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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 13, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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[national anthem] ♪ ♪ >> we secured the release of pastor andrew brunson from turkey. [cheers and applause] >> pastor brun son's own words, this is the day our family has been praying for. >> this is the 17th american, by my count that president trump has freed from foreign captivity. >> president trump says he will head to florida and georgia next week to viewpoint devastation from hurricane michael. >> there are still many roads impassable. the situation in panama city is dire. >> the first lady of president trump has been the target of ruthless attacks from the left. >> is it because cerptiond
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with the mistresses because she was one of them. >> they are fake feminists. >> you need to apologize to my children for ruining their futures. >> i know your parents are using you as tools. >> the fate of this country, we have more people working now than ever before. [crowd boos] >> go out and vote november 6th. the only reason to vote democrat is if you are tired of winning. ♪ oh, oh ♪ i just want to feel this moment ♪ oh, oh, oh. pete: good morning, everyone. it's saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. look who is with ed henry and i. >> trish: i got lucky. ed: prime time trish regan. monday it all begins. fox business has a brand new lineup. we are celebrating that welcome, trish.
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>> trish: it's good to be here especially with you two. pete: you get prime time and i get stuck with ed henry. ed: you are right. it's better to have trish than me. buff you have president trumpen tuesday. >> trish: i have president trump on tuesday 8:00 p.m. he has been making some comments lately about the fed. ed: which one? kanye? >> trish: i hope you will come on. ed: we will come on. we will be watching. we have a big show today and tomorrow. >> trish: thank you, guys. pete: we will go straight to a fox news alert. personal pastor andrew brunson is returning home today. ed: sweet homecoming. turkish court releasing brunson after being held captive for two years. >> trish: gillian turner is live with reaction from joint base andrews. it? >> will be a sweet return indeed after it happens a few hours from now. i'm standing right outside joint base andrews where the pastor is expected to arrive six hours from now at about noon. we'll don't know from the
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administration yet who is going to greet him. they have not confirmed that we have been hearing different rumors all day yesterday going into this morning. but he may very well be heading straight to the oval office to meet with the commander-in-chief. here's what president trump said about that last night. >> he is going to be coming to the oval office. most likely on saturday. but we're very honored to have him back with us. he suffered greatly. >> now, a few hours ago, the american ambassador is germany welcomed the pastor and his wife. he tweeted out a photo. it was accompanied by a statement from the pastor himself. this is the day my family has been praying for. i'm delighted to be on the way home to the united states. my entire family thanks the president, the administration, and the congress for their unwavering support. i have to mention i spent the entire day at the white house yesterday talking to officials about this issue. word from the president on down was that nobody is chanting mission
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accomplished until the pastor's feet are firmly on american soil. they have been working this issue from every angle for so long now. it's such a sensitive matter with a man's life on the line. they said noble is going to breathe a sigh of relief until he is here. that big collective sigh will come hopefully at noon. we will keep you guys posted with all the latest on that. ed: gillian turner we appreciate that report at joint base andrews. that's where we expect brun son to be in a few hours from now. we will be there live coverage that. if and when, medical examine making sure everything was okay. he was held in terrible conditions. pete: he lost 50 pounds. a pastor from north carolina. he spent a lot of time in turkey. ed: look at that image by the way. i don't mean to interrupt you. pete: you are right to do. so kissing the american flag. that's our ambassador. ed: ric grenell. pete: ric grenell in
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germany. how much he appreciates this country. he was charged with aiding terrorism after the failed coup of erdogan. ed: ridiculous charges. pete: attest to the fact that this president has been willing to time and time again to throw down for americans held abroad. >> trish: this is a big win for this administration and for president trump. it's also a win for sanctions. a lot of times people say sanctions don't really work. i would argue they do. this is proof of how we can use economic sanctions. ed: only a few months ago josh holt another american held in venezuela this president got i'm hut without paying any ransom. marc thiessen was on fox saying this president has been all over this issue trying to get americans freed. watch. >> this is the 17th american, by my count, that president trump has freed from foreign captivity. there was the four americans in north korea. american aid worker in egypt. three ucla basketball
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players and texas business woman in china. cia -- former cia official in portugal. american citizen held in venezuela. he has been doing this fairly con si consistently. he has done it not by bribes and cash unmarked bills to foreign regimes. that creates incentive to take americans hostage. evidence has done it by exercising the co-erive and economic and diplomats i can power of the united states of america. pete: you understanding the economic diplomatic leverage of this country. you use it if you think america is just like every other country like barack obama did, then you play the at tit-for-tat game and get weaker as a result. strength pays dividends and this president has shown that. >> trish: yeah. ed: a win on the world stage. let's not forget domestically 24 days away from the midterm elections. the president last night in the area around cincinnati, ohio with a rally. remember he said some weeks ago, trish. i'm going to go out there
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and leave nothing in the locker room. tonight he will be in ken kennel area. last night he was talking about winning. >> america is booming. america is thriving. and america is -- have the best numbers in history on employment and unemployment and i think we're going to get the african-american vote. [cheers] kanye west what he did was pretty amazing yesterday. [cheers] >> from the moment brett kavanaugh was announced, an angry democrat mob was on a mission to resist. [crowd boos. obstruct, delay. republicans believe in the rule of the law. not the rule of the mob. that's what it is, a mob. the only reason to vote
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democrat is if you are tired of winning. pete: if we could, i would do the whole show on the kanye interview which i know we already have talked about. i haven't had a chance to talk about it. >> trish: what did you think. pete: it was amazing. superman cap. i feel like superman. very interesting cultural moment where folks have been told to be in a certain box for a long time are breaking out from that. they feel empowered to speak freely. maybe we will talk more about this. i think we will throughout the weekend. president trump doing it his own way. >> trish: any time you can see someone help ignite this passion for politics for our civic duty is a good thing. i would say the same thing about taylor swift who is on the other side there. ed: free country. >> trish: she is getting people excited and rogered to vote. if kanye and taylor swift can do that i'm fine with it. pete: taylor swift so predictable. another music hollywood type one for the liberals.
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kanye cuts against every grain that we know. ed: that's why the left are upset. >> trish: it's nice to see more diversity within the conservative space. i have think he could be a real for the african-americans. ed: first lady is a shrinking violet, she doesn't give her opinion. she did this interview with abc news. it happened on her recent trip to africa. first solo trip. the images that came back, the events she held showed the people embracing her very much. a very strong ambassador for america. she does an interview with abc. think are now airing it. and it's interesting. this whole narrative that she is a shrinking violet. she doesn't speak out. people seem to forget that she knows five or six languages. far more than any of us know. pete: five more than i know. ed: behind closed doors she makes her opinions known about what's going on inside that white house. watch. >> i'm very strong and i know what my priorities are.
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i believe that my husband is doing an incredible job. whatever he will decide i will support him. i don't feel like a prisoner, no. i'm enjoying it. >> sources have told us, sources in the white house, that you are the gate keeper. you tell him who he can trust and who he can't trust. is that true? >> yes. i give him my honest advice. it's hard to govern. you always need to watch your back. i wore a jacket to go on the plane and off the plane. and it was for the people and for the left wing media who are criticizing me and i want to show them that i don't care. you can criticize whatever you want to say, but it will not stop me to do what i feel is right. pete: she is her own woman. god bless her. good for her for doing this interview. if she wants to be private, she can be private. if it were any other administration and different political persuasion, she would be an american icon today. >> trish: she would be very loved.
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i don't know her but i have some friends that have known her over the years, and when he was first campaigning and her name came up, universally i kept hearing the same thing, they all said you can't say anything bad about melania trump. she is a very kind, nice person. and she would never say anything bad about. a good person. ed: i believe you. >> trish: unless, of course. ed: you put that test to "the view." could they find something negative to say about melania trump despite all these wonderful qualities and yes, "the view" can find negative stuff. watch. >> can we talk about this gigantic white pit helmet sitting in the shot? >> oh, gosh. >> it's really not a good thing to see because it represents a lot of stuff for folks. >> this is also the same woman that in the midst of what happened in puerto rico wore a jacket that said i really don't care. do you? so when she threw down that gauntlet, i decided not to
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care about anything she says from now on. what she says. what she does. is it possible that she is not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them? >> i want to say whether you like her or don't like her she deserves our respect because she is our first lady. >> i don't respect her. >> the reporter there who did the interview says look, this sphbliew melania was a mistress so let's trash her without knowing the facts. let's go after her. look, as a journalist, things were said. she is the first lady let's not trash her. evette brown a comedian trarksd the first lady said i don't respect her. could you imagine if someone said that about michelle obama? i don't respect her. pete: i agree with nary a thing the obama administration did including michelle obama. you still respect her. acknowledge and respect that position, what she has accomplished and then you disagree with her. you can still give the respect. >> trish: absolutely. you give respect to the office and respect to the
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woman who is married to the man in the office. i think the problem stems from most of the women that were seated on that couch absolutely do not respect the president of the united states in any way, shape, or form. and so that will transfer then to the rest of his family somehow they are all categorized as him. it's unfortunate and, again, i go back to most people i talk to said who knew her socially, she never said anything bad about anyone and they had nothing bad to say about her. ed: exactly. what do you think about this idea the mainstream media still finds negative things to say about the first lady? by the way what do you think of trish's new show tosk. we wish her well. she will be on the couch today and tomorrow. release of american pastor andrew brun son a huge win for the united states. our next guest tells us how it is sending a signal to the rest of the world that we'll not stand for religious persecution. pete: plus, hillary clinton's security clearance is revoked by her own
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request. sounds curious to me. we will explain coming up.
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turkey for two years. his release being hailed as a win for freedom of religion and lack of christian prosecution. our next guest says it's a signal to the rest of the world that the u.s. will not stand for religious persecution. joining us now senior pastor of free chapel jensen. how significant is the release of this pastor from north carolina, evangelize christian pastor in turkey how unbelievable is this?
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>> it's huge. an answer to prayer. millions and millions of americans have been praying for pastor brunson. the engagement began when the state department had a ministerial that they sponsored at the state department. mike pompeo, our secretary of defense, our vice president called in 100 faith leaders. and they brought in one after another, family members and people who had been brutally beaten, imprisoned because of their faith. and one of those people was the daughter of pastor brunson, her name is jacqueline. and she spoke and when she spoke, i don't think there was a dry eye in that place. she said something i will never forget. she said the greatest fear of every persecuted person and person being tortureside silence. greatest fear silence of their friends will cause them to be forgotten.
3:18 am
i want to thank all of the people who refused to be silent. we used our social media. we used our pulpits. i want to thank fox news, you refused to be silent and today i want to thank our president, i want to thank our state department that they refused to be silent. and we are seeing the result of that today. pete: that's a great point. christian persecution has been happening around the world in the middle east in significant ways often ignored by the previous administration. president trump has made it a focus to bring these prisoners home and to stand up for people of faith. for christians around the world. how big of a change has this administration been for folks like that? >> well, you know, i mean, that's a great point. america is the strongest nation in the world. when the president and his administration stand up and say rogue world leaders who would love to destroy religious freedom, this is
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not a fight you want to pick. this is not a battle that you want to take on against the united states. we'll use our sizeable economic power. we will use everything that we have to cause people to know what freedom is. we are not going to allow our pastors and especially i appreciate the fact that when there is a crisis in the world, it's christians, it's christian leaders that go in. they're boots on the ground. they are feeding the hungry. they are doing the work of christ and helping hurting people. we need to know that those people will be safe and we need to know that we have a government that will not be silent. that will stand up and say that you know, religious liberty is a human right. pete: as you know, the bible says the more christians stand up the more they will be persecuted. >> right. pete: what is the status for christian leaders around the world today? >> even as i speak, there are 300 christians who are
3:20 am
murdered every month for their christian faith. there are 200 christian churches that are being destroyed every month. there are will hundred violent incidents against christians which is real, you know, hate and attack against people for no other reason but their religious beliefs. and, you know, i think it's important that even christians speak up for other faith and other people's right to practice their religion and visa versa. this is a nonpartisan issue, religious freedom. and i, for one, have made up my mind i will not be sigh length and i want to thank all of the people and thank you for this -- thank you for this opportunities. pete: you are right. well said pastor franklin. thank you for your time and speaking out for christians around the globe and religious freedom generally. we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: antifa to blame for vandalizing the g.o.p. headquarters. now the radical group has a new warning. this isn't the end.
3:21 am
and a high school student forced to take off its president trump jersey u.s.a. on the front at patriotic themed football game. the boy's dad, a democrat, says this has all gone way too far. he joins us live coming up next. ♪ am i wrong ♪ thinking that we could be something for real parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
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a product of mastery. unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. ed: a fox news alert. thousands of people missing in the wake of hurricane michael. still a devastating story. >> trish: family members searching for loved ones as they try to rebuild their lives. jonathan serrie is live in florida where rescue efforts are underway right now. hi, jonathan. >> good morning to you. i want to show you why it's so difficult to search these areas. look at all of this debris on these side streets here. of it blown off from this gas station where i'm
3:25 am
standing that suffered heavy damage in the catastrophic winds from hurricane michael when it came ashore. police escorts have been arranged to speed up the delivery of food and water into these hard hit areas. miami-dade fire rescue's florida task force one is conducting door-to-door searches. local officials say many residents are still unaccounted for. they believe much of this is due to lack of communications. >> a lot of these people have been out of contact and isolated from society because there is no electric. there is no phone. there is no cell phone. there is nothing. this is especially true in mexico beach which sustained a direct hit when hurricane michael hit landfall. although wind damage is at its worse on the florida coast as matthew moved inland that caused flooding and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the southeast. president trump tweeted people have no idea how hard hurricane michael has hit the great state of georgia. i will be visiting both
3:26 am
florida and georgia early next week. we are working very hard on every area and every state that was hit. we are with you. now, in areas that are especially hard hit and inaccessible by car, first responders are actually air dropping supplies into those areas. back to you guys. pete: jonathan, thank you. we will continue to cover the devastation and how it unfolds from here. appreciate it a high school principal forcing a student to remove this jersey at a patriotic themed football game. we will putt the jersey up for you here in a second. the front says u.s.a. the back says trump. because it has trump's name on it. ed: 45 as in the 45th president, right? >> trish: um-huh. next guest is the father of the young man matthew collins who wore that shirt. is he a registered democrat. he says this has gone way too far. ed: joining us from raleigh, north carolina. the father of the boy forced to remove his jersey mike collins. good morning, mike. >> good morning.
