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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 4, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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go to, or call 1-877-423-5739. >> the fbi report did not corroborate any of the allegations against judge kavanaugh. >> it looks to be a product of an incomplete investigation. >> they didn't interview all the corroborating witnesses. i'm shocked. >> i wish the report could be made public. we would give you a better perspective about some of the things that have been going on around here. >> kavanaugh is disqualified. >> now is the time to quit all of these antics, these hijinx, the circus-like atmosphere. we'll do that tomorrow morning
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when we vote. >> neil: the battle lines are drawn and a lot of these folks right now inside the senate hart building in washington d.c. are among those not satisfied with what looked like now the preordained results. that brett kavanaugh and perhaps the closest vote in supreme court candidate history will get there. the question is whether it is a 52-48 vote, a 51-49 vote. we're watching very closely. three key republicans, susan collins, jeff flake and lisa murkowski and one lone democrat, joe manchin, a democrat of west virginia at heidi heitkamp from north dakota despite trailing double digits in her state indicated she would be a no vote. but the inevitability of this moment has a lot of folks wondering what happened and what happens now. can decorum be returned to the senate, to the capitol, to the
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supreme court. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. fox on top of now an order of events that is about to go down. procedural vote expected tomorrow and a tick tok to an eventual vote sometime saturday that could, anything can happen and often has throughout this process, maybe brett kavanaugh a supreme court justice. we have you covered with chad pergram on that timeline. mike emanuel with the drama on the hill. mike? >> leading republicans are praising the fbi's work under intense pressure and clearly pleased with what the they're reading. >> there's no way anything we did would satisfy the democrats. they've always got a reason why the goal posts need to be moved further down the field. nothing we could do would satisfy them. they're dug in. you've seen it from the
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beginning. >> leading democrats are not happy. chuck schumer and the top democrat on the judiciary committee, dianne feinstein spoke with reporters earlier. feinstein says what is notable is what is not in it in terms of suggesting the report is incomplete. schumer is given an incomplete as well and criticizing president trump's white house. >> the white house two choices. they can admit it or if they deny it, they should at the very minimum make the directive that they sent to the fbi public. >> as for the undecided senator susan collins and jeff flake have made positive comments. collins calling it a thorough review. flake said there's no additional corroborating information in the fbi report. alaska's lisa murkowski saying she's made no decision. the senate judiciary chairman sounds like he's fed up and eager to wrap it up.
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>> what i've been dealing with since july 10, the downhill slope that schumer has put us on is really dealing with a demolition derby. they just about destroyed a good person to be on the supreme court. >> senators continue filing in to the secure location in the united states capitol to read the report ahead of a critical vote tomorrow. neil? >> neil: thanks, michael very much. in the middle of this drama, do you remember any of this little side drama? >> kept in a safe and judiciary committee and all 100 senators will be able to read it. >> i'm not sure that is accurate. >> neil: chad pergram second guessed by the united states senators saying there would be more than one copy. chad says no, one copy. end of story. we heard from senators and their
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staffs. guess who was right? chad was right. chad pergram on capitol hill. >> it wasn't just me. mike emanuel as well. he reported that as well. >> neil: fine, fine. you reported that and a lot of people were incredulous. oh, that can't be. how are they make it work? what is it like the magna carta? >> it's one copy, yes. tim kaine from virginia indicated even if you had 100 senators file there even at 2:00 a.m., you couldn't get everybody through because there's not enough time. lisa murkowski, the republican senator from alaska who seems to be undecided, she said something very interesting when i spoke with her two hours ago. she said there's readers. i said what is a reader? she said they're reading the report to us because there's one copy and they can't all have the copy in their hands at one time. she said she could ask to look at something. apparently there's people in the room reading the report to the senators, this is a very strange
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process. we understand for security reasons why there might only be one copy. that's the problem. but again, can people really digest and process this and make their decision by the time they want to kick this into motion this weekend, neil? >> neil: are there cliff notes of it or is it they have the interviews and you read them? it can go into many pages, i'd assume. >> yeah, there's briefer there's that can ask questions or answer them. senators have to go through this and make their own decision. as lisa murkowski said, it's close to decision time. what will happen on capitol hill? 3:45 i was told by a senior republican source that the procedural vote has not been locked in yet. we expect that to be before lunch tonight. what happens then? it starts a 30-hour clock.
