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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 17, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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god bless you for saying that. that's it for us tonight. we will be back tomorrow to the show that is the sworn and cheerful enemy. dvr it if you haven't already. if tomorrow is going to be a great show. we have an investigation underway into censorship online and we will tell you what we found. meanwhile, sean hannity live from new york. >> sean: great show as always. looking forward to that report. welcome to "hannity." glad you are with us. of 20 days to go until the midterm elections. as a matter of fact, look at the display. at three weeks from tonight we will be talking about the results. that's how close we are. democratic candidates, democratic candidates they run for nothing but fear of president trump. grow the economy, protect the american people. they are just fueled by this rage from their humiliating loss in 2016 and democrats have vilified all political
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differences. no moderates left. party leaders have called for instability. they have pushed for confrontation on the streets. they have encouraged an angry mob to get in the faces of their political opponents and kick them. now the climate in this country is downright scary. violent protests and some of our major cities. two local g.o.p. candidates now assaulted in minnesota. a democratic operative arrested for battery against a republican campaign manager. lindsey graham, was going to join us in a moment, he actually got spat on and coming up we will break down all of this hysteria and tonight we will detail specifically, vote for a democratic house member, you're voting for nancy pelosi. we will tell you her plan if she gets back to the gavel. we will expose the far left wing candidates that want your crumbs back. they want your money. also republican senate hopefuls josh hawley, missouri, martha mcsally, war hero, will join us tonight. they will talk about the election, a brand-new breaking report, huge news from john solomon. robert mueller, jeff sessions, i
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hope you are watching. buckle up, time for a jam-packed addition of our opening monologue. devoid of any ideas to help improve the country, the left in america completely humiliated after 2016. they are now desperate. every two and four years, you've heard me say this often, we've become accustomed to their playbook. republicans, racist, sexist, you for the list. over the past 21 months we've seen something even worse than what we usually see, name-calling, identity politics. that just wasn't enough. instead we watched the left for two years now vilified as president, and a conservative, any republican. now calling on their supporters to literally create crowds, confront so-called evil opponents that happen to just disagree with them. hillary clinton said you can't be civil with the republican party member that wants to destroy american values and
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there's maxine waters, one of the new leaders of the democratic party urging her supporters, create crowds. go after republicans. where they eat, and grocery stores, department stores, gas stations. cory booker urging voters, get up in the faces of people in congress and the cabinet. eric holder, republicans go low, we kick them. this kind of rhetoric started from the very moment donald trump, frankly, can down the escalator, but certainly when he was inaugurated. in fact, on january 31st, right after the president is inaugurated, 2017, failed vice presidential candidate tim kane, just to remind you, he had this to say about what democrats need to do in order to reclaim their power. they were looking for it on day one. watch this. apparently we lost that tape. on this program we are saying this better stop. this is what i'm saying to everybody. this better stop before people, our fellow citizens, some of our elected politicians are severely
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injured or even killed. in this country differences should be settled at the ballot box, not on the streets, not with a violent mob, not with fists or intimidation. not with riots in major cities and as you can see this is not the approach democrats are taking. while words are just words, i understand, i hold people accountable for their own actions, but some people are inspired by these words, sadly. are we really surprised by what we have been witnessing, what we have all been seeing? sarah sanders, her family, kids, run out of the restaurant, secretary nielsen, same thing. senator ted cruz, his wife heidi run out of a restaurant. the florida attorney general pam bondi violently confronted just trying to go watch a movie. republicans shouted down all over d.c. and reports tonight in minnesota, two local republican candidates were assaulted by far left individuals. in one case while talking to constituents, state representative candidate shane
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macklin was literally sucker punched. not only did he have a serious concussion, he will have a four to six week minimum recovery. he says this is not what he signed up for. no kidding. a few days earlier while campaigning door-to-door, state representative, minnesota, sarah anderson, she was punched by a person claiming to be an anarchist. meanwhile, in nevada, a democratic operative arrested after violently assaulting g.o.p. campaign manager kristin davidson after a political event in vegas. nevada's attorney general, and other republican gubernatorial candidate called this a new low for politics in nevada. and last night senator lindsey graham, who will join us in a moment, he talked about how he was actually spat out during the anti-cavanaugh protests. listen, a threatening package was sent to susan collins home with contents they claimed to be ricin, a poison that can kill people. her staff receiving thousands of coat hangers, other horrible
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threats via phone. make no mistakes, what we are seeing here is the left unhinged in america and they have been unhinged the day that donald trump announced, certainly the day he won, and today he was inaugurated it has not stopped. they are hoping that this vitriol, this hatred where the even get rid of due process and the presumption of innocence, they are hoping this is what carries them into november and have democrats take the house, i've been telling you, and it's true, impeachment will be on the table. they just keep begging maxine waters, just keep it a secret. just like the center for american progress says don't talk about, ever, immigration. it's a losing issue, just pretend you're somebody you're not. how does that help the american people? what does that do to create jobs? how does that make us more prosperous? how does that make us and our families more safe and secure? investigations into this administration. if nancy pelosi wins, chuck schumer wins, it will be a daily subversion.