3:27 am
ed: walk us through a patriotic themed football game, so your son is how old and what does he do? >> he just turned 18 this past weekend. so he is a senior in high school. ed: he shows up with a jersey that says u.s.a. on the front. that fits the patriotic theme and on the back it edges ins the president of the united states. so why did it turn out to be so controversial? >> you know, this jersey was given to us by a friend and he decided to wear it that night because it was america night. he was on the front row of the football game. hundreds of students behind him standing up. and, you know, right before halftime he was kind of signaled out by the principal. and just was told to come with her and asked if he had another shirt. and he said he did. and she said well, you need to change. and he said why? and she says well, this shirt is political. i have some parents in the stands that are complaining and you are going to have to change.
3:28 am
pete: mike, as we mentioned in the open, you are a democrat, may or may not have voted for the president. it doesn't matter. how far have we come that someone can't wear a shirt of the sitting president that says u.s.a. on the front? what does it say about the way these administrators reacted? >> well, you know, the first amendment is one of our most protected amendments. you know, this kid is just doing what he is supposed to do at a football game. just having funnel, enjoying america night. and then just to be signaled out and then made to kind of, you know, humiliated, paraded in front of everyone to the front gate. and then asked to leave if he did not remove the shirt. and at this point, he was embarrassed. he felt like he was violated. we still don't -- we still just can't comprehend the decision the principal made. you know, he did respect her. and her wishes.
3:29 am
just as he respected -- he respects the president. >> trish: can i ask you, mike, did you say anything to the board of education? did you say anything to other teachers at school? >> you know, when this started, we didn't reach out to any newspapers or media. everyone has called us on this. and we just kind of told our story. they are scratching their heads thinking the same thing that everyone else is that why did this even happen? ed: there is a statement by the way we want to make sure and be fair harnett county schools rights to express themselves including clothing wearing political messages or candidates or office holders in ways that are not expected to disrupt school or school events. that seems curious to me it wasn't necessarily political. it didn't say trump 2020 or something. it just said u.s.a. on one side and trump as in the
3:30 am
45th president, which he is factually. what's your reaction to that and what's happening real quick? i understanding there have been leadership changes and maybe the principal has now been shuffled out? >> yeah. you know, there is nothing political about this shirt. whether you support our president or you agree with our president or disagree, that has nothing to do with this. we are respecting our president. we're respecting authority. and that's what my son did. from what i understand, the principal has been removed from the school and that's really all we have been told at this point. ed: we don't know fired or moved somewhere else. you said so well he is our president and respecting that office is what matters and wearing a shirt like that should be in a free country allowed. mike, thank you very much for your time. ed: appreciate you coming in. >> thank you so much. ed: other news this morning. hillary clinton no longer has a security clearance. the reason may surprise you.
3:31 am
pete: plus, big government may be putting the u.k. on a diet. with a calorie cap. ed: no more pizza. pete: no more pizza that you like. >> trish: we are saluting the u.s. navy. they are celebrating 243 years of protecting our great country. the navy band. they are here. they are playing as part of our whole birthday party celebration for them. that's next. ed: happy birthday ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy.
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♪ ♪ ♪ pete: this is your shot of the morning. that's the navy band playing
3:36 am
anchors aawes aweigh. >> they drive us. she ship us to the most important places. they do other things, too. i love the navy. ed: you caught that we are supposed to be celebrating the navy. >> trish: they sound awesome. pete: talk to them outside in a little bit. ed: also love city right here in new york city. i think we found the saddest looking pizza. this doesn't look like new york city pizza, guys. ed: frozen pizza done in a microwave. ed: in the u.k. you want to talk about government than ys gone nuts. they want to reduce calories at all foods on restaurants and the u.k. by about 20% as i understand it they are trying to have childhood obesity by 2030. that's reasonable goal. that's an important issue.
3:37 am
but, in order to do it, they are telling all these pizza places in the u.k. have you gotta take meat off the pizza and less cheese. you have to get it under a calorie cap. ed: sounds something like a bad graduate student would come up with. these are some of my favorite pizzas. standard pizza from little caesars. pizza hut is my favorite. i would like to be a spokesman. ed: 928-calories. this is what it is in the u.s. pete: this is just what one pizza from some of these places are you couldn't get that in the u.k., trish. >> trish: nuts, right? listen, we tried this sort of in new york city at one point. remember mayor bloomberg. ed: big gulp, regular great salt. pete: two pizzas, two servings. get one for my friend eat them both.
3:38 am
ed: get a pizza over calorie cap don't eat the whole pizza. >> trish: there you go. ed: let the perch do it. person do it. like no pizza for you. pete: makes me remember why we stood on a bridge and shot at the red coats we didn't want a stamp tax let alone a calorie tax. we want to be free and make our own choices no. we are going to control you. ed: would it be okay for the government to crack down on your pizza? >> trish: i think we know the answer on that one. pete: i don't know what the calorie count is on this it's not the best pizza. he had they had is good you won't eat it and go over the calorie count. >> trish: turning to headlines. vandals threatening g.o.p. headquarters in new york
3:39 am
city antifa thugs smashing windows, spray painting doors and breaking locks. the criminals leaving a note behind saying quote: our attack is merely a beginning. we are not passive. we are not civil. and we will not apologize. no arrests yet have been made. hillary clinton's security clearance was removed at her request. the senate judiciary committee revealing the news during update from the state department's ongoing review of clinton's private email server. it's unclear why the former secretary of state made the request over the summer. five of clinton's aides also lost their clearances. a lost u.s. navy burial flag is now on its way home. a man discovered it while cleaning out a storage business in colorado. our denver fox affiliate helped him track down the veteran's widow to tell her the flag had been found. >> it means everything because it's absolutely all i have remaining of
3:40 am
memorabilia from our life together and from his military time. >> her husband, chief petty officer larry rogers served in the navy for 25 years. and, those are your headlines. all right. now we're going to adam klotz for a look at your weather. >> hey there. we blinked and suddenly it feels like winter outside. beginning to rain here in new york city. that's going to be an issue off and on throughout the entire day. and cooler temperatures is also going to be a story. take a look at maps nationally. not cold everywhere. 34 degrees currently in morning in chicago, illinois there is the wind chill, spots falling down feels like 30 in chicago. 29 degrees in green bay. this isn't going to be horribly widespread. whether you get temperatures like that and little bit of rain across the midwest. we are talking about at lease a couple of spots where we are seeing isolated snow showers this morning. yeah, we are talking about snow showers and a few rain
3:41 am
showers in new york city. back to you guys. ed: we appreciate it we have been talking about it the navy celebrating 243 years of service and we have the navy band here with us to celebrate. pete: here to tell us why today is so important lieutenant joe borelli biewd degree and band master and second class laura lee swanson and petty officer first class philip march continual. my apologies if i messed up your name but great to have you here. ed: what do you expect from an army guy. pete: can't always read. we're glad you are here. tell us about the significance of this day for you? >> well, for me it means celebrating with our ship mates about our shared heritage with the u.s. navy and celebrating all of those who have gone before us and what the future of the navy holds. pete: being a part of the band you probably get to do a lot of cool events. >> to be a bandsman is a wonderful thing. iwhen you think how big and diverse the navy's band is we have
3:42 am
so many jobs, doctors, pilots, musicians. what's exciting is we are able to honor those to give the last full measurable of devotion. for us, it's a wonderful way to tribute. ed: talk about, philip, what has been the most meaningful part in serving in the navy for you. >> when you come, in it's crazy that you have been in for a number of years and get to a point it comes from being about you and a team. especially a band. ed: how many years for you. >> for me 14 years now. >> i'm the old man 21 years in the navy. ed: old man? come on. >> for me 9 years. pete: cut the sword. >> you may touch the saber. pete: just touch. >> as far as the cutting that's going to be for me. >> i'm going to give to you. >> cut the cake. lay down this baton and what i will say is today we honor our history 243 years of the
3:43 am
u.s. navy. we honor the history and all of the sailors on whose soldiers we stand we salute those on active duty today serving all around the world. and finally, we look to the future, boldly, with purpose and with courage and most importantly optimism. so if you will please join me. and here we go. happy birthday u.s. navy. [cheers] >> trish back to you inside. >> trish: so great. happy birthday to the u.s. navy. thanks, guys. all right. democrats pinning their hopes on a blue wave come the midterms with the help of female voters. didn't anyone tell them that we don't all think alike? right? you can't just put women in a box. plus, virginia congressman bob goodlatte, herschel walker, jonathan turley. arizona senate candidate, martha mcsally. they are all here. coming up with more "fox & friends" after this. it was here.
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>> trish: democrats are hoping for a blue wave that rests on female voters going out, registering to vote because they supposedly really dislike the president's party. but, i think they might want to reconsider this strategy because i can tell you and i think a lot of people can tell you, you know, women, we don't all just vote as one. that whole gender identity politics doesn't work. ed: kind of assume that you do. here to discuss women's voting patterns for the upcoming election, these big midterms is daily caller stephanie hammel. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning. ed: let's start with that trish raise as great point. women in the mainstream media say women think. this women are going to vote this way as if they are just this monolithic block? >> it's clearly not a winning strategy. it's amazing. it's like the democrats hired the same political strategist that helped like donald trump in 2016. not all women think the same. this is a strategy that's of
3:48 am
course already been tried. and if you look at what happened to kavanaugh, this vicious smear campaign, this had nothing to do with kavanaugh. this was just another attack on president trump, our duly elected president and also the g.o.p. to write them off as antiwoman. as i said this has been tried. we november that they already tried to call trump a misogynist. sexist, anti women. homophobic, racist. that did not work for them in 2016. the idea that this is going to work for them now is ludicrous. >> trish: i look at it, stephanie, and i think about the fact that we all have husbands and fathers and brothers and sons. and as we watched the kavanaugh hearings. the whole idea of, you know, you are innocent until proven guilty. that kind of went out the window. and i think a lot of women saw that and thought, you know, what if that was my son. and we have this empathy chip, i think i can
3:49 am
flat across the board say that and i don't know as we think just in terms of gender why do the democrats keep insisting that we do? >> yeah. this is just part of their platform. they don't have a ton to run on. as we saw in 2016, they had a flawed candidate with no platform. and right now, you know, the republicans are doing so well. the tax cuts, the economy is strong. president trump is doing a pretty good job. they continue to push this tactic where they make women seem like victims and this is the thing that they are going to run on. what they don't realize is that many women see past the smoke and mirrors. and they realize they are very uncomfortable with the idea of due process being thrown out the window. not only is this going to energize republican women, it might make independent women think twice. it might encourage some democrat women to just stay home because they are so disgusted by what they have seen. polling has been kind of all over the place. we see according to a new poll that the majority of
3:50 am
americans did not approve the confirmation of justice kavanaugh. so, we saw that. it was a 51 to 41%. but then we see other polling, it was pbs poll that showed that the enthusiasm among democrats is going down so much so that the g.o.p. and democrats are tied. ed: sure. >> also just to put this in perspective, it's a 10 point difference from july. ed: stephanie, you know what? women might like a strong economy like men do. >> trish: a lot of women are the cfos of their family. they are the ones paying the bills. >> we are not single issue voters. ed: thanks for coming. in they tried to put a hex on president trump literally multiple times. now a group of wimps are actually trying to curse justice brett kavanaugh. we are not going to make this up. >> trish: just in time for halloween. compromised for 14 million facebook users. hackers searches. kurt the cyberguy is here
3:51 am
and going to tell us what this latest breach means for you. >> are you ready? good morning. ed: are we safe or what? >> no. you are not safe. ♪ i think we can do better. change is hard. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad. this is for me, son? principal. we can help you plan for that. enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in?rom that's right! great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy.
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>> trish: all right, everyone.
3:55 am
facebook's latest breach compromising the latest information of 14 million users. the social media giant reveals hackers accessed details including contact information and even user's recent searches. lovely. what's it mean for us all? here to break it down we have kurt the cyberguy. it's good to see you. >> trish, good to see you. talking 15 million. add 14 million to that make it 29. another million to that. a total of 40 millio 30 millione lost the keys to facebook. gave to hackers get into the administrative part of profiles and do whatever they want. >> trish: what does that mean? what do they want to do? what are they trying to get at these hackers? >> they are not releasing a who they are. they say they ever cooperating with the fbi at this point. facebook is not timely in telling us information usually and historically looking out for you and me and everybody else is not number one priority that
3:56 am
falls down on the list. their number one priority is to make money off of our private lives. these how they make money. what they are telling us is that user names. contact information such as home phone number, your mobile number. email addresses you may use. your home address. any address you may have put in there for work, where you went to school, your religion, your political preferences, the last 15 places you checked n locations. the litany of what they are giving is amazing. what you can do now though is go online and see if you are one of these victims. >> trish: i do want to? i think they need to break them up. antitrust issues. more competition. thank you so much. >> chime? >> trish: we have more "fox & friends" next. where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary'
3:57 am
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>> we secured the release o pastor andrew brunson from turkey. [cheers and applause] >> sweet homecoming. a turkish court releasing brunson after being held captive for two years. >> it's an answer to prayer. i want to thank our president. i want to thank our state department. they refused to be silent. and we are seeing the result of that today. >> president trump says he will head to florida and georgia next week to view the devastation from hurricane michael. >> there are still many roads impassable. the situation in panama city is dire. >> could they find something negative to say about melania trump? yes, "the view" can find negative stuff. >> is it possible that he is not concerned with his
4:01 am
mistresses because she was one of them. >> i don't care, you can criticize whatever you want to say but it will not stop me to do what i feel is right. >> please apologize to my children for ruining their future. >> i know your parents are using you as tools. >> we have more people working now than ever before. [crowd boos] >> go out and vote november 6th. the only reasonable to vote democrat is if you are tired of winning. ♪ can you find me in the back of a jacked up tailgate ♪ sitting there watching all these pretty things ♪ ed: this is my kind of party. ed: trish rege regan is joining us. >> trish: fun to be here. ed: she has a new gig prime time. pete: it's true.
