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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 23, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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that keeps people watching at meal is always the potato? them. who it applies, to how it applies today. that's for the reared to decide. it's going to be a run away that's why it should always be an idaho potato. best seller if it isn't already. stanley mcchrystal thank you only genuine idaho potatoes have the very, very much. reality that will do it perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. here. the five is now. a reminder again we were whoa. hey look, it's huge. down 125 points. we did okay by day's end. here's the five oops, gotta go. hey, wait. come back. >> dana: i'm dana perino with emily compagno, juan williams, jesse watters, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." it's emily compagno. president trump vowing to send as many troops "as necessary" to stop a caravan of thousands marching towards the united states if they reach the southern border. the president also blasting democrats for the problem. >> president trump: you know how the caravan started?
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i think the democrats had something to do with it, and now they are saying i think we made a big mistake. that's an assault on our country. that's an assault. and in that caravan, youad peop. yes a very bad people. and we can't let that happen to our country. >> dana: trump not backing down after saying terrorists in gang members might be among the migrants. >> president trump: i spoke to them last evening the day before. i speak to them all the time and they say, and you know this as well as anybody, over the course of the year, over the course of a number of years, they have intercepted many people from the middle east. they have intercepted isis. they have intercepted all sorts of people. they have intercepted wonderful people from the middle east and they have intercepted bad ones.
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they have -- >> dana: president trump continuing to answer questions from the media. i wanted to play one more sound bite, something you're not gonna believe about what was said about our military. watch this. >> if you put military down there, we know what the god forbid is in this situation. how does that play? i was it good for anybody? you're not going to turn away thousands and thousands of people even if people start getting shot. what message does that send? who wins? >> dana: did surprise me a little bit he would say that because our military is not known for going after innocent people. they are there to try to protect the border. anyway, greg, will start with you. >> greg: not very bright, that cuomo follow. wasn't a nice thing to say. i wonder about the media because they tend not to ask the very specific questions like how did the caravan start? - [narrator] at athene, we think it's time who called it a caravan? for the financial world to stop acting the same old way. how is it being managed, where
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the people managing it? in today's complex world, you need a partner they say that the caravan is blooming like it is some kind of that is driven to provide you with better solutions for these challenging times, natural event or that is spontaneous. it's actually quite organized. one that is willing to disrupt the industry, and break free from conventional thinking. it's organized by mexican advocacy groups, and then when you get to the sizable group of (thudding) we are a different kind of financial company. people in which you can't tell who's in the group and who isn't we are athene, and we are driven to do more. which is why you need a process, because there could be terrorists and obviously there could not be terrorists. who's going to know? the media takes the narrative and they twisted, so after ♪ helping the onslaught multiply, the accused trump of seizing it >> emily: mega millions mania is sweeping the country. as an issue when beforehand, it in case you haven't heard, was the media and the advocacy tonight's jackpot is groups who had seized on this $1.6 billion. the largest in the history of spectacle to begin with to the world. you guys, did you buy individual create an ugly political issue. and then they go but look what tickets and/or are you in an trump is doing. they are a bunch of hypocrites. you know it is sadder? office pool? >> jesse: i bought tickets last night in texas. i think it's a big move. avenatti is telling the democrats to grow a spine. >> dana: everything is bigger when michael avenatti becomes in texas.
