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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 15, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> melissa: thank you to judge napolitano, always in the center for a good laugh. >> andrew: kennedy and i are in collusion in collusion. a speech to be very careful with that word, it can get you in a lot of trouble. you give us such a fight, we love it. we are back here at noon eastern, here's harris. >> harris: the president of the united states is on the move, he's in florida. we are given kind of a moment by moment at itinerary while he's on the ground. as we see the president live, that's marine one in florida and we learn more about his schedule, we will bring it to you. the images on the left are when he first arrived, that's air force one, obviously. he has been in the air for about 35 minutes or so, he may just a couple of comments and boarded that marine one and we
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understand he's seeing the hardest hit areas. we did see the death toll jumped today and no doubt they are talking about the search and rescue missions under way trying to find people who are trapped. the storm is now blamed for at least 18 deaths. we will be keeping an eye on the president's visit and again as he is out and about we will bring you what we can live. here's another fox news alert, the intensifying diplomatic situation between the united states and saudi arabia over a missing columnist. we are now "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. president trump is sending mike pompeo to saudi arabia to meet the king. this is the first lady video we showed you last hour to board the plane to go do just that. he warns of severe punishment if it's determined that he's responsible for the murder of "washington post" columnist
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jamal khashoggi. we don't have access so we don't know all about it but president trump says this administration will leave nothing uncovered. but joints out that the saudi king has flatly denied any involvement. watch. >> i just spoke with a king of saudi arabia who denies any knowledge of what took place. i've asked secretary of state mike pompeo to immediately get on a plane and go to saudi arabia, go to other places if necessary, which he probably will. we are going to leave nothing uncovered. >> harris: first the president said that this morning and now the secretary of state on his way to the region. rich, i'm curious, the president saying other places if necessary. the secretary of state is going
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on a wider trip then just saudi arabia. >> it appears he could be going to turkey as part of this, the state department says the president called secretary of state mike pompeo last evening, told him he wanted him to get on a plane and have a face-to-face meeting with the saudi government about the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. so the secretary has left, he's on his way, left about an hour ago. president trump said he spoke for 20 minutes this morning with the king salman, he says the saudi king firmly denied involvement in his disappearanc disappearance. >> i don't want to get into his mind but it sounded like maybe these could have been rogue killers, who knows. we are going to try getting of the bottom of it very soon but his was a flat denial. >> there's a strong push within the u.s. government to respond if it's determined saudi arabia is responsible. the president top economic
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advisor warning of stern action although it's unclear what that would be. the president also said democrats and republicans in congress say the u.s. should sanction those found responsible, many are also pushing the u.s. to catch a arms sales to saudi arabia by the president has dismissed that approach. saudi arabia has suggest it would respond to sanctions with increasing oil prices. american executives are withdrawing from a conference, steven mnuchin is evaluating information coming out this weekend senator marco rubio says the secretary should cancel that trip, there's a strong push within the u.s. government to respond to what many suspect the saudi government has done here, although many are waiting on this investigation to take plac place. >> harris: thank you very much, i'm about to scoop up some more information. a lawmaker who says any arms
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sales to saudi arabia should be halted if there found out to be involved in khashoggi's disappearance. it is good to see you, thank you for being here. let's start with those arms sales. i saw you give an interview this weekend with fox and you say i think it would be a good idea to halt. where are we now in terms of the conversation of holding arms sales to saudi arabia? >> again, i think if saudi arabia is found in fact you have been complicit in murdering this guy, i think we should hold up those arms sales. and really, seriously question the range of things we can impose. >> harris: would you remind our audience, please, just to the dollar amount we are talking about. the president has said this was a lucrative and important arm sale deal and i want to try to understand exactly the numbers.
