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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 23, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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facts from getting out to the republican this is the way you do it. the fact that a republican-controlled house wouldn't let more republicans in to question rod rosenstein about whether he and the f.b.i. >> big congratulations to "fox were talking about trying to remove the president from & friends" first. they welcome their son greyson john moore to the world office, the fact that the yesterday. mom and baby are doing great. justice department doesn't want to answer questions of congratulations. >> bill: well done. congress, congress in this case good morning, everybody. is way too defer entionall. breaking news on the disappearance of this columnist. >> bill: you know goodlatte and gowdy. breaking at the moment where do you not trust that they ask sky news reports body parts the appropriate questions? have been found in istanbul. >> i don't trust that the information will get out to the the network saying the remains american people in a timely way were discovered in the garden of the saudi consul general's and i don't trust that home. more on this breaking news as we get it from the state generally speaking members of congress and congressional committees doing these types of department. another alert. 14 days from mid-terms. investigations behind closed two weeks from today is the big doors. a series of other witnesses vote as the growing caravan recently questioned. we still don't know what they continues its course toward the u.s. said. it's tuesday and we're i'm tired of these secret jam-packed. testimonies before congress. i'm bill hemmer live in new >> bill: one more question and york. i'll move on to the next area. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. the one group that started out goodlatte says lawmakers will
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be allowed to view the from honduras now said to have classified version of the grown to a mile long estimated interview before an unclassified one is made public. 7,000 people. president trump once again >> when will the unclassified blaming democrats for the one going to be made public? caravan during a rally in texas last night. >> president trump: you know how the caravan started? that's the question i have. the same justice department i think the democrats have something to do with it. that doesn't want to answer the now they're saying i think we made a big mistake. questions will be declassifying because people are seeing how material. i think that's a conflict. bad it is. and look, that is an assault on >> bill: what do you expect these members of congress to our country. that's an assault. get from rosenstein? and in that caravan you have >> well, i suspect he will say some very bad people. what he has been saying you have some very bad people. privately in response to and we can't let that happen to questions about this meeting our country and it is not. with the f.b.i. about i was just talking to your wiretapping the president, great governor and senators and invoking 25th amendment that he you were talking about your attorney general who i will be was joking about the introducing in a second. wiretapping. he didn't say he was joking i'm talking to a lot of your people and they are going to about invoking the 25th amendment. form a wall, different kind of also discussed at that meeting a wall until we get the other in this meeting about one built. we need a wall built fast. overthrowing the president, removing him from office was >> sandra: william la jeunesse getting a special counsel is live in mexico. appointed. i just hope they focus on the
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what is the latest on all this? appointment of the special counsel. this is all about the mueller >> well, sandra, i will say operation and protecting the that this caravan represents mueller operation from being two issues for the president. questioned about its core -- about the way it was created. border security, and the families who would be it was created because rod requesting asylum. rosenstein thought he was under they've taken over this town the gun from democrats and square and stay here another getting pressure about comey night. yesterday was very tough. being fired and also a witness in the firing and to wash his it was hot. they went 25 miles. hands of the whole affair he people were looking for shade, begging for water. a lot are wearing only appointed mr. mueller, and on top of that you had comey flip-flops or crox. pressuring rosenstein, his friend, by stealing and then they have blisters. 9 out of 10 people have refused releasing president trump's asylum in mexico. as to the criminal issue. f.b.i. records. unbelievable circumstances. you can't see people if they >> bill: what do you think of the president saying he has no have a rap sheet. plans to fire rosenstein? the gangs have stopped with the that's been a parlor game in tattoos because it's too washington, d.c. for some time. obvious. >> he may have no plans today the border patrol arrests but he may have plans tomorrow. felons every day. it doesn't appear to have infiltrated by the mob. a lot of families. >> bill: we'll see which way most people are driven by the wind blows. now, a final question. poverty looking for a better
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life. you do not give the impression at all that you are going to be >> criminals are everywhere, satisfied from this despite the okay? it's criminals in here. fact that rosenstein finally will be . there it is. but it is not that many. >> this is why judicial watch it is good people here trying does its own investigations, to get through mexico and then because congress isn't get to the united states. necessarily the best vehicle it doesn't mean that everybody for transparency. is a criminal. and getting questions answered. we often get documents about key meetings like this >> the destination still sometimes before congress did. appears to be tijuana. for instance, the -- the shady just for perspective look at the map. it's 2400 miles away. at 20 miles a day, a four-month fisa warrant applications judicial obtained before the walk, sandra. >> sandra: william, what do the judiciary committee. we'll be doing our own work migrants know about the because we don't expect much president's threat to stop them from congress. from coming in? here you have congress basically getting down and >> they know about it but allowing mr. rosenstein to walk all over them and it is frankly u.s. sovereignty and our border laws is the last unbelievable to me. >> bill: thank you for your thing on their mind. time today. nice to see you. there is this disconnect. 19 past. >> sandra: former president people hear the ads that we're barack obama taking credit for running about don't come and our country's booming economy.
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it's not safe. they hear the president talking >> but when you hear all this about deporting them and talk about economic miracles arresting them. right now, remember who started but also even last night in his speech he admitted catch and it. >> sandra: this as he and release, right? he said that if people come, president trump hit the they will be released. campaign trail with only two weeks left in the mid-term that's what the relatives are elections. telling the families and there whose message will resonate are no deterrents to that. you're seeing a lot of children. with voters and it's double the reason for that is because trouble for a suspected car court decisions that say we thief. what happened when police had to chase their own car. can't hold families for more than 20 days. also, jobs are available. >> what is he doing? people and their families are >> trying to steal your car. telling them there is no i.d. >> stop! check. make $5 a day in honduras or $15 an hour living in the states. it seems obvious. as for border security, they if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, have no idea. only some make it, others don't and why it's worth the risk. it could cost you your life. it's time to get out of line with upmc. >> they have no idea. they think it will be that easy. at upmc, living-donor transplants put you first. we were saying that yesterday. just going to be -- we'll get to the border and get a job or so you don't die waiting. whatever. but it is not. they have no idea what they are upmc does more living-donor liver transplants going to go through. than any other center in the nation.
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>> it appears that this caravan will stay together. find out more and get out of line today. they fear taking the train would be crime and taking the bus they fear being deported. it is very possible they'll stay together. >> sandra: william la jeunesse in the middle of it all in mexico for us. thank you. >> president trump: got to vote for ted cruz. his opponent in this race is a stone cold phony named robert francis o'rourke. sometimes referred to as beto. and he pretends to be a moderate. but he is actually a radical open borders left winger. that's what he is. >> bill: this is a big rally. houston, texas. some waited 24 hours to get in the door. that while the president supporting ted cruz's reelection. mid-terms two weeks away. byron york to analyze. good day to you.
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it went about one hour 15 minutes last night, maybe a little longer. he got 12,000 or 13,000 people inside and outside. here is the one critical line that i felt two weeks away from an election sitting president makes a closing argument of sorts. watch. >> president trump: i hate to tell you, i think the lines are bigger tonight than they were two years ago? you know why? because i produced. two years ago, 2 1/2 years ago i had to get up and say we'll give you tax cuts, we'll cut regulations. it was all words. now i've produced so this is easy. >> bill: he has a message and there it is. >> the president talked a lot about not going backward on the progress he has made. he talked about his role in getting rid of job-killing regulations. you just heard him talking about the tax cuts. he talked a lot about the supreme court. in which he has appointed not just two supreme court justices but a record number of appeals
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court justices as well. regardless of the day-to-day controversy that surrounds the president, these are things that a lot of conservative republicans have had as policy goals for a long time. >> bill: that's the message on the republican side. what's the democratic message 14 days out? >> harder to discern. i think what we've seen in recent days when there appears to be more momentum on the republican side, a number of democrats are looking at each other saying wait a minute, what was the message? for a long time they thought simply opposing trump was a good enough message. and the polls were bearing them out. they were showing democrats doing quite well in those affluent, educated suburban districts. >> bill: a woman from oklahoma some had voted for trump in the past. suspected of stealing a car the democrats for a while decides to double down. thought that simply opposing the president was enough. now they're a little more worried. >> bill: the piece you wrote tulsa police stop a car and the officer held her in a cruiser this morning. trump and cruz complete the and then this happens.
