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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 10, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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thank you for that. you have our heartfelt gratitude, for supporting the show so consistently. that's it for us, we will be back tomorrow. we are the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink on the show. in the meantime, sean hannity, live from new york, right now. >> sean: great show tonight tucker and lots of breaking new news. georgia and alabama, this is now the strongest storm to hit the mainland u.s. since 1969. coming up we have full hurricane coverage but first, 27 days to go until the all important midterm elections, the most important in our lifetime. we will break down exactly what is at stake tonight. it is a mob in many cases and it's more petulant than ever. they are being spurred on by
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some comments and of course congresswoman maxine waters. in a moment we will show you how democrats are literally trying to bludgeon, bully and smear their way to victory in november. plus, we have a very important warning from senator rand paul and we should all heed this warning. we will telll you how the fragie word police at fake news cnn are stopping anyone from using the word of mob to describe angry mobs and so protesters confronting republicans all over the country. we willol also roll out ten more house races and this will decide in 27 days the balance of power in washington. you have the power to shock the world again, in 27 short days. in america tonight needs you. sit tight and buckle up, it's time for breaking news and our opening monologue. dramatic moments ago, president trump wrapped up a rally in erie, pennsylvania, where he had this to say about
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the pending midterm elections and so much more. let's take a look. speak to you now have a champion fighting for you in the white house but i need your help this election day, november 6th. to stop the radical democrat mob from trying to take it away. they will try to take it away. i need you to show up at the polls to continue this incredible movement, like the country has never seen before. like probably very few countries, frankly, i have ever seen before. the only reason to vote democrat is if you are tired of winning. then, you should vote democrat. >> sean: tonight the modern democratic party is in a very a sad and frankly alarming state. night after night right here on this program we have documented left turn and with very
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few exceptions, the party is now devoid of any moderation, any moderates, no diversity ofic thought, no ideological differences. everybody else that thinks differently, they are vilified. they offer no solutions to help the forgotten men and women in this country. they have -- many top democratic leaders are going further, urging supporters to take vengeance against those that dare to disagree with them. this includes the former attorney general, eric holder. watch this. >> i love her, she and my wife are really tight which always scares me. but, when they go low, we go high. no. when they go low, we kick them. [laughter] [applause]
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that's what this new democratic party is about. >> we kick them, really? this is the top cop to hope and change? that kind of despicable disgusting rhetoric has been echoed by so many top democrats, watch for yourself. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for and what you care about. that's why i believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and/or the senate, that's when civility can start again. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and push back on them, tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere.
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>> please don't come here today and go home, go to the hill today. get up and please, get up in the face of some congresspeople. >> sean: with rhetoric like that, is it any surprise that republicans across the country have been literally harassed by angry mobs, left-wing activists? just a few days ago we witnessed members of congress getting shouted down on capitol hill, harassed in elevators, stocked in airports and even in one instance where a republican congresswoman was assaulted in his own office, after a horde of witnesses kicked in his door? they blocked in traffic, assaulting commuters. meanwhile you have florida attorney general pam bondi, secretaryso nelson, senator cruz and over at fake news cnn, their word police have taken over. believe it or not, some of their
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hosts are actually shaminghe guests for using the proper term, which is a mob. what they want their liberal friends run out of restaurants like sarah sanders, pam bondi, secretary nielsen? watch this. >> when you see people like ted cruz getting chased out of restaurants by a mob -- >> you are not going to use the mob here. >> it was totally a there was no other word for it. >> just stop. that is mob behavior. >> everybody stop. we already did that. we already said they weren't mobs. it's people who are upset and angry with thee way the country is going, and the policies of these people. please before you jump in, okay? >> while the left-wing media, fake news cnn, they are asking you not to believe your lying eyes. your head is not buried in the
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ground like there is and you know a mob when you see one. >> we believe survivors. [we believe survivors] >> shame on you! >> backup. >> yeah brother! [bleep] [screening]
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>> sean: that is a mob. now congress wanted to maxine waters who called on the mob to harass conservatives at gas stations and grocery stores, et cetera, she is audaciously blaming president trump by watch this. >> we cannot allow donald trump and anybody else to take protest away from us and to deem it to be violent and to try to make us look like a mob. they are trying to change the discretion of protest and call it a mob. well, this president is the poster boy for what a mobr protester looks like. m he is, as a matter of fact, he's the one who has been violent in his speech. this country is past due, for the kind of protest that we have seen women do in the last few days. >> to think that congresswoman
