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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 13, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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that's it for us tonight. be sure to follow us on fab * and twitter. i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: breaking tonight, president trump wrapping up a speech to a packed house in kentucky just a short time ago. welcome to "justice." i'm jeanine pirro. and thanks to all of you for making last weekend's justice our highest rated show of the year. thank you for tuning in, and of course for keeping liars, leaks and liberals on the best sellers' list for three straight months.
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we have all the breaking news today, hogan gidley, dan bongino, charlie kirk and more. you can't miss my opening statement about how the left can't get out of their own way. but first let's take a look at some of the highlights of president trump's rally speech tonight. president trump: just hours ago we celebrated another tremendous victory for the american people. you know what i'm talking about. [cheers and applause] we are having a lot of victories, folks, can you handle it? in the oval office of the white house i welcomed home pastor andrew brunson, great man, from turkey. he is now free from jail.
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think that, 35-year jail sentence. 35 years. not anymore. he's back with his family. together with his wife. and he's on american soil. i want to thank president erdogan of turkey. he was terrific. they all worked together. wasn't easy. that one wasn't easy. and we don't pay ransom. we don't pay ransom. [cheers and applause] and to make sure america's extraordinary comeback, we want to make sure it continues full speed ahead. we don't want democrats that are coming from a different place, we don't want them getting in office. all they will do is obstruct. under republican leadership
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america is booming. it's thriving. america is winning again because we are finally putting america first. you look back there at the fake news media. look at them. look at them. like the academy awards every time. i would like to walk into a place one night and not have any of these guys. boy, it gets bigger and bigger. but even they have said that president trump -- they probably get fired the next day -- that president trump made promises during the campaign, and i actually produced more than the promises i made. how often do you hear that?
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judge jeanine: more from the president's rally throughout the hour. but first my open. [♪] we now enter a new phase of the trump presidency. amidst the outrageous outlandish left-wing chaotic mob behavior of socialist democrats. american momentum is now around winning. the winning that outsider candidate donald trump promised us. not the anarchy democrats, aka, demon rats, want to impose on us. the tactics of these demon rats and trump-hating leftists are backfiring. americans are now buying into and shooting results over politically correct losing behavior of other presidents. when the "new york times," bret
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stephens, and the "wall street journal"'s peggy noonan both trump haters said senate democrats overplayed their hand and the democrats are blowing it. you know sense was coming. and it's not the blue wave the genius pundits predicted. they know they lost not just the kavanaugh fight. but the american people along the way. americans don't like lies in justice and they don't like villagvigilante for mob justice. the insanity we witnessed by those suffering from trump derangement syndrome is shock and unprecedented. from being tossed out of restaurants to being directed to harass, intimidate, confront and make a crowd around anyone they don't agree with, they ramped it
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up even more during the kavanaugh hearings. screaming, interrupting. shouting down senators, block them from voting, and they are attempting to block them from voting and then in their feigned loser outrage, they claw on the doors of the united states supreme court as kavanaugh is being sworn in. americans are fair. and they have had enough. according to real clear politics, republican senators in key states have dramatically turned things around, cruz, blackburn, heller, mcsalary -- mcsally, and demon rat cory booker who is the laughingstock of the senate after likening himself to spartacus fell flat off his chariot. and they justified their
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behavior. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. judge jeanine: hillary, clinton power cash harvey weinstein and your sexual predator husband, what the hell do you stand for. take a listen to this one. >> someone says when they go low we go high. no, no. when they go lee, we kick them d when they go low, we kick them. [applause] that's what the new democratic party is about. judge jeanine: you a former attorney general of the united states condone violence.
