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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 17, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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a wildly talented lawyer and i guess he is a pretty cool godfather. pat siffoloni, officially announced by the president as the new white house counsel. that is a huge job. especially important in the next few years. the now departed don mcgahn did a great job for two years and he is probably back to legal practice. pat is a seasoned litigator and the president could not have chosen in my mind anyone better for the job at this point in time. that is all the tame we have tonight. shannon bream and the phenomenal "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: thank you. we begin with a fox news awe letter. brand new fox news polls tonight. one of the key groups in play. women. tonight, president trump and his top campaigners including the daughter-in-law laura trump focus on close the political gender gap in countdown to election day. laura trump is here.
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minutes away. turkey says it has video and audio recording that proves missing saudi journalist jamal khashoggi met a gruesome death at the hands of the saudi operatives. ed henry has the latest. instability in politics reaching another fever pitch. campaign staffer in nevada, allegedly assaulted left traumatize and bruised. she says by a democratic operative with ties to george soros. while nancy pelosi was mobbed by pro-trump latinos. hello. i'm shannon bream. we begin with trace gallagher and a key demographic and fox news polls. good evening. >> good evening. one of the people who conducts the battleground polls if the election was held today the house would likely flip. big part of the reason is women. the polls show the likely female voters support the democratic candidates by 18 points. more concerning for the republicans is the shift over the past two years. since 2016, white women have gone from backing trump by 9 points to backing democrats by
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two points. here is the bottom line. among nonwhite women democrats are up by 56 points. among women under 45, democrats are up 35. with suburban women the democrats by 19. even though the numbers don't bode well for the republicans, the president remains confident tweeting, "college educated women want safety, security and healthcare protections. very much along with financial and economic health for themselves in the country. i supply all of this far better than any democrat. for decades, actually. that's why they will be voting for me." but experts say the g.o.p. isn't resonating as much today as it did two years ago because the republican issues are out of favor. for example, 54% of the likely voters like obamacare. and 58% of voters say healthcare overall is extremely important. compare that to just 44% saying taxes are important. and 45% from offing the g.o.p.
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tax cut. the only major issue that has clear republican support is border security. but then again, 70% of the likely voters favor a pathway to citizen for illegal immigrants who are currently working in the u.s. we have spent a lot of time in recent weeks talking about the kavanaugh effect and whether his confirmation process motivated each party's base. truth is, it's hard to tell because the fox poll shows likely voters are pretty evenly split. 47% approve of his confirmation. 48% disapprove. but as for overall enthusiasm, it appears democrats have the edge. when you look at those who supported hillary clinton in 2016, versus those who supported donald trump, the clinton voters by 14 points say this election outcome is extremely important. and by an 11-point margin, former clinton voters are more likely to be extremely interested in this election. and by seven points they are
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motivated by enthusiasm for their own candidate instead of fearing the other candidate. finally, 51% of the likely voters are extremely or very concerned that political disagreements will lead to violence. and the concern is shared equally across party lines. 52% of the democrats. 50% of republicans. shannon? >> shannon: all right, trace gallagher. thank you very much. republicans are looking to keep their majorities despite the polls showing them under water with the female likely voters. headlines like this from the "associated press" aimed at the president. "horseface." does it matter what trump ridicules women? laura trump is campaigning for trump and there are a lot of other races. thank you for taking the time to visit with us. let's talk about this. the president got a lot of attention for the back and forth for stormy daniels this week. the "washington post" says despite the multiple polls shows that the g.o.p. is doing poorly with the women overall and the party is losing some of the female voters who
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supported trump in 2016, the president continued to say things that many predict will keep the women voting for republicans in the november midterm election. how do you respond to that concern? >> i was in north carolina yesterday. and the number of women that turned out at all the places that i went, all the events supporting the president, supporting the midterm candidates, it was -- i mean pretty amazing. it is sad that the media focuses on this sort of thing instead of what the president has done. instead of the reason that people will vote for him again in 2020. i think more people will vote for him in 2020 than even did in 2016. women in this country want to know the country is headed in the right direction. they want to know their children are being taken care of, that the future is good for them, that the country is safer. and under trump, they can say all the things are true. the economy is booming. many times people have money now to send their children to college possibly, they didn't before. these are things that women care about more than tweets from the president.
