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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 25, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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divided than it has been in most of our lifetimes, and there's many reasons for that. the internet, lack of cultural cohesion. the point is, our elites inflame those divisions in order to rule. that the topic addressed in "ship of fools" available at we will be back tomorrow night, with a show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and groupthink. >> sean: congrats on the success of the book. buckle up, busy news night and lots percolating out there and we are only 12 days away from the all important midterm elections where you get to decide, where you have all the power. does nancy pelosi become the next speaker of the house? or, building the wall on our southern border, that migrant caravan is headed straight for the southern border of the u.s. as we speak they are marching
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through mexico and growing in size and we have estimates now of more than 14,000 people planning to pass through the u.s. port of entry, or maybe not point of entry. coming up, we will show you how the president is responding tonight and he has a message for those in the caravan. also american troops are headed to the border and also we will have an important election updates from all across the country including some extremely interesting and good poll numbers for republicans. one state west virginia, another state believe it or not at play in the senate might be the state of new jersey. also tonight, the mail bomb scare continues and two more suspected. we will show you how sadly people in this country are on the left in the media trying to use it to bludgeon as usual president trump. and anyone who supports him. it's a very busy night and we start with our breaking news opening monologue.
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♪ less than two weeks until the midterms and the topic of immigration could literally decide the balance of power or tip the balance of power in the election. for years the democrats have all but ignored the border security. the president trump has planned for a border wall, and they have vowed to abolish immigration and customs enforcement agency. and the president was willing to negotiate. it's now perfectly clear, obvious and transparent that democrats literally want open borders. they don't want a wall, they don't want law enforcement and don't want enforcement of our laws or opening literally a free pass in terms of our borders. and they support sanctuary cities and a sanctuary states, and free health care for all, like in california. now there is fast approaching a crisis in our southern border tonight and the one on the left
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even seems to care. the silence is deafening. thousands upon thousands of migrants literally marching to the u.s. in what would be a mass invasion in order to demand entry were sneak in nobodies and no application, no documentation, no paperwork. and in many cases, no way to verify who anybody is and where they come from. this would not be an issue. if you had a fully constructed border wall today that caravan wouldn't exist and this week, president trump is responding. today he ordered at least 800 more troops to our southern border to help with security and he also issued this morning to the caravan on twitter writing "to those in the caravan, turn around. we are not letting people into the u.s. illegally. go back to your country. if you want, you can apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing currently. the caravan seemingly has no plans to turn around which would
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set up a very serious confrontation if they choose at the u.s.-mexico border. coming up tonight, sara carter will join us with full analysis of all the risks here including, she met some people, members of ms-13 and she just returned from central america where she was tracking and investigating this caravan. we are only 12 days until what could be the most important midterm election in your life. this could be a tipping point from america. issues like our borders, due process, the presumption of innocence and the growing economy which is creating so many millions of jobs. our safety and security all over the world, and it's up to you to make your voice heard at the ballot box. tonight big news, republicans are gaining momentum and states that nobody thought might be in play. west virginia, a new poll out today. patrick morrissey has a two-point advantage on democratic incumbent joe
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manchin. joe votes with schumer almost all the time, although he did have an election year conversion. he did vote for kavanaugh, but the president has single head single-handedly been helping in that state. we have a lot at stake in west virginia and i would argue that the president of the united states, he himself saved the coal industry, with patrick moore in the industry. schumer almost all the time, joe manchin voting for him. single-handedly saving the coal mining industry and it joe was against the tax cut. joe supports the disaster of the obamacare, not free market solutions. this would be a huge come from behind win, and undergoing an election or transformation into a moderate.
