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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 24, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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later tonight in wisconsin and we'll see what and if that event is affected throughout the day. a statement from sarah sanders and i imagine we'll see the president in front of a camera soon. >> mcconnell condemns the acts of terrorism today. that's it for us from "america's newsroom." "outnumbered" now >> melissa: fox news alert, a full-scale criminal investigation underway. right now on your screen we are watching a suspicious device in transit. it was removed from the time warner center which has a cnn new york city offices. we are awaiting a news conference with the new york city police department. this is after the secret service intercepted two's' position packages carrying potential explosive devices. one was addressed to hillary clinton at her westchester county, new york home. the other two former
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president barack obama in washington, d.c. both were intercepted prior to delivery to those locations. as the time warner center in new york city hosts the cnn offices was evacuated after a suspicious package was found in the mailroom. that's what you're watching bear the left side of the screen. the devices traveling out of new york city. we have seen reports that it is going to a facility right outside the city where they can examine and potentially detonate the device. it's in something that looks like a cement truck almost, to keep it safe on that transport. they did not want to detonate it on-site. catherine herridge catherine herridge has the latest from washington on this. catherine? >> thanks, melissa. in the last few minutes we have been able to confirm that the secretary of homeland security, kirstjen nielsen, has been briefed this morning. she is currently monitoring the situation. we also confirmed that we have -- and i think it very significantly -- two federal
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agencies who were sharing the lead on this investigation, secret service, and then also the fbi. as you mentioned, these devices have been discovered in a very short time frame. 72 hours. also, targeting high-profile political individuals. as mentioned, the former secretary of state hillary clinton. that home in chappaqua, new york. also, former president barack obama here in washington, d.c. both of those devices come i want to emphasize, were intercepted before they reach the residences. this is part of a routine screening that is done by the secret service for the protect tees. this is done at an off-site facility. we have also identified the suspicious device that was removed from cnn. we are looking to confirm our reports from another media organization that it was addressed to former cia director john brennan. we are also learning more information this morning about a device that was recovered on
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monday at the home of george soros. a billionaire who supports the democratic party. the device, i'm told, was contained viable explosives. an individual close to the nypd, which is where the state police are investigating the incident, said that the individual or individuals who made that device knew what they were doing. the reason i raise this device that was discovered monday is that my contacts are very focused on the number of devices unfolding or rolling out in a very short period of time. 72 hours. very high-profile targets. if they are linked through the forensics, dna, or the style of the device, that is often found with the detonator because that has the most elements of a bomb-maker's signature, if you
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will. this will be something that is preplanned, and one or more individuals being involved at this point. melissa? >> melissa: catherine, let me ask you about some of the reports that have been circulating. tell me if you know if these are correct or incorrect, if there's anything to back it up. what about the report of something going to debbie wasserman schultz of florida? >> i don't have independent information that a suspect package has been found. there is just what i heard on all reporting at fox news that the office was evacuated in florida. i think that we need to understand, having been through these situations before, quite rightly people are pretty tuned in now to this issue. suspect packages. i reported early this morning that a number of federal facilities here in washington are kind of scrubbing their mail inventories to see if there is anything that might be suspicious. that is the right thing to do, and people are looking at what they have got in their mailbox, as well. to understand whether that might be suspicious.
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we sometimes have events -- i'm not saying that's what's happening in florida -- but we do, as we see in the past, reporting on these events, there are incidents where it sort of a false flag, if you will. it doesn't actually turn into something. but sometimes there are additional devices recovered. again, let's stick to what we know. we know that two suspect packages were intercepted by the secret service targeting the former secretary of state, hillary clinton, the former president of united states, barack obama, and also this device that was recovered at cnn. then, he forced device that we are trying to understand from monday. the home of george soros. whether they are all connected in some way, melissa. >> melissa: got it. >> harris: catherine, it's harris. we are working now to remind our viewers, it's pretty thick with trees now -- the bomb-carrying vehicle heads out of the city toward a detention bomb location where they can set it off.
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what we are getting reports of, catherine -- and this is what i want to ask you about -- the things that happened along the route in terms of writing ourselves what they're going to find. forensically, what are you hearing about how they will connect these and how soon they think they can do that? i only ask that because this is the only one we know of yet that they are planning to explode. the other two, from what i'm reading, have either a flaw in design or some purposeful design set so that they don't explode right away. >> let me just talk you through what i know happens in a standard situation. i don't want to speculate on what's happening here, because we just don't know the facts of how they are going to roll it out. but, what is standard is that ieds are handled by the fbi and they are taken typically to a specialist lab which is in huntsville, alabama. this is their premier lab for ieds. not only domestically.
