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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  October 21, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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will be on fox news channel people we have a new home on fox nation. we hope you will join us for regular additions of wiseguys. go to fox for more information. we will see you then.♪ ♪ [music] >> breaking tonight, the latest on the midterm, carbon heading to the southern border and continuing crisis in our relationship with saudi arabia. evening everyone welcome to the next revolution, i am steve felton. this is the home of positive populism and what a great group of type he was just about two weeks to go to the most regulations. we have jason chaffetz, kennedy and -- let's start with the caravan and central american immigrants numbers have grown. it passed through mexico into the united states.
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here is william longeness with an update. >> they been walking last 12 hours we just had a can see some are still taking cover under the trees and under the canopies that they can find. the real story right now is the president of is telling the united states one thing that he is doing everything to stop the caravan. but also telling guatemala and honduras something else.that is offering safe passage according to the mexican press to the immigrants in the interior department salmonella, priority a shelter and assistance for the migrants. they will spent the night here, they also seeking a 45 day transit visa if you will to go through mexico to the u.s. border. we don't know what will happen when they get there. the report u.s. has reportedly signed agreement with mexico.
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two things are different. number one, people are required to file for asylum in mexico. if they fail to do that, the u.s. can turn away women and children. secondly, we have always taken custody of these individuals, put them acosta, give them due process and send them back by airplane to honduras, guatemala, el salvador. under the new agreement allegedly, a safe harbor agreement, we can deport them to mexico. mexico's concern is that they will go to the central american slums in tijuana or otherwise. those are things we don't know it would not get straight answers. i can tell you right now that they will have the same international standard. we have to prove that they have a credible fear of persecution of race, nationality, personal views. if they fail to do that they can be deported. i can take the stories definitely not over. back to you.
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steve: thank you so much for that. you're doing great work.with me now, syndicated columnist, ann coulter, post of kennedy on the fox business network. from utah congressman, and author of book, the deep state, -- jason chaffetz. by the way, why did we mention the book, we need to do that? >> i was wondering that. we will get to it later. from new york fox news contributor, tammy bruce. tammy, i will bring you at first because you all the way over there, i just want to start any discussion on immigration. with a really important point. for me personally which is that basically, i am pro-immigration. my family fled communism in hungary. some of them literally climbing over fences as we have seen as refugees from the communist invasion. now i am an immigrant here
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twice over. so it has to be controlled if there will be immigration it's quite clear that immigration has been out of control and these scenes we are witnessing, it just totally emphasize the point of control. i don't understand how anyone can look at those pictures and not be incredibly alarmed of what's going on. >> look, the lack of real policy here in the united states, the lack of control, the effective through the obama ministration, the effect of open border has encouraged this now for half a generation. and you can see some of the pictures, the children, people huddling, the dangers involved. effectively, it is an abuse of process that exists. because we have a system that thought there was some political gain to be had by having the images, that they can be used politically. just like with the kavanaugh situation. other peoples lives don't matter to the establishment.
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you see the framework. we of course have abandoned policies for central and south america. to deal with corrupt regimes where there is horrible dynamics that these people are fleeing. but the solution that donald trump is come up with is a good one. if you have a safe nation that will accept refugee status for you, then you're not going to get it at the united states border. and that is important. if this is really about refugee framework, the international scene recognizes this as the very next safe country and for these individuals, it is mexico, it is not the united states. at least there is framework of a structure the president is moving in. he was right in his tweet that they could solve some of this in an hour if the democrats were not obstructing. but like with daca, they really don't care about these people. they want to show this, they want to try and blame it on trump and is not going to work this time. steve: let's pick up jason on that mexico point. i think one of the things interesting about this is,
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assuming the changed attitude of mexico. the fact that we've had this new trade deal negotiated. the actions they are taking do seem to be more cooperative. >> we are about to find out. maybe or maybe not. united states america legally and lawfully brings in about a million people year. more than any other country combined. in this surge is one of the worst things i've ever seen democrats and courage. it started with barack obama. when he change the parameters of asylum. he basically said come here and we can change the way you can commit this claim. they you see these people, and they are raped, they are pillaged, their taken advantage of. it is human trafficking and at the democrats, they seem to think it's okay! they should be saying no. if you want to claim asylum and the right way with the united states, go to the local embassy. in honduras or guatemala and as
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a country, we supported them for decades. go to the next country and stay there. do not leapfrog to try and get to the united states. >> the democrats hate it when you say you are for open borders. they say no but this is an opportunity for them to show that. it is totally unacceptable and i will see a single democrat speaking up against this. and eric garcetti -- there's an argument he put out there that i think is, it reveals something about how the democrats see. let's watch. >> fundamentally, what the administration doesn't get like so many of its plans, they know what they are against, they don't how to solve the problem. investing for instance and stabilizing the economies of the countries in central america. it's a great way to cut off -- they think a wall will keep people out when they don't go to the root of the problem. steve: that is exactly wrong. i want to point it out. explain to the audience, of course it is true that the root problem is the fact that you have these failed states. feeling even more.
