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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 16, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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sworn and cheerful enemy. if you haven't dvred it, good luck figure out how that works, would bewo grateful. sean hannity live from new york city is right now. >> sean: great interview, great show as always. welcome to "hannity," we are only three weeks away until one of the most important midterm elections you will ever see in your lifetime. democrats tonight areof reelin. three weeks from tonight, you tave the power to once again shock the world. you have it all. for months, they predicted the so-called blue wave. tonight, there is a full panic mode -- party leaders, 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren is making the whole party look absurd. her dna publicity stunt has backfired, or decades longng claims of native american heritage is nothing more than a fraud. many democratic senateat candidates are losing ground all over the country and still congress, the house that
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remains very much in doubt tonight especially in the house of representatives.e coming up tonight, we're going to show you how a vote for any democrat three weeks from today is a vote for nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, and maxine waters. while some on the left are campaigning as moderates with the help of an undercover report from project veritas, w have exclusive video tonight. we will expose how this is one big fraud -- not true. trump-hating rapper t.i. has released a vile, despicable, disgusting video featuring the first lady melania trump looking like a stripper in the oval office. are they defending the first lady against what is a horribly sexist, offensive attack tonight? so far, we haven't heard from them, and it has now been four days. crickets. we'll have a full coverage of the saudi journalist now feared dead as secretary pompeo is
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in turkey after being in saudi arabia. coming up later, freed pastor andrew brunson held because of his christian faith will talk about his ordeal. buckle up, a lot of news, time for our breaking news opening monologue.l. ♪ for decades, senator elizabeth moran claimed to be a native american. from 1986 to 1995, she listed herself as a native american in the directory of the association of american law schools. she identified as a native american during her tenure as a professor of the university of pennsylvania. later, while teaching at harvard law school, she was described as "the only tenured native american woman." on multiple occasions, senator warren lame her mother and father were supposed to elope after "racism." she was featured in a native american cookbook titled "pow wow chow."
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according to a dna test, she is only 164th or one 1,024th native american. that's less than 0.1% native american. according to the american journal of human genetics, doubt be less than the average white american living in the united states. to recap, she claimed to be a native american in her professional career and her political career all for personal gain. then laughably tried to prove her detractors wrong by releasing a dna test showing sless than 0.1% native american heritage. what kind of fantasy world is she living in? is this the best the democrats have to offer? now even the mainstream media while initially supporting herw they are now mocking elizabeth warren's dna debacle. senator warren, a leader among the left and the democratic party, and tonight she is turning into a national embarrassment along with that party and this comes at the absolute worst time for
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democrats, with just three weeks to go until the midterm elections. just three weeks from today, the democratic party is in disarray all across the country but especially in red states. democratic candidates have been coached to avoid any divisivee topics and to lie to you the american people. they want you to believe that they are fair-minded moderates -- they are lying. there are virtually no moderates left in the democratic party. john podesta's group advised congressional hopefuls don't talk about immigration, don't do it. meanwhile, party leaders are begging democrats not to talk about plans to impeach the but some, like maxine waters, she is admitting they are telling her not to talk about it, but she just can't help herself. take a look. >> i'm in this fight. i'm in this fight, and i'm not going to move. as you know, there's a difference with how some of our
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leadership talks about how we should handle all of this. they say please don't say impeachment anymore. when they said that i say, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. [laughter] [applause] >> sean: don't talk about impeachment even though we really agree with that, don't talk about immigration even though we want open borders eliminating i.c.e. in other words, lie to the american people. that's their strategy. many other prominent democrats are busy demonizing political differences with what is now a hyperpartisan divisive atmosphere with divisive rhetoric including senator kamala harris of california. recently joking about killing president trump and vice president pence, is this a joke to you? >> if you had to be stuck in an elevator with either president trump, mike pence, or jeff sessions, who would it be? >> does one of us have to come out alive? [laughter] [cheers and applause]
