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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 14, 2018 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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we're having a lot of victories, folks. i welcome home pastor andrew brunson, great man from turkey. >> i ask that you pour out your holy spirit on president trump. >> i think the mainstream media wants to overlook the success that the president has own bringing people home. >> the democrats have become consumed by their lust for power. >> the blue wave is african-american. it's why, l latino, asian pacifc islander, comprised of those documented and undocumented. >> the recovery effort getting under way in the florida pan
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panhandle after i was hit hard by hurricane mike disbll it's difficult to see that we don't have anything. we're just -- we hardly exist. >>. i want to brag. >> he needs to stop. he doesn't listen to anyone but himself. who does he remind me of? he's black me. ♪ sometimes i think ed henry is journalist me. fi was a journalist, maybe i would be ed henry. >> maybe i should think of that. >> you should be so lucky. i'm glad to be here. >> happy halloween, early. >> halloween party last night. there were two bouncy castles, two. my kids were not. >> save the details. we're going to get d to that. >> that sounds exciting.
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i don't know what e wer ooh going to see. i'm on the show. >> the president was on the road doing campaign in kentucky. pastor andrew brunson is waking up here in america a free man on u.s. soil this morning. >> president trump giving him a warm welcome at the white house after he was jailed for two years in turkey. >> julian turn ser live in washington with the homecoming. >> pastor brunson's feet are firmly on u.s. soil for the first time after being detained in turkey two years ago. he landed at andrews base yesterday at noon and headed to pennsylvania avenue. the first item on his agenda, gratitude for the trump team. >> we want to thank the administration you really fought for us. from the time you took office i know you've been involved. >> he took some time to lead a
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prayer in the oval office. >> lord god i asked that you pour out your holy spirit on president trump, that you give him super natural wisdom to accomplish all of the plans that you have for this country. >> the national security team has been working around the clock for weeks to secure brunson's release, state department and white house and diplomats have been communicating. but the president himself tooking great pains to point out it wasn't a deal that ultimately secured brunson's release. >> we do not pay ransom in this country, at least any longer. we won't pay ransom. >> president trump ai sources tt the time ear dewan said that the judicial process would be allowed to run its course.
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for now all signs point to him living up to the commitment, a good thing for the u.s. turkish relationship moving forward. >> a good thing for the americas well. a president has brought home a dozen people who have been imprisoned without paying a ransom. >> that's it. no ransom, no hostage. we'll pay nothing. if you hold one of our people we'll hold you out and put them in a tough place until you give them back. >> e we'l we we'll make your liy very difficult. >> we've lived in a world where before there was a price tag or a number of people to be traded for americans. not anymore. >> what a beautiful moment when the pastor led that prais prayen the oval office. you lad secretary mike pompeo as there. and the president was making a
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joke, who did you vote for. i know you vote for me. >> there was a self deposit occasion therself deposit traoc. and regarding what aisle you're on, he cares about bringing people home. i wonder who the pastor is going to vote for in 2020. >> look what's happening in kentucky last night. he promised to get out on the road and campaign anywhere. >> he's done. >> in kentucky, the weather was like 37 degrees out, a little chilly and people were out there hours early. >> thousands of people could not get in. >> and this president said i will grow all the way to the midterms with my message in strategic places that matter. a lot of people watched it on the big screen. the arena was packed. this is what the president had
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to say about the democrats, the race and what's coming up. >> lots of crazy radical democrats did to justice kavanaugh is a national disgrace. the democrats have become totally consumed by their chilling lust for power they will destroy your second amendment and the democrats want to open our borders to a flood of deadly drugs and ruthless gangs. democrats have become the party of crime. the new platform of the democrat party is radical socialism and it's open borders. democrats want to abolish i.c.e. and they want to turn america into a giant sanctuary for criminal aliens and ms13 thugs >> he's in richmond want kentucky, the lexington area by
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the university of kentucky. good wildcats and you have a republican congressman barr in a tough race. the president is turning out the faith nfl the republican party right before the midterms. that gives the republican candidate, the incumbent a big big leg going in. but the big picture is he's talking about illegal immigration, it worked for him in between and he believes on the national level, even though some republicans won't listen to him about the wall, he think this is going to help. >> i thought he was going to say sanctuary country. if you want to open borders andd abolish i.c.e., you have a sanctuary country. these are the core themes that people say i have got a pretty stark choice. >> we don't want to be friends. they've got great food and a lot of culture but we don't want to be friends and we don't want to be socialists. he's smart to go after that. no matter how -- anyone you talk
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to anywhere in this country there's a work ethic that we all respect and love as americans and we don't like the idea of the government taking from us and redistributing that wealth. i mean alexandria cortez dues so i think this is a talking point for him. the crime issue. it's not that hard. >> he talks open borders, the mainstream media rolls its collective i ie saying eye sayie exaggerates the problem and then on cue, stacy abrams, the group toirl candidate in georgia -- it's important that the president is not just going to the individual states like kentucky, there she is, the democratic nominee in georgia, eric holder was there and made a comment a few days ago in georgia, we kick them. it sounds like she thinks at least that the blue wave is
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going toin collude illegal immigrants voting. watch. >> the thing of it is the blue wave is african-american. it's white, it's latino, asian pacific islander. it is made up of those who have been told that they are not worthy of being here. it is comprised of those who are documented and undocumented. >> well, if you're undocumented, you're not supposed to be able to vote, right? >> upside down world right now. >> is it an illegal blue wave? what should we label it? illegal blue wave in alien blue wave? criminal gangs coming across, sit an ms13 wave? the absurdity of the moment is worth articulating. do we want to live in a sanctuary country where our laws and borders don't matter, our voter rules don't matter.
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if you're not here legally, you don't get to the vote. >> here is the person who might be the next governor of georgia base schabasically saying illeg, they're going to help. >> in new york you go vote and you haven' don't have to preseny identification. to get in this builder this morning i needed identification. >> in maryland i have to show my driver's license. >> that's good. >> and you get a fre i free id n almost everybody state. you should get a free id and present it. by god, if there's somewhere you should prove where you are, it's there. >> "saturday night live" sometimes off key and mostly off trump, but sometimes when they do that -- can you roll tape on
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when they've been protrump? >> no. but sometimes in their anti-trumpism they make you laugh. >> first let me begin with the idea that time is the myth. an infinite amount of universe. i'm a prisoner in a different dimension. have i lost anyone so far? >> he doesn't stop. he doesn't listen to anyone but himself. who does he remind me of. >> i don't want to brag but i have a high iq. i'm a stable genius. >> oh my god, he's black me. >> jim, you want to add anything? >> add. i got a couple of sub tractions. the only thing i want to point out is mental health in the black community is apparently a bigger issue than i thought. i mean i've been on coalitions with bill cosby and o.j. simpson and this is the first time i'm having regrets. >> the alec baldwin part where
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he says he doesn't listen to anyone, a stable genius, that's black me. pretty funny. >> he's certainly having a revival of his career out of this. >> i'm a generous rawfer. laugh. i watched that and laughed. >> in that case its was funny. >> but they always put trump supporters in two boxes. either you're racist or you're crazy got to be one of the other. kanye west is not racist so he's got to be crazy and if you're not crazy you got to be racist if you september this president. >> that is the entire media that's going that. mainstream media is going after kanye saying he's crazy, totally inappropriate or the token african-american. tbood for him. good for him. he's passionate about something.
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the more people you can bring into this process by exuding that passion. >> he's a threat. and if you're a threat because you'ryou're right.he's a threat. >> what do you think about the candidate for governor saying you ought to vote. we'll take you to the mayhem in portland. >portland. and beware of big government. the uk wants to put a calorie cap in place on pizza, burgers and things on your waistline. michael knolls say there's a big play here. he's next. ♪ ♪ listen right here.
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it's your faith, it's your strength, what you've done, gone through. i know what you've gone through. >> american pastor andrew brunson is home. the president and the nation welcome him with open arms after two years of imprisonment in turkey. our next guest had the opportunity to join the pastor on his journey home. joining me now, president of the familiarry research council, tony perkins. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. i thought that was a pretty crediblincredible. >> it was an a surreal experience. i was there on behalf of the u.s. commission on international freedom at his hearing on friday. actually visited with him on thursday, delivered a message from the president to him. there to support him and his family. and obviously a lot of work had gone into this. the president is to be commended, the vice president, secretary of state who have been working. i know this because i've been
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communicating with them regularly. they've been working around the clock. it was touch and go during the hearing on friday. toward the end of the day they read a 62-page indictment recommending that he be placed back in prison out of house arrest. and that was his greatest fear that we talked about on thursday. and his wife was there sitting next to us. it was a panic that came over. and then they recessed, came back and essentially set the stage for him to be released. but there was kind of a window there that they had to get him out of the country. there was a lot of scurrying, the white house working on it, the state department working on it to get him out of the country. we took a military flight out immediately, stopping in germany and getting back yesterday they were overwhelmed to know how much this administration, the american people cared for them. what happened here is not only did this administration, this
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president send help to pastor brunson and bring him home but it sent a message of hope to the perpurse cuted around the world that the president cares about the americans and we will no longer sacrifice human freedom. this was a big event and the president and his team are to be commended . >> it's a big moment. how did they do it? this is not an easy task. they didn't trade anyone. turkey asked for someone over here, we said no way. how did this happen? >> we need to take note of the determination of this administration. it was a team effort. the president cared about this person. i talked to him on monday night. he said we've been talking about this every day and i know they have. it's been a priority. john bolton has been working on it. it was a focused effort but it's reflective of this administration's focus of
3:19 am
america first. again, the well-being of americans when they're unjustly persecuted or imprisoned, we're not going to leave them behind. we're going to do everything we can. this is not the first case and it won't be the last. this administration is committed to pr ect thin protecting ameri. what this does is gives meaning to the term of being american. we know this country has our back rmt it'. >> it's an interesting point that you make and one that the president reiterated with the president. he said you've galvanized this country, it's your faith, your strength what you have gone through. i know what you've gone through. this is the president talking with pastor brunson just yesterday. what do you think it means for the country as they watch this moment?
3:20 am
>> here's an american that for 24 years has been serving turkey. we had a long time to talk about things on the way back. they love the turkish people. america gives. we tear about other people. questiowe're not going to sack e well-being of americans and this administration is showing that bhbut this is the time to celebrate what's good about america. we talked about praying if are the president. for the president. it was a great moment. >> great to be an american. thanks so much. tony perkins, good to see you. >> thanks, trish. dave chappelle has a message for trump supporters. >> as the president of a country that's as eclectic as ours, i think he's speaking to a very small choir. >> straight ahead. plus, could pc culture be a thing of the past? a new revolt against political
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restarting your equipment, or paying your bill is easier than ever with x1. x1 help. another reason to love x1. say "teach me more" into your voice remote to get started. some quick headlines for you. extreme weather. the serge intens intensifying f0 people stranded in the wake of hurricane michael which has killed 19. cries using cadaver dogs, drones and machinery to rescue survivors so far. 700,000 people still without power across six straits. president trump threatening punishment if the saudiists are behind the disappearance of a journalist. >> we'll have to make a determination. there are other things we can do
3:25 am
that are very very powerful, very strong and we'll do that. now as of this moment nobody know what is happened. >> saw day arabia, jamal, who has been critical of the government vanished after visiting the consulate in turkey. it's believed he was brutally murdered inside. president trump is meeting with his family soon. justice brett kavanaugh -- say it with me, justice brett kavanaugh spotted feeding the homeless for catholic charities, also photographed served up meals in the d.c. area over the summer. meanwhile americans are simply fed up with the pc police. >> that's according to a new study showing 80% of americans believing political correctness is a problem. >> here to react, michael knowles. this is surprising to us. 80% of americans say we're fed up with pc but we kneel like wee
3:26 am
live in a world cloaked with political correctness. >> i'm almost sick and tired of winning. it's good news for republicans, a huge problem for the democrats. the straw that broke the camel's back was transgenderrism. i think it's because it's one thing to tell a guy to wish someone a happy holiday instead of merry christmas it's another to follow that guy's daughter into into the changing room at the public pool because men are women and women are men. that reality is settling in. this creates a huge problem for democrat ps only people who are pro-pc according to the poll are rich overcredentialed white people, progressive activists who do faith and carry p petitions for democrats. but the democrats rely on those who are opposed to political
3:27 am
correctness. i think what this could lead to is a conservative led coalition of voters who can acknowledge that men are not women. and i think president trump is leading the way. >> great point. >> so it's note just happening here. it's happening all over the world, including the uk. you've got big government that's trying to infringe on people's rights. so whether it's freedom of speech or freedom to eat what you want, apparently there's a thinking that government should control it all because they get a calorie cap for pizzas, for burgers. i mean this is crazy, right? what ever happened to wanting to pig out. >> freedom of pizzi an pizza an. >> basically it's kind of hard to have a pizza within the calorie window that the uk
3:28 am
wants, 928. what do you think after that? >> thank goodness we separated from them 242 years ago. >> that's what pete was saying. >> the government is not very competent at many things and making pizza is one of them. but the uk government is doubling down on this. this is the real danger of socialist health care. this is the real danger that we're seeing with medicare for all plans which is that when the government is running your health care, when it's paying for your health care, for your tax dollars, all of the sudden it can dictate every aspect of your life, how you behave, what you smoke, how much you drink and how much pepperoni you put on your pizza. it's a total lie. >> it's a secondary impact. if they control your health care they get to tell you how to live your life in pledging allegiance to controlling cost and pretty soon they control all of your life. that's hug how it metastasizes
3:29 am
itself. >> i think the gop americans should campaign on this saying look at britain and get your government hands off of my mozzarella cheese. an outrageous example of a much larger problem. >> thank you, michael knolls. >> appreciate it. coming up, antifa crashing a rally and then comes the chaos. we'll take you to the mayhem in portland. "saturday nightlife" taking on president trump's meeting with kanye. our panel here to react next. >> i'm a stable genius. i got a big brain and i got the best words. >> oh my god, he's black me.
