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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 24, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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one clown. >> banning clown costumes hall would only event for being too scary. principal nabs as boy dressed in a clown mask. not as a clown. and terrorizing kids u they are kind of scary. rob: i don't like clowns. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> at this hour, thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants are now marching towards our southern border and new reports that, yet, another caravan is now forming. >> last night a spokesman for dhs tweeting out there are individuals in this caravan that are gang members and they have criminal histories. >> president trump is using a former president obama to back his immigration policies based in law us. >> we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented. >> parents on edge this morning over those frightening outbreaks spreading nationwide. after six kids dead from a rare virus. >> deputy attorney general
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rod rosenstein highly anticipated meeting with house lawmakers scheduled for today has now been pushed back. >> that is hammered into left. it is gone! pitch hit three hit home run munoz and the red sox open up game one. ♪ feel when i'm with you ♪ brand new ♪ steve: live from new york city, october 24th, it's a wednesday and you are watching the world's number one cable morning news show thanks to folks like you who want to know what's going on in this great big wide world of ours. ainsley: thanks for joining us. it's wednesday, a beautiful day here. brian: every person in the country will vote in the midterms because wherever i go there is a buzz about the midterms are some issue for a couple weeks it was all about kavanaugh. now it's all about the
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caravan. ainsley: look at all the numbers of the early voting states, the numbers are really high and in favor of republican us, more republicans are going to vote early or have been voting early than the democrats. let's talk about the caravan. steve: which one? because there now are two. this is a fox news alert. "wall street journal" talking about a second caravan currently in guatemala. 2500 people it looks as if they are headed to the same town in mexico where thousands were able to rush through that gate and into mexico. now, as for the original migrant caravan, apparently of them, in the last couple of days, 1700 of them, largely honduran have requested asylum. ainsley: in mexico. steve: and now being held in shelters in mexico. that is good for them. that he was what mexico and that's what the united states said. if you are interested in come to the united states or seeking asylum, pardon me, have you got to stop in mexico, do it one at a time. ask for passage there. and that's what they're doing.
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>> the president was saying that there are middle easterners in this group. the vice president doubled down and said it's inconceivable that criminals are not part of the 7,000 in that original caravan. and now the dhs secretary, he is confirming this. this is what he tweeted out dhs can confirm individuals in the caravan gang members who have significant criminal histories. citizens of countries outside of central america including countries in the middle east. africa, south asia and elsewhere currently traveling through mexico toward the united states. brian: stats lead to another thing. we heard about this a week ago. if you wanting to know who is funding this, who is behind this, there is a lawmaker outs of office leading it he reportedly is being funded by venezuela. they are looking to create corruption and chaos here in america leading up to the election. if you are angry at donald trump, stats show you are doing the exact wrong thing madeira, head of venezuela.
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people force to have had eat cats and zoo animals because they are so poor and corrupt. ainsley: because they are doing donald trump a favor, the republicans a favor? brian: yes. this is not a political issue but it has become one because the average american says as much as we feel for these people, we cannot be a social welfare program for every country in the world. it's not sustainable. logical. it used to be a group think among politicians. democrats and republicans.
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apargetly one woman who was interviewed on television said that mr. fuentas had mentioned assistance. the tv anchors supposedly said that fuentas would pay the migrants food and transportation costs, which he now denies. and he was traveling with the caravan from honduras but when they reached guatemala, the organizer was actually detained and deported. he is back in honduras. brian: they smashed through the barriers in guatemala. it was basically like paper that cha just like they ended up blowing through mexico. there was more resistance there but they got through. ainsley: people in america are wondering what are we going to do? if they start coming here to the united states, how are we going to handle this many people. senator mike lee as well as senator chuck grassley wrote a letter to kirstjen nielsen, homeland security secretary and says we have got to do something about, this and we have an idea. this is rooted in precedent.
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because in 2002, there was an agreement with canada saying anyone who seeks refugee status, you have to stop at your first country and then you have to seek asylum there they are saying we need to make this agreement. now that we're friendly with mexico and mexico's new administration started in a month said they are going to be sympathetic to these two migrants. kristin nelson you need to call to mexico they are seeking asylum in the first country and that would be mexico. brian: have you got to avoid the setup of america is on the border in camouflage, women, children, and beat up migrants just trying to get. in that is the image that we're being accurate to portray whe with the reality is. people would take that is america is a hard-hearted country. just a country protecting its border. steve: right. so far mexico has been able to convince 1700 largely hondurans to go ahead and ask for this. so that plays into the idea by these u.s. senators. meanwhile, as we look at
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what is going on in this country and as we look to the south of us, donald trump has been very clear, got to stop the caravan. do you know who else? once upon a time had a very trumpian tone regarding this was our former president, barack obama. listen to this. >> we are a genius and generousd welcoming people in the united states. those who welcome them and employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law. we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. brian: it seems very reasonable and logical. guess what hasn't changed, the issues. guess what has changed? leadership on the democratic
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party. senator chuck schumer on the record talking about the need to enforce our border. you have harry reid during his hay day when he had darker hair talk about the lunancy of chain migration. and now all of a sudden the issues we all thought we agreed on are now separating parties. ainsley: the president took that video, barack obama video and he put it on twitter. steve: he did. ainsley: he said i agree with president obama 100 percent. president obama was right. we are a generous country. we want to welcome everyone. if dhs is saying we have proof that there are criminals in this group and just as the vice president said, it would be hard to believe, unconceivable to believe that out of 7,000 people you don't have some criminals in that group. you can't just let everybody in. as president obama said, it's disrespectful to the people who are doing it the right way. we are a country of laws and we have to follow the law. brian: as the caravan approaches and second one forms. >forms.
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ainsley: there was a 30% increase last year from the year before. steve: griff jenkins has been posted this week in mcallen, texas. is he there once again this morning. griff, i believe you had a very busy day yesterday, didn't you? >> we did. good morning, guys. you know, in this sector, rbg sector they are apprehending 4300 illegal crossings a week. it's like having a caravan a week. we went up with the air marine operations division of cpp to get real perspective on how difficult this task is. watch. >> give you a brief overview of some of the challenges that the men and women of the border patrol and our state and local law enforcement partners face every day and try to secure this border. this border is unique. what most people don't realize are the challenges that geography portrays in itself. the river bends in many locations, mexico here. and this little strip is u.s. so got a couple in custody
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and sees a few more. can't get to them because he already has his hands full. other agent running towards us. griff: those guys got caught and now we're looking for the other ones. >> there is a reason, griff, those people aren't running. they want to be caught. griff: know there is no place to put them so they will be caught and released. >> there is a lot going on here on the southwest border specifically that doesn't get captured there is a lot of good work being done by these men and women. we are not in charge of writing the laws. we are in charge of enforcing the laws. we do the best with the la technology and resources we have to try to secure the border to the best of our ability. griff: now, to be clear that caravan is 1100 miles where they are now south of me. this is the closest point to them on the u.s.-mexico border. officials pay very close attention to their movement, their arrival would complicate the challenges you just saw. steve: it could be weeks or even a month or two before
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they make it griff jenkins live from mcallen. ainsley: seven churches temporarily housing migrant families. the pastor there said the gates have opened suddenly. i think we got 800 people suddenly. united church of christ in dtucson. brian: how people could not be in favor of reinforcing our borders is unbelievable. good morning, jillian. jillian: good morning, brian, steve and ainsley. president trump will be rallying for republican governor scott walker and senate candidate leah. walker is in a tight race for re-election while buckner is trying to unseat tammy baldwin. plump hold rallies in iowa and illinois later this week. florida's democratic candidate accused of accepting broadway tickets from fbi agents. records obtained by the tampa bay times a former lobbyist sent a text message mike miller and the crew have tickets for us for
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hamilton tonight at 8:00 p.m. gillum responding awesome news about hamilton. miller was an undercover fbi agent investigating corruption in tallahassee where gillum in the mayor. gillum's campaign have repeatedly claimed the tickets were from his brother. deputy attorney general's rod rosenstein's meeting with house lawmakers scheduled for today now pushed back. congressional leaders delaying the meeting saying there wouldn't have been enough time ask him questions. faces scrutiny over the russia probe and a report that he wanted to secretly wear a wire tap against president trump. one person will be waking up a billionaire. a winning ticket sold for the record 1.6 billion-dollar mega millions jackpot in south carolina. the winning numbers are 5, 28, 62, 65, 70. and the mega ball is 5. a single winner could walk away with a
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913-million-dollar lump sum. $620 million still up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing. those are numbers my brain doesn't even comprehend. ainsley: this is south carolina. my dad might have won. if i don't show up tomorrow you will know why. there are several people from south carolina in the building this morning. all walking down the building did you win? steve: one ticket sold with the right numbers or we don't know yet. jillian: i don't think we know that yet there was at least one. ainsley: from south carolina. steve: good news for somebody. ainsley: can we narrow it down? brian: you give up a lot in taxes when you win. just telling you. the migrant caravan closing in on the border. our next guest says it's being turned into a political weapon against donald trump. it's a progressive you don't want to miss. ainsley: plus, bernie sanders promised this when he ran for president in 2016. >> we're going to make public colleges and universities tuition-free.
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♪ steve: fox news alert. president trump is calling for congress to take action as the migrant caravan moves closer to our border. they are still 1,000 miles away.
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next guest says the migrants are being used by the political left as a political weapon. here to explain is the editor of spike online brendon o'neil. good morning to you. >> hi. steve: you say we are witnessing the weapons of migration. how so? >> we are. we are seeing it around the world and seeing it in this case with the caravan. what the left and some democrats are doing is turning the migration issue into a weapon, into a tool with which to harm the trump administration. and i think that is a profoundly cynical thing to do. i think it's potentially quite dangerous thing to do. i think it could have destabilizing condestabilizing . of course, everyone has the right to claim asylum and the u.s. like all civilized countries will consider people's claim for asylum. what we have here is a political protest against the idea of american borders masquerading as a claim for asylum and that's a problem.
3:19 am
steve: back drop is two weeks before the congressional midterms and state midterms across the country. now you have got a lot of republicans saying we have got to do something about it our laws are broken. we have to change that democrats haven't helped us. democrats in congress who do not want to touch this with a 10-foot pole. they want to talk about healthcare which they think is a winner for them. >> that's right. i think what they don't realize is actually the question of borders is one of the great political issues of our time. and one of the great divides of our time, i think, is between people who think borders are important because that's how you have a nation state. and you can only have democracy whether you have a nation state. that's one side. the pro-borders side. on the other side you have people who think borders should be erased or borders don't matter or everyone should be able to come into a country is really striking that one of the key organize errors of the caravan is a group called people without borders. which i think speaks to that left leaning mind set that borders are insignificant. the democrats are missing a trick on what is a key political issue of our time.
