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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 24, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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in a clown mask. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now. have a great day, goodbye. >> we are in charge of enforcing the laws. >> we got you, partner. rob: a fox news alert, battle at the border. dhs sounding the alarm on the criminals in the caravan heading toward the us. jillian: the struggle border agents face. another possible meeting with vladimir putin. rob: what the president hopes to get out of a second sit down with russian president. shannon: mother-to-be megan markel was escorted out of the marketplace. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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♪ >> good morning, hump day. dark outside. and we are. we move through the week, we did not win the lottery. you are watching "fox and friends first". >> we start with a fox news alert, federal officials confirming their unknown criminals and gang members headed toward the us border. >> griff jenkins getting a birds eye view of complications facing -- >> we are as close as you can get.
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it was 1000 miles away. they believed there were individuals who were members. and countries like central america. they took two weeks to get to the border and have a difficult time covering that influx because of the terrain, the rugged area, we went with air marine operations. >> give a review of the challenges men and women of the border patrol and law enforcement partners face every day to secure the border. this border is unique, what most people don't realize the geography portrays in itself.
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and and this other agent running toward us. there is a reason. these people once to because it. >> a lot is going on that doesn't get captured. a lot of good work being done by men and women. they are in charge of enforcing the laws, we do our best with the tools and resources to secure the border to the best of our ability. >> one more development, releasing fiscal year apprehension numbers for the southwest border, 100,000, 42% from last year, a developing
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story with the caravan so far away around election time. >> deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's meeting with lawmakers scheduled for today and pushed back, congressional leaders delaying the meeting saying enough time to ask questions facing scrutiny over the russia probe and a report claiming he wanted to wear wiretap to record the president. lawmakers could bring him an early next week. >> donald trump promising more tax cuts if republicans keep control of congress. >> it is going to be a tax reduction of 10% for the middle class. business will not enter into it. this will be on top of the tax reduction the middle class has already gotten. >> the president claims he will introduce the new bill next week saying the house will get to work on it after the midterms.
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rob: donald trump will probably meet with vladimir putin next month. the president making that announcement as tensions rise over a decades old nuclear treaty. >> allison barber live in washington with what is at stake. >> that announcement came after two days of high-level meetings in moscow, the final one between vladimir putin and national security adviser john bolton, the us is confident russia violated the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty and the us is going to leave it despite calls from russia and european countries to stick with it. >> the american position, russia is in violation, russia's position is they are not, how do you convince the russians to come back into compliance with obligations they don't think they are violating? >> i'm surprised to see that and
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i don't think they are called friendly. shannon: the us and soviet union signed the treaty in 1987 prohibiting land-based ballistic missiles, 3500 miles, the obama administration accused russia of violating the treaty in 2014, critics like some officials with the eu say the treaty could spark another arms race. donald trump and vladimir putin would like to discuss this in france, marking the 100th anniversary at the end of world war i, since the controversial summit in helsinki. >> very well meet -- >> is for the inf treaty, outdated, arguing in part countries like china should be part of it but they are not.
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>> hurricane willa slammed into mexico as a category 3 storm before weakening to depression. >> sign waves crashing along the beautiful pacific coast bringing life-threatening storm surge and 120 mile-per-hour winds. >> pushing towards the us, expected to the brain on central and eastern texas. . trying to recover from historic flooding. >> janice dean here to talk about more rain. >> it is an ongoing mess across texas. tropical depression willa, the moisture moving into texas, the remnants of that storm and eventually hooking up with another storm system along a frontal boundary that will refrain to texas and much of the gulf coast and even parts of florida and that low pressure will develop into a nor'easter. a lot to talk about. flood advisory's posted from
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vulnerable areas that have seen so much rain in the past few weeks, more rain in the forecast for much of texas through the central plains, the gulf coast and parts of the florida panhandle that were destroyed by hurricane michael. not a good news story at all and then we watch part of the remnants of the storm system developing an area of low pressure that becomes a coastal low this weekend, this is friday. across the northeast we will be dealing with strong wind, heavy rainfall and interior snow and that will be this weekend. if you have plans this weekend, a lot of soccer games and baseball games going to be canceled. forecast over 50 mph on the coastline. that is something to watch. it never ends. we have willa on the gulf coast,
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across the panhandle of florida and nor'easter. i will keep you posted. >> the boston red sox strikes first in the world series. >> attention, 3 run homer, out of reach for the dodgers, the red sox got to the la dodgers scoring 2 runs in the first securing an 8-4 win over the dodgers, game 2 tonight on fox. one person will be waking up, at least one winning ticket,
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hopefully more, $1.6 billion mega millions jackpot in south carolina, winning numbers 5, 28, 62, 65, 70, mega ball is five. >> a single winner can walk away with a $913 million lump sum. my brain can't fathom that. there's a chance for the rest of us to cash in. the powerball drawing. and making sugar in south carolina. 10 minutes after the hour. out-of-control escalator crushing more than 2 dozen people, terrifying moments underneath. >> early voting numbers according to massive turnout in key states for the midterms. what does it mean for republicans and democrats? it is a teaser that had republicans coming out on top.
