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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 24, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> my father was raised in jim crow south and he taught me never to make excuses and do everything i could to excel. that is why i'm 82 w. point, deployed in operation iraqi freedom and arrange a qualified apache pilot and i believe in a red white and blue message, not a white or black message and that is why my message is resonating because we are all americans and need to push past politics and bring people together. >> michigan voters are watching tonight. really appreciate your joining us and thank you for your service to this great nation and coming up next the great shannon bream and the fox news at night team, another phenomenal show and i can't get home to watch the whole thing. >> check a lottery ticket, those numbers coming up. >> if you don't shop tomorrow we will know what happens. >> we begin with a fox news alert, dhs confirming some of donald trump's claims about the migrant caravan heading for the southern border his critics claim the trump administration
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is maximizing a campaign of fear ahead of the midterms and donald trump will meet with the cia director upon return to turkey to fill him in on the death of jamal khashoggi, the president calling the explanation the worst cover-up ever. the first woman to serve on the supreme court sandra day o'connor shares said news, national challenge in the wake of the brett kavanaugh battle, her son joins us with details. welcome to fox news at night, we begin with trace gallagher with the latest on the migrant caravan. >> when it comes to the central american caravan which is 1000 miles from the us border the trump administration is sending mixed messages, the department of homeland security indicated without citing exact evidence the caravan includes people from all over the world including the middle east, africa and asia.
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they confirm there are individuals within the caravan who are gang members or have significant criminal histories and mike pence added that it is inconceivable that people from the middle east are not in the caravan. donald trump seemed to cast doubt on both those statements. >> there is no proof of anything, no proof of anything. but it could very well be. >> we should note reporters following the migrants have seen no sign of presidents from the middle east but it is well documented that guatemala is a major corridor for people from africa, the middle east and asia and the guatemalan president says his country has apprehended more than 100 isis terrorists that is unclear exactly when. is for the caravan potentially being organized, donald trump says he believes democrats are
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possibly funding it, he made those remarks in reaction to mike penn saying the president of honduras told him the caravan was backed by leftist organizations and venezuela and there is one thing the president, vice president and mike pompeo do agree on. >> the united states has a message for those who are part of this caravan or any caravan which follows, you will not be successful at getting into the united states illegally no matter what. >> it remains a mystery how the us plans to keep these 7000 people from applying for us asylum even using the military, a complete shutdown of the border would be physically unlikely and economically unhealthy and dhs is in 2017 there were 141,000 asylum requests, that number will likely rise this year and as of last january the backlog of asylum cases exceeded 325,000.
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>> this is not a simple problem to solve, thank you very much. tonight donald trump is calling without his explanation for the killing of jamal khashoggi the worst cover-up in history and he wants bipartisan congressional input over how to respond to the murder. richardson has the latest from the state department. >> reporter: mike pompeo says the united states is revoking visas for some he says are responsible for the death of jamal khashoggi. members of the saudi court, intelligence services and other ministries. the secretary says the us investigation continues. >> these penalties will not be the last word from the united states was we will explore additional measures to hold those responsible accountable. neither the president nor i am happy with this situation. >> reporter: the state department says it is 921 saudi from holding us visas. mike pence, cia director gina haspel is in turkey.
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donald trump expects a briefing tonight or tomorrow. the president stressed his administration is still gathering facts and says saudi arabia has been a very good us ally. >> very that original concept. it was carried out poorly and the cover-up was one of the worst in the history of coverups. >> this morning highly anticipated speech, the turkish president erdogan offered an outline of what investigator 7, that hit team travel to istanbul, disabled security cameras in this saudi consulate and prepared to murder jamal khashoggi. erdogan says saudi teams were inspecting your istanbul and then northwest before his murder. he makes no mention of audio do you recording of the murder in the possession of the turkish government. in saudi arabia state media says
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mohammed bin selman met with jamal khashoggi as brother and son. licking and pronounced -- crown prince expect their condolences and jamal khashoggi's family expressed thanks for consolation though the associated press reports a friend of jamal khashoggi said his son was born -- barred from the country. the criticism of the government. shannon: top presidential advisor john bolton met with vladimir pilsen -- putin with a lengthy discussion with nuclear arms treaty to a strong message election meddling. garrett tenney has that report tonight. >> reporter: the us isn't backing down in a plan to terminate the landmark intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty. that was part of the message john bolton delivered to vladimir putin. bolton said there is no chance to salvage the 1987 agreement because russia has been violating it for years.
