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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 24, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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[singing] >> it didn't sound good, but the point is that they did this duet and they were playing eddie vedder's "society," and one of the voters said it, he me a lot of hope. >> i'd like to see trump and biden do that after the election. >> >> capri: 21 is up next. >> bret: we begin tonight with what could be the hottest trend of domestic terrorism, package bombs. several suspicious packages were set to high-profile political figures, one in care of cnn over the past several hours. none of those bombs exploded, no one was hurt. the secret service says the bill and hillary clinton and former president obama were never in any danger from packages sent to them and intercepted by screeners. cnn evacuated its new york office is after a suspicious package was delivered and it
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discovered in its mailroom, addressed to former cia director, john brennan. president trump called the instance today abhorrent to everything americans hold dear and sacred. we have john roberts at the white house with more reaction from the president and the administration, a careful framing of the message. we start off though with catherine herridge here at the bureau with specifics on what was sent and intercepted. good evening, catherine. >> reporter: christopher wray issued a statement today asking for the public's help saying no piece of information is too small and wondering if there may be more packages out there. in a matter of hours, multiple suspicious packages identified across four jurisdictions, targeting high-profile democrats. a former cia director, and the new york offices of a national cable network. >> if there is a fire alarm here. >> we will find out what the latest is here and we will be right back. >> reporter: it was discovered in the cnn mailroom with
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extensive postage and packaging, all red flags, along with a potentially dangerous substance. >> responding officers identified a device that appeared to be a live explosive device. additionally it was an envelope containing white power tell mike a powder that was discovered as part of that original packaging. and, hillary clinton addressed to their chappaqua, new york residence. >> after that they were notified by the secret service that they had received a nearly identical package in washington addressed to the obama's. at that point, we began to take additional proactive steps. >> reporter: of federal law enforcement official told fox there were similar devices recovered at the home of billionaire democratic donor george soros, adding that the individual or group was behind all the packages.
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in florida, hillary clinton thanked the secret service and then turned to the political climate. >> it's a time of deep division, and we have to do everything we can to give get it together. that's a democratic conference woman debbie wasserman sulked on mike schultz. maxine waters set her office was awful so targeted. >> i want to assure you that the reason we are here, because of the totality of the federal, state and local authorities, and they are handling forensic testing. they are an expert on homemade bombs noting a troubling trend was emerging. >> we have seen up increase in
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parcel bombs, people making their own explosives that are very sensitive and very volatile. >> also in his statement late today, the fbi director provided more details about the packages, each one mailed in a manila envelope, bubble wrap, six forever stamps and computer printed address labels. a former federal investigators tells fox news that such printers can indent a dress codes into the actual print which can use by investigators to identify the package. >> bret: one would think that this is so sophisticated that the investigators will grab onto something quickly. >> based on what they said this afternoon, investigators say there was a wealth of evidence. they have a lot to work with a good strong leads to follow. >> bret: at the president is being circumspect about his comments about the package bombs in what is a highly charged partisan environment. the president made a somber statement of the white house
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calling for unity. house and senate minority leader's nancy pelosi and chuck schumer released a statement saying the president's comments "ring hollow" because of past statements he's made at rallies in which they insist he can done, i condones violence. trump supporters of course say left-wing democrats are storing up confrontations around the country. john has more from the north lawn. >> the political discourse and tolerance of political views that are opposing in this country has deteriorated to the point where many people were warning, it was only just a matter of time before something like this happened. >> president trump: we are extremely angry, upset and unhappy about what we witnessed this morning, and we will get to the bottom of it. >> with the cross hairs being set on some of its fiercest critics, he was careful to keep politics away from his response to the potentially deadly mailings. >> president trump: of the
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safety of the american people is my highest and absolute priority. the full weight of our government is being deployed to conduct this investigation and bring those responsible for these despicable acts to justic justice. >> in a surprise move, opening an event on opioid addiction, the first lady added her condemnation of the terrorist acts. >> i strongly condemn all those who choose violence. >> with them in terms 13 days away, the rhetoric that both sides of the political aisle has become highly charged. >> they have said, when we go low, they go high. no. when they go low, we kick them. speak to any guy who can do a body slam is my choice. >> the president today urged americans to set aside their political differences. >> president trump: we have to
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unify. we have to come together, we have to send one very clear, strong, unmistakable message that acts where threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america. >> was so much at stake on november 6, political commodity won't last very long. he wants to blame democrats for the great caravan and illegal immigration but he did find common ground with one democrat, then senator barack obama in what he said in 2005. >> we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and the circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently and diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. >> president trump tweeted last night, i agree with president obama 100%. the president also sending a strong message about his intent
