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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 4, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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country, it was embarrassing. >> we are doing tucker's quiz, you and i. >> out tonight we are doing the quiz. okay. >> is time for "special report" ahead with chris wallace. this is a fox news alert, welcome to washington. i am chris wallace, and for bret baier. several background checks and several fiery speeches later, brett kavanaugh is one step closer tonight to a senate confirmation vote. and at the white house and on capitol hill there is growing agreement that judge kavanaugh will become the next supreme court justice as a couple of key republican signal that they don't see any problems with the fbi's latest report. that could tee up a final senate vote for saturday. we have fox team coverage tonight. chief correspondent john roberts on how officials they are working to build support for and kavanaugh. but for us to mike emanuel with
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the latest on where things stand on capitol hill. good evening, mike. >> at this critical stage all our reading body language and hanging on every word from undecided senators. emotions are clearly running high ahead of a critical vote, make or break vote on the senate store. >> dueling activists converge on capitol hill. while on the other side, critics are calling on senators to cancel kavanaugh. >> i am angry, and i own it. >> but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said lawmakers will not be intimidated. >> it's a senate that's on trial here mr. president, can we be scared with all of these people are rampaging through the halls? >> senators in the mic and a handful of authorized staffers have been moving in and out to identify the supplemental report on kavanaugh, and judiciary
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committee say they must now settle. >> we are dealing with the demolition derby and they just about destroyed a good person. >> democrats argue the fbi review was incomplete and suggested they didn't completely exonerate kavanaugh. >> i disagree with senator grassley's statement that there was no hint of misconduct. >> a north dakota senator heidi heitkamp up for democratic demc reelection says no. >> this will be very close vote and will hang on if you democrats and republicans. if i were to guess today, he would be narrowly confirmed. >> susan collins had described the fbi report as a a thorough review. jeff flake said there is no additional corroborating information about the kavanaugh allegations but the left,
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alaska's lisa murkowski's is most difficult to read it. i'll have been lobbied by george w. bush and former secretary of state condoleezza rice who both worked very closely with kavanaugh and are trying to close the deal. lindsey graham says the undecided should feel better, democrats were never going to be satisfied. >> why don't we dock in the water and vote. enough, enough already. >> today, his high school and college friends wrote about something that came up in last week's hearing. they said the devil's crack triangle referred to a drinking game similar to quarters which is what kavanaugh had testified and noted it was not. >> mike, thank you. the trump administration is pushing hard to get the votes to confirm kavanaugh but democrats are not giving up calling the
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report a sham. john roberts joins us now with that part of the story. >> after three bruising months the confirmation process with so many twists and turns, the white house believes it is closing in on the finish line. but it is leaving nothing to chance. >> i think he is very well. i think he is doing fairly well, the judge is doing well, right? >> is president trump weaned his way to minneapolis today, the white house was putting the full court press republican senators jeff flake, susan collins and lisa murkowski to confirm judge kavanaugh. also, steele tried to convince democrats to prove the judge. donnelly has said he is a noble but the white house feels he may still have more room to move. >> the president as well as a number of white house officials have been engage throughout the process. if talk to a number of senators and will continue to do so until the boat takes place. >> the white house spent much of
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the day beating back democrats insisting that it was a sham. >> we are reiterating our call to make the directive that the white house and counsel mcgann sent to the fbi public, because we believe it greatly constrained the investigation from the get-go. the white house revealed that investigators conduct, contacted ten people conducting comprehend's of interviews with nine and obtaining a sworn statement from the tenth. the white house insists the investigation went well beyond what the senate had it initially asked for. >> there was initial list of four provided to us by the senate, they were interviewed and leads were followed up on. >> the biggest will make a complaint from democrats was that the fbi interview with christine blasey ford was met with defiance from officials who said the democrats wanted to know more about ford's claims, they should have asked her during last week's hearings.
