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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 24, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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for a republican, that's a have a vote for pelosi. if you vote for the democrat, left a full vote for pelosi. 13 days from now we will be talking about the results. in all these races of the vote for any democrat is a vote for schumer. by the way joe manchin is down to in west virginia. we will have all that breaking news tomorrow. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is standing by in the sorghum of the swamp known as d.c. tonight. >> laura: great to see you, fantastic show, double standard. ocasio-cortez people can say what they want, leave people alone in restaurants and grocery stores and, fight at the ballot box. i hope it's republican, but vote for who you want. i'm laura ingraham, and this is a fox news alert.
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speak to those engaged in the political arena must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective. you have to do that. the language of moral condemnation and destructive routine, these are arguments and disagreements that have to stop. no one should carelessly compare political opponents to historical villains. which is done often, and it's done all the time. it's got to stop. >> laura: that was president trump earlier tonight addressing the news of explosive devices sent to the home or offices of barack obama, hillary clinton, eric holder, george soros and maxine waters, and one that was addressed to john brennan but somehow ended up at cnn. so who is behind these on detonated wrongs or with those possible motives could be? but of course that didn't stop
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the media from cracking the cas case. >> it's almost like they are following donald trump's twitter feed. >> we are in an area now where violence seems to have a license by the president of the united states. >> but the president has encourage this kind of rhetoric. >> fox news hasn't gotten a bomb yet. >> laura: it sounds almost like wish casting there, sunny. it could be politically motivated, after all democrats receive the packages. but let's not point the figure until we have all the details. what exactly do we know tonight? we thought we would go actually to people who report and know something. catherine herridge is here, where are we at this hour? >> the fbi's confirming two more packages, both addressed to congresswoman maxine waters bringing the total tonight to seven. director christopher wray issued a statement asking for the
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public's help saying, no piece of information is too small and warning that more packages may be out there. direct arrays that each package used the long manila envelope with bubble wrap, six forever stamps with the same return address using the wrong spelling for congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz as well as computer printed address labels. such printers can identify codes into the actual print and can link the packages and in some cases trace the printer. as you mentioned, the first package to drew or souris arrived on monday followed by former secretary of state hillary clinton. former democrat barack obama and john brennan, and a former attorney general eric holder. the secret service confirmed its routine mail screening intercepted both of the packages and they are working directly tonight with the fbi, atf and postal inspectors as part of the j.t. tf, the joint terrorist task force. the first public comment after
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the bomb scare, he told his audience in texas that president trump was to blame for the political climate. >> trump has too often help to incite some of these feelings of anger if not violence, when he points to acts of violence, were also talks about swinging at somebody from the press. >> brennan said he hoped the president's statement condemning the pipe bombs marked a turning point. it's important to note that no suspect, no motive or political agenda has been publicly linked by the fbi to these devices, laura. >> laura: catherine, the work of the secret service at the clinton's home in chappaqua, that was critical in this case, was it not? >> what has happened in the post 9/11 world is they have these off-site screening facilities and in the case of hillary clinton and barack obama they intercepted the packages before they got to the home. so the intended recipient never touched anything that was
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dangerous. >> laura: and they have determined it was -- >> it was a single individual or single group. >> laura: how sophisticated where these devices and why didn't any of them actually detonate? we wanted to speak to some experts on the subject and jimmy oxley as the professor and explosive expert. executed in the investigations in the 93 world trade center bombing and the london bombing. rick crawford is a member of the house intel committee and previously served as an explosive ordnance disposal technician for the four years he was in the u.s. army. thank you both for being here. jimmy, having seen the pictures of these devices, how operational do they appear? >> what we have seen is some x-rays and they looked like they would be operational. it is typical for eod, explosive
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ordnance disposal to be able to x-ray packages. they do that first to ensure that there is a device. if you have a suspicious package. and you look at the suspicious package and how it works. in this case we are told there's a digital clock on the device. >> laura: bob baer, former cia operative was on cnn tonight. and he made a comment about the device, let's watch. >> they probably weren't meant to go off, the worst kind of bomb you could send in the mail is a pipe bomb, they are easily discoverable and people pick them up. they make no hand addressed in the rest of it. it makes no sense. >> laura: do you agree with his analysis? >> absolutely.