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>> i don't know the exact number but i know it's a very big number, a lot of commercial planes, fighter jets, there's a lot of things at risk but we have to uphold the same principles that we've been upholding against iran and upholding against russia. we can't tolerate this kind of stuff. >> harris: do we think saudi arabia is the only country that could have done this, ordered a hit if that's what happened on this journalist? >> we don't know, i'm glad they're doing a joint investigation, i'm glad the president sent secretary pompeo over there to try to get to the bottom of this. there's been a lot of conflicting things today, someone wrote this morning that it might've been a rogue killer -- >> harris: the president said that too. >> someone else wrote that the guy came in, got his papers, and left. that can't all be true. >> harris: those things
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certainly cannot be true. when the president says that saudi arabia's king had a flat denial of any involvement in this, you are the vice chair of this committee so i lean on your expertise with the relationships we have with these countries like saudi arabia, can we trust the king, can we trust the prince? i mean that with all respect, but can we? >> everyone of these countries has their strategic interest and we have ours. trust is a matter of what is in everybody's interest at a given time. if they were so defiant that they would kill this guy i don't know that we can trust them and to tell us the whole story without digging in and interviewing the turks as well. >> harris: is there a way for us -- or are we already a part of the investigation, are we allowed to be or would it be stepping a wedge between turkey and saudi arabia? >> it looks to me like as long
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as turkey and saudi arabia want to start the process themselves, we ought to let them do it. >> harris: what is the option at this point when secretary pompeo gets there? if he also goes to turkey is he now doing a diplomatic relation between those countries and acting as a go-between or is it more about the investigation? >> you've heard the phrase "shuttle diplomacy" many times. i think the first step is to get the facts. make it clear how seriously the united states takes this situation if it turns out to be as bad as it has been alleged. >> harris: what are armor other options besides killing the arms deal, are there any? >> we have the act which sanctions individuals involved for territorial murders, we used that in venezuela and in russia. >> harris: okay.
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thank you for your time, we appreciate it. and of course i want to acknowledge before i let you go, because you are from florida, the president is there touring the devastation in your state, our thoughts and prayers are with the state of florida as well. >> thank you for that, thank yo thank you. >> harris: absolutely. let's bring in fox news chief political anchor bret baier, great to see you. thank you for wearing the matching tie. >> osmosis here. >> harris: it's so true. let's talk about what happens when a journalist grows abroad and shared citizenship or some sort of residency across two countries. what does that mean for our involvement if something happens to that person? >> it shouldn't mean much. listen, the heinous act here, whatever happened, he is missing and presumed dead. if it turns out that saudi arabia is responsible for this, it is a real international
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problem and one in which you heard the president say, the world is watching. the secretary of state is going to have face-to-face interaction with i would assume the king and the crown prince. they are denying it, however if evidence shows it is them, i think there is a real sticky thicket for the u.s.-saudi relations going forward. >> harris: we heard from turkey, they may be resistant in terms of turning over this audio and video as i understand because it shows how they spy on people and they are inside their consulate. does anybody really think they're not doing that? there are cameras everywhere. secretary of state pompeo if he goes to turkey has to try to get them to turn over that evidence. >> maybe that's part of it, they are saying they are trying to get the bottom of it. it's a game of three-dimensional chess here, saudi arabia and turkey both key in different
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aspects of the middle east and also in syria. but yeah, this whole thing about the apple watch and whether something is happening on the icloud, let's be honest. turkey probably bugged that consulate and has some kind of info or audio or more if that's what they are pointing to. >> harris: when the president says, you pointed out the diplomacy also in the president's words and we don't want to miss that because we are familiar with how sometimes words matter so it's very important. this is a serious matter. he also said flat denial, he said it three times. why is that language so important? i would imagine it's not just for the american audience. >> sure, he is trying to say that he pressed the king on this and that three times the king said to him it wasn't us, i have no knowledge of this and neither does a crown prince.