3:20 am
steve: at the same time, going back to that barack obama sound bite we played a couple minutes ago where he said we are a compassionate nation. you see those people they don't have anything in the world except for what's on their backs. we are compassionate about that. at the same time you have to have some rules. >> you have to have rules. i have always been generally in favor of immigration. my parents are immigrants. moved from ireland to britain. i know how beneficial immigration can be. it has to be done in a democratic way and according to rules and laws. if it isn't, then you might as well erase borders entirely. if you erase borders, you erase democracy. that's the issue these people aren't willing to face up to. steve: a pleasure to editor of spike online. >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that? when will vladimir putin and the president meet face to face again? we just fowngsd out. 13 days until the midterms. one of those candidates is going to join us in the march to the midterms.
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is the world ready for me? through internet essentials, comcast has connected more than six-million low-income people to low-cost, high-speed internet at home. i'm trying to do some homework here. so they're ready for anything. ainsley: here are quick headlines for you, the u.s. revoking 21 saudi visas over the death of jamal khashoggi. comes as president trump take as firm stance against the brutal killing. >> should have never been thought of. somebody really messed up. and they had the worst coverup, ever. ainsley: sky news is reporting that khashoggi's body parts were found in a garden of saudi consulate general's home in istanbul. he will probably meet with russia's vladimir putin next month. they are both going to be in paris for an event
3:25 am
commemorating 100 years since the end of world war i. meeting comes since the ensdz of a decades old treat were that bans u.s. and russia from building nuclear missiles. brian? brian: thanks, ainsley. i will talk to you later. 13 days into the midterm elections and eyes on tight house races. here someone of them. president trump is throwing support behind a candidate in new jersey. here he is. jay weber. he says of, this the president. jay weber of new jersey running for congress is doing a great job against a person looking to raise taxes. jay wants big tax cut changes. a harvard grad and father of seven. jay will be great for new jersey and get the job done. he says he will help. jay in new jersey, you are all in with the president. kellyanne conway helping you out. was that a political risk for you. >> i don't think so. we are talking about cutting taxes and securing our border. we are talking about making america freer, more prosperous. that's never a political risk. that's the trump administration agenda. that's our agenda.
3:26 am
brian: look how close this is right now mike cheryl has a slight advantage over you, a democrat. this was the republican -- mikey i should say. this was a republican seat. 488, you have 44. do your internals request that. >> it's a coin flip. so we turn out the vote. that's what we're doing focused on making sure republicans know this is a critical battle ground seat and we tell them what's at stake. do we want to continue to go forward and go back to the obama years where we get less than 2% growth and go forward with 4% growth go. forward with job creation. go forward with confidence and on the michelle or going to give into this dower perfordo youpessimism. brian: the second poll has you down 11% with kellyanne conway coming to stump for you and the president tweeting for you is there a party that says even though i'm in camp with the president being that in new jersey it's a tough slog, maybe i should back away.
3:27 am
>> no, no. listen. i'm going to agree with the president when he is right. i will disagree with him when i disagree with him. i will always put new jersey first. that's always what i have done and that's what we are doing in this campaign. in this campaign we are talking about cutting taxes and creating jobs. that's what the president has been able to do. brian: we reached out to sherrill, she has not responded. trump supporters and i'm say new jersey, too. we can no longer write off state tax with new tax plan. i feel like the president let me down there. what do you say to people. >> the salt dededuction cap i wanting to eliminate it or raise it created an economic boon in the country and been good for new jersey. complaining about the salt dededuction cap in that bill is like winning the world series four games to one and complaining about the one game you laos. you are still world champs. it's still a good bill. i want to work on fixing it the president is going to help me work on fixing it overall it's a good bill and been a real benefit to people in our district.
3:28 am
brian: jay webber here for the springt. two weeks to close the gap and you feel can you do it. >> thanks a lot, brian. brian: senator mitch mic council the latest one, hire he is in a vest. just wants to have dinner with his wife. >> why don't you get out of here? why don't you leave the entire country alone? >> leave him alone. >> ditch mitch. >> people in that restaurant stuck up for him. he is personally serving up a message for the left. plus, democrats used to be against illegal immigration. as the care varn closes in, they are for illegal immigration. tomi lahren says it's all about getting votes. she will be with us. on another note. it's a birthday time and birthday wish to corey robertson. she turns 45 years old today. i have a hunch she is watching. ghteenth.
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>> if making it easy to be an illegal alien isn't enough. how about offering an award for being illegal immigrant. no sane country would do that, right? guess again. >> i voted numerous times when i was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. >> people who enter the united states without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enter the u.s. legally. brian: what happened to those people? wait a second, they are still here. they have totally flipped on an issue that has not gone away. how are they getting away with this? steve: it's called politics and right now it's not to their advantage. tomi lahren is the host of
3:33 am
fox nation. go to fox nation to figure out more about it you are joining us today from los angeles. los angeles has certainly had an immigration problem in the past. what do you make of these democrats who back in the day were for essentially the same thing that donald trump is saying? >> well, democrats don't just hope, they will ensure that the migrant caravans of today are the voters of tomorrow. they are absolutely using these people as political weapons and footballs in order to get votes the detriment of not only americans but legal immigrants. it's about time we call them on it we repeat those sound bites that they said long ago and ask them why their position has changed? why do they now place illegal immigrants over legal immigrants and americans? it's about time they answer for that. ainsley: tomi, what needs to happen now when it comes to immigration reform? >> well, you know how i feel about a wall and physical barriers and it seems as though hillary clinton also feels the same way about a physical barrier to stop
3:34 am
people. listen, what we're seeing now with this migrant caravan is not a caravan, it's an invasion. we have every right to be able to protect our borders. and, yes, physical barriers do work. i have spent time with the border patrol. i have seen what they go through. although they have great technology, whether you have a physical barrier you are able to reallocate resources in other places where a physical barrier isn't possible. you are able to stop a lot of that illegal immigration. that first and foremost, you need to gain the trust of the american people and building a wall is a first step to do it. then we can deal with the people that are already here. that wall has to be first. brian: now, when democrats and republicans agreed on getting rid of chain migration, agreed to build the barrier and agreed that they should not is have full flat access to our country unimpeded he would still couldn't get immigration done. we are moving away from each other. mike pompeo, the secretary of state, made it clear this
3:35 am
caravan coming here unacceptable. >> to those who say this is a hard-hearted stance, let's not forget that the united states is a historically generous nation when it comes to immigration over 33 million people total are currently hire who are immigrated to this country legally. to those who want to come here, come here legally. legal immigration is the surest way to obtain the better life you are looking for here in the united states of america. from a security standpoint, there is no proper accounting of who these individuals in the caravan are. and this poses an unacceptable security risk to the united states. brian: tomi, here we are. this is the caravan. i don't hear a word from democrats. why? >> well, democrats have been able to effectively control this narrative that border enforcement, border security, law enforcement, immigration law is somehow bigoted and intolerant and
3:36 am
unfortunately, as i have seen many times when i have gone to west hollywood, which we know is really the bagsiathe bastion of liberalism. they don't want to seem intolerant so they won't say a word about it. that's the problem. the only person that can change that narrative is donald trump. i believe going into the midterms, i don't think this migrant caravan is going to hurt republicans or donald trump. i think it's going to make americans realize what's at stake and come out and vote for border security and enforcement. steve: you are saying that the president when he said earlier that the midterm is all about the caravan and kavanaugh. you are saying that's accurate? >> oh, absolutely. because, although the democrats believe that somehow this is going to help them with their emotional pleas, there are so many americans out there that are seeing this, that they feel like this is an invasion and slap in the face to the united states and our rule of law. they are are going to come out and vote against it
3:37 am
because, even in california, people are sick and tired of this. brian: tomi lahren one of your features i know is at the border on fox nation, right? >> absolutely. we spend a lot of time with those folks. you will see it on fox nation more in-depth. i'm so excited to show you guy what is we have in store. ainsley: we look forward to it thanks so much, tomi. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: we hand it over to jillian. jillian: neighbors watch in horror as historic church erupts in change. flames. 150-year-old landmark. they saw lightning moments before it caught fire. more than 100 firefighters rushing to put it out. thankfully no one was hurt. more incredible video. this time out of california. fire and smoke pouring out of this vintage world war ii era plane after it crashed on the highway. pulling it to safety before it burst into flames. pilot was doing a test run when the engine failed.
3:38 am
no one else was on board and no one else was hurt. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell firing back after protesters confront him at kentucky restaurant. >> why don't you get out of here and leave our entire country alone. >> leave him alone. >> ditch mitch. >> in an op-ed for the courier journal, the kentucky republican reyes in part, quote: i enjoyed my meal in louisville on friday night. the reality is simple: i will not be intimidated. there is a quote mob mentality being fed and encouraged by the left. did you see it in the boston red sox strike first taking game one of the world series. >> that is hammered into left. it is gone! >> nunes home run in seventh putting it out of reach. getting to clayton kershaw early before securing a 8-4 win over the dodgers.
