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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 9, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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it's a vote to respect our borders, respect ourti constitution, and respect the heroes of law enforcement. >> sean: that's unfortunately all the time we have left. s we will be fair and balanced four weeks fromro tonight. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingram is next in washington. hi, laura. >> laura: i feel it feeling good. >> sean: four weeks from tonight, laura, i hope they vote. >> laura: they have the big guns pushing their voter registration and i will talk about that tonight. they have the hollywood crowd tonight at the american music awards -- >> sean: they have two hours in some states. >> laura: you tweeted it, people can still register in all 50 states. now i'm promoting your twitter feed for a good cause. >> sean: i don't tweet that much anymore. this is a full-time job. who has the time to fight with humpty dumpty? >> laura: they are all basement dwellers. welcome to "the ingraham angle"t
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we find ourselves out from that important midterm election. justice brett kavanaugh'slv first day on's the bench and the left is already claiming he is an illegitimate steward for the court. andy mccarthy has a reaction. also reince priebus is here. he's going -- nikki haley's parting words shows that the g.o.p. establishment is coming home to trump. in the wake of the kavanaugh smears, a shocking title ix ruling on a california campus reveals a disturbing double standard inside the post #metoo movement. but first, hillary and the democratic haters. that's tonight's angle. today's justice brett kavanaughh heard his first oral arguments at the supreme court and was welcomed warmly by his colleagues.
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it was a nice moment collegiality with yesterdays chaos and promise for more. republicans are exuding more confidence while democrats are banking on more chaos. despite the catastrophic loss of the swing vote on the high court, they are hitting the anarchy accelerator. these people truly believe they can protest their way back into power. something the president warned of tonight. of >> president trump: the democrats have become too extreme, and they've become frankly too dangerous to govern. they have gone whacko. if democrats take control, they will try to reverse our amazing progress and plunge our country into gridlock, frankly into r poverty, ultimately into chaos.
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>> laura: the chaos strain has now even infected what was the democratic establishment. why hasn't dianne feinstein, whm was considered a sober minded liberal, why hasn't she condemned the tactics and intimidation used by her female colleagues in the halls of the u.s. senate? do you know why? because pro-woman dianne feinstein wants to keep the atmosphere red-hot, scarily so to drive democratic voter turnout. but just when you think they couldn't go lower? they do. >> trump has delivered for these people on the things they care about most. he has delivered racism for these people. he has delivered misogyny for these people. he has delivered the supreme court for these people which is something they considered for a generation. they have control of all three branches of government. we will see this either for 30
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days or two years or a thousand year reich. >> laura: reich? nice. if you aren't on for the moral dictates of liberalism, the left will demonize you as a nazi, plant false stories against you, trash your family. try to destroy your life. of course, they'll try to get you fired. when you are president trump or justice kavanaugh -- i love saying that. if they can't beat you, they'll threaten to impeach you. here's the original founding member of the clinton war room james carville. >> to the democrats, kavanaugh is worth a lot more alive than dead. this is not going to go away. they aren't going to stop doing stories on kavanaugh. the democrats win back the house, they'll probably hold some kind of hearings on the fact that a lot of people think he perjured himself during his confirmation hearings to the court of appeals. >> laura: dead or alive? i like him better, by the way, when he put the garbage pailra over his head back in 2002.