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the voice of reason for your >> jesse: especially my mega millions. party, you are in trouble? we were coming from the mavericks game and i bought $10 >> dana: talk about in terms of the media coverage, saying worth of numbers and i made a deal with the hair and makeup artists. they thought they were entitled that the media should not take to some of my winnings when i president trump's words and use won. i shook on giving them each them so that the onslaught was too strong. they think maybe there was $1 million if i hit it. i want to take this moment to softer language. officially renege. they are doing his bidding. >> jesse: it's like the mob i was feeling generous. they are not entitled to jack. controversy. don't call it a caravan. >> juan: why did you do that? it's a parade, probably what they would say. >> jesse: i was feeling nice. they have reported breathlessly about how many scoops of >> emily: they have recognized ice cream this president has, verbal agreements unless and they are not even curious about how this caravan are gambling in states is illegal. essentially courts are loath to happening. i think the only people who've sent reporters down to embedded to -- there's a bigger chance of in the caravan, fox news. getting struck by a meteor. sara carter down there. >> juan: this is what happened. and william la jeunesse. i think i was in new jersey and "the washington post" has someone down there, and judicial he bought the office pool ticket watch even has someone down then he decided who was in and there. there's not a lot of interest in who is out and they sued him. the mainstream media, so when i am with the hair and makeup trump says something about the caravan, there is no way for people. >> emily: no one gets away them to fact-check it. they are going to assume the with being a grinch. that's the bottom line. president is saying incorrect don't be a grinch.
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things, and some of the reporting coming out of there is >> dana: my husband is good very interesting. with numbers and he sent me a 80% of those people in the note and said it so hard to migrant caravan are males under think about that much money. the age of 35, and they are not it's like receiving $87,000 a day for the next 30 years. fleeing violence. these are economic refugees. think about it that way. do you know they hold it's a lot of money. "the washington post"? when they get there and start making money in america, they are going to wire the money back leland vittert -- to el salvador. i had leland vittert come on the some of these people are gang show today because he was at the affiliated. a lot of these people have been previously deported, and that's luckiest lottery store in been confirmed. washington, d.c. if they are really that upset about the conditions in the i think they put me in a ticket pool. thank you very much. country, instead of marching up i had them do the story about north to america, march against how the lottery can ruin your your own corrupt government. life. that was really just to make that would solve a lot of problems in my opinion. myself feel better. >> dana: here, juan, we are >> greg: a lot of it is baloney, but i will tell you i two weeks away from the love the lottery because it's a midterms, two weeks today. voluntary tax. no one is coercing you to buy someone like joe donnelly or it. i hate it because it's not claire mccaskill, two red state democrats running for replacing another tax. reelection, they know that for the next 13 days, the republican it's just adding another tax. candidates are going to be using it's like i don't like tariffs. this issue and it's not good for i would like tariffs if they are them in their campaign. >> juan: no, because any time placed actual taxes because then a tariff is great. use fearmongering, it really you pay for it, you are buying pushes a button and i think the something.
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the other thing i don't like president and the republicans about lottery. right now, absent a message for i say this every time. you have greater odds of being the midterms may have decided murdered or dying of a disease. this is the button to push. why route for something that has i read today stephen king, the less thoughts than your own horror book writer said the miserable death? because if you're going to rely republican campaign theme here on lock, it means you can't is the afraid. curse lock if something bad therefore, even today the strikes. president, who suggested guess if you are rooting for something that's really rare, something what, there could be middle eastern terrorists among these people. equally bad can happen to you. they are all gang members. why would you want to root for today he's a we don't have proof but they could be. that's all he does. something rare is something rare he just pushes the fear button can kill you? it's like okay, i won but you when he doesn't have anything also got hit by a truck. else to say. you can't curse your luck. to me, what's incredible is, my republican friends buy this stale bread of hatred. >> jesse: don't you like to the president even goes harder. dream about winning a billion he says i am a nationalist. dollars? these globalists want to come in after taxes, $904 million. here and take over. >> greg: no, i don't dream about it. nationalist, where we've heard i dream about other things that that? i can't bring up here. white nationalist. steve bannon, that whole line. i dream about, you know, i so horrible, so intensely always dream about things that divisive. already happened and how they
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oh, these brown hordes. could have been better. >> jesse: if you hit, would >> greg: don't you think it's divisive to say your republicans you stop working. >> greg: know, are you kidding -- your sons are republicans. you're calling them racist. me? >> dana: he would lord it over >> juan: i'm calling this action by this president, given you. the divisive nature. >> jesse: i don't know if i can tolerate him rich. >> dana: should we just do >> juan: jesse says he's going nothing? to quit "the five" if he wins. >> juan: how did america react >> jesse: after the midterms. >> juan: the thing is, you are on tv. back then? in terms of come you think about people will know. jesse is missing? >> jesse: i think they think i would be missing for other reasons. the jewish exodus, irish people >> greg: i would go out with a coming to this country as a bang if i won the money. result of famine. i would tell the people upstairs every moment, there were people i am still here and then there in the far right too reactive. would be a show -- >> jesse: that monologue was stop those jews from coming in so good. here. >> emily: we will take you why? inside the growing migrant >> dana: emily, do you think caravan that's marching toward it's comparable? the u.s. border when "the five" >> emily: know, and i want to returns. point out two things. number one, this humanitarian crisis preexisted this caravan we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, into me the mixed messaging and but we know a lot about drama. hypocrisy's point from the left we also know that you can avoid drama who are ignoring the fact that by getting an annual check-up.