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it was probably designed to get attention, it was designed to be caught. and while it could be a device that could function i think it was designed more than anything to strike fear in the hearts of those people who they were intended to target. not necessarily to kill them. >> laura: professor, back to you. facing the individual, they believe in individuals individs responsible for this. tracing the material back to that individual, it was so hard in the case of the unabomber, huge damage, horrific damage done at his hands. it took years and years. why might this be different? >> the unabomber took years and years because his bombings were spread out over years and he actually had a hiatus from bombing for a number of years, if you remember that case. he was quite an experimentalist and it tried different signatures. this particular person or group
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has already been linked, to seven bombs in three days, and the post office has better tracking facilities. let's face it, they got them before they got to the intended victim partly because the post office has certain precautions in place. now they can trace it back to an area and start looking at the components, whether they be chemical components are physical components like the pipe itself, where those were purchased. >> laura: it was reported today that the post office wasn't used, a courier was used at the cnn drop for this particular envelope. so the stamps weren't marked, they weren't actually stamped. doesn't make it more difficult or less difficult?
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if it wasn't the post office, security cameras and actual individual materials? >> i think what you have a security protocol, anytime you have a commercial operation like cnn, they will have high security, rigid security protocols. especially a high security individual like george soros would catch that kind of thing. but, the unabomber and how long that took, the digital footprint is so much more pronounced than it was that when the unabomber was active. not only that but in this post 9/11 era, our bomb techs have gotten so much better in the technical exploitation of intelligence. and so we have seen over the last several years, almost two decades now that we have been engaged encounter i.d. operation, our sophistication as bomb techs has improved dramatically, so that we can go and attack the network quickly
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and identify those perpetrators, cut off their supply and bring them to justice in a much more expeditious manner. i think you will see this resolved much quicker than you would have in an incident like, for example, the unabomber. >> laura: if you were profiling this case, what do you think the hallmarks are here, of who might be behind this? given the way this device was assembled and of the targets that obviously were chosen? >> that's not really my expertise to talk about profiling, but usually bombs are by somebody that is either disgruntled, evil or just plain crazy. it's hard to say what combination this is. i'm sure there's much speculation on that point. >> laura: congressman, remember the house intel committee? obviously members of congress are taking this very seriously,
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the white house is near immediate condemnation. your sense from the house intel committee perspective tonight? >> immediately i agree, condemnation on this, this is a condemnable act regardless of who the perpetrator is. the good news is the resources we have available to do go after the perpetrator or perpetrators as the case may be, and that we have a huge database. i will say this, as a former bomb tech, i know what the recording protocols are and i know the fbi has great expertise and that intelligence committee has great expertise in going after and exploiting that intelligence and finding out who these people are. there is a big digital footprint here, but they might not even be aware of. but i can tell you that these experts are aware of it and they will find the perpetrator very quickly and you'll be surprised to see how quickly they are brought to justice in a case like this. thank you both for joining us tonight, i really appreciate it.
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i want to bring in dan bongino. how does the agency address threats like the is and how much a part of the investigatory process will they be going forward? >> it's interesting, laura. the secret service has an mou, memorandum of understanding with the fbi when an attempt on an attack happens, for obvious reasons. if an attack like this happens, the secret service typically doesn't conduct the investigation. what they do is secure the crime scene and then the fbi will come in and do the investigation. the reason being, you don't want the secret service investigating and there's a potential hole in the a security plan. the secret service did everything by the numbers and they did a fantastic job. they acted wonderfully in this case, but the fbi will be taking over from this point. they will be kept informed obviously about the status of
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the investigation, in case there is an ongoing threat. >> laura: dan, we had rice and attacks ricin attacks back in december i believe. we had powder going to the trump kids, even here at fox some years ago. we received envelopes with harmless powder in the mail but it's meant to scare you, too frightening. the fact that this has become political this fast, and i will play something that hillary clinton said earlier today to get your reaction. let's watch. >> it's a time of deep divisions, and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together.