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transaction in texas. explain that. >> what is she doing? >> what a difference a couple of years make. >> trying to steal your car. a couple of years ago right >> stop! after the indiana primary ted cruz unloaded on donald trump. he called him a pathological >> bill: that actually happens in life. >> sandra: who was holding the liar, a bully, a narcissist. camera? >> it could have been a body cam. police say the woman managed to he was talking about bad feelings about donald trump. slip out of her handcuffs, got last night was a love fest in behind the wheel of the officer's car and fled. houston and ted cruz talked they tracked her down later about how proud he was to work inside of an apartment building and she is facing multiple alongside president trump. president trump said great charges. >> sandra: that could be very things about ted cruz. president trump in the past dangerous. then a chase pursued. scary stuff. having attacked ted cruz's >> bill: cops did well. wife, his father, his character, everything. so what accounts for this? >> sandra: thank goodness for those body cams. it's really an astonishing all right. >> president trump: nobody ever example of the power of voters. had the condition of having the voters made a decision. produced the greatest economy ted cruz got in line. in the history of our country, the president is in line and right? now they are together as if nobody. nothing ever happened. >> bill: amazing stuff. so i don't understand why would we lose the house? thank you, byron. texas ted is the new name. i think we'll do great with the house and fantastic with the
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senate so that we can keep we'll call you beltway byron, how is that? making america great again. do you like that? >> i don't know. [cheering and applause] a little too insular there. >> sandra: president trump >> bill: let me work on it. praising the u.s. economy see you tomorrow. >> sandra: we have a great saying it could help republicans hold onto the house lineup of guests for you today in upcoming mid-term elections. to talk mid-term elections by the way, just two weeks away. because we are getting close. art laffer is a former karl rove will join us later in the hour with analysis. economics advisor to president plus we'll also talk to reagan and joins us now. welcome back. good morning to you. missouri senate candidate josh this piece is incredibly hawley as well as congresswoman informative that you put out. martha mcsally and senator john senate outlook 2018 really barrasso. that's a lineup. gives us an idea of what is at >> bill: we look forward to that. we had rove pick not a house stake here. first off, what is your race but a state and we also had him pick one senate race he projection? you're looking at the u.s. is watching with early voting. that's coming up. economy. what is your projections as far >> sandra: fox news alert. as what happens with the house and senate at this point? >> the house i think is close to being a toss-up. disappearance of "washington i really don't understand all post" columnist jamal khashoggi. the districts and how everything plays out there. but in the senate i really do they have found body parts careful analysis of each state belonging to khashoggi. what are we learning? and also the u.s. economy and the gallup poll going way back in time and how many seats are >> turkish president erdogan says there is strong evidence up and what states they're in and all of that. that saudi official plotted and my guess is the republicans
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pick up two to four seats in planned jamal khashoggi's murder and the killing was no the senate. i think they get up to 53 to accident as saudi officials have claimed. the turkish president also says 55, 46 to 47 to 45 in the that khashoggi went to the consulate a week before and senate. i think that will be a very that notified saudi official efs he would have to return and important condition for the then the information was given coming two years. i think the senate is really to the team that planned and critical for president trump executed the murder of the and i think he will succeed in journalist. that was the beginning of the getting a much more favorable planning phase. senate than he has had so far consular officers and officials and it has been pretty good so left for their countries in haste and this points in the far. >> sandra: how crucial is it direction that some preparation that republicans hold onto the was indeed done. senate and his policies? erdogan gave few details beyond that claiming strong evidence. >> the senate is far more he says 15 saudis came to the important than the house. we have a lot of bills through consulate ahead of khashoggi's the house. arrival calling them a hit team we've done really well. that tax bill was the best ever in the first term ever of any saying they disabled the cameras inside the consulate. president and it was amazing. the bills in the house are all he also says they employed a fine and almost all gone. body double to make it appear but the senate which is he left the embassy alive. confirmation area, that's what is really important in the next erdogan also says saudi teams two years. we may get another supreme explored a forest near istanbul court decision to be made. and the northwest before we'll get a lot of judges murdering khashoggi. he is still asking for the through there. we'll have a lot of other stuff
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location of khashoggi's body. coming up in the senate that i think it's really important to sky news reports officials found body parts and one source keep good, solid, clear thinking republicans in office suggested they were in the in the senate. i'm very excited about the next two years for president trump. i think he will come into his garden of the consul general's glory days to be honest with you and the economy and maybe residence. he said the murder happened even another area like north korea and russia and china and inside a saudi diplomatic all the trade deals. grounds. turkish officials have given >> sandra: you've been horrific details of what is an incredibly optimistic about audio recording they have of the murder. though the turkish president didn't address that at all. saudi officials and the saudi government have denied much of this economy. >> sandra: what happens if the this saying it was an house or senate could flip? interrogation gone wrong and >> the house could flip. the highest levels of the saudi i don't think it would make government were not aware of much difference. the plot. >> sandra: thank you. if the senate flipped, that >> bill: 12 past the hour. would be a huge blue wave to fox news alert. nail the republicans and explosive device found near the frankly it would bode poorly home of george soros. for the next two years. why police are saying the big when you look at the people in democratic donor may have been there. the target. look at the people, mnuchin, >> sandra: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein set to kudlow. it doesn't get better. be grilled behind closed doors tomorrow by top members of two kevin hassett. you have the best economics house committees. team in the white house that some gop lawmakers upset about i've seen in generations.
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that's the type of advice the the interview format. we'll explain. president needs to be getting >> bill: the president says he and he is getting it. will send in the u.s. military i think he is doing a great job to stop the migrant caravan if with it. needed. in my world, sandra, economics so far there is no sign of the is everything. economics is the power, the caravan slowing down. former arkansas governor mike source of everything in the huckabee is here on that and a economy and i think he looks really good. whole lot more coming up right >> sandra: thanks for bringing now. >> president trump: we need a up larry kudlow. he was just on fox a few wall built fast, fast. we have to protect our borders. moments ago and he was responding at one point during his discussion to some comments we don't have borders, we don't have a country. from president -- former we have to protect our borders. president barack obama who seemed to be taking credit for of nowhere. the booming economy in las you do, too, but not in time. vegas yesterday. watch. >> but when you hear all this hey, no big deal. you've got a good record talk about economic miracles and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge right now, remember who started by raising your rates over one mistake. it. i just hope people notice that you hear that, karen? every time there is a pattern liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... where they kind of -- they run things into the ground and we how mature of them. have to come back and clean for drivers with accident forgiveness things up. >> sandra: here is larry liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. kudlow, the president's chief liberty mutual insurance. economic advisor this morning ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ responding to that. watch. >> i don't think he is right with all respect to former
6:13 am
president obama. under his stewardship the so-called recovery was 2% average per year, which is really the worst since i believe since the depression. and already we have beaten our critics, including obama's staff people. we're running an economy that's 3 to 4% economic growth. he is a tax cutter. the big difference from his predecessor who was a tax hiker. >> sandra: didn't obama say sustained growth over 4% wasn't is important to me so father being diagnosed with advanced even possible? >> he said that yet every year non-small cell lung cancer made me think of all the things that i wanted to teach my kids. he forecasted growth over 3% (avo) another tru story with keytruda. and every year he revised it to (roger) my doctor said i could start on keytruda a horrible number. so i did. they had these hopes and dreams with each scan things just got better. and never came true for the (avo) in a clinical study, keytruda offered patients eight years. obama is a silver-tongued a longer life than chemotherapy. person. and it could be your first treatment. he looks like a delightful keytruda is for adults with non-small cell lung cancer person. i would like to get to know him. that has spread... he is a wonderful guy. ...who test positive for pd-l1 you want to believe him but it and whose tumors do not have an abnormal "egfr" or "alk" gene.
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is not true. it's the immunotherapy with the most fda-approved uses for kudlow is right. it's the single worst recovery advanced lung cancer. keytruda can cause your immune system to by any president. i would think he would hide attack normal organs and tissues in your body from that but he runs right and affect how they work. this can happen anytime into it every time. the worst recovery ever. during or after treatment and may be severe and lead to death. >> sandra: president trump see your doctor right away if you experience new or worsening cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, taking a lot of -- this piece gives a people a good idea of diarrhea, severe stomach pain or tenderness, nausea or vomiting, what is at stake in the rapid heartbeat, constipation, mid-term elections and lays it out very clearly. changes in urine, changes in eyesight, good to have you on the program. muscle pain or weakness, >> thank you very much. joint pain, confusion or memory problems, >> bill: an explosive device fever, rash, itching or flushing, was discovered near the home -- as this may keep these problems from becoming more serious. before we go there, however, check the markets. these are not all the possible side effects of keytruda. that's the open. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions 9:30 in north -- new work. including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant or lung, breathing, or liver problems. some concerns about tariffs in (roger ) before i'd think of the stuff i might miss. china and trade and on and on but now with keytruda, we have hope. it goes. if you're a negative person you (avo) living longer is possible. can find negative news anywhere it's tru. keytruda, from merck. you go. ask your doctor about keytruda. >> sandra: it's amazing that a 400-point drop is still less
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than a 2% drop. but this will scare a few folks into thinking that possibly there is a bigger sell-off coming. we'll watch it. >> bill: might be a good buy. we don't give stock advice. an explosive device by the home of george soros. president trump says he will send in the military if he must to stop the caravan. former arkansas governor mike huckabee takes that on live next. in the u.s. >> bill: 9:15 in new york. big day tomorrow in washington deputy a.g. rod rosenstein expected to face tough it's really this constant juxtaposition questions behind closed doors in front of lawmakers from two when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. house committees. some republicans do not like with more businesses starting every day, the format. how do they plan for their financial wellness? want to bring in tom fitton, i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. president of judicial watch. good morning to you. so i have to manage my time wisely. just so our viewers know, they took about 30 lawmakers and took it down to four. plan your financial life with prudential.
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are standing by. so call now. for a nasty cold, take new dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. whoa and vaporize it with an intense rush of vicks vapors. ahhhhh. new dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. the daytime, coughing, stuffy head, vaporize your cold medicine. introducing vicks vapocool drops, to vaporize your sore throat. breathe freely fast with vicks sinex. sniff my congestion's gone. i can breathe again. i can breathe again. sniff. ohh. vicks sinex, breathe on. >> president trump: i'm talking to a lot of your people and they are going to form a wall, different kind of a wall, until we get the other one built. we need a wall built fast, fast. we have to protect our borders. we don't have borders, we don't have a country. we have to protect our borders.
6:19 am
>> sandra: president trump pushing the importance of building that border wall as a massive migrant caravan makes its way toward the u.s. border. the president saying he will send in the u.s. military to deal with it if he has to. mike huckabee former governor of arkansas and fox news contributor joins us now. what do you make of the president's approach as we watch thousands of migrants heading to the u.s. border? he is vowing to stop this. >> well, and he should because he is president of the united states and one of the main jobs he has is protecting america. there is no doubt there are desperate people, some women and children who are in that horde of people coming this way. we don't know who is in that great vast number of people and quite frankly we already do know there are some people who have some nefarious intentions. the fact is, if you're an immigrant you knock on the door and say may i come in? i would like to work and become part of your country. we are seeing people demanding
6:20 am
that they'll come in and nothing will stop them. that's not an immigration. that's an invasion. and that is not something that we have a responsibility to accept. we have a responsibility to stop. >> sandra: what does this look like? we know they are a long way from the southern border of the united states. when this actually does happen, it seems to be the caravan growing in numbers. the last we heard it's grown to numbers greater than 7,000. and if this does happen, the president is vowing to send as many troops as necessary to stop this caravan from entering the country, what does that look like? >> well, it will look ugly, quite frankly. but i'll tell you what also looks ugly is the fact that what we have is again an invasion. and you just can't stand there and say well, if there is that many of you, then we'll go ahead and look the other way. because then you've really created a wide open door. and it will never stop.
6:21 am
i don't understand, what it looks like in some ways, sandra, it is a registration line for democrat voters. the democrats have been silent about this. why? do they not care about the border of our country? do they not care and have any interest in sorting out who is really coming here under the guise of asylum and who is coming here because they feel like they can because nobody can stop them because they're too great in numbers. if we can't stop an invasion of several thousand people who feel they have a right to break into our homes and come in and say we're going to do whatever we want, then we aren't a very strong country anymore. >> sandra: the president spent a lot of time talking about this last night. is this and will this be a winning issue for republicans a couple weeks from now? >> i hate to use it in those terms. but in crass political language yes, it will be.
6:22 am
if the republicans look like they actually care about protecting america and the democrats look like they shrug their shoulders and look the other way as people who we have no idea why they're coming except they burn our flag and using profanity to talk about america, that's not how you immigrate to a country you want to be a part of and a simulate into. i keep talking about an invasion. it's what it becomes in many of the thousands of those people who aren't coming here because they respect, love and want to be part of america but quite a opposite. we have no responsibility to let them in. we have a responsibility to make sure we keep them the heck out. >> sandra: we've heard the president slamming central american countries, threatening to withhold aid saying that they should be doing more to stop this. we are watching it. that caravan is making its way through mexico as we speak. governor mike huckabee. thank you. nice to see you this morning. >> bill: 22 before the hour.
