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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 17, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> guy: dr. siegel is on the case. >> melissa: you still came into work. we have a good time here on the couch. >> guy: socks, shirts, and pens. >> melissa: we are back here on the couch at noon tomorrow but for now, here is harris. >> harris: a fox news alert, america's top diplomat on his way back from a fact-finding mission to turkey and saudi arabia. the diplomatic crisis over a missing journalist has intensified, president trump weighing in from the we will go "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. turkey's president and foreign minister today, one day after meeting with saudi leaders about missing "washington post" columnist jamaal khashoggi. this as president trump said it would be bad if saudi saudi ars leaders had a hand in any of this. the president had this to say to fox news a short time ago.
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>> i hope the king and the crown prince didn't know about it and i hope they -- mike pompeo just left, he went to turkey, he's coming back late tonight. >> harris: rich edson from the state department. rich? >> they are waiting on this investigation, mike pompeo says he's giving saudi arabia and turkey the space to conduct an investigation before the united states figures out its judgment. >> it's important that everyone keep in their minds that we have lots of important relationships, financial relationships between the u.s. and saudi companies, governmental relationships, things that we work on together across the world. >> secretary pompeo says the u.s. needs to make sure it is mindful of those relationships as it approaches a decision.
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the secretary spent the day meeting with top saudi officials. reporters asked pompeo whether the saudi government revealed if jamal khashoggi is dead or alive. the secretary says neither he nor the saudis want to talk about the facts, they want an opportunity to investigate. he says it is his assessment that there is a serious commitment to determine all the facts and ensure accountability. khashoggi's family says it wants and international independent investigation. there are turkish reports that there is audio of khashoggi's torture and murder. the state department said he had not heard that. the president says he would want to review that audio. >> i'm not sure yet that it exists, it probably does, possibly does. i will have a full report on that from mike when he comes back. that's going to be the first question i asked. >> the saudi
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governments are leading that investigation at that consulate in consulate's temple where he disappeared to go weeks ago. >> harris: thank you. republican congressman sean duffy sits on the house financial services committee and joins me now. great to see you. the big question today regarding khashoggi has to be saudi arabia, how do you investigate this? and even with turkey, who can we trust? >> i think we have to get together to try to do this investigation but an investigation is key, as a former prosecutor i want to see the facts and i want to know who is responsible, i want to know who ordered the killing, if there was a killing, it appears that there was. once we have those facts, we can make decisions on how we deal with saudi arabia and the killers. i think a lot of people in the media are rushing to judgment when we don't know who, what, when, where, why.
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>> harris: we first saw a denial and a changing of the story. with all fairness they have put our president in an unthinkable position to have to talk with a king about a murder. we are not forcing anybody to rush to judgment, we just want the answers and the truth. >> i agree with you, of course we want the answers. we have some people who are calling that we have a resignation of the crown prince. they are going to radical extremes i think in calling for people to leave office in saudi arabia when we don't know what involvement was in place. by the way, let's be honest about this, harris. in the middle east, they publicly lash people, they cut people's hands off, they don't operate by the same standards we do in america and it's not just saudi arabia, it's the whole region. as a country, we have to think,
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who are our best allies, our best partners and our biggest threats. we have china, russia, north korea and iran as our biggest threats and is saudi arabia a partner to us or an enemy for us? through that prism, we had to analyze what happened in turkey but also what saudi arabia's role was. >> harris: you get a lot of pushback even in your own political party, congressman wilson was on with me yesterday talking about what could possibly play if saudi arabia played a role. you know the history, many of them on 9/11 on those attacks. if you look back, that's how people view this. the financial services committee, right on time for breaking news from the president, can you stay? listen to the president talk budget cuts, financial accountability. he wants each of his cabinet members to do something for him.
