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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 20, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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monday a special announcement, raymond arroyo will be in texas with the president. we are almost out of time. >> i will send you some sound and we will see what is on people's mind as they move toward the midterm. >> take out my new book coming in paperback, out this week. >> fox news alert, shockwaves reverberating around the world after saudi arabia's admission that journalist and activist jamal khashoggi did indeed die on its watch but the devil is in the details. a power handle until experts, claims and counterclaims what happened to the saudi writer and activist. thousands breaking down the border fence as they continue their march to the border. and fazed by donald trump's warning, welcome to fox news at
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night, team coverage, live, donald trump's rally wrapping up, for key diplomatic developments but first we go to kristin fisher with the latest, the saudis claim he was killed in a fistfight gone wrong. >> this is the report we have been waiting for, 17 days after jamal khashoggi's dispense the saudis claim it was an accident they killed him. here's what happened. they describe it as a discussion between jamal khashoggi that developed in a negative led to a fight and a quarrel leading to his death in their attempt to conceal and cover what happened. the question is how will donald trump respond? he promised to the a consequences if the saudi's are responsible but he said he would prefer polling what could be one of the us's greatest forms of
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punishment off the table, worth billions of dollars. >> i prefer we don't use as retribution canceling $110 billion worth of work which means 600,000 jobs. i know it sounds easy and a lot of people said let's not sell them $110 billion or take it a step further, let's not sell them $450 billion which is the largest in the history of our country. >> whether or not he believes the saudi version of how jamal khashoggi died, he finds it to be credible. but tonight even the president's own allies on capitol hill like lindsey graham disagree, uses to say that i'm skeptical of the new saudi narrative is an understatement. first we were told he supposedly left the consulate and there was a blanket denial of any saudi involvement, and our fight
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breaks out and he's killed in the conflict all without knowledge of the crown prince. elizabeth warren stated criticism squarely for donald trump. >> why does everyone ask why donald trump is not stepping appeared? wise anymore aggressive with saudi arabia? is it possible that donald trump's hotels are at risk? his financial dealings come his family's financial dealings? if we see his taxes does he owe money to the saudis? >> the next step donald trump says he wants to work with congress and to speak with the crown prince before deciding to take any action. >> thank you very much. now over to richardson diving into the details on the saudi claims and standing by, the latest from america's top democrats, mike pompeo. >> reporter: mike pompeo has returned to washington with no comment on saudi arabia's explanation, the state department is referring us to the white house's statement. it is up to the trump
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administration, the president, his secretary of the national security team to evaluate saudi arabia's claims and decide how or if to respond. the saudi story, in a statement the government says it determined the suspect had traveled to istanbul to meet with jamal khashoggi, there were indications of his returning to the country. then saudi arabia claims to show he died unintentionally during a brawl. the government and the investigations are ongoing. authorities have detained 18 unnamed saudis and stresses the commitment of the authorities in the kingdom to bring the facts to hold all those involved accountable and bring them to justice by referring them to the competent courts in the kingdom of saudi arabia. the saudi it government announced dismissal of top officials, the deputy director of saudi intelligence. the saudi decree reports they have been relieved of their posts.
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mohammed bin salmon ordered a committee to modernize the intelligence operations, crown prince that he knew nothing of jamal khashoggi's disappearance in the thing tonight changes that claim. there was deep skepticism of his denials and now his leadership. >> thank you very much. where does the trump administration go from here. we talk about it of criticism saying numerous previous administrations have been too easy on the saudis, this is not something especially new. how the response? >> that is right. every single one of donald trump's predecessors tried to
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walk this fine line between dealing with the regime whose values we despise and find medieval. at the same time, the us saudi relationship, our ability to protect and advance our vital economic and security interests of the american people in the middle east and that remains the case today and that is the challenge the president confronts. >> what do you make of the timing of this release, in early overnight hours, do you feel something force their hand? >> may have been. i'm trained to look at the timeline and sequence of eventss and what seems to be a very prescient report by the new york times, about the deputy security chief. they had multiple sources saying yesterday he had been tasked to pick up jamal khashoggi and bring them back for interrogation of the two options where he either misunderstood
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instructions or overstepped his bounds and we find today it was blamed on a brawl at the consulate. i feel the announcement may have been forced or precipitated in some way by intelligence, but it did have that feel of a roll out, a lot of loose ends tied up, emotions and conflicting explanations of what they say happened. >> 18 people in custody were arrested and top officials fired. tell us about a couple of these. >> said c -- in december 2015, he has been known informally as the media enforces who tracks the kingdom and exercises a lot of control over the journalists, and not allowed to say. it is significant he was fired from his position. the other individual, the head of the saudi general
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intelligence service also, there have been some reports he was involved in dispatching a team of 15 saudis on that gulfstream aircraft. that is a significant move. i would highlight mike pompeo is currently involved in a lot of back channel diplomacy, making public statements, doing a lot of work behind-the-scenes. shannon: he suggested you might as will come clean with us because we will find out the facts. the president traveling today, this came from one of the reporters that yield a question about the fistfight that led to the death, do you consider it credible? here's what he said in that exchange. >> i do, i do. it is early. we haven't finished our review or investigation. it is very important first step that happened sooner than people said it would happen.