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to defend u.s. sovereignty, tweeting "we are a great sovereign nation. we have strong borders and will never accept people coming into our country illegally. president trump is in wisconsin tonight where republican governor scott walker is in a fight for his political life. republicans are worried about the turnout, and we watch for the turnup of political heat. >> michael balboni is my chair of public safety and homeland security advisor for new york state and he joins us from new york city. michael, thanks for being here. i want to put up a map here of where all these packages were. you see the clintons in chappaqua getting their mail screened, same for the obama's in washington, d.c. you have george soros over the weekend getting a pipe bomb
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package. cnn a new york address to the former cia director john brennan, maxine waters going to the capitol hill screening facility, and then addressed to eric holder, former attorney general but the return address to wasserman schultz in florida, where does the investigation go at the initial stages here? >> what has happened obviously is that they have done the fbi is the lead agency with secret services and has done the forensic analysis of the crime scenes and of the devices themselves. what is very beneficial for investigators is that the device is intact and they can possibly look at whether or not there are fingerprints for, under the labeling or any type of dna that might be there, that's very helpful. but what has been very confusing today for a lot of people looking at the situation is, if someone is able to take these types of packages and do this type of coordinated attack, yet send them to places where the chances of them actually getting to the target are very remote,
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anyone who has any understanding, the most remedial understanding of how the secret service does their security, it won't be anywhere and it will be the same thing with the protect he is. the question is why none of them detonated. so wasn't in fact a message or were they in fact functional devices that didn't happen to go off because of a flaw in the detonator? these are all questions that are being asked right now. >> bret: we are being told one of them was viable but very crew to come none of them went off. investigators look to who benefits from the scenario. >> you have obviously high-profile correct targets, they are all of one political flavor if you will come and very high-profile. and the timing is incredibly suspect. these individuals that were targeted in terms of the
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opposition to their positions, that didn't happen overnight. so 13 days before the election, there was obviously an impact to the election that was designed in this. not so much who, as why, when someone decided that they were susceptible to the type of rhetoric that was out there come a maybe have a mental illness. is this something they decided to do for political purposes? the difficulty there is, many people are jumping to conclusions but it must be political. an investigation should lead itself, you shouldn't presume any kind of fact that is not evidence. >> bret: there's a lot of speculation out there today. in your estimation, knowing how these things work come up they find this person or people? >> that is the question. the challenges you have all this information and all this evidence but, a lot of things
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don't add up right now and it's a little bit higher level of sophistication. i don't want to put so much pressure on the folks to do this right now, they want to do it the right way. so remember, this is going to be put for prosecution with the justice department so you have to make sure you have the chain of evidence in the right case against the individual who will be found. >> bret: michael, thank you. several people have been shot at a grocery store on the outskirts of louisville, kentucky. at least two people were killed there, in jefferson towne kentucky, police say a suspect is in custody. technology companies led to another steep sell-off on wall street today. traders concerned about future growth amid rising inflation, interest rates, and of course uncertainty over trade in the battle with china. the dow changed 608 today, s&p 500 dumped 85. both the dow and s&p 500 are now
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negative for 2018 and at the nasdaq was worst of the bunch, losing 329, almost 4.5%. the largest one-day percentage decline since august 18, 2011. let's get some analysis of the market today. deirdre bolton of the fox news network joins us. wish there was better news toda today. >> indeed. you gave reasons as to why we saw this pressure so dell, s&p 500 and the red for the year as you alluded to, and the nasdaq, the steepest decline in that index is on pace for its worst month since the credit crisis, which is never a good comparison, in october 2008. facebook, amazon, netflix, alphabet google, each closing down by more than 5%. much of america is delivering solid earnings but investors are anxious about two key factors. rising interest rates which
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makes all borrowing more expensive, and the prospect of slowing global economic growth. almost one-third of s&p 500 companies have reported quarterly results and 81% have beaten estimates, but there are pockets in the industrial sector that have cited effective tariffs. to add weight to the sentiment, that shows new-home sales plunged to a two year low. it's been about strong demand and limited supply, and experts say that dynamic is shifting. that would keep would be home buyers. most agreed that bigger picture is is a market under pressure. after today's close, microsoft opposing really strong results as the beleaguered tesla, so to
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potential bright spots in tomorrow's session. >> bret: lottery officials say someone bought a ticket in south carolina to win last night's mega millions jackpot with a total of $1,035,000. the actual total came in just short of a 2016 powerball prize shared in six states. as of right now, we don't know who last night's lucky winner is and, we don't have to. the saudi arabia crown prince is calling the death of jamaal khashoggi a heinous crime that cannot be justified. that was mohammed bin salman's official response since the controversy erupted. greg palkot has the latest. >> the search for clues in the grizzly's temple killing of jamaal khashoggi intensifies.
