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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 19, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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esign today at >> it is friday, october 19th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am a fox news alert, donald trump threatening to call on the us military to close the southern border as he rails against democrats for well bringing -- welcoming illegals with open arms. the caravan, you know what i'm talking about. all caused because of the illegal immigration onslaught brought by the democrats. shannon: the plan just reached with mexico to stop the 4000
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strong caravan reaching the us. we are live at the border. consequences will be paid, that threat from the president as he vowed to take action for missing columnist jamaal khashoggi. why mike pompeo is saying to give the saudis more time. >> call me a hater. you know what they do? call me anti-semite. stop it. i am anti-termite. heather: the nation of islam leader, comparing jewish people to termites, louis farrakhan slammed by all sides. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪
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heather: time to let the good times roll because it is friday. you made it through the week. live shot from new york city. you can tell the temperature is turning. thank you very much for ending your weekend starting your day with us. let's begin with breaking news. injured after a navy helicopter crashes on the uss ronald reagan flight deck while in the philippines see. navy officials say the mh 60 seahawk crashed shortly after takeoff, the ronald reagan striker was conducting operations at the time of the crash. it is not clear, the injuries are said to be nonfatal. this comes a year after two warships were involved in separate collisions at sea.
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the us and mexico teaming up to stop the migrant caravan inching closer to the southern border. in texas, the president's new threat to the illegal threat to the country. >> it is very clear this border is a big part of the midterm elections. and the heaviest traffic sector of the entire us-mexico border last night. the president in montana at a rally sounding off and how this for using to the election. >> it will be an election of the caravan. >> a lot of money passing through and get to the border by election day. it is a negative for this.
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>> and mike pompeo is in mexico, he would meet with his counterparts a little later today. mexico deployed 500 officers to stop the caravan along the guatemala border. yesterday the mexican ambassador to the us weighing in on what he think is behind this. >> this caravan is motivated. we are sensitive to humanitarian situation and acting precisely and make clear there is no legal ground on which mexico can issue a permit by which people can go to mexico to the united states.
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>> reporter: before the caravan gets here, more than 16,000 families, crossed into the united states, record number alone, 300% increase of family units, 5400 in this sector where i am standing. we will go for a ride along and get a firsthand look. shannon: is that in your area? >> that is correct. and not sustainable around the corner, the family housing unit, down here several months ago, it is at full capacity. heather: thank you, look forward to your reporting. very severe consequences after
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admitting missing washington post columnist jamaal khashoggi is likely dead. mike pompeo pushing to give the saudis more time to explain. jackie ibanez here with new developments on the international mystery. >> reporter: donald trump didn't say much on why he thinks khashoggi is dead but saudi arabia will be held accountable if it turns out they are the ones responsible for his murder which they strongly denied. >> do you believe khashoggi is dead? >> it certainly looks that way, very sad. >> reporter: the president met with mike pompeo to discuss what he learned after visiting turkey and saudi arabia as turkish officials are reported to have played reporting of khashoggi's murder to pompeo, the state department denied the reports releasing the statement saying, quote, secretary pompeo has neither heard a tape nor has he seen a transcript related to
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jamaal khashoggi of disappearance. after meeting with the president, pompeo told reporters they are allowing saudi officials more time to complete an investigation. >> we made clear to them, they understand the serious danger of the disappearance of mister khashoggi. >> reporter: that is spiking mixed reaction this morning. >> we have a lot of information floating around here, about time it was done. >> reporter: steve mnuchin pulling out of the economic conference in saudi arabia, joining global leaders and ceos who decided to skip the event. >> thank you so much. donald trump meantime back here at home touching down in arizona overnight where he will be
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holding a rally today. the latest stop after the president fired up the crowd in montana, taking shots at elizabeth warren for his dna test slamming democrat and praising congressman who body slammed a reporter while touting his administration at the confidence. >> how about pocahontas, elizabeth warren, the one good thing about her test. is that there was so little, she had less than the average american. i would like to apologize to pocahontas, shows everybody what a phony she is. crying chuck schumer and the radical democrats, they want to raise your taxes, they want to take away your healthcare, to deadly drugs and vicious gangs. democrats have become the party
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of crime. the democrat party has become too extreme to be trusted with power. >> on behalf of all of montana thank you for giving us hope. >> i heard he body slammed a reporter. any guy that can do a body slam is my guy. >> is a great guy, tough cookie. >> i caused the problem, i take full blame because i have created such an incredible economy, i have created so many jobs. we need republicans to vote. under republican leadership america is booming. america is thriving. america is winning. heather: he will wrap up his western trip with a rally in nevada. fox news alert, the urgent search for a missing wisconsin teenager is nationwide. the fbi adding jamie cross has been added to its top missing persons list after she vanished the same night her parents were murdered.