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shannon: is being jumped all over think this president has been conflicted and what happened and for him to say he accepts this as credible but says is the first step, he has taken a lot of heat. >> some of the criticism is warranted. the president is right, this is an important first step, these two guys who have been dismissed are extremely important, these are people as close to the crown prince as you can get without implicating mohammed bin solomon himself. on the other hand, he doesn't need to be seen as running interference for the saudis. he needs to be standing up for american values, american interests, demanding credible answers. he shouldn't be vouching for the saudi investigation. he should be demanding answers, holding the saudis accountable and explaining to the american people this is a relationship
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with the nation, the cornerstone of stability in the middle east and american-led order in the middle east and we have to preserve it and continue to work with them. shannon: there has been bipartisan backlash to this whole thing. kristin fisher mentioned the tweet, this is unbelievable this explanation. senator tunes saying saudi arabia, our shared interests should not require us to abandon our values including a commitment to the free press, human rights and the rule of law. >> one of the things illustrated tonight is a divide between how the saudi's believe their citizens consume information and understand intelligence and expectation in the united states. it may be likely mike pompeo, you can't keep a lid on this. eventually information will come out, there will be congressional hearings, we have a more transparent system whereas the statements from the saudis speak to this kind of repressive, limiting the facts, offering a
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simplistic explanation which may be okay for domestic consumption but not sit well with people in the united states. shannon: where do we go from here? will there be trials? prosecutions? what about his body? >> it is just the beginning. i work for an ambassador many years ago who used to say diplomatic incidents, it will not get better with age. you got to grab the facts with alacrity and accuracy and get it out to own the dialogue and the saudis failed to do that. we don't know what the world -- what the orders were or who gave them or whether they carried out the orders intended. we have lots of intelligence selection and it happens that the challenge has a clash of civilization where we have an open and transparent system and the saudis are stuck in that. we are going to have hearings, testimony on the hill, opened testimony as well.
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and foreign policy. that is the challenge for saudi arabia and the impetus to share publicly. shannon: they have not been shared with the us. daniel katherine john, thank you very much. calling it the election of the caravan, donald trump turned back the critical issue for republicans, immigration. at an arizona rally tonight, alicia is live. >> the president wrapped up his rally, in this border straight he went straight for the hot button item. >> right now mexico is on their southern border, their southern border and they are fighting and they are fighting some bad people in that group. you have some tough people in those groups and this country doesn't want them.
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>> reporter: images of that caravan 3000 to 4000 el salvador immigrants making their way to the united states help the president bring home is border security message to deliver into the white house, and help republican congresswoman martha mc sally to replace retiring senator jeff flake. mc sally in need of a boost in this historically red state. the politics average paul, mc sally leaves democrat congresswoman kiersten cinema by 3 points. >> don't get complacent. the party that wins the presidency almost always loses in the midterm. i don't know what that is all about. they get complacent. not here. >> reporter: arizona lists a
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tossup, and nonstop run on the campaign trail, rallying his base to keep the gop in power. and galvanizing democrats. prior to tonight's event the president got a tour of the new generation of the f 35 fighter jet and took part in a national defense roundtable. a guy in a t-shirt wearing the latest midterm slogan referring to the caravan and the left tweeting this is what it is all about in the republican party. the president heads to nevada to help out incumbent republican senator dean heller. heather: thank you. highlighting political instability donald trump's latest message to galvanize midterm voters is loud and clear. >> the choice could not be more clear. democrats produce mobs, republicans produce jobs.