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they handled the devices texas earlier this year, but also devices that are recovered overseas. by analyzing the device, they look at a handful of issues. they look at the components, and if the reporting is accurate that we are talking about pipe bombs come in this case -- how long is it? what is the diameter of the pipe? are they able to tie the purchase of the pipe back to one or more locations? or an individual, for example? you can do that through credit card transactions or if the individual uses cash you can do that through closed-circuit tv. they are also going to look at the explosive powder contained in the device. explosive powder can also be traced to a point of purchase, or a point of origin. sometimes even to the lot number, in terms of when it was manufactured. that's a much longer process, though. that's a days and weeks long process. the part of the device, if you will, that often reveals the
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most information as to whether it's connected to something else is the detonator. that's where you kind of see the craft of the bomb-maker, just in the way the fuse, the detonator, is made, developed, or whether there is a consistent flaw across the devices which explains why they haven't detonated. then there is the obvious, which is fingerprints, as well as dna. this fbi bomb lab in huntsville, alabama has a giant repository of ied components. they tag all of them, and they often are able to make arrests and prosecutions over time by making that link either with the components or the dna. or, the fingerprints. it can be -- if i could, it can be a pretty quick process, but you're talking about multiple devices. there would have to be a lot of commonality in order to identify
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an individual within a day or two. >> harris: catherine herridge, a very detailed standard procedure here. we will be watching for this point that you have given us as we see this unfold. which ones they will be heading in terms of their forensic look. thank you very much. we are bringing back, as the news warrants. we are waiting this hour, and the scene you see is outside time warner center. we are waiting for a news conference, we think it will happen in less than 40 minutes. we will bring you that life. in the streets outside come at about eighth avenue for those who are familiar with new york, activity alert from police went out a short time ago telling people who live or work in this area to shelter in place. while there wasn't a whole lot of detail that was given as people's phones were receiving this, what we do know is that they don't want people crossing into this area. for two reasons -- one, they have now left with the bomb. the explosive device that has
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been described to us as a pipe bomb-type device. they have left with that. it has arrived now at the nypd facility, at the tip of a park. if you're watching, that's less than the 30 minute drive from the city. that's where the bomb squad is headquartered. there's too a shooting range there. if they are going to detonate and try to save forensics from that device, it may be where they you choose to do that. anyway, we are waiting. while people might want to shelter in places, they might to want to make shelter. they want to start a news conference and be able to talk without distraction and having to keep up with other people who are on, quite literally now, what is a crime scene that we are watching unfold. melissa? >> melissa: on a national level, we know that the secret service and the fbi are working together on the collection of all of these different devices that we have heard about. we know here in new york city it is the new york bomb squad.
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specifically, the ied group, that is working with a device that we just saw her leave the city and go to pelham bay. they are also working in conjunction with the fbi. best to look at that specific device. we are lucky to have pete hegseth on the couch with us today, because of your expense in the field, of course. tell me, what would you say about what's going on right here? what do you notice? >> obviously, very serious situation. you look at the manner they are pushing it. they all fearlessly take it serious he prayed to me it points to the fact that it's a viable device. it wasn't just a complete dud sitting in a package meant to scare someone. they took it so seriously, someone knew enough to take it seriously and to remove it. but the forensic will be important here. the technique that was used to build the detonator, to build that pipe bomb, the materials, how quickly they can gather together. what catherine was reporting, hearing that word "ied," that's not something you usually hear or think about in a domestic
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context. it's an improvised expose the device. it's a weapon of war, a weapon of terror. whoever built that wanted to send that kind of message. finding that person will take the same approach we have on the battlefield, which is the gear bomb experts in their prey disassemble the device, look at the pieces. see if there's a pattern and find out all the different aspects of what it could be. >> harris: so far we have heard from the vice president, mike pence. we have heard from sarah sanders. the latest little while, we now have heard from advisors of the president. of longer term, rather. i would like to review her tweets. "i strongly condemned the intended act of violence against president obama, the clinton family, cnn, and others. there is no excuse. america is better than this. gratitude to the secret service and law enforcement for all they do to keep the nation safe." of course, we have been following the develop minced today of when we might see people, as well.
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the campaign event in scranton, pennsylvania, i'm getting now the statistic device alert on my phone. it's taken over my phone. i'm just going to read it too. "emergency alert: the suspicious device on west 50th street and eighth avenue was safely removed by nypd bomb squad." they are letting people know simultaneously here in new york city and burrows added together about 8 million people prayed i would imagine many of us getting this on our phone instantaneously. as of now, just to finish who might see and when, we do know that the president is scheduled to be at the white house for an opioid event. then he will depart from there for his rally tonight. that is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. eastern today, and it's a combination of things. senator lamar alexander working bipartisan lean on opiates. we knew the president was going to be -- but it's very, very
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probable. i'm hearing in my ear that we might have john roberts. tell me that again? >> melissa: i think we have john roberts or enough in the white house, standing by. >> harris: john, are you there question there? >> hey, harris. good afternoon. everyone there on the couch. we have not yet heard from the president. as you mention, we heard from vice president mike pence, sarah huckabee sanders, the united states secret service, which has now turned the devices over to the fbi and the atf. they put out a lengthy statement about the timeline of all this. nothing from the president at this point. i suspect this opioid event which is coming up in about an hour and ford hood minutes, we will hear from him then. he will likely probably also included in his remarks in wisconsin tonight, for that political rally. just to reiterate here, there were reports this morning there was something address the white house for the secret service said that, in fact, is not true.
