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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 4, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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multiple times to review it jooch jooch joochlt. >> neil: so we don't know. the senators are still reading on it to find out very soon. soon we'll have an idea. >> jesse: i am jesse watters with george jeanine pirro, juan williams, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. this is a fox news alert. the report is in. senators have been reviewing the fbi's finding on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and according to senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley, there is no hint of misconduct. two key undecided g.o.p. senators, susan collins and jeff flake, now suggesting they are satisfied with the report. as majority leader mitch mcconnell gets the ball rolling out of vote, setting the
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cloture vote for tomorrow morning. president trump offered his reaction this morning on twitte twitter. "this is now the 7th time the fbi has investigated judge kavanaugh. if we made it 100, it would still not be good enough for the obstructionist democrats." last week, all democrats could do is whine about wanting an fbi report. >> all we have asked for is that there be an fbi investigation. >> i'm glad the fbi investigation is going forward. >> this situation. >> let the fbi do with the should. >> they are probably happy with this report, right? no. >> it looks to be an incomplete investigation that was limited perhaps by the white house. i don't know. >> this was a limited process
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that would constrain the fbi from getting all the facts. >> jesse: you've got your investigation. what's the problem now? >> juan: this is a whitewash, a sham and what you have the people who are in the business of pushing this through like it was a weight sled, they were just going to push it through. thanks to the f value of a few days. but just interview nine people. don't interview the principals. don't interview judge kavanaugh. don't interview professor ford. don't interview the people who have come forward, according to her attorney. saying that this man was deceiving the committee with regard to his behavior and his the fbi don't want to hear it. >> jesse: why would you interview kavanaugh and ford again after they were already
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under oath for hours. >> juan: this is a situation she's complaining about, calling it a sexual assault. i think you would want to have the agents speak to her specifically in some private and try to get her to provide more information. >> juan: they could have interviewed her in private, judge. if this was kept confidential. they could have had a long wack at this. >> for you to call this a whitewash is absurd. the only whitewash, if you want to use the term, is when dianne feinstein decided she was going to sit on it for two months and then break it when they realized there was no other way they could stop him from getting to the supreme court. they are saying -- you said there's only a few days to investigate. were you complaining when there was an investigation of anthony weiner by the fbi? 300,000 emails. if the fbi says there's nothing negative there, then it must be good.
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there is nothing to investigate. asics -- i don't know what you are laughing at, juan. >> juan: you said there is nothing there. >> judge jeanine: because there is nothing else there. everyone she said corroborated her since she was either a liar or out of her mind. you tell me why all four people she mentioned said we have no idea what she's talking about. >> jesse: someone just as fired up as judge jeanine was senator chuck grassley. >> i would never use the word "fake news." i consider you a policeman for our democratic system of government but i want to show you where some of you have bias. i've had demonstrators in my office for two weeks now, both for kavanaugh and against kavanaugh. one time people who work for
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kavanaugh wanted to be interviewed. they said we only -- we are only interested in interviewing people against kavanaugh. now, that is a bias that none of you should be proud of. >> jesse: i have never seen senator grassley -- >> dana: it wasn't very good temperament. i am just waiting to see someone to say i've never seen anything like it. i think he was absolutely right because even people who have defended the press and respect the press can look at these last three weeks and say a lot of this is malarkey. he's talking about his own personal reputation as well as chairman of the committee. he was kept in the dark about the letter dianne feinstein held for three months and they put it in the last minute and he had to go through this process. i think for democrats, arguing process known calling a foul ball on the fbi investigation, it's not a winner for them. >> jesse: how dare the
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democrats question our institutions? [laughter] >> juan: oh, my gosh. >> greg: first of all, they said it was too limited. these are the people that when they had an opportunity to interview the principles, like dr. ford, the senators instead recited love poems. the only people that asked real questions was rachel mitchell. the democrats just repeated the same phrase over and over again. you are a hero. you are a hero. bravo, bravo. they didn't ask the right questions. they had their chance. dianne feinstein is the last person on the planet to accuse anyone of constraining. she sat on that letter so long, you could see the donna karan imprint on it. [laughter] let's not forget the media. i hope they share some introspection on this because first you tried rape, then you tried boozing, then ice