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>> welcome back, wild video, 2 dozen people hurt as the escalator speeds out of control. this thing broke and just started pouring down. people screaming piling on top of each other in a train station in rome. witnesses say they were singing and jumping on the escalator before it malfunctioned. this show the mangled aftermath, 7 people seriously hurt, scary stuff. neighbors watch in horror as a historic church goes up in flames.
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>> grew up in this town, been here 25 years and it is unbelievable. it is a landmark for me. >> witnesses saw lightning moments before the church ignited. this is in wakefield, massachusetts, 100 firefighters battling flames at this 150-year-old landmark, nobody was hurt. >> two weeks until the midterms, voters turning out in massive numbers. 4.3 million americans have voted. republicans in florida and arizona, democrats making a push in states like nevada. which party stands to benefit the most? jim maclachlan, former poster for the trump campaign. what do you think? >> record enthusiasm and never stopped after the 2016 election for the permanent campaign. todd: 1 is caring into the
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midterms? >> issues matter and we see record turnout. in florida over 1 million people have voted and that is higher than other midterms. the other thing going on, normally what happens is 130 million voters. the last midterm election you had 90 million voters. we seem to be on pace if things keep up for record turnout for a midterm election. heather: look at early voting in arizona, florida and nevada that we are pinpointing, the numbers are insane. if we break down some of these, specifically arizona, party affiliation of 2018, early voters, democrats 33 prison, republican is 44%, that is a big increase, big number. >> a good sign for the republicans and important in the u.s. senate race between martha mcnally and kristen cinema.
2:17 am
martha mc sally, folks were not thrilled with her as the republican candidate but she has really shown a lot of momentum, former fighter pilot and wrote a good campaign creating enthusiasm. >> mentioned enthusiasm, let's talk about those numbers democrats 38%, republicans 44%. >> republicans are plus plus 6, what normally happens in florida republicans when the early by mail voting and right now they have early in person voting and democrats tend to do better and it is a tossup. >> know that is different, republicans 38%. what the republicans do? >> they have to gin up their base a little bit but the interesting part, a history of not only doing real well with
2:18 am
independent voters but doing well with democrats in the past. heather: some numbers we want to pull up in the 2016 election, independent voters nationwide, donald trump, 46%, hillary clinton, swing state in michigan 52%, clinton 36%, trump won 52%, clinton, 53% to 37%. and and and all 3 of these states. and it is close if not when with this. >> two weeks to go. >> 18 after the hour.
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. rob: fox news health alert. two serious illnesses striking kids in the united states. six children dying from a virus in new jersey of more cases of a
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rare polio like disease are reported across the country. jillian: jackie ibanez joins us with agree morning from doctors. >> reporter: parents on edge, outbreaks pretty nationwide in new jersey. we have centers setting doors to new patients after six kids died from the rare virus, 12 other children infected at the medical center that provides long-term care for medically fragile children. doctors sounding off on the dangers of a highly contagious virus. >> happens to be a slightly more aggressive strain of this virus and a host of children with immune systems that can't handle simple viruses without complications or fatality. >> reporter: health about officials blame this on handwashing deficiencies and the cdc is investigating 150 cases of a different disease, acute myelitis, a spike since last
2:24 am
week, 62 cases confirmed in 22 states. the illness can cause paralysis. the hardest part for doctors not being able to diagnose it properly. >> diagnosis is tough because we don't have a known cause. how do you diagnose something like that. it is painstaking and tedious. >> reporter: the cdc says long-term effects of this mysterious disease are unknown and parents should seek medical attention if their child has unusual symptoms. jillian: the texas democratic party under investigation accused of encouraging noncitizens to vote. the public and legal foundation accusing texas democrats of sending mailers to ineligible immigrants, those application forms came filled out with boxes checked off saying the applicant was a us citizen. governor greg abbott calling for an investigation into the alleged crime last week.