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could be ats committee chairman if democrats took back the house and 27 days, that brand of vitriol, that could have real consequences. senator rand paul of kentucky, he issued this urgent warning earlier, take a look. >> when democrats say get up in their face, they need to realize there are p lots of unstable emotions out there. they might live next door to you, you don't know where they are. but let's not incite these people to violence. rational people might back down but what happens when a guy brings a knife or gun to a rally? there will be an assassination, and i think the other side really needs to calm the rhetoric down. >> sean: senator paul was attacked in his home and he was -- his private information wass docked. and m sadly, many republicans ad private contact information,
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that is being made publicly available by extreme left-wing radicals. one former democratic intern was recently arrested publicly outing p the personal informatin of at least one republican member of congress. so with 27 days to go, until this, the most important midterm election in our lifetime, you with the american people have a real choice tonight. will you reward the tactics of the left-wing mob? will you support candidates who actually abandon due process, the constitution, thein presumption of innocence? do you want a country where political differences are demonized day and night, 24/7? do you want nancy pelosi, maxine waters and chuckie schumer coming after your crumbs and raising your taxes? opening the border? blocking constitutional justices on the supreme court? we have good news tonight, republican candidates are picking up huge momentum, according to a brand-new poll from and scott rasmussen. the most accurate poll in the
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2016 election, the congressional ballot is now dead even. another poll is showing 62% of americans republicans are more likely tont vote because of the kavanaugh controversy and the way the democrats act compared to just 54% of democrats. despite thisit momentum,n republicans are fighting an uphill battle, make no mistake about it. the past 100 years, the party that controls the white house has picked up seats analysis only three times. with that said, you still have the power to shock the world again in just 27 days. look at your screen. if you are in one of these congressional districts, you are going to decide the balance of power in washington, d.c. this week, we are going to focus on ten of these critical health races. tonight we start in colorado's third district where incumbent scott tipton has an edge over democratic challenger diane bush and colorado's sixth district,
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republican incumbent mike coffman who is in the fight of hise. life against democrat jasn crow. mike coffman needs your help tonight. let's head to know mexico, the second district there, which is currently a toss-up. both candidates fighting for an open seat that president trump carried by more than ten points. meanwhileup there are many tossp seats in the great state of texas. look at texas, the seventh district that encompasses part of houston. republican incumbent john culberson is in a very tight race. in texas, the 23rd district. republican bill hurd is currently favored it in a race. another incumbent, republican john carter is also favored against democrat mj hager. and meanwhile the 32nd district in suburban dallas, and, this is
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a very important seat. another important race that we are following is in utah's fourth congressional district where republican rising star mia love has an edge over democrat ben mcadams. we needed me a love back in the, house. in the state of washington, the republican house conference chair has a slight edge over the democrat. lisa brown, an important race in washington, eight, republican dino rossi is facing incumbent dana schreier and getting lots of international attention. tonight that raises a dead heat. also tonight is very important to focus on on the all-importat senate. as we speak, popular florida governor rick scott has done an amazing job. of course he is focusing on the current hurricane that is pounding the gulf coast of his state and the panhandle. senatorial race against incumbent democratcr bill nelson is extremely tight in florida.
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and, chuck schumer and not the people of florida. if you believe in florida and the presumption of innocence and our great constitution, it's time to send liberal bill nelson packing. and don't forget, ron desantis is running for governor to keep the process that rick scott has started democratic senators are facing serious challenges from a republicans, all winnable races. heidi heitkamp, and she's way down in the polls against republican kevin kramer. in a very tight race with republican challenger matt rosendale. and she is an american hero, mcsally in artha
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tight race, now slightly up in the latest polls for that open state. in nevada, republican senator dean heller, that such s an important race. small lead in some recent polls and that is tight in nevada. chuck schumer, joe donnelly, he's being challenged by republican michael braun. tomorrow we will review more important races and we will go from the west coast to the east coast. the left in this country will bank on emotions and rage and anger, conservatives have got to be informed, energized, and vote based on the principles of our constitution that make this country great. ronald reagan, rightfully warned, freedom is always just one generation away from extinction. in 27 days, you, we, the people have a duty to defend that freedom for generations to come. here's a question, argue, are we as a country better off than we were just two short years ago?