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i don't know what the u.s. intelligence community has. we've seen reports of intercepts, we don't know yet because it hasn't all come out. but i would assume the president knows a little bit more and the secretary of state and they are going to have to figure out a way to move forward if it is in fact the saudis. >> harris: at first the president wasn't to given some criticism for not speaking out more vehemently to begin with, was that fair? >> you know, this president speaks in a different candor than others have. and i think he was jumped on for saying listen, we have to think about things, think things through and make sure we know all the facts because you have -- he said $110 billion of weapons and that really was jarring to some people to hear that even in the early stages of this investigation. but he talks differently, he comes from a business
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perspective, i think there are a lot of people in the media and here on capitol hill who want him to talk more about american values and standing up for those rights. >> harris: interesting. thank you as always, appreciate your expertise, see you at 6:00 p.m. eastern for "special report." hillary clinton is raising some eyebrows about her latest comments about her husband's affair with monica lewinsky and how her presence continues to affect democrats running in the midterm elections, is that positive or negative? the chairman of the house judiciary committee says he will subpoena deputy attorney general rod rosenstein if he fails to come to the committee to talk about allegations he discussed secretly reporting president trump, is that the right move? stay close. >> and you're the guy who in reality is running the justice department and the chairman of the committee that has jurisdiction over your agency asks you to come, you are
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obligated to come and testify under oath. he didn't do that. ♪
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♪ >> harris: a subpoena for rod rosenstein? that's what bob goodlatte says will happen if that deputy
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attorney general refuses to talk with congress about a "new york times" report claiming that he discussed secretly recording president trump and trying to get him kicked out of office. rosenstein was tentatively scheduled to meet with lawmakers last weekend failed to show up due to disagreements over the terms of the interview. >> it's essential that we talk to him, he knows that, he is not agreed to come for a transcribed interview on the record. he needs to agree to do that and if he does not agree to do that very soon, i will issue a subpoena for him to appear. >> harris: this comes as the house judiciary committee is also set to interview the fusion gps cofounder tomorrow. although he's expected to take the fifth, catherine herridge's live in washington with the latest. catch us up. >> thanks, harris, that afternoon. the russia investigation comes to a head with scheduled testimony from at least three
10:19 am
witnesses and it remains a highly fluid situation. the cofounder of fusion gps glenn simpson is facing contempt of congress, he's under subpoena tomorrow to answer questions but the so far he has refused to appear and notified the committee he will take the fifth. depositions are also scheduled with the fbi former top lord james a maker. directing mike baker british court records emails and other documents indicate that at least five sources through other government agencies were fed the dossier directly to the fbi, creating what critics called an echo chamber letting credibility to the opposition research that was used as intelligence by the fbi. a month ago the president tweeted that he would immediately declassify the surveillance records from the campaign and then backed off. over the weekend on sunday
10:20 am
morning futures, congressman john ratcliffe said the records contain exculpatory evidence that undercuts the pretext for opening the 2016 fbi russia cas case. >> i can tell you as a former federal prosecutor, my opinion is that declassify noble expose any national security information, would not expose ay sources and methods. it would expose certain folks at the obama justice department and fbi and their actions and their actions taken to conceal material facts from the foreign intelligence surveillance court. >> you mentioned the committee and justice department failed to agree on terms for the capitol hill appearance last week. house republicans insisting on a transcribed interview under oath as opposed to a more informal briefing with no paper trail. if the committee takes that unusual step of compelling the
10:21 am
appearance of the deputy attorney general, you should look for a subpoena sometime on wednesday, harris. >> harris: i'm wondering why it has to be this hard, a high-level member of the doj may have said that he would work with the fbi to kick the president out of office. should be fairly easy to get anybody to talk. >> i would draw your attention to the the presidents phone interview on "fox & friends" on tuesday last week, the day after they traveled on air force one and he said he was surprised by his deputy attorney general's decision not to appear on the hill given what he had told the president about that conversation. it does suggest there may be a conflict between the two. >> harris: all right, thank you. let's move on, california congressman and member of the house judiciary committee, hopefully you just heard what we were talking about because i think it's a fair question. this is so high-level you would think people would sit down and if there is a conflict between what was sent on air force one
10:22 am
and now what might be said behind closed doors, where does that take us? >> one of the things the public should understand, from my years of investigating, is when you get down to it, a line of attorneys working somewhere at the department of justice, these are people who work for the executive branch. they are accountable to senate confirmed individuals such as rod rosenstein and for that matter jeff sessions. when you think about how john kelly got the title chief of staff, rod rosenstein is a staff employee of the president. he works specifically for the president, as does the attorney general. these individuals as staff of the president have to be accountable for what they do on behalf of the president and certainly what they do on behalf of the american people. when rod rosenstein doesn't come voluntarily in the ordinary course of an inquiry where we have conflicting statements, he flies in the face of two things.