3:39 am
game 2 is tonight on fox. back to you. brian: how great is joe buck. everything sounds exciting and fantastic. ainsley: thanks, jillian. hurricane willa slams into mexico as a category 3 hurricane before weakening into a tropical depression. brian: now pushing um towards the u.s. that's u.s. of a. expected to dump rain on central and eastern texas but it won't stop there. steve: some of those areas already facing historic flooding after torrential downpours last week. janice dean joins us here in the studio. janice, i see it on your map. janice: it's a depression now. weakened but still bringing tropical moisture to areas that don't need so see any more rain namely texas where we have had historic rainfall. flooding of epic proportions in some cases over the last couple of weeks. so it will quickly move eastward but also take note that the panhandle of florida could also get some heavy rain. areas hit hard by hurricane michael. not a good scenario for
3:40 am
texas along the gulf coast as well as parts of the panhandle. and eventually, some of this energy is going to make um our first official october nor'easter. here is our you row tropical model moves across the panhandle, it starts to strength as it moves offshore and hugs the coast line. d.c. all the way up to boston and maine, you are going to get this nor'easter on the weekend. it will mainly be a rain event. but the winds are going to be very strong along the coast if you have some plans this weekend, know you are probably going to be indoors. steve: going to be a saturday soaker up here? >> yes and linger into sunday as well especially in new england. there we have it. steve: thanks, janice. janice: of course. steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. are you about to have your breakfast? it could be toxic. brand new warning about serial coming up. ainsley: president trump taking action to fight the
3:41 am
opioid crisis and it means a lot to our next guest. is he a former drug addict. why he says this is a huge win. that story is coming up next. you
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our next guest has seen both sides of this crisis first happened becoming addicted to oxycontin in high school and later opening a recovery center to help others. four years ago he got clean. brian: right. of course he started again in college. jay jonas truth recovery center joins us now. you were offered oxycontin by a friend and you tried it. and what happened. >> i was offered it by a friend and i just loved it. it made me feel invincible. i couldn't stop. and next thing you know, i was physically addicted. brian: high school? >> this is high school. yeah. ainsley: then what happened after that. >> i was going to school, withdrawing from drugs. didn't know what was happening. it just carried on like that. until it just became unmanageable. >> went to something cheaper called heroin. >> went to heroin. that was the option because
3:46 am
it was just too expensive to do the prescription pills and heroin just took me to an all-time low. ainsley: how long were you addicted? how many years? >> i wanting to say about seven, seven, eight years. ainsley: you got clean four years ago. >> yeah. >> ainsley: congratulations. now you are helping other people treatment center in florida what's it called? >> truth recovery center. brian: what does it do do you think attacking this problem? >> i think the bill is the step in the right direction. what it does is -- it gives people with medicaid the opportunity to get treatment because if i get 10 calls in a day, nine to ten of them are medicaid. my facility takes private insurance so i can't really help those people unless i do it on a scholarship basis. so this gives help to them at the end of the day, we are dealing with the largest public health epidemic that we have-i crisis that we have experienced. brian: you can't beat it on your only. i don't know nibble that really does. >> you can't beat it on your
3:47 am
only. the bill is great and all. we need to do this for years to come. we have committed to basically a year. i'm talking 100 billion for 10 years. ainsley: you own a facility. >> you don't have to turn people away. you are turning away nine out of 10 people who call because they are on medicaid? >> right, exactly. ainsley: you will be able to accept all of those individuals. >> accept more of them, absolutely. ainsley: save their lives. >> potentially. i mean, at the end of the day, this is something that needed to hatch. >> if you were to add something to the bill that's going to be signed today, what would you add? >> if i was going to add something to the bill. brian: what element of this are we missing? >> i would just extend it. i would make a commitment, a longer term commitment because americans under the age of 50, this is the leading cause of death is overdose. why not commit to this
3:48 am
long-term? this is going to cost us a lot of money. it's the largest public health epidemic in years. ainsley: people of all generations, all socialio economic background. >> yeah, everybody. it doesn't matter how are or where you are from. how you grew up. it happens to everyone and every family deals with it. brian: a program to throw out your medicine when you are done with your knee injury. you don't need it. get rid of it. don't leave it? >> of course. brian: number two is doctors being more responsible as to how they prescribe it? >> have to be more aware. they used to give this stuff out like it was candy and not be educated and not educate the patient as well, which is important. brian: kellyanne conway has done a tremendous job leading. this. ainsley: we'll talk to her coming up. jay jonas is the founder of the truth recovery center. if you want to get ahold of him where is it in florida. >> it's in palm beach county. ainsley: what could the democrats' platform. >> medicare for all. >> making public colleges
3:49 am
and universities tuition-free. >> every child in america a savings account. ainsley: how are they going to pay for all of that? it sounds good. brian: only 770 billion in debt annually. plus, counselor to the president kellyanne on this historic legislation signed officially today. got directions to the nightclub here. and if you get lost, just hit me on the old horn. man: tom's my best friend, but ever since he bought a new house... tom: it's a $10 cover? oh, okay. didn't see that on the website. he's been acting more and more like his dad. come on, guys! jump in! the water's fine! tom pritchard. how we doin'? hi, there. tom pritchard. can we get a round of jalapeño poppers for me and the boys, please? i've been saving a lot of money with progressive lately, so... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us.
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♪ >> i'm proud to stand with my colleagues and friends and support medicare for all.
3:53 am
3:54 am
cory booker's idea. a thousand dollars savings account for foreign board kids and up to 50,000. >> you could get 50,000 by the time you are 18. what's that for? things like buying a house or paying for education or retirement. that sounds really nice. here's the problem. we already spend billions and billions of dollars to subsidize every single one of those things. the question i ask is if you want to help people buy a house or g.e.d. an education, why are we throwing all this money away with existing programs that aren't getting the job done and now you are talking about just layering more on. ainsley: why do they do this just for politics so that they can win but they can't actually follow through with it? >> if you are curie booker you want to take credit for helping people in ways they want to be helped. ainsley: that's a lie though. doesn't he know there is no money to pay for it? >> well, yeah. we can borrow it we can keep borrowing money. we have a huge deficit i don't think he cares how we
3:55 am
are going to pay for it the point is he can make the promise and sounds good. i agree it's disingenuous. not being honest about fiscal. brian: kamala harris lift the middle class act. tax credit for $3,000 for individuals and $6,000 per house. >> depending on income under $100,000 you get a tax credit at the end of the year whether you pay taxes or not, by the way. you will get the tax credit. again, it sounds nights, if you are a middle income family you love the idea of getting $6,000. the question is what do you have to give up? either more debt or the tax cuts we got that are growing our economy and putting people in jobs. steve: why are we seeing these things? bernie sanders was so effective last time. look at bernie sanders 2016 make tuition free university medicare for all and top tax rate 54.2%. >> bernie sanders owns the democratic party on economics. he has completely captured their imagination. he has no qualms about throwing out the most outlandish programs that can
3:56 am
cost $30 trillion over 10 years when you talk about his medicare for all. if we're going to pay for that you are either going to cut the federal budget by 50% or see your taxes go up by 50%. either way, you're going to pay. brian: they want 56% for all the you were bracket and state taxes and local taxes. so you are basically bringing home $3 of every 10 you make. >> people love the idea of free healthcare until you tell them how it's going to work. and then they say i'm not so interested in the federal government getting more involved. i'm not so interested in seeing my taxes go up. make no mistake. every one of these programs taxes up. steve: like ordering a fantastic meal and at the end oh, there is the bill. >> all good until somebody has to pay for it guess who is going to pay for it. ainsley: call that lottery winner in south carolina. >> they can invest. ainsley: thanks. steve: this democrat is running for governor in florida. he has denied that he got tickets to see tickets on
3:57 am
broadway improperly. this morning some suggestion he could have lied. his opponent, republican congressman ron desantis is here live to respond. we have counselor to the president kellyanne conway and house majority leader kevin mccarthy. you are watching "fox & friends" on a wednesday. ♪ play it again ♪ he's at greater risk for lows. tresiba® releases slow and steady and works all day and night like the body's insulin. (vo) tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins like tresiba® may cause serious side effects like heart failure.
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edge this morning over frightening outbreaks spreading nationwide. after six kids died from a rare adino virus.
4:01 am
>> rod rosenstein's anticipated meeting with lawmakers scheduled for today has now been pushed back. >> that is hammered into left. it is gone! pinch hit three home run nunez and red sox open up game one ♪ take me higher than i have ever been before ♪ feet don't touch the floor ♪ steve: jason dederulo kicks off a busy "fox & friends." ainsley: less than two weeks. steve: two weeks from yesterday. brian: some of the caravaners in terms of walking. we must put in five miles aa day. sum waiter sit in a cylinder and people can just haul us up and down, up and down the
4:02 am
stairs. steve: brian we actually have what you are describing right over there in that corner. ainsley: elevator. brian: we can't get cleared to use it. steve: people are not cleared for it. they put equipment in it giant dumbwaiter. ainsley: growing up webster had the dumbwaiter he would go down to visit the family that lived in the basement. he would jump in the dumbwaiter. we moved in a house and one take the groceries from the garage up to the second floor. i was like this is the best, greatest thing ever. i begged my parents to buy that house i wanted a dumbwaiter. steve: go to walking up and down the stairs. nothing what these people are going through down in mexico right now. fox news alert. migrant caravan show nothing signs of stopping. still a thousand miles away. brian: border agents have their handsful regardless not even touching this caravan. record number of apprehensions up this year up significant from last
4:03 am
year. griff jenkins getting a birds eye view on the work being done and challenges on hand. ainsley: griff is live in mcallen, texas with brand new immigration numbers for us. >> brand new customs and border protection releasing fiscal year 2018 apprehensions for the southwest border. let's take a look at these numbers. total apprehensions more than 396,000. that's up 30% from last year family units made history. record number 107,000, up 42%. first time in history they have been over 100,000. unaccompanied minors that we have seen a little more than 50,000 there. up 21% i asked the deputy director of the air marine operations we were up in that horntsd with yesterday marrow can chez. when you take these numbers and add them to the caravan numbers. it's quite a task. here's what he had to say. >> if these numbers hold
4:04 am
that are forecasted it will definitely strain the resources we have. we will do the best with the manpower we have and stem and control this. >> now, in this sector, chief manuel padilla tells me. heaviest trafficked in the nation. 51% is family units and unaccompanied children in 2018. but he says in just this first month of 2019, it's at 64% for family units and unaccompanied minors. a growing trend that he thinks is troubling, guys? steve: absolutely. griff, thank you very much. meanwhile, also troubling as we keep an eye on that large caravan that is heading our way. they did take yesterday off simply because the day before one of the migrants riding on a truck fell and was killed. they took the day off and parked in one particular town where the lals brought
4:05 am
out food and water and provided toils. everybody who wanted to make a phone call home. ainsley: putting blankets on the ground. president got a lot of heat for saying some of these people in the crowds were criminals. some were from the middle east. the vice president doubled down on that and said it was inconceivable there were not illegals in caravan. they have deported five, six times from the u.s. then dhs tyler hole ton, the homeland security press secretary. he actually says the president is right, guys. gang members or people with significant criminal history are a part of this group. this is what he tweeted out. he said we can confirm that there are individuals within the caravan who are gang members or have significant criminal history. brian: look at the stats. steve: countries outside of central america including countries in the middle
4:06 am
east, africa, south asia and elsewhere are currently traveling through mexico towards the united states. so, when the president was in the oval office and he invited the reporters in and he said i have got great information, apparently that's what he was talking about. brian: i would say this, too. if you just talk to people on the most. if you look at the average. they say 20% of the people who try to pass through our borders have criminal records. let alone 7,000 people maybe more now that have gathered together to march to our border. stats say that's the case. ainsley: you have a heart for them. you see the moms with their babies, of course, you feel for them and realized how blessed we are to live in this amazing country and have the lives that we have. there are a lot of people that are waiting in line to get into this country and are doing it the right way and have done it the right way. we have to vet them and make sure that criminals aren't coming into the country, drugs aren't coming. in. brian: keep in mind they say 85% are young men under 30 who are marching here.
