonathan serrie has been following the story for us. how did it all go down? >> it started as a routine investigation in a high-scale neighborhood. they were trying to do a search warrant just outside florence city limits. gunfire erupted when they arrived striking three deputies. >> fire was being shot all over. the way the suspect was positioned, his view of fire was several hundred yards. so he had an advantage. >> nearby police officers with the city of florence rushed to
6:55 am
the scene to assist the injured deputies. four shot and one died. police brought in an armored vehicle to rescue the injured officers. the suspect barricaded himself and several children in the home for two hours before he could be apprehended. the children were not injured, sandra. >> sandra: what do we know about the fallen officer? >> he has been identified as terrence galloway, a 30-year veteran of the city of florence police department. the police chief says not only was he a fine officer but also a great friend and he is asking for the community to pray for him and his fellow officers, listen. >> pray for these officers and their speedy recovery. pray for the family who lost the bravest police officer that i have ever known. >> authorities have identified the shooter as 74-year-old frederic hopkins. he is a disbarred lawyer who
6:56 am
faced multiple charges in the past including an charge of disorderly conduct. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: much more to come. straight ahead on "america's newsroom," new details about the f.b.i. report on bret kavanaugh. when will there be a vote? white house press secretary sarah sanders next hour and come on back and we'll have it all for you at the top of the hour. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out $54,000 dollars or more... to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value. so, if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday usa could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. call 1-844-637-2860. for a nasty cold, take new dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. whoa and vaporize it with an intense rush of vicks vapors.
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healthcare simpler. and when you call, a knowledgeable licensed agent-producer can answer any questions you have and help you choose the plan that's right for you. the call is free and there's no obligation. you know medicare won't cover all your medical costs, so call now and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana, just might be the answer. >> sandra: the f.b.i. report on
7:00 am
brett kavanaugh is now in the hands of the senate. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. white house source telling the source the bureau found in corroboration in sexual assault. mcconnell has put the wheels in motion for a preliminary vote on friday for the supreme court nominee's bid. >> members will have the opportunity review investigators' records and the standard procedure designated judiciary staff members with the required clearances will be authorized to brief members. there will be plenty of time for members to review and be briefed on the supplemental material before a friday cloture vote. >> sandra: dr. christine blasey ford's attorney has fired back saying an f.b.i. supplemental background investigation that didn't include an interview of dr. ford nor the witnesses who corroborate her testimony
7:01 am
cannot be called an investigation. we're profoundly disappointed that after the tremendous sacrifice she made in coming forward those directing the f.b.i. investigation were not interested in seeking the truth. >> bill: with that as a back drop we have kristin fisher live on capitol hill. do we know which senators have read the report? good morning there. >> good morning. we know the judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley and the ranking democrat on that committee dianne feinstein got the first crack at it when they received a report around 2:30 this morning. now it has been opened up to all the other senators. they are arriving on capitol hill starting to read it now. as of just about an hour ago one key democrat senator coons still hadn't seen it. listen. >> i haven't seen the report yet. it is my expectation that there will have been f.b.i. interviews pursuant to the scope that the republican majority in the senate delivered to the white house and conveyed to the f.b.i. and i am expecting that there
7:02 am
will be some relevant and interesting information in this report today. >> when these senators arrive on capitol hill they are greeted by protestors like these right behind me. these happen to be protestors that are pro-judge kavanaugh but there are plenty of other protestors that are against him and we're seeing these types of protests here on the hill. >> bill: one copy of the latest f.b.i. report. what's the procedures for senators, kristin? >> yeah, bill, so the procedure is you only have one report and it is not something you can email out. these senators are having to go inside a secure facility inside the capitol building. it is called a scif. the way it works is each party gets alternating hours. they get one hour increments. republicans will get to view the report for one hour. then democrats.
7:03 am
the judiciary committee chairman put out a tweet explaining how it is going to work. he says that, quote, senator feinstein and i have agreed to alternating equal access for senators to study content from additional background info gathered by nonpartisan f.b.i. agents. so this is going to go on all day long and what it does is it really sets up this procedural vote which is set to take place likely on friday. then the big confirmation vote on saturday. but still all eyes over the next few hours will be on those three critical republican senators coons, flake and murcowski waiting to see whatever is inside the f.b.i. report will sway their vote, bill. >> bill: kristin fisher on the hill today. a lot of action in washington clearly. >> sandra: let's bring in our a-team jessica tarlov.
7:04 am
david avila and steve hilton. what do you make of where we are at, at this moment? >> lawmakers have for years, decades almost said that while the minority gets their say t majority gets their way. and this is time now for the republican majority along with senator manchin of west virginia, democratic senator to confirm brett kavanaugh on saturday to the united states supreme court. >> sandra: does it happen? >> i think it will. i want to pick up on the point we're seeing play out exactly as predicted. when this renewed investigation was agreed to, everyone said well, it is not going to satisfy the democrats whatever it is. they'll move the goalpost. we're seeing that right now. the thing that i would love to know and the question that needs to be asked of dr. ford's attorneys when they say this is not good enough and we weren't interviewed. what exactly is the new information that they want to give theoretically to the f.b.i. that they didn't give in
7:05 am
the hearings? what is that? >> sandra: can i jump in on that? we got a statement from the chairman chuck grassley. he got a look at it. you remember a few moments ago we said live that he was currently looking at the report. he has since put out a statement saying there is nothing in it that we did not already know. these uncorroborated accusations have been rejected by judge kavanaugh and neither the judiciary committee and f.b.i. could locate any third parties who can attest to any of those allegations. jessica. >> we've seen the pushback on that from people who went to yale with judge kavanaugh trying to reach out toft f.b.i. and haven't been spoken to about deborah ramirez's claim and dr. ford's lawyers saying this. this is what we thought would happen here. a claim from 36 years ago as credible and harrowing as i found the testimony i thought from the get-go she would end up getting confirmed. as a democrat all eyes on the
7:06 am
four most vulnerable senators donley, manchin, heitkamp and mccaskill. heitkamp is down 12 points in her race in north dakota and polling where mccaskill is closer to hawley but the voters are clear they'll be less likely to vote for her if she doesn't vote for judge kavanaugh. chuck schumer, what are you going to do? are you going to let your senators vote for their constituents versus the party line so we can try to save these seats and maybe pick up a nevada or arizona? >> bill: you would suggest to heitkamp and manchin would vote? >> at this point if the f.b.i. report is as chuck grassley is representing it. i'm sure it's not as extreme in the category, somewhere in the middle, you have the try to preserve the seats that you already have when we do have pickup opportunities in nevada where we could get an arizona seat. right now democrats have a 25 to 30% chance of taking the senate back. we need that. and people are elected to represent their constituents.
7:07 am
>> i don't think this polling shift that we're seeing is just about how they vote. i think what you are seeing here is a real revulsion from people about how democrats have behaved, about the politics of division and destruction that they've pursued and the way the mask has been ripped off the democrats and people just look at the way they're trying to divide the country and say we do not want that. regardless of how they vote on kavanaugh, i think this will do lasting damage to them politically. >> sandra: president trump tweeted that. his latest tweet talking about the harsh and unfair treatment of judge kavanaugh is having an incredible upward impact on voters. the people get it far better than the politicians. most importantly, this great life cannot be ruined by mean and despicable democrats and totally uncorroborated allegations. >> i just flew in from cleveland, tennessee, bradley county. highest voting republican by percentage county in tennessee.