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mail from the white house and for former president barack obama does get sorted at the same facility. just outside the downtown area of washington, d.c. so, perhaps that was the reason for some confusion there. nothing addressed to the white house. two packages, went to president obama and one addressed to hillary clinton at the chappaqua address, as well. clearly the white house apartment of homeland security, all the federal agencies are hopefully involved, here. something like this is clearly treated with the utmost seriousness. the united states secret service has got tremendous investigative abilities when it partners together with the fbi, state, and local law enforcement. people have been talking about all day today, your analysts and you are learned guests, there is a signature to these things. even if it can be or to metric a mother some sort of signature. the devices do come accruing to some reports, seem to be
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similar. tracking down the source of these probably will be something that law enforcement will get done in short order. harris? >> harris: catherine herridge has absolutely given us to quite a tutorial. the specifics and a standard sense of what they will do forensically to try and tie these together. you are standing outside the white house, obviously. i have just read a tweet from ivanka trump. we heard from white house press e as well, sarah sanders, and also the vice president. i just wanted to share this, too, because this neighborhood it's unfolding -- chelsea clinton also treated in the last hour or so "every day i am grateful to the women and the men of the united states secret service. thank you." you mentioned the corneille defect -- my phone is going off again. the coordinated effect that the fbi and all of these agencies have when working together. you mention the secret service. i wanted to hear that from chelsea clinton, as well. we're getting all sorts of
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alerts. as the journalist, you know -- john, we get reached out to with all sorts of information. i'm curious from the white house perspective, though -- and something like this, since we have already heard from three members, are we going to see something more coordinated from the president? you and i have talked about that opioid event today, but might we expect something else? >> again, i think the president will probably wait until we see them in person to make remarks about this. i have been moderating monitors twitter feed 24/7. >> harris: you are so good at that. >> nothing so far from the president. i imagine if he hasn't tweeted about it so far, he will likely save his reaction until he's on camera. that should be a short time from now. we will carry that event for you come alive. we will have it for you. >> melissa: you have it on twitter right now? >> the president has not put out an official stephen from the press e but he has tweeted
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mike pence that he wholeheartedly agrees with the statement. press e sarah sanders has also updated her statement earlier, saying it's an ongoing situation and president trump and his situation or monitoring closely. our condemnation certainly includes threats made to cnn as well as current or former public servants. it will not be tolerated. they are updating as they go along as they receive that information. >> melissa: john roberts, thank you. we want to bring in chris, he's a former fbi assistant director. i want to also tell people that we have mentioned debbie wasserman schultz and her office in florida earlier. we are going to see if we have -- if he can hear us. let me just tell you, it was, in fact, the sunrise police in florida who tweeted out "alert: we are working an investigation of a suspicious package near snodgrass corporate parkway. please stay out of the area." and they give the address. "we will provide further updates
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as available." this is the location of her office. that's where the report was coming from. we have not confirmed there was a device found there. we just know that they have left the area. >> do you want to see that? >> there's one that's a different report. that's a couple things on representative debbie wasserman schultz. you can see the reporting here. >> melissa: okay. i think we have chris with us right now. chris, obviously, we are looking at now four confirm devices. what is your thought on the pattern, here? are you with us? it seems like we lost chris. if you want to move back to capitol hill, as we talk about the congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. mitch mcconnell, the majority leader, has also released a statement condemning the act saying that they are attempted acts of domestic terrorism. he says "we continue to learn more, americans are united in gratitude for the first responders, the
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secret service, the postal service, and other law enforcement that protect leaders from such unconscionable acts." the majority leader who is now on capitol hill -- not now, but he obviously has a huge role there. he is watching this closely as we have seen over the past week weeks. some of these coming in. >> harris: i was just showing this, we were reading this together. the sun sentinel. suspicious package sent to the office of debbie wasserman schultz. i was just way to read this report really quickly. "police are invested getting a suspicious package discovered at the sunrise office of scholz. it was a package found at the building. a sunrise police officer. it wasn't necessarily addressed to her. the congresswoman was scheduled to be about 35 miles south, in miami-dade county at the coral gables women's club when this was found." so, this is kind of filling in some color. i know you've got a report from the sun sentinel. this could be, then, another device. we are watching this closely to
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see if it's -- >> melissa: steve rogers is a member of the joint task force, he's a retired lieutenant for the nutley, new jersey police department. thank you so much for joining us. tell me what jumps out to you about what is happening so far today, and back to monday? >> the number of packages we are beginning to find, this was a well-coordinated individual that planned to have this happen simultaneously. number one. number two, i will tell you what's going for my mind right now. that person is watching us. that person is looking at all this footage, listening to everything that we are saying, and that person -- if they are watching -- they need to know that this is not the way to communicate. this is not the way to get a point across, because in effect it's causing a lot of terror to a lot of innocent people. >> melissa: i'm sorry to interrupt, could you stand by for once i, steve? these are great thoughts but vice president pence is speaking right now.