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>> the american position that russia's violation, russia's position they are not a violation so one has to ask how you convince the russians to come back to compliance with obligations they don't think they are violating. >> reporter: he argued after three decades the cold war treaty is out of date because only the us and russia are subject to it leaving countries like china, iran and north korea free to do whatever they want. >> one country is constrained, the united states. >> in response vladimir putin pointed at the us official seal and said he is apprised by the steps the trump administration is taking. >> i do not think they can be called friendly, look like an eagle heading the olives and what is left our arrows. >> another arrow was the issue of russia's election meddling. his message, don't mess with our elections. >> once the meddling created distrust and animosity in the united states and particularly made it almost impossible for two years for the united states
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and russia to make progress diplomatically. >> the other big headline out of today's meeting another trump putin summit is on the books, the two leaders will meet next month in paris on the sideline of the celebration marking the hundredth anniversary of the end of world war i and after all the controversy from the first summit in helsinki this one will be interesting to watch. >> the immigration debate is front and center leading to the midterm elections as donald trump accuses democrats of funding the migrants have and heading to the us border. the vice president addressed the issue today. >> president fernandez of honduras told me the caravan is making its way through mexico to the southern border by leftist organizations and financed by venezuela. >> the democrats maybe?
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the democrats? >> fox news contributor richard fowler, republican national 20 spokesperson kaylee mcinerney and troy occur. welcome to all of you. you were at the white house today with all the president and talking about these things but clearly california is a place where this plays out most is what was the mood in dealing with immigration is the midterms. >> the president made it clear the caravan is coming. he recognizes the sanctuary laws we passed in california are acting as a magnet and a target and these caravans making their way up know that not only on the sanctuary side but at the border they use a port of entry or go around the port of entry once they get is the process, they could be in the country for 10 years before they go. he was stressing he was focused on this and the administration was behind this. shannon: he had this to say, i agree with president obama 100%
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and this is the soundbite from 2005 from president obama he was referring to. >> we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states and detected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. shannon: they are on the same page. >> we have to make a distinction between those who are crossing unlawfully and those seeking asylum. honduras, guatemala and nicaragua are the most dangerous countries on earth and i apply the president last week -- shannon: there are other locations. >> the top three, the top 10 most dangerous countries are part of it but if you really think these individuals and what the president called on the
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refugee office and the un to go to the mexican border and do this i applauded him because it was the right thing to do. these are refugees. we are a bold nation of the brave nation where refugees are at highest levels of government, madeleine albright, henry kissinger, people who benefited, not to turn their backs on them is not who we are as americans. if there are gangs and people who are violent they won't pass muster by our courts, they won't pass muster by the justice system but if you are seeking asylum for political and economic, you should be given your day in court and allowed to have justice in the united states and go through the refugee process. by stopping that that is anti-american. >> i don't think the asylum process. and numbers who come into the country and disappear here. the low numbers of people who get approved for asylum based on the current framework, congress wants to change it. that is another debate. i want to play something eric older had to say about how this president is using this crisis.
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>> the most important midterm election of my life, we have an opportunity to put a check on an administration that has been unbelievably corrupt and runs the country in a way that is inconsistent with all we say we value as americans, his characterization of this caravan and using the terms he has used is deeply disturbing and inconsistent with who we say we are as a nation. >> law and order is not contrary to american values. richard's point, glad he brought up the us, no one is saying we should not look at asylum cases. the un is in mexico, they are assessing case-by-case individuals and will offer a country to settle, mexico has offered to put these individuals on buses, they don't want citizenship in mexico or to settle in another country, they want to come to the united states.
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it is not about asylum. it is a law and order message we are talking about. 10,000 ms 13 members across the country and 40 state to dismember bodies, stabbed a man 100 times, that is law and order and in your state. >> i have to stop you. you're trying -- ms 13 is a problem but ms 13 is not the 7000 people seeking asylum. >> there are gangs members among them. >> 102. >> excuse me. when a mother packs up to leave guatemala, honduras and nicaragua because their lives are in danger she deserves -- >> you can cite seek asylum, she didn't sick asylum in mexico, the un is there that it was one american citizen stopped 100 times by ms 13 crossing the border, you're okay with that? ms 13 killing american citizens. >> talking fathers trying to seek asylum in the united states.