2:25 am
rob: the republican governor slamming a college professor for offering extra credit to students who vote for democratic senate candidate beto o'rourke, greg abbott saying people like this don't belong on the state payroll. number college officials giving no extra credit will be given and the professors post was not made on behalf of the college. o'rourke is trailing ted cruz by 7% in the latest poll. 25 after the hour. many democrats calling for open borders. >> i think we should get rid of ice. >> we need to re-examine ice and think about starting from scratch. rob: thousands of migrants marched with the us. is this a wake-up call for those on the left? coming up. >> you don't hear about the blue
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-additional interest on umbrella policy? -can you translate? -damage minimization of civil commotion. -when insurance needs translating, get answers in plain english at ♪ -he wants you to sign karen's birthday card. it's a high honor. >> the president hopping along the campaign trail in wisconsin building support in the background state, republicans ahead of the midterms which are two weeks away. jillian: todd pyro has a look at the multibillion-dollar plan to keep republicans in power. >> reporter: we are down the home stretch with the next 14 days expected to be filled with an advertising blitz by the president with more firing of the race in congressional district.
2:30 am
there planning a $6 million tv and digital ad campaign, sending an additional $3 million to the republican national committee not to mention ten more make america great again rallies, donald trump plans to hold in support of republicans. check out where the president has been so far since october 9th and where he is going, tonight wisconsin, tamara charlotte, saturday illinois. all rallies where you can bet the president will hit this message hard. take a listen. >> this will be the election of the caravan, brett kavanaugh, law and order, tax cuts, and common sense. >> reporter: not to be outdone democrats pulling out all the stops and big names. >> working people and young
2:31 am
people don't vote, right-wing republicans and billionaires win. >> this is the most important election ever involved because the very essence of who we are as americans, a battle for the soul of america. i don't think it is hyperbole. >> reporter: the president's campaign operation is expected to spend $20 million on the midterms with his campaign manager saying the president is, quote, all in. jillian: mike pompeo issuing a warning over the central american caravan. >> know proper accounting who these individual is and this poses an unacceptable security risk to the united states. moreover many of these people are targets for human traffickers and others who would
2:32 am
exploit them. >> reporter: pompeo promising migrants will not be across the border, donald trump has committed to sending the military to stop illegal crossings was a pregnant megan markel is rush out of the market after security scare, scheduled to spend 20 minutes involved in fiji and crowd control issues forced her to leave after 6 minutes. megan and her husband are on a tour of the south pacific. today donald trump will assign sweeping legislation aimed at ending the nation's opioid crisis including treatment programs and restrictions on prescription pills being shipped into the country, 150 americans died every day from opioid overdoses although government officials say those numbers are slowing down. cocaine overdose deaths are up 22% claiming a record 14,205 lives last year. the military's newest branch could blast off into space next year.
2:33 am
mike pence chairing a meeting on the national space council and not ruling out the possibility of using nuclear weapons. >> space is a war fighting domain just like land, air and sea, and america will be as dominant there as we are here on earth. jillian: the new branch of the military hasn't been created since 1947. rob: democrats calling for open borders and abolishing ice. >> i think we should get rid of ice. >> need to critically re-examine ice and starting from scratch. >> ice was established in 2003 at the same time the patriot act. we look back at a lot of that time and legislation is a mistake. >> we cannot go back across the border, can have the highest rates.
2:34 am
is that caravan impacting their midterm message? democratic political analyst jason nicholas and attorney jenna ellis. talk about abolishing ice and open borders during the primary but in a real election it could get you in trouble with a lot of moderate americans. >> democrats messaging is failing because the party platform is not consistent with reality, and they want to run an open borders and love but the reality is two genders and sovereign borders for the same reason we have locks on our doors. the fundamental race to privacy and private property is protected for every individual and a legitimate government will protect that for family so when
2:35 am
donald trump is saying he's a nationalist and america first that resonates with the average american because we all understand common sense, we understand protecting our families reflects reality. rob: i went to play a quick soundbite from junior senator from illinois barack obama in 2005. >> we cannot expect people to pour into the united states a convincing the line of people waiting diligently and lawfully who are immigrants in this country. >> quote like that from chuck schumer as well. what happened to the democratic party on this issue? >> we are confusing a lot of different things, talking about evolution of ice, what people mean is re-examination, restructuring of ice, to focus on the things that need to be focused on eye-catching cyber criminals, child pornographers and human traffickers. we don't want to bother the man on the side of the road.