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in terms of financial accountability in our government. he wants to cut some of that bloat, let's watch together. >> it will put more pressure on the people gather around the table. i am going to ask each of you to come back with a 5% budget cut from your departments, whether it's the secretary a secretaryn administrator, whatever. i'm going to ask everybody to come back with a 5% cut. i think you will be able to do it. there may be a special exemption perhaps, i don't know who that exemption would be. if you can do more than 5%, some of you will say hey, i can do much more than 5%. i have heard about the penny plan for 15 years. 1 penny every year per dollar, 1 penny every year. after four or five years, the country is in good shape. i'm saying, let's not do the
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penny plan, let's do the 5-penny plan. i think you can do it so i'd like to have everyone sitting around the table, your incredible domains you reside over, in some cases very well, in some cases brilliantly, i would like you to come back with a 5% cut. get rid of the fat, get rid of the way stand i'm sure you can do it, i'm sure everybody in the staff can do it. it will have a huge impact. the last budget we had to go because it was military, we had to fix our military. our military is in the process of being fixed, chips are being made, missiles, rockets, everything. our nuclear is being brought to a level that nobody else can even imagine. pray god we don't have to use it, that there will be nothing like what we have, there is nothing like what we have and that's why i did that.
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i made deals with the devil in order to get that done because we had to improve our military, our military was depleted, it was in bad shape. great people in the military hadn't received a wage increase in more than ten years, now they are getting an increase, first time in more than ten years. so i wanted to do that and in order to get that done, because the democrats won't vote for the military, they don't like the military, they don't like law enforcement, they don't like borders. we see what's happening with the border, people are coming in open caravans and we had to stop them even though the laws are terrible. our laws are terrible. they are a laughing stock all over the world and we are supposed to stop people with laws that aren't very good but were doing better than anybody else could possibly even think of. i'd like you all to come back with a 5% cut and i think if you
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can do more than that, i will be very happy. there are some people sitting at the table, some people that can really do substantially more than that. because now that we have our military taken care of, we have our law enforcement taken care of, we can do things we weren't into in a position to do when i first came. i will see you at the next meeting, i will see you many times before. that's very, very important request i am making of everybody sitting around this table. it's a tremendous amount of money and it's something we can do and i believe we can actually do it easily. rather than go by the penny plan, call it the nickel plan. it will be a one-year nickel plan, we may do another nickel plan next year, too. thank you all very much, to the press, thank you very much. we know what the new budget is, it will probably be $700 billion.
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716, 700, that's a very substantial number, it's very important, without defense, maybe the rest of it doesn't mean very much. if you know it was at 520 a very short while ago and the reason i brought it up to 70716 was to build new ships, building new incredible submarines, the finest in the world, most powerful in the world. anywhere ever, doing things that we have never done on this scale. that included a lot of rebuilding of our military. despite that, i am going to keep that at $700 billion, defense. okay? >> they are investigating themselves, essentially. >> they are great, very talented people. they've now been here long enough to be able to do this,
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they are -- it's a great group around this table, it's a great group and they'll be able to do it. and when you add to this and couple this with what larry kudlow said about how well were doing -- where is larry? >> here he is. >> larry has to be very happy, you didn't even expect this. did you expect this? >> it's happening bigger and faster than i thought. >> this is part of it, this is all part of it. i couldn't do it last year, i had to do the military. our military was in really bad shape, planes that couldn't fly, military that was in a ridiculous situation. so that's what we had to do. what they are doing is they are doing it themselves. any other questions? >> you told him you are not ready yet. >> i told them they're not ready.
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we have rebuilt china, just so you understand. our country has rebuilt china, with their hard work in genius, also. but how our country has allowed itself to lose $500 billion a year and much more than that is ridiculous. it's ridiculous. it's hard for them to do a deal because they've had it so good for so long, it's a very hard thing for them to do but we have a very good relationship with china, i have a great relationship with president xi and i think you'll see something happen that's going to be good for both countries. thank you all very much, i appreciate it. thank you. >> harris: making government a little bit smaller, the president looking at each cabinet member and saying i need you to look for a 5%, some of you can do better than that. 5 percent at least, in the next year, he's calling it the nickel plan. they have a find a place to cut to give that money back.
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the budget form. he said the defense bill he is estimating around $700 million -- billion dollars, excuse me, to build new ships and so on. he says look, cabinet members, find a place to cut. house financial committee member with us, sean duffy from wisconsin. congressman, thanks for sticking for the breaking news. this is in your wheelhouse, is this realistic? >> there's so much room for us to reduce spending and the federal government and i think everybody, a republican, democrat, conservative, liberal agrees on that, that was music to my ears, to hear the president say, let me start to reduce how much we are spending. my dad always said it's not how much you make, it's how much you spend. try to fix how much goes out the door and spend the taxpayers money the way they would spend their money which is cautiously.