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a 75-foot deep well is where the body is suspected to have been stashed. this is crown prince mohammed bin salman, the man's many suspected of masterminding the crime who made his first public comment since the killing. >> the crime wasn't really painful to all saudis, and i believe it is painful to every human in the world. it's a heinous crime that cannot be testified. >> in the wake of the incident, one of his principal supporters backed away a bit more. the princes running things more so over there at this stage, the crown prince is running things. so if anybody were going to begin, it would be him. as more clues turn up, including video of a saudi diplomatic car spotted in another possible dumping ground for khashoggi's body. >> the coverups of this murder and making sure that all those
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responsible for those who ordered it to those who carry it out will not be allowed to avoid justice. >> they also suggested a phone call for the turkish president and the saudi crown prince. as more countries expressed outrage of the crime, the u.k. joint of the u.s. and banning saudi suspects in the murder from travel to their country. >> we condemned the killing in the strongest possible terms. after his disappearance, we made clear that saudi arabia must cooperate with turkey. >> cia director at gina haspel reportedly spent seven hours with her until counterpart during her trip to turkey and is said to have gotten access to all the evidence in the khashoggi killing case. more than enough, it would seem, to get president trump a full debrief. >> bret: greg, thank you. up next, what some central american migrants expect if they make it to the u.s. and how reality could be much different. first, here is what some of the
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hour fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 5 in new york says a seventh child dies in a severe viral outbreak at a new jersey rehabilitation center. the state health department says there have been eating cases overall of adenovirus at the center for nursing and rehabilitation in haskell. so fox 11 landed on the freeway. the vintage aircraft cut, caught fire in the center divider area. tuesday's crash shut down both sides of the highway creating miles long traffic backup in that spot. and this is alive look at austin, texas, from our affiliate, fox seven. city leaders say they hope to end a boil water notice by the weekend. nearly 900,000 people are affected as officials struggled to treat a water supply filled with silt, mud, and debris after heavy rains and flooding.
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police department under court supervision. 200 page plan has drawn intense public interest and it calls for stricter rules on the use of force. the police union opposes this proposal, saying it would deprive officers of flexibility they need to. the trump administration opposes the plan on similar grounds. the caravan of central american migrants heading toward the u.s. southern border resumed its travel today, after taking a day to rest. there are reports of hundreds of people dropping out, some for medical reasons and others accepting bus rides back home. our national correspondent william la jeunesse is talking to some who stayed and when they expect when and if they make it to the u.s. >> there are people helping but if we don't have help him out there would be nothing. >> after spending his youth in mission, texas, walter is determined to get back. >> i studied over there, i did my elementary, middle school and high school. he will try to enter again and
3:24 pm
others will apply as refugees. >> when you arrive in the states, what we use say to the border patrol when you get there? >> to give me the opportunity to enter the country. >> stories of poverty and crime may generate sympathy but are not enough to obtain legal status. >> when you get to the border, what do you say? >> i have no idea, only that i'm going there because i'm going to work to get ahead. >> most caravan numbers wow members are unaware of the bare minimum to qualify for asylum. >> we come from a country where there is a lot of violence and we want a safe place for our children. >> that may be true but president trump's of the caravan will not be allowed in. >> they called us the last caravan we took out there. >> initially they plan to stay together, but now many will have two cargo train known as "the
3:25 pm
beast." >> we will start walking from here and we will think about trying to board the train. >> the train stops about 60 miles north of the caravan's current location. from there it heads to texas, arizona and california and those who make it will face the u.s. border patrol. >> yes, very scared of because such a big walk in vain, yes i'm scared. >> also from perspective, that last caravan hadn't march 93%, and they passed the initial test meaning they were deported. thousands leap central american families would be really released in the u.s. pending final judicial review. >> bret: william la jeunesse come alive at that caravan in southern mexico. up next, the partisan finger-pointing after today's rash of suspicious packages. but first, be "beyond our borders." the secretary general says allies blame russia for
3:26 pm
violating an important cold war era missile treaty but he says he does not expect them to deploy more nuclear warheads in europe in response. president trump is threatening to pull out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty, saying russia is violating it. apple ceo tim cook is endorsing up privacy laws for both europe and the u.s. cook told an audience in brussels today, apple is renewing its commitment to protecting personal data, which he warns as being weaponized against users. and it japan is confirming that a man freed from's syria a japanese freelanced journalist. he was snatched by the al qaeda syria branch in 2015. they say he appears to be in good health. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ alexa, play weekend mix.