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but the idea that investing which is code for giving them more money will solve the problem is so ridiculous. it is about encouraging them to get richer in a sustainable way pretty means the institutions, the market economy in a free society, property rights, rule of law, all of the things that are the basis to get richer and be stable. not just handing them over money.then he says is not about the war. which brings me to you, it just captures this attitude that you have tooth, -- to a point of saying we are against the wall. >> this and ripta keep admitting everyone that runs across the border, i've heard a lot of democrats say that. first we have to solve all of these other countries problems. no, that is precisely why we don't want them coming here. and i mean, to your relatives escaping hungary, we don't have a holocaust, with a harvest of your unit, there's not a potato
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famine. in each one of those cases you're talking about some unusual circumstance. it wasn't like how the irish always lived, always starting to get. no, there was a potato famine because a potato crop died. you are subject to communism. adolf hitler rosa. this is how these people of all the time. we're not going to correct thousands of years of culture. i mean yes, we wish them luck, we want to help them. but to say we have to change cultures that have been around for a thousand years and have always been heavily corrupt, heavily poor. it will not happen. you may as well say first you have to colonize mars. then we can build the wall. steve: i would say culturally this is the institutional thing. they don't have the institutional support -- >> yes but it's been a thousand years, america is not going to solve -- [laughter] >> i agree with that and i
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think there's a lot of pressure for this direct investment which is futile. and it really pulls people out of poverty. in a country like that there is more extreme poverty certainly then in mexico and united states. it is free-trade. actually opening up markets. and not investing in, but capitalizing on the natural resources that they have and in addition to the labor that they have got. part of the problem you have here is, and this goes back to some of the former colleagues, we have so many discrepancies in immigration and it is so confusing and legal immigration is really laughable and incredibly difficult. that has created an impact that republicans and democrats love. because they don't want to work together on immigration.they love these pictures because they rile up the completely torn apart basis on each side. and if you have less chaos and if you have more rule of law and people knew exactly how they could get into the country and have more incentive to go back when they were done working, it would be much better for businesses and
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individuals and families who are being torn apart and that means that i.c.e. ages can't go after bad people getting the country because essentially they are having to look after these overrun detention centers. >> i think that's were talking about the beginning. this order and control. we are running out of time but we will come back to it a bit later on in particular. i am interested in this bill that i keep hearing, the kevin mccarthy bill. is any good? we can get to that later on. but now, with coming up next? who is to blame for angry mobs that we keep hearing about? -- were talking about today and they got it completely wrong. we will talk about it with the panel next. the first a special reminder. account onto the midterm elections sunday, november 4 in new york. if you want to be part of the studio audience and have a chance to ask questions, you can go online. hilton
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that we've seen protests that came to a head during the not confirmation. such prominent issues right up there as the first line of the presidents message for the midterms. >> this november, vote for
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jobs, not mobs. steve: jobs not mobs! just a matter of time before the presidents proponents in the media started to push back on his argument. sure enough we saw that this morning on the sunday show with nbc chuck todd and cnn jake -- making the same point in an uncannily similar way. >> this is nancy pelosi in miami facing a mob and mitch mcconnell in kentucky facing a mob. >> look at this -- you don't belong here. [video] >> we have had a couple of mob scenes where leaders of the democrats and the republicans were both publicly harassed. of angry people left and right. it is not made up its ugly, it is bad and i think leaders of
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both parties need to accept that. steve: they both got the same memo from anti-trump hq. you can see what chuck and jake are trying to do pay they want to look neutral. these hate filled mobs is not just the democrats. republicans do it too. it is both sides. would you believe it? chuck and jake go with president trump charlottesville defense, blame on both sides. no actually, as i said the time, it was not both sides then. and there's not both sides now. chuck compounded time to be seen a republican member of congress inciting harassment like this? >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station. you get out and you tell them they are not welcome. anymore, anywhere. steve: where is the senate
6:18 pm
calling for this?>> don't go to home, go to the hill today. get up and please, get up in the face of some congress people. steve: can either of you imagine paul ryan talking about people, fellow americans like this? >> you have to have total clarity about what we do. when it comes to everything. a woman's right to choose, immigration, and safety, climate, we need to talk about climate and if there is some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, so be it. steve: collateral damage? my god! nevermind a lack of civility. that is the language of civil war. it is not both sides, it is the left driving the hate and