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i think this is fantastic. by the way, we are having trouble right now because as you've reported, interest rates are rising and on $21 trillion in debt with interest rates rising, it costs more money to service that debt so were finding more per financial pressure. let's get our financial house in order, reduce how much we spend and get on an arc to sustainability and is the puts america first, making sure we have a budget that's sustainable is part of the america first agenda. >> harris: a little bit about china with regard to that and how upside down we were in our trade agreement, he said we basically rebuilt that nation. real quickly before i let you go, the president today -- you say a promise kept with keeping the government small. every president has made that promise and it hasn't always worked out. last thoughts? >> you're right, it hasn't always worked but the president is taking the steps to grow the
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economy and reduce spending so we can make sure our kids don't have this massive debt to pay off in the next ten, 15, 20 years. >> harris: john duffy, great to see you today, appreciate your time. let's get back to our fox top story today and that is the missing u.s.-based saudi citizen columnist. we are joined now by the former special assistant to president obama. we want to flip it and get the other side of the political aisle perspective. it's great to have you on the program, i've heard some democrats and republicans say that this is a bipartisan, nonpartisan issue, bringing the facts with jamal khashoggi, the president and vice president saying, just moments ago, senate majority mitch mcconnell -- saying that khashoggi's incident is "really going to challenge the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia but it's too early to predict what consequences will be."
10:16 am
your thoughts? >> thanks, harris, for having me. i think we need to get to the bottom of this, i think there are a number of questions that are at stake. the optics of secretary pompeo's visit over the last couple of days i think our little troubling for the administratio administration. with the saudi king and the crown prince, appear to be coming forward about what happened in turkey and that saudi facility. i think we have to figure out exactly what happened but we also have to think about what the u.s. government knew. this is the relationship the trump administration has put a big bet on the saudi crown prince, and i think we need to know -- obviously we have a very good intelligence committee, looking closely at these kind of questions, a lot of phone calls going back and forth.
10:17 am
we need to know when the trump administration knew about this, was there a duty to warn mr. khashoggi about what might happen? and exactly what details do we have about what happened and the consequences. >> harris: it's interesting to hear you talk about optics. i had asked early on about the protocol, people on both sides of the political aisle or doing something you're not doing, giving secretary pompeo the credit of knowing what those protocols are and remembering he's a former cia director. you talk about optics and smiles and all of that, you take us back to the time when president obama visited when he was criticized with some of the objects of the things he chose to do in that part of the world, too. let's talk about what happens next. the family of jamal khashoggi has asked for a separate investigation to look into this. i'm talking with lawmakers who say that's a good thing, can you
10:18 am
necessarily just depend on the saudis who have changed their story a couple of times? >> i think that is a key question, i don't know what an international investigation would look like and whether the saudis would allow that to take place. we've heard some concerning reports about some of the repainting and cleaning activity that may have taken place for turkish officials were able to go into this facility to look at what might've happened there. as more details come forward, we will have a better picture of what happened. the question for the united states now is what the consequence will be. >> harris: secretary mnuchin is set to the investor conference, we get closer later this week and determine if that's the right thing to do. what's your take on this?