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16 journalists were killed this so go, know, and take control of your health. year alone in mexico, and all of it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. the attention is on khashoggi. or that migrants found dead in texas because of the choke hold the cartels have on not only those governments south of us but also those people, including the fact that an entire police office was arrested for corruption. it could save your life. the border security is a small portion of the absolute crisis hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! is going on, and the whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, humanitarian crisis is because longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? of the porous border and lack of laws that we have. i think it's the chevy. secondly, about the military and ford. is it ford? the comments. you have to understand the nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. national guard comes under state is it ram? authority with federal funds. not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! the president can federalize them. that's right. active-duty military, the from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting exception to the post, toss -- full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these. support, not law enforcement law enforcement. the hyperbole from the left, saying that they are going to
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start shooting people is offensive and totally incorrect. >> juan: we disagree, obviously. i feel so passionately about it. this is lowball politics. something inside, so important. the humanitarian crisis predates this. people should think of it in those terms, because i think the conservatives historically have been empathetic, compassionate people, not like with this president is doing. >> jesse: i have to address some of the things you said. sara carter, wanted her calling sarah fox news, went there. you are not there. she's there. she's a colleague. spoke to guatemalan intelligence and interview people in the caravan and is confirmed there is ms-13 affiliated gang members among them caravan. if you are going to sit there and call your colleague a liar while you are sitting in this nice air-conditioned studio in manhattan, i think it's unbecoming. second of all, you have not said -- what are you going to do but the caravan, juan? you have no plan to do anything
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about it. do you have anything to out of substance to what to do with this 7,000 strong migration coming north? what are you going to do? >> juan: i think it's very clear, given republicans control the white house -- >> jesse: what are you going to do with the border? >> juan: why don't they think the immigration system that is so badly broken. >> jesse: fix the immigration system? it's because of democratic politics. the feinstein memo. this is what attracts these people. >> juan: this is lowball politics and you are on message for president trump. today he said he has no proof. >> jesse: you want to protect election integrity but you don't want to protect the integrity of the border. if these were russians coming carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast across, you will probably build cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. the wall. >> juan: people coming with guns, hordes, they're going to she's also taking prescription ibrance with an take over america? >> jesse: no one is taking aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with over anything. >> greg: according to juan's hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer
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as the first hormonal based therapy. message, mexico is racist too. they are trying to stop ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at immigrants of their border. delaying disease progression versus letrozole. everybody is racist if they don't agree with you. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause your filter is nothing but race. serious infections that can lead to death. >> juan: i think you have a before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if difficulty acknowledging where there is racial injustice and you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, where someone is using a racial liver or kidney problems, are pregnant, breastfeeding, pitch to stir his base in order to -- or plan to become pregnant. >> dana: okay, we have more. common side effects include low red blood cell and low platelet counts, infections, tiredness, nausea, sore mouth, abnormalities president trump and barack obama battle it out on that campaign in liver blood tests, diarrhea, hair thinning or loss, vomiting, trail. which one will be able to close the deal for their party in the rash, and loss of appetite. final midterm stretch? carla calls it her new normal because a lot has changed, but a lot hasn't. people tell me all the time i have the craziest job, ask your doctor about ibrance. the #1 prescribed fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. the riskiest job. the consequences underwater can escalate quickly.