4:07 am
that story we read in the "the washington post." not going to apply for asylum. simply wanted to come in the united states and get jobs. we had brendan o'neil with us. he is with spike online, thank you very much sabrina in my ear. he had an interesting point of view. he said that this particular caravan and migration toward our southern border is being used as a political tool that we have never seen before. >> i think what the left is doing, what some democrats are doing are turning the migration issue into a weapon, into a tool with which to harm the trump administration. that's a profundly cynical thing to do. quite dangerous thing to do. destabilizing cons sequences. what we have a political protest against the idea of american borders masquerading as asylum and that's a problem.
4:08 am
brian: how to stop the caravan i thought would be the issue. did i not think we would have an issue should the caravan be allowed access through our borders simply because they are there? in fact, if you look back just a few years ago it wasn't long ago key democrats in total agreement with the president in 2018. if you look back when they were emerging as politicians. using what i think was logic go look back at what barack obama said in 2005. ainsley: he said you you can't let everybody in the country, that was 2005. that's how democrats felt then. they changed their minds now. the president tweeted out yesterday saying i agree with president obama 100 percent and then he put this video up we are a generous and welcoming people here in the united states. those who enter the country illegally and deploy them disrespect the rule of law and they are show being disregard for those who are
4:09 am
following the law. we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. brian: the question is has president obama, now that he is former president obama changed his mind? and if so, why would you? that is a blatant statement, a fact which seems logical. almost no reason to go through it on c-span he did. he is on the record. why would any democrat go against their leader? steve: politics. we have not heard many prominent democrats weigh in on the caravan because this is -- you know, the republicans feel it's a winner for them. they feel it's healthcare so they would like to change the subject. as we said at the top of this hour, it t. is just 13 days away from the midterms. brand new associated press headline says this. senate slipping away as
4:10 am
democrats fight to preserve the blue wave. it's interesting. on the cover -- front page of the "new york times" today. there is a story about a woman in pennsylvania who says i would never vote for donald trump in a million years. but she is -- and she is a democrat. she is going to vote for the republican there because she says he is more moderate. and i like him and they write in the pages of the "new york times," with two weeks until the election, republican leaders and president trump are increasingly bullish about republican voters in moderate independents rallying behind the parties' candidates rather than taking a chance on the democratic challenger or a democratically controlled house of representatives. brian: who want to impeach and want to subpoena. that seems to be the agenda focus is on open borders. you realize we can't take everyone. in we can't take 7,000 in. if there are criminals in it think about your responsibility as a citizen and a parent. we are supposed to protect
4:11 am
our children. we lock our doors at night and put fences around our houses. you can't let everybody. in you have to protect your kids and people doing the right thing here. talk to all these angel moms who lost their kids. one child is just too many. steve: i said she was a democrat. she was actually an independent. that is the voting block that both sides are trying to get their hands on before the first tuesday. brian: good news is as chris stirld said yesterday. all his models show record turnout. 2014 record low. 2018 could be record high. have this thing call a democracy. great if people actually use it and vote that will be good news. steve: meanwhile it's good news. 7:11 in no, and we have headlines. jillian: get you caught up on something new overnight. pregnant meghan markle is rushed out of a market following a security scare. the duchess of sussex was scheduled to spend 20 minutes talking to women united nations project in fiji. crowd control issues forced
4:12 am
her to leave just after six minutes. meghan and husband prince harry are on a tour of the south pacific. florida's gubernatorial candidate accused of accepting broadway tickets by agents. records show a former lobbyist cents a text message to andrew gillum in 2016 reading quote mike miller and the crew have tickets for us for hamilton tonight at 8:00 p.m. gillum responding awesome news about hamilton. miller was an undercover fbi agent investigating corruption in tallahassee where gillum is the mayor. gillum's campaign has repeatedly claimed the tickets were from his brother. his republican opponent ron desantis will join us in the next hour to weigh in. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's meeting with house lawmakers scheduled for today is post ponsd. congressional leaders delaying the meeting saying there wouldn't have been enough time to ask other questions. rosenstein facing scrutiny over the russia probe and a report claiming he wanted to wear a wiretap to secretly record president trump.
4:13 am
lawmakers could bring him in early next week. we know one lucky person will be waking up a billionaire. one ticket was sold in south carolina. the winning numbers are 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 and the mega ball is five. a single winner could walk away with $913 lump sum. $620 million still up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing. so you still got a chance to win big. steve: those were the numbers i was going to play. jillian: oh, daschle. why didn't you play them. i wish someone could tell you in advance. steve: indeed i have got to start working with the psychic network. jillian, thank you. brian: unseat joe donnelly. what issues will put him over the top if there are any? we are going to ask him next. ainsley: one of ellen degeneres producers takes a shot at first lady on
4:14 am
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steve: countdown is on with the midterms. senate race in indiana is now one of the closest in america. ainsley: real clear politics poll shows democratic senator joe donnelly and republican challenger mike braun are neck in neck. joining us now is senate candidate mike braun. good morning to you. thank you so much, mr. brawn, for being with us. >> good to be on. ainsley: neck in neck. what do you want to tell the folks who can go to the polls in your state? >> well, i think the whole reason i ran is because of the new agenda that's out there. i have been a business guy my entire life. did i serve in our legislature for three years but the real reason i'm doing it is i see an opportunity here that has not been around. i think that with the agenda and working with tax reform, i always preach share benefits with your employees. reduce cost of healthcare did i it in my own business. i think there is a new dynamic. other folks drawn into the process because it doesn't
4:19 am
look like business as usual. steve: joe donnelly been in the senate for a while, he voted against judge kavanaugh's confirmation to the supreme court we haven't really heard him talk about the caravan. what is your opinion regarding that? because a lot of top democrats are reluctant to even go there because they prefer to talk about healthcare. >> well, and i think healthcare is the most important issue that i'm seeing out there. but border security is as well. here in the hoosier state, border security and cost of healthcare and actually folks worried about social security and medicare being found when they need it. the caravan looks frightening. when you see what looks like annual armada headed your way in a brazen way that looks like it's going to try to breach the border. it's somatic we have not put any discipline on the border. a lot of problems are associated with it. thank goodness president trump is taking it seriously. and i like the fact that he
4:20 am
is going to draw the line here. that you can't march forward and intend to blast through the border. i think it's going to be an interesting to see how it all pans out. i think it's going to be the defining issue in terms of what we do with border security. ainsley: you are surging. only two more weeks to go. i know your opponent voted against kavanaugh, right? >> he did. from that point can you measurable it in our internals and some other polls, we have built, i think four to five point lead. that was the catalyst. i think it also exposed kind of an ugly underbelly to how the other side litigates any issue. it's mostly on kind of demonizing and, you know, just trying to tear down. i think the public is really starving for some real solutions not to where you are trying to tear folks down. steve: have a solution two weeks from yesterday. mr. brawn, thank you for joining us live from indianapolis. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you. we did reach out to joe
4:21 am
donnelly, his campaign and we didn't hear back from them. steve: we would love to talk to them. ainsley: we would. as the migrant caravan closes in on the border. families at the border is spiking. how can we stop the surge? we will ask someone on the ground coming up next. olay deep hydrating eye gel breaks through the competition olay eyes with b3 complex hydrates better than $100, $200 even $400 eye creams.
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who can help me build a complete plan. brian, my certified financial planner™ professional, is committed to working in my best interest. i call it my "comfortable future plan," and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at find your certified i'm ready to crush ap english.l i'm ready to do
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what no one on my block has done before. forget that. what no one in the world has done before. all i need access, tools, connections. high-speed connections. is the world ready for me? through internet essentials, comcast has connected more than six-million low-income people to low-cost, high-speed internet at home. i'm trying to do some homework here. so they're ready for anything. steve: time for news by the numbers. first, $50 million. that's how much yahoo is going to pay out to 200 million americans over the biggest security breach in history. federal court approving the settlement after stole billion from yahoo accounts in 2013 and 2014. next $73,000 that's how much kanye west donated to progressive candidate in
4:25 am
chicago mayoral candidate ahmari inya. she used the money to pay the illinois state board of elections for fines stemming from her campaign in 2018. she will be on the ballot in the month of february. finally, 35. that's how many non-citizens are registered to vote for local school board races in the city of san francisco. the move was approved by the city in 2016. many people never signed up fearing their information could be handed over to the feds and he this would be in trouble. that is some of your news by the numbers. brian: that's some good walking, steve. meanwhile as the caravan moves closer. agents dealing with staggering amount of illegal crossings, caravan aside. ainsley: more than 336,000 up 30% from the year before. >> what do we need to stop this. let's ask art president of
4:26 am
national border council patrol counsel in arizona. art, this is not a surprise to you. use this opportunity to alert america what our border patrol is going through now in 2018. why it's more challenging than even 2017. >> the truth of the matter is, that the numbers went down just on president trump's rhetoric alone. what hasn't changed is we haven't come up with any new policies. and we have the same leaders running our agency that ran it under the obama administration. and they just don't seem to have the same sense of urgency as the president does. that's what's upsetting. brian: look at the numbers. ainsley: why are we seeing more numbers. 90,000 increase from last year because we are not separating families. >> not enforcing the immigration laws that we can enforce. catch and release is still going on. if you have criminals coming into our country and you are not enforcing laws against them, then there is no reason for them to stop being criminals and breaking
4:27 am
our laws. that's what it comes down to. you have to have consequences. with no consequences, the criminal will continue to be a criminal. ainsley: art, isn't that the law though? we have to catch and release? >> you know, there is other waves that they could go about it, however. they can put immigration judges. they can putt the asylum officers there at the border so they can really inspect these people's cases and as they see that, you know, a lot of them are not, you know, true asylum cases we return them there. that can be done. but, you know, until something is done similar to that or we get a little bit more serious about it, it's not going to stop. and that's what's frustrating. and like we said before. with rhetoric alone, president trump lowered of the numbers and the agency milled the mark and it's because the same leaders that were there before are still running the agency now. brian: border apprehension of unaccompanied minors gone up 50,000 already 41 went up in 2017. here is why i don't blame
4:28 am
border patrol and/or anything about enforcing or the current people; in 2009 we reapproached what we were doing with illegal immigrants crossing the borders. we identified the mexican crossing as the problem. so it stopped. but when senator feinstein puts together this law that favors central and south americans, they flood in. and then you have the flores amendment that says you can't hold somebody for more than two months. that is essentially law that says catch and release. what do you want them to do? >> honestly, think about it. if people are allowed to break into your home, and the local pd is not going to arrest them and the local pd is not going to detain them and pretty much give them a slap on the hand and say hey, don't do it again and they will continue to breaking into your house and continue breaking into your house. if you don't enforce the laws, if you don't take border security serious, if some of our leaders within our own agency are too busy
4:29 am
out in banquets taking pictures and doing this and that instead of coming up with a plan, this will continue. brian: the law has to be rewritten. >> same issue with the caravan coming through in april. and now you move forward to where we are at today. it's not a caravan coming through. it's an invasion. and no plan has been set nothing has changed. that's the problem. you kant dom udon't come up witn and change what you are doing the criminals will continue breaking our laws. ainsley: what's your prediction? now there is a second caravan. the first caravan has 1100 miles to walk before they get to the united states. what's your prirkz when they do get to our border? >> it's going to be the same thing that's happening that's happened before. as soon as they step foot on american soil they are going to claim asylum and go before an asylum officer. he is going to in turn give them a date to go to immigration. to an immigration judge and just how it's happened before and it's continued to happen less than 2% will
4:30 am
show up. brian: right. that's why the law has to be changed. >> correct. brian: you would think democrats and republicans would understand that. art, thanks so much. ainsley: less than 2% actually show up for court hearing. brian: they break off age kel bracelets and never show. ainsley: one of ellen degeneres producers taking aim at our first lady on twitter and this morning our first lady is responding. brian: big movement when it comes to opioid abuse and attacking it she wants to talk about it she will be here live. air frying all in one. with our tendercrisp technology, you can quickly cook food, juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. go from fresh to deliciously done in half the time. which means it may become the only thing you use in your kitchen. (tapping) for cooking, at least. (upbeat music) the ninja foodi, with tendercrisp, the cooking while parenting technology.