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. these two are great dear friends of mine. a couple of real chicago types if you know what i mean. >> i don't want to brag but i have a high iq. i'm a stable genius. >> oh my god, he's a black me. >> jim, you want to add anything? >> the only thing i definitely want to point out is that mental health in the black community is apparently a bigger issue than i thought. i've been on coalitions with bill cosby and oj simpson and this is the first time i'm having regrets. >> here to react, katrina
3:34 am
pierson and friend of the show, kathie barnett. good morning to you both. kathy want i wanted to start with you. funny moments there perhaps with "saturday nightlife" poking fun at the president but when they got to the mental health part that thaz bee has been a sore ps week. >> what we've been witnessing over the past few days as fee fm the democratic party. the president trump and kanye meeting quickly became larger about these two men. it became about do we have autonomy in this nation to think the way we want to think, to think the way we want to choose. i said for years now that yes, i'm blahed but i'm not a democrat. just because i'm black does not mean that i too subscribe to liberal policies that have
3:35 am
absolutely decimated our community. what we've watched over this last week is just that, fear from the democratic party that black people are beginning to wake up. >> jaw hav you have to wonder is exactly right, that it's fear. let me play what cnn did on tuesday night. >> can nay west is what happens when negroes don't read. and now president trump is going to use it and pervert it. >> he's the model spokesperson, the token negro of the trump administration. no one should take kanye seriously. he has issues. >> i don't want to repeat that phrase and but yet it was said on cnn and they haven't apologized or done anything. >> of course they haven't apologized. they believe the stuff that their paid subscribers are saying. they believe that black people should not make money and be
3:36 am
prosperous. it's all because they're living in fear because the left -- what kanye west is saying is kryptonite to the left. he's saying we are free people, strive for our best, have jobs and that's not what the left has been doing. the greatness about what kanye has been able to do is slowly chip away at the armor of the society these been carefully crafted and limited by the left for the black community and they are terrified because that social construct is being shook and the democratic party cannot survive without it. >> in the left is terrified right now about kanye opening a door, maybe other moves by the president as well opening the door to more african-american support, what does the president need to do next in order to not just win african-american support but he's talk about going into chicago and help solve the gun problem, the crime problem there and yet he hand followed up. what is your advice to the president in. >> to continue doing what he's
3:37 am
doing. not only are we seeing unemployment for african-americans being at the lowest it's ever been, what i saw early last wheek when the president was talking to kanye, he was listening, attentive and respectful. he didn't tell kanye he needed to whiten up his -- it's noteworthy for us to take into consideration that not all overseers on the plantations were white. they were black too open their job was to keep the black folks in line. that's what we saw this past week, the don lemons of the world doing their role keeping the black folks in line. >> katrina that is an interesting point. how do you see this playing out in the midterms and heading to 2020 in terms of the president
3:38 am
winning more african support. >> the rhetoric on cnn is embarrassing for the black community. i was there in 2016 when donald trump's campaign trying tried to go to chicago. i was there when donald trump went to the black church in detroit, something a republican cannecanalcan datcandidate did s doing so much better now. what you don't know is what the administration is doing to help cities like chicago because they have sent a delegation there to do a listening session and to talk to people there. the president is actively engaged in supporting the black community and helping solve some of the problems. >> there's been a listening session. we'll see what they do in terms of action in the day days ahead. katrina and kathie, appreciate you coming in. breaking out in the streets
3:39 am
after antifa crashes a prayer march in portland, oregon, days after police shot and killed a black man believed to be involved in a shootout. [bleep]. >> unleashing pepper spray on innocent bystanders, no arrests were made. comedian dave chappelle is taking aim after presiden aim ap and his supporters. >> you look in your crowd and it's a patch work of people. i just think that he's speaking to a very small choir. >> in an interview cnn, chappelle adding that president trump doesn't represent the majority of americans calling the president's words quote repugnant. police are now on the
3:40 am
lookout for the person who stuck googly eyes on an historic monument. the suspect could face criminal charges. >> they're not tearing it down. my standards are low. i'll take it. >> if that's all you're left with. yeah. >> we've got extremely high standards with adam. he's going to do the weather. >> you guys ready for winter yet in. >> no. >> i want fall to stick around. >> we're talking about the first major cold front of the entire year sweeping across the country as we have so cold line of weather sweeping in. 51 degrees in kansas city. that is cold air. if you add in the windchills, those temperatures are lower. feels like temperatures down in spots, rapid city, 16 degrees, 18 degrees farther to the south. it's going to be frigid. when you stal talk about tempers
3:41 am
in the teens, we could talk about our first significant snow e swrent oevent of the season. there's snow on the way we may see a decent amount of snow, at least snow stand in some of these locations in the upper midwest and stretching back to the mountains. here in new york city, don't worry, guys, maybe a little bit of fall. >> i'm never worried about no, sir ever. ever. >> well you're going the walk outside and it's not going to be snowing. >> i don't want snow either. i appreciate that. we're looking out for the folks. there's going to be snow. >> midwest. >> finally got om football weather. thousands of people missing days after hurricane michael hit the florida panhandle. this story is still breaking live there next. veterans making the transition from serving an. we've got an important take on
3:42 am
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some quick headlines. your sports edition. the houston astros making a statement in the opener with a 7-2 win over the boston red sox. as a yankees man i'm happy trush is from new hampshire and likes the sox. game two at 7:09 tonight. the l.a. dodgers with a 4-3 win over the brewers in milwaukee. that series shifts out to l.a. for game three, 7:39 tomorrow night on fox sports one. and in college football, lu a big win over second ranked georgia. tigers handing the bulldog bulla loss that was big.
3:46 am
14t florida ran over varnd vand, what they failed to mention is that florida was very scared. they were down like two touch downs in the first half against vanderbilt. no offense to to nashville, vanderbilt is not usually a threat to florida. they barely one this one. to a fox news alert. the search for survivorrers ramped up in the panhandle in the wake of michael. >> the storm claiming 19 lives as that could change dramatically as 2,000 are still mismissing or stranded. what do you see in there? reporter: this is where the 155-mile-per-hour winds and a
3:47 am
9-foot storm surge swept off of the gulf through town, block after block of homes fltened, shoved off of their foundations, turned into kindling and crumbling on top of each other. everything still standing has been ripped open and it's all ruined as it is still standing up. the top priorities are continuing the search and rescue, trying to locate these 2150200 people that remain unscd for. unaccounted for. there is poor cell service if you have it and getting ahold of people or communicat communicatn challenging. we're going to have the sun rise and it will be post-hurricane michael day four. you can see mexico beach, a small town, a classic old florida beach town, no high-rise developments, no spring break scene.
3:48 am
a quiet place, family place. a third of the residents were over 65 and you can see it is just a waste land. it will be years before this place a cleaned up and built back. it's on the forgotten coast. certainly no one who had a place here and lost it or still has a place here and sees these scene wills ever forget what happened. search and rescue teams continue to look for bodies and that's a big priority. they found an elderly man here on friday afternoon. national guard telling me they believe they've found another fatality. they expect the death toll to rise in multiple states. >> amazing images. president trump's meeting with kanye west drawing a lot of criticism from the mean stream media. did one anchor take it too far. >> i imagine what was going on in trump's head. blacks love trump.
3:49 am
he's blacker than obama. >> let's imagine the news. more media bias straight ahead. >> unbelievable. a powerful message about veterans making the transition from service to civilian life. joey lost both of his legs serving our country overseas and he has an important take in our heros taking on an important mission in life, coming up. ♪ ♪ that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day.
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brave men and women who make sacrifices for our country return home. we took to twit tore help what our heros did for our country. we have to take the time to understand who they are and how they got here if they're going to help them. he goes on. it's multiple tweets, an entire thread worth reading in its entirety. joey jones joining us with more. it's a bunch of tweets but could been ap op-ed or article. you lay out a case object how the vets come home and tran sis
3:54 am
properly. help our viewers un. >> at the end of the day when veterans transition out of the military, just to give you a time line of how this works, we spend three months learning how to be a marine or soldier, six months learning how to deploy for six months, years getting ready for the next rank or promotion and then we spend two weeks getting ready to be a civilian again. what i'm working on is the idea of rather than beating up on the va or the government at large for the veterans transitions out of the military, they knees to prepare these men and women from day one to be a civilian again. we're the first generation to look at military service as a career, we could spend a career serving during a time of war which is different in and of itself as well. these men and women spend their formidable years serving a
3:55 am
mission that wasn't their mission. they didn't go out, go to college, make mistakes and find out what they're passionate about. they choose to keep us safe. that's not always a mission you can take with us when you leaf leave. the purpose of me writing this is simpt simply to say we wouldk back at the dod, look at the contracts that we sign and say, let's get these men and women ready to be committed to society when they leave. >> i agree with what you wrote in these tweets. you wrote, this is the first war generation to look for the government for resources and answers asking what's next. if you want to be successful after service you got to own it, work w for it and creates a narrative crutch that the vets use to stay stagnant. to point to the va or politician saying you're going to build me a building for my health care is to keep yourself stagnant and not own your future.
3:56 am
>> we use the example that the va health care is such a horrible disaster right now and we use that as an example to say that is not a good example of how we should do our health care in this count friday prp the same goes with the post career life. we talk about disability insurance or pension and retirement, worrying about social security, the same thing goes for the life that a veteran lead when they leave service, they go to the gi bill using it for a living stipend. there's unhealthy systems that limits and pacifies them from achieving their potential when they come back into the civilian market. >> i wish we had ten more minutes on this. we thank you for your time and service. thank you. more "fox & friends" on the other side.
3:57 am
(music throughout)
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even when nothing else is. gopi's found a way to keep her receipts tidy, (brand vo) snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,628 in tax savings. quickbooks. backing you. we're having a lot of victories folks. i welcome home pastor andrew brunson, great man from turkey. >> lord god i ask that you pow out your holy spirit on president trump. >> not only did this administration, this president help pastor brunson but it sent a message. we will no longer sacrifice the fundamental human right on globalism. >> the democrats have become totally consumed by their chilling lust for power >> the blue wave is african-american. it's white wibt's latino, asian
4:01 am
pacific islander. comprised of those documented and undocumented. >> thousands of people missing days after hurricane michael. a lot of people choose not to leaf and as a result a lot of people are unaccounted for. >> i don't want to brag but i'm a stable general usages he doesn't stop, doesn't listen to anyone but himself. who does he remind me of. he's black me. ♪ ♪ >> i thought he was talking about pete but he's talking about kanye. i wanted to stay on the back shot. that's my best shot. >> welcome back. >> thank you, ed henry. good to be here with you and pete. >> we're having fun. >> we're having fun. >> prehalloween festivities yesterday? >> i did. we went to a halloween party for
4:02 am
the kids. i had been on the show for four hours yesterday. i don't know how you guys do it. so my whole enthusiasm about the costume thing on my end, that waited by that time. it was amazing i had eye liner on by that point. the kids got all dressed up. >> there is more to this story. you're the reporter. you've been getting the scoops. >> the kids got candy, took a big nap after that but the president doesn't seem to sleep. he promised he would hit the road. in recent months saying i'm going to be traveling everywhere nonstop. >> a huge day yesterday. but before that he's in the oval office meeting the pastor that's been released from turkey based on his, you know, straightforward abroach tha appe don't pay ransoms, we get our people back. and sure enough the pastor was in the oval office with him saying a prayer that a country would care so much about one man and then he got on air force one
4:03 am
and flew to kentucky. a big rally. >> 37 degrees there as i understand it. >> cold outside for kentucky. and they came out in drove. >> they were there six hours in advance of the rally. some people lining up hours before the rally. there is a stillover room as there are for many of the presidential rallies. and the president, he sort of kicks in the extra gear and frames these med terms about how he's going directly after the democrats. it'>> it's amazing when you see that many people out there. you look and see people lined up like that in 37-degree weather. and it tells you something. you've got some star power. >> they're just as much americans as brian stelter and chris cuomo. they all count the same. here we go. >> lots of crazy radical
4:04 am
democrats did to justice kavanaugh is a national disgrace. the democrats are become totally consumed by their chilling lust for power. they will destroy your second amendment and the democrats want to open our borders to a flood of deadly drugs and ruthless gangs. democrats have become the party of crime. the new platform of the democrat party is radical socialism and it's open borders. democrats want to abolish i.c.e. and they want to turn america into a giant sanctuary for criminal aliens and ms-13 thugs. >> ed, you know, he's landed on the midterm message. >> absolutely. >> going to stay on it all the way through. >> he hammered the issue of drabbing down on illegal
4:05 am
cracking down on illegal immigration. the people across the country heard the message and ran with it. republican leaders still not fully on board. they haven't pushed hard enough to get fund fg for wall, for example. he's still fighting for that. and so my point is i think in these midterms you have him framing this as not just that we have a strong economy but that we need to do more or illegal immigration. >> it's common sense. and unfortunately in the world that we live in is no common sense. hillary clinton has no common sense when it comes to this issue. she may have years ago when she and chuck schumer wanted some kind of border security and wall. but we've reached the tipping point where people have gone off into this utopian ideal and everyday americans are saying, that doesn't make sense. if you're here illegally, maybe we shouldn't be here. >> let's thereon a little more
4:06 am
common sense. >> the illegal al yeen criminals, predator, drug dealers, ms-13 killers, and we're sending them back home. the only immigration policy democrats support is catch and release. how about that one. you catch a criminal thug, you take the name and then you release them saying, please show up in five years to court. number one it's ridiculous, number two, they never show up. what a mess. we have the dumbest immigration laws in the world. >> listen the elite crowd over here behind us they can't handle words like dumbest. that kind of blunt talk. but it is actual lly really dum. to your point of common sense. if you have a border, people run across, there may be criminals, you look at their name, take the name and say why didn't you show up for a court reporter date two
4:07 am
years later. hawhy would they show up? what if they're part of a criminal gang, we're not vetting for that and now they're in our country. the folks in long island have a problem with ms-13 right now. we're on the brink of a sairng rare country if we don't have a wall. >> and the gubernatorial candidate in georgia saying the blue wave is undocumented immigrants. they can vote too. actually they can't legally vote. but she said that's part of the blue wave. we'll get to that. it's remarkable what one side is saying and the president is saying. >> they don't want to aillegal . this is why the war or political correctness is so important. it's very simple. you have a country, citizenship,
4:08 am
you're legal or illegal. >> common sense. its not that hard. other countries are able to do the this. you go to zi switzerland, you he to prove that you belong there. you don't get to vote. everyone else is strict on this and we're not expwhr the president takes these complex problems, distills them down and able to connect with real people. that's what he's doing in the wake of the kanye meeting. mainstream media laughing it off saying he's taking advantage of kanye and everything else. "saturday night live" is having fun with it. >> let me begin as if time is a myth and i'm a prisoner in a different dimension. have i lost anyone so far? >> he doesn't stop. he doesn't listen to anyone but himself. who does he remind me of. >> i don't want to brag but i
4:09 am
have a really high iq. i'm a stable genius. >> oh my god, he's black me. >> jim, you want to add anything? >> add? i got a cutch l o a couple of s. the only thing i want to point out is that mental health in the black community is apparently an even bigger issue than i thought. i've been on coalitions with bill cosby and oj simpson and this is the first time i'm having regrets. >> they use comedy to push an agenda. if you support this president, you're either crazy or you are racist. those are the two boxes. because kanye can't be racist, he's fot the's got to be crazy. >> and then they throw in mental health. >> they talk about it until it's time to make fun of someone being open and honest with the president in the oval office. you don't have to agree with what he said but he made a lot of important points.