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>> shannon: what do you think of the polls that show 18-point deficit among the gender gap for the republicans with women? do you think the message is not getting through or is it overshadowed in the tweets and the back-and-forth? >> i have never believed polls. we saw polls in 2016 were not accurate at all. i still think that it carries over now a bit. i will tell you after what i call the kavanaugh effect, honestly after the kavanaugh confirmation the number of women that are more inspired on the republican end now to get out and vote is really astonishing. i found women coming up to me to tell me how frustrated they were with that and how much it makes them want to vote for republicans. i don't know that the polls are reflecting the sentiments of the women in this country. >> shannon: polls aside. a woman who was speaker of the house and hopes to be again. the house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> if the election were today we would win the majority. i don't know how much would be
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involved but we would win the minority. wave or tsunami, we'll see in three weeks. >> shannon: she said it would be a blue wave or blue tsunami. how right do you think she is? >> i'm going to hope she is really wrong and i think that we are going to all have to wait and see. i will tell you everywhere i have traveled, the number of the women that are coming out, that are not just excited to vote in the midterms but that are volunteering and working the polls -- my mom is actually working the polls in north carolina. it's pretty incredible. i think that women are excited. the men are equally has excited across the country. i think the republicans as a whole are galvanize and unified. if for no other reason than the democrats are acting so crazy people in the republican party are coming together to say we can't allow this to overtake our country. if we have a speaker nancy pelosi, or a senate majority
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leader chuck schumer, that will spell disaster for the country. the president's agenda will not get accomplished. everything we have seen positive happen in this country under president trump will come to a screeching halt. people understand they will try to impeach him. and all the forward progress will stop. i think people understand that it is so important to get out and vote in the midterms. >> shannon: what about the conversation about civility now? we see there are suggestions to get in people's faces and find them in public. we see it happening. then people agitate on social media, make sure you get out there. i don't know if it happens to you. it's pretty widespread. but those that will say the president started this by carriaging name calling and en -- by encouraging name calling and encouraging people to get rough with protesters at the rallies. what do you make of the conversation? >> that is ridiculous. the republicans are the party of jobs and the democrats are the party of mobs. it's disgusting that there is anyone calling for violence or anything as agreesive as what we have seen come out of some
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democrat leader's mouth. you are heard maxine waters calling for this stuff. it's happened to so many people. it's disgusting. this is not america. we are all americans. we can disagree and we can be civil about it. all i will say is that if you have not seen the nonsense from the republican side. it comes from the democrats. >> shannon: we like bipartisanship. we know you are headed to the campaign trail. thank you so much. good to see you. democrats focus on regaining control of the house but how will the voters' feeling about president trump factor in the key districts at play. bring in karl rove. i expect he has white boards with him. good to see you, karl. >> alas, no whiteboards. >> shannon: wow! okay. i color me stunned. >> paint a picture. >> shannon: okay. we will put up the new polling. look at the democratic advantage over the republicans. and the generic ballot. 49-42%. how much do you think that
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tells us about a potential blue or red wave. we know districts are so specific. there are 435 different races. >> well, typically, professionals think if the republicans are down by five points or four points they can win the house. five points, above five points starts to get a little dicey. so, the problem with this number is it's been relatively stable in the fox poll. there is probably some movement in september. early. the number we have today is the same number as in the fox poll in mid-september. so republicans want to see the number come down. now, there is another number there that seems to indicate that that number might come down. the president's job approval which has risen in the last month from 43 in the fox poll to 47. if the president rises in the polls, potentially republicans rise in the polls as well. >> shannon: okay. that reminds me of something that is in a recent "washington post" article talking about the new numbers.