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>> the white house accommodated the senate request, anyone who pushes back on the fact that dr. ford wasn't given ample opportunity to make her case and to state her case has been living in a cave. she sat before four hours for the very individuals that make that decision and answered every question i was put in front of her. >> the democrats complained they didn't have enough time in five minute increments, much of what was taken back political statements to question ford. while the full list of who the fbi contacted has not been released, we do know they interviewed kavanaugh's mark judge, leland keiser, bj smyth, tim gaudet, who was to me in the calendar entries, and a second accuser, ramirez. the government claim today that no amount of investigation would ever satisfy democrats who determined to torpedo kavanaugh, tweeting this is the seven times the fbi has investigated judge kavanaugh. if we made it 100, it would be
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good enough for these democrats. >> white house officials told fox news today that they were confident that judge kavanaugh would ultimately be confirmed to the supreme court although they do acknowledge they think the vote will be a squeaker. >> jchris: john roberts reporting from the noisy north lawn. vice president pence is doubling down on president trump's accusations. china is trying to interfere in our midterm elections. today, they say china wants a different u.s. president. correspondent kevin corke has more. >> the united states navy will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows, and our national interest demands. we will not be intimidated, and we will not stand it down. >> the message was unmistakably clear. the united states may not see china as an outright enemy but most certainly not the u.s.'s friend. >> to put it bluntly,
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president trump's leadership is working and china wants a different. vice president mike pence today accused china of hostile activities including meddling in the 2018 midterm elections. >> what the russians are doing pales in comparison to what china is doing across this country. and the american people deserve to know that. >> that echoed a charge made by the president on twitter last week when he noted that china placed "propaganda ads in "the des moines register" and other papers, made to look like news. >> china, they are draining us, taking our money and rebuilding themselves. >> one of the ads that constitute the election meddling is open to interpretation but what's clear is the trump administration is engaging in a strategic counter attack on beijing including massive tariffs in chinese made goods.
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new laws including substandard steel and a targeted legal strategies meant to punish chinese's intellectual property theft. they remain vigilant in combating chinese cyber infiltration among reports that amazon and apple network servers may have been compromised by a chinese spy microchips. and it new warnings about chinese hacking groups targeting chinese interests as well as increase tensions in the in south china. >> for its part, china continues to work carefully but has yet to officially comment on the vice president's remarks. chris? >> jchris: kevin, thank you. the administration is releasing a new report tonight detailing just how big the threat china poses to our national security. peter navarro, one of president trump's top advisors on trades joins me now with mor more. good evening. >> good to talk to you, chris.
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>> let's start off with the problem. you talked annual report about major areas of industrial decay and 300 so-called vulnerabilities are identified in the national security area. how serious are these vulnerabilities? >> it's very serious, that's the bad news. the good news is we have a very strong action plan to immediately begin filling the gaps. the key concept here, president trump believes that economic security is national security and we need a strong manufacturing and defense industrial base. when you see a situation where you only have one company that builds propellers for ships and subs, or one company that provides the gun turrets for tanks, and, and, we can't tolerate that still on.
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, this should be widely read and disseminated, the public needs to know this. >> jchris: there are other countries that are talked about here about the report identifies china as a major threat. i want to put up one statement from the report. it says china represents a significant and growing risk for the supply of materials deem strategic and critical. two u.s. national security. is it your belief that, and simply that they are filling the vacuum left by failures or decay and our industrial days. >> that's because of economic strategy and china likes to put the rest of the world out of business. so what they do is try to dominate, both the downstream and upstream portions of that
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cycle. they dumped that onto prices and they take it over. that's purely economic. from the military point of view, the report doesn't speculate that. but we do know there's critical on her abilities not just with china but for a whole range of countries where we are relying on them. things like night vision systems for example. so what we are trying to do with this assessment is not just have a report that sits on the self but begin immediate reaction. the president will also be signing several presidential determinations for funding for small companies and the supply chain. we have secretaries of commerce, energy and labor all cooperating on this and is taking steps. so we will act forcefully, fiercely, to defend this country. but in the process, chris, we will be creating good jobs and good wages and our manufacturing base so economic security is national security. >> jchris: i want to get a
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little specific here and we only have a little over a minute left, but what is the president intending to do about it? we talked about an action blend, give me an idea of the specific actions he's going to take to fill these gaps in our industrial base? >> i will give you a couple of examples. tomorrow, you assign to presidential determinations which will create funding for a couple of items. sophisticated allied fuel cells which are used in naval applications, lithium seawater batteries which are used in antisubmarine warfare. the sector that those are involved and need some help. we will give it to them so they can modernize and expand. the national defense stockpile for example, we will more aggressively use that to build up stockpiles in these materials, which we were overly dependent on foreigners. so these are some of the kinds of things that we are going to do in order to increase the
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defense spending that we have which will help a tremendous amount of getting our aircraft programs back on track with the new generation fighters. >> jchris: peter navarro, one of the top treated biases on the north north along. thanks for your time. up next, a disabled veteran is accused of gunning down seven officers in south carolina. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. box 13 in salt lake city, where a group is asking a federal judge to keep a medical marijuana ballot initiative from going before voters in november. the latest attempt to stop the metric goes after claims that medical marijuana violates the mormons of religious beliefs and would hurt property owners rights. fox ten in phoenix, where an arizona company is recalling more than six and a half million pounds of beef for possible salmonella contamination.