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let's say they vote at 11:00. let's say they close the vote by 11:30. there's 51 yays. that clock starts to run. there's an agreement that the confirmation vote on brett kavanaugh would be about 5:30 saturday afternoon. you can speed that up if the other side wants to give up some of that time. we don't know that yet. >> neil: there's a lot of people that could give up talking. let's say 10:00 a.m. eastern time, it went to noon, the vote could happen then, right? >> you're right in the wheel house, neil. that closure vote will happen then. the rule is it happens an hour after the senate convenes. if they wanted to step on the gas because we've heard reports that senators have commitments over the weekend, a wedding a funeral, several things that people want to do, campaign events. you could have the senate go out tied, come in at 12:01 friday, eight hours from now and by rule start at 1:01, vote to invoke
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cloture by 1:40 and finish it off saturday. i know that doesn't work with your schedule but that's -- but that's what we're hearing a late morning vote today. >> neil: with my needs, the timing of the show, i would appreciate it. thanks, chad. you're the best. doing a great job there. all right. the senate minority leader, chuck schumer has been slamming the republicans over how this report was handled. take a look. >> the fact that there's one document in there for 100 senators is another example of constraining the ability of all senators and the american public to see the whole truth and nothing but. >> neil: we're told this is how they do it. there's an fbi document that must be shared and read in secrecy by senators this is how
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they do it. they've done it with republicans in charge and democrats in charge. this is what i've been told. mike brown, is that true? this is just if way it is? >> it was. it was established back in 2009 between the obama administration and the judiciary committee. at that time it was under the control of the democrats. it's not as bad as what it sounds. we actually -- i've been through it. i went through 2 1/2 hours of very view. lisa murkowski is correct. some of it, we asked staffers to read for all of us. at one point, there were 17 of us here. we said look, let's begin reading this. listen to some of it. at the same time, there's parts that we were taking and looking at individuals reports themselves. so all of it worked out very well. >> neil: is it voluminous? i know you can't share details. is it a lot of pages? is it thick? >> each individual that they -- it's fair to say and i don't know if -- i think there were ten individuals with 11 reports
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or something like that. you know, it's not that many pages. it's most certainly doable if you wanted to sit down and do it by yourself, you could do it in a couple hours. we felt that we got more out of it by sharing our thoughts as we went through and reviewed the portions and the comments that were made by the individuals directly to the fbi. it was very informative as far as i was concerned. >> neil: interesting. senator, your question about the protests happening in the building you're in now and outside and a lot of people not satisfied with the results and hoping there was some last-minute development to stop this. have you had a chance to talk to your republican colleagues, particularly susan collins or jeff flake or lisa murkowski where they're leaning? >> i think they're doing their due diligence. as a matter of fact, all of them were in the room when i was in the room. they're working their way through it. i think we have to make sure that they have an opportunity to be thoughtful and work their way through it. that's their role.
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i think they're taking it very seriously. look, i'm optimistic that we'll overcome the resist groups, the opposition groups out there. let's be honest, neil. the realization is the democrats said up front they weren't going to vote for him. rather than actually taking a look at the real role of the senate with regard to advise and consent, this was really a search and destroyed mission for the democrats from day one. the problem is when they went searching, they didn't find enough. they didn't find hardly anything. their destroy mission is failing right now. we have members in the united states is senate that are moving towards having a good strong comfort level voting towards judge kavanaugh. >> neil: we'll see about that. maybe a sign of how crazy this whole process became, senator, we're getting a letter now that was sent to chairman grassley and the ranking member, dianne feinstein from the friends of
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brett kavanaugh, davis, mccarthy, murray, quinn where they had to define what devil's triangle meant. they go on to sale that we write to clear of the misunderstanding about that phrase, devil's triangle that appeared in a 1983 high school year book and including on individual pages. that was a drinking game that they go on to write that we came up with in high school. it was a variation of the game quarters. when we played it, four people sat at a table. three small glasses of beer forming a triangle. the fact that they had to send that letter to clarify something that they did back in high school maybe shows you how quickly this veered. >> yeah, look, it's continuing on. once again, i commend chairman grassley and the committee. they're bending over backwards to try to answer any and all
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questions from any of the members. they're doing it with part of their staff. normally they work on a bipartisan basis. in this case, it's republicans responding and many cases that even in a case of investigations where the dems, their staff said we're here on protest. we're not going to participate in the q&as. so the intent here was never to have an advise and consent. the intent was search and destroy. it's failing. their search did not turn up what they expected to have turn up. >> neil: thanks, senator. we'll see what happens. meantime, something else that is happening that would normally be a big story. susan lee on what happened to the dow. >> stocks selling off on concerns of the u.s. economy is doing too well. maybe running too hot. the federal reserve might have to raise interest rates further.
