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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 10, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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beautiful moment with his children. >> how about that? i love you guys so much. i love you. i love you. >> laura: i am trying to get over the redskins lost. that was cute. what a moment. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: i am still crying over my seminoles. it's going to be a long season. thanks so much. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin with a fox news alert. hurricane michael claiming its first victim tonight in florida, a man killed by a fallen tree as the storm moved inland. a tornado watch is been issued for parts of georgia and florida. michael, one of the strongest forms to ever hit the continental u.s., charges for the southeast and tonight it's far from over.
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president trump rally in pennsylvania, refusing to cancel, saying it wouldn't be faradays thousands of people lined up outside while reiterating his commitment to the states coal industry. we will talk to president trump live in just minutes. it's a "fox news @ night" exclusive. first we have to do quick check and the weather center. chief meteorologist rick reich both standing by. this things thing grew quickly. >> you don't want to see a strengthening storm when it makes landfall. take a look at this. not that well organized. right before it makes landfall, so incredibly organized and may landfall 2 miles an hour short of a cat 5 hurricane it will go down in the record books for many reasons. the water is warm. it allowed it to get this strength that you might see in september here in mid-october. because of that, take a look at
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this. fourth strongest storm as far as wins go. as far as pressure, and that's one indication of how strong the storm is. it's the third strongest that we've ever seen. gives you an idea. because it came ashore so strong, takes a long time for the energy to go away. we have hurricane conditions all the way here across parts of central georgia now. just to the south of macon, continuing to pull off very quickly towards the northeast, that quick motion is at least one of the good pieces of news. it's not going to rain that much of any one spot. that said, tomorrow, the storm is going to be right here over the carolinas. they just had all that rain. hurricane florence a couple weeks ago. that rain caused incredible flooding in the ground is still incredibly muddy unsaturated. we're going to see wins tomorrow of 52 mack 60 miles an hour that will likely cause a number of trees to go over, all the way to the carolinas. potentially looking to buy half
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a million people that could be without power into the carolinas. want to show you one thing. by friday it's mostly out of here. kind of brought with a cold front. it's the same cold front pulling towards the north but it's been so hot and humid, very summerlike across the eastern seaboard. we were in the 80s today in boston. this will eventually pull out of here and much cooler air comes in, including cooler air down across parts of florida and the panhandle where they will be dealing with the cleanup. temps in the 50s tomorrow night. that will be chilly for people without power. >> shannon: rick reichmuth, thank you. president trump fresh of a rally in erie, pennsylvania, monitoring the deadly storm moving to the southeast coast, he joins us now on the phone. mr. president, welcome to "fox news @ night." >> president trump: hi, shannon. >> shannon: let me start by asking about the hurricane response and coronation. i grew up in the panhandle. a lot of folks i love or hate today. i know you've talked to several governors. how does it look? >> president trump: it was a
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tough wind storm. the wind was probably more dangerous than anything else. i was listening to rick. third or fourth ever in recorded history and that's exactly what it was. to a certain extent, we don't know because it's so dark. electric is out. we hear there's a lot of damage. tremendous wind damage, a lot of things blown over. hopefully not houses with people in them. >> shannon: you are criticized tonight by some for going to the rally in pennsylvania. i want to give you a chance to respond to your critics. >> president trump: if i didn't go, they would also criticize. this was set up a long time ago. we had thousands of people lined up from yesterday. i mean literally they stayed 24 hours and sometimes more than that to go to these rallies. they like them. you probably saw the pictures on television tonight. thousands and thousands of people outside after the arena. it was a big arena. but it was full. we had 15 or beyond that
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thousand people outside. you have these people waiting for hours, many hours. if i didn't go, that would have been the wrong thing too. more portly than anything, we have people in florida, people in the white house. i had everything set up on air force one. i was in total communication. i spoke with the governors of alabama, the governor, as you know, of georgia. i spoke with rick scott. we were in constant communication. did the rally and people had a fantastic time. was a very important rally tonight but it would've been very unfair to have people waiting for ten, 12, more than that hours and then saved by the way, i'm not going to be there tonight. stu and mr. president, as much as they like to go, you like to go too. you like to be campaigning. politico had this headline yesterday. g.o.p. houses crumbling. a lot of people who turned out for you in 2016, are you confident they will show up in
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the midterms? >> president trump: that's what i'm trying to get out. i guess people like me because you see what's going on and you see the poll numbers. 52 today, one of the big poles. they say there's a lot of people beyond that. when they hang up, they say that's a trump motor and that's my kind of person. i think we are doing really well. looking at the senate votes. races that we weren't going to contest, we are now winning. if you look at north dakota. i could name four or five of them but i don't want to jinx myself. many of the senate races we didn't think we were even going to be contesting to a large extent, we are now leading. we have some great candidates. very importantly, we are finding the same thing now with the house. a lot of it has to do with the horrible abuse that now justice kavanaugh suffered last week at the hands of these democrats. they went absolutely crazy. it was disgraceful.