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intolerance and violence and rage. and they have been ever since 2016 when the american people voted for real change and reject the failed elitist establishment that you and your friends in the latest media seem to love so much. even though for decades, the same establishment with his pompous norms and corrupt civility, ruin the lives of millions of working americans. this rage and hate and intolerance on the left is all part of the collapse of the democratic party. they once stood for working people but now, it's uncontrolled immigration, it hurts the working class most. they used to be against big money and politics but now they overlap in the likes of george soros. they say that for women but make excuses for their own abusers. whether is keith ellison in minnesota or bill clinton in the oval office. as we saw yet again from hillary this week. then perhaps, the most humiliating collapse of all. elizabeth warren. he once made a compelling and substantive case against courtney capitalism now blundering into a mess of her own making as she abandons
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populism for divisive identity politics. knowing it is the only way to make it as a democrat today. what a pathetic spectacle. it is now time for the sincere and decent left populist like bernie sanders and tim rison and others that may have some wrong ideas but at least actually care about the lives of working americans. to get the hell out of the democratic party that is literally demoralized. tell me what you think about that. what do you think of that? >> you know i wrote a book on mobs. and liberal mobs and you're absolutely right, their behavior and their approach, and how they use metaphors and images, it does not work on a mob they want something short and simple that will send them to the barricade. every presidential assassination attempt was by a leftist of some sort, or just
6:21 pm
your standard democrat like the two women that took a shot at jerry ford. the framing character. i was so struck by the alleged mob i kept hearing, we finally found a mob it was a mob against nancy pelosi. i said these are democrats pretending. on closer examination no, it was angry republicans in florida. and i was loves to sing in the last session there are cultural differences. steve: tammy, what is your take? let's look at this, is there a broader point about the moral heart of -- it seems so completely gone. just for its own sake. >> i think the difference was that we saw holograms. and were told that there was a heart in the democrats have income from the left. i can say that this has been intrinsic and most of what they've done and i would caution you and it's like you are a good guy and thank you
6:22 pm
that bernie sanders means well but in fact i think whether it's elizabeth warren or jerry brown or others, it's always about, watch what they do, not what they say. and i don't think this in fact is a change for them. it is just simply the current has been pulled back. the veneer is gone because of the level of desperation. they have the media on their side. for generations. the ability to control the communication and the media about who they are and what they are. it has been eliminated and as a result is added to their chaos. as someone who is a community organizer for the left, i would suggest to everyone, that this is not some new collapse. this is who they have always been. this is what's been running the country when a democrat has been president with the exception of some degree, bill clinton actually liked governing. underneath that was the rot of
6:23 pm
the fraud. of what the democrats was burning. he was a feminist and will go to church with the bible and then look at what is they were doing. this is who the democrats have been. it was more extreme now and is not going to change. it's not like we can get good democrats in. i'm afraid really, this is over for them. that donald trump is an example of you know, necessarily a republican but of the populist framework where with the president-elect the american people and will unfortunately for us it is the conservative ideal and -- that is why think we got here. steve: you try to work with these people. in the house. >> there are some good people but the difference is you pointed out the leadership within the democratic party. they are inciting violence. they are inciting these mobs and their acting upon it. it wasn't too long ago one of these colleagues a very good
6:24 pm
friend, steve scalise had an assassination attempt when a man with a gun and shooting at him and at a ballgame. for these leaders to go out there and embrace the resistance movement, let's go take everything -- >> the resistance. >> that's what they want because they don't have policies, they cannot believe that donald trump became the president of the united states, they lost their heads. now the only thing they want is chaos. so they say we have to have a change. they don't have ideas to run on peer with a run on is resistance and this mob to try and have this is that america will look at this and say we need a change. steve: i just want to get you to respond on the identity politics because i thought they say we can laugh and it's a joke, the dna test but it tells you something. actually to get anywhere you have to go with this identity politics thing. >> and i know people who are from latin america who are really offended by what she did. and the fact that she has been using this stolen valor and
6:25 pm
cultural appropriation to get ahead in her career as opposed to having you note a merit-based law career. which democratic party right now, it is not merit-based constantly. it's all about this hyperbole and they run out of ideas. and she's right, you cannot rationalize with a mob but there is also no logical chain laid out that if you start with us here, we will get you there. resistance is not enough. and it doesn't feed people, it does give people promotions, it doesn't send kids to college. and that was a turning point for a critical part of the country that had completely disavowed identity politics because it's done nothing for them for decades. >> when hillary said, and this is key, we can have civility again when we win. and what she is saying is, if you comply and you do what we say, we will stop hurting you.