7:08 am
the message was very clear. i spent the entire day there yesterday campaigning with bill lee running for governor. republican voters are angry, they are motivated. i actually talked with a member of congress from virginia in a very tight race yesterday where she is getting $50 and $100 donors. it is small dollar donors and activists saying we cannot stand. we now know the reason why these 20 -- 18 elections are so important. it goes to what steve talked about. republicans are well positioned to pick up two or three seats in the senate and back to having a battle for us the us house. >> bill: mitch mcconnell said the following last night. >> i want to make it clear to these people who are chasing my members around the hall here, or harassing them at the airports, or going to their homes, we won't be intimidated by these people. there is no chance in the world
7:09 am
they are going to scare us out of doing our duty. this is now the seventh -- seventh time the f.b.i. has looked into judge kavanaugh's background and this information comes on top of what was already been one of the most thorough and most exhaustive senate reviews of any supreme court nominee in the entire history of our country. >> bill: as we move toward a vote tomorrow proceed durally, maybe saturday, sunday or kicked to monday, was the one-week delay worth it for the country? >> i think it was. the people need confidence in our institutions. a lot of people who found dr. ford incredibly credible which doesn't sound fantastic now that i put it together like that and wanted this to happen. you had senators who said this was a must for them if they were going to vote to confirm
7:10 am
him. he showed an issue with the truth in his testimony about his drinking behavior, what went on. on top of the fact there were a lot of democrats who had issues with him during his normal confirmation hearings. you are hearing from dr. ford's lawyers there were elements -- >> bill: i get it. >> doesn't everyone feel better about it? >> bill: was it good for kavanaugh? >> no, of course not good for dr. ford or anyone. there is one single party to take the blame for that is the way the democrats have handled it. that is why it's been so destructive. their choice to do it in public. not to respect dr. ford's wishes to have it handled privately. their choice to do that. they put the country through it and they'll pay the price for it. >> percentage that would have made this a bombshell f.b.i. investigation is the same percentage of democrats who would have switched their votes
7:11 am
from no to yes, zero. not one democrat would change their vote based off this f.b.i. investigation. >> i disagree with that. the senators i was talking about in these states where trump one 20, 30 points, donley was the first one to say we need the f.b.i. investigation. these are people who voted for neil gorsuch who is more conservative than brett kavanaugh. i would -- look what happens once this f.b.i. report is out? i think there is potential for there to be wiggle room further. i know they said that. the second claire mccaskill said there was a no there was a huge backlash for her in her state. a poll shows that 75% of americans think dianne feinstein mishandled this but you're seeing tremendous shifts of female voters toward the democratic party. we're plus 19. >> bill: we heard the exact opposite from the rnc yesterday.
7:12 am
>> joe manchin, west virginia is my home state. many people are close to joe manchin. he was willing to be the 51st vote if he had to be. he knows it's the only way he loses reelection is if he doesn't vote for kavanaugh. just because he has been quiet and because he saw the f.b.i. investigation he would change his opinion. joe manchin has always been a possible yes. heitkamp won't be reelected and she can be with castor and mccaskill despite if they vote yes or no. >> sandra: sarah sanders is coming up in 20 minutes on this program. we'll get the latest from the white house. president trump just tweeted this is a very important time for our country. due process, fairness and common sense are now on trial. >> he put that very well. i think as often happens, he seems to sense the mood of the nation and the common sense view of the nation in the way that a lot of people who are
7:13 am
caught up in the bubble of washington, d.c. don't give him credit for. i think this is another moment when he has done that. i think the establishment and the elites and -- they thought it would be so great for democrats and the march of the resistance and so on, i think they'll be looking really foolish in a couple of weeks. >> can i add to this? i think it's important to note the up tick in the number of women who have reported sexual assault in the wake of all of this. sexual assault is the most underreported crime in america and also has the lowest likelihood of fabrication. only 2% or 4% of sexual assault claims are made up. this is a serious issue for women across the political spectrum. not just talking about brett kavanaugh now. i'm talking about how important it is during the #metoo movement and martha maccallum has had panels with fathers and mothers to talk about their concerns for their children. i know you have kids and you think about these types of things. so that is an issue.
7:14 am
>> bill: daughters and sons. >> exactly. we've seen a lot of rhetoric coming out -- don junior said i'm more scared for my sons. >> sandra: that's being considered as far as i can tell on both sides very strongly. looking back was there a better way your party, democrats could have handled this when these allegations first surfaced? >> dr. ford was very clear and one of the best points she made. this was not partisan because she sent that letter in to her local representative before it was judge kavanaugh was the pick. there is a procedure built into the senate how this could have been handled. for her own sake she didn't want it to be public. >> the message said if you have something you want to tell a democratic center they'll use it for their best possible advantage. >> they used it as a political weapon and further their campaign of division and destruction. i think it is disgusting the
7:15 am
way they've handled it and i'm fired up about it like so many people and why i think it is going to come back and they'll pay a price for it. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: tune into the next revolution sunday night. meanwhile, the confirmation battle, new fox polling shows republican enthusiasm in several key senate races heating up like north dakota where we're seeing a big swing for the republican challenger kevin kramer with democrat senator heidi heitkamp trailing by double digits there. peter doocy is live on the scene in fargo, north dakota. how important is the kavanaugh confirmation to voters there? >> it's huge, sandra. because the number of north dakota voters in a new fox news poll that say they'll vote against heitkamp if she votes against kavanaugh is rising now. they have 34% who say they're less likely to reelect heitkamp if she votes against the confirmation, up nine points in
7:16 am
less than a month. republican challenger kevin kramer is taking advantage of heitkamp taking so long to decide how she will vote. >> taking a lot of time to announce the fact you are going to vote for him squanders all the political capital you could be gaining by announcing it earlier. if she waits until there are already 50 votes for him she will demonstrate her vote doesn't matter. >> kramer now carries a 12-point lead in his contest against heitkamp due to big swings with women's voters and voters with college degrees. >> sandra: is heitkamp giving any hints how she plans to vote on kavanaugh? >> nope, not yet. and she is on capitol hill right now keeping her position very private.
7:17 am
one challenge for heitkamp here president trump has a 64% approval rating in north dakota but democratic officials believe the president's trade policies are a liability for republicans like kramer here. >> i think farming and trade are huge issues. it's something we hear a lot about. we're in the heart of harvest season right now. we've got people coming out of the field with soybeans every day and making sure what we're hoping they have markets to go to. >> democrats say they've got the largest field operation ever in north dakota working for heitkamp but according to this fox news poll they have a lot of ground to make up to keep the seat. >> sandra: peter doocy reporting from fargo for us this morning. >> bill: we await new details from the hill. there will be leaks throughout the day. senators now can review the latest f.b.i. report. we will find out how many make the option to go to the floor
7:18 am
of the capitol. our headliner today is coming up in a moment. sarah sanders is live from the north lawn of the white house. we were told the president has a chance to see this as well. we'll get to all those questions coming up shortly. >> sandra: vice president pence about to take the fight to china over trade. we'll tell you how next. if you have psoriasis, ...
7:19 am
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7:22 am
>> charles payne. nice to see you. >> china. >> bill: vice president mike pence making a major address next hour. >> he will hit them on several fronts. in the midst of the tariff war i think it's about time the white house started to articulate to the american people not only what's at stake but what we're trying to fight for because it's more than just free trade. it is more than just, of course, the idea that we have such an imbalance in our economic relationship with them. but election meddling has come out. they want to point that out. they want to point out the military build-up that began under the last administration but belligerence continues. you saw photographs of the chinese warship that came within inches of an american warship here.