6:23 am
an investigation underway after an explosive device was found near the home of billionaire soros. what do we know so far? >> good morning, bill. yesterday at 3:45 in the arn a suspicious package was found inside the mailbox of a home owned by democratic mega donor george soros. the mailbox is located at the end of a driveway by a security gate and acres of land behind the security gate. it wasn't near a home. according to the bedford police an employee of the residence opened the package. inside there appeared to be an explosive device. the employee decided to move the device to a wooded area and called the police. the police bomb squad deactivated the device by detonating it. mr. soros was not at home at the time and the f.b.i. continues to investigate. it comes at a time when soros's
6:24 am
name was been invoked by right wing activist t. matt gates suggested that soros was part of talking about him funding liberal protestors. >> bill: brian yenis. >> sandra: monday night football. the woes of the new york giants continue. matt ryan was lights out throwing for nearly 400 yards completing his last 18 straight passes. falcons win 23-20. the giants fall to 1-6. got anything to say about that, bill? >> bill: i feel an obligation now. falcons, they're a good team down there.
6:25 am
giants are going the other way. that's about the finest analysis you'll get from an nfl watcher. >> sandra: thank you for that. >> bill: go bengals. he is kidding. the search for this missing wisconsin teenager expanding yet again as investigators have identified at least two vehicles that might be related to her disappearance. we're live on the ground to give you the latest. >> sandra: president trump taking his message on the campaign trail 14 days to go. in a moment karl rove will tell us what you need to watch. >> president trump: this will be the election of the caravan, kavanaugh, law and order, tax cuts and common sense. that's what it is, common sense. we want to do whatever's best for the individual service-person. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans
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and active-duty service people, and they and their families. we're the ones there to help them. people are doing hard, arduous, difficult, dangerous things. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. they're willing to do that for you, for me, and for our family. so for us, at newday, to have the opportunity to turn around and help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about. ♪
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>> president trump: we're talking about this blue wave, oh, you don't hear about the
6:29 am
blue wave. you're not hearing so much. the blue wave is being dissipated a little bit. i don't hear them. are you guys still talking about the blue wave? >> bill: that was a crowd in houston, texas, last night. 20,000 inside, 3,000 outside. karl rove from austin, how are you doing? good day to you. thank you for being here. here is what i did. i asked you to pick one senate race, and then i asked you to pick one state that represents the house race. you picked two states. that's what we'll do as we go through this. are you okay with that? >> absolutely. >> bill: so the senate race right now, the reason why this is so critical is because the match-up right now 51 republicans, 49 democrats. you chose the state of nevada. it is razor close. if democrats flip it from red to blue you see what happens here. dean heller is running out there in nevada. he is in a really good race with the democrats jackie rosen.
6:30 am
here it is. heller and rosen. you go back to 2016, hillary clinton won this state by about 2.5 percentage points. why did you choose nevada? >> well, because if the republicans hold nevada they'll add to their numbers in the senate and probably go to 53 or 54 seats. if the democrats can't take nevada in all likelihood they won't make inroads in the other republican seats that are up for grabs and they are likely to lose more ground than expected in the seats that they hold. so i see nevada as the tipping point. if it goes republican it will be a good republican night. if it goes democrats, it still will be an okay republican night because of the map but it won't be the gains that we would otherwise have. >> bill: i'm watching the early voting, too. nevada is doing that. you can get a little bit of indication here or there. the house side. are you ready? >> one thing about nevada early
6:31 am
voting. one day or two days is not enough to make definitive judgments. we need to watch it. if you compare the republican turnout in two counties, only two counties, absent east and earlys. the republicans are voting 98% of the republicans who voted in 2016. the democrats are voting 70% of what they voted in 2016. the republicans make up 5.4% more of the turnout for early voting thus far in these two counties. these are the more democratic counties in the state. so this is a good sign for republicans. >> bill: do you hang your hat on those numbers? or do you use them with caution? >> i look at them with caution. this is a pretty dramatic difference from 2016 and even more so from 2014. both parties are much bigger than 2014 but the republicans seem to be doing a better job. one of the things we have rarely talked about during this election cycle is the huge amount of money and effort being put by the republican national committee into the ground game. we may have seen a hint of that
6:32 am
in nevada where they've done a good job. >> bill: i'm crunched on time and want to slam this in. so this is pennsylvania. let's go up to the regions here in the great american northeast. in pennsylvania, karl, we have six districts that are considered toss-ups. too close to call. come out here to california way out west we have -- we have eight districts that are considered toss-ups. you picked california first as the one to watch on the house side. how come? >> well, because with so many seats up, if this is a close divide between democrats and republicans for control of the house, it may actually be decided in california. two things about california. the polls close at 8:00 p.m. pacific which means 11:00 p.m. eastern and they have lots of mail-in ballots that can be mailed in on election day. what happens is we may not know
6:33 am
for several days if the control of the house is five or six seats one way or the other we may not know until they finish counting california not on tuesday or wednesday or thursday, but maybe friday or later. >> bill: all right. another pot of coffee. did you see the "wall street journal" poll from yesterday? you saw this, right? the voter interest in mid-terms 4 points in favor of democrats over republicans. i think the month prior it was 11 or 12. how much stock do you put in this? >> well, it's a pretty good trend. it started actually in early september that the gap -- the enthusiasm gap began closing. there was an accelerant called the kavanaugh hearings that added gasoline onto an already burning fire. that gap has closed in virtually every instrument or survey that measured some kind of enthusiasm earlier in the summer or fall. i don't know of a single one it
6:34 am
hasn't shown significant closure. democrats still lead on generic ballots and while that is down from september, it has been more durable than the enthusiasm measures. >> bill: come back soon. a lot to talk about. greetings in austin. >> sandra: we're two weeks away from the mid-term elections. one of the tightest senate races is in the state of missouri. republican challenger josh hawley trying to win claire mccaskill's seat and he will join us live at the top of the hour. and the mega millions jackpot reaching a whopping $1.6 billion. so what would you do with all that cash? we'll have a few ideas for you. that's next. here ya go, hon. hello! i'm an idaho potato farmer. did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato?
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>> sandra: lottery fever sweeping the nation with tonight's jackpot up to a record-breaking $1.6 billion. chances of winning the prize are tiny but it would pay for a lavish lifestyle. laura en gal is live. what kind of property could this type of money buy? >> you know, just a room with a view with a unit like this. check this out. that money can really buy things that only seem possible in your wildest dreams whether you're a gambler or just in search of fast cash fantasy. this is your day to take a shot for the pie in the sky. we're in this spectacular
6:39 am
dueplex in 157. one of the most highly sought off properties in new york city. you could have coffee here or champagne at night. the most expensive unit in this building went for $100.5 million earlier this year. this unit $28.5 million. you can do it if you win the money tonight. as we look around and my cameraman shows you the spectacular views of central park, let's talk about the other things that this money can buy. we are talking about a possible -- we've been talking about the jackpot at 1.6. it boils down differently. but you could also take your winnings and travel to space with virgin galactic for $250,000. purchase the graph pink diamond for $46 million.
6:40 am
buy a tibet mastiff. people are lining up to buy their tickets in record numbers. the odds of winning are 1 in 302.5 million many say they're happy to have a chance to dream this big. >> sandra: very nice. nice looking site of one of new york's fanciest addresses. >> bill: the caravan of migrants charting a course for the u.s. president trump vows to stop them with the military if he must. stunning new developments today in the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. details on that when we come back. if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family,
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or call 1-877-423-5734. >> sandra: a fox news alert for you amid new reports that body parts belonging to jamal khashoggi have been found. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" tuesday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. busy day. the report on his remains coming from our sister network sky news. meanwhile turkey's president claiming that saudi officials planned the columnist's brutal killing in advance. the trump administration responding to the international crisis. steve mnuchin has been sent to meet with the saudi crown prince and greg palkot is live with the latest. >> more on that sky report in a moment. let's first, however, get to what turkish president erdogan had to say about the horrible killing of jamal khashoggi. it happened just three weeks ago. he confirmed a lot of what
6:45 am
we've been hearing regarding anonymous tips. first of all he said the killing of the "washington post" writer at the consulate was a planned, premeditated attack and that runs absolutely counter to what the saudi account has been. that it was an accidental death after an interrogation and a fight. erdogan also confirmed that 15 saudis arrived in turkey just before the killing and left shortly after and all of as he described it various qualifications and able to commit the murder. here is a bit more of what he had to say. >> all evidence gathered shows that jamal khashoggi was the victim of a savage murder. to cover up such savagery would hurt the human conscience. >> one big question, where is the body of khashoggi and his body parts. it was claimed he was cut up
6:46 am
after being killed. as bill noted the sister network sky news in the u.k. says quoting two sources that they have been found and that perhaps they were buried or around the saudi consul general's house. we haven't been able to independently confirm that and we have also gotten a report from the istanbul prosecutor denying it. the sky reporter is a good one. was saudi crown prince bin salman responsible? erdogan didn't say that but did say it wasn't just the 15 or 18 that were arrested but higher up had to have been involved. in fact, there is word today that crown prince bin salman met with members of the family of khashoggi. as noted, too, trump administration very involved, very interested in this as c.i.a. director looking for questions, maybe a lot more questions raised today. back to you, bill. >> bill: greg palkot from
6:47 am
london. the massive wave of migrants growing by the day. guatemala reporting 1,000 more on the way from honduras. president trump blaming democrats for this gathering. >> president trump: you know how the caravan started? i think the democrats had something to do with it and now they are saying i think we made a big mistake. that is an assault on our country. that's an assault. and in that caravan you have some very bad people. you have some very bad people. and we can't let that happen to our country. >> bill: kevin corke live from the white house now picks up the story from there. >> good morning. for the president and indeed the party in power this migrant march toward the usa is really motivation for the gop base to get out and vote. that's the feeling at the white house. white house officials have been adamant not enough tough questions are being asked about this so-called migrant march.
