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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 11, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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thrm is always. the president is on next. stay tuned. >> hurricane michael now downgraded to a tropical storm but you can see the trail of catastrophic damage all up and down the florida coast. >> my administration is working closely to provide the full resources and steadfast support. we're all set to go. >> there was a financial storm on wall street. the dow losing 832 points. >> it's a correction we have been waiting for for a long time. i think the fed has gone crazy. >> deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will not appear on capitol hill to answer questions about allegations discussed secretly recording the president.
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he owes us answers. this is the investigators who have no one to investigate them and they are running amuck. >> rapper kanye west is headed to the white house this morning for a meeting with the president. on the docket violence in chicago. >> when they go low we go -- nchesz when i hear holder making a statement like he made, i think it's a disgrace. steve: monster hurricane michael downgraded to a tropical storm overnight after slamming into the panhandle of the gulf coast of florida as a powerful 4 category. at one point the storm was so big the eye covered parts of three different states at the same time. ainsley: incredible drone footage showing a high school gymnasium ripped apart in panama beach, florida. pictures of the devastation all over the panhandle coming. in now the clean up has to begin there. brian: sun is up in 39 minutes. other parts of the southeast aren't out of the woods yet.
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griff jenkins is live in tallahassee as michael pushes inland. griff? >> good morning, guys. yeah. you have power trucks streaming downtown street in convoys. tallahassee is known as tree town u.s.a. look at the tree over my shoulder just destroyed. this home a giants pine tree. trying to get a better look. you know the leon county administrator here vince long says he felt lucky. he felt like he was spared a much more devastating hit and they were because the eye traveled west of the city here. but, yet, there was more than at 4:50 a.m. officials say there was more than 111,000 people without power. the trees are everywhere. the president, of course, talking last night at that rally about the devastation here and down south. >> so, to a certain extent we don't know because it's so dark and all the electric is out. we hear there is a lot of
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damage. it's tremendous wind damage. tremendous. a lot of things are blown over. hopefully not houses with people in them. >> they had wind gusts of 90 miles per hour here sus standz winds of 74 miles per hour. i have been talking with fema officials here in tallahassee. they are gearing up at dawn break to head south because what we are going to see is not going to be a pretty picture. guys? steve: griff jenkins live in tallahassee the state capital. thank you very much. brian: michael's fury sparking tornadoes in central georgia. ainsley: destroyed homes, downed power lines and trees completely ripped from the ground. steve: we are not out of the woods yet. meteorologist janice dean is tracking michael right now. it looks like it is smack dab in the center of georgia. heading toward south carolina, north carolina as well. tornadoes watch in effect for north carolina as we go through the afternoon. we could see weak tornadoes
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on the east side of this storage. unfortunately, sorry, that was south carolina, my apologies. moving cold front is what is going to sweep this offshore which is great news. ahead of it not only the tornadoes threat but we could see heavy rainfall in areas hard hit by hurricane florence. that is going to be a colonel going through the next 12 to 24 hours. the storm will be out of here by friday which is great news. it's going to take days if not weeks to assess the damage from the storm. this was the strongest hurricane to hit the u.s. coast line since andrew back in 1992 with 155 mile-per-hour sustained winds. there is your potential rainfall as we go through the next 12 to 24 hours. flash flood warnings and warnings will remainly posted. a lot of these areas, you know, the trees are very weak, the roots are weak. any rainfall could bring downed trees, power lines and flashed flooding across the area. back to you. steve: still so super strong. we were afraid there could be a storm surge of 10 feet or. so did that ever
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materialize? janice: absolutely. we are calculating numbers over in big bend 12-foot storm surge. ainsley: there was a little child killed in georgia a tree fell on the home and killed a child and someone else died in florida. janice: this was a category 3 when it went through georgia. they have not had a hurricane of that strength in over a century in georgia. steve: it was one for the record books and it's still going. j.d., thank you very much. brian: the president last night was able to join shannon bream after his rally in pennsylvania. he wanted everyone to know even though he is holding a rally he never put the people in the eye of the storm behind him. he had them in his thoughts. they are already lined um and come in. i'm not going to cancel in pennsylvania over what's happening in florida. i thought that was overall a good move. he didn't waste any time slamming the democrats for how they went through the confirmation process of brett kavanaugh. >> what the radical
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democrats did to brett kavanaugh and his beautiful family is a national disgrace. [crowd boos] it's a disgrace. what they did was a disgrace. you look at cory booker the way he talked. [crowd boos] >> and look at what he did. you look at senator dianne feinstein, what she did. [crowd boos] the disgraceful behavior, the disgraceful leaking of documents. you look at what they did. you look at the false charges. you look at the false accusations. it was a disgrace. steve: well, the president certainly had plenty to pick from topic wise. what he did do was he was supporting the republican candidates in the state of
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pennsylvania people like mike kelly lou beretta, scott wagner. he barksd the media and bashed the current senator, mr. casey. said he was riding on his father's coat tails. ainsley: he said he values illegals more than he does citizens. he did go through his voting record i voted for sanctuary cities voted against kate's law. the crowd wasn't happy with senator casey. brian: wagner very similar to the president. was in business decided to go in politics. lieu enter let attachment you have got to run. the president feels responsible for him going in there running against casey. the first time casey was elected a lot of people thought they were voting for his dad. ainsley: his dad was the governor. brian: by the way, if the president's party is not successful in pennsylvania. southern california, in florida, he is not going to be able to hold the house. that's why it means a
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lookout in pennsylvania. steve: sure. i think i read somewhere online this line this morning lowe borthismorning lous so good even ka kaepernick has a job. we had hillary clinton a couple days ago where she said civility can start again when the democrats win congress and said, you know, we can't be civil to the republicans at this point. and then you have got the former attorney general. brian: unbelievable. steve: of the united states down in georgia stumping for the democrat candidate for governor when he said this. >> it is time for us as democrats to be as tough as they are, to be as dedicated as they are. to be committed as they are. michelle always says when they go low we go high. no. [laughter] when they go low, we kick
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them. [applause] that's what this new democratic party is about. ainsley: wow, that's the new democratic party? just start kicking people? that's the former head of the justice department, keep that in mind. steve: cory gardner whose wife received those beheading text message videos he came out with a tweet after that regarding eric holder's comments and said that's not who we are. ainsley: that's not america. steve: lindsey graham heard that and said this about it. >> i would say if you think what happened to brett kavanaugh was civil, we have a definite different view of what civil means. civil means that you do not destroy a good man because you want power. you don't hide the evidence and ambush him. you don't turn to the avenattis of the world and
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allow accusations completely unfounded. you tell dr. ford hey, we would go to california. so, you know, michelle obama said when they go low, we go high. here is my view of the democratic party regarding kavanaugh. going low is a step up for you. you are in the gutter in terms of the democratic party's approach. brain brian so many of these democrats are trying to show that they are tougher than president trump because they are going to eventually running for president. i look for this t -- the temperature continue to rise especially when hillary clinton said that the day before. it's not like he misspoke. he knew exactly what he was going to say. ainsley: society your alarm. actually just continue to watch. the president will be on this morning at 8:00 in about two hours. steve: we know is he going to call but we don't know how long he is going to talk. ainsley: how long last time did he go about 45 minutes?
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steve: he went for half an hour. it's hard to tell. brian: i might call hemmer now and see if we can go in his hour and give him 10 minutes tomorrow. steve: i was talking to him on the north lawn of the white house and walked out and seen us. the control room didn't tell me to wrap things up. i heart church bells next door meaning it's 9:00, i should probably say this is it. so i did. brian: that's how they did television back then. steve: i heard the church bells, hemmer is coming. hemmer is coming. ainsley: i do cut off the president? steve: yeah, i know. listen, we have plenty of questions to ask him. if you have one, email us at jillian: it's not going to be five minutes. the fbi spoiling a man's plans to blow himself up with a 200-pound bomb on the national mall on elections day. paul rosen if he woulfeld.
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fully functional 200-pound bomb in his basement. prosecutors say he wanted to draw attention to his radical political beliefs that politicians should be selected by a lottery system. the son of the limo company owner is out on bond. pleading not guilty to criminal neglect homicide charges in that horrific wreck that killed 20 people in upstate new york. he only handled marketing and phone calls for the company. police say he knew that limo and the driver shouldn't have been on the road. turkey's president is facing pressure on saudi arabia and the investigation into a missing journalist believed to be lured to his death. "the washington post" reports saudi crown prince wanted to detain known critic journalist. istanbul where he was last seen more than a week ago. president trump promising he will get to the bottom of
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it. a crew headed to the state -- makes an emergency landing when a rocket booster fails right after takeoff. moment ago rookie american astronaut and russian cosmonaut landing back on earth in kazakhstan. incredibly they are both alive and safe. search and rescue are heading to the landing site. no word on what caused the booster to fail. must have been a pretty scary moment there. ainsley: i'm so glad they are okay. that's incredible. brian: get our equipment back have to go to kazakhstan to get our people in the air. steve: anger over justice brett kavanaugh. don't call out liberal protesters for what they are. >> is it mob behavior? no, it's not mob behavior. >> thank you. >> it's people upset and angry about the way the country is going. steve: some were singing a different tune for tea party protesters calling them that ed henry here calling it the
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the fed is going loco. steve: loco fed. blasted the federal reserve for raising interest rates again following yesterday's massive sell off on wall street. ainsley: they are the most powerful entity in the world as charles payne says. the dow plunging 800 points biggest one day drop since february. brian: the host of making money on the fox business network. steve: yesterday, it was losing money. so what's going on with this? we were told don't check the 401(k). aside from that can you check it today? >> you can check it but don't overreact to it we become so myopic. we love looking on it on the way up but tend to panic on the way down. listen, we just came off the last quarter in the stock market was the best quarter in five years. i mean, we have had a remarkable run in this market. you know, so the idea that it wasn't going to pull back and give some back was ridiculous in the first place. to the central point of president trump and his concerns about the federal reserve. that's what's moving this
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market right now. we saw it in february when interest rates started going up, wall street panicked. here is the sad part of all of it panic began january 2nd. jobs numbers came out and mainstream america got a 2.9% raise, wall street lost its mind oh my god the fed is going to go nuts. we were down 666 points that day. over the next two or three sessions down 1100 points. down 1,000 points. all because we thought the fed was going to slow down the economy. and this is where i understand why the president would be upset and anyone watching. here have you this giant entity, the federal reserve that can print $4.5 trillion out of thin air. steve: and they did. >> back up the banks do all kinds of crazy things. should go bankrupt they never go bankrupt. as soon as main street gets a little bit of a raise might be time to slow down the economy. steve: they have tightened the interest rates the federal reserve a couple times this year so far
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president trump, hey, federal reserve, get your foot off the gas? he is warning them. >> i don't know that he is warning them. what he is saying is it's sort of unfair deal for the american public that just as soon as it gilad shalit gets going the federal reserve would even want to slow it down right now. if you got craze stocks in portfolio, don't panic. ainsley: stay the course. >> lessons learned in the last market crash and every market crash. steve: how is my serious stock doing? >> that, you might want to sell. keep the catalogs. they are worth more than the stock. ainsley: brian gave me a gift card to serious the day after we did the story that they are closing. >> we got a washing machine from serious. my wife is so stubborn they were supposed to fix it four months ago: she won'.
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she won't fix it. we have to go to the laundromat the rest of our life. ainsley: she is saving you money. steve: former president obama had a secret plan. ed henry has taken a look at it and he, as you can see, is coming up next. ♪ giving all my secrets away. balance. re-align yourself with align probiotic. and try new align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health.
