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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 9, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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going viral online. can't see friends more than twice a week. when she says jump he must say how high, princess. gives me shivers down my spine. jillian: have a good day. rob: bye. >> i was not appointed to serve one party or one interest but to serve one nation. >> on behalf of our nation, i want to apologize. what happened to the kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness. >> he has done something that very few politicians ever do in washington. and that is he has stuck to his promises. >> a major hurricane, category 3, making landfall across the panhandle of florida tomorrow. >> if you are under evacuation order, leave, don't wait. we have never seen a storm like this hit this part of our state. >> more than a thousand people honorable the victims of horrific limousine crash with a vigil. we know the limousine and driver both should have never been on the road. >> you are agreein
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breaking a record with a huge play. >> what a way to do it. [cheers. [? >> steve: 6:01 here in new york city. time to go to a fox news alert. two big stories we are following right now. first, supreme court justice brett kavanaugh set to hear his first cases today after ceremonial swearing in last night at the white house. brian: a lot of emotion there this morning mass evacuations are underway in florida as the hurricane michael barrels towards the gulf coast. a storm the governor is calling monstrous and quick. ainsley: janice is calling it bad. she is following michael's track this morning. we asked her how is this and she said bad. janice: unfortunately a big bill for the big ben,
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apalachicola. a lot of wind and not a lot of you were level winds hinder this storm from strength. 91 mile-per-hour. cat 2 is 96. we expect this to be a category 3. a major hurricane when it makes landfall sometime tomorrow. now we are predicting midday in the afternoon. exact timing not still yet to be determined. next advisory we get at 8:00 a.m. we will watch that. here is the track. center of the storm making landfall sometime perhaps around the 1:00 p.m. hour around the florida panhandle. the results of this storm, the really big impacts are going to be east side. the northeast quad drangt so parts of the big bend of florida could get upwards of 12 feet of storm surge. that will be catastrophic. here is one of the computer models. this one predicts a landfall around the apalachicola area sometime tomorrow afternoon and then we'll see tropical storm force conditions for parts of georgia and carolinas.
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areas impacted, of course, by florence. this is going to be a big deal especially since it's a major hurricane. over a decade since they have had a cat 3 in this area of florida. a big deal. we will be following it. brian: very little ramp up time. janice: area of low pressure arranged the juke tan. above average surface temperatures. it really just exploded and will continue to do so over the next 24 hours. steve: next update will be? janice: 8:00 ohm. steve: we will be watching. meanwhile this is a fox news alert. it was an unusual ceremony in the history of the united states they have only done it for i think twice for sam alito and justice breyer. they had a ceremonial swearing in last night at the white house presided over as you can see right there the president of the united states. all will supreme court justices were there. along with members of the senate judiciary committee and i believe that's mitch mcconnell in the foreground who got a standing ovation.
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>> brett kavanaugh thanked the president and justice kennedy standing behind him at one point. i felt like when i was watching him give that speech, he is such a bush guy. he worked for president bush. but when he saw this president president trump nominate him which is he grateful but stand up for him with unwavering support. he looked at the president with tears in his eyes and thanked him from the bottom of his heart. brian: now his role not to be republican or democrat but to be a supreme court justice. there is pressure for all those justices showing up together. number one it's good they weren't monday night and lot of options. number two a utter cough unity. my disagree but always tight. now from here on in i hope politics is out of it and that's what brett kavanaugh said yesterday. i'm a member of the team. >> the supreme court is an institution of law. it is not a partisan or political institution.
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the justices do not sit on opposite sides of an aisle. we do not caucus in separate rooms. the supreme court is a team of nine. and i will always be a team player on the team of nine. i was not appointed to serve one party or one interest. but to serve one nation. every lit gadget in the supreme court can be assured that i will listen to their arguments with respect and an open mind. steve: right. and that's exactly what you want to hear somebody say as they go into a big job for life. his wife ashley was there along with their two daughters liza and margaret. the president referred to him as a man of courage and decency and kindness. what was extraordinary about the president's remarks were the way he apologized to justifiable kavanaugh for his treatment by the senate. listen. >> on behalf of our nation, i want to apologize to bret bret
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and entire kavanaugh family for the pain and terrible suffering you have been forced to endure. those who step forward to serve our country deserve a fair and dignified evaluation. not a campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception. what happened to the kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency and due process. a man or a woman must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. you, sir, under historic scrutiny were proven innocent. ainsley: justice kavanaugh said it did test him but he said he holds no bitterness over the brutal confirmation fight. first day of the hearing he walked into the hearing room in front of all the centers, his wife was with him she
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was filing he was smiling. the girls walked in with him. when the things got heat you had the girls had to leave the room. remember the basketball team came the first day and then everything changed. the mood changed. ashley wasn't smiling anymore. they were both crying at some points. as the days have progressed the smiles have come back. yesterday you saw ashley standing there next to her husband and she was smiling once again. brian: i would like to bring up from the legal perspective jonathan turley on last night with shannon says it's a coincidence but it turns out that kavanaugh who is going to work today with all clerks who happen to be female and i believe that's a first. coin deposition is he starting out in all areas where is he likely to really take the court in a different direction from justice kennedy. criminal cases, environmental cases. it happened to fall in that direction. democrats realized they lost so they were very humble in the way they handled it and they realized let's turn the page and move on, right? steve: you're so funny.
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absolutely not. if you missed some of the critical coverage of the confirmation and his new job, here's 41 seconds of it. >> women who are shrieking out in agony saying you cannot impose this on us. you can't send us back to the 50's but mitch mcconnell says yes i can. >> this is a president who says he is for law and order but not when it comes to sexual assault. >> in many ways this is a crushing defeat for women and women's rights. >> trump has delivered for these people on the things they care about most. he has delivered racism for these people. he has delivered my a subject any for these people and now delivered the supreme court for these people. we are going to see if this reign that they now have control over all three branches of government, we're going to see if this reign lasts for 30 days or two years or thousand year reich. brian: clearly the president laying out for two exceptions helped his approval rating went up 6
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points on cnn poll negative towards him. we weren't talking about russia for quite a while. that personally for the president and also for his approval ratings also helping. i think they are laying out mueller investigation until after the midterms. now let's get after it for the last month. the question is will the president pull back on the stump and not bring up the kavanaugh situation for the betterment of the separate branches of government. steve: he is going to bring it up several times to remind people it is invig rating the republican base. ainsley: you have democrats. >> many of them who aren't in favor of judge kavanaugh or justice kavanaugh now. you will hear is he not for human rights u the other side says this is a victory for unborn child vi victory forn who aren't born yet. steve: i'm not going to be bitter.
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how key not? it was critical that the president stood by mr. kavanaugh the entire time. otherwise, he would not be a justifiable today. >> without a doubt, that a mere morality republican establishment president probably would have bailed very early on in this fight because it got so hot. it got so nasty. but you have this guy who is just used to fighting and, of course, it's the reason a lot of good conservatives don't like him. it happens to be the reason i did like him. he is a fighter and he doesn't back down. the key moment in this whole sorted process was when brett kavanaugh went back before the committee. he said, look, i'm not going to quit. i will never back down. you have to vote and kill my nomination. but i'm never going away. when he did that, i think that was a message to the president that he is going to stick with him and they are going to go to the bitter end. >> one thing that should be clear, i would say we got two supreme court justifiables seated. it was a tough fight, we got it through.
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big picture so important for the supreme court not to seem political, you could back out and talk about that in a way that affects the elections. for joe manchin his votes for kavanaugh has given him a backlash inside west virginia. ultimately probably should help. steve: democrats say they are not going to vote for him just stay home. >> north dakota. heidi heitkamp trailed by 9 as kevin cramer moves up. alaska g.o.p. is weighing reprimanding senator murkowski for not voting for kavanaugh and helped propel her to 8 point lead in a race she was trailing in. >> tell taylor swift that. >> i know. i heard. she has a right to her opinion u. ainsley: she does. jillian has headlines for us. jillian: we continue to follow this heart breaking story out of upstate new york where more than 1,000 people turning tout honorable the 20 victims of that horrific crash of the witha
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candlelight vigil. this morning the "new york post" is reporting the limo driver had been busted twice in the last 8 years on drug charges. even more disturbing that driver and the limo should have never been on the road. >> we inspected the vehicle just last month. it failed the inspection. the driver did not have the appropriate license. the owner of prestige has a lot of questions to answer. the limo's owner was fbi informant in two terrorist stipulation. president trump not firing deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. >> have you decided to keep rod rosenstein in his position? >> i said -- i'm not making any changes. you would be the first to know. i'm not making any changes. jillian: the president says he had a good talk with rosenstein on their way to a police chief's conference in florida. the deputy attorney general
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meets with lawmakers on thursday about the "new york times" report that claims he discussed secretly recording the president. drew breeze breaking nfl record with a huge play. the new orleans saints quarterback throwing a 62-yard touchdown to break peyton manning's record for most career passing yards. manning making sarcastic video to congratulate him. watch this. >> drew, for 1,000 days i have held the record for all-time passing yards in the nfl. thanks to you that's over now. and you ruined that for me. jillian: breeze finishing the game with 72103 yards. saints beat the washington redskins 43-19. brian: it's not right for them to do that to peyton manning why did he not throw more. ainsley: i miss him. jillian: he is hilarious. ainsley: thanks, jillian. justice kavanaugh thanking
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ashley and i are grateful for their prayers and for the prayers from the thousands and thousands of people we have heard from throughout america. ainsley: justice brett kavanaugh thanking faith-based supporters as the ruthless confirmation fight comes to an end. brian: pastor robert jeffress was at the white house ceremony last night and brings us his reaction. bring us inside the room. what did it feel like? >> it was electric in the room, brian. i would say oversensing feeling in the east room was that good had triumphed over evil. and, look, this was a great political win for president trump. no doubt about that. but it was more than that, i think in the years ahead, we're going to look back on this confirmation as a major cultural turning point. here's wife. conservatives have felt bull idea by the left for decades. they have been -- feel like they have been forced to bow at the alter of political correctness. they long for a leader like
3:19 am
donald trump who would stand up to the bullies or somebody like brett kavanaugh who would not cave in to the bullies. and i think, in many ways, the confirmation of justice kavanaugh represents conservatives finally standing up and saying to quote the movie we're as mad as hell and we're not going to take this any longer. that's what last night was really about. >> why are do you call it good overcoming evil. people attacking him that's evil intervening. >> i have never seen christians as stirred up about anything as they have this kavanaugh chaos controversy. other christian leaders tell me the same thing. because they knew what was at issue in this. it wasn't about the assault, alleged assault of dr. ford. the democrats couldn't care less about dr. ford. they cast her away when they had finished with her. they knew that what really was at issue was the fear by the left that if justice
3:20 am
kavanaugh got on the court he might diminish in some way the number of babies being murdered every year through abortion. he would chip away ought roe v. wade. even the liberal "the washington post" had an op-ed by kathleen parker, hardly a staunch conservative who said it's all about abortion. brian: you right. by the way one thing is great you can't go wrong choosing your book. seven secrets of success and signature kansas. pastor jeffress, thank you for joining us today. ainsley: thank you, pastor. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: have an extraordinary day. brian: now is he responsible. he knows how. protesters back at it attacking cars and blocking streets in portland. tomi lahren says this is why the left won't win in november. she will join us. ainsley: president trump bring ago powerful message to our police officers. >> we promise you that we will always have your back now and forever. we have your back.