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do you remember that after the loss in 2002? that was carville's best moment. how is any of this going to00 me america's lives better? what is the new platform? vote for us, and we'll spend the next few years and will torture anyone who's remotely associated with trump? please. the thuggish win at all approach was on full display during the kavanaugh battle. >> why do women have to bear their whole soul to you? >> don't you wave your hand at me! i wave my hand at you! how dare you talk to women that way! >> we believe survivors! we believe survivors! we believe survivors! >> laura: it's fitting, isn't it, the women one of the architects of the politics of
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personal destruction, along with carville, has no problem with any of that. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. that's why i believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and/or the senate, that's when civility can start again. until then, the only thing the republicans seem to recognize, and respect, is strength. >> laura: this is so juvenile. it's like your kid, right -- "i'll start behaving, mommy, once i get the extra piece of candy."le okay! unless the democrats are in power, there can be no civility. yet they are the agents of mayhem that we've endured for two years now. this is what they've been doing since election night! hillary would rather see the country swallowed up by discord and anger then to admit thehe trump policies are actually bearing fruit. my friends, this is all about
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foisting a liberal construct on america. the tonality and the set precepts, basically, about opens borders, open markets, may be tossing in gender fluidity for good measure. all of that has to be accepted or else. what happened to the softer, kinder hillary we heard from just two years ago. >> we need to get better at finding ways to disagree on matters of policy while agreeing on questions of decency and civility. how we talk to each other, treat each other, respect each other. >> laura: isn't that nice at the al smith dinner? that's so nice. unless our campaign goes down in flames, in other words, and unless our opponents fulfill his promises, in which case we will scorch the earth, civility be damned. hillary could not let the moment to pass for brett kavanaugh to have his ceremonial swearing in
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that the white house last night. >> what was done last night in the white house was a political rally. it further undermined the imagel and integrity of the court. and that troubles me greatly. saddens me because our judicial system has been viewed as one of the main pillars of our constitutional government. >> laura: and in what way was this a political rally? i was actually there last night. of course people are excited. just like when democrat president gets two justices or one justice? they are excited. d it's a victory. you can't celebrate victories, only four democrats? all the supreme court justices were sitting in the front row, of if you saw any of that last night, including the one appointed by your husband, hillary. it was a nonpartisan moment of unity and may be a little bit of healing that hillary refuses to acknowledge because, of course,t she had no role in it.
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this is at the heart of the democrats' resistance. they are actually resentful that the country is moving ahead,d, growing, thriving, reclaiming its power. also on the world stage. because they have no part in any of it. because trump was right, they were wrong, and they are ticked off about it. liberal dogma and the giveaway policies of the past, that did not get us here to reach economic achievement andt otherwise. lacking a governing agenda or in the response to trump's economic and global success? the democrats have decided to run on a platform of demonization. they are now even using the kavanaugh vote to punish their own. democrat senator joe manchin of west virginia, in a close reelection race, and candidate phil dresden are being lashed
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left for the respective vote on kavanaugh. d the liberals are withholding monies from both campaigns of the candidates. if they won't tolerate a little bit of diversity among opinion among their own democratic colleagues, imagine what they will do to us if they regain power. and that's the angle. joining me now is former u.s. attorney joe digenova and democratic strategist scott bolding. scott, to you first. you would thought after the attempted murder of steve scalise last year that the democrats would've figured thish out, that whipping people up into this frenzy and giving tacit support, if not a green light, for this stuff the past few days, they backed off a little bit on that.t. but no. >> of course not. either way, do you have amnesia? when barack obama was in office for eight years, we had the tea
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party -- >> they show up and shoot at democratic candidates? >> i don't recall. but those protesters -- i'm not for violence or threats, but those protesters are exercising their first amendment rights under democracy. you may not like it, but the republicans had the tea party -- in fact, mitch mcconnell said the day that barack obama was elected that it was his job toto make sure he was never elected again. >> laura: what would the response had been, joe, if a number of conservative protesters had cornered -- let's say a kamala harris in an elevator and screamed "shame on you," with a crowd of people"s around them? then continued. what do you think if they caught her antiwoman and an harass her? >> there is no doubt that mediar would've played its legitimate role as part of the democraticn party and objected strenuously. but the point here is,
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it's not just the protester. it's the people. it's the elected leaders of the democratic party who are encouraging this type of activity, which is exceedingly dangerous. it's going to lead to physical injury. it's already led to the shooting of steve scalise on a baseball diamond. when you have the kind of language that maxine waters is using to get in people's face, cory booker calling for the same thing, these are elected leaders. what they say has an effect on t the people who follow them. this is a very dangerous game the democrats are playing and they wanted to. in listening to mrs. clinton of all people, she sounded like dona cory loney donna corelone, all they have to do is be violent, nasty -- it was like a mafia donna talking.
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like something out of a bad movie. "we will extort civility when you give us one of the houses of congress." >> that's not what she sounded.s >> laura: i want scott to react to this because mcconnell and the president reacted to hillary's civility let's watch. >> she told cnn exactly how she views millions of americans who hold exactly different views from her own. no peace until they get their way? more of these tactics? apparently this is the left's rallying cry. >> i guess that's why she lost. she doesn't get it. she never did. i knew that a long time ago. hillary never got it. that's why she lost. >> and i listen to hillary clinton, i hear democracy, i hear those folks' constitutional rights to protest. we may not do it that way, but they protest how the meetings d and the hearings on kavanaugh were held and the fact that truth wasn't the motivation that getting him elected.
