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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 22, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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ousted. he's chairman of the house committee. if he loses, it's a big deal. >> dana: if you listened to madalyn's report, people said they want change. if you stick around, we're going to do facebook live. then join me for "the five" as well. we will see you in just a couple of hours. >> shepard: 's noon on west coast and 3. in washington' thousands people head toward the united states from mexicoment we will hear from the president and members the caravan in moments. body double to make it look like "the washington post" double walked out of the consulate in istanbul. the imposture wearing jamal khashoggi's own clothes. a member of the security team apparently called the prince's office the day of the killing but the saudis still insisting mbs had nothing to do with it.
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and a big change in calculating credit scores could help more people get loans and credit cards. critics warn that easy money helped trigger the financial crisis there is a lot of news. let's get to it. >> brit hume, shepard smith reporting reporting live from the fox news deck. >> president trump speaking to reporters right now on the south lawn of the white house about nearly every topic in the news today. we know because the white house pool is there at this moment. and listening as we have all come to understanding there is a play back of the audio and video of all of that white house pool does that this is a regular occurrence. white house pool will do that in a few moments. when it does, we will hear from the president in its entirety speaking to reporters. among the topics he is addressing, the caravan of how sands of migrants getting bigger as it pushes through mexico heading
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towards the united states border generally speaking. according to the organizers. president trump is calling the caravan a national emergency he is claiming unknown alleged middle easterns. fox news knows of no evidence to suggest that the president is accurate on that matter. the president has offered no evidence to support what he has said. women, children, and men from central america have been walking for days now. they say they are escaping violence and poverty in their home country. some are expected to seek asylum in the united states as prescribed by law others have simply demonstrating trying to attract decision to the plight of residents of heir own country. some knocked down a security fence. when they got stuck on a bridge, some used rafts to cross the river below and made their way to the southern mexican city. most slept on the streets. one woman told french media
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we have sun burn, we have blisters but we got here. our strength is greater than trump's threats. here are two of them. >> the mothers with their children are also going to keep going. entire families have come and we're going to keep going in groups. no one is thinking of separating. >> we asked the government of this country to give us a hand, to allow us through. it's very complicated in our country. honduras is complicated. we really don't want to be there. that's the truth. the poverty is terrible. we have children in honduras to support and there is no work. >> shepard: their stories are compelling and at sometimes heart-breaking. the chief white house correspondent john roberts is live this afternoon on the north lawn. hi, jon. >> shep, quick headline when we get back play back tapes come in from the president's departer. is he not satisfied with the answers is he getting on khashoggi's death. the president leaving to
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head down to a rally in houston, texas. of course, the rio grand valley area in texas, one of the hottest areas for cross border illegal immigration across the country it was up 30% 2018 compared to 2017. president putting aim on democrats for attempts to thwart legal immigration. every time you see a caravan or people illegally coming or attempting to come in our country illegally. think of and blame the democrats for not giving us the votes to chamg our pathetic immigration laws. remember the midterms. so unfair to those who come in legally. administration sources say a lot of migrantness this current caravan are bypassing the united nations us refugee processing centers that were set up in southern mexico and heading directly to the united states president again threatening to cut off foreign aide to southern nations. guatemala, honduras and el salvador not able to do the job stopping people leaving their country and come
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illegally to the u.s. we will now be begin cutting off or substantially reducing the massive foreign aid routinely given to them. while there is nothing to suggest that the democrats had anything to do with the demonstration of this latest caravan, the president is beating democrats like a rented mule over the issue. democrats like chuck schumer and nancy pelosi though suggesting the president has just found a convenient issue a couple of weeks out from the midterm elections tweeting this morning in a joint tweet or at least a statement rather saying, quote: the president is desperate to change the subject from healthcare to immigration because he knows that healthcare is the number one issue americans care there we'll get more from the president in just a minute. >> shepard: john, when he has been threatening to close down the border. does he mean physically close all of the border entry points so that even business cannot take place between the two countries or is he speaking of something else? >> it would be difficult, particularly under the new u.s.-mexico, canada trade agreement to close down the border and not allow any cross border traffic i