2:36 am
what people ones is more focus on that. i don't think anyone is calling for open borders. it is not the majority of the party. the majority of the party once sensible immigration and sensible immigration reform. >> all the spokespeople for the party are talking about open borders and -- >> that is not -- >> letting people in. >> we do -- jillian: the caravan, donald trump saying -- >> know -- we are not again -- this is where republicans -- that we are being invaded, toddlers and women, never been invaded by a 3-year-old. i don't know exactly -- rob: thousands of people coming into the country.
2:37 am
>> we have 65,000 members of border patrol who we actually trust to do their job to that these people and 90% of the people who come and other caravans to our country have shown they have credible fear and that is the first step in gaining asylum. rob: i got to give you numbers from a gallup poll, 37 million people in latin america want to come to the united states, one of every three in honduras once to come to the united states. they hear rhetoric from many people on the left that says borders are bad, we should build bridges instead of walls, nobody is illegal. that message, can you imagine in a grand exodus from central america what that would look like if conditions continue to
2:38 am
deteriorate? >> you are right that a sovereign nation has an obligation to its own citizens first, to protect its borders. when people abroad here that and they hear the rhetoric they are relying on the democratic party to ultimately protect them and override the sovereign will of the nation and the united states has an obligation to protect its citizens first. we have to make sure we -- i agree with jason we have to pass common sense immigration reform but that is not at the sake of opening our borders and allowing anyone who's leland:'s to be here to be here. no one has a right to be here. they have to apply for legal status, they have to go through whatever our law is that is in place. looking at how we are protecting our borders we can't just invite an open invitation and open border. this is a migrant caravan a 5000 people, ms 13 is definitely there. there are criminals. to cross the border -- it is
2:39 am
illegal. rob: we are out of time. i love this topic. thank you both very much for your time this morning. jillian: 38 after the hour. mitch mcconnell harassed while trying to eat dinner with his wife. [shouting] rob: how the senate majority leader is calling out the mob mentality. ok i'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like 'cuz i'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and (new) sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away a twice as much dirt and dust. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss.
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>> why don't you get out of here? >> leave him alone. jillian: mitch mcconnell firing back at the left's mob mentality.
2:43 am
rob: carly shimkus with reaction online. good old politics. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell providing more details on the situation on friday when he was harassed at a restaurant. in an op-ed published in louisville's career journal mcconnell says the man came from off the street and even through his wife's food on the ground outside. if that protester was trying to intimidate mcconnell he said he failed writing i enjoyed my meal in louisville friday night. the reality is simple. i will not be intimidated. the mob mentality systematically fed and encouraged by the far left all across the nation, donald trump has been talking about protests ahead of the midterm elections using the hashtag jobs, not mobs. many other folks on social media weighing in, jim on twitter says this is the land of the free which means you should be able
2:44 am
to freely go to dinner without harassment. judy says my elbow got in the way. you go, mitch, she starts that tweet, stand up to the boules and they will see what fools they are being. i saw you being cool as a cucumber, very impressive. silence confounds them. mcconnell talked about a pleasant exchange with a social worker earlier in the evening, that is how government should work. rob: a free trip to texas for nancy pelosi. >> the campaign for greg gathered inviting nancy pelosi on and all expenses paid trip to the lone star state. and an offer to bring leader pelosi to texas, the commitment to freedom and limited government has resulted in tremendous success.