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>> sean: imagine conservatives saying that about any liberal. many of the very same democrats who vilify republicans also refusing to condemn what we see with our own eyes. the mob rule, the violent protest occurring in some of america's major cities and of course marching orders. if you see them create a crowd, follow them into restaurants and gas stations and department stores. tell them they are not wanted any place anywhere anymore. unacceptable but democrats will not say so. when it comes to the me too movement, democrats claim to care about the treatment of women but when it's not politically expedient for them to do so, their silence is deafening. take, for example, this disgusting new video from trump-hating rapper, ti, featuring a melania trump look alike tonight. watch this. >> melania trump didn't go to mar-a-lago with the president
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this weekend which has a lot of people wondering -- ♪ ♪ >> sean: remember the c word, the reaction, it was used against ivanka trump. that video gets far more graphic, and this is our first lady, who is representing ourt country with honor and dignity. tonight we are asking the question, where are all of you feminists? where's dianne feinstein? where are people on the left calling out t.i. for that disgraceful video? where are prominent democrats constantly calling republicans
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sexist, hillary clinton, senator feinstein, nancy pelosi, elizabeth warren -- where are you tonight? only when president trump tweets something about stormy do you care. which brings us to another double standard. top dnc official keith ellison now losing ground in his race to be the minnesota attorney general amid serious domestic abuse allegations by his ex-girlfriend karen monahan. watch >> i shook my head and that's when he said i'm [bleep] talking to you, you need to listen. i was stunned. that's when he grabbed my ankles and said you need to get the [bleep] out, you need to get the [bleep] outis now, he grabbed my ankles and pulled me off the bed. >> what happened after that? >> he kept trying to pull me. i put my body weight -- he was trying to drag me off the bed. and then he looked down and knocked my flip-flop -- i had
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flip-flops on he knocked it off my foot and told me i better be the [bleep] out of his house. >> sean: where are all those democrats who wanted the fbi investigation into judge kavanaugh? why aren't they demanding an investigation into him? why are they so silent? serious allegations, recent allegations. do they not believe her? the same people that believed every outrageous allegation about brett kavanaugh with no due process, no presumption of innocence -- how about a just fbi investigation and why don't the same people call for it? new polls are showing ellison tonight in a neck-and-neck race with the republican opponent, doug wardlow. while democrats havein been largely silent about the claims, voters are taking notice. in missouri tonight, democratic incumbent claire mccaskill. she's in a tight race against republican challenger josh howley, who is coming on very strong. she campaigns as a t moderate, she is anything but. she has been exposed for her far left views and in a series
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from undercover videos from project veritas, we show you footage from the campaign, her support for widespread gun restrictions, including a ban on semiautomatic weapons -- after getting exposed, what did she do? lashes out, blames her opponent of fraudulently coordinating with project veritas. by the way, i questioned project veritas tonight, they told me that never happened. by the way, she has no evidence. take a look. >> it is startling that josh hawley would be part of fraudulently embedding somebody in my campaign. he is the attorney general of the state of missouri, he is supposed to be going after fraud. not participating in it. there was nothing there, i've been upfront about all of my positions. >> sean: sort of like her rv trip around the state in a private jet. project veritas categorically
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denying that charge, so too tonight is josh hawley's campaign. his campaign called it absurd. josh, by the way, and martha mcsally, will join us on this program tomorrow night. and tonight we have even more footage. this time we have the campaign of claire mccaskill. her staff caught on tape admitting her political strategy, lied to the voters.e the people of missouri, pretend to be something you're not -- a moderate. this is what we have been telling you all along, take a look. >> you're saying you think she is more progressive than she lets on? >> yes. >> she's a lot more open-minded to alternative routes to think. that she can't be open about that? >> why not?ti >> it isolates her with modern republicans.>> >> it's like we have to lie to get elected. >> essentially. >> sean: oops. we reached out to claire