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medications. dehydration. people collapsing from heat stroke. it's not an ideal situation, especially for the children. >> jesse: wow. excellent reporting, william. thank you. we're going to react to that. we want to first listen to sound from then senator barack obama in 2005 saying this about illegal immigration. >> we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked. circumventing the line of people waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. >> jesse: wow. how things have changed. >> dana: if you do not know who said that, if you were just reading the words, it's actually -- president trump has said the exact same thing. this actually agreement there. the freshening thing is about two years after that that president obama decided not to vote for comprehensive immigration reform. if he had, we might not be
2:15 pm
having this conversation. >> jesse: juan, what to think about that sound? >> juan: i think he's right. it's 10 years old. so much has done -- been done, not just by president bush but president obama to shore up security, manpower, technology,e of drones on the border. we have done much. we need comprehensive immigration reform at the moment to deal with people who are inside the united states, but even with this caravan. it's not the case like anybody thinks these guys can run over the border into it they want to ♪ >> juan: the midterms or two do. they have to go through -- this weeks away and turning into a is a popular republican phrase fierce fight for control of of the moment -- due process. congress. president trump continuing to go applying for asylum or whatever. after democrats in an attempt to turn out his base. as william la jeunesse said, and i thought that report was terrific, he is talking about >> this will be the election of families and people fleeing the caravan, kavanaugh, law & economic disaster. order, tax cuts and common he's not talking about anybody sense. from the middle east or ms-13 the democrats want to replace freedom with socialists. they want to replace the rule of law with the rule of the mob.
2:16 pm
gang member. democrats produce mobs. republicans produce jobs. get it straight, folks. wake up. you are being used. >> jesse: no one is being the blue wave! used. that was one report by william. >> emily: i want to point out that's coming, all rights. you don't hear about it too that coverage has been, national conversation has been about the much. >> juan: president obama back duality of the united states and on the campaign trail mexican governments, that it's campaigning for the democrats, incumbent upon them to fix or taking aim at president trump address the problem. and the g.o.p. >> is not a democratic or the u.n. secretary general has put reinforcements in mexico, republican idea that we are not working with agencies down there to help that government, along supposed to pressure the attorney general or the fbi to with other member nation states use the criminal justice system deal with the crisis. to try to punish political he said specifically that he opponents. that's not how america works. that's not some tin-pot called for the principle of full respect for countries rights to dictatorship. they try to get people angry. manage their own borders. globally there is an agreement here that it isn't just about u they appeal to the tribe and the appeal to fear and try to pit us. border security should be one group against another. respected and i'm curious know when you hear all this talk how many numbers of the caravan about economic miracles right now, remember who started it. are seeing international presence? >> juan: emily, what do you >> greg: it's proving the think about this tin-pot
2:17 pm
point, the popular phrase called due process. when you have a large mass of people and you don't know who dictator? >> emily: part of the they are and they could be laughable quality about former refugees. they could be nonrefugees. they could be gang members. president obama speech and also joe biden's speech is the fact what kind of word would be useful to figure it out? that they highlighted it is all a process. about the donald. what the dems have done, any they highlight. they try to get away from the issue in which you ask for a divisiveness while totally doing process, you are deemed hateful, the same thing themselves. obama referenced himself, what intolerant, or racist. was that, 92 times in whether it's borders, national security. if you are anti-terror, you are 38 minutes. joe biden is all about himself. islamophobic. if you're pro-border, you hate so i feel like that transparency everybody down south. is so obvious, and it just law & order, you are pro reminded me of this fatigue i utility. borders, national security, law had during the last administration. and order. they create a prosperous, free, moving forward, the most important thing is the messaging in those last two weeks and also secure country. they have a prosperous, free, the fact that we need to secure country in which the democrats want to do? they want to take those things galvanize on both sides what gets people to the midterm that made that country what it is, and if you disagree with it, elections being galvanize for a if you disagree, you are a specific issue obviously. the g.o.p. cannot remain racist, just like barack obama complacent or victorious after was ten years ago when he said the kavanaugh hearings given the that because apparently according to the logic of juan fact that the democrats have sworn to move for impeachment if