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like madeleine albright's mother did. >> small number of asylum claims that are adjudicated and approved, most of these people after their cases are heard the vast majority are turned away. how is it playing out in your locality? a number of localities have pushed back against magnet in california because you are dealing with reality every day. >> a couple areas. when you look at california we have a tremendous homeless issue and tremendous veterans homeless issue and problems that are social and the infrastructure can't handle the people and we see these people moving their way up and hoping for the american dream. when we look at what needs to be taken care of in california we need to look internally. we are having a hard enough time with social pressure to take
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care of those people. the sanctuary laws and immigration policies, it could take three to 10 years to go through the process if they continue to go through it. >> this president ran on helping veterans and they are still homeless vets on our street and he hasn't dealt with it. >> that is not a situation you cleanup overnight and there is bipartisan will to get this done. all the loopholes closed, we will see. great to have you with us. into night's countdown to midterm elections what can we learn from early voting? which party appears to be benefiting at this early stage and we will look at key battleground states where early voter turnout may surprise you and leland is live, just drew the mega millions numbers, he still standing there. i'm guessing he didn't win or is
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shannon: reports that gubernatorial nominee and tallahassee mayor andrew gillam accepted tickets to a broadway show from an undercover fbi agent who was leading a tallahassee corruption investigation. he has not been accused of wrongdoing, this is turned over two weeks before election day. a judge ruled a lawyer for stormy daniels must pay $5 million to an attorney who worked in his former law firm, holding michael avenatti liable over backpay, he contends the lawyer owes him and the firm $12 million. a separate ruling came down evicting avenatti's turn from from its office space after four months of unpaid rent. whether it is the president's near nightly rallies or fallout from the brett kavanaugh hearings something firing up the gop base in early voting states, mike emanuel dives into the numbers tonight.
12:21 am
>> reporter: 7 million people have already voted in the 2018 general election according to the latest numbers collected by the united states elections project and election days two weeks out. >> early voting is underway so get out and vote. it is underway as we speak. if you would like to leave go ahead, go vote. >> reporter: harris county, texas, set a new record on the first day of early voting in a midterm election with 63,188 ballots eating the previous record in 2010 by x 35,000 votes and surpassed early voting in the houston area on the first day in the presidential elections of 2008 in 2012, donald trump has been active trying to stop when many experts predicted could be a blue way. and been is the news is saying the wave could be purple with gop affiliate voters surpassing democratic affiliated in early voting in 7 key states.
12:22 am
>> we are hearing from candidates who are feeling new energy in their home states. >> republicans hope to add to their 51-49 majority in the senate, the house side of the capital remains a fierce battle, democrats need a net of 23 states to regain the majority and republicans are trying to hold them off. >> early voting that, democratic turnout is low. republican turnout in suburban districts is up, looks like a normal midterm electorate. there is talk of a blue wave or massive democratic turnout. in early voting it is not that way right now. >> those seeking to regain the speaker's gavel for democrats are trying to manage expectations. >> i never said there's a massive blue wave, these are difficult districts and there's a lot of outside money that could play significant role in these races. we believe it will be close within a few seats whether we win or lose the majority. >> reporter: recent polling suggest the fight over brett cavanagh's confirmation energized voters on both sides.