7:23 am
they made the manmade islands and they militarized them and have serious ambitions, some call them imperialistic ambitions, philippines have said this and others and he will call them on that. china has a program that is ambitious. they want to invest $8 trillion in 68 countries. here is the problem. they aren't really investing the money per se. they're making these crazy loans debt diplomacy and they're ripping these countries off big time. big time. let me give you some examples. malaysia a couple weeks ago turned down $22 billion. here is the beautiful thing. the prime minister of malaysia was in beijing and said this is a new form of colonialism. we'll turn it down. because they lend the countries money and can't repay them. sri lanka, they owe 80% of what they have in total revenue is
7:24 am
debt. china built a port. commerce. only two shipts a day came in. guess who owns the port? china. another country turned down money on the railroad project. to step it up america, we have an investment arm that we don't use enough as the overseas private investment corporation. bipartisan. both parties agreed to make sure there is more money. we start going around the world and spreading american prosperity in sensible loans to these countries so they aren't indebted to china. the $8 trillion china wants to spread around the world is for chinese dominance. >> sandra: mike pence will address it in a speech coming up less than an hour from now. >> big news from bloomberg this morning. the tiny chips embedded in apple, amazon products. both companies denied it but if it's true and these companies might have known about it. they say american has been
7:25 am
investigating this for years. it's the chinese military -- military project so these little tiny chips could be in all kinds of assorted products. a bombshell report. >> bill: what pence will say. china used debt diplomacy to expand its influence. today that country is offering hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure loans in governments from asia and europe and latin america. the benefits flow to beijing. from your lips to mike pence in a moment. >> 1.4 billion we'll lend it to you. 75% of their gdp and china built a military base outside of china. be careful. >> sandra: amazon, good news from them about average wage growth for their employees going up and what are you seeing, a little bait and switch? >> two days ago amazon says we
7:26 am
don't care, part-time, seasonal, everybody gets at least $15 an hour. yesterday with a little less fanfare we'll have to take it from bonuses and other things. if you work a certain amount you had access to certain discounts on stock and things like that. so here is the thing. jeff besos is under a lot of pressure. it wasn't long ago that senator sanders wanted the put out the stop besos tax. the silicon valley billionaires are looked at worse than robber barrons. winners take all by a progressive writer saying the silicon valley guys we've given a free pass to are worst than the robber barons. if you worth $100 billion because of instagram you haven't created benefit for the company. >> sandra: how is it going over? >> i think it's playing more in politics than the stock market.
7:27 am
i think the democratic socialism wing of the democratic party has a lot of momentum and this is where it's playing out even more so capitalism will have to save itself from this wave of socialism or anti-capitalism and it will take more than just getting rid of straws. the virtual -- the corporate virtual signaling won't work. if your company is making enough money to buy it back $100 million of stock every day you better be careful. >> bill: how do you like the paper straw? is that okay with you? let's go ahead. they're starting to make edible straws out of hay. have you had that yet? it's better than the paper straw. >> i want my own adult sippy cup that i carry with me wherever i go. >> bill: he is a big guy, charles. catch you later. >> sandra: we've got breaking news continuing to come in on the kavanaugh confirmation battle. moments ago the president tweeted this. this is now the seventh time the f.b.i. has investigated
7:28 am
judge kavanaugh. if we made it 100 it would still not be good enough for the obstructionist democrats. and next we'll speak to our headliner of the morning, white house press secretary sarah sanders is on deck.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> sandra: this is a fox news alert. senators on the judiciary committee now reviewing that f.b.i. report on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. according to a white house source the bureau found nothing to corroborate allegations of sexual assault. sarah sanders is with us. what does the white house have to say this morning? we're going off the tweets the president sent out so far. what are the president's thoughts this morning as senators look at that? >> our position has been pretty consistent. we stand 100% with brett kavanaugh. the information that was asked
7:33 am
and requested by senators additional information has now been provided and as chairman grassley said in a statement earlier this morning now that they have that information, it's time for the senate to vote and time for them to confirm judge kavanaugh. >> bill: i assume the president has seen the report. can you confirm that? >> the president is well aware. as i said he is very confident in his decision to nominate brett kavanaugh to the supreme court and looks forward to seeing him get confirmed over the next couple days. >> bill: have you seen and read the report, sarah? >> that's not something i would be privy to. certainly have been talked to about the contents and as you saw chairman grassley's statement that just came out a few minutes ago, there is nothing new in this report they didn't already know and it is time for the senate to vote. everything that has been asked by the democrats is out there. >> bill: we've been told the f.b.i. found deborah ramirez, a classmate at yale who made the
7:34 am
allegation during their freshman year there. can you tell us what the f.b.i. concluded about its questioning of deborah ramirez about that incident? >> i can't get into the who was interviewed or who wasn't interviewed. what i can tell you is that the white house accommodated the senate's request in what they wanted to see the f.b.i. do. the f.b.i. did exactly what they do best and that's they conducted a background investigation and provided that information to the senate and now it's time for the senate to take that information and make a decision whether or not they support judge kavanaugh. he has given more than any other nominee in history in terms of interviews and documents and time. the democrats have made this entire process a total disgrace. it is time for them to quit playing politics and start doing their job and let's put this to a vote and let's do it quickly. >> sandra: the president tweeted this morning on the incredible upward impact on voters from the unfair treatment, as he called it, of
7:35 am
judge brett kavanaugh. explain exactly what the president is saying there. >> we're hearing it every single place the president has gone. you can feel the energy both for the president and for his nominee in brett kavanaugh. people are outraged at the way the democrats have totally made this process into a partisan battle and they've created something that should never have happened. they've upended our judicial system and what they have done is energized republicans and the president is feeling that energy in all of the locations he has been. you've seen polling come out in the last day that has republicans up in montana -- closing the gap in montana, up in north dakota, west virginia. i think the message is very clear. democrats, you made a mistake here and it's going to show up in november. and certainly we hope that they will come out and vote in support of brett kavanaugh over the next couple of days. >> bill: has anyone in the white house staff been in
7:36 am
contact with senators flake, murcowski and collins. >> we're continuing to stay in close contact with a number of senators and we look forward to working with them to make sure we get this vote through. >> bill: would you name any one of those three as someone you are in contact with? >> i can tell you that the white house is continuing to stay in close contact with the senate. >> bill: what about democratic senators heitkamp and manchin, are they included in that? >> we'll continue talking with those individuals as well. look, i think one of the biggest and most telling parts of this process is all of the democrats that are coming out claiming that they want to see more, that they haven't gotten enough are democrats that have already pledged and promised to vote no. they don't actually want more information. it's a total sham and they need to get out of the way and stop playing politics. >> sandra: that's what they're doing this morning. chris coons was on "fox & friends" the last part of the 8:00 hour making that case that not enough were interviewed in this process and dr. ford's attorney has issued a statement
7:37 am
on her behalf saying this isn't a thorough investigation because dr. ford herself was not interviewed by the f.b.i. in the seventh investigation. what does the president and white house say back to that? >> i think it's simple. i can't get into who was or wasn't interviewed but i can tell you the whole world watched as dr. ford was interviewed for hours by the individuals that have to make the decision. that's the senators themselves. they had ample opportunity to ask any question they wanted of dr. ford. if they didn't get enough that was their own fault because they didn't step up to the plate and ask the questions they needed answer to. to think that the f.b.i. needs to interview her again is ludicrous. they had an opportunity to do so. if they didn't get to ask what they wanted it's their own mistake. >> bill: sandra was referencing the coons interview earlier. number three from earlier today where he pretty much suggests that kavanaugh will go through. he said this. >> i think this will be a very
7:38 am