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they have a right to be angry. millions of women are suffering in silence. do you not see that? you are titular head of the g.o.p., president of the united states, is not only the most divisive. his unhedged statements, his statements about being decent people, hit taking and taking immigrants -- that's what he said. >> laura: i think what he's's trying to say -- >> don't tell me what he's trying to say. show me what he said. >> laura: i am trying to do an intervention for the democrats. i adore scott. >> you are ignoring donald trump and his divisive statements -- >> laura: something donald trump said, let's get back to a time of love, respect, understanding. and that now this is done, we hope -- i'm paraphrasing, i hope we can move on. this is a good man. kavanaugh is a good man. i've known him for 30 years.
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the idea that someone 36 years ago with an unsubstantial late in the game claims is going to lose everything he's ever -- i don't believe anything that i heard from the smear machine. >> you don't think he lied about his drinking? >> i don't know, but if he lied... >> i don't believe a single d word -- statement, the unhinged presentation. what about the partisan he presented that. >> you aren't allowed to be a human if you are republican -- >> don't say that. you want to interrupt me? okay. all bets are off. no one told him to make a partisan speech. you prepped a lot of witnesses like i have to be angry and to be concerned. but he was a partisan hack, a partisan piece, but he was offensive in his q&a with the democratic senators. you cannot ignore that.
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what does the g.o.p. look at? >> laura: scott, you lost. >> that's fine. and he's on the supreme court. morning comes in four weeks, the midterms -- >> laura: do you want to impeach him? >> impeach who? kavanaugh? if he lied to congress, he deserves some investigations. this president -- >> laura: i want it. bring it on. more information coming out about these accusers. >> 55% of america does not like the direction. you cannot ignore that. >> fingernails on the blackboard. >> laura: the independent say that democratic handled this terribly. >> g.o.p. >> laura: 20-point spread. but the impeachment, i'm glad you brought this up. it's funny tonight. he addressed what would happen if the democrats get back into power. let's watch. a >> president trump: the democrats are even talking about
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doing really bad things now to justice kavanaugh. last week they said we'll impeach him. for what? for what? besides that i have to go first. >> laura: joe, his sense of humor is underrated. that was funny and a serious at the same time, but that is the governing agenda right now. it's now keep the rage going, keep them clawing at the supreme court doors, which is my give now. >> the democrats have rolled the dice on violence, antagonism, confrontation, the lack of civility. remember, hillary clinton just said there will be no civility -- that's her position-unless or until we get both houses. what you are watching is a shameful display and a continuation the way the democrats acted during the kavanaugh confirmation hearings.
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justice kavanaugh, during his response, reacted emotionally and, i think, quite properly. when you are being excused of -- accused being a gang rapist with no evidence whatsoever, you are entitled -- >> laura: it was a little hot. i wanted him to tone it down a little bit. >> what about your own president that promotes violence? at his rallies, he promotes ofal violence. >> laura: this is for scott. i'm going to give something to scott. because the entertainment industry is really on board pushing voterg registration tonight. we don't have it?t? okay. i thought we had it. we'll have it next block. suffice to say, they have a lot of juice on their side. they have george soros, taylor swift shaking off any sense of being we'll see how it plays out. >> she certainly named two
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people she would support in tennessee. the blunt of her message wasnt getting out to vote whether you agree with everything that stands for or not, get your vote and make your voices heard. >> get out your vote and be for violence. that's what the dems wants they want confrontation and violence. >> laura: for more on trump and why he continues to win on so many friends, my new book, i think we have it up there. there it is. -- "busting the barricades, what i saw from the populist revolt" is out in paperback today. multiple copies being split across the table. >> the democrats! >> laura: the idea of "believe all women" going too far. wait until you hear the details of the disturbing case. one of the california campuses, an individual being charged with sexual assault of the environment being surrounded by the kavanaugh confirmation battle.