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4:33 am
>> when you look at that massive group of people on the bridge, when you saw it on the bridge, the group, i really think that it probably spells out to us and congress something has to be done. we'll have to call up our military, if we need. to say but we can't let this happen. we cannot allow our country to be violated like this. steve: there you have got the president of the united states yesterday in the oval
4:34 am
office talking about the caravan. kellyanne conway, counselor to the president of the united states, she joins us from the north lawn. kellyanne, so much has been made of this caravan of about 7,000. now it sounds like there is a second one that is parked in guatemala. and i think there is 2500 there. what is going on? >> well the caravan is a symbol of broken promises and failed policies by the democrats. every single democratic senator has signed onto the feinstein idea for open borders. and as have you president obama fecklessly and recklessly trying to take credit for the trump economy. he ought to take credit or blame for what we are seeing at our southern border. they did absolutely nothing to curb the influx of illegal immigrants coming over this border. look, i'm, you know, equal parts compassion and titanium. i will tell you that i fear that many of the honduran nationals were promised things that won't be delivered, given, i think, promises that can't be
4:35 am
fulfilled boy the coyotes charging them so much money or other folks not telling them what a treacherous journey this could be. you see the news statistics show that over half a million people try to cross the border illegally last year. and we have this increase in families trying to cross over. but we don't always know that they are family units. you can have one male grabbing someone else's kid and pretend go ahead they are a family unit. i'm very concerned even one of those happens. you know well it's happening. the child smuggling and drug smuggling. we have a right to know who is coming into our country. democrats don't act. they went for all the fops down at the southern border a couple months ago. they are completely radio silent on this. secretary pompeo is absolutely right. we are the world's most generous nation. 33 million people have immigrated here legally. many we all know and people should try to do that
4:36 am
legally. brian: senator schumer talked in the past about the need to stop illegal aliens from coming in here. senator harry reid talked about the idiocy of chain migration how ridiculous it is. barack obama in 2005 talked about you can't just walk into our country unincumbered because it's not fair to people here. what happened? did people not know vcrs were rolling that we knew where they stood? what changed? >> it's delicious. do you know what changed? donald trump got elected and got elected overwhelmingly in some states because of issues like this. he is saying that we're a sovereign nation. we need physical borders. and we need to know who is here. you can imgrate legally. and, also, this president has been very forth right for over three years now talking about not just the people coming in illegally but the drugs that are pouring into our country. 90% of heroin coming into this country comes through
4:37 am
our southern border. we have increases in cocaine coming. in now, fentanyl. folk he is, mark it down. learn the word fentanyl responds cybil for 30,000 american deaths just last year. it's coming in increasingly through our southern border and being manufactured? china. talking president poison coming into our communities through the southern border and this needs to stop. this is a failure of the democrats not to act. the president, my boss last january in the cabinet room for one hour on live tv said he would do a deal on the dreamers. he wanted to end chain migration, end the vils is a lottery system. get that wall built and he would do a deal on the dreamers. the democrats never thought he would make good on that. he called their bluff yet again. they walked away from the table never to be geraldo of again. ainsley: kellyanne, if you look at the caravan how long it will take them they will be up to our border in a few weeks. know senator chuck grassley and mike lee we have a copy the letter here to kirstjen
4:38 am
nielsen with homeland security. they have a solution. they said like we have done in the past in 2002 with canada, maybe this would work with mexico. require the migrants to stop in mexico and seek asylum there and mexico would have to agree to do that? will it work. >> mexico has been very cooperative here and i want to make that clear. they have offered to i have think grant temporary visas or asylum there as i understanding it, many in the caravan are pushing forward and refusing that the majority of them it's estimate you had are economic migrants. not those that have a of asylum. that's very instructive too to my other point. we have to try what's been tried in the past. at least you have republican senators like the two you just mentioned trying to solve the problem. you have got democrats out there running for 2020. they have done absolutely nothing in 2018 to secure our borders. to keep us drug-free and safe. they all voted against tax cuts that are stem a little oustimulatingour economy.
4:39 am
blue collar wages are up. wages for everybody are up. unemployment is down. optimism is surging. the stock market, the fundamentals are still strong under the trump economy. did you see kamala harris yesterday? she was at some college in iowa for an event and about 12 people were in the picture? 12? it's like can i invite you over for dinner tonight and have more people. do you know why? because they are trying to sell things that nobody is buying. why isn't she at the border saying, folks, let's come in legally. i agree with president obama from 2005. i think every candidate should be asked do you agree or disagree with president obama from 2005. he is out there trying to take credit for a trump economy. you know what? to quote obama from 2004. he didn't build. this he didn't build that economy. president trump did and everybody knows it. steve: democrat would rather talk about healthcare because they think that's a winner for them and not immigration. >> they are wrong there, too. 20 million americans, it's
4:40 am
estimated, still don't have any type of health insurance 8 and a half years after obamacare. it was a disalser for many americans. this president has put forth associated health plans, short-term duration plans. drufing privacies are going down. today he is signing historic legislation on the opioid crisis hr-6. steve: that's what i wanted to ask you about. >> incredible. passed 98 to 1 in the united states senate the same week the kavanaugh vote was happening. think about that. most hyper partisan divided week on capitol hill since we have gotten here and yet this president's leadership forged the most historic comprehensive single peels of legislation on any one drug crisis in our nation's his industry. there is more money in there. there is increasing access to treatment. more for law enforcement interdiction. strengthen those penalties against high level drug traffickers. help those babies. we have 150 newborns coming into this country every day struggling for first breath. a great issue that our first lady has he will vated you had. big day bipartisan
4:41 am
legislation. brian: will there be a democrat represented there for the signing ceremony. >> yes there is a democrat coming. many are out on the campaign trail and maybe others don't want to come to the white house are we glad that senators names warren and kamala harris and cory booker. and joe manchin, others came forward and voted for these -- this opioid package. every single democratic senator vote i had for a law that pump will sign in and would not have happened without his leadership. >> he has elevated the opioid and drug crisis from day one of his administration. lives being saved the numbers of prescription going down 30 pills to five or seven. alex azar has noted you opioid deaths are leveling off. it's a crisis next door does not discriminate by gender, race, sober year economic or so.
4:42 am
we're getting more of the fentanyl out of the country. let me say one last feature in this. our u.s. postal service now must provide to customs and border protection for every package coming into this country, including from china and mexico, advanced electronic data. that's going to cut down on these illegal stuff like fentanyl coming in here. brian brian you are doing great work too. the president asked to you lead and did you. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. steve: what's coming up, ainsley? ainsley: 2016 was so stressful for millennials some of them claim they have ptsd. joey jones actually surveillance from ptsd. lost both of his legs serving our country. is he here with a reality check for millennials coming up. steve: economy is booming for president trump. president trump says that may be enough to crash the democrats' blue wave. stuart varney says the numbers don't lie. he has the numbers next. ainsley: hey, stuart. how are you ♪ more than a feeling ♪
4:43 am
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jillian: good morning to you, welcome back. we have headlines now, georgia gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams defending her part in torching the state's flag at a protest in college. listen to the democrat's response. >> 26 years ago as a college freshman, i along with many other georgians including the governor of georgia were deeply disturbed by the racial divisiveness imbedded in the state flag with that confederate symbol. i took action with peaceful protest. jillian: she claims is a very proud georgian. >> online jab with a surprise invitation. all started when the ellen degeneres show producer andy quoted quote i'm way more afraid of another melania getting into this country than i am of any caravan of human beings seeking asylum.
4:47 am
>> tweeting back hi andy alsalsolasner float tuesday is hosting children at the white house today to talk to them about kindness. should i save you a seat? >> meanwhile, thanks, jillian, 13 days until the midterms this morning, the "new york times" giving a reality check to many of the democrats predicting, quote, a blue wave might be tough. ainsley: the times noting in many neighborhoods key house racehouseraces, daily life is py good. unemployment is at a five decade low. economy is grow spilling over among curengs and businesses. economy is on track to grow at its fastest pace in years. host of varney company stuart varney. >> good for all. ainsley: is it enough to hold the house. >> the booming economy is clearly a huge advantage to president trump. in fact, i think these midterms have become a referendum on president trump. it's all about him.