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senator bob menendez locked in a very tight race. governor kane, all from new jersey, a republican. in missouri tonight, democrat claire mccaskill is showing more signs of desperation in her race against republican josh hawley who is now leading in the polls they are. it's an ad where she is calling her own party crazy. and i'm not going to disagree with that part. >> paid for by mccaskill for senate. >> what do you know about this josh hawley guy? >> i know he is a gale lawyer who worked in d.c. and he supports those terrorists. >> what does he do now? >> i think we just elected him to attorney general. prosecuted fewer criminals and never even tried a case. >> he as been caught hanging at
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the gym and buying wine during work hours. >> i saw that. has this guy done anything as a ag? they are totally helping insurance companies but not us. >> i don't necessarily always agree with claire mccaskill but she works hard fighting against terrorists and those town halls. >> and she's not one of those crazy democrats, she works right in the middle and finds compromise. >> especially when it comes to protecting things here in missouri. >> sean: at the people of missouri know this. she is no moderate. she voted against both justices, and she doesn't support the president's plan, she has no plan to make your life better, and she appears in this ad to be talking about herself. her far left views are also exposed in the undercover video,
6:08 pm, earlier this month. she's pretending to be something she's not, a moderate. she's not a moderate. take a look. >> if we have the kind of year i think he might have i think we might actually be in the division. then it goes to the house and then it's awkward. you see all those house members. >> i voted for most of those things before. >> she doesn't like openly go out and support groups that are related to that because that could hurt her ability to get elected. >> that video shows claire mccaskill is literally lying to the good people of missouri, and frankly it's insulting which brings us to the wacky senate
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candidate from arizona, and that is democrat kyrsten sinema. she got more bad news today and she deserved it. she just lost the endorsement of the arizona state troopers association. this is a group that had supported her in three past elections. they are now realizing like many americans that kyrsten sinema's talk way too radical for arizona voters. her comments calling arizona the meth lab of democracy. arizonans, crazy. saying this is shocking to everybody, but it's okay. after 9/11 for americans to go and join the enemy. right after 9-11. and by the way who is she up against? martha mcsally. 28 years serving her country, six tours of duty and combat in iraq and afghanistan. this is the single most radical crop of democrats ever to seek office, and in less than two weeks from tonight you have the
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power to stop nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, prevent maxine waters and that liar adam schiff and jerrold nadler from becoming committee shares. if you vote for any democrat in the house, you are voting for pelosi. any democrat in the senate you are voting for schumer, couldn't be more clear. the good news from 12 days away, the president's real clear politics average job approval just hit a 20 month high. john mclaughlin the pollster says new data shows tonight it's tight, but republicans still hold onto the house and you have the power to make that happen. we have full analysis just moments away. but first we continue to track the mail bomb and scare. two more were discovered today targeting joe biden and actor robert de niro. that brings the total of explosives up to ten.
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thankfully none of these packages detonated and thankfully no one was injured. so you have to feel horrible for anyone who was threatened. sadly in my life i have been through similar situations. i deplore like most americans what is happening here. i hope we catch and i hear we might be catching soon, the monster responsible for these acts. they should go to prison for a very long time. it is without a doubt, a serious story. the sad part of the story is of those who want to politicize this. over 24 hours, your mainstream media, people on the left and democrats have been using what is a scary situation to bash, bludgeon president trump and anyone who supports president trump. attacking fox news, talk radio, yours truly. keep in mind we have no idea who committed these acts and we don't know his or her motives. watch this.
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>> he is at the head of the hate parade. >> of donald trump unleashed the dogs of hatred in this country. >> the rhetoric that comes out of that white house is not helpful at all, there is collateral damage. >> the rhetoric is going on and it's been present at his rally since he was a candidate. what is new, it's a toxic mix, two years of embracing dictator dictators. it's coming from the top and now cnn has become the target. >> it's a comments among the republicans in this country that start to speak out. >> they do know in my heart let president trump, there is a lot of responsibility with rhetoric that made it almost democrats and the media would be targeted. >> what is said about hillary clinton, john brennan and cnn, and thinking of the person who sent those pipe bombs is foolhardy. >> this is someone who has
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weaponized trumps twitter feed and made it into a hit list. >> sean: one fake news cnn anchor saying that no one was blaming president trump for the heinous act, but while he was saying at the on-screen banner ran underneath him literally blaming president trump for the heinous act. you can't make this up. so listen to the words, watch the lower third. take a look. >> no one is blaming the president. is anyone blaming the president? but the president now wants to make it about him. >> sean: loops. now sarah sanders has called out they media for aggressively trying to link the president and a sick way to the united states to what are acts of an obviously arranged individual who at this hour is still unknown. take a look. >> i think it is absolutely disgraceful that one of the first public statements that we heard from cnn yesterday was to
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put the blame and the responsibility of this despicable act on the president, and on me personally. when the person that is responsible for this is the person who made and created and put the suspicious packages in the hands and in the arms of innocent american citizens. >> sean: regardless of who is sending these threatening packages, congresswoman maxine waters who was the target of such packages is actually calling for trump to take full responsibility, as if trump mailed the packages himself. take a look. >> i think the president of the united states should take responsibility for the kind of violence that we are seeing for the first time in different ways. i think the president of the united states has been dog whistling to his constituency and they believe that their problems are called over there.
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i think they are acting out with what the they believe the prest wants him to do. now they are trying to turn it on us, of course. they like to intimidate us and of course, we must be wise and we must not be foolish, and acting foolish ways. but we should never stop the struggle in the fight for justice and equality in this country. >> sean: let's do a hannity flashback. this was back in june with the same maxine waters. take a look. >> you have members of your cabinet that have been booed out of restaurants. no peace, no sleep. if you see anyone from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd.