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we also have to elect candidates who will try to do the same. you cannot be civil with the political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. we want someone set flash back at the end to what she said recently, about, you can't be civil with certain people. fingers point at trump all day long on other networks which i found it disgusting, continue through the night, yet we had holder, kick-m 'em, its rough-and-tumble world of politics. the idea now that they are taking donald trump with this, and, jeff zucker, that's where you want to go for now?
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>> it's gross and disgusting. i think i remember doing commentary on this network during the horrific shooting at the baseball field. every commentator and this network going out of their way to make sure, me included by the way on my own show, that the person who did that, bernie sanders, although he was a supporter, had no responsibility for that. and yet, in an incident like today, let's be clear. we have no evidence whatsoever about how who this person, andy keep jumping to conclusions, about a motive but with a link to donald trump. and they are saying it should be
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mandatory and now all of a sudden she's a peacemaker? we just had one of her advisors on the network yesterday, defending and confronting in some cases aggressively people in public places. there is no place for violence and politics. , nothing further needed. but there is a place in politics to call out. don't jump in the game now and try to blame it on donald trump. >> laura: after the president came out and condemned to these horrible would be bomb attacks, cnn had a panel, various people came out. it was not enough for them, you will be surprised to hear, i'm sure. let's watch. >> i thought it was the absolute bare minimum that the american people could expect for the president to say, given the circumstances. >> what leaves me wanting, like carrie, you find yourself wishing he would have said other
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things. >> i think it would have behooved him to be more complete. >> laura: your reaction? >> a little more complete? what else does she want? does she want him to call for the guillotine? the full force, full extent of the united states government will be dedicated to bring these people to justice, what else do they want? president can do no right, there is nothing he can say and nothing he can do to get him right on the left. they all insulate each other, they speak to themselves in a bubble. we don't have that luxury here. you say anything out of the media narrative, you are on twitter all day on these attack sites on this network. they are over there and they get away with whatever they want, they say whatever they want even though they have absolutely no evidence, zero with the motive was. >> laura: you know what else they are doing what i saw all throughout the day?
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they are trying to tie these horrific bomb letters to the overall conservative populist ideology. so in other words, during the closing weeks of the campaign, now they don't really think donald trump should be aggressive campaigning. and jake gafford kind of spoke to this about the criticism of waters and john brennan. let's watch. >> with the exception of the violence part of it, i don't know that it's the far right, it's just a lot of republicans. we hear republicans on capitol hill, congressman talking about george soros or brennan. >> laura: so you can't talk about george soros, or you are in some way responsible for this atmosphere. >> it's a misunderstanding of conservative ideology. we believe in god given rights, not state sanctions rights.
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these are rights granted by god for everyone. liberals, conservatives and even communists, god-given rights. that's a fundamental misunderstanding in a very irresponsible comment. he's usually a little more fair than that. there is nobody i know, you would be kicked off this network immediately and you and i both know it. >> laura: they picked their targets to vilify, and it's okay when they are doing it and they are winning, but when republicans are starting to make a political comeback -- you can't talk about these issues anymore. >> met romney didn't pay his taxes, remember? >> bingo. dan, thank you so much. coming up, the flameout of the democrats and the stars, that's
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a focus of tonight's angle return
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>> laura: the flameout of the democrats newest stars is a focus of tonight angle. in the last few months, the media have anointed liberals like andrew gillum, georgia gubernatorial candidate stacy abrams and texas senatorial candidate rita o'rourke as democratic superstars to watch. >> is a star in the democratic party. >> gillam brings something. >> some of these candidates, like beto and gillam, you get the star power.