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you believe word justify physical assault? we are not even two years into trump's presidency. the economy, record high, unemployment, under president trump americans saved $3.2 million in taxes. the military is being rebuilt. 120 federal judges have been appointed. two united states supreme court justices. a much improved trade deal for the u.s. with canada and mexico. the stock market has hit historic highs 80 times. 81,000 illegal aliens have been deported by i.c.e. 15 hostages have been brought home from countries like north
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korea, iran, venezuela and of course just today pastor andrew brunson from turkey. so to all those trump-hating demon rats and the mainstream media, keep up the antics. you are all losers, sore losers, stupid losers too dumb to even know that you are losing. he said it himself just a few minutes ago in kentucky. president trump: the on reason to vote democrat is if you are tired of winning. comeerwinning. -- [cheers and applause] judge jeanine: i don't know about you, but i'm not tired yet. that's my open. if you love my opening statements, you will love my new book, "new york times" "liars,
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leakers, and liberals." the release of american pastor andrew brunson after two years captivity in turkey. white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley joins me now. a huge day for the president today. pastor andrew brunson was taken hostage during the obama administration, was released. i can't help but notice that other hostages during the obama administration, otto warmbier and joshua houlton in venezuela. and it takes president trump to actually get them released. how is it those hostages, more than 15 of them as i understand, languished during the obama administration, and president trump without any ransom is able
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to get them released. how does he do this? >> there is a new sheriff in town. the president doesn't take anything from any other country. america is respected again. this president has shown the world he means business inner area, whether it's trade deals or crushing isis and their caliphate or talking about getting our hostages back, american citizens, back to this country. i was at joint base andrews when those three people came back from north korea. i was in north korea when joshua holt was returned. i have been there a year now in the white house and these instances stick out almost more than any other because of what this president is able to do, and he's not selling america down the river and giving billions of dollars to the world's largest state sponsor of
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terror. he's showing the world we are back, we mean business. don't cross this president or he'll make you pay for it. judge jeanine: the president himself said 24 hours from being convicted in turkey to ending up in the early office, that's a pretty short time. the american people as they look at this, that's what my open was about, i can't help but think they will say, this guy is right, he is winning. yet during the obama administration there were beheading and beau bergdahl was convicted of treason. we give money to the taliban in exchange for them. how can there be up a difference of behavior? if you are not threatening them, what is he doing? >> he's made this country respected again. he made this country feared again. he doesn't go on a worldwide
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tour and apologies for the greatness of america like barack obama did on so many occasions. instead he comes in and says america is great, we'll work with other countries. we have great relationships. the president has developed relationships with leaders from all oh this world. now they know where america stand. they know he means business. the promise he he makes, the promises he keeps, and you saw that today with the release of pastor brunson. this president turned this country around, the world has taken notice, and that's why you are seeing so many successes on the global scale. judge jeanine: i want to talk about the post columnist that is missing and we have two scenarios, one is brunson released by the turkish
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government and the president was generous in his gratitude to the turkish president, erdogan. but we have another person disappearing in turkey. is there a connection? >> i don't believe there is a connection. we don't know all the facts with the missing journalist. with respect, a new respect across the globe this president has. he means business. you saw just the other day the saudi ambassador went back to his country, and we told him don't come back until we have answers. the president made it clear he wants an open, prompt investigation into this. judge jeanine: we have a $110 billion arms deal with the saudi government. the president seems to suggest that the sanctions he'll impose if he does find out that khashoggi was actually murdered
9:15 pm
in the embassy will thought affect the economic deal that is pending. >> i'm not going to get ahead of what the president would do, and i can't adjust hypotheticals. but the president wants this economy to do well. that deal is enriching our country and our lives. but this is not unique to this particular relationship the president has with saudi arabia. they are one of our partners and allies. we have partners and allies all over the globe. when it's time to work with them on issues we do. and when it's time to punish them we do. this is no different. judge jeanine: dan bongino and chris hahn are warming up for tonight's panel battle. but first more from president trump in kentucky with the former republican congressman,
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president trump: in the wake of hurricane michael our thoughts are with our fellow certain
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seasons in florida, georgia, alabama, north carolina, south carolina and virginia. they got hit hard. they got hit hard. especially when you look at florida. did you ever see anything like that? judge jeanine: president trump discussing the serious situation in parts of florida and beyond. joining me with reaction, the man who wants to be the governor of florida. former republican congressman ron desantis. good evening, congressman. we'll still call you congressman. i understand that obviously florida is your state and you have been involved in some of the rescue and clean-up there. how bad is it? >> i was born and raids in florida. this is the worst i have seen. i was youngs when andrew hit so i don't remember that as well.