12:23 am
>> passions are high, that is a primary determiner of voting. you don't vote when you're apathetic and happy with what is going on around you. you vote when something is meaningful and you want to participate. >> reporter: experts caution both parties emphasized getting voters to cast their ballots early. it may not boost support as much as they are banking ahead of election day. >> let's look at latest polling on party enthusiasm and dig into a critical state with the editor of the halftime report, author of the best-selling book everyman the king, congratulations, so much success happening emanating off of you. >> get an ointment for that. >> let's talk about the enthusiasm gap. wall street will nbc news has new polling numbers in the aftermath of the better
12:24 am
confirmation fight over brett kavanaugh republicans closed the once large gap between their voters and democrats interested in the election. 68% of republican voters in 72% of democrats, the highest reported for either party by the survey in a midterm election. republicans still down but the numbers close. that gap. >> mike emanuel said this looks like a normal midterm electorate, no it does not. it looks nothing like a normal midterm electorate. it is looking like a quadrennial electorate presidential year. generally speaking the rule of thumb is a third fewer people vote in midterm elections than presidential years, that is the norm. that is 2 thirds of eligible voters in a good year, presidential year vote for president but dramatically fewer so last time was one of the lowest turnouts, 2014 one of the lowest on record. now we are approaching a number that is 50% or more, both sides
12:25 am
fully engaged and energized and i don't think, i have not seen anything like this in my career. you have to go back to the 1960s to find anything, the conflict over vietnam, to find something that looks like this. i was not yet alive. >> this too. we talk about the generic ballot and it tells you how the country is feeling but house districts are so individual, democrats are still preferred in the national poll overall but their advantage has vanished in house districts that matter most. >> they also broke down by rural, urban and suburban. that is the way reelection america goes. democrats win in the city and fight it out for the burgs and was trending earlier this cycle was republicans were in big trouble in the suburbs especially places the president won by a point or two and it is
12:26 am
tough for them but democrats leader the generic ballot in urban areas by 40 points and republicans leading early areas by 30 points but it is that even, evenly matched in the generic ballot in suburban areas. what we see but is true all along is democrats have a geographical advantage because of where the races are, republicans are playing defense, 29 of 31 tossup races a republican held seats but republicans have a fighting chance because it is evenly matched. >> two big races in florida, the governor and senate race, gop lagging in both is key races. >> not able to close. the thing we look for in races is consistency in polymers, do they say the same about? neither scott nor desantis, there is no variance.
12:27 am
if they keep coming in with these 7 points behind, that is not something, that can't -- that gap can't hide republican enthusiasm. they need the contour of the race to change quickly because people are already voting. >> thanks. the first woman to serve on the supreme court announcing she has been diagnosed with dementia. sandra day o'connor has a remarkable message for the country. live after the break, her son jay o'connor is here. packaging for restaurants. and we've grown substantially. so i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. that's right, $36,000. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees.
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>> shannon: in a letter addresse >> in a letter addressed to friends and fellow americans the first female supreme court justice sandra day o'connor, she will be withdrawing from public life. in the wake of increasingly
12:32 am
uncivil political rhetoric, the fury over the new supreme court justice not going down o'connor offers different message calling for work in civics the most important writing we must reach our youth. time for new leaders to make civic engagement in reality. justice o'connor's son jay is here with his mother's legacy and a challenge to fellow americans. welcome. can you tell us how she is doing? this is a brave letter and not an easy one for her to write. >> this is a big moment for my mom to be open about what her condition is, people who noticed she was less active in public life, thought it would be best to share what was going on with her medical condition and what was happening with this transition in her life. >> some of the current justices, alana kagan, and women can take
12:33 am
part and equal in the legal protection. she strives to make a momentous moment for women the year was appointed no longer extraordinary. among legions of women endeavoring to follow her lead and the other female on the court, sonja soto mayor equally glowing, this group the mother started, all of us have a better education about how our country works and how it runs and it is important to understand that. >> my mother was concerned after retiring from the court about the state of civic knowledge most americans face and understand. literally one third of americans can name all 3 branches of government. she wanted to do something about it and age 79 started an educational software company all
12:34 am
about teaching civics in a fun and exciting way using interactive games that make learning, civic engagement fun and relevant. starting from scratch, i civic reaches have the schoolkids grades 5 through 12. it is remarkable solution for civic education. shannon: and the fantastic legacy. we checked the numbers. 37% of americans could not name any of the rights guaranteed under the first amendment. this is not an sku amendment, the first amendment. a quarter of americans could name all 3 branches of government, i find that terrifying. >> absolutely and so did my mom and that is why she wanted to do something and there's a great solution at hand. she said in a letter today, and
12:35 am