4:10 am
i laugh still because it's kind of funny but they're making serious cultural points to undercut this president. >> and your point about crazy or racist is well taken. i mean that is exactly the box. it's not just snl. that's the box that the media puts everyone in too. i forgot dumb. you're either crazy, racist or dumb and i find that really insulting tto half the population. somehow if you're a conservative, you're not as smart as the other side. >> i talk to kathy barnett, an african-american woman who said that the left is scared that the president is finally breaking through to african-american. watch. >> president trump and kanye west meeting quickly became large than just about these two men. it quakily becam quickly becamee autonomy in this nation to think the way we want to think or sit just black people that have to
4:11 am
subscribe to the monolithic style of thinking. >> that's it. it's free thinking i should live in a world where i can think for myself and don't smaim me with your mob on twitter or elsewhere saying i have to think a different way. that shouldn't be a radical idea. >> they go on and on about diversity. can we not have diversity for more than one viewpoint? >> here's a tweet from rob. man, remember when snl was really funny and didn't have a constant political agenda. that was cool. >> maybe someone will try that. a tweet from robert said remember that name snl mocked and made fun of obama? me either >> a tweet from utah whereby if taylor swift can have her own political opinion, why can't khan yay.
4:12 am
kanye. people are allowed to support who they want. >> taylor is not doing so well because marsha black busc blackp in the poll. >> i will give her credit for at least exciting people enough to g and vote and i think kanye is doing the same thing. if you're passionate, share it. get everybody involved. >> i give taylor swift credit for group thinking. you think like the rest of the folks from california and hollywood even though you're not from there. you're from tennessee. but you can also become what you're not from and in a sense that may have happened. she's got her own views. i love it. >> my point is it's okay for her, therefore okay for kanye. everybody needs to relax a little. >> during the break we're going to give pete -- many the meantime, a powerful moment in the oval office. the american pastor freed from turkey prays if are the
4:13 am
president. >> lord god i ask that you pour out your holy spirit on president trump, that you give him super natural wisdom to accomplish all of the plans you have for this country. >> we talk about these political debates and laugh about snl, that was a powerful moment and jason chaffetz is next. beta 0 roirk, skateboarding his way. that's about as -- good, i'm glad he can skateboard. that's cool. how does he vote? ♪ ♪ you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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from a turkish prison on the the white house in 24 hours, that's not bad. we've been negotiating long and hard. we do not pay ransom in this country, at least any longer. we won't pay ransom. otherwise you have big problems. >> president trump making america's message to the world very clear as we welcomes pastor andrew brunson obama back home. >back home.>> fox news contribun chaffetz and author of the book "deep state" joins us now. become of faith to the oval office with free expression of faith and for no ransom. talk about how important this moment srchlt hats off to president trump for making this a priority. these things don't happen by
4:18 am
accident. there's not a spontaneous con beution where all of these things i believe president trump has established on the world stage that he believes in peace through streent whethe strengthe economically or militarily. he's had great success without paying ransom to bringing home these hostages. a lot of good work behind the scenes with the secretary of state, a lot of diplomatic work out of the state department. but to see him back home in the oval office in prayer is a powerful moment for the united states. >> and you know it's a broader context as well. we had mr. holt who was in a prison in venezuela who came home, josh holt, the three prisoprisoners in north korea. there's been more than a does nn in a brief amount of time. >> we had an utahan brought home. and the emotion here to see the
4:19 am
young man come home who never had to hope it was going to be pulled off is a credit to president trump. and you've got to look back at the past presidents saying what was the difference between say trump and obama. the adversary knew that obama would open up the wal wallet any billions and not necessarily get results and now question have president trump holding a tough line and getting results. >> and you could see reverse incentives in that case. if the obama administration was willing to pay out of pocket or make a deal et cetera, you would be more likely to have the hostages. let me ask you this, congressman. does this prove that economic sanctions will work. and if you put enough economic pressure on a country making their economic lives that miss rabble will they start to come to the table? >> i think they know that donald trump means business. that president trump, when he says he's actually going to do it, he will actually do it. he's not bluffing.
4:20 am
and so if you're on the receiving end of this, holding a hostage and you see how this is going to cost you literally billions of dollars in your economy and you see the military strength of the united states, i think you're going to think twice about taking that hostage and you're going to really think about giving him up. and again, now a lot of credit to mike pompeo here in the state department. there are unknown diplomatic bureaucrats who actually are doing really good work behind the scenes. hats off to them as well. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. have a good sunday. >> thank you. well another caravan of migrants headed straight for the u.s. what we know about all of those people coming up. plus, the media now imagining president trump's thoughts during his meeting with can ya. imagining thoughts. listen. >> what was going on in trump's head. imaginary headlines, blacks love trump, he's blacker than obama. ♪ ♪ >> a whole new level.
4:21 am
>> i'd say. ♪ ♪ ud
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place, the xfinity xfi gateway. and it's strengthened by xfi pods, which plug in to extend the wifi even farther,
4:24 am
past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. time for you news by those numbers. first, more than a thousand, that's how hon deur ran migrants are making their way to the u.s. border right now. the caravan coming days of vice president mike pence asked the south american president to help stop illegal migration. $39 a month, that's the raise social security recipient wills get next year, the biggest bump since 2012. i'm talking to trish. it's like 500 buck as year. >> that's not bad. >> that's not crumbs. >> it's good. $345 million, the new
4:25 am
powerball jat pott after no winners la night. winners last night. you might win a smaller number. yesterday i said i was going to buy a ticket. i didn't. it was fake news yesterday. i forgot. today i need to do it. >> i need to see if i've got a smaller prize. we'll see. some in the media speculating and slamming president trump anakin yay west following their meeting in the oval office thi last week. >> what was going on in trump's head. let's take a look at him. here's my educated guess. other than a warm serotonin flush of warm who month, imaginary headlines, blacks love trump, he's blacker than obama. his sensitivecy is triggered by other concerns, attention, praise and some notion of how to
4:26 am
>> joining me now, kelsey hartness. i'm friends with chris cuomo, i respect him as a journalist. i was shocked -- he normally like to dig into things -- to imagine what the president was thinking seemed bizarre. >> it was bizarre. and look, we first had the media, including chris cuomo mocking president trump and mocking kanye west for saying he felt like a superman for wearing the hat and cuomo saying i have super powers as well, the ability to read minds. but i think this is really disappointing as a journalist to see someone speculating about what the president is thinking, speculating about -- accusing. >> imaginary headlines, imaginary thoughts >> accusing him of racism based on his own thoughts. i think it was extremely
4:27 am
inappropriate. we're in a time where we're talking about evidence, the importance of that and that applies to journalists too. no basis for that. >> the headline if the hollywood reporter, stephen miller's third grade teacher, he was a loner and ate glue. it's about the white house senior adviser. and one of his former teachers from when he was a kid was in the "washington post" saying quote, i remember being concerned about him not cabbing dem cli but he had such strange personal habits. he was a loner, isolated and off by himself all of the time. what in the world is a former teacher doing saying i thought that this kid when he was like in third grade was a loner. it's disgusting. >> it's incredibly inappropriate and this teacher was suspended, rightly so. i personally think the teacher should be fired. the teacher is still getting paid right now. we know democrat as and much of the mainstream media thought it was appropriate for kavanaugh's
4:28 am
high school year book to be used in his confirmation process. and that line was questionable. now we're going back to the third grade. and these are legitimate news outlets doing this. this was a similar story about stephen millier in third grade published by politico. >> that he put glue on his hands and ate it? >> he was a loner where teachers are telling parent to trust schools, trust or education system. how do we trust them when what your child does in third grade. >> what's the next? mikscoop?the media defending thb behavior that we saw, there's a debate was it mob behavior or not post-kavanaugh. >> the president's republican allies tried to cast democrats as an angry mob. >> you're not going to use the
4:29 am
mob word here. a mob? stop. stop. >> sit mob behavior, no it's not mob behavior. >> thank you. >> it's people upset and angry with the way the country is going. >> there's i no mob as dangerous to democracy as the one he insights. >> i love folks like don lemon who are supposed to be journalists saying no, the left is not about -- declaring that they're fine. what they're doing is fine. >> it seems like a lot of journalists need to actually go back and look at the definition of a mob. it's group of people who intend on committing some sort of lewlessness. lawlessness. and look at what happened to senator ted cruz and his wife when they were trying to dine in a d.c. restaurant. they were not able to do that because a mob harassed them out of the restaurant. and the worst part of this is we see leaders in the democratic party endorsing this behavior. >> they've said their words have
4:30 am
been taken out of context. appreciate you being here. >> one grocery store refusing to sell pepsi. the reason? the american flag. you will not believe this. and we may have a glimpse into the democrats' midterm strategy. get illegal votes. they are told they thatry not worthy of being here. comprised of those documented and nondocumented. >> our friend is here to react live next. ♪ ♪ -computer, order pizza. -of course, daniel. -fridge, weather. -clear skies and 75. -trash can, turn on the tv. -my pleasure. -ice dispenser, find me a dog sitter. -okay. -and make ice. -pizza delivered. -what's happened to my son? -i think that's just what people are like now. i mean, with progressive, you can quote your insurance on just about any device. even on social media. he'll be fine. -[ laughs ]
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-will he? -i don't know.
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♪ ♪ your shot of the morning. >> is that beto o'rourke? >> skateboarding on stage during his campaign rally. >> wow. impress ef. students at delmar college in corpus christi, texas chanting his name as they cheer him on. >> joe kennedy, iii joining him on the stage. recent polls suggested that maybe cruz has a lead now. we'll see how it plays out. we're super excited to have you. last time i saw you we were
4:35 am
skydiving. >> that's correct. i feel like i should have made a better entrance. >> we're going to talk about the book. first we've been talking this morning about the democratic nominee for governor in georgia has an interesting definition of the blue wave. watch this. >> the thing of it is the blue wave is african-american. it's white, it's latino, asian pacific islander. it is made up of those who have within told that they are not worthy of being here. it is comprised of those who are documented and undocumented. >> so at the beginning it was all cool, white, black, hispanic, pacific islander, you're here, citizens, you can vote, let's put the coalition together. but if you're illegal, you can't vote. >> the question is he encouraging that, encouraging undocumented immigrants to vote, we although they can't do. the idea starts out good, sounds
4:36 am
fluffy, the blue wave is welcoming of everyone but the everyone occasion iimplication e is not. they're anti-immigrant, they're racist, don't care about women. if you want to stand for lawlessness, do. there are people who don't want crime coming over the border and want legal immigration vetted that they can count on the government to do that, that's one of the primary jobs of the government to make sure that happens and unified in policies making the country bette bet, lw waxes. this is typical left wing politics at its best. if you want to do that and encourage something that snot legal, which is for undocumented immigrants to vote, be my guest. i'm happy to debate that argument easily. >> it's the revelation of border
4:37 am
politics, of open borders. if you're invested in the idea you have to believe that you shouldn't have to show an i.d. at the ballot box, you come here illegally, you can get benefits, a wall is not necessary. does that resonate with voters of any particular racial or gender background? >> when you look at this issue, you look at it from an angle of safety and security. it's not discrimination to say oh, we want to vet people who come into our country and make sure that they're safe, make sure we can check their background. even the notion of bring in the best and brightest into the country, there's nothing wrong with that. no one is discriminating base on race and gender. but there has to be a process where you don't have people here undocumented immigrants inflict harm on american citizens. that's not to say that all people wanting to come into the country are going to be violent but that is saying that we have a right as a nation to secure
4:38 am
our border and protect our citizens. if you want to be on that side r side of the argument, good luck. >> don't we need to be strategic of what we're bring pg in. the president is saying i want the right people here pep we need to be strategic. what do we need. and if they have those qualifications, bring them here and let them embrace all that is great in this country. >> that sounds great and 100% right but it's easy fer for people on the left to lie and deceive and to try to patient the president as racist, sexist and hating on certain communities. it's boring to make that argument. it's very clear ea tha that he y on the right are welcoming of legal immigrants who follow the process. how many of us have relatives who came to this country, making this country greater and richer
4:39 am
but they followed the process. theand that is because -- firstf foremost is the protection of the citizens. >> you have written some book about rules you're now following. you didn't follow them before. >> i didn't. >> talk about "do not disturb." >> i wrote this book straight from the heart. i had an addiction to technology. i went from someone who had great conversations face to face, my dream was to get out into the wilderness to someone who was this all of the time, buried in any cell phone. as a former teacher, i got really nervous about what it was going to me and what it was doing to kids. we have the average attention span right new that's less than a goldfish if. the rise in adhd in kids is rising with the kids with the devices. when they start the process of dating, remember when the boy or whoever had to walk across the dance floor and ask somebody
4:40 am
out, that took courage, maybe you would get rejected and build a backbone. all of that is happening as a hey, what he's up over a text message. it's not the same thing. i outlined in the book my strug. l. struggle. there's tons of juicy stories in here about addiction drk. >> wha.>> what are some ideas tu have for people to divorce themselves from tech. >> i took the cell phone out of my bedroom before you can do that you have to get a traditional alarm clock. people are like, my alarm is on my phone. but when you take it out of the bedroom open get it into the docking station in the living room, you're not inclined to get up and do work. other thing is i turned the notifications off. so that instead of me -- you go to the rest room for 20 minutes, you come out and see your whole phone is lit up. all of that makes you feel
4:41 am
incredibly restless. turn off of the notifications. you can decide when you want to go in there. basic steps of recognizing what spaces are. when you look at instagram, you have to recognize that is not reality. that is someone's version of reality. >> it is? >> yeah. pass that on to your kids. remember your kids don't always know. they're growing up in a time where they don't have the advantage of having the face-to-face moments. if you can get the tech away from the little ones. >> i'm listening. >> check it out. >> "do not disturb" if you want great tips and embarrassing stories. >> many of them. >> thank you jedidiah. turning to your headlines. this could have been the worst -- those words coming from the new ntsb report after a packed air canada plane tries landing on a runway with four fully loaded planes waiting to take off.