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throwing, then the devils triangle. whenever you tried to accuse somebody of something, it was couched in safety language. i didn't see it happen but i heard about it from somebody else. then when the fbi chases it down, there's absolutely nothing there. like flimsy structures in a really bad country, they fall apart at the strongest wind. the other lesson, you have to ask why some people kept their heads down during this, even of the claims became more ludicrous. why didn't anybody share the risk? i include republicans. they were afraid that if they raised their head, they would get hit too. they would get accused too. that drives me nuts. that allowed and enable this mob rule. >> jesse: you are right. it's not just senators. people on television. we have been around this table and i have to count everything i say about this case, i believe dr. ford believes something bad happen to her. i don't want to disparage dr. ford. it gets to appoint come you look at the evidence, it looks like she may not have been telling
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the truth with every single thing she said. >> juan: what makes you say that? >> jesse: think about it. she had no specifics with regard to the time or place. every person she said was there couldn't corroborate it. the whole thing about the second door doesn't add up when you look at the permits. the flying thing was a ruse. her lawyers didn't even tell her -- the senate investigation. there is a lot of stuff there that seems very fishy. >> juan: that's why we needed a real investigation. >> jesse: so this wasn't a real investigation? >> juan: no. >> judge jeanine: why not? >> dana: there wasn't a press conference. >> judge jeanine: because jim comey didn't show up? >> juan: i tell you the real victim here is trust in our court. i don't think the supreme court is going to be trusted and i think judge kavanaugh, and i think judge kavanaugh. he deserved better than this. can i finish?
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i think judge kavanaugh deserved better because i think if they had done a full report, he could have been properly exonerated. instead. a >> judge jeanine: do you know what a full -- >> juan: weight. republicans have said i will never let hillary clinton have an appointment to the supreme court in four years. people like richard burr, ted cruz, rand paul. >> judge jeanine: keep the politics out of it, juan. do you know what a 302 is? have you ever looked at a 302? how did you get your hands on it? >> juan: from the fbi. >> judge jeanine: they are nothing more than investigative reports. they are not recorded. there's no audio. it's the fbi's approach or assessment of what the person said. it doesn't come -- >> jesse: if they wanted a fuller investigation, they could've started this in august. >> greg: we know politics is poison. i am an agnostic when it comes to religion, but i know one thing in my 12 years of catholic church. crucifixion was an important
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event because it was designed to establish a wall between justice and mob rule. christ died so that the mob wouldn't survive. he got there. he died for everybody's sins. with the democrats have tried to do is tear down the wall between justice and mob rule. they decided to crucify someone once again. that's what's wrong. >> jesse: democrats full-blown assault on brett kavanaugh backfiring on them just in terms for the midterms. we will take a look at that nex next. i know that every single time that i suit up, there is a chance that's the last time. 300 miles per hour, that's where i feel normal.
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>> i guess there is a similarity people have come of the people they respect. crazy about putin come in love with kim jong un. thanks kavanaugh is a great come upstanding person. he doesn't even know what he's talking about. >> juan: could a brett bounce becoming? top republicans telling axios they see a widespread surge in g.o.p. voter enthusiasm. powered by support for
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kavanaugh, and democrats' attacks on his supreme court nomination. white house press secretary sarah sanders noting the shift. >> people are outraged at the way the democrats have totally made this process into a partisan battle. what they have done is energize republicans, and the president's feeling that energy and all of the locations he's been. i think the message is very clear. democrats, you made a mistake here and it's going to show up in november. >> juan: republicans were source tells politico that the national republican congressional committees donations are up 175% compared to a week before. dana, let me go to you. yesterday you were talking about g.o.p. enthusiasm surging at this moment. so the question becomes, does it impact both the house and the senate? >> dana: i think watching nancy pelosi, i wondered if it's possible she might be the biggest democratic winner in all of this. she has nothing to do with the
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senate but the senate is in play right now because you have read stay democrats who are running for reelection that are not going -- several of them are not going to win basically because of president trump and brett kavanaugh. heidi heitkamp. >> juan: you me democrats and red states. >> dana: that's what i said. heidi heitkamp of north dakota announces she's going to vote no. she's 13 points behind. she might think, i might as well try it. preserve my democratic bona fid bona fide. or she might believe she doesn't want to vote for him which is fine. there are political consequences for that. when i look at chuck schumer making those statements on the floor, i'm thinking he's got to make a choice. do you want the fighter do you want to try to win the senate. if they just want a fight, they are not going to win back the senate. west virginia, indiana. indiana has said no. there's a possibility there.