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obamacare, that will be the law of the land. how is that working out? keep your dr. plan and pay less. remember the crumbs they were so upset about? your paycheck, your paycheck will get smaller. and of course they want to abolish ice, forget about the border wall but they just don't want to tell you. but you don't have to take my word for it, just listen to nancy pelosi. she's measuring the drapes to her brand-new office. take a look. >> it's an interesting dynamic when you have the gavel. it just makes all the difference in the world and the leverage you have in the conversation. >> i'm wondering what you do. >> in my view it's immoral, expensive, ineffective and it's not something that people do between countries. but in any event, it happens to be an issue for the president.
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>> sean: those are her plans. we found that tim kaine tape we were talking about. this is right after trump won. listen to what he thinks you want to do. what he wants the democrats to do. take a look. >> the way we get outside the bubble is we take advantage of this tremendous public outcry against the administration. what we've got to do is fight in congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box and now there's the momentum to be able to do this and we are not afraid of the popular outcry. we are energized by it and that's going to help us do our job and do it better. >> sean: okay. it nancy pelosi, by the way, she might want to keep her big planes and check because the big blue wave she's predicting, nobody that tells you they know it's going to happen on election night, none of them know what they are talking about. if you know why? because you, we, the people, we get a say in this. according to a new study from nbc news, democratic voter registration, they are at the
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exact same level they've been as past election cycles. this means there has been no huge increase in democratic voters nationwide, and the race for the senate, republicans do have good momentum and for good reason. senator dianne feinstein, whose dirty political tricks surrounding the cavanaugh nomination shock to many americans, no due process, no presumption of innocence at all, believing any and all allegations with no corroboration. she announced she is planning to continue her war on justice kavanaugh if democrats take back the senate. she actually wants his sexual misconduct investigation reopened. this after seven fbi investigations, including the one she wanted, found zero evidence to support any of the claims against the supreme court justice. meanwhile, tonight in florida we are tracking two key races, including a very tight gubernatorial race between far radical left democratic
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candidate andrew gillum and republican freedom caucus member ron desantis. andrew gillum is coming at this, a 40% tax increase for florida business. if you are in florida, let me tell you what that would do. we will wreck your economy. it will destroy any incentive for anybody to build a business in florida. 40%? he has also been called one of the most anti-law enforcement candidates history. the choice in florida, pay attention, is clear. a far left socialism, ron desantis. have a choice in the senate in florida. one of the most capable, honest, trustworthy governors who has been successful in the entire country, rick scott running against confirmed far left out of touch chuck schumer incumbent bill nelson. florida, wake up, you've got to get out and vote. support rick scott or ron desantis. or guess what, your state will become like the state, new york.