4:02 am
ed: prime time. pete: nfl prime time. prime time trish regan. you see it right there. a brand new lineup for fox business. all kinds of stars moving all around. charles payne 2:00 p.m. eastern. trish regan, congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. it's going to be funnel. i have been on at 2:00 which has been great. it's been nice because i have been home in the morning and home at night which is really wonderful for a mom like me. so this will be a little bit of a transition. but james and i said okay, we have got to get creative about this. so instead of family dinners, we're going to have family breakfast. pete: i like that. so you do what have you got to do. it's a big opportunity. ed: breakfast with friends what we do right here and what we do is mix a little bit of fun with a lot of the news. a lot breaking overnight. pastor andrew brunson finally headed home. pete: that's right. he has been held in turkey as you know for two years. he will meet with president donald trump in the white house later today. this has been a point of
4:03 am
contention between the u.s. and turkey trish, as you mentioned last hour, sanctions have been used to bring them to bear. this is a photo. ed: look at that image. >> landed in germany, kissing our precious american flag, and the president had a rally, i believe, last night in ohio. ed: that's right in the cincinnati area. pete: in the cincinnati area. he talked about what it means to have this pastor back and hoping he is in good shape. listen. >> we have good news, pastor andrew brunson is in the air. from turkey. he's, i think, in good shape. we are very honored to have him back with us. he suffered greatly. we spoke to turkey and he went through a system and we got him out. they have been trying to get him out for a long time. there was no deal made at all. there was no deal. but, we're very happy to have him. >> trish: no deal. the deal is you either release him or your life is going to be suddenly very
4:04 am
painful from an economic perspective. that's why these sanctions, a lot of people the economic sanctions if do you them right and this president i credit him for doing them right. look at north korea another example. it brings the other side to the table. this is what we saw. they had no choice. they to release him because the pressure was that extraordinary. ed: bags of cash that went to iran in the last administration. pete: no doubt. we had marc thiessen on the program earlier. by his accounting the 17th american released. forget about ucla basketball players. folks from north korea. ed: vedges. pete: forgotten men and women under other administrations parity of the diplomatic miss mash. you can't take your christian missionaries and lock them in prison because of a fake charge on a coup and saying they are part of terrorism. it's so absurd we won't stand for it. ed: this president saying enough is enough.
4:05 am
pastor andrew brun son. we hope to hear from him live later today if his medical examine goes live in germany. he will be landing in maryland sometime in the early afternoon. that, of course, will be live on the fox news channel. he put out this statement, the pastor, in the meantime written one. this is the day our family has been praying for. i am delighted to be on my way home to the united states and, by the way. in court yesterday, when he finally got word that he was going to be headed home. there was another pastor there who has been supporting him from new york. and has been there for every court proceeding to show strength for him. and this pastor told us yesterday that pastor brun son started crying when he finally learned he was coming home. when you saw that image of him when ambassador ric grenell handed him the american flag, our ambassador in germany. he just simply kissed it. pete: really powerful image. welcome pastor brunson and his wife to germany on refueling stop. he is almost home thanks to president trump. when i presented him with the u.s. flag, he immediately kissed it, #a grateful nation. from tears to prayers.
4:06 am
to demonstrations. doesn't get any better. >> trish: how wonderful for this president to have known that he has made such an extraordinary difference in these people's lives. anybody who is coming back to this country. the fact that he has made that a priority and told his administration to make that a priority that gives us some hope. ed: message it sends to other countries about not messing with america. pete: had conversations about the rule of law. this is a perfect example why the rule of law matters. guy unjustly charged for supporting a terrorism flop and coup against erdogan. he gets locked up without knowing what the charges really are and held. that's not the rule of law. that's the rule of a man. in this country you deserve the rule of law. you know what your charges are. if you are locked up there is a reason for it you get a fair i'll trial. this president says qui are not going to stand for. he will stands up for them. that's why you kiss that flag. i'm going to a place a country of laws.
4:07 am
not a country of men. that's a big difference. ed: a win for america on the world stage. we are now just a few weeks away from a midterm election on the domestic front as well, of course, and one of the big players on the democratic side, of course, is alexandria ocasio-cortez who knocked off a democratic incumbent here in new york city. she is a running for the house. expected to win. pete: is she running for speaker? >> she may be. she wants to be one of the leading of the party. making commence. every time she does an interview, it's almost a gaffe machine. here she is reacting not just to the prospect of judge kavanaugh, but what democrats may be doing in the days ahead. >> i think that we take back the house. we take back the senate. we take back the presidency and we pack the supreme court of the united states of america. [applause] ed: you might not like her politics and what i love about her i say this sincerely, we are going to pack the court there are politicians that like to hide it.
4:08 am
it may be a ridiculous idea, which it is. which packing the supreme court. she is saying we are going to do it. >> trish: we're going to pack the court because we want to be socialists and we will take all your money and redistricts it. ed: at least she is honest about it. >> trish: ed, we will talk about your blue shoes in a minute. you are giving her credit. college student these views and believes them and says it she is manifestation all these young kids coming through. get stuff for free. america is not a cool country. don't need borders. cops aren't that great. pack the court. not a new idea. fdr tried to do the same thing in the 30's. i want my new deal to be approved. i'm going to pack that court. ed: what the left is talking about not just trying to get liberals on the court. they are talking about expanding the court. we don't like the idea there is too many conservatives, instead of 9, let's 15.
4:09 am
>> trish: now they want to get rid of the electoral college, it goes on and on and on because they want control. they don't want the control to be in the hands of the american people. ed: if you think that's scary. wait until you hear the next story. pete: halloween is coming up. if you thought the brett kavanaugh situation couldn't get crazier. ed: it can. >> witches in new york will hold a public rid actual to hex brett kavanaugh on october 20th. steve: now it's hexing? what does it mean? pete: what does it look like? >like? ed: they are trying to cast a spell on him, i suppose. what a scary photo. oh, judge kavanaugh. and so here they are. pete: didn't they try to put a hex on trump before? ed: that's a video of them previously like sort of setting this up on facebook about how they do these hexes as you say they have done it with president trump before. now judge kavanaugh is the target from the left.
4:10 am
pete: i'm going to put a hex on the socialist from the bronx. conservative now. constitutional conservative. come in and think it's funny. we have to deal with this every weekend with this guy. >> trish: if she were earning a little bit of money and saw how much got taken out in texas. that might be a hexing of itself. that might be enough to convert them. pete: real world hexing. ed: what do you think about hexing judge kavanaugh? what does that even mean? throw in a comment about pete's favorite socialist. >> trish: it's not bernie sanders. pete: ed, it's your favorite socialist. ed: send us a note about trish's new show monday 8:00 p.m. eastern. prime time trish. >> i have a biggest coming up on tuesday. the president will be there. all right, turning to your headlines right now. we begin with extreme weather. hurricane michael killed 17 people in four states. that number is expected to rise as officials say a tremendous amount of people
4:11 am
are still unaccounted for in hard hit florida. have you crews working to clean up the devastation left behind. hundreds of thousands of people are without power in several states president trump is vowing to discover the truth on the disappearance of a prominent journalist. a saudi assassination squad is believed to have murder jamal after he went inside the saudi con slot in istanbul and allegedly never came out. >> i will be calling at some point king solomon, pretty soon. i will say they are looking if he hard and fast. not only us, a lot of people are looking to find out. because it is potentially a really really terrible situation. so we will see what happens. >> trish: a "the washington post" tributer who lives in the u.s. is a known critic of the kingdom's leadership. the country calls the allegations baseless, certainly a lot of questions right now. ed: absolutely. game one of the nlcs goes to
4:12 am
the milwaukee brewers. the team's relief pitcher playing a rare hand in 6 to 51. his name is hater against the l.a. dodgers from the plate. flies one into right center field back at the wall. are you kidding? ed: hater is the one pitching. woodruff come in. third relief pitcher ever to hit a home run in the play off. 4:09 eastern on fox. pete: that's right. brewers 12th straight win means free burgers for fans restaurant change george webb on thursday. pete: that's pretty cool. pete: when you give up a dinger to the relief pitcher. that's bad. ed: dodgers have got to come back today. rosenstein not meeting with lawmakers that he wanted to invoke the it 25th amendment. conservatives are call for the deputy ag to be subpoenaed. bob goodlatte is here to
4:13 am
weigh in live next. >> a painting self-destructs after won at an auction. the buyer is revealing her plan. will she keep it or not? ed: didn't she pay big money for it over a million.
4:14 am
experience a blend of refined craftsmanship... ...and raw power. engineered to take the crown. the lexus ls 500 and ls 500h. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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4:16 am
>> trish: cop yea west oval offic -- kanyewest oval office g sparked controversy. ed: made pretty appalling comment about the rapper. listen. >> kanye west is what happens when negroes don't read. and we have this now and donald trump is going to use
4:17 am
it and pervert it. >> is he all of a sudden now the model spokesperson. set token negro of the trump administration. this is ridiculous. and no one should be taking kanye west seriously. he is clearly has issues. >> cnn differs again. our next guest thinks they should be taken off the air. eyes man trophy winner and running back herschel walker joins us now. we were talking in the green room. you saw this panel in your home or where you were watching and you had a human reaction to it. >> well, you know, i was really appalled because i thought it was insulting. i thought it was bullying. i was bullied as a little kid. you know, it's strange because i said if you look at the segment, i said what if it had -- and cooper. pete: anderson cooper. >> anderson cooper doing that segment laughing at don lemon said. i said that's nothing to laugh at. i thought it was degrading.
4:18 am
and whether kanye has something to say or not, he has his right to speak. when they are always talking about free speech. ed: what do you think the media has gotten wrong in the reaction to, you know, putting aside that segment just for a second. what happened in the oval office has been universal. this was disgraceful, kanye is being used. what is the media getting wrong in your opinion. >> first of all, what the media has gotten wrong all together is they have forgotten to respect the white house. that's the main thing. they have got to respect white house. people have not taken it already to say donald trump is the president of the united states. have you got to respect that and then i think the thing they have gotten wrong next is to use words like that, and think that that's okay. well, it's not okay. because, i said, you look at the people that was on that segment, and i said that is not right to do. it's not right. and i think something needs to be done. ed: not disciplined or anything. >> at the same time, they talk about it have you not seen cnn talk about it anymore. they totally dropped it and went on to something that he
4:19 am
said in the white house. my next question i said at least he is doing something. my mom always said if you have got nothing to say, say absolutely nothing. i think that's that is what has happened. i have not seen any of them in the white house when the president has asked many people whether you have something to say come see me. i haven't seen them there. >> trish: do you think it's because is he supporting a conservative and supporting of all conservatives donald trump. and that in and of itself is the sticking point here? look at the reception of taylor swift and they were thrilled that tailor took a and it but kanye west isn't allowed to? >> that's a problem. if you have anything to good to say about this president, you will be demonized. i supported the president when he first came out. i knew -- i know the man, i have known him for years. i stand behind him. i said i don't care what anyone says, i know the type of guy he is. i know he is not a racist. i know he is not. this one of the things people have gotten wrong, i have never heard donald trump say i'm trying to do
4:20 am
something great for china. i'm trying to do something great here. he has done some great things for this country. without anyone trying to -- you have everyone on the left who is trying to stop what is he trying to do. look at the things he has done. if we just erase everything to get people released to come home, he has got so many people released to come home, i think it's a win-win for this administration. ed: by the way i grew up idolizing you. don't mean to be a fan boy right now. new jersey generals that's how you got to know donald trump. but you said something a moment ago that struck me that's unrelated. you were bullied as a kid? >> yes. ed: i saw you running people over on the football field. you ever go back to those guys. >> no, i don't. i probably would thank them. and another thing you may not know. they talk about kanye's mental health. a lot of people don't know i spent time in a mental health hospital when i got out of football. i never drank, never taken a drug. but i had a anger problem. i checked myself in a behavioral health hospital. today you look at the things i'm doing today so much
4:21 am
better, more than i have ever done in my whole life. so, i take offense to that as well. but i was bull idea as a little kid. ed: herschel walker we appreciate you coming in and giving your thoughts so clearly. pete: i love ed henry if you wants to host for him. ed: i thought you were going to say i love ed henry but if you wants to beat him up or something. more "fox & friends" on the other side. what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now,
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4:25 am
trump administration has made in just 20 months. they include confirming brett kavanaugh for the supreme court. adding more than 4 million jobs and crushing isis. have you got to add that $654 million that's the massive mega million jackpot after no one wins last night's drawing. the powerball drawing worth $314 million. i might get a ticket. ed: i have one in my wallet right now. i might not be here this tomorrow morning. senator bill cassidy confronts anti-kavanaugh protesters, watch this. >> senator can you please apologize to children for ruining their futures. >> guess what, give them a future, somebody makes it, i know your parents are using you as tools. but. >> no. >> in the future, if somebody makes an allegation against you, and there is no proof for it. you will be okay. thank you. pete: that's a bold move. dan bank, former secret service agent former nypd officer host of the dan
4:26 am
bongino show and author of the new book spygate and a friend of this program dan, thanks for being here. a senator gets con fronted in the hallway, usually they walk past or they talk past the issue. especially like jeff flake. especially if kids are involved. instead he took the direct approach and spoke a lot of truth. dan. >> you know, pete, good for him. ever sings the tea party revolution up there, we have been let down a lot by some of the republican members up there. and i am really thoroughly enjoying this new fighting spirit. the women who showed up with the kids to protest. that's fine. listen, protesting is nothing more american than protesting, good for you. also, guys, there is nothing more american than a good fighting spirit as well. and republican voters are finally enjoying people like lindsey graham. cassidy and mitch mcconnell stepping um and taking it to the democrats for the first time. nothing wrong with cassidy
4:27 am
stopping and saying his peace as well. one more thing. they tried to create a viral moment on cassidy he completely flipped the script. reminds me of the usual suspects. they flipped you. they film you for real. he flipped it around in a viral moment is now ours. so good job. >> innocent until proven guilty. dan, i mean, is that going to be the big reminder for republicans as they go to the polls? did this actually -- this incidents, which in many ways was very tragic for the country. tragic for that woman. tragic for judge kavanaugh and his family. but the silver lining for conservatives, dare we say, actually going to be that people are motivated to go out and vote because they sigh what can happen? >> we are already seeing it, trish. we are seeing it in some of these statewide races democrat incumbent senators right now. some of them who are up by 2 or 3 points even running in the polls of republican challengers some of them are getting smoked. look at the heidi heitkamp
4:28 am
race in north dakota. kevin cramer up. we have holly runnin running wih mccaskill in missouri. nelson and scott down here where i live in florida. running neck in neck. this totally blew up in their faces. nobody wants a system where evidence doesn't matter anymore. nobody. ed: dan, we have other news this morning about the president's legal team apparently starting already to answer in private some of special counsel robert mueller's questions about the whole russia investigation. your book is out now. spy gate. the attempted sabotage of donald trump. is this a signal to you that maybe this investigation is finally winding down when they are in private answering these questions not under oath in the direct. they could still do a one op. one interview. is this finally winding down? >> it is, ed. this is what basically where i go with the book on this is donald trump has -- the reason that he is answering these questions at all by the way is let me be crystal clear on this. donald j. trump has absolutely nothing to worry
4:29 am
about in the collusion front. on the mueller front he has a lot to worry about because it's a political hit. the mueller team is there to politically damage the president. not criminally on the collusion front. there is no collusion. there is brother collusion. nothing to worry about. one of the things we hit on in this book that is critical, we did a ton of research on this. ed, this was a movie script. okay? this collusion thing was a prepackaged narrative by glenn simpson and fusion g.p.s. all they did was erase the names and put donald j. trump in there. if you don't belief me. go back and read 2007 "wall street journal" article by glenn simpson. and mary jacoby. you will see 2007, not 2017. you will see the script reads exactly the same as the donald trump fictitious collusion. just put trump's name in there. ed: glenn simpson taken the fifth now before congress. he doesn't want to testify. >> he doesn't want to testify because there is two conflicting stories on the hill right now. bruce ohr from the doj says
4:30 am
simpson was talking to them before the election. simpson said no, no, i didn't reach out until after the election. awfully convene correct when there is an election collusion narrative out there. simpson has a lot to worry about. >> the book is spy gate and the man is dan bongino. thank you for your insight. >> thanks, dan. a fox news alert. thousands of people now missing after hurricane michael as the death toll climbs. we are live in the ground in florida with the certain and recovery efforts. new look at the damage that's coming up next. ed: rod rosenstein is in the middle of the russia story as well. not meeting with lawmakers over a report he wanted to secretly record the president. he was supposed to go in and go under oath on thursday. now republicans are calling for the deputy attorney general to be speengsd. will the house judiciary chair bob goodlatte is here to weigh in live next. he will have some news ♪ put me on a highway ♪ show me a sign ♪ and see a little blood when you brush or floss?