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brian: quick headlines so please buckle up. anthony weiner could be released from prison three months early in the new york democrat -- i guess current democrat is locked up in massachusetts after sending inappropriate text messages to a minor. he had 21 months behind bars but thanks to good behavior he could get out in may. and a watchdog group demands a full audit of congresswoman maxine waters campaign over fundraising mayorals. the national legal policy center says a group supporting former mayor paid watters committee it 5,000 bucks to include him in her slate mayoral. this is the second complaint against waters since july no relation to jesse. guys?
3:25 am
steve: thank you, brian. in the past few years political attacks have gotten very low the latest tactic from the left release of private information like phone number, address released on the web. that is known as doxxing. ainsley: this was done to several senators and cory gardner's wife even received a video on cell phone containing graphic footage of a man being beheaded. how far will these political attacks go? joining us now is the holsey of fox nation tomi lahren. she has seen these attacks first hand and they are ugly, aren't they, tomi? >> they are ugly and getting worse. i have to say for the record i have been docked. i have had things sent to my home both in texas and california. i have had people confront me in public. this is not just something senators going through it's anyone who sits right of center, anyone who is a trump supporter. we are all targets of this and extends beyond this whole public office. the average citizen, if you are on the right should be
3:26 am
concerned and in danger. ainsley: it's inciting violence. what if it gets out of hand? someone is going to get hurt. i'm worried about the dangers. >> i have been worried about this for quite a while. i am worried about young people on campuses. it's unrest. not just protesting and signs. it's becoming physical as like what happened in portland. getting worse for young people. for average citizens and my fear it's only going to get worse as we get closer to midterms as republicans keep winning. we have great victories. as much as we are excited about our victories. the left is more upset than ever about their losses and take it out on us every chance they get. steve: there was another clash in portland. antifa were protest ago police shooting there. and once again, you know, you are wondering why aren't the police shutting these things down? when violence ensues.
3:27 am
>> well, of course. and beyond that when we are talking about antifa, i have said this for quite a while, when i look at these members of antifa, i would certainly hope the democratic party would stand up and say these are not truly democrats. i don't even think they are truly democrats. what i really think of antifa is these are adult children who live in their mother's basement who are upset and angry and wants an excuse to go out in the streets and wreak havoc on the citizens. you are seeing it happen now across the country and specifically in portland terrifying what they are doing to average citizens on the street. we don't know if they are trump supporters. just average citizens and being attacked in their own towns. it's absolutely outrageous. steve: one of those cars that we saw somebody did $8,000 worth of damage to it they don't know who did it. >> i find that hard to believe they don't know who did t as you can see this is chaos. not something we should be seeing in our streets in the united states of america. this is completely and
3:28 am
totally unhinged. so as i said before, i hope that the democratic party party and left comes out and says these members of antifa don't represent us. buff i have yet to see that when we talk about folks like maxine waters who called for this kind of behavior maybe in a lesser context but certainly called for things like this and harassment. i hope they can come out and recognize the kind of influence they are having on people. this is getting beyond political differences. this is actually dangerous. ainsley: when i saw that video, i remember you and your family at a restaurant. they threw ice on you. they threw a drink on you. see that video of that guy in front of his car. somebody is going to get hurt. when is this going to end or is it going to get worse? >> start with people banging on cars or throwing water as they did on me and get progressively worse. we saw of course in europe the acid throwing. that's my biggest fear that will become the new weapon and more dangerous. it starts as fun and games in their minds it starts as a joke and some mean girls throwing some things. i think it's going to turn
3:29 am
much more ugly especially as we head into midterms. as excited as we are about the kavanaugh confirmation. i think conservatives and trump supporters need to be paying attention because it's getting nastier than ever. ainsley: is it worth it for you. do you think about stopping. >> absolutely not. because if we do they win. we have deep our voices strong and village length. take the necessary precautions the worse things we could do would be to stop and be intimidated by people like that. steve: peaceful pro-accesses, fine, it's when it crosses the line that's when it scares all of us. tomi lahren one of the hosts of fox nation for more information go to coming up shortly. >> thanks, guys. steve: changing gears, speaking on the far left democratic socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez, she wants to abolish ice. >> replace it, and we can replace it with a humane
3:30 am
agency. steve: she is not even the most radical democrat candidate running in november. wait until you hear about some of the others and their ideas. ainsley: plus, justice kavanaugh is getting ready for first day on the bench there are three big cases you probably haven't heard about. but you should. the judge is his or her to break them all down for us coming up next. ♪ i'm back ♪ back in the new york groove ♪ i'm back in the new york groove ♪
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>> on behalf of our nation, i want to apologize to bret bret and the entire kavanaugh family. a man or a woman must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. you, sir, under historic
3:34 am
scrutiny were proven innocent. >> the justices do not sit on opposite sides of an aisle. we do not caucus in separate rooms. the supreme court is a team of nine. and i will always be a team player on the team of nine. steve: that's what you want to hear from somebody on the supreme court. judge napolitano hasn't made it yet on the supreme court. is he here on the couch today. >> god love you. brian: why are you weighing it in. steve: wakes um every day and looks at the robe. >> they are all in my attic. steve: what did you think of what they said last night? >> i think the best thing that was said last night was the clip you just ran, a team of 9. i do not think the best thing that was said was evil or hoax. and i honestly wish that the president and his people would get past that the supreme court does not have an army to enforce its rulings. its rulings depend on the
3:35 am
incidenintellectual legitimacy n the manner in the rulings are given from whom they are given. they really have some work to do to patch up the divisions that exist in the public mind. these divisions don't exist in reality in the court. justice kavanaugh is right. it's not conservatives on one side and liberals on another. steve: that's how you get the job you go through the political correctness. it was a bruising. >> i went through the political process myself much lower court. state trial court of general jurisdiction. wins you put that robe on, you must be divorced from the politics that got you there and the people that got you there. because your loyalty is to the constitution and to the laws. not to the human beings that helped you get your job. i believe that brett kavanaugh, justice kavanaugh, i was also upset the president was calling him by his first name. is he justice kavanaugh. is he not our boy breath anymore, justice kavanaugh
3:36 am
fully understands that and his now colleagues, justice sotomayor and justice kagan, fellow princeton alumni did a major presentation this weekend at princeton university and talked about how we are not divided the way the public thinks we are. brian: very interesting. steve: the supreme court? >> yes. brian: there is what jonathan turley said interesting starting out in areas where is he likely to take the court in different directions from justice kennedy. environmental cases, criminal cases and executive power cases. that's what is in his face today. >> criminal cases are a little bit arcane. congress wrote a statute saying if you are a fellow and if you are convicted of three felonies. the court it enhance the punishment on the third. congress was ambiguous. it didn't say three federal felonies. so the question is do state flonsz count there? it's kind of what did congress mean by the use of the word felony type of inquiry. steve: they do that kind of stuff all the time. >> they do taught time.
3:37 am
as i said it's sometimes below the radar screen. nothing ideological about it it's like here is what congress said in the statute. shear what the members of the congress who wrote the statute said on the floor of cock what the statute meant which is going to control. >> one of the most interesting cases coming later this term has to do with double jerpgd. right now, if you commit a crime, if you commit an act that's a federal keim and state crime. you can be tried twice. tried in federal court and state court. conservatives and libertarians for years have been arguing that those two trials, the second one is a violation of the double jeopardy clause. double jeopardy clause prohibits the government. doesn't say state or federal. the government from trying you after have you already been acquitted. brian: judge, i have to ask you, this how disurexd are you as the guy who loves the court like do youd in the system. that nancy pelosi is talking about an investigation of these charges on brett kavanaugh and you have congressman nadler talking about impeachment?
3:38 am
>> i wish they would not do that. i mean, this is over with justice kavanaugh is on the court. he may actually surprise some people now that he is totally liberated from the politics that got him there if they are going to drag this thing through 2019. and in to the 2020 presidential election, they are going to do significant harm to the court and to the public. ainsley: to impeach two thirds. >> treason bribery and other high crimes. two thirds of the house and senate. look for a lot of unanimous opinions showing how nine very great legal minds can agree on some trying issues. brian: talk about great minds. have you senile jillian's sats? >> all i know is jillian cannot wait for the philadelphia eagles to come to metlife said isd. stadium on thursday. i'm crying in my expresso
3:39 am
over the yankees last night. jillian: 16-1. >> glig my expresso. he drinks expresso. jillian's sats are posted on the bulletin board out there. jillian: eagles and giants are having a tough time right now. steve: judge, thank you very much. jillian take us south of the border. jillian: mexico president-elect could legalize drugs when he takes office. he says he might legalize medicinal opium in hoping of ending gang violence in mexico. looking to pay farmers more money for corn to deter them from growing poppies which are used to make opium. the president-elect will soon be sworn in december 1st. police capture two inmates dubbed the trash can bandits. take a look ought crazy escape. someone is rolling them outside in garbage cans in prison in kentucky. three other inmates are charged with helping them. escapees recaptured hours
3:40 am
apart. one picked up after police received a tip. the other captured following a police chase. a warning to all parents. your child's juice box could contain mold. an indiana dad making the shocking discovery after noticing one of his kids capri suns was unusually empty. >> it just seemed something was a little off. kraft foods says it's a common mold that can grow inside drinks if package something punctured. of the company adding spent millions making sure that doesn't happen. president trump weighing in on taylor swift's bad blood with republicans. ♪ we got bad blood ♪ we used to be bad love jillian: president firing back after the star called congresswoman marsha blackburn's voting record terrifying u. >> marsha blackburn is doing
3:41 am
a very good job in tennessee. she is leading now substantially, which she should. she is a tremendous woman. let's say that i like taylor's music about 25 percent less now. okay? jillian: meantime kanye west could be heading to the white house on thursday. he will be meeting with president trump and senior advisor jared kushner to discuss criminal justice reform. steve: it would be great after the meeting if they went into the pressroom and had a press conference. brian: maybe pete davidson would be there and they could talk everything out. jillian: and taylor swift could be there and they could iron everything out. ainsley: a free concert in washington. brian: what world are we in. back to a three shot. president trump bringing a powerful message to our police officers . >> my administration will always honor, cherish and support the men and women in blue. we are proud to do it.