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the raw beef was package from july 26th through september 7th. so far 57 people in 16 states have reported getting sick. and this is alive look at chicago from fox 32, the big story there tonight, jury deliberations have begun in the murder trial of police officer jason van dyck. van dyck faces life in prison if convicted in the shooting death of le quan mcdonald. chicago police are bracing for protests and activists to shutdown the city of van dyck is not convicted. that's two nights alive look outside the beltway from "special report" ." we will be right back. ♪ introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360™ technology. the most available driver assist technology in its class.
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turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. ♪ >> jchris: a staffer for a democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee was in court today to vase seven charges. among them, releasing republican senator 's personal information on the internet. jackson costco faces the possibility of more than 20 years in prison. he remains in custody until another hearing next week. the suspect behind a rice and scare in the nation's capital is in custody. the fbi arrested william allen in utah wednesday. a former sailor is suspected of sending mail addressed to the
3:20 pm
president, secretary of defense and others containing castor seeds that if swallowed could be harmful. it was a rough day on wall street, the dow dropped 102 points in the s&p 500 lost 24. nasdaq finished down 146. a south carolina police officer was killed wednesday night during an intense standoff that also wounded six other officers. tonight, a suspect is in custody who has a law and military background. correspondent jonathan serrie has more. >> we pray for the family who lost the bravest police officer that i have ever known. >> at the south carolina law enforcement community is in shock over police sergeant's death, terrence carraway was a 30-year veteran and fatally shot while trying to assist sheriff's deputies, ambushed while carrying out a search warrant in an upscale neighborhood. >> this guy has a higher powered
3:21 pm
rifle in firing at an officer. >> officer down at this time, he is precaution. >> the sheriff's office brought in this heavily armored and wrap the vehicle he procured from the military. >> when the officer is taking fire they will do everything they can to get to that citizen, to rescue them and protect them. >> after a two hours standoff, officials rescued several children from the home and arrested frederick hopkins, a disbarred lawyer who has previous charges including a 2014 count of disorderly conduct. last night president trump tweeted about the incident, saying my thoughts and prayers are with the florence county police police department. we are forever grateful for whatever officers do 24/7, 365. three deputies and three officers were treated for gunshot wounds. to have been released from the
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hospital and one remains in serious condition. >> jchris: thank you. up next, who's more likely to go to the polls this november? but first, beyond our borders tonight. first lady melania trump continued her tour through africa with a stop in malawi. mrs. trump wraps up her first solo foreign trip, wisconsin, kenya and egypt. iran's supreme leader is promising to rebuff the u.s. by defeating new sanctions targeting his country. he also dismissed comments that he said president trump made two european leaders that the islamic republic would collapse in coming months from american sanctions. the sanctions have heard iran's already shaken, shaking economy. and a russian space capsule with two americans and one russian has landed safely after a six-month mission on board the international space station. the capsule landed in kazakhstan
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during their 197 day stay, and the two americans ventured outside the space station three times to perform maintenance. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ a new beginning. some welcome relief... or a cause for celebration. ♪ what's inside? ♪ [laughter] possibilities. what we deliver by delivering. ignition sequence starts. 10... 9... guidance is internal. 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
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so let's promote our falle a homecomingtravel dealame, on like this. touchdown. earn a free night when you stay just twice this fall. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at >> jchris: as i told you earlier, democratic senator heidi heitkamp said she will vote no on confirming judge
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kavanaugh to the supreme court. correspondent peter doocy has a look from fargo. >> four weeks senator heidi heitkamp has been hush-hush about kavanaugh. but today, north dakota's democratic senator said she is a "no," saying in addition to concerns about his past conduct, at last hearing called into question his current temperament, honesty and impression impartiality. the whole time he has been deciding, a republican counterpart has been surging. >> that spectacle proved to be the most political gift i've known for a long time. >> more than one one one in the north dakota and voters have said if heitkamp votes against kavanaugh, they are less likely to support her. >> it blows up the entire campaign theme.
