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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 14, 2018 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. how sexy are these elbows? ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. howie: on the bes meter. anger management. the press accuses the president of using anger to rule up his republican base and the media pushes back against protesters being called a mob. >> what they are running on is they are the last line of defense against you, the angry mob. the majority of the country who disagrees with the president. angry left-wing mobs you thought
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you had been watching on television are a figment of your imagination concocted by fox news. >> the mob is a story line that works well for republicans it, dysfunction and chaos. a party that's willing to do anything, including destroy an innocent man. howie: is there a double standard. nikki haley resigns abruptly. has the speculation onoverboard. the president is criticized for not being more aggressive towards the saudi arabian kingdom. melania trump pressed about sexual assault and her marriage.
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>> do you think women who have been -- men who have been accused of sexual assault are mistreated? howie: i'm howard kurtz and this is "mediabuzz." major newspapers have been filled with stories about president trump using the brett kavanaugh confirmation to make his supporters angry. the "new york times." liberals, this is war. "new york times," get angry and get involved. his lead, if you are not angry yet, you should be. "washington post," we need to stay angry on kavanaugh. aren't there two sides on the use of anger and fear in the mid
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terms? joining me, mollie hemingway, gillian turner, and richard fowler, a talk radio host and fox news contributor. mollie, the liberal columnists, these are not dog whistles, are openly doing the same thing on the left. mollie: we may wish anger doesn't motivate people to vote. but it's a common motor straighter. the screaming' protesters trying to tear down the door to the supreme court and the antifa' in portland. people like to see rule of law
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and order. so it confirmed a lot of their fears. the media showed these things when they thought it was helping the antifa case. but now they are saying it's crazy to call them mob's. howie: the politics of fear in politics and campaigns has been around for centuries. but shouldn't the press call out both sides equally? gillian: of course they should. riling up people is the only way to get americans to vote, particularly in mid terms. the turnout is horrendous. this is the moment to get people angry. this is the mainstream medial most of which is left leaning is doing their part to get out the vote in the mid-terms.
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howie: an old colleague of mine said this is a judicious coup putting brett kavanaugh in the supreme court and we should pack the court. and saying the president is trying to preserve white male power. richard: you go to healthcare town halls and they say look at the conservatives, they are so angry. sometimes they were angry, sometimes they weren't. but as soon as the cameras show up people tend to get angrier. it ended up flipping the house in the opposite direction. maybe gillian is right. maybe the media is playing a hand here. but either way i think we can all agree our country has become more and more tribalistic. howie: that's why we are hearing
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words like coup and white male power. i happen to think' protesters screaming and chasing ted cruz and others out much restaurants has hurt the liberal cause. but the media don't like president trump and his allies calling them a mob. mollie: there was a lot of pushback against calling this angry group a mob. that's what it is. a large crowd of people that is disorderly and intent on causing violence. if you are trying to tear down the supreme court doors, that would calling if i. when you are taking overred the city of portland with antifa, that qualifies. you never saw tea partyers going to people's houses and places where they were eating and
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getting them kicked out of restaurants. this type of behavior alarms people and rightfully so. howie: you rarely see liberal commentators calling out disruptive tactics. toss that leave an opening for the president to say, mob, and you should be scared? richard: the first amendment allows people to protest. and sometimes protesting is ugly whether you like it or not. where i disagree with mollie. i remember being at a town hall in fairfax, virginia where the congressman had to be escorted out because they were afraid he would be harmed. when we realize our issues get us angry and we have to have real conversations. howie: is there a media double
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standard. mollie: every time right wingers get together they are called right-wing mobs. we had a large scale assassination attempt against members of congress which many in the media act like it's not a big deal. i think americans are worried about that. howie: there was a commentator on cnn who tried to conflate that with the protests. it seems like three months ago, after brett kavanaugh was sworn in at the ceremony at the white house. he apologized his family and he called the sexual assault allegations a hoax. and i think that drew a lot of media flack as well.