4:31 am
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4:35 am
neighborhood has no electricity. statewide, 260,000 customers without power. police escorts have been arranged to speed up the delivery of food and water into these areas. miami-dade rescue doing door-to-door searches. many residents are still unaccounted for but they believe much of this is due to lack of communications. >> a lot of these people have been out of contact and isolated from society because there is no electric, there is no phone, there is no cell phone, there is nothing. >> this is especially true in mexico beach which sustained a direct hit when hurricane hike call made landfall. wind damage at its worst on the florida coast as matthew moved inland. it cause flooding and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the southeast. president trump tweet you had people have no idea how hard hurricane michael has hit the great state of gary. i will be visiting both florida and georgia early next week. we are working very hard on every area in every state that was hit.
4:36 am
we are with you when president trump visits he will get a glimpse of much of the damage. this is one example why are seeing this gas station just tossed about in the heavy winds that came ashore earlier this week. back to you. >> jonathan seare, live for news panama city. we appreciate the report. >> that's right. thank you. conservatives calling for rod rosenstein to be subpoenaed before congress as lawmakers hit an impasse over the terms of his testimony on a bombshell report that he claims he discussed removing president trump from office. ed: joining success bob goodlatte. good morning, mr. chairman. >> good morning. ed: all right. great. i understand there is a little bit of a delay i will give you a chance to talk so i don't step over you. why don't you clear it up for us. there has been some confusion. some lawmakers were out there saying he was definitely coming in last thursday it appears like maybe that was not all put together and then he did not come in. you hope to get him in the days ahead. i think the point that our viewers want to get to is
4:37 am
what do you want to know from rod rosenstein and when are we going to get answers about whether or not he was planning to wear a wire or not? >> sure. well, first of all, we have had an interest in speaking to mr. rosenstein since this "new york times" report came out a few weeks ago. and we have been in discussions with him. he had his meeting with the president on monday. that does not in any way change the fact that we need to discuss this with him because not only are these very serious allegations regarding wearing a wire when you meet with a president or even exercising the 25th amendment to remove the president from his executive responsibilities, these are very serious matters. but, we also have other questions for him related to our ongoing investigation of how the fbi handled this matter in 2016 and leading up into 2017 when he became
4:38 am
involved. it's essential that we talk to him. he knows that. he has not agreed to come for a transcribed interview on the record. he needs to agree to do that. if he does not agree to do that very soon, i will issue a subpoena for him to appear. >> trish: one of the debates here, representative, is the context surrounding his comments some have said he was fed up. what do you want me to do guys wear a wire? do you want me to wear a wire? that's very different than maybe i should wear a wire. how do you determine how do you get to the bottom of what the intention was via the words? >> well, first of all, you are absolutely right. i have heard a number of different reports. one that he didn't say it another that he said it and he meant it. another that he said it in guest, another that he said it in sarcasm, which has a different connotation than making a joke of it. all of those are important
4:39 am
to us. we need to hear his version of events. we also need to know who is in the room. so that we can pursue this and find more detail about it but we also have questions for him regarding the fisa warrant application. the last one of which, you know, carter page was under surveillance for a solid year and i don't think there was any basis for those warrants being issued. he signed the last of those warrants. we have questions for him about that. did he read it? what did he know before he signed it. pete: mr. chairman, we remember when former via director john brennan's security clearance was revoked by this administration for a number of reasons. now hillary clinton's security clearance has been revoked by herself. she asked that it be revoked. what do you make of the fact that former secretary of state clinton and five of her other aides say hey we don't want our security clearance anymore? >> well, i think that it is
4:40 am
something that i have heard about just recently. however, i believe that it's important that what the president was concerned about with mr. brennan also be examined with regard to other people to make sure that we do not have security clearances for people whose actions may be hostile of the current administration. that may be the case here, but i can't speak for mrs. clinton as to why she requested it be revoked. but, certainly there are questions as to why her aides should still have security clearances. >> trish: do you think she was trying to get ahead of something? in other words, like the wise? have revoked it for her as they did with brennan? >> i wouldn't want to speculate. she was not on the list that the president mentioned earlier around the time that he revoked mr. brennan's security clearance. but, i don't know all the facts. so i don't want to
4:41 am
speculate. ed: bob goodlatte chairman of the judiciary committee, we appreciate you coming in. pete: thank you sir. appreciate it now we move on to a fox news alert. in just a few hours, american pastor andrew brun son will be back on u.s. soil after being released from turkey we are live coming up. ed: plus, we are now just over three weeks away from the midterms. what are the top three races you need to watch? we'll break them down next. ♪ ♪ meet me halfway ♪ ♪ -we're in a small room. what?! -welcome. -[ gasps ] a bigger room?! -how many of you use car insurance? -oh. -well, what if i showed you this? -[ laughing ] ho-ho-ho! -wow. -it's a computer. -we compare rates to help you get the price and coverage that's right for you. -that's amazing! the only thing that would make this better is if my mom were here. what?! an unexpected ending!
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we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. >> we should talk about a game plan for halloween, thanksgiving and christmas. >> i say we follow the conner tradition spend every dime on halloween and have nothing to be thankful for or buy gifts with. ed: abc getting nervous about the spin off of roseanne without its daily
4:45 am
star. top execs fear conners will flop without. roseanne was canned after posting a controversial tweet. top hollywood executives shelling out a ton of money ahead of the midterms. according to the hollywood reporter over 99% of donations went to, drum roll, please, the democrats. only three executives donated to republicans on hollywood reporter's most powerful people in entertainment lists. snl creator warren michaels john stanky and the woman who bought this painting before it went through the shredder wants to keep it still paying original bid price of $1.4 billion claiming the piece is even more historical now. trish, do you really think it's worth more money? >> i think it might be. i think it's actually kind of cooler, right? >> now we all know that. it is worth what someone would pay. >> i love it.
4:46 am
good stuff. time is going fast. passions running rather high. all across the country right now on all the campaign trails. pete: that's right. hard to keep track. pabring you some of the top races to watch. his pick real clear politics founder tom bevan. tell us what the trends look like. let's break down three races folks should be paying attention to. sneanged senate race. right now the democrats according to your polling has donnelly up by 2%. that's a fox news poll, excuse me. you also have an independent, libertarian at 6%. break down the race for us. >> i'm dying to see more data on this race. since that fox poll was taken we have had the kavanaugh effect. we have had their first debate take place in indiana. we had joe biden was just there rallying for joe donnelly last night. mike pence was there we have a lot going on in indiana. it's a close, close race. it's a race that republicans initially thought that was at the top of their pick-up
4:47 am
list. they have struggled there joe donnelly has been hanging tough. we will see if in the last few weeks of the race. if republicans can flip this seat. the chances of democrats winning the senate go down to almost zero. this is a pivotal seat in the senate landscape. >> trish: another one to keep an eye on illinois' jix congressional district, tom? >> my house pick is illinois six. about 10 miles west of where i'm sitting right now. peter roskam who won in 2006 when republicans were getting wind out. he beat tammy duckworth in that race. he raised a amount of money. part of the republican leadership. isuburban chicago district with well-educated voters, women in particular, i mean this is a prototypical district for this fight. peter roskam is, as i said he is a good candidate. is he well-liked in his district. if he goes down, that will mean that it's a blue wave for the democrats. right now his opponent just released a poll saying that
4:48 am
he is up 5. ross stam is definitely in a dog fight right now. pete: that's a dog weather. no doubt. we will be watching that. georgia governor's weather and hurricanes can shift things. give us your assessment in georgia. >> this is one democrats believe will be a game changer for them if they are able to flip this seat. you know, they have been trying to turn states in the south blue for some time now. georgia has been a particular focus of theirs all the way back to the obama years. stacey abe brams abrahams is a d candidate. trailing a couple points in the polls right now. we will see, it will all come down to turnout in the end as it will in all of these races. this is one if democrats could flip it would be a real game changer for them. pete: there has been a ton of coverage of the texas senate race although polls show he will likely win that race. basis toe o'rourke recent polling shows down about 8
4:49 am
points. raised a staggering amount of money last quarter. presidential money. he raised $38.1 million in three months. what does that say about his candidacy? his energy and maybe his future? >> well, the energy is real. i mean, is he certainly getting big crowds. obviously he is getting tons of money. the problem is that he is basically sort of a standard issue liberal running in what is still a very conservative state. whether he has 38 million or $78 million, message is what matters. we have seen that this has always been a long shot for democrats and for o'rourke in particular. it's probably going to be closer than ted cruz would have liked. but, still, in the final analysis, we're seeing the fund mentales of texas a republican state really coming through. i think the kavanaugh effect helping cruz here. the other thing too is, greg abbott is running strong at the top of the ticket. bait toe o'rourke is getting no help from gubernatorial candidate. he have to do this all on his own. that's why he will end up falling short.
4:50 am
>> trish: interesting stuff. tom, thank you. pete: individual polls can be outliers. you put them together and help dumb people like me stay smart. tom, thank you. >> appreciate it: pete: president trump reshaping the justice system refilling the courts at record pace. john than turley is here to weigh in live next hour. >> trish: teens come together to share their faith. the mission behind this inspiring event. we have got it next. ♪ dare you to move ♪ i dare you to move ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> trish: this morning the teenagers will be wake up
4:54 am
and share the gospel. encourages teens to share their faith with their friends. pete: today the group is holding second annual outreach event which will be simulcast live across the country. ed: joining us greg stear and high school senior participating in today's event little is i warren. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. ed: talk a little bit about what you want folks to understand about your effort. >> so, dare 2 share life is a live simulcast in 90 plus cities across the united states where teens will be gathering around getting trained and equipped to love people and pray for people and share the gospel of jesus christ with people. we will be going out collecting canned food for local rescue missions and engaging people in gospel conversations. also, students will be using their cell phones to created gospel conversations with their friends online. and so, we just believe that the hope of this nation is not politics. it's not moral reformation.
4:55 am
it is the good news that jesus died for us on the cross. he rose again. and by faith in him we have eternal life and eternal hope. we see teenagers responding not to religion but to a relationship with jesus christ. and there is a world of difference between those two things. >> trish: i get it. lily, why did you join. >> i joined because some of my friends were involved. and i kind of really found an awesome community at dare to share of kids who are passionate about jesus. and sometimes if you are passionate about god, you can feel a little isolated will you dare 2 share live is really just an awesome community of students coming together. and trying to start revival. pete: lily, it's not easy. talking to your friends, high school is a complicated place. talking about faith can be difficult. so this empowers you to learn how to do that. >> yeah. for sure. pete: very cool. where did this idea come from, greg, to start this
4:56 am
movement and where can folks learn more? >> so, you know, i came from a family that was broken. never knew my biological father. and a preacher from the suburbs reached out to the hood and reached of my whole family with the gospel of jesus christ. government me involved with his youth ministry. trained us, equipped us to reach friends with the gospel and started dare 2 share after that on the side. after the columbine high school shooting i was pastoring in denver, columbine high school april 20th, 1999 my heart broke for these teenagers. there are teenagers everywhere that need the gospel. we started dare to share and dare 2 share live with the hope of reaching teens everywhere with the message of christ and really to deploy christian teens on their campuses to reach out to the bad, the broken, the bullied and the bullies to engage them with hope. ed: a wonderful message this morning and every morning frankly. good luck with the event. pete: thank you very much. >> thank you. traditional trish american pastor andrew brunson returns home.
4:57 am
we will be live next. pete: they tried to put a hoax on president trump multiple times. ed: maybe hex. pete: man, maybe one of these days i will learn how to read. enough to witches are trying to put a hex on brett kavanaugh. seriously. we will bring it to you next ♪ (waves crashing) excedrin sees your relentless,
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it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the final days of our fall sale. the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is now only $899. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends sunday. ♪ >> we secured the release of pastor andrew brunson from turkey. [cheers and applause] >> a sweet homecoming a turkish court releasing brunson after being held captive for two years. >> it's an answer to prayer. thank our president. >> thousands of people reported missing in the wake of hurricane michael. >> searching for loved ones as they try to rebuild their lives. >> president trump tweeted i will be visiting both florida and georgia early next week. we are with you. >> could they find something negative to say about
5:01 am
melania trump? yes. "the view" can find negative stuff. >> is it possible that she is not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them? >> you can criticize whatever you want to say but it will not stop me to do what i feel is right. >> kanye west oval office meeting with president trump sparking a firestorm, just a little one. >> kanye west is what happens when negroes don't read. >> he is the token negro and no one should be taking kanye west seriously. >> that is not right to do. president trump is the president of the united states. you have got to respect that. go out and vote november 6th. the only reason to vote democrat is if you are tired of winning ♪ i'm on my way ♪ ♪ driving my -- old country lane. pete: blue set. it's beautiful. i love blue. it's great to have trish regan here. >> trish: and yellow. pete: ed is wearing yellow.