6:26 pm
talk about confess! that was what her message was. if you do we want, we will stop doing this. steve: great point! >> american people cannot allow that. steve: great point, i love that point! just great. not just resistance is not enough it's futile. that's the point you need to make. up next, midterm madness. so many issues so little time but we will try to squeeze it all in. see how we do after the break. today, 97% of employers agree
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brush like a pro. (music throughout) steve: so much at stake in the
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midterm elections a couple of weeks away. will try to cover a number of big issues in the next few minutes in a game called midterm madness for the present giving up confident vibes, look this tweet from today. best job numbers in the history of our great country. many other things likewise. why wouldn't we win the midterms? there is a question for you. why wouldn't the republicans win? look, especially the house of course, the local races, they are based on whether or not how charismatic the candidate is. where the money is. how they are doing with their own fundraising, how committed the currency is, if the
6:31 pm
president is visiting, local scandals etc. bottom line, the election is about the economy and is about whether or not the candidates are embracing and supporting the president. if they are talking about that, if they are making it clear for the local community.of course we have national media and all that. but the fact is that it took kavanaugh and the exposure of the democrats being a mob in the senate to wake people up is the biggest problem here is, perhaps, the success of the president. because this is our natural state. but it's only natural when governments are back, regulations are down and americans begin to think well, this is normal. but not really because the democrats of course, don't like this dynamic and they work to make it a problem. whether or not local candidates are able to convey that to voters, with their get out to vote effort is like because the president while he is not on the ballot, the need to argue in many ways it is part b of
6:32 pm
the reformation. those the dynamics but everyone must in fact stick on the economy and we should be fine if all of the elements come together. steve: that's really important. by the way those mechanics really matter.the trump campaign did very well in a lot of that in 2016 which is underreported. kennedy, you're interested in an issue which is not being highlighted. >> no, no was talking about. they're all addicted to spending. everyone awash in, you not there so you would agree with me. they rush to the trough. and everyone knows the president has his plan where he wants federal agencies to cut five percent of their budget, that's great, it would save $70 billion for the staff this year alone is $779 billion. it is not getting any better. it has increased since 2016. and we have to tackle nondiscretionary spending peer
6:33 pm
because discretionary spending is all well and good, the military eats up a lot but it's the nondiscretionary stuff that is causing us to borrow so much money with the tax cuts any spending cuts in order to have long-term economic health. neither party wants to do that. and that is what steve hilton, i love freedom. steve: if they go i think we all go along with that. and i think you're right. it is not being discussed. another big issue, the particular aspect of want to bring up which is immigration. it's weird that this kevin mccarthy bill which is the only person i've heard talk about a newt gingrich, i keep seeing him go out with the kevin mccarthy bill. what does this mean to have any relevance to how people should vote? >> well, -- everything you've talked about just reminds me of republicans don't deserve to win but the country doesn't deserve democrats to win. i mean, it means republicans
6:34 pm
are running for election. you know this caravan marching to the border and the president tweeting about jobs. i will get you jobs, can do something about the caravan? it seems to me if you stop the caravan, people like me are going to say, why didn't you stop the last six caravans? you do have the power, if he doesn't stop it he is -- what was the republicans plan? what was mitch mcconnell plan for winning this midterm election? let's hope a supreme court nominee retires and democrats are falsely going to accuse them of gang rape? that was the plan? >> let's see if you can make the positive case. the finding prospect in their, then actually winning and increasing majority in the senate and keeping control of the house and all these
6:35 pm
terrible things that the end of the world. what the positive case, what can we look forward to? >> i think kennedy is right. republicans abandoned the whole idea of fiscal discipline. they lost that mantle and have the opportunity to gain it back because i am a deficit hawk and it drives me nuts that we are rocking the set. go ahead and cut taxes but you have to cut spending as well. and you have to tackle entitlement. i also agree with ann because karen mccarthy is the majority leader. that's the one that determines what bills come up before the house. not the speaker of the house. why not do that in the last two years? and guess what they are still in session. if you want you can call them back to vote on it tomorrow. we will do that i hope they do in the future. you have tax reform 2.0 i think it's a positive thing. i think they can make that more permanent. i do think they can deal with entitlement, they've done a good job there. foreign-policy is going well, the military, i hope there are some other things that actually i think bipartisan criminal justice reform that right after, i think republicans can lead on and it would surprise
6:36 pm
most americans and make the country and actually safer place. >> and not having the democrats. that's -- >> remember, if the democrats win, like maxine waters becomes the chairman of financial services. >> and i get that in? >> quickly. >> real quick let's remember, it's been 19 months, right? this is a generational change we have got to make. the president with everything against him, he has been personally responsible really for all of the good news. the fact is that he needs more people in congress who support him. getting rid of the swamp is going to take more time. it even passes to terms. we have to recognize this. but it is not a one term, one everything and then you go home. >> my gosh, no! >> that continues on in these conversations are important. >> great point. sorry, we don't have enough time anyway, next, taking on
6:37 pm
the most corrupt member of congress. who is it?will show you after the break.