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they say enthusiasm is up almost across all demographic groups but the increases are greater among younger adults and nonwhite voters and those saying they favor democrats in the house. but at the same time, president trump's job approval rating has risen five points. to a stew of things potentially good for both sides. then we look at which issues are most important. it shows extremely important to voters in the 2018 election, healthcare is number one. followed closely by the economy. those consistently are at the top. who benefits from each of those? >> well, the economy should benefit the republicans but the healthcare overwhelmingly advantage democrats. that may not work in the individual races. say for example, take missouri. the senate race there. the democrat claire mccaskill hit josh hawley, the republican, over his support for preexisting conditions. claiming that he would do away with them. well, he has a child with a grave illness. and he talked about how he
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believed that that child and any other person ought to have protections for preexisting conditions. so he was able to sort of go on the offense on this a little bit and deflect the issue. but if you don't have a response, if you don't have both an answer to the question of preexisting conditions and if you are a republican without a healthcare policy, without say i'm going to make things different and better. i advocate change. thesome we all -- the issue we all think is broking when it cuts across all sides. >> shannon: the president said there is always clause for prequisting condition but there is so much noise out there, the democrats did a good job to say you are not safe and your healthcare is not going to be safe and that continues to show up as the number one issue. let me ask you about this. the president is not on the ballot this time. but in many ways people feel like he is. we have more polling where people are asked what is more important for you in the midterms that the next congress number one be a check on president trump, that is
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53% or they help enact the trump policies, 41%. so clearly, at least in this poll, there are folks who say they want it to be reigning in the president versus the base that says unleash him and let him do everything he can. >> this is a up the call problem faced by a new president. remember, we have only had in the last 120 years three midterm elections in which the white house party picked up seats in the house in its first midterm. 2002 -- in any midterm. 2002, 1998, and 1934. otherwise the white house party loses seats. the interesting thing is this. we talk about those global numbers. but this ultimately comes down to individual candidates and individual races. charlie cook's political report today has 30 seats as the tossup seats in the house. one of them is a democrat open seat. last week was 31. there were two democrat open seats. but cook moved one of the open democratic seats to the leaning republican. 30 tossup seats to settle
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control of the house. the democrats need to win roughly a third of those. republicans need to win two-third of them to win the election. but of the 29 republican seats, 23 are occupied by the republican incumbents who ran ahead of trump in the last election. he lost their district to hillary clinton. they ran ahead of him. and they won the district. there is a power of advantage. an advantage to incumbency. power of incumbency. that is where the republicans are hoping that in the tossup seats that the president's numbers continue to inch up a little bit, that the generic ballot closes up a little bit. more importantly, most importantly that the republican candidates are running strong campaigns. like they did two years ago. and hopefully can run far enough ahead of the numbers to bring home a victory. >> shannon: ultimately, the only numbers that matt rer the ones of the vote -- matter are the voters who have already begun in most states and show up in less than three weeks. we'll have answers. >> i have already voted myself. i voted last saturday.
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>> shannon: i'm going next week. thank you, sir. the other top story tonight. washington searching for answers after video and audio surface allegedly showing missing saudi journalist jamal khashoggi meeting a gruesome death at the hands of saudi operatives. ed henry has the latest. >> it's great to see you. the "washington post" announced that the publishing tomorrow a special opinion page in khashoggi's honor including a never-before-published column that he finished before what is assumed to be his death. president trump reminding the media and everyone to calm down and remember the american concept of innocent until proven guilty. in an interview to the a.p. he tied the case to allegation against kavanaugh. the difference may be there is no corroborating evidence then with kavanaugh. but this story is turning against saudi arabia and turning hard. the president stressing in an interview with fox business today, this is happening in a broader context. that the u.s. needs the saudis in the fight against iran.