6:48 am
what happens to the caravan if they come all the way to the u.s. like where will they all go? where will they be housed, clothed, and fed and who pays for that and what will they do for work? what about the american workers they would then displace? where will they find work? that is what the president was talking about last night in a rally in houston, texas. this need for a balanced but legal approach to immigration. >> president trump: we want people to come into our country. we have a 3.7% unemployment, the lowest it's been in more than 50 years, but they have to come in legally. and they have to come in through merit. through merit. we need a wall built fast, fast. [cheering and applause] we have to protect our borders. we don't have border, we don't have a country. we have to ro p tekt our borders. >> on the other side of the
6:49 am
issue a number of people not that man, ted cruz the reason for the president's visit to the great state of texas. cruz is locked in a battle with o'rourke. cruz leading the latest polls by 8 points. don't forget this afternoon we expect to hear from the president as he addresses leaders from california, hawaii and alaska around 2:00 this afternoon. should anything else happen in the meantime i'll pass it along. back to you. >> bill: likely. kevin corke from the north lawn. thank you, sir. >> sandra: the mid-term elections are now just two weeks away and with control of the senate hanging in the balance the missouri race is neck and neck. according to real clear politics latest average republican josh hawley leads democratic incumbent claire mccaskill by less than 1 point. josh hawley is missouri's attorney general and he joins us now. well, good morning to you. it is looking pretty tight.
6:50 am
what is your strategy from this point on? >> our strategy is to talk about what the people of missouri care about. the things that they want, somebody who will support the agenda that they voted for in 2016. secure our border. stand up to those who threaten this country abroad. make sure that we get pro-constitution judges like brett kavanaugh on the bench. senator mccaskill has voted against every conservative supreme court justice. she is sponsoring an open borders bill. not what the people of this state want. >> sandra: what is your message as this caravan continues to make its way through mexico to the border now? >> i think this is an incredibly dangerous situation for the united states. i think the president is right that we have to meet this with a show of strength. and to have the democrats claire mccaskill sponsoring an open borders bill. she said the wall is embarrassing and mocked the very idea of it and voted for funding for sanctuary cities. this is the kind of weakness that invites this chaos.
6:51 am
it invites this national security crisis, really. that is exactly what we cannot afford. and the people of missouri don't want. >> bill: we did a poll two weeks ago. put it on screen. we have you guys dead even. mccaskill 46%. josh hawley 46%. where do you go over the next 14 days? >> we go, bill, to every corner of the state talking about the issues that matter to people in missouri. at the end of the day people in missouri want somebody for them. they want somebody who will stand with them to secure our border, to protect our workers, put pro-constitution on the bench and stand up to the mob mentality we see from the liberal left. that's what the folks of this state want and that's exactly what i'll do. >> bill: do you see part of your state that needs more attention? is it st. louis, rural areas, columbia, what is it? >> well, we don't write off any part of the state, bill.
6:52 am
that's a big difference between my opponent and myself. she has been caught on tape saying she is willing to give up votes in rural missouri. i'm not willing to give up votes in any part of the states. not the suburbs, cities or rural areas like where i group. we'll go to every corner and ask for every vote and talk about the pressing need of this hour to stand up for a strong america. >> sandra: you heard the president last night. quite a rally. he seems to be pretty optimistic to weeks out. what are your projections right now for your party? >> you know, i'm feeling very good. you look at the bright contrast, the big choice that we have in this election in missouri and around the country. a choice between a strong america and between chaos and weakness. because that really is the choice. the democrats are offering us chaos and weakness. you see it with the caravan crisis, you see it in the kavanaugh debacle. you see it with these mobs. i think the american people are
6:53 am
looking at that agenda and saying no thank you, that's not what we voted for. >> bill: do you need the president to come to missouri to help your chances? >> we would love to have him back in missouri. the president -- >> bill: are there plans for that? >> we've certainly -- i can't speak for the white house. we've certainly asked for the president to come and we're in regular communication with him and with the white house. and we would love for him to be here. >> sandra: what's at stake? if republicans do lose control, what's at stake with the president's policies and what does that look like? >> if we lose control of the senate and there is a liberal takeover, what we saw in the kavanaugh hearings is what we'll get 24/7. the democrats have already said the house democrats want to impeach justice kavanaugh. we know they would love to impeach the president. they have their open borders agenda teed up and the legislation written. i think it will be constant investigations, constant obstruction and government-run healthcare is also at the top of their list. it is really an extreme agenda
6:54 am
they want to impose on this country. we have to stop them in missouri. >> sandra: your race is obviously, when we talk about what's at stake it's integral in where this all goes. why do you think it's so tight? >> well, look, she is an incumbent and been in politics for 36 years. she has been on the ballot 22 or 23 times. she has been in politics as long as i've been alive and she collected a lot of chips. chuck schumer has spent over $20 million in this race in missouri. more here than anywhere else. all in negative ads. it doesn't bother me. the people of missouri won't allow this election to be bought by liberal outsiders. they are going to make up their own minds and we are going to win. >> bill: thank you for your time. it's a really good race to watch in the show-me state. columbia, missouri today. 11 past the hour now. wall street, giving up a little
6:55 am
bit. smitty. 432 as of the moment. >> sandra: geopolitical concerns, trade concerns, earnings this week, technology is selling off. nasdaq right now is on track for its worst month in 10 years. so some of those big technology names that led the u.s. stock market on the way up, there is concern that maybe they are losing a little steam here so some of those big names are selling off. that's leading to further selling on the dow. >> bill: some of these earnings have been good. >> sandra: need to be. >> bill: need to be. you hope they are. >> sandra: that's a sell-off, though. this is on the heels of a couple big selloffs that spooked the market, retail investors especially. all of us that have our 401ks that we're concerned about and shakes out some nervous investors when this happens and exacerbate the selling. to your point the profits are there. earnings are there. they've been backing up the fundamentals of the market. >> bill: jobs numbers are good,
6:56 am
too. 26,6,000 was high of the dow. you're off 1800 point. >> sandra: we aren't even looking at a correction. this is a sell-off in a strong bull market. we'll watch it. the senate race in arizona heating up. we'll talk to republican nominee martha mcsally about her closing message to voters. plus there's this. >> president trump: guatemala, honduras, el salvador are paid a lot of money every year we give them foreign aid and they did nothing for us, nothing. >> bill: president trump threatening to cut off aid to three central american countries. what does that do in the end? does it put pressure on the governments to fix the problem or not? our a-team takes it on coming up shortly right here. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. when a nasty cold won't let you sleep,
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7:00 am
>> sandra: president trump vowing the u.s. will begin cutting aid to three central american countries as growing caravan of migrants rolls on to the u.s. border. let's meet america's a-team charlie hurt, hugo gurdon and adrienne elrod. good morning to all of you. hugo, to you first. we're watching this together, this caravan is making its way.
7:01 am
we see the u.s. response. how do you see things playing out two weeks out from mid-term elections it's becoming a huge issue. >> it is a huge issue. the president is right to think the voters are going to blame democrats for a weak immigration policy. there were proposals during this congress that the democrats held up because the only thing they wanted to deal with was daca. four other things that the trump administration wanted to do to try to control immigration. so i think this is probably a winner for the republicans. as far as the actual march is concerned it started as 190 people walking out of honduras. it is more than 7,000 people. it is most -- there are some families, some babies, etc., etc., but lots of young men with the flags of their native countries. those aren't desperate people. >> bill: how does this play? >> i think it's really funny when republicans keep blaming democrats for the fact we don't have an immigration policy.
7:02 am
republicans are in control. if they wanted to do something about it they could have. they can still do something about it even if democrats take back the house. they'll be in control of congress until the end of year. let's be clear. how it plays out, these are people seeking asylum from horrific conditions in their native countries coming to the united states. we also know that legal migration has actually declined to the united states over the past few years. trump is trying to politicize this issue. we're 14 days away from the election trying to use scare tactics like this. he is talking about it all the time. >> bill: you want a piece of this, charlie? >> you make a good point. both parties deserve blame for the disaster that's our immigration policy and the disaster at the border. plenty of blame to go around. the problem is that you do have people in the democratic party talking about things like sanctuary cities, abolishing ice. that's not -- that's not all
7:03 am
democrats but it's not a good look when you have a caravan like this coming towards the border. i think we don't know -- this could play out a lot of different ways. but i don't see any way that it plays out to help democrats or help push a democratic agenda when it comes to -- >> sandra: the part of the white house, you heard the president. >> i think it's strange to suggest it is being politicized. it is a political issue. there are 7,000 foreigners coming to the border to demand that they should be admitted. that's a political issue. whether it's an emergency, whether it's which party is playing more on this for the voters is -- it's clearly a political issue. >> bill: let's allow the president to frame the argument. last night a crowd of 20,000 in houston, texas, 3,000 outside. they were lining up for 24 hours. first he is here on the caravan. watch here. >> president trump: the democrats have launched an assault on the sovereignty of
7:04 am
our country, the security of our nation, and the safety of every single american. the crisis on our border right now as we speak is the sole result of democrat laws and activist, democrat judges that prevent us from returning illegal aliens from central america and all over the world. it is called catch and release. >> bill: i'll give you a chance. hang on. here is the tweet. guatemala, honduras and el salvador were not able to stop their people from coming. we'll stop the massive foreign aid routinely given to them. >> it's a shame and congress would have to authorize any sort of funding declines. countries rely on the united
7:05 am
states for aid in order to sustain their countries. the first point. the second point is if president trump wants to do something about the asylum policies in our country, do something about it. if he has a problem with people coming over seeking asylum. he has the power to affect change and full control of the house and senate right now and the white house. if this is something he wants to change, by all means. he is in charge. >> that is partially true but -- >> partially true that he is in charge. >> partially true that republicans have barely have control of the senate, barely have control of the house. >> bill: crisis on our border is the result of democratic activist judges that prevent us from returning illegals called catch and release. >> this is where i say at the beginning i think you have a good point. i blame both parties for the disaster that we find ourselves in right now but the bottom line is i think trump did sort
7:06 am
of stumble onto a good idea. to put pressure on south america and central america and mexico. make them come up to the plate and do their job of enforcing their borders. if you do that, then it makes it a lot easier for us to deal with our border. >> the united states has leverage with these countries. it must be true that they are not doing everything they could be doing to try to prevent this from happening. these people are walking through several countries on their way. the united states gives lots of aid money and that allows a certain amount of pressure to be applied to them. they want that money. i think the president, the administration is able to say look, if you want to keep receiving this you need to help us with this. this is a problem but not just our problem. it is yours, too. >> sandra: we will talk elections. two weeks out. hard to believe. here is brit hume talking about what would actually happen if democrats get control of the house as it pertains to the russia investigation and impeachment of the president. watch. >> i think the president would
7:07 am
be a constant target if the democrats get control of the house i'm not sure whether they'll try to impeach him but an endless series of investigations, claims, charges, testimony. unlike the nunes investigation these ingaitions will receive extensive media coverage. >> sandra: agree with that? >> i do absolutely. what's interesting. a lot of people are predicting the senate remains in republican hands. maybe they pick up a couple of seats. democrats are on the bubble in the house. if they do pick up the house they won't have much control. there is nothing legislative that will happen. what we'll have is off of these investigations in the house, which i think will be bad for democrats. particularly in 2020. but over in the senate you'll have republican controlled senate confirming lots of federal judges put forward by president trump and conservatives will love that and they are going to be very enthusiastic about supporting trump in 2020.