4:42 am
the pilot pulling up in time. a thousand people could have died. a grocery store taking a stand against the nfl and pepsi over national anthem protests. the alabama store's owner refusing to sell the products because they have the nfl logo on them. >> i just don't want to support anything dealing with the nfl. i was taught at an early age that we respected the flag and the anthem. to me it's disrespectful not to. >> pepsi has not commented. the left's favor plim blimpe an appears in the united states, flying over a women's march in chicago. thousands turned out as they the original baby trump blimp first appeared in london earlier this year, remember when they were protesting the president's visit, they didn't want him there in the uk. they ran the blimp.
4:43 am
now it's here. >> some day the uk may wish they had a dose of trump. just say disbloog a fox news alert. thousands of people still missing days after hurricane michael hit the floord panhandle. lye this there next. and president trump delivering on up with of his biggest promises. winning. >> we're going to win so much you may even get tired of winning and you'll say please please it's too much winning. >> coming up, david bossy tells us why the president is still not tired. neither is me. ♪ ♪ so a tree falls on your brand new car and totals it. and as if that wasn't bad enough, now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor.
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that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. the kind of skills, that work for you. vojimmy (shouting): james!as been jimmy's longest. he's survived record rain and a supplier that went belly up. so while he's proud to have helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own. brand vo: get the most out of your money, whether you're using quickbooks smart invoicing to get paid twice as fast or automatically tracking your mileage. smarter business tools for the world's hardest workers. quickbooks. backing you. welcome back. quick headlines for you. arguably my least favorite organization peta is calling out canada goose with the bitter
4:47 am
cold approach pg. the animal rights group posting a four story billboard, they want people to boycott because the canada goose jackets are made with 100% goose down filling. >> keeps people warm. and student apt auburn university with earn an degree for their love of the outdoors, descraing on wildlife science and business opportunity. sounds fantastic. the search for survivors ramping up across the florida panhandle four days after hurricane michael hit. >> the storm claiming 19 lives but that could change as more than 2,000 people are missing or stranded. >> phil keeting is life in mexico beach. phil, good morning. reporter: the sun just now coming up on post hurricane michael day four. and for hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people life
4:48 am
remains a disaster. for the town of mexico beach, it's a catastrophe. this is where the eye of michael slammed into here on wednesday, 155-mile-per-hour winds, 9-foot storm surge and everything that wasn't simply leveled and flattened and spread across the neighborhood is still standing but ripped open and still ruined. taking a look from above with the drone, you can see the vastness of this wasteland. it is house after house, block after block, street after street. it just goes on. the entire length of the small town of 1200 people. take a look at some video of some -- i'm sorry, some search and rescue teams going door to door for the past three days. they'll resume doing that because there remains a large number of unaccounted for people. they do expect the death toll to rise. >> we did find one deceased
4:49 am
person. we understand there are a lot of people that choose not to leave and as a result a lot of people are unaccounted for right now. we need to focus on that. reporter: at the top of the hour we're expecting and waiting for governor rick scott of the state of florida as well as the fema director brock long. they're flying in together by helicopter. they're going to get a ground tour and see up close for themselveses the absolute devastation that the eye of a nearly cat 5 hurricane can bring. >> they're going to see something pretty shocking. thank you for the report. still ahead, big show, david beedavidbossie, thomas holman, s about the democratic nominee in georgia life coming up. race day at the talladega super speedway. pastor jeffers will be giving the opening prayer. before that he's joining us live telling us why prayer should not
4:50 am
be forgotten in sports. that's next. ♪ ♪ it's time for sleep number's fall sale on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the final days of our fall sale. the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is now only $899. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends sunday. we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids,
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4:53 am
a great day at the talladega super speedway. our next guest kicking things off with an opening prayer. >> he reminds us that prayer and the national anthem should not be forgotten in life and sports. here with a preview live from talladega, tox news contributor and the author of "choosing the extraordinary life" pastor jeffers. congratulations. what a neat gig you've got this morning. but before we talk about that, you're going to say a prayer, they say prayers at these events, we stand for the anthem.
4:54 am
why is that spiritual and civic ritual important? >> as a nation we've always welcomed people of all faiths of no faiths. but u's a fact that this nation was founded on the preaccept prf the you day ya christian faith. public expressions 0 faith, bible reading, they weren't just allowed, they were encouraged. but 70 years ago liberal courts started this cre crusade to eliminate any public mention of god in the public square and i think that affected our country. thankfully president trump is appointing justices and judges who will interpret the first amendment by what the founders meant. the first amendment is about freely expressing religious reliefs, not restricting them.
4:55 am
what we're doing in talladega is everything that's right with america diswhr . >> i assume they're singing the national anthem. >> we will be singing the national anthem and there's going to be a navy fly jofer, a great event today. >> it's interesting, the contrast here. there you guys are at nascar singing the anthem, praying with you leading that prayer, you compare that right with the nfl where they're not even, you know, they're all kneeling. what's the difference, would you say, in that sports culture? >> so, well i tell you this, nobody is going to be taking a knee here at talladega. cai can tell you for sure. here in nascar country which happens to be fox country as well, people are proud to sing the national anthem and they're not ashamed to pray to their god. and that is the way america has been. this is a country that is
4:56 am
founded on faith, it's a country that is founded on patriotism. and you've been covering this morning what's happened with pastor brunson. i mean as americans we need to celebrate the fact that we have religious liberty here. we need to thank god for that liberty. but we need to do everything that we can to protect that liberty. >> what's so important is what you're saying is not radical. what was radical is when they ripped it out, took it out of what we've done for centuries in this country. i don't know how you got this gig, but congratulations. wave that flag with vigor. i know you will. >> i will. thanks so much for having me. well, still ahead, a powerful moment in the oval office. the american pastor freed from turkey prays for the president. >> lord god i ask that you pour out your holy spirit on president trump. >> we take a look at the pastor's first day back on u.s. soil in a life report next. and could melania trump be
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> we're having a lot of victories, folks. i welcome home pastor andrew brunson, great man from turkey. >> lord god, i ask that you pour out your holy spirit on trump. >> not only did this administration, this president send help to pastor brunson but it sent a message we will no longer sacrifice the fundamental human right of religious freedom on the altar of globalism. >> the democratic nominee for governor sounds like is that he thinks the blue wave is going to include illegal immigrants voting. >> the blue wave is african-american. it's white. it's latino. it is comprised of those who are documented and undocumented.
5:01 am
>> the u.k. wants to put a calorie cap on place in pizza. >> conservatives should campaign on this. they should say look at britain and get your government hands off my mozzarella cheese. >> i don't want to brag but i really have a high iq. i'm a stable genius. >> he doesn't listen to anybody else. who does this remind me of? ♪ i can't change the world pete: that's a question for ed henry this morning. i just heard it in the lyrics. can you change a flat? tire. ed: i've done it before. i'm not good at it but i've done it. pete: trish? that's okay. but you're great as an economic analyst and the host on this show. ed: prime time starting monday night, 8 p.m. on the fox business network. pete: tomorrow. trish: oh, my god. is it tomorrow? not tonight, because it's sunday sunday. eight p.m. ed: you better get a good night
5:02 am
night's sleep but for now there is a lot going on. two more hours, and overnight we learn more about pastor andrew brunson. what a moment in the oval office yesterday when he was praying with the president, waking up this morning, though, a free man on u.s. soil. trish: president trump giving him a very warm welcome at the white house after he was jailed for two years in tur.ey pete: that's right. our own jillian turner live in washington. >> good morning, guys. it was quite a day for the pastor and his family yesterday. his feet touched u.s. soil for the first time since being detained and imprisoned in turkey two years ago. after spending friday night up in the air he landed at joint base andrews yesterday at noon and headed straight to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the first item on his agenda, gratitude for the trump administration. >> we especially want to thank the administration. you really fought for us. unusually so. from the time you took office i
5:03 am
know that you've been engaged. >> and because he's a pastor, he took time out to lead prayer in the oval office. >> lord god, i ask that you pour out your holy spirit on president trump, that you give him supernatural wisdom to accomplish all the plans you have for this country. >> the national security team's been working around the clock for weeks now to secure brunson brunson's release, a team of white house, state department, and embassy diplomats have been communicating directly with the erdogan regime in ankara. they point out it wasn't ultimately a deal that secured brunson's release. >> we do not pay ransom in this country, at least any longer. we won't pay ransom. >> president erdogan guaranteed the trump team several weeks ago that brunson's fate would be determined exclusively by turkey turkey's constitutional court. now, sources told fox news at the time erdogan had reaffirmed directly to the trump
5:04 am
administration there would be no political interference in his fate, in brunson's fate. they said it would be left up to the courts and not treated as a political matter. so for at least today, guys, all signs point to the erdogan team living up to that commitment. this is undoubtedly a great thing for the u.s.-turkish bilat going forward. pete: jillian, thank you very much. some other pressures as well as we talked about a little bit yesterday but no doubt a victory for america, for american citizens abroad, for religious freedom, for the idea that if you're there we're not going to forget about you we had tony perkins on. he is the president of the family research council. he talked about he's met with pastor brunson was a part of the process. he talked about religious freedom. he flew with him from turkey here to the united states, talked about how it can be sacrificed under globalism. listen. >> not only did this administration, this president, send help to pastor brunson and bring him home, but it sent a message of hope to the
5:05 am
persecuted around the globe, that america cares about, number 1, the well-being of americans, but number 2, we will no longer sacrifice the fundamental human right of religious freedom on the altar of globalism. this was a big event, and the president and his team is to be commended. ed: you think about the images, there's one on the plane not just with tony perkins but with his wife coming back, the pastor but the image in germany when he landed for the medical exam with our ambassador there, ric grinnell, and he was kissing the american flag, you see the hugs there. there was another pastor who told us in the courtroom in turkey on friday when he learned he was going to be set free, pastor brunson simply started crying. trish: you know, too often we're willing to take for granted what we have in this country and the liberties we have and the freedoms we have. and we need to remember at times like this that we should not take that for granted, that we are lucky to have been born here and to have the rights and privileges that we do and to
5:06 am
have a country that's willing to go to bat for you when you're all the way over there in prison in a place like turkey. i mean, that's a big, big deal. it's a good moment for america. pete: you're exactly right. this idea of international globalism oftentimes discounts what they see as the old allegiances, "like your country, like your faith." and they get sacrificed at that altar. but this president remembers your country remembers you, christians remember you, and prosecution is not okay, even in this globalist world. it's an important thing that gets lost a lot. ed: a lot of globalism being talked about, not a lot of that in kentucky at this rally last night. instead you've got this president focusing on the midterm election just a few weeks away and basically going full throttle. he promised that he would be doing multiple rallies a week, not sacrificing any republicans around the country. here he was in richmond, kentucky, just outside lexington lexington. there's a hotly contested very close house race there.