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3:25 am
taken to jail they don't have to answer the following questions. where were you born? what's your immigration status, and are you a u.s. citizen? >> the mayor says the cards are meant to show compassion for illegal immigrants who wind up in a police car. meanwhile? ainsley: when it comes to activists accosting the g.o.p. the liberal media making their message clear. don't call them a mob. is it mob behavior? no it's not mob behavior. >> thank you. >> the republican allies tried to channel their supporters outrage over a winning issue by casting democrats as an angry mob. brian: here is react fox news chief correspondent ed henry. this mob mentality. >> feel bad for chris matthews because he has been proven wrong on this one. i saw the other need at the white house did a hit with martha. doing a script for laura.
3:26 am
and i saw chris hayes pop up on. he was playing clips from tucker. angry mob. whipping people up within the midterms. 24 hours later eric holder let's the cat out of bag there is an angry mob. when they go low we kick them. eric holder is supposed to be one of the adults in the room. have you all of these folks fighting to be more socialist than the next in terms it of getting ready for 2020. eric holder wants to run. the former attorney general. he deserves respect in my opinion as the former chief law enforcement officer in this country, you would expect, again, he would being the adult in the room instead is he going even further left. you add that to what hillary clinton said about let's lose all civility to go after the republicans. again, these are supposed to be the adults in the room. what are the kids doing? ainsley: yesterday the story broke and new york magazine a senior staff for president obama who admits that they were discussing during the
3:27 am
last election if hillary clinton won what were they going to do? they had a secret plan in case donald trump rejected the results. ed: if he said it was all rigged. they did this because chris wallace moderated the third and final debate in nevada. candidate trump said we will see what happens as to whether whether i win or lose if i accept the results is it all rigged. obama people had a plan to get condoleezza rice and colin powell and other republican luminaries to come out and say look this happened fair and square, hillary won. this is what is fascinating about the plan is that two years later the democrats haven't accepted the results. eric holder, again, one of the adults in the room. the attorney general who should have realized the election was won fair and square. he knows it was. he doesn't want to admit it. here they are releasing a secret plan we thought donald trump wouldn't accept the results. instead he won. they lost. two years later they are still resisting. brian: to president obama's credit he was the one who
3:28 am
picked up the phone and told hillary to concede. concede it's over. >> it's over. she hasn't conceded. brian: brian she made a statement that republicans have suppressed 14 million votes. why was she allowed to get away with that? >> when president trump talked about that and talked about illegals voting he was mocked by the mainstream media. hillary clinton said all right probably true. brian: he is ed henry. >> sitting by brian kilmead kilmeade. ainsley: thanks, ed. brian: kanye west is set to visit the white house today. the media is attacking him before he even steps in the door. >> he is all of a sudden now the model spokesperson? he is the token negro of the trump administration? this is ridiculous. brian: what? wait until you hear what candace owens has to say about that. ainsley: oh, that will be
3:29 am
good. plus rod rosenstein's meeting on capitol hill is called off. now house republicans are demanding some answers. the judge is on the case coming up. steve: but, first, happy birthday to darryl hall of hall and oaths. oats. guess what? ainsley: what? steve: he's 72. brian: he doesn't look 72. ainsley: my dad's birthday too. happy birthday, dad. ♪ you make my dreams come true ♪ s rosie? i let her go. wow! you going to help me finish this thing or what?
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ainsley: monster hurricane michael downgraded to a tropical storm. that happened overnight after slapping into the gulf coast as a powerful category 4. at one point the storm was so massive the eye covered parts of three different states at one point. brian: have you incredible drone footage, let's see it, showing the roofs of buildings torn off in panama city, florida.
3:33 am
we saw jeff flock battle the elements as the storm ripped through florida. steve: that's right. and the winds have died down and this morning he is back in panama city beach where the clean up once sun-up happens will start. i will tell you tremendously must powerful storm since andrew to hit the u.s. amazing. damage here from panama beach to panama city. one resident describing what it was like to be in the midst of all of that listen. >> like a jet engine was, i mean, the winds just super, super high pitched. you could feel it in your ears like the pressure just changing in and out. >> steve, as you point out, the dark now but when the sun comes up. brock long, the fema director talking about what he thinks we will see when it gets light out.
3:34 am
>> going to see a lot of devastation across the coast. power outages throughout the state. and unfortunately you will see rainfall into south carolina, north carolina. >> fortunately the worst of it fairly concentrated despite the fact that eye was over three states at one point. just inhe haddable power of the storm and mother nature. i will tell you, it's a privilege to witness it, despite the devastation. steve: jeff, you have been through some hurricanes. how did it rank? you were out there in the wind trying to show folks how strong they were. you were in a safe position but nonetheless it was windy. >> that was probably the strongest conditions i have ever stood out in. we have been in more powerful hurricanes, andrew as you point out. but, in terms of standing out there, i got caught at one point. we do stay safe. we do. that's why no reporter has ever been killed in one of
3:35 am
these things. that was pretty intense. fortunately we didn't get the worse of it here. we wouldn't be standing out. brian: thank goodness no parking sign or else you would have been in trouble. >> thank god they are in cement, i think. thank god for that. ainsley: keep in mind two people were killed. a child was killed in georgia and a person was killed if florida. both cases a tree a fallen tree was the reason. steve: storm moved up and centered in georgia where janice dean is tracking it now. >> it was awrk had. category 3 once it moved through georgia. strongest by wind. fourth strongest storm just behind andrew you mentioned jeff flock. intense pressure third on record right africa meal, i mean record books, obviously the worst to hit the panhandle and the worst, the strongest in the month of october. there's the latest now.
3:36 am
50 mile-per-hour sustained winds. it is a tropical storm. but, you know, we still have the potential for heavy rain as well as the tornado threat through parts of the carolina, south carolina. up toward north carolina. the east side of the storm is where we could see weak structural damage from these tornadoes and then the track. there's the latest track. we will get a new track at around 8:00 a.m. it will be out of here i by friday but will bring incredible amounts of rain in a very short amount of time. carolinas very badly damaged by florence. even up towards new york city we could get rainfall flash flood watch in effect for parts of the northeast. steve: a category 3 in georgia. you don't see that every year. janice: not in 100 years. brian: somebody we do see every day, jillian. jillian: good morning. how are you doing? brian: good. thanks for asking. do you have the news? jillian: i do have the news. thanks for asking. terrorists with drones pose escalating threat to theist. that's a chilling new threat
3:37 am
from the fbi. officials safer it's because of easier than ever to buy and use the drones adding drug cartels and gangs like ms-13 could also use them to attack. he is the face of the nfl national anthem protest and now that face could be trademarked. collin kaepernick's company ink applying to trademark this black and white image of the disgraced qb see it here. he intends to use it for promotions and on merchandise potentially for things like t-shirts, shampoo, even candles. former first daughter barbara bush was engaged just five weeks ago to make sure her grandfather to be there. the newly wed telling "people" magazine it was important that 94-year-old former president george h.w. bush was well enough to see her walk down the aisle. bush married craig coin in kennebunkport, maine where her grandparents got engaged 75 years ago. it was a very small wedding. uncle jeb was not invited. send it back to you guys.
3:38 am
brian: always invite uncle jeb. i can't imagine a wedding without him. i know one thing the big story is how the eagles and giants will do tonight. they will clash and we'll have the results tomorrow. ainsley: jillian will definitely be staying up late to windchill that thanks, jillian. steve: meanwhile today, the president of the united states is going to have lunch with kanye west. kanye is going to actually be at the white house. brian: should say jim brown too will be there. steve: so will kid rock. he will be there as well. he will witness the signing of the music modernization act which will reform music licensing and royalty payments. this is something that artists in the industry have wanted for a long time. so the president is going to sit down with kanye and they are going to talk about a lot of stuff, of course, because he is so famous and he wore that maga hat a couple weeks ago on "saturday night live," he is going to target. >> he does not care. that's when he treated out on "saturday night live." last saturday two sawrtdz
3:39 am
ago. people are telling him take the hat off. don't be friends with the president. he is saying i'm not going to listen to him. be my own person. job opportunity for former inmates. will a cnn contributor. and went after kanye west because i guess he likes trump. >> kanye because he put on magna hat and attention whhore like the president. is he token negro of the trump administration? this is ridiculous. no one should be taking kanye west seriously. he clearly has issues. he has already been hospitalized. you know, not to trivialize mental health issues. but, i mean, obviously kanye has taken a turn in a very strange way. ainsley: that's not fair. i'm not upset about the mental health stuff. that's not fair. steve: there was a lot said there. candace owens from turning points u.s.a. had this to
3:40 am
say about her comments. >> what they said last night was not only racist. it was absolutely despicable. i cannot believe it would be allowed on any network. least of all having a host that's laughing as if it's funny. so for kanye west to stand up and say i support donald trump, that terrifies them. they are going to say whatever they can to smear him to make sure no other black people wake um and understanding it has been the left that has harmed our community. brian: other guy on the panel went on to say kanye west is stupid amend should go read a book. ainsley: why is he such a threat because he has a different opinion? brian: i have no idea. is he not a threat to me. i don't know who he is a threat to. on top of that if you do have mental health issues or depression or anything like that in a long line of people that had it mike wallace was one, abraham lincoln was another. i don't think in this day and age you should be mocked. i don't know if that's the true if it is truth.
3:41 am
if you have to be hospitalized because the mental health issues you shouldn't be ashamed. brian. ainsley: no he is getting help. the probable is if you don't get help, that can lead to people committing suicide. once someone tries to get help get out of the hospital you can't use that against them. he is trying to be a better person and better himself. steve: about reading the books. i think i read yesterday sometime in the last year or two kanye said he had stopped reading books. maybe that's what he alluded to. it's gotten a lot of traction online about that. because he is kanye is going to visit the white house later today, we have the president on with us in two hours and 20 minutes -- actually, in one hour and 200 minutes. it's a long show. meanwhile, he put a bumper sticker on his truck that said trump. a couple days later the truck was burned to a crisp.
3:42 am
that's it. that truck owner is going to join us live to tell us what he thinks to somebody lilgt it on fire. brian: rod rosenstein's meeting on capitol hill is called off. now house republicans are demanding answers. the judge is on the case. sometimes he walks. sometimes he stands. today he chooses to walk ♪ walk this way ♪ walk this way ♪
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steve: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has cancelled his meeting on capitol hill leaving many lawmakers angry about questions about those reports he wanted to secretly record the president. ainsley: here to react is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge? >> couple things happening at the same time here. the house of representatives wants to interrogate him under oath and on the record, meaning somebody
3:46 am
taking down every question and every answer. in light of testimony given earlier this week by the former fbi lawyer james baker. not the james baker from the bush administration. another person with the same name, who said that we understood the threat to tape the president and to try to invoke the 25th amendment as being serious. so those are two relatively rele new events. steve: rod said i was just joking. >> you can ask the president when he is here apparently the president believes it was not taken seriously because of the time that they have spent together presumably in private. presumably talking about this. i think this actually turns up the heat. i don't think the republicans are going to back down. there is another event that happened yesterday bloat radar screen. i have to give credit to our colleague catherine herridge who doesn't miss a trick when these things are discussed on capitol hill. chris wray, the director of the fbi, was talking about some rather routine things
3:47 am
when one of the members of congress said it him and we can talk about what another senator said, can we get our hands on documents about active criminal investigations, particularly the ones where the president is involved? chris wray said absolutely not. i think that's the right answer under the law, as painful as that is to the president and the republicans that are still trying to get to the bottom of this. what was filed with fisa? how did all of this start? it is really a violation of doj regulations and a federal law to expose documents in the middle of an investigation. brian: just a nuances on rod rosenstein and why the president might believe him. because of they have one thing in common. they both detest and don't trust andy mccabe. and the fbi and department of justice were going at it on who should recuse himself and when the mueller probe began. andy mccabe said you get out and rod rosenstein said no,
3:48 am
you get out. >> who is rod rosenstein's principle accuser? andy mccabe. what is andy being investigated for? lying. this is hardly the person that you want to hold up as a principle accuser to dislodge or otherwise interfere with the person running the doj. brian: who does baker work for? the fbi. >> correct. a lot of stuff is tangled like this. i think that rosenstein is doing the right thing by taking a step back. even though i agree with the motivation of a lot of the republicans. steve: judge, it sounds like i was willing to come if it was an informal meeting, kind of off the record. not sworn testimony. but when it became clear the republicans wanted him to be under oath, he said, you know what? we're having a schedule problem. >> they don't want to go. they are coequal branches of government. can he resist them. they haven't subpoenaed him. steve: is he worried about a perjury trap? >> i don't know what is he worried about except that he
3:49 am
is probably doesn't want the transcripts out there and you know they will get out. steve: because the republicans are still blaming the department of justice for stonewalling and slow walking a lot of these documents that they have been asking for. >> they have been. remember when the president. when the president said i want everything that was shown to the fisa court exposed. boy, i wish a lot of it were. and then they talked him out of it. the intelligence community talked him out of it. two allies, i believe, great britain and israel talked him out of it because their fingerprints were in there doing what they thought was right at the time and they didn't want the public scrutiny over it i think this is all connected, steve. and that's one of the reasons that rod rosenstein now consistent with the president's wishes is not spilling the beans. steve: and inspector general horowitz is looking throughout all the departments in the department of justice. >> very slowly. ainsley: thank you, judge.