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click or visit a retail store today. >> laura: talked to a lot of men today and they feel like they might have a target on their backs. >> laura: talked to a lot of men today and they feel like they might have a target on their backs. but it didn't start with kavanaugh. goes back to a obama era title ix reform and a male student at the university of california davis reportedly had a consensual encounter with a female student that relates to all of this. some weeks later, according to "reason" magazine, she convinced herself she no longer thought it was a concessional thing with him, so she filed on campus a title ix complaint against her fellow student and the university then started tohe investigate. well, the man ended up spending 12,000 bucks defending himself. for more on this case and why betsy devos wants to reform title ix, we are joined by brooks goldstein, human rights attorney, executive at the
11:24 pm
law fair project, and hussein who is a feminist and columnist. -- let's start with you here. tell me about this case at uc davis. this young man turns out was innocent. >> right. >> laura: but he ends up spending 12 grand to clear his name? isn't title ix rigged against men? >> two and a half months of facing possible suspension from the school. what was so scary about this case is the woman who filed the complaint did not even allege any type of violation of the uc davis student code. she admitted she engaged in consensual relations with the individual, but she later regretted it. so the school, instead of closing the investigation right there, weighed the consequence of doing that. they could face a media uproar, p.r. nightmare, so they went for two and a half months and investigated the student who wat later found not guilty of doing anything.. >> laura: okay.
11:25 pm
to me, this hurts the cause of true sexual harassment. this is a case where a young man and a young woman consensually go into a room together. she tells him, admits this, drop your shirt. he drops the shirt. i guess he touches her somewhere. but there was actually no -- they didn't consummate their relationship. sometime later, "no, this wasn't consensual." how do feminists not find this to be a disturbing lack of not only due process but a humiliating moment for real victims of sexual harassment? >> laura, i completely agree. i don't think feminists think we shouldn't be sympathetic to tha that. anybody who is falsely accused of a crime, of a violence, crime, or any crime in general, it's terrible. it ruins a young man's life. >> laura: $12,000. >> it's terrible. that being said, it's not, like, an epidemic. i think the statistic is
11:26 pm
0.05% -- >> that's not true? >> laura: is that true? we had the duke lacrosse case, there are huge cases. >> there are -- >> am i able to finish? >> laura: we'll get your response. >> i say it does happen and it's a very terrible thing. it shows how title ix cases are not black and white issues and every body's story is different. that being said, there is no need to be there is not an epidemic of all these men being wrongly accused. >> laura: the left are concerned about wrongly accused people. i happen to agree with them. >> don't we all care about them? >> laura: you find dna evidence, finds out they are in jail for 30 years. that's a rallying cry. one person who is unfairly accused, that is a sign -- maybe people have gone too far in this. there is an interesting poll.
11:27 pm
has public treatment of those accused of sexual assault gone too far? yes, 47%. no, 35%. unsure, 18%. i wonder about those unsure people. >> this is a societal epidemic -- >> how is it an epidemic? >> how we got to this place and got many tribunals at school and it's because in 2011 as you saie in your opening -- >> please explain how it's an epidemic? >> if you allow me to. there was an obama era guideline that was issued by the office of civil rights threatening to withhold federal funding from schools across the united states unless they implement that these types of mini tribunals where the rules of preponderance its more likely than not that someone would be found responsible for one of these sexual assault allegations, what has happened ironically there are over 300 lawsuits against
11:28 pm
american schools, both by menen and women, alleging a violation of their due process rights because they have been discriminated against because the way that schools are enforcing title vi, there is no due process, the victim is assumed to have been assaulted. the accused is assumed to have been already guilty. >> laura: let's get o'shea in here. that's a blanket statement. >> i have no idea where you are getting your stats from. we can disagree with statistics -- >> westlaw. >> laura: >> we can disagree with stats. i'll let you speak. i think we need to be very sympathetic and very careful. that being said, let's connect as women here. we know, as a fact, we think about our security. if we are going to be assaulted and attacked, much more --
11:29 pm