4:48 am
and having a booming economy at your back is a huge plus. i'm going to have on my show this morning, tom bevan, real clear politics. he is going to say this is not going to be a blue wave election. he goes on to say that the g.o.p. keeping coal of the house is within the range of possibilities. just keep in mind, nate silver 538 says 85% dems take the house. >> i got it i see. >> i'm not going to make a prediction whether they keep or lose the house. i am going to say that there are two very potent issues working for president trump number one, the economy and number two this approaching caravan or caravans, plural, as it is. that is a very potent issue for the president, working very much in his favor. especially when these care carae due to arrive on election day that's a set up isn't it for the president. steve: we know the president
4:49 am
is not happy with the fed head. brian: excuse me? steve: here is what the president said regarding mr. powell. every time we do something great. he, the fed chairman raises the interest rates. he was supposed to be a low-interest-rate guy. it turned out that he's not. i'm just saying. this i'm very unhappy with the fed because obama had zero interest rates which is absolutely true. >> have you ever seen a president like this before? steve: is he a disrupter. >> absolutely he is. brian: gotten up and not said that. >> i have never seen anything like this before. that impromptu press conference yesterday where he fields any and all questions. steve: every question. >> doesn't matter what it's about. he will answer the question. ainsley: do you agree with him though this is ridiculous too many rate increases. >> no, i do not. the federal reserve is independent. it doesn't take its orders from politicians. its job is to defend the economy. and stop inflation. now, if you allow interest rates to stay where they are, very low, you run the
4:50 am
risk of inflation in the future. so i disagree with the president on this particular. steve: the risk of inflation. >> what are you laughing at? [laughter] ainsley: thanks, stuart. steve: we are watching you an hour and 10 minutes. brian: three straight hours. >> yes, be there. brian: thanks, stuart. 2016 election was so stressful for millennials, many now have ptsd. joey jones actually suffers from ptsd after losing both his leg he is serve his country. he has a reality check next. steve: plus, the house majority leader targeted? somebody threw apparently a boulder through kevin mccarthy's office window. that one there. congressman joins us live with reaction to that and the midterms straight ahead ♪ ♪ didn't know i was wrong
4:51 am
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4:54 am
brian: 2016 election was so successful for symptom co-ed's they are now claiming ptsd. ainsley: 25% of students experience clinically significant levels of stress along with other symptoms of ptsd after the 2016 election. steve: our next guest lost both of his legs serving our nation overseas and has a reality check for those people who are in the university suffering from that. retired u.s. army corps bomb tech joey jones joins us right now from atlanta. joey, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning, how are you? steve: i'm doing okay. i know you do work with a lot of vets who do suffer from ptsd. what do you make of this report. >> listen, first of all, post-traumatic stress disorder isn't a negative thing. it's something that a lot of member and women suffer from because they were put into a traumatic experience. but, when we really start to pull back the layers on these thousands of military service members diagnosed with ptsd, what we learn is
4:55 am
that it is a dramatic and blatant misnomer across the board. when you peel back the layers of the onion, these men and women had trauma as a child. they had a divorce. they had things that happened in their social lives with the people they care about before they ever went to war. war kind of rips that scab off and reveals these things. we have a lot of people diagnosed with ptsd that never went to war. what i'm getting at is this misdiagnosis. let me take that banner and put it on to my own life. creeping into our civilian lives as well. you now have people claiming to have post-traumatic stress disorder because they feel discomfort and uncertainty. what these people felt might be self-imposed stress disorder but it's the give length to a bad hair day. it's not the equivalent of putting your buddy into a bag. not equivalent of trying to save someone's life and watching it slip away in the middle of combat. we don't understand what the mind goes through in combat yet. we think we do. the pendulum has just swung in a different direction so now we blanket this disorder
4:56 am
when, in fact, it's much more deeper than that to have someone dishonor and really take a shot at those men and women who are suffering because they don't enjoy trump's rhetoric is really kind of disgusting. ainsley: what is your message to these students that are claiming to have ptsd that didn't go to war, that haven't seen their friends in body bags? >> absolutely, listen. you can take your study, your degrees, your entitled opinion and claim whatever you would like. what this country needs are men and women of strong mind and strong faith. that's who serves this country and fortunately those are the people who truly have suffered from ptsd. but thankfully they are strong enough and we believe in them enough to get them through it men and women recover daily from disorders of post-traumatic stress and simply being upset over an election in my opinion doesn't rate something like that. brian: joey jones, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> absolutely, thank you. ainsley: is there a second migrant caravan on its way up to the border?
4:57 am
the answer is next. brian: the answer is yes. >> now under fire for how he got tickets to see hamilton on broadway. his opponent who also wants to be governor of florida ron desantis live to respond and to react. . .
4:58 am
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♪ steve: there are now two. this is a fox news alert. "wall street journal" is talking about a second caravan. >> what the left is doing is a political protest against the idea of american borders masquerading as a claim for asylum. ainsley: dhs confirming there are individuals within the original caravan who are gang members and have significant criminal history. >> if you have criminals coming into our country, not enforces laws against them, there is no reason to stop. >> president trump is using former president obama to back his immigration policies. >> we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states
5:01 am
undetected undoesn'ted. why do they place illegally immigrants over americans. >> cameron into left. that is gone. pinch-hit 3-run home run. nunez. the red sox open up game one. ♪ steve: all right. welcome, folks. it is wednesday. it is "fox & friends" from studio f. we're delighted you would join us. just like the last couple months. we have plenty of news to start this hour. ainsley: we do. we've been talking about the caravan all week. we are just learning there is another caravan of the first one started in honduras, it went into guatemala. it is in the southern part of mexico. there is another one that started in honduras. brian: the word gets out you can
5:02 am
penetrate america's borders, have a flesh life or up to no good, whatever, they are in guatemala, honduras and el salvador. it is not so much the message up front but the message sent behind you. this is the message from people worried about the borders. steve: the president tweeted seven minutes ago this. those who want to advocate illegal immigration, look what happened to europe over last five years. a total mess. they only wish they had that decision to make over again. he goes on. we are a great sovereign nation. we have strong borders and will never accept people coming into our country illegally. so what the federal government is trying to do, we're trying to work with mexico to make sure that if those people are in mexico illegally, mexico realizes that and they process them. if you are here and you want, not refugee status, you want to
5:03 am
apply for asylum, do it in mexico. so far according to "the wall street journal" apparently 1700 in the original big caravan have done that but the other 5000 have not. ainsley: right. they're coming up to the united states. the president was saying there are some criminals mixed in the group. the vice president doubled down on that. the dhs confirmed that. he tweeted out they are gang members with significant criminal history. some are countries outside of central america, middle east, africa, south asia, elves where. a lot of moms and babies men that want to work for families to send money home but in addition to that there are criminals as part of this group. brian: i talked to sarah carter yesterday in guatemala. she didn't see any babies. walked up a baby carriage, it was somebody's luggage in a baby carriage. she is not saying there isn't any and most everybody she saw
5:04 am
were males. she is interviewing the guatemalan president. angela merkel was originally praised taking in millions of refugees she knew nothing about. the germany never quite recovered. they were all critical of hung gary. i'm not a fan of hungary's government. they immediately said i we need to put a fence on the border. i need to know who is in my country. ainsley: president in the tweets comparing us to europe now. steve: trump is the anti-merkel. he stands for the polar opposite of that. i wouldn't be surprised, so we have got the news this morning there is section caravan. i wouldn't be surprised if we see a lot of caravans. what have we heard? people in other nations who want to come to the united states illegally, you know with this caravan, they're all banding together. what are they doing? they're not paying a coyote
5:05 am
5,000, $10,000. as they move through the areas that have a lot of crime and violence, there is safety in numbers. so there is some suggestion this is just the tip of the iceberg. brian: i will add something else to this. we have seven million open jobs, all the farmers need a lot of workers. there are guest worker program is being implemented. nobody is saying there isn't opportunity. nobody is saying that there is not opportunity there. there is system to be reformed, updated, ebb pa dieted, this will help everyone. allow refugees to come in undocumented, illegal aliens creates another underclass. there is homeless problem in san francisco and in los angeles and san diego, that goes directly some back, some believe, i'm one of them to their sanctuary status. the magnet goes out to our country. then it goes to sanctuary cities. they live on the streets in squalor. who benefits. ainsley: democrats agree with you, many used to. president obama at one point
5:06 am
saying when he was a senator that we've got, we do have a heart for these people. we still have to know who is coming in. you just can't let everybody in. the president, he went back to his recorded vhs tapes pulled one of them, put it on twitter. wrote on top of the twitter account. i agree with president obama 100% and link i had to this video from 2005. watch this. >> we are a generous and welcoming people here in the united states but those who enter the country illegally, and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law. we simply cannot allow people to pour into the night undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. brian: that is a little hard-line for my taste. who is that? is that barack obama?
5:07 am
steve: that is barack obama back in the day. so that's why the president of the united states, i agree with him 100%, which this president has not done very often. according to "the washington post" yesterday it said they had a reporter with the caravan and they were suggesting that most of the people who are in the caravan, the big one right now, they're not going to come to the united states and go through the port and ask for asylum. they plan to try to sneak across the border and just get a job, according to "the washington post" because they have done that before. we were talking yesterday about some of the guys who have, are in this current caravan have been deported six times but they keep coming back because of the jobs. they're not looking for a asylum. they just want a job. brian: that is where business is responsible to have an e-verify system, so the businesses would be just a culpable if they're caught working for them. e-verify would show they are undocumented, they're illegal aliens, and that business gets
5:08 am
penalized they will start pushing these workers away. that message will get out. steve: that system has been out there for years. congress had many opportunities to do it but it has been a bipartisan no, republicans, democrats never get together too do it. ainsley: that system needs to be accurate remember the woman disappeared in the cornfields of iowa, the guy murdered her was working on a farm, was here illegally, the e-verify said he was legal and really wasn't. steve: i think there was misinformation on initial parts of the story, nonetheless he was in the country illegally. brian: eight minutes before the stop of the hour. u.s. border agents are dealing with a staggering amount of illegal crossings. steve: there were 396,000 apprehensions this year, that is 30% increase from 2016. ainsley: griff jenkins is is live in mcal a len, texas, getting a brand new look at all
5:09 am
they're doing. reporter: they tell me if the number of caravan holds and i'm 1000 miles, difficult rugged terrain of this sector in the rio grande bored to secure. we went up in the helicopter with the air marine operations. give you a brief overview that some of the challenges that the men and women of border patrol and state and local law enforcement forces face every day trying to secure this border. this border is unique. what most people don't realize are the challenges that geography portrays in itself. the riverbends in many locations. mexico here and this little strip is u.s. got a couple in custody, he seize ad few more, he can't get to them because he has his hands full. we have the other agent running toward us. reporter: those guys got caught. we're looking for the rest of them. >> there is a reason those
5:10 am
people aren't running. they want to be caught. reporter: no there is no place to put them and they will be caught and released. >> there is a lot on the southwest border specifically that doesn't get captured. there is lot of good work being done by these men and women. we're not charge of writing the laws. we're in charge of enforcing laws. we do our best with the technology and tools and resources to try to secure the border to the bets of our ability. reporter: steve earler, you mentioned whether there might be more caravans? the sector chief of the border patrol, hector padilla. should they succeed getting up here on it border, it will definitely lead to more zare vans. guys? steve: thank you, griff. griff used the word caravan. ainsley and brian about an houring a talked to art del cueto. he had this operation about that term. >> if you don't enforce the
5:11 am
laws, if you don't take the border laws serious. if some of our leaders are too busy at banquets, taking pictures instead of coming up with a plan this will continue. we had the same issue with a caravan coming through in april. you move forward where we're at today. it is is not a caravan coming through. it is an invasion. no plan has been set. nothing has changed. brian: this guy, whatever is going to happen has to be bipartisan. we never get out of the blocks with any of this. the frustration on the border, their hands are tied. ainsley: art said only two percent of catch-and-release show up for the court appearance. brian: most of people that show up, other than mexicans, otms. mexico problem has been solved. central, south america are getting a different message that is the issue. with the 20-day amendment, they have to be let go. steve: it's a broken system. let's hope they do something about it.