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wisconsin authorities enlisted help in the search locally asking for 100 people to comb through the area near her home. that is where her parents were killed monday. police believe the 13-year-old is in danger after hearing the 911 call from that horrific night. no one spoke on the phone but there was background noise. republicans set to interview a key witness in the russia probe. house judiciary and oversight committee questioning nelly ohare, she was interviewed last month, she worked for huge and gps, the opposition research firm behind the anti-trump dossier. this on the heels of fbi's former general counsel james baker's testimony behind closed doors about his role during the 2016 presidential election. houston, we have a problem. defending champion houston astros are out as the boston red sox punch their ticket to the world series.
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>> on the run, he has got it and the boston red sox are headed to the world series. >> reporter: the red sox with a 4-1 win opening the world series at home against the dodgers and brewers. la will try to advance to the world series at the and lcs, first pitch at 8:30 eastern on fox sports one. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and this airplane looks like a disaster zone. shocking images after violent turbulence rocks and 8 hour flight. >> i'm willing to send the military to defend our southern border if necessary. heather: donald trump threatening military might to stop the caravan of thousands of illegals headed to the border but will it work? immigration attorney michael wilde says maybe not and he joins us live to explain.
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heather: donald trump threatening to let a reaction to block 4000 migrants marching towards the us seeking asylum. the president vowing to shut down the southern border of the caravan gets through mexico but is that a good idea? joining me is the author of safe haven in america and milania trump's immigration attorney, michael wilde, thanks for joining us, appreciate it. you are a former federal prosecutor. donald trump's latest claim that he would call in the military to stop them. do you think that is a good idea? >> a lot of moving parts. thank you for having me. a lot of moving parts, the question is whether the mexican government. the caravan before
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it enters the country before coming to the united states. this is all about security, porous borders are an issue and repeat offenders and potential criminals but not every person coming to the united states is acquittal, these are families, people with safe havens in america. time not to be scared, to adjudicate, to allow people in, to make sure we reinforce our immigration laws and not run scared. time that our president and nations laws will be tested. will the metal be strong enough for us not to be fearful of these individuals and can we absorb the onslaught 300%? heather: we heard griff jenkins talk about that, 300% increase since october of last year, just in the area he was reporting from. here's something else donald trump had to say. he says in addition to stopping
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all payments to these countries we have no control over their population, must ask mexico to stop this onslaught until they are unable to do so. i will call it the us military and close the southern border. stopping payments to those countries as well. >> we cannot count on mexico to help with our immigration law and enforcement. on the other hand developing greater strides and opportunities, will prevent the next generation of immigrants in the united states. the real question is if it is sustainable, these families are feeling persecution, murders happening and being facilitated not just by government but cartels. heather: that is true, but the thing is if that is true why not stop in mexico? why come to america? why do you have to get to america? >> i don't know that mexico can sustain itself is why aren't they applying for political
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asylum in mexico? if the family is in jeopardy and they are safe in mexico why not establish themselves there? if it comes to economic reasons, not political reasons, it is more than what our law can sustain. our founding fathers, mothers and documents set america up for ourselves as a safe haven and we have to pay that forward to the next generation it be judicious. the president's metal is being tested. he is setting up strong rhetoric and the ball is in mexico's court to do the right thing in their border and if they don't, how we respond, we have to get this right. whether we're going to prosecute or give safe havens. >> he said this was politically motivated, the caravan at this time and that is something we are experiencing with the midterm election before the caravan was coming forward. >> it is the biggest ping-pong across the southern part of the
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hemisphere, it is happening on both sides of the aisle. democrats and republicans. president reagan was the last president who had the audacity to fix the broken immigration system. heather: political hot potato. >> it is such a delicate matter but shame on anybody congress, democrats, to try to take advantage politically of these poor souls and families and they may be coming here for economic, not political reasons, the ball is in mexico's court to see what happens on the southern border. if they are friends and in jeopardy why don't they resettle, perfectly good argument but if they make it to the border, presenting at the border, criminals should be turned away, people who are habitual deportees turned away.