7:08 am
>> i think charlie is right. the senate is very likely to stay republican. there will be more judges confirmed. that will stoke the republican base. there will as brit says be constant investigations. adam schiff has already talked about that. that's the only committee that did the investigation into the russia collusion. other committee chairman will want to grandstand and push their investigations of president trump. the democrats have been opposing president trump at every turn for the last two years. being in control of the house will allow them to oppose him even more. >> bill: at a minimum they can throw a lieutenant of stuff. >> sandra: would that be the case. >> adam schiff will likely be the chairman of the house intelligence committee should democrats take back the house has made it clear we want to watch the mueller investigation play out. that's something he said on the record multiple times. secondly, the investigations
7:09 am
may occur under house leadership if democrats take back the house because we want to get to the bottom of some of these questions in terms of was there collusion in russia? if this feel the mueller investigation is taking longer and democrats feel like there are unanswered questions they may reopen the investigation and i think it's warranted. >> if republicans are smart they'll alloy the investigations to keep going because they play well for republicans. >> bill: what is the message for the democratic in 14 days? put it on a bumper sticker? does it read russia, russia, russia? what does it say? >> it simply means that democrats are looking at this as the vote of your lifetime, right? that there is so much at stake here. number one republicans want to repeal obamacare. of course the republicans maintain control of the house they will repeal obamacare and feel like they have a mandate to do so. number one we want to protect your healthcare. number two we want to raise your wages. and number three we want to clean up the corruption in
7:10 am
washington, d.c. >> i can't remember an election where people weren't saying it was the most important of our lifetime. the republicans had a mandate to repeal obamacare the last two years. they didn't do it. i suppose they aren't going to do it now. >> sandra: do you feel like a lot has backfired in your party the last few weeks? >> not at all. we're still leading the generic ballot. some of the races have tightened but typical when voters start to come home to both parties. i think democrats have a very clear advantage and i also want to say a win is a win in the house if we win by 23 seats that's a win. if we win by 60 seats that's also a win. >> i don't think anybody is predicting a 60-seat win. at this point in obama's president democrats lost 63 seats in this election. >> bill: i think 2020 is the most important election of my lifetime. i think 2022 is. you guys stand by.
7:11 am
the dow is down 500. investors taking money off the table sending stocks lower some profits, markets tumble around the globe. charles payne brings the pain in a moment. plus this. >> he is not coming under a subpoena. he thinks that the protection of a classified room will protect him from transparency and it will not. >> sandra: some conservative lawmakers making noise over deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and why they aren't satisfied with arrangements for his testimony on capitol hill tomorrow. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
7:12 am
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you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> bill: big board, 502 to the negative side. 2% total of the dow 30 index. he brings the payne. sometimes he brings the brain. >> sandra: don't blame charles. >> bill: i'm introducing charles payne. >> no music today, either.
7:16 am
if we did it would be free falling. i'll tell you not to panic. there are clear issues. there are clear anxieties for the market. there is a laundry list beginning with the strong dollar, slowing global economy. is the economic melt around america shrinking? president trump isn't the only one worried about the fed. weak banks. i don't know what's going on with our banking system. it's a huge red flag. can't figure it out. selling to sell. lack of market leadership. mid-term elections, tough comparisons. i went to the income statement of caterpillar, the balance sheet. i see a company that killed it. in fact, they had their best third quarter ever. geopolitical concerns, saudi arabia, china, russia. >> sandra: if somebody stops you on the street now because
7:17 am
the dow is selling off 520 points they ask you what should you do? >> my whole things is hold things to be fine. 3m earnings report was unmitigated disaster this morning. there are companies like that. kimberly clark, yesterday. people aren't paying money for tissues. i can get off-brand tissue. but we are spending $1400 on smartphones. honestly if you know your portfolio, check it out. good names hold on, bad names sell them. >> bill: they can always find negative news. i can find something that would give me a reason to sell. >> there is always a reason to worry. when it's triggered. we already had this anxiety coming into today and then 3m reported that number. what does it represent? it represents the global economy. and again last -- first week of the first two weeks of earnings
7:18 am
by far corporate america, not wall street or pundit. corporate america said their biggest concern was the dollar. it's too strong. >> sandra: the president -- they were worried about a strong dollar. it doesn't sound so good coming out of the mouth of the president. all of this happening and the sell-off happening today after last night not saying because of that last night. but the president calling for another tax cut of 10% last night. here he is. get your thoughts. >> president trump: business is now good. they're coming back, the jobs are coming back. the plants and factories are coming back like never before. they're all coming back for middle income people, all middle income people, a big tax cut, 10% we'll be putting it in next week. >> sandra: will it happen? >> i'm not sure if it will happen. i would like to see it happen. i thought the corporate tax cuts could have been a little less generous and we could have
7:19 am
given some of that money to middle class earners already. we have to make them permanent. it doesn't matter if they're temporary, doesn't matter. people will know they're temporary. you want to unlock the animal spirit. you won't spend it. pay it in a coffee can or pillowcase or pay bills. if people know the tax cuts are permanent they'll take some serious economic -- >> bill: on that point larry kudlow was on "fox & friends" early today and he said the following. >> we've had tax cuts, very effective help for the middle class. their tax liability is down about $2,000 for a family of four. we also have wage increases, a family of four probably $4,000, maybe higher over a period of time in wage increases. so the president would like to go for more. he is a tax cutter. that's the big difference from his predecessor who was a tax hiker. >> bill: if you keep control of
7:20 am
congress that's probably what you'll get. >> we want to make sure we don't balloon the deficit more. get more money going into government coffers and get them to cut spending. the only way the house will spend that extra money again if they know it's permanent they'll put it into society and we'll get the cycle, the velocity of money and a whirlwind. the perfect storm. they have to make them permanent. otherwise you get less money into the government coffers. i don't know, you won't cut spending by much and you get higher deficits. the white house has to contend with that. we want more cuts. they have to be permanent so they work so that people put that money to work. >> bill: thank you, charles. 2:00 eastern time the effect. >> it's still out there. it's still out there. >> bill: still out there. good luck. >> sandra: the dow is down 530
7:21 am
points. tomorrow's closed door interview with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. some conservatives are upset about the format claiming it lacks transparency. catherine herridge is following this live in washington >> good morning. critics say the current terms for the interview amount to special treatment for the deputy attorney general because it will be a closed, classified session with only the chairman and ranking members asking the questions. the interview will be under oath and transcribed by a court reporter. though the public will not see the transcript until a classification review is complete by the u.s. intelligence community and then it will be released with redactions. no public timeline and no expectation the rosenstein transcript will be released until well after the mid-term elections. key areas of focus tomorrow include the june 2017 surveillance renewal the trump campaign aide carter page. the renewal was signed by
7:22 am
rosenstein and lawmakers believe there was evidence to undercut the russia collusion allegations. also allegations the deputy attorney general thought about secretly recording the president after firing comey in 2017 and using the recordings to remove the president from office. one committee republican said there is no reasonable explanation. >> that is not something that should be allowed. that is something that should be off limits. you may put it in context and say i was joking but it was really a sign of poor judgment. >> the committee issued this subpoena for the mccabe mem best drafted by the former deputy director andrew mccabe because they memorialize rosenstein's comments about recording the president. the f.b.i. and justice department missed the deadline earlier this month and calls to see if the committee will have
7:23 am
that document before rosenstein's appearance tomorrow. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: in the meantime a chilling new report about the khashoggi mystery. questions about the saudi's explanation for his death. president trump making a new move to hold the kingdom's feet to the fire. we'll talk about that in a moment. >> sandra: the future of a nuclear arms deal. the u.s. and russia signed decades ago now in question. should it be saved? the a-team is running back into the studio as they join us again live next. >> for the first time in history the language of arms control was replaced by arms reduction. in this case, the complete elimination of an entire class of u.s. and save -- soviet nuclear missiles. a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va,
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7:27 am
>> president trump: i'll know very shortly. i have a great group of people in turkey right now and a great group of people in saudi arabia. we will know very soon.
7:28 am
we have tremendously talented people that do this stuff very well. they are coming back tonight and tomorrow and i will know very soon. i am not satisfied with what i've heard. >> bill: that was the comment from the white house before heading to houston. president trump on the death of columnist khashoggi as the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia has strain. charlie hurt is back in new york, hugo gurdon and adrienne elrod. great to have you back again. how do you think they are handling this thus far? >> so far i think they've been behind the curve on this. the turks have been playing this for maximum damage to the saudi arabians and there is a drip, drip, drip of information. they give a little bit more and the saudis unfortunately also the united states looks a little behind on this. you don't take a bone saw to an accidental death. so i think that -- i hope that the united states is applying a great deal of pressure behind
7:29 am
the scenes to saudi arabia. it is very important, i think, that the alliance between saudi arabia and the united states is not totally destroyed by this. relations have to stay but there needs to be more public condemnation. i think there needs to be more facts behind it. >> bill: president trump calls khashoggi's death a plot gone awry. >> i don't think it was a plot gone awry. you don't take a bone saw to a meeting where you don't intend to kill a guy. >> turkey is playing this to the hilt. as senator kennedy pointed out. with the exception of israel he trusts everybody in the middle east as much as he trusts gas station sushi. you have to be very careful what everybody's motives are. i think the president is handling it exactly right. he has condemned the killing. he has condemned all that but also realizes that we don't know what happened. we don't know who is playing
7:30 am
whom and most importantly the thing that matters to the people that got him elected and are showing up at the rallies, they don't want to see high gasoline prices and he is cognizant of that and he is being careful. >> sandra: here is where the white house stands this morning. >> i don't think we're walking away. you know that saudi arabia is a very important ally in the region. as you know they are very critical in our -- in dealing with the malign activities in iran and syria. with that being said, our eyes are wide open when it comes to what we've seen to be this horrific tragedy with khashoggi. and the goal here is to insure that the saudi arabia can provide a full and transparent investigation. >> mercedes is right and saudi
7:31 am
arabia is an important ally to the united states in the middle east. it makes it more complicated. khashoggi was a journalist who wrote for a u.s.-based publication and secondly, he lived in virginia. he lived in the united states. so not saying the president cannot strongly condemn the saudi arabians and the prince for what happened. that was where the missteps really took place. now we're starting to see a little more aggressive posture from the administration on this and i hope that continues. >> bill: the story will continue certainly. another one, too. john bolton went to moscow signaling that the president, this administration is not happy with the nuclear treaty. the russians said this on screen. they said of course there are weak points in the treaty but tearing up the agreement without plans for anything new is what we do not welcome. that from the kremlin. the issue is this. they don't believe russia is abiding by the treaty to begin with. and they think with threats from north korea, china, et al, that the treaty needs to be
7:32 am
expanded. >> right. at present this treaty is a restraint only on the united states. the russians have been cheating for years on this. china is now in a position to make very sophisticated weapons of this sort and they aren't in the treaty. initially there was some thought of trying to expand the treaty so that it included other people. that would continue to restrain the united states while russia did whatever it rishd to do. it seems to me john bolton is right. you scrap the treaty, withdraw from the treaty. you take the restraints off the united states and it can develop. >> bill: you are okay with that? >> i'm okay but try to come up with another treaty that would include russia and china. >> this is ongoing collusion between trump and russia. [laughter] i think it probably is a smart thing. whatever you think about donald trump john bolton, you don't want to get mixed up with john
7:33 am
bolton. he is a shrewd and tough negotiator and i have a lot of faith in him to arrive at the best option for the united states. >> i think it's fine the administration is taking a harder line with russia. when our 15 intelligence agencies said -- >> ukraine and crimea weren't good enough for you? >> donald trump dismissed all of the intelligence the entire intelligence community that worked for the president of the united states and works for the united states government. want to see a harder line. >> bill: thank you. see you at the gas station. >> for that sushi. >> sandra: best poor boys in the world are at gas stations. >> but that's cooked. >> sandra: much more on the fate of the nuclear treaty coming up in the next hour. wyoming senator john barrasso will be our guest coming up in "america's newsroom" and the boston red sox facing off against the l.a. dodgers
7:34 am
tonight in game one of the world series. how history will be made live from fenway park next. when the steel mill shut down, it left behind an environmental issue. it was environmentally contaminated. one of the biggest successes we had early on, was entering agreements with the epa on cleaning up the property. we're recycling over 98% of the products on site. the impact that this project will have on the community will be enormous. ♪ ♪
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you've worked so hard to (huachieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. >> sandra: the l.a. dodgers returning to the world series tonight as they square off against the boston red sox.