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i think they disgrace their party and they disgraced themselves. >> shannon: let me ask you. today the fbi director christopher wray was taking a lot of questions from some of those democrats. some on the senate judiciary committee and who opposed now justice kavanaugh. they were pressing the fbi director on whether or not you or others at the white house tied his hands with regards the supplemental investigation. what do you say? >> president trump: what did he say? i was working on the hurricane and other things. >> shannon: he said there were some things he couldn't divulge and they were carried out by standard procedure. a lot of folks wondering if you would release the fbi scope letter. >> president trump: i would do whatever they senate wanted. the senate was so well run by senator grassley. whatever they would like to do is okay with me. if they want to release, it's okay. if they don't want to, i can understand it also. again, it was going to be their vote and elect them do whatever they wanted to do.
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that included the investigation itself. what they wanted and if they wanted something, they wanted me to let them know or they could have directly left the fbi know as far as i would be concerned. obviously the reports were very strong because everybody that read them came away and said everything said was totally uncorroborated or not true. i think it was a disgrace frankly. and i am glad we went the extra week because by coming the extra week and going the extra week, we ended up exactly with that. so it was -- it was in many ways a very sad. lack of time for this country to have a man like that go through what he had to go through and his family and his young daughters to go through a situation like that where they were -- a lot of people think they know who leaked it. they were leaking things and doing things and saying things that were inappropriate.
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i think democrats disgrace themselves during the hearings. >> shannon: what do you think about dr. ford? do you think she went through a tough time? do you think she was acting on her own? do you think she was acting on political or party pressure? >> president trump: i don't have an opinion on that. that was 36 years ago. there were no complaints during this long, long period of time. when it came down to it, she didn't know how she got there or how she got back where the time or the year. she didn't know the house. she didn't know that section, the area. she knew that she had one beer. she said she had one beer. that's about it. do i have a statement to make? no, i'm not going to make any statement but i can tell you this. i really believe you need a lot more than that to take somebody who is a world-class student, who was a hard worker, never had a problem. this wasn't covered by a few take from the time he graduated from college to right now, he
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let a very spectacular, clean life, a beautiful life. if he didn't, he was a high judge, second highest court, as you know better than i do. if he didn't come it would've been reported in the newspapers almost like it would be reported if i did it. >> shannon: with the minor exceptions, i would say most folks thought you were pretty restrained when it came to dr. ford commenting on the kavanaugh process, was that difficult for you? is it something you think you will too with other major issues as well? >> president trump: i liked the job the senate did. i thought they were dignified in terms of the republicans that is. they didn't have to take that time. they could've taken a much earlier vote, as you know. they waited. they watched. they asked the fbi to do a seventh investigation. don't forget that was the seventh investigation, shannon. they asked for a seventh investigation obviously it was