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it's not over. >> juan: joe donnelly said he would vote against and he's leading in indiana. >> dana: if you look at the enthusiasm polls, you get people out there, you would think president trump would try to head to indiana, tried to close that all about more. it's going to be close but the republicans have a chance to pick up a seat or two in the senate. >> juan: jesse, you see the generic ballot right now according to real clear politics. democrats still up, i guess seven points. what do you make of this? >> jesse: it takes into account a large span of these polls. he looked the most generic matchups, leads have shrunk to 2%, 4%, 6%. it's good news for republicans. i think would happen here is the american people have a very good b.s. meter. they know one things are fishy and they can fill in their hearts when someone's being attacked unfairly. the media tried to pull a fast one on people and so did democrats.
2:18 pm
one of the first times i've seen, it didn't work because you have twitter. u have fox news come and you have the internet and now people have access to primary source documents. they can watch the hearings on demand and they can see for themselves it being filtered through the mainstream media with the real truth was. democrats were fine and they brought dr. ford in. i think most fear americans wanted to hear what she had to say but then you bring in avenatti in these left-wing lawyers and then there was delay and as greg pointed out, they pivoted from rapist to drink or bad temperament. most people see through that stuff. it got to the point where you look down and you say to yourself, this man is being unfairly attacked and we're not going to take it anymore. it's reinvigorated the republican base and i think the democrats really miscalculated here because the character assassinations fails. >> juan: judge, i want to ask
2:19 pm
you to do a personality transformation before our "the five" audience. if you're a democrat right now and you say -- i'm so upset about this nomination. does that mean democrats are more likely to vote does it mean republican energy could dissipate if kavanaugh is confirmed? >> judge jeanine: here is the thing. certainly when people are angry, it motivates them to vote, whether you're republican or democrat. but what i've seen come if you look at the reduction of the blue wave and how it's dropped so much since july, you have to say to yourself why. it has dropped because people see something that is unfair and something they are not familiar with, and that is people saying he must be guilty because she said this. without any evidence. she contradicts herself. no corroborating evidence. i think it's not just a question of what -- let's assume kavanaugh gets on the supreme court, wilbur wilkins stay home? no. because they are angry.
2:20 pm
they are angry and motivated. they don't want to see this country turned into a socialist nation or were people attack people, whether it's in an airport or restaurant or anywhere else. i think everybody's angry. it's almost like a 50/50. the people who believe in this country and the american flag and truth and justice i think are more angry and i think those are the silent majority who came out for donald trump. >> juan: now to our jesus citing agnostic. >> greg: if i had a driver's license, i would rent a station wagon, pick up five people every hour and get them to the voting polls. i am that disgusted by this process. it started the moment the lying senator told men to shut up. that was the beginning of the
2:21 pm
hatred of men. the democrats in the senate, it became the antimale party. they are actually the antifemale party because they allowed a avenatti to hijack their party and essentially do irreparable damage to women who should be believed. they diminished men and the role of men in life and then they jumped on to certain claims that were preposterous. every time you hear an accusation coming or going to go oh, yeah, i remembered what happened with kavanaugh. the gang rapes and the red solo cups. democrats are in danger of oblivion, long-term oblivion. they have alienated an entire gender, men. they have disgusted their wives, sisters, and daughters. >> juan: i think you have to watch out for democratic anger of just the sort you are talking about. people who feel like they got run over. >> greg: they don't know
2:22 pm
anger. >> juan: tv news legend ted koppel giving brian stelter a massive reality check on cnn's trump coverage. greg is delighted he has tape next for you on "the five" ."