3:50 am
>> all the best. ainsley: he put a trump bumper sticker on his truck and days later it was burnt to a crisp. that owner is going to join us next. i don't know what's going on. i've done all sorts of research, read earnings reports, looked at chart patterns. i've even built my own historic trading model. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect. see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here,
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3:53 am
>> spray painted, torched, dramatic photos of that pickup truck right there destroyed. it's now sparking some backlash. brian: you think so? the owner says it's all because he had two pro-trump burden oburden ofbumper sticker. steve: johnny joins us via skype. good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. steve: i understand you did not vote in the 2016 election because, quote: you thought that hillary was a crook and that trump
3:54 am
essentially was just for the rich people. why did you wind up putting pro-trump stickers on your truck? >> ultimately i just thought it was funny. there were humerus bumper stickers and i guess i'm one for just trying to rile people up a bit. ainsley: what did they say, johnny, the bumper stickers? >> mostly everybody that i have talked to about them i only had them up for a few days and everybody seen comments about them said they were funny. my brother-in-law's pro-trump so when he saw them on there he thought it was historical. historihysterical. i thought i might get a few horn honks or something. brian: what did they say. >> one was trump 2020 make liberals cry again. and the other was trump 2020 keep america great. ainsley: tell us the story.
3:55 am
what happened? did you walk outside and you saw your truck and it was burned? >> well, the night before i was out. i had a couple beers. played a few games of pool and i did the responsible thing i took an uber home. i used my wife's truck the next day she left it on e. went to the gas station it was the cheapest gas. it was only a couple blocks from the bar. i drove by the bar to check on my truck on the way to work. when i pulled into the parking lot it was gone. steve: what do you think, johnny, do you think the truck was targeted because of the pro-trump stickers on it which you had put on a couple days earlier? >> that's the only thing i can think of. there was nothing -- i only had four other stickers on there. one was nra sticker. one was my army decal. one was an igloo sticker and i can't even remember what the other one. >> it also looks like
3:56 am
somebody spray painted trump on the side of the truck. >> well, funny thing, the lady who called the -- who first reported it, she told the owner of the bar that fire had scorched it originally said fk trump. ainsley: did they catch whoever did it? did they have any surveillance video from the bar? >> yeah. the bar has surveillance video. and i believe there is a few of the neighbors might have some additional video footage. ainsley: are you going to vote for him in the next election? >> i'm actually planning on voting in this election. i don't know who i'm going to vote for right now it's trump. the people that have said that they are going to run against trump so far, i am not very optimistic about that. brian: we'll know you need a new truck to get to the
3:57 am
voting booth. ainsley: he could drive with his wife. brian: or get an uber. steve: he is an uber driver. the president is going to be phoning in one hour and five minutes from now. if you have a question, email us ought or twitter or facebook. ♪ red, white, and blue flying high on the farm you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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>> a monitor hurricane now down graded to a tropical storm overnight. >> the scene is played out all over the city. ainsley: dow plunging 820 points biggest one day drop since february. >> as soon as it gets a raise the federal reserve can slow it down. brian: rod rosenstein's meeting on capitol hill is called off. house republicans are demanding answers. >> this is the investigators who have no one to investigate them and they are running amuck. rob: kanye west heading to
4:01 am
the white house. discuss justifiable reform. >> kanye is the negro of the trump administration. >> support of president trump you would not get this backlash. >> when they go low, we kick them. >> if this is what they think is civil, then we have got a big, big problem because the left is listening to those words that are inciting them to violence. brian: some of the topics we are talking about. front and center is that monster hurricane michael downgraded to a tropical storm happened overnight. after slamming into the gulf coast on a powerful category 4. steve: look at this video, folks. it's a drone flying toward a high school. it's going to go into a gethsemane. absolutely torn apart in panama city beach, florida. look at that with basketball goals on the ceiling right there. people inside another building along the panhandle dodging debris as it flew
4:02 am
through automatic doors. ainsley: griff jenkins joining us. i have a friend who says we can't go in. i don't know what it looks like. i'm watching news coverage. people are sending pictures. i haven't seen what my house looks like. i have to be in touch with her throughout the show to find out if everything is okay. everyone down in that area have the same story. >> it is the same story. anxiously. trees are down everywhere. she is having trouble getting around because it's pitch black. we are trying to get out of tallahassee and we can't find wait a minute look at the shear force. this tree just ripped from the ground and anyone like your friend who lives in tallahassee knows that the soil here is very soft. when you mix it with a hurricane you see things like this and then the house behind us. this tree has just devastated it. it's unbelievable. now, they had 75 mile-per-hour sustained
4:03 am
winds gusts upwards of 90. you have more than 111,000 without power this morning. we have seen crews streaming up and down the street. the power outages. we have had trouble getting cell signals. it's very difficult. at the same time, michael's track going west of here. leon county emergency management director kevin peters says he feels like they really dodged a bullet. listen. >> definitely a lot of potential for this to be very, very bad. not saying it wasn't bad for leon county it could have been a lot worse is the feel that we have right now. it's not over. we can't let our guard down. you know, maybe tomorrow or in a couple days down the line we can say how bad it was. >> not over by any herb measure. talked to the fema get busy and help people out. steve: they are going to be driving your way. griff, thank you very much. hurricane michael's fury sparking tornadoes in central georgia.
4:04 am
brian: twister destroying homes, and ripping down trees by their roots. ainsley: turn to janice dean with where the storm is heading now. janice? janice: right into south carolina and north carolina and even parts of the northeast are going to feet effects of this storm. look at some of the peak wind gusts that we have gotten. haven't senile all of the reports. some of them are really imprenge -- impreserve. it was strengthening as it was making landfall. a cat 5 is 157. two miles shy of a category 5. we are going to watch the potential for tornadoes. flooding threat is going to be something we are going to have to watch across areas hard hit by florence over the next couple of days. back to you. steve: man o man cat 3. janice: cat 4. oh in georgia. yeah.
4:05 am
unbelievable. ainsley: thoughts and prayers all those folks have to rebuild. family that lost their loved ones. two people were killed. steve: the president of the united states was taking a little heat from people saying hey, you know, the people down in florida are suffering how can you go to your trump rally in pennsylvania. i don't want to let down all the people already in line. i have think i read in the local paper down in erie. they had 9,000 people inside and 3,000 people outside. and so, you know, he did start the rally talking about thoughts and prayers of the people down there. ainsley: we saw the video of him with brock long and kirstjen nielsen inside the oval office and discussing it and come up with a plan. brian: part of the reason he called into shannon show listen, i'm here at the rally, but my thoughts and prayers are with the people of florida. five minutes after the hour. i was stunned to see this. we have been noticing that
4:06 am
hillary clinton sits down with kissian amanpour and talks about the incivility until democrats start winning elections which is astounding to see this woman sit there and say it's perfectly okay to have this mob mentality. and then the former attorney general of the united states quotes michelle obama put a twist on that quote. listen. it? >> is time for us as democrats to be as touch as they are. to be as dedicated as they are and committed as they are. michelle always says when they go low we go high. no. no. [laughter] when they go low, we kick them. [laughter] ,. [applause] that's what this new democratic party is about. steve: i always liked what michelle obama said. when they go low we go high. when he said they go low we
4:07 am
kick them. did you hear how many people were clapping? ainsley: they all started lalawlaughing and collaborating because they agree with him. this is the former head the justice department who said that. steve: is this the direction they are taking? it looks like it. sean spicer spokesperson for the president. united states says the left needs to turn down the temperature. >> somebody from the left shot up a congressional baseball game last year injuring steve scalise. a mob from the left who attacked ted cruz and his wife having dinner. it was a mob from the left at kirstjen nielsen's home. this is the max senile waters and eric holders talking about fight and putting things in people's faces inciting this violence. we need to take this rhetoric down quick because the left is listening to those words that are inciting them to violence and action in a very, very
4:08 am
violent way and that needs to stop. steve: cory gardner the senator from the great state of colorado whose wife got the text message where somebody had found their number and sent her a bee heading video a lot of the congressional members have been harassed. mr. gardner said yesterday regarding what eric holder said, this is not who we are. clearly, you know, one party is one place. the other party is another place. and there is incivility. ainsley: sarah huckabee sanders had to get security. we saw rand paul's wife saying she has to sleep with a gun next to his bed. steve: rand paul told us yesterday he is afraid somebody is going to get killed. brian: do you remember the last time the tea party threatened somebody's life? the tea party who actually rallied the republican party to get to the polls and in turn in response they got marginalized by the irs and investigated.
4:09 am
ainsley: people immune to this? when maxine waters said get in everyone's faces. several other people saying that is he saying to kick them are we getting immune to the violence? it's fine now, just do it. brian: let's talk about race relations in this country. charlottesville and remarks the president has made. he has gotten marginalized of when it comes to race relations. i like what is he doing and how the economy is addressing it i like his policies. one of them is kanye west. another one is jim brown. two of the people having lunch with the president today. talking about where we go from here as a country and what they have seen in their lives that brought them into the trump camp. steve: that's right. they are going to be talking about prison reform and the violence in chicago. gianno caldwell a fox news contributor. this is personal to him because his brother was shot at when his brother's best friend was murdered on the streets of chicago and he died in his brother's arms.
4:10 am
he thinks it's good they are talking about chicago and he said this about that. >> i think this is an exciting time when it comes to addressing the violence in chicago. as you know candidate trump often discuss whafd was going on in chicago. i know to many on the left and naysayers in the media say no that isn't true. what we is systemic violence that occurred in chicago. as of today we got almost 24 shootings occurred they're year. the most deadly weekend in chicago's history occurred this year. steve: the big question is what can the president of the united states do? >> well, you can ask him at 8:00. he is going to be on our show at 8:00. we will will definitely be talking to him about his meeting with kanye. brian: even though jail-time brown famous in his 20's and now he is in his 70's. he spent time work with gangs and working in prison teaching life skills. he knows what's going on not with the rich and famous but those trying to work their way up in the society. that program the president has embraced when he was a
4:11 am
candidate. i wonder if he will embrace it now because it's a curriculum ready to go. we covered the graduation from wrongway on this show. steve: at 11:45 the in the is going to sign the music modernization act which is something that entertainers and the industry wanted for a long time it's all about royalty payments to make things more fair. the president will be there kanye west will be there kid rock will be there as well. brian: if i knew this was going to be signed i would have never quit the clarion net in the 8th grade. i said to myself howley ever make money with this current situation? steve: never too late. how was your ombesur. ainsley: if you forgot you had to get one out of the sterilized machine.