she wanted to use this opportunity to underline how important she feels to address this issue and it can't be solved, and effectively govern the country and citizens choose the right representative unless they have a basic understanding how the country works in the government works, the constitution is designed and founding principles of the country. by sharing the common understanding and foundation, it allows us to work effectively and productively. >> do you worry this misinformation leads to the rhetoric, sniping and heated partisanship and back and forth? because people don't know about things that are special as americans? >> i think by better appreciating and understanding our common heritage, re-energize americans to realize we are on
12:36 am
the same page, we can achieve better things working together, we don't get anywhere by yelling at one another. shannon: it was beautiful in a letter she talked about countless blessings in her life and how fortunate she felt to be an american. thank you for sharing with us tonight. >> nice to be with you. >> where in the world kicks off in france where french president macron refused to see if he would freeze arms sales to saudi arabia in the wake of jamal khashoggi's murder. lawmakers voted to continue selling arms to the saudis after a heated debate. china open the longest seat crossing bridge to 34 mile structure linking hong kong to the mainland, the $20 billion bridge took a decade to building caring major delays and cost overruns including an undersea tunnel so ships can pass through
12:37 am
the area, the heart of china's crucial manufacturing sector. researchers discovered the world's oldest in tact shipwreck at the bottom of the black sea. they found in ancient greek trading vessel off the coast of bulgaria at a depth of 1.2 miles which oxygen free conditions in the water preserved the ship which the group says was carbon dated at 2400 years ago. finally texas, in rome, 7 people were seriously injured and 13 hurt when an escalator in the metro inexplicably sped up tossing people to the bottom. the cause of the incident is under investigation. donald trump vowing to send as many troops as necessary to prevent thousands from central america from crossing the 7 border illegally. and others were the second caravan. texas lieutenant governor dan
12:38 am
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shannon: tonight there are reports of a second migrant caravan in el salvador. thousands marching to the southern border face long odds of reaching the united states. the original caravan is 1000 miles from the closest order
12:42 am
crossing in texas. we are learning about the caravan in southern mexico. >> translator: my throat hurts. >> reporter: on the road for 15 days the journey is taking a toll on migrants in the caravan. >> translator: i feel very bad. all my body is hurting. i can't stand it. >> reporter: where lonely flip-flops, others without socks, many fighting blisters and pain. >> translator: i have asked for a cream but they don't have any so they wrapped my foot. >> reporter: the caravan traveled 25 miles monday, heatstroke, exhaustion, dehydration forced many to seek medical attention from local clinics. >> translator: yes, today i feel a little bit better. i can walk tomorrow and keep walking. >> reporter: the caravan which crossed into mexico over the weekend numbers 7000. it rested 45 miles north of the
12:43 am
guatemalan border. we are told their destination remains tijuana, 2400 miles, a 4-month walk. members say they fear crime, popping a cargo trailer deportation by mexico if they take a bus. >> want to walk as soon as they can. >> reporter: born in honduras but raised in texas ice deported ryan from a construction site in austin last week. is trying to get back and says the majority have no idea what to expect at the us border. >> it will not be that easy. we were saying that yesterday. we are going to get to the border. they have no idea what they are going to do. >> reporter: the demographic of this caravan is no different than any border patrol from california to texas, you have women and children and men who tried to cross illegally but it is remarkable because it is
12:44 am
remarkable how uninformed they are about the asylum process and they are going to undergo a 2400 mile trek on land with their kids. that is difficult. they are naïve about the process but are somehow optimistic. shannon: very interesting. thank you. cracking down on illegal immigration is a major focal point of the trump administration's agenda and this your border patrol apprehensions are up sharply. according to the formative homeland security, let's talk about it with the lieutenant governor of texas, dan patrick. you started some conversations with the president in texas yesterday and tonight you have been on the phone with him. what can you share with us publicly? >> reporter: a great rally we had last night, fabulous. before that he met with several texas leaders to talk about this caravan and continue the conversation. we talked two hours ago, a good
12:45 am
in-depth conversation about this and it is clear that these people don't understand this president is serious. they are not getting into this country and those who do cross illegally will be turned around and sent back. the mass might of the military, we have expedited courts, magistrate and everyone coming to the border for anyone who comes across and turn around, go through the process and put on an airplane and sent back, these people, first of all this wouldn't be happening if not for charles schumer, the democrat blocking funding for the wall. the wall will stop people coming to the country, mexico has to cooperate, all trains coming into the country, i shared with the president last night, shut down our border crossings. we have 19 with mexico just out of texas, most people come across the border crossings. under the trump hawaii case he
12:46 am
won this year in the supreme court under certain conditions, he has the right to deny any alien coming into the country so he can shut down the border totally or shutdown anyone crossing and if some are funneled across the border we can cross, it may take 100 a day or months to process them. they will be waiting to process before they come across and meet a judge and be prosecuted and turned around and sent back. this will not stand under this president. >> border patrol put up new numbers and apprehensions were up 100,000 from fiscal year 2017-18. people who are sick or ill or falling apart, how the response to critics who say how can you look at people who seem so desperate and sibley say you can't come here? >> two issues. we have desperate people in our own country we need to take care of.