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very strong. susan collins and lindsey graham and everybody that went to read it came out and said wow. number one, they thought it was thorough. number two, there was nothing there. i'm glad we took the extra week and you know people have said i was restrained. i think that's good. i was restrained also because the senate really was doing their job, as they were supposed to. >> shannon: let me ask you something else that's come up tonight. senate and foreign policy, the issue of the missing "washington post" journalist, the saudi man. there is conflicting information but senator corker himself, republican, said based on u.s. intel that he has seen, he says everything points to the saudis being responsible that he disappeared or he's been killed. the turks say the same. the saudis deny it. what does that mean to our relationship with the saudis? if you become convinced, the administration becomes convinced
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they are responsible for his death or to parents. >> president trump: it's a terrible thing. i would not be happy at all. i guess you would have to say so far it's looking a little bit like that were going to have to see. we are doing a lot of work on it. it would certainly not be a good thing at all. >> shannon: what about the senators, bipartisan talk they would block any further arms sales to saudi. would you support that? >> president trump: that would be hurting us. we have jobs. we have a lot of things happening in this country. we have a country that's doing probably better economically than it's ever done before. part of that is what we are doing with our defense systems and everybody is wanting them and frankly i think that would be very, very tough pill to swallow for our country. they are quick to jump that way. i would have to find out really before i discuss it, i'd have to find out what happened and we are looking and so are other
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people. turkey is looking. a couple of others are looking. they are very talented people involved. we will get to the bottom of it. i do hate to commit to what recourse we would take. it's too early. >> shannon: have you narrowed your list or made a decision about replacing ambassador haley? >> president trump: first of all, nikki was fantastic and the incredible thing is i really have five or six fantastic people. i think they would all do the job really well. the answer is yes, i don't expect to be adding anybody to the list. we have some really talented, brilliant people that will do a great job. probably over the next week or two, i will announce it -- nikki is going to be here to the end of the year and so anybody will be working with her for a little period of time at least which will be good. but it's sometime in the very near future, i will be announcing the name. >> shannon: you can come back
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here at 11:00 any time. >> president trump: the show is great. i think i will do it. >> shannon: let me ask you about a piece you wrote going after the medicare for all idea. you called the democrats radical socialist. you say they want to turn the u.s. into venezuela. not surprisingly, senator bernie sanders said you are lying about his proposal and he says the poll showed that americans want what he is proposing for your response. >> president trump: i don't think so. if you do what he says, you're not going to have a country and you're going to have venezuela and you're going to have to lift up your taxes by three times. we have been cutting taxes. we are giving great health care plans. we just came out with another concept of a plan today that a lot of people are liking very much. we are doing a real job. we got rid of the individual mandate that people hated which was horrible. it was the obama plan and obamacare. we are also keeping the premiums down at a much lower level than they ever were in the obama administration.