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various terrorists around the world but it has left the president open to criticism he is giving the saudis the benefit of the doubt when details are pouring in about the likely death of the columnist jamal khashoggi. they are just simply horrifying. reports tonight that he was bumpered alive in a gruesome execution inside the saudi consulate. you see it there in istanbul. audiotapes reveal he was perhaps behead and then taken off limb by limb. it's reported a voice says, "do it outside. you will get me in trouble." the response "shut up if you want to live when you return to saudi arabia." the president said he has asked for tapes and mike pompeo arrived home tonight after visiting the leaders in turkey. both men saying they have been promised by the saudis a full investigation as they also stress they do not want long-term damage to the u.s.-saudi relationship. watch. >> president trump: frankly, they have a tremendous order.
8:17 pm
$110 billion. i have had senators come up and congressman who said, "you know, sir, i think we should not take the order?" who are we hurting? it's 500,000 jobs. >> we have a lot of important relationships. and relationship between u.s. and saudi companies. >> the tapes are explosive because they suggest culpability by the saudi crown prince. the "washington post" reporting that 11 of the is a killer -- 11 of the 15 killers in his squad have ties to saudi security services. one official is even traveling with the crown prince in the tour of the u.s. earlier in year. i mentioned a moment ago secretary pompeo is now back in the u.s. he told reporters when they pressed him look, does this go all the way up to the crown prince? he said, "i do not want to get ahead of the investigation." pressed by the reporters, "do you believe there was an incident inside the consulate in turkey?" he said, "i'll say is , 'mr. khashoggi is missing.'" that is where it stands now.
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tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m. secretary pompeo expected to meet with the president. we have more answers tomorrow. >> shannon: all right. sounds good. ed henry, thank you very much. top treasury department staffer allegedly caught red handed leaking confidential bank information of trump officials. >> this is part of the trump administration push to punish leakers within the government. today a top treasury department official was criminally charged with leaking confidential documents about paul manafort and others under scrutiny in the special counsel probe to reporter at buzz feed. when natalie may edwards was arrested she was holding a flash drive which contained the very documents that she was accused of leaking. edwards is a senior adviser in the financial crimes enforcement network so she had access to suspicious activity reports or s.a.r.s from
8:19 pm
banks with manafort, rick gates and accused agent betina and she is accused of illegally giving report to the reporter from buzz feed not named in the court documents. dug her interviews with the f.b.i. agents, edwards initially deny nid contact with the news media and called herself a whistle-blower who saved the s.a.r.s for record-keeping. but according to the court documents she confessed to sending some of the s.a.r.s to reporter by taking photographs of them and texting photographs to use encrypted application. the documents allegedly provided basis for a dozen stories published by buzzfeed news in the last year and a half. the recent buzzfeed article in the charging document was published two days ago. so edwards has been charged with conspiracy and unauthorized disclosure of suspicious activity reports. both charges carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison. and earlier in week, a former senior senate staffer pleaded
8:20 pm
guilty to lying to f.b.i. agents in a separate leak investigation. so all of that talk from president trump about punishing leakers, this is what that looks like. and the big question now much of a chilling effect will it have on the wannabe leakers or the whistle blowers in the future? shannon? >> shannon: we shall see. kristen fisher, thank you. attacks in the political arena. not ideological. these are physical. we'll talk instability in politics next. justice brett kavanaugh may be on the supreme court but his job is not safe. senator dianne feinstein giving us a glimpse in what she would do if the democrats regain control of the senate in the midterms. >> could you then be in favor or opposed to your colleagues who would want to open up an investigation of allegations against brett kavanaugh? >> i'd be in favor of opening up the allegations. absolutely. >> shannon: and sean hannity stops by to weigh in on the president's call for budget cuts amid soaring deficit
8:21 pm
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>> shannon: two g.o.p. candidates in minnesota allegedly assaulted in separate incidents. state representative sarah anderson says she confronted a man who was kicking her campaign signs. she says he charged at her. >> i stood in my car and i can't get to the door because
8:25 pm