3:42 am
brian: former police officer and acting ice director tom homan said that's exactly what the crowd needed to hear. ainsley: plus it's not just alexandria ocasio-cortez, there are a lot on the far left, democrats running in november who are similar to her. which one though is the most extreme? wait until you hear some of their platforms. brian: this is going to be a tight race. really tight. i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release its own insulin, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen.
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3:46 am
steve: i know that before the president gave his speech you were over on fox business and you said, you know, i would love to hear the president talk about three things. and you know what? the president talked about those three things. what were they? >> well, i thought it was important that he talk about law enforcement attacks they are under and he has their backs on this and talk about the fentanyl crisis, and opioid crisis that's playing every stated in the land and more security and border security and immigration. he talked about all make myself clear. he didn't have to tell the folks in that room he has their back. every law enforcement officer in this room and across this country knows the president has their back like no other president has. he has talked the talk and walked the walked. this president supports law enforcement. he halls. and they know it he has great respect for law enforcement in this country. steve: what do you suggest is he doing differently than previous presidents. >> a lot of presidents talk
3:47 am
the talk but they don't walk the walk. give the officers the equipment and funding they needed. the past administration weren't allowed to have a lot of military equipment because they were militaristic. he has given them the equipment they need to enforce the law. is he also pushing for the rule of law. let's use the immigration context. we have the immigration nationality act and ice weangted allowed to enforce the immigration law. just a small portion of it this president says you know what? we're going to enforce the laws on the book and pick and choose those laws. we are going to do our job and uphold our oath and enforce the law. this president has done a lot for law enforcement and they know it. nerve that room respects that president and you could see it yesterday. >> he did take aim at somebody in the room, back of the room the people with the cameras. listen to this. >> i don't think you understanding one thing, how much our country loves you and the job do you. you don't hear it from them. [applause] you don't hear it from them.
3:48 am
[cheers and applause] they don't tell you the relate feelings. you don't hear it from the media. but i can tell you i know the feeling and these people, the penal of our country love you. steve: tom, do you feel that way? do you feel like the mainstreamainstream media. the press in general doesn't cover law enforcement fairl fairly? >> >> most of the media, a lot of the media. when i was ice director every morning i read press clips and they vilify the men and women in law enforcement. ice officers have been called nazis and racists. there is a lot of vilification out there. again, these law enforcement officers, they understand it and they won't be bullied into not doing their job. i mean, i discussed with you before i had 80 protesters in my house on sunday protesting ice and what we do. these law enforcement officers have brave men and women that chose though profession and strap a gun to their three-point defend our country. are not going to be bull idea by the far left.
3:49 am
they are going to do their job and do it proud. steve: you certainly have served our nation. tom homan thank you for joining us live. >> thank you for having me. steve: what do you think about that democrats are running a ballot box full of far left radical candidates this fall. who are they and which one, perhaps the most extreme? we'll break down some of their platforms and let you decide coming up next u plus, first, he met with president trump, now kim jong un wants a summit with, that's right. the pope. ♪ there are multiples on the table: one is cash, three are fha, one is va. so what can you do? she's saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. but you got this! rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. by america's largest mortgage lender.
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>> i think a lot of democrats are going to be voting republican on november 5th. the main base have shifted so far left we will end up being venezuela. brian: so smart for the president to let democrats know if you are moderate you are welcome on the republican side. republican not mince mincing any words yesterday on the democratic party number of far left candidates success. vying for seats national and state level. who are the most radical contenders so to speak and what radical platforms do they represent? here now to bring us through is staff writer for the federalist brey peyton. welcome back. start off with the highest profile alexandria ocasio-cortez. what do you think makes her different? >> sure, you know what makes her different is she is pushing for a more radical version of this. spectrum within the democratic socialist. seems to be on the more
3:54 am
radical end. boycott sanctions against israel and pushing for abolish ice. i find there is two factions be with the abolish ice movement. some want to redesignate what ice douse within other factions of dhs and totally other radical group that wants to basically just abolish the concept of borders. right? to these people what's the purpose of a nation. i think the pureption of a nation is to establish a border, establish law and justice. i think the individuals living within that nation get to determine how that border is protected. and who gets to come in and be a part of that society. and anyone who disagrees with that should not be taken seriously. brian: she also can't wait for her inauguration and she also wants to stop funding the military because they have enough missiles. iona presley is an interesting candidate. she is in eastern massachusetts. the boston city counselor. and beat out an establishment candidate for the democratic nod.
3:55 am
how is she leaning socialist? >> sure. so she is actually kind of a little bit more moderate. she actually was not on board with medicare for all until fairly recently. bernie sanders running in 2016. >> she was critical of that concept. this is something that i noticed a lot among a lot of democratic socialists. julia salazar in new york. and again alexandria ocasio-cortez who, in college was a fan of adam smith and didn't consider herself a feminist. all of these individuals seem to jump on the democratic socialist band wagon rather recently. and it makes me wonder how much of this opportunistic. a smart person would see the groundswell of support that came under bernie sanders in 2016 and think oh, maybe i could do that. brian: she might be book smart fourth in her class at bu but it doesn't seem as though she is conover sent in any of the issues at all. unscripted interview is her biggest enemy. sarah smith is going to be challenged by another democrat in this jungle
3:56 am
primary. this adam smith. how is sarah smith going to do. what separates her from adam smith? >> actually the thing i find most interesting on her platform is that she wants to make sure that everyone who buys a gun completes a background check, including individuals who are purchasing guns at gun shows. sarah, if you are watching this show. hate it break it to you that you is already the federal law of the land. you already have to do it. that's something she clearly just understanding what she is talking about. when it comes to that at all. in a recent interview with fox news. she said that the purpose of government is to empower individuals to make choices to which i say no. it's to protect the natural rights that we have given to us by god. brian: as tom perez said there is not really moderates left in the democratic party coobleg there undoing. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian the left's threats coming to new extreme. one teacher tweeting. this who is going to take one for the team and kill kavanaugh?
3:57 am
and it only gets worse from there plus charlie hurt will be here live. weigh in on what he saw yesterday. sean spicer used to be on the inside now is he on the outside. jedediah billa. jedediah billa. it's with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment.
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>> on behalf our nation, i want to apologize to the kavanaugh family what happened is not fairness. >> i was not appointed to serve one party or one interest. but one nation. >> once you put that robe on, you must be divorced from the politics that got you there and the people that got you there we expect this to be a category 35 major categories when it makes landfall. >> if you are under evacuation order leave don't wait. we have never seen a storm like this hit our state. >> teacher on paid leave. who is going to take one for the team and kill kavanaugh? >> this is completely and totally unhinged. this is getting beyond
4:01 am
political differences. this is actually dangerous. >> you ar drew breeze breaking n nfl record with a huge play. >> wide open and what a way to do it. [cheers and applause] ♪ you get lost, you can always be found ♪ know you're not alone. steve: welcome to our tv home, it's 7:01 in our studio f as in "fox & friends." thanks to you we are the world's number one cable morning news show. ainsley: if you were lost you are found. have you found the right station. brian: philip phillips the last impactful idol. last guy to break out and be successful now it's on abc. we know more about the judges than we do the talent. steve: i think you are right. ainsley: he has been on our show a lot. think think we have the same birthday. [laughter]
4:02 am
on my birthday we wished him a happy birthday has he how know it no, wait a minute. i don't know. i'm just seeing a few dates. brian: we will look at it later. ainsley: not that that's important. this is important. justice kavanaugh. steve: when's his birthday. [laughter] ainsley: we know a lot about him but that i'm not sure of. he said yesterday so grateful. looked at the president and said i'm so grateful for unwavering support and thanked him for everything. steve: it was unusual ceremony. the president of the united states earlier when he was going out to the helicopter he said one of the most things a president can do is appoint someone to the supreme court. before he spoke he said you know what? this is going to be a little different. only twice in american history have supreme court justices appeared in the white house after they were confirmed and sworn. in that was the third time
4:03 am
right there. brian: all the supreme court justices were there including the newest one. brett kavanaugh. i think it was a show of unity even though it's a republican president. some people say mostly republicans in the room. the other thing is i thought mitch mcconnell's standing ovation said a lot. is he not the most charismatic guy in the world. he has made a huge impact on that court. also was relentless in his effort and resourceful in his effort to make sure kavanaugh passed. steve: sure, the president of the united states has been highly critical of mitch mcconnell in the past. there you can see him in the center of the screen right there. but for the president, he delivered. as for mr. kavanaugh, he said exactly what people wanted to hear and that is on we are on the same team, folks. >> the supreme court is an institution of law it is not a partisan or political institution. the justices do not sit on opposite sides of an aisle. we do no caucus in separate
4:04 am
rooms. the supreme court is a team of nine. and i will always be a team player on the team of nine. i was not appointed to serve one player or one interest but to serve one nation. every litigant on the supreme court will be assured that i will listen to their arguments with respect and an open mind. steve: by the way that man's birthday is february the 12th. the same as abraham lincoln's now we know. ainsley: phillip phillips is september 20th. steve: we can move on. ainsley: the republican party has been united. they have been so divided. i think them standing for him because a lot of people didn't think mitch mcconnell was doing a good job months ago and now everyone standing in unity for him. agree with both of you it was wonderful to see all the justices there because they care about the honor of the court and reputation of the court and putting that above all. brian: president putting the welcome mat out for moderate
4:05 am
democrats he can work with joe manchin and at times chris coons. he will went out of his way. for the longest time he held his fire when it came to dr. ford and her allegations. now he is pretty clear. he feels as though the allegations might be real. brett kavanaugh had nothing to do with it listen u. >> on behalf of our nation i want to apologize to breath and his family for the pain and suffering have you been forced to endure. those who serve our country deserve a fair and dignified evaluation. not a campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception. what happened to the kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency and due process. a man or a woman must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty you,
4:06 am
sir, under historic scrutiny were proven innocent. steve: there in the reese room with the president and mr. kavanaugh listening his wife ashley. ainsley: smiling again. steve: speaking of wives in the public execute any there with two daughters liza and margaret. brian: they are going to get coached by their dad still. steve: cory gardner's wife was sent a video, a disturbing video because somebody put out their personal information it's called doxxing. and then as it turns out, steve scalise sent out a tweet regarding. this these vicious threats have to stop. this cannot be the new normal. there is absolutely no place for violence in our political discourse. democratic leaders need to denounce this behavior. it was very clear he is just saying come on, this is over the line. right? let's hear from some
4:07 am
democrats. brian: he still goes to rehab on a daily basis. oftentimes has to use those hand canes, both of them in both apartments. is he reminded every day of the danger of being a republican who is a leader. martin with raw story the editor. his tweet note worthy because it is so ridiculously inappropriate and stupid boo boo little baby. he almost bled out on second base. >> somebody by the name of razor online last week always expect survivors. this week ridiculing survivors is cool. and the guy from raw story came back said of steve scalise, he is not a survivor, he is an accomplice. ainsley: can you believe that? our country, what is happening to individuals? why are they so mad? and then listen to this. a teacher in minnesota put on leave after seconding
4:08 am
this tweet out. sings been deleted. so who is going to take one for the team and kill kavanaugh? >> that was apparently put out by a special education teaching assistant who is now on leave and apparently law enforcement is investigating. tomi lahren has this observation about what's going on out. >> there we are seeing unrest in this country more than protests and signs. getting physical. getting worse for young people for average citizens. my fear it's only going to get worse as we get closer to midterms as republicans keep winning and have great victory. as. as we are excited about our victories the left is more upset than ever about their losses and take it out on us every chance they get. brian: we will see. everyone looking at the. republicans and democrats take a step back.