7:38 am
they haven't played each other in the world series in 100 years. we are joined live from fenway where preparations are underway. how exciting, molly. good morning. >> it is. a lot of happy fans here get -- getting ready for a big game. this match-up between the l.a. dodgers and boston red sox is more historical than most. it has been a long, long, time since these teams faced off. 102 years ago. the longest gap between world series meetings in major league baseball history. babe ruth was pitching for the sox. he threw a 14 inning complete game. closing it out 2-1. back then the dodgers were known as the brooklyn robbins with casey stingl in right field. they were moved to the boston braves. stadium seated 40,000 back then
7:39 am
compared to the 35,000 seats at fenway. the red sox won it 4-1. a little chilly tonight. high 40s with a chance of showers. some fans buying world series gear to keep them cozy for the night game. >> have some clients coming into town to see the game. cold for some of us. i'm from north carolina. a lot colder than we're used to. i'm buying 22 hats. >> he was getting ready to stay warm. can the dodgers win or will the sox bring home another championship? you see some of the championship banners behind the 2018 up there on the wall. a lot of happy folks getting ready tonight to watch our favorite sport, baseball. back to you. >> sandra: game one, world series tonight on fox. >> bill: is it dodger blue or red sox?
7:40 am
what do you think? >> sandra: where are you going? i'll take the other side. >> bill: let's wager during the commercial. i want to see a great series. fox news alert the caravan closing in on the southern border. there are no signs of slowing down. president trump threatening he will use the military to stop it if it comes to that. so what happens next? arizona congresswoman wants to be a senator martha mcsally is our guest live out of phoenix coming up. welcome to the place where people go to learn about
7:41 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert on the national emergency at the border. as the growing caravan of migrants edges closer to the u.s. border. welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. president trump slamming democrats over the crisis vowing to send troops if necessary to do the job at the southern border. >> president trump: that is an assault on our country. that's an assault. and in that caravan you have some very bad people. you have some very bad people. and we can't let that happen to our country. >> bill: team fox coverage now from houston last night. john roberts is live at the white house today. william la jeunesse is in southern mexico. william. >> i'll paint you a little picture what's happening here. the caravan has basically taken
7:45 am
over the downtown area of this town. it's a day of rest and repair. behind me this is a mobile clinic. a line all morning long. knees and feet. blisters. a lot of these people all they have is flip-flops, crox, no socks, blisters, the kids took a beating yesterday. it is hot. lines for medications and treatment of these foot issues. we're sitting down at the line outside the clinic now. we'll walk down there. you ask why the kids, right? well, they are the ticket to freedom. under u.s. asylum protocols catch and release if a person asks for asylum because of the court decisions and lack of shelter space, they get released. the president said last night, catch and release. also u.s., many maintain that the u.s. is obligated under refugees status and international law they have to be taken care of and given safe harbor. the big picture.
7:46 am
they'll stay here tonight and then tomorrow they'll attempt to go 43 miles to the next town up. interesting. so i'll show you a map, right? the distance from here to tijuana which is where they're going is 2400 miles. at 20 miles a day, we're looking at basically a four-month walk. instead of getting on the train which they feel is dangerous because of the criminals or getting on the bus they feel they might be deported by the mexican. the mexican police will try to stop them. vis-a-vis president trump and. remember the first day when the caravan was really big? you couldn't take a frontal assault. when the caravan stretched for miles it would have been easy and will be in the future for mexican police to cut that line off a little bit time and time again and cordon off those people in a limited number of groups. that's possible. we can't confirm it. it is out there and i thought i
7:47 am
would mention it. a tip from here. like i said the city is offering them food, water, medical care for free. they will be here until tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> bill: thank you for mexico. now to the white house. president trump headlining a huge rally in houston last night. campaigning for ted cruz, mid-terms 14 days from today. citing illegal immigration as a reason to vote republican on november 6. john roberts we go live from the north lawn. good morning to you there. >> good morning to you as well. the caravan and illegal immigration in general yesterday forming the centerpiece of the president's rally for now texas ted as opposed to lying ted in houston last night. statistics from border patrol illegal crossings are up 30% in fiscal year 2018 compared to fiscal year 2017. the president laying the blame for that increase and blame for the caravan at the foot of the democratic party for
7:48 am
stonewalling his efforts to reform immigration laws. the president has found particularly in competitive southern states the caravan is an issue that really energizes voters. listen here. >> president trump: you know how the caravan started? i think the democrats had something to do with it and now they are saying i think we made a big mistake. because people are seeing how bad it is. how pathetic it is. how bad our laws are. they made a big mistake. >> the president is vowing to cut aid to central american countries for letting all the people in the caravan leave and vowing to put the u.s. military on the border to stop the caravan from crossing. he says he has alerted the pentagon. so far no indications that military is headed for the border but the caravan is still weeks away from the united states as william la jeunesse just reported. the white house also keeping an eye on developments in the killing of jamal khashoggi. not really buying into what the saudis are saying.
7:49 am
the cia director is in turkey now conducting her own investigation talking to turkish officials. she will return to the united states soon to brief the president on what she found but both the president and the vice president indicating they don't like what they've heard from the saudis so far. listen here. >> president trump: i will know very soon. i am not satisfied with what i've heard. >> the word from president erdogan this morning that this brutal murder was pre-meditated, pre-planned days in advance flies in the face of earlier assertions that have been made by the saudi regime. it underscores the determination of our administration to find out what happened here. >> it's likely there will have to be some sort of white house response to the killing of jamal khashoggi. what it is, though, remains in question. the president has repeatedly said he doesn't want to do anything that would affect the
7:50 am
$100 billion arms deal that he signed a year ago. he doesn't want to affect the general trade between the united states and saudi arabia. a very fine line the president will have to walk here. if it stays outside the orbit of the saudi royal family he will find it easier to put a sanction on saudi arabia without affecting the greater deals. >> bill: thank you, john. john roberts, north lawn. >> sandra: here we go two weeks before mid-term elections we're looking at one of the tightest match-ups in the country, the race to replace retiring senator jeff flake in arizona with a real clear politics average of polls showing martha mcsally less than a point ahead of democratic congresswoman kristin sinema. she signs us now. thank you for coming on the program this morning two weeks out. how are you feeling about this race? >> well, good morning, sandra. we're down to the wire. we vote early in arizona. so close to 80% of people will vote by mail before election day. we are out there fighting for
7:51 am
every last vote. and i think people are now waking up to the fact that my opponent is chuck schumer's top recruit with the hopes of turning the senate majority in his favor. that she has a radical extremist past. she voted against the tax cut. name it. things have been revealed of her calling arizona crazy and the meth lab of democracy. denigrating us, the very state she wants to represent. we're fighting for every last vote and grateful for the support we've had. this is down to the wire here. >> sandra: criticism about how you and your opponent. we reached out to sinema's team to come on the program and haven't heard back. there has been a lot of criticism about the race and how negative it has become. your campaign as run advertisements depicting her as the mocks the state. how do you respond to the
7:52 am
criticism that it has come down to that? >> well, sandra, this is the 12th senator in arizona history, a really important decision. i didn't put sinema in a pink tutu. she did that herself. protesting our troops and after 9/11. extreme positions depicting our troops as skeletons saying that we were the ones conducting terror in the middle east and the flyers handed out at her protests calling to shut down the air force base saying it's okay for an american to join the taliban. we're wanting to make sure the people have seen what she has done and poured her passion into. my part i served 26 years in the military. i was the first woman to fly in combat in u.s. history. i've put my life on the line for our freedoms and way of life and i'm ready to deploy to the senate to continue the fight. that's the choice in front of them. i think the voters need to know. >> sandra: it is a big fight and we're watching the race. nationwide this is one of the
7:53 am
most important races. can you just tell us what is your relationship today with president donald trump? >> it's fantastic. i was so honored to have him out here on friday. i hosted him at luke air force base, again the base my opponent wanted to shut down. then i got to fly in marine one to the rally. it was just an extraordinary day. so grateful for him coming out here. and look, he knows how important arizona is because the senate majority, the firewall is right here in arizona. so we can keep and grow the senate majority. i've been working with president trump to cut taxes, roll back regulations. very much working side-by-side with him on border security. i just got off the phone with secretary of homeland security nielsen on this issue and i represent a border district. this is very important to us here. we're rebuilding our military, supporting our veterans but we have so much more to do. if the democrats win they'll obstruct all of it and start to move things backwards. we have to move things forward. >> sandra: there has been so
7:54 am
much changing throughout this race and watching you and your opponent. the editorial board in a newspaper in its endorsement of sinema write that both candidates have been wearing false fronts and everyone knows it. they write it's the pity of this race. all either candidate had to do was be herself. or at least they write the self-both displayed as u.s. house members. how do you respond to that, congresswoman? >> it's really unfortunate. it's not true. they endorsed hillary clinton. i am myself. i have been serving our country with distinction. i flew 325 combat airs and deployed six times. now i'm deployed to the house and i will keep fighting for the things that matter to people in arizona. national security, border security, economic security. ifm owe a feisty. i had three older brothers and i was a fighter pilot.