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>> laura: in these final weeks of campaigning we are learning more about all three candidates that should give all the voters in their respective states reason to question the nonstop height. let's start with andrew gillum. text messages reveal that the tallahassee mayor excepted a hotel room, tours and tickets to the broadway show hamilton for real estate developers. without ever disclosing the gifts. only those developers were undercover fbi agents and the developers had been in touch with me or gillam about a real estate project in tallahassee. his opponent ron desantis republican, confronted him with all this at their debate on sunday. >> the question is, did you pay for the hamilton ticket or did the undercover fbi agent pay? >> i'm a hardworking person, and i know that may not fit your description of what people like me do but i work hard for
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everything i've gotten in my life and i don't need anyone handing anything to me for free. >> laura: it gillam got a different answer with chuck todd yesterday. >> with florida voters after 15 years, i served honorably, respectively, and have served my community without so much as a stain on my record or on the name. >> laura: he spinning as badly. and text messages just released by gillam's lobbyist friend, he's told clearly on august 10th of the 16th that mike miller and crew have tickets to hamilton at 8:00 p.m. awesome news, gillam texted in response. now whether his brother gave him a ticket or not, he knew the source of the ticket. we suppose a developer who needed his help. this is why the state of florida
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ethics commission investigated galen. the probe remains open and the democrats florida star seems to be falling. tonight at his second and last debate against disanto's, gillam was pressed on the issue and things got hot. >> he wants you to believe he's not under investigation. >> i take responsibility for not having asked more questions. i'm running for governor and in the state of florida we got a lot of issues. >> nice try, but i would like to have been in the room where it happens. i suggest that gillam moves to san francisco where his views and his style of politics would fit perfectly. now let's move onto the governor's race. in georgia where this video footage of gubernatorial candidate stacy abrams surface. now it shows her and others on
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the steps of the georgia capital earning the state flag in protest. that was 1992. abram sought to explain her flag torching this way. >> 26 years ago as a college freshman, i along with many other georgians including the governor of georgia were deeply disturbed by the racial divisis that were in that state flag with the confederate symbol. >> laura: let me be true but the governor of georgia at the time did not set the flag on fire on the capitol steps. he worked with the legislature to amend the flag, change it and remove the confederate symbol that people found offensive. so does a candidate for governor consider it right to simply destroy public images or symbols that some individuals find offensive? that's a question that the people of georgia have to answer. and then, there is super beto. yes, some street artist is trying to depict o'rourke, whose
7:28 pm
real name is robert francis, as some kind of super hero but his actions belie the designation. back in 1998 when the texas senatorial candidate was 26, he was drinking under the influence driving and he struck another car and attempted to flee the accident. since then, he tried to soft peddled the driving drunk, which i did it come as a terrible mistake for which there is no justification or excuse. >> laura: you should also not try to excuse yourself from attempting to leave the scene of an accident, when it was clearly your intention. now when arresting him in, "the driver attempted to leave the accident, but was stopped by the witness." nice try, superman. and i haven't even mentioned his 1995 burglary charges for breaking into the university of
7:29 pm
texas at el paso, or this heinous commercial. musical physical >> laura: more like leader of the hack. as voters had to the polls, it would serve them well to see through the liberal media pixie dust about all of the so-called democratic superstars. who these people really are, check it out. and more importantly, what they believe in. open borders, higher taxes, government run health care, gun-control, and more regulations on business. also remember, when you look at stars, who are actually seeing the light reflected from a star that has actually burned out already. kind of like what the economy would be like if these three get into power. and that is the angle.