4:09 am
maybe we are at that point now. steve: you look at what has happened over the last couple of weeks. what was one of the turning points in pluck perception it was when jeff flake was confronted by protesters. it got a lot of people agitated about the process and suddenly up to speed. because that was effective. that particular thing. i think we are going to see more of it. ainsley: yeah. steve: it's not good because in some cases you worry that it could escalate too far. ainsley: right. when you are screaming at someone that you don't agree with. steve: protest is part of the foundation of our country. ainsley: protest something fine not violent protesting. people screaming at each other and then it gets violent. people driving their cars, trying to get in their cars. someone is going to get run over and shot. it's just awful. it's too much. brian: right. something fundamentally wrong with people writing checks for other people to protest. people should want to protest or not protest. i don't think you should be paid for it how do you even
4:10 am
know the person yelling even believes what they are saying. they are showing up for a job. steve: it's a viral moment. everything has become a viral moment now. we are having one right now. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. jillian: good morning. following a number of stories starting with this fox news alert. immediate evacuation is underway as hurricane michael barrels toward the florida panhandle. right now pounding cuba and expected to bring life threatening storm surges as high as 12 feet. heavy rainfall and flooding. >> it's a monstrous storm could bring devastation to parts of the panhandle. ainsley: people race to get out of town. michael is expected to make landfall tomorrow as a category 3 hurricane. janice will keep us updated. also breaking right now. turkey will search the saudi arabia consulate in istanbul days after the vanishes. releasing this picture overnight of missing saudi
4:11 am
journalist walking into the consulate one week ago. that's reports 15 member saudi arabia team attacked him in a preplanned murder. the journalist is a known critic of saudi leadership. the driver behind out wheel of a limo that crashed and killed 20 people in upstate new york had a criminal past. the "new york post" reports scott was busted for drugs twice. he also didn't have a proper license and the limo failed inspection last mont the limo's owner -- hussein helped take radical muslims after being convicted of federal fraud charges according to the daily mail he came to the u.s. from pakistan where he was accused of murder. mysterious phone calls from. anna: mall hospital forced a doctor to rush back to work thinking there might be an emergency. this is what the found tiny
4:12 am
gecko making prank calls by standing on the touch screen phone. she received nine calls from the little guy in 15 minutes. the hospital had to explain the random calls to several people. but that is wild. brian: symbol for geico? steve: it was. you would think that apple or whoever inevents the iphone no it's not -- no, look at that lucky the owner that the geico didn't go shopping. brian: absolutely. steve: add this to the cart. jillian: i wonder what the geico would buy if it did go shopping? ainsley: insurance. [laughter] steve: we where four weeks away from the midterms exactly. new poll shows republicans are happier than ever with our government. what is behind that spike? charlie hurt on that next. brian: coming to a city near you. bill and hillary clinton, would you pay 700 bucks to see them? we're going to ask jed i do jed.
4:13 am
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for giving me this rugged, civilized, a place with one of the highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. >> under republican leadership america is
4:17 am
booming. america is thriving. america is winning. brian: there is president trump promising voters a whole lot of winning and doing at love appearances now. it seems republicans aren't sick of it yet. even senator lindsey graham a new gallup poll shows 72% of republicans are satisfied with how the country is governed he up to 25 points. that's up 25 points from last year. so, what's behind the spike? here to react, fox news contributor charles hurt. the president over the last couple of weeks weeks has had a lower profile because the kavanaugh situation has overwhelmed him. people like that, charles. >> as a strategy it's probably smart. especially when you are putting up real accomplishments like the brett kavanaugh, you know, nothing pleases republicans more than putting a conservative jurist who understands the boundaries of the judiciary, putting somebody like brett kavanaugh on the high court. but, as you guys are pointing out just a minute ago, brian, a big part of that was the vitriolic nasty
4:18 am
reaction that people saw. that's what people got tuned in with watching these jack booted hippies going around harassing people and do i having to destroy a good man's reputation. that's piqued republicans interest. it's so much more than that an economy humming over 4%. lowest unemployment in decades. you have -- you have pictures of a wall being built on the southern border. don't forget that. that's a huge issue. and as you pointed out, you have got, you know, an american first agenda abroad. all those things put together means republicans are -- they are not tired of winning, it turns out. brian: 2005 george bush had 85% of approval from republicans. president up to 70%. of course, you had the war back then, too. which was somewhat of a challenge. >> also, don't forget. a big reasonable for that in
4:19 am
2005 was also because that's when democrats, after having voted for the war, turned against the war and tried to politicize the war. all that nasty stuff going on at the time. and so that, again, it's a lot of the negative stuff from the left that unifies. >> steve. brian: you have a poll out in gallup in 2017, 40% of the country, republicans thought we were heading in the right -- like the way we were being governed. look how it is now. that is up to 72%. so democrats he hasn't gained at all. all adults up 38%. all come down to independence. i think the president is so smart to not vilify democrats but because he wants democrats to come on board. he wants to vilify those who would want to make it venezuela as he would say. they are pro-crime anti-wall. he wants the moderate democrats to come to him. smart. >> yeah. and, of course, if you look at all these i we were just talking about. all of these issues, who
4:20 am
does it appeal to? obviously it appeals to the republicans. but it also appeals to same middle of the road independents who are going to, as you point out. are going to determine not only the midterms but they will determine trump's re-election chances as well. brian: we have about a month left. we will see where it goes. right now we understanding the generic poll it's just a 7 point difference which is almost like flipping a coin. and many key senate races they seem to be going red from tennessee to north dakota, neck in neck race in florida. we will see where this goes. charles hurt, thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: straight ahead. one of the greatest american actors ever, maybe of all time. now robert red ford says he feels out of place in his own country. do you feel that sting? and get your tickets now, bill and hillary clinton are coming to a city near you. would you pay 700 bucks to see that rerun? jedediah is here. ♪ going to play our guitars ♪ and sing you a country song ♪ we will all be flying
4:21 am
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this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. ainsley: how many numbers california's dmv registered to vote after processing error. at least one of them is a non-u.s. citizen and not the first time something like this has happened. just last month the agency announced that it might have botched 23,000 voter registrations. next, 19, that is how many states have voter registration deadlines today as the midterm elections are just 29 days away. although it might be too late to register in some states. others will allow residents to sign up actually on election day. finally, 16, that is how many runs the boston red sox scored on the new york yankees. the 16-1 final score was the
4:25 am
worst post season lost in yankees history. the sox now have a 2 to 1 lead in the alds. brian: best of five. so look out. steve: that's embarrassing. ainsley: one run? brian: what's embarrassing is how many the other team scored. coming soon to a city near you as we lose the music. bill and hillary clinton gearing um for tour starting of a the midterms. steve: the events will feature joint on stage conversations with the lead leaders sharing stories and inspiring antidotes that shaped their historic careers in public while also discussing issues of the day. ainsley: and, guys, the tickets not show cheap. tickets can cost as much as $750. here to react is tv commentator jedediah billa. >> haven't we suffered enough listening to hillary. i have heard enough of hillary and i interviewed her, which is funny about a year ago now i guess it is. and she is completely tone
4:26 am
deaf as to why she lost. i'm guessing this is going to be like what else happened? sequel to what happened. democrats are crazy now they are saying be quiet move on. i wonder if she is going to run again. bring it on. steve: i would like to see what they have to say. >> do you? steve: i want to see that dynamic. >> you want to hear bill clinton talk about the me too movement? steve: i want to hear them talk about stuff in their lives. brian: if she wanted to win she should have listened to me. steve: exactly. brian: they totally sidelined the former president of the united states. greatest critic would say he understands politics and american people. >> isn't it crazy with the me too movement being the topic now, everybody is talking about that. everybody is railing against kavanaugh for uncorroborated. brian: maybe there won't be a q and a. >> now you have bill clinton coming out. live nation. the women's march isn't protesting him.
4:27 am
sea could you see of rape and sex a assault and impeached for perjury. nobody sem bare wassed to have him fronts and center. ainsley: robert redford wrote for the first time i can remember i feel out of place in the country was born into. >> so sad. he was one of my favorite actors. i would ask him why. dolls the job boom make him feel out of place? does that make him uncomfortable all these jobs out there now? i think it's because hollywood is not used to someone in a leadership position on the right that's willing to take them on. we have a president that is willing to take on, you know, the media, it's no secret. willing to take on hollywood. i think that makes them very uncomfortable. they are used to republicans that roll over and play dead and say you know what? it's hollywood, we're not going to bother. the guy that doesn't care and he calls a spade a spade. they are very, very uncomfortable with that and i don't blame them. steve: donald trump in addition to being a real estate developer real estate guy and businessman entertainer, still is. >> that's true. interesting, too. he was beloved before as the
4:28 am
imarch. thought that was cool. got invited to all the cool parties and everything. now that he is a republican and is he running the country and he is pro-free market and is he cutting everybody's taxes now they have to j it's their job to hate him. it's been an interesting, hopefully robert redford gets more comfortable when people's taxes are lower and more jobs out there. ainsley: congratulations on the new book. it's called #do not disturb. >> yes have. ainsley: why did you write this? what is it about. >> i had an addiction to technology that was insane. i went from someone who was so plug you had into the reeled world who would have face-to-face conversations, heart to hearts with someone who was buried in my cell phone morning noon and night. i started to feel stressed and wasn't sleeping. steve: did your neck hurt. >> my whole body. i would have the phone near me in the middle of the night u get up in the middle of the night. you are restless take a bathroom break. you are checking your phone. it's not good for people's mental health. i started to see what it was doing to people. i wanted to learn about why were we so addicted?