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mccaskill's campaign for comment, they didn't get back. this is similar to the same deception we showed last week with tennessee democrat candidate, phil bredesen. his staffers caught on tape saying their boss would never -- he'll do the right thing when he's elected. take a look. >> he wouldn't really vote for kavanaugh, right? >> i don't think so. >> i was so confused because i just can't believe that he would actually vote yes. >> he wouldn't. >> i don't know if it makes it worse or better. it makes it better. >> i don't know what is to gain by saying yes. >> sean: don't you want honest politicians? you have mccaskill getting exposed, raising g.o.p. star martha mcsally while she's continuing to gain momentum in
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her important race in arizona for the senate there. following shocking comments from her democratic opponent kyrsten sinema. back in 2010, shein called arizona the meth lab of democracy. in 2011, she called arizonans crazy, now she wants their votes. in 2003, even suggested it's okay for americans to go fight for the taliban.he she also promoted events at arizona state university with a lawyer who represented the blind shake. yeah, that blind shake. she organized an antiwar rally with self-described witches and invited them. tonight, even more past comments are continuing to surface in 2011, she's comparing her state she wants votes, arizona, to lindsay lohan, take a look. >> people know what's happening in arizona, not in a good way. we are not saying this in a good way. we are a lindsay lohan kind of
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famous way. >> sean: at least her campaign responded, they are dismissing it as a desperate attack. now, it is called the truth. last night during the debate, mcsally called out synema for her disgusting remarks and she didn't hold back. take a look at this. >> she's protesting our troops and if these aren't disqualifying enough, what came out last week -- cnn reportedan that in 2003 when she was on the radio, you said it was okay for americans to join the taliban. whether you're going to apologize to veterans and me saying it's okay. >> we need a response, she owes us an apology. >> martha has chosen to run a campaign like you're seeing right now where she's engaging in ridiculous attacks and smearing my campaign. she is just trying to cut, cut and not sure the full picture.
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>> sean: checkmate martha mcsally. this is your new democratic party i've been warning you about. go to the people of arizona -- who do you want representing you? a war hero who supports the president and put her life on the line for her country, or a radical left-wing activist who mocks the people of arizona, her own state? it's pretty simple. you vote for a democrat running for senate, you're voting for chuck schumer, and i know chuck schumer. he happens to be my senator, i'm stuck here paying 10% of state income taxes in new york. the house of representatives? i don't care what district you're in. remember, you vote for any democrat, you're voting for nancy pelosi, and she is anything but a fair-minded moderate. she represents the very worst of the party of smears, slanders, lies, no due process, and, of course, no presumption of innocence, but that's only for democrats. for years, she has been front and center carrying out the democratic playbook. republicans, racist, sexist, misogynistic, they want to kill
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your children and throw yourur grandmother over the cliff. we are sick of these lies. in three weeks from today, if you vote for a democrat, you stay home, you don't vote at all, this is what you are supporting. take a very close look.y >> the latest republican plan to gut essential health benefits and protect from pre-existing conditions will make it impossible for millions of americans to afford health coverage. this is deadly. this is deadly. >> i wanted single-payer. i would love a single-payer, but we aren'tgl there. in terms of the bonus that corporate america receives versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to put the schmooze on is so pathetic. if you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine, or in any other way interact
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with the ports, this is a very bad decision. so what? they're going to say if you give them some stock, it's going to be a slippery slope? i certainly hope so. i say to the candidates, do whatever you have to do. just win, baby. >> sean: three weeks from tonight, and as we reveal more of the house races that will decide the fate of the country, here we go. north carolina, second congressional district of georgia holding in a fierce battle with democratic linda in north carolina nine, democrat dan mccready has big-time cash advantage but a conservative republican mark harris has a very slight edge. he needs your help. h north carolina 13. republican ted budd has a slim lead against activist kathy manning, first district democrat chris pappas is favored over republican, former police chief eddie edwards. it could go either way, i'm with the police chief tonight. new jersey second, an extremely tough race against democrat jeff van drew.