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it's interesting. we're taking a look at the bond yields that have people concerned. it's indicative of how much higher interest rates will go. we're at the highest now in seven years. the ten-year yield is important. consumer loans, auto loans are based off of this yield. so we're looking at the highest in seven years. mortgage rates are at the highest in seven years as well. that's depressing stocks. people have been taking money out of the high performers, the technology sector. like amazon, facebook, google, apple. really facing the brunt of the selling. the financials doing well. the big banks. they make more money when you pay higher interest. as more money goes to the banks. let's put things in perspective. yes, we're close to 5% when it comes to mortgage rates. highest in seven years. well off of 17% that you paid in the 80s, right? >> you don't have to remind me of my age. thank you, susan. as susan side, they had to
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>> neil: all right. these protests still going on in the senate hart building. we're told that security guards will be taking them out in groups of 20 here. that might prove easier said than done as they get riled up here. it's been peaceful, nothing nasty or violent. they're not happy with what looks like the inevitable ascension of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court of the united states. that's looking to happen. there were some concerned republicans and one key democrat. we'll get you up to date on that
1:19 pm
and where this fbi report differs from a half dozen prior to that. christy remington was part of the team that conducted brett kavanaugh's fifth background investigation. deputy, very good to have you. first of all, why were there so many and was there -- i know you can't reveal details -- -- what was so unique about your investigation? >> brett had many more background investigations prior to me coming around. so that's why it came upon the fifth. so just like any other judicial candidate, he was subjected to a full field background investigation. also, a vet in the office of legal policy. >> neil: what comes up in that? we're told that this separate investigation into these charges from these women was something that did not and was not part of anything prior because no one
1:20 pm
knew about them, right? >> i was not aware of any of these allegations prior to the reports in the media for sure. the fbi conducts their investigation going back to about the 18th birthday. what we generally look at when we're looking at judicial nominations, what has this person done as an adult, what have they done as a lawyer and what kind of judge they would be. >> neil: now, is that a little bit different than what happened here, focusing on, you know, one charge, being several charges? how is that different from what you had to do and the context the way it was put together? >> sure. the fbi generally is sent out to verify the information that the nominee provides in their standard form 86. it sounds boring because it is. they're looking at your employment verification, they're
1:21 pm
looking at if you are who you say yo are, they're looking at your suitability for a position of competency in the united states. more importantly, they ask people whether you have an alcohol problem, whether you were -- they had seen you taking drugs or abusing alcohol. >> neil: so that would have come up if there were people concerned about that, in a routine course of an investigation. it would come up. >> yes. every background investigation he had it would have been asked. >> neil: do we know whether -- i'm taking a leap here -- whether it came up in your or prior investigations? >> i can't talk about what i read. i can tell you that the bush administration had an extremely high bar for judicial nominations. if we had concerns about anything, an individual would not have been nominated. >> neil: you handled that very judicially. i appreciate that. thanks, kristi.
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all right. we're told by the way that joe manchin is still reading these documents and going through them. so while he's reading that, we have the guy that wants to take him on and take his job after this. ((horn beeps)) come on. ♪ feeling unsure? what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360™ technology. the most available driver assist technology in its class. the new 2019 ford edge.
