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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 5, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: no. >> tastes exactly like fruity pebbles if you have trix. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. rob: tastes exactly like fruity pebbles. >> count down on a series of votes just hours from now. >> senators have been filing in and out of to review supplemental report on judge kavanaugh. >> judge kavanaugh should be confirmed on saturday. >> it rooks to be a product of an imp incomplete investigation. >> heidi heitkamp says no. >> go and be complicit with a process that has been fraught with his tarks. >> then there are the three republican undecideds. lisa murkowski the most difficult to read saying she has made to decision. >> hey, hey, ho, ho.
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kavanaugh has got to go. >> 300 people arrested as anti-kavanaugh protests rage on. >> democrats have been trying to destroy judge brett kavanaugh. he is an incredible incidents electricity. an incredible person. an incredible talent. ♪ brian: pete hegseth is playing steve doocy. brian: i will be playing myself for three hours. ainsley: where is your tie you part of the group. there could be a big vote on saturday. pete: i vote that before we talk about that, we talk to steve doingsy who isn't here but he is there at the
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villages. steve, good morning, talking to the folks. steve: good morning. that's right. we are down here in florida at the villages for the kickoff of my happy cookbook tour. [cheers] steve: america's number one cookbook thanks to all of you, the recipes that make america smile. we are here at the villages. brian, you and i have been here a number of times before. the folks got up really early number one to be on tv and talk about the whole kavanaugh thing. but, also, they have gotten free breakfast. and do you remember when they first burst on the scene the villages had that song you would hear it all of the time. just to get things started, we are going to have this side of r.j. gaithers square ofj. gators squareoff. >> the villages, the florida's friendliest hometown steve: not too bad. these are overflow.
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these are folks who do not get free breakfast. sorry. [laughter] they get to be on tv how does that song go ♪ the villages, the friendliest hometown. [laughter] steve: they only note first part. anyway. we are going to talk politics with them in a little while. who wants to talk politics and kavanaugh and all that stuff. [cheers] steve: we will have a busy three hours, pete, anxiously and brian, at 8:00 a.m., we will do something that has never been done on this show before. it's either going to be brilliant or a disaster. because we don't know how it's going to end up because the person involved has no idea they are going to be on tv. ladies and gentlemen, back to new york. rounding of applause for brian, steve, and ainsley. brian: steve, look forward to that excitement. nothing is more
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consequential in florida because of the governor's race and senate race who might decide the balance of power in the senate. brian: let's get started balance of power. big vote and happen today and then tomorrow. pete: that's right. if you have had a difficult time following the time line on, this join the club. we will break it down as best we can the senate is convenes at 9:30. at 10:30 the senate begin as cloture vote a vote to define the amount of time for a debate in the 11:00 with the cloture invoked, 30 hours of diva bait begins, which means there cannot be a filibuster of the kavanaugh nomination. think believe some time saturday afternoon is when the actual vote will occur. brian: when 30 hours are up. ainsley: up to 30 house to debate it doesn't have to take that long. brian: it. will. ainsley: we're sure it. will we don't know it f. they have decided to take that vote saturday afternoon or next week. four remaining undecided senators that most people are looking at. three of them are republicans and one of them
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joe manchin who is in a tight race in west virginia. brian: joe manchin in particular, he went with -- voted for gulch. we knew that. it wasn't a conscious sequential vote because he knew he was going to pass. susan collins and jeff flake seemed to be on the same page. senator murkowski spent the day meeting with different women's group. she is absolutely on the fence. what jeff flake and susan collins believe they are very satisfied with the fbi investigation. pete: they came out of that report saying it was thorough and hoping t. did what they were hoping it would do. flake, collins, murkowski voted for gulch. murkowski did not vote for sotomayor and kagan. murkowski as you said, brian, everybody is watching out for. ainsley: people looking at joe manchin. he was leaving the senate and confronted by a protester. watch that. >> i don't understand how you cannot look me in the
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eye. >> can i. >> why are you going to vote oyes on this? >> can you tell me how i'm going to vote? >> i'm not voting until tomorrow morning. >> how are you not listening to us brian: finally a little bit of security. screaming in the face getting old. let him do his job and woman do her job. joe manchin has treated that protester with respect. the screaming and shrieking i hope would stop soon. no corroboration is with both flake and collins have said. that's important. they have looked at the multipage report and they said you talked to people involved with ramirez that's the new yorker article. you talked to people involved with kavanaugh and dr. ford. that was the testimony. and there has been no corroboration. so, it seems as though all the boxes have been checked for flake. but who knows?
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one thing is interesting happening with montana. ainsley: this is great. 100 senators. many of them have plans on the weekends. what's the one thing that would deter you from being in washington for the big vote. pete: either a funeral or a wedding. ainsley: right on the money. steve danes from montana his daughter is getting married. two things i plan on doing this weekend. walking my daughter down the aisle and he wants to see a new u.s. supreme court justice put on the court. brian: based ocourt.brian. >> the vote is supposed to happen saturday night just the time he is supposed to be walking her down the aisle. pete: the thought is they may not need his vote. have you got to believe if they need his vote they would hold it open long enough so he can come back and cast it. brian: brett kavanaugh spoke yesterday i want to mike sure you are my guy. i will be there for you. just not right away. if it is 4 49 and you know pence is coming to brake it. danes will be on his way on
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sunday. we will see if it goes to that final tally does matter. 52-48 with justice thomas that was closest margin. ainsley: haven't heard from kavanaugh since the hearing he finally broke his silence wrote an op-ed in the "wall street journal." explaining how he is very emotional. regrets some of the things he said. tone is sharp. doing that to protect his family and doing that with his family in mind. brian: i was very emotional last thursday. more so than i have ever been. i might have been too emotional at times. i know that my tone was sharp. and i said a few things i should not have said, i hope everyone can understand that i was there as a son, husband, and dad. they all were there, by the way, except for the kids. i testified with five people mother most on my mind, my mom, my dad, my wife and most of all my daughters. going forward, you can count on me to be the same kind of judge and personal i have been for the last 28 years. hard working, even keeled open-minded independent and
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dedicated to the constitution and public good. what about that tactic to bring it out? i sense that don mcgahn working hard to get him through people are upset about your tone to the senators more than your opening statement. how do we fix that? and he maybe pens that. pete: that's become part of the argument against him is will he be -- have a fair judicial mind set once on the bench? this is a guy who has never been a partisan bomb thrower yet he finds himself in a senate hearing dervedding his good name. he punches back hard. he knows who his primary audience is the president of the united states who needs to nominee with stand this on slot. look at lisa murkowski and susan collins. i'm not a guy who is going to come in here and be a partisan. stay with the 300 opinions i have written. eminently qualified. kavanaugh much more than a nominee cultural flash point. this is a deeper divide. we will see if republicans -- ainsley: when i read the op-ed, i thought who is making him write this?
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why is he doing it? once you read it you realize is he defending himself and explaining why his tone the way it is because some people complained. reminds everyone who is reading this 28 year as lawyer. 12 years as a judge he says, five years of service in the white house under bush and majority of my 48 law clerks have been women. and then he talks about how he doesn't allow his opinions to sway how votes in court. is he very fair, follows the law and doesn't decide cases based on personal or policy preferences. brian: we know about the drama that took place friday afternoon when chris coons tapped flake on the shoulder vote this gets out of committee. demand the next seven days the fbi corroborates or not corroborates the stories between the new yorker accuser who knows about the avenatti one which ended up being fictitious, it seems. as well as more on dr. ford. they did that. here are the
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people they interviewed. mark judge the friend, lee land kaiser the friend of ford. p.j. smythe the alleged party goer. timothy gaudette, chris garrett both object side of the dr. ford story. debra ramirez claims kavanaugh exposed himself. two of the three alleged eyewitnesses identified by ramirez, the third refused to cooperate. the fbi spoke. to say ramirez has come out and said well, i give you 20 people. why didn't you follow up on the 20 people doctor ford saying i have paperwork here and i wanted to talk to the fbi. the fbi says we already heard you under oath. what would change? we already heard brett kavanaugh under oath. what would change? but that was a theme and a mantra for most democrats yesterday. listen. >> we democrats had many fears that this would be a all-too limited process that would constrain the fbi from getting the facts. having received a thorough briefing a few minutes ago, our fears have been realized.
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>> this set of interviews is at best most charitiably, woefully incomplete. to future bluntly smacks of a white wash, even a coverup. >> in your view is that investigation. >> it's obviously a coverup. making a mockery of the constitutional requirement that the senate provide its advice and consent. >> that report, [inaudible] investigation investigation. brian: he would know a lot about investigations because he been under one in three years. the hung jury let him keep his job. pete: ed henry, how are? ed: good morning. pete: democrats are saying this is a bleep investigation any politics here? ed: a lot. think about where we were one weaning ago today ready to vote o kavanaugh and jeff
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flake caused a pause. they say this is a shame. this is nonsense. don't forget what jeff flake said one week ago this morning. he put out a statement before that one week pause that said in part, our system of justice affords a presumption of innocence to the accused. be a sent corroborating evidence, diet dot dot dot i wil confirm jeff kavanaugh. have you innocent until proven guilty in this country. absent corroborating evidence. now the fbi has come out. chuck grassley put out a summary of their report at midnight. read the email closely. it says there is no corroborating evidence. by jeff flake's standards he should vote yes, we'll see. ainsley: what are your predictions? >> people counting votes inside the white house have told me they believe murkowski is likely no. collins is likely yes. they are hopeful on manchin but they can't count on manchin being the deciding vote. what that means is if, and i
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underline if hour can you ski is no and collins is yes. to say get to o50. that's the key. brian: senator manchin did, this he is almost assured six more years as a senator because west virginia is a red state loved by trump. trump is going to have a hard time attacking him if he delivers brett kavanaugh. and beginning of true middle ground on the democratic party. one thing about -- whatever you think about jeff flake and a lot of people are upset at him. nobody thinks he is not a conservative. he has always been conservative as a come. he just doesn't like president trump. people are getting blurred by that susan collins is a moderate. murkowski is a moderate. flake has never been a moderate. ed: this has been lost in awesome controversy. joe manchin, i think, two days ago said what i'm looking at is brett kavanaugh from, i think he said 22 to 53. his career. him as a gentleman. as a father. what does that mean? he is discounting what happened in high school and
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what happened? college. is he saying 22 to 53. that sounds like manchin is getting there not quite there yet. i think it's going to come down to flake. we're going to find out later this morning. this -- they do not have 50 votes yet. that's the bottom line. brian: i laugh at the report that this report is being shoed aside by democrats most of them. 45 pages of introduce five days. 1600 pages of information that the fbi included as coming into their tip line. they included everything. brian: they also had six previous investigations to draw from as additional evidence. ed: you mentioned would you be more likely or less likely to vote for senate democratic if they oppose kavanaugh. for joe donefully indianna. less likely to vote for him 32%, less likely wins. heitcamp 34% less likely.