10:23 am
his obligation when he was confirmed by the senate and his obligation to be forthcoming with the president. one of the things you've been seeing repeatedly as if it hurts the president, somehow the staff of the president seemed to be -- yeah, of course they'll talk and if it hurts a previous president or helps this president, somehow they can't make themselves available to say things under penalty of perjury. >> harris: that is plain speaking. you said rosenstein works for the president as staff but there is a conflicting political view that if the president fires rosenstein it sends a tumble politically for those around him and just ahead of the midterm elections, what do you make of that? >> we don't want the president to fire any of his staff are doing their job, to be forthcoming, honest, and live up to their constitutional obligations and statutory obligations but if they failed to do it, including answering legitimate questions of
10:24 am
congress, the house of the senate, by definition that does service make them ineligible to serve in administration. rod rosenstein is no longer a line attorney, he is a staff member of the president and just like jeff sessions or wilbur ross or anyone else, there is an expectation that on behalf of the president they will be accountable and to that's what were not getting. this delaying tactic, run out the clock is exactly what we saw under the obama administration and it simply is rod rosenstein continuing it is always not working for a different president, who said right or wrong, i want everyone to be forthcoming. a president who in fact has given a lot of information directly in the mueller investigation and somehow the person who oversees that investigation, rod rosenstein, doesn't want to have conversations that might lead to his recusal, might lead to congress understanding what
10:25 am
happened before the election that actually did give hillary clinton in many cases advantages including not indicting her. >> harris: you mentioned your investigative passed in all of this. there could be some inconsistency, she said the president was surprised that rod rosenstein wouldn't sit down with the house lawmakers. >> there is an interesting fact which is lying to rod rosenstein is in fact a crime. you lie to doj and it's a crime. apparently lying to the president isn't and there's never a more important time to find out whether one person saying something on behalf of the administration or to the president and another person saying something else isn't true. the president has to work with people to tell them the truth and if he hasn't told the truth it is absolutely essential that
10:26 am
that be known. if he has told the truth he has to come and say it. >> harris: yes or no, subpoena rod rosenstein? >> if he doesn't show up, subpoena him him, hold him in contempt, demand the president make him ineligible to serve. >> harris: thank you. good to see you. with the midterm elections fast approaching, both political parties are rolling out their closing arguments. what they are saying and whether it will resonate with voters. we will talk with rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel, she has some news to break. ♪ feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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10:31 am
joe biden just a day earlier in kentucky went after the president. watch. >> on this election day, november 6th, every american faces a simple choice. you can either vote for a democrat mob rule or you can vote for a republican party that stands proudly, law and order, fairness, freedom, and justice. >> our values are being shredded, our democracy is under assault, the president has put his own interests before those of our ideals. amassing power, abusing power. >> harris: kevin corke is live at the white house. kevin? >> good afternoon, harris. three weeks, 22 days until the midterm elections and for that white house, taking the message on the road to the voters directly over the next few weeks. we are going to expect the
10:32 am
president to make a nice western swing to my favorite part of the country, i'm from colorado. he gets a chance to go out west to montana, arizona, and over to nevada and certainly there will be more where that came from in terms of moralities down the road. over the weekend as he pointed out in kentucky, the president used his latest make america great rally to remind voters that yes, he has kept a great many of his promises and he needs their support to keep it going past the midterms and that means voting in november. let me take it atwitter for just a moment, you will find this interesting. the president said this about energy, talking about building momentum, the so-called red wave. he tweeted "the crowds at my rallies are far bigger than they've ever been before, including the 2016 election. never an empty seat in these large venues, many thousands of people watching screens outside, enthusiasm and spirit is through the roof. something big is happening, watch." there'd been plenty of concern
10:33 am
following that fiercely debated kavanaugh confirmation that democrats will be more enthusiastic about the midterms but while the g.o.p. is trending in the right direction, virtually closing that gap, well, the democrats enthusiasm level as a parent as well. let me tell you about a number i think people will find surprising. democrats raking in some cash for the fight coming up, the democratic governors association said they raised more than $100 million for the 2018 midterm cycle, including $22.2 million coming in september. it's a reflection of "the great awakening of the democratic family" adding as far as the states are concerned, trump can't stop us. we'll be watching those rallies as they continue to unfold and i suspect i'll be making up my ways out west to other parts of the country to listen to what the president has to say. it will be here before you know it, back to you.