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>> neil: all right. these protesters are not happy. they're not going to get any happier the next couple days looks like. and i stress, it looks like brett kavanaugh will close the deal. among the closest vote in supreme court history and make his way there. how do you explain this phenomenon, this rage that builds in america? tucker carlson is here. he's our star and author of another run-away best seller, "ship of fools, how a selfish
1:26 pm
ruling class has brought america to the brink of a revolution." i was looking at the individuals that you bring up. you are a bipartisan dasher. you go after titans of business, republicans, democrats. all to explain this rage for want of a better term against the elite. >> yeah, i'm seeing it from the inside. i live in washington. i've lived there my whole life. the hatred of what is happening, the political revolution of two years ago was completely bipartisan. the divide wasn't tweep republicans and democrats. between between public that got richer since the financial crash and those that haven't. it's simple. what we're seeing is a reaction against everybody else from washington, new york and l.a. you can see in the protests, these are not the children of the working class. these are not people that took off time from school to go protest and block traffic. they're the kids of orthodontists and lawyers and professionals. >> what is driving them? you can say, actions have
1:27 pm
consequences. donald trump won. this is one of the benefits of it. they don't like the supreme court justices and this all -- this has to be the most sorted of all judicial nominations we've ever seen. >> in general, the volatility is being driven by economic factors. everybody wants to make it and race. i don't think that actually. i think that most people believe their kids will make less than they make. most young people are poorer than their parents were. >> neil: don't leave them a penny. >> i'm not going to. spending it in barbados. but no, i work in cable. i have no fortunes. but no, people under 30 like don't have cars, they don't get married, they can't buy homes. it's a huge problem. look at the numbers. half of millennials professio l professionals prefer socialism. because what we're practicing is not working for them.
1:28 pm
>> neil: is that called the deep state? when people refer to that -- there's these new terms that come up. it's a deep state. they're fighting donald trump. what is it? >> well, there is a permanent bureaucracy. there million people in the executive branch can't be feared. that i have interests that they're protecting. that's part of it. they vote as a block a unionized operation. it's wholly democratic. that's what i grew up in. it's more than that. d.c. is the richest metro area in america. drive from d.c. to pittsburgh and see what the rest of the country looks like. it's a five hour drive and you see places where every car dealership is closed. that's a lot of it. the higher the percentage of heroin ods in your zip code, the higher the percentage of trump voting there was. >> neil: and all the bashing from mitch mcconnell and business titans, bezos and all. you send out a warning at the
1:29 pm
end of your book talking about donald trump. not necessarily associating him, but the protest movement that he represented as a warning, you say, i guess to whatever you want to call it, voters will become vengeful and reckless. they will elect politicians like donald trump as a sign of displeasure. if they continue to feel ignored, they support radical leaders that will destroy the ruling class. if untended, democracy could self-destruct is. there a risk here? >> look what happened in venezuela. there's no toilet paper now and they're eating zoo animals. because they didn't have natural resources? please. people looked up one day and say nine families control the economy but we still have the vote. to punish them, we're going to vote on these socialists.
1:30 pm
>> neil: who is controlling it now? donald trump appeals to the upper 1 or 2%. he's made them wealthier. you can -- >> not by the metrics of election day 2016. >> neil: since then, the people that might have compounded by the success are the same ones profiting off of it. >> it's possibly true. i don't know enough about that, about where we are in terms of voter preference and trump. i know in 2016, the overwhelming majority -- that's when the re-alignment started. relatives of mine that voted republican said wait a second. no, we're against -- >> neil: but it's republican in name only. it's a rhino thing. there's some that wear that badge proudly and others, you know, i think you mentioned like the conservative icon, bill crystal, that uses it. >> he's not there in reference to trump but to explain what is wrong with d.c.
1:31 pm
you advocate for things that sounded good but didn't work. you continue doing it. the verdict is in on the ideas. >> neil: he doesn't like outside the petri dish republicans. >> yeah. it's not about crystal. it's about everyone like him -- >> neil: is it fair to say he's not a fan of ron paul and he would -- >> for sure. but there's many like him that advocated for this idea and didn't work and they refuse to concede they were wrong or to learn from it. that's deeply frustrating. if your kids did that, would you spank them? yes, you would. >> neil: do you think given this environment how much the elite have not learned that donald trump is re-elected? >> i don't know. but i think -- i'm not for populism. populism is when you get when you ignore what voters want. they punish you. they have reason to be. so if you want to stop the volatility and i do, you need to respond. they say we want our borders under control. you better do it. >> neil: tucker carlson.