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is our economy better off? we now have a record low unemployment, and it now an exploding economy because of the huge tax cuts come up the crumbs back. are we more safe, are we more secure as a country than we were two years ago? i the answer to that is, yes. we are dramatically safer. do you want this success to continue or doss you want endle, frivolous, nonstop, never-ending, second by second investigations, and possible impeachment proceedings? do you want higher taxes or more money in your pocket? do you want your government to eliminate ice and have open borders? do you want the disaster of obamacare to continue? do you prefer constitutional conservative justices? this is what is at stake for this country and your votes matters. joining us now to discuss this and much more, the author of the best-selling book, "the
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briefing, politics, the press and the president "sean spicer. also author of the just out this week, brand-new book, "why we fight, defeating america's enemies with no apologies," dr. sebastian gorka. so we have hillary saying she doesn't want to be civil and then we have sean spicer saying, kick them when they are on the ground. ist that what the democratic party is now reduced to? >> to your point, it was somebody from the left that shot up a congressional baseball game last year, injuring steve scalise. it was a mob from the left that attacked ted cruz and his an es wife. it was a mob from the left that attacked him and barricaded him in trying to break down doors. if this is what we think a civil then we have a big, big problem going on. it's maxine waters and eric holder's that are talking about putting up a fight and putting things in people's faces that is
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inciting the silence. i would agree with senator rand paul in this, we need to take this rhetoric down quick. the left is listening to those words and inciting them to violence, and action in a very, very violent way and it needs to stop. >> they could literally say get in their faces, they are saying follow people into grocery stores, follow them to the gas station, and by the way, obama himself has said that in years past. we watch and we witness second sanders. secretary needs nielsen, ted cruz and his wife run out of a restaurant. and rand paul is correct?y >> not only is he correct, my
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former colleague sean is absolutely correct. there is one side and the political debate, that has normalized violence and it isn'r the g.o.p., it isn't the conservatives, it is the left from antifa to the baseball field in virginia. it's a wake-up call, because this isn't just about sarah huckabee sanders, not just about a senator from standard comic taxes, about all americans who aren't rabid leftists. if they take control, this is your life forever. if you politically disagree with them, they will try to destroy you. we cannot allow that culture of political assassination through character to be normalized in america. >> this is political bludgeoning. onebl ingredient is so noticeaby absent from the left today. what are their plans to help the
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american people to be more prosperous and secure?'t i don't hear anything. i don't hear any agenda. if anything i hear, we will go back to the obama era of 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more in poverty, a horrible that the only president to ever reach 30% gdp growth in history, and is that what they want to go back to? on the tarmac for the chant to america? >> i gave them more than that. the reality is that when you look at the results of this president delivering 3.7% economic growth to all sectors of our economy and the various demographics, and 4.2 economic growth, something that was a unthinkable a few years back, the trade deal just being
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renegotiated with mexico and canada, our two largest trading partners to the north and south, all the safety success that he's had with foreign policy? that is devoid of an ability to find an opening to make an argument for what they would do. otherwise, that makes them o politically in a very difficult situation. this is why i think inciting knobs and ratcheting up the rhetoric is the only way they can go because it's really hard to argue with the result we are getting right now. >> sean: hard? it's impossible. eight years of failure and two years of a dramatic turnaround on every level. every measurable statistic. dr. gorka, we give you the last word. >> is a very simple question, and 27 days to all americans out there. do you wish d to and stay safe,o you wish to share in the prosperity that donald trump has managed to initiate in this country?
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or do you want the mob to take over? >> sean: all right, thank you both. congrats on your new book out. i read it cover to cover. when we come back, at this hour, hurricane michael continues to pound the southeast. a live report coming up. tammy bruce, jason chaffetz and that's not just ahead. x1 is here to help.