2:18 pm
today, what barack obama said they take control of the house. there today is clearly racist because he wants borders. i feel it's important for the g.o.p., should they want to you just condemned the same maintain the lead, that they sentiment. remain galvanize an impassioned >> juan: no, i did not. about it, because otherwise the blue wave -- some have said by when you are using -- >> greg: trump says -- >> juan: in the midst of a calling it that it leads to midterm election with one complacency. the same can happen with the specific purpose which is to g.o.p. as well. >> juan: jesse, what the stir hatred, it's orwellian. president has done recently is >> jesse: just because you said we are opposed to any kind want a country, doesn't mean you of limits on pre-existing conditions and terms of hate other people. health care. i think that speaks to the democratic message about wanting >> greg: how is it orwellian? to help with health care. then he has said we plan to change the rules on,, >> juan: the biggest lie that somehow democrats want open transsexuals, so people are borders. what -- >> jesse: up next, we are defined by who they are ready to have some fun. we we are taking you deep into e registered at birth. we will give you a major tax cut heart of texas for some delicious barbecue. for the middle class. all money managers might seem the same, is any of that true? >> jesse: he has always but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. believed in helping people out with pre-existing conditions, fisher investments tailors portfolios
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you look at that clip of the to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. political haymakers on the fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions democrats. strong black-and-white contrast. going negative by going whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees positive. these are withering attacks no are structured so we do better when you do better. other previous republican president has ever really maybe that's why most of our clients unleashed on the democratic party. come from other money managers. other republican presidents have fisher investments. clearly better money management. tiptoed around branding the democrats. donald trump is gone in there and gone all in and it's very refreshing to see a president or copresident so unafraid to label democrats as soft on crime, open borders, socialists. in the age of television and twitter and social media, these tightly wound political slogans go viral lightning fast. overwhelms the democrats, the democrats have overwhelmed the media and it's an overwhelming onslaught of the president has unleashed on his political enemies. not even the political viewer. as like an advertising executive or communications director.
2:20 pm
it's amazing to watch the raw talent on display while he smothers and brands has political enemies so effectively the democrats can't even come up for air. when it comes to barack obama taking credit for the economy come he said yeah, it's like someone has a magic wand and things like they can bring the jobs back. now he says he had the magic wand? i'm not buying it. >> juan: our local media expert, dana perino. i'm curious about the idea that he's doing exactly what jesse said. painting the democrats as open borders, socialist. >> dana: if you look at what they say about him, it's kind of mild comparison in some cases. if you are a red state democrats up for reelection, when it comes to president obama being out there campaigning that they are saying well, better than hillar hillary. because that's actually one of the things that was hurting them. every day we were talking about hillary clinton here. president obama was a better campaigner. if for the next two weeks were talking about left-wing mobs in
2:21 pm
the caravan, then the fertile ground could go to the republicans. but if in the last two weeks we are still relitigating the 2016 election and tying them up trump's presidency, that could be a good night for the democrats. >> juan: greg, there's been some early voting in the reports are that early voting favors republicans the terms of who's getting to the polls. what do you think? >> greg: i voted twice. [laughter] president obama mentioned trafficking in anger, i've never seen the democrats more angry in my entire life. i have to remind young voters that when you hear about the revision messaging, they act as if it's unique to drum. it's not. they used the same messaging about fear and race on mitt romney, mccain, bush, paul ryan. this is a different time, to act like that, it's bogus.