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yes, new jersey matters. in the third district, g.o.p. representative tom macarthur running against former obama national security official, andy kim. a recent poll had macarthur up by only two points. new jersey 7, republican in a crucial class with another former obama official, tom malinowski. new jersey 11, g.o.p. candidates jay webber facing democrat mikie sherrill. pennsylvania 1, ryan fitzpatrick up against democrat scott wallace. finally, we have pennsylvania five, where republican pearl kim has her hands full againsto democrat mary scanlon, and the dems may take this one if republicans don't get out with voting with a sense of urgency. this is it.on this is it. three weeks from tonight, you'll tune in for results. joining us now, larry elder, fox news investigative reporter
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and contributor sara carter, also the author of the book "why we fight," fox news national security strategist sebastian gorka. i know america is going to survive if the people don't get out pelosi but their agenda is clear. >> it is. they have completely come out of the closet as radicals. the lunatics have taken over the asylum, that's the very simplest summary of what has happened. they are trying to normalize violence, and it's not just the crazy characters that we have become use to, such as maxine waters.e when you have a constant drumbeat that this is okay, using violence is okay and people don't talk about the consequences of people like james hodgkinson being on the left, taking a rifle and ape handgun to a congressional charity baseball match and what happens? he tries to assassinate not
10:20 pm
politicians, he tries to assassinate exclusively republican politicians. we don't see this on the right. there is no equivalent of we don't have people creating violence and encouraging it on the right -- this is the democrat party. hillary and everybody else. >> sean: it's all smoke and mirrors. it's being exposed. don't talk about immigration whatever you do. please stop talking about impeachment. don't expose what we really stand for. melania trump can have this video released, silence. nothing. keith ellison, nothing. no investigation. if anke trump, the most viable terms used against her. all they care about is a stormy and kavanaugh. >> this is what the american people do know based on the first two years of this presidency.
10:21 pm
democrats had dragged this administration as much as they could through the mud. try to stymie whatever they could whatever progress the administration was making and they have not been successful at it. they haven't been accessible at these tactics. the tactics have gotten worse. what we have to sayat to ourselves is what with the next two years be like if the democrats do take the house? think about this, it would shut down the investigation that had actually exposed how corrupt the democratic national committee, the hillary clinton campaign, members of the fbi, senior levels of officials, the doj that would be shut down. we would be dealing with two years of democrats going after anything theyia can. >> sean: ronald reagan famously asked in '84, are you better off than you were four years ago -- is america better off?on african-americans, hispanic americans, asian-americans, 14 states, youth unemployment, record lows.
10:22 pm
are we more prosperous and secure than we were two years ago? simple question. >> the answer is obviously yes, as you pointed out, the black unemployment at an all-time low. president trump is doing something about something that inner-city blacks have wanted the president to do for a very long time, and that's to stop the flow of illegal unskilledhi work that workers who pose competition to jobs and putil downward pressure on wages. the president is doing something about it. my friend who sits on the civil rights commission sent a long letter to his congress woman who was the head of the black caucus about illegal immigration. she didn't respond. all of the members of the civil rights commission, the moderates, independents, and conservatives all talk about the threat posed to unskilled workers, black and brown, from a illegals immigration. no president is doing anything about it until donald trump.
10:23 pm
black people are responding to it. that is why you have someone like kanye west coming out in favor of donald trump. >> sean: exit question, quick answers. i think the senate is looking decent but i always like to play like your behind. who gets the house as of today? >> we're going to pick up a couple of seats in the senate, the house is a coin flip.. when the next report comes outn about the gdp for this quarter,, i think it is going to make a big difference. >> sean: sara? >> i agree with larry, but i think the house is going to go to the republicans. i think we're going to make history this year. i >> sean: will the american people shock the world? >> i trust one man, larry schweikert. he got it right last time, and he said we're going to keep the senate and keep the house, i trust him. >> sean: i think we will gain seats in the senate if things stay on the current trajectory, it's up to the american people. when we come back, steve doocy joins us, dan bongino, reaction
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let me start with you, what's amazing me is maxine, don't say impeachment, just hide it. caught on tape, don't say it. center for american progress, don't talk immigration. lie about who you are, that's the only way you can win. that is breathtaking to me. >> the democrats have never had an agenda that had any kind of mass popular support throughout the country. they traditionally lie on the courts because they only have to convince a judge in a black robe and not the americans their agenda is for them. they hide behind a flowery speeches but when they get into office and have to implement things like obamacare, people rebel against it. there is nothing new here, this is just the democrats m.o., it's what they've always done. >> sean: i watch you guys in the morning and i especially like when you guys give the news at the beginning of the show.ea you had a really good perspective this week. we've seen all of this before,
10:30 pm
this is not new. it seems it's more exposed than ever before. >> you know it's interesting because right now what elizabeth warren has done as she has made the democratic party look bad. they felt like they were on the verge of taking the house and she has done something -- i'm talking about congressional types down in washington today, and she did something really very selfish. just three weeks away from the midterms, with her big rollout, she is going to take the bait from donald trump who has baited her about her heritage for a long time, and she is going to prove that she's got native americann blood. here's the thing, while the average american over the last year or two probably had an idea, i heard something vague about her heritage, now thanks to the fact that she had this rollout, most americans now have heard that she is one 1,000th.