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visitors to the magic kingdom are leaving something behind that has disney pretty upset. raymond arroyo has the gory details in our "seen and unseen" segment, next. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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>> laura: it's now time for our "seen and unseen" segment where we explore the cultural stories of the day. on the docket tonight, new ghosts, thieves and sinners. it seems appropriate one week from following. joining us is at raymond arroyo. raymond, let's get a start with a ghoulish revelation of the happiest place on earth. what's going on? >> they have something called a code v. that's when a visitor to disney world vomits. code u is when someone. they have another, have my cleanup, which is when they use
7:34 pm
the hepa vacuum to gather up human remains. people scattering ashes in disney world. they talk to a woman who dropped her father on the street and her brother in epcot. i imagine they want to keep the memories alive come a place of happiness with whole family but do you really want your relatives spending all eternity with the crowds and the heat, being stomped in the food dropped? >> laura: i'm just glad i'm not one of those big turkey legs. >> now where do you think in all places, disneyland or disney world, is the most favorite spot to drop the remains of grandma? ♪ the haunted mansion, laura. >> laura: that's my favorite. >> there are extra ghosts being outed all the time apparently. here's what they do. we've been on these rides where they say, we are experiencing
7:35 pm
technical difficulties. you're right will continue in a moment. you know what they are doing? they found a pile of ash remains, they stop the ride, vacuum it up and then it continues. >> laura: no they don't, i don't even believe that. >> not only in addition to the bacteria on the rides, i have to worry about human remains. >> laura: how many times have you been to disney? >> probably 40 something. but here's what i think. if you have a relative you love, don't drop them in the lagoon at the "pirates of the caribbean." when they sing, "yoho, yoho, a pirates life for me but they don't mean eternity. granting and/ granny and splash mountain isn't what they mean. speed limit so you found one in the ninth district of delaware? >> yes. a democratic state rep, and her
7:36 pm
name isn't monique jones. the republican who has the seat currently, representative kevin hensley, we have video of this. he goes to the door and puts his pamphlet in the door of one of the people in his district. no sooner does hensley step away and monique johns shows up. and she is the contender. she goes up, grabs the pamphlet and says, i'm taking this one home and puts her own in the doorway. in the age of grain, laura, when every doorbell has a candid camera on it, it's best not to steal your opponents paraphernalia. just leave them there and put them side-by-side. let the voters figure it out. it's like those people who follow the ups truck, the amazon prime, it's their prime choice for someone else's package. >> remember that postal worker dropped the post off and on the
7:37 pm
front porch? and they caught it on camera. don't do bad things on people's porches. here is some big news. the attorneys general of d.c. and virginia have opened up investigations into the clergy sex abuse crisis in the catholic church. of course it's a global phenomenon. as of tonight there are 14 investigations. i sat down with cardinal gearhart mueller, the second most powerful man in rome, and mueller was fired last week. >> he removed you according to reports because you were too tough, to insistence insistents and penalties for the offenders. is there any truth to that? >> he gave no explanation but some of his friends around him, they attacked me to be a
7:38 pm
hard-liner in this case. must be very clear and in favor of the victims and we must be a hard-liner. >> he was on the hard-liner on the side of victims. the pope and some of his friends stopped investigations of cardinals in england and elsewhere and rescinded penalties for peace found guilty. if you want to know why the sex abuse crisis is engulfing the church, this might be part of the reason. >> while the pope pulled him off duty. >> we will be back later, i will talk about mega millions and why you lost. >> brushed off the gubernatorial debate, congressman ron desantis is here with his strategy to catch up. polls are very tight here in florida plus his reaction to the latest controversy surrounding democratic challenger andrew
7:39 pm
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>> immigration and border control has an important job to do and we ought to empower them to do the job which is why the pros moving division of justice. why would you allow your dislike for the president to knowingly put communities at risk. >> laura: congressman desantis is looking for moments like that during the home stretch, and he has a 6-point deficit in the real clear policy average versus his opponent and tallahassee mayor, and liberal andrew gillum. joining me now with how he might do that is ron desantis. we invited mayor gillam on but he politely declined. how do pose a gap in these polls at this point?