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assume what the president is talking about here he would use the military on the border junction to help the border patrol to keep people coming across the rio grand and deserts in southern california. the president had on his mind listening to what he said in nevada on saturday. >> i would call in the military i would seal off the border. close off the border. if that happens and continues to move forward, the caravan we are talking about, which is i think a man made caravan if you want to know the truth. i think some bad people started that caravan. >> i turned to jonathan turley go to source on anything dealing with the constitution. he suggest the president would have the power to use the u.s. military and not just the national guard but the u.s. active duty military to assist in enforcing federal laws on the border. as to whether or not the
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president would pull that very big trigger remains to be seen. there is no question is he worked up about it. a lot of it is probably politics but he definitely cares about immigration. >> shepard: certainly a loft politics in here. john, thank you. >> you bet. >> shepard: remember the last time this happened in aim. politics flared then, too. families seeking asylum were separated at the border. many are still separated all these months later amnesty international report some face harassment and violence. a few hundred came to the border at san lea san heedro. they were forced to wait on the mexican side. many were deported. most never allowed to seek legal asylum at all. the current group making its trek over hundreds of miles is not expected to arrive in whole at any u.s. entry point and as they did in april politics rage again. let's gring in jean
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cummings, the journal's parent company and fox news parent company share common ownership. good to see you, jean. >> good to see you. >> shepard: the politics are clear. the president has said them specifically. it's vary van and kavanaugh. kavanaugh on courts. be afraid to the courts might turn in another direction. and caravan, be very afraid of those coming towards us and coming to get us. those who don't look like us and might be coming after us and our jobs. >> he definitely is hitting the hot button issues that o'reilly up the republican base or encourage them. judges and immigration are two issues republicans do tend to rally around. and if the midterms are going to be a base election and that seems to be the best thabet thepresident is mak. these are the two issues they want to be talking about. not the economy, not the tax cut. but fear.
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>> shepard: polls make it clear that tax cuts for middle income americans are not working, that they are not polling well, largely they have large unfavorability ratings and today the president will talk in just a minute. and by the way we are about to have that tape for you and play back what the president said exactly. part of it is a discussion of at least a middle class tax cut. but these politics of fear, jean, anybody who studied even just a little bit of history knows that this is a tried and true tactic. there is nothing new here. politicians have been doing this for decades on end if your base is not get them motivated. a playbook that's wide open and available for enjoying. >> absolutely. at first the president seemed to think voters were going to turn now after kavanaugh was confirmed, you know, to be grateful and reward the republicans for passing tax cuts and getting kavanaugh on the court.
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he then discovered that's not how voters go to the polls. contempted voters do stay home. voters who do show up those rhode island up about something that explains why the democrats are using healthcare and the threat of losing coverage for ♪ >> shepard: jean i wouldn't cut you off for anything except now we have the president and white house pool is playing out. let's listen. >> down in front. >> have a lot of everybody in that group. it's a horrible thing it's a lot bigger than 5,000 people. and we have got to stop them at the border. unfortunately, look at the country, they have not done their job. [inaudible] >> guatemala, honduras, he el salvador. we give them lots of money every year they did nothing for us. we give them tremendous
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amounts of money. you know what it is. you cover it all the time. hundreds of millions of dollars, they, like a lot of others too nothing for our country. i spoke to the crown minutes people over in saudi arabia now. we have top intelligent people in turkey we're going to see what we have. i will know a lot tomorrow. we have people in saudi arabia, people in turkey. >> you investigation, will you give them -- >> -- i think that's a long time. [inaudible] >> that's a long time. >> mr. president, what about your promise to protect transgender americans? are you giving up on that? >> we are looking at it. we have a lot of different. >> looking at redefining? >> concepts right now. they have a lot of different things happening with respect to transgender right now. you know that as well as i do. we are looking at it very seriously. >> what about your promise