4:12 am
jillian: i played the dulcimer. brian: i don't know whether a that is. jillian: like a miniature guitar. rocket boost err failed after takeoff. american astronaut nick haga and russian cass mow nawted. they are both alive and in good condition. the booster suffered emergency shut down after this malfunctioned. this would have been haga's first trip to space. another fox news alert now. the fbi foiling a man's plans to blow himself up with a 200-pound bomb on the national mall on election day. paul rosenfeld confessing to agents. fully functional 200-pound bomb in his basement. prosecutors say he wanted to draw attention to his radical political beliefs that politicians should be selected by a lottery system. a search intense phiing
4:13 am
overnight for escaped inmates. now, two of tennessee's most wanted. duane and jonathan baxter are accused of attacking a female detention officer before climbing over barbed wire fencing and making a run for it the officer rushed to the hospital but will be okay. the inmates could be armed with a hand made weapon. a look at your headlines and some scary moments there. steve: jillian, thank you very much. meanwhile, we have been talking about this. who is to blame for all the violent political rhetoric we have heard for so long now? max senile waters says blame donald trump. >> this president is the poster boy for what a mob protester looks like. steve: but the man running for her congressional seat has a different opinion. is he going to join us live. brian: plus, the democrat attacks on justice kavanaugh killed the never trump movement. our next guest a never trumper weighs in next.
4:14 am
4:15 am
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4:17 am
ainsley: did justice kavanaugh kill the never trump movement? next guest says yes. steve: his piece in the federalist i was a never trumper until democrats went gonzo on kavanaugh.
4:18 am
now hand me that red hat. i now support president trump because the democratic party and media allies are controlled by people who view conservatives not as political opponents to be voted down but as enemies to be personally destroyed. ainsley: joining us now with more is the author of that piece nathaniel blake, a senior contributor for the federalist. nice to see you nathaniel, thanks for being with us. what changed your mind? you were a never trumper. steve: didn't vote for him. ainsley: you would vote for him in 2020. >> if things hold, i plan to vote for him in 2020. ainsley: what changed your mind? >> first of all was simply trying to evaluate his performance fairly after he was elected because i wanted him to do well. i was skeptical but i did want him to do well. i think his judicial pickness particular have been excellent. he has kept faith with his prom mifsz tots conservative movement there and and then the final straw that pushed me over the edge was the
4:19 am
abominable democratic behavior during the kavanaugh fight where they had these lured smears that he was running a gang rape ring in high school and things like that. steve: nathaniel, why do you think the democrats took that tact. >> they probably thought it would work. i can't say for sure. but they probably thought that he would withdraw, that he wouldn't fight and that republicans would back down. steve: the reason i said took that tact is because senator dianne feinstein sat on that statement from dr. ford until the 11th hour. and then it was mysteriously leaked to the press and that's how we wound up where we are. >> yes. ainsley: what do you think about the treatment. go ahead, sorry. >> i think they wanted the circus. they wanted the crazy allegations. they could have had a confidential personal investigation from the start. clearly they wanted the catastrophe that we saw unfolding across the news of
4:20 am
this man being attacked. ainsley: right. a lot of republicans had a beef with that because they said it was so obvious what dianne feinstein was doing. what do you think about -- what do you make of the treatment of anyone who was in favor of kavanaugh? > i think some of it has been appalling. we have talked about mobs looking at the protesters. looking at the people who chased ted cruz and his wife out of a restaurant where they were just trying to have dinner. we have also seen mobs going after people who supported kavanaugh. long time friend a facebook executive and has faced a lot of blow back and pressure simply for standing by his friend. at my alma mater a dean was suspended for tweeting skeptically about the accuser making the insane allegations of gang rape. to we have seen people's livelihoods being threatened simply for trying to defend kavanaugh or stand by a friend. steve: all right. nathaniel blake, senior contradictser at the federalist joining us today
4:21 am
from columbia, missouri, nathaniel, thank you. ainsley: thank you. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. he was just elected the new president of his school board. his first order of bills, ditch the pledge. steve: plus this little football player started celebrating in the end zonal before the game even started. it's gone viral. ♪ (clatter) ( ♪ ) feeling unsure? oh... (nervous yelp) what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360 (tm) technology. the most available driver assist technology in its class. ( ♪ ) the new 2019 ford edge. ♪ ( ♪ ) cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way. valerie: but we worry if we have enough to last. ♪ cal: ellen, our certified financial planner™ professional,
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4:25 am
american music awards according nielsen. it is the show's lowest rating ever, more than 9 million people tuned in just last year but a lot less this year. next 50%. that's how many government agencies have met a dhs deadline to protect systems from email and website spoofs agencies have until october 16th to finally meet that deadline. finally a nickel. five cents. this that's how much the postal service wants to increase the price of a first stamp to help with falling revenue. if approved first class stamps would soon cost 55 cents. the double nickel. ainsley: did you a great job, steve. you can walk and talk at the same time. steve: thank you. ainsley: did you awesome. brian, take notes. were you watching? brian: everyone has their own style. i stay quiet until i get. ainsley: brian walks and doesn't say anything and stops and get to the next story. ainsley: we will have to get you to do it tomorrow. 25 minutes after the hour.
4:26 am
president trump is condemning the left wing activists for the protest against justice kavanaugh calling them an angry mob. maxine waters is firing back. she is accusing our president of being violent. >> this president is the poster boy for what a mob protester looks like. he is the as a matter of fact, he is the one who has been violent in his speech. we don't have that kind of talk that has come from the women who are protesting. brian: really? next guest running against maxine waters. republican omar joins us now. do you think maxine waters is acting responsible and just doing things in response to the president's speeches? >> yeah. what maxine waters is trying to do. she is trying to divide people. not preaching a message of unity. what we need to bring back is a balance of unity. we need to make sure we are working with the president of the united states. not against his interests.
4:27 am
ainsley: tell us a little bit about yourself for folks that are watching that are able to vote for you. why should they go to the polls? >> definitely. i mean, it's very important that we turn out. this election is going to be the most important election. maxine waters represents probably one of the most divisive figureness our country. she is trying to impeach the president. she is trying to fight the president every step of the way. i'm for america first. i'm for maga. i'm for working with the president and not working against his interests. we have to make sure we are working for him, not against him. that's how we will get true policy done and things done in this country and work hard for the american people. i'm here to represent eted state, the country and to represent every american out there. brian: omar, does she even live in the district. >> no. she lives outside the district in 4.5-million-dollar mansion. i live with the people. i east with the people. i'm a part of that district. i was born and raftszed there that's what we need. we need people that are born and raised in the communities that they represent. it's time for us to do something and take action.
4:28 am
every american outside there has the power to remove maxine waters and support my campaign at owe march to do that. ainsley: why does she continue to win. >> these people haven't run a clean legitimate campaign. things changed in 2012. 54% of the district is hispanic latino. when i go out in the community and talk to the voters they are very dissatisfied that maxine waters is trying to advocate for violence. not only towards the president, his supporters, she is advocating for violence in general. people don't want someone so divisive in our country. they want someone who going to bring us together and stop dividing us. we need to bring common sense solutions to the ground and not divide this country anymore. brian: democrats are on a losing streak and angry. not just max senile waters. listen to some others who have said things that i believe are irresponsible. >> go to the hill today, get
4:29 am
up and, please, get up in the face of some congress people. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet, you get out and you created a crowd. [cheers] >> you push back on them and you tell them they're not welcome. >> michelle always said, you know, when they go low we go high. no, no. when they go low, we kick them. ainsley: what's your response? >> again, this is the same rhetoric from the left. i mean, they are divisive. i mean, they are advocating for violence. if you go out there and see how they treat anybody who wear as red cap, i mean, they tell them advocate for violence. they tell them to go and con front the people and to kick them out of restaurants. this is what is happening all over los angeles. people can't wear a red hat without going outside and assuming the responsibility of being hurt. this is what we don't need in our country. we need someone who going to bring us together. obviously my pont is not going to do that. i plan on working with the
4:30 am
president of the united states every step of the way and making schuyler we are bringing our country back together and bringing back a balance. ainsley: omar, we wish you all the best. producers did the math and said she has been in office since you were 2 years old. we did reach out her-to-her office to invite her on the show. thank you. brian: go get them omar. gregg jarrett thinks he knows why. he secretary of state he will answer that question on camera. he better come through. plus, the gulf coast is picking up the pieces from hurricane michael's devastation. the southeast is not out of the woods yet. fema administrator brock long is going to join us live with an update. if tell us more with michael and the recovery. that's coming up next.
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
♪ ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. hurricane michael downgraded now overnight to a tropical storm but it left a trail of destruction along the
4:34 am
florida panhandle. brian: it's the area's most powerful hurricane on record. steve: jonathan serrie is live in panama city beach which was one of the hardest hit areas and jonathan, the sun is coming up and you can see how bad it was. >> yeah. good morning, steve, brian, and ainsley. day break is allowing people to come out and begin surveying the damage. a lot of power lines down. in fact, about 360,000 florida customers went without power overnight. and all of bay county, the county in which i'm standing is under a boil water advisory. but take a look at this dramatic video. this is over the bridge from us on the main land. a local middle school in panama city suffered severe damage during this storm jinx middle school. the storm came in catastrophic winds blowing' the roof off the school gymnasium. drone pilot was able to flow a drone right through that damaged school building. residential areas also suffered damage still some
4:35 am
of them still inaccessible with downed trees power lines and debris covering roads. a harrowing experience for those who stayed in town during the storm. take a listen. like a jet engine. the wind just super, super high pitched. you could feel it in your ears like the pressure just changing in and out. it was scary. >> emergency officials say it's still not safe for evacuees to return and local officials in bay county are enforcing a mandatory curfew until 8:00 central time. back to you guys. steve: all right. jonathan serrie out there on the highway in panama city beach. thank you very much. brian: weeks after devastating hurricane smashed into the carolinas, now we have something as you just see hurricane michael smashing into northern florida and parts of georgia. let's bring in brock long a fema administrator and brock has been in charge of making sure that the damage is
4:36 am
limited and people get what they need. so, brock, even though the sun is just coming up now. what the big challenge is michael. >> right now gaining access to the hardest hit areas and making sure we are doing everything we can to perform search and rescue. we were able to get search and rescue teams in last night. buff you can only do so much limited search and rescue operations at night fall. so, we were anxious for the sun to come up to be able to fully assess the magnitude of the damage. ainsley: brock, i have some friends who live down there on the coast they have beach houses. they want to go in and access the damage. are they able to go in. >> that's up to local officials. theyable probably holding people out because of the downed power lines and make sure the lines aren't charged. when vu this type of damage mexico beach area that looks to be wiped out, there is hazardous materials around. there is gas lines that are broken. not a safe area. and doing so may put lives in danger.