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and you tell them you are not welcome anymore, anywhere. >> sean: get a crowd, not welcome anywhere anymore. in this country calling out democrats for what is there horrible political agenda, that's not an incitement of violence. calling out fake news for being fake and it not objective and not fair, but opinion, that's not an incitement of violence and the left of all people should believe in this. night after night for over a month now, we have been calling in for this rhetoric in the country to cool down starting with the kavanaugh hearings. but this breathless incendiary rhetoric has been nonstop since trump's inauguration. this includes the latest target of the mail bomb scare, robert de niro. watch this. >> how dare he say the things he does, of course i want to punch him in the face. it was only a symbolic thing
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anyway. it wasn't like i was going to go find him and punch him in the face, but he's got to hear it. that's how he makes people feel. >> this [bleep] idiot is the president, the guy is a [bleep] fool. the government of today, with the prompting of our baby in chief, or [bleep] in chief as i call him. >> sean: come on, i'll punch him in the face, the president. what you saw is the tip of the iceberg. let's take a trip down hannity lane with some of the classics. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for and what you care about. >> if you had to be stuck in an elevator with either president trump, mike pence r jeff sessions, who would it be? >> does one of us have to come out alive? >> don't just come here today and then go home, go to the hill
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today. get up in the face of some congresspeople. >> michelle always says, when they go low, we go high. no. they go low, we kick them. >> the press always asked me, don't i wish i were debating him? no, i wish we were in high school and i could take it behind the gym, that's what i wish. >> he wants to ascend to the military to the border. >> i want to send the military to the white house to get him. [laughs] >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about going up the white house. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? [cheers and applause] i want to clarify, i'm not an actor. i live for a living. however, it's been a while. and ab it's time. >> sean: you know what?
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we don't need lectures from any of them anymore about civility. and just tuesday "the new york times," the paper record actually publishing a short fictional story fantasizing about president trump's assassination, complete with a drawing of a handgun and a russian flag with the title "how it ends." just as trump or anyone who supports him, all vilified by the left. this has been going on for over two years, a slew of violent acts and other cases of incivility committed by some deranged, far left individuals. he got a letter threatening the lives of his wife and small children, and there's more. take a look at your screen right there. two republicans punched in minnesota, one republican incapacitated for six weeks and the other was a woman. we have one republican assaulted in nevada and suspicious packages containing a substance reported to be ricin.
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that was sent to susan collins, secretary of defense matus, fbi director ray, and don jr.'s ex-wife was hospitalized because of that package. a truck with trump bumper stickers was set on fire. dozens of more incidences of vandalism, assault and harassment. don't forget about all of the republicans run out of restaurants. many women. republicans stocked in airports and spit on at capitol hill. despite all of this, no calls from the left, no statements of unity and virtually no one in the democratic party publicly condemning those acts. in the media, all but ignoring the stories. on this program, we have long said that every person is responsible for their own behavior. i don't try to blame bernie sanders, and steve's
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police was assaulted on a baseball field last year. but it's sad that the media, the left and the democrats only cared about scoring cheap political points and political rhetoric and vitriol but only when the left is a target. that's like they only care about russian collision if it's trump, just like they only care about potential sexual assault from 40 years ago when it's kavanaugh. but not when it is cory booker or keith ellison or wrote their beloved bill clinton. that's off limits. it is a shameful double standard. you have 12 days, this is a choice between a party of principals, president that's keeping his promises and a party of fear. a party of high taxes and they want their crumbs back, they said so. a party that is planning to cut more taxes and make the tax cuts permanent, that's your choice. a party that wants open borders eliminating i.c.e., party of sanctuary cities and states or a
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party that believes we need to pull it, could protect our southern border and build a wall. a party that wants more endless regulation or a party that says regulation is a stranglehold of businesses in north america. businesses that believe in top-down obamacare, versus a free market or better health care system that works. in other words, health savings accounts or health care cooperatives. then of course, the big goal, you get chuck schumer, just like john podesta. don't talk about immigration and don't tell people how you really feel. in 12 days, you have the power to literally shock the world. the power is in your hands, you decide, not them. when we come back, congressman steve scalise and also we will check in with pam bondi and david limbaugh. stay with us, we have a lot more breaking news straight ahead.
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>> sean: in the wake of the flurry of suspicious packages being sent to prominent democrats, from cnn and the medium rushing to blame the president, talk radio, the g.o.p. and meanwhile conservative congressman steve scalise was the victim of gruesome political violence. he's out with a new op-ed. after bombing attempts, all must agree that violence and terror have no place in politics. he joins us now along with the author of the new book, is rise risen. and "the new york times" best seller. steve, -- and by the way, pam bondi the attorney general was run out of a movie theater. we will get to pam, sorry pam.