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we had it beat other than one senator. you could put it differently. one senator late in the evening happen to vote against it, shockingly even though he campaigned for eight years against it. we had it down. it was repeal and replace. we are coming up with, really coming up with alternatives that are just as good and in some cases may be even better. we have been able to keep the premiums down much lower than they had previously during the obama administration. that's really through good management of health care. we have things happening on health care that are going to be very, very exciting. but if you look at bernie and nobody ever says it, but the country is not rich enough to even think about doing what they want to do and number two, if you did what they wanted to do, it would be lousy health care. really lousy health care. i think you understand that very well. we are right on it and a lot of people are saying we are right
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on it and if you look at the polls, i am seeing poll showing us as per the first part of our conversation, that that the senate, everyone says we are doing very well. the house. i think we're doing almost as well with regard to the house. >> shannon: with the polls that show the house slipping away from the republicans and into the hands of the democrats, do you think they are inaccurate purposely? do you think they are flawed? are people not answering questions because they are trump supporters and don't trust pollsters? >> president trump: i have had many inaccurate polls and i've had some -- i found rasmussen to be accurate. the "los angeles times" was a very accurate poll. business investors daily. we have some polls that were very accurate having to do with 2016. but we had some polls that were so far out and we knew they were phony polls. as far as i'm concerned. this isn't about that. i think polls, they call it a
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generic poll and actually the republicans are doing well in the generic poll but i don't know that a generic poll means anything because they are individual races, the house. many individual races. i think we're doing really well. we're looking at races that we didn't think we were going to be winning and now we are even and up. honestly we are not going to know until november 6. we are really not going to know. we will see what happens. whatever it is. i am out there working hard, doing a lot of different things for house members as well as for senate. they all want me out there and we are getting tremendous crowds and were getting the word out. we are getting the word out. >> shannon: want to ask you another health care questions. critics say you're stripping away pre-existing health care coverage in these plans. they say that the plans are cheaper because they offer less. will you commit to covering pre-existing conditions? >> president trump: i have for months. if you listen to my speeches, i'm saying pre-existing
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conditions covered 100% and republicans are doing that. there was a time where there wasn't being done. there was a time for many years where it wasn't done at all and not even thought of. were 100% per pre-existing uncovering people with pre-existing conditions and if you look at my last, for many months, speeches, i cover -- i say we will cover pre-existing conditions. the difference is democrats won't be able to do it because it doesn't fit in their plans and it doesn't work monetarily. they will never be able to do it. >> shannon: tomorrow you have a special guest for lunch, kanye west is coming to the white house. how does this work? does he tell you what he wants for lunch? do you pick? >> president trump: that was never discussed. jim brown, maybe the greatest running back ever. he was a great lacrosse player. some people say he was a better lacrosse player. he's a great athlete.
8:19 pm
jim brown is coming. jim has been a supporter from the beginning of me. when you look at the unemployment, it's the best in the history of our country, black unemployment is at the lowest level ever in history. you look at median income for african-american. it's at the best ever been in the history of our country. i am doing things for the african-americans that have never been done by the democrats and as you know, the democrats really have had that vote. they've had that vote locked up. it's not so locked up anymore. i am producing numbers that they were never able to produce. it's a great thing. kanye west saw that. kanye is a smart guy. he saw that. jim brown sought. i could name many other great black stars and athletes that are on our side. you know who they are a new report about them.
8:20 pm
we have a lot of support, a tremendous amount of support and it's gaining all the time because i'm producing. when you look at numbers like that, when it's the best in the history of our country, how can some of? >> shannon: how long does the attorney general stick around, mr. president ? >> president trump: well, we're going to see what happens. let's all see. the nice part is that we are, everybody's working together. i have a great, i really have a great cabinet. everybody is working hard. they are all working together. as you can probably see, things are going very well. we finished a big deal with canada, mexico. we finished the deal with south korea. we are winning with china. china wants to make a deal badly. we are winning with china. we are winning at every front and that's the way want to keep it. we are doing very well. we'll see what happens with the attorney general. we will see what happens with some other positions but i will say we have a great cabinet.
8:21 pm
i think we have one of the best cabinets ever. >> shannon: how would you rate, i'm getting to give you three senators. who is your favorite? mitch mcconnell, chuck grassley, lindsey graham? >> president trump: all of them. i like them all. don't get me into that. it could get me into a lot of trouble. chuck grassley is a strong guy, gruff. i say that in an affectionate way. he did a fantastic job. that was not easy and then they send the phone he paid protesters and screaming all the time. frankly, they let them screen because they discredited themselves and they were all put up by the democrats. the democrats admitted that they worked with these people. it's terrible. chuck grassley did a great job. as you know, lindsay was outstanding. i mean, lindsay was just absolutely outstanding. his level -- couldn't believe what was happening.