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gillian: and it contradicted the line the republicans crafted. we believe the victim in this case chris tee --in this case, y ford, but we don't believe it was brett kavanaugh. and that does -- the president going out in the other direction saying basically she lied. that did undercut that message. i think the media was quick to pick up on that. any disagreement among republicans on the hill or wherever they are, grabs people attention. i spent two days embedded with kavanaugh protesters. a lot of those people felt undercut by that message. a lot of women on both sides, conservatives who supported
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brett kavanaugh and liberal women who were there to protest against him felt that that line at its core is something that set women back. howie: fabrication and hoax poll there are there was never any evidence to support the allegations including allegations that brett kavanaugh was the ringleader of a secret gang rape ring when he was in high school. howie: i didn't think that should have been published at all. mollie: there was never evidence to support any of the claims. howie: you don't have a problem despite the media criticism with the president saying christine blazey ford participated in a hoax? mollie: there should be more media coverage of how these
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allegations came out. how they were read into the record including that gang rape allegation which dianne feinstein began the hearings with. this is something weird. there should be more coverage of how weird it was and how the allegations were wind up instead of parsing his language. richard: any time the president sort of separates himself from his party, it's important the media analyze it. he leads the republican party. when he separates himself from what's happening on capitol hill. that's news worthy. how can members of congress on the ballot running -- howie: you think it was justified. richard: you have supporters and members of congress saying she is credible but we don't necessarily think it's brett kavanaugh. howie: let me move on to something that drew a lot of the
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criticism. with hurricane michael devastating florida that night, here is the president taking shots at the pundits. >> we have the president holding a full-on pep rally while americans are suffering and dying in northwest florida. >> from a pure level of optics, he chose to take a warm bath while the people of florida were getting slammed in the face with 150-mile-per-hour with winds. mollie: i think it's interesting when a president doesn't stay at home when a major issue is happening. president obama drew a lot of criticism for golfing when the benghazi issue was going on. howie: if obama had done this the conservatives would have gone ballistic. richard: this is millions of
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people without power in multiple states. i would like to see him working with fema. howie: he began his rally talking about the hurricane in florida. the man who built his career attacking the president talking to the media every day. and his wife fielding questions about their marriage. -omar, look. [ thunder rumbles ] omar, check this out. uh, yeah, i was calling to see if you do laser hair removal. for men. notice that my hips are off the ground. [ engine revving ] and then, i'm gonna pike my hips back into downward dog. [ rhythmic tapping ] hey, the rain stopped. -a bad day on the road still beats a good one off it. -tell me about that dental procedure again!
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applied for a loan. started a business. started a blog. shared a picture. shared a moment. turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. [♪] howie: it's no accident as the mid-term campaign ramps up, president trump shifted strategy. he has office sessions to a sit-down with "new york"
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magazine and 60 minutes. >> what's your response of hillary clinton saying that the swearing in of judge kavanaugh was more a political event. >> that's why she lost. she doesn't get. >> you are on air, mr. president. president trump: he's very talented, but no i haven't. >> the rumor is the day after the mid terms you will fire him and fire the attorney general. president trump: i actually get along well with rod. >> we keep hearing the white house is in chaos. president trump: it's fake news. howie: there are a lot of media criticisms that the president doesn't have enough press conferences. mollie: i think it's interesting about what it says about how he's feel being his presidency. part of this is about getting
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out the vote in november, and speaking to what he thinks is a period of strength. the economy is coming along. the russia situation, the hoax which isn't real. mollie: also this blue tsunami everyone expecting is a much more complicated story. republicans think they will keep the senate. he feels strong and he's going on air to say it. howie: the white house says it's all him, it's not cooked up by strategists. he thinks the mid terms are a factor and he enjoys the fencing with reporters. maybe -- there is so much trump in our lives. we lose sight of the fact that it's very unusual for to see a