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she is likely to lose. big gulf there i'm filling in for martha tonight 7:00 eastern. we'll don't know where this vote is going. today i feel like who knows if this vote is going to be delayed again. last friday we thought they were voting. they didn't vote. ainsley: lindsey graham coming out of the secure room yesterday. did you hear what he said yesterday? he is furious with the democrats. ed: throw him in water and see if he can float? ainsley: can we play what lindsey graham said? do we have that? i think we do. >> to my good friends, this is advise and consent? this is your view of the senate's role is to take a good man's life, turn itup side down, betray dr. ford's trust. do everything in the world to destroy him, to hold the seat open past the midterms. that's not advise and consent it's despicable. it's going to blow up n your face. he is going to get on the wrong.
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they have no idea what the supplemental fbi investigation was about. they said they were voting no. let me tell you what have you done which is [bleep] ed: menendez is in trouble for new jersey. florida is touch and go for the incumbent. a lot of senate races. the rnc said their large e. fund raising day ever was last sunday because of kavanaugh there has been a republican surge because of this. brian: donald trump was kind of reserved yesterday. he talked about what a good person causative was but didn't come out against ford. ed: when you asked me about graham. protester chased him in the hallway. you have done everything to this man. throw him in water and see if he can vote. jeff flake and chris coons one week ago today said just give us a one week pause. let the fbi look at it independently. folks, they have done that. pete: a lot of evidence
3:18 am
showing this has been massive overreaction by democrats who hav. conservative republicans are fired up in a way we have not seen. ainsley: it's so obvious. ed: rocket-propelled grenade most historic day ever. any presidential election any day ever. brian: i get cable in my office. i watch "fox & friends first." jillian was fired up this morning. that's true. jillian, are you still fired up? ainsley: rob was laughing, saying you should go with steve down to the villages. jillian: i know, steve said you would love it down here. rob jokes with me that i'm an 85-year-old woman in a 36-year-old body. true. i love the people down there. ainsley: and you love golf. jillian: search for possible serial killer is on. reward for whoever can help get this masked man behind bars. police say he killed two people at point blank range
3:19 am
in a span of 36 hours. first victim a 73-year-old man walking his dog and another man shot and killed just blocks away. the scariest part the shootings appear to be random. keep you updated on that story. the winners of this year's nobel peace prize announced in oslo overnight. dennis mcgregor is a world renown surgeon and seen as savior to victims of rape. both are outspoken advocates for women. during his minnesota rally, president trump revealing he 1068d a major problem between canada and the nfl over super bowl ads during trade talks. >> i said you have got to fix the nfl problem. they said what? i said have you got to fix the nfl problem. took me two minutes now the nfl is so happy it's all worked out. now our country will be taking tens of millions of dollars more money. it's going to go, a lot of it is going to go to the players and they will still hate me. can you believe it?
3:20 am
do you know what? think of it. it took me two minutes. got to fix the problem. jillian: president trump says nfl commissioner roger goodell thanked him for the deal that could get the league more money for broadcasting rights. brian: trying to make amends with the nfl why not? even though everybody hates me in the nfl. thanks, jillian. pete: senator chuck grassley has had enough of the way media are treating judge kavanaugh. >> people for kavanaugh wanted to be interviewed. they said we are only interested in interviewing people against kavanaugh. that's a bias that none of you should be proud of. pete: that's grassley fired up. diamond and silk, what do they think? they are live coming up next. brian: wow. plus, lose the white house, go to broadway? get ready for clinton, the musical. seriously. look how surprised she is ♪ i want something else
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♪ pete: welcome back. planned parenthood issuing what appears to be a threat
3:25 am
against senators who plan to vote yes on judge kavanaugh's confirmation. ainsley: the planned parenthood action account tweeting. this roses are rode, violets are blue. senators vote no on kavanaugh or else we are coming for you. has the rhetoric gotten completely out of hand. herhere are diamond and silk. thank you, ladies, for being with us. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. what's your reaction to what planned parenthood tweeted out? >> tough understand planned parenthood participates in the killing of babies. so i wonder what they are going to do to these senators? character assassinate them. it should be against the law. i believe it is against the law to communicate threats against sitting senators who are doing their civic duty is to make sure that they uphold the constitution. >> yes. >> and protect us as the american people when it comes to the laws and the rules and passing certain things. so, i don't understand with what planned parenthood, what their aim is, what
3:26 am
their goal is, you have to understanding that they don't want to lose the fact that they are killing children because that's how they make their money. they don't want to miss out on their money in any kind of way. they will create havoc and they will create chaos in our country. >> they are also walking a fine line between protesting and harassment. this is really turning into harassment. and it should be a crime in order to, you know, whenever you communicate a threat or harass a government official. >> right. pete: that's a great point. you know it's gotten out of control when chuck grassley not known to be. anna: mated member of the u.s. senate. the judiciary chairman. he came out and it's not just protesters, but it's also the media and bias that republicans and brett kavanaugh have seen. listen to chairman grassley and we want to get to you respond. >> i would never use the word fake news. i consider you folks policemen for our democratic system of government. i want to show you where some of have you bias. i have had demonstrators in
3:27 am
my office for two weeks now. both for kavanaugh and against kavanaugh. one time the people that were for kavanaugh wanted to be interview. and they said we only -- we are only interested in interviewing people against kavanaugh. now, that's a bias that none of you should be proud of. pete: sounds like a guy who is finished with the fact there is only one side of the story being told. >> you know what? i'm so happy that he called out the media. this is what the media do in our country, y'all. they take and run with the narrative and the narrative is this nasty, that's what they like because they wanting to get a reaction out of us. they want to conjure up emotions where people are chaotic. where people are put against each other. this is what they do and i'm happy that he called them out. it's no longer free press. this is controlled press. and they are trying to control the people in masses.
3:28 am
but it's not going to work. what i say, y'all, this is merely again a distraction. we needs to make sure we get out in these midterm elections and make sure that we vote red. we vote republican. we vote right. ainsley: diamond and silk, thank you for being with us. pete: senator chuck grassley is going to be joining us next hour on the program. we ask him about it. good stuff. the aclu is comparing judge kavanaugh to convicted felon bill cosby in this new ad. wait, doesn't that group usually defend due process and free speech? guess not this time. ainsley: steve is having breakfast with our friends down in the villages down in florida. hey, steve. steve: hello, ainsley. yes, i'm taking some selfies there did you go. big crowd. this is the overflow crowd coming up in the next segment live here from the villages ♪ steve: you are not supposed to sing there. we are going to talk a little politics. you had a question for me, right? >> yes, did i. what is the special event
3:29 am
taking place here or there at 8:00? >> now, i said it was a surprise, right? >> right. >> if i told the surprise, they t. wouldn't be a surprise. will anyway, we will talk to the folks live from the villages. you are watching. folks, it's friday ♪ ♪ come on get happy. ♪ a whole lot of loving is what we will be bringing they work togetherf doing important stuff. the hitch? like you, your cells get hungry. feed them... with centrum micronutrients. restoring your awesome, daily. centrum. feed your cells. that last place was pretty nice.
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♪ brian: i was digging on the first song and then we switched. ainsley: two songs this morning and steve doocy is down in the sunshine state with our friends. you are at rj gators in the villages. steve: here's the secret and his ears are going to start burning. when peter was a kid we used to have an r.j. gators in our town. villages, great gathering spot. a lot of folks get together for breakfast. lunch and dinner. and as you can see, it is 6:30 in the east and these people are already hitting the sauce. this is going to go great. let's talk a little bit about first of all, y'all watch the fox news channel? >> yeah.
3:34 am
[cheers] >> those people over there we got like 500 people here. everybody wants to be on tv. what do you think about what's going on with judge kavanaugh and just the fact that they have asked for a new investigation? they had it and now they be going to start having votes today. >> very important decision that effects not only this generation but effects my grand children who live in the pittsburgh in the future. it's got to get done right. we hope we get it voted on moving on. steve: do you think they should have had the vote last week? do you think it was a good idea to have the investigation. >> i think the investigation was good but now it's time to move on and get a vote. steve: what do you think? >> makes me nervous a guy has a clean record for 30 years. and they go back to high school to find out what he did in high school. i wouldn't want people going back to high school on me. [laughter] steve: in fact, we have his high school yearbook right here. [laughter] i'm kidding. you are ready for the vote. >> definitely red jr. to the vote. it was mishandled. i am glad that they're
3:35 am
resolved now and moving forward. steve: does it bother you no democrats may vote for him unless a couple of those in the tough races might think okay, my back is to the wall i am going to have to suck it up and vote for this guy? >> yes. it's pretty sad it speaks to the whole division in the local country. how poorly that is being, you know, portrayed. steve: who do you blame? >> i don't know. steve: you have to pick somebody. i think people need to come together. steve: you are right. what's your name? >> chris. >> i didn' chris, what do you tk about the fact that has been so divisive and it's clearly, you know, the democrats don't want him in. and the republicans are doing everything this can he to bring him in. >> exactly. it's one of those things whereas the country as a whole. it's always divisive. we alwaysment to do -- make someone guilty until proven innocent. and it really bothers me.
3:36 am
steve: i heard that yesterday. you are going to work after you have the breakfast here. [laughter] steve: what do you think about the kavanaugh thing? >> it makes me only nervous that only four votes can make or break our supreme court. steve: one of the things because we are talking so much about kavanaugh, we are not talking about everything else in the world. tomi here, how long have you lived in the villages? >> 15 years. >> all right. what's the number one thing that bothers you other than the kavanaugh thing? >> well, let's go back to kavanaugh, feinstein sat on it for two months, which is atrocious. he is the most qualified man in america for the job. other than that, best economy in my life. lowest unemployment. and no apology tour this time. okay. place america first again. i'm very proud. steve: all right. that was very nice panel. [applause] i will tell you what, tommy,
3:37 am
because you took the initiative to redirect the questioner, we're not going to talk about that. [laughter] i would like to present you with our brand new cookbook. [applause] steve: thank you very much. anyway, strong feelings. the general sentiment, ainsley, brian, and pete is let's vote to see how this happens. ainsley: he says best economy in his life. that's pretty strong. thanks, steve. pete: probably true. brian: so far it seems except for the $21 trillion in debt. that kind of bothers me. brian: that's a whole thing too. take care of one thing at a time. ainsley: minor details, brian. brian: what's a trillion? ainsley: that number is so big we can't conceptualize it. jillian: democratic intern charged with doxxing. senators also tried to expose their children's
3:38 am
personal information. jackson cosco faces up to 20 years in prison for posting home addresses and phone numbers of at least three senators during the kavanaugh hearing. cosco threatened to post their kid's health and social security information if witnesses reported him. what do you want to do if you get pulled -- do you know what to do, excuse me if you get pulled over. one school wants to make sure students know what to do. >> the reason i stopped you from reading. do you have your driver's license, proof of insurance. [high schools in texas now required by through show a 16-minute instructional video detailing the dos and don'ts of proper traffic stop etiquette. the texas education agency hopes it will build trust between students and cops. try not to get pulled over. that's easier. postal worker quits and pulls a dozens of carton undeliverable mail on the side of the road. cartons just discovered this
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week. former employee resigned last mongtsd. motive for dumping the mail sun clear. they won't be punished. if you are missing mail, that's where it is. failed presidential candidate hillary clinton will soon see her name back in lights on broadway. but it's not exactly what you might think. a play, simply called hillary and clinton set to open in april. johshe tries to save her troubled presidential campaign. brian: does john have to be in everything? ainsley: how do you think they will react when mike pence goes to see the show? brian: who is john? ainsley: really? pete: i don't know who is he? ainsley: third rock.