1:32 pm
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>> neil: all right. this is awkward. we're told that joe manchin was kicked out of the reading room by republicans. not a good idea if that was the case. he says he's going to come back today to read more. the guy that is challenging him
1:35 pm
for his seat is next.
1:36 pm
>> neil: all right. i might have misstated that. i'll blame my producers. but there's a set number of minutes. you're allowed up to an hour to read this fbi report to get everybody in. sort of like a museum. everybody gets a chance to look at the monet and go. joe manchin indicated that he exhausted his time and he will come back tomorrow. everybody is watching closely. he could be the lone democrat that could be a possible yes for brett kavanaugh. how that sorts out in his state, a state right now in which he's running for re-election. this man opposing him right now, senate candidate patrick morsey. we reached out to candidate manchin and he said he's not doing any interviews this week. we'll so i. i'm going to be watching everything, senator manchin. if i see you pop up on so much
1:37 pm
as dora the explorer. great to see you. >> great to be with you. >> neil: what if all of a sudden he ends up, joe manchin, voting for the judge securing his election? >> joe manchin is side line joe. he's going to stay on the sidelines. the outcome will be decided and then he will pile on and make a decision that is politically expedient. >> neil: a lot of people do it. >> a lot of people do it. but joe manchin -- >> neil: he's becoming more influential -- >> he's the king of it. west virginiians want a conservative fighter that will stand with president trump. when the kavanaugh nomination goes through and it will, it will be because of president trump and the republicans in the senate not because of joe
1:38 pm
manchin. he doesn't deserve credit if he votes for -- >> neil: he has a good track record winning governor, senator. it's not as if they hate him. >> the more people see the contrast between the conservative fighter that will advance the trump jobs agenda and joe manchin a dishonest washington liberal, they're making their decision. a lot of people after the trump rally went to our website at and they learned the start districts between the conservative and the dishonest liberal. what he's doing with kavanaugh has been to empower the obstruct and resist circus going on in d.c. that's enraging people in west virginia and across the country. >> neil: a lot of you question the timing of that rally. you were funny at it. the fact that he did it might have complicated things for you in that he put all the more pressure on senator manchin to vote for kavanaugh and put you
1:39 pm
in a box. >> i'm always supportive of judge kavanaugh. i'm going to be a study supporter of president trump and his judicial picks. the real question is joe manchin empowered schumer and the liberal obstructionists to give them the maneuvering room they need to bring down -- >> neil: i don't think he will flip, right? >> joe manchin and schumer get along -- manchin is part of the schumer leadership team. he's empowering them. ultimately that know that he may have to cast a vote for political survival. but he gave them the running room they need. if manchin came out months ago, what i've been calling for them to do, ratcheting up the pressure, then we wouldn't be going through this three-ring circus. this has to come to an end. president trump has been giving me a big boost. >> neil: i'm just wondering here, how do you close a deal in the state the president won handily but the senator remains
1:40 pm
popular? you know better than i, but it is oddly a tough battle for you. >> i think voters are focusing. they've known joe manchin for 30 years. >> neil: you're not an unknown entity, right? >> no. but we're not as well-known as manchin. the more people look at my conservative record, pro life, pro second amendment, the more that they look at joe manchin, the hillary backer, gun control joe, they're seeing a contrast. and joe manchin has been dishonest with the people of the state. he says one thing in west virginia and votes no in washington. you're seeing with it the kavanaugh nominations. >> neil: would you vote along party lines, if you came to washington, would you vote with the president and mitch mcconnell? >> i'm going to be a strong ally of president trump. i'm always going to do what is key for west virginia.
1:41 pm
the key is joe manchin doesn't. he's a liberal. what matters to trump, tax cuts, guns. he's in the wrong space. if you want to learn more about him, go to >> neil: and you would define the battle on the trade position and everything else, you would support all of these. the tough positions the administration has taken and the senate has kind of nodded their head in agreement. you would support that? i would support president trump. he's great in so many areas. the tax cuts, the judges, the regulations. the so-called moderate joe manchin supported 95% of barack obama's judicial nominees. that's not moderate. thanks good president trump is nominating rule of law judges to serve on the bench. >> neil: thanks for being here.