he is already there on top of me. he hauled off and punched me in the arm. i put the car in reverse to just get out of there. >> shannon: plus, first-time candidate republican shane meeklan says he was punched in the face at a restaurant in minnesota. >> the last thing i heard is him say -- i'll keep out colorful language -- but "you bleeping people don't give a bleep about the middle class." >> shannon: in nevada, democratic operative arrested after allegedly grabbing a staffer working for the g.o.p. gubernatorial candidate and reportedly worked for 21st century. founded by david brock and funded in part by george soros. we are told the employee has been relieved of the duties. bring in the panel power. former clinton pollster doug schoen. and alexander wilks. host of "bulls and bears" every weekday at 5:00 p.m.,
8:26 pm
david asman. thank you for being here. >> great to be here. >> shannon: i'll start with you, dave. this is volatility. people seem frustrate and this is coming out in the public confrontations. >> i say this as a democrat. once the democrat to win the midterm, this hurts the party. it plays to trump's narrative that the democrats are radical, extremists, violence. my advice is stick to the issues. talk about healthcare and the economy as the poll you presented before says. and stay away from this personal politics of the destruction of violence. david brock is a force who represents everything that is wrong in politics. hopefully democrats can win constructively and not through activities like this. >> shannon: alexander, we have video, too, of a confrontation of former house speaker hoping to be a house speaker again, nancy pelosi faced after latinos confronted her.
8:27 pm
we had to bleep most of it. i don't know if we can play the audio. because there are f-bombs and they are calling her a communist. saying we don't want you, you don't belong. it is aggressive in your own right. >> i think there is a way to campaign hard and campaign aggressively without resorting to the tactics. on a personal note i happen to know the young woman in nevada who is running the gubernatorial campaign out there. kristen davidson. she is one of the brightest women working in the republican politics today and the fact she couldn't go through a day on the job she believes in without being bruised up is absurd. >> it's horrible. >> i'm so glad to hear doug say that. >> it is. >> as a member of the democratic party in good standing, it's important for him and people who don't want and reject the brown shirt tactics to speak up and try to stop it. there is money going in the opposite direction of doug schoen. $1 million in 2012 by george
8:28 pm
soros put in the p.a.c. this this guy worked for. make stark. if you see him, call a cop. he is dangerous. >> shannon: he has been dismissed. >> brown shirt like nazis had their brown shirts to physically intimidate people they don't believe in. >> america rising p.a.c. does tracking. we have people filming candidates without incident. this guy has been accused of battery two separate times. what a negligent hire on their part. >> shannon: he is not working for them anymore. as we know of tonight. >> shouldn't work with them in the first place. >> after twice being arrested and for them to get him a third time it show what is is in the mindset of david brock, george soros and the big p.a.c. frankly can't be dismissed easily. >> but as a democrat, i look past this stuff and say we are seven points ahead according to the polling. huge leads with the key demographic groups. we are on target not to win
8:29 pm
the senate but to win the house. the only thing i think that can really screw it up is people lake this creating an impression of real hostility and volatility. and violence. >> i would harken back to 1968. 1968, the democrats had a chance to win the presidential election but the s.d.s. radicals got out in chicago. they created riots in chicago. they blamed the police for all -- >> we don't have riots yet. i would expect that far. >> i'd go so far to say there are people literally acting as the brown shirt nazis like this guy stark. >> that is one person. that is -- >> it's one person packed by george soros and a huge p.a.c. >> he is fired. >> shannon: he is fired. >> i don't know. >> i think to demonize him is unfair and unreasonable. >> it's perfectly fair and reasonable. >> let's not go back to 1968. nobody in the country wants to go to those days. >> exactly.
8:30 pm
>> shannon: talk about the california. incumbent senator dianne feinstein there had this say about potentially if the democrats were to retake the senate and how she feels about reopening the investigation in justice brett kavanaugh. >> would you then be in favor or opposed to the colleagues who would want to open up the investigation of the allegation against brett kavanaugh? >> i would be in favor of opening up the allegations. absolutely. >> shannon: alexandria, she is in a tough race. she has a challenger to her left and she couldn't get the endorsement of the state party because they felt like she wasn't progressive enough. >> absolutely. she fouled up the kavanaugh hearing so massively. with her decision to withhold the important information. she may cost her colleagues the senate. now with the talk it appears that she is on track to cost them the house as well. when independent voters hear talk of impeaching kavanaugh or impeaching trump they start to say wait a second. the party is too extreme.