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craig and sheila broke up! craig and sheila!? ♪ as long as office gossip travels fast, you can count on geico saving folks money. craig and sheila broke up! what!? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> greg: whoever cut that, you're going home early. there is nothing more delicious than the truth served cold. here is ted koppel telling our nations hall monitor brian stelter what we already knew. >> donald trump has been very, very good for baseball. he has been wonderful the industry. ratings are up, it means you can't do without donald trump. you would be lost without
2:27 pm
donald trump. >> ted, you know that's not true. >> cnn's ratings would be in the toilet without donald trump. >> you know that's not true. you are playing for laughs. >> greg: i haven't seen brian stelter that defensive since anderson cooper stole his toupee. koppel hit the artery and stelter couldn't stop the bleeding or the laughter. koppel knows the media operates on two lies they would rather forget. one that their effusive coverage of trump didn't help nominate the guy. oh, but you did, you blubbering favors. cnn lead that chart under the assumption that hillary had it won already. focus only on trump knowing their profitable obsession. two, that somehow trump had threatened to press freedom. hardly. he is buying those same executives their fourth and fifth homes. since trump, the press has been feverish. every day is the apocalypse and every critic a fearless hero. to cnn, especially to, trump is
2:28 pm
ebola and the kkk combined. it's why the c in cnn stands for cartoon. not a believer the point but we know how easy the press was under obama event has he actually targeted journalists. let's watch that clip again. >> cnn's ratings would be in the toilet without donald trump. >> you know that's not true. you are playing for laughs. >> greg: i hope that shows up on reliable sources. >> dana: it's so true. >> greg: let's go with you. ted's point. i called him ted because we know each other well. it's not just an obsession. it's a profitable one. >> dana: i don't understand why brian stelter wouldn't just say you bet your life. you're absolutely right. people are engaged and they want to watch and they can't get enough. they don't want to watch other shows. they only want to watch us. we are bringing you the story. why wouldn't he say that? >> greg: that was an uncomfortable moment, juan. >> dana: i just spilled on my water.
2:29 pm
>> juan: you just wanted to express yourself. >> dana: very excited. >> juan: you speak with your hands. >> greg: jazz hands. >> juan: it could be. jazz hands. at least she didn't flip us the bird. >> dana: thinking about it. >> juan: i think stelter was making the case of trump attacks the press because, and also because it's anti-trump news that drives the media. 60 minutes, with their stormy interview, got record ratings, highest ratings in ten years but i don't think there's any getting away from the idea which is that les moonves as, in his heyday when he was at cbs, said guess what very donald trump may not be good for america. but he's great for cbs. that means great for ratings and earnings. >> judge jeanine: here's the bottom line with this guy, stelter. he wants to be the center of attention and he is sitting there telling ten koppel oh, the news business is more complicated than that, ted.
2:30 pm
really? you can talk about stormy daniels. that wasn't brian's interview. that was anderson cooper. for brian to make himself important, he's basically saying i am a victim. i am a victim of trump. it's a hate movement. you know what it is, what it is, what is our people tuning in to watch the man that has allowed you and a lot of other people to keep their jobs. >> jesse: hear, hear. the great example of media bias. if the top on bondsman at cnn is lying about the president being good for ratings, what else is he lying about? they won't give trump credit for the ratings bump and that's why they don't give him credit for the economy, isis, north korea. cnn's ratings have ridden high on the trump bump but there is still -- they are still getting beat by the cartoon network and house flipping shows. a lot of that has been caused by trump branding them as fake news but they've also had a lot of
2:31 pm
self-inflicted wounds. they have had to make massive retractions. they have ridiculous chiron's. you can see the hate dripping off the faces of some other anchors. they have had to fire whole classes of people and i've had democrats moved me and say you know what, i'm a democrat. can't stand trump. i hate trump but i don't watch cnn cnn because even cnn is too crazy. >> dana: i was going to say the difference with fox news is that if hillary had won, or ratings would still be good. [laughter] >> juan: might be better, in fact. >> greg: i also heard brian stelter once threw ice cubes. >> jesse: call the fbi. >> greg: texas senator john cornyn joins us for the very latest coming up. this place isn't for me. that last place was pretty nice. i don't like this whole thing.