7:55 am
i'm being myself. we need to make sure people are aware my opponent has been propped up by soros, schumer trying to present herself as right of center when she is not. because she knows that's her path to victory. we have to stop that from happening. we would ask people to look at the real and her real record and look at my life and make a good choice. i would be honored to have their vote. >> sandra: we have to leave it there. two weeks left and you are leading in the real clear politics average by less than 1%. how much do you think you can grow that by election day? >> well, this is nothing like combat but it is really important. i won my first race by 167 votes. so we know how to tirelessly go out there and speak to the voters, fight for open money democrats, independents and republicans and i would be honored to be the next senator from arizona. >> sandra: thank you for your time this morning. >> bill: good race, one to watch. 11 past, breaking news on the
7:56 am
health of the first female supreme court justice. sandra day o'connor out of arizona now revealing she has early stage dementia. the 88-year-old says she can no longer take part in public events. she says she will continue living at her home in phoenix, arizona surrounded by friends and family. she was nominated by president reagan in 1981. served on the u.s. supreme court until the year 2006. what a year and what a legacy. our best to her and her family there and friends in arizona. in the meantime, the final push for candidates ahead of the mid-terms in virginia. republican dave brat locked in a tight race now with democrat abigail spanberger. the congressman is our guest live next to tell us what will break in this race. >> sandra: president trump stumping hard for g.o.p. candidates as many of the races get tighter. next up senator john barrasso
7:57 am
ways in on mid-term elections and his campaign. >> president trump: this will be the election of the caravan, kavanaugh, law and order, tax cuts and common sense. that's what it is, common sense. take advantage of great offers on the 2018 ls 500. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. there lots of people who are confused about which medicare
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's not what champions do.
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it's what champions don't do. they don't back down. they don't settle. and they don't quit... except for cable. cable? oh you can quit cable. because we are cougars and we don't quit!! unless what?!?!?! [team in unison] unless it's cable! quit cable and switch to directv and get the most live sports in4k more for your thing. that's our thing. 1-800-directv >> president trump: remember about a month ago, right, they were talking about this blue wave, oh. you don't hear about the blue
8:01 am
wave. you're not hearing so much. the blue wave is being dissipated a little bit. i don't hear them. are you guys still talking about the blue wave? >> sandra: president trump rallying crowds in houston last night two weeks before mid-terms. early voting underway in many states with massive turnout. enthusiasm among republicans is surging. look at this headline. republicans outpacing democrats in key states. they've surpassed democrat affiliated ones in early voting in arizona, florida, georgia, indiana, montana, tennessee and texas. let's bring in wyoming senator john barrasso chairman of the senate policy committee and foreign relations committee. what do you think of that so far? >> i'm very optimistic about our opportunities to hold the senate, grow the senate. and you know why? it's all because of what
8:02 am
president trump has promised and delivered on in terms of job cuts -- in terms of job growth. we're at historically high job growth and historically low unemployment in this country. he has promised to grow the economy. we have a strong, healthy, growing economy. because of the tax cuts. we've gotten rid of the regulations and this incredible unleashing of american energy. >> sandra: you just look at this two weeks out and you just wonder what the democrats are going to bring forward, what their message really is going to be right now. more and more the message emerging for republicans i hear from you. they are sticking to the economy, obviously everything we're watching with the caravan that's moving through mexico right now. kavanaugh. what are you seeing democrats bring to the table and what will their message be? >> scare tactics trying to scare the voters. the voters are smarter than to fall for that. they've seen what we've
8:03 am
promised and delivered. you're right about the judges. we've done it with two supreme court judges and multiple circuit court judges and eliminated the mandates of the obamacare law. people are very happy about that. we've promised infrastructure legislation and i'm back in washington today because the president is signing the america water infrastructure act. his largest infrastructure piece of legislation. the democrats can threaten and try to instill fear in the american voter. the americans can see what are they better off now than they were two years ago and under president trump? absolutely. we're at record economic growth. and the country for people in terms of their own lives at home is much better. >> sandra: there is some concerns, too. karl rove was on our program earlier talking about the importance of nevada for your party. watch. >> i see nevada as the tipping point. if it goes republican it will be a good republican night. if it goes democrats, it is still going to be an okay
8:04 am
republican night because of the map. >> sandra: what do you think about that? >> dean heller is doing a terrific job. that's a state that hillary clinton won. so that's the concern there. but i heard from dean on sunday. he is very optimistic. i heard this morning from marsha blackburn as well as josh hawley who you have had, optimistic about what's going on. we're hearing from candidates around the country feeling new energy in their home states. the president has been out on the stump working with them, supporting them, campaigning for them. you looked at the turnout in texas last night. remarkable. over 20,000 people. and in nevada which you just raised former president obama was there yesterday, i think they had about 2,000 people there. so president trump is outdrawing president obama by 10-1. >> sandra: i have to ask you about this. new video coming in. ambassador john bolton, the national security advisor in the meeting in moscow with vladimir putin.
8:05 am
again, this is new video we're seeing here. he is meeting with officials on the cold war arms pact after president trump said he would withdraw. we're looking at this together. senator barrasso, i hope i can get your thoughts as we look on at this and where this all goes. >> i think the president is right to withdraw from this inf, the nuclear treaty that has been there for 31 years. as far as we know, the russians have been cheating since president obama took office. the obama add min -- administration held back that. now we know what the russians have been up to and i think the president being a man of action is doing the right thing. vladimir putin never responds to talk, only action. and by withdrawing from this treaty it is not just -- it is not just a message to russia, it is also to china, iran, north korea that we are very
8:06 am
serious about what they're doing and will hold them accountable. >> sandra: thank you for your time, sir. we'll be right back. welcome to the place... where people go to learn about their medicare options before they're on medicare. come on in. you're turning 65 soon? yep. and you're retiring at 67? that's the plan! it's also a great time to learn about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. here's why...medicare part b doesn't pay for everything. this part is up to you.
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8:09 am
>> bill: one of the key races to watch and something that's too close to call is virginia district 7. the republican is dave brat in a tight race facing the democrat abigail spanberger. democrats say suburban women could make the difference. congressman brat is with me. good day to you in chesterfield, virginia. where do you think your race is right now? >> we've been up and after the supreme court debacle where the democrats showed new tactics that the american people just utterly reject we're trending way upward significantly. now it's incumbent republicans have to get out to the polls.
8:10 am
we're energized. the latest polling shows that. the blue wave definitely is ready to roll. my opponent wants a and raise taxes. she is for sanctuary cities, open borders. and so with the folks coming from south of the border my opponent will have nothing to say. she has no policy platform what whatever except for the liberal nancy pelosi agenda. nine pieces, my opponent is favor of all nine pieces. the people of the seventh district are studying this month and starting to look hard and finding out the truth of the matter. if it was on policy we would win 90-10. it is politics. we have to get out the votes. >> bill: you were a huge spoiler of eric kanter's political career. now you find yourself in a
8:11 am
tight race and many suggest that suburban women could be the foil for you in 14 days. i look at the "wall street journal" poll that came out yesterday suggesting that voters, democrat and republican are almost evenly split in their preference not this one, guys, but almost evenly split in suburban districts. it was like 46/45, 45/44. what explains that? >> we'll see. i don't think you'll find that in my race. if you go back to my first race the "washington post" and fake news all had me down 30 and i won by 10. they were only off by 40%. so i think they could be wrong, wrong, wrong. it depends who you are reading. if you're reading the latest stats on what is going on with republicans, our energy level is through the roof. economy is soaring. two back-to-back quarters
8:12 am
through the roof. unemployment rates all time low. the folks in my district are very happy with the economy, with jobs, small business growth, 2500 back in their pocket. people will vote their pocketbook. the left has to give some alternative scenario. my opponent said the economy isn't doing well. tax cuts didn't work. if you look out the window you can see the truth of the matter, right? so we're winning. everybody knows it. the people will come through. they can weed through the false politics and fake news and fake commercials. they don't want a government takeover of healthcare and don't walk taxes up and they don't want open borders. >> bill: thank you for coming on today, sir. we invited your opponent to come on and hope she takes up our invitation as well in virginia 7. thank you, dave brat. >> sandra: new details on the apparent murder of the "washington post" columnist, turkey's president blasting the latest saudi account of how
8:13 am
jamal khashoggi died. >> bill: a migrant caravan inching closer to the u.s. they have a ways to go but growing bigger by the week. the president said he will send in the military to guard the southern border if that is necessary. >> president trump: in that caravan you have some very bad people. you have some very bad people. and we can't let that happen to our country.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. turkish president erdogan rejecting the latest saudi accounts of how jamal khashoggi died saying they planned his quote savage murder. meantime gina haspel, the c.i.a. director is in turkey as part of the investigation into khashoggi's death. here is president trump from yesterday. >> president trump: we will know very soon. we have tremendously talented people that do this stuff very well. they're coming back tonight and tomorrow and i will know very soon. and i am not satisfied with what i've heard.