5:02 am
show the viewers your blue today. ed: never worn them on the air. go with my red, white, and blue. i got teased. they are light blue, dark blue and brown. multicolored. judge nap where did you get those from the hinterlands. i said they are prada from italy. pete: let that cat out of the bag. ed: they are prada. >> trish: wear with suits not with jeans. pete: i'm done for the day. ed: i'm going to wear them next to trish regan she is stylish. she will get them. pete: i thought they were in honor of your favorite political party, blue. ed: if i'm going to get grief from pete one of our bosses said why don't you ask pete why he recently bought shoes off instagram and have his name
5:03 am
monogrammed on them. pete: my name and america first. ed: isn't that odd? pete: we will go now to a serious fox news alert. america's pastor andrew brunson returning home today. >> trish: turkish court returning brunson after being held captive for two years. ed: gillian turner has reaction from the white house. good morning, gillian. >> i'm live here right outside of joint base andrews where the pastor is expected to touch four hours from now right around noon. he spent the evening flying transatlanticly. he stopped off in germany last night. had a full physical. given a clean bill of health as far as we know right now it's completely clean bill of health. he is on his way here. he will land at joint base andrews and head over to the oval office to the white house to sit down face to face with president trump stay tuned. bring you all of that stuff live later. i spent yesterday at the white house and it was very obvious from early on in the
5:04 am
day tirelessly the entire national security team has been working the last few weeks to secure this outcome here is what president trump himself said last night. >> there was no deal made at all. there was no deal. but, we are very happy to have him. and have him in good shape. i hear he is in very good shape. >> so, this is important, guys. because it was just a few weeks ago that the turkish president erdogan assured the trump team personally and directly that the turkish government was not going to interfere in the case of pastor brun son. they were leaving it to the turkish constitutional court. let the court system and the judicial system play out its course. so, this amounts to a tremendous victory for the trump administration, despite the fact that president erdogan was not remaining involved every step of the way. it's also a huge victory and sort of a leap support forward for the entire turkish bilateral
5:05 am
relationship. i'm sure you know this. it's been strained the last two years. lots of differences between president trump and president erdogan. he had gone has cracked down on journalists in turkey so this is going to be not only a wonderful day for pastor brun son and his family, but for the entire u.s. turkish relationship going forward, guys. ed: thank you very much. gillian makes an important points about turkey has real problems with human rights record, strained relationship. pete: getting worse and worse and worse. pete: they have been pointing the finger about saudi arabia allegedly being behind the disappearance of potential murder of this journalist. a lot of critics have been saying why hasn't president trump done more? why hasn't he spoken out. "60 minutes" just released breaking right now. excerpts from interview that's going to be airing this weekend with leslie stall. the president is vowing severe punishment if saudi arabia is behind the missing journalist. is he criticizing saudi arabia despite the he has a big victory here upon the
5:06 am
world stage. pete: sanctions and pressure. >> trish: a lot of people dismissed sanctions. never work. they do work. they worked in north korea. china now coming to the table. they work here. and that pastor is home because of it. pete: stopped down as was mentioned in germany. beating our ambassador there ric grenell. christian the american flag. grateful to be and hopefully soon back in this country. a forgotten man and woman you might say. there is the photo tweeted out by our ambassador and hopefully later on today, ed is when we expect he might come back. ed: early afternoon he should be touching down if the medical exam goes well we all hope and pray for pastor brunson. landing at joint base andrews. pete: maga in ohio. ed: pete is excited about maga. we have big midterm election coming up. the president is hitting battle ground state. big house race in kentucky where he will be speaking at a rally tonight. we will be dipping into that
5:07 am
no doubt. and last night he was in battle ground ohio talking about kanye west and the democrats. watch. >> america is booming, america is thriving. and america is winning. you have the best nunts in history on employment and unemployment. i think we are going to get the african-american vote. kanye west what he did was pretty amazing yesterday. [cheers] >> from the moment brett kavanaugh was announced, an angry democrat mob. [crowd boos. mission to resist, obstruct, delay. republicans believe in the rule of law. not the rule of the mob. that's what it is. it's a mob. [cheers] >> the only reasonable to vote democrat is i -- reason toe democrat is if you are tired
5:08 am
of winning. pete: reports abc is regretting potentially getting rid of roseanne. they are worried the councilners won't do very well without their star. think about it the mob dissended. i'm not defending what roseanne said. the mob dessends. media freaks out. the mob descends on trump he doubles down. mob stands up like they did on capitol hill. the moment the noise will pass if you show some courage in that moment. it happened in turkey with the return. >> trish: it's a gamble. it's a risk but it's paying off. pete: it has paid off in a lot of ways. you know what else is risky, eating too much pizza, unless you love pizza. if you live in the u.k., this is a bit of a turn here. then the -- you might not. ed: pizza police are coming for you. pete: that's a thing. pizza police my consider legislation in the u.k. if you are ordering a pizza or a burger or even soup. ed: there is a calorie cap now. pete: can't order something
5:09 am
more than 28-calories. something in america wouldn't be allowed. ed: little caesars over 2200 calcalories. pizza hut 1800-calories dominoes over 1700 cal calories. >> trish: they should be our calories to consume. in u.k. it's what? ed: 928. >> trish: that is socialism for you. pete: of course it is. the government knows better than you. you are not smart enough to make a decision because you are dumb. some bureaucrats went to law school to tell what you to think. got me spun up. pizza hut if i can be your spokesman ever i would love. to say i eat it all the time. i love it it's my favorite. everybody who has had pizza hut. pizza police are driving me nuts. you guys are driven nuts by it as well. our inbox is blowing up on and on twitter. tweet from regina says life
5:10 am
liberty and the pursuit of calories. >> trish: give me liberty or givme peperonior give me death. ed: keep their hands off my guns, my bible and my pizza. pete: brits wanted to take our guns away 250 years ago. >> trish: i have not forgotten that. pete: should not forget that it's a stamp tax. ed: still time to get your opinion in there what do you think about the pizza police? what do you think about food triggers. >> trish: what do you think about his shoes? he haded what he do you think about my shoots? >> trish: turning to your headlines right now, we begin with the extreme weather, everyone. hurricane michael still at least 17 people in four states. that number is expected to rise as officials say a tremendous amount of people are still unaccounted for in hard hit florida. crews are working to clean up the devastation left behind. hundreds of thousands of
5:11 am
people without power in several states. a man accused of bombing an air force recruiting office is found not guilty by reason of insanity. a federal judge ruling benjamin rodhan had a severe mental disease and didn't understand what he was doing during the oklahoma incident. he blew up a pipe bomb in front of the closed office near tulsa. he will remain in federal custody for treatment. the national law enforcement museum is opening to the public today. 20 years in the making. the washington, d.c. gallery aims to honorable officers and appreciation for the sacrifices they make every day. griff jenkins went on a behind the scenes tour. next hour he is going to show you some of the artifacts he collected from some of the fame mufs cases. ed: that's going to be cool. those are your headlines. we have a lot more news coming though. president trump the justice system refilling the court at a record pace. that's why the left may be so upset. jonathan temperature solid here to weigh in on all of that next.
5:12 am
pete: high school student forced to take off u.s.a. president trump jersey at patriotic themed football game. u.s.a. on the front. our president's name and number on the back. the boy's dad, who is a democrat, says this has gone too far. going to hear from him coming up ahead ♪ i got my game on ♪ you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. so why not bundle them with esurance and save up to 10%? which you can spend on things you really want to buy, like... well, i don't know what you'd wanna buy because i'm just a guy on your tv. esurance. it's surprisingly painless.
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♪ >> trish: despite the protests that overtook washington, d.c. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh -- despite all those presses he was confirmed. while the left was so focused on trying to stop all of that here is what they may have missed. ed: the senate approving 15 more of president trump's
5:16 am
judicial nominees in lower courts this week alone. they have now confirmed the president's nominees to the federal bench at a historic pace. 84 so far. >> pretty incredible. what impact is it going to have fox news contributor and constitutional law professor jonathan turley. jonathan, good to see you. >> thank you. >> trish: what is it going to have? you are talking about a real shift in the court? this will likely be the most lasting legacy of president trump. when he came to office 10% of the seats on the federal bench were vacant. he then proceeded to set a record in terms of how many confirmations he has received at this point in his presidency you cannot under estimate the impact of all of this. most cases do not get to the supreme court. so those court of appeals seattle are usually the last court for the vast majority of states. you change that level you change the law across the
5:17 am
country. trial judges are very, very important. when they make bench cases it's very hard to overturn that if you are looking at changing the legal landscape, this could not be more of a game changer. and so, you have these judges developing these cases. now, the president has had now two aappointments to the supreme court. he may have a third or even a fourth. these are the judges that create the conflict in the circuit that give those justices the opportunity to create new opinions. ed: interesting back in 2016 the president supreme court in particular, but the federal bench in general, front and center in the campaign against hillary clinton. some people who kind of onto how many people care about this. inner jiz the right wonder coming into kavanaugh and some of the stats. energized heading into the midterms as well. >> those people who onaren't
5:18 am
yawning anymore after the kavanaugh confirmation. the supreme court has been part of national politics since the beginning of the republic. more cued after hitched nixon. made up supreme court one of his front loaded i. and ever since then. voters do get it they understand that the court can have transformative impact on their lice. >> trish: what happens with midterms should things not go the way republicans want. >> if democrats take the house as many people expect, it will make no difference at all as long as the republicans keep the senate if they keep the senate it will probably be close margin some of the nominees. continue at this pace. end up appointing more judges than any president in history. ed: interesting late in 2017, a lot of conservatives criticizing mitch mcconnell.
5:19 am
upset that obamacare was not fully repealed and replaced he kept saying look i'm getting these judges through. on the right mcconnell has gotten stuff done. >> fascinating to see the change between mcconnell and trump. this was not a particularly warm relationship. that's the same with many trump supporters. mcconnell has come out of this at a new high how he is viewed. he is a master at legislative process. democrats despise him. but republicans are warming up to him. ed: that may be why he got that standing ovation at kavanaugh's swearing in: professor, appreciate you congress in and breaking that all down. >> my pleasure. ed: facebook revealing hackers exposed millions of users phone numbers and email addresses. how to tell if your information was compromised. that's coming up. >> trish: don't even want to know. yeah, we do want to know. facebook a scary place.
5:20 am
melania trump facing attack after she opened up in a very rare interview. doesn't the first lady deserve our respect? we will debate all that. ed: some on "the view" say she doesn't. >> trish: some on "the view." ♪ ♪ open your nose right back up. ♪ breathe better. sleep better. breathe right.
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. ed: quick headlines, caught on camera edition. we warning you this video is graphic. angry bowlers tossed an employee who asked them to leave. this is absurd. employee says they were causing trouble before attacking with a stool and bowling ball. the worker was knocked out will recover. police are searching for the suspect hope they find him after seeing that video. heart stopping moment a semi-truck falls right off
5:24 am
the road. truck tumbling down that california embankment after attempting to make its way around a tight corner. several warning signs allegedly posted for truckers who missed it. the driver thankfully not happened. pete: that happened to one of my humvees in guantanamo bay. driver also not hurt but took some explaining. ladies of the view attacking the first lady melania trump after she sat down for a rare and wide ranging interview. >> can we talk about this gigantic white pit helmet sitting in the shot. it's really not a good image to see. >> is it possible that she is not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them. >> i want to say whether you like her or don't like her she deserves our respect because she is our first lady. >> yeah. >> i don't respect her. >> no respect. but, regardless of any
5:25 am
political differences. doesn't the first lady of the united states deserve our respect? joining to us debate republican strategist kimberly claysick and kim nicoles. the treatment of this first lady, compare it to other first ladies, shouldn't she be given the benefit of the doubt of just basic respect. >> absolutely. i mean, this is a first lady of the united states is our president should also have respect. i find it very curious women on "the view" were going back and forth about how they don't respect her consciously attacking her character. and from what i understand right now we are in a time where we are trying to make sure that others respect women why aren't we respecting each other. she sat down for an interview graciously. those questions had been asked before. i don't know how exclusive it was. i do think she did a really good job. a lot of people should respect her and understand that she will continue her work despite the negativity. pete: that's a great point.
5:26 am
talk about husband and tweets or prisoner in the white house? do you have any friends? it's all very patronizing. she has done nothing but conduct herself with grace in all of this. she wants to be a private person. some on the left won't even give her the basic respect. >> again, i can't speak for the people on "the view." she is certainly deserving of respect as a human being so there is no question about that. pete: and first lady. >> and i will say as first lady. again, i don't think she has been treated as poorly as you guys are making it seem. she has never been called an ape in heels or monkey or terrorists. those comments have been condemned. >> they weren't condemned by the right wing media. pete: if you were a democrat poise grace and steadfast on these issues. kimberly, speak to that.
5:27 am
>> yeah. absolutely right. jason, thank you for yointing out thapointingout shee respect. other first ladies have had criticism in the past. if you go on twitter right now, the only thing you will read especially about this interview people saying how dumb she is. i can't believe she speaks seven different languages because english isn't that good. the whole thing is always talking about her intelligence hard for me to watch. they are attacking her because she is intelligent and beautiful and can't get over that? are they attacking her because she married president trump? as far as we know we all have a right to marry who we want to marry. i thought in that interview a big note worthy point was when she was talking about chain migration and how her husband does support it we all do support it a lot of times the left has been spinning this as if a conversation about racial profiling when really immigration right now is a conversation about national security i'm glad the interviewer actually asked her something of substance.
5:28 am
pete: she made an interesting and nuanced point. jason and kimberly thank you for your time i appreciate it? >> thank you. pete: well, democratic darling the socialist from the bronx is at it again. with a new plan to congress core washington. >> i think we take back the house and the senate and the presidency and back the supreme court of the united states of america. [cheers] pete: sounds interesting. is it even possible? we will discuss it coming up next. plus, president trump's border wall now one step closer to reality. we will tell you about it. why bother mastering something? because when you want to create an entirely new feeling, the difference between excellence and mastery, is all the difference in the world. introducing the all-new lexus es. a product of mastery. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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a product of mastery. - i geta lot.ches. but no way i'm gonna keep taking extra strength products. no way. it's vanquish for me. a special formula goes right to the pressure that causes the pain. no need for extra strength products. defeat headache pain. vanquish it.