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert, recapping our top story, federal investigators of looking for the person or persons who is sense suspicious packages to several political figures including hillary clinton, former president barack obama, john brennan, and care of the new york offices of cnn, former attorney general eric holder and democratic congresswoman maxine waters. while we are hearing the expected calls for unity, correspondent kevin quirk tells us that they come obviously in a politically toxic climate. >> president trump: in these
3:31 pm
times we have to unify. we have to come together. >> from washington to new york. >> don't encourage violence, don't encourage hatred. >> to florida. >> it's a time of deep divisions, and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together. >> theaters across the political spectrum today renewed calls for stability. their collective chorus, today's series of suspicious devices mailto democratic leaders across the country and coming days after defense secretary jim mattis, fbi director at christopher wray and maine senator susan collins were all targeted by rice and male attacks. an ominous reflection of a national political environment. from homes to restaurants, to protest and even at political rallies. >> president trump: i'd like to punch him in the face, i will tell you. >> in a statement, jeff zucker
3:32 pm
accuse the president of fanning the flames writing there was a total and complete lack of understanding of the white house about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media. louisiana congressman steve scalise, and solve the victim of a politically motivated shooting said today on twitter that a country built on the very premise of freedom mustn't retreat in the face of intolerance. >> you get out and create a crowd. >> but in a world where congressional leaders called for the confrontation of officials -- >> you cannot be civil. >> for mere presidential candidate insisting there can be no stability until our party is back in power and the president himself once encouraging supporters to rough up protesters, it's easy to see how sowing the seeds of discourse may grow into something decidedly worse, a danger to democracy. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wrote an op-ed on usa today, once i can keep hurling hatred at each other or we can all begin to speak in a civil way.
3:33 pm
he is to much more of the latte latter. >> bret: kevin corke and the white house briefing room. in america's election headquarters tonight, we are now inside two weeks but until the midterm elections and we continue our reporting from across the country. tonight we go to a traditionally republican district in southern california that could be headed the other way. correspondent peter doocy is in orange county tonight. >> this candidate for congress one at the mega millions jackpot in 2010. >> it really gave me an opportunity to give back. >> he's a blonde and veteran, running to replace ed royce against republican staffer, kim. >> no one knows the district like i do because i fit the district, i talked like the district. >> california's 29th district is
3:34 pm
asian and latino. >> she doesn't have a monopoly on that. this is one of them asked diverse districts in the country. >> the constituents he speaks to our most concerned about health care. >> people -- the top cycle issues our economy and trade and she's no supporter of tariffs favored by president trump. >> we are close to the force, we do a lot of trade with our trading partners from asia. >> democrats believe their road to flipping the house includes five seats in southern california. >> republicans are running on results, and resistance. >> but part of the narrow pitch in this district that voted for both hillary clinton and romney are unlike some in d.c. who he'd worked with president trump. >> it's not about resistance, is
3:35 pm
about getting things done. president trump talks about a trillion dollar infrastructure, i'm more than happy to go to washington to work on that bill. but the people of the 39th congressional district, they want action. >> so neither candidate completely condemns the president or his policies but neither warmly embraces them either, and that's why this district is critical to republican hopes of holding the house. and we don't expect to see them rallying for republicans here. >> bret: peter, thank you. so what do you think, let me know what you think on twitter, you can use the hashtag's special report on facebook. who is behind this rash of suspicious packages? and what do you think they want to accomplish? we will get some thoughts from the panel on politics and the
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>> president trump: i just want to tell you in these times that we have to unify. acts and threats of political violence have no place of any kind in the united states of america. >> don't encourage violence. don't encourage hatred. don't encourage attacks on the media. bring down the temperature. and that has to start at the top. keeping the debate and the dialogue civil, it's very, very important. and for elected leaders who in many ways set the tone, it is especially important. >> >> bret: at both the governor of new york and mayor of new york city not mentioning donald trump by name but i officially pointing toward the president and his rhetoric at rallies. as we take a look at the map