8:22 pm
it was so nasty and so false and so, such fabricated stories and lies. lindsey graham was incredible. i will tell you what. i have been a fan of mitch for a long time. we have a very good relationship which again a lot of people don't know that. we've had a lot of success together and mitch was fantasti fantastic. really all three were stars. >> shannon: one last question to you before we go. the dow, a lot of folks concerned. i know you've had some theories. some critics say it's in part because of the trade war with china. what do you make of it? >> president trump: i don't think that's it at all. the trade war with china. we are taking in billions of dollars from tariffs from chinese goods and it hasn't hurt us. we are taking in billions and billions of dollars. we are going to make products here that we are buying in china. that wasn't at. the problem i have is with the
8:23 pm
fed. the fed is going wild. i mean, i don't know what their problem is that they are raising interest rates and it's ridiculous. i don't call them trade wars. i say we are doing a little bit of battle, not much but china, you know, we put $250 billion with of tariffs and potential tariffs at 25%. we have 267 billion more if i want to do it. they want to make a deal. hey, you said and we all said oh, canada will never make a deal. canada made a drill that's a great deal. we opened up canada for our farmers. you look at mexico barely made the deal. look at the horrible deal with we had with south korea. that was thrown out and renegotiated and now it's a good deal. that's not the problem. the problem in my opinion is treasury and the fed. the fed is going loco and
8:24 pm
there's no reason for them to do it i'm not happy about it. >> shannon: on the issue of civility today we heard from the former attorney general eric holder saying incentive we go low, we go high. he said when we go -- hillary clinton said we don't return to civility because power is the only thing republicans understand. when you press people on that, they will say you started this by encouraging people to rough up protesters and by going after people with nicknames and all kinds of things. how do you respond? >> president trump: i don't think so. my rallies have been very peaceful and even at the beginning when there seemed to be conflict, they sent paid people to disrupt our rallies. when you do that, you know, bad things happen. they were the ones that started everything. no, it wasn't us. it was totally the other side. i would have a rally and paid people were going into those rallies causing trouble. in many cases, it didn't work out so well for those people.
8:25 pm
>> shannon: but not okay to punch them. >> president trump: shannon, paid people were in those rallies. when i hear holder making a statement like he did today, it's a disgrace. hillary, i really understand. she just doesn't get it. she never did. she never will and that's why she lost the election. >> shannon: i think we all hope we can get back to some form of civility or we can have disagreements and respect each other in the process. >> president trump: i hope so too. i do. >> shannon: mr. president, we appreciate your time. feel free to come in or call any time. >> president trump: thank you, shannon. goodbye. >> shannon: you just heard my wide-ranging interview with president trump. we tried to cover ground. hurricane michael, medicare for all, kanye west. former ohio senate minority leader capri cafaro, former chief assistant u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy and guy benson very welcome.
8:26 pm
>> i almost ran out of room here taking notes. early on, talking about the 2018 midterms. you asked about the house of representatives and he almost immediately pivoted to senate races. he circled back and said we are doing well in the house but he is smart to be focusing on the senate. a lot of the action was in the senate and the last few weeks. the momentum is in the republicans favor and some red states were democrats on their heels. i think for him to go after the democrats as hard as he did, calling their conduct disgraceful, is music to the ears of almost everything a person who is right of center in the united states whether they are a hard-core trump fan or tromp skeptical like myself, what we witnessed for two weeks was disgraceful from the democrats particularly on the judiciary committee. with the president and mitch mcconnell and republican party on the same page, there does seem to be a bit of linking
8:27 pm