people say it's likely that you'll be accused of murder than wrongly accused of sexual assault, very small number. it does happen. >> laura: i'm going to do my own westlaw check, brooke. it's been a while since i use westlaw, this is interesting.ti this dive tales into the kavanaugh situation. cecile richards, former head of planned parenthood, she chimed in. let's watch. >> we are thinking who controlsa the judicial committee, all male who jammed through this appointment. were so disrespectful, dr. ford, other women who came forward. women understand that. >> so -- i thought they were pretty respectful to christine
11:30 pm
ford. the prosecutor asked questions. are you okay? is everything all right? tell me if you need me to rephrase? i thought that was too easy on christine ford, frankly. i do not get they were mistreating christine ford at the hearing. >> first of all, she came forward with her truth and she was -- when women come forward, they have very little to gain from this. >> laura: not that $700,000 on that gofundme page. >> laura: she should send anonymous letters to dianne feinstein -- was emily >> are we blaming dr. ford? then lick them then. >> laura: don't play that game! this whole, "we as women feel this" -- i'm an american, -- i'm a person. i believe in due process for women and men. >> i'm american but so is dr. ford.-- this is you are blaming women. rape culture, laura! >> laura: that doesn't work for most people. i get what you are saying, but
11:31 pm
to the fullest extent of the law -- criminals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law -- >> didn't get a fair investigation. everybody knows the republicans -- it was such a sham. they didn't interview her. >> laura: no comments. >> no comments. >> laura: final quick? >> what is undeniable is that men obviously are feeling scared to the point where we are now seeing male students also rush to file title ix claims when they've had -- >> laura: we are out of time. we've got to stop all of this. people have to start being responsible, reporting these things immediately, not putting yourself in situations where you can't get help from people who are near you. men and women, wised up on this stuff. coming up, former white house chief of staff reince priebus up next. don't go away.
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>> laura: turned out to be one of the best-kept secrets of the trump administration. nikki haley announced that she is resigning as u.s. ambassador of the u.n. happening in january. during the president's oval office announcement. haley squashed this idea that, the democrats hoped she was a challenger to trump. she is not running in 2,020, so what former white house chief of is her next move? former white house chief of staff reince priebus joins with some insight knowledge. ed henry breaks it all down for us.ry >> good to see you. the broader context, because just as kavanaugh might finally help bring the establishment and trump-lings together, even though his nominee was a bush veteran that
11:36 pm
and anoint critics would pounce on his remarks, the president then anyway declared that a man was proven to be innocent in the end. the president introduced mitch mcconnell, he got a standing ovation, the president quipped it was the biggest handas mcconnell had ever received and, "they don't get it, mitch," plus the tax cuts. warned republicans if they nominated trump, they would be destroyed. after his fiery speech helping a kavanaugh, many democrats are calling grandma sellout. months ago, he told a cnn anchor in a clamp that went viral that mainstream media does not want him to pass his agenda, he doesn't give a [bleep]. and nikki haley, becoming one of the more effective members of his foreign policy team, shut down rumors that she will challenge the president in 2020
11:37 pm
frankly saying shall not be a candidate.e. >> no, i'm not running for 2020. i can tell you what i will be doing is campaigning for this one. i look forward to supporting the candidate in the next election.s she added she shall continue to support the country's policies which moving the country forward, of course still alliess , -- which keeps them skeptical about establishment figures like senator mcconnell. >> laura: for reaction on the haley resignation, we are joined by former white house chief of staff reince priebus. we have missed you -- how significant is it -- >> it's better when i'm there. >> laura: haley said she will challenge the president in 2020 and what do you make of the way this was handled, specifically the timing? >> well, i think that all parties wanted to wait until the kavanaugh situation was all set. this is something that people
11:38 pm
knew in the white house for a long time. the president obviously knew it for weeks. knowing the president, he said, get me through kavanaugh, and he wanted to take care of it right away. i think it's really smart for ambassador haley to do the announcement with the president before the midterms because if you already know you are going to leave, you don't want to obviously make it look like, n hey, i'm leaving because they didn't do us well in the house as they wanted to. so doing it now i think is smart. i happen to believe, and i think i have some insight knowledge of it, this has nothing to do with any mysterious explanation as to why ambassador haley has left. this is simply exactly what you see, the truth. >> laura: reince, they were speculating today it was going to be ivanka. the president came out and said, she'd be great of course. ivanka comes out, i'm not interested.