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10% state income tax or california, 13.5% state income tax. in florida you have zero state income tax. you might want to keep it that way. in just moments we will have to come republican candidates. martha. running against claire mccaskill. this week project exposing mccaskill for just how far left her views are in a series of undercover videos including, of course, her extreme views on gun control, her campaigns plan to lie to the good people of missouri. we are not going to really do this but we just have to act this way. and present mccaskill as a moderate, which she has not. she says she's just like barack obama. take a look. >> on board with this? >> of course. i voted for most of those things before. >> she doesn't openly go out and
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support groups, like other groups that are related to that because that could hurt, people hurt her ability to get elected. >> saying that you think she's more progressive than she lets on? >> yes. >> a lot more open-minded to like alternative routes to things? you can be open about that. >> by not? >> because you completely isolate moderate republicans. >> is like we have to lie to get elected. >> essentially. essentially buried >> sean: according to a new at it looks like she's given up on some very large areas because her views are too liberal. she knows she's out of touch. she doesn't care apparently, take a look. >> claire mccaskill caught on tape. >> if we do our job in st. louis county, i can give up
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a few votes. >> listen again. >> i can give up a few votes. >> no wonder claire mccaskill votes against your gun rights, against agriculture and against conservative judges like brett kavanaugh. >> i can give up a few votes. >> claire mccaskill has given up on you. >> i'm josh hawley and i approve this message. >> sean: i just want the city, i don't care about the rest of the state. i just want the big population center. tonight without any evidence, mccaskill is claiming that the campaign coordinated with project veritas, an allegation that project veritas and its founder james o'keefe have told me numerous times is not true. he has called it absurd and josh hawley will be here tonight to talk about the phony, the fake, the fraud, somebody lying to get elected, and that would be claire mccaskill. meanwhile, tennessee, democratic candidate bill bryson. he's also been exposed for his far left deception in tennessee.
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staffers all caught on tape on camera telling the truth about -- we are just saying that, we don't really mean it, we're just saying that to get votes, that's all. their boss publicly claimed support for judge kavanaugh, is staffers undercover video, project veritas, he's caught saying the democratic candidate would never, ever support trump's pick for the supreme court after the election. let's just say whatever we need to say to win. watch this. >> you wouldn't really, right? >> what? >> vote for kavanaugh? >> i don't think so. >> i was so confused because i just can't believe that he would actually vote yes. >> but he said he would. >> i don't know if that makes it worse or better. no, it makes it better but still. >> i don't understand what's to gain by saying yes? >> sean: he wouldn't. he just said he would. it's all a lie. arizona, a war hero taking on
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christian cinema. a woman with a pretty bizarre and despicable past actually in 2010 called arizona the state she wants called the meth lab of democracy. take a look. >> my state, arizona is clearly the meth lab. >> sean: pay attention, arizona. caught on camera multiple times, calling you the voters, the people of arizona, you are all crazy. she's not. you're crazy. take a look. >> i want to talk about some of the things i think you can do to stop your state from becoming arizona. , i was born and raised in arizona, born and raised in tucson, near the border. and when we grew up i remember in first grade we learned a song about arizona. cattle, copper, citrus, cotton, and climates. and those of the five things
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that are state made its money o on. now we add a sixth, crazy. >> sean: you are all crazy. making fun of her own state for being famous, but only in a lindsay lohan kind of way. i'm sure she meant it as a compliment, take a look. >> so all around the world people know what's happening in arizona, and not in a good way. we are not saying this in a good way, we are kind of in a lindsay lohan kind of famous way. not good. >> sean: and it gets worse and it gets more serious. suggesting it was okay after 9/11 in 2003 for americans to go fight for the taliban and she also promoted events at arizona state university featuring a radical far left lawyer. the one that represented the blind shake, same lawyer who was imprisoned for helping the blind shake get messages to his extremist followers. organizing, this is almost too good to be true, and antiwar
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rally inviting self-described witches. you can't make it up. and this week during the debate, confronted her radical opponent. watch this, good moment. >> while we were in harm's way she was protesting our troops in a pink tutu and i will tell you what, if these are not disqualifying enough, what came out last week, cnn reported that in 2003 when she was on the radio, said it was okay for americans to join the taliban to fight against us. >> we are running out of time but we have to let you respond. >> i will ask right now whether you are going to apologize for the veterans and me for saying it's okay to admit treason. >> we are running out of time because we need a response. >> she owes us a response and we need an apology. >> she is chosen to run a campaign like you're saying right now where she engages in these attacks. she's just trying to cut a notch or the picture. >> sean: a war hero, the other
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one said what she said. here's the bottom line. any votes for a democrat, you're voting for pelosi, and obamacare. if you vote for any democrat in the senate you're voting for chuck schumer and the same agenda, and by the way, add to that, no conservative supreme court justices. if we are going to be discussing the results three weeks from tonight. you have the power to shock the world. just imagine how fun it would be on election night to see the media lose it again. it would be awesome. you have the power, shock the world. we will have more on this in a moment. first we have to cover one abuse of power story breaking just minutes ago. john solomon, new report detailing, get this, how high-ranking members members of the fbi and doj, get this, excepting hundreds of trips from special interest groups and according to solomon, guess who? mueller's deputy, his pit bull andrew weissmann, the top of fender will get back to that in the days and weeks ahead.