of arms heading into november. >> shannon: andy, we touched on the fbi director and the fact that he was pressed on, did they tie your hands? who told you what you could investigate? the fbi director deflected most of it and i asked the president, will you release the scope memo. he is deflecting back and forth. no one wants to reveal or release the directions the fbi was giving. director wray said we followed standard procedure. >> i was happy to see the president bring it back to where it belongs which is that this is a senate investigation. i feel like sometimes you are beating a dead horse trying to bring this up again and again. this was not an fbi investigation. this was not a criminal investigation. kavanaugh was not on trial. nobody was on trial. as a matter of constitutional
8:28 pm
law, this is a senate function of the advice and consent that the fbi in recent decades in our history has lent its resources to but it's the senate ball game to control. they do plenty of their own investigations. when you hear this stuff, we had no fbi in this country until 1908. how did the senate ever confirm anybody for the first century? i was glad to see the president kind of bring it back to where it belonged. also when he addressed your question about the scope memo, he basically said he wanted to hear with the senate would have to say about it and what they would want. >> the bottom line that i think the president underscored is the democrats wanted this investigation. they got the investigation. then they turned around and said it wasn't good enough and all these conspiracy theories about limitations and they didn't do nearly enough in christopher wray the fbi director came out today and said it was done by the book according to standard
8:29 pm
procedure. that's the take away. >> shannon: this whole idea of civility and both sides want to say you started it. no, you started it. clearly a lot of blame to go around but we are in a bad place. >> we are in a very bad place. not just about politics. it's about the american people, it's about the strength of our nation. when we continue to point fingers at one another, all we do is erode our internal strengths. i have said this before. you've maybe heard me say it and i'm going to say it again. my grandmother always said two wrongs don't make a right and in this case it's true. has a democrat, i've been very frustrated with what happened. for example with eric holder, and with secretary clinton that some of the statements that would basically have to abandon civility. we have to kick them when they're down. this is not how democrats can win. this is not what the american people want and frankly what's
8:30 pm
happened is that the g.o.p. has been able to latch onto this narrative of a small but very vocal group of extremists. unfortunately also reflected in the leaders of our party because they are playing to that sector of the base of my party. >> the other problem, it's got a real 1970s feel to it. it's scary. >> shannon: for a lot of folks here and on the hill, it was jarring. i couldn't get them to pick a favorite senator. we are going to take you live to florida where hurricane michael left most of the destruction so far. stick around for a live repor. ...and lower a1c, with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away
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>> a lot of these trees are going to wind up down. >> debris is going to cause a lot of damage. >> it is blowing. >> i think it's fair to call it catastrophic damage.
8:35 pm
>> winds gusting over 120. not safe to be outside. >> shannon: hurricane michael landing a powerful blow along the florida panhandle. senior correspondent rick leventhal is live. good evening. >> the weather has improved dramatically here but the damage assessments just getting started. 91% of bay county is in the dark tonight. that's one of the reasons why there is a mandatory curfew in effect until 8:00 tomorrow morning because there's so many power lines down and trees down and debris in the streets. there is also a boiled water order in effect in bay county. this panhandle took probably the toughest project ever taken. -- toughest punch it's ever taken. hurricane michael's landfall whipping the coast with 150-mile-per-hour winds, knocking down homes and
8:36 pm
telephone poles, bending trees, sending debris flying. the fast-moving, rapidly strengthening hurricane making history as the most powerful storm ever to hit florida's panhandle. governor rick scott activated 3500 national guard and 1,000 search and rescue personnel. declaring disasters and three dozen counties. urging hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors in low-lying areas and mobile homes to get out while they still could. late this morning, fema administrator brock long said the window to evacuate had closed. the fema administrator at homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen briefed president donald trump on the storm who promised help is on the way. >> 14 states, different utilities from 14 states are ready to help.