3:28 pm
that is she's bipartisan and she votes for trump for north dakota. >> she just had her best quarter ever, raising $3.8 million. >> we have the largest field operation in the state's history. it's bigger than what has been done here before. >> part of that democratic plan is to exploit uncertainty over tariffs. >> we are in the heart of harvest season right now, and cramers see's his campaign to flip the seat as critical. not just to his own quest, to move for the from the house ane senate. >> the majority might be in the hands of these people. the election in north dakota determine whether or not bernie sanders is the chairman of the senate budget committee. >> so there's a lot riding on the roughriders states senate election. the leaders i spoke to back in d.c.'s sadie kramer is their number one recruit the cycle and he's the only one in the race
3:29 pm
that supports the supreme court pick up the president has a 64% approval rating here. be one peter doocy reporting from north dakota. the fight over the cavanaugh kh confirmation is riling up voters across the country. but as correspondent doug mccallie dogma callaway reports, it's not just on the left. >> it appears to be having an effect that neither democrats nor republicans could have predicted a month though. it is unifying republican never trump trump-ers. >> whether you are a libertarian or republican or democrat, you are paste. the defining issue in 2018 is changed. >> money and polls bear that out. in the last week of september the national republican committee saw small donations jump 175%. total money raised, up 194%
3:30 pm
while polling shows that g.o.p. enthusiasm balance and not just in north dakota. compared to early september, loan number of republicans extremely interested in the election claim two points in arizona, within the margin of error, and eight points in missouri at 11 points in tennessee according to allstate's fox news poll. >> republican men would be energized by the whole kavanaugh issue but it turns out republican women are more energized by it than our democratic are. >> a quinnipiac poll sound finds that by 53% margin, voters want democrats to control the u.s. senate. but there is a hipster that, only one-third is up for reelection and a typical one-third bounce for the opposition party may not be in play. >> if you are republican and democratic seats up up and fewr democratic states and red territory than the average midterm election by far. in fact this is the most favorable landscape for the
3:31 pm
party in power since we've been electing senators on the popular vote basis since 1914. >> but cavanaugh confirmation anchor works both ways. they are confident they have their own midterm rallying cry, the testimony of dr. ford in the president's condemnation of it. >> donald trump is disgusting and she has a right to be treated with respect. >> given the unexpected twists and turns of the last month, there is almost certain to be more of them in the next month. they may lower their guard and victory as democrats region defeat. buckle your seat belts. >> jchris: thank you. coming up, brett bear with a look at another hot-button issue next month's elections, immigration. ♪ billions of mouths.
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>> all this week we've been looking at what is driving the polls this november and topping that list was health care and the economy, in a recent
3:36 pm
fox news poll of the issues voters care about. that was followed closely by party control of the house and voters of use of president trump. while immigration has not received many headlines lately, it was one of the top five issues for voters. and that is what my colleague brett bear focus is on tonight and are motivators series. >> an immigration rally at lax airport to protest president trump's immigration policies but in the sea of protesters -- about a dozen anti-illegal immigration and to and activists. a group called we the people rising is putting pressure on lawmakers. >> we voted them in and so they should be -- working towards a benefit of the american people. >> i have no problem with immigration as long as it's legal. >> millions, i mean millions of illegals are in our country.
3:37 pm
they are getting lots of benefits they don't deserve. too many people living in the streets, homeless people. lots of veterans are out there living in the streets. and that's terrible, it shouldn't be happening. i'm a veteran myself and my father was a veteran. we should always put americans first. >> in different sections of the country, immigration is a hot issue. democrats are calling trump policies and mean-spirited. this from a house race in florida. >> as an immigrant and a filipino, i won't rest until we have immigration reform that protects all immigrants. >> now i'm running for the senate to fight the fight that must be one. on national security, economic security and border security. >> to a senate race in arizona and republican talking tough about the border. >> on legal immigration i have sought for a strategy to control our borders. buy more agents, sensors, aerial assets both manned and unmanned
3:38 pm
and every other affected means in courting a including a bordr wall. that should be anyone breaking those laws and sanctuaries facilities for violent felons who do not belong here. >> martha mcsally standing with the president on the issue, claiming charging the democrats would be weak. >> on the firewall to make sure that chuck schumer, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are not in charge in the senate. speed was >> bret: but she's got a different focus. >> when i agree with the president and i agree it's good for arizona, i will work with him to solve the problem and get things done. i believe we need a comprehensive immigration plan that keeps families together, creates a path of citizenship for dreamers and hold the bad actors of accountable. >> we are watching arizona senators to see and that's where martha mcsally who has been a little bit more moderate than the president on these questions will have to duke it out with kyrsten sinema, two congresswomen from the same