3:40 am
brian: like a rubbery actor. ainsley: what does that mean? brian: is he very physical like a cramer character. ainsley: rubbery i think of those floats at the car dealership. i love those things. brian: janice, not rubbery. ainsley: do you know those guys at the car dlipsz? janice: hey, happy friday earn. look who is here. how are you? what's your name? where are you from. >> rick, south carolina, greenville, south carolina. january january you, ladies? >> louisiana. >> lin ram ski farmerville, louisiana. janice: i love those glasses. >> thank you. janice: girls trip. >> yes. janice: are you getting into trouble. >> not yet. janice: can i come along. >> yes. january january i love it let's talk. weather maps. do you feel day in new york city. still feels like summertime across the south. across the northern plains and rockies, that's where we
3:41 am
have cold enough air for snow, my friend. you can see it on the map. there it is. do not adjust your tv set. flying across the plains in the knowledge great lakes. we are are looking at potential for heavy rain across the central u.s. that's something we have to watch over the next couple of days. are you ready for snow? >> yes. we love that. and you? >> we don't get much snow? south carolina. janice: i'm coming with you ladies. let's go get some breakfast. back inside. i'm with them. brian: janice's crowd starts so intimate and end up really big. brian: key is get there early get a lot of attention. celebrities leaving their liberal policy paradise in holiday. >> . i will stop. >> a vote for kavanaugh is a vote saying women don't matter. let's stay together. let's fight. we will talk about that. ainsley: next guest is there talk to that individual
3:42 am
coming up. >> kellyanne conway, senator chuck grassley. newt gingrich. geraldo. they are all here on this glorious friday. ♪ with advil, you'll ask... what sore muscles? what pounding head? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil. the best simple salad ever?d great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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3:46 am
10:30. the aclu is taking this to a different level. ainsley: they spent a million dollars on these ads to compare people like brett kavanaugh to bill cosby and harvey weinstein. have you seen these ads? >> we have seen this before. denials from powerful men. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> i have never seen anything like this. >like i categorically and unequivocally deny the allegations against me by dr. ford. >> america is watching. as we lifetime on this court we cannot have any doubt. pete: people convicted of sexual crimes in a court of law. ainsley: one convicted of drugging can women. pete: multiple, multiple, multiple. this is the aclu taken on unpopular positions standing on the first amendment. the belief that everyone has the rule of law and certain rights protected no matter what. even if that speech or actions are unpopular.
3:47 am
brian: all right. so we had tucker carlson had a big brawl yesterday. with the aclu, flash political director. listen to this. and tell me how think comes out on top. >> i'm asking you why you put him next to man who was tried in court and convicted of flongs and sentenced to prison when as you just noted hasn't done any of those things. >> that individual also denied the accusations. i think you would appreciate, tucker, we are criticizing people on the left and the right. >> tucker: i don't care about the left and right i care about the principles. if you are not defending people unpopular who you disagree with why do you still exist? >> we absolutely defend the people. we are doing so right now. >> tucker: you are a hack. you should be shamed. >> look at the case defending nra and definiting myelo. >> you made this country better and now making it worse. you abandoned your principles and you should be ashamed of yourself with total ensign sater. >> that is not true.
3:48 am
brian: some people got mad at lindsey graham for you are making him bill cosby when he had those great remarks at the end i thought were great. remarks defending brett kavanaugh. there are people who aren't as dug into this as many people watching and us here on the couch who are going to say yeah, honey. brett kavanaugh a terrible person just like bill cosby. that's what their hope is. pete: of course, turned it into. aclu used to be liberal in small l. believed in freedoms. liberal with big l. joined the left. part of the resistance. they are going to trash this guy no matter what. that's where they get their money from and most of the people they support. find a couple of places over here to make it look like they are bipartisan. bill clinton to make it look like that way. iactualactuality.know what's go democratsenator joins us live nt
3:49 am
hour. brian: hundreds of kavanaugh protesters swarm capitol hill. our next guest was there. >> if it is proven he committed the crime, he should go to jail like anybody else. >> he should be behind bars. your digestive system has billions of bacteria but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself with align probiotic. and try new align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health.
3:50 am
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. bait toe o'rourke did not make president obama's endorsement list he says he is not interested anyway. o'rourke making those comments at town hall in texas. president trump is endorsing his opponent senator ted cruz. democrat running for congress in michigan claims is he a medical doctor. but officials say he doesn't have a medical license in the state matt longjohn said he earned a medical agree from university but left the field in 2001. brian: daily callers braved the streets yesterday. they wanted to chat with anti-kavanaugh protesters. look at the size of that crowd. listen. >> do you think there should be a separate investigation opened into kavanaugh's college drinking and high school drinking habits? is that something that concerns you? >> i don't see why not? >> i mean, if that's what it takes, sure. >> it definitely goes to his
3:54 am
credibility and i think it should be investigated. >> sure. because that would prove the point that he is -- that he misrepresented himself. brian: right. 36 years ago. the daily caller stephanie hammel joins us now with some reviews of her interview. stephanie, you braved the crowd. when did you realize that they were going to be tough to win over? >> yeah. i knew it was going to be tough to win anyone over. i go to a lot of these protesters and i definitely never win i the say judge brett kavanaugh has been investigated more than any other u.s. supreme court nominee in u.s. history. so, the fact that anyone would even suggest there would be another investigation after he has already been through. six investigations, seven with the last one. and the idea that people would want his beer drinking from his college in high school days investigateside absolutely absurd. brian: a lot of these probably just leaving the bar and going to this rally. and coming from high school or college.
3:55 am
here's a little of what you found when you went into the crowd. if it is proven he committed the crime he should go to jail like anybody else. >> if he let alone a supreme court judge. >> i think he has perjured himself, as far as i know that is a crime in and of itself. and could lock him up. brian: is that pretty much what you got? >> yeah. it's amazing. they want to lock him up. we find out from the latest fbi c x that ther conclusion tho corroborating of evidence, zero. zoich. they still wants to lock up an innocent man. the idea that presumption of innocence is dead in this country or only applies to certain few is extremely scary to me. part of that crowd seeing the thousands of people marching, i mean, they are so upset. the passions, of course, are
3:56 am
running high. we have the celebrities out there. and, at the end of the day, this has nothing to do with judge brett kavanaugh. this is all about resisting president trump. our duly elected president. brian: chanting, i believe, dr. ford i believe anita hill. they are going all the way back to the 1990s. why not? they are investigating him from the 1980s. big picture there is a vote today and vote saturday in theory. do you look for the tensions to rise? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, i don't think this battle is over. and despite what we have now know again about judge brett kavanaugh, look, his name is going to be tainted near for the rest of his life. when you google search him, you will always find that. and, you know, this is an innocent man with a family. an impeccable reputation. brian: gotcha. >> it's awful what's happened to him. brian: right. is he going to need security no matter what happens to him from here on him. stephanie hammel, thanks so much. appreciate it here we are coming up straight ahead.
3:57 am
all eyes on capitol hill as the senate is set to begin voting on judge kavanaugh. here to react. kellyanne conway. we will talk to senator grassley, mike huckabee and geraldo. all right, i will use his last name u rivera. ♪ all the tools you need for every step of the way. make it, squarespace
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4:00 am
pete: the senate is convening this morning. they believe sometime saturday afternoon is when the actual vote of the kavanaugh nomination will occur. >> judge kavanaugh should be confirmed on saturday. >> it looks to be a product of an incomplete investigation. >> for heidi heitkamp announced she is a no. >> red state democrats who have a really terrible decision to make. they can go and be complicit with a process that has been fraught with hysterics. >> there are four remaining undecided senators. three of them are republicans, one of them, joe manchin, who is in a tight race in west virginia.
4:01 am
[chanting: hey, hey, ho, ho, kavanaugh has got to go] >> democrats rage on. >> democrats have been trying to destroy judge brett kavanaugh. he is an incredible intellect. an incredible personal. an incredible talent. [cheers] ♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ and i'm hanging on a moment of truth ♪ i'm on the edge. brian: lady gaga by the way will be starring in a star is born. she will be playing the woman. barbara stripes sand. pete: opposite bradley cooper. brian: i don't know how that is going to go. ainsley: that is a lady gaga song. is that why you are saying that? huge weekend, we could possibly get a vote tomorrow afternoon. pete: tomorrow afternoon likely it all turns into senate procedure at this point. we will get to the time line on that. that's all the political folks in washington. we also have steve doocy, is he down at the villages with the folks. you know, he has a new book
4:02 am
out. he is out talking to the people about it. steve? steve: that's right. thanks very much, pete. i'm on a little book tour over the next couple of days. going to be at the villages and tomorrow in tampa and the day after that down in naples. the folks at the villages are excited to be on "fox & friends." [. [cheers and applause] like so many people showed up then you go over here. [cheers] steve: the people over here who have the really bad lighting. all these folks are here today to talk a little bit about the things 2349 news and they want to talk about -- okay, crowd participation. who is ready for a vote on the supreme court thing? [cheers and applause] okay. final question. who thinks he should get in and be the next justifiable on the supreme court? [cheers] so, brian, ainsley and pete that takes the temperature of the villages. not only 72 degrees but people are a little hot on
4:03 am
what is happening in washington, d.c. coming up in 15 minutes we will talk to some of these people who have had mimosas and i know it's a little early. [laughter] anyway, it's friday, right? ainsley: they said, steve, every day is a friday. we don't even know what day of the week it is. steve: listen, the villages is great. brian: by the way, steve, so glad you are in florida. so much of what happens with brett kavanaugh is going to maybe decide the senate race as well as the governor race. anybody understands what florida means for 2020 let alone 2018. three minutes after the hour. we do know. this there will be a senate vote for cloture. it will be at 10:30. at:30. the senate will get together today. so just about a half hour after we are done. at 11:00, they expect to have it done. now, the question is, if word gets out, leadership, that murkowski is not aboard. that collins is not a board. flake is on the fence, do you still have that vote?