9:21 pm
but if you look at panama city and mexico beach, this is significant damage. we converted my campaign rallies that were scheduled into supply drops. we were able to fill up two u-hauls. judge jeanine: these are photos and videos of the congressman assisting in florida. go ahead, congressman. >> so we brought a lot to a shelter, and that's going to be distributed from there. there were people in the low-income neighborhoods. they couldn't make to it a shelter. so we delivered some stuff direct to them. those are some of the pictures you are seeing. they were appreciative that we were able to do that. i thank my supporters that we were able to dig in and help our floridians in need.
9:22 pm
>> 1,500 people in florida are still missing. how does that happen? >> hopefully a lot of those people did get out. the storm kind of snuck up on people. we weren't thinking about it, then it was there. but it went from a category 1 to a category 4 in six hours. there were some people who thought they could ride out a category 1, you ain't going to ride out a category 4 unless you have serious structures. judge jeanine: i remember with the last hurricane there were warnings for 45 days -- for four or five days, get out, get out. i want to move on. you heard the president, big day for him. the pastor who was incarcerated or taken hostage is released after being convicted from
9:23 pm
turkey. how does the president do this? >> i'll tell you. i think he's up to 19 or 20 americans that have been held unjustly overseas and he brought them back. i don't think any president has done anything close to that in less than two years. i think it's another success for the president. i think he really believe that he has to look out for all americans. if they are being held in places like north korea or venezuela or turkey, i think he thinks it's his responsibility to get them and he succeeded beyond anyone's wildest expectations. judge jeanine: starting with the otto warmbier, and others, it's stunning. there is now momentum. we are wing. but i want to move on to the "washington post" columnist who went mission at the saudi
9:24 pm
consulate in turkey when he went there, then was told to come back in five days. reports he has been murder and dismembered. the president saying the $110 billion arms deal, we'll still go through with it. how do you feel about it. >> i want to know what happened. it's obviously suspicious. saudi arabia, they have a lot of problems for sure. but i think the president has figured out a way to have a constructive relationship with them. if they did this, it will impact our relationship. so let's get the facts on that and see. but it will be a big deal if they murdered this guy. judge jeanine: the prince, mohammad bin salman seems like a paranoid guy. as soon as he was made prince he started locking up his relatives at the ritz carlton.
9:25 pm
and now if indeed's pair noird and responsible shall be -- indeed he's paranoid, and we don't yet know what the facts are, is this the kind of moa --f monarch dictator we can work with? >> we have been working with him. he has been working behind the scenes with the israelis, which is unprecedented for that country. there are things he was doing that were promising and encouraging. but when you talk about taking a journalist and murdering them, that's not something we can turn a blind eye to. judge jeanine: until we know for sure we can't even speculate. saudi arabia is one of the top 10 trading partners for the united states. also i don't think it's $110
9:26 pm
billion when you put in all the other contracts to support the arms deal. it's even bigger. it's about jobs, et cetera. ron desantis, thanks so much and all our prayers for those in until. and our best to you. charlie kirk with exclusive photos of his meeting in the white house with kanye west. on three weeks until the most of anticipated mid-term elections. anticipated mid-term elections. "justice" keeps moving
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school shooter nikolas cruz trespassed on school grounds 7 months before the shooting in parkland. he pretended to be a student after being kicked out of the school the previous year. he's accused of killing 14 students and three staff members earlier this year. thousands of demonstrators marching through paris demanding more be done to prevent climate change. the event follows a recent u.n. report calling for the phasing out of colby 2050 to help stave off global warming. i'm robert gray. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." now back to the judge. president trump: the fact is democrats have become the party of crime. they have. republicans are the party of
9:32 pm
safety, and we are the party of jobs, jobs, jobs. judge jeanine: the president wrapping up a make america great again rally in kentucky and the crowd in the blue grass state was loving every minute of it. the author of spy gate, the attempted sabotage of donald trump. the president kicked off a rally tonight by saying we celebrated. >> the tremendous victory when he welcomed home freed american pastor andrew brunson who visited the oval office earlier today. chris hahn, wouldn't you say it's a pretty spectacular event? >> yeah, i give hip credit for getting this guy out. like the pastor, i too have prayed for the president to gain
9:33 pm
wisdom. i hope the president has better luck than i have and he'll stop attacking his political opponents in the wake of a tragedy like we have seen since the hurricane in florida and not be at rallies. judge jeanine: you want the president in the situation room while they are conducting an operation? >> the president was giving a rally as the hurricane hit thursday. that to me is very disappointing. it's probably the most of unpresidential thing this president has done. this president criticizes president obama for going back on the campaign trail a week after hurricane sandy. for him to be giving a campaign speech during the actual event. judge jeanine: got it. dan bongino, your response.