close vote. it hangs by a few undecided democrats and republicans. i haven't read this report yet. if i were to just guess today, he will be narrowly confirmed. >> bill: that's from senator coons now six days later. now, lindsey graham was in washington this week and the president took some heat from a lot of people in the media about talking about dr. ford at that rally the other night in mississippi and he goes to minnesota later today. lindsey graham was asked about that specifically yesterday and this was his reaction on that >> i'm the first person to say i want to hear from dr. ford. i thought she was handled respectfully. i thought kavanaugh was treated like crap. yeah, well boo yourselfs. >> there are the boo birds from his comment there. you talk about the surge in republican and conservative interests in the kavanaugh nomination and you think about the crowd's reaction the other
7:39 am
night in mississippi. what are you seeing on the inside? what do your numbers tell you about how people are now engaged in this hearing probably in a way they were not prior to the pause last friday afternoon? >> certainly i think you've seen numbers from across the country and energy from individuals across the country. i think one of the biggest reasons is the fairness and the process and the politics that democrats have injected into this that would typically never be part of a supreme court nominee's hearing process is what they've done. i think that's where you see most of the outrage coming from. a lot of people that aren't typical supporters of the president has been outspoeng. >> bill: was it a strategy to characterize dr. ford's testimony like he did in mississippi? >> our strategy is simple from
7:40 am
day one. our strategy has been real simple and we look forward to seeing it happen. >> bill: he appeared to be restrained up to that moment. was there a conscious decision made that you are characterize dr. ford's testimony the way he did the other night based on the numbers you are seeing and the support across the country? >> look, it has nothing to do with the numbers. it has to do simply with the president being the leader and certainly wanting to see his nominee be treated fairly. he wants this process to be run the right way. every single word -- i said this yesterday, every single word that brett kavanaugh has said during his testimony was picked apart relentlessly. he was badgered. as lindsey graham said he was not necessarily treated fairly. he thought he was treated horribly and the president wanted to point out the hypocrisy of that and he pointed to the facts what took
7:41 am
place during that testimony and during that hearing. >> sandra: sarah, right now the expectation is that there would be a procedural vote sometime tomorrow with a confirmation vote at the earliest possible saturday. what is the white house preparing for as far as a timeline? we're waiting for the senate press conference at the top of the next hour. >> right now our focus is making sure we get him confirmed and figure out the logistics of the details after that takes place. >> bill: thank you for taking a few moments with us today. hope you come back soon. >> you bet, thank you. >> bill: stand by at the white house and capitol hill. senators will get a chance to see the f.b.i. report. we heard from the white house a group of democratic senators are going to hold a news conference in about 19 minutes from now. we'll bring you that as well coming up. >> sandra: explosive testimony as congress looks into the russia investigation. a former top attorney for the f.b.i. exposing new evidence of political bias. congressman jim jordan will join us in the next hour on
7:42 am
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7:46 am
>> the f.b.i. did exactly what they do best. conducted a background investigation and provided that information to the senate and now it's time for the senate to take that information and make a decision whether or not they support judge kavanaugh. he has given more than any other nominee in history in terms of interviews, in terms of documents, in terms of time. the democrats have made this entire process a total disgrace. it is time for them to quit playing politics and start doing their job and let's put this to a vote and let's do it quickly. >> bill: that was sarah sanders from the north lawn. i guess you could say we're on the clock for a procedural vote tomorrow. back with our a-team. what did you make of what sarah was just sharing with us from the white house? >> i couldn't agree more. i think she is exactly right. get on with it, take the vote.
7:47 am
we have all the information we're going to get and i think yet again it's important to emphasize that all the things that have happened through this process that have got people divided and upset and women feeling that they've been treated badly and setting back the cause jessica was talking about, the fact this may damage the cause of women who suffered horrible crimes and attacks coming forward. all of that, the blame for that is with the democrats. this could have been handled completely differently, privately as dr. ford requested. they chose not to do that because they wanted to turn her into a political weapon and it is backfiring. >> sandra: she made the point it's energizing republicans. >> no question it is energizing republicans and also interesting that the democrats who will come out and try to undercut this report and say that the f.b.i. didn't produce a credible investigation are the same ones who think that bob mueller and the same f.b.i. can produce a fair
7:48 am
investigation on what he is looking into. either the f.b.i. can produce two credible investigations or not. if the mueller would be should be credible. this one should be credible. it is time to vote and confirm judge cavanaugh. >> democrats will try to stall? >> some will do their best. i hope that we will see a lot more moments of maturity and reality about this looking at the fact that we have mid-terms coming up to your point. they want to give the f.b.i. the same amount of time that bob mueller has had to investigate this i'm sure you would get a vastly different report. we aren't on the mueller probe this morning. we will see how it -- these people haven't seen the report yet. only a few have thus far. and we have to wait to see it play out. i imagine that vote is happening and again i'm watching the red state democrat senators to see what they'll do. >> we aren't talking about the mueller investigation but we're talking about the democrats
7:49 am
continue to change the narrative or move the goalpost to fit their needs. and last week this investigation hasn't given any new evidence that we didn't already know. it's time to vote. >> you haven't seen it. also i think we can all -- i shouldn't say we can all agree. it doesn't work out for me. i agree i think it's strange they didn't talk to judge kavanaugh or dr. ford. >> what could they have told the f.b.i. that they didn't tell the american people at the senate investigation? >> i don't know. >> maybe ford could have said why did she tell the senate committee that she never coached a witness and she has a boyfriend who says she did coach it under oath. ? >> and that witness has said that's not what happened. you can go read about that. it's on the internet. >> i love the idea of maturity from spartacus and his gang.
7:50 am
that's hilarious. another thing crept into the democrat stalling tactics this way. the way brett kavanaugh. he is too political and partisan. he is a republican operative. this from the people who completely convenience rate ruth bader ginsberg. remember what she said? if donald trump gets elected i don't know what will happen to the country. we should move to new zealand. >> bill: ruth bader ginsberg got 90 votes. goodbye, steve, very much. >> sandra: an arrest has been made as the f.b.i. in the ricin letters. we'll have an update on this and more just ahead. >> he seemed like a decent guy. >> you know his wife well? >> i've been friends with his wife for a couple years. >> did you ever suspect anything like this?
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> sandra: f.b.i. arresting a utah man suspected of sending the raw material for deadly ricin to president trump and top military brass. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles with this this morning. jonathan. >> sandra, good morning. this was a u.s. navy veteran
7:55 am
taken into custody in the small northern utah city of logan. william clyde allen iii who is 39 years old is suspected of sending to president trump, defense secretary jim mattis and admiral john richardson letters that contains castor seeds the substance from which ricin is made. >> he was arrested on a probable cause arrest. we had indication he may possess dangerous chemicals in the house. i can't comment further. >> as you heard there the f.b.i. said there might be hazardous chemicals at allen's house in logan and sealed off the area during and after his arrest. >> there is nothing that i saw in him that would raise flags as far as this type of behavior. we're mostly surprised that something of this substance happens this close to home. >> new charges are expected
7:56 am
against allen later this week, sandra. >> sandra: jonathan hunt, thank you very much. >> bill: we're moments away from a big moment on the hill. democratic senators set to hold a news conference on bret kavanaugh coming up here at the top of the hour. it's not what champions do. it's what champions don't do. they don't back down. they don't settle. and they don't quit... except for cable. cable?
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call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. >> sandra: fox news alert at the top of the new hour as reaction pours in on the f.b.i.'s report on the supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh. senate democrats set to hold a
8:00 am
news conference any moment now as well as senate majority leader. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. sfwl i'm bill hemmer. senators can review the report. it will not be made public. chuck grassley saying this is nothing in it that they did not already know. this is a white house source tells fox news it shows no evidence corroborating the sexual assault or misconduct allegations against judge kavanaugh. sarah sanders said this just last hour right here. >> the white house accommodated the senate's request in what they wanted to see the f.b.i. do. the f.b.i. did exactly what they do best and that's they conducted a background investigation and provided that information to the senate and now it's time for the senate to take that information and make a decision whether or not they support judge kavanaugh. >> bill: just a moment congressman jim jordan has reaction. we start with john roberts.