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first our top story, the midterm elections, we have missouri senate candidate josh hawley, arizona senate candidate martha mcsally. martha, you were serving after 9/11, correct? >> yes i was. i was actually deployed on 9/11 and was part of the team to ramp up for the initial air campaign in afghanistan and later i commanded in a ten squadron getting shot at by the taliban in afghanistan and making sure that we were taking them out as they were trying to kill our troops. this is personal. >> sean: maybe it's okay, you can call arizonans crazy and the meth capital and all of that but it gets serious. it's okay to join the taliban? seriously? she said that. how was that a smear if you are just asking for an apology for what she did and said? >> i simply asked for an apology. she could upset i didn't mean it, i don't know what i was thinking, but when you as an american are saying it's okay
6:20 pm
for americans to go fight for the taliban against our troops. when we were over in afghanistan we would line up on the taxiway and we would have american troops who perished in the line of duty with the flag draping our coffin, coming by as they were loaded onto the cargo planes and we would all line up silently and salute them because they paid the ultimate sacrifice and were filled, killed by the taliban and their allies and somehow she thinks this is either funny or not important. this is unbelievable that she thinks it's okay for americans to commit treason. in any other moment that should be disqualifying and she would withdraw but the arizona media mostly is ignoring it or making excuses for her again. >> sean: thank you for your brave courageous service. thank you for that. but then it gets even worse. she invited this far left radical lawyer, who represented the blind sheik. my buddy andy mccarthy, a guest on this program, he
6:21 pm
successfully prosecuted that case. the famed lawyer, wasn't she in prison for help and get messages to others at the time? wasn't there an investigation into that? she invited that person, arizona state? >> yes. she invited her to arizona state university, was making excuses and this person, from all the evidence, mccarthy is key on this, was aiding and abetting the blind sheik. and she's making excuses for it and no one in arizona unless they are watching your show, just completely ignoring all the stuff. they are pretending that of this happened. >> sean: thank goodness we have one network, or at least have my voice because otherwise you would never hear about it. >> amen. >> sean: i look at that tape and i look at the campaign and i see a candidate that brags about being anti-second amendment and brags about lying to the people of missouri and saying i don't care about these people in my state and i vote just like obama
6:22 pm
and believe what he does. >> you see a candidate there who was totally out of touch with the people of the state. someone who has given up on large portions of the state and really has given up on representing the state. and that's the problem with senator mccaskill. she does not represent the people of missouri. she's become a party line politician and that's why we are going to replace her in novembe november. >> sean: what's the reaction to the fact that she has exposed purposely lying to the people that she's asking to vote for them? i got to imagine people in missouri -- i'd be angry. i don't like to be lied to. my kids get in more trouble if they lie to me than whatever it is that they did. >> and people are having just that reaction. they are -- as i travel around the state, people cannot believe that she has tried to portray herself as a moderate when in fact she votes with chuck schumer 90% of the time when it's actually for taking away firearms from law-abiding citizens, when in fact she is against pro-constitution judges in this brett kavanaugh smear,
6:23 pm