4:37 am
steve: brock, we have seen a lot of the video where it shows extraordinary bind damage. now we are looking at some of the water damage. the storm surge was 10 or 12 feet in some spots, wasn't it? >> yeah. absolutely. in between panama city and apalachicola was ground zero for storm surge. storm surge causes the most destruction. it's the ocean rising and wave action on top of that sometimes if you look at trees, you will notice on the lower portion of trees the leaves are still attached because the ocean rose above them and protected them from the wind and that's what you are seeing. storm surge is incredibly violent and that's why we asked people to evacuate. brian: how has the infrastructure been in northern florida bowers i think we are learning that's the key to search and rescue. >> after search and rescue we work to stabilize the infrastructure so we know the health and medical system took a real shot. we have had several hospitals impacted. a couple are down. doing everything we can to bring in disaster medical
4:38 am
establishes teams and set up temporary capabilities there. the roadway infrastructure has to be assessed. any time you have storm surge it gets underneath bridges and compromises the integrity of those bridges. we have to assays those before we can get power crews down the roadways in to ultimately fix the power. you fix the power you solve a lot of the problems. ainsley: who are all those folks on the computers. >> this is the most department of education indicated work force in the federal government. these guys man they went through it last year. they were up 80 days nonstop last year in 2017. they have been working around the clock basically since florence. this is the -- you know, it's my job to coordinate the fire power of the federal government. this representation a multitude of agencies including my own staff. and what they are doing is trying to figure out if there is any short falls in capability at the state and local level. it's our job to fulfill it and backfill it. brian: brock long, than thank yu so much. and thank them on our behalf. >> thank you. steve: jillian joins us with
4:39 am
some more news. jillian: that's right. good morning. the author of the anti-trump does yea breaks his silence after the 18 months to talk about truth. christopher steele writing to vanity fair magazine after being named unof its most influential people saying quote in these strange and troubling times it is hard to speak unpalatable truths to power. i believe we all still do have a duty to do so. i salute those on your list and otherwise who have had the courage to speak out over the last year offensive at great personal costs. arnold schwarzenegger sis he regrets remarks to his political opponents from more than a decade ago. like this. >> i say don't be an economic girly man. [clears] ainsley: former governor says at the time it felt lining the right thing to do i called them girly mental because they weren't willing to takistics are. i feel bad about it and i
4:40 am
apologize. when i became governor i wanted to make sure no one, including me, ever makes this mistakes. ditched the pledge. according to the san francisco chronicle steven cook skipped it before residing over first meeting to protest the current political climate. instead he read a poem by maya angelou. before he scores a touchdown. this little kid really likes to booingy. look aboogie. look a this pregame rid actual. >> oh my god. ♪ jillian: that's 7-year-old ben clark of oklahoma showing off his pregame dance moves which is now going viral, obviously rightfully so. they worked because ben scored a touchdown and 2 point conversion in the same game. so, more power to you, ben. i wish i had those moves. steve: he has pioneering in
4:41 am
new rather than just celebrate afterwards. celebrate before. brian: that's what sports should be. kids should be having a good time. ainsley: very confident and apparently a great athlete. brian: all right. jillian see you tomorrow and talk to you tomorrow after the giants win. >> oh. brian: hope to see you guys next weekend tampa, florida october 19th. norfolk virginia on 20th. nationalville go to brian and get tickets. ainsley: what are you going to be doing. >> america, great from the start. all three of of my history books in single event. when you know ainsley when you do a book signing hard to talk people because have you lines. i want to have a chance to interact and talk to everybody. coincides with the release of andrew jackson miracle of new orleans in paperback afterwards which i think you will lining. if you want to go brian fox nation. we are deciding which one. home to see you there. steve: all right.
4:42 am
terrific. brian rod rosenstein cancelled his meeting on capitol hill today. scheduling problems. gregg jarrett thinks he knows why. he is next. ainsley: kanye west is set to visit the white house. violence in chicago. ha chicago pastor is going to join us live with what he hoping comes out of that meeting ♪ ♪ too cold for camping? too hot to work? nah. this is the gator xuv835. with game-changing heat and air, it's never too anything for anything. and an ice with 70-megawatts, 35 mules, but we brought power to the people-
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♪ ainsley: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, he's not going to go to capitol hill for that meeting that many people thought was on the books. leaving many people angry. many lawmakers angry with unanswered questions about those reports, claiming that he wanted to secretly record the president. steve: our next guest thinks he knows why mr. rosenstein won't be showing up today. fox news legal analyst and author of the best selling book the russian hoax, greg jarrett joins us live right
4:46 am
now. good morning to you. >> good to see you guys. steve: what i read is republican members of congress wanted him to come up to capitol hill and take the oath. >> of course. steve: swear to tell the truth and he bulked at that. he didn't want to be under oath. >> no recording no. transcription. nothing under oath. he wanted to do one-on-one with chairman goodlatte. why would he do that? in my experience, people who don't want a recording or anything under oath are prone to lie and deceive. it would leave him free to lie with impunity and he could later deny the lie which is a lie on top of a lie. you know, people who have nothing to hide don't hide. if they are falsely accused of something, they are very eager and anxious to testify under oath with everybody there. why isn't rod stein? rosenstein. he owes the person people a
4:47 am
statement under oath not just a blanket denial to the media. there is no crime in lying to the media if it were otherwise every politician in washington would be behind bars. brian: can we get a nuances to this and tell me if this figures into this? the rivalry between mccabe and rosenstein, the story out today that they were telling each other to recuse themselves from the mueller investigation. >> "the washington post." brian: the fact is if you want to get back at rosenstein you leak a story that rosenstein wanted to enact this 25th amendment. the one that i think that bonds the president with rosenstein, who they seem to somehow when they meet they don't emerge angry they both don't like andy mccabe and think he is a liar? is there something else going on here? >> what's happening is the rats are trapped in a cage and that youing at each other. not just mccabe and rosenstein. lisa page is now saying that rosenstein trying to record
4:48 am
the president, recruit people to invoke the 25th amendment. have you got baker as a contemporaneous here say witness, which makes him reliable and there are two other witnesses. brian: baker on the fbi side. >> yes. and there are two other witnesses involved here. rod rosenstein may steel his best course of action is to claim up. i blame congress. this business of politely asking oh gee will you come up here. steve: subpoena them. >> when i wanted to talk to a witness i would slap them with a subpoena. if they didn't appear at the pointed date go to the judge and get a bench warrant. you don't play nice with people in the executive branch rosenstein and others have a constitutional duty to testify gf congress which has oversight. steve: they do. they can't get the answers because the guys don't show up every day. >> they do not.
4:49 am
ainsley: congratulations on the success of your book. >> thank you, ainsley. steve: kanye west set to have lunch with that man, the president, later today. also on the agenda violence in chicago. a chicago pastor is going to join us live with what he hopes will come out of that meeting with kanye. ainsley: plus, we're going to ask the president about that meeting because he is going to join us live in about 11 minutes at the top of the hour ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
steve stove kanye west is heeding east to washington. he has a meeting and lunch with the president and jim browne today where the violence in the city of chicago is among the topics expected to be discussed. brian: what does one chicago pastor hope will come out of that meeting?
4:53 am
ainsley: pastor corey brooks is the pastor of enough beginnings church in chicago and he joins us now. good morning, pastor. >> good morning. ainsley: what do you hope comes out of that meeting. >> i hope they have a great meeting first of all. i hope in that meeting that kanye will talk a lot about the chicago violence and the things that are causing that. i hope they will focus on some of the organizations that are on the ground doing great work like our organization projected hood and things like that. i think if he can continue to -- if he can keep the focus on what needs to happen in chicago on the south side and west side specifically, i think that will be a great meeting. steve: sure, pastor, you know, we have heard so much. we have seen the numbers. they are jaw dropping the number of murders and shootings in chicago. what county president do? >> well, the president can do a lot. i mean, he has a big pulpit to deal with. he has the opportunity to share resources and share. steve: like what? >> well, in his tax bill, the last tax bill that he signed into law.
4:54 am
there is something in that tax bill called opportunity zones. for the president to push that would be a great opportunity for corporations and individuals high net worth to not only get a benefit but also to help individuals on the south sides and west sides of chicago and inner cities across america where they are being deprived of economic stability. it will be a great asset. brian: kanye west of chicago. a lot of people critical of him u i don't think any panel has been more critical than this one on cnn. listen. >> what happens when negroes don't read. [laughter] we have this now and now donald trump is going to use it and pervert it? >> he is all of a sudden now the model spokesperson. he is the token negro of the trump administration. this is ridiculous. and no one should be taking kanye west seriously. he clearly has issues. brian: appropriate? no one should be taking him seriously? ised that the language that's going to benefit anybody? >> very inappropriate.
4:55 am
especially when we come from -- we are descendents of slaves who fought for our freedom and fought to try to make sure that we go against racism and big got tri so we can have free thought and be free. so when you have a black man to stand to try to be free and have free thought and express himself. it's very sad that you have individuals on that level to mock him, to bully him. and it's very -- it's a very sad situation. i hope that individuals will learn from this just pause an individual has a different way of thinking. a different form of thought, that does not mean that they should not be listened to. and that does not mean that they should not have credibility. i think council yea west is a free-thinking individual. and i think, if he has the ear of the president. i hope and pray that he will be able to do a lot to help inner cities across america. ainsley: pastor brooks from a christian perspective, what do you tell your congregation? what do you tell people when
4:56 am
they are really upset about the direction of this country or what's happening in this country, all the anger? people are mad just because they disagree with you politically? what would you tell folks? >> you know, i tell them two things. one, we live in a country where we need to have love for one another. we can not continue to allow our colors, our political differences, our ideologies to separate us to the point that we have so much hatred and so much separation. we got to continue to learn how to forgive and we got to continue to work together. we may not agree on everything, but i'm sure that we can find a lot that we do agree on. and at the end of the day, all of us are americans and we have to make america the best place we can make it. steve: all right. pastor corey brooks joining us from chicago today. pastor, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, pastor. brian: we want to have you back when something gets done rather than talk about something hope happens. four minutes before the top of the hour. steve: something is going to happen on the other side of a brief timeout. the guy who has that logo on his podium, the president,
4:57 am
is going to join us live. is he phoning in to "fox & friends." stick around. ♪ we are athene, and we are driven to do more. . . imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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steve: 8:00 in new york city as florida, georgia, alabama, waking up to devastation from hurricane michael which has overnight been downgraded to a tropical storm. michael is officially the worst storm to ever hit the florida panhandle. two people are dead including an 11-year-old girl. ainsley: a tree fell on top of her house. incredible drone footage. high school gymnasium torn apart in panama city, beach, florida. brian: another building, dodging debris as it flew through the automatic doors. griff jenkins is in tallahassee where the focus is shifting to cleanup. reporter: they will need to plant more trees in tree town usa look at the power of wind
5:01 am
and what it takes to rip the tree from its roots. there were sustained wind of 75 a miles an hour in tallahassee. they believed they dodged a bullet. down in mexico beach, 155 miles-an-hour. twice the wind power that the damage this caused. it is unthinkable. i reached out to many officials and sheriff offices. no one can reach anyone in mexico beach, port st. joe. this is unbelievable what the wind damage did to the tree. it snapped two other trees in the yard, uprooting one of them. moments ago, cj who is a student at fsu was a student when it happened. how are you doing? >> we were doing well. we were outside that it happened. we knew one of these trees would probably come down. so we stood outside to see which one would come down. my roommate was standing next to the house. he didn't see this one coming from the back.
5:02 am
i told him to get out of way. it would have clipped him but didn't. >> reporter: saved his life. what was it like when it was going on? >> we heard the wind howling. we saw the tree across the street. we knew it was getting serious. reporter: cj, thank you. they have more than 111,000 without power in tallahassee. back to you. steve: you will hearing chainsaws all day long. griff jenkins, thank you very much. ainsley: joining us on the phone the president of the united states of america, donald trump. good morning, mr. president, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. we saw griff's a report on the aftermath of hurricane michael. what will the recovery look like? >> it is going to go fast. we'll make it go fast. we're following it in. it is gone from certain areas. one thing we have to our advantage was the speed.
5:03 am
this thing was in and out. we haven't seen power like that. i was get reports all night. 170, 180 miles an hour winds, at one point it reached 200 miles an hour. we haven't seen that before. there might have been slightly stronger wind, this is in history. it was powerful. it was a speedster and it was in and now it is out. it is in georgia. i spoke to the governor. they are handling it very well, the winds are down to 60 miles an hour. which is a lot. 60 miles an hour. it is dissipating and it was fast. steve: you're a florida property owner. i'm sure you would like to voice i voice -- visit the folks in the panhandle. you took the heat, mr. president, going ahead with the pennsylvania rally last night? >> i think really when i explained it there was no heat. i had very little heat other than the natural haters which
5:04 am
there are obviously some. we had thousands of people standing in line. it is a great thing that is happening. it's a great movement in our country. i make a speech in 12,000 seat auditorium. people start lining up two days early. literally they bring tents. we had thousands of people lined up by the time i had to make a decision. is my decision, tell people waiting 10, 12 hours already, that i'm not coming? i just thought it would be -- we're talking about thousands of people. you saw that last night when the auditorium which held about 12,000 people, it was full and we had 20 or 25,000 people outside watching screens. you know when they get there that early and, you know, that area obviously is not affected at all by it, we had it under great control because fema and everything else, we had white house on the plane -- steve: you were monitoring. >> i was totally monitoring.