8:01 am
he is standing by live. what are you picking up? >> good morning. what we know is the white house late last night early this morning sent a single copy of the f.b.i. reports to the senate where they could be viewed by all 100 senators in a scif, a secure or sensitive compartmented information facility. here is what we know so far of the report you mentioned with chuck grassley said, no corroborating information, christine blasey ford or deborah ramirez's stories and the same thing from white house sources. nothing to corroborate the allegations leveled against judge kavanaugh. the f.b.i. reached out to 10 people and obtained a sworn statement from the 10th person. among those interviewed mark judge, judge kavanaugh's fr*eds. ford's friend. and others.
8:02 am
the information from all those interviews contained in a series of what are called 302 reports which contain only the substance of conversations and do not draw any conclusions about the interviews. here is what raj shah said earlier today. >> a background investigation is not an investigation or criminal probe, for example. ist doesn't seek to find a specific outcome. it seeks to find information for decision makers. the senate has set a scope on what they're interested in. they've already investigated this matter through their own senate process through the senate judiciary committee. >> some things the f.b.i. investigation did not do. they did not interview brett kavanaugh or dr. ford. the committee did not ask for any more information from them. no deep dive into judge kavanaugh's high school drinking habits because the senate did not ask the white house to include that in the scope of the interview. plenty of complaints from democrats that the investigation was not
8:03 am
comprehensive enough including delaware senator chris coons who struck the deal with republican senator jeff flake of arizona a week ago for there to be a supplemental investigation. here is what coons said this morning. >> i urged the white house and i urged my three republican colleague friends to press for a broader investigation that would include follow-ons if dr. ford said i described this assault several times to other people. i would have expected they would have been questioned. my understanding, having not seen this report yet, is they were not. >> this report not expected to change the minds of democrats who have already said they aren't going to vote for kavanaugh. however, it may have an effect on senators like jeff flake, susan collins and lisa murcowski on the fence and maybe red state democrats up for reelection in november who think that voting against judge kavanaugh may not be politically healthy for them. >> bill: democratic senators now get their opportunity to
8:04 am
read that report. we'll get reaction in a moment. the microphone is on stand by and so are we. >> sandra: for more on this with ohio republican congressman jim jordan who hits on the house oversight committees. we're expecting to hear from senate democrats. have you spoken to any of your republican colleagues in the senate as far as anybody who has seen this report yet? >> i have not. i've spoken to republican colleagues in the senate who will vote for judge kavanaugh. i have think he should be confirmed and it should happen as quickly as possible. he is totally qualified and hopefully this will proceed as senator mcconnell has said and they'll have confirmation vote and he will be confirmed on saturday. >> sandra: we'll hear what senate democrats say when they step up to the microphone. already we've heard from some
8:05 am
who say this was not a thorough enough investigation. dr. ford herself through her attorney has said that she should have been interviewed in this process. obviously she provided testimony on capitol hill. but they don't believe that was enough. >> look, i mean, americans get basic fairness. this is how i see it. the way judge kavanaugh was treated and the way his family was treated was not fair. he is qualified for the position. i think he should be confirmed and the american people are waking up to the radical positions that democrats have taken on so many things and they see this for what it is. the democrats were against judge kavanaugh before any of these allegations surfaced. so they aren't going to change. the point is he is qualified, he wasn't treated fairly. as i talk to folks in the fourth district of ohio and folks around the country they want him confirmed. it's the right thing to do. i hope it happens saturday. >> sandra: deborah ramirez was one of those interviewed in
8:06 am
this process. she was the boulder woman who accused brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. she has issued this statement saying i'm very alarmed first that i was denied an f.b.i. investigation for five days and then when one was granted that i was given a short timeline and that the people who were key to corroborating my story have not been contacted. i feel like i'm being silenced. raj shah responded to that claim. >> there is an individual who claims to be able to corroborate her story that has spoken extensively to the new yorker. she says i can corroborate it. he wasn't there. he has never spoken to debbie ramirez. he claims he heard the story second hand. "the new yorker" spoke to that individual who said he doesn't know about this story. i'm not going on a limb when i say that's basically an example of hearsay. >> sandra: if you could hang on senate democrats are speaking
8:07 am
now. let's tune in to capitol hill. >> this remains a confidential part of the background report. i hope that changes are made and we'll be able to talk more about what the f.b.i. did later but what i can say is that the most notable part of this report is what's not in it. as we noted by the white house, the f.b.i. did not interview brett kavanaugh nor did the f.b.i. interview dr. blasey ford. what we've heard from numerous people over the last few days seeking to provide information to the f.b.i., we have seen even more press reports of witnesses who wanted to speak with the f.b.i. but were not interviewed. deborah ramirez's lawyer said he was unaware of any corroborating witnesses who were interviewed. candidly what we reviewed today in a very limited time, i was
8:08 am
there, i had to leave. the report is in part and i had the opportunity to read some but not all of it. it looks to be a product of an incomplete investigation that was limited, perhaps by the white house, i don't know. but the white house certainly blocked access to millions of documents from judge kavanaugh's record, i know that. and insured that 90% of his emails and memos weren't available for the senate or the public in the hearings. it now appears that they also blocked the f.b.i. from doing its job. democrats agreed that the investigation's scope should be limited. we did not agree that the white house should tie the f.b.i.'s hands. it simply is not credible to say that public testimony in last week's hearing is a
8:09 am
substitute for interviews by f.b.i. agents. not only do senators lack the expertise of f.b.i. agents, we were only given five minutes to question judge kavanaugh. so in my view, from what i saw, the investigation was very limited and it will be interesting after all of the members have an opportunity to read the documents and we have an opportunity in public to discuss our conclusions what the findings are. >> thank you, senator feinstein. i have just three points to make. one, we had many fears that this was a very limited process that would constrain the f.b.i. from getting all the facts. having received a thorough briefing on the documents, those fears have been realized.
8:10 am
second, i disagree, having received a briefing on all of the documents, i disagree with senator grassley's statement that there was no hint of misconduct. and third, we are reiterating our call, given how limited this -- these documents were and how limited the scope of this investigation was, we are reiterating our call that the documents with proper redaction be made public. why shouldn't all of america see the facts? and second, we are reiterating our call to make the directive that the white house and counsel mcgahn sent to the f.b.i. public because we believe it greatly constrained the investigation from the get-go. the fact that there is only one
8:11 am
document in there for 100 senators is another example of constraining the ability of all senators and the american public to see the whole truth and nothing but. thank you. >> what do you mean you disagree with senator grassley's statement? >> sandra: senator chuck schumer says he disagrees with the statement put out by chuck grassley there was nothing new in the report. no corroborating evidence put forward. senator dianne feinstein began there by saying this investigation was limited. they have received a briefing on this f.b.i. report although she said she has seen some but not all of the report. she stated that the white house has blocked access from documents from the kavanaugh record. she went on to say the white house blocked the f.b.i. from doing their job. so this is the reaction from senate democrats on capitol hill that have been briefed on this, senator dianne feinstein
8:12 am
hasn't received the report in full and just some of it and we await from response from republicans. >> bill: got a little information what the f.b.i. did. they talked to 10 people. nine people in person i do believe had direct contact with. the 10th person had some sort of denial that they wanted to speak with them. i will remind you what jeff flake said yesterday, sandra, asked whether or not the interview or kavanaugh and ford to happen. it doesn't worry as much if it came back that the f.b.i. only asked a couple of people. what do flake and murcowski and collins do. mitch mcconnell on the floor of the senate. >> colleagues praise in the strongest terms. a jurist whom the american bar association voted its highest rating unanimously, well qualified. here is what the aba said it takes to earn that distinction. to merit a rating of well
8:13 am
qualified, the nominee must be at the top of the legal profession in his or her legal community, have outstanding legal ability. breadth of experience, and the highest reputation for integrity and demonstrate the capacity for sound judicial temperament. this is the nonpartisan test that my friend the democratic leader, among others, used to call the gold standard. judge kavanaugh passed that with flying colors. so to be clear, this seal of approval comes from the abas standing committee on the federal judiciary, an independent entity within the organization. even after the aba's president tried to play politics with the nomination last week, the standing committee reaffirmed
8:14 am
its rating yet again. unanimously well qualified. that's brett kavanaugh. so, mr. president, how did we end up where we are today? how did we get here? how did we get from a chorus of expert praise and professional respect to wild tales of gangs, sexual assault rings, fist fights on boats in rhode island harbors and the possibility, get this, of an argument in a college bar? an argument in a college bar? several weeks ago, a confidential allegation of misconduct from nearly 40 years ago was leaked to the press. since then, other allegations have poured forth, many were just patently ridiculous.