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>> by not doing anything to fix the immigration system and getting to this point that is impacting these families who are trying to seek asylum here. >> presidents before this president of the current president and both sides of congress. the deafening silence in washington, the borders in the southern part of the country. while everybody is sleeping, it -- 11 million people here. >> we can solve it in 3 minutes of discussion but appreciate your insight. great stuff. 20 minutes after the hour, caught on camera 2-year-old boy jumped on a stranger app store step. look at this heartbreaking video and who police are questioning. we will let you know. >> i believe this president is
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which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. heather: remember when governor andrew cuomo said this about donald trump? >> mister trump is the great divider in chief. i think this president is discordant with america. i believe this president is un-american. heather: now he is begging for the president's help, cuomo specifically going to an aging amtrak total to make a video for the president asking for funding
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to make repairs. the tunnel that connects new york city and new jersey was damaged by saltwater by super storm sandy in 2012. the project will cost $13 billion. california democrat takes a page out of the socialism playbook proposing major handouts as senator harris will sign a new bill making families eligible for $500 in tax credits every month. that it's up to $6000 a year. harris citizen meant to help americans with, quote, stagnant wages keep up with the rising cost of living. louis farrakhan doubling down on hate speech, getting slam from all sides after reposting a video of his anti-semitic attacks on twitter. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has reaction. >> members of the jewish community that don't like me, thank you very much.
1:26 am
for putting my name all over the planet. >> reporter: those who did not see louis farrakhan deliver the speech he tweeted it out to make sure his message was heard. he attacked the jewish community in front of a friendly audience. >> when they talk about farrakhan, call me a hater, you know what they do? call me an anti-semite, stop it. i am anti-termite. >> reporter: reaction from chelsea clinton, comparing jews to termites is anti-semitic, wrong and dangerous. the responsive laughter makes my skin crawl. bill clinton shared the stage with farrakhan. critics say farrakhan's language is full of hatred and all decent people including barack obama must condemn him. >> the analogy comes out of the
1:27 am
nazi playbook. not these use the word termites consistently to dehumanize jews, special obligation people on the left, black leaders and democratic leaders to condemn this. >> keith ellison in an awkward spot running for minnesota attorney general. and ripped by doug wardlow, staying silent on farrakhan's hate speech. mike emanuel, fox news. >> twitter refusing to ban farrakhan but facebook taking action removing his anti-semitic video. the time is 27 minutes after the top of the hour. attacks on republicans a disturbing trend among democrats. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. >> they go low. >> reporter: what happens if the left takes control after the
1:28 am
midterms? political panel on deck to debate it.
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>> secretary of state mike pompeo will sit down with mexican officials to talk about ways to stop the migrant caravan inching closer to the us. donald trump railing against democrats for refusing to work with them on immigration reform during last night's rally in montana. >> i want to thank the mexican government because they are stopping at hopefully before it ever gets to mexico. i am willing to send the military to defend our southern border if necessary. because of the illegal immigration onslaught brought by the democrats because they refuse to acknowledge or change the laws. they like it. heather: the mexican government calling on the un to establish shelters on the southern border
1:32 am
with central america so it can process any legitimate asylum claim. top us general in afghanistan escapes assassination attempt by the taliban and. army general scott miller at a security meeting with an armed guard started shooting, at least 3 afghan officials were killed including abdul rizzi who was considered crucial in helping the us fight the war on terror. two americans were injured in that attack. violent turbulence wreaks havoc on a plane, look at this dramatic aftermath showing the plane that was heading to miami from argentina littered with oxygen masks, food and debris. the airlines as it happens when the plane reached cruising altitude and was immediately reported by the captain. eight people were taken to the hospital once the plane managed to land.
1:33 am
abandoning a toddler, could face felony charges, authority questioning this woman who left the 2-year-old boy on a stranger app store step, leaving him all alone in texas. a friend of the boy's mother, dropping him off at his dad's house. >> you can look at his face. he was confused. heather: the neighbors called 911 when they found the child. he was not injured. eighth attack on republicans just this year as democrats ramp up their extreme rhetoric with the midterms closing in. >> why do you support a man who abuses women, shame on you, ted cruz. >> you cannot be civil with a
1:34 am
political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. >> anybody from that cabinet. >> we get up in the face of some congress people. heather: with the hostility from the left growing how much worse will it get if democrats take the majority in the house or the senate? here's democratic strategists role out vr and gus patella. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. push back, get in their face, all these calls, it is getting more extreme as we move closer to the midterms now just 18 days away. >> this is desperation at its finest. when you have nothing to run on over the last two years you turn to something popular among the liberal mob on the left, violence.