8:17 am
>> sandra: rich edson is live from the state department for us this morning. rich. >> good morning. sandra. president erdogan says the saudi government's claims about how jamal khashoggi died are untrue. the turkish president presented his version in his case before his party today in parliament. >> we have strong evidence indicating the murder is not a result of an instant incident and was a product of a planned operation. to blame such an incident on a handful of security and intelligence members would not satisfy us or the international community. >> he also claims 15 saudis arrived at the consulate ahead of khashoggi's arrival and put out the security cameras. he said they were a hit team to murder khashoggi and he said they explored a forest near istanbul and northwest before murdering khashoggi. he gave few details other than
8:18 am
claiming strong evidence of saudi responsibility at higher levels. turkish officials have provided details and what they say is an audio recording of khashoggi's murder. erdogan made no mention of this recording. saudi officials said a rogue group is responsible for the killing and an interrogation gone wrong. vice president mike pence says gina haspel will return from turkey, brief the president on the turkish evidence and demand those will be held responsible and will not go without a response from the united states. right now it is still gathering information about this. >> sandra: rich edson at the state department. thank you. >> it is very hard because the heat from the sun is making us tired but we are warriors and
8:19 am
we got to get to the place we got to get. we are going to fight. we are going to keep on going. we aren't going to stop. >> bill: that's one of thousands on the move marching toward the u.s. southern border determined to apply for asylum once they reach that border. president trump vowing to stop them from setting foot on u.s. soil and brandon judd knows this very well. president of the border patrol. good morning to you. thank you. from houston, texas last night here was the president's message in part. watch. before he left. >> president trump: they have a lot of everybody in that group. it's a horrible thing and a lot bigger than 5,000 people. and we got to stop them at the border and unfortunately you look at the countries, they have not done their job unfortunately they have not done their job. >> bill: what do we do? >> the mainstream media has criticized president trump for saying there are individuals in the caravan that are ms-13,
8:20 am
potentially middle easterners. we have to remember he has the best intel in the world. if he is saying this, why would we doubt that? but in reality as this caravan continues to come up, we saw the caravan in april of this year and because our reaction to that caravan was so chaotic it has spurred another one. this one is three times larger and simply because our agency has not put in place the policies necessarys or operations necessary to keep these people out. president trump is left on an island and left considering putting the military, which i highly support, to come to the border to help us deal with this. >> bill: i have three specific questions. that was one of them. would that do the job? how do you carry something like that out with the military on the border >> it would do a job not allowing cartels to say where the border crossings takes
8:21 am
place. they use the caravans as pawns. they force the caravans, individuals from the caravans to cross the border illegally and not through the ports of entry, which is a legal process. they force them to cross the border illegally there by taking border patrol resources out of the field creating artificial gaps where they run their higher value products such as opioids or aliens from countries such as the middle east or even china. their higher value products they run through the gaps. the military does not allow the cartels to create these gaps and will keep us in the field and be a huge boon to us. >> bill: could you appeal to the mexican government? >> it has to be done. in fact, one of the biggest frustrations that we see is by the mexican government allowing this caravan to come into the united states. if this caravan has specifically stated that they are going to come up to the united states and cross our
8:22 am
borders illegally the mexican government is complicit in this caravan coming up to the united states to break our laws. >> bill: i think that's something that the average american doesn't quite get their head around. how could it be possible that a country would allow transit like this? what explains that? >> and it shouldn't. but bill, the good part -- the only good part -- the only good part about this is this galvanizes the voters and it gives energy to those voters that want to see border security, whether you are right or left or independent, this highlights the problems that we're seeing on the borders and hopefully those voters will get out and vote for border security. >> bill: last question. what about the military aid to central american countries, cutting that off? >> what i think you'll see -- and again the mainstream media disagree with this but they disagree with everything even though we see so many things
8:23 am
going well. the mainstream media will say if you cut off the aid it will force more people to leave but no, it will force the country to try to keep their own citizens in their country. i agree with it 100%. >> bill: thank you for coming back. good to get your perspective. thanks out of washington, d.c. >> sandra: a rare polio-like illness baffling doctors in more than 20 states now. the centers for disease control confirming it is now investigating 155 cases of afm disease this year. the serious condition attacks the nervous system mostly in children and can cause paralysis. the cdc saying the number of patients is up from a week ago. >> bill: breaking news from wall street on your money. check out the big board. coming back a little bit. we were down over 500. 430 at the moment. a lot of pressure around the world and here at home.
8:24 am
frankly you can find any economist will give you negative news any day of the week. the fundamentals are strong but right now it's a sell-off. >> sandra: a lot more positive news on the economy than negative and the huge run-up to records we've seen in the u.s. stock market. although at times in a rally like that you get concerns about profits have peaked. a rising u.s. dollar that some big businesses said it's the number one concern of american ceos right now. that decreases our buying power overseas. that is what's playing out here. we'll keep watching it halfway through the trading session dowdown. authorities calling for thousands of more volunteers to help search for the missing wisconsin teenager whose parents were murdered. investigators fear 13-year-old jayme closs has been abducted.
8:25 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. the search for a wisconsin teenager now expanding. 13-year-old jayme closs has been missing since october 15th when authorities discovered her parents shot dead in their home. hundreds of volunteers combing the area in barron county and the sheriff is asking for thousands more to help in this search. police say help from the community has been crucial and asking residents to keep sending in tips. >> i can't stress the partnership that we've had between law enforcement and this community to help us solve this crime. please continue to call. we have not ruled out anything. we continue to look at this from above to look at all of the aspects and that's why every tip is important. >> sandra: joining us now is mark fuhrman.
8:29 am
bring us up to speed on this investigation and search of this missing wisconsin teenager. her parents found dead in her home. what do we know? >> well, right now there is a search and thousands of volunteers are asked to assist. on one hand you are looking for additional evidence and possibilities of the fleeing of the suspects with the teenager, or a recovery effort to find the teenager who is no longer alive. when we go back to the initial crime scene, when i read it and i read that the law enforcement agencies really do not have any leads in the case, that means their crime scene processing did not yield foreign fingerprints or dna that was either useful or identified.
8:30 am
it also says to me that when the door was kicked in, the first adult, the male was shot immediately, that that person and the female was most likely the target. not the juvenile who could have been taken at any time, a mobile 13-year-old going to school and friends' house walking, playing. it wasn't necessary to actually kill the two adults to get the child. >> sandra: that's what authorities are working off of now. she is not a suspect in her parents' death. barron, a town of 3400 people. 80 miles northeast of minneapolis, mark. the sheriff, chris fitzgerald said on monday there are two cars now being sought in this case. here is his comment on that. >> based on our investigation thus far we believe jayme was in the home at the time of the homicides and believe she is still in danger. this remains an active investigation and we're
8:31 am
following up on every tip. through the examination of video camera footage from businesses and hoefms we've determined two vehicles in the closs -- near the closs home at the time of the incident. >> sandra: they've had so many volunteers that have been crucial on the ground helping to look for her. he is asking for 2,000 more volunteers, able-bodied people to help look for her. you are calling this a recovery effort at this point. >> well, that is what it feels like. they aren't going to residences or issuing search warrants or have roadblocks. they're specifically looking for areas where they might find the remains or they might find evidence that would lead them to a location where jayme is. so when you look at these two vehicles, one vehicle is very specific, the chrysler, red and white. if that vehicle was in the county where they live, one law enforcement officer would know hey, that's this kid's car or
8:32 am
this belongs here. that is a vehicle that most probably does not belong in the area. it could be a suspect vehicle. but yet it doesn't seem that's leading them everywhere. >> sandra: a red or orange dodge challenger or other cars that may have been traveling near the closs home. 1300 tips have come in and able to close 1100 of those. most of those have not led anywhere. the reason that they're expanding their search area is because of the tips that have come in. you can't necessarily say these tips have led nowhere. we have the tip line, information call line at the bottom of our screen for anybody to continue. they want the leads to continue to come in, mark. >> i agree with you. but i think if those vehicles -- if they specifically identify, the one that's very
8:33 am
noteworthy, the chrysler, especially. i think if that was leading them anywhere there would have been search warrants already served and they would be eliminating vehicles and they probably have not located it yet. and then the way that they're searching the wooded areas and the areas that are not necessarily inhabited, this leads me to believe that there could be some kind of evidence there was a struggle with the girl inside. we're not -- >> sandra: it's a huge search area. we're showing the helicopter and how they mapped out the area in which they're searching for her right now. it is a huge stretch of land. mark fuhrman, we all hope for the best as we continue to get updates from police and the authorities on the ground. thank you. >> bill: "outnumbered" comes up next. here is melissa francis with a preview. >> disturbing new details on the murder of "washington post"
8:34 am
columnist jamal khashoggi. erdogan said it was plotted by saudi officials and vice president pence said the murder will not go without an american response. what the president will do now. president trump continuing to go after the migrant caravan as an assault on our country blaming democrats and saying he will dispatch as many troops as needed to protect our southern border if it comes to that. all that plus our #oneluckyguy at the top of the hour. a lot on the menu. >> bill: you liked ari fleischer yesterday. >> we have another great guy today. >> sandra: bill hemmer was my lucky guy. he is taken. >> bill: incredibly intelligent and gifted woman. >> sandra: #9-12. >> bill: president trump hitting the trail hard for republicans. can hillary clinton give the same boost to democrats? we'll answer that next. ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete,
8:35 am
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>> bill: to key races for governor, one for senator. among the most closely watching the country, both parties bring out the big guns. here is phil live in miami to tell us where things are today. phil? >> hi, bill. two weeks ago until election day and the democrats have brought out two of the biggest names to the sunshine state. joe biden and hillary clinton, and they are here to do what they spent decades doing in public life -- campaigning and fund-raising. it has been two years since hillary clinton lost the presidential election to trump in florida, and she lost it by 113,000 votes out of about 11 million votes cast. right now, clinton is at a private luncheon up in
8:39 am
palm beach, county to raise money for the tallahassee mayor. she is a fund-raiser tomorrow for former health and human services secretary donna shalala who is running for congress. later this afternoon in orlando, she rallied for the democrats for a second straight day, primarily for the sunshine state's two huge races, governor and u.s. senator. she was an tab at jacksonville monday, for the incumbent senator democrat bill nelson, and tallahassee mayor andrew gillum, who is vying to become the first democrat to win a gubernatorial election year in 20 years. >> get the hill the hell up ank the country. it's about who we are. it's about dreaming again. dreaming again. it's about possibility. remember -- this is the united states of america. unlike any country in the world! and that's not hyperbole! so, let's take it back! take it back, and lead the worl
8:40 am
world! >> looks like you never left the campaign trail, mr. biden. as for hillary clinton, political analysts here in florida say that florida democrats know that she was a flawed candidate. but still, she only lost but 1%. she's probably the biggest clinical name in the world, and they think, absolutely, for coming here to the state will help these candidates. >> bill: we will watch a parade got a good were down there, how? standby. >> sandra: president trump bound to send as many churches needed to our southern border as thousands of migrant's march to mexico. will it come to that or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. hi, my name is sam davis and i'm going to tell you about exciting plans available to anyone with medicare. many plans provide broad coverage and still may
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the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. go to, or call 1-877-806-8332. >> bill: spooky. >> sandra: the things we talk about at break. all right. >> bill: you can't talk about that on tv. >> sandra: you promised a wager. >> bill: i think boston is a better team, they gotta much better offensive line up. not much better, but a better one. i like dr. blue, i'm going l.a. >> sandra: all right.
8:44 am
>> bill: you said he would take me up on that. this be a big spender, here. thank you for joining us in this tuesday morning. we will see you tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert prethe growing controversy over "the washington post" columnist murdered in turkey. turkey's president is now alleging that saudi officials planned the killing. days before it happened. the dissident columnist who went missing after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on octobe. you are watching "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner pete here today, melissa francis, town hall editor and fox news contributor at katie pavlich, syndicated radio talk show news contributor leslie marsha
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