10:34 am
>> harris: kevin corke, thank you very much. let's bring in ronna mcdaniel, great to see you always. the last time we talked we were speaking about the numbers, the record fund-raising the rnc has done. there has been even more movement as you move up to the midterm elections. >> we raised over $252 million and what that translates to his boots on the ground, 25,000 field organizers, five times more than we had going into 2016, 540 staff on the ground in 28 states. we are all energized to turn out our vote but we had the infrastructure to make those last-minute doorknobs, make the case of results versus resistance and share what voters and republicans have done to make their lives better. >> harris: there is typically a headwind, sometimes upwards of 30 seats, barack obama lost north of 60 in his first midterm election. what has made the difference to
10:35 am
turn the headwind a little more wind at your back right now? >> the choice is very clear. as democrats have obstructed this president every step of the way and the culmination of the kavanaugh hearing, seeing the interruptions, the paid protesters, that they would do anything they could to stop brett kavanaugh from serving on the bench and you contrast that with the results of what republicans have put forward for the american people, higher wages, 4 million new jobs, hide the high gdp, it's a clear contrast and if voters -- the only way voters will get this democracy working again is to read resist the playbook democrats have counted on for the past two years. >> harris: it all kind of ties in, a number of candidates say they would like the president to show up on the campaign trail. you have given the endorsement
10:36 am
level a second term. when the president endorses you, i'd like to see how many hands will go against that. >> i'm so honored that the president chose me to be only the second woman to run the republican national committee, it shows how much he values women. i was elected unanimously and i'm honored to have his support and i'm looking forward to supporting him in the reelect. >> harris: have you had a chance to talk the winning message and what's working? >> the message has to be the contrast, the president and i have talked about that. you have to put forward to voters what's happening, what we can achieve is a country and what we will lose if we turn back the clock to the nancy pelosi-chuck schumer dark ages. we restored our country as a
10:37 am
global leader, there is it so many good things happening for the american people, lowest unemployment in history for the african-american and hispanic communities. democrats are offering nothing. they've done nothing but resist and abstract. they have to make the case to the voters, what's at stake to lose and what happens if the democrats take the majority. >> harris: it's so interesting, i know the president is getting ready to go to some places where you might not of thought there would be contention like arizona, you're seeing change. i wrote it down again, the comeback contract kind of in play. we will check back with you, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: hillary clinton raising eyebrows with her remarks about her husband's affair with bill clinton. the potential fallout for someone who sees herself as a champion of women in the metoo
10:38 am
era. >> in retrospect do you think bill should have resigned in the wake of the monica lewinsky scandal? >> absolutely not. alright, i brought in ensure max protein...
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[grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. ♪ >> in retrospect do you think bill should have resigned in the wake of the monica lewinsky scandal? >> absolutely not. >> it wasn't an abuse of power? >> no. >> there are people who look and say a president of the united states cannot have a consensual relationship with an intern, the power imbalance is too great. >> who was an adult. >> harris: that's a that's hillary clinton denying that her husband's affair with then white house intern monica lewinsky was an abuse of power and that the former president was right not to resign. in that interview, hillary clinton said monica lewinsky was an adult.
10:43 am
clinton's remarks are raising a lot of eyebrows given the current metoo movement she has champion, she says. time now for the power panel, the former chairwoman of the manhattan republican party, tiffany cross, cofounder and managing editor of "the beat" d.c.." a host of "the beat d.c." podcast. let's talk about hillary clinton's words in this era. >> i think her comments were a little tone-deaf, it must be really challenging for her to always have to answer for her husband's indiscretions, i don't know that that's a fair position for her to be put in. i wasn't very far, monica lewinsky and i were close in age and i remember being in college watching this incident play out and i think the power dynamics are off when you are a young 22-year-old intern in this older man who happens to be president of the united states is showing you attention, sure. but i think the differences that's not necessary a legal
10:44 am
matter. bill clinton was not impeached because he had an affair, he was impeached because he lied about the affair and i think the politics around the investigation is where you get into some murky water. >> harris: you might go deep with that, if there hadn't been the affair with the intern, 22 is still very young. >> it was was a completed abusf power, it was public shaming at the time, she was 22 and he was 49 and the president of the united states and they were in the oval office. for her to defend that is kind of reprehensible, potentially in context, there were so many, each one who came out against president clinton at the time, there was a public shaming of them. in many ways this has always been their inconsistency. a little trouble being the voice of #metoo.
10:45 am
>> melania trump, she has not been a vocal supporter of the metoo movement. >> yesterday she had an interview over the weekend, also defended her husband. keith ellison is running for state attorney general in minnesota, there is a woman who's come out against abuse claims, physical and sexual abuse claims. >> not sexual abuse, physical. there was an investigation into it, they cleared him and said there is not enough evidence. >> harris: can i step in for a second? i respect the question you asked first about what melania trump has said about evidence, i want to toss it back to you because you are bringing up lack of
10:46 am
evidence. is that only a convenience factor? when you agree with the woman but when you disagree with the first lady then evidence doesn't? >> i think evidence absolutely matters, there was evidence in the monica lewinsky cases, i think there's been evidence in other cases. >> harris: you are defending the keith ellison case, i don't think it's been investigated. >> that is my point, it has been investigated. investigators in minnesota have said there is not enough to pursue any charges. >> harris: isn't that akin to what the first lady is saying? >> not at all. >> stormy daniels has not had evidence, monica lewinsky, it was conclusive and -- it really does get back to the political issue, the inconsistency, particularly with keith ellison where they don't have -- there
10:47 am
is evidence there but there wasn't evidence with dr. ford and again, do you want evidence or do you not want evidence? >> did you not think her testimony was evidence? legally it is. if she just said that this happened, that could counted as evidence but what she said as she has video of it. when investigators went for it, she said she didn't know where the video went. we had to be careful making these false equivalencies. >> harris: why do you need the video? >> she introduce the video. >> harris: the beggar arching issue here, hillary clinton, if you are a woman on the campaign trail, is she somebody you want with you right now? i don't want to put words in your mouth, but is this where we are right now? issue your only option? >> i would love to see hillary clinton out.