4:04 am
they're holding their cards tight with us. are they holding it tight with leadership? ainsley: there is no way march afternoon is not going to vote yes. he is in a very close race. up for re-election. that is trump territory. west virginia. pete: he voted for gulch. i don't think we can pu -- there are some senators that could conceivable bailiff say i'm going to vote for cloture because i want the debate to happen, want the vote to happen. doesn't necessarily mean they vote yea on saturday afternoon. these two votes are important. likely i think the cloture happens. then we have got a 30 hours of lunancy on the senate floor, i'm sure. because that's what's it's been so far is a circus. it will likely continue to i do involve in that direction. as you pointed out, there are four senators everyone is looking at. looks like jeff flake is a yes. it there had to be corroborating evidence in that fbi report there was none. looks like is he probably a yes. susan collins likely yes.
4:05 am
his is murkowski a big toss-up -- ainsley: joe manchin as we discussed in west virginia, i personally think he is a yes. do you agree? pete: i don't think we can know. ainsley: is he going to wait until the 11th hour to do it because he doesn't want to be the deciding vote. steve: h steve: steve he has vote. pete: he has been all over the map. brian: voting for gulch like adding in runs with the 11-0 lead. if you are saying murkowski and collins are out. joe manchin is not going to step up. he is not going to deliver -- he is not going to deliver kavanaugh. he would support kavanaugh if kavanaugh is delivered. unless he is going to do something he hasn't done before. pete: what a model of courage. brian: i'm not saying he isn't capable of doing it but he hasn't done it yet. however, for joe manchin, if
4:06 am
he does do that and stares down his party and says this guy has too much going for him and 90% of west virginians support kavanaugh. i'm from west virginia. so, therefore, i'm going to do it. joe manchin would set himself up as one of the most powerful people in washington over the next six years because in theory, he would get those six years. pete: you don't want it to be about politics but we all know it becomes that at the very end. lisa murkowski did vote for gulch but voted against sotomayor and kagan. so far has voted along party lines. a lot of those as we pointed out votes were 60-30 votes. few votes either way didn't matter. this is going to be 50-50. ainsley: vote for cloture that prevents democrats from being able to filibuster. then for the next 30 hours they are going to be debating. will would he be age to see that. pete: of course it will be on the senate floor.
4:07 am
ainsley: all 30 hours? pete: you think the rhetoric is hot already we played some of these clips. it's going to get hotter. brian: deborah ramirez team is not happy. they feel as though the fbi did not follow the leads they wanted to on the ramirez team. ramirez is the yale student featured in the new yorker article in the story that wasn't good enough for the "new york times" because it couldn't be corroborated. they now said i gave the fbi 20 names to follow up on. they only followed up with two. the ford team is not happy because they wanted to the turn over notes and wanted additional information. and wanted to further explain why no one could corroborate their story. she goes no one could because they didn't tell nibble. she did tell leland, who is the golfer, who doesn't have emotional problems. she had physical problems. who can't corroborate the story, period. both those sides feel as though they were short-changed by the fbi and so does every democrat. brian: fb democrat.brian. pete: a lot of republicans including jeff flake as we
4:08 am
mentioned came out of that and said there is nothing here. no evidence presented through this investigation that corroborates that are mere allegations and as a result has said he feels like brett kavanaugh is qualified. democrats came out of that very same room looking at that very same document with predictably some different conclusion. this is democrats slamming the fbi yesterday. >> the investigation was very limited. >> this report is blatantly and clearly incomplete. >> our fears have been realized. our fears have been realized. this is not a floor row investigation. >> in your view, is this a wholesome and credible investigation? >> it's obviously a coverup. pete: is it ever going to be good enough? brian: how about senator feinstein i wanted to see a real investigation. if you told us in june about this story we would have had at least a month. if you told us in august about this story we would have had six weeks. instead, you give people six seconds and you pretend as if this leak didn't come from your staff or somebody
4:09 am
that you are associated with and for dr. ford, why she isn't more curious than anybody else for someone blowing her cover because she wanted to remain anonymous. according to her testimony, this is her worst case scenario. she doesn't even seem curious about what went on. interesting story now, one of our future guests who is coming up shortly, senator grassley, wrote a letter to christine ford's legal team. turn over the communications with democrats. and other kavanaugh accusers. so i guess he is finding that there is some type of collusion between dems and ford and maybe. pete: lot of evidence of that different ways in which there appears to have been coordination. who paid for the all the preparation that went along. ainsley: why didn't her attorneys tell dr. ford that they were willing to go out to california to meet with her. she didn't know any of that information. pete: part of this debate democrats being confronted in elevators and republicans being confronted in elevators. a lot of times they back
4:10 am
down. one. ainsley: jefjeff flake and/or written hatch. brian: one senator took our eye when he was confronted he took a bit of a different approach. watch orrin hatch from utah. >> don't wave your hand at me. i wave my hand at you. >> when you grow up -- >> -- when i grow up. [shouting] >> how dare you talk to women that way. ainsley: at first she says don't wave your hand at me. i wave my hand at you. -like i'm the only one allowed to you do that then he says grow up. and she says you grow up. how dare you talk to a woman that way. come on. brian: then at the end he waved goodbye out of the elevator. you yell at me that way i yell back at you. point your finger at me and i point finger back at you and in the end invoke gender in the level of identified at this politics and absurdity if you are a certain category can you do certain things and another category ca you cannot. that's a very dangerous world to live. in that's what orrin hatch
4:11 am
was waving goodbye to. stand up and take a vote. brian: senator cassidy yelled back lindsey graham fought back and now happen has fought back that's after jeff flake didn't. jillian meally nothing to fight about with you. jillian: i'm not going to fight at all. i'm just hear to make peace. is that cool? we do have a fox news alert. a story we have been following out of chicago a search for a possible serial killer intensifies. there is $10,000 reward for whoever can help get this masked man behind bars. police say he shot and killed two people at point blank range in the span of 36 hours. the first victim a 73-year-old man walking his dog. another killed just blocks away and the scariest part as of right now, police say the shooting appears to be random. a lawyer working for hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc gave the fbi documents on the russia probe in 2016, that's according to new testimony from former fbi official james baker. a lawyer for the perkins couey firm provided documents and devices related to russian hacking. couey was a key player in funding the anti-trump
4:12 am
dossier. the folks person claims the meeting with baker was not conducted to clinton on the dnc. the u.s. is paying mexico millions of dollars to try to stop scenes like this from happening. a plan moving full steam ahead to give mexico $20 million to deport my grants. latest idea by the trump administration to help reduce the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border the u.s. border. and that is a look at your headlines. i will second it to you. jillian: thanks, jillian. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. senator chuck grassley is here live coming up. first, newt gingrich is going to join us. that's next ♪ free and easy down the road i go ♪ actually, that's super easy. my bad. that's super easy. [stomach gurgles] ♪when you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right.
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plan from humana could save you money. there is no obligation and the book is free. ♪ ainsley: let's bring in newt gingrich, the former speak speaker of the house. fox news contributor, and the author of one of the best-selling books, the best selling book, trump's america. congratulations on all your success and thank you for joining us. so, this weekend newt newt >> good to be with you. ainsley: thithis weekend is a big weekend. the vote could be tomorrow. kavanaugh wrote this op-ed in the "wall street journal." why do you think he did that? did someone tell him to do that or he just wanted to clear his name? >> well, i'm sure that there was a conversation about whether or not to do it. i don't think he just did it on his own.
4:17 am
and my guess is that they have been getting push back from some of the senators about the tone of some of what he said and he was trying to find a way to say, look, there was a unique moment in my life. my family and i have been smeared. and attacked. and you are right, i was emotional because, frankly. i deeply bitterly resented my daughters and my wife being subject to this. but, on balance, my entire career as a judge has shown that i'm very, very neutral. very focused on the law. and very reliable. and i think that's what he is trying to get across. and i think it's because, you know, when the democrats failed on attacks him over sex. they switched to attacking him over drinking. when that started to fail, they switched to attacking him over his temperament. and so in a sense. he is playing whack amole and he is answering the latest democratic attempt --
4:18 am
brian: we will see it comes down to lisa murkowski, joseph flake and susan collins. how is it that collins and flake came out and said they were happy with the investigation in their own way and how significant is it that murkowski didn't and met with women's groups throughout the day? >> well, look, i used to be speaker of the house. not leader of the senate. so, i'm always a little careful about my good friends across the way in the senate, but, i think it's very important to remember that every senator has the right to change their mind at any time. and verizons it on occasion. so, i will tell you, for me, personally, i am going to feel better after the vote. i'm not going to presume i know better going in. i'm not going to try to read tea leaves. i do think obviously it was better that senator flake and senator collins said there is no corroboration.
4:19 am
in the new fbi report. it would have been much worse if they would have walked out and said boy that sure corroborates the story. no corroboration is a yes vote. i used to be the whip in the house. if they don't say yes, they didn't say yes. so, you have four will he legite votes out there that are trying to decide what they are going to do. i think senator murkowski is torn. i think she genuinely wants to be responsive to those women who feel offended but she also genuinely wants to be responsive to the facts and to justice to a nominee one of the most important decisions she will make in her career. that's why you see her going through these meetings. senator collins had a very clear sense, this is my reading where susan was. she had a very clear sense of what she wanted looked at. and a sense that they have done it senator flake, frankly, i think and i don't think it was necessarily bad to buy a week little
4:20 am
decompression and even though you have schumer and others fromently saying oh, it wasn't enough. for most americans. one additional fbi report begins to be pretty definitive. so, i think that the original charges have now been pretty clearly debunked. and if i were betting, i think it will all work out. but, boy, i don't know how senator mcconnell fields, but i would sure feel a lot better after the vote. i don't want to jump in this morning and have a sense of victory yet. pete: spoken by somebody who has had to count many votes in your life. you weren't on the senate side. that's a great break down of the vote. thank you, senator for your time this morning. >> thank you. brian: 45 pages of interview. 65 extra pages of tips all included in that report. ainsley: look at the screen, brian. look who is coming up? brian: senator chuck grassley has been front and center on the confirmation process. the senator joins us next.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
ainsley: this is a fox news alert. the senate preparing to vote on judge kavanaugh with the causative latest report. pete: with a. brian: his or her to weigh in the chairman of the senate judiciary committee front and center the entire process. chuck grassley. senator, first off, today we are expected to have the vote at 11:00. dupe already how it's going to go? our leader said yesterday this is one of the few times in the united states senate we won't know how it's going to go until everybody has cast their vote. so we don't as of now i
4:25 am
don't know and i don't think anybody else does. brian: the cloture vote will that likely pass because that's not the final vote and the one up for grabs is the big one? >> i think you are going to find both votes about the same for everybody. ainsley: senator, how do we not know how jeff flake and susan collins, murkowski and manchin are going to vote? i don't understand why they are not saying? are they waiting until the very end because they don't want to be swayed by their voters? what more information do they need? we already have the fbi report. why don't we know how they are going to vote? >> because they are very personal, very quiet about it and i think that they want -- legitimately i found myself in the same position. you want to make sure before you make a final decision, you want your constituents to know that you are very thoughtful about it and what might come up new. they are going to wait in the last minute. i have been in that same position. so i'm not going to hold it against them for not announcing ahead of time.