8:37 pm
>> president trump: electric companies from all over the country. they are all lined up. as soon as it goes by, they're going to be working. >> storm surge warnings issued for over 300 miles of coastline with nine to 14 feet. at least 75 oil platforms had to be evacuated in the gulf so gas prices could rise. even as people struggle to cover their losses. >> might not be here tomorrow. i don't really want to cry on camera. this is what we've got to deal with and i'm staying. >> shannon, one of the agencies responding, florida national guard, says it's moved its search and rescue teams as close as possible to the affected areas and will head out at first light, wherever they are needed. >> shannon: rick leventhal, always chasing the storms for us. stay safe, my friend. thank you. next rental in the calls for impeaching now justice kavanaug kavanaugh. liberty mutual accident forgiveness means
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>> shannon: justice kavanaugh may be diving into the supreme court case load with ease but some are refusing to let the contentious confirmation battle go. tonight chief justice john roberts is taking matters into his own hands. correspondent kristian fisher is here with details. >> kavanaugh may be on the bench by the ethics complaints against him have yet to be resolved. we are talking judicial misconduct complaints stemming
8:42 pm
from his recent testimony from the senate judiciary committee and chief justice john roberts is referring them to federal judges outside the beltway. at the same time, kavanaugh is dealing with threats of impeachment if democrats retake the house. tonight we took a look at exactly what that process might look like. it's in the constitution. article 3 gives federal judges lifetime tenure but that document also allows for removal of top officials for high crimes and misdemeanors. the method: impeachment. an often uneasy mix of law and politics. >> president trump: now they want to impeach him. i think it's an insult to the neck in public. >> the house of representatives has the sole power to investigate allegations of serious wrongdoing. acting as a grand jury of sorts to recommend articles of impeachment. a simple majority vote is all that's required to impeach butter to third senate majority to convict and remove from
8:43 pm
office. it has happened before. 15 federal judges have been impeached but only one, supreme court justice, samuel chase in 1804. he was easily acquitted in a similar era of partisan unrest. congress say kavanaugh may have lied to congress during his contentious confirmation. >> i'm here today to tell the truth. >> kavanaugh's on the bench but that hasn't stopped many in the left from demanding the fight continue. there's only one obstacle. democrats don't control either chamber, making it a midterms outcome increasingly important. there's already splits in the party on whether to go after a sitting justice. >> will we seek truth to set the record straight? yes but that does not mean that we will be making a priority of impeachment or investigation. >> we would have to investigate any credible allegations certainly of perjury and other things that haven't been properly looked into.
8:44 pm
>> calls for impeaching justices are common, including john roberts, clarence thomas, ruth bader ginsburg, sonia sotomayor in the late antonin scalia. those efforts went nowhere. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell predict all this impeachment talk will only help republicans in november. he said today that whatever deficit in enthusiasm republicans may have had has now been eliminated. shannon, we still don't know if senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is president trump's favorite senator. great question. >> shannon: i mean, that was probably the toughest question. he can't answer. thank you very much. more democrats joining with hillary clinton turning away to calls to return to civility in american politics. senator rand paul says they rhetoric could turn deadly. he joins us next.
8:45 pm
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>> shannon: president trump getting involved in a major foreign policy controversy. the mystery surrounding missing journalist jamaal khashoggi. it's a foreign policy problem because of the pivot to the saudis in the middle east.
8:49 pm
the first lawmaker to call for action, senator rand paul of kentucky. senator, good to have you with us. this is a mess, really difficult situation because of the relationship the u.s. has had with the saudis and i know you've been critical of that in the past. senator corker, your g.o.p. colleague, says he sees what intelligence, everything points to the saudis. >> absolutely. that's what the turks have said. looks like two planes, private planes, saudi security or intelligence operatives came in and there's no sign of the journalist. to me this is one more reason why we should be very suspect about selling arms to the saudis. if they have the ability and the audacity to go into another country and kelly journalist, these are the kind of people that we want to be selling arms to. >> shannon: those say we need to wait. saudis say were going to welcome authorities to come and look
8:50 pm