3:39 pm
state. policy will be front and center when they go to the homestretch. >> bret: . states with illegal immigrants are number five, illinois. new york, number three is florida, texas number two and the number one state with the most illegal immigrants is california. immigration plays and a lot of these races. if you look at the house in california, one of the districts where it plays significantly is california district ten. republican jeff denham has been trying to push house republican leaders to address deferred action for childhood arrivals, and other immigrations issues. they also say denham has failed the dreamers that the kids brought to the country illegally as children. harter also wants to abolish immigration and customs enforcement, or i.c.e. as we take a look back, we said texas was the next state with the most illegal immigrants. the big race for senate in texas
3:40 pm
it is incumbent republican ted cruz trying to fend off democratic challenger o'rourke. here is where that race stands today. it's pretty tight in the average but right now, ted cruz is ahead. at the of these candidates spent a good deal of time arguing about immigration at their last debate. as we go back to the map, the race for governor as we take a look down here in florida, two candidates. republican ron desantis currently up against andrew gillam, the democrat, and that race, desantis is trailing gillam right now for the open seat. >> in florida's governor's race, desantis arena primary ad using building blocks to side with president trump's call for a border wall. >> i think florida can be a leader in that as we have been, and also some of the issues he was seen nationally are perennial in florida. illegal immigration. as governor, i will push for things like e-verify. so we have a legal workforce and
3:41 pm
you deter illegal immigration. >> desantis hits his democratic opponent for saying i.c.e. should be abolished, something president trump hits while campaigning as well. >> this is a strawman argument meant to keep to his base. he turns the work of this agency into deportation and family separation for us and i simply believe it's un-american. it also makes all of us less safe. policies of this administration have been wholly misguided. >> if democrats are going to spend the bulk of their time and energy and money talking about health care, republicans are going to spend the bulk of their time, energy and money on immigration. and specifically issues like sanctuary cities or ms-13. or, abolish i.c.e., trying to label the democrat as too liberal on this issue, not strong enough on reducing illegal immigration or
3:42 pm
protecting against crime. i think it will be playing in almost every competitive district. >> i think it's a port that we try to get a lot of people. >> that brings us back to rail rodriguez raul rodriguez. he insists immigration is a big election motivator. >> we love this country and we are willing to fight for it. we will fight every step of the way. >> we will soon find out how many graces the fight over illegal immigration could move this midterm. in washington, brett bear, fox news. >> tomorrow, he wraps up his motivator series with a look at how the gun issue could impact the midterms. next up, our panel discusses the fbi report and how that will affect the kavanaugh confirmation vote. ♪
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(woman) learned ao play second language. applied to college. applied for a loan. started a business. started a blog. shared a picture. shared a moment. turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. >> president trump: i think he is doing very well. i think he is doing very well, the judge is doing well, right? >> we stand 100% with brett kavanaugh, the information that was asked and requested by senators, additional information has not been provided. there is nothing new in this report that they didn't already know. >> there is no way anything we
3:47 pm
did would satisfy the democrats. >> the idea that this should be full and thorough and open and available is once again belied by the pettiness of all the republican side and the white house. >> jchris: that was just some of the reaction today as the senators finally got to see the new fbi background check. into allegations of judge kavanaugh. it's time to bring in our panel. judge andrew napolitano. mollie hemingway, mo elleithee and charles hart. it's clear from senators of both parties, although they are not allowed to disclose a report, there was no smoking gun here either on the issue of sexual assault or the issue of kavanaugh being potentially a blackout drunk. is it enough, should it be enough? >> i think it probably is
3:48 pm
enough. i think the suggestion by senator flake was probably a brilliant one to give himself and other republicans and a few democrats cover. but i'm harshly critical of the nature of this investigation. the whole purpose was to determine whether dr. ford was truthful in her allegations of horrific conduct, and it judge kavanaugh was truthful in his denial of that conduct and other conduct. how could you possibly have an interrogation, an investigation, that doesn't speak to the principles? or the people who to whom the natural investigation would send you. so i think the time or number of witnesses has removed the legitimacy of this investigatio investigation. i suspect you disagree? >> both of the people involved gave testimony in front of a large national audience for hours. i think what they set over a course of hours is at least disputable. but really when you think about what the democrats were doing
3:49 pm