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you can do things like change your settings, learn tips and tricks, troubleshoot, and even manage your account. finding your xfinity username or wifi password, restarting your equipment, or paying your bill is easier than ever with x1. x1 help. another reason to love x1. say "teach me more" into your voice remote to get started. >> sean: this is a >> sean: this is a fox news alert, hurricane michael is hammering the florida panhandle, currently a category one hurricane over the state of georgia. but the very latest we are calling this thunderstorm of a lifetime. fox news chief meteorologist, this is a devastating direct hit, we don't even have the abilityag to now survey the dame
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at this point. >> at the video that's coming out already of the damage is incredible, and i think we will see more -- they haven't been able to get in there. the storm surge hasn't been able to to go down, but we should get a better sense of the damage. that's 2 miles an hour below category five. this is the third lowest pressure we've ever had anywhere in the u.s. of a. hurricane making landfall in recorded history. center is moving into this area, getting very close here to interstate 75 and getting close to macon. if you are going out on those roads, don't. keep in w mind, they are well in land here and very heavy rain as well. storm direction ever night is moving from georgia come up tomorrow moving across the carolinas and it's important to note that we just had all that
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rain from hurricane florence, record-breaking rain in that water has gone down but thean ground is really wet. any kind of windy, we will see wins probably 50 miles an hour here and throughout much of the day tomorrow and that will knock a lot of a lot of trees over. there is potential to have the people without power as this storm moves on through. it will bring a lot of rain for a lot of people. we've also been dealing with incredible heat across much of the eastern seaboard. the same front that is moving through, and it will pull this storm up offshore eventually and when that comes through, the temperatures plummet. it will feel like fall rapidly on friday, and take a look at this. i temperatures in the 50s in the panhandle of florida and some people will be without power. temperatures will be down in the 50s at that time, and, . >> sean: thank you rick rife
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smith i've had sources saying,ci they've got help on the way, and we pray for all of you tonight. we will have updates throughoutt the hour but first, once again, the left's rhetoric reaching a new low. just look at what obama's attorney general, eric holder, saying kick them. >> i love her. she and my wife are really tight which really scares me and brock. [laughter] but, michelle always says, whene they go low, we go hide. no. when they go low, we kicked them. [laughter] that's what this new democratic party is about. >> sean: here with reaction, fox news contributor kathy bruce, author of the deep state, how an army of bureaucrats
10:30 pm
protected barack obama and is working to destroy the trump agenda. also former utah congressman jason chaffetz. tammy, imagine for a second any republican or any conservative acting this way in restaurants against democratic women. what route people would be called and what the media would react to all o this. and, kick them? we can't be civil, get in their faces, follow them into grocery stores and gas stations. rand paul, something horrible is going to happen here and these so-called leaders are literally adding fuel to the fire. >> this comes on the heels of course of a number of things that willis have occurred and, they are sending beheading videos to a senator's wife. it's been across the board, of course he attempted murder of 24
10:31 pm
g.o.p.-ers, the attempted stopping of another g.o.p. candidate. but consider this, these are the same people for that for the last several weeks have been crying and going crazy over the issue of violence against women. we've been listening to that through the kavanaugh hearing and yet now here they are. advocating for violence against some women, because not all conservatives are men. aa lot of us are women. so this kind of rhetoric, when eric holder says they are going to kick us when we are doing politics or whatever it is that they don't like, when those people are going to be attacked they are going to beme women. we see it for what it is, and this is about using violence against people, and frankly, it's what a batterer does. they are effectively saying, if you do not comply, we will hurt you. and we won't hurt you if you do
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comply but that's a lie also. the attempts to harm us will never end of this point. >> sean: congressman, he sent me a text message to the other day and i thought a lot about it and it thought it made a lot of sense. that is, in 27 days from now, if nancy pelosi, which would be four weeks from tonight we will be talking about the results of the midterms. if the democrats take over the house, or god forbid the house and the senate, you pointed out what it would look like. paint the picture so people fully understand this. if democrats gain control in the house, nancy pelosi becomes a speaker, we give the gavel back to her and her lieutenants, literally maxine waters becomes the chairman of financial services for the united statesca of america, house of representatives. jerry nadler takes over the gavel in the house judiciaryry committee. we've already been talking about doing impeachment, elijah
10:33 pm
coming, some when i served with will be the chairman of the oversight committee and will just bombard the white house with investigations, and drop the investigations that jim jordan and mark meadow and nick gaudi and radcliffe have been doing and devon nunez has been doing. all of that gets dropped. adam schiff gets the gavel for the intel committee. so when you look at like, scott tipton of the western slope ofpo colorado, that's important. then guess what, nancy pelosi gets to make those decisions. >> congressman there is no positive agenda. two years a record low unemployment in 14 states, african-americans, hispanic americans, women in the workplace, asian-americans, that's youth unemployment. look at 4.2% gdp growth. really, we have to go back? people understand the real
10:34 pm
importance of mistakes here. >> under obama the democrats at the local state and federal level, don't hand it back over to them, it drove us into the ground in america is smarter than that. >> americans want solutions, they want policies, they want legislations that rent improves our lives. all the democrats have our threats. i >> sean: a lot of steak in 27 days. i hope people understand the severity of what's at stake. newt gingrich reacts to fake news. cnn anchorin sachs golding i gus for calling left-wing radicals who chase and harassbs republicans, the mob. in other words they are normalizing this behavior. we will get to that and devin nunes, straight ahead. i get it . "have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national.