8:15 am
feeding frenzy of ridiculous accusations. while some cheered on the feeding frenzy for political purposes, judiciary chairman chuck grassley and his staff rolled up their sleeves and went to work. they promptly investigated the varied allegations that materialized at the last minute. chairman grassley reopened the public hearing so dr. ford and judge kavanaugh could speak directly to those claims under oath. that was after, by the way, he offered dr. ford the option to tell her story at any place of her choosing, either here or in california, either in public or in private, either with staff or with members, and offer
8:16 am
their -- and was never communicated to her by her lawyers despite a professional requirement to do so. now, of course, the f.b.i. has completed a supplemental background investigation and delivered its results to us here in the senate. mr. president, this is now the seventh time the f.b.i. has thoroughly reviewed judge kavanaugh's background. seven f.b.i. investigations. so what did we learn? what are the facts and the evidence tell us after seven f.b.i. investigations? the fact is that these allegations have not been corroborated. none of the allegations have been corroborated by the seventh f.b.i. investigation. not in the new f.b.i.
8:17 am
investigation, not anywhere. so none of these last-minute allegations have been corroborated. as is confirmed by the seventh and latest f.b.i. investigation. as chairman grassly stated this morning neither the judiciary committee or the f.b.i. could locate any third parties who can attest to any of these allegations. no backup from any witnesses including those specifically named as eyewitnesses by the people who brought the allegations in the first place. let me say that again. no backup from any witnesses, including those specifically named as eyewitnesses by the people who brought these allegations.
8:18 am
in addition, one person has completely recanted their whole wild story. another accuser went on television and back pedaled from many of their own ridiculous charges. so the facts do not support the allegations levied at judge kavanaugh's character. instead, many of the facts support judge kavanaugh's strong, unequivocal denial. which he repeatedly stated to committee investigators under penalty of felony. which he firmly restated under oath last thursday before the full committee and the american people. which aligns with the testimony of hundreds -- literally hundreds of character witnesses who have known him over the
8:19 am
years. for goodness sake, this is the united states of america. nobody is supposed to be guilty until proven innocent country. nobody is supposed to be guilty until proven innocent in the united states of america. the senate should not set a fundamentally unamerican precedent here. judge kavanaugh's right to basic fairness does not disappear just because some disagree with his judicial philosophy. our society is not a place where uncorroborated allegations of misconduct from nearly 40 years ago, allegations which are vigorously disputed, can nullify someone's career or
8:20 am
destroy their reputation. is that what the senate is going to be known for? the nomination comes up here and we destroy a reputation. that's what the senate is going to participate in? so above the partisan noise, beyond this shameful spectacle, which is an embarrassment to the senate, what will endure are the actual facts before us. the actual facts. upon reviewing them, only one question is left for us to answer, is judge brett kavanaugh qualified to serve on the united states supreme court? well, mr. president, there is a good reason the political opponents of this nomination have never wanted to litigate
8:21 am
that issue. oh no, they don't want to talk about that. there is a good reason why they let the politics of personal destruction run away ahead of the facts. in an effort to dodge that very good question because brett kavanaugh is stunningly and totally qualified for this job. we already know this, but for starters his academic and legal credentials are second to none. from yale with honors, on to yale law school then came not one, two, but three clerkships in our nation's federal courts ending up with justice kennedy. his career continued with work in the office of independent counsel and the office of white house counsel and that was only
8:22 am
the beginning. for the last 12 years brett kavanaugh has served on what is widely considered the second highest court in our land, the d.c. circuit court of appeals. written more than 300 judicial opinions, several have formed the basis of later rulings by the supreme court itself. the litany of accomplishments is a fact, a fact. it's a matter of public record. but just as telling are the accounts of judge brett kavanaugh, the person that have been volunteered by those who have known him every step of the way over the years. we've heard from literally hundreds of character witnesses who heaped praise on the brett kavanaugh they know. the loyal friend and teammate, the stand-out student. the talented hard working
8:23 am
colleague. the brilliant legal writer, the respectful role model and mentor, particularly to women. the devoted husband, father, and coach. these letters and recorded testimony were offered by men and women with nothing to gain for themselves. they were just glad to tell the truth about a nominee who they know possesses the character, temperament and qualifications for this important job. judge kavanaugh's professors and others who knew him at yale describe a true intellectual. a leading thinker, a wonderful mentor and leader. one goes so far as saying it's hard to name anyone with judicial credentials as strong as those of judge kavanaugh. his former law clerks in full
8:24 am
throated support say that judge kavanaugh's work ethic flows from a fundamental humility. they say he gives unflinching honest advice and listens carefully to the views of his colleagues and clerks even when they differ from his own. it appears here in washington of all political persuasions haven't minced their words, either. they deem him unquestionably qualified by his extraordinary intellect, experience and temerment and warn the senment not to miss this opportunity to put such a strong advocate for decency and civility on our nation's highest court. so, mr. president, let's not lose sight of the opportunity
8:25 am
before us. this process has been ruled by fear and anger and underhanded gamesmanship for too long. time for us to stand up to this kind of thing. we owe it to the american people not to be intimidated by these tactics. we owe it to the american people to underscore that you are innocent until proven guilty. it's the senate that is on trial here, mr. president. what kind of image will we convey to the public? can we be scared by all these people rampaging through the halls accosting members at airports, coming to their homes? they're trying to intimidate the senate into defeating a good man. are we going to allow this to
8:26 am
happen? in this country? so we will not pretend that partisan history onics take away the basic fairness every american deserves. we will not be hoodwinked by those who have tried hard to smear this good man, to drag him through the mud. and when that didn't work, they turned on a dime and started claiming his real sin was that he spoke up too forcefully in defense of his good name and his family. oh, they decide he doesn't have a judicial temperament. because he aggressively defended his good name.
8:27 am
against this outrageous smear conducted in conjunction with senate democrats. who among us would not have been outraged by having a lifetime record drug through the mud with accusations that cannot be proven? and a blaitent attempt to decide on the part of some senate democrats that the presumption of innocence no longer applies in this country? what kind of person couldn't have been upset about that? they claim he spoke too forcefully in defense of himself? after being accused of such outrageous behavior that cannot be proven?