9:34 pm
>> this was a big day. it's so frustrating debating this guy. he tries to give the president credit, then goes immediately into an attack speech. you can never win with chris and his liberal buddies. donald trump goes over to puerto rico and starts handing out emergency supplies and they don't like the way he throws a paper towel at people. he says i'm going to visit until and georgia, i'm on top of the situation, i'm having an oval office briefing. and chris is still taking cheap shots. you can never please them. >> if barack obama gave a campaign rally as hurricane sandy was ravaging new york, you would have went ballistic. then the next day if barack obama brought a rap star into the white house? judge jeanine: there is too much
9:35 pm
news. today khashoggi, there is talk he might have been murdered in the saudi consulate. dan, what do you think should happen given we have a $110 billion arms deal pending with saudi arabia. >> there is a p.c. answer and a non-p.c. one. if this happened and he was cut up with a bone saw like some people alleged, then this is a serious crime that should be taken seriously. but there is a global picture here. we are on a razor's edge with iran, and to throw out completely over what would be a horrible, dozen gusting death could bring the deaths of thousands more. but this does have to be dealt with. this is an inhumane savage thing to do. judge jeanine: chris, before i
9:36 pm
let you respond, i want to ask you a question. you took the side of barack obama as it related to president trump in the release. why is it that obama couldn't get three people otto warmbier, the pastor, and he was just convicted friday, and josh holt from venezuela. was it because obama was always apologizing for being pane american? why couldn't obama do what trump did? >> i don't want to relive the past. judge jeanine: i want you to answer the question. >> i think he could have done more to get these people freed. i am sorry he didn't and i'm glad the pastor is free and i give president trump credit for this. god bless him, i hope he lives a long life. as for what's going on with saudi arabia.
9:37 pm
if they did what they are being accused of, the united states must go to at united nations and lead a coalition to put severe sanctions on saudi arabia. judge jeanine: that's what the president said, he said i will put severe sanctions on. >> we have to get the whole global community there to do it with us. judge jeanine: go ahead, dan. >> i get it, point step upped. we all understand this happened. it's a human horror show. but we have to remember we need the saudis. we need them in our deal weather israelis and we need them in their deal weather iranians. this is not something -- we are not going to solve this -- >> how many times are we going to let the saudis get away with 9/11, we let them get away with far too much for far too long. we need to represent american
9:38 pm
values around the world. and if the saudi empire falls as a result, so be it. judge jeanine: are we going to have a war? >> chris wants world war iii tomorrow with the iranians who are developing a nuclear program. this is insane. >> i think the saudis have been a bad actor and we looked the other way for far too long. we should be offended by it. and here they go again. we thought this guy would be reformer. he's clearly not a reformer. >> are you crazy? are you nuts? you cannot start world war iii over this. judge jeanine: talk about dismemberment and murder, i did that as a prosecutor. it's amazing how americans get
9:39 pm
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start a 30-day trial today and your first audiobook is free. cancel anytime and your books are yours to keep forever. audible. the most inspiring minds. the most compelling stories. text "listen16" to 500500 to start your free trial today. [♪] judge jeanine: president trump's meeting with kanye west this week causing a freak-out among the liberals. listen to what jimmy kimmel had to say. >> not only was this a crazy conversation for this white house. this is the kind of conversation that would typically be held between people wearing hospital bracelets. he was sitting across from his
9:44 pm
own twitter account come to life. judge jeanine: here to join me, charlie kirk. what say you? >> first of all with kimmel's comments in particular, not only is that re present hencible. it all -- that's reprehensible. the left is very scared. jimmy kimmel would not dedicate this kind of time on his show if they didn't think this demonstrated a threat to their control over the black population. you will never find a population more underserved by the democratic party. kanye west challenged that orthodoxy and they challenge his mental health. judge jeanine: you met him the day he was at the white house.