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to protect the lbgt community. transgender americans say you are giving up on them. >> i'm protecting everybody. i want to protect our country [inaudible] >> i think he has. i think -- i think they wanted to seaside i am 100 percent. you have been reporting 100,000 people lined up. >> why does cruz need your help. >> i think cruz will be a big factor tonight. he will get up and make a big speech. i'm going to get up and make a great speech. i hope -- most of you going? you are not going? i can't believe you are not going to be there tonight. terrible. >> do you regret lyin' ted. beto o'rourke calling him lyin' ted. you started that. >> beto o'rourke is highly overrated. he must be something a little special. he's not. i thought he got beat badly in the debated. i think he is highly
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overrated guy. [inaudible] >> ted and i get along very well. very late into the campaign and i said don't worry about it. and then it became very nasty. and then it was over. and when it was over, we have gotten along great. i like ted. was the last one. we actually held a rally together late in the campaign. we're very close. great on tax cuts. we have done great on regulation cuts. so he has been really terrific. and if you look at what is happening in germany with respect to the pipeline, they want to start now buying our natural gas. just came out. take a look at that. >> is he no longer lyin'
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ted. >> he is no longer lyin' ted. >> what is he. >> texas ted. ted cruis cruz and i had a very nasty and tough campaign. he is very competitive. tough campaign. once it ended and we got together and by the way, very late into the campaign, people were shocked. i said don't worry, it's only a question of time. ultimately, what happened, we pulled it out. the outcome was obviou. we have worked together a lot. i like him a lot. is he a very smart guy. he loves the people of texas, which i do. in fact right now they said they have never seen it's like a big tailgate. goes north for miles over 100,000 people. >> [inaudible] >> i think kelly ohr is a disgrace. nellie ohr is a disgrace. taking marital protection so
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she doesn't have to talk about corruption. i think she is a disgrace. [inaudible] >> look, i can't tell you. can i only tell you this. we give them hundreds of millions of dollars they do nothing to us. [inaudible] >> you know what? maybe it will, maybe it won't. it certainly has been effective. they can do a lot better job. look at the three countries in particular, and i don't know what's going on with mexico. i guess it looks like the people are walking right through the middle of mexico. so i'm not exactly thrilled there either. >> [inaudible] saudis? >> great group of people in saudi arabia. we will know very soon. we have tremendously talented people that do this stuff very well. they are coming back tonight and tomorrow and i will know very soon.
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and i am not satisfied with what has been said. rand -- i agree with rand on a lot of things. i don't want to lose all of that investment that they have made in our country. i don't want to lose a million jobs. i don't want to lose $110 billion in terms of th the, really 450 billion include other military. that's very important. we will get to the bottom of it. >> new mexican president said he would like to work with you on central american [inaudible] >> i'm really looking to make america great again. that's what i do. i'm making america great again. we have been giving so much money to so many different countries for so long and it's not fair and it's not good. and then when we ask them to keep their people in their country, they are unable to do it. called make america great again.
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>> tax cuts you said you wanted them by november 1st. >> no. we are putting in a resolution sometime in the next week or a week and a half, two weeks. >> a resolution where? >> we are giving a middle income tax reduction of about 10%. we're doing it now for middle income people. this is not for businesses. it's for middle. that's the top of the tax decrease. >> are you signing an executive order for that. >> no, no. going through congress. we won't have time to do the vote. >> congress is out. >> we will do the vote after the election. [inaudible] >> i think there is tremendous spirit. maybe like i have never seen other than in '16. you don't remember '16. you're too young. i have never seen spirit like the spirit that we have right now except the week before the race the
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presidential race. i think the republicans are going to do very nicely. we're doing very well with the senate. and i -- he was just asking about the race. other than two years ago, the presidential race, i have never seen spirit like i see right now. i think the republicans are going to do very well. >> what abouts arms control? >> people are tired of high taxes. we gave the tax cuts. we have done so much. and they wants a strong military. they wants protection. they wants safety. they wants security. we give that to democrats do not give that. democrats don't know what they are doing. they don't know what they are giving. i think we are going to do very well in the race. >> do you regret implies that ted cruz's dad killed jfk? i don't recrui regret anything. it all worked out nicely. >> over the rio grand where? >> they wants to get out of sanctuary cities. many places in california