11:39 pm
the chess pieces are moving on the board. but i'm telling you what cnn was saying. they have a theory. let's watch. >> the president came out of a major political fight involving a supreme court nominee accused of sexual misconduct, when we've been focusing in on the president's standings with female voters seeing so much anger. some points are questioning the timing, saying that haley is doing this now, and naturally leaving questions whether they are related. >> is there any relation between the kavanaugh accusations and haley leaving? >> yeah... that's so dumb it's hard to respond. i think this is what you see is what you get. i think ambassador haley with the president and mike pompeo have done an incredible job on north korea. when you think about what's happening internationally, we spend so much time talking about the economy and how the good weeks to look through. one is the senate window. given they have a theory. let's watch. >> the president came out of a major political fight involving y citical curt nominee accused oc of sexual misconduct, when we've been focusing in on the president's standings with female voters seeing so much some points are questioning the timing, saying that haley is doing this now, and naturally leaving questions whether they are related. >> is there any relation between the kavanaugh accusations and haley leaving? >> yeah... that's so dumb it's hard to respond. i think this is what you see is what you get. i think ambassador haley with the president and mike pompeo have done an incredible job oney
11:40 pm
it comes to israel, iran, north korea. when you think about what's happening internationally, we spend so much time talking about the economy and how the good things are going in this country. internationally what's been accomplished in two years with ambassador haley and the president is equivalent to an entire two term presidency. hats off to everyone involved. >> laura: reince, we have four weeks now until the midterm elections. you were running the rnc when the republicans in 2014, they actually picked up seats. in 2010, we saw the tea party. what now? can we hold this fire about kavanaugh and the g.o.p. unity through the midterms? >> look, the kavanaugh situation has certainly helped republicans across the board. there are two windows you have to look through. one is the senate window.
11:41 pm
given the fact races are in north dakota, virginia, indiana, missouri, montana, red states, the democrats really injured themselves tremendously by what they've done on the kavanaugh but most importantly, as a party chairman where people should understand out there that midterm elections are generally about not turning out. just people that are watching this right now and either really identify democrats or identify republicans. this is about identifying voters and turning them out. in order to do that, and that sounds like boring stuff, but in order to do that, identifying voters and turning them out, you need the machinery to do that. >> laura: do they have that in place? >> they do. but what you need, laura, you need a voter energy energized. now kavanaugh has energized republicans. the democrats were already at a
11:42 pm
ten. they were anti-trump 10. six and sevens on the republican side are now elevated to a level nine and ten. it's given republicans in the house a fighting shot to actually save the house now. i've seen it all across the country. >> laura: reince, thank you so much. cory booker is already planning a slant in iowa. we will show you exactly how senator spartacus seemed to be channeling another preachy president. video when we return.
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>> laura: on the road to the 2020 cory booker became the great hope for the moderate wave of democrats, but now he's become a radical leftist with an eye on the next presidential election. he showed up in iowa this week and fresh off the kavanaugh vote doing his best to channel his inner obama.
11:46 pm
>> the conviction, despair will never have the last word. >> in this new decade, it's time the american people get a government that matches their decency. >> it's the party of we, not the the party of me. it's the party of inclusion, not the party of exclusion. >> out of many, we are one. while we breathe, we hope. >> we aren't defined by republicans in power, we are empowered by how we respond.ed >> we do not give up. we do not quit. we did not allow fear or division to break our spirit. >> amen! >> laura: joining me now with that slab, and chris hahn, former aide to chuck schumer. on radio today, guys, i played the obama and cory back-to-back. especially when obama's
11:47 pm
campaigning, you know how he does the shout -- he does the cool cat thing.e cory booker must've been watching old reels of obama, chris. i've had dinner with cory booker whenever he was a he sounds totally different now. which is the real cory booker, the moderate guy or the guy we are seeing now? >> i love you, laura, but you and i live on a different planet. >> laura: good, i'll stay on mine any day. >> that is a fantastic speech! it's uplifting. it's not overly partisan. if he's going to channel obama -- by the way, that's what any democrat who hopes to get elected president of the united states has to do, they have to channel obama who brought together our coalition.e that was a winning coalition that included a lot of people who voted for donald trump. anybody who is counting people out who are channeling obama right now, remember we are stucw
11:48 pm
-- counted out trump for a little while. >> laura: chris, do you not remember cory booker hanging around with republicans. he was criticizing 2012 people who were trashing romney -- >> sure! >> laura: for being a private equity guy. do not demonize people being private equity. matt slab slab it's just a observation. obama was a two term democratic president. cannot blame cory booker getting some of the obama magic, but he's not obama. i'm sorry. he doesn't have that magnetism that obama has. that's my sense. >> nobody is obama. i painfully watched the speech in iowa and i give them credit. he's a real comer for this nomination. i agree with you. he wanted to work with conservatives on issues like criminal justice reform. he thought hillary clinton was going to be the president, he thought he would be the bridge builder. it's all about appealing to #resistance and the search and destroy. the reason for that, laura and chris, the democratic party is
11:49 pm
in this mortal combat. is it going to be a socialist party or is it going to be a center-left american capitalist party? when you have a majority of democrats not saying they would like to be a socialist party, that's why these candidates go to the left. it's a gallup poll, chris. i'm going to send it to you. >> send it to me, matt. you are making it up. >> the gallup is a pretty serious poll, chris. >> matt, come on. your idea of bipartisanship is liberals giving up their values to vote with conservatives. my idea of bipartisanship is compromise for the common good. we need to start working towards that. don't you?go >> laura: that's a good point. i would also say, stick to one issue for a moment, criminal justice reform, prison reform, those were issues, big issues, for cory booker. that's when i was introduced to him. this is what the trump administration is pursuing.