4:26 am
brian: we will see where that goes. murkowski wants to go back and see more. doesn't feel as though she had enough time. so does manchin, i think. when you look at this. the democrats are lined up almost in unison outside of manchin saying this is a sham. menendez uses an explicative saying it's all b.s. despite the thousand pages and the multiple interviews. are you surprised that the people that demanded one week for an evaluation last week are saying it's not enough this week? >> not only that but during our last hearing, they said we ought to be having the fbi look at one person, only one person. ended up looking at about 12 people. but they need to look at this guy, his last name is judge. they went way beyond that they aren't satisfied. they are always moving the goal post. i think you have got to go back to july the 10th. when schumer said he is going to do anything under the sun to defeat this nomination. i have been trying to have a fair and thorough and open
4:27 am
hearing and i think we have done exactly that to get everything out on the tape. and i have been dealing with a demolition derby on the part of the democrats where they have been out to do everything they can to defeat him. and one of the things you would think that they would be concentrating on is he qualified to come o to be on the court. 12 years on the d.c. circuit. 307 decisions. what is there about this person that he shouldn't be on the supreme court. no, his qualifications have not been at issue. everything that's been at issue is secondary things. ainsley: senator, what do you think about protesters attacking your colleagues in elevators. orrin happen and jef hatch and . >> i think it's a reflection of the incivility of american society generally and i think it's also
4:28 am
evidence that people will go to any length when they are encouraged by people on capitol hill like one congresswoman saying confront them in the restrooms. go up and another senator saying get in their face. we as senators ought to be setting examples for civility, not encouraging incivility. you've heard about the resistance since november 2016. you are seeing the reisis resistance headquarters right here on capitol hill all among democrats. pete: would any of your democratic colleagues admit that? you say we have gone too far? heat too high. this never happened to elena kagan and sotomayor in the hallways. >> don't forget, there are some people on the right that get overly ambitious and vicious as well. we here on capitol hill,
4:29 am
have to set an example for civility. brian: right. senator, chairman, understand that lee land kaiser, the former friend of dr. ford feels pressure to revisit other denial of knowing about the alleged assault back in 10th grade. how do you feel about her saying that she feels pressured by democrats to change her story? >> there is evidence -- i can't speak about it because it's in the fbi report. but there is evidence about other people that have been questioned that they were led into it as well. this is another example of headquarters for the resistance being right here on capitol hill. >> and do you believe that there is a problem with debra -- dr. ford's collaboration with the democratic party. what paperwork do you want to see that you haven't seen yet? what do you need to see in terms of the communication?
4:30 am
>> polygraph. other things that she talked about to "the washington post." if she can talk to the "the washington post" about it, she ought to talk to us. but, let's get back to the willegitimacy of ford coming forward. if she was -- she was assaulted, i believe she was assaulted. there is no corroboration about her judgment that it was judge kavanaugh, but have you got to take sexual assault accusations very seriously. we don't do that enough in american society. and this -- whether ford is right about judge kavanaugh or not, the fact that we had a bringing to people's attention the major social problem we have about sexual assault, that is at least one good accomplished by dr. ford coming forward even even though she wanted anonymity and even though senator feinstein or other democrats on the committee
4:31 am
didn't protect her confidentiality. ainsley: thank you for taking that seriously, senator. well, good luck today. pete: appreciate your time, thank you. ainsley: thank you very much. brian: straight ahead. ainsley: counselor to the president kellyanne is going to join us live next. pete: steve is still having breakfast with the friends live at the villages in florida. ainsley: beautiful. steve: it is beautiful. the sun has come um. the people have come out. we are at r.j. gators. every day is saturday here in the villages. but it's tgif. it's thank goodness it's fox. we will talk with those folks about kavanaugh, the news of the day and who thinks the economy is roaring? coming up next live from florida. (burke) fender-biter. seen it, covered it.
4:32 am
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it's as written. pete: that was president trump last night about 15 minutes from my parent's hometown in rochester, overflowing the crowd at the arena. we will bring in kellyanne conway, counselor to president trump. thank you for being here this morning. >> good morning. good morning. pete: everyone is talking about this vote coming and
4:36 am
come on saturday. you are on the inside. handicap where we are right now with those key votes. >> you heard chairman grassley and i like to echo some of what he said that the process has been thorough. it's gone on much longer and much deeper than any supreme court justice in modern history if not ever and now it's time to vote. i won't get ahead of those senators who truly seem to be grappling with their decision. i would point out what several of those senators have requested has been done. we had rachel mitchell from arizona. jeff flake's home state highly regarded sex crimes prosecutor. doing the questioning on behalf of the republicans on the senate judiciary committee. she then came out with a five-page memo saying she could never even bring charges let alone successfully prosecute a case like this based on what she had reviewed. we had the investigation and having completed the seventh investigation of brett kavanaugh in his adult life, including two this very calendar year. one completed in july.
4:37 am
one completed just this week all of the questions have been answered. many all of the people are thumping their chest and stomping their feet. we must have an fbi investigation. it won't take that long critical to our vote. now they have it. it will never be enough for them. i'm the first person to have said two and a half weeks ago. let this woman be heard. we did hear her. we heard her for hours under oath. we heard from the people who said could corroborate what she alleges happened 36 years as. ladies and gentlemen, don't forget that we have also heard from judge kavanaugh 33 hours originally, 1200 written responses to questions over 1 million pieces of paper produced over his career. and people who are so angry and chasing down senators in the halls and screaming their heads off as if those men have personally and individually wronged them, they don't even stop and think about the 28 years of public service of judge
4:38 am
kavanaugh. female. all of them are standing by them. not all of them voted for donald trump. the president nominated brett kavanaugh. let me say something about those who are angry. i respect the fact that i live in a country where we can disagree. they are not disagreeing. they're trying to destroy. this is acrimony and anger that didn't metastasize three weeks ago. some of these women have been working on this and marinating in it for years. chasing down orrin hatch and chuck grassley did. they individually wrong these women? they can't be held responsible for whatever man or men have wronged these women chasing people out of restaurants. brian: republicans are not chasing down democrats. ainsley: no. brian: the other way around. has been regarding the issue. real quick. we are trying to find out how these four are going to vote. you brought up an interesting point in the break about senator jeff flake. there might be some type of connection. he has always been a conservative even though he
4:39 am
has been at odds with president trump. there might be a connection between the prosecutor, mitchell, who asked the questions. and came to those conclusions. that there was a lot of holes in the story that couldn't prosecute dr. ford's case. and how flake goes. in what way? >> no. the only thing i was saying that rachel mitchell the sex crimes prosecutor the republicans of the judiciary committee asked to stand in for them and pose the questions to dr. ford and she did. and i thought she did a great job in so doing. i'm sure that senator flake is familiar with her and her work. because is he a long-time congressman and senator representing the state of arizona. but, the most important thing about senator flake and i respect that he is grappling with this decision and i appreciate the integrity and dignity in which he has approached this process. the thing about senator flake is, one short week ago, he announced that he was going to vote for judge kavanaugh. and he did to get judge kavanaugh out of committee. remember, that vote happened a week ago. that vote stands. he advanced from the senate
4:40 am
judiciary committee, including with an affirmative vote from senator flake. what changed is he was approached or confronted in the he will varied by these women who i said god bless them for coming forward but also, they need to feel that anger toward their individual perpetrators, not towards senators unconnected completely from the awful things that have happened to them in the past. but senator flake already has made joyful noises about supporting judge kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. he asked for the supplemental investigation by the fbi u and it was senator flake who said no longer than one week. and all of that has come to pass. so, now he will announce his decision. i think the wild card here is also senator joe manchin from west virginia. a state where the vast majority of the people who voted him in to office have said they also want judge kavanaugh confirmed to the supreme court. do you listen to the will of your voters back at home or do you listen to the leaders of a democratic party who have been so dishonest and do you police tis i do you poli.
4:41 am
they wanted testimony and they got it they wanted supplemental fbi investigation they got it has a single democrat changed his or her mind based on everything that they have asked for and have received? and let me tell you one more thing, every way that donald trump, my boss and our president is described by the mainstream media is exactly how the crazy left is acting describe him as fuming and angry and isolated and throwing things. he is not that way at all. i'm with him every day. the way they behave will not ending with the confirmation of judge kavanaugh. people have seen, they have been watching. it's why there is more enthusiasm now on the republican side. they are so appalled at the treatment of one man who has had 28 years in public service and an impeccable record to serve in the united states supreme court. search and destroy is exactly the way not advice and consent. ainsley: so much hypocrisy. women getting in faces.