1:42 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> neil: chuck schumer is out with a statement after apparently reviewing the same fbi documents. after reviewing the background check documents, four things are crystal clear. first, the documents raise more doubts in my mind about the judge's truthfulness, that the judge has stated that the individuals of the incident involving dr. ford refuted her version of events. from their own public statements we know that is false and nothing changes that. he's saying what he read kind of corroborates what he thought and apparently what dr. ford was saying. everyone else says the opposite. go figure. more after this. ♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes applebee's new 3-course meal starting at $11.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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1:46 pm
says it's helping, it's helping. when someone asked were you surprised to see heidi heitkamp to make a decision so quickly, she opted not to support the judge, senator manchin said it's the day before the vote. i was surprised but i think the world of heidi. heidi will make a decision that she thinks is best and what is in her heart. again, a lot of folks are honing in on the remarks. it's helping, it's helping. whether he's finds closure with that and votes for kavanaugh, anyone's guess right now. a good deal of scrutiny. he would be the lone democrat at this point that is a potential yes. the three republicans being scrutinized, susan collins, jim flake, lisa murkowski. he's had a chance to read most of the report. caitlin owens on that from axios. if you had to hazard a guess in hearing what joe manchin was
1:47 pm
saying leaving that room, what did you think? >> that is classic joe manchin, to say something neutral like that and let you interpret it as you want. look, i think -- you know, i think it's hard to tell. he can go either way. a lot of it has to do with what the republican senators on the fence do. i don't think that manchin would want to be vote number 50. the vote that gets kavanaugh across the finish line. i can see him jumping on board if the republican wavering senators do. >> neil: so just to understand you clearly here, if run of the republican senators were to vote know, he certainly would yes, or would he? >> i don't want to make any declarative statement here. >> neil: just work with me. >> yeah, i think it's less likely he is the 50th senator. >> neil: no matter how you slice it, it's going to be one of the
1:48 pm
closest supreme court votes ever. the last would be clarence thomas, 52-48. it was remarkable after the anita hill dust-up. he did that in a democrat it? and got that vote, this is a republican senate. so your thoughts on that. >> i think we leave in a different time, neil. obviously it's extremely partisan time. democrats see it one way, republicans see it the other. democrats are on one side, republicans are on the other. you can't ignore this has collided. partisan politics have collided with the me too movement. so it makes it completely different situation where i think both sides are really ground in on this. just women, the women's vote here. both sides need to please their
1:49 pm
base. >> neil: you know what is a final epithet, the friends of brett kavanaugh from high school had to write a letter clarifying the meaning of the term "devil's triangle" and with us not a sexual reference. i thought that was a metaphor for this entire thing. >> that sounds about right. you know, the rhetoric and the things that u.s. senators are discussing in public hearings, i can't say we've seen anything like this in recent times. maybe it goes back to the clintons, describing the affair that. bill clinton had. this is another level of -- and while you can argue both sides are trying to make a case about whether or not judge kavanaugh is a reliable witness, whether you can trust him to tell the truth, whether his drinking habits might have led to a memory problem, et cetera, it's not a pretty time.
1:50 pm
>> neil: no. probably an understatement. thanks for catching us with us. >> thank you. >> neil: caitlin owens from axios. the president is set to hold a rally in minnesota. he might or might not comment on all of these ongoing developments here. and i stress looks like a judge who is on his way to becoming a justice after this. ♪ ignition sequence starts. 10... 9... guidance is internal. 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... ♪ not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear.
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>> i think he's doing very well. i think he's doing very well. the judge is doing well, right? >> neil: all right. president in minnesota. he will be attending a big rally tonight. very pleased with the developments that could have brett kavanaugh on his way to becoming a supreme court justice or voted as one saturday.