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president in so many forums. does it contrast with his belligerent approach of failing "new york times" and fake news media. gillian: when he's taking outlets like abc, nbc, these are the folks he feels are conspiring against him. as a reporter it's wonderful when he does this. i spent friday reporting live from the white house. it has a wonderful trickle-down effect. when the president gets chatty and talkative and opens up to reporters, everybody else does, too at the white house. you get senior and junior officials willing to grab your ear and tell you a juicy nugget. you get larry kudlow willing to gaggle on the front lawn of the white house. i don't think he's giving them direction to open up but they
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are following his example. howie: there has been a lot of media chatter about fox news carrying most of of the president's evening rallies in full because the ratings are down with its regular prime time hosts? richard: the rallies help him. i think the president is a master brander and marketer. while yes the house and senate are more complicated. when it comes to governor's mansions, republicans could take major losses in the governors' mansions. howie: there is a lot of repetition. this is a business. there has been some grumbling about sarah sanders is holding fewer briefings. she said who would you rather hear from? me or the leader of the free world. mollie: i think the issue of the
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campaign rallies is a tricky one. there is news value whenever the president speak. there is less news value when it's a campaign event. it's tricky with trump because you never know what he's going to say. and people don't want to see fox following the lead of their competitors. they want to see a difference in how they cover things. if they can't get on fox, where can they get. howie: they are being covered, but not wall to wall. richard fowler, mollie hemingway, and gillian turner. the press is blindsided with the nikki haley resignation and responds with an avalanche of speculation. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the #1 brand
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howie: reporters in washington expect everything to leak, especially when trump officials are leaving the trump administration. washington scrambled when word leaked out that nikki haley was leaving the administration. why now and why didn't we know about it. >> the breaking news coming as a shock to many. shock waves through foreign policy establishments. >> four weeks before the mid terms the ambassador to the united nations suddenly resigning. >> it was only this morning that nikki haley informed her staff of this. >> the timing is odd, these departures are traditionally announced just after the mid-terms not four weeks before. >> there was talk of ivanka trump taking that whole if nikki haley ever left. >> i have got to tell you, my spidey sense tells me there is
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more to the story. howie: i outed myself as a long time spiderman fan. there were legitimate questions about the timing even after the president and his ambassador were all smiles in the oval office. why it's taking officials by surprise the morning after the swearing in of brett kavanaugh. but the instant speculation about her political future and conspiracy theories, let's just say there was a lot of air time to fill. hope hicks, who resigned as the white house communications director has found a new job. it's with fox. she has been hired for the new company that will emerge after disney buys the entertainment
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side of the company. she'll be work on the corporate side, not directly for fox news. kanye west is criticized for his appearance in the oval office. george woke up in pain. but he has plans today. hey dad. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. (burke) seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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howie: kanye west's profanity laced visit to the oval office was pretty strange. >> there was something about when i put this hat on, it made me feel like superman. trump is on his hero's journey right now. he might not have expected to a crazy [bleep] like kanye west run and support he's the model spokesperson, the oak be negro
8:31 am
of the trump administration. this is ridiculous. >> all of a sudden he's the person who represents the african-american community? he doesn't. this was an embarrassment. kanye's mother is rolling over in her grave. howie: joining us from new york, jedediah bila. and jessica tarlov. i didn't like kanye dropping the mother word in the oval office. but the media is really whacking this guy calling his visit an assault on the white house. jedediah: nothing like a good media meltdown. this is a guy if he had don't same exact thing in the oval office when president obama had been sitting there they would have been talking how he was bringing front and center some great issues like to and frisk and how he was talking about
8:32 am
prison reform. whether you like kanye or not. there has been a character assassination against this buy. they called him everything from a traitor to an idiot to someone who is deeply disturbed and needs help. they instantialized him. he just like every him. he has a right if he has a platform to make his voice heard. there is no reason why he should be described as all those horrible things. no one who walked into the white house and was a sche -- was a celebrity when obama was in the office was treated that way. howie: don lemon dragged his late mother into it. jessica: i think dragging his
8:33 am