around. that there is more fact-finding to do. those who say the saudis have been moving in a more modernized, more western friendly direction, the turks have not. what do we do with that? >> you could say there may not be proof that they have killed the journalist or that the journalist has been killed yet but what you do have evidence of is that the saudis have been bombing civilians in yemen for over a year now. several million people live on the edge of starvation. yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world. 80% of their food is imported, and the saudis are blockading and preventing food and medicine from arriving in yemen. i don't see a national interest there and if there were national interest for the united states in yemen, we should vote on it. the constitution says congress votes on war. the president doesn't get to decide. i think it backfires because so many civilians are being killed in yemen that really when they pick up a fragment of a bomb and it says made in the u.s., i don't think they leave with a warm fuzzy feeling. it's sort of the blowback that
8:51 pm
actually encourages terrorism around the world. >> shannon: a lot of proxy activity going on. you have bipartisan support at least for really aggressively looking at this and moving forward. democrat senator chris murphy said if it's true, that the saudis lured a u.s. resident into their consulate and murdered him, it should represent a fundamental break in the relationship with saudi arabia. the president has said he's talked about it at the highest levels. he is demanding answers. he wants to know everything. where it is the relation of go from here? >> those growing opposition to what the saudis are doing in yemen and this just adds to it. about a year ago, senator murphy and i had a resolution to stop the arms sales to saudi arabia and it got about 25 votes. out of 100. not enough to do anything. six months ago we had another vote and we got to 47 votes. we grew from 25 people opposed to saudi arabia selling arms to them to 47. i think if we were to have another vote in the next week or two, i think you'd get a
8:52 pm
majority of the senate saying we need to back off. i don't think we need proof that there's a lot to indicate they were involved. there is enough proof to say they've been involved killing civilians in yemen and that we don't have a national security or a vital interest in yemen. >> shannon: saudi ambassador says these are malicious leaks and grim rumors. he says the kingdom is gravely concerned about khashoggi. there has been an outright denial. >> they are concerned because they got caught. there is pictures of saudis going into the embassy. turks said it was saudis. we have the tail numbers of the planes. we know where the planes went on the way home. we know what time they got home. i think we may eventually see the faces, the same way we did with the russians. we saw the face of the people who perpetrated the crime. no, i think in less the evidence is hidden, i think we may know who did this eventually. >> shannon: your wife wasn't with us last week.
8:53 pm
she penned a letter she's become very worried. you suffered a painful, significant attack last year. you are at the baseball practice where steve scalise was almost shot to death. she talks about sleeping with a loaded gun by her bed. we have difficult political discourse and heat on both side sides. eric holder is getting attention for something he has said. >> michelle says when they go low, we go high. no. they go low, we keep them. [applause] -- we kick them. >> shannon: many would argue he's not advocating violence and it's a rhetorical flourish but there is animosity. >> when cory booker says get up in their face, i don't think either one of them literally want to incite violence but they have to realize that when they tell people to get up in your face, that there are some crazy unstable people out there. there are truly people who have
8:54 pm
anger issues. the guy who shot over 200 rounds from a semiautomatic weapon at us at the ball field was an angry god. he was a guy that would go down to the city council and yell and scream and get angry. he once hit a neighbor. he had these anger issues. when people stoke it and say get up in their face, go to washington, he showed up at the ball field and as he started shooting, he yelled this is for health care. when they finally were able to kill him, in his pocket was a list of five or six conservative republicans he came there intending to kill. instead of saying get up in their face, we should say let's have constructive dialogue. forcefully present our position in a verbal way, is an intellectual way. i have a lot of questions about how kavanaugh will rule.
8:55 pm
i will advocate for privacy in the fourth amendment and they way have disagreements with him. i thought it was a disgrace, the yelling and screaming and the death threats to the kavanaugh family. >> shannon: we can do better than that. great to have you with us. it was an emotional reunion with three oregon sheriff's deputies. the first time they met her, the officer saved audrey's life. the little girl's parents called 911 when the-week-old baby stopped breathing when her parents were getting her pictures taken at the mall. the deputies performed cpr, cleared her throat, got her breathing. the parents and we want you to come see her. the deputies visited audrey and she is steadily improving. there is a good, happy ending. they showed up and got the job done when the parents were in panic mode. audrey is getting better out
8:56 pm
every day. to those deputies and everyone who helped out, you are our midnight heroes. thanks for joining us. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend your evening with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? exbut are you gettinglot enough of their nutrients?,
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