10:31 pm
>> sean: one 1,024th, get it accurately or be criticized on social media. congressman, let me go to you. we've got these mobs, you've got maxine waters saying get a crowd and follow them into grocery stores and department stores, you saw what happenedin to secretary nielsen, so what happened to sarah sanders, ted cruz's wife heidi, mitch mcconnell. it seems like they are listening, i blame people for their actions, not words. but in this case, it seems like a direct correlation for me, and then hide your agenda. >> the resistance movement started the day, donald trump was elected president of the united states. they were stunned, they didn't know what to do. now the president has been highly successful, the economy is doing well, the world is a safer place. he's pushing for a border wall and all of these good things are happening. the only playbook that they have says scorched earth, the
10:32 pm
politics of personal destruction. the resistance movement and it distracts from the idea that they have no ideas. they have no policy to run on, as dan was saying. that's what they do. they try to distracted every moment but elizabeth warren -- holy cow. she thought that was good news. >> sean: i'll start with you, dan. can you think of one thing the democrats are running on that they want to do that will improve the lives of the american people either economically or in terms of security?do >> no. no, sean. democrats are usually tactically smarter than this. i'm not a "star trek" fan, but they think like the borg. they have this hive mind that they are usually pretty good with the hive mind of sticking to one focus group talking point.
10:33 pm
trump has them in a tizzy. they are talking about dna tests, cherokee dna tests, they are talking about impeachment and other stuff. i don't like their ideas. but i've always admired their tenacity. >> sean: one positive agenda besides maybe they like my warm beef and cabbage recipe. >> i think the democrats are of the opinion that they are standing between the american people and the republicans want who want to their obamacare. they're running on health care and that is the one thing in the polls the people do care about. >> sean: i did notice polls have tightened in your state of utah. i hope the people of utah send her back. >> they've got to get out and vote. if we just get republicans to vote republicans in utah, mia t love will be just fine. that's got to happen across the country because democrats want to abolish i.c.e.ta the only thing they think is a good thing.
10:34 pm
it's just unbelievable to me. i've never seen it this bad for the democrats as they do right now. >> sean: thanks to all of you for being with us, when we come back still unanswered questions. what has happened to this missing journalist? works for "the washington post," kristin fisher has a full report. also, i will speak with the american pastor, another success story. andrew bronson just released from captivity in turkey, and lara trump when we come back. straight ahead. ♪ we come back straight so i can buy from
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10:39 pm
most likely murdered journalist, to the sexual assault accusations against mount justice brett kavanaugh. he told the ap here we go again with your guilty until proven innocent, i don't like that. we just went through that with justice kavanaugh and he was innocent all the way as far as i'mti concerned. we have to find out what happened. to that end, secretary of state mike pompeo was in saudi arabia meeting with the king and crown prince, and tomorrow he's heading to turkey, president trump says he's waited to make a final call until the investigation is closer to being complete. >> president trump: we're all looking at it together, and turkey and saudi arabia are looking at it strongly. it depends whether they knew about it. if they knew about it, that would be bad. >> the question now is just how hard would president trump be willing to punish the saudis if they are indeed responsible. president trump proved that he is perfectly capable to punish turkey for its detention of the
10:40 pm
american pastor andrew bronson. he pushed the turkish economy to the brink, and in the end, he ultimately got what he wanted. >> sean: kristin fisher in washington, and secretary pompeo has gone to saudi arabia, he's now in turkey, and i think one of the strongest secretaries of state we've hada we will get the answers. according to news reports, pastor bronson is the 19th prisoner -- perhaps hostage is the right word, freed by the trump administration. here he is praying with the president at the white house over the weekend -- take a look. >> god, i ask that you pour out your holy spirit on president trump, you give him supernatural wisdom to accomplish all the plans you have for this country. i ask that you get some wisdom to lead this country into righteousness. >> sean: joining us now is pastor brunson himself.