9:45 pm
there you are with candace owens and kanye. >> that's right. we spent the afternoon with him after his meeting in the white house. what i love most of about kanye west, he's a free thinker. he didn't oppose democrats. he says i love hillary. he says why aren't we having an honest conversation about how our communities has been damaged the last 50 years. they went after him in such a pernicious and awful way. you saw don lemon. judge, if you said that you would be pulled off air. judge jeanine: they accused him of being mentally unfit. he's a billionaire businessman, but what do i know. i want to move on to a tweet from alec walled win. wino -- alec
9:46 pm
baldwin. he says every since i played trump black people love me. i think it's because they are most of afraid of trump. what does that mean? >> i find no evidence of that whatsoever. black america today is doing the best it has common in the modern era under this president. the lowest ever unemployment rate ever in the history of modern statistics under this president. we saw a 400% uncrease in black-owned business start-ups under this president because of low regulation and less tax agenda. i don't know what alec baldwin is talking about. he has had a mixed history in the past. the left is scared and they should be. their monolith over black america is being put into question and there is something new happening.
9:47 pm
judge jeanine: it's stung. rumor and mob mentality not supported by the facts seems to be the call for the day. and third, let's talk about mika from morning joe on friday. >> i'm glad you said that because i do think he's using them as pawns and i feel terrible for what he is doing to these people who are so excited to come to his rallies to see the president of the united states, then he uses them like that and makes them look stupid. judge jeanine: people come to the rallies and support trump are both side and pawns. >> i guess we are successful pawns then. there are 60 million pawns out there. this is what the left tries to do. they try to trivialize the success of this administration. anyone who comes out in support of the president, they don't know what they are talking
9:48 pm
about, their mental health is brought into question. the dark space between malibu and manhattan the democratic party has forgotten about, they are with his president. they see isis destroyed, and the economy coming back. mika, stay in manhattan. judge jeanine: president trump brings a winning message to kentucky. the highlights of tonight's huge the highlights of tonight's huge rally that you haven't seen i get it all the time. "have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know.
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[♪] judge jeanine: president trump gets mid-term voters in kentucky very excited in the town of richmond tonight. take a look at some of the best of tonight's huge rally. president trump: the democrats have become totally consumed by their chilling lust for power. what the crazy radical democrats did to justice kavanaugh is a national disgrace. he stared down the angry left-wing mob, he never blinked and he never looked back. and he got up, a man who will be one of our great, great supreme
9:53 pm
court justices. [cheers and applause] senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the new platform of the democrat party is radical socialism. and its open borders. democrats want to abolish i.c.e. and turn america into a giant sanctuary for criminal aliens and ms-13 thugs. republicans believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-biding americans, not criminal al -- aliens. if you elect republicans this move we'll pass legislation to end catch and release. have you heard the other one? lottery. i don't want a chain. i want people to come into our country on a merit-based system.
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this election is about safety and about prosperity. since the last election -- and these are numbers the fakers back there, the fake news would never have allowed me to say -- they in a million years -- have you ever said this during the campaign? they would have had headlines. we created over 4.2 million new jobs. we added nearly 600,000 manufacturing jobs. remember manufacturing is never going to come back, never going to come back. hispanic american and asian-american unemployment has reached its lowest level in history. african-american unemployment has reached its lowest level ever recorded in history. they were all saying he'll not
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if you can't watch set your dvr. thank you for watching, i'm jeanine. advocating for truth, justice and the american way. the greg gutfeld show is coming up next and i will see you again next saturday night. ♪ [cheering and applause] greg: the news seems pretty good if you ask me. booming economy, unlimited dropping a new supreme court judge who can stay awake. pieces breaking out in the careers and american pastors release from turkey and i just saw michael downtown selling pencils. he is so adorable in cardboard shorts. yet, in two years trump salt more headaches than a boatload of [inaudible].


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