1:35 am
unfortunately this has no place in political discourse considering american voters sent these democrats, to get something done in the previous election. this is democrats who have nothing to run on and 2 at the end of the day turning to violence which, a representative last year because of violence, a sad state of affairs calling for violence. heather: you have to think to steve scalise and the congressional baseball game. you never know when someone is going to take it seriously. folks in the public i have to watch what they say. >> there needs to be stability. i disagree with the issues running on.
1:36 am
and with immigration so on and so forth, we get to the election and figure out after that. heather: you have these issues to run on but it does seem like when you see these people who are front and center in the democratic party allowed voices to talk about getting in people's faces. and things like that. they are trying to ramp up the resistance. >> i disagree with that. they are trying to have a conversation, ted cruz, a survivor, to talk to him, the senator, about issues they shouldn't be able to talk about these issues. that is what people are trying to do.
1:37 am
they are talking about a candidate in pennsylvania. and that is more extreme on the republican side. heather: you get the final word. >> i respect my friend obviously, it shows they don't have anything to run on. and hillary clinton, calling for violence, his membership was with the former attorney general eric holder calling for violence, this is a serious issue. you can see what is going on at face value, democrats have nothing to run on and are turning to violence and it is really sad that a senator sent here to do a job can't sit down, can't go to an airport, to go back to his constituents before being mobbed if you will with
1:38 am
questions that aren't necessarily pertinent to the argument of the moment. it is important for them to be involved, to visit and to write your congressman and leaders but being violent is a different -- heather: is happening on such a regular basis, we are not given time to report these incidents. in september congressional candidate in california escaped a stabbing attempt. in september the republican party office in wyoming set on fire. in july vandals, nebraska's gop headquarters, it goes on and on from there. hopefully you are right and they will revert to the issues at hand because that is what constituents want to hear about it vote on, and end this violence and incivility, thank you for joining us. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. frustrated republicans demanding
1:39 am
answers, whether there was an effort to undermine donald trump, rod rosenstein's 1-time colleagues just revealed to lawmakers. >> i want to send the military to the white house to get him. >> rosie's call to arms, brand-new low from the trump bashing comedian. ♪ that makes me crazy
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israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you will give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support. heather: war of words reach the stitching a fever pitch in texas, ted cruz lambing democratic challenger beto oh rourke for calling him lying ted during their debate earlier this week. >> you can see the desperation in that debate. he voted in favor of a $10 a barrel tax on every barrel of oil produced in texas and his response is not to engage in substantively screaming why your liar liar. fact matter.
1:43 am
heather: o'rourke faces backlash over not sharing campaign money with his party after raising $62 million. >> i want to make sure we spare no expense, use every possible resource to make sure we reach every single person. heather: o'rourke saying he supports impeaching donald trump. talk about rosie o'donnell making a call to arms against donald trump. the longtime critic of the president called for martial law to stop his inauguration and now has a new plea for the military. >> i can't physically sick. i thought this cannot be happening. it took me a good year to compose myself to be in public again. i would send the military to the white house to get him. heather: her comments come after donald trump threatened to have our military close the us-mexico border as thousands of honduran migrants in closer to the border. another airline plays follow the
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leader by raising back fees. tracy carrasco is here with what we need to know before we book our next flight which kind of knew this would happen. >> it is like follow the leader but alaska airlines the latest to raise their checked baggage fees going up to $30, up $5 in your second bag will cost $40 so these baggage fees will go up for tickets purchased on or after december 5th. it started in august when jetblue set the new industry standard that all the other airlines followed. southwest is the only one that does not charge any checked bag fees. heather: let's talk about this. something free. starbucks giving out free espresso drinks which i could use one. >> reporter: this is a buy one get one free deal. as part of their happy hour deal they have starting from 3:00 pm until closing, local time, at
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heather: did deputy attorney general rod rosenstein really want to record the president? we may find out as katherine herridge explains, just agreed to an interview under oath. >> mister baker, did you think deputy attorney general rod rosenstein was serious about recording the president? will you take our questions? >> reporter: fbi former top lawyer ignored reporters, republican lawmakers said james baker did not back away from his october 3rd testimony. he believed deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, in may 2017. lawmakers says he was not in the rosenstein meeting, and fbi officials, and andrew mccabe was fired for lying to federal investigators. >> it was reactions and words of mccabe, to believe this was very
1:50 am
serious and routed into an operational faith. >> reporter: in a statement rosenstein said he never authorized the secret recording and his comments were sarcastic. in a rare interview posted by the wall street journal rosenstein defendant robert mueller special counsel investigation, quote, people are entitled to be frustrated. i can accept that but at the end of the day the public will have confidence the cases were warranted by the evidence, and appropriate use of resources. fox news confirmed the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has agreed to a transcribed interview under oath, classified setting. questions will be asked by chairman and ranking member of the oversight committee. one in you taking home the jackpot.