10:19 am
>> this is a very serious incident, horrifying if these allegations turn out to be true. i think there is a real question we need to ask about what the signal we are sending not just to the saudis but every country around the world. we saw in helsinki, we've seen with saudi arabia, we've seen that with others and i think we have to take a hard look at this relationship and the signal were sending to others about what it means and if how we deal with this kind of incident happening with an american resident. >> harris: we appreciate your talking with us from the perspective on the other side of the aisle. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: some possible developments in the russia investigation, bloomberg is
10:20 am
reporting robert mueller plans made public. catherine herridge with details. stay close. ♪
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>> harris: a fox news alert, special counsel robert mueller
10:24 am
is reportedly moving closer to delivering key findings in the trump-russia pro. sources are telling bloomberg mueller is closer to releasing his judgment soon after the midterm elections. but we are told the report may not be made public. why wouldn't you make it public? catherine herridge looking into it for us in washington. >> two sources close to the president's legal team tell fox news they also believe the mueller probe is winding down. new indictments may also reflect proximity to the midterm elections. they point former fbi director james comey influencing inflammation prior to the elections. the sources told fox the parties have been negotiating over the terms of a presidential interview since last december and it's now down to a limited
10:25 am
number with the refined focused on russia, they say the president has broad powers to hire and fire. here's the president on fox business network last night. >> i imagine we are going to hear more after midterm -- >> there was no collusion, do you think i'd call russia -- i need help in idaho, iowa, let's call russia. it's a con job. it's a total con job, it's a disgrace. >> the expectation is that mueller will present his boss to rod rosenstein, in the last few minutes we've confirmed through a republican aide that former trump campaign foreign policy advisor george papadopoulos will give a transcribed interview next week to the joint house panel in their russia case. it was his meeting in the spring
10:26 am
of 2016 with an australian ambassador which was the predicate for opening the fbi probe in july of 2016. a republican lawmaker making a new push for the president to declassify records that they show that there was exculpatory evidence at that time that undercut the whole russia collusion narrative. >> harris: i want to get the information so i reported it correctly. what's new the october 25th date. >> the date has been locked in for october 25th, there is a push for the president to reconsider declassify a limited number of records that they say shows there is exculpatory evidence that was not provided to the national security court. >> harris: thank you. let's bring in republican congressmen of the house judiciary committee, great to see you always. i want to start with this notion
10:27 am
that things may be wrapping up to the point where we would get the key findings in the russia pro. >> i've told you this summer, people were saying they hope to have it wrapped up by september 1st. there's no way they're going to wrap this up before the election. they need this to help the democrats in the election and why in the world do you have to release a statement saying you are pretty well through, coming out with a report right after the election to affect the election. that's all mueller cares about. if he can help the democrats take the majority in the house, some of his potential crimes can go unobserved and uninvestigate uninvestigated. he's wanting to make the trump administration as difficult as possible, he's still got some revenge motive because the president didn't appoint him to be head of the fbi again.
10:28 am
he's leaking that now to try to affect the election. >> harris: it does feel a little bit james comey july 5th before the hillary clinton announcement about that investigation. but just report on the facts here, you can't get away from the fact that it's been reported he wouldn't indict anyway no matter what you found, it does feel a little -- if you say you're not going to release it to the public, one of the biggest investigations we've seen in the country while, we've all paid for it. i think americans would want to see the outcome, even redacted. >> i think people would like to know what we spent millions and millions of dollars for, some of us know -- the president set a con job based on a lack of information given to the fisa courts, we still have to clean up that mess for that to be
10:29 am
allowed and the fisa courts don't even have the decency to police their own improper information and lack of information provided, including exculpatory evidence tells me the fisa courts have to be reworked. by getting information out earlier, not having indictments, particularly if the president himself, that's trying to prepare the democrats so they won't be as mad at mueller as he's afraid they're going to be but there's just nothing there. trying to prepare the democrats, don't be mad at me, we can't indict and then at the same time they're not going to have any bad report on obstruction, they're not going to have any evidence, hard evidence of collusion between the president and the russians, that was
10:30 am
between hillary's folks. they are leaking information about a report, that's about as much damage as they can do. they are doing everything they can. >> harris: thank you very much from the great state of texas. >> love talking to you, thank you very much. >> harris: president trump front and center. will they hold onto their congressional majorities or could he be to blame if they don't? a new report and what he saying about it, stay close. ways to lose stubborn belly fat.
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10:35 am
>> harris: that was president trump firing back at the associated press, accusing the publication of misrepresenting comments he made in an interview about the 2018 midterm elections. the headline he is talking about reads "trump tells ap he will not accept blame if g.o.p. loses house" but according to a transcript of the interview, the president did answer no when asked if he would bear some responsibility of republicans come up short but there was more to it than that. mike emanuel is live in washington with more on is it a discrepancy, what is this, exactly? >> president trump rip to the associated press on twitter, saying "ap headline was very different from my quote and meaning in the story. they just can't help help themselves. when the president was asked if republicans were to lose control of the house in the upcoming but midterms if he would bear some responsibility of that, the president responded "no, i think i'm helping people, i am 48-1 in
10:36 am
the primaries, i endorsed a lot of people that were successful that people don't even talk about" and the president trolled trish regan this feels like to go years ago. >> there's enthusiasm like we had in the last election, 2016 which was a spectacular day and evening. i think we have a lot of enthusiasm. i keep hearing about the blue waves but i think we have tremendous enthusiasm. >> the president has been out doing numerous rallies in the home stretch of this 2018 campaign. he believes this push on behalf of republican candidates is having a significant impact, telling ap that if he got the support of our president, it meant nothing, zero, literally zero. some of the people i've endorse endorsed, just on the endorsement. a whole lot on the line, if democrats take back the house.