5:07 am
this is one of those races on the margins that could determine whether or not republicans keep the majority. the president was in attack mode against the democrats what he says the democrats are trying to take away right now. watch. trump: what the crazy, radical democrats did to justice kavanaugh is a national disgrace disgrace. the democrats have become totally consumed by their chilling lust for power. they will destroy your second amendment. and the democrats want to open our borders to a flood of deadly drugs and ruthless gangs. [crowd booing] trump: democrats have become the party of crime. the new platform of the democrat party is radical socialism, and it's open borders. democrats want to abolish i.c.e. and they want to turn america into a giant sanctuary for
5:08 am
criminal aliens and ms-13 thugs. [crowd booze] ed: chilling lust for power, that line. you know where i think he got that? he got that from lindsey graham who said something similar at the turning point in the kavanaugh hearings where he said "you guys want power so much that you're willing to try to destroy this man's life." and i think the president has pivoted out of that and has really fine-tuned this message for the midterms. pete: you mentioned kavanaugh. just a week ago you can forget, -- we were reporting on it last weekend. what we forget sometimes also is this guy is running this country like a business. ease able to multitask. so here he is campaigning all these stops. he said he would do it, leave no republican behind, he's bringing pastors home from turkey, he's getting kavanaugh confirmed, he's rewriting trade deals. ed: the pete: the economy. all things in real time. but most politicians in, traditional party folks do one thing at a trish: they fundraise. they fundraise. pete: i'm working at the speed of business; so you see things happen. ed: major media sort of mocks this narrative on illegal
5:09 am
immigration as well. they mock the illegal narrative that he's talking about, you know, the common sense you've been talking about. trish: yeah. you're either here legally or illegally. it's not that hard. and we should want people to come here legally. we should create ways for them to be here legally. we should encourage our administration to come up with policies that bring the right people here. but you don't want the bad guys in. i mean, that really is common sense. but i like the business approach approach. i mean, you know. i'm a business gal myself. pete: as you sho.ld trish: i do. and you look at c.e.o.s, and they do multitask, and they do it all; right? and they don't really sleep that much. he's also an entrepreneur, which is almost a different breed of c.e.o., because the entrepreneurs are just a mile a minute. and i really think they have a vision. it's a character trait that you see over and over again. so this is a guy with a vision and he's working on it and we're getting there. 4.2% economic growth. ed: it seems like there's a different kind of vision coming out of georgia right now.
5:10 am
a democratic nominee for governor, stacy abrams. she's talking about the blue wave. how do you define it? president talks about a red wave in the midterms. she, stacy adams, is talking about the blue wave, and she's talking about getting illegal immigrants to vote for her. watch. >> the thing it is the blue wave is african-american. it's white. it's latino. it's asia, pacific islander. it is made up of those who have been told that they are not war on terror worthy of being here. it is compromised of those who are documented and undocumented. pete: well, you know, the whole clip, you play it, she also mentions veterans and handicap. she talks about every segment of folks in this country and sort of throws undocumented on top. it's like the illegal blue wave, the alien blue wave. trish: and how do undocumented people actually vote? or is the goal to make sure that everyone can vote regardless of -- ed: undocumented who did vote in
5:11 am
the last election and he was laughed at. and now you have a democratic nominee for georgia, very important state, saying, yeah, we do want to get illegal people out to vote even though they're not legal, by definition, they're not legal, they're not allowed to v.te pete: to me the most absurd thing in america is as you said last hour, you don't have to show an identification to vote. the most sacred right that we have, you don't have to prove who you are, on earth side of the aisle, doesn't matter your skin color, doesn't matter your gender, doesn't matter where you live. trish: they're like no, no, don't need it. ed: "i'm trish regan. eye swear." >>turning now to our headlines, we begin actually with this extreme weather, the surge intensifying, people still missing or stranded in the wake of hurricane michael which has now killed at least 19. crews using cadaver dogs. 520 survivors so far. more than 450,000 people still without power -- wow -- across six states. saudi arabia saying it will respond to any threats.
5:12 am
as president trump says, there will be serious punishment if they are behind the disappearance of a washington post contributor. president trump says ditching the arms deal isn't the answer, as it would hurt u.s. companies. watch. trump: there are other things we can do that are very, very powerful, very strong, and we'll do that. as of this moment, nobody knows what happened. trish: khashoggi, who has been critical of the saudi government web vanished after visiting the consulate in turkey. it's believed he was brutally murdered inside. president trump is planning to meet with khashoggi's family. and president trump expected to tap former justice department attorney pat sifalone as the next white house counsel. that's according to fox news sources. he would be replacing don mcgahn mcgahn. president trump says he has not made a final decision yet but he called sifalone a great guy. ed: trish regan can pronounce names. trish: no, no, no.
5:13 am
i look at that and i see sifalone because i speak italian italian. the irish girl speaks italian. i think i got it right. pete: well done. coming up, it's pronounced " "antifa" or antifa, crashing a rally and then comes the chaos, predictably. we'll take you to the mayhem in portland. ed: and president trump, we just talked about it, delivering on one of his biggest promises. trump: we going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning, and you say please, please, it's too much winning. ed: david bossie is actually counting out the winning. he's up to 289 accomplishments. he's still not tired. he's coming up next. a once-in-five hundred year storm should happen every five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car,
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5:17 am
. trump: you may even get tired of winning and you'll say, please, please, it's too much winning, i can't wait it anymore. mr. president, it's too much, and i'll say no, it isn't, we have to keep winning, we have to win more! ed: then candidate donald trump pledging to win. now more than two and a half years later the president has delivered on more campaign promises than maybe even his contradicts expected. in his first 20 months in office he has cracked up by the white house's count 289 accomplishments in here to react is the former trump deputy campaign manager who was there in 2016 within david bossie. good morning, david. >> good morning. ed: what do you think is his secret in i know you're a fan of his and i know his critic will say, oh, you're just counting this up but the fact of the matter is he made these promises many in the mainstream media
5:18 am
mocked him, he won the election, he has had them fighting bitterly ever since. and yet he's racking up win after wig. -- after win. >> his tireless work ethic. it is unbelievable how hard this president works with his staff, with his cabinet. it is amazing to watch him every day. just look yesterday at the pastor coming back from turkey. it's an amazing accomplishment that the left won't even recognize. you look at the unemployment, look at the economy. rebuilding the military, this president is racking these accomplishments up and it comes down to this november, accomplishments versus the mob. and that's the mentallity that we have to have. americans understand it's more of the same, more of this winning or it's the left's trump derangement syndrome and the mob mentality. ed: let's look at some of the accomplishments so we can lay it
5:19 am
out. we've got supreme court justices gorsuch and kavanaugh, for example. you mentioned the economy. the president promised to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. did that. the embassy in jerusalem. the summit, by the way, with kim jong-un. so we've talked about domestic issues. what about that? again there have been many skeptics and critics say he didn't really accomplish anything in singapore. and here we are talking about a north korea summit 2.0 if you will after the midterms. that is a big deal on the world stage. >> it is. the nobel peace prize considered given president trump and kim jong-un and president moon the nobel peace prize for what they have done and what they've trying to get accomplished with the korean peninsula. of course the nobel peace prize should have gone to them, but it didn't. and this is another issue that this president has been working on that the left gives the him no credit for. we are in a better place today
5:20 am
with the korean peninsula being peaceful than when he took office. ed: you think so the economy, unemployment being record low levels and that is something he can and shoot tout. c.e.o.s ed: the stock market has been going strong and then this week it hits these road bumps. what's your advice to the president to sort of manage that that. because you can talk about winning there and then you have a rough week like this. >> the economy is firing on all cylinders, whether it's the gdp at 4.2% and what used to be the new normal of 1.8 or 2% gdp growth under barack obama for eight years. but what we have here is an economy that is on fire and the stock market is just one indicator. the fed is obviously trying to keep our economy under control. and, unfortunately, they're raising rates. that's what makes those things happen. but our economy, every number across the board is doing well. ed: david bossie. he's not tired of winning yet.
5:21 am
>> not at all. ed: a harvard man accused of discrimination. a case that could change the college admissions process everywhere. alan dershowitz taught at harvard of course. he talks about the impact of this major case going to court tomorrow. that's coming up. (gasp)
5:22 am
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and even manage your account. finding your xfinity username or wifi password, restarting your equipment, or paying your bill is easier than ever with x1. x1 help. another reason to love x1. say "teach me more" into your voice remote to get started. pete: welcome back. couple of quick headlines for you. vicious brawls breaking out in the streets after antifa crashes a patriot prayer march. the event was to support law and order in portland, oregon, this just days after police shot and killed a black man believed to be involved in a shoot-out. radical left-wingers burning the american flag and unleashing pepper spray on innocent bystanders. no arrests were made, which is only a testimony to the temperament of the police. and calls to are growing
5:25 am
after protesters storm gop headquarters in new york city. conservatives calling on all democrats to denounce left wing vandals after antifa thugs de deface new york city republican headquarters. i'm also glad to know that there is a new york city republican headquarters. trish? trish: thanks, pete. in a sit-down interview with first lady melania trump abc news asking her about her influence within the white house house. watch. >> sources have told us, sources in the white house that you are the gatekeeper, that you tell him who he can trust and who you can't trust. is that true? >> yes i give him my honest advice. i believe that my husband is doing an incredible job for this nation. so whatever he will decide, i will support him. trish: this is a new poll revealed more than half of americans view the first lady favorably, a 10% jump from september of 2017. so we're asking, can the first
5:26 am
lady help republicans in the midterms? here to weigh in, former r.n.c. deputy press secretary and republican strategist, erin elmo elmore. good to see you. >> good to see you as well. trish: if she likes him, he must be okay ; right? that's the thinking, because she has a lot of appeal right now. >> she really does, and i think she brings a beautiful sophistication and elegance to the office of first lady. she can travel around this country during the midterms and i think appeal to a different group of people. she herself is an immigrant who came to this country. she speaks five languages. she studied architecture. so she is a very learned person. i feel bad that she's been so vilified, but her approval numbers speakoids. trish: as long as you're not talking to the ladies on the view, get some really good approval numbers. >> right. it's funny that these democrats say that they're the party of women, for women. but they should have been for this woman, .oo, trish: erin, i think that's a really important point because i think women should embrace other
5:27 am
women, the judging, the judgmental, how can she be married to him -- i believe the ladies on "the view" to cite them again, they can't respect her, erin, because of who she is married to. >> that's way of saying if you don't agree with everything we say, there hasn't been something wrong with you. trish: you're either crazy or stupid. >> we believe in inclusion unless you disagree with us. she herself as said she's the most bullied woman in america. she's not trish: let me ask you this. how do they use her or the republican party, given that she doesn't really like the whole political thing, and i don't blame her one bit, and she's been trying to keep some privacy and some privacy for her son. i know she believes in her husband and what he's doing, but will that translate to her going out on a campaign trail for republicans? >> it would be great if she did. and i worked with ivanka, actually, on the campaign trail, traveling around swing states, interviewing here, and i think that would be an excellent format for melania as well, go
5:28 am
to some of these key states, sit down, have we call it coffee, one on one situation, people can ask questions in the audience, i think that would be a tremendous outlet for her, taking it a step further. what about her and ivanka together? trish: listen. maybe that helps him with, you know, they keep talking about this gender gap and how women aren't totally on board. but clearly, you know, his daughter as well is a real success story. >> she is. trish: and let me tell you, i don't think you can be that much of a chauvinist or misogynist and produce a daughter that's as successful as that. that might help counter their narrative. erin, good to have your perspective. michael bloomberg is making a special trip outside of new york. is it taking him closer to 2020? and comedian dave chappelle has a message for trump supporters. >> as the president of a country as eclectic as ours, i just think that he's speaking to a very small choir. trish: our political panel is here. and they're going to respond to that next. ♪ when the sky started to rain ♪ get along down the road
5:29 am
♪ we got a long, long way to go ♪ scared to live, scared to die ♪ we ain't perfect but we try approximate nothing says fall like a homecoming football game, so let's promote our fall travel deal on like this. touchdown. earn a free night when you stay just twice this fall. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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5:32 am
♪ >> and as a president of a country that's as eclectic as ours, you look around the crowd, you see it's like a patchwork of people, i just think that he's speaking to a very small choir. pete: that's dave chappelle. our panel here to react,
5:33 am
attorney richard st. paul, senior advisor to the trump the with which the campaign katrina pierce and veteran radio host kathy barnett. katrina, i'm starting with you. i love dave chappelle's comedy. i find it hilarious. in this particular case though he's saying this president during the campaign, just talking to a a small group of people and he's making some implications there as well as, katrina. >> you know what, pete, i'm a fan of david chappelle myself but i got to tell you he's not paying attention considering it's donald trump who's actually growing the republican party. that voice is getting much bigger. we've seen recently he's been uniting republicans and if you look just in 2016, donald trump won 8% of the black vote. a year later his approval was pulling at 16 to 19%. today, that number is 36%. so the voices that donald trump is representing is nothing but growing. pete: richard, i'll pose that as a question to you. is it understandable that as a result of policies that are working, his support can be
5:34 am
growing, constituencies, the media will never give him credit for? >> absolutely. you just had somebody on your show who talked about the over 200 accomplishments that the president has had. in fact, it was dave chappelle who said on saturday night live that he wanted to give the president a chance and with that chance that president has done a lot. unemployment among african-americans and hispanics is the lowest it's been in the history since they've been taking unemployment. so i would say the support for the president has been growing because of his accomplishments, because he has set out to do what he campaigned to do. pete: turns out all people like jobs, regardless of your background. >> that's pete: kathy, you know, everyone everyone's been talking about the meeting between president trump and kanye west, saturday night live. well, of course the media, they can't help themselves from their hate of this president. to listen the media. >> this was an embarrassment. kanye mother is rolling over in her grave. if you love this man, he shouldn't be in front of tv cameras. >> no one should be taken kanye west seriously. he clearly has issues.
5:35 am
>> has ye helped the president with black people? >> no. the black people are not a monolith and kanye west doesn't represent all black people. pete: so kathy, if a liberal had said these things, similar things, or if he wasn't supportive of the president he would have been held up. instead, his mental health is questioned automatically. >> kind of like like dave chappelle ; right? so dave chappelle, we're to listen to him, but he's black. it's not so much the fact that he's black. it's that he is kowtowing down to the normal democratic policies. so if you speak the liberal language it's okay for you to come out and to talk and to say whatever you want to say. but if you're someone like kanye west -- i don't think it's an overstatement to say that kanye could be the male version of harriet tubman. you know, like there's a quote attributed to harriet tubman where she says, "i freed a thousand slaves. i could have freed a thousand more had they only known that they were slaves."