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wants to get out of sanctuary cities. >> riot. >> it is riots in some places. >> where are the riots? >> [inaudible] activist. >> who is an activist? >> muslim brotherhood [inaudible] who do you think she is. >> i have to find out. we are going to find out a lot. we're going to find out. we will know a lot over the next two days about the saudi situation. very sad thing. any more? >> do you have any evidence that there are terrorists part of this caravan. >> you know what you should do, john, go into the middle of the caravan, take your cameras and search. okay? no, no. john, take your camera. go into the middle and search. you're going to find ms-13. you're going to find middle eastern. you're going to find everything. guess what? we are not allowing them in our country. we wants safety. >> [inaudible] i think
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what's going to happen. i think we are doing really well. i have never seen such spirit exception for '16. i have never seen the spirit that we have right now. i think the republicans are going to do very well. i have never seen spirit like we have. now, whether it's kavanaugh. whether it's tax cuts that we gave, whether it's common sense, i have never seen it i will tell you a big factor is what's happening on the border. what's happening on the border was caused by the democrats because they won't let anybody change immigration laws that are horrible. the worst anywhere in the world. >> they had a bill for you to sign. >> no. they didn't. not at all. that's all fiction. >> do you -- saudis go to the bottom -- >> -- we will see what happens. i will see you in texas. see you in texas.
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[inaudible] >> until people come to their senses we will build it up. until people come to their senses, russia has thought adhered to the agreement. this should have been done years ago. until people come to their senses, we have more money than anybody else by far. we will build it up. until they come to their senses. when they do then we will all be smart and we'll all stop. and by the way, not only stop, we will reduce, which i would love to do. but right now, they have not adhere you had to the agreement. it's a threat to whoever you want. ooptiond it includes china and it includes russia and anybody else who wants to play that game. you can't do that you can't play that game on me. until people get, until they get smart, they have not adhered to the spirit of
12:22 pm
that agreement itself russia. china is not included in the disagreement, they should be included in the agreement. until they get smart, there will be nobody even close to us u [inaudible] >> no i have not. i don't have to speak to him. i don't have to speak. i'm terminating the agreement. because they violated the agreement. i'm terminating the agreement. okay. thank you, everybody. >> shepard: like i said we got through a lot of the big news of the day. here what happens we are talking about russia and arms control. talk about that first with john roberts. also, tax cuts, the migrant caravan as they are calling it the saudi situation. the transgender legislation. beto o'rourke and beautiful ted cruz in the state of texas. and we'll get to all of that i want to start with the russia arms control agreement because that's the newest of the news, i guess. the president saying he is going to cancel a reagan era 1987 nuclear arms treaty that reagan made with
12:23 pm
gorbachev at the time. that's gonna go. and there's a lot here in this. the russians have been cheating. the president is not the first ones saying the russians have been cheating. they have been tweeting. the question is if you take away the rules then you are not treating and ten he mentioned china. because of that sufficient because of this tweety the chimed are allowed to move some of their wreps where the united states can't because of this treaty. one russia and potential for arms race with russia again. the other about china and nuclear "specia superiority. >> it's really all about china. the way that china is building up into the south china sea e the united
12:24 pm
states not being able to have you interimmediate range nuclear forces we cannot effectively counter the build-up that china is doing in that area of the world. and effectively, the 7th fleet could be rendered useless. they have so many ship busting missiles that they are putting into that area and the fact they have so many of these interimmediate range missiles, they could keep united states outs of that region. part of this idea of regional domination and eventually global domination of technology that china is working on in its 50 year plan. why they are pegging it to rubio and they have to peg it to russia because russia is the only other signatory that 198' deal. the interimmediate nuclear forces agreement as you pointed out reagan has signed. it really as much about china as it is with russia, chemicashep. >> shepard: russia part of it seems to be, john we can outunderstandal spend you if we get in arrest finance not
12:25 pm