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shannon: let's bring in juan williams, cohost of the 5 and author of the new book, what the hell do you have to lose? and the new book, donald drains the swamp, new york times best-selling authors. you heard the president, he had this line that has been very catchy over the last few days, jobs, not bob is, trying to differentiate the parties., the trump video following a remark at a rally in montana thursday night where he said democrats produce mobs, republicans produce jobs. criticism for joking about greg gianfor gianforte, any man who can do a body slam is my guy, is he stepping on his own jobs not mobs message? >> know he is not. it is so funny to me because the jobs not mobs message -- your
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average american may not say it on tv but they see what is going on. the mobs we have seen, the lack of respect, the lack of civility that the left has resorted to is horrifying, as an american is anything can be and the average american may not think of themselves as conservative or pro-trump but they think if you run out of arguments you resort to this kind of thing, and i think they disgrace themselves. when trump cracked a joke like that your average american sees it as a joke. we have never seen the beltway out of touch with middle america, never in our history, and it is a dramatic divide.
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heather: the president is focusing on folks like eric holder and hillary clinton and maxine waters, mobs that are showing up against cabinet officials and republican senators. >> attacking reporters, and the previous segment, and to body slam a reporter, to me, again, people who might say donald trump is no snowflake, no politically correct guy, makes fun of people, what is the big deal? when you talk about mockery, going after people, people think what is going on? that is not presidential, that is not the way anybody who think america's leader should behave. and actually invite the idea the trump rally where he is talking about the american press as enemy of the people in going on, he is thinking these rallies get out of control.
12:18 am
they look more like mobs, somebody saying you are my representative and i went you to hear my perspective as an american citizen. >> that is ridiculous. i'm amazed you say things like that. i watched you for years and respect you, you are falling into this trap of trying to pull any political threat you can, the idea that these rallies, anything bad is going on is sheer nonsense. you can raise your eyebrows. it is nonsense. the only time people see violence is with antifa and left-wing crazies. >> remember at trump rallies during the campaign you had people attacked and the president saying go ahead, i will pay your bill. it is not a talking point it is reality. >> it happened one time. antifa destroys property, charlottesville, a real mob.
12:19 am
shannon: we are not thing the president was encouraging what happened in charlottesville. >> i'm not saying it but when you talk about mobs, that was a mob where people who were trump supporters -- >> going back to charlottesville? >> in new york last week. >> you got to be kidding. your too smart, you know what is going on. i have seen violent left-wing mobs in manhattan. i was walking with my wife, the cops were absolutely out of control, a huge left-wing mob and you know who was protecting them? the cops? they were standing right there while people practically spit in their faces. >> the republicans and donald trump, a strong message, tax cuts -- shannon: gentlemen, you are both smart, intelligent guys and i
12:20 am
don't think we are going to solve any of this tonight but thank you for spirited debate. eric and juan, thank you both very much. have a great weekend. our coverage of the death of journalist jamal khashoggi continues. he was killed during a fight. a growing bipartisan list of lawmakers makes no sense. what does gop congressman pete king who serves on the homeland security committee think? he joins us live next. l welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. i love the custom ink design lab because it's really easy to use. they have customer service that you can reach anytime. t-shirts help us immediately get a sense of who we are as a group. from the moment clients walk in, they're able to feel like part of the family. - [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at
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>> shannon: if you are just joining us shannon: saudi arabia now admits missing journalist and activist jamal khashoggi is dead saying he was killed during a fistfight at the saudi consulate in istanbul, the president calls the admission a good first step. congressman from new york peter king serves on the house homeland committee and joins us live. thank you for joining us tonight. what is your reaction to their explanation? >> it just raises more questions, can't believe you have a 15 man intelligence team that couldn't bring back jamal khashoggi without bodily injury. they are experts who know what
12:25 am
they are doing. even if there was a fight, they would be able to bring him, they didn't have to kill him. people, your physical stature, they could have brought him down. the question that they went there. to misunderstand the extent of taking somebody back to saudi arabia for interrogation and killing them is a big difference and where is the body? is a true it was carved up and torn apart and buried somewhere? so many unanswered questions, many responsibilities and they are getting rid of these people, firing them, and how far does it go? >> a key question. democratic congressman adam schiff says the announcement that jamal khashoggi was killed