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♪ >> dana: back to our top
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story. senators are still reviewing the afghan report on brett kavanaugh is the partisan battle heats up over the findings and the senate gears up for a critical confirmation vote. how are republicans reacting to the fbi's kavanaugh report? we bring in senator john cornyn from the great state of texas for the very latest. it's very good to have you, senator. can you help us understand all of this? i want to ask you, do you think the democrats have managed in all of this to energize the republicans and disappoint their own base? >> i think when we confirm brett kavanaugh, which i predict we will, on saturday, i think that will be the outcome. we could have had a more dignified way to consider dr. ford's allegations through the normal process. since senator feinstein sat on those allegations were about six weeks and drop them on us after the hearing, the first hearing on judge kavanaugh, we got into this i think circus where there were no rules.
2:37 pm
the end seem to justify the means. yeah, this could have been handled much better and i think in a way that would've been more dignified, more protective of dr. ford and the judge. >> dana: we are going to take it around the table, sir. >> judge jeanine: senator, thank you for being with us. i notice that you your time to the prosecutor. in the end, what you're looking for is to have the public know what's in those fbi three oh two reports. you know that that would establish a precedent. don't you think it would be a dangerous precedent. i have an idea. that is if they, if you want to give them the fbi report, how about they give you the therapist notes? >> that would be the ordinary procedure, as you know, judge. but the reason why we decided to ask rachel mitchell to ask the questions of dr. ford is because we know we would've been criticized for having an aging
2:38 pm
-- aging white man asking a victim of sexual assault hard questions. we really needed to have answers to the questions in order to test her story. as you know, there's been no corroboration whatsoever. in fact, all of the people she has identified have refuted her version of the story. but again, something happened to dr. ford. but we weren't given the benefit of her therapist notes which i think would have shed a lot of light on it. >> jesse: hey, senator cornyn. has your relationship with your senate democratic colleagues on the other side fundamentally changed after how they behaved within the last two months? i have never seen chuck grassley, who is pretty even-tempered, so animated and so angry and some of the behavior coming out of the other side that it looks to me like it's beyond repair. what's your assessment of your relationship now? >> my favorite chuck grassley
2:39 pm
saying is just because i'm yelling at you doesn't mean i'm mad at you. this is strained relationships. the trust that's always important, particularly in the legislative process. we understand we are adults and weeds -- we know what's at stake here. we have different views. we've been getting a lot of things done under this administration with republican majorities in the house and senate. this process is not one i would ever want to see repeated for anybody for any nominee, republican or democrat nor for any witness. i think it's been shameful. >> dana: greg gutfeld. case, senator . i've noticed a lot of laws being broken. an intern who doxxed a number of republicans who were pro-kavanaugh. that fellow, cosko, was arrested. i want to know what's going to
2:40 pm
happen to him. is anything going to be done with avenatti or any of the people he worked with. it seems to me he broke some loss. >> this doxxing so-called incident, i wasn't familiar with the term but you described it, this person has been now charged with this crime will be charged with, as i understand, multiple offenses. this is nothing to toy around with. it's serious business. fortunately the capitol police and metro police are handling this serious, seriously. as far as mr. avenatti is concerned, i wasn't eager to provide him a platform for more of his publicity seeking. obviously the allegations made by ms. swetnick, no one corroborated those. she has walked back from those. witnesses who are asked, like mark judge come about that were asked said in no way did it happen. we have no confirmation of any of these terrible allegations and the judge's unequivocal
2:41 pm
denial it ever happened under penalty of felony. >> greg: how can he not be disbarred? >> i think the way ms. katz, the lawyer ms. feinstein recommended for dr. ford and mr. avenatti and others have not distinguished himself by their conduct and the appropriate form for them to be reviewed is through the bar association, through the ethics committee. they have disciplinary authority and they can discipline or potentially disbarred people. >> dana: one last question from juan williams. >> juan: senator cornyn, you are a dignified guy. i like you a lot. you are on a brawl here on "the five." let's start the brawl. >> dana: we only have a minute. >> juan: politicization of the supreme court, i would hope it would concern you. but you refused to look at merrick garland. he said he wouldn't consider it.