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we want to listen to what we have to say and will get back t to. >> vice president pence: those responsible will be brought to justice. [applause] it is great to be back. in scranton wilkes-barre. i will never forget the first time i gathered in this city, just a few days after the republican national convention where i got added onto a national ticket. i was here with a friend of min mine. i saw the enthusiasm for his vision for america -- >> melissa: obviously, he's not talking about the situation that's going on today any longer. he said that they are going to prosecute whoever did this and go after them. let's go back to steve rogers. steve, you are in the middle of the thought that the person who did this is most likely watching right now. >> yes, i'm sure they heard the vice president say they will be brought to justice. they will. but it's best that they turn themselves in prayer they're
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going to get caught. all the resources of the united states government, law enforcement agencies are involved in this. you heard about the forensic studies, the analysis, the comparative analysis of each device that's going to be made. they are going to get caught. they always get caught. it's best that the person turn themselves in, and but let's gt this over with. it's going nowhere fast. >> melissa: but none of the devices went off. what does that tell you? >> thank god for that. you've got to really look at how these devices were made, what material was used, and if they were actually made not to go off and just to spread terror -- or at least not to go off at a particular time. that's where you are fbi forensic psychologists will come, and they will try and build a psychological profile of the person that committed these acts. >> melissa: yeah. would you guys like to get in?
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>> i want to add, that you and i were just talking about debbie wasserman schultz. they were not there when the device was found. now, the office has been evacuated after that rep packag. i was quitting that sun sentinel report just minutes ago w local police saying that they are looking at this. now we are seeing something kind of similar to what we saw at time warner center. a suspected device is found, the evacuate, they continue to investigate at that point. if that is the case, that would bring our number to four. see, are you still with us? >> yes, i am. >> harris: you are. from what we know in the last 72 hours -- and we can fold into one of the home of george soros, as well -- that brings the number higher. they are looking to see if those things are connected. what does that tell you if they are, and what does that tell you if they aren't, these devices? >> i happen to believe, based on
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mike's period, that they are connected. because they have all been found pretty much within 24 hours or so. there is at least one person trying to send a message to whomever, and they are doing this by targeting high-profile individuals. former president, george soros, debbie wasserman schultz -- they are all high-profile people who may not be in line with the thinking of the individual who committed these acts. the common denominator is, it seems that the person committing these acts has more of an ideological dispute with these people than anything else. this is not the way to send a message prayed let's hope to god we don't find anymore as move on today. >> harris: it's interesting because, as you're talking, of course, we don't know the details or the motivation behind all this. we are looking at it with your forensic background. katie, i know you are falling a lot on social media right now. what do you see? >> katie: yeah, there is no
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new information from any of the sources we been hearing from. paul ryan has also issued a statement. we should also clarify, again, debbie wasserman schultz office, the one we are referring to, is in florida -- not on capitol hill. as you keep moving here we continue to see these devices showing up throughout the day. at the clintons, at the obama's, then to cnn. down in florida, all over the country. this certainly is not over and law enforcement, according to what we are seeing with what they are putting out through the secret service and the fbi, they are continuing to treat this as an ongoing event. >> harris: that's an important point, too. early on, detectives and investigators had been kind of looking forensically at theirs as well. trying to extrapolate. if they are all close to one area, what does that mean? if, in fact, some rice florida comes in to the point with debbie wasserman schultz's office, that takes it in a difft direction question marks because it sure does. but the common denominator i see
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here is the politics. the political ideology pray that's what i'm driving at. no one has yet seen any of these packages except for conservatives. here's where the concern is. you just don't do these things. >> melissa: no sane person would, sir. >> we have to be careful. when we saw these bomb threats being phoned into the jccs, and ended up being a jewish man calling the men. we have to be very careful about speculating who is behind this until we actually have evidence of a suspect. >> harris: yeah, we don't know yet. >> that's my point. but for a law enforcement back on for me look at common threads. common denominators. you start from there. obviously, you have your physical evidence on the crime scenes, then your forensics. that's what you look at, common denominators. >> harris: we have a veteran on the couch with us, pete hegseth.
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i assume there are ways that he is talking about the military looks at, as well. ieds prehearing that that acronym today is jarring. that's what we are talking abou about. >> pete: whatever individual or group that his response will for this, that's exactly the phraseology they want. this is domestic terrorism. it is either politically motivated, religiously, we don't know what the motivations are. clearly it was by some group of people to make a certain group of people afraid. or make them stop doing what they're doing. that is terrorism. when you use pipe bombs and ieds to do so, you're hoping to get at the consciousness and change the way we do business. >> can i ask a question about the device customer xp when let's reset the picture of people at home or work or wherever they are tuning in anda very large police presence on the left side of the screen. that is the lectern where we expect that the microphones for the nypd and federal authorities to step up in the next 20 minutes or less, for the first news conference. several devices have been found.