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steve: look, you heard me say many times before that the whole politics is institutionally corrupt.and once is pretty much everyone on the ballot in a couple of weeks is swamp meat to some degree. tonight we bring a profile and corruption that is in a swamp of its own. if you live in new jersey, watch this before you vote. if your friends or family in new jersey, tell them to watch this. before they vote because new jersey democratic center, bob menendez tonight, swamp watch. >> okay, where to begin?we can dedicate the entire show to the sloppiness of bob menendez. but we will just focus on the
6:42 pm
lowlight spirit menendez sits a number of powerful senate committees including the banking housing and urban affairs committee and foreign affairs committee. all of which have brought him a huge number of donations. this election cycle is pocket $850,000 from the real estate industry and nearly half a million from securities and investment companies. all of them buying the influence of a center that regulates industries. on top of that menendez is chief of staff for 10 years who went on to become a lobbyist for the inference firm, capital p while working there he rubs in a number of clients including beacon capital and national association of real estate investment and oaktree capital management. all of them, beneficiaries of -- senate housing and banking commission. but the senator going deeper than former staffers. lobbyist and family members have given menendez over $200,000 for his reelection campaign. 48,000 of that came from greenberg traurig, 400,000
6:43 pm
lobbying for turkey in 2018. how is that relevant? no big deal, just the menendez is a ranking member of the senate foreign affairs committee. he's also brought in $20,000 for brownstein hyatt which is infringed $50,000 this year lobbying the government of india and $300,000 for saudi arabia. yes, you heard that right. while the democrats attacked president trump over his handling of the murder of jamal khashoggi, the most senior elected official foreign-policy is handling campaign cash from saudi arabia lobbyists. by the way, what the hell is the ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee or any member of
6:44 pm
congress for that matter, doing taking any money at all from lobbyist from foreign governments? we'll keep campaigning on that until it is totally banned. anyway, back to menendez. the swamp record amounts to morethan conflict and lobbyist donations. much more. in 2015, he was indicted by the obama administration of federal corruption charges. menendez had a friend , a wealthy dr. who took the sender on free rides in his private jet including the luxury resort in florida, paris and dominican republic where he reportedly received 19 free stays at his private villa. that's not all. he also gave $600,000 to super pack to help menendez win the election but in 2012. indeterminate is apparently helped three of the foreign girlfriends get visas to the united states. he also tried to help him settle it 8.9 million medicare payment dispute. at one point asking then senate majority leader, harry reid to help out. anand is also reached out to top state department officials urging them to enforce a post security contract with the dominican republic that would benefit the company. here is the shocking part.
6:45 pm
during the investigation into the corruption charges, the supreme court handed down a disastrous decision. overturning the public corruption conviction of a former governor. decision that made it much harder to convict government officials for bribery. menendez is attorneys were thrilled and sure enough come up to two massive deliberations in his corruption trial the jury was deadlocked in the menendez corruption case and ended in a mistrial. he was not acquitted. then, with a criminal case over, the senate ethics committee had their own investigation which was resulted in a admonition say menendez knowingly and repeatedly accepted significant gifts from a donor adding your assistance under the circumstances demonstrated poor judgment and undermining the public confidence in the senate. as such, your actions reflect the discredit on the senate. you can say that again. and members of his own party basically are. his reputation is so soiled even democrats are distancing themselves from him.