2:42 pm
now you are in a situation where democrats are so upset over this process that's produced judge kavanaugh, i worry that the court itself is going to, like so many american institutions, absolutely go down in the trust factor among americans. >> juan, since the bork hearings, those wars have escalated with the nuclear option by harry reid to pack the d.c. circuit court. unfortunately this has gotten worse and worse. i hope we have reached the end of that and we can return to us more dignified process, both to the nominee and that would reflect well on the senate. we have a lot of hardball played. i think we are reaping the whirlwind. >> juan: i think blocking, you know, merrick garland just sticks in so many people's crop. a twice elected president and you won't let him be considered. you might say kavanaugh was unfairly treated but you
2:43 pm
wouldn't even give merrick garland a chance, a fair hearing. >> this is the biden precedent. he said you don't confirm a supreme court justice during a presidential year. if hillary clinton had won come i don't think we would be hearing anything about merrick garland. because people chose president trump, he chose differently. i think that's why people are so upset. >> dana: thank you, senator senator cornyn. coming up, major never trumper is grateful. -computer, order pizza. -of course, daniel. -fridge, weather. -clear skies and 75. -trash can, turn on the tv. -my pleasure. -ice dispenser, find me a dog sitter.
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♪ >> judge jeanine: one of the countries loudest never trumper is grateful for the president and it's all thanks to the democrats' terrible treatment of judge kavanaugh. "new york times" columnist bret stephens writing in his "new york times" op-ed "for once, i am grateful for trump." "i am grateful because trump has not back down in the face of the the slipperiness, hypocrisy and dangerous standard-setting deployed by opponents of brett kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court. i am grateful because ferocious and even crass obstinacy has its
2:48 pm
uses in life and never more so than in the face of moral bullying." juan. what do you think of a "new york times" guy who feels that donald trump at least has the strength and the moral turpitude to stand by what he believes in? >> juan: it's interesting. we are doing this. bret is most often highly critical of president trump but i disagree when he says this thing could harm brett kavanaugh for a lifetime. i think it well but i disagree in the sense that he never says hey, what happened to professor ford? she has been harmed for life, and it's like she doesn't exist in this universe. it's women who don't have the opportunity to speak out or be taken seriously. to say yeah, i like trump's bullying because it's getting those democrats. i would be very careful about this. >> jesse: she was forced into
2:49 pm
the public sphere by democrats. by democrat leaking. >> juan: she gave an interview to "the washington post" in which she divulged her name and put herself forward. >> jesse: after a month of trying -- go >> juan: she didn't want to. >> judge jeanine: dana, i'm going to come to you. what bret is saying is not talking about victims of sexual assault. he's talking about the fact that we have a president who was so outraged by the behavior of the democrats, that he admires him for putting his stake in the ground. he says "adolescent boasting is not being treated as if it's a crucial piece of incriminating evidence. in other words, we shouldn't do that. >> dana: the principle that a lot of conservatives, even if they didn't support trump, and bret didn't in the election, is that guilty until proven innocent is fundamentally against everything that america is for. president trump is standing up
2:50 pm
for his nominee because he was being accused and basically labeled guilty until proven innocent with no corroboration. all the things we have already talked about. i do think -- he is a little bit unafraid to court controversy. his first column for "the new york times" was basically saying global warming warming is a hoax. it caused phone calls to "the new york times." cancel my subscription. i wish that he would have not used the opening to words. "for one." he didn't have to do that. if you are grateful, just say i'm grateful. it will not give you a shield for people who are going to criticize you because you're normally a critic of the president. >> judge jeanine: greg, what about the fact that he seems to be saying everything we are all saying and that is a bar fight with a piece of ice as well as a
2:51 pm