8:28 am
i admire him for standing up for himself and standing up for his family. i would be shocked if it were not done in an aggressive fashion. for goodness sake. so let's reclaim this moment for what it should be, a chance to elevate a stunningly talented and impressive jurist to an important office for which he is so well qualified. so completely and totally qualified. a golden opportunity to give our great nation precisely the kind of brilliant, fair minded and collegial supreme court justice that the court deserves. this, mr. president, is the good that senators will have an opportunity to do. we have a chance to do good
8:29 am
here. and to underscore the basic tenet of fairness in our country. so i file cloture on the nomination yesterday evening and i'll be proud to vote to advance this nomination tomorrow. >> bill: it may have been an opening statement, could have been a closing argument on behalf of brett kavanaugh. mitch mcconnell back on the floor after being there about 13 hours ago last night. the procedural vote we believe will be taken around this hour on friday. >> sandra: called it a shameful spectacle, the confirmation process, embarrassed the senate. there is only one question now, is brett kavanaugh qualified to serve on the supreme court?
8:30 am
>> bill: he said how did we get here going through the list of accomplishments that kavanaugh was put up as a judge. we expect democrats at the microphone and today and tomorrow we'll be back on the floor of the senate. while that was happening lindsey graham was in the hallway near the hearing room from last thursday. this runs 3:40 but we wanted you to get a clip of this, too. senator graham a moment ago. >> the f.b.i. is done. they interviewed 10 witnesses. they followed leads from interviews. it is a complete report, background check. i'm confident the f.b.i. did a good job. they were not hindered in any way. the focus of the background check was on credible allegations before the committee. i was looking for certain things to be answered by
8:31 am
witnesses. i am more confident than ever that what the committee found is held up and then some. the main thing for me is you need to the f.b.i. and need to ask them did they feel like they were able to do their job without interference and i think the answer is yes. they interviewed over 150 people throughout the course of brett kavanaugh's life. to those who suggest he had a problem like this from prior interviews, there is no evidence of that. it's all manufactured. senators who requested the supplemental f.b.i. background check got what they requested. i am ready to vote. >> are you confident, sir, that the senators you mentioned, flake -- >> you need to talk to them. i'm confident that the supplemental f.b.i. background check was done professionally, done without interference and it is validated by -- in my
8:32 am
view -- where we are. you need to talk to them. the idea of the f.b.i. looking at the committee's work product -- i didn't need it, but it's done and puts a stamp on it that's different than it was before. you need to go to these three and try to find out what happened here and what is best for the country. 150 plus people have been interviewed over a 20-something year period. i have personally known him for 20 years. not a close friend but a professional relationship. the brett kavanaugh that i knew before the committee is the brett kavanaugh i know now, the only difference is an effort to ruin this man's life. i am ready to vote.
8:33 am
[inaudible] questions. >> the bottom line here is a process. no democrat except one, maybe two, are going to vote for brett kavanaugh. most all democrats had made up their mind. senator -- they said the goal is to delay the hearing past the mid-terms so we can fill the seat. are we smart enough to believe her? i believe her. that's the goal. it is not about the truth. the f.b.i. did a supplemental background check consistent with the request of three senators. there were 10 witnesses to add to the 146. that's the process. it will never be enough. if you don't believe he is a gang rapist, if you don't
8:34 am
believe he is a stumbling, bumbling donald trump, serial sexual predator, maybe you will believe he lied about how much he drank in high school. threw ice at a party. excuse me -- in a bar, or he doesn't have the temperament. that he didn't handle -- enough, enough already. let's vote. >> bill: enough already, let's vote. i'm more confident than ever. why don't we dunk him in the water and see if he floats. he has had classic lines. >> sandra: there was another one. we want to move on to chris stirewalt who joins us now. chris, you've been listening to all this. what are your thoughts 11:30 a.m. and we expect there will be a preliminary vote tomorrow. >> not that, you know, atmospherics matter the most here but there is something very remarkable about the degree of emotion that mitch mcconnell showed there in the well of the senate. that is unlike him to the
8:35 am
extreme but you saw that he was almost choked up for a moment when he was talking about this. you heard the emotion in his voice. this is a -- this is a guy who is -- looks like he is made out of marble most of the time. here is a guy who has fought this and it is a reflection of how raw this city is. how raw this capitol is and how raw the emotion is on both sides. there is real fury in this city and i will promise you that in the hours between now and the vote on saturday it is going to get worse. >> sandra: let me tell you what mcconnell said specifically. he says that the kavanaugh confirmation process as he stood on the senate floor has been, quote, ruled by fear and anger and underhanded gamesmanship. the senate is on trial here. can we be scared by these people rampaging through the halls, chris? as we listened to him he also made the statement, which he
8:36 am
has already in this process said we need to show the senate will not be intimidated. >> he himself, you know, has been on multiple occasions protestors and harassed at the airport and all this stuff. look, this is where we are as a country right now is that this -- we are losing the ability to have this discussion. we're losing the ability to talk about things like this. there are democrats and republicans of good faith on this issue. people like chris coons, people like joe manchin, people who have tried hard here to find a space in which that we can operate and that the senate can operate and see this through. but for 94 members of the united states senate it didn't matter and doesn't matter what's in the f.b.i. file. this is about war, this is partisan war and cut throat business and people are getting hurt. >> sandra: lindsey graham's words were interesting talking
8:37 am
to reporters there saying he is more confident than ever. he was talking specifically fw the f.b.i. and told reporters if you have questions about the process, go ask the f.b.i. if they think they conducted a fair investigation. he said i believe the answer will be yes. >> i have to say i'm going to enjoy this next chapter in which the republican party, which has been dragging the f.b.i. behind the pickup truck through a mud puddle for the last several months in trying to protect the president is going to start sing hosannas to the f.b.i. again. that will be interesting see and also interesting to see democrats casting aspersions at the f.b.i. and talking about what's wrong with christopher wray and they will call him. before this is all done christopher wray will be dragged in to answer questions and talk about this. for the democratic party at this point, this is a core issue. the issue of impeaching brett kavanaugh before he has been confirmed, now it is looking substantially more likely that he is going to be confirmed and probably with a democratic vote
8:38 am
or two, joe manchin most likely. when you look at this, democrats are not going to let this go for a long time. they'll still be talking about brett kavanaugh and this investigation two years from now. >> sandra: senator chuck schumer speaking on the senate floor. let's go. >> who knows how believable dr. ford is? he knows how the american people, the majority of them. believe dr. ford was telling the truth rather than judge kavanaugh. he knows that any focus on dr. ford would bring more feelings that judge kavanaugh is the wrong person for the supreme court. but he can't -- because of her credibility greater than judge kavanaugh's and so he attacks, quote, democrats. increasing the partisan rancor and basically the fundamental lack of getting to the truth in this chamber. i would like to ask the
8:39 am
majority leader a few questions based on what he said a few minutes ago. he said that this debate has been filled with partisan histrionics, mr. leader, are you accusing dr. ford of engaging in partisan histrionics when she came forward? he said that the politics of personal destruction is rampant. again, mr. leader, are you accusing dr. ford of engaging in the politics of personal destruction? he talked about people being intimidated. again, mr. leader, are you accusing dr. ford of intimidating the senate because she had the courage to come forward? and he talks over and over again about the outrageous smear. mr. leader, it's about time you
8:40 am
came forward and came clean. when you say outrageous smear, you are really referring to what dr. ford said but you can't say so because everyone knows that kind of rhetoric would be outrageous. but it is her testimony that got this whole thing going. her testimony required by one courageous republican who said he wouldn't just rush things through as leader mcconnell attempted to do. and that's why there was a hearing. not any democrats, none. i said yesterday that the leader is telling one of the greatest mistruths i've heard on the floor, that democrats have delayed. again, mr. leader, what power do we have to delay? isn't it true that you set the time and place of hearings, or your committee chairs do and you set the time and place of when we vote?