5:05 am
i made the speech. everybody was unhappy. it would be really unfair to all the people waiting. we're talking about thousands and thousands of people. it would have been very unfair, i don't think really the heat was very hot. relative to other things i think it was very minor. brian: mr. president today at lunch will not be any normal lunch. you will have one of the greatest athletes and activists in american history, jim brown. aman who was told in college because he was black he couldn't stay with his team syracuse on the road. also with kanye west. you will talk substance. these are two year supporters. what do you hope comes out of the meeting? friendship is. there mutual respect is already apparent. what substantive can come out of the meeting? >> brian, i have a lot of african-american support and a lot developed over the last little while with kanye coming
5:06 am
out. jim brown has been there a long time. i have known him, respected him. can you imagine him playing in the nfl what he would be making? double what anyone else is getting. he was the greatest. he came out a long time ago for me, when it was much less fashionable frankly and now you see the results. we have the lowest, if you look at unemployment, if you look at any statistic, lowest unemployment rate for african-americans in history, in history. the highest median income, income, think of it, highest in history for african-americans of the now that includes also separately asian-americans, hispanic-americans. we have the best unemployment numbers, the best median income numbers. crime rates in those communities where you have a really bad, bad number for years. you've had terrible numbers. those crime rates are coming down. in chicago which is run by democrats i said just yesterday, i said we're going to get
5:07 am
involved in chicago. it is ridiculous what is happening in chicago. there is no reason for it. so we'll get involved and try to work with the mayor if that is possible. i don't think he wants anybody's involvement. we'll give it a shot. brian: he will be out of there son anyway. >> he will be gone -- brian: mr. president, jim brown got a curriculum. he has been working in prisons 20 years with his american program. would you be tempted to adopt his program wholesale? >> well, what's happening, jim he gets it, very much gets it. and i get it. there are people in jail for really long terms, like mrs. johnson as an example, she had another 22 years to serve. she was in there for 20 years. she is the most incredible woman, how this would have happened. maybe it was a different time, a different age but we do need reform. that doesn't mean easy. we're going to make certain categories tougher when it comes
5:08 am
to drug dealing and other things but there has to be a reform because it is very unfair right now of the it is very unfair to african-americans. it is very unfair to everybody and it is also very costly. some of the, if you look what they have done in texas, they have done a great job. texas is thought of being a tough state and also georgia, governor diehl. they have done, those two states have done an incredible job. they're tough, they're firm, but they have really done a tremendous job with reform. and so we're looking at that with big jim brown, who is an amazing -- i have a tremendous amount of support with african-american great athletes. look at evander holyfield, herschel walker, i have so many athletes and stars that are supporting me because when they look at the unemployment rate which is the best ever, they look at the income that african-americans are making untrump compared to what -- we're talking about two years
5:09 am
ago. steve: mr. president -- >> so it's really, really been pretty amazing. steve: when you talk about the african-american stars one of them is kanye west. you will have lunch with him today. >> right, right. steve: he publicly wore the maga hat we're showing right there, he came out after "saturday night live," how he was gotten pushed around and told not to do stuff during the week, he has taken a lot of heat for being your supporter. hard to be a supporter when people are ganging up on you. >> i tell you, first of all, i like him a lot. he has been a friend of mine. i've known him a long time. he a very different kind of a guy, i say that in positive way. he is a very different kind of a guy. those in the music business say he is a genius. that's okay with me. when kanye came out couple months ago, something happened,
5:10 am
my polls went up 25%. nobody ever seen it. he has a big following in the african-american community. a big, big following. i think he has in a let of communities, but the polls went through the roof. i have not seen, i think i have honestly said i never seen that before to that extent. he is respected. he is really a great guy. you know what he wants? he is not asking anything for himself. he doesn't say gee, i want to do this or that. he is a private guy. he wants to help people. more than anything is prison reform because his wife, was terrific, kim. she brought the attention to mrs. johnson where i could look. you have many people like mrs. johnson in jail for another 35 years on a charge that frankly everything is serious, but you don't get life in prisonment because you're talking over a telephone about something. brian: i heard your attorney general doesn't want prison
5:11 am
reform. jeff sessions standing in your way is that accurate? >> if he doesn't, he gets overruled by me. i make the decision, he doesn't. ainsley: we see you campaigning with kanye west in the future, everyone should admire him for at least standing up against all of his friends in hollywood and support you no matter what they say, do you think, will we see you on the road with him campaigning? >> i could it. i could see it. we went to indiana with bobby knight and that is a big deal. when you have bobby knight, we won indiana many, many points, i might have have won it anyway when you have bobby knight in indian narcs we have kanye, tremendous support from so many people. those people in hollywood that you hear about, even the ones that do a little talking because they think it's cool, they vote for trump, many of them vote for trump. i heard some of them vote for trump. they get in the booth, look around and press the trump
5:12 am
sticker because they do. you know, sort of, it is sort of a joke in hollywood. obviously i have many friends out there, many hollywood friends but i have many friends. they're saying so many of the people you see talking about me, maybe it is fashionable and maybe it is not fashionable, they vote for me. they get in that booth they're different. they see that with my polling. a lot of people don't want to taub about it, they get in and vote for trump. steve: somebody i don't think will vote for you in 2020, you are running for re-election right? >> yes, i am. steve: somebody probably not going to vote for you, eric holder, former attorney general of the united states. he not crazy about your agenda, then he said this just a say or so ago, listen to this, mr. president. >> it is time for us as democrats to be as tough as they are, to be as dedicated as they are, to be as committed as they are. when michelle says when they go low we go high.
5:13 am
no. no. when they go low we kick 'em. [laughter] [applause] >> fight. >> that is what this new democratic party is about. steve: that is what this new democratic party is about, mr. president. after he said we'll kick 'em, the whole room started clapping and cheering. what does that say to but the tenor of politics? >> he better be careful what he is wishing for. he better be careful for what he is wishing for. that is a disgusting statement for him to make. >> steve: what do you mean? >> for him to make a statement like that is dangerous statement. we are exactly opposite. the rallies where they send people, i heard somebody yesterday on your show actually talking about my rallies. my rallies are really calm and well-run and packed with people. we don't have problems at our rallies but they used to send in, they don't do it anymore,
5:14 am
they haven't. maybe they will try starting again, they used to send in protesters, paid protesters. democrats and soros and they came from all over. and we would have protesters and, i would say this, that it wasn't so successful for those protesters. they have to be careful with the rhetoric because it is very dangerous what holder says. holder was held in contempt by congress. holder went after christians. he went after our great evangelicals. he went after the tea party people. you know that. they just settled, irs just settled that case. holder is, he has got some problems. i don't see him running. if he did run i think he would get gobbled up before he ever gets to the election. i think the primaries would gobble him up. ainsley: interesting he was head of the justice department. you said you are going to run in 2020. some possible democrat opponents could be senator bernie sanders,
5:15 am
senator cory booker, former vice president joe biden, senator elizabeth warren, former secretary of state john kerry, senator kamal a la harris. which one would you think -- >> i just hope we don't get any star or good thinking coming out of nowhere. i see everyone talking about it. look at booker, biden, how about elizabeth warren, faked her heritage for years. she used that. can't prove anything. she said her mother told her she had high cheekbones therefore she hasn'tian blood. you know what? i have more indian blood in me than she does, i have none unfortunately. i have none. so you have elizabeth warren. everyone of them, cory booker, ran newark, new jersey when he was mayor into the ground. i don't want to be too harsh. any one of them, bernie, i have
5:16 am
to give it to bernie, he is in there fighting. he hasn't realized he got killed by hillary. he to the unfairly cheated by crooked hillary. what happened to bernie sanders it is amazing. he acted like nothing happened. what happened to him was a disgrace. but bernie is in there pitching. i saw him the other night. i said to my wife, look at that guy, look at that guy, he is out there flailing and fighting. the announcer looked at him, the person hosting the show looked at him, you know he is winning, don't you? bernie sat there, sort of funny. any one of those names i like. i don't see a name i don't like. lookings we're doing great. we're setting records with the economy. we're setting record with unemployment. new jobs are the highest they have ever been. we have more people working in the united states today then at anytime in the history of our country and by a substantial number. so with everything we're doing i don't know, you know why wouldn't i do well in the election? brian: one thing that bernie sanders and you have respect for
5:17 am
this, he gets on issues the american people care about. he just has a different view on how to solve it. turns out health care is number one on almost every voter's list in the midterms. he says medicare for all is the answer. what is -- you wrote an op-ed against this. he said you're mischaracterizing what he means. what is the biggest obstacle for medicare for all or something that would give people insurance? >> let me just tell you that bernie, the problem with bernie's plan you have to pay four times the taxes that you're paying right now and one of the problems you would have is essentially -- well he is probably okay with it but nobody else is. you would no money left. you would go, everybody would go out of business. you wouldn't be able to do it but maybe as importantly, i don't think more importantly but as importantly you go and you look at countries where they essentially have single payer tax care, single-payer health care, if you look at it, they're a disaster. they come to our country when
5:18 am
they need operations. they come to our country when they need help, assuming they have the money to do that. the, level of service is so bad. i mean essentially the government runs it. you could take a look at what we did at the va. now i have choice where you're allowed, if you have wait in line for 20 days, some of these people are waiting 32 and 40 days to see a doctor. what happens is, now under va choice they're able to go out, get a private doctor. we pay the bill. brian: right. >> the vets are so happy what we've done. if you look at bernie's plan it is catastrophe. basically it is government run. the government can't run anything. they have proven that. health care would be a disaster. steve: i know you traveled on air force one and rod rosenstein was onboard. you had apparently a 45-minute conversation with him. you were going down to orlando for the police chiefs conference. apparently a number of republican congressman wanted to have him on capitol hill today.