10:48 am
she's the best messenger for the republicans -- last week she stuck her foot in her mouth on a different topic where she talked about civility and it was anything but. >> i hope we can talk about that after the break. >> harris: i'm going to keep the panel, don't go anywhere. president trump's reelection campaign is ramping up for a fierce battle, some familiar faces could pose a challenge for his reelection ads. we will look at the contenders next. re i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. your insurance rates skyrocket you could fix it with a pen.
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>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perino, we will have a live report from florida where the president's touring damage from hurricane michael. mike pompeo was on his way to saudi arabia to try to get to the bottom of the alleged killing of "the washington post" journalist. fox news power rankings, who's up and who's down? the midterm election countdown, we will see you on "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: this is happening before the midterm elections, americans becoming more likely to think president trump will win second term in office. compare that to 47% who don't think he will get another four years. in that same pole, former
10:53 am
vice president joe biden and senator bernie sanders sit atop the field of possible candidates, who could make a run for the white house in 2020? you know, i think it's interesting among the democrats and i want to be sensitive here, where are the millennial and young players? what has happened? >> kamala harris and cory booker on the other side of the democratic tickets. >> harris: added the biggest names? >> they are not. but first off we had to talk about polls, with the new electric coming into the process, all of us have learned that political predictions amount to a hill of beans when it comes time to get into the ballot box. a week is an attorney in anything can happen a week from now. i don't know that i put too much credence in this ball right now. >> harris: the reason this poll may be getting some attention among politicos like
10:54 am
yourself is that it really does speak to the issue of the trump voice on the ticket. a couple weeks ago he said "i'm not on the midterm tickets but i am through the g.o.p." >> everything we know about midterm elections is the president's approval rating makes a difference of how the party of the president does. his approval rating is going up this pole isn't just another indicator, his approval rating on election day of 2016 was 32 points and his disapproval was 53, there was a 21 differential, 21-point differential and today it's ten. he's stronger than he was in '16, has a wider support among the republican party. you can see it at his rallies. >> harris: why do you think that is? >> i think it's had a lot of success, he's had results. you see it in the independent voters. >> harris: this was among
10:55 am
registered voters, okay? they took a cross-section of everybody. these are not just the president's supporters and fans, these are people who think he will win again. >> this is one of the more affordable ways to do polling. they become the margin of error goes down but in this pole it did show that the independent voters are -- his support among independent voters has increased from 39 to 47% and that's an eight-point move. that is key to the midterms. the party that wins independent voters routinely wins the election. in 2016, reporters will never cover this one, independent voters, 46-42. if you look at almost every battleground state, he won independence. >> i would disagree with you there, obviously. i think the family values party that was so william to willingo give this president bottomless ,
10:56 am
they were excited about the things he could produce for them like a supreme court justice and some of the policies they brought back. i will definitely give you that. however i think there are a good chunk of republicans, and i'm curious to hear your opinions on this, who do not like this president. there are people in battleground states like ohio and pennsylvania nevada who are embarrassed by the things he says and does on the world stage and by his twitter feed. >> harris: we are running out of time. i would say -- we will just leave it there. thank you, we will be right bac back. let newday usa help you buy a home of your own. newday usa's zero down va home loan lets you buy a home with no down payment. and, since newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no. now when you walk into an open house and say "this is the one" really can be.
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try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. >> harris: the president on the ground in florida, now viewing from the air the hardest hit areas from hurricane michael. stay tuned to fox news for all the breaking news. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. president trump ordering secretary of state mike pompeo to saudi arabia to demand answers in the disappearance of a washington post columnist. this as turkish teams searched the consulate where he was last seen. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president trump right now in florida and later today georgia touring areas ravaged by hurricane michael, some 300,000 people in those two states still without power nearly a week after the


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