30-year-old letter, and adolescent basically saying we are going to puke and we are a bunch of obnoxious drunks, it shouldn't be relevant to you and you are 53. >> greg: who knew trump was the great uniter. bret is coming around. i think what this bret is talking about is that trump spoke to people's sense of fairness. the democrats missed this. there are millions of people who don't just see themselves in ford but they also see themselves in kavanaugh as well and they have brothers. they have sons. they have fathers. as much as stevens doesn't like trump, he understands, the point i was talking about yesterday, trump is willing to share the risk. he doesn't give a dam about what people think. he is 7473. he's able to take the slings and arrows by saying what's with this one drink thing? he is willing to take the heat so other people don't and that's why it's refreshing. >> jesse: it reminds me of
2:52 pm
mccain with the surge. no one else wanted the surge. mccain stuck to the surge. george bush stuck to the surgeon it was the right thing to do and mccain was rewarded with that for the nomination. >> judge jeanine: "one more thing" is up next. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts,
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>> it is time now for "one more thing." >> first i want to point out this is not my shirt. i got this from dry cleaning and this is not my shirt, i do not have long arms. band phrase. i have a band phrase, politicized politicization. you can just say we are tired of people politicizing. they can't do it. >> you have to slow it down. dancing politicians, here's one of the worst. theresa may, remember this back in africa a few months ago? or god, that was awful. that was even worse than george w. bush and africa. you can try your best but it won't go over so well. the other day she came out to the song "dancing queen." and here she was in a second attempt. let's watch.
2:57 pm
♪ >> i mean, you guys can never make fun of donald trump over there in great britain. you own her. dana? >> i wanted to point out something that i was excited to see happen but we haven't been able to do much coverage about it. melania trump, the first lady has been in africa this week as an ambassador of america over there, bringing lots of smiles including two children, not just malawi, but also going to egypt. and i think also kenya, that's another place that she's going to go. she's visiting schools and she's delivered textbooks as part of the u.s. fund and national reading program and donated supplies herself. you know what else they love there? soccer balls. it's a great trip and if you can go to the website and find out more about it, then you will also be informed about that. >> all right, halloween is in
2:58 pm
just a few weeks and i wanted to receive my personal fright night. take a look at this video. it's another donald trump. that guy is not wearing a mask and he appears to be donald trump's doppelgaenger. we don't know who this man is for the video went viral and it reminded me that a few months ago, while i was doing a "one more thing" for you, i showed you this photograph. take a look at this one. it's a spanish farmer and again, look at her. she looks just like donald trump. by the way, trump was one of the most popular halloween costumes this past year. impact fact the past year. these guys don't even have to go shopping, they look like donald trump. >> trump would never wear plaid or paisley. okay, judge dineen?
2:59 pm
>> last weekend i was at liberty university in lynchburg, virginia. take a look. >> if you are the future, and you are the people who will decide the direction that this nation takes. >> so i'm there surrounded by 12,000, that's what i said. 12,000 students. and this -- their arena, -- i have to tell you. -- >> i don't even have to say it. so 12,000 people. so, everyone, every one of them, and for all of you who have been depressed about what you've been seeing in the cabin hearings, all of these kids when i went out and interviewed them afterwards were so positive about this country, about the belief the flag and in our system of justice and in this
3:00 pm
country, it was embarrassing. >> we are doing tucker's quiz, you and i. >> out tonight we are doing the quiz. okay. >> is time for "special report" ahead with chris wallace. this is a fox news alert, welcome to washington. i am chris wallace, and for bret baier. several background checks and several fiery speeches later, brett kavanaugh is one step closer tonight to a senate confirmation vote. and at the white house and on capitol hill there is growing agreement that judge kavanaugh will become the next supreme court justice as a couple of key republican signal that they don't see any problems with the fbi's latest report. that could tee up a final senate vote for saturday. we have fox team coverage tonight. chief correspondent john roberts on how officials they are working to build support for


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