5:19 am
they wanted him to be under oath and he was reluctant to do that reportedly. woe have preferred an informal meeting with perhaps just one or two members, not a whole hearing. but apparently you know, we just had gregg jarrett on and he said that he probably didn't want to show up because he didn't want to be under oath. you know the rumor is the day after the midterms you're going to fire him and fire the attorney general. >> well i actually get along well with rod. we have a witch-hunt going on which is disgraceful. i have to tell you, i will take these republican guys with mark meadows and jim jordan and gates and gibbs, all of them, i hate to mention a few name because there are some of them, i want to give everyone of them credit. these are tough, smart guys. they know there was no collusion. it turned out with russia. there was collusion but it was with hillary clinton, the dnc. i mean why didn't, as an example
5:20 am
the fbi take the dnc server? they didn't take it. they know where it is. there is so many questions. one thing i'll say these republican folks, i think they're becoming folk heroes, these are great, great, people. and they want to get to the bottom of it. and you know, we're -- steve: but, mr. president, the people in your administration, rod rosenstein, will not show up on capitol hill to speak to congress. >> actually i was surprised at that i would think he would. he mentioned certain things to me, that you know are very positive about that event. i would imagine you would want to put that down. frankly whether you were under oath or not shouldn't matter. but he mentioned things to me i would think would be fine for him to testify. so you know when congress calls. so i would i'm a little surprised rod wouldn't do it. we have a good relationship with rod because we lookwork on other things. brian: i hear you're bonded by
5:21 am
one thing, distrust of andy mccabe, is that true. >> and mccabe is a bad buy. comey is a very bad guy. this country got lucky when i voted for him. rod wrote a memo, you read that memo how horrible comey is. he is horrible guy and he lied and he leaked. he lied before congress. he was leaking all over the place, not only through his professor, his professor friend, took his stuff and leaked whatever he wanted to do. comey is a bad guy, mccabe, very bad but he worked for comey. remember one thing about mccabe, his wife was running for office and he got $750,000 from hillary clinton's essentially pac. it was run by terry mcauliffe who is absolutely hillary clinton's, absolutely hillary clinton's best friend and bill clinton. they gave him $750,000 for his wife. nobody even knows if she spent the money. she might not have spent the money. this was at the time she was
5:22 am
being investigated by mccabe. so mccabe is investigating hillary clinton and her pac, essentially run by her best friend is paying mccabe $750,000. to me that's a big deal. nobody ever mentions it. it is really -- look, we have a hornet's nest. i think i have done a great service for this country because i exposed so much. when you look at emails between the two lovers, strzok and lisa page, you say the insurance policy, they're so wanting to win against trump, but then in a moment of silence they said, well, if that doesn't work out, we have an insurance policy. well the insurance policy is what has gone on for the last fairly long period of time. there was tremendous corruption, and i'll tell you what, these people want to get to the bottom of it. and i don't think people like devin nunez, he should get, if this all turns out like everyone thinks it will, devin nunez should get the medal of honor. he is really, what he has gone
5:23 am
through and his bravery. he should get a very important medal. maybe we'll call it medal of freedom because we actually give them, high award for civilians. he has done an amazing, guys like meadows and jim jordan, all of these people, what they, what they go through and they're right. and they can't understand why they're being stymied at so many different levels. but now it is coming out and it's a really sad. i did a great service for this country when i fired comey. weigh as bad guy with bad intentions. you look at the way he handled -- one thing just to finish up on that. you know, the democrats hated comey more than any human being. he actually did hillary clinton a big favor because she should be in jail, they should have taken her right off the campaign but, so he did her a big favor. but democrats hated comey, hated him. i said one thing is, i said i would get bipartisan support.
5:24 am
you look at schumer, all those people, they put out horrible statements about comey, he should be fired, he is is disgrace. the minute he was fired they came out said he was wonderful man. i said i can't believe it. i can't believe it. the said the day after he was fired like from a different planet. so you know, they're politicians. what can i tell you. ainsley: i'm glad you brought up firing, your wife recently had an interview, there are people in the white house she doesn't trust, people you don't trust, you have to watch your back. is that true, a, and b, if that is the case why are they still in the administration? >> well i think it was more true but you have to understand, i was in washington probably seven teen times in my life. i came to washington on the 18th time, i said darling, can you believe it, i'm president. i didn't know people in washington. now i know everybody. i know some that i where i didn't know but i know a lot of people and i think now we're really, you look, nikki haley as an example did a freight job,
5:25 am
really great job. she is going to be replaced by somebody that is fantastic. i know, we have five people. we had seven but five -- brian: can you tell us the five, can you tell us the five names? >> i can tell you they're outstanding, they're top, top of the line. we have great people working r there some i'm not in love with? yes. we'll weed them out slowly by surely. when you look what we did with mexico, canada, south korea, look what we did with north korea, that was going into a war and now as you know the relationship is good. secretary of state mike pompeo there is one, that is a change. he is fantastic. he is a star. he just got back from north korea. that was going to be war and we have good relationship. no missiles, no testing, no nuclear testing, no nothing. we've covered a lot. i say, i say it often, that we, me, we've done more in less than
5:26 am
two years than any president in the history of our country. tax cuts, regulation cuts, all of the things we've done, judges. by the way i have two supreme court judges already and justice kavanaugh will be fantastic. but you top that with -- brian: gotcha. >> take a look who we have. justice gorsuch, justice kavanaugh, many, many other judges so we've done more than anybody. i don't even think it is close. brian: mr. president, i know one thing has you concerned, jammal khaskhoggi, working for "the washington post" disappeared from the turkish embassy. they have video going in and not going out. they have rumors that he is dead. "washington post" reported that you're extremely frustrated with lack of answers. jared kushner, your son-in-law is tight with the crown prince and crown prince calls the shots in saudi arabia. you're tight with him too. what will it take to get some answers? >> we'll look at it very, very seriously. i don't like it at all. you don't have american citizens
5:27 am
but that in this case doesn't matter. i don't like it. i don't like it with respect to reporters. it is a terrible, terrible precedent. we can't let it happen. and we're being very tough and we have investigators over there and we're working with turkey and frankly we're working with saudi arabia. we want to find out what happened. he went in and doesn't look like he came out. certainly doesn't look like he is around. but he is went in and -- brian: what is at stake with u.s.-saudi relations sir? >> i've said they are excellent. i told them they have to pay for their military. saudi arabia is a very rich country. and for years and years, there would be no saudi arabia if there wasn't a united states because we protected them. we don't get paid for this protection. we should be paid. we spend billions and billions of dollars a year protecting saudi arabia. and i've told the king, king saloman, i said, king, sorry, you got to pay. i said that loud and clear. but they're going to pay. brian: you can't be killing, you
5:28 am
can't be killing "washington post" journalists. is everything in jeopardy now, sir? is that in jeopardy now, good relations with saudi arabia? >> i have to find out what happened. i do have to find out. we're probably getting closer than you might think but i have to find out what happened. steve: "the washington post" is reporting this morning that the crown prince, mohammed bin salman ordered operation to lure him back to saudi arabia from virginia and detain him according to the u.s. intel intercepts of saudi officials discussing the plan. ainsley: okay. steve: that sounds like it goes to the top, mr. president. brian: >> that would be a very sad thing and we'll probably know in the very short future. we have incredible people and incredible talent working on it. we don't like it. i don't like it. no good. ainsley: mr. president, let me ask you about the midterms, historically are you worried about people staying home for the midterms and which states do you think you can win? >> so many people saying i wish you were running i would be
5:29 am
voting. i said do me a favor, go out and vote, i say at my rallies, go out and vote. historically whoever wins the president, you know better than anybody, they don't do well in midterms. i think is different, the economy is best it has ever been ever. this is the strongest economy we ever had. we talked about jobs before, it is the best. i really think people will go it. i really think justice kavanaugh, the way he was treated so badly, this is fine man what they did to him the democrats i don't think people will forget that so quickly. we're talking about very short period of time before the midterms. i think we'll do very well. i can tell you there are senate races that we weren't even going to contest, that were we're actually leading in. i could mention names. i won't, maybe i mention one or two. heidi. heidi was going to be you know, win we have a, we have a man, north dakota, we have a man who
5:30 am
is fantastic and we asked him to run, the most popular, he is just a great, great person. brian: kevin cramer. >> kevin is just a great person. he is running up like 13 points. steve: right. >> people still have to get out and vote. you have to get out and vote. on many senate races, races we didn't have a chance, we'll do at least very well, in many case is i think we'll win. with the house many cases people will call run. i really think republicans are energized, much more so now than two or three weeks ago. steve: mr. president, a new "qunnipiac poll" came out this morning what had been a tight race down in texas between cruz and o'rourke, cruz opened it up, he is now at 54%. mr. o'rourke is at 45. he is ahead by nine. you're right, i think your base right now, if last night's rally were any indication, they're
5:31 am
energized but the big question, sir, how do you keep that energy up? how do you keep the republicans and the right-leaning independents, the energy up so they will vote for your side? >> well i really think they have it naturally, i really do and i've always felt that even before justice kavanaugh, if you look at over the last month or two month. i didn't believe the polls because i think they have tremendous energy. i think the republicans have tremendous energy. they want to keep their 401(k)s really good. they're up40 or 50% in 401(k)s. they never had it. steve: yesterday was a bad day for investors. >> that's fine. federal reserve is getting a little too cute, that's all. that is red includes what they're doing. democrats look what they would do to it. they would knock it down, instead of up 50% you would be down 50%. when i took over this economy,
5:32 am
this economy was ready to crash. we were at 1% gdp. now we're at 4.2%. it was ready to crash. it was the worst, if you look from depression, from the great depression, it was the worst recovery in the history of our country. and obama threw tremendous money at it. don't forget obama was playing with zero money. so he was playing with funny money. he was, it was very easy. i'm paying interest at a high rate because of our fed. and i would like our fed not to be soing a aggressive because i think they're making a big mistake but i'm, i'm playing with, you know, with money that we pay interest. now that is good for people with money in the bank and now they can get interest on their money for first time in a long time but it is good in certain ways but they're making a mistake. they're being too aggressive. brian: i want to talk about china, if we can, we were struck when one of our battleships came within 45 yards of a chinese ship and we had to back out.