about you. >> look at russia the economy the size of the texas economy. it can only spend so much money on armament. but china is the one here that this administration is really worried about on a number of different fronts u getting out of the imf is as much if not more about the new threat of china in the west china sea and specific as it is russia. >> shepard: john roberts on the north lawn. thank you. if you are interested in this and every american should be. google it there is a lot of different perspectives on there. there are a lot of very brilliant minds of all political persuasions speaking on this matter today and yesterday and they are available at the touch of a giewlg in 1987 reagan, gosgorbachev nuclear arms reduction. migrant caravan get back to jean from the "wall street journal." some quotes from the president. it's a horrible thing. more than 5,000 of them. we give those countries money and they don't do
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anything for us. and the fact is. i looked it up. we do give those countries money, of course in 2017. 175 million so far in 15 million. 297 mull in 2016 and 50 million in 2018. then he went on to say part that isn't true. the president said some things there that aren't true. he has no evidence to back them up. there is no evidence toe back them up because it disungtsd exist to your knowledge at least at this point. the president as he did with the russians said please look in the files, if you have 33,000 emails russia get them. russia went in and started looking for them. he is asking the media to go in to take your calm are as in the center of caravan. whatever else ther d.a. is. he wants there to be fear
12:27 pm
easement it's the same politics we talking about they are coming to get under the circumstances. they are coming toil seek asylum. the asylum process lengthy dehe. it takes a very long time. it's there for people who have being beaten, oppressed. starving to death and help their kids in other countries because out united states has always allowed asylum seekers as do all the first world countries in the world. >> absolutely u while your audience is googling. they might wants to find a story we did in the "wall street journal" that documented how central america is one of the deadliest regionsed in the world. it was an incredible story, the murder rates are ason-in-law issue inning. no one is safe. children, old people, doesn't matter. it's an incredible story and those -- it really hammered home why people would be so frightened that they would
12:28 pm
walk for days and miles to escape that environment u. >> shepard: same story pope benedict the out that violence cases businesses collapse you heard from the man who can't feed his children. has got to find work. there no work. there is work in the united states u the unemployment rate is historically low. people who run fields and host migrant workers are looking everywhere and they are hoping for jobs. they are hoping for something tomorrow. give us your tired, your huddled masses. yearning to breathe free. it is what it has always within. we can make ourselves a shited down society iourselves . one man can't do it by himself. not in america. >> that's cutting off aid. that aid is aimed specifically at programs that would give people jobs and give them a sense of
12:29 pm
security in honduras u and in he will value da door, so would stay there and wongtsd needed he had to come to us. that's what the u.s. aid michael cohen intended to finance. to cut off that aide is going going to make the situation worse. i understand why the president is frustrated. vice president pence wentsd down into the region a month ago to plead with the leaders of these nations to prevent this kind of, you know, migrant caravan or whatever we wants to call it. but, the situation in those countries, people should really need to understand just how frightening and dangerous it is for the people who are there. >> shepard: there is a lot more to say on this matter and it will be said over days. but, don't forget, this is politics. jean, i hope can you stay with us. we didn't realize the president was going to go
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through all these topics and they all deserved than screaming on the lawn. another is the saudi investigation and we will get to that we have a preplanned segment and this works perfectly from what the president just said. there is still more to learn. they are making it clear in washington we don't buy your story, saudi arabia. i mean whether a have you said about the death of khashoggi is not possible. then there is the matter of transgender. you may have heard over the weekend maybe a little bit on friday the administration talking about legally defining people men and women based on biology at birth, from the birth certificate and then genetic test going necessary, which raise as whole new thing. the federal government doing genetic testing on its people going to think a little bit about that before we get into it. then there is the matter -- then there is beto o'rourke down in the race that's happening down in texas with ted cruz, remember, he was lyin' ted. remember, his father was there for the a assassination of jfk. remember, his wife has
12:31 pm
physical not even going to say it. it was very ugly. he said that's overrule. is he not lying ted, anymore. is he beautiful ted. texas ted. again, biblicals. the coming at you new stories that started bubble up last week idea of middle class tabletion cut. he said he was going to do it by the first week of november. that was last week. he will couldn't do that because congress is not in session. today there is new story. today 10% tax cut. take you through the legislature -- i meant go through congress on this once they get back in session after the midterms. we have a 21-million-dollar deficit. and there is debt. the united states national debt is $21.4 million. and there is a huge sessionments of the republican party on hot president would rely to institutes a 10% tax cut on the middle class that would say how are we going to pay