8:31 pm
>> shannon: there is a split in the democrat party because some say listen, stop talking about impeachment and others say we shouldn't shy away it with. tell voter what is we want to do. >> i'm with those who say no talk of impeachment of trump or brett kavanaugh. we have a separation of powers. we went through exhaustive hearing and the f.b.i. investigation. i had my doubts about kavanaugh but he is confirmed. let's move on. lets go forward the way americans go forward. together. recognize that we have a unique experiment in democracy. that we need to protect and indeed covet. >> imagine if he was head of the d.n.c. this country would be a different -- i agree 100% of what he said. however, if the democrats win the house in the midterm elections, guess who will be the head of the judiciary committee? jerry nadler who is leading the charge for impeachment of brett kavanaugh. >> shannon: if you see nancy pelosi who hopes to be a speaker she said it's not a
8:32 pm
priority. let's not talk about it. >> it's not a priority to have nancy pelosi or chuck schumer leading the party. the voters have made it clear. they want fresh and new leadership. my advice to democrats would be to no impeachment, new leadership. new agenda. that centrist and inclusive. >> shannon: all right. we will leave it there. doug, alexandra and david, thank you. midterm coverage continues tonight. senate race in new jersey takes nasty turn after old allegation involving prostitution resurface. plus, twitter under fire again. but this time for not banning someone after an antisemitic tweet. secret service responds to a reporter who claims he was blocked from asking jared kushner about jamal khashoggi. that and more in tonight's real news round-up. okay. [ buttons clicking ] [ camera shutter clicks ] so, now that you have a house, you can use homequote explorer.
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>> shannon: well, our midterm coverage continues with a race in a democratic
8:37 pm
stronghold. new jersey. it has turned out to be closer and nastier than anticipated. the democratic incumbent bob menendez fending off lurid accusations from the republican challenger. and david lee miller has details tonight. >> what a hypocrite. what about the underage girls who accused you? >> more mud slinging in the new jersey senate race. >> bob hugin is resorting to vicious lies because the truth is not on his side. >> democrat robert menendez attacks his republican opponent bob hugin for airing commercials accusing menendez of keeping company with prostitutes. some as young as 16. >> menendez had been traveling to the dominican republic to engage in sexual activity with prostitutes. >> the accusations were not part of a 2015 federal criminal indictment, charging menendez with corruption. that resulted in a hung jury and were later dropped. >> this deceitful, despicable attack ad tells you everything you need to know about republican bob hugin.
8:38 pm
that he is a slimeball, he is a misogynist, and he's a liar. >> hugin says the comments reveal the senator's hypocrisy in light of the speech in kavanaugh's confirmation controversy. >> when will we as a society begin to believe women? >> i stand by what i said. i have lived my life with integrity and honor. his character is in question. not mine. >> he is a multimillionaire. he spent much of his own money to fund the campaign. today menendez released his own ad attacking hugin. a former pharmaceutical executive for putting profits before people. >> hugin was willing to do anything to get rich, including misleading cancer patients. >> the patient was the center of everything that the company did. the company is an american icon. we have lucky to have it in new jersey. >> a poll released today shows menendez with a seven-point lead over opponent hugin.