4:29 am
i found that silicon valley is programming a lot of these games and a lot of these apps and devices to get us addicted and we are essentially becoming pupghtses. i'm the personal responsibility warrior here. i'm sighing to myself what's happening to kids? they don't go play outside anymore. if you are a parent and your kids are sitting at a dinner table, at a holiday or get together and they're sitting and staring at their phone or if you during it. you need to read this book and figure out a why, and remember, i'm we the people kind of girl. you can control the role that these things play in your life. just because somebody sells hey, i'm going to design this thing to get you addicted doesn't mean you have to be addicted. it was about empowering people. steve: now what do we do? we are hooked you are hooked. you have to do social media. phone out of bed many are. charge dock docking station. turn off notifications. you can still be those spaces don't be beckoned
4:30 am
there. ainsley: great story about ex-boyfriend what you found on his phone? >> oh, yeah u. ainsley: story about your dad getting addicted to super mario brothers. >> my dad the least tech savvy guy in the world he got addicted. i was trying to show people it can happen to anyone, you are totally in power and in control. don't let your kids loses important skill sets testimony that of us that had in our lives growing up. brian: let's go back to drugs and alcohol. >> there are detox for tech addiction. that's how bad it is. ainsley: you don't really mean that let's just clarify he doesn't really mean that here is the book #do not disturb. >> check it out. ainsley: just a few hours, justice kavanaugh will start his first day on the supreme court bench. what is the impact of president trump sticking by him? former white house press secretary sean spicer is here to react. that is coming up next. ar focus,
4:31 am
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4:34 am
>> to brett kavanaugh, this will be the first time a supreme court justice hats ever sworn in a former clerk to take his seat. a beautiful moment which reminds us that freedom is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. it is up to rededicate ourselves to the traditions and wisdom of our founders. and it is up to us to renew the bonds of love, loyalty, and affection that link us all together as one great american family. brian: we're back together again as a country. steve: thank goodness did. it do the trick? let's bring in sean sean spicer former press secretary and spokesman for america first action. sean, what did you think of the president, his comments last night and then before he got to that though, he
4:35 am
did apologize to brett kavanaugh and his family for what he went through in that very bruising confirmation hearing. >> well, i think for every conservative, for every republican that wondered what difference that election was going to make or wondered how trump would govern, last night you saw the 69th judicial nomination under president trump. the second supreme court, the 26th circuit. and dozens of appeal course this president's legacy will go down as somebody who has reshaped the judicial branch to strict constructal list. this is a huge, huge win for this president. it has galvanized republicans headed into a key midterm election. ainsley: what's the impact of the president sticking by him? you had justice kavanaugh looking at the president yesterday and saying thank you for your unwavering support. >> look, anxiously. i know you had charlie on a little while ago talking about the impacts of this
4:36 am
elections. america first has been out there with over $20 million in ads. this is going to be tight. what the president and kavanaugh did was galvanized republicans. there was a massive enthusiasm gap favoring democrats 30 days out. this has made sure that every single republican understands the difference of a republican senate and a republican house versus one controlled by chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. this has tightened the gap. republicans are now out there. not as much. we have got close races in places like indiana, florida, missouri, montana. we need to get out there. but republicans have now understood what that fight means and the need to get out there and vote with weeks left. brian: a couple of weeks ago cnn put out a poll and the 36%. other at 45%. it's now at 41% with this approval at 52%. so it's gone up in the right direction. now the generic poll from
4:37 am
democrats and republicans when asked who do you want in office in your state, in your district is now just a 7 point gap. what are the republicans up against right now? >> well, again, i think in a midterm election you have to look state by state. district by district. in the senate i think we have a lot of close races but i think we are poised to pick up a bunch of seats. you look at heitkamp in north dakota. no question kevin cramer is poised to be the next senator from there. senator rick scott -- excuse me governor rick scott is doing a fantastic job in florida against bill nelson. i think that's going to be a republican pickup. marsha blackburn has surged ahead in tennessee. in the senate we are looking good. mitch mcconnell's nomination solidified that in the house i have got to be honest, it's close. republicans need to get out there and vote district by district. we are looking at continuing to put money into these key districts to put them over the top. but it's going to be close. i think that this last few
4:38 am
weeks has really helped galvanize the enthusiasm among key -- in key districts as we head into. this. steve: right. >> one really interesting point that's not being talked about. if you loo look at a lot of the key witnesses on the house side a lot in the iowa, minnesota. wisconsin. places that have benefited from the president's renegation of nafta. now the u.s.-mexico canada agreement, those policies where people are -- whether it's dairy farmers, auto workers. people who understanding the impact of trade and fair trade understanding what the president did is going to help him. that's going to benefit a lot of those key midwest races whether they are agriculture based or manufacturing based. the president's accomplishments on those fronts in particular are going to benefit them heading into the key. brian: don't be surprised if north carolina, the floods. people have historic losses how the president is going to react there getting them funds. now with a hurricane about to hit florida, which is in
4:39 am
the balance for governorship as well as the senate seat, performance matter there on both counts. >> yeah. absolutely. i think that's the number one function of government is to protect and care for its people. especially in times of tragedy. and so while we pray for these folks as they head into these key moments. both the victims of the recent storms and the ones that are about to hit. how they perform at both a state and federal level will be important. steve: sure. janice is going to give us an update on the storm in two minutes. sean sean spicer thank you for joining us today from our nation's capital. >> thanks. brian: it's not about janice now it's really about jillian. steve: one step at a time. let's talk about news. >> jillian: rahm emanuel firing back at president trump over his call for police to reduce violence. >> strongly consider stop and frisk.
4:40 am
meant for problems like chicago. jillian: the head of chicago's police union is praising the president. the liberal mayor is rejecting the advice. >> the failed policies is he talking about have no place for a city that's working together. jillian: more than 2300 people have been shot in chicago so far this year. kim jong un wants pope francis to visited north korea. south korea's presidential office says the dictator would welcome the pope with open arms. south korean president moon jae-in will deliver the invitation to the vatican next week. north korea is an atheist nation and strictly controls religious activity. no pope has ever been there. john maher going on a rant about the need for a new mail contract. video obtained by tmz showing the singer show in baltimore time to end the idea of the alpha male. watch. this do not possess a universal ability to have any woman that you see i'm
4:41 am
just going on record the trauma of men feel like they have fallen short of the [bleep] that nobody can live up to. >> he goes on to say men should focus on respect and sensitivity instead. a look at headlines. brian: so much to learn from john mayer, too. there is a lot to learn there. i wish i had a pen. steve: here did you go, brian. brian: thank you. steve: time to look at janice who is tracking hurricane michael. >> getting a new advisory thought moments and make sure everybody knows what the latest is i can tell you from the satellite presentation, this is a strength storm. we have got a lot of warm water ahead of it. and not a lot in the atmosphere to tear this storm apart and going to crash into some place. it's going to the florida panhandle tomorrow. not a lot of time here. here is the latest as of 5:00 a.m. new advisory coming thought just minutes. cat 196 miles per hour make
4:42 am
it a category 2. hurricane hunters have certainly seen that the pressure is dropping and the storm is strengthening. advisories, hurricane warnings in the red. i also wants to points out we have tropical storm watches that stretch all out way up to south carolina. so the carolinas are going to feel the impacts of this storm well inland as it eventually makes landfall. here's the track. we will get new coordinants again around 8:00 a.m. this is going to be a major hurricane. making landfall across the florida panhandle. the worst side of the storm is the east side of the storm worst of the storm surge and rain we are going to see the potential for tornadoes as well. upwards of 12-foot storm surge u and that is going to be catastrophic. eventually moving off the east coast. carolinas, florence, see the impacts of this as well. the florida panhandle hasn't seen a storm like this in over a decade. so people need to be listening to their local officials. steve: batting down the hatches. ainsley: sorry for folks on the coast.
4:43 am
also folks flooded by florence. that water still there. steve: storm surge, 12 feed, that's crazy. crazy -- 12 feet, that's crazy. next guest following the money trail of the resistance and she knows where it leads. that's next. [chanting shame on you] ing) okay, okay, okay... (clatter) ( ♪ ) feeling unsure? oh... (nervous yelp) what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360 (tm) technology. the most available driver assist technology in its class. ( ♪ ) the new 2019 ford edge.
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♪ steve: in a lead up to justice brett kavanaugh's confirmation to the supreme court. protesters stormed the capital. our knicks guest has been following the money behind the resistance and took a closer look at the funding mind some of the protests this weekend. nasa are a joins us from our nation's capita with more. the president has referred to these people, some of them as being paid. were they?
4:47 am
>> well, on the onset because people have sent me lots of messages that they are waiting for their checks. a lot of sincere people are protesting. but, i followed the money for the last two years. after since #resistance emerged the day after president trump was elected. steve: okay. >> the money leads us back to not a surprise to a lot of people george soros and flynn pay empire. it's not the individual protesters getting the money but it is the organizations that are running these protests. so with the women's march, i have been able to establish that at least 80 of those organizations have been grantees of the open society foundation's philanthropy network they call the house of sorrows. sore soros. latest action stop kavanaugh. it was at least 20
4:48 am
companies -- organizations. i said companies accidentally. look at these enterprises as companies. they have 1099s which is the filing with the irs for nonprofits. and many of them are also lobbying organizations so they are paid lobbyists, also. just hours ago, i was able to give you this breaking news, which is i was able to establish the name of the organization, the professional protest company named d.c. action lab. they are the ones who are directing the protesters who he go on to this stairs of the capitol and they did this famous protest. steve: they were like the producer. >> exactly. they are the ones that produced the demonstration the event but also the hand maidens protest. where these women dresse dressen costumes with bon nets and they went to the hearings, also, and did all these protests. what we have a well orchestrated enterprise.