4:42 am
they are using gender to get their points across. but, yet, they're are the running attacking men in the elevator and yelling at them. how dare you talk to a woman that way. it's dangerous. >> ainsley let's say as americans and moms, terrific that lots of women are coming forward. >> correct. >> they want to tell their stories. they need to be heard, but why just in the context of this supreme court hearing for this man based on 36 years old allegations that are still uncorroborated to this moment? if you want -- if we want to help women, sexual assault victims, let's do it. but i didn't see nancy pelosi doing much about it when she was speaker. i certainly didn't hear much about it in the 2016 election with queen bee talking about donald trump and all assorted of nonsense that was rejected by the voters. in fact, i don't hear about the hillary clinton center for women and girls now two years later. the bill clinton senator center for women and girls might be a more interesting endeavor. hillary clinton center for women and girls. where is that? she is still talking about
4:43 am
the 2016 election. of the hypocrisy of even trying to help women who have been harmed by the left is so -- it's so perverted of and subverted now. i feel sorry for these women they are trying to get satisfaction republican senators confirmation hearing through the united states supreme court that they ant rah parentsly can't get through the party otherwise. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: exciting day. convene at 9:30. convene by 11:00. by the way steve is having breakfast with his friends and our friends live at the villages. steve, how many selfies have you taken? o good. get the recipes at
4:44 am
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joe knows. he has got to vote because, if he don't, he is politically dead. steve: will he lose his election in a month or so? >> if he doesn't vote yes to the confirmation he will. steve: all right. there you go. thank you very much. we have a bunch of other people here. what do you think of the kavanaugh thing? >> i think it's getting ridiculous. no matter what happens, the democrats are going t to-make life difficult for this to move forward. steve: did they overplay their hand. >> absolutely i think they did. steve: let's come over here. ma'am, this is ---what do you think about the kavanaugh thing? >> yes. i think that we, women, think for ourselves and do not just think what the media wants everyone to
4:48 am
think. and this is a highly qualified candidate and we are not sheep. and it's feinstein and her friends that are deplorable. not we the -- steve: do you guys agree with her. [. [cheers and applause] and this guy right over here, what do you make of what's going on in washington. kavanaugh family start to heal. what do you think -- only half the crowd. more people like peggy's comments. what do you make of the fact that in washington it's become so politically toxic? >> everything. steve: they hate each other. >> everything is personal. that's not the way it is out here in the hinter land. we can talk about things. they make everything personal. it's like they hate each other all the time. we're sick of it. that's why we elected trump. steve: there you go. you know what, washington, d.c. shoul relocate to the
4:49 am
villages. everybody here is in a good mood. >> amen to that i feel like i'm in my living room but better. steve: every morning, that's right. coming up on "fox & friends" about 15 manipulates from now, we have such a big surprise, it's either going great -- we are going to get in one of thei famous golf carts and go some place. where are we going to go? i'm going to make somebody breakfast out of my cookbook. it's going to be crazy. ainsley: that's so great. pete: we don't know what's going to happen. i will be watching, too. ainsley: steve is making breakfast with one off our viewers. brian: that person does not know. ainsley: every morning you are so kind to welcome us into your house. now we are welcoming you live studio audience.
4:50 am
brian: .com. friends at fox news to the to be chance fun. wrap it around new york. chosen california, are you flying them in. brian: i will fly them in if they can stay with you. brian: you are out of judge kavanaugh. and still not enough for many democrats. what more do they want? >> democrats agreed that the investigation scope should be limited. we do not agree that the white house should tie the fbi's hands.
4:51 am
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♪ >> it looks to be a product
4:54 am
of an incomplete investigation that was limited, perhaps by the white house. democrats agreed that the investigation scope should be limited. we do not agree that the white house should tie the fbi's hands. pete: that was dianne feinstein on thursday, yesterday. senate democrats blasting the fbi investigation that they asked for into allegations against brett kavanaugh, saying it's still not enough. this as you know is the seventh such investigation so what more could democrats conceivably need. here to weigh in is the senior advisor to independent women's forum. answer that question. is there anything more that could conceivably be delivered that would satisfy democrats? >> hi, good morning. actually, the short answer to that is no. i really don't think there is anything more that could be delivered. this has been a calculated campaign from the beginning of july. to do whatever they can to make sure that judge
4:55 am
kavanaugh is not going to be given a seat on the supreme court. but, unfortunately, i think they are running out of tactics and hopefully, after tomorrow's vote, they will have run out of time. pete: you are referring to the fact in july chuck schumer said we will do anything to defeat this nominee. his record was clear and strong. but they went after alleged assault and drinking and temperament. they have used every last one. then they got an additional fbi investigation. do you think -- do the voters see through this and realize it's a resistance effort? has this just clearly along partisan lines is how you see it playing out? >> you know, unfortunately, i do. and some may say that's a cynical way of looking at things. but i think it's become very political. and the intent of this campaign has become very transparent now. and i think folks across the country are very well aware that they are just trying to continually move the goal post and keep bret off the supreme court. pete: someone on part of the independent women's forum.
4:56 am
the issue of sexual assault is a serious one. a discussion has been had with that but do you feel like women have been -- some have been used, others have been made to think they think one way? i mean, how do we have both a fair assessment of judge kavanaugh and also an understanding that we can talk about alleged sexual assaulted as well? >> well, you know what? you are absolutely right. sexual assault is a huge and serious issue. and victims, survivors need to be heard. but, because you are willing to hear you are willing to come forward, just because you are a woman that by no means prejudges one's opinion. as women, we need to be able to consider the facts and make our own determination and i think that's what's gotten lost. pete: it really has. it's such a great point. andrea bottomner. thank you for the points this morning. >> thank you. pete: big final hour ahead. geraldo rivera, mike huckabee. tammy bruce. steve has a big surprise have you never seen before down at the villages. stick around. don't miss it.
4:57 am
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♪ peeve peeve the senate is convening this morning. sometimes the actually vote of the kavanaugh nation occurs. ainsley: four remaining undecided senators. win one of them joe manchin in a tight race. >> i will feel personally after the vote. they didn't say yes. they didn't say yes. [shouting] >> nearly 300 people are arrested as anti-brett kavanaugh protests rage on. >> democrats have been trying to destroy judge brett kavanaugh. he is an incredible intellect, an incredible person, an incredible talent.
5:01 am
brian: we were going to find out the incredible talent and who the president calls incredible person when he joins the supreme court. the first step as senate comes into session 9:30. cloture vote could happen around 11. when they begin the cloture vote at 10:30. ainsley: if the cloture vote passes it blocks any filibuster attempt to delay the vote. senators have 30 hours to debate. pete: will watch basically 30 hours of c-span. senators making their case. you think rhetoric is explosive already. you see this vote happening this morning on live on fox news channel all the way through to the saturday evening. ainsley: senator mcconnell would have to order senators to stick around for the weekend. senator dayne is in montana. i want to work to walk her down
5:02 am
the aisle. brian: how will these senators vote, senator collins, senator manchin, senator murkowski and senator flake. jeff flake said yesterday he said i need to speak to you. evidently he is still having issues with this nomination. >> brian, hi, everybody, how is everybody doing. this has been a savage process with you know extreme language on both sides, very, very distressing, if i were guessing as a graduate of the university of arizona i would suggest that jeff flake is going to come around and vote with his party. he keeps say he is a true conservative. a true conservative would want judge kavanaugh on the bench for obvious reasons, roe v. wade among them. so i would predict 41-49 vote.
5:03 am
there will be a lot of very distressing rhetoric on both sides. i think both sides are extremely shocked by the the savage nature of this process when all said and done, battered, tainted, smeared pretty kavanaugh will be the next supreme court jurist. pete: earlier on the program we have chuck grassley measured inside the hurricane, we asked him about the cloture vote and vote will both be close. this is senator chuck grassley. >> i've been dealing with a demolition derby on the part of the democrats where they have been out to do everything they can to defeat him and one of the things you would think they would be concentrating on, is he qualified to be on the court? 12 years on the d.c. circuit court. 307 decisions. what is there about this person that he shouldn't be on the supreme court? no, his qualifications have not been an issue.
5:04 am
everything that has been an issue is secondary things. pete: geraldo almost none of this is about his judicial qualification. >> of course not, pete. this is always been about this being the swing vote, the 5-4 vote. it was war. been selling that to anyone who would listen for weeks now. this is war, in war you win by any means necessary. they seized on the sex assault allegations from the remote past it. could have been anything. he could have had a dui. he spread malignant sore toes, could have been anything, they would have seized on it because they know that the ninth jurist could affect american life for a generation on issues like roe v. wade. brett kavanaugh in many ways was collateral damage. the fact that his family was traumatized the way they are were --
5:05 am
brian: and are. >> is insignificant to the democrats. brian: recuse, sr. has been old friend. -- lee kaiser. that shows you talk about dirty, that is dirty. this woman who is a bystander. who is emotional and mental capabilities were called out by this psychologist, former friend, dr. ford. you talk about, that is as bad as it gets. >> you know, brian, it is absolutely right. it has unintended consequence of motivating the trump base. if you saw the president at the rallies over last couple days. brian: been wild. >> seen that crowd, men and women really, very impassioned and disdain bit "me too" movement how it has been
5:06 am
co-opted by the democrats and vice versa. it leading to a backlash there will be a reckoning where men or women accused of sexual misconduct at least they will have some semblance of due process. at least some requirement the time be timely. charge has corroboration. the person accused have some opportunity to defend him or herself. i believe this is a hinge in history for more reasons than just the fact that this profound fact it will affect the court for a generation. i think that me-too will have a lot of, people have been absolutely repulsed by the tactics used, confronting ted cruz and his wife in a restaurant, harassing senate majority leader mitch mcconnell as he walks through reagan national airport, militancy of the movement has nothing to do with jury russ prudence. no one cited any decision made by brett kavanaugh in 12 years
5:07 am
in the d.c. circuit court that was offensive or anti-constitutional. this is all about politics. i would have preferred merrick garland on the high court, i'm a pro-choice person. i believe elections have consequences. trump through won the election. he gets the right to nominate the candidate for the supreme court. republicans control majority in the united states senate. they get to confirm the nominee if they so choose. that is the way the constitution works. there is nothing in brett kavanaugh's record that would disqualify him. i think this will be a sobering moment and pivotal moment in american history. ainsley: you talk about getting in people's faces at the restaurant. you mentioned ted cruz. we have seen it jeff flake being approached in the elevator. he decided he wanted that fbi investigation. i think that is why kavanaugh wrote the op-ed in "the wall street journal" this morning, jeff flake was saying i like him, i would probably react the same way if i were wrongly
5:08 am
accused. i didn't like his tone. in the op-ed writes, i was very emotional, i might have been too emotional, i testified with five people foremost in my mind, my dad, my mom, my wife and my children. we saw orrin hatch approached by women. we have a clip of that watch this, we'll get your reaction. >> i waved my hand at you. >> when you grow up -- >> you grow up. >> how dare you talk to women that way. ainsley: she pulls the woman card, how dare you talk to a woman that way. meanwhile she is the one in his face. >> isn't it sad, ainsley. what we've lost is any kind of you know, manner. ainsley: civility. >> civilized conduct. this is so beyond the pale. this is has nothing to do with brett kavanaugh with what he did as junior in georgetown prep. this has to do with this war,
5:09 am
this culture war that is going on. i think that this is a matter, you saw the president and response to the president. oh, i don't remember her -- yeah he did this to me. i don't remember where it was. i don't remember when it was. but i know, i think going forward there will be the resurrection of due process for people accused of these hideous acts but more importantly focusing on the court. everyone has to understand, this was about politics from the beginning. brian: i understand. >> assume here and dianne feinstein they had a fill in the blank tactic. whoever the nominee was going to be. they would declare war. brian: mark judge, depression, cancer, alcoholic. they don't care all of sudden keyser mental stability called
5:10 am
out by ford. ainsley: thanks, geraldo. jillian, thank you, jillian has more headlines. >> following a story out of chicago right now, fox news alert. a search for a possible serial killer intensifies in the city. there is 10,000-dollar reward who can get this masked man behind bars. police say he shot and killed two people at point-blank range in span of 36 hours. the first victim, a 73-year-old man walking his dog. another killed blocks away. scariest part the shootings appear to be random. overnight china slamming vice president mike pence calling his election meddling claims ridiculous. >> to put it bluntly, president trump's leadership is working. and china want as difficult -- different american president. there can be no doubt china is meddling in american democracy. >> chinese foreign ministry
5:11 am
firing back, warning the u.s. any malicious slander on china is futile. how about this, a toddler destroys more than $1,000 in cash with a paper shedder. oh, no. parents were saving money for college football season tickets, leo got ahold of it in utah. the u.s. treasury department may be able to exchange some or all of the cash back but it could take two years. instant panic, heart melts, ah! brian: watching the game on tv. ainsley: tape the dollars back together though. did you see that? pete: pretty much gone. brian: we have to go out to steve. steve, you're in kansas jayhawk golf court, is that true? you have a surprise for a "fox & friends" super fan? [cheering] steve: i know, brian, we're here at villages, my wife and kathy
5:12 am
and i are at barnes & noble in tampa. next day the barnes & noble in naples. because it's a cookbook, there is a chapter on breakfast. how does this sound? [crowd oohing] my kids grew up eating this. steve's 3:00 a.m. breakfast smoothie. real easy to make. there is egg mc doocy. there is a brunch bunch. and there is baked eggs benedict. that is the recipe that we are going to take out of the cookbook and we're actually going to pet in this kansas jayhawk golf court. here at the villages they have 65,000 golf carts. all right? are you ready? very nicely done, everybody. give yourselves a round of applause. [cheering] what we're going to do, go ahead, what we're going to do
5:13 am
now is, we are going to go, we're going to somebody's house. they don't know we're coming. we hope they're wearing clothes. the whole idea is we're going to go make something out of the cookbook for them live from the villages t could be great. it could be a disaster. we'll see it live coming up on shortly on "fox & friends." ♪ feel what lighter feels like.