dead mother into it is going too far. but i downs and sympathize -- but i understand and sympathize with their position when kanye west has shown total lack of understanding with the jim crow south. fellow rappers have come out saying they are embarrassed to know him by setting back the black community and going in there and playing nice with a president they feel doesn't advocate with the african-american community. to jedediah's point, if he had gone into the white house with presidenwith -- with president , president obama called him a jack expletive. they rail when a celebrity gets
8:34 am
involved. the shut up and dribble. the mock and jay-z and beyonce. howie: jedediah, it's true there are some on the right who criticized jay-z. when kanye west said george bush doesn't care about black people after hurricane katrina he was lauded in the media. jedediah: what the it civil is, the collective. they support each other and back each other up it's not an attack that this person is unstable. you look at what milano was
8:35 am
doing. they don't take as much heat. kanye does not fit in ideologically with the left and they have to take him out. because he has a platform and he's talking about issues with president trump and he may make an impact in a way most of of the media and hollywood doesn't like. jessica: i agree mostly with what jedediah is saying. using president trump as a way to get justice reform is a wonderful thing. and he said a lot more things. howie: let me get to melania trump. she did a rare sit-down with abc news. one of the questions was whether donald trump's alleged infidelities put a strange on her marriage. >> i know the media likes to
8:36 am
speculate about our marriage. and certainly the gossip. but i understand the gossip sells newspapers, magazines, getting advertisers. and unfortunately we live in this kind of world today. >> have you been hurt? >> media speculating, yeah, it's not always pleasant of course. howie: was it fair for him to ask about that? how do you think the first lady handled those questions? jessica: i think it was fair to ask by the and she handled it well. the number of times hillary clinton has been asked about bill clinton's i fidelity. she had to sit in a debate with anita broaddrick and paula jones right there in her face. there were allegations donald trump used campaign fund to pay
8:37 am
off a woman he had an affair with. howie: when melania trump says the press is reporting gossip, she has a point. but there were stories about the president reimbursing payments. it's not all made-up gossip. jedediah: there was an attempt to get her to say something anti-trump. questions like do you love your husband. i was thinking really? on several policy issues i saw they would kind of parallel trump's policy on something, immigration or what not, and some activism or opinion melania has said to get her to say what my husband is doing was wrong. they want that sound bite. i thought she did a great job. she was measured.
8:38 am
jessica: she gave a few sound bites. why she was wearing the jacket. we can come bare notes about bullying people after the show. howie: the jacket she said she wore that jacket. she said the message is she doesn't care with the left-wing media says. jessica: she is a trump. howie: later one media outlet attacking a top white house official for his behavior when he was 8 years old. i'm serious. moving? that's harder now because of psoriatic arthritis. but you're still moved by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage.
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smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. howie: virtually everyone in the media has grown accustomed to twitter hate. look at this. please boot the lame ass chick from the fox panel. jedediah is nothing but a fox news bubble head. i took those from your book, jedediah. but has it become something of a sewer. jedediah: i say i have a thick skin but i am human.
8:43 am
it's easy to say ignore those people. when it couple late over time, it does get to you. i'm not inclined to be affected by things like that. i grew up in new york city and i'm a tough girl, a brooklyn girl. i thought of kid in school. i'm a former dean and former teacher. going online and facing those personal attacks and how they would process that information. i started to realize how social media and how it has ballooned without us facing consequences. parents have to have these considerations with their kids. howie: was it hard for you -- you have stories about yourself in the book to be the only con/libertarian voice. >> i did get a ton of people when i left the show thank me
8:44 am
for bringing different opinions at the table and were excited about i made them think about things that i hadn't thought about before. i like being outnumbered. that's a position i'm used to. i worked in liberal academia and most of of my friends are liberal. i feel like it's good. i love those ladies at the table. we can deung duke it off but when the cameras would go off we would go backstage and chill. we are friend and when we get off the set we are saying what are you having for dinner tonight. howie: everyone's life appears better on instagram. but you weren't immune. you said you were doing squats in the gym and were taking
8:45 am
photos that highlighted your butt. jedediah: i said the grass isn't green. it just has filters on it. this is not a preachy book. it is i made myself look like an idiot a lot open social media. i thought i had to keep up with water one * else is doing. i took that advice from a high-level people in the industry. at some point realized i'm not going to get rid of my social media. but i'm going to scale it back and change the way i view it. i'm going to follow a lot less people on instagram. they will be people i know and love. howie: you talk about a boyfriend who was constantly on his blackberry years ago and one day you looked at his phone you discovered he was a big time drug dealer and had a lot of