12:32 pm
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or swelling at the injection site and constipation. these are your days what will each one bring? doesn't matter, as long as you can say... "i am here." talk to your doctor about preventing migraine with aimovig. and be there more. ♪ >> shepard: top pit bulls left over fropit -- topics leftg gender. beto o'rourke and ted cruz. 10% tax cut for the middle class and saudi arabia. and the murder of "the washington post" columnist and journalist. we will get to all of them. first that washington isn't big the saudi's story for obvious reasons and there is new information on the pile we already had to explain exactly why. get this. a man dressed in jamal khashoggi's very own clothes was caught on camera leaving the saudi consulate in
12:37 pm
turkey on the day interrogators killed him. and around the same time a member of the sawedy's crown prince entourage made four phone calls to the prince's office. that's according to turkish media. cnn releasing surveillance images of what turkish officials describe as a body double. look at this. the dead "the washington post" contributor. the real khashoggi on the left here, and on the right a man cnn correspondent marissa ward who used to work here at fox news was parity of the team that killed the writer. the critic of the saudi government. the saudi foreign minister telling fox news the killing was a mistake that came at the hands of rogue operatives. a forensic expert was to be said amongst the bunch so they could saw up this body. body double and evidence of that he told the saudi representative told fox news that the saudi crown prince was not involved in any way despite members of his own security detail being the
12:38 pm
ones on the hit squad at the consulate. >> there were pictures of some security officers who may have been part of his security detail from time to time. this is normal security people who deal in security details rotate among different officials both domestic and foreign. having somebody in a picture does not imply that they are close at all. the has denied this and not aware of this. >> shepard: four from the security detail the accusation is we are part of the runs who murdered and chopped him up and scene dense anandcoincidence and comm. "special report" bret baier 6:00, 5 central. don't miss that here in the united states lawmakers from both parties think thought only was the crown prince aware of the killing, mbs, the main guy in charge. the day-to-day leader, but that that day-to-day leader likely ordered this operation. the president's senior vo
12:39 pm
and son-in-law jared kushner is very close with the crown prince. today, jared kushner said gave the prince some advice on how to handle the investigation. >> just to be transparent. fully transparent. the world is watching. this is a very, very serious accusation and very serious accusation and to make sure you are transparent and to take this very seriously. >> shepard: that from cnn. kushner asked how the crown prince responded to that and he said we'll see. turkish officials are releasing more information from their investigation. >> they are, shep. turkish state government and media are the drivers behind much of the releases of information out there and being reported. latest comes from a turkish broadcaster saying the police have found a car in a parking garage in istanbul they say belongs to the saudi consulate. turkish authorities show the footage of man transfer a package from that car to another car with diplomatic
12:40 pm
plates and they are investigating this as part of the murder of jamal khashoggi. the saudi government says it's working with turkey to locate khashoggi's body. turkish president he had gone says tomorrow, earlier in the morning, is he going to divulge some more of the details that they say they found in the turkish investigation. shep. >> shepard: that's because they is a deadline. they will have to meet a deadline or they will come out with the whole thing u turkey wants something. >> there is a number of different things that turkey could be wanting here. relationship with the kurds. money, loans, number of different things as analyst you had do be parts of this relationship. this is also as republicans and democrats are saying in congress as you mentioned this explanation from the saudis just isn't credible. >> shepard: no, just isn't work. going to try to keep mbs from hard reasonable doubt. thicker than oil, america's
12:41 pm
uneasy partnership with saudi arabia. she served counsel of foreign regions an relations and scientists reducing threats humanity. thank you so much. it's nice to meet you. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: we are in precarious. i don't know if this is tipping point. i would be interesting at having your inputs at it. deadlines, a lot of information. the saudis don't want msnbc. crow -- wantmbs. the united states just wants things to calm down. >> it's all being played out for all of to us watch. the administration is clearly trying to give the saudis some time to figure their way out of this. it's really unclear how that is possible. we have got a lot of eggs in the saudi basket right now. saudis have blood on their hands at the highest levels.