10:37 am
democrats are already pledging to investigate the tax returns and conduct their own russia pro. how the administration has handled security clearances and looking into the trump international hotel here in washington and some democrats are promising hearings on various trump administration policies, ranging from access to health care to the escalating cost of prescription drugs to questions about the census. >> harris: thank you very much. kayleigh mcenany is the spokesperson for the republican national committee, great to see you today. i have been reading, the president says there is incredible enthusiasm. put that together with cash and how do you spend it, what does it allow you to do against the democrats? >> it allows us to do a whole lot, namely fuel our quarter billion dollar data operation, harris. it's so important, this data allows us to target the exact doors to knock on of persuadable voters, the exact phone lines to call and we have to credit our
10:38 am
chairwoman and the president of the united states, we raised $269 million thanks to the energy he's vouch at this party. >> harris: there's no denying that when the president reaches the midterm point and you got both parties vying for those seats, that you're going to lose some seats. it's interesting for the ap and others to question whether the president should take blame. i don't remember those questions with president obama, maybe i'm wrong. and he lost hundreds, like a thousand seats. not in one midterm but over time. >> it is a bogus question to ask when you consider the fact that president trump put us over the line and so many of these special elections. we saw the power of his endorsement. i want to point this out to you, i reached out to our data department this morning and i asked, are you seeing in effect where these trump rallies move the numbers? they said we absolutely are seeing that. they said in montana the
10:39 am
president rallied, all of a sudden public polling shows that marsha blackburn went up from a 5-point deficit to a 14-point positive after the president's rally. in nevada, negative 22 plus seven because of the trump rally. >> harris: that's huge. i think what's coming in texas and maybe arizona is something to watch, too. $38 million, might want to redistribute some of that wealth if he can't tighten things up because ted cruz is already getting some wind of this with the announcement that the president is coming. before i let you go, the power of that endorsement, as we move through the midterm elections, do you think you can strengthen the seats that could flip to blue? >> i anticipate we will pick up seats in the senate, i think the numbers in the senate will be 54 seats on a good day, 52 on a bad day. but the house is where the real battle is, i will just quickly note, democrats are having to
10:40 am
put money in races they should have sealed the deal in and moved away from like barbara comstock and they are putting millions of dollars in there. that tells a story. >> harris: barbara comstock as you look at the numbers, do you think the president will help her out? >> i think he will help in a lot of these tight races in florida and california, his endorsement means everything. >> harris: kayleigh mcenany, always great to see you. have a fine wednesday. president trump warning against a rush to judgment and the disappearance of a u.s.-based columnist, comparing the situation to that of the supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. is that a good comparison? the power panel, stay with us. we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ the lexus ls 500 & ls 500h. ♪ take advantage of great offers on the 2018 ls 500.
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10:45 am
guilty until proven innocent. i don't like that, we just went through that with justice kavanaugh and he was innocent all the way. power panel now, i'm going to start with you, chris. is this good politics and i say politics because everything has to do with politics and diplomacy, does it work? >> will it have an impact on the midterm elections? probably not. how the president handles it -- >> harris: i am talking specifically comparing it to the brett kavanaugh situation and his journey. >> is a good politics? it causes people to relate to the fact that you shouldn't jump to conclusions and i think that's what the president is trying to achieve, saying saudi arabia is an ally to us in the middle east, let's wait for all the evidence to come in. does that make it a comparison a lot of people understand? probably so.