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5:32 am
the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is now only $899. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends sunday. >> i think that we take back the house, we take back the senate. we take back the presidency and we pack the supreme court of the united states of america. [cheers] pete: yep, that's our favorite socialist from the bronx. >> trish: speak for yourself. pete: you are right. i stand corrected. host of reuben report. you hear from the democrats' new darling running on the ticket of socialism. pack the court with liberal justices. never mind the whole constitution thing and precedent. ed: precedent. pete: ed helps me a lot. >> how many socialists from the bronx do you know. ed: our favorite. >> look, if they can do that
5:33 am
by democratic means i suppose that be okay if they do that by getting the vote out there. if they do it by scaring everybody and calling everybody racist and threatening violence which we are now seeing and being non-civil and all those things, then we have a problem if they can get votes out and there win the battle of ideas. something fighting if you don't like those ideas. if you are doing this through lawful means, then if they can pack the senate and pack the courts and do it legally all right. ed: hit rewind for a second. i thought if you want to shape the supreme court you need to win a presidential elections sort of how it works. i think back to the presidential debate chris wallace moderator. not say that you would expect the results if he lost. right? and in the end he won, democrats lost and they have not accepted the results. shape the court that's what
5:34 am
happens when you win. >> there is an assault by the left. i was a leftee basically my whole life until the last couple years because the left has gone bananas here i think you agree with me on that. assault on all the institutions. obviously on the presidency, now on the supreme court because of kavanaugh. i think on the congress and senate as well. you don't get to just like those things when you are winning and all your guys. you have to believe that the institutions can be bigger than partisan politics. we at a place where the left has decided all right if we don't control these things and don't control the presidency and courts, then we are going to take them down. i see all these pieces. >> trish: my way or the highway. i'm glad you brought that up. that was so true. they were all after him because he is not going to accept the results, perhaps. now we are in a situation where they're not accepting it what does it mean for midterms? how is it going to shake out? and what is at stake. >> conventional wisdom would tell you a blue wave. i have been saying it for a year.
5:35 am
i sense people are just sick of the mob. people are sick of being called a racist and bigot and homophobe just for believing that the government should be smaller or that you are for lower taxes or whatever it is. between that and the push back on kavanaugh because of the way left decided due process is not going to be something we do in america. i sense the republicans are going to do just fine. ed: go low. >> kick them. ed: nicolle wallace as msnbc had another sort of mob mentality idea. watch this. >> i told jeb bush after that debate you should have punched him in the face. even if you lost he insulted you. mexicans are rapists and murders. punched him in the face and you would have been a hero. ed: what do you think. >> punch him in the face. hillary clinton saying you can't be civil with these people. antifa on the streets of portland there a team only
5:36 am
really coming from one side. until they deal with their own. liberals, until good liberals come back, i think. pete: that's my question. you said you were formerly of the left. what's the primary poison pill that has infected that side? >> identity politics has taken over the left. period. the idea we will look at people and judge them based on their characteristics. i have to look at you and see a white heterosexual man i should know what you think. thinkhe had. pete: i'm in a box. >> trish: god help you if you are a white heterosexual man. >> you are the devil to these people. the reverse of everything that america was founded on. does not matter what color and sexuality or gender you are. we don't have laws that punish you for any of those things. that's a beautiful thing. they have decided it's the reverse of what martin luther king wanted. he did not want his children to be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character. they decided depending on your characteristics that's how we will judge you and
5:37 am
put flu this pecking order. >> trish: it doesn't fly, right? 2016 proved that it didn't work. they tried that with the gender card and identity politics. that didn't work i don't know why they keep trying the same darn thing. pete: gender studies department. pump out kids who see the world through that lens. the inevitable results is your politics go there too. >> lazy thinking. it's really easy. if all of your intellectual opponents are racist and bigots you don't have to think policy through. you don't have to think what you really don't have to decide what you really think about things you are really morally right. >> trish: all of that becomes a distraction away from the meat or substance. it's so good to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> trish: turning to your headlines everyone, president trump hasn't given up on this campaign promise.
5:38 am
>> we are gelding a wall. >guild -- buildinga wall. >> kevin mccarthy introduces a bill to fully fund that wall along the u.s. mexico border. the build the wall $23.4 billion for the project taken from the department of homeland security budget. the bill also steps up penalties for deporting criminals trying to return to the u.s. facebook is doing damage control as we are now hackers accessed more. kurt the cyberguy was on earlier claiming the tech giant is finally coming clean. >> facebook is really not timely in telling us information usually and historically looking out for you and me and everybody else is not really number one priority that falls down on the list. >> trish: out of the 29 million users, 14 million had their birthdays, hometown and location histories stolen. to find out if your account was compromised go to the help center on facebook.
5:39 am
a high school principal forces a student to remove this jersey at a patriotic themed football game all because it was president trump's name on the back. dad said his son did nothing wrong. >> he is embarrassed. he felt like he was violated. we still just can't comprehend the decision the principal made he did respect her and her wishes. just as he respects -- >> trish: the principal has been removed from the north carolina school. unclear if she is still employed by the district. those are your headlines. ed: all it says on the front is u.s.a. and statue of liberty. that's offensive. >> >> trish: well because trump is on the back. pete: administrators cave to parent complaints. one or two complaints they freak out. they want to keep their job. >> trish: whatever happened to diversity in school. diversity of thought, flight. ed: not so much.
5:40 am
adam klotz outside dealing with the elements out there. what's the weather like today, buddy. >> deal with elements. i do have to say thank you for pete for lending me his umbrella? [laughter] >> i was in trouble out here with all of this rain. >> it looks good. i think i look cute. thank you i appreciate it dealing with elements out here. we also have a good crowd willing to deal with the elements with me. we have a sign, it's a good sign, happy sweet 16th birthday to piper. who is piper? >> this is piper. piper, do you me a favor for 16th birthday can i put to you work a little bit. can you help me with forecast. this is my clicker. i need to you hit that button and we will move through the graphics. it's not just cold here in new york city. 32 degrees. freezing in chicago right now. hit the clicker temperatures 27 degrees in chicago. hit the clicker. what does it mean when temperatures are below 32 degrees and it rains,
5:41 am
what's that become? >> freezing. it turns into snow. that's absolutely right. back out here on the plaza. no concerns for snow today. a little bit of a raw day. a good crowd out here. i'm sorry it's raining on you, but i appreciate you guys all being out here with us today. everybody wave as we toss it back. in thanks again to, this pete. pete: you are welcome. and have that man in the trump shirt removed immediately. unacceptable. ed: you have been triggered. maxine waters calling president trump violent. yes, violent. >> this president is the poster boy for what a mob protester looks like. ed: her challenger says not so fast. omar navarro joins us live next. pete: that will be interesting. three firefighters unfortunately killed when they became trapped and engulfed in flames while fighting an apartment fire it could have been prevented, the fire with a sprinkler. we have that life-saving advice you need to know just ahead. (vo hand) can we talk?
5:42 am
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♪ ed: president trump this week condemning left wing activists with the protest against judge kavanaugh calling them an angry mob. >> trish: maxine waters is firing back saying that is exactly actually the president who is violent. this president is the poster boy of what a mob protester looks like. he is as a matter of fact, he is the one who has been violent in his speech. we don't have that kind of talk that has come from the women who are protesting. pete: our next guest is actually running against congresswoman maxine waters. republican from california congressional candidate omar navarro joins us now. thanks for being here this morning. our viewers probably want to know what is it like to run against her, maxine waters? when i first started running everybody telling me uphill
5:46 am
battle tough, won't be able to fund raise. in actuality i have been doing the opposite of that. accepted well in my community. a lot of people are happy that i'm running. they see that maxine waters is not offering solutions to the table. we are not talking about mental health. we are not talking about human trafficking. we are not talking about jobs or the economy in our district. these are things that are concerns to the people when someone sees is someone who is not offering to the plate they get tired of it. >> trish: what's she talking about just wanting to impeach or the president is racist? what is her message? >> thee is going around through this whole impeach tour and she really is not offering any solutions. that's the problem. you know, when have you someone in office for over 27 years. only passed three bills. i was 2 years old when she was first elected into congress shows infish at this in government. she is the poster child for term limits. ed: i thought and correct me if i am wrong, i thought it
5:47 am
was maxine waters out there just a few weeks ago saying go after the cabinet members. don't let them shop. don't let them eat at a restaurant. she seemed to be inciting people. >> not only that is she going after the cabinet members. incite violence against the supporters of the president. this is wrong. you shouldn't be advocating for violence. we have to bring a unity message back into our communities. maxine waters is not offering anything better. she is just offering a lot of lip service. no solutions to any problems that are really going on. at the end of the day, we have to work with the president. we can't work against his interests. the only way to get the job done is to work with him. i think that's what we have got to get back. to say. pete: pete what do you hear from voters not representative all these years what's the response you are getting. >> a lot of people in my district don't know who maxine waters is. when i talk to people going to door to door make phone calls. i was very surprised getting the message. a lot of people are very
5:48 am
receptive over me and happy i'm running. they don't know maxine waters is representing them. all they see her is on tv giving lip service. at the end of the day they don't see solutions and effectiveness in congress they see ineffectiveness. we need to bring back balance. >> trish: are you going to get to debate her at all? ed: that's a good question. >> that's a great question. maxine waters if she wants to debate and go after the issues and actually talk about the problems. she says she is a strong black woman but i see a weak black woman because she sun willing to debate the issues with this latino that she at an eventually recently not too long ago where she had 13 political millennials. she called me out and said that i was not latino because i'm cuban. actually i'm half mexican. >> trish: stay away from the identity politics it should be about the issues. you, circumstance can run on the economy, and you can debate her on the economy and you can debate her on the issues that matter to your voters, you are in
5:49 am
business. ed: thanks for coming. in we invited maxine waters. we hope she accepts that invite. >> trish: next guest lost fire captain husband fighting apartment fire fighting for residents to save and he got trapped. it could have been prevented with just a sprinkler. we have life-saving advice you need to know next.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
♪ pete: this week is national fire prevention week. average seven people die in u.s. house fires every day. >> trish: our next guest is from a group seeking to turn tragedies like this into advocacy. in 1994 her husband was one of three firefighters who lost their lives battling an apartment fire. a fire sprinkler system could have actually saved
5:53 am
their lives. pete: joining us now is vena drennan and the president chief shane ray. also here is chief steve kerber. chief ray is outside. story for the confusion. vena start with you first. you lost your husband to -- a brave firefighter, talk to us about him and why this issue matters to you. >> my husband captain john drennan worked in greenwich village loved his job. every day of his job the men and women of the new york city fire department are so lucky to have them serve us. it was when he was terribly burned and suffered for 40 days that i learned about what fire does to our country this is something everybody can agree on. fire prevention is fundamental. if we respect our first responders, the least we can do is to create an environment where we cut down the conditions that cause dangerous fires. we do know fire sprinklers
5:54 am
save lives. not only would he and two other firefighters been saved but also everybody who dies in fire would be saved too. pete: talk to us about what it means. >> right now we will chief, we have side by side demonstration that shows you what happens if do you not have fire sprinklers, what happens if you do. also, what happens if you have a closed door between where the fire sand your bedroom and what that mean k. mean to save your life. >> chief ray, are you out there. >> i am. we have the fire started in the room without fire sprinklers, we are going to start the fire in the room with sprinklers but, as you can see. fire is fast. this is with modern furnishings which is what tells us. you will notice in the middle room here the separation between a closed door. and now you see this room, you can see that chair start to light off. now we have fire and smoke in our sprinkler room. but you will see the destruction without fire
5:55 am
sprinklers, fire is fast. when the newspaper on the floor in this room lights off. we're going to get the firefighters to put it out. so we want to promote smoke alarms, you hear that in the room with sprinklers. and then you hear the sprinkler go off in a second. but, notice, our room with the door closed. it can save your life. to separate it if do you not have fire sprinklers. there the sprinkler goes off. and the sprinkler is going to contain this fire. and now we have what we know is flashover out here. so we will let the firefighters go ahead and hit this fire. it's a pretty amazing as i look at the one that has the sprinklers it's out already. >> it is. it contains it to that room 96% of the time. and only that sprinkler closest to the fire goes off. thank you. pete: that's interesting. only one closest to the fire. not if entire house. >> heat activated only the one closest to the fire will
5:56 am
put that fire out. >> how common or uncommon are these sprinkler systems? >> you see them commonly in a lot of commercial buildings. the code says they should be in all single family homes but you don't find them in most homes. >> trish: in america we like to sprinkler our lawns, we don't want our grass to burn in august. but we fail to put sprinklers in our homes where we could protect the things that are dearest to us and people we care about. pete: temperatures we are looking at on the screen right now. temperatures in the room without 170 degrees. with the sprinklers down to 70. it got up to 2,000 degrees in that flash over room. never got above 100 degrees in both other rooms with the closed door as well as with a sprinkler. pete: think about that room. it has a crib. you realize the implications of this really quick. i know, vina, you of course do. thank you for your courage to speak out about this and for your service. both chiefs, chief inside and chief outside. >> trish: your husband, i'm sure would be very happy with what you are doing.
5:57 am
pete: amen. >> trish: geraldo rivera is here and he is live. pete: army veteran lost three limbs fighting in afghanistan. he survived more than 100 surgeries and took on mount kilo man charles. he joins us with his incredible story coming up. ♪ whatever it takes. i do whatever it takes for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, 90% saw significant improvement. taltz even gives you a chance at completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. for all the things that move you.
5:58 am
ask your doctor about taltz.
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6:00 am
we secured the release of pastor andrew brunson from turkey. >> a turkish court releasing brunson after being held captive for two years. >> it's an answer to prayer. i thank our president, the thousands of people reported missing in the wake of hurricane michael. >> searching for their loved ones as they try to rebuild their lives. >> president trump tweeted i will be visiting both florida and georgia early next week. we are with you. >> calling for rod rosenstein to be subpoenaed before congress. >> essential we talk to him. >> has not agreed to come for a transcribed interview. he needs to agree to do that.