claire mccaskill was along for the whole ride. she wouldn't stand up for her party. people are tired of this. we want somebody who's going to do what they say they will do. >> sean: i know it's difficult in these off year elections, both of you would represent a refreshing change and help the president's successful agenda. martha mcsally, great to meet you, see you, josh, best of luck to you. i hope people are paying attention. these are important races. when we come back, david limbaugh, tammy bruce, newt gingrich, busy breaking news night, we are glad you're with us. thanks for choosing fox, thanks for watching "hannity," we appreciate it. ♪ just one free hearing test at
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♪ >> sean: only 20 days left and
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we've got a lot to get to tonight. here with reaction, fox news contributor tammy bruce, the author of -- and i've read this book now cover to cover. first thing i know i need to be a better christian. at the second as a lot. jesus is risen, now a "new york times" best seller two weeks in a row. david limbaugh, like everybody on the show, they've done work for me, i must've done a lot of bad things but he's done all my contracts. congrats on the book two weeks in a row. awesome. >> thank you. >> sean: i watched your powerful voice, tammy, in his cabin a hearing and told you privately, you've always been amazing. we've been friends for a long time. you were one of the people that defined this. you were once the head of the national organization for women, people forget. it was so wrong to abandon due process and presumption of innocence. >> right. and i think that what our experience, what my generation's
6:29 pm
experience has been through the ' 80s in '90s was to give women the right to be able to engage with the system, that we would be treated like everyone else. if we weren't marching around saying please treat us like a baby. please treat us like we don't know what we're doing and yet now that's what's happening. so it takes really a combination of experience to see the threat of what is now unfolding. there's a lot of young people who didn't think this is just the way it is and it's not. and i think that this is where i think us coming together, having these conversations and, look, i've always been working to make up, frankly, from what i've been doing in the past having been -- i don't want people -- >> sean: you don't need to apologize. i'm not a republican, a registered conservative. republicans screw everything up. they actually treated it with the seriousness the topic deserved. the seriousness of the allegation. they handled it with the utmost care and they did it right, finally.
6:30 pm
>> the only difference was president trump. they had a leader who has a spine and who has the same kind of commitment and understanding as someone not from politics, about what will the future be? what i would legacy has got to be that and as a woman in this country, as someone who has gone through a lot of things, like a lot of american women have, we are not going to let this failed, because we turned away at the wrong time. this is our time. the '80s were important and so the 90s, but this is our time to secure. >> sean: that's not good. let me go to david. >> i think all americans recognize what was happening in those decades. >> sean: david, between that and what we have seen, hillary's rhetoric, eric holder's rhetoric, tim kaine's rhetoric and then you see all these women and even ted cruz and his wife create a crowd, follow them, get on their face, tell them they are not wanted anywhere anymore. wow. we are still americans i though
6:31 pm
thought. >> i think the democrats are desperate. obama's policy failed when they had power. trump policies are succeeding him a plus as tammy said, he's leading. he's fighting back and trying to stand up for what we believe in. the democrats are getting more desperate, which gives us a taste of what they will be like if they regain power. they have no solutions so they resort to identity politics. i propose things like packing the court, suspending due process, impeachment on its unwarranted, judicial activism, abolishing electoral college. the 25th amendment, open borders. they can't win fighting fair. so they cheat. >> sean: don't talk about immigration. that's john podesta's group. don't mention impeach 45, as maxine waters, just keep it quiet. we are not going to tell you who we are, we are going to lie to you so you elect us and then we will show you our agenda.