6:46 pm
check out this one from the new york post this week. toxic, even by the swampy stances of washington peer menendez is a total disgrace. tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone you can get a hold of in new jersey. do not reward this monster menendez with another term in the united states senate. we'll post this much later she can share it widely, just follow us @nextrevfnc. next, the lady sitting next the future united states ambassador to the united nations? the answer is next. you're headed down the highway
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as president trump continues his search for a replacement for outgoing united nations ambassador nikki haley, many experts offering opinions on who we should choose. according to author and publisher conrad black, the top choices sitting here with me now. in a recent article, he wrote i suggest nest your semester should be ann coulter. her political views unlike ambassador haley have long been supportive of president trump. she's been very accomplished many years.accustomed to being vastly outnumbered by opponents of her unapologetic conservative views and would not be phased in the slightest by the opposition of 192 other
6:51 pm
countries in the united nation , ann coulter if nominated would you serve? >> of course, conrad black is a very serious intellectual and we should take any suggestion he makes seriously. of course i would! but i would have to step aside for my choice which is, the presidents daughter, ivanka trump. for one thing, it gets relatives out of the white house. another thing, i think it's insulting to the un. i'm sentimental. one third thing, jared andy-- j andy-- >> what's your take? >> i think what's important here is that not only is rick showing what an ambassador can do, we have not known really what investors are capable of because his work in germany has been extraordinary.
6:52 pm
he's been a supporter of the president from the beginning. he of course, has extensive experience at the un with multiple u.s. ambassadors to the un. and i think that ultimately, when it comes down to it, this is a guy that america already likes. we know he understands the presidents agenda and is able to move it forward. and i believe he is under some serious consideration. one of the arguments is that it has to be a woman. and look, i want women to do well, obviously as well. i spent most of my adult life working for that. but the president has so many talented women that really we can get rid of the quota notion and naturally, women already in good conditions, will be in more good positions and it means that of course, the best person for the job should get it. in this case it is rick. >> i like the idea. i just want to see the confirmation hearing! i want to see you sitting there at the desk and then you see like cory booker and kamala
6:53 pm
harris asking you questions. just waiting for the answers. steve: and what about menendez? i would -- that would light it up. >> exactly right. >> will be so fun to see their heads explode. it really would because could you see cory booker reading passages from one of your books? how would that make you feel? >> i have seen chuck schumer already has rejected a hispanic nominee, the great miguel estrada. democrats rejected a hispanic nominee because he was thanking one of my books. >> my gosh! >> i want him to start reading from clueless. [laughter] there is a reference that is relevant. >> i think it's a joke. everything we would try to get
6:54 pm
to reform, the way they approach, failed states and using -- they are not interested. all right there we go. we will see. the president is watching. president trump's critics and a new version of the russian conspiracy peer was he so cozy with dictators? i have an idea for how the president can use the crisis to get a fantastic deal for america and the world. i will tell you what it is. : after walking six miles at an amusement park,
6:55 pm
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from unitedhealthcare.
6:58 pm
. steve: president trump has promised severe punishment for saudi arabia over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi and doesn't want to put national security or jobs at risk. fine. our much vaunted partnership with the saudis hasn't prevented the total mess the involvement for the middle east has been for half a century and
6:59 pm
the defense industry from profiting for arms sales is the single most corrupt and wasteful corner of the d.c. swamp. anyway, the other way for president trump to deliver a blow making us safer. saudis have been the main funders of radical islam based on medieval interpretation of islam, wahhabism. make them pay for the privilege. make them pay reparations for their role in radical islam. make them pay for a new global network of moderate mosques and islamic centers so there's an alternative to the extremists and the preachers of hate. that would be "the art of the deal." that is all for tonight, thank you for joining us to tammy and jason and kennedy. what do you think? >> brilliant. >> that's a good vote. yes from tammy? >> saudi arabia, not an ally.
7:00 pm
sorry bro. >> thank you so much. join us next week, we have a stellar lineup including anthony scaramucci and sarah palin right here. until then, you can learn more about "the next revolution." mark levin is up next. i'm steve hilton, see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised. . mark: hello, america. i'm mark levin. this is "life, liberty & levin." welcome. >> nice to see you. >> it's a great honor to see you, patrick michaels. doctor. expert on all things climate and environment as far as i'm concerned. little bit of your background. director of the study of science at the cato institute. you hold an ab in sm,


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