3:41 pm
again at the suspicious packages, one of them we know was a viable explosive. we don't know the details on all of them. they look like it, and they went to the former president, former secretary of state, over the weekend. the former cia director through in care of cnn, so they had it. if you take a look at the cnn suspicious package, a picture of it was addressed to john brennan, spelled wrong. we are told a courier took that to cnn and it did not go through the mail service. this one to eric holder was returned to the return address, debbie wasserman schultz, but you can see it doesn't look like it's been to the postal system. so we want to find out more details, we don't have that from investigators but we do have our panel. amy walter, and marc thiessen. mark, thoughts. >> i know we are weeks away from
3:42 pm
the most important election in the history of the republic but it's shocking how people on the left have gone to blaming donald trump for this. philippe rein said, this is on it you with every fiber of your rotten being. the idea that donald trump is responsible for these attacks is patently absurd, any more so by the way than the fact that hillary clinton was responsible for the shooting of steve scalise. if you recall, the shooter and the steve scalise case he tweeted out that, the republicans are traitors, the republicans are the television. he compared republicans to the tell van, compared donald trump to the, said republicans were the enemies she was most proud of the next to the iranians. that rhetoric does not mean she is responsible for political violence, and the problem we have in this country is that there is hatred and vitriol in our politics coming from both sides. and it none of these politicians are responsible for the acts of a crazy person who goes into tries to blow up somebody or
3:43 pm
shoot somebody. but if we are concerned that our politics is becoming so hateful that it could get somebody killed a company may be both sides should cut it out because there is enough going around on both sides. >> bret: there were calls for that, and we will see what happens at these rallies tonight. these are off-the-cuff and we will see how he addresses the issue. >> this idea, i think it was mayor de blasio or governor cuomo saying, we have to be civil. well, we cross that bridge a long time ago, we haven't been civil in a long, long time. i'm sure all of us have gone twitter messages sent to us that are terrible and not civil, the way we talk to each other, anonymously, is not okay. and it's been going on for way too long. but i'm upset about is, i'm not surprised by the fact that this actually happened. whether these bombs would have gone off or not, but that is something that would lead to
3:44 pm
incredible violence and potentially death, and it could happen in this country for political based on political opinions, or the belief that someone's political ideology. the fact that it didn't surprise me actually is actually really bad and depressing. >> bret: there are a lot of things that have been happening. susan collins got a letter that was said to contain ricin in her home in maine, and it did not. but, fortunately today these packages didn't explode. >> the most important thing is this kind of criminality has no place in politics. the next thing to say is that it's hard to say more because we don't know who did it. and sometimes when the facts are known, it does not end up being
3:45 pm
what it originally seemed to. there is a possibility that the person behind this is a violent, uneducated, pat waring trump supporter. i would point everybody too, not very long ago, there was a wave of threats in jewish community centers. there is instant speculation that the person who did it was motivated by donald trump's rhetoric. there turned out to be two people, one of them was a african-american man who wanted to get back at his ex-girlfrien ex-girlfriend. the other was to a teenager living in israel. it didn't turn out to be what they originally thought. the forensics and people with investigators actually found who did it. >> there are all kinds of folks on my twitter feed and rush limbaugh, folks on the right saying this is some kind of democrat trying to make it like
3:46 pm
there are mobs on the right and the left, and take away the new cycle from the caravans and everything else. what we don't know is where this is going, and investigators are going to follow it up. >> to add to byron's point, if you remember in 2010 when there was that car bomb in times square, mayor bloomberg said this is someone who is angry about the health care bill, and it turned out to be an isis terrorist. so again, we need to find out who it is. at the same time, if this was because of political speech, it has been really awful. all of us on the right or the left should do our best to try to start that. >> they did not call the bombing in chelsea terrorism. the maid that declaration, and house speaker paul ryan a short
3:47 pm
time ago at this rally. less than two weeks to go until the midterm elections, we will pick some races to look at. ♪ while i was in the navy,
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turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. >> of the president has about ten moralities, and that scheduled for the midterm.