5:12 am
jillian joins us with news. jillian: let's talk about extreme weather. hurricane is category 3 hurricane before weakening into a tropical depression. giant waves crashing along the pacific coast with storm surge and 120 miles per hour winds. willa is expected to dumb rain on eastern and central texas. after torrential downpours second quartered the state last week. president trump says he will probably meet with russia's vladmir putin next month. they will be both in paris for a event commemorating 100 years since world war i. tensions rise a decades old treaty that prevents u.s. and russia from creating nuclear missiles. security advisor john bolton met with putin this week. he says the two leaders will sit down november 11th. >> >> the winning ticket sold for 1.45 billion megamillions in
5:13 am
south carolina. it fell short of the 1.6 advertised jackpot. i'm sure winning numbers 5, 28, 62, 65, 70, and the megaball is 5. 620 million still up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing. you still have a chance. steve: if we didn't win last night wheel win tonight? jillian: couldn't guarranty you will win tonight. ainsley: some winner in south carolina. we're all related down there. i might not be at work tomorrow. steve: house majority leader was targeted. someone through a boulder apparently through kevin mccarthy's window. the congressman joins us live next.
5:14 am
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♪ brian: we've been telling you about gop leaders targeted by leftist protesters. our next guest has been no stranger to this. get this, vandals hurled a giant rock, some say a boulder, through house majority leader mccarthy's california office. these suspects, look at pictures, still on the loose. house majority leader kevin mccarthy joins us right now. so what is your response to this, kevin? >> well, i don't know why they
5:18 am
did it or who did it. we have pictures from our own cameras from the two individuals. i put it out on my own personal facebook page. to see if they knew who they were. they through a massive rock to throw through the windy. i don't think one person can throw it by themselves. they entered the office, saturday night 9:54. stole some computer equipment, ran out and got in a truck took off. we don't know the motives, why they did it. like to find out who they are and get our equipment back. brian: that would be good. some of the attacks could stop and people finish their meal in a diner, go home without being berated. kevin, no doubt about it, everyone talking about immigration. you as majority leader wants to be taking the lead. you want to fully fund the border wall. senate will not go for this, won't get the votes. republicans like will heard
5:19 am
don't want to support the border wall. how do you do it? >> it is simple. build the wall, enforce the law. not only is funding to build the wall, think about the caravan, think about the protection you have, more importantly what does it do in there? it enhances our ability to remove the ms-13 gang members. it ends sanctuary cities. it has "kate's law." but think for a moment, we're worried about the caravan coming but i'm more worried what happens on november 6. if we are not successful on november 6, think what it would mean with a nancy pelosi as speaker? how large would the caravan start on the 7th? >> she said mow the lawn, if you want border security, mow the lawn. >> exactly. think about how many people are coming. more importantly they want to end i.c.e. in her own home city, san francisco's allows illegals to vote in school boards. i put a bill up. it is also inside of this bill, to condemn that action.
5:20 am
140 democrats voted no or present on that action. the same thing they did when we put up about helping i.c.e. stop fentanyl coming across. brian: that matters. so does this bipartisan opioid bill. 30 seconds, this means a lot to you. it will be signed at the oval office today. >> you know, we have lost more americans to opioids than we did in the entire battle in vietnam. this is breaking the fiber of this nation. this gives greater access to care. it gives greater enhancement and encouragement to create a new relief for pain that is not addictive. it helps encourage and gives power to the government to stop that fentanyl coming into our country. brian: what i would like too, everybody knows you need rehab. some can't afford it. some insurance don't take it. medicaid is eligible. democrats signed on to it. hopefully this is a trend. kevin mccarthy, thanks so
5:21 am
much. >> thank you for having me. brian: straight ahead, this democrat is running for governor in florida but under fire how he got "hamilton" tickets and how he explained it. ron desantis is live. democrats feel they have won the suburban female voters. our next guest says, not so fast. now she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
5:22 am
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5:25 am
a highly contagious virus killed six children in new jersey. the virus sickening 12 other children at a rehab center that provides long-term care for medically-fragile children. symptoms include the common cold, sore throat and fever. the health department blames this outbreak on hand washing deficiencies at the facility. ainsley. ainsley: thank you, steve. with just 13 days to go before the midterms, turnout is expected to be unprecedented. many democrats i anticipate they will do especially well among suburban women. our next guest says don't assume all women will vote democrat. explaining in a new op-ed it will be trump and the gop at that will prevail. author of the alpha female's guide to men and marriage. suzanne, thank you for being with us. good to see you again. >> good to see you too. ainsley: so many women say they feel like the president is targeting women and some of the name-calling, some of the rhetoric, but you say not so
5:26 am
fast. why? >> so there are basically two takeaways from the article. the first that trump does not discriminate in any way when he responds to attacks made against him. whether you're a male or a female, black or white, old or young, as we have now seen from several years of watching him, his mo is to defend himself against this attack that comes his way. i don't even think he sees where the attack is coming from except the attack. that is who he is. the idea that he specifically targets women just doesn't hold up. that is one of the points i was making in that article. the second one, which is a little bit more important is, that you know, we all heard this adage that our best traits are often sometimes our worst traits. and i think that what we're dealing with trump, with you and me. we all have aspects of our personality that in one domain might serve us very well, in
5:27 am
another not so much. with him this is a person who has very strong personality. he is very direct. he is politically incorrect. he doesn't care with people think. this is very unusual in a president. you know, we're used to people being very pitt call and pandering special interest groups, especially feminists. since he doesn't do that. he is a target. ainsley: we have this "fox news poll." this is really interesting. if you talk to his campaign they would probably say he needs to improve with suburban women. when we took the poll, fox news asked what would be your preference, we were asking suburban women. 56% of suburban women said they would vote democratic. 37% said they would vote republican. what does president trump need to do be more attractive to the suburban woman? >> i'm not sure so much he can do, what you as a voter, what you as a voter can choose to focus on come november. we're dealing here with a personality versus policies f you're somebody that is, why i
5:28 am
quoted heather mcdonald in the piece who called trump a painful dilemma because most people are in agreement that they like, at least people in favor of him like the policies. what he is doing is clearly working but they don't like the personality so much. they're grappling with that. so come november what we're dealing with is, what is it that you're going to focus more on? the fact he has the personality that you don't care for, or are you going to focus what he is doing which is clearly working? just to go back to the whole concept of these two different traits, it is really important understand, really important to understand that we all have this in us to be in, to have this personality that is helpful in one area and not in others. because you can't get everything you want wrapped up in one person. we like that in a president but we're not going to be. that is what my last book is about because it is ironic and all about personalities and how strong women can be very effective in certain areas an domains but in personal lives
5:29 am
and relationships it can be problematic. that is really similar what we're seeing with trump, these two sides, these two areas. ainsley: all right. suzanne, it is a great article. thank you so much. we appreciate you being on. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. former attorney general eric holder firing up his supporters just weeks ago when he said this. >> when they go low we go high. no. no. when they go low we kick 'em. that is what this new democratic party is about. ainsley: wait until you hear how he is now explaining those comments. plus this democrat is running for governor down in florida but he is facing big questions how he got tickets for the show "hamilton" on broadway. his opponent, former congressman ron desantis joins us live next. ! ! new sesame-ginger shrimp is here, too. but hurry in, endless shrimp ends november eighteenth. olay total effects.
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brian: those are the flags we salute every day in america. steve: our building. we'll have ron desantis with us in couple minutes. he wants to be the next governor the great state of florida. meantime jillian has some news. jillian: we're matching the flags today. good morning. so do you remember when eric holder called on democrats to kick republicans? >> you know when they go low we go high. no. no. when they go low we kick 'em. that is what this new democratic party is about. jillian: now the former attorney general is walking that back a bit. >> what i was really saying is a metaphor for the notion that people try to undermine our democracy should be opposed. jillian: holder says he does not regret making those comment. a judge throws off his robe, chases two men trying to escape court. the whole thing caught on camera as you can see. in this video, one of the guys
5:34 am
face plant and with his shoe at at courthouse in washington state. the judge caught one guy after running down three flights of stairs. the cops caught the other three blocks away. do you recognize this accused beer thief? some people say it looks like ross from the show quote friends." >> do you like the beer? >> i do, i do. it is actually a lager. jillian: you have to see the resemblance, right? police are searching for unidentified man suspected of stealing beer in england. david shwimmer. it is lager. researchers at the university of sydney using labs to test their theory, determining on average, chocolate labs live 10.7 years, but non-chocolate labs little a little more than 12 years. researchers believe the breeding of certain color dogs may lead
5:35 am
to more disease. that is interesting. ainsley: those are the lab tests. jillian: they told me that in my ear. steve: thank you very much, jillian, with 13 days for the midterms, it's a tight race for the florida governor race, new poll from quinnipiac progress sieve mayor andrew gillem ahead of ron desantis. at this point six points. ainsley: joining us on a busy campaign morning, ron desantis. thanks for being with us. >> good morn. ainsley: what do you say with those voters because you're down a little bit in the polls? >> well look, we have an opportunity to protect florida's economic momentum. i will do that and really take it to the next level. andrew is running on massive tax increases which would cost jobs. cause businesses to leave florida. it would stop the flow of investment coming into florida which is so important. he is also somebody who presides over the most crime-ridden city in florida, tallahassee. they had a record number of murders last year. he signed an anti-police
5:36 am
manifesto. he wants to abolish i.c.e. he won't cooperate with the federal government. so florida would have more crime under andrew gillem. that would be disasterous for our state that undercuts everything we're trying to do economically with the environment, you name it. steve: a lot of immigrants making florida their home. what do you make of this caravan in mexico that is headed our way? we have not heard from mr. gillum regarding this, i don't believe. >> obviously a sovereign country can't just have people plowing across its border. i think the president is right to take it seriously. i don't think we can countenance that. andrew has open border policies. he basically said that is what he wants, he wants florida to be a sanctuary state and have sanctuary cities. when you do that, obviously folks come in, we don't no hoe they are, but it's a wet kiss from the drug cartels they move the product in from china, fentanyl driving opioid crisis.