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5:17 am
brian: all right, spotlight now on four key senators. this is who you should be looking at who hold the fate of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh's future in their hands this morning. >> here with more is fox news chief national correspondent ed henry. those are the final four. what are your predictions. pete: people at white house are nervous about couple names. after vice president pence as deciding vote. they don't think manchin would be 50. ainsley: do all four have to be a yes? >> one could be a no. the white house have been thinking in recent days murkowski is leaning no. they believe inside the white house they get collins and flake. if you have collins and flake, not murkowski some combination,
5:18 am
you can lose one, you can't lose two. if you have two out of the three republicans you get to 50 with vice president pence the deciding vote. manchin can be the cream on top. idea you lose two republicans. then you're at 49, maybe manchin gets to you 50. seems unlikely such pressure from the democratic side, not to be deciding vote. he might come on in the end to save his hide in vest virginia. watching jeff flake what you reported closely, he wanted to go talk to chris coons late yesterday afternoon -- brian: why? >> why. they cooked up the one week delay two weeks ago today when we thought there would be more votes. pete: you point out flake said, voted him out of the committee. if there is no more corroborating evidence -- >> i went back and look. this is written statement from jeff flake's office in his name. one thing he said our system of justice affords the presumption of innocence to the accused
5:19 am
absent corroborating evidence. he said for these reasons he said because the rule of law is dependent on innocent until proven guilty, absent corroborating evidence i will vote to confirm judge kavanaugh. that is what jeff flake himself said a week ago. brian: keep in mind, jeff flake's main problem with the tone and tenor of donald trump, we know that. brett kavanaugh is a bush guy. brett kavanaugh would have been supported by his idol, john mccain. brett kavanaugh, people got mad at president trump going too traditional, too mainstream republican with this safe pick. jeff flake would have to go against himself to vote against this. murkowski is moderate. collins is moderate. i never label jeff flake as moderate. >> before forget collins and murkowski were not yes a month ago. in private kavanaugh convinced them that he believed roe v. wade was settled law. pro-choice republicans and
5:20 am
murkowski and collins seemed to be assuaged and concerned. it's a whole different ball game, in the end, collins and murkowski are important but it comes down to jeff flake. pete: got it. we'll follow the cloture vote in two hours. >> maybe two hours. 10:30 eastern roughly, give or take. brian: big risk by blue or red state democrats, when donnelly said good-bye. tester said i'm not going to do it, heidi heitkamp, said i'm out. only democrat standing is manchin. >> what grassley told you last hour is news. look in the fbi report can't get into details there are multiple of occasions people on the anti-kavanaugh side trying to change witness's testimony. that's incredible. brian: fbi didn't follow suggested lead on ramirez and others -- >> fbi saying investigation is a sham when they have been going after president trump about the fbi, come on.
5:21 am
ainsley: he is proud to see president trump standing up for kavanaugh and he will join us live. brian: i hope he charged that thing. it is a long ride. ♪ today, 97% of employers agree that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. the kind of skills, that work for you.
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5:25 am
frost. brian: don't give them any ideas. ainsley: cheaper than vodka. brian: look out for drunk birds. something else to worry about. 24 minutes after the hour. fox news alert, senate is literally hours away from the first vote on judge kavanaugh, following fbi report a week ago, they got out of committee. that's where we are. ainsley: senator chuck grassley said we got to this point because the democrats said they're delaying. >> i've been dealing with a demolition derby on the part of the democrats, because they're out to do everything they can to defeat him. one thing you would think are they concentrating on, is he qualified to serve on the court? no. the qualifications is not at issue. everything that is been at issue is secondary things. pete: brand new video coming out of the clip from senator grassley. judicial nominee brett kavanaugh coming from the house in chevy
5:26 am
chase, maryland. all eyes on him literally. cameras staked out his house. a lot going through his mind. brian: at one point you wonder if says is it worth it? as a competitor i know it is worth it because everything is at stake. former governor mike huckabee of arkansas and first off, as we see the video of brett kavanaugh getting into his truck, is he going to be happy after 11:00 when the vote culminates today? >> yes he will be. i think that he is on his way to being the next supreme court justice because the democrats have been eating those berries up in minnesota that are fermented, running into glass windows. it has gotten out of hand. their pet you lens is showing. they have done something i didn't think was possible. they have awakened people both from the middle and the right
5:27 am
out of their lethargy. how they are going to go vote i think in the biggest record turnout because they have truly seen what the left is all about. it is not about justice. it is not about the protecting women. it is about exploiting women for their own political purposes. people are sick of the destruction of brett kavanaugh's life and, they realize that this is not a government we want. we don't want schumer, pelosi, maxine waters running anything. ainsley: it wasorg smallly alleged sexual abuse. then on thinks drinking and throwing ice and in college and his tone and temperment. nancy pelosi comparing judge kavanaugh to vladmir putin and kim jong-un. listen to this. >> he talks about being in love with kim jong-un and thinking kavanaugh is a great guy up standing this or that, i guess there is similarity that people
5:28 am
have with the people that they respect. crazy about putin in love with kim jong-un. thinks kavanaugh is a great, up standing person. you know what? he doesn't even know what he is talking about. ainsley: governor, why can't the democrat accept he is probably going to be the nominee or going to be voted in? >> ainsley the reason is because they have not accepted the results of the 2016 election. the heart of this conflict is not about christine blasey ford. it is not about brett kavanaugh. it is about the fact that they were so convinced that hillary clinton was going to be president and she's not, they can't accept the results and, let me be very clear. forget the politics of this, forget the winning and losing, we pose a true existential threat to our constitutional republic when the losing side of an election refuses to accept the results and instead tries to overturn it by any and every means possible including taking
5:29 am
to the streets and screaming at people and threatening them with physical violence? the pendulum will swing back and forth between the left and the right, but when the pendulum become as wrecking ball and destroys the constitutional due process we're no longer talking about winning and losing elections. we're talking about losing our country, our constitutional republic and our way of life. i don't mean to be melodramatic. but i'm serious. this is what this is about the. let's not forget it. brian: you predicted at start of the segment that he would start but people we don't know how they will do, flake, murkowski, collins and manchin. they want to go back and finish reading the report. they can't leave with it. pete: they have an hour 1/2 to do that. thank you, governor huckabee. >> how does flake not do this? how does he say give me a week and then he comes back and says i didn't see any corroborating evidence. then he votes no, how does he do
5:30 am
that? ainsley: because he was saying tone. he said he didn't like his tone. >> only if he is simply applying for a job on one of the liberal networks and hopes they will love him, but he will find out they don't love him. they use him, exploit him, don't really care for him. that would be unfortunate. it would be a tragedy for the country. a president has the right to nominate who he wishes to be on the supreme court. the role of the senate is advise and consent. they have done that, and time to recognize this is a qualified person and they should confirm him. pete: we'll be watching. governor mike huckabee. thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, governor. >> great to be with you guys. pete: aclu comparing judge kavanaugh to convicted felon bill cosby in this ad. doesn't that group defend due process. tammy bruce used to be on the left not anymore. she is fired up. brian: steve is live in the villages in florida. he is about to make
5:31 am
"fox & friends" history. steve, you're about to make history? steve: we'll do something we have never done before. we have a live camera, we're about to go make a breakfast for one of the viewers of fox news channel. we hear they're a super finance. we hope they're home. we hope they're clothed. i will knock on the door to come in, to make them breakfast. they don't know we're coming. it is either a disaster or fantastic. you will see it on other side of the brief time out. we're two blocks away from their house.