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>> sean: as would be expected from fake news cnn, they are now defending and trying to noble normalize the left's mob behavior. >> when you see people like ted cruz getting chased out of restaurants by a mob, it's totally a mob. without a doubt. there is no other word for it. >> a mob -- stop. >> that is mob behavior. >> everybody stop. we already did that. we already said they weren't moms. it's not mob behavior. it's people who were upset and angry with the way the country is going, and the policies of these people. >> will you let me finish that, please come up before we jump in? >> here with the reaction, trumps america, the truth about our nation's great comeback. the people talking about it, fox news contributor former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. so weee watched three weeks of
10:40 pm
just the abandonment of any due process, and presumption ofen innocence. then you have sarah sanders, pam bondi, secretary nielsen, senator senator mcconnell, and hillary clinton says we cannot as democrats be civil, civil and eric holder is saying, when they go low, kick them. meeting political opposition. >> what you see is the emergence of a very weird way, and use the term for the people in germany went out and dominated the streets by brute force. they can't win, they didn't win in the senate, didn't win in the presidency and in my judgment they are going to win on election day. they are also becoming more hysterical, more antidemocratic, more m willing to destroy the
10:41 pm
system. abraham lincoln warned that people opposed it so much that it was either they are way or they destroy it. i think that we are faced with that kind of opposition, so let's have an open public debate. if you think that people likeer eric holder and hillary clinton should be allowed to impose their will by brute violence, then you want to vote democrat. if you think that's profoundly wrong, then you want to vote republican. the one we now have rasmussen today and republicans now the democrats by a pretty healthy margin in terms of enthusiasm, and what was just maybe two months ago a huge gap in terms of generic ballot. it's now dead even according to rasmussen. there's been a dramatic shift here. going forward the next 27 days, you are a great strategist, great historian. what do republican candidates, senate and house, need to say and it do to win?
10:42 pm
>> i think the majority of kevin mccarthy has given us a perfect example of the kind of campaign that we need to wage the next few weeks. mccarthy has introduced a bill which basically says, if you want to stop fentanyl from killing our children, if you want to stop the car fence which is even worse from killing your children which is even worse, i3 from terrorizing a neighborhood, if you want to stop human trafficking, we have to control the southern border. the other side, the democrats say no, we need open borders, sanctuary cities, and abolish ice. let's have a referendum. everybody who thinks we don't have enough crime in america, we don't have enough drugs in america, we don't have enoughe violence in america, vote democrat. everybody who thinks that kevin mccarthy is right, and we need to control the border and get back to a point where our children are never safe, vote republican. >> sean: are we better off as a country in terms of our
10:43 pm
security than we were two years ago? as economy by every measure better off? i think we know the answer. it's interesting, on my radio show today i mentioned, and california where gavin newsom you would think is up by 20 points, it's all almost within a margin of error. this is now a century state and he's offering health care to everybody. everyone. that means a legal, illegal, the tightly taxed -- high level of taxation in california, basically everybody who get sick in america, go out to california and they will take care of you. >> i just want to share with the audience how close you and i have been for all these years. you blew me away on the radio show today. i mean, i was standing there going, oh, my god. o it's a whole new way of thinking about it. because you are right. basically the way the democrats are set up in california, if you are in tennessee or new york or
10:44 pm
texas, and you have a serious disease, gavin newsom is sending you the signal, come to california and let us pay for i it. and every governor ought to be campaigning for newsom, because they have a chance here to send every sick person in our state to california and let newsom do it. now if i were californian, it would think that was insane but, he picked it up today and i never thought about the domestic side of that and you are exactly right. >> sean: that's what theyyo are saying, you don't even have to be a resident. 13.5% income tax right now. it will be even higher. fico i think under newsom, it gets to 25, that's my prediction. 25% income tax. >> sean: 27 days to go. mr. speaker, we will have you on a lot between now and then. huge drama as it relates to the
10:45 pm
deep state. rod rosenstein is refusing to testify under oath in front of lawmakers and we will get an update from kristin fisher. also devon nunez will give us the inside scoop when we return to this breaking news night on "hannity." change is hard. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad. this is for me, son? principal. we can help you plan for that.