2:22 pm
they have to get close and intense but they are miserable. i thought -- saw an ad by the democrats featuring the resistance, the kavanaugh hearings, it galvanize me and i don't think they can see that tr that they are ginning up is having an opposite reaction and we are going these people are freaking me out. now i'm going to have to vote three times. i have a wig and sometimes i cross-dress. >> juan: i hope president trump doesn't find out about this voter fraud. lottery fever reaching a boiling point with tonight's historic mega millions jackpot. are we at "the five" in it to ♪ win it? you're going have to find out by >> greg: as you know, we were tuning in. in texas yesterday. that's next on "the five" ." we had a great time, met some great flow. jesse got a facial. [laughter] prevagen has been shown in clinical trials people go to dallas. the first thing they do is get a to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. facial.
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>> emily: pretty boy. >> greg: trying some actual texas barbecue. texas style barbecue. we did a segment. here we go. ♪ >> dana: we are here in dallas, texas. it's amazing. i have greg and jesse with me. are you ready to? at about 5:36 p.m. every day in a commercial break, we will ask this question. [laughter] >> jesse: a little spicy. >> dana: every day, greg in the commercial break will ask, what am i going to eat tonight and it's usually ribs. >> greg: i think i eat ribs for times a week. >> jesse: i like the brisket. >> dana: jalapeno sausage. i like the sausage. >> jesse: what is this? >> dana: it's a beef shish
2:24 pm
kebab. >> greg: i have something stuck in the gap of my tooth. i hate that. i needed business card. i need a business card or some flaws. sometimes i use a paper clip. >> jesse: it shouldn't be too tough to ask for some floss? what is in gragg's cup? sweet tea? >> greg: i call it sweet tea. some people might call it hard wine. i may hate the democrats. i may hate the libs, but man, i love these ribs. >> jesse: you can tell that the dallas cowboys lost just by the mood here. you can feel it. redskins just beat the cowboys. there's a little bit of a pall over the crowd. cowboys and indians were a rivalry a long time before -- >> dana: greg, i think it's
2:25 pm
our first road trip with jesse. >> jesse: any advice for me on the road? >> greg: [bleep]. >> dana: lawrence jones is here with us, and he's from texas. you know him from fox news. let's bring in lawrence jones. your recommendation. why did you pick this place? you used to come here a lot? >> yes, they don't rush the process. they season their meat, marinated and put it in the smoker, get the extra flavor and it is so good. >> jesse: when they say that everything is bigger in texas, what specifically are they referring to? >> greg: this isn't some kind of sick water swirl -- -- watters' world. do you see that thing? that's a wolverine.
2:26 pm
do you know what a wolverine is? it's half wolf, half "erine" ." >> that is worth more than the mega millions. >> dana: is at greg's dream come true? >> greg: i'm going to take a picture so i can look at it before i go to bed at night. >> we have some lineman who coming near from the dallas cowboys who will devour one of these. >> jesse: what is the key to a barbecue? it's kind of a national pastime for the country of texas, down here. it's what we do. everybody barbecues. everyone is in their backyard. >> jesse: the country of texas. ted cruz was saying beto o'rourke wants to get rid of barbecue in texas. what do you think about that? >> is got to be a joke.