7:43 pm
>> i'm not worried about polls, i'm worried about boats. we will continue to do it, and my primary average when i won the primary was 15 points off for gillam. i definitely do not go by media polls, i go by our polling, are targeting and everything going in our direction. the reason is, you have a candidate like andrew who is running on abolishing ice. he said last debate he would not cooperate with ice at all. so you know, if you have someone who is criminally illegal, we want to get them out. he's also embroiled in this ethics scandal because he lied about it on sunday night. he said he pays for everything, he's never gotten anything for free. then documents come out two days later showing he got $8,000 to get to hamilton, display, from an undercover fbi agent posing as a contractor with business before the city.
7:44 pm
he got a thousand dollars stay at a villa who was trying to get a contract with the city of tallahassee and guess what, they helped arrange hamilton and and they got a contract to build a restaurant in tallahassee. that is the essence of corruption. >> laura: and, it's nice to have washington on your side, but it's nice to have the real estate developer on the side or it's nice to have gillam on your side. mayor gillam said this was all the distraction, and it was last night actually, let's watch. >> if the republicans obviously want to distract, the goal is obviously to use my candidacy as a way to reinforce frankly stereotypes about black men. we are sick of racist attacks, bigoted attacks and divisive language strategy. >> laura: that was his response, in other words, it's
7:45 pm
kind of all racially charged, kind of even racist. >> it's not about black or white, it's about right or wrong. the fact of the matter is when you were taking gifts from an undercover fbi agent, that's wrong. when you are taking gifts from lobbyists, that's wrong. and it does violate florida law. when they you give them what ty were looking for compass $2 million, that's the essence of the quick quote thing. and he was indignant on sunday night. he said, i'm a grown man, i pay for everything myself. then it turns out he doesn't pay for very much that we seen in these documents. i think he realizes he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and he realizes he's been lying. think about this, he still says, i have not been under fbi investigation. if he is not under investigation, why would an undercover agent be giving him a thousand dollar ticket to hamilton?
7:46 pm
of course he is under investigation. >> laura: he might have responded to the same charges and posing as this developer. >> my grandfather used to say, hit the dog will holler, and it hollered to this room. mr. desantis has spoken, first of all he has neo-nazis helping him in the state. >> i'm not calling him a racist, i'm simply saying the racists believe he's a racist. >> laura: that's an old trick, the left does that a lot. at the communists believe he's a communist, you could play that game all day long. it's a racial issue so every time you raise a question about his is ethics, may be voting illegally, or clearly is an investigation ongoing, it's racist to mention that. so how do you debate him if every inconvenient fact becomes a charge of racism?
7:47 pm
>> i think what he's doing is turning off voters and the fact of the matter is, he's been in office since he was 22 and never had a job outside of politics. he acts like one. he doesn't accept responsibility for anything. he always looks to pass the blame to somebody else, and so that's really what he's doing here. he's trying to divert away from the fact that he's running on a radical agenda that floridians don't want, , and he's embroiled in a corruption scandal that he's been lying about four months, and that's a reality. voters see right now what he's doing. >> laura: doesn't he get support from planned parenthood and all these leftist groups that are responsible for the snuffing out of hundreds of thousands of lives each year? >> while he doesn't believe in science when it comes to right
7:48 pm
to life. it's been my fantastic and thanks for coming on. we did invite the mayor on and he wanted both of your perspectives but he didn't get back to us. after president trump said he was a proud nationalist, it suddenly became okay for his units to call him hitler. while a professor who just so happens to be the foremost scholar on nationalism, who happens to be jewish, is here to react, next. ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief
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i watched enough history channel to know that they cheered at hitler, too. nationalism isn't divorced of the capacity to cheer at a crowd. >> it reminds me of the words again from people like hitler
7:52 pm