8:39 pm
but some analysts say the race is surprisingly close considering that there are afteroverwhelmingly greater number of democrats than republicans in the state of new jersey. shannon? >> shannon: david lee miller, thank you very much. the "today show" facing criticism for giving an accused white nationalist a platform to speak. that leads the real news round-up. nbc drawing scrutiny from viewers and other media platforms interviewing a provocative figure. some writing it falls in the classic white national fist -- nationalist trap. and some saying president trump is a white nationalist and he was responding to a tweet about headline that said white nationalists leader wants to take over the g.o.p. harrison said i thought that job had been filled. he insists it was nothing more than a quip. to illinois now. claims of the racial
8:40 pm
discrimination and the harassment against the democratic candidate for governor. they are being sued for hiring for task or filling a quo toe. twitter is under fire tonight for not suspending louis farrakhan after the antisemitic tweet. nation of islam leader wrote he was not prejudice against jewish people. he was anti-termite. twitter saying they would infringe on the dehumanization policy if it was already in place. the secret service responding after reviewing an incident where one of the agents blocked reporter to ask question to the adviser and the son-in-law jared kushner on an airplane. the incident has gone viral and the secret service says the actions were taken in reaction to abrupt movement by unknown individual who later identified themselves as a member of the media. well, the numbers are in and the federal deficit is up. so the president has a plan. we will tell you more about it
8:41 pm
and talk about it with our own sean hannity after the break. i bet he has something to say about the top treasury department leaker accused of giving a reporter inside information about the mueller investigation. stick around. a source of inspiration. an act of kindness. an old friend. a new beginning. some welcome relief... or a cause for celebration. ♪ what's inside? ♪ [laughter] possibilities. what we deliver by delivering.
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>> president trump: i would like you to come back with a 5% cut. get rid of the fat. get rid of the waste. and i'm sure you can do it. i'm sure everybody at this table can do it.
8:45 pm
i will have a huge impact. >> shannon: president trump attempting to drain the swamp and cut government spending at the same time with the so-called "nickel plan." deficits are soaring. we have been reporting a top government official stands accused of leaking to the press. whale in new york tonight i catch up with the one and only sean hannity. i was stalking you. >> shannon: your show is doing great. so proud. florida congressman had a penny plan. >> shannon: yes. >> it would get you to a balanced budget if you held spending, cut one crept -- one cent out of every dollar for seven years you'd have a balanced budget. we have more economic growth. and record revenue to the government. we have nearly 1 million jobs more than we have people on unemployment. the lowest unemployment level ever. the next step is to balance the budget. so the president he always goes big. the nickel plan. i want a 5% cut across the board. we should do it. >> shannon: all cabinet
8:46 pm
members. senator elizabeth warren, you have had a few things to say about this, this week. >> president calls her " pocahontas." >> she said last year they exploded the deficit. and now there is no money left for social security and medicare and let's trash them. we are not falling for it. spending has gone up. >> sean: when this all started with the paul ryan look-alike or any congressman or senator, having granny in a wheelchair, we see it every election season. throwing granny over the cliff. that is because the republicans said we are only going to increase medicare 7% a year instead of 10%. they called a 7% increase a cut. it was never a cut. it was a reduction in the increase. same thing here. we have what is called "baseline budgeting." that means every government department raise the amount of money every single solitary year. we can't afford that. live within your means and cut 5%. washington would do just fine.
8:47 pm
>> shannon: a lot of people think it's a taxing problem they have. it's a spending problem. we will let them hammer it out. i want to ask about draining the swamp. the leaker arrested from inside the treasury department. she is apparently accused of leaking all kind of information to deal with manafort and gates and all things connected to the mueller investigation. both the president and the attorney general promised to crack down and get leakers. >> sean: listen, this goes back to hillary. this goes back to the private e-mail server that we had, we believe five to six or more foreign intelligence services cracked into. she denied there was top secret classified, special access programming information on that computer. in a mom and pop shop bathroom closet of all places. she did it to avoid congressional oversight which is their job. long story short we must protect our secrets. we have to answer, look, if you go back -- julian assange in his what?