4:49 am
steve: indeed. the average person at home see the nightly news, wow, look at all these people who are involved and look how professional it is some cases we know why. >> right. it does shape public opinion and it has been effective. >> we are communications professionals. we have to acknowledge that this is propaganda. this is messaging. they are very skilled at it. i adfire, actually. i thought the hand maiden protest symbol was a very clever one. but, you know, with all enterprises we have to go beyond the headlines and images and see who is the money behind it? some of these leaders like the woman who was in the elevator yelling at senator flake, she gets a six figure salary. $150,000 plus which i know a lot of your viewers would love to be getting for, you know, harassing folks all day long everybody has a
4:50 am
right to do. this important for us to know what is happening and who is behind the money. steve: now we know there is money behind some of the protesters. as ar it's ra thankasra thank yu for joining us live. steve: columbus day cancelled in columbus, ohio. the city says they will celebrate veterans day instead. walls that just an excuse to go p.c.? we will talk to one vet who lives in columbus next. and president trump takes on the war on police and calls out the media. >> i don't think you understanding one thing how much our country loves you and the job you are doing. you don't hear it from them they don't tell you. e ultra pain relieving cream has 4 active ingredients, to fight pain 4 different ways. get relief fast with new thermacare ultra pain relieving cream.
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4:54 am
ainsley: while new york city held its annual columbus day parade on monday. columbus, ohio, the city named for the famous explorer chose not to celebrate him. brian: the city's mayor claiming the move had nothing to do with the national movement to abolish the holiday saying they simply didn't have the budget to observe columbus and veterans day was that a pc excuse? ainsley: pilot in the u.s. air force reserves and board member for the columbus italian festival in columbus, ohio, thank you so much for joining us. >> how are you doing? ainsley: we're great. thank you. tell us what happened to your organization. >> so for the past 39 years we have had our columbus italian festival. we had participation from the city we didn't find out about the holiday decision until the day of the event which was just this past friday. the event went fine. the festival went forward. we have an event on monday,
4:55 am
yesterday wreath laying ceremony at the statue of christopher columbus that was donated to the city by genoa italy in 1955 that the city did not participate. in again, let's not seek a republican answer or a democratic answer. but the right answer. i believe is what jfk said. we have been working on this for about 23 years as far as the indigenous peoples thing. and we have been reaching out to local native american and indigenous people. organizations. if you asked our opinion w we want a combined event. we don't understand why the mayor of columbus wouldn't want a combined event that told the story of both sides. i mean, wouldn't that make the most sense? brian: it would. it's now in fashion not to like columbus. i suggest somebody read about columbus. far from perfect but a person of his generation. he changed the world. it was strixd as columbus is like what we did landing on the moon only it was more
4:56 am
dangerous. >> absolutely. brian, you can thank dr. howard zen for that. since his book came out a people's history of the united states self-loathing has become invogue. christopher columbus was originally put on a pedestal long ago by washington irving. we now know that that halo was that over his head was really a narrative for the new country of the united states to sell its independence from britain. since you know the whole story, i think the arrow walk of the hispaniola island would have a very different opinion of spaniards. >> he also spread christianity. that was his main mission. thank you so much. >> thanks. ainsley: quickly out of time yernl do you think it was a budget issue really. >> no. it's a political issue. ainsley: thank you so much for being with us. hopefully things will change soon. >> thank you.
4:57 am
brian: fox news alert. i wish i wasn't saying this hurricane michael going from a category 1 hurricane to a 2. what it means for everyone in its path. look. see if you recognize your state. . . i wanted more from my copd medicine... ...that's why i've got the power of 1-2-3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better.
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♪ >> i was not appointed to serve one party or one interest. but to serve one nation. >> i think this is in many way as crushing defeat for women, women's rights. >> the assault on kavanaugh will continue they will become, as already are on the courts and rulings itself. >> cnn put out a poll, the president was down to 36%. it is now up, 41%. >> this last few weeks helped galvanized enthusiasm. >> we expect this to be a category 3 when it makes landfall sometime tomorrow. >> if you're under a evacuation order, leave, don't wait. >> our administration will honor, cherish, support, the men and women in blue. >> every law enforcement officer
5:01 am
across this country knows the president has their back like no president ever has. >> drew brees breaking a nfl record with a huge play. brian: let's focus on this. ainsley: fox news alert. just moments ago hurricane michael strengthening to a category 2 hurricane with 100 mile-per-hour winds. evacuations are underway down in florida as the storm barreling towards the panhandle. steve: hurricane michael pounding cuba overnight. officials warned of storm surge and flooding. >> hurricane michael is a monstrous storm. could bring total deaf staying to parts of our state, especially the panhandle. you have to keep your family safe. brian: bridge tolls suspended. people are racing to get out of town. janice dean is following michael's track. everyone in tallahassee, highways were packed yesterday. >> unfortunately we didn't have
5:02 am
a lot of lead-up time. now is the time to pay crucial attention to the local forecasts and officials. we'll see landfall of this hurricane, probably a major hurricane tomorrow afternoon. looking more like tomorrow evening. the exact timing still to be determined. we're expecting a strengthening storm as it makes landfall. the right side of the storm brings the worst of the storm surge, worst of winds, worst of the rain. that isn't saying west side of the storm will not feel effects. we have inland parts as far as north as south carolina. here is the latest track, making landfall we think sometime in the afternoon towards the evening hours, panhandle of florida. up towards georgia and the carolinas, still as tropical storm. areas inundated by rainfall with florence will get more rainfall. the reason we think it will strengthen the water ahead of it is like a hot tub. a lot of warm water ahead of it.
5:03 am
nothing really to tear it apart. it will remain intact and strengthen. a major hurricane not hit this area of florida over a decade. it was 2005. folks, you need to take all precallings. the time is running out. steve: absolutely. get in the car, go out on 38 and head out of town. ainsley: not worth staying around. thank you so much, janice. steve: meanwhile a fox news alert, today is brett kavanaugh's first day where he is justice on the supreme court of the united states. you saw him last night here on the fox news channel as he was administered in a ceremonial way the oath of office. and while the president was political he was non-political. he did say the confirmmation was contentious and emotional. that is over. he takes the office with gratitude and no bitterness. ainsley: let's listen to what he said yesterday. we'll chitchat about it. watch. >> the supreme court is an
5:04 am
institution of law. it is not a partisan or political institution. the justices do not sit on opposite side of an aisle. we do not caucus in separate rooms. the supreme court is a team of nine and i will always be a team player on the team of nine. i was not appointed to serve one party or one interest, but to serve one nation. every litigant in the supreme court can be assured i will listen to their arguments with respect and an open mind. brian: president of the night was saying, that's right, brett kavanaugh is now on the bench. i will not drop the ball now. remember what it took to get him here. how the party's fortunes in the midterms might have turned because of that look at democrats and republicans are particularly polarized. what i find most fascinating independents were most upset about the treatment of judge kavanaugh. i'm wondering if you're trying
5:05 am
to win an election does that matter? does it matter a lot of people's images of democrats is, pounding on? the doors and screaming at senators in elevators. that is why the president was so wise, hey, democrats, this is not the democratic party i recognize. the president was a democrat for a while. he could easily do what reagan did. get the reagan democrats to his side. ainsley: i thought yesterday i was watching that, this guy worked for president bush. he loves the bush family. they came out said he was a wonderful guy. he was just saying i'm going to be fair, i'm going to follow the law. he was always grateful to this president, president trump for nominating him but yesterday, after all that his family has been through, and the president apologized we're about to play that apologized to his family and to his wife and to his kids and he looked to the president with tears in his eyes, i'm
5:06 am
grateful for your unwaivering support. mr. president, thank you for everything. he look at justice kennedy, said in the very room he was nominated by and he was sworn in by president reagan. justice kavanaugh i felt he was so grateful to the president for sticking by him. because the president never said, never waivered, he didn't. just as the justice said. but here is the president of the united states, president trump, apologizing to brett kavanaugh and to his family for everything they have been through. >> on behalf of our nation i want to apologize to brett and the entire kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure. those who step forward to serve our country deserve a fair and dignified evaluation, not a campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception. what happened to the kavanaugh family violates every notion of
5:07 am
fairness, decency and due process. a man or a woman must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. you, sir, under historic scrutiny, were proven innocent. steve: there you have the got the president of the united states trying to put what happened over the past couple weeks behind the country. the big question how the country views the supreme court going forward. gallop came out with new poll, looked year-over-year. how happy you are with the way the government is being operated and governed. take a look at the top line, in 2017, a year ago, 28% of the people in the united states were happy with how things were governed. fast forward today, up 10%, up to 38%. you look at republicans and leaners, a year ago 47% say they were satisfied with how the
5:08 am
government is being governed and now it is at 72%. it has gone up 25 points, highest since 2005. ainsley: republicans have rallied. the party is so split. last you few weeks it has brought the party together. mitch mcconnell got a standing ovation. brian: susan collins might get a run against her from susan rice in maine. sanctioned by the gop, perhaps of alaska. the distance growing between marcia black burp and phil bredesen now eight points, she made it clear, kavanaugh is good enough for me. bredesen, absolutely not. in west virginia, joe manchin had-point lead, democrats were staying home, not vote for him, because the made the decision, after doing his research, this guy is fine for the position. ainsley: he was in a tough position because he is in a state where they love president trump. marsha blackburn, she got a bump
5:09 am
in the polls? brian: eight points. she was trailing before one or two point for a while. steve: before taylor swift got into politics. charlie hurt sat down with brian and took a look at the kavanaugh nominations and republican successes and sees things this way. >> nothing pleases republicans more than putting a, a conservative jurist who understands the boundaries of the judiciary, putting somebody like brett kavanaugh on the high court, i would argue it is so much more than that. you've got an economy humming at 4%. you have the lowest unemployment in decades. you have pictures of a wall being built on the southern border. all those things put together means republicans are -- they're not tired of winning it turns out. steve: we heard that before. the big question, will it galvanize republicans to go vote
5:10 am
one month from today? will it galvanize democrats to do the same thing. >> best thing for president, if he wants to be successful for the midterms the new nafta deal he cut. that will affect all those people in those districts and countries, in those states. it is helping farmers and helping manufacturers and helping workers. ainsley: unemployment 3.7%. steve: white house would say both those things are promises kept. that is the message going into the midterms. a lot of news with jillian. jillian: good tuesday morning. european union backing u.s. effort demanding to know what happened to a missing "washington post" contributor. turkey will search the saudi consulate in the istanbul after he went missing. he was walking into the consulate. a 15-member saudi arabian team attacked him in a preplanned murder. the journalist is a known critic
5:11 am
of saudi leadership. driver behind the wheel of limo that crashed a limo killing 20 people in new york. he was busted for drugs twice. he also didn't have a proper license. the limo failed inspection last night. the limo's owner was an inform ant in two fbi terror stings. he helped take down muslims convicted of federal fraud charges. according to "the daily mail" he came to the u.s. from pakistan where he was accused of murder. president trump headed toed hawkeye state. he is expected to unveil a new plan for ethanol gas in front after crowd in council bluffs iowa. the first of four make america great rallies. todd piro will be live from a diner tomorrow morning to have "breakfast with friends". one baby making the trip after lifetime at just five