10:46 am
>> i don't agree with the president's comparison. we moved on from kavanaugh, it was what it was, whether you like it or not. i think in this case, you have a bipartisan choir singing the same song, on fox yesterday morning, lindsey graham was talking about the scenario and how bad it could be, it's a bipartisan agreement that this could be something a little different and more than what the president is trying to play and that's what i'm worried about, i don't want the president to see this dangerous when it could be something a little bigger. >> harris: you are hearing from people on both sides of the aisle, i guess my question would be does it have to be political? can't we look at this and say this was an american based "washington post" writer, saudi citizen, the building he reportedly died and is owned by
10:47 am
the saudis, you walk into the consulate with the forensics guy who had a bone cutter. >> yes, and i think we should. >> harris: what's interesting, though, democrats are fairly quiet about this. >> i don't know if this is necessarily something we need to lend our voice to just yet. i am actually in the posture of let's do the investigation and see what happens below the republicans take the lead because i think at the end of the day this will fall back one way or another former president and the leadership of the republican party and what adjustments they make. i believe you will see bipartisan agreement about how to move forward once the smoke is cleared. >> harris: everybody agrees that secretary pompeo is the man to get this done. >> i agree, putting pompeo on top of it, he's the right person to take it on. >> harris: when we are going to move on to something that is in your wheelhouse because you
10:48 am
know ted cruz so well, a hotly contested senate battle in the lone star state and a heated battle last night, our power panel stays. ♪ billions of mouths. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perino, president trump saying he has asked for any audio and video evidence of the murder of "washington post" columnist if it exists. deep in the heart of texas, we will discuss and the former fed chair joins me alive after the president because the federal reserve his "biggest threat." on "the daily briefing" ." >> senator cruz is not going to be honest with you, he will make up positions and votes i've never held or never taken. he is dishonest. it's why the nickname stuck. >> it's clear they told him to come out on the attack, if he wants to call me a liar, that's fine. but john adams famously said facts are -- >> harris: during a debate in the hotly contested senate race, $38 million in mid democrats push for a historic upset.
10:53 am
incumbent senator ted cruz still leading the pole. president trump tweeted that o'rourke is a flake well ted cruz is strong on crime in the second amendment. you are smiling, chris, why? you used to work for ted cruz. >> i am but i'm also honest. there's a reason he tried to attack ted cruz personally last night. he's the most unpopular statewide figure in texas running for office. it's turning into suicide-murder mission because he's cannibalizing their race to still have a chance. because of the amount of money, that california is rescinding into texas, or north dakota -- >> harris: a distribution of wealth among democrats.
10:54 am
>> that's making the assumption that we can do to grow things at the same time. i think $38 million. $38 million is a large amount of money but for that texas media market it's not really not in context. it takes three things to win the campaign. i think the democratic candidate is well in position to block some tackles going forward. i'm not going to be here on this tv show and say he's going to win, i'm not saying that. i think he has the potential to win just like we have the potential -- >> win the race for governor? >> absolutely. it's all about voter turnout, you know that more than anyone.
10:55 am
you can assume republicans will do what they always do in this midterm election because i think this midterm election is different. >> they're both going to win by double digits. >> i can't make any assumptions about the selection because a lot of people are making a lot of assumptions about a lot of things. the democrats are winning up and down the ballot in places where trump won in '16. >> harris: to take the red state of texas, you've got to come with something. i don't even know if 38 billion will give it to you. >> he's running a campaign to appeal to to a national liberal constituency. you can't take position saying let's have open borders, i can keep going for a whole hour here if you want me to. he's so outside the mainstream. it's why he's the most unpopular -- >> what i think his campaign has done a good job of highlighting the failures of ted cruz, tying him to the --
10:56 am
>> harris: let me step in here here. how has it helped to the argument, i know we talked about brett kavanaugh and the comments earlier regarding the columnist khashoggi but that conversation is driving some great success in polling for republicans. >> in terms of kavanaugh, i have seen that. i saw 100,000 new republicans enter into the likely voter universe. i've seen that occur in arizona, nevada, north dakota, missouri and montana. although senate races, kavanaugh has given republicans a better chance to win. >> harris: thank you, we will be right back. as a veteranntry giveu is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va,
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>> harris: on this very busy news day, thank you for watching "outnumbered overtime." the handle of the show on the screen. here's dana. >> dana: secretary of state mike pompeo on his way to d.c. after his search for answers on the presumed killing of a washington post columnist. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." pompeo meeting with turkish and saudi leaders after jamal khashoggi disappeared from the consulate in turkey. questions on whether the fbi could get


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