1:51 am
how can you increase your chances of winning? here is the owner of stocks, thank you for joining us. the odds for winning the big jackpot is ridiculous but there are smaller amounts you can win as well. >> we will see if anyone wins tonight. it could be over $1 billion which would be really exciting. as for right now it is just under that $1 billion, second-largest jackpot in history. heather: you have better odds at some of these things happening to you. and unprovoked shark attack is one 11 million. getting struck by lightning one in 1 million. and average golfer getting a hole-in-1, one in 12,000. billion. there is no way to increase your
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odds but you can increase your chances by getting as many tickets with as many people because it is a lot of money, friends, family, office pulls, you will have a lot of tickets and it is about trying to see if you can win. there is no way to increase your odds, just increase your chances. heather: people trying to give advice that if you buy ten tickets, go to different locations buying those tickets. >> it is just like. the people that when it is about luck. if you're a mathematician and try to figure it out, it is random numbers. heather: what about picking your own numbers versus letting machine pick the numbers? i read that is better to do as well. >> i heard that and if you play the same number on a regular basis eventually hits but i'm not sure that makes a difference either. i think it is luck. someone could be a very lucky person tonight particularly if it is one winner. heather: the chances of it being one tickets, one winner, greater
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chance that it will be a group. >> the most fun from the time you buy the ticket until it goes off, you think about all the things you would do with the money of all the things you would do to change your life but you have to protect yourself if you do win. heather: how can you do that? ways to protect your self, tips for people, keep a low profile as you possibly can. that would be hard. >> you can be anonymous. you don't have to give your name but put your social media profile on private. you don't want everyone commenting and calling, make your number unlisted, and before you collect the winnings go and see a cpa, an accountant because you will have tax implications. he will have to pay taxes on it, could be 40%. also before you go hogwild spending it, pay down the debt. if you have a mortgage, car loans, pay that and it is a
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great time to mess in the stock market. heather: you have to have a little fun. the mega millions drawing is tonight at 11:00 :00 pm. until what time? >> i don't know. it depends. you can buy online. heather: is it safe to do? >> you have to check the legitimacy of the site. heather: new york lottery, you can buy tickets online by subscribing, and at least one or two apps you can log onto as well but only certain states except those. >> if you live in new york on a street corner, if you are out-of-state and want to participate, you can do it and that is one of the reasons it is going to be close to that $1 billion because you have a lot of ticket sales. heather: what would you do with that much money? >> i would take a very long vacation.
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heather: time for the good, the bad and the ugly.
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the good, thank you, honored by the ark of new jersey with his established community service award and joint legislative resolution from the state of new jersey for volunteer work. their mission is to help developmentally disabled children, adults and their families so a big thank you and an honor to work with you. up next the bad. texas democrats accused of mailing voting applications to noncitizens. the public interest legal foundation showing the forms that are pre-filled out with boxes checked off saying the applicant is a us citizen over the age of 18. governor greg abbott tweeting a response, the complaint is the texas democratic party asks noncitizens to register to vote sending applications with citizenship box pre-checked. this is being investigated. if true, there will be consequences. finally in the ugly. nebraska honestly not for everyone. the tourism commission releasing
2:00 am
a new slogan with sarcastic ads like this being sarcastic. showing people enjoying the outdoors, there is nothing to do here. it is getting mixed reaction online. this is awesome. speaks to who we are, honest and quirky. wasted money, sean says they are not wrong. that wraps up "fox and friends first". have a great weekend, "fox and friends first" continues right now, bye-bye. >> the crazy democrats refuse to support any form of border security legislation to fix our absolutely horrible, old-fashioned loophole ridden immigration laws. rob: it is friday, october 19th, the president railing against democrats threatening to call on the us military tcle


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