5:36 am
and likewise, you know, i've been preaching for a couple of decades now about conservatism, but kanye walked into the office with the swipe of a pen, sitting down with the president and with his major platform, he has the ability to move millions of blacks off of, away from the failed liberal policies. because i have yet to see an inner city that is ran by conservatives. they're all ran by failed liberal policies that are absolutely decimating these pete: katrina, stepping on -- great point. katrina, stepping out of politics for a second into culture, how significant is what kanye -- how significant is what kanye's doing? he's talking about free thinking speaking your truth, what you believe. how significant is that? >> well, i think it's a significant -- measured by the vitriol and the personal attacks that he's receiving, because every time kanye west speaks now pete, it's definitely undoing a lot of the 50 years of propaganda and brainwashing by the left into communities, and
5:37 am
every time he posts a photo wearing a make america great again hat, it's another chink in the armor that was built around the black communities. how dare this black man step outside of this society's role that was carefully crafted for him and speak against the opposition? and what you see now are the politics of personal destruction and public character assassination because he went against the grain. pete: richard we are we're running out of time. last comment from you briefly. >> what kanye is doing, thinking outside of the box, thinking for himself. not every black person thinks alike and what he's doing is great, talking about police in urban communities, economic issues, failed liberal policies that hurt black families. i mean, how can anybody who is a black person say that those issues aren't something that needs to be addressed in the community? pete: turns out we're all individuals that get to think for ours. >> yes. pete: richard, katrina, kathy, all, thank you. all right. trish, over to you. trish: thank you, pete. turning now to your headlines, everyone. national geographic revealing shocking details tonight of a
5:38 am
foiled assassination plot by isis against president trump. the plan was reportedly set to go down during the president's visit to the philippines last year. the two-hour special, united states secret service on the front line premiers tonight. a couple of democrats may have 2020. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg holding a rally in my home state, live free or die new hampshire, fueling talks about a possible white house run. meanwhile, california senator kamala harris will campaign in iowa next month. both say they'll consider running for president after the midterms. and turning to weather, hurricane katrina michael and severe terms, wind, rain, lightning, knocking down trees, power lines, flipping cars just awful there. the storms were so strong this door was blown out of a brand-new high school. more severe storms are expected today. those are your headlines. pete: i'll still hung up on the
5:39 am
other headline. like political consultants are licking their chops. so you're gonna place the most interesting political candidate in our lifetime with the most boring in michael bloomberg? ed: yeah, who wanted to regulate trish: full disclosure, he used to be my boss. pete: i'm sure he's a nice guy. i just don't think he's going to be president. trish: the boring thing, you know, like he's got a very flat way of talking. but, you know, he's a businessman as well. pete: true. successful. trish: that says -- you know what i always was struck by, you know, we had that whole nanny state thing with him in new york city, you couldn't get the soda that was a big gulp. let me tell you, bloomberg, we had big gulps, we had free soda 24/7. ed: the secrets. adam, save us. tell us about the weather out there. >> i love soda so i was willing to listen to that conversation. we've got a nice crowd out on the plaza. [there's] if you bring a sign you're bound to get on tv and we've got a feign from california wake up at
5:40 am
three a.m. -- what time that does that mean -- what's your name and what time do you have to go to bed? >> vivian. and i would say 8-ish. >> not too bad here in new york city but there's, folks, in south dakota they're dealing with cold weather. she was telling me they got three or four inches of snowed yet. that's right, i'm talking about snow, temperatures currently into the twenties in the upper midwest. unfortunately that is going to linger as we have a hard, cold front stretching across the country so these temps hovering in the twenties unfortunately not going to get a whole lot warmer, but you guys in the plaza, currently at 50 degrees, we will get up to 60 degrees today? does that make you happy? (applause) i love making people happy. ed: 20 degrees in denver and snow? a little wild. pete: feels early. skiers will like it. there's always a small group that likes extreme one way or the other. well, "harvard" otherwise pronounced as harvard accused of discrimination. it's a case that could change
5:41 am
the college admissions process everywhere. alan dershowitz who taught at harvard. up next he analyzes the impact of this case going to court tomorrow. ed: and tailgating season in full swing. we've got all the top gear. you probably need a winter coat, including this hidden cooler to keep all your game day drinks cold. pete: is that beer or is that pop? ed: probably pop. so, how's it going? well... we had a vacation early in our marriage that kinda put us in a hole. go someplace exotic? yeah, bermuda. a hospital in bermuda.
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5:45 am
son is doing approximately. wizard of oz fans, dorothiy's slippers with going on slay at it national museum of history. they're kicking off their ruby slippers gallery friday. they'll be next to the hat, the scarecrow war in the movie, and now you know, people. pete: i'm psyched. thank you, ed. the lawsuit accusing harvard university of discriminating against asian-americans in the admissions process is slated to go to trial tomorrow. trish: so what is it actually going to mean for the ivy league school and affirmative action? ed: joining us now with more, harvard law professor emeritus, author of "the case against impeaching trump," alan dershowitz, friend of the show. good morning, sir. >> good morning. ed: so what do you think people need to know about this case that's significant that might have ramifications at colleges all around the country? >> it's a very complicated case. you know, harvard has prided itself on trying to get the most diverse freshman classes. it says that if it took only students who got perfect stores on the tests and perfect scores
5:46 am
in high school, it wouldn't have a diverse array of students. and in fact, it would have a very, very significantly larger number of asian students who tend to do extraordinarily well in academic background, particularly on testing and grades. and so it has to look at the whole person. and by looking at the whole person, it can create a more diverse class. athletes, musicians, poets, you name it. now, the problem is, can they create that diverse class without having a discriminatory impact on certain groups, in this case asian-americans? and that's what a jury is going to have to decide. evidence which shows in fact it's harder to get into harvard in you're an asian-american than if you're, you know, an irish-american or a jewish american or a black american. but they're also going to hear evidence from the admissions people that the result is a
5:47 am
class in which there's a significant number of people of every background, including asian-americans, but it's much, much more diverse racially, ethnically, ideologically, and in every other way. and a jury initially will have to decide that question. and then whichever way the jury decides, it will inevitably go to the united states court of appeals and possibly to in the united states supreme court. pete: so, professor, put your thumb on the scale. you've laid it out very nicely for us how both sides would frame it. constitutionally, what's the right way to look at this? >> well, i suspect that the jury -- it's going to be a boston jury. and it's going to be people of every ethnic background. i think you're going to get some jurors who will say, this doesn't really seem fair. so it's possible that harvard could lose in front of a jury. but then i think they will probably win in front of an appellate court, because appellate courts seem to, in general, give private universities, a private
5:48 am
university -- it happens to be the oldest in the state of massachusetts, but it's a private university, give them great deference in how they pick their entering classes. how the supreme court will decide with its new members, i suspect the two new members of the supreme court will be somewhat unsympathetic to harvard even though, you know, they both have harvard connections. so it's impossible to predict. and it's one of the great constitutional issues of the day day. justice koran said some years ago that race-specific affirmative action should have a time limit and maybe that time limit is closed to being expired expired. this is just the kind of issue that the new justices on the supreme court may tip the case from one side to the other. trish: well, that would be interesting. professor, what do you personally think? do you think that maybe the time has come that we don't need that kind of affirmative action anymore? >> well, the question is not so much affirmative action in this
5:49 am
case, as it is whether the school should have the right to take into account more factors than grades, to look at the whole person, the well-rounded person. now, that also can be an invitation to discrimination. so it depends on who's administering it. now, i have a tremendous amount of faith in the dean of admissions at harvard college, who i've known for years, and the admissions committee. you know, maybe i'm biased. my grandchildren both went to harvard. who knows. but, you know, i hope that we'll come out with a ruling that allows harvard to continue to have some of the greatest students and student bodies and first year classes. you know, i taught first year for years. i taught a class called "where's the your morality come from?" and i always look to have a diverse class, always look to have muslim students, jewish students, asian students, black students, of course women students, handicapped, challenged students, and it made for a much more interesting class, to have that kind of diversity in the first year.
5:50 am
because students bring to the class different experiences. i always wanted to have somebody who'd been in the military, that really brought diversity to the classy. so i think, in the end, you know it's a close case. but i think harvard probably will prevail in one form or another. pete: thank you, professor. ed: appreciate your coming in. pete: i'm kind of with william b. buckley, professor, i'd go with the first 40 people in the boston phone book. first 40 people on the harvard faculty. ivory trish: president trump slamming democrats' view on immigration. trump: democrats want to abolish i.c.e., and they to want turn america into a giant sanctuary. trish: thomas holman is here to weigh in on the new push from leaders in congress to crack down on border security and build that wall! pete: and we're tailgating on the fox square. don't do what i did yesterday which was leave my grill on for 24 hours straight.
5:51 am
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ed: so before you head to the game today, ready to tailgate? who's not? we've got the top guerre that will make you the envy of the tail pete: shopping editor for consumer reports marybeth court joins us now on the plaza, formerly known as fox square. tell us what you got for us. >> okay. we've got this 2019 honda ridgeline right now, and while you know any kind of truck pickup truck is great for tailgating, this one is especially great. it's consumer reports recommended. it's one of the best options out there for tailgating today. pete: why? >> it's at the top of our rating
5:55 am
for compact pickup trucks. pete: why do we keep the beer? >> that's a great question everybody wants to know. we've got this cool, larger an an 80 quarter cool, put your drinks, your snacks, your extra ice . pete: you can use it as storage and then for game day. nobody likes a worm drink on game day. keeps them frosty cold. pete: you've got a plug-in for the tv? >> about to prong outlet, also video system that's waterproof, and it turns the wall of speakers, control it with your smartphone, volume up or down, tell it to be quiet if the game is on. ed: what about that tv in the gas chromatograph? >> this tv it's a 49-inch ultra ultrahd. it's really great. consumer reports testers say it's got very good high-definition performance but even better, it has a wider viewing angle than a lot of tvs so your friends can see the game from wherever they are at the party. pete: run out of time. show us -- >> we've got this portable grill
5:56 am
over here. what it does really well is generates a nice, even heat. this is cast iron on the top so it will retain heat longer and give you a really satisfying sear. pete: propane? >> i think it's actually gas. and you can fit at least a dozen burgers on there. ed: not going to be enough. >> at least a dozen. ed: what about the audience? >> this is the top-rated in consumer reports for portable speakers. and our testers say it actually really impressed them with sound quality, which is not usual in this category. it's also durable, it's tailgate tough, it's not going to break if somebody throws a football at advertisement you will be the envy of the tailgate party. >> you'll be able to hear everything. ed: consumer reports, appreciate it. >> thanks, g.ys pete: still to come, former acting i.c.e. director thomas holman. tammy bruce, you've seen the other lady, i'm not going to say her name. trish: my good friend maria! pete: maria bartiromo. i've said it. helped put a roof over the heads
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♪ ♪ >> we're having a lot of victories, folks. >> american pastor andrew brunson is home after two years of imprisonment in turkey. >> not only did this administration, this president send help to pastor brunson, but it sent a message: we will no longer sacrifice the fundamental right of religious freedom. >> sounds like she thinks that the blue wave is going to include illegal immigrants voting. >> the blue wave is african-american. [cheers and applause] it's white, it's latino, it is comprised of those who are documented and undocumented. >> there's tons of people in the country who don't want crime coming over the border. if you want to stand for lawlessness, be my guest. >> the u.k. wants to put a calorie cap in place on pizza. >> conservatives should campaign
6:01 am
on this. they should say look at britain and get your government hands off my mozzarella cheese. >> i don't want to brag, but i'm a stable genius. >> he doesn't listen to anyone but himself. who does he remind me of? he's black me! ♪ ♪ >> pizza police are going to have to pry that mozzarella from our cold, dead fingers. right? [laughter] >> that's not going to happen. >> in the u.k. at least. >> soon enough, it'll be here. pete: you're probably right, if michael bloomberg has his way. this is uptown funk, right? >> you know your bands. pete: bruno mars, right? i couldn't name another bruno mars song. could you?
6:02 am
ed: it's national dessert day. trish is like, what have we not done? [laughter] this is like four hours -- >> this is great, this is great, but we have a big finale coming. trish: brownie a la mode, i'm talking super sweet -- pete: let's confirm that that's american. trish: hot fudge sundaes, chocolate chip coo cookies -- cookies with ice cream. ed: we're going to reveal our favorites, the president wasn't having dee cert yesterday -- dessert yesterday -- pete: well, when you get one scoop, he gets too. [laughter] another story that cnn didn't cover ever, for the most part, is the rally he held in kentucky last night where he talked about, listen, what are we, 22, 23 days from the midterm? it's about three weeks away. he's in midterm mode talking
6:03 am
about the democrats and the implications. listen to the president last night. >> lots of crazy, radical democrats did to justice kavanaugh is a national disgrace. the democrats have become totally consumed by their chilling lust for power. they will destroy your second amendment, and the democrats want to open our borders to a flood of deadly drugs and ruthless gangs. democrats have become the party of crime. the new platform of the democrat party is radical socialism, and it's open borders. democrats want to abolish i.c.e., and they want to turn america into a giant sanctuary for criminal aliens and ms-13 thugs. finish. ed: he almost said sanctuary nation.