12:47 am
last time i said we cannot educate or incarcerate the whole world. there are millions who would come here. we would to have a country left to help anyone. i feel for those people, the president feel from his people but you cannot have these mobs crossing the border. this is very clear. either democrat operatives in this country are working with this caravan or the drug cartels or both. no one crosses the border unless you pay a bounty to cartels. they wouldn't let thousands cross here, it would be bad for business. the cartels, someone is paying them to allow people to come here, someone is feeding them, providing bathroom facilities. someone is guiding them. i feel sorry for these people as is the president, these people are being lied to and misled and need to get the message people are watching fox in mexico today, translate in spanish, go back home. this is not the way to come to this country. you will not be allowed to stay, you will not get in. this president is serious. he has drawn a line in the sand,
12:48 am
we are doing everything to help them, he has been right on this issue since he was campaigning and i saw polls recently the overwhelming majority of texans and americans are with him. republicans, independents and democrats. we cannot let the borders be overwhelmed by people coming here illegally. it must stop. this president is going to stop it. they need to get the message. if they cross they will be sent back right away. the process to the courts there expedited courses into mass effort like we have never seen before from this president or any president. shannon: the backlog of people trying to come here illegally, they will take, it will take gumption on capitol hill for people to clean up those loopholes and get things done. if we are telling people you can come illegally we can make that more workable and in the meantime. >> capitol hill needs to understand because they have done nothing to help this president build the wall.
12:49 am
shannon: lieutenant governor patrick good to see you. the store you have been waiting for, get your tickets, do you have the winning ticket?
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shannon: mega millions lottery jackpot, $1.6 billion. the way numbers are in, 5, 28,
12:53 am
62 to 65, 70 and the mega ball is 5. leland has been in dc all day long, one of the luckiest busiest stores for lottery tickets. i got one number. how about you? >> reporter: not sure if i did any better by virtue of the fact i'm talking to you. i didn't win, you didn't win. my camera man didn't win. if you are watching at home and not talking to your lawyer or accountant you probably didn't win. make 1 millions says they are not sure there is a winner this time around and that is by design. people are having this feeling of losing since the 1500s. tonight's $1.6 billion prize is harder than ever to win. in a 2017 statistical sleight-of-hand million millions took away 5 the paintball so it is easier to match 5 and when the million dollar prize but added 10 of the mega balls making the big prize even more
12:54 am
elusive while doubling the price of tickets thus creating more monstrous jackpots. >> think the tractor enough, people will volunteer their tax payment. elizabeth i started a major state lottery to finance her navy. >> reporter: the district trade group says americans spent $80 billion a year on the lottery, more than starbucks, mcdonald's, burger king or taco bell combined. each state receives $.30 on the dollar of tickets sold 20 plus states earmarked for education. >> they are using it for education but the money they earmarked for education is going to other places. >> reporter: research in california, florida and michigan showed this trend despite promotions that the lottery boosts education spending. >> you would a lifetime supply of cash, lucky for life. >> reporter: north carolina it is called the education lottery but inflation-adjusted education per-pupil in the tar heel stays down.
12:55 am
another states the money goes all over the place, colorado funded by miller protection, kansas part of their lotto hall facilities and someone who funds medicare and dc, like any other tax dollar. extra dollars come from those who can least afford it. bank study found americans taking less than $30,000 a year spent 412 on the lottery, four times that of the wealthiest households. >> taxing the poor much more than the rich with the hope of a few people learning enough money to last a lifetime. it is an efficient and unfair. >> reporter: this is dcf luckiest lotto store, tickets until the drawing but all of us have something to be happy about. one in three lotto winners go
12:56 am
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>> it is wednesday, october 24th and this is "fox and friends first". on the east coast with fox news alert, criminals in the caravan. shocking revelations from homeland security is the massive wave of migrant is closer to the us, live at the border with the birdseye view of the daily struggle are border agents face. >> we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states and detected, undocumented, unchecked.


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