5:12 am
months old. harper yates is on the verge of being the youngest person to visit all 50 u.s. states. shes has been on a four-month road trips with her parents. the australian family is expected to reach vermont next week for the 50th and final stop. little harper's journey shared on instagram with a picture from each state line. show won't remember it. steve: got the pictures. ainsley: that is so cool, the parents have time to do this. have a good car seat. brian: absolutely. ainsley: really cute. steve: quite a vacation. breaking news out of washington, d.c., kanye west is going to the white house. we have the new statement from the administration regarding that coming up. ainsley: florida's governor rick scott holding a press conference on hurricane matthew. we'll monitor it. the latest developments on the category 2 storm closes in. ♪
5:13 am
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5:16 am
♪ steve: well, some key senators on kavanaugh confirmmation already feeling the heat from their votes. "new york" magazine urging red state democrats, they can do better than joe manchin. cnn claims that heidi heitkamp
5:17 am
may lose her seat after the kavanaugh vote. according to newsmax, kavanaugh boost republican effort to unseat missouri's claire mccaskill. even for republican senators feeling the heat. talking points memo claiming alaska republican party weighs reprimanding lisa murkowski for opposing brett kavanaugh. we have the head of "real clear politics," tom bevan. good morning to you. >> good morning,.steve. steve: we knew there would be fall out for each and every vote somebody took. we're finding that out seriously. >> the kavanaugh fight thrown a wrench into the political landscape and seems to be by and large really helping republican. if you look at some red states that have a lot more republicans than democrats, the base is activated in the states. bears out in the numbers in north dakota, for example. heidi heitkamp. bears out in tennessee, marsha
5:18 am
blackburn poles show her getting separation from phil bredesen. jon tester and claire mccaskill are in very, very tight races. steve: what do you think the president's message is going forward to keep people reminded of the kavanaugh battle? >> unquestionably. i think trump will mention at all of his rallies and republicans will mention it. they will keep the pressure on democrats on this issue through the election because the question now is, republican intensity has risen to match that of democrats in a lot of these surveys. the question whether it is sustainable. whether it is sustained over the next four weeks through election day or whether it dissipates. kavanaugh did win, confirmed on the court now and we'll wait and see whether the republicans maintain the intensity or not. steve: sure. that is important, tom. you go back six months looked
5:19 am
like there would be a blue wave sweeping across america one month from today, now not so much, right? >> it certainly seems like, as i said things have edged in the republicans direction over the past seven to 10 days. we've seen the generic ballot number close. democrats lead went down from 7 points to six 1/2 points. i mentioned senate numbers. some races shift in the house in favor of republicans with the number of toss-up seats gone down, number of republican leaning seats has gone up just over the last seven days. at least right now it is benefiting republicans. steve: ultimately, while it may benefit republicans right now, you know republicans will vote for republicans and democrats for democrats, it es the independents. who are they breaking for? >> that is the big question, how this will affect independents. right now again independents, particularly midterms, very, have he small sighs of the electorate. we have conflicting data on
5:20 am
folks. they weren't really in favorable rating of kavanaugh. but on the other hand they thought he was treated unfairly. so we'll have to wait and see. independents in some of these really close races could be very, very decisive. steve: we'll see what happens. tom bevan joining us from chicago. thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: the 8 8:20 here in new york city. political left is protesting kavanaugh but now that he is on the bench is it time for them to move on? we'll have a debate. dr. sebastian gorka joins us live in couple minutes here on "fox & friends." orry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit.
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♪ brian: welcome back every one about to do my favorite thing in
5:24 am
the world, walk and talk. now it is time for your headlines. the good fight edition. whole foods taking on the vegans. one store in berkeley, california, filing a restraining order against an animal rights activist group was planning on occupying whole foods protests at store of the dow believe that? and -- it is not delivery it is digorno or is it? this video going vial, showing a cart full of digorno pizzas at a restaurant. whether the chain was serving, digorno. the pies belong to kmart. i will walk around as we go to the final story. apple getting serve ad lot of criticism over the new bagel emoji. some say it looks like something you find in frozen supermarket aisle. not a true bagel. we'll sam inthis, as ainsley talks about that.
5:25 am
ainsley: everyone send in comments, who does it better, steve or brian? brian, that was a nice try, but steve can walk and tell the story. brian: i invented this. ainsley: the inventor should perfect this. brian: get going. ainsley: nice try. have a little debate. protesters in melt-down mode over confirmmation of brett kavanaugh. watch this. >> you put a liar on the court. >> these woman talking to you about their survivor stories. >> you let these people do these things. that is what you're telling me. [shouting] ainsley: well, now that he is officially on the bench, would democrats be wise just to move on? here is debate this rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcenany and fox news contributor jessica tarlov. i will start with you today, kayleigh. do you think democrats need to move on, accept what happened. >> there is simply no doubt the
5:26 am
left's mob-like tactics are backfiring. one the latest polls show 58% of independents disapprove with the way democrats are acting with regard to kavanaugh. ainsley, not just moving independents our way, it is firing up republicans. republican national committee we had the best day of online fund-raising in the history of our party of the not just this year, not just this cycle, the history of our party on september 30th. the first week of this month our chairwoman noted, chairwoman mcdaniel we're up 500% fund-raising where we were last month. republicans are fired up. they're giving money. i can tell you this, they're going out to rote. ainsley: jessica, what is the reason for that, and are you fearful as democrat republicans are uniting? >> definitely makes a difference. gop enthusiasm is up six to eight points depending on poll because of brett kavanaugh's confirmation. that is boost for them. kayleigh showed a poll democrats disapprove how handled it, a
5:27 am
disapprove republicans handled it a little less. 51% oppose brett kavanaugh's nomination. 52% versus 3% believe the women versus believe brett kavanaugh. the president turned confirmmation for supreme court justice into a political rally. he uses terms like hoax. i don't think that is particularly sensitive. in terms of fund-raising, kamala harris raised $400,000 for heidi heitkamp in one day alone because of her opposition to brett kavanaugh. money is flowing in also to democrats. kayleigh and rona mcdaniel work hard for their dollars. props to them for that. we have a steep climb as it were but i think democrats have every reason to talk about the fact this not a hoax obviously that we need to take women's claims of sexual assault very clearly and oppose this and talk about health care more. ainsley: kayleigh enthusiasm is
5:28 am
there of republican party. >> democrats still. we're up two point. ainsley: do you think enthusiasm on the republican carries to the midterms, do you think more democrats rally to the polls because of this? >> this will carry republicans through the midterms. not just that, we're seeing independents being swayed, internal number are voter scores, are not public polling being far more accurate than public polling, chairwoman mcdaniel predicted michigan within a few thousand votes back in 2016. our internal numbers show all of these senate races every single one moving in the direction of republicans because what happens is you have fair-minded individuals on the left and the right and in the middle look a those mob-like tactics you played at the beginning, they reject that. they reject the fact that some of these individuals are trying to find the medical records of children in congress and publicly release them. ainsley: going too far. >> calling susan collins a rape sympathizer because she had a well--reasoned articulation of
5:29 am
judge kavanaugh. ainsley: all those things kayleigh just listed the fact kavanaugh was confirmed and many republicans are mad at the way he was treated and his family treated throughout all of this, is it going to backfire? is what we saw, what we saw these senators do by not releasing information, not releasing the letter until right before the confirmmation process will that backfire on democrats? >> i don't know if it backfires in terms of blue wave won't happen or taking majority at the house, that is still 75% odds. we'll see how it shakes out over the next week. there are a lot of things you can say how the gop mishandled it. 52% believe the woman instead of 38 for kavanaugh. republicans can use usual language this is hoax and president use is to it whip up the base. not that coming november 6th, brett kavanaugh, associate justice on the supreme court is such an aggrieved party. might think of dr. ford who can't go back to her home.
5:30 am
or millions of women across are sexually assaulted don't feel strong enough to report it or they will be heard and listened to. ainsley: kayleigh, jessica, thanks so much. >> thank you, ainsley. >> have a great day, ainsley. not just protesters, the media melting down over justice kavanaugh's confirmation. >> we'll see if this rein lasts for 30 days or two years or 1000 year reich. ainsley: wow, dr. sebastian gorka's family fled actual fascists. he is here to react to that. this hilarious video, the police officer officer busting a move outside of the school, he will join us live. we love him. [sirens]
5:31 am
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♪ ♪ "we built this city" on rock and roll ♪ ainsley: i love that song. brian: hoping to get it out of my head, now it's back. ainsley: that takes us back. steve: we didn't build this city but we built this studio. we're up on the the on mezzanine level. the doctor making a house call, dr. sebastian gorka. he has a brand new book, why we fight. let's talk a little bit about the kavanaugh nomination and ceremonial swearing-in last night. what did you make of the tone of the president and mr. kavanaugh. >> i'm grateful what the president had done. a good man a godly man, was impuned and president declared him innocent. it was the right thing to do. ainsley: is it worth the fight? we're seeing how republicans are being treated.
5:35 am
you can't go to a restaurant anymore. they're putting out your personal information, your addresses, sending -- brian: doxxing. >> absolutely worth it. 1776 was worth it. this is worth it. in my book why we fight, i talk about the fact this isn't the first time they have done it. people are shocked what the democrats did, the dirty tricks, the lies, guess what they have been doing this for decades. a man whitaker chambers, 1948, first televised congressional testimony, stood up to tell the truth about soviet penetration of the u.s. government. what did the left do? they accused him of having an affair, being a home sexual, being responsible for his brother's death. all of it lies. that is 1948. that is years before justice kavanaugh was even born. this is pattern. we've always got to resist the lies. brian: here is mostel last night, let's listen. >> the thing about making a deal with the devil the devil backs
5:36 am
up his bargain, all right? the devil does not welch. trump has delivered for these people on the things that they care about most. he has delivered racism for these people. he has delivered misogyny for these people and now he has delivered the supreme court for these people, which is something they have been trying to get for a generation. we're going to see if this rather than they have control over all three branches of government, we'll see if this reign lasts for 30 days, or two years, or 1000 year reich. brian: is that the view you have of this administration? >> i don't know who this person is. we're used to the crazies but the that is an insult. that is an insult to people of my parents who lived under nazi occupation, my parents with children, where nazis took over hungary. that is insult to 10 million plus americans who were fis who fought facism, many of whom died. that is unconscionable. brian: a fascist country
5:37 am
wouldn't let him say that. >> if donald trump were the great dictator they paint him to be this person would be locked up. brian: 90% for him instead of 90% against him. >> that's right, brian. ainsley: how dangerous is that rhetoric? >> only one party normalized violence in the last two years and it is not republicans. james hodgkins did not wear a maga hat when he went to the baseball field in arlington. he was a ben bernanke supporter, with a rifle and hit list of what, republican congressman, he almost killed one of them, steve scalise. look at violence of antifa, go prepared for battle to those demonstrations. the right down do that you're normalizing something that is un-american. steve: talk a little bit about your book, "why we fight, defeating american enemies with no apologies." you start with sun zhuo.