3:51 pm
is going to do what he did in 2015 which is run through the field. and he has many more stops, in fact, we are still -- those in charge are still working on the schedule and there could be some surprises in there. >> bret: those rallies, he's having one tonight in wisconsin. take a look at the power rankings. there's a lot of in wisconsin. the power rankings in the senate first, we have a 5045, that's a lean and likely. we have five toss ups and of a slate of republicans are in control now and it looks like it's heading that way if all holds as of today. in the house it goes the other way at this moment, you need to 18 to control the majority and democrats getting close with 31 toss ups. there are other races out there that are pretty tight around the country, around 75 of them actually. we are back with the panel and we asked each of you to pick a
3:52 pm
race. amy? >> i went down there this weekend, it's not a far drive. this is dave pratt, and now he is facing a very, very strong challenge from a former cia operative who grew up in that district and moved back there. this is a very tight race. thankfully is also on the east coast. and so when the polls close in virginia, where that race goes i think will tell us a lot about what kind of way we could be seeing. if he loses i think that is going to be a big, big wave for democrats. if he holds on, doesn't mean republicans definitely hold the house where democrats definitely win it, or does that mean it's not a big tsunami? >> there are a couple of races, key ones, that we will tell us paint a picture like that one. >> i picked ohio one which is in
3:53 pm
the cincinnati area. if it's the republican congressman steve cha but who has represented the district since 1985, he actually lost in 2008 and won his seat back in 2010, and we hear about how democrats are going to do well, this district is a district that is part suburban, part city and part rural. and, if they can win they might be in the game. >> of the reasons i've been looking at are the ones post cavanaugh, they are making a resurgence. the one i see here is the kentucky sixth congressional district. congressman andy barr who is facing a challenge from amy mcgrath who is a marine fighter pilot, and donald trump
3:54 pm
one by 15 points but he was down 15 points against her this summer. then, all of a sudden the cavanaugh hearing this happened and she was caught at a message massachusetts fund-raiser, and he is ahead by one point right now. this is one of those races where there is a republican resurgence coming and some of these key swing states. there are i think 31 races that are toss ups and 30 of them are republican so we have to run the table in races like the is. >> how do you think this package, suspicious package story plays? does it play 13 or 12 days from now? does it take the volume down a little bit? usually this is where everyone is ginning up. >> i think everything comes through whatever political prison you are already sitting through. so you are processing this information sitting through whatever silo you are in. if you think it's the fault of
3:55 pm
the president, then it's hard motivation to get out and vote for democrats. if you think it's the fault of democrats who are trying to gin up this outrage and blaming the president, you will stick with your party. there are very few things right now that are able to break through those silos. >> not long after the kavanaugh thing i was talking to a republican strategist who was very happy with the effect it was having and some of the races, and he said, we need one more fight, something. the last few days he started to spin the caravan. i haven't talked to him since these bombs were set. there's no way to protect even 13 days. >> bret: while this is the trump era, so it could be seven more stories, tomorrow.ce final thoughts, when we come back. ♪
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4:00 pm
entire security team here at fox news channel in washington and in new york, they deal with a lot all the time. days like today remind us of the danger that does exist, and has been condemned from all sides. our thoughts today with our colleagues at cnn as they were dealing with this time, and we were very happy everyone is okay, no one was hurt today. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha in phoenix tonight starts right now. martha? >> martha: thank you, bret, good evening everybody. we begin this evening with his fox news alert, brand-new information tonight on the clues that were left behind by the attempted pipe bomber. good evening everyone, martha maccallum, and this is a "the story" live from the border state of arizona tonight, where political tensions are already running high. over a growing caravan of central american migrants moving toward the u.s.-mexico border, refusing to turn back, despite a pledge by president trump that
4:01 pm
he will


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