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one in the hometown of the clintons, it had gone through the mail situation and it did not reach them. that is chappaqua, new york. one at cnn time warner center, and that is the home of cnn. we saw a massive evacuation thereby warn warner, several floors there. they took the device there and took it to a different location in new york, a detonation center for bombs. now we are learning of potentially another, in sunrise, florida, with the offices of debbie wasserman schultz. we are following this trade that is just in the last short little while. previous to this, george soros' home, also president obama and the first lady. jessica? >> jessica: i am curious about the order of things, and obviously we don't know who did this -- i wouldn't say they are not seen in any way to have done something like this. but i'm wondering how normal the
9:30 am
practice would have been to have done george soros yesterday -- >> monday. >> jessica: on monday, and then wait. then carry this on. whether that might lead us to believe this is someone doing some sort of copycat-type-thing. and the george soros incident was isolated. he's very lucky his mail gets clicked outside his compound so it doesn't get inside there or anywhere close to his house. >> harris: pete, i wanted to ask about actual device per the term pipe bomb is very general term. we don't know the details of the device they drove out of cnn earlier. based on your experience, can you give a little bit more detail about what that could been done i can mean question my people think about pipe bombs are ieds, it can be very serious. >> pete: they can be sophisticated or rudimentary. they can be large, they can be very small. it all depends on the type of explosive. are there nails close to market their buckshot in there? how badly is this person trying to injure or maim? the size of it is not going to cause structural damage, say,
9:31 am
the cnn building. but it can kill. >> what does someone used to build zoning like that customer what kind of household products? >> pete: you can buy black gunpowder, the triggers are more sophisticated. the actual pipes themselves, nails, anything you could think of maim or injure. they could also be remote-designated or on a timer -- >> i'm curious how they were supposed to go off. >> pete: and where they supposed to go off? they could have been sophisticatedly put together. this person is going through all this length to mail these things, they would want to put it off. that gets rid of some of the evidence easier to find. you will still have evidence. >> melissa: one thing that's interesting -- one thing to note is where these were collected. you talk about the timing and are not sure we understand the timing, because of the mail situation. the one at george soros' on monday made it to the permit of his property. when you look at the one that was sent to either the clintons or the obama family in d.c.,
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both of those are picked the vet emailed this region center. they didn't get even close to the home that they were intended for. >> because of the procedures for the former president, they wear -- >> melissa: at different times. the one that went to cnn, we understand from reports, was actually dressed to the office as it shows up on the internet, not where the actual cnn newsroom facility is. so the person didn't have a lot of knowledge about how cnn works. and, where they actually are. it was also reportedly addressed to john brennan, who is a contributor for msnbc, not cnn. >> i want to clarify the timing on the packages sent to the clintons and obama's. >> harris: hillary clinton is speaking now. let's watch. >> obviously, never more than today. but it is a troubling time, isn't it? it's a time of deep division,
9:33 am
and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together. we also have to elect candidates who will tried to do the same. who will set goals that will lift up every single floridian and american. who will look into the future to understand, what are the challenges we have to meet today so that our children and our grandchildren have the quality of life and the opportunities that we hope for them? usually, when people ask me how i'm doing -- which happens quite often -- [laughter] i say "as a person, i'm great. as an american, i'm worried." is actually for the same reason.
9:34 am
partly why i am so great is -- no offense to anyone -- i have the most fabulous grandchildren in the entire world. [laughter] but, because i do now have these little precious people, i worry about the direction of our country. i worry about what kind of world will be waiting for them. when they are teenagers and young adults, and beyond. so, it's a special pleasure for me to be here to support the candidates that you have running in florida. >> harris: there you can see hillary clinton speaking. she happened to bring up these remarks at an event in florida about what has happened with these suspicious devices. she said "we must work together to bring the nation together." and she says to elect candidates
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who will do the same prayer this is obviously a political event, but it is also the first time that we have heard, on camera, m anyone in the clinton family since the device was found off-site of the residence at a mail center. but, addressed to them. we know we saw chelsea clinton, her daughter, tweeting earlier to think of secret service and all of this. just to reset here, we are waiting for a news conference to start now in just a few minutes. less then ten, we are told. this will be in new york city. we fully anticipate that they will tell us about the situation, and the explosive device that was found at the time warner center. the home of cnn, and the evacuations that took place. to give us some information about that. but we may even learn in a wider scope what else they are learning about whether or not that device was connected with any of the other sound. we want to bring -- is bob still available to us? a former federal agent. former cochairman of new york state's antiterrorist
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task force and ceo of the investigative management group. glad to have you here with your expertise. first of all, if you can, just look at this and tell us the points that are the highlights to you that we need to be focused on. >> well, i think you have covered it very well. i think the main thing is that these devices are all being found within a short period of time. if you look at cases in the past, this is a pattern. usually it connects back to one organization or when an individual everything is that the secret service and are in the management group, we investigate a threat. they have an immense amount of intelligence information on individuals who potentially would do something like this. not only are you dealing with all of your current forensic and dna evidence and witnesses, cctv, but you are dealing with a tremendous amount of intelligence. in a fluid investigation like
9:37 am
this, or something is happening as we speak, you have to put all this together and try and quickly go to those organizations but you know -- those individuals have the capability of doing something like this. >> harris: as a former member of the federal force, as we like to say when these news conferences pull together, you are one of the feds. we see them putting on the microphones, the jackets, they are getting ready to go, here. what type of information do you anticipate is necessary for the public to know? >> very quickly, in new york city, john miller is the head of the terrorism task force. he's doing a great job here with jimmy o'neill. what they want to do is to be able to quickly get in front of the public. they use social media, as you can see -- your phone has gone off several times. they get out there with the citizens to try and share information, to try and have them look around, anybody who has some kind of suspicions about somebody you might be involved. they want to get that information into the police department, into the fbi tax
9:38 am
force as quickly as possible. one of the things we have learned in law enforcement over the years is that you have to work with the public. social media, with the regular media, but to be out there and communicate. that's a big assistance to resolving situations like this. >> harris: i'm curious because after 9/11, if you see something, say something. if that has made a great deal of difference, and how you look at an investigation of the kind of information that comes in right away. >> absolutely, look at today. even as we speak, have found these devices. there may be other devices out there. if you have the background here in new york city, you will hear sirens. nypd is all over the city today, putting people on high alert, telling people that if they see anything suspicious, they should report it. this is a fluid situation. there are people out there right now that could be in danger. you have to be aware. the police can't do it alone. the fbi can't do it alone.