5:38 am
>> and kalvitz. on war. if you know those two people you can defeat any enemy and president has an instinct for this stuff. so sun zhou, use power, strength of your enemy against them. nothing changed in warfare or politics for thousands of years. steve: donald trump understands the enemy? >> he understands. look what he has done. he makes a statement, people go crazy, especially on the left. what happens? a few weeks later a few months later turns out to be what, true? they wiretapped my campaign. what are you talking about, wiretapped your campaign. we find out. fisa warrant illegally issued with exculpatory information kept from the docket. we have the whole house of cards collapsing. i have rarely met a man instinctually strategic as
5:39 am
donald trump. talking about isis. who is talking about russia invading neighbors? nobody since donald trump became commander-in-chief. brian: in the cross-hairs china. >> china is number one. in my book i talk about all the threats and talk about jihadis, talk about russia. there is only one strategic one and it is beijing because they want to replace america and they have a plan but donald trump knows it. ainsley: thank you, dr. gorka, congratulations on the book. >> why do we fight. and why do we talk to jillian. ainsley: because the producer said to. brian: thank you. jillian: how about this, you guys reported a little bit ago, kanye west is headed to white house. press secretary sarah sanders confirming he will have lunch with the president and discuss prison reform and gang violence with jared kushner. the president prepares to dine with kanye he is taking a dig at the rapper's rival taylor swift after she criticized republican marsha blackburn's voting
5:40 am
record. >> marsha blackburn is doing a very good job in tennessee. she is leading now substantially which she should. she is a tremendous woman. let's say that i liked taylor's music about 25% less now, okay? jillian: in an instagram post taylor swift says she is posting for democrats. anthony weiner could be released from prison three months early. he is locked up in massachusetts after sending inappropriate text messages to a 15-year-old girl. he was sentenced to 21 months behind bar. thanks to good behavior, he could get out in may. google plus is shutting down after 500,000 users may have had their information exposed. a bug may have given 400 outside developers access to private data for three years. they found the glitch of the software in may and google decided not to disclose the glitch for months fearing backlash and government regulations. these parents thought it
5:41 am
would be fun to wake up their son with a song on his third birthday. they thought wrong. [happy birthday ♪ happy birthday -- >> i want to sleep. jillian: he is not a morning person. not everyone is. the toddler trying to kick his family out when they brought him breakfast in bed. brian: look at the bed. ainsley: it has hearts on it. sleeping in his sister's old bed. steve: he will want the breakfast in bed some day. brian: don't have to get out of bed. ainsley: that is such a brian line. he hates people that don't chew gum. jillian: i don't like breakfast in bed either. it's a mess. ainsley: you don't like to sleep on crumbs? what is wrong with you? brian: thank you very much.
5:42 am
steve: thanks for stirring things up, jillian. brian: talk about stirring things up, hurricane matthew a category 2 storm as it races to florida. governor rick scott wrapping up news conference. janice is tracking the storm. that will be next. is the only complete multivitamin with antioxidants from one total serving of fruits and veggies. new from one a day.
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>> hurricane michael is a monstrous storm and the forecast keeps getting more dangerous and we're just now 12 hours away from seeing impacts. the time to prepare it now. brian: hurricane michael now a category 2 hurricane of the winds 100 miles per hour. ainsley: the storm pounding cuba overnight. steve: kelly cohen from our fox affiliate in tampa live as parts of florida evacuate. kelly? reporter: exactly. and parts of florida are also closing down schools because of this. now the bay area, tampa bay we're not really going to see the full effects of this
5:46 am
hurricane. this hurricane hitting the panhandle, at least projected to. but we will have the storm surge here. that is what we typically feel here every time something hits the big bend area, that panhandle area. this is one of many schools in citrus county that is out. school is out for kid who were sent home today as well as tomorrow as everyone here prepares for the storm. we're actually in one of the pet friendly shelters right now. last year during hurricane irma more than 600 pets had to be housed in this location. they found room for everyone here. we're talking about aing figurative noah's ark, not just dogs and cats, bringing chameleons and pet skunks. we hear from people evacuating storms, told to evacuate they won't do it because of their pets. this is proof there is no excuse mere. we see plenty of people taking to the roadways up north in the panhandle area around panama
5:47 am
city. the roads are clogged. good news we don't have the populations evacuated during irma. we're not seeing huge backups we had last year. that is the great news. seems like everybody is heeding the governor's warning in this storm. and taking his advice and going ahead and making their evacuation plans now. brian: he gets it. they always have got it. even the skunks will be safe this time. ainsley: who has a pet skunk? janice dean has been tracking it all for us. janice: this area of the panhandle has not seen a hurricane of this strength in over 10 years, 2005. people are urged to take the warnings very seriously. the storm is strengthening. nothing is in its way. it will crash into the florida panhandle tomorrow. the exact timing on this still yet to be determined. sometime in the midday to the afternoon but effects felt well inland across portions of georgia and the carolinas. so category 2 storm. it is strengthening. the water is very warm,
5:48 am
abnormally warm in the gulf of mexico. there is no upper level sheer to tear this storm apart. it will be a strengthening storm as it makes landfall. the right side of this storm we'll see the worst of the storm surge. upwards of 12 feet of water inland so that is going to be a big problem. upward of perhaps a foot of rainfall as well as those hurricane force winds, stretching well inland. trop storm watches well into georgia and the carolinas. the carolinas will feel the impact of this storm as well. they are still recovering from florence. steve: they are indeed. jd, thank you very much. meanwhile still ahead we showed you this hilarious video. a police officer busting a move for kids outside of their school. that dancing officer will join us live next. ainsley: but first let's check in with sandra smith to find out what is coming up at top. hour. >> hey, ainsley. good tuesday morning to all of you. tracking hurricane michael, in what could be the worst storm to
5:49 am
hit the florida panhandle in a decade. we'll have the latest. president trump heading to iowa today after last night's ceremonial swearing-in of now justice brett kavanaugh. how will this brutal confirmmation battle play out in the midterm elections? we're just now four weeks away. a big show coming up, senators cory gardner, the senator, will be our headliner. the a-team is on deck. "america's newsroom" begins in ten minutes.
5:50 am
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5:52 am
♪ [siren] ainsley: that moment went viral. officer chris shilling busing a move in indiana.
5:53 am
fellow officers mixing police sirens and horns to get him the beat. brian: you can only do that by practice, practice. officer shilling joins us now. you're a better dancer than most anybody i know. can you sate the scene. how did you get to the point where that was the thing to do? >> we were over there doing a k-9 demonstration and actually, the gentleman on the bike is corporal bobby carter. bobby has been doing that for years. you know, every time we have a christmas parade or mardi gras parade he is always playing that beat. and just so happened one of the kids he was playing the beat, and one of the kid was dancing. i asked the kid, are you challenging me to a dance-off. bobby carter hit that beat. that is where it went. steve: we love that. have you ever done this in public before? >> yes. a lot of times.
5:54 am
everybody knows me, you know, knows that i love to dance. that is just one thing i like to do. and then, you know, when kid are involved, it makes it even that much more important to me. ainsley: that is so great. i mean a lot of us can do this after a few cocktails at a wedding but not, not while we're working. not while we're working. i'm really proud of you. i think it is great to see police officers having fun with the kids. what was the reaction from the children? >> they all loved it. they all clapped and cheered. i kind of wish they would have got the little guy on video. you can see him a little bit in the corner, the little guy that gives me the high-five. he is the little kid i was dancing with. but yeah, they loved it. they all cheered after it was over with. brian: chris, how valuable are things like this in the community to helping you do a job on a daily basis? >> well you know as, when i was
5:55 am
a kid coming up it is what got me wanting to do this profession. i know, i went to a k-9 demo as a little kid. you know, i seen this cop showing off his dogs skills and i said, that is what i want to do. i want to be a k-9 officer when i grow up. and, so, i got into law enforcement 13 years ago. and worked hard to get where i wanted to be. now i'm in k-9. i want to pass that on to other kids and let them know, we're not, we're not all bad. we're out here to help you. we're not out here to hurt you. steve: when you do the k-9 thing, you have a secret button, you say the dog is smartest dog in the world. the door pops open, the dog jumps out. before we leave in that studio, somewhere in that room, somebody has the beat. take it away. ainsley: come on.
5:56 am
steve: yeah. before we leave i want to tell you how i appreciate you having me on. steve: you bet. >> thank y'all. my mother loves to watch y'all's show. if i didn't say that she would be upset. ainsley: what is her name? >> her name is kathy. she loves to watch the show. steve: she's watching. here is the dancing officer chris shilling. ainsley: there you go. that was for you, kathy. entire judo class. one shot can make a world of difference. walgreens' specially trained pharmacists, know exactly which flu shot is right for you. protecting the world... over 60 million flu shots and counting, starts with protecting yours, today. walgreens, trusted since 1901.
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>> coming up in a couple weeks next week, 19th, 20th, 21st i'll talk about all three of my books taking questions and appearances in those cities. get tickets.
6:00 am
v.i.p. and i'll have a chance to meet the people. >> you are taking your show on the road. >> only if you'll be funny. >> he will be. >> tickets at brian >> sandra: all eyes on hurricane michael as the category 2 storm intensifies and continues on its course toward the u.s. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith live inside "america's newsroom." >> i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. alabama and florida declaring a state of emergency with major storm preparations underway. hurricane michael expected to strengthen before barreling into the panhandle. some parts of florida are seeing heavy rain and strong winds. the governor warning of the storm's destructive potential and urging people to be prepared. >> hurricane michael is forecast to be the most


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