6:04 am
pete: almost. giant sanctuary country. because if you think about it, if you don't have a border and you don't enforce it and you've got sanctuary cities and you want to abolish i.c.e., maybe the whole thing becomes a sanctuary if the democrats get control. and that open borders versus law and order feels like it's -- trish: it's bizarre in and of itself, right? how can you be a country and say, okay, everybody come here, and we'll give you free things. it doesn't make any sense. and what's bizarre to me is that the left has embraced that so much -- ed: openly. they're openly saying we're for socialism. you have various candidates saying that. and then you have this democratic gubernatorial nominee in georgia, her name is stacy abrams, and he's been out there -- she's been out there saying, hook, i want to put together a coalition. american citizens. but then adds in, i also want votes from illegal immigrants. listen. >> the thing of it is, the blue wave is african-american --
6:05 am
[cheers and applause] it's white, it's la toe know, it's asia-pacific be islander. it is made up of those who have been told they are not worthy of not being here, documented and undocumented. ed: you know, trish made this point a moment ago that it was bernie sanders that came out and said, i'm for socialism. it was like, wow. now they're openly saying they're for socialism. now they're openly saying we want illegal immigrants to vote. they're not hiding it, they're saying it. trish: it is so bizarre. and by the way, this is a real departure because, don't forget, chuck schumer, hillary clinton -- ed: barack obama -- trish: yes, they wantedded to see better border security. ed: they're on tape saying that. trish: this is a by or czar chapter, i think, in the democratic party. and this is why they have lost so many democrats, blue collar workers -- pete: it's a departure, but it's also an exposure. i mean, you want open borders when you believe you're a global
6:06 am
citizen before an american citizen, when you go to high schools and colleges that teach socialism and redistribution as what's truly fair and truly good, and those evil, greedy capitalists that steal your money and pollute your air. no, that's what kids are taught. kids and young people these days then find candidates like the socialist from the bronx, like what's her name, stacy abrams? like bernie sanders. and they love the rhetoric because it sounds like what their professors taught them, what hollywood tells them what can the media tells them and their friends tell them on instagram. they feel good about themselves. no, really, this is a cultural divide between two views of the world. and it's all language. undocumented, otherwise known as illegal. it's ms-13 that comes through, so it could be an ms-13 wave because their illegal. ed: it's not just about democrats openly advocating open borders, but also them trying to allege that the president is racist. watch. >> what she starts out with, it
6:07 am
sounds good, it sounds fluffy like, oh, you know, the blue wave is welcome of everyone, but the implication is that the red wave is not. well, they're anti-immigrant over there, and they're racist, and they don't care about lgbtq or women, but we do. and that's not true either. listen, if you want to stand for lawlessness, be my guest. there's tons of people in this country who don't want crime coming over the border and who want legal immigration, properly vetted. pete: well said. that eat why we have her on the show. you had a lot of tweets for us on this subject as well. a tweet from elsa said great add for the -- of the candidate in georgia, republican running against her. play it on a loop. trish: uh-huh. and then here's another one, right? illegal aliens are voting, isn't that foreign interference in our elections? very good point. ed: not a bad point either. from bruce: if anyone is really
6:08 am
surprised dems are counting on illegals to put them over the top, you have not been paying attention. interesting point since when the president talked about illegals voting in the last election, he was ridiculed by the mainstream media. and here you have a democratic nominee for governor in an important state of georgia saying, yeah, we want illegals to vote. that's what she's saying. pete: yeah. no, they're on tape. it is a manifestation of the way the left thinks these days, open borders versus do you have a country. as much as we talk about economics, trish, economics are really important, but i think we're more so at a cultural moment where people feel like -- you talked about singing the anthem and the flag. is that a political statement or not? it shouldn't be, but it feels like we get there. ed: the president was mocked this week for his meeting with kanye west, so "saturday night live" tried to have a little fun with that last night. watch. >> first, let me begin with the idea that crime is a myth.
6:09 am
infinite amounts of universe, and i'm a prison in a different dimension. have i lost anyone so far? [laughter] >> he doesn't stop. he doesn't listen to anyone but himself. who does he remind me of? >> >> i don't want to brag, but i really have a high iq. i'm a stable genius. >> oh, my god, he's black me! [laughter] >> hey, jim, you want to add anything? [laughter] >> add? i got a couple subtractions i'd like to -- [laughter] the only thing i definitely want to point out is that mental health in the black community is apparently an even bigger issue than i thought. [laughter] i mean, i've been on coalitions with bill cosby and o.j. simpson, and this is the first time i'm having regrets. ed: you know, it was funny up until he's the black me, and when you go to jim brown and start making fun of mental health. first of all, that's not funny. secondly, jim brown -- when asked whether he'd separate himself from kanye in his remarks at the white house -- seemed to me and what i saw, seemed to defend him.
6:10 am
pete: there'll never be a pro-trump segment on "saturday night live." i laughed because i like to laugh, but the reality is "saturday night live" is putting you into one of two boxes if you're a trump supporter, you're either racist or crazy. trish: don't forget dumb. pete: oh, yeah, i forgot about that. the trish corollary, dumb. [laughter] and in this case, they're calling kanye west crazy, or they'll call you dumb or they're call you -- they'll call you racist if you support this president. let's laugh about it. trish: no, it's identity politics at its worst, and they're trying to scare people that are african-american, hispanic, female. and they're saying, no, no, no, you can't vote for this party, you can't vote for him because he and they will crush you, and that's a scary message and untrue. anyway, is some of the headlines this morning, and we're beginning with this extreme weather. the search intensifies for more than 2100 people still missing or stranded in the wake of hurricane michael which has now
6:11 am
killed at least 19. crews using cadaver dogs, drones and machinery to locate more than 520 survivors so far. more than 450,000 people are still without power across six states. president trump -- [inaudible] in a new interview on cbs. >> you have said that this administration is like a smooth-running machine. and yet we keep hearing that the white house is in chaos. >> it's wrong, it's so false. it's fake news. trish: the president's first "60 minutes" interview since taking office will air tonight, and i hope you're watching fox business on tuesday night, because my interview with the president is going to air then. ed: we won't miss it. trish: also justice brett kavanaugh hitting the streets to feed the homeless, seen volunteering for catholic charities. it's something he does pretty frequently. he was photographed serving meals in the d.c. area.
6:12 am
ed: and that was really awesome because he talked about that during his confirmation hearings early on, and he was mocked by -- oh, this is just a little photo op. and here he is doing it even after he's been confirmed. this is something he's been doing for years, i know for a fact, in washington d.c. whether you like him or don't like him, he's giving back to the community. pete: let's monitor the other channels and see if that gets mentioned. are they going to follow through and see if it is who he is or what life he lives? trish: we know the answer. pete: all right. a hero police officer who sacrificed himself during a terror attack won't be honored -- ed: wow. pete: -- and the reason why will shock you. ed: and a michigan senate candidate and combat veteran, john james, closing in on his democratic opponent. is senator stabenow getting nervous? republican john james is live with us next. ♪ ♪
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pete: army veteran and michigan senate candidate john james is hoping to unseat incumbent democrat text by stabenow. -- debbie stabenow. this as kanye west and jim brown are slammed for meeting with president trump to discuss some of those very problems. joining me to weigh in, gop senate candidate for michigan, john james. john, thanks for joining us this morning and, as always, for your service. so your race is tightening, but as you're out there talking to independents in michigan and throughout your state and in the inner city, members of the black community, are they hearing this conversation that kanye west is leading, and are they responding to free thinking and a different future? is. >> well, first of all, i don't speak for all african-americans, but i can speak for myself, and i'm going to address everybody like the independent thinkers that we are as americans. too many people have died for us to have the right to think for ourselves and to vote for
6:17 am
ourselves, and i'm looking forward to bringing a fresh perspective and new experience. when i talk to african-americans or caucasian-americans or anybody, people are sick and tired of being sick and tired and having the political elite recognizing that both political parties have failed the american people. we need somebody who's not just going to tow the establishment party line and having somebody who can think freely, who can be independent and actually deliver for the people of the state of michigan is what people of all races, colors and genders need. pete: whatever you're doing is working according to the polls. this one's so stark that it matters. you were down 23 points just about a month ago. now you've tightened the race to nine, and we've seen races that were nine points not end up the way they thought it was going to end up. so you're right there. how do you feel about your race right now? >> we've said all along that michigan is in play with our candidacy. not only were we able to close the gap to single digits within a number of weeks of actually introducing myself to folks, but
6:18 am
we also outraised debbie stabenow. she raised $1.8 million, we raised $3.6 million from people who believe there's a chance to get a combat veteran who understands how to keep the country safe and a business leader who understands how to bring economic opportunity, who understands business and making sure that we protect the american dream for future generations, and people are excited about having a new energy in someone who will work with anyone to represent michigan, represent michigan well into the future. pete: what is the most important fresh perspective that is resonating with people in your state? >> the one that's resonating is that both parties have failed the american people. senator stabenow's part of a political elite that considers michigan a flyover state. and you can see it in her partisan voting. people here are sick and tired of the party. that's why bernie sanders and donald trump won, because they represent something, a frustration that we're feeling here in michigan. there are still areas around this state where we have forgotten farms and neglected
6:19 am
neighborhoods, and the people want somebody who's going to go and get results and work with anybody to get the job done. pete: it appears the momentum will be continuing this week. you've got a big event coming up. kid rock, donald trump jr. will be in your state, when is that happening, and what's it all about? >> well, on october 13th -- i'm sorry, on october 17th we're going to be having an event, we had to move the venue twice because within the first four hours, we had 1500 rsvps. if you're interested in learning now, go to john james for the excitement is palpable, and this is bigger than just a candidacy. this is a movement here of people in the state of michigan who are frustrated with the status quo, people who are sick and tired of being discarded and dismissed, and i'm looking forward to representing everybody and representing well in washington when i get there in the next couple of days. pete: you are cheerily not a low-energy -- clearly not a low-energy individual. you remain at it, good luck. appreciate your time, john. >> thanks so much, god bless.
6:20 am
pete: all right. leaders in congress now pushing to build that wall. former acting i.c.e. director thomas 40man here to weigh in live next. and betraying the bronx? is that a, is that a alex rodriguez, former yankee superstar in a red sox jersey? ♪ ♪
6:21 am
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♪ ♪ ed: the l.a. dodgers even the national league championship series, the houston astros win 7-2 in game one over the red sox in the alcs. former yankee alex rodriguez, known as a-ed rod, celebrating
6:24 am
the red sox former division win by wearing a red sox uniform. he lost a bet, apparently, to big papi, david ortiz. and in college football, the the 13th ranked lsu earned a big statement win over second-ranked georgia. michigan, big win over wisconsin, 38-13. and after falling behind 21-3, florida beat vapid orer built 37-27. two quick points, sean growman, he went to florida, executive producer. a fan of the show in tennessee tweeted me, why didn't we mention tennessee, big upset win over auburn, 30-24. auburn was number 21 in the country. tennessee hasn't had a big win in a long time, way to go vols. trish: i'm so glad they had you read this. i said make sure i don't have to read any sports. today said ed has it covered. ed: they were on an 11-game
6:25 am
losing streak in the sec. pete: all right. president trump last night slamming democrats on their new immigration policy. >> the new platform of the democrat party is radical socialism, and it's open borders. democrats want to abolish i.c.e., and they want to turn america into a giant sanctuary for criminal aliens and ms-13 thugs. trish: and now a new section of a border barrier is now complete at the california/mexico border. house majority leader kevin mccarthy just introduced a bill to completely pay for president trump's border wall. ed: so will this help fulfill the president's wrong campaign -- long campaign promise to build that wall? joining us now is thomas hohmann, the former acting director of i.c.e., he's now a fox news contributor.
6:26 am
good morning, sir. >> good morning. ed: are we closer now to building the wall? >> well, at least we got a portion of it, and i hope mccarthy's successful. look, i've said a hundred times wherever they build a barrier, the illegal migration has decreased substantially. why would we not want it? i'm hoping he's successful in his bid to get this pun. . -- this money. pete: we're seeing this build the wall, enforce the law act. they say, kevin mccarthy says it will bring $23 billion to fully construct a border wall, $5.5 billion of which will be immediately available. we've heard a lot of promises. it's campaign season, it could have been there two years ago. do you have faith that after the midterm something like this will actually pass? >> i'm losing faith, to tell you the truth. i mean, we've had the house, the senate and the white house, and the president's been in office
6:27 am
now for a while. and the republicans, every republican should rally behind him. i watched the president give his immigration speech back in quite a while ago, and i sat on my couch at home, and he was 100% accurate. he gets it, he understands it. if people would have rallied behind him from the begin, we wouldn't have the issues we have right now. a lot of this would have been water under the bridge. we've got to support him. trish: is that going to change, do you think? i i mean, given what the country went through with the kavanaugh hearings, i think there are a lot of conservatives that feel motivated, and i just wonder if that's going to sort of force a lot of these politicians in the republican party to either be onboard with the president's agenda or, you know, get off the ship. >> i certainly hope you're right. but, you know, i've been doing this 34 years, and what the american people need to understand whether you're republican or democrat, every one of those people on the hill, their number one responsibility is to protect this nation and
6:28 am
secure our border. there is no downside on curbing illegal immigration. there is no downside on curbing the smuggling of illegal narcotic into this country. it's a good thing. it's a good thing for this country. so it shouldn't be a partisan issue, they all should support this. ed: you know, homs -- thomas homan, actually enforcing existing law, i know you know this, stacy abrams who who wallet to be the governor of the great -- who wants to be the governor of the great state of georgia, here's what she said about who's going to vote in the midterm. watch. >> the thing of it is, the blue wave is african-american -- [cheers and applause] it's white, it's latino, it's asia-pacific islander. it is made up of those who have been told they are not worthy of being here. it is comprised of those who are documented and undocumented. ed: how do you reform the system with people who want to be in very powerful positions in this country and don't even understand how the system works?