2:27 pm
anybody that's anybody in the state of texas can commit political suicide by saying that. fill these all the way up with wood, it will burn all night long. my guys get here at 5:00 in the morning. we start warming up the pits again. >> dana: have you ever put a small boy in there, about the size of greg? >> jesse: can you close it? my face is melting. [laughter] >> dana: pretty fun. >> greg: i know you're going to want to check out more because that blew my mind. go to our facebook and instagram pages for all the behind-the-scenes photos from our texas trip. i just realized watching it i am an unattractive eater. [laughter] >> dana: i was eating, chewing. >> greg: that will go to the best of. >> emily: in the package, you go if juan were here, and it cut off. >> greg: we were talking about
2:28 pm
cowboys and indians. i was going to say juan would say don't say that word. >> juan: i would've said ha-ha ha-ha, cowboys fans. you are snapper made a mistake. >> dana: i think we learned when we go for barbecue, you might want to eat beforehand. we were so hungry and the food was so good, we couldn't even talk. we were eating so much. >> greg: the nonmeat items i found delicious, the creamed corn. >> dana: whiskey pie. >> jesse: i am upset about the facial jabs. it's the third day in a row. getting sensitive about it. i get one facial and i tell one person about it and it's on national television. >> dana: why would you tell greg? >> greg: i have to bring it up. it's okay to have a facial. it is. you look great. >> jesse: thanks. you don't.
2:29 pm
>> greg: all right, that was fun. >> dana: thank you, texas. >> greg: "one more thing" up next. r and totals it. and as if that wasn't bad enough, now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> dana: i just time now for one more thing. >> greg: rowlett. >> check out this.
2:33 pm
♪ it is a singing donkey all right. it is an internet sensation in ireland. they do have the internet in ireland. they have it. anyway, the owner did not know that the donkey could sign. apparently it has a beautiful . i hope to hear more from the donkey. spew in their minds me of the story of the talking dog. the super bowl halftime show. maroon 5. terrible! >> dana: they should've gone with garth brooks. on sunday he was at the u.s. formula grand prix that took place in austin, texas. he is one of the future stars. they have the opportunity, they go behind the scenes, they
2:34 pm
attend media events they get to meet the drivers. they shake their hands. he also received his own driver suit which is very cool. for the national anthem he stood in front of us to bond. he is a driver in france, did know they could drive in france. [laughs] and regulations. >> juan: they held a conference on the first amendment last weekend. as a working journalist who has paid the price for speaking out, i was speaking first free speech. add hugh hewitt committee conservative radio host. the former head of the aclu. jeffrey rosen. i want you to know, he suggested there would be no more anonymous posting. on the other hand, anonymity is an important protection for people who fear being punished when they speak out. i don't think we will do away with anonymous speech. today, everyone, ever viewed her and listener has to be a media critic. so double check everything
2:35 pm
before you fall for anything. >> jesse: italian elevators are out of control peer look at this one. a bunch of russian soccer fans. i suspect foul play. some of the italians might have turned the switch up a little bit. that is not been confirmed, we are still checking on it. imagine being on that and have a speed up like that. that is extremely dangerous. people were very hurt. it looks like none of the injuries are life-threatening. thankfully. look at that! >> dana: that is so, so dangerous. also frightening, i will be on hannity tonight. >> london green, this little boy saw the original ghostbusters when he was just three years old and he's been obsessed with it ever since. he was born without a pulmonary artery and has had several surgeries. when the make-a-wish foundation
2:36 pm
found out about him, they recruited his hometown in sacramento to make his dream come true. he got to gear up in his own ghostbusters suit. he was tracking down ghosts and like a hue to make a true hero he was given the key to the city by the mayor for his hard work. thankfully his dad says he is now doing well and that his heart is working the way it should. >> dana: we have some time. i have to ask you, the road trip was fun going down to texas. where should we go next? >> greg: i would like to go downtown. >> jesse: we are going to go to the key west i think. >> greg: how about molly? a road trip to maui? >> juan: lets go to the middle of the country. let's go to kansas or missouri, lets you people are thinking. i think the 2020 election is coming. >> dana: emily we will emily will see you there. never miss an episode of the "the five" ."
2:37 pm
>> bret: thank you. this is a fox news alert, and bret baier. we are following two major stores tonight. new condemnation from the u.s. and others against saudi arabia. or the death of the journalist. new promises from president trump about stopping a massive caravan of central american migrants heading towards the u.s. southern border. we begin with the fox team coverage of the immigration story, again in southern mexico with the increasingly difficult journey for those migrants. start off with chief white house correspondent john roberts on the politics of the caravan.
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