6:01 am
if he does not agree to do that, i will issue a subpoena. >> could they find something negative to say about melania trump? >> yes, "the view" can find negative stuff. >> is it possible she's not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them? >> you can say whatever you want to say but it will not stop me to do what i feel is right. >> go out and vote. november 6. the only reason to vote democrat is if you're tired of winning. trish: this is the last hour? pete: we're not tired of winning. trish: i'm always winning when i'm here with you guys. no, no, no. pete: trish regan, you are a big part of the family. welcome. four hours of television is a beast, isn't it? trish: it's like a full week of
6:02 am
work. all in one day. pete: big fox news alert. american pastor andrew brunson is returning home today. ed: a turkish court releasing him after being held captive for two years. trish: we have reaction from the white house. reporter: the countdown continues here at joint base andrews. we have three hours to go now until pastor brunson will touch down. it will be the first time for him on american soil since he was captured, taken into captivity and imprisoned in turkey two years ago. now, he spent the night traveling over the atlantic ocean. he managed to release a statement to coincide with his arrival in germany, where he greeted the american ambassador, got a full medical exam. here's the statement he put out. he said this is the day our family has been praying for. i'm delighted to be on my way home to the united states. my entire family thanks the president, the administration and congress for their
6:03 am
unwavering support. here's what president trump himself said last night. >> he's going to be coming to the oval office, most likely on saturday, but we're very honored to have him back with us. he suffered greatly. reporter: now, we know he arrived here about noon. he's got that meeting in the oval office. the president, though, slated to head out of town at 3:45 to do a rally in kentucky later this evening, so sometime between noon and 3:45 will be when all the action is happening, when the trump administration is finally able to breathe a collective sigh of relief. they have not considered this mission accomplished. they have not considered anything a done deal or in the bag, they said, until he is physically here back on american soil. so a lot of tension still during this countdown period, guys. ed: good to have you on the ground there.
6:04 am
appreciate that report. pete: he was put on house arrest first. not only are we going to ask you or make a trade, because originally erdogan wanted a trade for a muslim preacher here in the united states, he said no, no deal. we will put sanctions. trish: this is why economic sanctions do work. people say i'm not sure. listen, they work. north korea is an example. this certainly is one. ed: let's bring in our friend geraldo rivera. good morning to you. >> hi, trish. trish: hey, geraldo. good to see you. >> good luck with your new show. trish: thank you. i appreciate it. we're excited. got a big guest on tuesday. ed: in all seriousness, pastor brunson, what a big story, especially the fact that i just want you to react quickly and we will move on to other news, this is a big deal that americans are coming home. >> it's a huge deal. the president, i think, handled it magnificently.
6:05 am
but i think we cannot overlook the timing. remember, the pastor is now released just as this investigation intensifies into the slaughter, the apparent slaughter, dismemberment of the saudi journalist there in istanbul, turkey. turkey and the united states, in my view, want to be on the same page as they confront saudi arabia. they didn't want this irritant in u.s./turkish relations to play a role, so they said okay, let's get this cleared up, we'll have a face-saving arrangement where the pastor will plead guilty to time served. that way, the turks save face because they didn't imprison him, you know, unlawfully. on the other hand, the american president gets home the hostage. pete: as you know, last night the president talked about that, about bringing this pastor home, but also talked about the democrats and the mob mentality that has developed. this is the president last night in ohio.
6:06 am
>> from the moment brett kavanaugh was announced, an angry democrat mob was on a mission to resist, obstruct, del delay, before they knew his name they were saying horrible things. these are bad people. republicans believe in the rule of law, not the rule of the mob. that's what it is. it's the mob. the only reason to vote democrat is if you're tired of winning. pete: has the democratic party been captured by the left wing mob? >> all i know, pete, is this is a very -- this message resonates here in ohio. ohio, my new home state, is the ultimate swing state. it's evenly divided. the president won it in 2016, i'm sure he intends to win it in 2020. we had a very competitive senator's race here and governor's race and the people of ohio, like the people
6:07 am
throughout the country, i believe the president is right, they don't want their own space invaded. you can have your politics, you believe whatever you believe, just don't mess with me, don't mess up traffic, don't confront me in restaurants, don't follow me, don't hound me. i think the democrats are in their frustration, because they are in the minority in the house and the senate and of course, they don't have the white house, are grasping for a tactic to take on the president with his flamboyant nature, his charisma and his larger than life, sometimes in your face kind of tactics, so they are flailing around. gone is first lady michelle obama's famous "they go low, we go high." now eric holder wants to kick republicans when they go low, hillary clinton says you can't deal civilly with republicans until we win back the house or the senate. i think the tactics are backfiring. i think the president is on to something. the question is whether or not the president's message of
6:08 am
they're the mob and we're law and order will resonate three weeks from now during the midterm election. trish: that's certainly a question. it shows you they are getting kind of desperate, geraldo. let me ask you about this. >> if i may interrupt, i think what they are is frustrated. they can't stand the president, they can't stand his flamboyant connection with the american people. they don't know quote how ite h deal with it so they resort sometimes to trying to tear open the door of the supreme court or get in ted cruz and mrs. cruz's face at the washington restaurant. i think it's frustration. they are grasping for a tactic they haven't figured out yet. trish: perhaps desperately so. here's one protester confronting senator cassidy. i want your reaction to this one. >> sure. >> senator cassidy, can you please apologize to my children for ruining their future? >> hey, guess what?
6:09 am
i know your parents are using you as tools. >> no, we're not using them as tools. >> if someone makes an allegation against you -- trish: is senator cassidy taking a page perhaps out of donald trump's book there, turning that one on its heels? >> yes, trish, for sure. here you have a situation where there's a protester, she has a constitutional right to protest. we admire people who are activists. but here she drags her 4-year-old and 6-year-old kids along with her. those children, as the father of five, the subtleties of partisan politics are lost on 4-year-olds and 6-year-olds. if the mom is saying that that's the bad guy, cassidy is the bad guy and i'm the good guy, i just think it's really unfortunate. it borders on child abuse. my wife, when she protested in favor of the immigrant families where the children were being
6:10 am
separated from the parents, our 13-year-old went along. but at 13, she understood the issues. she understood what was going on. she understood why it was important she so solidarity to migrant families. when you are 6-year-old, are you in the hallowed corridors of the united states senate building and you are a little kid and there's a big man and he's a republican and he's the boogeyman, what kind of lesson is that teaching your children? i really disapprove. ed: he didn't shake his fist or escalate it. he did it with a smile and moved on. that seems to be an important point as well. geraldo, appreciate you coming in this morning. trish: turning to your headlines, president trump is vowing to punish saudi arabia if it's behind the disappearance of a columnist. >> there's a lot at stake and maybe especially so because this man was a reporter. there's something really
6:11 am
terrible and disgusting about that, if that were the case. we're going to have to see. we are going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment. trish: a saudi assassination squad is believed to have murdered jamal khashoggi inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. khashoggi is a "washington post" contributor who lives in the u.s. and is a known critic of the kingdom's leadership. saudi arabia denying these allegations. turning to extreme weather, at least 17 people are dead in four states in the wake of hurricane michael. that number expected to rise as officials say a tremendous amount of people are still unaccounted for in hard-hit florida. crews are working to clean up the devastation left behind. hundreds of thousands of people are without power in several states. jonathan will join us live in about 20 minutes from panama city, florida with more on the search and rescue efforts that are under way right now. the megamillions jackpot skyrockets to $654 million. you have a ticket?
6:12 am
pete will get one. i'm going to get one, too. pete: on my way home. trish: no winners last night. there is still a chance for all of us. those numbers, in case you won a smaller prize. the powerball tonight is worth $ $314 million. i'm definitely getting a ticket. pete: well, a democrat running for a senate seat in arizona. >> -- clearly the meth lab of democracy. pete: past comments certainly catching up to her. martha mcsally joins us next to respond. and is abc already missing roseanne? execs are worried about the new spinoff without her. that's just ahead. when i walked through a snowstorm for a cigarette,
6:13 am
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pete: welcome martha mcsally and kristen sinema battling it out. sinema repeatedly criticized, yes, her own state of arizona in the past. >> my state of arizona is clearly the meth lab of democracy. [ inaudible ] is it something with the water? there's something wrong with the people. they're called republicans. pete: her opponent, gop candidate for senate and current congresswoman from arizona, martha mcsally, is pretty fired up about this and joins us now. we did reach out to kristen sinema. we did not hear back. we would love to have her on the show tomorrow or next weekend.
6:17 am
congresswoman, thanks for joining us. i don't even know where to start. she says maybe my own state of arizona is the meth lab of democracy. i want to make sure everyone heard that because the audio is not always great. the five cs of arizona, the sixth would be crazy. is this her deplorable moment? >> we hope it is. any one of these statements should be disqualifying. this is piled on top of her other statements, you know, where she said she thought it was okay if americans joined the taliban. this is while veterans like me were actually over there fighting against the taliban for killing americans. froe protesting our troops in a pink tutu. she's showing disdain for our state, anti-military, anti-american. we hope that voters wake up. the fact she's in a dead heat right now with us is because millions of dollars have poured into her campaign in the biggest coverup in arizona history. ed: this seat could help determine who will be
6:18 am
controlling the majority come 2019. i want to be fair to congresswoman sinema. this is her statement about the tape we just played. her staff says quote, she was frustrated that no one in the state legislature was standing up to out-of-state special interests. kristen was born here and will always stand up to outside special interest groups to protect and defend arizonans. quick comment on that, then i went to move on to something else she said. what do you think about that reaction? >> i think it's a ridiculous reaction. she's made repeated statements especially when she was out of state that she has contempt for arizonans and contempt for republicans. while she's trying to woo republicans pretending she is one, she comes from a radical left past, green party activist, leading protests, depicting our troops by saying we were the terrorists of the middle east. this is out of step with american values and arizona values. if people want to help us they need to go to mcsally for we need your support to be able to get past this message she's
6:19 am
creating that she's center right when she's not. ed: we also want to get the congresswoman on so she can defend her comments. you teed this up a moment ago. i want our viewers so they can decide for themselves, here's what she said in a radio show interview in 2003. then we will talk about it. listen. >> as an individual, if i want to go fight in the taliban army, i go there, i'm fighting for the taliban, that's a personal decision. >> i don't care. ed: someone says if i want to fight for the taliban against the united states it's my personal decision, and sinema says fine, i don't care. >> this is disgusting. i was actually deployed on 9/11 to saudi arabia. we ramped up to go fight the taliban who was harboring osama bin laden and a terrorist that killed americans in the twin towers, the pentagon, and the fact she thinks it's okay for them to go join the fight, the fight against our troops. i was over there flying and
6:20 am
commanding an a-10 squadron just a year later and we got the taliban who is trying to take out our troops and she says it's okay for americans to go and fight against us? this is unbelievable and disqualifying. never mind she's a democrat, she's supposed to be a feminist. what the taliban has done to women and girls, stoning them to death, banning them from learning and all the oppressive things? the fact she wants to be a united states senator, i hope arizonans will wake up. do not buy the new hollywood sinema act of her re-inventing herself. i would be honored to represent arizona in the senate and someone who spent 26 years in the military. ed: congresswoman mcsally spent 26 years in the military, was the first ever female fighter pilot. appreciate you coming on. want to repeat again, fox news wants to hear from congresswoman sinema. we would love to have her on tomorrow. i understand president trump may be coming to arizona soon. wish you luck, wish her luck in the days ahead. thanks for coming on. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. ed: fox news alert, thousands of
6:21 am
people now missing after hurricane michael. this is an awful story. the death toll continues to climb. we are live on the ground in florida with the search and recovery efforts, coming up. plus, the brand new national law enforcement museum. this is awesome. it's opening its doors today in d.c. we took a special tour with ted williams. he will show us in a moment.
6:22 am
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ed: we're back with a fox news alert. thousands of people are reported missing in the wake of hurricane michael. trish: families searching for their loved ones as they rebuild their lives. pete: we are live in panama city, florida where rescue efforts are under way. reporter: good morning. right now i'm standing in front of a strip mall that suffered heavy damages in hurricane michael. you can see the upper facade came crashing down into the parking lot during the heavy
6:25 am
winds. police escorts have been arranged to speed up the delivery of food and water into the hard-hit areas and for areas inaccessible by road, they are airdropping supplies. miami-dade fire rescue's florida task force one is conducting door-to-door searches. local officials say many residents are still unaccounted for but they believe much of this is due to lack of communication. this is especially true in mexico beach, which sustained a direct hit when hurricane michael made landfall. even structures that survived the extreme winds suffered extensive water damage from storm surge. air force officials say nearby air force base suffered widespread catastrophic damage in the storm, although they evacuated approximately 50f-22 fighter jets in advance of the hurricane, some planes had to be left behind in hangars because of safety or maintenance issues and because those hangars were damaged, it's feared the planes inside were damaged as well. back to you. ed: remarkable. appreciate the reporting.