12:42 pm
>> they have blood on their hands. when you make friends like, this you know part of the danger. they used to keep it all quiet. but, since mbs, not so much. what happened? >> well, there is a couple things that happened. you are absolutely right. there is a new leader. and he is young. he is 33 years old. and is he kind of tired of all of this. he wants to be out there and be bold and change this country and bring it into the 21st century really fast and hard everything is out in public. at the same time the administration has also been really tight and very public with the saudis. there hasn't been a focus on human rights or anything like that that tends to bound leaders like the saudis because it gives them boundaries about what they can actually do. so, we have been public in our embrace and they have been public in politics. it's been two trains headed to a big crash. that's where we are right now.
12:43 pm
leaving us and them very little room to maneuver. >> shepard: if we get to a point and we're not there yet. if we get to a point, for instance, the audio of the murder comes out. you hear the doctors say listen to the music, this is too gross. you hear sawing his body up. if we get to the point whole world knows. and mbs actually ordered it. how do we continue a relationship with a country just murdered a guy has three measure kids and working for "the washington post"? >> you know, i don't know how mohammed bin salman, mbs, i don't know how he weathers this storm. i have been saying that from the beginning. this is really, the saudis don't like to be this public. i don't see how they move forward with him in the role that he is in. there is not a lot of alternatives at the moment. i'm sure they are looking at it very carefully to figure outlined a way out of this. >> shepard: thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> shepard: three other matters we have to get, to remember? the race down in texas, we
12:44 pm
just got through the zawty parts. the trump administration considering a moves to end government protections from pun heads of thousands of transjeopardy americans. reporters just asked about it. then you will hear about this 10% tax cut for the middle class right before the election u stay tuned. if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, it could cost you your life. it's time to get out of line with upmc.
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>> shepard: tax cuts gender. considering legally defining gender as somebody's biological sex at birth a move roll back civil rights protections for transgender americans. that's according to the reporting of multiple news agencies including the "new york times." it reports a draft of a memo from the department of health and human services argues that government agencies need a uniform definition of gender, according to the times the memo reads in part sex means a person's status male or female based on immutable
12:49 pm
biological traits identifiable by or before birth. the sex listed on a person's birth certificate as originally issued shall constitute definitive proof of a person's sex unless we butted by reliable genetic evidence. a 2016 study out of ucla 1.4 million americans identify as transgender. blake burman is live at the white house. blake? >> hi there, shepard, i should know at the top here. we'll reached out to health and human services a spokesperson earlier today. they would not comment on this draft document that the "new york times" reports about. we just heard from president trump on the south lawn of the white house. relating to this "new york times" story that it is something that they're looking at taking seriously. in any event, this document that the "new york times" reports on says that h.h.s. is looking at the definition of sex under chapter 89 protections and whether or not sex should be defined as how one is born or how one identifies themselves.
12:50 pm
this was the president moments ago. watch. >> i'm protecting everybody. do you know what i'm doing? i'm protecting everybody. i want to protect our country. >> >> reaction from the human rights campaign is as you would expect, shepard. they call this a destructive precedent, rather. that the administration would be engaging in. they say, quote: the trump-pence administration tends to erase lbgtq people from civil rights protection evoice rates enforcement of nondiscrimination laws defining sex in narrow language tailored to the talking points of anti equality extremists as part of a deliberatelyive strategy to eliminate protection for lbgtq people there has been nationwide concern surrounding this shepard as well. the #won't be erased has been trending on twitter. >> shepard: protests in washington today. blake, thanks. >> you gout it. >> shepard: two more things from the president on the lawn there, one of them the rails down in texas. ted cruz and beto o'rourke.