here, they were hoping to delay the vote, but really hoping to delay the vote in order to kill the nomination. they thought if they added enough pressure, republicans would cave, as i frequently do when you have a jog or not of the media and democrats coming up against them. what they have is amazing, the republicans bonded together. they said we are not going to locate us, we won't fall for this trick anymore. so instead of it being a demoralization, instead they have this enthusiasm and energy and realization that maybe these dirty tricks and last-minute allegations that come out aren't going to work out anymore in the future like we have in the past. >> one of the key democrats in all of this, a member of the senate judiciary committee, is chris. >> i think this will be a very close vote. it hangs by a few undecided democrats and republicans. if i were to just guess today he would be nearly confirmed. >> we should point out that our
3:50 pm
crack capitol hill producer chad program just sent out a memo to all of us that says, the republicans still don't have the votes. he said it seemed like a strong investigation that they would have their votes. susan collins has just gone back and spent two hours in the skiff, the secure room reading the report and came out and said, she's not going to announce that apparently flake and murkowski are still in play. two questions people will first of all, let's talk about the democrats because there was some thought that regardless of what happened in the senate, this will be a good motivating event for the democratic base. now as we have been reporting tonight, there are some signs that may be motivating the republicans. >> i think right now where we are and the way it's playing out is actually motivating both bases. how much will it impact the vote? i don't know. we've seen a lot of people
3:51 pm
looking at yesterday's fox news poll in north dakota, and that heitkamp race that shows are now falling behind. but if you look at the question in that poll, how will this impact your vote, how mortal her kavanaugh decision impact the vote. the clear winner was no difference. >> but more people would hurt her than help her, but are 15% more said it would make no difference. >> i don't know, i think there's a lot of energy on both sides right now and i think it will be hard to tell. i think the republicans clearly have a bounce in their step that they haven't had over the past week or so. don't underestimate the anger that is on the democratic side, too. there are a lot of democratic activists, a lot of suburban women who are incredibly played out and they don't feel like the
3:52 pm
investigation played out fairly. and that's something i suspect we will hear more about over the next week and election day. >> let's go back to november 6, when we expect the vote on culture which will be the decisive vote, or there will they get 50 votes to debate. do you think this is up for grabs? we have 48 republicans in effect committed to supporting, but the undecided three, or murkowski, collins and flake are still unannounced if not undecided. >> when you rely on republicans to hold fast, it's always a jump ball. but i do think in the end based on the signs you are getting: they will probably be reelected. he has indicated looking at the fbi file, he called it helpful. to me it looks like he was looking for a reason to support the nomination.
3:53 pm
in terms of the validity of the investigation, judge kavanaugh has been investigated to the hilt. both of them have testified extensively. the only thing that would have been left in a more thorough list to to find out about the truth would have been to go back and look at dr. ford's background and i don't think anybody has any appetite for that. one last thing that is important, brett kavanaugh is -- a nominee from central casting for an establishment republican. you can see george w. bush picking a guy like brett kavanaugh. my question is whether one of those more established g.o.p. presidents would have stuck with the nominee, as ardently as president trump data. i don't know that they would have because what we have seen for the last couple weeks, it has been the nastiest i've ever seen up here. >> i want to pick up on that
3:54 pm
with you, molly. because some democrats say if they pick the house or the senate, they will continue to investigate this. they will investigate the fbi investigation, what the limits where that were placed on it. they will in place, could replace kavanaugh who would then be justice cavanaugh, they talk about bringing him up to the senate or the house and talking to him. with clarence thomas as bad as it was when he was elected, it was done. the suggestion is, this won't be over regardless of what happens. >> i realize they are saying that and the base is encouraging them to take that kind of posture but it's worth remembering that there have been weeks now where we've been talking about this and there have been no evidence to support any of the increasingly ridiculous allegations. the idea that you are going to investigate when there's never been evidence to support these allegations, it goes against everything in this country about presumption of -- rule of law or
3:55 pm
presumption of innocence. i don't think they understand what has awakened for people who really care about that rule of law and the things that bind us as a country. >> jchris: panel, thank you. to be continued. when we come back, the mouse that roared on the new york city subway. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream.
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>> jchris: finally tonight, new yorkers pride themselves on how tough they are. if you can't make it there, you will make it anywhere. but don't tell that to a mouse that somehow got loose on the subway car and the video went viral. [screening]
4:00 pm
screening] >> jchris: look at that, there it is. the poor mouse -- that's the special report tonight. "the story" hosted by martha mccollum starts right now. >> i've seen bigger things than that in the subway. we start with this fox news alert, and we expect to get the president's first response to the current unclear status of the kavanaugh vote. the president is in arizona tonight and we will take you tonight for his response. and it's noted tonight that many of the same senators never left any doubt about their kavanaugh vote from day one are still saying that they need more information, when in reality, they have been clear nos since july. >> you are


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