9:39 am
it is really part of a bigger picture involving all the public. not only in terms of prevention and hopefully stopping something from detonating, and causing injury or death, but also in identifying who the culprit is. identifying who is responsible for these bombs. it is really a partnership between the public and the police. >> harris: how complicated is that now that we have two devices in the state of new yor new york, one in washington, d.c., and now potentially one within evacuation of the offices of debbie wasserman schultz and sunrise, florida? >> this is going to add to the investigation in terms of what size of an organization. is this an individual who could have done this at different times, been on a flight and come to new york? someone who could have driven from george soros' house to chappaqua where hillary clinton lives close to mark what is the time difference? that's part of the equation and trying to determine who is response will. couple that with the intelligence formation and other information coming in from the
9:40 am
public, and even though it's very quick, it's happening instantaneously. every second we are getting more and more information. >> melissa: if i could jump in and ask him is actually three devices in the state of new york. let me ask you -- including george soros'. how significance -- we've been asking everyone this -- how big a deal is it to you that none of these went off? do you think it was a lucky break that they weren't intended to be, what does that tell you? >> we just don't know yet. we don't know whether this is something -- because it's so new and it's happening at this time, we don't know whether this is a ploy to have all of the resources from nypd and the fbi and the secret service focused on new york, perhaps washington. there is something in another state or in another part of the city. we don't know the sophistication behind the developer. the person who has put this together, or the people who have put them together.
9:41 am
there is no answer yet until you actually take a look forensically at that bomb to see how it was made. >> harris: bob, thank you very much. sorry for the little pause there. you've got some breaking news coming in to lay on top of what we are already covering. bob, we really appreciate your expertise and time. thank you so very much. we are now finding out that the u.s. secret service has intercepted another suspicious package. it was sent to the office of former attorney general eric holder, that's in florida, we are told. we have not confirmed this yet at fox news, but it is per multiple media outlets. i want to bring in chris, a former fbi assistant director. chris, you are with us by phone? >> yes. >> harris: oh, you are on screen. there we go. thank you very much. i want to drill down because the situation seems to be widening even further. that is where the feds come in, and they have more of a gestalt of you. walk me through what happens
9:42 am
next as we begin to find more devices. >> right, we are starting to see a pattern. we were already seeing a little bit of a pattern. we have unexploded devices that were screened by some very effective male screening centers, and it highlights the effectiveness of these male screening centers that have come into being since 9/11. we've got a forensic bonanza. there will be plenty of evidence that will be exploited by the fbi's evidence response teams on all of these sites. i expect with george soros, if it is in fact related, the george soros expose of device to be further along since it was delivered earlier. probably because it was not screened. of course, they are going to be looking at this as a potential terrorist motives, whether it is on one side or the other. as you correctly pointed out earlier, this does not necessarily mean that someone is espousing some sort of conservative ideology in targeting democrats.