5:32 am
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5:35 am
way en route, sadly for rest of his life, whether he gets nomination or not he will have a lot of security around him. pete: likely secret service protection getting in the car. all eyes on him. treatment of senators inside of the senate office buildings, the same would be said or complications would be had if the left could. he is under severe protection. ainsley: let's bring in tammy bruce, fox news contributor. host of independent voices. he wrote an op-ed in the "wall street journal." do you think he did that, a lot riding on today, people have said if he doesn't get the confirmmation, is he going to be out of a job? >> look he is already will not be returning to harvard to teach. we already know there are ethics complaints regarding his current judgeship. i said from the beginning it is not enough. they are not just going to ruin his reputation, they can't do that, we're trying to not make that be the case but they want to ruin his life. yes, he will have that problem, which is horrible. at the same time, look, that the
5:36 am
op-ed i think was, he is serious about wanting this job. he said he is not going to withdraw of course. but, i think that op-ed was aimed at a few people. many people said he shouldn't have done it, right? i stated any normal person would react the same way being accused something horrific which you are innocent. pete: even jeff flake acknowledged for that week. if i was innocent i would have said the same thing. >> i think honestly something that probably, even surprised him. it is not his normal approach and he, you know, acknowledged that. at the same time, there is an attitude regarding what is judicial temperament? judges sometimes can have a temper and they react to certain things on the bench. the judicial temperment how you make your decisions and what your decisions are. ainsley: everybody was critical of him on fox news a few days before the hearing because they said he wasn't strong enough. he goes into the hearing, we want him to be really strong, he
5:37 am
does that. people criticize him. >> the rule in life in general is to be yourself, to be a decent person, in ourselves, we're a spectrum of reactions to things. it is normal to have passion. no, it is important not to adjust your sell to placate people. think the op-ed is the national position. brian: fox news alert concerns everyone in america, unemployment rate, this just in, it is now at 3.7%. we were at a 49-year low in terms of unemployment. this continues to drop. we're almost at full employment in this country. >> what is extraordinary about president trump's term here so far is the american people have been so engaged. we were told it would create world war iii and everything was going to go to hell. all americans remained engaged. they found out they were being lied to by a certain sector of politicians and politics and their instinct was correct.
5:38 am
with the kavanaugh situation we're in the same situation. they, we were reminded about what the democrats, and it's a shame, i'm a registered democrat, right? it is a shame to watch the party of john f. kennedy different involve devolve into a mob. christine ford's friend leland kaiser was pressured to change her account. brian: that is witness tampering. >> how is it not witness tampering? the same democrats say it is not enough, they didn't have time to influence all the witnesses. brian: they crawled all over the yale campus to get the freshman to come out and five days before to get the story. >> we understand politics. we understand also the issue of sexual assault. all women understand that issue. and we are tired of becoming,
5:39 am
being devolveed into effectively a chant at a rally. these are serious issues for americans. i think that americans have decided that judge kavanaugh can be trusted and the senate, we're going to see hopefully reflect that understanding that this whole dynamic was a circus and we're tired of it. pete: call it the kavanaugh effect t could be a big part of the midterm elections. >> we're seeing those numbers change as well. brian: tammy, don't ever change personally. >> i won't. i think i'm pretty darn honest. people are not liking that so much. brian: i think you're honest when you say that. >> i am. thank you. brian: i would hike to go toutsteve doocy right now. ainsley: steve is surprising someone this morning. tell us all about it. steve: you know we got this book, my wife and i came out this week, number one cookbook in the world right now. we decided since it is breakfast time. we would make breakfast for a fox super fan. we believe that they live in this house behind us. we don't know that they're home
5:40 am
but we were told they usually are home before 9:00 a.m. they have no idea we're going in. what i'm going to do, i will make them one of the breakfasts. and let's see, the address right there, that is the name we're looking for. mary and peter. it is easy for me to remember because i have kids by that name. all right. let's hope this goes well. okay. hope they haven't had breakfast. hey, are you peter? >> i am peter. are you steve? steve: i'm steve. i guess an watching. >> wait, wait. don't hurt yourself. steve: mary, thank you very much. come on in. we're going to make you breakfast. where is your kitchen. >> come on in. steve: we knew they were a super fan. look what they're watching.
5:41 am
the kitchen is back here. we brought all the groceries. we bought a blender as well because, we make, we make a smoothie. where are they? peter, mary, come on. come on. you did not know we were coming? >> no. >> very good. i see you're watching the fox news channel. >> absolutely. we saw. steve: did you hear me say we're going to somebody's house? what? [inaudible]. steve: turn the oven on. we need 425 real quick. so the whole idea behind the cookbook, foods that make you happy, right. what sort of food makes you happy, peter? >> well there is the great dinner that my wife makes which is cream chicken over rice. steve: that is close to ainsley's mom chicken divan actually. you have the oven on there, mary? all right.
5:42 am
what do you think about us showing up at your house. >> would you all like a cup of coffee? steve: we've been at rj gator's drinking coffee a couple hours. we have all the stuff, we're going to make baked eggs benny. we brought in a new blender in case you don't have one. we brought in a new quisenart. you haven't had breakfast yet, have you? >> we haven't had breakfast. how long till you start cooking. steve: we'll start right now. we'll step aside. the key is the puff pastry. when is the last time you had puff pastry? >> never. steve: it will be fun. i need a baking sheet. >> baking sheet. steve: all right. this is one of the recipes. >> you have to stop asking me. do you think i know where the baking sheets are? steve: where are you from? >> new jersey.
5:43 am
steve: what exit? >> red bank. steve: we need to put these in the oven quickly. soon as you're at 425. we'll have it in a minute. stay tuned you guys. back to the studio. ainsley: peter, mary, we'll come back to check in. see how the food -- brian: coming up next while we cook, alan dershowitz is waiting, getting dressed preparing to go on camera. alan dershowitz. . what pain? with advil. the best simple salad ever?d great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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5:47 am
pressured to change her story by some of ford's allies, possibly democrats. joining us is harvard law professor emeritus, author of the case against impeaching trump, alan dershowitz. >> the phoniest argument they didn't interview her. she under oath testified. fbi background checks don't repeat what happened previously. the two people they didn't interview the people who testified. their job was to find corroboration or lack of corroboration. if she has additional witnesses she should have them putting out statements, sworn statements under oath. then we can evaluate those. but, right now, i think the argument that she wasn't interviewed is absurd one. what would she do, change her testimony? she cannot help herself. she can only hurt herself to by changing testimony. brian: ernest attempt to delay. >> ernest attempt to delay. brian: two scenarios, one he passes, what happens, and one he
5:48 am
doesn't, what happens? >> i have no idea what impact it will have on the election. brian: changes the court. >> it changes the court, but changes the court less than if he doesn't get confirmed and president trump appoints somebody even further to the right. that is not what this is about. the court will be changed. that's the reality of a presidential election. the question is now, all about, whether we allow a nominee to be discredited without hard proof, hard evidence, and whether or not this establishes as precedent to the future where nobody is going to want to serve on the bench. the idea that he can't teach at harvard now because he was suspected? when i was growing up in brooklyn college at student, they fired professors because they were suspected maybe being communists when they were in their 20s. suspicion was enough. this kind of sexual mccarthy system a terrible, terrible precedent. look, women being assaulted a horrible, horrible thing but
5:49 am
women making up stories of the way at least one witness may well have made up a story out of whole cloth, that is a serious matter too. we have to look into all of these issues. this is a teaching moment and i hope we learn the right thing from this teaching moment. look i'm not advocate for this nomination. i would not have nominated kavanaugh. my candidate would have been merrick garland this is for me not about whether the my choice gets on the supreme court. it is about whether the process of confirmation is forever destroyed and it is in the process of being destroyed. brian: good point, professor. thank you. ainsley: steve is making breakfast for our super fans down in florida. we'll check back in with them next. first, check in with sandra smith, what is coming coming ups hour. i sense you do a lot kavanaugh. >> you know what? there will be a bit of that coming up next few hours. big morning. the first vote to confirm brett kavanaugh to the supreme court is over one hour away.
5:50 am
senate comes to order at at at 10:30 a.m. sharp. in words of leader mcconnell, we don't know how it will go until everyone cast as vote. senators ultimately vote. first senate vote begins in moments. join us live in "america's newsroom." introducing add on advantage, a new way to save on travel. now when you book a flight you unlock discounts on select hotels that you can add on to your trip up until the day you leave. add on advantage. only when you book with expedia. this flu season, and your sister-in-law's...
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♪ pete: we've been checking in all morning as steve kicks off his florida book tour. ainsley: now he is cooking his favorite breakfast from "the happy cookbook" for two very fortunate "fox & friends" fans. brian: steve is live with peter and mary mueller in their
5:54 am
kitchen. get to work. steve: this is the mueller investigation. i'm making the smoothie i had for last 20 years. really tasty. mary, peter, we heard you guys were big fox fans. >> we have wonderful fox fans every night, every morning. >> sometimes in between. steve: that is good idea, what do you make of what is going on in washington? hold on a second. i brought in a special smoothie maker. there we go. thank you for -- [inaudible]. all right. that looks the way it does at my house. >> we ought to get washington back in the way you're making mg that smoothie, with everybody getting together, mixing it upcoming out with something delicious rather than what we've been having. steve: have a sip from the
5:55 am
cookbook. >> great stuff. steve: you like it. >> in order to get the recipe you have to buy the book, right? steve: listen to you. you sound like my publicist. this is good. this is baked eggs benny. >> i bet you all wish you were right here. steve: no kidding. >> okay. steve: there you go. has anybody ever walked up in front of your house with a live camera before? >> not recently. i can't remember, but i forget a lot of things too. steve: how long you lived at the villages? >> we lived here for 12 wonderful years. we're looking for another 12 wonderful years. it is a great place to live and to be active. steve: really is. >> i know you folks like coming down here too. steve: do we have forks? >> i have everything outside. steve: outside? we have to do it right here. >> here we go. steve: have a bite of the baked
5:56 am
eggs benedict. >> baked eggs benedict. steve: this is one of the recipes in the "happy cookbook." for everybody that bought the cookbook. thank you very much. it is number one in america right now. how does that taste, peter? >> wonderful. steve: good answer. thank you very much. you know what? we were worried, ainsley, brian and pete this wasn't going to work out. this was fabulous. brian: you're a brilliant chef. way to take over somebody's house bense your will. steve: we're leaving now. tough clean up. ainsley: you cook they clean. that he, peter, thank you mary. more "fox & friends" coming up.
5:57 am
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[stomach gurgles] ♪when you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.♪ try new pepto with ultra coating. >> can you believe it? 22 years ago this sunday fox network was born. >> october 7th, 1996 the fox news channel officially launched and we've been breaking news and redefining the media ever since.
6:00 am
>> our team. it takes a lot of people to make this show happy. a very happy 22nd birthday, fox news. [cheering and applause] >> bill: good morning, everybody. emotions on a hard boil from capitol hill. we're one hour away from a key senate vote on brett kavanaugh as the judge fires back in an op-ed defending his testimony from a week ago. hope you're doing well at home, office, mobile device, wherever you find us today. welcome to friday i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: a big morning ahead. i'm sandra smith. tensions rising inside and outside the senate chamber. protestors swarming senate offices trying to persuade lawmakers. police arrested 300 yesterday and they're back today. >> bill: judge kavanaugh


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