6:32 pm
>> doesn't it feel good that we finally have somebody that we can rally around and fight back and we are no longer spineless and lacking a backbone? >> let me say that what we saw the kavanaugh hearing when they say we want to be a check and balance on president trump, that is what they are talking about. that is actually political assassination. that's what we will have for years if we hand that over. there's no guesswork. we don't have to talk about it or describe it, we can point to that hearing and you saw the behavior of those individuals. >> sean: we can call that a preview coming attraction if you don't vote. >> bad for every american. >> sean: thank you very much. your brother will be here for the full hour tomorrow. full disclosure, rush is david's brother. you figured it out. newt gingrich, he has important advice on the crucial midterm elections. lindsey graham, he was actually spat on. he will tell us his story coming out. ♪
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♪ >> sean: here with more reaction to all of tonight's breaking news, author of "the new york times" best selle best seller, the truth about our nation's great comeback, former speaker of the house newt gingrich. the list is pretty amazing. it really is awesome. here's a question, are we better off as a country then we were just two short years ago with 4 million new jobs, 8 million fewer americans in poverty on food stamps. let's see, a path to energy independence, three and a half billion dollars on a border wall. north korea, iran. i don't know. i think on security, economic issues, records in 14 states, record low unemployment, african-americans, i think we're better off, but what do you think? >> i think we are better off but i don't think that's what this election is about. this election is a life-and-death struggle with a
6:38 pm
left-wing movement that wants to lead democratic allies america. you are happy that there are more people at work. that took people off of food stamps. it meant there were no longer dependent on government so if you are a left-wing democrat that's actually bad, not good. i know it's hard to believe but i have a prediction for you. sometimes politicians and their consultants and everybody does all this planning and then history just pick things up and changes everything. i think two words are going to define the night of the 2018 election in the next three weeks. one is kavanaugh and the other is caravan. and the combination of anger over how the left smeared, engaged in character assassination, live, used bullying tactics with judge kavanaugh is going to be one part of this and the degree to which the left is eager to have 3,000 people in a caravan across
6:39 pm
the american border, break american law, recognizing that if that happens, the next caravan will be even bigger in the caravan after that will be even bigger and i think the american people are going to reject both the way they treated kavanaugh in the way they are dealing with border and i think those will end up being the reasons the republicans keep the house and dramatically increase the number of senators they hav have. >> sean: mr. speaker, elections are usually about peace and prosperity. i'm looking at the economy, every measure we are doing better. this is what i hear from the democrats, impeachment, but don't say it. open borders, but don't say it. want their crimes back, they want obamacare and they want endless investigations into term. i don't hear one thing that they are running on that would benefit the american people. obamacare? a disaster. >> if you look at their
6:40 pm
proposals for government run health care, which would be impossible to pay for, would bankrupt the system, crush the entire health care delivery system and destroy medicare, you look at all those things, you have to wonder what are these people thinking? and yet democrat after democrat has signed up for a program which i think absolutely would collapse medicare and absolutely would eliminate all of the employer-based insurance systems, which is what bernie sanders says he wants to do. he wants to force you and me and everyone else into a single government system that he gets to define. >> sean: let me ask you this. i'm very hopeful. i think there's a really good shot -- rick scott, a great governor. i really feel confident in the people of florida. i really believe that josh hawley will win, who we just had on for missouri as claire mccaskill has been exposed and
6:41 pm
the same with blackburn after brett is and has been exposed and i'm hoping dean heller, the latest polls have him up. he's always in a tough race in nevada and i think he's in trouble in montana. heidi heitkamp is now in double digits, as should be in north dakota, joe donnelly in indiana. i think we can win everyone of those races. the only thing that worries me tonight, i don't know about the house. don't have a big margin there. >> let me add to your happiness. i think we have a real shot in minnesota. i think we have a real shot in new jersey. the senate could become -- you remember in 1980 when i was working with the reagan team, we ended up picking up 12 senate seats, control of the senate, nobody expected. we picked up 12 senate seats in one night. so this could become a big blowout. the house is a little bit of trouble but i think what kevin mccarthy is doing in introducing a bill to gain
6:42 pm
control of the southern border and i would urge kevin to challenge nancy tell mike nancy pelosi to a national debate. let her defend the total failure to control the american border, to protect american sovereignty, to draw a line in the sand and say no more, to welcome caravans and also a deliberate effort to undermine the american system and let kevin explain the bill he's got that he wants to bring up in december that controls the southern border. i think if the choice is that clear, if over here you've got sanctuary cities, ms-13, fentanyl, opioid deaths, all the different things the democrats seem to accept, and overhear you have a party dedicated to protecting you, protecting your family, protecting your neighborhood, i think we will do just fine election night. >> sean: you vote for any democrat in the house you are voting for pelosi. vote for any democratic senator, you are voting for schumer. it's that simple.