6:26 am
trish: all right. america showing its support for our police with brand new national law enforcement museum in washington, d.c. pete: fox news correspondent grif jenkins got a behind the scenes look and had someone special with him as well. >> hi, guys. i was with ted williams, our former law enforcement specialist and we got a look at the law enforcement museum, which gives you a chance to walk in the shoes of law enforcement. take a look. >> this is hallowed ground. well over 21,500 law enforcement officers' names are etched in these stones. >> craig floyd had this constructed in 1991 and now ted, he's built a museum honoring law enforcement officers, built just across the street. let's have a look. >> this is where we tell the stories behind the names on the memorial wall across the street. not just how these men and women
6:27 am
died in the line of duty but how they lived. >> you know, when i walked in here i just got a chill over me. you are bringing these people back to life. >> 21,541. it's more than just names, more than just numbers. these were families that were ripped apart. these were loved ones who are truly missed and these mementos help honor these fallen heroes. we want people to have a better understanding and appreciation for the role of law enforcement in our society. what do police do, why do they do it, how do they do it. this is the heart of the place, if you will. but you have a lot of other exhibits to let americans walk in the shoes of law enforcement. >> there is something in this museum for everyone. can't wait to show it to you. >> let's take a look. >> what is your emergency? >> from the history to the evidence to the hands-on walking
6:28 am
in the shoes, you've got a lot of exhibits here. >> we have a brand new dodge charger police vehicle. we tell the story of 9/11. al capone, bulletproof vests. this is j. edgar hoover's desk, the director of the fbi. the deabeltway motorcade. >> the boston marathon bombing, handcuffs used on one of the brothers. >> that is chandra levy's remains weren't found for many months. it was a very difficult case. unfortunately, no one is serving time. >> what do we have here? >> this is our training simulator. this is the training that officers will go through. >> drop the gun! >> this is going to be a situation you may or may not need to why foruse force but yo
6:29 am
engage the folks in the video. >> put the gun down! >> we have a civilian there. >> clearly a hostage situation. >> got his back to me so i took the shot. >> you did very well. you gave correct commands. you eventually had to do deadly force. this is what could have happened had you not. >> oh, he shot him. >> the unique thing about this scenario, they can come here and put themselves in the shoes of a law enforcement officer who has to make a split second decision. >> you urinndertook honoring la enforcement officers in 1984 and now to stand here today, what does it mean? >> it's a great moment. to get to this point, to build the museum, to tell the story of american law enforcement. we owe them our support and gratitude. most of all, we want the individuals that visit here to understand that law enforcement
6:30 am
and the public working together can make our communities better, safer places to live. pete: i had no idea you were alive so i apologize, buddy. probably thought we left you hanging there. i thought you were on tape. you are here in the flesh. i didn't know we would be treated to him in a hostage situation. >> that's the great thing about this museum. not only is it the first in the nation to honor law enforcement as we should, it gives you a chance to be in the experience. it is unbelievably stressful for law enforcement officers to decide what to do. in that case i did choose the right decision to make that split decision to try and save the hostage and shoot the bad guy in the back. trish: good stuff. thanks. antifa believed to be responsible for vandalizing new york city gop headquarters. now the radical group has a new warning. this isn't the end. pete: is pc culture becoming a thing of the past? a shocking new study is showing
6:31 am
the revolt against political correctness. people react, coming up next.
6:32 am
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i'm here, live in the flesh. pete: you came this morning with a new study published, bunch of surveys across america that shows shockingly, 80% of americans believe political correctness is a problem. >> yes. pete: does that mean there's a pushback against this tide of political correctness going on? >> most people are afraid of what we call the pc police, because they attack, in this age of social media, someone says something and it reminds me of the old days of car alarms, when your car alarm would go off in the neighborhood, then the next one and pretty soon the whole neighborhood, the car alarms were going off. this is what social media is like. when people see this, they just want the alarms to stop. so they succumb to the political correctness police. pc. i call it the pc stands for political correctness. to me it's police of the consciousness. pete: your thoughts, your
6:36 am
speech, they control everything. >> that's what it is. it is the political issue of our time. i have been saying this since the 2016 election, and before that, when president trump was running i would say to my friends guys, he's going to win because of the political correctness thing. they said come on, that's not the issue, it's trade, it's the wall. i said no, no, it's political correctness. i think that is why he won. it wasn't that -- it didn't help, it's the chief reason that he's the president. pete: i actually agree. i give speeches, i say that all the time. it is a cultural moment and people are reacting to the fact they are being told what to say at every echelon, their personal life, private life, professional life. 30% of progressive activists in the same poll say that political correctness is not a problem. so it's still a left/right issue. a lot of lefties will say it's not an issue. >> it's not a problem for them because it's the way they police speech. it's their -- so it's a good tool for them because it keeps people, keeps people scared because there are real results from this. people lose their jobs, people
6:37 am
get shunned and so they are all afraid to go up against this. trish: it's crazy. i understand the sensitivity. we can be sensitive to one another but you don't have to constantly be screening your speech for fear that -- and it's so biased. let me ask you about something else, the abc spinoff from "roseanne." i hear they are getting nervous because of course, they fired roseanne and are now kind of regretting it and saying gosh, maybe we didn't think through this whole thing properly. are they worried about ratings? is this thing not going to succeed because roseanne herself is not there? >> it's roseanne without roseanne so you have a problem right there. they are not on record. i think from what i'm reading, it's behind the scenes. they don't want to go on the record because they're afraid because it's the political correct thing. they are saying folks will probably tune in for the first episode because they want to find out how they are going to kill off roseanne. then once she's gone, what's the reason to watch? pete: is it guaranteed she will
6:38 am
be killed off? i feel like maybe they are going to send her on a long trip or something. >> at some point they may want her back and that's why they're voicing regret now. that's the thing, it was a knee-jerk reaction. it happened so quickly and in the old days, remember when she did the national anthem and it was a terrible thing, it offended everybody, so what did she do? went around, apologized. those were in the days before social media so they didn't want to stop the car alarms back then. they said let's give her some time and she apologized, people took her at her word and then took her back into their good graces. they could have done that here, but they didn't. pete: almost like you are talking about a mob. >> it is a mob. you're right. pete: just saying. ed: thank you very much. trish: turning -- you, too? all right. all right. turning now to your headlines, everyone. left wing vandals are
6:39 am
threatening violent attacks after targeting gop headquarters in new york city. antifa thugs smashing windows, breaking locks at the office. the criminals leaving behind a note saying quote, our attack is merely a beginning. we are not passive. we are not civil. and we will not apologize. no arrests have been made. this next video may be a bit graphic here. angry people caught on camera brutally assaulting an employee who asked them to leave. the employee said they were causing trouble before being attacked with a bowling ball. he was knocked out but will recover. police are searching for the suspects. the unlikely star of the 2018 march madness tournament is still on a magical run. ed: she's grateful after winning the illinois 2018 senior hall of fame award. watch this. >> i just get so emotional when
6:40 am
i get these awards, when i hear all these wonderful things said about myself. it's sort of a review of life, as it were. pete: the 99-year-old catholic nun honored for her work. trish: 99. pretty good. pete: now we will talk to adam klotz with weather headlines. nice umbrella. >> you are going to need it today. i'm sure you will look beautiful with it. rain, unfortunately, in the forecast in new york city. the story is it's becoming a really kind of cold, raw day. let's take a look at the temperatures. that's just not here in the northeast, that's a lot of places. 33 currently in chicago, 37 degrees in minneapolis. actually, add in the wind chill, zooming in on some of the colder spots, we have places that feel like you are in the 20s. with that, you talk about 20 degree temperatures and you get moisture in the air, you are also talking about at least a little bit of snow. guys, there could actually be pretty big snowstorms in the upper midwest before the weekend is over.
6:41 am
so it's october, it was just in the 70s the other day. now we are talking about snow. unfortunately, colder weather has moved in and don't worry, pete, i'm taking care of this for you. i will get it back to you for when you head home. ed: a new poll suggests justice kavanaugh's nomination energized democrats more than republicans. other polls say the opposite. is this another example of pollsters getting it wrong? we will ask jim mcloughlin, next. pete: an army veteran lost three limbs fighting in afghanistan for our country. he survived more than 100 surgeries, then took on mt. kilimanjaro. he joins us ahead. -here comes the rain. [ horn honking ] [ engine revving ] what's that, girl? [ engine revving ] flo needs help?! [ engine revving ] take me to her! ♪ coming, flo! why aren't we taking roads?! flo. [ horn honking ] -oh. you made it.
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ed: sears could file for bankruptcy as soon as tomorrow. the retailer must make a $134
6:45 am
million debt payment by monday. big money. sears surviving this long by closing stores and borrowing hundreds of millions of bucks from their ceo. the retailer now hoping to push through the holidays. we'll see. in n out burger staying out of the east coast. the chain's president telling forbes she likes not having a location on every corner because it makes the restaurant more unique. in n out burger is in six states with a lot of them on the west coast but they should at least try to come out east, don't you think? pete: i would love that. absolutely. thanks, ed. a new online poll, i focus on online, suggests the kavanaugh confirmation to the supreme court energized democrats more than republicans. according to politico, 77% of democrats now say they are quote, very motivated to vote in the midterms compared to 68% of republicans. should the gop be concerned? former pollster for the trump campaign jim mcloughlin is here to weigh in. thanks for being here. you look at these online poll numbers and folks are already
6:46 am
not trusting in many polls. now you bring this online poll that says there's no energy after kavanaugh, or less energy. what do you make of this, and current polling? >> yeah. these are a lot of the same polls that told us we would get president hillary clinton. the truth of the matter is, you look at some of these polls and they only have about a quarter of their sample are republicans. republicans haven't been less than a third of the electorate in a long time so they are undersampling republicans. when you go look at the states, look at north dakota, at tennessee, at missouri, you are seeing republican senate candidates, they have all gotten a boost since the kavanaugh hearing. pete: the inside polling you are seeing which is very different than the public stuff which is misrepresented for certain purposes, are you seeing a similar impact or effect in 2018 as you saw in '16? maybe underrepresentation, people not talking to pollsters as much as you would think? >> i think it's that. in all honesty, the democrats have been motivated for this election a long time. history says the party out of power in the white house does
6:47 am
well in the off-year elections. they usually pick up about 40 house seats. now what we are seeing over the last few weeks kind of started with the kavanaugh hearings. we are seeing that republican base get motivated, get energized and get united. pete: how about independents? what are you seeing with independents? >> that's a great point. when you do look at the independents, especially, you know, it's not the independents necessarily on the east coast and the west coast, which you know, i think that's one of the reasons why the poll said what it said. but in the heartland, in middle america, those independents are more right of center, especially in places like missouri, places like north dakota, places like tennessee. now they are seeing the distinction in this race between the radical liberal agenda of nancy pelosi versus the president's common sense conservative agenda. pete: you look at online polls like this, we will put it on the big wall, 46% of americans say the senate made the wrong decision, 40% said the senate made the right decision, but you would say amongst independents
6:48 am
in some of the other states as well, there's a sense that hey, some people were on her side, some people feel like he was mistreated and as a result, they are more galvanized. >> i have seen the surveys in some key senate races in private polling where a majority of voters say they are on kavanaugh's side. pete: give us a couple reasons to watch. ones that people have written off or aren't focused on that they should be. >> great question. i look at the one in new jersey. the new jersey senate race right now, where a lot of folks are saying bob hugin isn't going to win and bob menendez is ahead. the truth of the matter is, a lot of folks, especially folks in the media, don't know how to read polls. the fact that these media polls are showing that bob menendez is in the mid to low 40s, the vast majority of undecided voters are going to go for bob hugin in that election. i think hugin has a real shot. pete: there are more republicans in new jersey than people think. >> exactly right. pete: thanks for being here. up next, an army veteran lost three limbs fighting in
6:49 am
afghanistan. he survived more than 100 surgeries and then took on mt. kilimanjaro. he joins us coming up. - i get headaches. a lot. but no way i'm gonna keep taking extra strength products. no way. it's vanquish for me. a special formula goes right to the pressure that causes the pain. no need for extra strength products. defeat headache pain. vanquish it.
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ed: adam was servings as an army paratrooper in afghanistan when he was injured by a roadside bomb, losing three limbs. he made it through more than 100 surgeries, learning to walk and talk again, determined to make the most of his second chance. he has competed in marathons. before setting his sights on his
6:53 am
biggest challenge. trish: one of the big ones. mt. kilimanjaro. he completed the 19,000 foot climb leaving his purple heart at the peak. adam joins us right now with more about lhis incredible journey and such an incredible story. so good to have you here. >> thank you very much, guys. appreciate it. trish: you decided to climb mt. kilimanjaro. how did you get that idea? >> a friend of mine from annapolis, maryland, a retired guy from the vietnam era had done it a year and a half ago to raise money for his daughter's cystic fibrosis. i got these new prosthetic legs and they felt so good and i saw the video and said you know what, i think, i think i can do that. it started from there. ed: what was the significance for you? what did it mean to leave your purple heart there at the top of the mountain? why did you do that? >> i left the purple heart there to recognize everybody in the service and not just here in america, but all of our nato allies as well. everyone is paying such a high
6:54 am
price and not everybody gets a purple heart. not everybody wants one. we actually do call it the enemy's marksmanship badge. i want to recognize them as well. we are all in this together and always have been. it was my purple heart but i left it at the top for all of us. trish: wow. so how long did it take you? >> six days total. we reached the summit on the fifth day. trish: my goodness. did you have a lot of help on your way up? >> quite a bit of help. trish: did you train for it? >> i trained. i talked to a lot of people who have done it before and talked to people who are training for it currently now. most people said let's do it for a year, year and a half or so, training, and i said you know, i'm a little bit ambitious. let's do six months. get on the calendar. ed: that's a lot impatient. i can barely get off the couch. you're up there climbing mt. kilimanjaro. >> i dedicated the last six months before the climb to get in shape for it. i didn't see a lot of friends or family during that time but they all knew the reason i was doing what i was doing. we put it on the calendar.
6:55 am
i had my guide in tanzania and all our assistant guides, there's about 21 of us total, 24 counting tyler and myself, and they helped me in the times where i couldn't walk safely or maybe i shouldn't, and they talked me out of a couple things, too, because it was maybe a little too dangerous even though i wanted to give it a shot. they said let me give you a hand. ed: less than a minute but i wonder if you can tell us, it would be an amazing accomplishment for anyone, but take us back to 2010 to now. the journey you have been on. because we talked about you surviving nearly 100 surgeries. talk about the challenge. >> well, it's 130 something and it took a long, long time to be able to walk, a little more than five years, but my driving force was the guys that didn't make it home. if i can mention their names, scott, 21 june 2010, 14 july 2010 we lost sergeant fisher from missouri, sergeant chase from missouri, sergeant johnson from minnesota and my dear
6:56 am
friend, jessie reed from white hall, pennsylvania. ed: your next journey will be the new york city marathon on november 4th. >> yes. ed: we will have you back after that. >> i would love to come back. ed: so proud of what you already accomplished. trish: such an inspiration. thank you. >> thank you guys so much. ed: great story. trish: it really is. a once-in-five hundred year storm should happen every five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? ...
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pete: how lucky are we to have trish here today. big debut on monday night. trish: monday night is the debut of my new show, trish regan, primetime. pete: at 8:00 o'clock. trish: yeah, exactly. talking about the economy and
7:00 am
politics and midterms coming up so lots of news. ed: had to talk to brent .com for our after the show right now. pete: adam, where is my umbrella? >> it's drying off right now. pete: i don't believe that. join us again tomorrow morning on "fox and friends" and trish will be here but. ed: have a great saturday. ♪. neil: here's what we know about edward. do into washington during the show and here's what we know about stocks. you better not make a move until you watch the show because from the pastor to profits we have you covered. former ambassador bill richardson on the present planned meeting with brunson at the white house and maybe later today. kentucky governor on the president's big rally in his state later tonight. i want you to take a look at the devastation


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