10:41 pm
i'm so glad you're out. i know how many worked on your behalf, talked about your case often. you were held for 18 months and had no reason, no understanding, of why.nd you were held in a cell design for 8, and there were 21 people. correctco? >> part of that time, it was a very crowded cell. part of that time, i was also in isolation. it was a very difficult time. i was surprised because i had never considered prison as a possibility and the costs for that. >> sean: how were you treated? >> i was treated well by the prisoners i was with. >> sean: they were not of your faith. >> they weren't, and that was one of the difficult things. i was isolated by culture and by language, but especially by religion. it was very difficult to be the only christian among them. >> sean: when you found out what you were being held for, which was your faith, what did you think?
10:42 pm
>> what was surprising is that they told me i was being held for terrorism and for trying to overthrow the government. the truth is if we had been preaching jesus christ -- that's why we were in turkey -- 423 years up until that time, to share the gospel of jesus christ with turks. we did that openly and never had a problem. it was very shocking to be accused of terrorism. >> sean: and it came down to your christian faith in many ways. i thought your prayer was extraordinarily touching with the president. what was your worst moment? i can imagine when you lose your freedom, you lose everything, especially in a foreign country, not knowing why you're being held. not having anyone to share your faith, your values with you, what was your lowest moment? >> when i was arrested and it kept going on and on, it seemed that there was no way out.
10:43 pm
i lost a lot of hope. what helped me, i began to see there was value in my suffering, especially as time went on. i saw that many people around the world began praying for mee and i began to see -- >> sean: how did you hear about that? how did you hear about that? >> it was especially through my wife, she was the only contact i had with the outside world. she could visit me for about half an hour every week, through glass and speaking on the phone, and she would bring encouragement to mend and tell e that people were praying for me. as i learned that, i began to see that god was involved in this, and godnv was going to do something with my suffering. >> sean: why did you say it and this morning that i was one of the most hated mann in turkey? >> i was accused of trying to overthrow the government, of being aligned with the terrorist movement, also being part of the pkk which is a guerrilla terror movement.
10:44 pm
i was blamed for the economic problems turkey had. there probably are not too many people there who like me right now. >> sean: let's talk about the moment that touched a lot of people, you're a man of great faith and obviously a strong christian and you prayed for the president -- let's talk about that moment. >> it's something we had hoped to be able t to do. my wife had, for some time, wanted to pray some verses overm him from isaiah, just asking for the spirit of god to come upon him. before we went to meet him, when we learned that we would be able to visit him and the wifed white house, we asked god to giveve a set opportunity to pray for the president. it's a great privilege i think many pastors would love to do it. our president needs prayer. >> sean: pastor, we are glad you are home. it was a very touching moment. i think all of us could use more god in our lives and int think you impact a lot of
10:45 pm
people, welcome home, were glad to have you back. >> thank you. i want to thank you for keeping me in the news while i was in prison. i appreciatete it. >> sean: the president stood strong, thank god you're here. when we come back, the left continues to literally berate the first lady melania trump in the most disturbing, disgusting video. we will compare what would the reaction in the media be if this was michelle obama or hillary clinton. we told you about our interviet with rush limbaugh on thursday we have another announcement to straight ahead tonight. ♪ announcement to straight ahead tonight. this place isn't for me. that last place was pretty nice. i don't like this whole thing. i think we can do better.