8:41 am
with no effect or influence by democrats. if you delay, mr. leadering it's because you've delayed. but ultimately dr. ford came forward and won america's hearts and our republican colleagues were upset because that might derail their headlong rush to put judge kavanaugh on the supreme court. led by judge kavanaugh and his return testimony and by president trump and leader mcconnell, they've tried to misdirect the whole issue away from dr. ford, who is the cause, the reason we are debating all of this, and towards other bogeymen, many of
8:42 am
whom happen to be democrats coincidentally. it's wrong. but our republican friends our doing and my dear friend the leader is doing is demeaning to dr. ford. >> sandra: you've been listening to senator chuck schumer on the senate floor. this following a quick briefing at the top of the hour from senate democrats, some have had a chance to get a look at the f.b.i. report but senator chuck schumer accusing republicans of the delay tactics that have resulted to where things are today. we'll see where this goes. it's a wait and see at this point. >> bill: protestors are heading to washington, d.c. many of whom are already there. we haven't seen the three republicans who have been in the cross hairs of indecision for the past week, flake, collins and murcowski. they will pop up at some point today and senator manchin and heidi heitkamp on the democratic side.
8:43 am
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8:46 am
call 1-844-637-2860. is this process has been ruled by anger and underhanded gamesmanship for too long. time for us to stand up to this kind of thing. we owe it to the american people not to be intimidated. by these tactics. >> sandra: the f.b.i. report, the seventh investigation into judge brett kavanaugh is out. lawmakers getting a chance to look at that. we've heard so far from some senate democrats as well as the chairman of the judiciary committee has spoken. let's bring in house foreign affairs committee member lee zeldin. chuck grassley says the new f.b.i. report backs kavanaugh and he is urging the senate to send him to the high court
8:47 am
saying it's time to vote. your thoughts this morning. >> time to vote. we did the background investigation, another background investigation. everything i'm hearing there is no corroboration, and no substantiation of any of the accusations that have been made against judge kavanaugh. it is time to have a vote and to put him on the bench. now senator schumer when he was just speaking said senate democrats have had nothing at all to do with this delay. they caused the delay. senator feinstein sat on these accusations until the 11th hour and then this information comes out. they caused the delay. on top of that, i can't think of a single senate democrat who throughout this entire process has had any role to play in moving this along. thirdly, and it relates to the first two points, there was one democratic congressman when judge kavanaugh was nominated by the president where the
8:48 am
statement said he/she, we have to get rid of he/she. what we've seen from other congressional democrats no matter who president trump wasinging to nominate they would oppose, resist obstruct whoever the nominee is and that's what has been playing out with judge kavanaugh. it is time to vote. >> sandra: what do you think is going to happen? >> i believe that judge kavanaugh is going to get confirmed. i can't speak for some of the senate republicans who have not yet announced how they are going to vote. i wouldn't be surprised if not only judge kavanaugh has enough votes just among the senate republicans but you might even see some senate democrats vote for judge kavanaugh as well. >> sandra: who do you think? >> between senator manchin and senator heitkamp you have two in tough races. senator heitkamp is polling way behind congressman kramer and joe manchin is in a state that president trump won by dozens of points and more important
8:49 am
than what the polls are showing currently in those two states and the electorate is you have states where you have an overwhelming amount of voters, including independents, who would want to see judge kavanaugh on the bench. so representing their state would be to vote yes. >> sandra: as far as you said as far as what you are hearing about there being no corroborating evidence. have you spoken to any of your colleagues in the senate who have seen and read the f.b.i. report? >> no. just based off the open source reportings and statements being put out that we're all reading about. if there was any type of corroboration that the senate democrats would have sprinted to the cameras to be able to give at least a hint that there is anything in there. so just based on what we're coming across open source reporting, it seems like there is no corroboration yet. >> sandra: congressman, thank you. nice to see you. >> bill: among the principals we're waiting on. senator susan collins says
8:50 am
appears to be a very thorough investigation and then saying she will go back and read a bit more later. this appears to be the same thing we're hearing from others, orrin hatch and thom tillis u.s. senators on the committee. a lot of movement, a lot of moving parts in the story on capitol hill. there will be throughout the day today and into tomorrow lawmakers on both sides weighing in on the kavanaugh report. republicans saying it does not corroborate the accusations against kavanaugh. we've heard from the white house, from mitch mcconnell, chuck schumer saying the probe is not complete. he is a no vote. so is dianne feinstein. will they get to 50? back in a moment after this. y. a source of inspiration. an act of kindness. an old friend. a new beginning. some welcome relief... or a cause for celebration. ♪
8:51 am
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8:53 am
>> bill: fox news alert now one of the senators seen as a
8:54 am
critical vote on kavanaugh suesian collins out of maine says the probe seems to be very thorough. carrie severino. we're trying to piece this together and follow along as we go. here is what we believe is in the f.b.i. report. they went out over the last week and talked to 10 people. interviews with nine of them, received a sworn statement from a 10th. what should we understand where we are in this now, karre? >> susan collins is right. it was a very thorough investigation. for those who wanted to just have that added confidence of yes, we know there is no corroboration, now we've got it. we are still at zero evidence, zero corroboration. for the people looking at this fairly it is now easy. it's time to move to a vote. we're getting a lot of screaming from the democrats. watching those goalposts move is the kind of thing that's creating a backlash around the country particularly we talked about states like north dakota or west virginia where
8:55 am
kavanaugh is incredibly popular and think he should be confirmed by huge double digit margins by 30 points. but i think there is a lot of women across the country who are outraged at this saying this is a travesty, not justice, this isn't fair the way he has been treated and are getting very worked up about what they say the injustice is. >> bill: from a legal and judicial standpoint there has been little public examination of his record. he has examined and ruled on more than 300 opinions in the district court in washington, d.c. that debate escapes everyone publicly on this. because we've been talking about bar fights and beer for a week. >> even before this they have didn't want to talk about the record. it is outstanding and even handed. they want to talk about documents, anything but his actual record. his record shows he is one of the most qualified people to ever sit on the court. the reason he got an a + from
8:56 am
the american bar association which leans liberal. you had so many people who respect him including the supreme court. we talked about the dozens of times that the supreme court has validated his opinions that sometimes citing specifically his reasoning saying yep, judge kavanaugh is the one who had it right. >> bill: is he confirmed or not? >> i think he gets confirmed, yeah. >> sandra: reaction coming in from the f.b.i. republicans say it doesn't could ob rate the allegations. democrats say it's in complete. where do we stand now? we'll be right back. touchdown. earn a free night when you stay just twice this fall. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> bill: the quote of the morning just came and bless you med, et cetera and there appears to be a thorough investigation. she's going to go back and reread the report later. the interviews, that's all i really have say right now. that's from senator mcconnell. >> sandra: the fbi did a good job, they were not hindered
9:00 am
anyway. we also heard from him this hour. a lot more that to come as they individually get a look at that report. >> bill: we think based on the schedule come around this time tomorrow we should give the next procedural vote. we think. >> sandra: we will see you tomorrow. that's it for us. "outnumbered" starts now. spew when we start with the fox news alert, senate lawmakers are getting a glimpse of that highly-anticipated fbi report on sexual assault allegations against judge brett kavanaugh. returning you to mitch mcconnell, he wasted no time for it already setting in the motion to process an advance the supreme court nomination. you're watching "outnumbered," and harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. lisa boothe, an executive in residence and former ohio state senator capri capri cafaro. lucas and the seat! tucker carlson, host of "tucker carlson tonight" and


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