8:46 am
women. was that because of the phone or was he a bad boyfriend? >> he was a bad boyfriend. i don't blame the phone. bad people are going to do bad things regardless of the technology. but i saw how easy it was to have a separate life in your phone and have it in the wrong hands. the phone was no longer just there to make phone calls. and that technology can sometimes get away from us. sometimes you are interacting face to face and you realize there is an accountability for what you say and do. when you get into the phone space you say things in a way you would never say in person. howie: this is all very fascinating. thank you so much. i hope you will come back. after the break, the troubling mystery of a saudi columnist. and some of the media blaming the trump administration. while i was in the navy,
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at home, with internet essentials. howie: the apparent murder of jamal khashoggi is a tragedy that sent shock waves through the world. the reports are he entered the consulate in turkey and the saudis were flying wait for him and it was approved by the crown prince mohammad bin salman. but turkish officials say they have video and audio evidence he was killed inside the consequence latd in istanbul. latd -- inside the consulate. this is an autocratic
8:51 am
government, not people inflamed by donald trump's rhetoric. gillian: this is a horrific event. no matter who is responsible. what i will say is criticizing the american president for being too cozy early on during an administration is practically a national pastime for americans. president obama suffered the same criticism then moved in a 180 direction where he was barely on speaking terms with saudi arabia by the end of his tenure. president george w. bush was subjected to this criticism during the entirety of his presidency. howie: when president trump says there will be severe punishment if in fact khashoggi was killed --
8:52 am
gillian: the problem with the cbs interview and we have seen clips of it, it seems he hedges. he says they may be responsible. but they insist they are not. it runs a little bit too close to the narrative he spun about president putin. i spoke to president trump and he promised me he didn't interfere in the american election. howie: i take your point about previous american administrations being overly cozy with saudi arabia. but you have the arms sales, and it's not unique to this president that the financial benefits and geopolitical benefits of being tight with saudi arabia, other presidents have looked the other way with the way saudis treat women. but an incident where someone may be dead crosses a threshold.
8:53 am
gillian: it does and it doesn't. people have died at hands of murderous regimes for years. with saudis if they are complicit or guilty, perhaps they thought they could do this and it would never see the light of day. they misjudged. howie: there was a story saying jared kushner championed bin salman. the new yorker called him the prince that will remake the world. gillian: you can't put something like this on the head of jared kushner. saudi arabia is a complicated country. and the media is not so good at large at accepting the idea that there is a gray area. that two things can be true at
8:54 am
once. two conflicting things. it's not an easy tightrope to watch. how to deal with a regime that promises to make reforms and starts taking steps in that direction. and still has dirty bath water to work with. howie: gillian turner, i know you have some reporting to do. a media indictment of white house official for we did in the third grade. (music throughout)
8:55 am
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8:57 am
howie: news week's reports and -- reports were fired when they were digging into their parent company. now they charged their boss with
8:58 am
creating a fake outlet to defraud lenders to provide millions of dollars for computer services that were allegedly used to keep the magazine afloat. sadly it turns out the ousted news peek * journalists were on to something big. steven miller's third grade teacher was a loren and ate glue. that was in the hold reporter who said he was a strange dude. he was 8 years old. why was this published. does journalistic scrutiny extend to anything we ever did in elementary school. jonathon swan was going off on
8:59 am
mitch mcconnell handling of judicial nominees. off course he's going to ram through someone in the last year of trump's presidency. howie: i happen to like his even-handed nonsense. but my job isn't to promote the democrats every single night. that's it for his edition of "mediabuzz." you can subscribe at apple itunes, google play. we hope you will check out our facebook page, give us a like. original video. we talk back within forth with you. let's continue the conversation on twitter.
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we talked to jedediah bila on how it can be a destructive place. but i enjoy the back and forth. we'll see you next week at 11:00 a.m. with the latest buzz. [♪] eric: tensions escalating between the u.s. and saudi arabia over the disappearance and suspected murder of "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. the kingdom threatening to retaliate against any sanctions as the saudi stock market takers the deepest plunge in years. arthel: the statement comes after president trump warned of quote severe punishment if it turns out saudi arain a murdered khashoggi inside its consulate in turkey. president trump:ig


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