12:26 am
while brawling is not credible. the kingdom and all involved in his brutal murder must be held accountable and if the trump administration will not take the lead, congress must. what can you do? what will you do if there is a direct connection and you don't think the white house has been tough enough? >> congress can impose individual sanctions on saudi arabia. i understand what the president is trying to do. it is important to do what we can to keep the saudis as an ally even if we don't trust them or they are amoral, it serves our purposes. we have more leverage than we did before because we have the oil supplies. we have to punish them but also keep them against russia, against iran and helping countries like israel and others
12:27 am
so it is a balancing act the president is in. of the presidents have done the same thing. it is tough for donald trump because this one is so out in the open. and american residence, leading journalist, being killed in a saudi consulate, supposed to be safe grounds for everyone and under serious circumstances. there are very few saints in the middle east, i see what the president is trying to do. we stand by our values, there has to be severe action. the statement he put out tonight is the first step but a long way to go. shannon: plenty of people saying the president is buying, giving their talking points for them. here is what lindsey graham said on our show the other night when i asked about this. >> the most disrespectful thing i have ever seen toward a president of the united states. he has done everything he could
12:28 am
to help saudi arabia and this is how you repay? he is a strong man, this will not go unanswered. >> do you see this as disrespectful by saudi leaders? >> it is disrespectful. the fact is what they have done here shows in many ways they are back in the 19th century, that they can carry out this type of murder in the consulate, it is dumb on their part, shows a certain savagery but we have to keep in mind somehow keep the saudi's doing the right thing about intelligence and iran and russia but we have to make it clear, the lines are locked, we have to do it and if they don't come forward we have to take more severe action. >> thank you for joining us to weigh in.
12:29 am
our other top story, thousands of migrants marching to the border as we speak seemingly unfazed by threats from donald trump so what happens now. dan patrick joins us live to weigh in and we will ask about allegations that noncitizens were being encouraged to vote in his state. stay tuned. i'm ken jacobus, i'm the owner of good start packaging. we distribute environmentally-friendly packaging for restaurants. and we've grown substantially. so i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back.
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own home or at any west elm store. order during our fall mattress sale and save. for a limited time get 150 dollars off and free shipping too. sale prices are available right now. go to today. you need this bed. >> shannon: thousands of migrants from central america crashing through a border fence from guatemala into mexico today as they t >> thousands of migrants from central america crashing through border fence from guatemala into mexico as they try to take another step towards the us border, trace t gallagher here with the latest. >> impossible to get an accurate count because the caravan is spreading out. we believe there are between 3000, and 4000 under an and self-styled on immigrants and thousands waiting in guatemala's border with mexico. earlier the crush of migrants broker gate and tried to push their way into mexico and in spite of mexican police and military using smoke canisters to push them back many got
12:34 am
through. mexico has agreed to put up shelters meaning tents along their border and we are told by mexican authorities they are allowing 100 migrants per day to come into mexico, those people are told if they want to seek asylum in mexico they need to stay in a government shelter or charity shelter and their applications will be processed in 45 days. if they leave and run the country they forfeit their asylum request and could be deported. mike pompeo met with the mexican president and said the us is following mexico's lead. >> this is an organized effort to come through and violate the sovereignty of mexico and although we can support the decisions mexico makes about how to address this very serious and important issue to their country. >> mexico is trying to control it southern border but history
12:35 am
shows most of the central american migrants are hoping to come to the united states, donald trump vowed to use the military to shut down the border but the truth is hundreds of central american migrants are coming to the us every day and because of the political climate of not being able to detain families most of these people are being released inside the us. here is the border patrol. >> we have to let them go up front or transport them to places where they can get shelter and help. >> one border patrol agent folder they are not sneaking across the border, they want to get caught because they know they will get help. >> thank you very much. donald trump claims democrats want the caravan and he says he will send us military to the southern border if necessary. republican lieutenant governor of texas dan patrick joins us to talk about what is going on, welcome.