1:54 pm
we have our panel here with us. franchesca, we begin with you. it's looking that way. obviously you never say guaranteed here because of all the other rapid turn of events. but is it your sense that those three republican senators are all going to vote for brett kavanaugh? >> well, it would seem that way. neil, we know that anything could change between now and then, including the president's rally this evening. we know that earlier in the week, there were some ruffled feathers about the impression of christine ford that the president did the other night. granted, that is probably not going to be the thing that changes their minds. however, it was something that jeff flake said that he was appalled by. so we'll be looking tonight to see what the president does say about judge kavanaugh at this rally. >> neil: ned, would the
1:55 pm
president be advised to keep his comments to himself? at a rally it's hard to do. but what do you think? >> i have to agree with ari fleischer. i don't think he mocked dr. ford. he pointed out a lot of inconsistencies and gaps which would be nice if more of the mainstream mean i can't had been doing that instead of part of the smear campaign. what i want him to do is focus, brett kavanaugh is a well-qualified judge. he got the great rating from the american bar association, had over 300 opinions on the circuit court. he will make a great justice for more than 30 years on the supreme court. but what i want trump to remind people, these people that have perpetrated this vicious smear campaign should never ever be allowed near power, that they have a chance to vote against these people in less than five weeks. to really show them again that this approach of rule or ruin by
1:56 pm
the democrats should not be validated. if they're willing to destroy due process and the idea of presumption until innocence, i don't think they should be anywhere near power. >> neil: i'm sure you agree with that sentiment but the issue that democrats might have overplayed their hand here and could bite them certainly in battleground states. what do you think of that? >> the concern is that senator feinstein sat on this for too long. she said it's about confidentiality. others say it's to blow up the process. we'll see an extremely motivated democratic base. have you seen the woman in front of the white house and the supreme court today? >> neil: that's not all women in america. i don't think they're a monolithic group. it's like you telling me italian males are going to vote one way. >> that's true. but i will say that white women can swing elections. we've seen white college
1:57 pm
educated women are not in favor of brett kavanaugh. i will say the extent to which dr. ford's testimony resonates with anybody who has -- had been affected by this kind of a thing, this is a he said she said. if you have seen through this and i have been through this, you tend to believe her. >> neil -- >> neil: franchesca, the danger here is that people are going to have their opinions. it won't move many opinions one way or the other. you don't like the judge, you still don't like him. so i wonder what moves here and what the impact is going to be? do you think this whole issue is a mid-term issue in a little more than a month? >> the white house is telling me that they believe it is. what we've seen here is a big shut. the president thought by now he would have brett kavanaugh on the court and he would be campaigning about how he got his second nominee on the court. instead, it's turned into an issue where he's on the campaign hitting democrats saying they're
1:58 pm
obstructionists and trying to block his agenda because they don't like him, not actually based on brett kavanaugh's qualifications. something else that could potentially move the republicans and the democrats vice president said how they're going here, personal interactions with the president. we asked the white house today who the president was calling and we couldn't get names from sarah sanders or raj shah. but they have assured reporters that the president has been making personal outreach to senators ahead of the vote. >> neil: all right. ned, make that quick point. i'm sorry. >> i want to thank the left for what they have done. their base was on steroids and frothing at the mouth. what they have done is they have put the republican base on steroids and i think that they have put some senate seats like new jersey into play. >> neil: new jersey? we'll see. >> absolutely. >> neil: a senate battle there. that's right. it's a single digit gap there between the former pharmaceutical challenging bob menendez. let's get the late forecast capitol hill. kristin what are you hearing?
1:59 pm
>> neil, we're learning about this time frame and the times of the upcoming votes. the times are still in flux what we're hearing is the cloture vote will be tomorrow morning president and the big vote, the confirmation vote would set it up for saturday. that's a time frame that the chairman of the judiciary committee just backed up in a press conference two hours ago. he said judge kavanaugh should be confirmed saturday. so until then, what you'll see are senators continuing to go in and out of the skiff here on capitol hill where the one and only copy that senators get to see of this report is being kept. republican senators get an hour inside and then democrats and continue like that until the vote. one of the senators that just left, senator joe manchin, he said that he's going to have to come back because this is a long report and he only got an hour inside. so we're seeing a lot of the senator are having to go back in
2:00 pm
multiple times to review it jooch jooch joochlt. >> neil: so we don't know. the senators are still reading on it to find out very soon. soon we'll have an idea. >> jesse: i am jesse watters with george jeanine pirro, juan williams, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. this is a fox news alert. the report is in. senators have been reviewing the fbi's finding on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and according to senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley, there is no hint of misconduct. two key undecided g.o.p. senators, susan collins and jeff flake, now suggesting they are satisfied with the report. as majority leader mitch mcconnell gets the ball


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