6:43 pm
mr. speaker rate analysis tonight, right on the money, thanks for being with us. when we come back, this shouldn't surprise you. dianne feinstein says she wants to reopen the sexual misconduct allegation, the brett kavanaugh if democrats win back the senate in 20 days. lindsey graham, who was also spat on, he will weigh in. laura ingraham coming up, a lot more news to get to, stay with us. ♪ this place isn't for me.
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traffic and roads... a mess, honestlyrents going up,le. friends and family moving out of state, millions of californians live near or below the poverty line. politicians like gavin newsom talk about change, but they've done nothing. sky-high gas and food prices. homelessness. gavin newsom, it happened on your watch. so, yeah. it is time for a change. time for someone new.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
>> sean: another investigation? there was no cooperation in the first one. none. >> it's not funny, but in a way it is. apparently one kick of the meal was not enough for senator feinstein, who i like very much. but here's what i want every democratic candidate in the senate to be asked tomorrow. do you agree with dianne feinstein? if democrats take control of the senate, are you for reopening the kavanaugh investigation? are you for more humiliation, grading treatment of this fine man, or you for continuing this debacle? do you agree with dianne feinstein? if you get in charge of the senate democrats he will go after kavanaugh again. i think every voter in all these trump states that have democratic senators need to ask that question, are you with diane or not? >> sean: we've been talking a lot about hillary comments, kick him eric holder.
6:49 pm
two politicians, republicans in minnesota have been assaulted and punched. one guy severely injured, a woman punched. maxine waters, create a crowd. follow them into grocery stores, gas stations. department stores. they are not wanted anywhere anymore. she's going to be a leader if they take back the house? >> i think this is what happens. >> sean: and you were spat at by the way. >> this is what happens when you can't win at the ballot box. you take those of us who did win a new try to intimidate us in bending to your will. i've never had police security before, capitol hill police protect me ever before until the kavanaugh hearings. had a guy who would not let the elevator close. i had to go to my office and somebody on the elevator pushed him out. i don't know what i would have done. i had a bunch of people around
6:50 pm
me filming me, yelling at me, all over my jacket. it was pretty bad and i can only imagine what my other colleagues went through. so this is on the ballot. what you want america to look like? once the election is over do you want those who lost to try to physically assault those who won, or do you want to have an election once it's over we try to work together and govern the country? >> sean: is not what it should be about? at the end of the day and willing to listen to any democrat, tell me what you're going to duke to create jobs. ten years working in restaurants starting as a dishwasher. ten years in construction starting as a house painter. roofing following three stories, that's my background. you grew up in a bar. and you had the same kind of background. we now have 4 million new jobs, 400,000 manufacturing jobs, better trade deals, less regulation, a path to energy independence, the biggest tax
6:51 pm
cut in history, securing the border, north korea. thinking, wow. there's a lot at stake here. >> israel is safer, isis is being destroyed. president trump asked a question in 2016, what do you have to lose? and most people said not much. they saw no hope with hillary clinton. let me tell you in 2018 if the democrats take over you've got a lot to lose. i want every democrat running for the senate to answer the question do you agree with dianne feinstein that we should reopen the kavanaugh investigation if democrats take over? >> sean: don't they want to impeach? they want to impeach the guy. >> if you're running for the house is a democrat, do you agree with the idea that the first thing you should do is impeach kavanaugh? these answers tell you a lot about the person running. so they need to -- are you with diane or not. the american people are pleased that we got a good conservative justice, they are ready to move
6:52 pm
on. >> sean: there was only one democrat that was willing to let due process, the presumption of innocence. >> i want to see who these other democrats are listening to. clearly they didn't listen to the people of their state. but if i am in charge as a republican, senator grassley did a wonderful job but i may be the chairman if he moves to finance. i promise you this, we are going to investigate who betrayed dr. ford. i'm going to find out why her lawyers did not tell her that the committee would have gone to california to interview her in private so she didn't have to go through this. that's what i'm going to investigate. >> sean: i think you're one of your finest moments in your career standing up for truth. standing up for honesty and fundamental core american value values. we appreciate that. thank you. when we come back, laura ingraham, she's on after the show, joins us as a guest next.