12:36 am
tell us what the situation is with respect to troops, the military and the state authorities. >> we have to put this in perspective. when i was on your show in june i said we have 25 to 30 million people here illegally, not the 11 everyone says and some people criticized me with those numbers, mit backed up what i said. we cannot educate, mitigate and incarcerate the whole world. we want to be a country of immigrants but we have to have people come in an orderly fashion and it is not just republicans who think that but democrats. we elected the first hispanic republican to the texas senate last month in a special election. in a democrat district taking 79, he wanted a 66% hispanic district and one big message, secure the border. this is not just a republican issue. this is all of our issue, every
12:37 am
county and sheriff, one in 5 of students in school, we have 6 million students in school in texas, more than most states have people in 20% can't speak english. this is breaking are back financially. we have crime victims over, hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens convicted of crimes, murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, this must stop and i support the president sending the military to the border. they are there and we are there. shannon: the editorial board says the headline is migrant caravan hits the border in time for trump to exploit it for the midterms, the caravan is a drop in immigration bucket including no significant risk to the united states. nevertheless they provide fodder for another presidential twitter tantrum meant to write up his nativist base. your response?
12:38 am
>> that is the liberal newspaper in a liberal state that is a sanctuary state going to hell in a hand basket, they are so far in debt they can never pay their way out, watch out for the big bailout. they turned the country over to people coming here illegally. we are a nation of immigrants but legal immigrants. you can't say this one group isn't going to matter. they say that every group year after year, we have 25, 30 million people here illegally, 8% or 9% of the population. this cannot stand. people of america elected donald trump in part because he said he would build the wall and i wish congress would fund them to build the wall. that is step number one. we have have legal immigration reform but have to seal the border, we cannot allow these caravans or individuals to come in every day. we are resting 600 to 1000 people every day and catch at one out of four or five, that is why we have 25 million. it has to stop and governor
12:39 am
abbott and myself spending $1 billion a year of taxpayer money to secure the border, doing the best we can, the president doing the best he can, he has to have congress back him up. shannon: they can't seem to get together to come up with a more complete solution. i want to ask you why we still have time about the tweet by governor abbott that texas democratic party asked noncitizens to register to vote sending applications with citizenship boxes pre-checked, this is being investigated. of true there will be serious consequences. i talked to him about this when he was attorney general, talked about the number of cases prosecuted in texas, the brennan center for justice in a document about voter fraud examination after examination claims reveal fraud is rare. voter impersonation is nearly nonexistent in the problems associated with alleged fraud are related to unintentional mistakes by voters or election administrators. a real problem or not? >> it is a real problem.
12:40 am
it is hard to bring people to justice but this is the case that is real. ally by the liberal left. this is real, this is different. it appears they sent absentee ballots when you register by mail with the box already checked that you are a citizen and you want to register to vote. we have people who aren't citizens call the secretary of state and has the law changed? other citizens said they are getting these forms and people say people who are dead are getting these forms and this isn't a little group. the return address goes all the way to the democratic party of texas. it is still not going to help beto o'rourke win. but we will send the texas rangers and the rangers always get their man. shannon: lieutenant governor dan patrick, thank you very much. house gop investigations whether
12:41 am
donald trump was targeted from within, key witnesses from the justice department on the anti-trump dossier but witnesses refusing to cooperate and rob rosenstein committed to go on the record, katherine herridge breaks it down next. and we go inside the trump presidency with lera trump who will talk about midterm polls and what she thinks of them. it was like that feeling when you're mowing the lawn on a sunny day... ...and without even trying, you end up with one last strip that's exactly the width of your mower. when you're done, it looks so good you post a picture on social media. and it gets 127 likes. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. fifteen minutes could save you hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable,
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shannon: new develop into the
12:45 am
investigation of the investigators in the russia probe. a russian national was charged with conspiracy to interfere next month's midterms. paul manafort showed up in a wheelchair, getting information before the midterms for key witnesses linked to the justice department and fbi, and the intimate anti-trump dossier. katherine herridge is back for more. the key player on the hell was nelly ohr. >> she is stuck in the middle. on the one hand her husband who got the dossier to the fbi, and on the other side fusion gps run by glenn simpson and lawmakers trying to find out whose idea it was to create the back channel. was it the ohrs oakland
12:46 am
something? nelly invokes spousal privilege which is a privilege that protects communications with your spouse. they didn't make a lot of headway but they remain a central focus on the investigation. shannon: one of the founders of fusion gps was on the hill, but anything for him? >> glenn simpson on the hill, cofounder of fusion gps, and he takes the fifth. he would be on the hell multiple times before which is accurate but those committees didn't have the full picture of the back channel with the dossier to the fbi. and argued they need to see the big picture of russian interference, but you know from your legal training that the dossier needed to be verified and was not verified when it was used. opposition research to get the
12:47 am
surveillance warrant for trump campaigning. shannon: another key witness, reportedly backing away from these claims that when rod rosenstein is quoted as saying something about wearing a wire, he wasn't joking. this witness, is he sticking by that? >> this is james baker, former top lawyer at the fbi, general counsel, he had a second round in a transcribed interview, this deposition and he did not back away this account that he believed rod rosenstein was serious, james baker was not in the meeting but he criticized the meeting contemporaneously from andrew mccabe, acting director of the fbi and his lawyer, lisa page. it was so serious he was asking himself as general counsel is it legal? is it ethical? some lawmakers said they went into details alleging rosenstein identified people in the administration to wear a wire.