6:29 am
>> look, she needs to spend a few moments and read the u.s. constitution. she needs to fend spend a few moments and read about the principle of the rule of law in this country and the prejudice to be a -- the privilege to be a u.s. citizen. i find that remarkable that she would say those things. pete: thomas, i have a question for you for the citizens of california. this is sort of a hypothetical, it's a mind-bender, and i need your help because you know the law. what happens if an illegal in california uses a plastic straw in a sanctuary city? [laughter] >> illegal in california, you're in a sanctuary state. i.c.e. is going to have a hard time finding him. i.c.e. can't even access the jails in the state of california. i mean, california is by far the worst state when it comes to enforcing federal law, even assisting i.c.e -- pete: but they might get you on the plastic straw though, right? [laughter] >> they'll get you on a plastic straw, and it's okay to be a
6:30 am
criminal alien in the united states illegal and get released from jail -- pete: it's not funny stuff. ed: during the commercial break, he warned us he had a mind-bender for you. trish and i were bracing -- >> actually, it's irritating me, because the state of california, we aren't friends. i have an issue with the state of california. pete: thomas homan, thank you for your service. ed: harvard heading to trial tomorrow, defending accusations that they're actually discriminating. how the case could change the college admissions process for your children everywhere, all around the country. pete: and as we head into the final stretch before midterms, democrats may not be with her. tammy bruce is here to react to pulling hillary clinton from the campaign trail live next. i'm also going to ask her what happens if an illegal uses a plastic straw in a sanctuary city. [laughter] ♪ ♪
6:31 am
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♪ ♪ pete: look who's here, tammy bruce. ed told you she'd be here -- >> magic of television. pete: we're hearing news reports that democrat -- hillary clinton wants the help democrats, but they don't want the help on the campaign trail. are they smart. >> yeah, look, they want with it both ways. this is how desperate a situation the democrats are in. she is horrible when it comes to the numbers for people. the democrats know that
6:35 am
americans don't want to see her. her approval rating, they like to say, is lower than donald trump's. so they know that she's bad news for them, and yet they still have quiet, private fundraisers with her. she's still going to show up at some rallies like for mr. gill lam in florida. what does that tell you about the party, the democratic party? they're relying on someone who's anathema, who no one wants to see in order to raise money for themselves, and so they still have to be around her. there's no real leadership, there's no new vision, there's no looking forward. this is a person who, as we know, her latest idea is to enforce a lack of civility. there is no -- americans want ideas. this is why the president won. they want ideas, they want something forward-looking for their families. all the democrats have really is a mob framework of threats and intimidation. trish: that's so right. i mean, i think people really want to vote for something. >> exactly. trish: right. >> not just against something. >> exactly.
6:36 am
trish: right now her platform is just to be against trump. >> that is correct. apparently, they're also happy that this tour that the clintons are going to be doing will begin after the midterms. [laughter] but she wants to be a part of it, and it's obvious why, because she's always been a part of something. she's been a part of the government. we clearly have rejected that part of what they were doing. we are moving into a new point of view. and i think that most of our lives we know that adapting in life is important. mrs. clinton needs to begin to adapt. ed: we might be moving into a new form of journalism. chris cuomo over at cnn had this to say about what he imagined donald trump was thinking during his meeting with kanye. watch. >> i wonder what was going on in trump's head. let's take a look at him. here's my educated guess, okay? other than a warm serotonin flush of happy hormone, imagine the their headlines -- imaginary headlines -- blacks love trump. clearly, his sensitivity is triggered by other concerns;
6:37 am
attention, praise and some jaundiced notion of how to get black approval above the pathetic 10% it tends to track at. ed: it almost seems like a "saturday night live" segment. here's what cnn is imagining donald trump is saying. >> a little bit of projection, i think, considering what we've heard cnn say about mr. west regarding african-americans -- ed: stuff we don't even want to repeat. >> that's it, it's so fox tick you don't want -- toxic you don't want to repeat it. ancient aliens is dating this network, and there's a reason. it's more in touch, i think, with reality than cnn is. so when you've got such a desire to hear something, we call it a confirmation bias usually, you see what you want to see. here they're saying and thinking what they prefer. problem is americans, of course, don't see it that way. they want to have, you know, fiction news, that's fine. it can be some kind of, you know, the onion for television, i suppose, satire. but look, americans don't want
6:38 am
psychic readings of what our leadership is doing. they can see the president's approach, they see him applying it, they know what his policies are, they see him improving, and it's not just ideas and big talk inial allies, it really is the application of a different point of view that's impiing literally everyone's lives. the approval rating in a recent poll as an example regarding hispanics and the president is now at 41%. african-americans are realizing, wait a minute, there is a different way of doing things. maybe it is also about being non-partisan, that it's about how we're going the change the world to improve our lives. and, sure, the president's a republican, but it's going to be a republicanism now that doesn't, you know, assign certain groups to the democrats and abandon them. it's a real outreach to americans because they're americans first. pete: well said. ing on that the chris -- following on that chris cuomo quote, the hollywood reporter has a really hard-hitting
6:39 am
investigative work. they've identified that stephen miller in third grade once ate glue. [laughter] a teacher outed him for that, and that tells us what? >> well, it tells us that people obviously have some -- the trump derangement syndrome continues. i believe that teacher's now been appropriately put on leave. because when you're dealing -- also when you think about kids, is that what you do when you think about kids and what you do as a kid and then you out them for doing something like that, it is a pettiness -- pete: right. >> -- and a kind of a chaos that americans see developing on one side, and that, i think, when it comes to the midterms, this is what the democrats don't realize. they don't know when to stop. they get completely focused on their own rage and hate, and they stop thinking about what we're all supposed to be doing here for the american people. so so we're going to see it in the midterm -- [inaudible conversations] ed: the third grader, and the teacher tells? trish: there's a confidentiality and a trust there that you
6:40 am
have -- >> and she's still teaching what does that say about the other kids in her charge? trish: no. also the pub bely case that would run that. >> right. trish: if i had a big scoop, the teacher from third grade of stephen miller, why would you print that? who cares? >> desperation. ed: stories you get about pete stealing lunch money and milk money and all that? pete: don't do it. >> when they went to high school for justice kavanaugh, suddenly it was like, you know, how far back can you go. this is, i think, an incredible education for the american people. i welcome it, but we've got to then act on it and decide that that's not where we want this nation to go. ed: well said. thank you, tammy. pete: i think my lunch money was actually being stolen. [laughter] ed: i don't believe it. >> i was a marvelous champion in school, i want that highlighted. [laughter] pete: let's get an intrepid reporter on that right now. trish: turning to headlines, everyone, a french city won't honor a police officer who sacrificed himself in an
6:41 am
islam-inspired terror attack because, get this, it might outrage the city's large muslim population. the officer swapped places with a hostage during the march supermarket attack in the city of marseilles. two people were killed. a street will be named after him instead in a nearby suburb. a new migrant caravan is making its way to the u.s. more than 1,000 hondurans going to the border right now just days after vice president mike pence met with several central american presidents asking for help stopping illegal immigration in exchange for aid. more than 1,000 central american migrants trying to get back into the country back in may. the harvard admissions bias trial is set to begin tomorrow. the school is accused of discriminating against asian-american students. the case could eventually reach the supreme court. alan dershowitz joined us earlier and explained what that could mean for every university. >> justice o'connor said years
6:42 am
ago that race-specific affirmative action should have a time limit, and maybe that time limit is close to being expired. trish: the ivy league school claims asian-americans' admission has grown significantly since 2010. and those are your headlines. pete: that'll be one to watch. ed: all right. adam's out there with the weather. adam? adam: hey there, guys. you were out here a little while ago. we've had a really nice crowd throughout the entire morning. trish, i know it wasn't you, but ed and pete came outside and scared most of the people away. [laughter] i've met wonderful people just north of pittsburgh -- >> hi, everyone. adam: great folks, just meeting a lot of friends. the forecast across the country, temperatures around 50 degrees here in new york city. it is going to get up to 60 here in the city for the folks enjoying their holiday, but there are places across the country where it is a lot colder. look at that cold front. you add the wind chill, feels-like temperature in rapid city, 12 degrees right now. you add a little bit of
6:43 am
moisture, and what are we talking about? maybe our first big snowfall of the year. there's some folks that have seen 3-4 inches of snow yesterday, maybe more on the way from nebraska up to minnesota today. cold weather, unfortunately, is on the way for a good portion of the country. these are today's highs. spots, denver, 27 degrees. that's all the the warmer it's going to get for them. here in new york city and for the folks enjoying their time, getting up closer to 60 degrees, so not a bad day here on the east coast. bundle up, though, if you are back in the northern midwest. pete: adam, i can confirm. my uncle brad who lives in minnesota sent me a video, it's snowing. your weather reports are accurate. [laughter] the stock market set to open for the first time after the big drop, so what does it mean for your wallet? ed: maria bartiromo's here to weigh in. we just need an investigation of her in third grade -- [laughter] >> you found out! hey, how are you? hey, trish, how you doing? is. ♪ ♪
6:44 am
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♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. a couple of quick headlines. happening this week, fusion gps cofounder glenn simpson will plead the fifth to avoid testifying to lawmakers, the firm behind the anti-trump dossier that kick started the so-called russia probe. president bush is backing republican senate candidate mike brawn in indiana. he's challenging the democratic candidate joe donnelly. and final story, president trump also on the trail in montana, arizona and nevada on thursday, friday and saturday of this upcoming week. ed: thanks, pete. tomorrow morning the stock market opening for the first time after log its worst week since march, but our next guest says -- trish: she says don't be worried. i'd agree. sunday morning futures host and my colleague at fox business, my
6:48 am
good friend, maria bartiromo. >> great to see you. trish: it's not that scary, right? >> no, no. it's been a volatile week, and every time you see 500, 700, 800-point declines, people get nervous, buff to put in con -- but you have to put this in context. when you're looking at particularly on the short end of fixed income a two-year note offering 3%, you have to say to yourself, well, do i want to put money somewhere where i get 3% safety versus putting it in the stock market? that's what's been going on, a little disruption because people see higher interest rates and the competition for stocks in fixed income which can be safer. so that's really all that's going on. i think when you look at the backdrop for the stock market right now, and we know that fundamentals drive the stock market, earnings, we've just started the third quarter earnings reporting season, earnings are going to be up 22% year-over-year for the third quarter. the economy's growing, as you said earlier, 4.2% -- ed: so you'll get into what this
6:49 am
means for everyone's wallets, but you've also stayed on this fbi/doj story, and i see you have jim jordan on the show. >> yeah, next week is a big week. glenn simpson is going to be taking the fifth, he's supposed to testify on tuesday. he said i'm going to call it in, i'm taking the fifth. but then on thursday james baker is going to be speaking to the task force. james baker's the fbi lawyer. and then on friday nelly orr, the wife of bruce ohr, is going to be -- so we've got a huge show anticipating that, representative jim your dan is going to be with me life. he's going to talk about rod rosenstein, his future. also john ratcliff is joining us from texas, former federal prosecutor, he is on the judiciary and homeland security committees. and then we've got kevin mccarthy coming up talking about his bill to pay for the wall, build the wall and enforce the law. doesn't that sound good? ed: it sounds interesting -- >> enforce the law. ed: maria will be here top of
6:50 am
the hour. thank for coming in. >> thank you so much. ed: it's the sweetest day of the year, it's national dessert day. ice cream, and trish has one of her kids here -- trish: she's been staring ate it for the last 20 minutes. -- staring at it for the last 20 minutes. ed: we'll get into that. ♪ ♪ well, i don't know what you'd wanna buy because i'm just a guy on your tv. esurance. it's surprisingly painless.
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♪ ♪ pete: today is literally the sweet earth day of the year. -- sweetest day of the year. it is national dessert day. and here to help us celebrate, chris, the general manager of sugar factory nyc, and you look like a scientist. [laughter] >> i am a mad scientist. pete: what do we have here? >> this is our lollipop passion goblet, and kids and adults love
6:54 am
this. it smokes, it's got magic, it bubbles, it's a lot of fun and a lot of candy. ed: take us through some of everybody's favorite dedesserts. >> i have a rainbow doughnut ice cream sandwich, over the top. for the season we have our monster mash halloween milk shake right here, and we have our fantastic brownie ice cream sundae sandwich right there. for this month we have our pretty many in pink insane milk shake for breast cancer awareness, $1 goes to susan g. komen, and then here for tremendous celebrations, we have our king kong sundae, and all of you are here to help me rate -- decorate it. ed: we have trish's daughter, elizabeth. you've been eyeing all this stuff, what do you want to try? >> the ice cream. ed: do you want to help me? pete: smart kid. [inaudible conversations] trish: king kong supday, you call it? -- sundae.
6:55 am
>> 24 scoops, 30 scoops, whatever you want. we have vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, we throw some gummy cherries on top -- pete: adding the strawberries. ed: what about this? >> all the sauces, whipped cream, a little cookie, some nuts, there we go. ed: oh, man. trish: oh, my goodness. that is yummy. >> and for birthdays we bring it out with sparklers, we make a whole big, fun time with this. ed: your brother and sister are going to be so mad you got to do this. [laughter] trish: i'm going to hear about this for the rest of the year. >> let's eat this thing, what are you doing? sugar factory has locations all over the u.s., new york, chicago, miami, we have international locations as well. pete: so people can go to the store and order one of these guys. >> all of our restaurants have stores, and the restaurants you can order all these, you can order some of these in our café, you can get all of these --? >> pete: get a rice krispie treat
6:56 am
in there. >> what's your hottest seller? >> that goblet over there is tremendous. the halloween one always does well. ed: all right. you've got to be jealous. more "fox & friends" on the other side. ♪ ♪
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6:59 am
all right, we have a special it will debut monday at 8:00 p.m. >> that's perfect. you must be so proud of your mom. >> she's gunning for my job. >> thank you for the new show.
7:00 am
>> thank you, it was really fun. >> we have some eating to do here. head to fox and friend's for our after the show show. have a great sunday everyone. good sunday morning. could republican house lawmakers subpoena rod rose instein. u.s. diplomatic tensions with turkey ease. he decided not to testify before


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