11:50 pm
why is it only van jones over at the white house working with th. administration? very few democrats, including booker, because he's looking at 2020, and he doesn't want to give trump a win on an issue hes claims he really cares about. chris? >> cory booker introduced legislations with senator mike lee of utah, a knowntaco conservative, from what i'm told, to do just that. he worked with mike lee. they found common ground on that. >> laura: where do i see him with the president running on this? >> hopefully they can hope with -- >> this is an issue -- >> laura: i'm out of time. we will see who channels the best obama in this democratic primary coming up in 2020. that's a hard act to follow up your newly confirmede supreme court justice brett kavanaugh heard his first cases earlier today and the left is already calling him, guess what, illegitimate. andy mccarthy up next. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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>> laura: justice brett kavanaugh's first day on the bench today and in the left they are already trying to paint a seed that he is legitimate ill. i'm joined by andy mccarthy. i've never seen anything like this. when a republican, congress or senate, they allow someone to get confirmed, democrat or a pointy nominee, it goes on. >> our guy gets onto the court, the institution is now a legitimate. they spent three weeks telling us that he is not fit because the institution is so important and now he iss gone, so he is on and the institution is the problem. i wish that they actually thought as we think that the court has too much of an outsized role in our lives and that we could actually have
11:55 pm
things decided by, like, the people who we vote for and are accountable to us. >> laura: do you think by the way the rod rosenstein plane ride with the president yesterday, and the president just -- they seem to be buddies now. what's going on with that? >> i think this thing is winding down now and i think the investigation is winding down. i think the president realizes that if he were to get rid of rosenstein at this point it would be like firing comey times three and it would give mueller a reason to extend the investigation. why would he want to do that? it looks like now there is not going to be any charges, they are stepping down and have transitioned a lot of six cases that they brought to other components of the justice department. this is about over. he laura: while nothing will be over until after the election. >> i don't think so but i think the handwriting is on the wall. it won't be -- we will be
11:56 pm
arguing what's in the report buf it won't be impeachable or chargeable offenses. u it will be what kind of unsavory conduct should i put in there? >> laura: up by the by the way, hillary said she was very saddened, because it's a pillar of ourr democracy.e i'm quibbling with words here. >> it hurts me deeply when she said. >> laura: [laughs] i think andy could have done great deadpan comedy, do you think? it hurts him greatly. i love having you in d.c., come back soon. when we return, a message for our friends in florida and a book that you must read. early christmas presents, really? yes. stay right there.
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>> laura: okay. my book, "busting the barricade barricades. " out trump became the juggernaut that he is, and a brand-new
12:00 am
preface, you will love it.r all of our friends in florida as hurricane michael bears down he knew, please, please follow the advice of all the local authorities and evacuate and know that we are with you in our thoughts and our prayers, and that is all we have tonight. shannon bream and the fox news at night team have all the updates on this, the kavanaugh debut and much more. shannon, take it away. >> and now all my christmas shopping is done. president trump narrowing the short list of possible replacements for u.s. ambassadors, just a handful now in the running.. in the president rally support is tonight and i. stick around for highlights. and as we emerge from in terms, is justice kavanaugh more of a motivator for republicans or democrats?ca and hurricane michael


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