9:43 am
it could be someone who is trying to get the democratic vote out and incur sympathy. it could go either way. >> melissa: that's interesting point. >> harris: that's why we always caution against that speculative -- and i understand why investigators say "we want to start, end of arrows are pointing in one direction, follow that." but they could be the same facts for different reasons, as you're pointing out. >> correct. the investigation will reveal much of their thinking. when they do their press conference, they will walk a fine line between giving the public the information they need to protect themselves and not releasing important facts that they can use to check against tippers or people who might call in with serious information. >> harris: you know, melissa, you and i were on the couch together when the austin packages were exploding. we were learning so much in austin, texas, cobra doughnut, a
9:44 am
month ago know. i remember they told the public which look for but there was not a lot of specific specificity. what can they tell us to help? there are more packages out there and it would seem there are some of the very trend now. what are we looking at and how can they tell us without sipping on their own probe? >> sure, i think they will be very general in telling people to be -- to have their mail screened. particularly, high-profile political figures. they are all probably being contacted behind the scenes anyway as potential victims. they are going to describe the types of characteristics of these types of packages, probably. so that they can be rapidly identified. again, i mentioned earlier, male screening centers -- these came in after 9/11 because of all the activity, the male activity post-9/11. most large corporations, most political offices have an
9:45 am
off-site screening center. someone like george soros, obviously not. >> melissa: when you look at her to contact in order to tell them to protect themselves, as it is laying out, these are all people that were connected to members of the former administration. it you look at john brennan, as we report, that's how the cnn package was addressed. he was obviously a ca director. eric holder was obviously the attorney general. debbie wasserman schultz was the chairman of the dnc. president obama, obviously. hillary rodham clinton was obviously secretary of state at that time. george soros, a donor to that campaign, or to the administration. that lays out at least -- we are just saying, as you look at it and try to see a pattern where you would kind of put out feelers to see where else to look or who to protect in the near term, that does seem like a pattern you would reach out to of people. i'm sure, as you said, the secret service already is. or, the fbi out there, trying to look for similar things and
9:46 am
other people connected to the administration, potentially. what do you think? >> yes, there is an obvious pattern coming here. but you can make any assumptions either way. >> melissa: sure. >> let's hope this is a loan, demented individual. by definition they have to be mentally disturbed. when you mix political ideology or any other kind of politics with mental illness, it's a pretty toxic combination. these people can be mentally ill, but also capable. as i mentioned earlier, pipe bombs are very easy to make. unfortunately. that is probably the most prevalent type of explosive device that you see by amateurs. we will see how this plays out. we don't have a lot of facts here, but it does appear to me -- at least at first glance, at first blush -- this is a sort of amateur operation. >> harris: formerly leadership of the fbi, we appreciate your time and your expertise. we will bring you back as the news warrants. great to see you. thank you. on the left side of your screen,
9:47 am
here's what you are watching. we have no inch passed by a minute and a half, when he thought this news conference -- or, had been told it would be starting. we are all very anxious to get information, here. it was drawing to say the least to see a major news outlet spill out into the streets on 58th and eighth avenue here in new york, evacuating. also, shops and other things that were located at that time warner center that they felt like they wanted to get people out of the way. there is a very large hotel there, the mandarin. we understand they did not evacuate. they're kind of on the other side of the building from where cnn is. now the news conference begins. let's watch together. >> good afternoon, everyone. i just want to announce partners from the fbi. of course, the fdny, oem. the state police, and the secret service. today, nypd and all of our law enforcement partners
9:48 am
responded to reports of a suspicious package at cnn. our intel emergency services and south responded mutely, secure the area, and began a search of the building. responding to a device that appeared to be alive explosive device. the bomb squad responded, secure the device, and we moved it to investigation. additionally, there was an envelope containing white powder that was discovered as part of that original packaging, and we are in the middle of investigating that right now. the area has been scrubbed with dogs and equipment and found no additional threats besides the white powder. we are working with our law enforcement partners, and responded strictly to secure the scene. nypd is currently deploying resources around the city out of abundance of caution. if anyone see something that looks suspicious, please call 911. anyone with information about this incident today, about
9:49 am
incidents in the new york area, please call 1-888- 1-888-new-york-city-safe. will not be intimidated and we will bring these perpetrators to justice. mr. mayor ? >> thank you very much, commissioner. we saw today was an effort to terrorize. this clearly is an act of terror, attempting to undermine our free press and leaders of this country through acts of violence. i want to make very clear that the people of new york city will not be intimidated. that we are going to go about our lives undeterred because the very concept of terrorism is to change us, and we will not allow that to happen. you cannot be terrorized if you refuse to allow the terrorists to win. people in this city have shown time and again that they stand up in the face of these efforts to intimidate.
9:50 am
i want to think the people of new york city for the way they are handling the situation today. i also want to think our first responders. commissioner, to you, and all the women of the nypd. thank you for the insert in your efforts today. fdny, officer of emergency management, our state and federal partners, everybody worked swiftly to address this situation and contain it. i also want to commit everyone at cnn for the professionalism with which they handled this very troubling incident. we, at this time, do not have other credible and specific threats against locations in new york city. i want to let all new yorkers know, you can go about your daily routine knowing the nypd and all of these other agencies are here to protect you. it is important to note that this is ongoing, as we have more information we will provide it. i emphasize, there is no
9:51 am
specific threat against any other location in this city at this time. that said, the nypd and all of our partners have reinforced our very clear, visible presence at key media locations around new york city and other important locations. you will see a lot more police presidents don't act presence. that should be reassuring to all new yorkers. finally, i want to say, this is a very painful time in our nations. it's a time when people are feeling a lot of hatred in the air. incidents like this exacerbate that pain, and exacerbate that fear. we cannot let the acts of the very few change who we are. it's really important at a moment like this to remember -- the vast majority of americans, the vast majority of new yorkers, are good people trying to live in peace with each other. there are a few people -- and we
9:52 am
don't know who they are today -- but there are a few people trying to tear us apart through acts of violence. it is imperative that we ensure they fail. it is imperative that we act as the good and decent people that we are. this is a moment in history that is painful, but it will pass. this, too, shall pass. today, the important point is that everyone can rest assured the nypd and all other agencies are out in force to protect the people of this city. to make sure that they can go about their lives safely. thank you. governor cuomo? >> thank you. thank you, mary. thank you commissioner. first, let's member that we have the best police force and the best law enforcement agencies on the globe. we want to thank the nypd, the state police, and the fbi. the joint terrorism task force. the secret service.