5:33 am
they are extremely disturbed about youring a aggressive stance when it comes to trade and they're stealing of intellectual property from our people. we're coming to loggerheads with that fellow superpower. where is that heading and is this all hands on deck with the secretary of defense along with the treasury on the same page to stop them as they look to expand around the globe? >> well sure, but you stop them economically. look, china was taking out $500 billion a year, 500 billion, brian, a year. i said it is not going to happen any longer. i didn't go initially because they have helped us and i believe they're continuing to help us with north korea because 93% of the stuff goes through china to get into north korea. through their border. china has been quite good. they could be better but they're quite good what we're doing in north korea is amazing by the way according to everybody. so with china i said you can't do this you cannot continue to
5:34 am
take this money out. this should have been taken care of by president obama, president bush. should have been taken care of by many other presidents. they let china get out of control and we are not going to pay $500 billion a year to china and rebuild china. we have helped rebuild china more than any other factor. we have helped rebuild it. i said it's over. they're not happy. they can't be happy about it. the same thing happened with the european union, i told them the same thing the they don't take our product and yet their mercedes-benzs and bmws in to see us. that will not happen with china. that's the big one. that's the real big one. they're taking out $500 billion and now i put $250 billion worth of taxes or tariffs on china and it has had a big impact when you look at their. steve: what's next? >> if you look at their economy, a whole different ballgame. their economy has gone down very
5:35 am
substantially. i have a lot more to do if i want to do it. i don't want to do it but they have to come to the table. i will tell you this, and i've said it, actually i said it last night to shannon, i will tell you they want to negotiate. they want to negotiate badly but i told them you're not ready yet. you're not ready yet. they lived too well for too long and frankly i guess they think that the americans are stupid people. americans are not stupid people. we were led badly when it came to trade. that includes with mexico, which we've solved, it includes with canada, it includes with everybody. one by one we're knocking them off. wait until you see what happens. that is one of the reasons we have such potential in our country because we were, we were doing this with these horrible trade deals. frankly with horrible military deals where we protect wealthy countries like japan and saudi arabia and south korea. they don't pay us. it is ridiculous. we're protecting the world and
5:36 am
they don't pay us. when that changes, when that changes wait until you see what happens with our country. it's a different world. ainsley: mr. president, what is the status of the wall? >> the wall is being built but it is being built in chunks that i don't like. i'm not happy with it. we're getting 1.6 billion. we got two of them. now we're getting a third under this budget. after a lot of people and they are friends of mine, they don't want to do anything before the election because they think we'll do well, but after the election we're doing something very strongly on the wall. only thing with the democrats are good, with bad policy, in many ways is bad politicians the only thing they're good at is obstruction and delay. the one thing, we fixed our military, $700 billion for the military, they don't want to give us the wall. they fight in unison. they don't because they think that's a good political thing. the truth is that is good for our country. we need the wall. we have people coming in -- now
quote quote
5:37 am
we've done a great job, considering we don't have a wall. we need the wall. that is another tool of success and we need the wall and it's happening. steve: sound like kevin mccarthy, house majority leader introducing a bill to fully fund it. that's coming up. >> right. steve: we know you're running short on time. one of the questions in the "washington post" this morning it says that you talked to attorney general's chief of staff about replacing the attorney general. apparently according to post to talked to matthew whitaker. the conversation was nebulous, whether you replace him on interim basis or nominated on permanent basis. anything to that story? >> i never talk about, i can tell you matt whitaker is a great guy, i know matt whitaker, i never talk about conversations i had. "washington post" gets it wrong a lot. that is --
5:38 am
steve: conversation is you are in active talks to replace the attorney general of the united states? >> i'm not doing anything. i want to get the elections over with. we'll see what happens. i'm disappointed we go through this witch-hunt, this ridiculous witch-hunt. even richard burr, who is the highly respected senator in charge of the senate intelligence committee, he just came out, said, no, there has been no collusion. he sees, absolutely spending a year-and-a-half on this stuff, there is no collusion. devin nunez came out, there is no collusion from the committee in the house. devin said no -- they came out with a very strong report, no collusion. there is no collusion. there is no collusion. there is collusion with hillary clinton and russians but there is no collusion with the republicans and there is certainly no collusion with donald trump. everyone knows it. and they ought to get it oaf with. they ought to save a lot of money and a lot of time. brian: but mr. president, there is no collusion but there is no conclusion either. >> that i can't help. brian: is there anything, have
5:39 am
you thought again about sitting down for an interview or written questions or any type of hybrid approach there? >> well, seems ridiculous that i would have to do it when everybody sighs there is no collusion but i'll do what is necessary to get it over with. they have spent tens of millions of dollars doing this. and it is a disgrace. on top of that you have committees in the house and in the senate and house. you take a look what they have done. they have done, they have interviewed everybody that you could imagine you could interview and then richard burr stands up a few days ago, we found absolutely no collusion. there is no different. there is no collusion. but it should end because it is bad for the country. when you talk about division in the country it is bad for the country, it is very bad. it hurts us with other countries. ainsley: mr. president, if democrats wins the house, what happens, how will that affect your ability to get things done? >> look i think we're going to be successful. i see the spirit that the
5:40 am
republicans have and i really believe we're going to be successful. in pennsylvania they redistricted certain areas which was really unfair in my opinion, really unfair but i think there we're going to do well. statewise i do very well in all of these places we're talking about, but it is not about me right now, it is about individual races. i see things happening that are very good. i think we'll be successful. if we're not, if we lose majority in the house, which is always a possibility we will probably just have to fight it out and it is a shame. it would be a shame us because we would be wasting a lot of time. we have to fight it out and there are a lot of haters, they are absolute haters. can we get along, maybe? possibility they want infrastructure, i want infrastructure. there is something that can bring us together. we have a lot of things where there is commonality and it's possible that we'll even get along but you yesterday, they were talking about impeaching
5:41 am
judge kavanaugh. how do you impeach him? he is like this incredible person that, it turned out to be such false, horrible charges what they did and they want to impeach him? that's just terrible. brian: it has been three days. >> there is a chance, there is a chance we'll get a long and get along well. we have a lot of things like infrastructure they want and i want. brian: mr. president, big picture question, when you look at the scrutiny on your personal finances, taxes go back it your dad, when you see your lawyer that has to cut deals and "national enquirer" buddy of yours has to cut deals, cfo of your company got immunity, and you see pressure of family is under and 50% of the country doesn't like you, and 50% will do anything before you do you ever say why do i need this, why did i do this? >> trump gets rich being president, i bet you i have lost billions of dollars. it cost me billions, i said to
5:42 am
one of my friends, a very wealthy friend, i bet it cost me 2 or $3 billion, it is worth every penny of it. i don't need the money, it is worth every penny because i'm doing so much for the country. what i have done in terms of costs, what i've done in terms of rebuilding. we're rebuilding the military, very shortly we'll have the strongest military we've ever had. yes it is nasty, it is vicious, it is incredible, the false reporting is so incredible, honestly i'm doing a great job. that is why i have these crowds. these crowds are not showing up if i don't do a good job. they see the difference, when they pick up 2, $3,000 more from taxes out of nowhere, they're getting 2, $3,000 that is a lot of money for people. that is tremendous amount of money. steve: sure. >> it is worth it. a lot of people ask me that question. is it all worth it? it really is worth it. look i've done a great job. if i didn't do a great job, i would have said wow, that was a mistake but i've done a great
5:43 am
job. we're really set to do other incredible things people said they could never been done. steve: we ask you two more questions. we know you have to go. ainsley mentioned abc article some people in the west wing melania doesn't trust, you don't trust as well but they're still there, just curious, remember that anonymous article that came out a month or two ago? >> yeah. steve: there have been some other embarrassing leaks, are you any closer to figuring out who these people are? >> let me tell you about leaks. i think a lot of leaks are not leaks, they're made up by newspapers. the media is very dishonest, but "fox & friends is excluded okay. i won't exclude fox totally but i will exclude "fox & friends." the media is very, very dishonest, beyond anything anybody can understand. now even the letter written to the "times," there is a chance, i don't say it's a big chance, but there is a very good chance that was written by "the times" and if it wasn't, it would be a
5:44 am
low level, thousands of people qualified for that heading. and "the times" said, we did scrutiny and we found out who this person was. that means it is not a major player because they know all the players they know who they are. i wouldn't be that surprised because "the times" is totally corrupt and dismonnest. i wouldn't be surprised, what they write forget it, every day i have articles, every single day. over the years i appeared on the front page of "the new york times," four or five or six time in my entire life. now if i have like less than three or four stories on the front page, i'm saying gee i guess they didn't have much to write about. the times is to me very, very dishonest, extraordinarily dishonest if people only knew. steve: you're not looking for anonymous anymore? >> no, look, how do you do that? i would like to, i would like to go in there and would like to find out who it is. it could have been the "new york times" wrote it to be honest. they're very dishonest paper.
5:45 am
it could have been "the new york times." probably wasn't but it could have been "the new york times." ainsley: how frustrating is that for you, when you read an article they quote you saying something you didn't say or say facts they think they are facts and they're not, how do you overcome that? >> they say sources ainsley. sources say, five sources within the white house say, and there are no sources. they make it up. they are like novelists. there are no sources. one of the things i have done i educated the public as to the dishonesty of the fake news media. you have a big percentage of the media that is that way. you also have some incredible people. i will say, you have some incredible people in your profession but you have some really bad people and it is fake news. it's a terrible, terrible thing. and they say sources and people think, oh, gee, sources. and there are no sources. some of these books that are written, they don't have sources for those quotes. they make them up. they will literally make up quote and say it's a source around it is disgusting.
5:46 am
frankly i would love to see -- bob woodward. in all fairness i never got to speak to him. brian: gary cohn, at least two of the sources for that book, rob porter. how does that make you feel? >> i very good to both of them. a lot of people said that gary cohn i could tell stories about him like you wouldn't believe. gary cohn could have been, he issued a statement he has great respect for the administration, et cetera, et cetera but what does that mean. could very well have been. gary cohn never thought woe could ever make the deal with mexico and never thought in ha million years we could make a deal with canada. one of the reasons he left. he never thought we could make the deal. never thought we could make the deals but made phenomenal deals. ask canada, how happy are they? pretty amazing what we've done but these sources are, they're phony. in many cases they don't exist. the media is very dishonest.
5:47 am
steve: mr. president, ainsley has the final question. >> good, i'm glad it is ainsley. give me a nice one. ainsley: today is my father's birthday. >> oh, wow. ainsley: i forgot to send him a present. if you wish him a birthday, that will be the best birthday present i will ever give him. >> your father's name is what? ainsley: wage ear heart. in south carolina. >> that is wayne, i just want to say you've done a fantastic job with ainsley. i want to congratulate you, she is a terrific human being and great person. happy birthday and great job. great work. ainsley: thank you, mr. president. steve: mr. president, my neighbor is having an anniversary. brian: i know. >> could do this ten minutes. say hello, ainsley. that's very nice. brian: mr. president, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, brian. thank you your show is fantastic
5:48 am
show. ainsley: god bless you. >> thank you very much. steve: go run the country. ben shapiro, editor chief of daily wire, host of ben shapiro election special on fox news channel. joins us right now. ben you saw the president of the united states. he talked for 47 minutes. what are your observations? >> first of all the president obviously is very optimistic and in a pretty good mood about the elections which i think telling about where the republican party is going into election 2018. the polls in the senate are much stronger for republican than they were even two weeks ago. obviously take note of the president's comments about gary cohn, attorney general sessions and comment about saudi arabia which i think are pretty much on the money at this point. the president needs to know what happened with regard to this journalist. he need to take action the president knows that. there is a lot. there i'm sort of unpacking it in my head as i'm sure he have one is listening to that. steve: sure. it is very clear when he was
5:49 am
talking about comments from eric holder, stumping for gubernatorial democrat noun in georgia, the go low, go high, we kick 'em business, president is worried about the rhetoric going on in this country right now. >> yeah. you know democrats are responding saying the president has used rhetoric of his only think is actually somewhat fair. but facts democrats have been doing this for years. right now we're in very volatile moment. for democrats complained about president trump's rhetoric on campaign trail in 2016 engaging in rhetoric as bad or significantly worse than that rhetoric that's -- listen i do think it's a problem. it really is a problem. you're seeing them literally encourage people to go confront people in public places. mazie hirono on cnn when people are confronted by mobs in public places maybe that is okay because of white supremacy or something and hillary clinton suggesting civility with the republican party is not only unnecessary but counterproductive, is any of that good for the country?
5:50 am
certainly not. brian: ben, in the big picture you're looking at things have changed since the kavanaugh hearings. got still 3 1/2 weeks until the hearings end up being his confirmation. 3 1/2 weeks until election day. what do you think changed? and does it sustain? >> i think what changed is the left bared its fangs. the left show what it is going to be if it ever gets power. lindsey graham's speech in the senate judiciary committee sums up republican platform. these people cannot have power. when they do have power imagine how they will go after anyone they disagree with. doesn't matter if it is president trump or justice kavanaugh. they will go after anyone with any tool at their disposal and due process be damned. why you have seen a huge spike for republicans across all the senate races from arizona to texas. ainsley: ben shapiro. thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks so much. ainsley: thank you. we have ten minutes before the top.
5:51 am
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♪ brian: terry bradshaw is here but not as big as president of the united states. >> not hardly. brian: fox football on thursday nights brought him along with howie, jimmy and curt. >> jimmy is not here. brian: why is that? >> i don't think he wanted to do it. brian: michael strahan, how is that? >> michael actually hosts it. brian: by the way, terry bradshaw, on thursday nights you use this studio. >> i do.
5:55 am
i come up here for the post-games right here. we tag it from up here. i know all this side of fox now which i didn't before. brian: giants, eagles tonight, how much will the giants win by? >> they won't win tonight. brian: are you kidding me? [buzzer]. brian: offense is starting to click. >> yeah, right. whatever you say. you think they will win tonight? ainsley: i'm from philadelphia. they are the reining champs. >> chris long is my nephew, adopted nephew. brian: you practically raised him. ainsley: how do you keep up with your schedule? crazy. >> not bad, lucky to bring my wife with me on this trip. i have to, because you're gone so much, you have -- ainsley: how many kids do you you all have? three. girls. ainsley: favorite rivalry? >> mine when i played, anybody we could dominate. we never lost to the browns in three rivers stadium. that was kind of cool. it went in spurts. it was oakland raiders always.
5:56 am
then dallas cowboys in super bows. then the bengals jumped in for some years and houston some years with bum phillips but raider. brian: are you more proud of broadcasting career or playing career? >> had been for playing career wouldn't have a broadcasting career. let's not kid ourselves. ainsley: acting career. >> acting career. yeah, right. singing career. you have my albums, right? nobody has my cassette tapes. brian: we liked you when you had no teeth. brian: you have something to say to him? >> ainsley: well i've seen him naked. >> we all have. >> all right. that is where we need to go right now. 7:30 pregame show on fox. giants-eagles. there you go. brian: just watch him. ♪ it's time for sleep number's fall sale on the
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