12:51 pm
lying ted cruz. beautiful ted cruz. that ted cruz. and also the proposal for a 10% tax cut that he first was going to do before congress was even in session. that he now says is going to happen after the midterms. those will be covered next. ♪ place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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>> shepard: two topics left from lyin' ted to beautiful ted. giving the president a new nickname. the president on his way to campaign for ted cruz. 15 days away from midterm elections could change which party controls either or both houses of congress. we will see. get back to jean cummings now deputy bureau chief for the "wall street journal" fox news parent company share common ownership. nothing new for a complete flip flop by any politician of any stripe. we have been watching this for a long time. the last cycle we pointed out repeatedly. let's not forget the details. he directly attacked his wife's looks, suggested his father was involved in the assassination of a put. and in addition, called him lyin' ted and it stuck like molasses. >> it's not like the senator
12:56 pm
took it lying down. he turned around and called the president a moral and refused to endorse him on the stage at the rnc convention. there was lots of blood in the water between these two guys. but, as you say, shep. you know, nothing new in politics. what? you know. i changed my mind because it's expedient? i believe we have seen this story before. and, it's going to be on display right out there in texas in the not quite biggest stadium down there in the state. >> shepard: i'm going to talk to business folks in a second. the politics of this. this came up 18 days before the midterms and he first said he was going to get this through at first week in november. congress wouldn't have even been in session then it was utterly preposterous. we are now at a place where it's politically bordering on the same. >> that one is pretty crass. even by our standards which are pretty low. but, you know, the republicans have talked
12:57 pm
about trying to do something like this in the fall. they decided that they couldn't. there is no guarantee that even if they were to hold the house, in november that they would be able to pass such a thing when they came back for all the reasons that you say. it's expensive and not paid for. >> shepard: but that's the idea. i mean, that's the idea. you say we have got to keep us in here in the midterms even in the house or you won't get a tax cut that's. >> you raise the stakes of the election. i always wonder if they might have been better off holding off on kavanaugh. elevation would have been in the midterms. they decided they couldn't risk it. they got it done. now they have created a new stake in the midterms good of you jean. always appreciate you and everybody at the "wall street journal." >> always happy to do it for you, shep. >> shepard: continuing with tax cuts. gerri willis is here. this is more b. more than politics. even within his own party.
12:58 pm
this is about money. and a lot of money. and you what happens to our deficit. you already found out that our deficit is going up 17% to $779 billion. another tax cut, would just push that further. right? we would just owe more money at the end of the day. as you were mentioning in the break, who is going to support this? is the far right wing of the party going to support this? they don't like deficits. liberals, democrats aren't going to support anything from trump. how do this advance? >> shepard: well, it could certainly be a taking point. but to try to carve out a place for another middle class tax cut. you wonder if this isn't a reflection of widespread across the nation would show this tax cut people are looking at. >> shepard: the recidivism and the corporations. >> 35% for corporations. previously 21% now. and, of course what a lot of americans felt too which we forget now you saw some of your prized deductions
12:59 pm
rolled back like the mortgage deduction was brought in a little bit. people have had a hair cut on this stuff. particularly in blue states. and it seems to me that the president is going to make a big promise right here before the election u. >> above all, there was -- it was implicitly and in some places explicitly stated that when these companies, these big corporations got all these tax cuts that they would hire more people and give people raises. the unemployment rate has certainly dropped. there are not indications that there are widespread raises that have crossed america lower and middle class. >> wages have not gone up as much as we would expect in an economy like this. that's for sure. we want to see more improvement and employee raises and the amount of money folks are earning that hasn't happened yet. some people say it's because, look, you know, inflation is not that high. you know, maybe people don't need it. it's certainly something people are keeping an eye on. >> shepard: gerri willis thank you very much. >> thank you very much.
1:00 pm
>> shepard: on a busy news day. i think you got through six stop picks. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. taking a final look at the dow in the last 10 seconds of the trading day. the dow is down 122. the best in business is coming up next. this is fox news channel, america's choice for news and information on cable. ♪ >> guatemala, honduras, el salvador they are paid a lot of money every year we give them foreign aid and they did nothing for us. nothing. >> neil: cutting off the caravan by cutting the cash get ready because the threat is on and can you say it in a variety of languages wages, welcome, everybody this is neil cavuto and this is "your world." fox on top of a caravan of migrants that won't stop. 7,000 strong as it makes its way towards the united states. then the big question is what happens at that point. three ofhe


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