12:48 am
shannon: so much back and forth about rosenstein getting angel to answer questions. what happened next week? >> look like it is going to happen. there is agreement between the chairman and ranking members of the house oversight and judiciary committees, the joint russia investigation, it will be a supersecret lid on top of this thing next week so in a secure facility, it is transcribed, classified and at some point in the future the transcript will be released but this is unacceptable to members of the freedom caucus who say rod rosenstein, serious allegations, he should publicly explain or at least in a regular deposition explain what he meant and they also feel he should not get special treatment, he should have the same handling as the other witnesses and the other witnesses handling the interview behind closed doors, all lawmakers can answer questions or ask questions like simpson,
12:49 am
like nelly kim jong un 6 or james baker and the final deck on rod rosenstein, his case is so interesting because they argue he has conflict, signed the surveillance renewal, witnessed any obstruction case with james comey and question what he said on air force one to secure his job. shannon: thank you. we have a lot of material in our panel, appreciate it. voters head to the polls in just days. we will look at key in that gubernatorial races next.
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>> shannon: will republican control of the majority of the nation's governor's heather: will republican control of the majority of the governors mansion stand the test in the midterms. allison barber takes a look. >> as the brewers face the dodgers in milwaukee, wisconsin governor scott walker is in a fight for his political life, trying to win a third term in a state donald trump won by one person, hoping the superintendent can flip it and
12:54 am
their chances are good. if the seed that leans democratic, it is one of my likely democratic pickups, 36 gubernatorial races this election cycle, republicans are defending 26 of those seeds and among the most competitive ones feel particularly good about florida. >> a competitive race, a lot at stake but moment is on our side. >> reporter: the democrats. >> we had an event where 400 people we were expecting in an event for andrew gilligan, 1200 people showed up because people are excited for change in florida. >> analysts say the electorate will be especially difficult to predict in part because of hurricane michael. people are trying to put their homes back together with no time to show up at the polls was ohio, michigan and iowa helps candidate donald trump become president donald trump, they'll have republican governors were based on the polls all are leaning left. >> we will see how much residual
12:55 am
trump effect there is in these states it is there a lasting political coalition that brings together traditional republicans, voters who came out for trump. >> since 1902, 25 midterm elections have taken place, 90% of the time. republicans know they are playing defense which is what donald trump is making so many campaign stops. he likes to talk about the economy. the issue that will help republicans across the board. shannon: he talked a lot about tax cuts. thank you. in battle creek, michigan, steve's pizza does not offer delivery service but they really made an exception for a long time customer, who is very far away so his wife called asking
12:56 am
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i don't like this whole thing. dad, what happened? where's rosie? i let her go. wow! you going to help me finish this thing or what? i think we can do better. change is hard, dad. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad. this is for me, son? so, you going to help me finish this thing or what? principal. we can help you plan for that.
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>> sean: welcome to "hannity" on this busy news-breaking friday night. we're on the road. we will be in houston, texas, beaumont, texas tomorrow. as we speak, a caravan of over 4,000 migrants are fast approaching america's southern border all because the democratic party refuses to secure our border. this is what the democratic party wants: open


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