5:37 am
that is not good for anywhere in the country. obviously that stuff finds its way to florida. brian: andrew gillum was from tallahassee. his intellect is strong after the debate performance. one thing is clear he is under fbi investigation. we have some details now. turns out an fbi under cover agent tried to offer him "hamilton" tickets. he took it. he did have a explanation that his brother gave it to him but that doesn't seem to be playing out. >> no. in fact he, i asked him directly, we had a debate sunday and he said he pays for everything. has never taken anything. well then the documents that came out showed just the opposite. that yes, this undercover fbi agent posing as a contractor trying to do business with him as mayor with the city of tallahassee, he is the one that gave andrew the "hamilton" tickets. andrew lied to the folks of florida. but also the fact he is getting, he claims he is not under investigation. why the heck would law
5:38 am
enforcement send an undercover agent to line his pockets if he wasn't under investigation? of course he is. he has violated florida law by accepting those gifts, not just that, but this luxury vacation to costa rica. the documents also show he didn't pay for that. lo and behold the lobbiest that took him on that trip to coast can reek can, he turned around and gave the lobbiest $2 million in city money to build a restaurant. that is local corruption looks like. brian: congressman, here is the moment from sunday's debate. >> the question is, did you pay for the "hamilton" ticket or did the uncover fbi pay for the "hamilton" ticket? did you pay to stay in the villa in costa rica? where are the receipts? you have not proven you paid for anything. that is the problem. >> here is direct answer. i don't take free trips in anybody. i'm a hard-working person. i know that may not fit your description of what you think people like me do but i worked hard for everything that i have gotten and in my life. i don't need anybody handing me
5:39 am
anything for free. steve: congressman? >> well, obviously the documents that were released come down on that statement like a ton of bricks. the fact of the matter is, he was getting things for free and not just that. look, it is not just that he got something for free. i don't like getting things for free as a person but when you talk about this was connected to his role as mayor. these are people looking to influence him, who had business before him. so he is putting money in his pocket effectively, then turning around doing the bidding of the same people who are giving him this stuff. that is wrong. ainsley: if he is, if he is telling the truth when he says his brother gave him the "hamilton" tickets. steve: he thought it was the brother. ainsley: is that allowed? you're allowed to get free things from the family, just not from someone else? >> exactly. if the uncover gave the tickets to his brother to give to andrew, that would be no difference. we know what happened. that is why he so evasive.
5:40 am
he lashed out in the debate because he knew he was not on the right side of the facts here. what we have to keep holding him to the fire. the media has not done very much on this finally this came out because of a subpoena request in the ethics investigation into andrew. steve: tampa bay newspaper is doing that a lot of local outlets in florida today. not exactly when you want it to drop two weeks out before the election. mr. desantis the president tweeted support for you. he added more stops before the midterms. is heading back to the sunshine state? >> i think so. you know obviously the white house will announce and trump's campaign will announce when they want to. but i think you will see him here the you saw that texas crowd. i think you will see similar enthusiasm for here in the state of florida. brian: congressman some say you're good at defining what gillum will do, raise tax, that nature, you're not saying good enough job what you would do.
5:41 am
what is the difference between you and governor scott? >> we're coming in at a different time. rick came in with economy in the tank. i'm coming in with the economy going. so what i want to do is capitalize off that, recruit record investment into florida so we expand our economic base, finance technology, manufacturing, that is more high-paying jobs. also we had persistent problems with our water resources. we have to clean the water, make sure we restore the everglades and stop toxic algae. i'm in a unique position to do that. i stood up against some of the biggest interests in florida to do the right thing. i'm only one of the two of us will be able to get that done. that is an issue on the forefront of a lot of floridians minds. steve: a lot of people are worried about the red tide and green algae. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: we did invite andrew gillum on the program to answer the charges and talk to us. declined. brian: i will talk to ron a little more on the radio shortly
5:42 am
between 9:00 and noon. steve: meanwhile, ainsley. ainsley: you seen videos of the left harassing republicans in public. it has been going on for weeks now. >> get out of here. >> leave him alone. ainsley: our next guest is a former secret service agent. he says those protests could put themselves in danger. brian: wow. the purple heart foundation is teaming up with necks and tires giving away this brand new car. find out how you can help coming up with us. ♪ alexa, play weekend mix.
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whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price! steve: attacks on public figures in the republican party. leftists accosting mitch mcconnell last week as he sat down to dinner with his wife.
5:46 am
senator ted cruz was accosted last month at a d.c. restaurant. over the summer homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen was shouted down having her dinner as well. our next guest has a warning for all the protesters, saying these kind of tactics could put people in screaming in danger. former secret service agent, executive director of the federal law enforcement officers association, patrick o carroll joins us live from d.c. good morning to you. >> thank you, steve, for the opportunity to talk about this increasingly dangerous situation facing secret service and other federal agents on protective details. steve: why is it increasing? >> what is happening, a couple things they're getting opportunity to get some press attention. so obviously protesters are using that. but i think the thing that worries us mostly is that when these political figures show up in restaurants or other public occasions phone calls are made, crowds gather, and often times
5:47 am
there are loud and abusive. you suggest phone calls are made, so they're tracking the whereabouts of prominent republicans? >> that apparently is what is our concern on it is, that when a couple goes out, a political couple goes out to dinner and within 15 minutes there is a large crowd there, obviously there is a network there that is advising when and where people, political figures are. that is a concern. steve: what is your warning to somebody who might be considering something like this? they certainly have the freedom of speech. they can express themselves in public as they want. as long as it is safe. >> obviously a good example, steve, would be about a week ago a family member was, or members were on an airplane. everybody gets off the plane except for one person. that makes the agents on board thinking that this is unusual. we kind of called it the
5:48 am
swimming upstream. it's a clue that something could be happening. so anyway, their attention level goes up. the person jumps up reaches into their pocket and an incident occurs that could easily happen in a restaurant with any of these crowds, push and shove, whatever, escalate into a use of force situation and the agents present would have to make an arrest. steve: i think in that case where the members of the first family were on that airplane, the one person was left behind, it was a member of the media who wanted to ask them a question about khashoggi or something like that, and, i think the secret service was right there and stopped him from getting any closer, right? >> yes. what happened was is the person stood up, reached into their, allegedly stood up, reached into their pocket, at that point there the agents antennas were up, they were concerned. they stepped between the protectee, the individual, and neutralized situation, fortunately it turned out to be a good warning the reason why we're on this morning these type
5:49 am
of incidents are starting to increase. we want to warn people, don't do it. steve: because you're worried about violence? >> of course we're worried about violence and the safety of the people that secret service and other federal agents protect. steve: it is an important job. a tough job. patrick o'carroll, thank you for joining from us our nation's capital. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead on wednesday the purple heart foundation is teaming up with necks and tires for a special mission. they will honor one of our heroes giving away a sports car, the one behind them. find out you how you can help. first, sandra smith joins us. >> good morning, steve. wednesday morning from "america's newsroom," top of the hour, a live report from the white house on the caravan of migrants as he they had toward the u.s. border. what the president is now saying. plus midterms, 13 days away now, what early voting is telling us. reports now of 155 possible cases of a polio-like illness
5:50 am
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♪ brian: welcome back the purple heart operation teaming up with necks and tire to honor a program to honor our heroes, ainsley. ainsley: amazing. they're giving away a dodge challenger to a purple heart participant. steve: here is fox news transportation expert mike caught dell. >> good morning. steve: purple heart foundation jim blalock and.
5:54 am
mike, start the conversation. >> these guys contacted me after the good guys rally we did in germany. i was covering military philanthropy. we're doing a with the purple heart foundation. this is not about me or cars. this is about these gentlemen to my right, jim blalock, 14 years as president of the purple heart foundation. this car will be given away december 15th here on "fox & friends" to a purple heart recipient. how could you not want to cover something so cool like these guys here, giving a car away to draw attention to our veterans. ainsley: jim, what does it mean to you and your foundation. >> we're awe inspired by the fact that confident reinvesting in veterans who have invested in the country. it is to show there is really appreciation and individuals that get an opportunity to really apply for the vehicle are those individuals who are purple heart members of our organization.
5:55 am
steve: kyle, why is necks and tire involved? why do they want to give that beautiful car away? >> we're really supportive of our veterans here in the u.s. we wanted to do something fun and exciting to give back to them. we wanted to do something fun and exciting to bring note right to the purple hard foundation. things they do to help the combat veterans. service of men and women in the country that sacrificed so much. we thought it was important to get the word out this is fun way to do that. ainsley: our viewers appreciate that. if you have to buy a tire, by nexum. >> that is top of the cake. brian: i saw you bond in the green room. what is the fraternity like for those who bonded and gave so much. >> we are the brothers that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and we have the opportunity to give back to other vets and that is why we bond so tightly to each other. brian: you really do. this will be more attention for a great cause, a great foundation and it bleeds red,
5:56 am
whyte and blue. >> yes, it does. brian: thank you so much. steve: if people watching now to nominate somebody. nexo tire usa and this is american muscle for american heroes. this is the first of misdemeanor cars we're hoping to do like this. go online, tell your story about what you did in the military to receive your purple heart. and then they will be evaluated. we'll be back here to give the car away. brian: 55 miles an hour even though this is a rocket. >> right, right. steve: folks gathered here at 4th and 6th avenue, how about a round of applause. ainsley: find the site on our website,
5:57 am
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