8:48 pm
late 40s. allegedly, and i have interviewed him, hacked into nasa and the d.o.d. when he was 6. -- 16. if we don't protect our secrets we have 250,000 i.t. employees in the government. we have to protect america secrets. anybody that leaks them, if it's comey, hillary or this employee, they go to jail and we literally enforce the laws. >> shannon: this could be something that the president and jeff sessions shake hands and agree on. in the meantime, thank you. >> sean: where is jeff sessions? >> shannon: we are not going there. he is cracking down apparently on leakers. that is the news tonight for the d.o.d. >> sean: congrats on the show and on your success. everyone at the channel loves you and we're proud of you and wish you the best. >> shannon: thank you so much. >> i'm the bridge between the two generations on fox. i'm the old guy. >> shannon: you are not. young and kicking. thank you. >> sean: thanks. >> shannon: we have a couple of heroes to tell you about tonight. one astronaut and a bumpy ride back to earth. and medal of honor awarded today to a marine sergeant.
8:49 pm
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traffic and roads... a mess, honestlyrents going up,le. friends and family moving out of state, millions of californians live near or below the poverty line. politicians like gavin newsom talk about change, but they've done nothing. sky-high gas and food prices. homelessness. gavin newsom, it happened on your watch. so, yeah. it is time for a change. time for someone new. >> shannon: tonight a special extended edition of the midnight hero segment. not one tonight. we are honoring two heroes. first up an american astronaut who was supposed to fly to the international space station
8:53 pm
last week. but ended up back here on earth. a bit of a rocky ride. correspondent kristen fisher is here with that part of the story. >> reporter: nasa astronaut nick hague says it was the close closest call on his career. he was on a flight bound for the international space station when a booster failed to separate. triggering automatic abort. the first aborted launch for the russians in 35 years. only the third in history and the first time an american astronaut has ever been on board for one. >> when the emergency hit, we were fairly quickly and, a little violently removed from the rocket by the launch safety system. then i saw the booster failure light inside the capsule. at that point, i realized hey, we are not going to make it to orbit today. >> reporter: at that point his training kicked in. he knew he had to stay calm and rely on his instincts. after two years of training in russia, the instinct was
8:54 pm
communicate with mission control. his commander in russian. plunging back to earth, they were subjected to forces seven times strength of the earth's gravity before the arizona chute popped open and the capsule came to ground. >> we were hanging upside down and we look at each other big grins. he holds out a hand. i shake his hand. then we start, you know, cracking a few jokes between us about how short our flight was. >> reporter: this was supposed to be his first space flight. he spent his whole life dreaming about it. he has no clue when he gets a second chance. the launch are on hold pending investigation. when it's complete the american hero says he is ready to goive a second -- give it a second try. >> shannon: wow! men and women of the programs like your mother, these people
8:55 pm
are seriously brave heroes that maybe are a little bit adrenaline junkies. i don't know. the average among us couldn't do it. we are thankful for folks who do. >> it's not just the astronaut. it's the teams on the ground behind them. the engineers that make it possible. it's incredible. >> shannon: it takes a huge team. all right. kristin, thank you. the second midnight hero tonight is marine sergeant major john canley who was awarded the medal of hon -- honor for his heroism in vietnam. he raced in nume raus times to get his brothers to safely. canley took over after the commanding officer was severely wounded killing countless enemy fighters after the team retook hue in south vietnam. we salute sergeant major john canley. the good men and women who served with him there. by the way, tomorrow night the
8:56 pm
president will head to montana to be campaigning for the g.o.p. contender for the senate seat. trying to overtake the incumbent. democrat senator contester. we will have the g.o.p. challenger with us. senator tester has been invited as well. we're grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from new york. i'm shannon bream. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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and you know what goes greateak with that shrimp?shrimp. you guessed it. more shrimp. steak and unlimited shrimp, starting at $15.99. only at outback. tomorrow night. tucker carlson coming up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." with less than three weeks to go until the midterm elections, violence is flaring up again. republicans in both minnesota and the state of nevada have been assaulted, in effect, punished for violating the unwritten law. trace gallagher has more on this developing story for us in a >> in minnesota there were two separate incidents. first state g.o.p. representative sarah anderson said she confronted a man for


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