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♪ >> sean: rapper t.i. tweeted
10:50 pm
out what is a despicable, disgusting, vile video attacking the first we're not going to show a lot but here's a part of it. ♪ ♪ the left's never ending and recent vile smears against the first lady didn't stop there. last friday, one of the cohosts of "the view" suggested the first lady may have been president trump's mistress. these are vile attacks. watch this. >> is it possible that she's not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them? is that possible? >> sean: it's no wonder the first lady told abc she was one of the most bullied people because it's true. here with reaction,
10:51 pm
president trump's daughter-in-law lara trump. i know melania i've had a chance to meet her. english is her fifth language, amazing background, life, career, you saw the incredible trip she just took. the dignity, the class she has. if you're not a democrat, the democrats are silent. they only want to go after judge kavanaugh for defendant stormy but not ivanka when the c word is used, not you when you're attacked. the first lady, the attacks on her, i can't imagine that happening to michelle obamall ever, or hillary clinton even. >> the supposed party of women is completely silent here. i'm waiting for anyone to speak up against this on the democrats side. we have heard absolute crickets from them. it's disgusting and it's not that shocking anymore because we know that there is no low too low for the left, for the
10:52 pm
media, for hollywood. when it comes to the president and the first lady and the entire first family, iol don't care what side of the political aisle you're on. the first lady of the united states deserves respect. this is disgusting and ithe should be condemned by everyone. >> sean: i don't hear any calls for fbi investigations of keith ellison likely did with judge kavanaugh. those allegations were so over-the-top, it was patently absurd. i don't see them ever defending melania trump ever.e >> double standard across the board. you think about how differently this were our previous first lady. again, i think it is horrible. it doesn't matter who you voted for, whether or not your democrat or republican, this is disgusting and it absolutely should be condemned by everyone. >> sean: i know you're working on "20/20" but an interesting utphenomenon is happening. we have this important
10:53 pm
election. things seem to have shifted dramatically especially in the senate races. i worry more about the house i think people pay close attention if they vote for a congressman, they vote for pelosi. do you see real trouble for claire mccaskill who's been exposed, dean heller is doing better in nevada, kyrstenll sinema is collapsing in arizona, heidi heitkamp is collapsing. joe donnelly is in trouble. what do you say to people with these house races whoin are moe concerned tonight? >> the entire midterm election is so important. that's why you see the president on the road like he's been. i think he's having a real impact. you just mentioned all of these races, this is making an impact with people across the country who are voting in the midterm elections. often times the midterms areot not as exciting for people to get out and vote in. people stay home, you cannot stay home on november 6th. early voting on north carolinaa starts tomorrow.
10:54 pm
i was there all day, campaigning with some great candidates in north carolina. you've got to get out and vote early and you've got to vote for republicans. >> sean: and their agenda is simple -- impeachment, and less investigation. open borders but don't say it, keep obamacare. that's the whole agenda. >> and socialism, of course. it's crazy what the democrats are proposing and i hope everyone is paying attention because we have to keep the house and the senate in the midterm. >> sean: thank you for being with us. on behalf of so many, we apologize. our first lady deserves so much better, and it's sad. when we come back, rush limbaugh will be on this show for the full hour on thursday night. will explain what happens if the democrats take the house. we have one more announcement tonight, a lot of announcements this week. straight ahead. ♪ they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to
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♪ >> hannity: on his program
10:59 pm
earlier today, rush limbaugh had a stark warning about what's come for the democrats do win the house three weeks from tonight. >> it is easily predictable, it is a no-brainer. i'm here to tell you that the objective is going to be to force trump out of washington, d.c., as soon as they can. they don't want to wait for reelection campaign in 2020, they don't want that. they're going to do everything they can. to make sure that the trump administration essentially ceases to exist in january of 2019, if they win the house. >> hannity: just a reminder, i will be interviewing rush limbaugh for the full hour right here on this program on thursday night and we hope you will join us at 9:00 eastern on thursday. we have another big announcement, this weekend i will be in texas, in the houston area and i will be doing interviews in a town hall with senator ted cruz. we will air some of that video on monday night.
11:00 pm
an important race in texas, ted cruz, that is happening this saturday. we'll have more details to come. we will always be fair and balanced, let not your heart be troubled. the news continue,s why? because there she is in the watch, in the sewer. >> laura: every time you say there she is, then you go right to "in the swamp." that is just not -- that is not a ringing endorsement. >> sean: that's where you are. that's the swamp. >> laura: you're not exactly in the gutter there in new york. give me the breakout here. are you having a barbecue? i'm coming on this trip. >> sean: you're going to join me on the program, i hear, tomorrow. >> laura: yes. >> sean: you bring your best game. >> laura: this is not even -- i'll come with both hands tied behind my back. no problem. i will save it for tomorrow. it sounds like limbaugh, didn't an


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