6:53 pm
rush limbaugh for the full hour tomorrow. got directions to the nightclub here. and if you get lost, just hit me on the old horn. man: tom's my best friend, but ever since he bought a new house... tom: it's a $10 cover? oh, okay. didn't see that on the website. he's been acting more and more like his dad. come on, guys! jump in! the water's fine! tom pritchard. how we doin'? hi, there. tom pritchard. can we get a round of jalapeño poppers for me and the boys, please? i've been saving a lot of money with progressive lately, so... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us.
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>> sean: quick programming note, don't forget tune in tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern, yes, the full hour, rush limbaugh, his take, 19 days away from a very important election. first, you know what, we wanted to bring in a lot of you comment about when we toss to each other and she always takes cheap shots at me. this is terrible. i feel like a victim. but our good friend, laura ingraham, out in paper back, huge best selling book. "busting the barricades." i was there, newt was there, were you there, a lot of our so-called conservative friends that hated us. we called them never-trumper, they're never going to vote for trump. ben sasse is one example. the success for two years, if we didn't win, think of what would
6:58 pm
have happened. were you there from the get-go, you fought hard every step of the way, you didn't waiver. >> laura: hannity, do you remember the day before the election. maybe the day of, can't remember -- monday night, yeah, i was on your show. and we were like, we just went all-in, okay, it's going to be great, we're going to win. >> sean: 30 minute standing monologue. >> laura: ripped it up. afterwards, we looked at each other and said we're going to have to move if this doesn't work out. >> heather: i was convinced. >> laura: we knew it was going to work out. but we were joking. there weren't many of us. >> sean: we don't know what's going to happen 20 days from now. but we knew who was better for the country. >> laura: right. >> sean: i have known trump for almost 25 years. i know we played the game in new york, as a new york businessman, to keep workers working, buildersings going up.
6:59 pm
but he kept every promise, keeps checking them off. the only thing i hear, maybe they don't like his style. he tweets, big deal. >> laura: i don't think most people care about that. they obsess on the side issues. most americans want safety, security, prosperity. they want a sense of general fairness in society. i don't think most people are looking for handouts. they want a basic sense of fairness. i think a lot of people are done with the identity politics, political correctness, and trump saw this a couple of decades ago. he saw it from china, to immigration. he saw it all. >> sean: he did. >> laura: he and pat buchanan and a few others, mike huckabee, rick santorum, they saw the brew collar issues. >> sean: 23450u9 beginning grim. >> laura: right. >> sean: i want the conservative -- what you call
7:00 pm
the populist revolt, her new book, she didn't autograph it or anything. but let's be the people that stand up for the men and women that make this country great every day, that, to all of the producing, obey the laws, pay the taxes, good people, deserve a nice house, safe neighborhood, nice car, vacation, take the kids to disney and go out to eat and save for retirement. that's the dream. >> laura: part are of the dream isn't chaos. they don't want chaos in the streets, people acosted in a restaurant. people don't like that. they're compassionate and welcoming. >> sean: it's horrible. what is this in restaurants, this new obsession. this woman got punched in minnesota. >> laura: i saw that. they're pro women, we're supposed to believe, sean, that they have a monopoly on compassion,


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