9:53 am
all who have worked seamlessly together and are coordinated. we should take comfort in that level of professionalism that we have in the city. and, in this state. as everyone is aware, there have been a number of packages that have been received. last night, there was the secret service -- they detected a package at the residence of president clinton and hillary rodham clinton. they notified the state police and the nypd. we personally checked on the president's residence in chappaqua at about 4:30 this morning. everything was fine there. this morning, obviously, we have the cnn package. i want to echo the
9:54 am
professionalism with which cnn has handled this situation. at the cooperation that they have brought to the situation. i would like to thank them for that. this is the world we live in. terrorism, the attempt to spread fear, is the world that we live in. it is heightened lately. the mayor is exactly right. there are more tensions than usual, but this is the world we live in. also, a little perspective -- the first terrorist attack in new york city was 1993. 25 years ago. that was the bombing of the world trade center. in some ways, this is nothing
9:55 am
new. we have lived with this for a long time. actually, my father was governor at that time. this has been a circumstance of being who we are and where we are. we are new york, and we are an international icon. for some, we are an international target. terrorism only works if you let it work. what they are trying to do is scare us and destabilize us, and we will not allow that to happen. we are new yorkers, we are smart, we are tough, we are resilient, and we will not allow these terrorist thugs to change the way we live our lives. they fail unless we allow them to win. we will not allow them to win.
9:56 am
as the commissioner said, you will see increased police presence from the nypd and the state police, the mta police, the board authority police. you shouldn't be alarmed. there will be more police on subways, more police on the streets, more police at crossings. as the mayor said, that's not because we know any specific threat. it's just a precaution, because we are smart. and, because we have the best talent on the globe when it comes to this. we will take every precaution we can. but, we will not let terrorism win. not today, not ever. thank you. >> good afternoon. i have with me special agent in charge, brian. special agent in charge of the
9:57 am
fbi's joint terrorism task force your new york city. as the governor outlined, this begins on monday night with a package that was delivered to a resident in westchester county. that was responded to by the westchester county police, the bedford police, and fbi special agent bomb technicians. that package was disrupted and taken to the fbi lab. overnight, late last night, we received word of the package delivered to the clinton residence that was intercepted before delivery to the clinton residence in chappaqua, new yor new york. that was also going to the fbi lab. we were notified by the secret service that they have received a nearly identical package in washington, addressed to the obamas. at that point, we began to take additional proactive steps. we have gone to locations the day before, associated with the first individual who was targeted. today, we went out to offices of
9:58 am
elected officials, media outlets, television, and in fact -- when the package was discovered here in the cnn mailroom we had nypd personnel present, showing them what these look like and what to be on the lookout for. at this point, we are talking with other fbi field offices at the gatt f about other incidences unfolding in other places. suffice it to say, it appears that individual or individuals sent out multiple similar packages. we have been working with corporate partners in the private sector. we have prepared a product through the nypd shield program which goes to approximately 20,000 of our private security partners, instructing them on what to look for, what the characteristics are, and renewed tips on handling of suspicious packages. at this point, we are at the
9:59 am
very early stage in the investigation. this is being led by the joint terrorism task force here in new york city, with the fbi and the nypd. we have had assistance from the new york state police, who are a part of that task force. and, assistance from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. it is a big group effort. the incident here today, once the package was discovered, emergency service was notified. they called the bomb squad. the bomb squad was able to safely remove a device contained in that package, using the total containment vessel. the tcv, or in simple terms, the bomb truck. that has gone to our range at rodman's neck, where the special agent bomb technicians will work with people on how to get it to the next stop, which should be the fbi labs. all this evidence would be examined together. there is an additional issue, which is being worked on now.
10:00 am
that is, within the package that contained these suspected devices, there is also some kind of powder. that is being tested now downstairs. the mailroom area still being contained while we go through the various steps to test that, in a field test. package it up safely for remova removal, and decon that area and anyone who came in contact with >> keep in mind, this happened a couple of hours ago, it's still ongoing. >> [inaudible question] >> take a look at who was being targeted here right now, that is why we are doing this proactively, checking with security and making sure male rooms follow proper protocol.


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