who in germany, thought he was a nationalist. we want those slanderous comments leveled against donald trump after he dared say he was proud to be a nationalist. so what is nationalism? was it about? israeli philosopher quorum has oni wrote recently, it's a mistake to think of nationalism as an inherently regressive or destructive political force. nationalism was the engine that establish modern political liberty and has been a spur to diversity among nations. his book, "the virtue of nationalism" came out last month. thanks so much for being here, let your peace. given what you just read it, that you wrote obviously, how do you feel about the proponents of nationalism being linked to hitler? >> it's a disgrace. the people appearing on those clips, the best face that you can put on it, they are just
7:53 pm
ignorant. they don't know the first thing about nationalism and they might not know much about adolf hitler other than what they saw in a clip on the history channel, as we heard. with that, they feel equipped to go out and to smear people who have nothing to do with hitler in this kind of smear. they should be ashamed for them of themselves. >> laura: i don't know how many of them are on television frankly, it's perpetuating a view upon the public that is historically ignorant and completely out of place. the point about nationalism that president trump actually made tonight in wisconsin, what he views as a globalist understanding is, you put the interest of the global community ahead of your own people. that's what he's getting at and that's what a lot of us saw happening over the last 20 plus years or so which led to the rise of china and other strife
7:54 pm
across the globe. meanwhile, america got weaker, less powerful and less influential certainly owned or obama. >> i think president trump is exactly right on this. the confrontation between globalist and nationalist is the great political issue of our age. the truth is, every political leader should really be taking a stand. there's nothing more important than this question of how we are going to order the political world. president trump, he told us where he stands, everyone of us is going to have to take a side between globalist and nationalist eventually.
7:55 pm
>> laura: 's point is we live in the greatest country on the face of the earth, and what's wrong with that? obama said that the greeks believed in in great success, s is the greatest nation and we are built on the ideal of freedom. and in 240 plus years, we became the global superpower. and we want to keep it that way. and that's what trump wants, he doesn't want us to go down the tubes because we are spending money on stupid stuff. >> i'm also hearing him say something in addition which is that he said repeatedly, he doesn't have any kind of animosity towards other nations, he's happy for other nations to see their own way of life in their way of thinking as the best in each one of them should look out for their own interest. notice that a centralization that stands behind this whole way of looking at the world, this is a classical, nationalist to be which says, i can mean well and think well of all sorts of other countries. but each one of them has to be responsible for its own traditions to pursue things according to its own interest. compare that to the globalists. the other side of trump's dichotomy here, and that
7:56 pm
globalists are saying, these are people that look at the entire globe. as a single political and economic entity. they are unable to keep their eye on what's best and what's needed for their own nation, and that is indeed a completely different way of looking at the political order, with a totally different morality. it's completely right to draw our attention to this. >> laura: absolutely. and japan has its own way and britain might have its own way and that's okay. we can't lecture to the rest of the world about how they live their lives. thank you so much, we appreciate your perspective on this tonight. and how did i react by the way to losing last nights mega millions? you might be surprised, next.
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7:59 pm
the >> laura: if there was a winner in last nights mega millions. i'm still here, obviously it wasn't i. >> when i looked last night,
8:00 pm
she's got her ticket out and goes wait a minute, i have 62, i have five. there's the ticket. i said, laura, this isn't bingo. >> laura: -- i had a lot of the numbers. >> go play bingo. >> laura: i'm going to challenge it. going to challenge my number. >> keep working. keep working. >> laura: shannon bream, the "fox news @ night" team, nobody won it over there. >> shannon: we all decided even if we won we would stay and show up for work. >> laura: you have a bridge -- i'm just teasing. of course he would be here. have a great show. >> shannon: thank you, laura. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i am shannon bream in washington. it would begin tonight with a fox news alert. the hunt is on for a suspect was behind the wave of suspicious packages sent to prominent democrats. hillary clinton, former president bara


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