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minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives
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by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training and active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it. >> sean: rod rosenstein will not be meeting >> sean: rod rosenstein will not be meeting with lawmakers as was apparently scheduled tomorrow. joining us now with the very latest live from washington is our own kristin fisher. kristin, the latest. >> lots to dissect today sean, things really got heated when ron johnson asked the director christopher wray why his committee has not been allowed to see key documents related to the russia probe. documents like the application to the pfizer warrant which was
10:50 pm
used to wiretap carter page. the senator told him it was time to rip off the band-aid. and here's how the fbi director responded to that. >> i understand the attraction of the rip off the band-aid approach but i also understand that in many cases we are talking about situations that involve foreign partner relationships, tradecraft, and all kinds of other things. >> the senator also pressed to when he would get a copy of the makeda memos. rod rosenstein allegedly suggested secretly recording the president. g he when he asked if he got the memo by the deadline which is five days from now, the fbi director said i will have to get back to you on that. rosenstein as you said it, he was actually expected to be on capitol hill tomorrow and was set to meet with the house judiciary committee, but that meeting has been put on hold until the two sides can agree on terms. at the negotiations are ongoing but no idea as to when that will
10:51 pm
happen. >> sean: mark meadows sayingt tonight that rod rosenstein owes the american people an answer. joining us now from the world ag expo in california, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, devin nunes is with us. rod rosenstein, this is the guy that recommended the firing of comey, appointed as mueller, signednt the final pfizer warrat application, the third renewal, and this is a guy that andrew mccabe, lisa page, they all say they talked about wearing a wire against president trump and the hopes of invoking the 25th amendment. he owes us answers to that. >> he owes us answers and is not coming tomorrow which i think should be very telling. he wanted to come and have a cup of coffee with chairman
10:52 pm but that's not acceptable, he needs to come into testify under oath. ifry you look at the story breaking in "the washington post," you have both mccabe and rosenstein fighting over what happened during the time of when he wanted to wear a wire or didn't want to wear a wire and he was responsible for what. clearly what this is, this is the investigators who have no fun watching them, no one to investigate them, and they are running amok. running amok so much that they won't even come into testify to congress. >> they are arguing over who should have recused himself. and frankly both of them should have recused themselves now that we know what we know. the president, he declassified us and sends out the unredacted pfizer applications, the bulk of which the information came from the phony dossier that they pait for. where t are those declassified
10:53 pm
documents? >> the same thing is true, sean. the same people who are arguing tonight on the pages of "the washington post," whether or not which one should recuse himself. this was over a year ago when the special counsel was appointed, supposedly arguing in front of mueller who should have been recused. those three people, at least the deputy attorney general who will not come to congress to testify under oath is the same person who is blocking the american people from being able to see this information that we in the congress have been asking for, for now, a couple months. the president actually said it, i want this to you medially ben classified without reductions, and since shortly after that the deputy attorney general convenes at a meeting to convince a president, we need to have the ig look at this. and that's where we stand right now. it's a whole newew escalation --
10:54 pm
>> sean: it can't take 18 more months, congressman. >> i think it's ridiculous that we need energy to do that. i want this stuff declassified.s >> i agree wholeheartedly. the fbi director is saying today, he won't say whether or not the president is being wiretapped today, are you kidding me? >> i mean, some of that question goes in different directions. but let's go back to the main point here, we really need to know at the start of the special prosecutor, the special counsel, now remember, people are losing sight of this. the chief investigators at the time had no evidence of trump's campaign colluding with russian.
10:55 pm
>> it looks like lisa page said they had nothing in nine months so they started and immediately strategy so they can create the atmosphere of something that never took place, it's outrageous. chairman, you have been amazing. when we come back, rush limbaugh response to hillary clinton's call for incivility. you don't want to miss that, that's next.
10:56 pm
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see what i did there? ♪ >> sean: rush limbaugh and the true meaning of hillary clinton calling for incivility towards republicans. take a look. >> hillary clinton went out the other day in an interview and pretty much admitted everything i've been trying to warn people of about the american left, and the democrat party. she went out there and in her best maxine waters impersonation, it was encouraging people to be uncivil. we are not in a battle of ideas anymore, we are not in an argument over ideas.
11:00 pm
they are not even looking at any of this is about ideas. >> sean: rush is right. project veritas with james o'keefe has undercover video, and it will blow your mind. that's tomorrow at nine eastern. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues as laura takes it away. >> laura: great show as always. the mainstream media wants you to think that what you see right here isre not a mob. i wonder what they say about the tea party? also president trump promised a border wall and house majority leader kevin mccarthy is trying to make it happen. he joins me later in the show on what he saw the borders yesterday. and, raymond arroyo got a lot of attent


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