2:45 am
to thumbs-up like donna, don't mess with texas. absolute genius and troll level expert. nancy pelosi might take him up on that offer because the campaign manager says he will give nancy pelosi a list of the best barbecue restaurants. the only republican serving in an area dominated by democrats. the main house race shaping up to the closest and most expensive and congressman bruce is next with his fight to keep his seat in deep blue new england. >> brian kilmeade with what is coming up on "fox and friends". rob, if you have cable, we will
2:46 am
need you full time. attacks, two men attacking kevin mccarthy's office, they throw a massive boulder through the window. we hear you. and taking aim at the caravan, ron desantis wants to be the next governor of florida, cannot he rally in the next two weeks to do that? tommy laren from fox nation and a military hero who needs a car, how to nominate a purple heart recipient, a custom dodge challenger. more surprises coming your way. t clean as often as you'd like. for a quick and convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet. there's no heavy bucket, or mop to wring out, because the absorb and lock technology
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>> not a citizen not a problem. san francisco allowing noncitizens devoted local school board races next month. the move approved by the sanctuary city in 2016, 35 noncitizens have registered. officials say they will sign up over fears of being detained, noncitizens to vote devalues the rights of american citizens. >> a state senator films himself trying marijuana before the utah legislature legalizing the drug for medical purposes. >> i will but you know how it tastes. >> he drove to las vegas where the drug is legal. and to, quote, change the law.
2:51 am
>> the only republican serving in an area dominated by democrats as the main house race shaping up to be one of the closest and most expensive. jillian: bruce harlequin joins us with the fight to keep his seat in deep blue new england. we appreciate it. this race is a tossup. lowest unemployment we have had in 40 or 50 years, 2.7% unemployment. more jobs, and if they don't like the job they have a have a better chance of getting jobs. they want the economy to go in this direction, not backwards. >> district 2 went to donald
2:52 am
trump in 2016 because of jobs i assume. tell us what your platform is on jobs and the economy and how it is better than your opponent's. >> i work really hard to make sure we get the foundation in place for growing economy, and battle like heck when it comes to third trade deals. my opponent think they jack up taxes. and regulations in the additional. and 58 percentage points, that is a bad idea. >> what else needs to be done for the veterans of this country? >> we don't have a country who
2:53 am
fought for us and an advocate, one of the things i have done in a bipartisan way is you can get your healthcare closer to home. if you live a 5 or 6 hour dr. away, they don't have to drive 5 or 6 hours in a snowstorm in february. to get closer to home. they provide those services that need to get paid to stay open for everyone else and that is what i'm fighting for. rob: you called your opponent, the democrat, a socialist. he says he is not a socialist but he wants socialized healthcare, healthcare for everybody in the country through the government. you say no to that idea. tell us why. >> don't think it is a good idea to have everybody pushed into a huge 100% government run bureaucracy that will double
2:54 am
everybody's taxes. if you get healthcare through your employer it is canceled and you are pushed into a huge bureaucracy. what we are to do is make sure we protect and preserve medicare for those depending on it and drive down the cost of health insurance so other folks can afford it. jillian: a lot of people don't vote in midterms as in presidential elections, why is it important now more than ever for people to get out? >> if we want to keep going forward with this economy where folks have more opportunity to earn a good living we need to keep going forward, not backward. another thing that is key is our folks believe the second amendment in the second district the second amendment rights are important. this is the largest you graphic district, a candidate who voted repeatedly to protect the second amendment rights. critically important to get to the polls.
2:55 am
rob: this one started her career in the second district. >> come on back. >> thank you so much for your time. >> it is just about 5 minutes until the top of the hour. one of the best deals at mcdonald's gone. why parents are going to be happy about the removal of one meal. >> there is some good fast food news. is that mac & cheese. the fast food change to tell you about coming up. ♪ come on take the money and run ♪ . .
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eliquis is fda-approved and has both. so what's next? seeing these guys. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you.
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jillian: welcome back. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first, the yummy, the good. chick-fil-a testing macaroni and cheese. rolling out new side dish in six cities around the country for now but could expand it nationwide. >> i bet it's good they don't mess many things up there. mcdonald's dropping happy meals. cost you 2 25% more. some will still offer for 3 bucks. jillian: one clown not happy. >> no, no. i will do it you stay here. >> i get it, you are worried about people seeing me. >> without question. people are going to stare.
3:00 am
they are not used to seeing one clown. >> banning clown costumes hall would only event for being too scary. principal nabs as boy dressed in a clown mask. not as a clown. and terrorizing kids u they are kind of scary. rob: i don't like clowns. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> at this hour, thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants are now marching towards our southern border and new reports that, yet, another caravan is now forming. >> last night a spokesman for dhs tweeting out there are individuals in this caravan that are gang members and they have criminal histories. >> president trump is using a former president obama to back his immigration policies based in law us. >> we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented. >> parents on edge this morning over those frightening outbreaks spreading nationwide.


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