6:28 pm
i know how bad your situation was, especially the first 48 hours. i think -- i've been hearing that you've had massive blood transfusions. you were literally on the verge of death. he found out later that the shooter was a bernie sanders supporter. i sat on the air, i would never blame bernie sanders because what of his supporters would act in a crazy, violent way? i think he would agree with me. >> i totally agree with you. >> sean: and we don't know who is responsible here but you are also right in saying, this has got to stop. do you agree that -- >> you still want to have the house in the senate be places where the public can come. but then you get somebody that backs up and tries to disrupt the hearing -- >> sean: they
6:29 pm
won't let him get into an elevator? >> again if somebody is going to try to assault somebody, those are crimes and they ought to be arrested and prosecuted. but look, one of the things that you are seeing right now, we all should be condemning what's happening with these bomb devices that are being set. but the left shouldn't just be angry about this, when they are silent about attacks on conservatives. i have been very vocal against attacks on conservatives or democrats. there is no place for it in politics. but don't just come out and denounce it when it somebody on the left getting attacked. this is a time to come altogether and, look the way on one side but only be concerned when somebody is threatened or attacked based on their political views based on what the views are.
6:30 pm
>> we saw sarah sanders and her kids and her family. we saw secretary nielsen, and a boulder through kevin mccarthy mccarthy's office window. and what is sad, it was virtual silence. it only seems to matter, it looked like mob violence that have been happening. >> of course it was mob violence. representative scalise said it best in his op-ed and that was beautiful, what you wrote. he said "violence and terror have no place in politics, nor our society." it's a shame after what happened to him that he even asked to
6:31 pm
write that. sean, you and i have been saying for how long, this is going to happen again, it's got to stop. everyone needs to call a timeout on this horrible, horrible language. eric holder, i know that man and for him to say kick him when they are down is disgusting. it just has to stop on all sides. someone is going to get hurt. >> sean: for example, russian collusion. this is used, and -- they never wanted to talk about that. the left only cares about assault sexually when it's kavanaugh, but not keith ellison, bill clinton, cory booker or allegations for
6:32 pm
them. shouldn't the kavanaugh rule apply to everyone? shouldn't the russian collusion rule applies to everyone to? >> david? >> i agree with god and pam bondi. the problem here i see is with the left as usual, they always use these opportunities to exploit these things politically. when trump came out and denounce the violence and called for unity, they try to make pounce on him when he couldn't protect himself. and, and sarah palin was pointing a bull's-eye on someone and that led to violence, and, the media and the left don't take responsibility for their own negativity, their own
6:33 pm
lambasting, and, i have to say at this point, i used to have a heard you have a hard time walking, doug and mike do you? >> i'm building up my strength so i don't have to walk with a crutch. and i'm lucky to be alive. >> how is it that the left claims compassion for women in particular? champion of women but it's only kavanaugh that gets the kavanaugh standard and all the women that have been thrown out of restaurants, they were kind of silence. >> and i saw waters double down on it afterwards, it's absurd. they need to stop, i am the president has nothing to do with this.
6:34 pm
>> sean: david, last word. >> out there is no pleasing the left. these are the political issues on which they can win. they are desperate before the election and very nervous so they have to keep the rhetoric revved up and politicized, and it's shameful. and we all condemn it. i have to agree with the other two guests, we condemn all violence from anybody. >> sean: i said it many times, what do we do when we have to protect our president? people have a chance in this country. we have a ballot box, and an election in 12 days. make your opinions known there. thank you all, i appreciate it. up next we have the latest on this migrant caravan that is growing by the hour. that's straight ahead. (vo) this is not a video game.
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>> sean: it joining us now with the latest on the caravan, fox news chief correspondent henry has the latest. >> there are reports breaking this hour that the trump administration is thinking about a dramatic escalation in terms of dealing not just with the caravan but cracking down on illegal immigration. and this would be a big step, it's being considered tonight by the white house. we will see whether they move forward. in the meantime we see all this media coverage about the suspicious package, that's taken the focus of the midterms a little bit away from what the president has been saying he wants to frame it around. kavanaugh, the caravan and tax cuts, and as he puts, common sense. the president tried to keep that caravan which grew back up to 7,000 migrants in front of the mind of voters going to the polls in less than two weeks.
6:40 pm
early voting already started across many parts of our country and the president got some backup today from vice president mike pence, after the president himself, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing. >> to those in the caravan, turn around. we are not going to allow you to enter our country illegally. >> now the president has also ordered the pentagon to send u.s. troops to the border. this will include about 800 military engineers, doctors and lawyers to go back up to the border patrol and, where the troops go is still being worked out in terms of details, but the fact that the president is now engaging active duty military in this effort shows that he continues to the key promise.
6:41 pm
and breaking news again tonight, reports of the president is considering at least an executive order of some type that would crack down on who exactly who it get asylum at the u.s. and mexico border. the bottom line is the presidents the president tweeted days ago that they might have to shut the border down altogether and that might be one step in the right direction. >> as we pointed out he has the legal and constitutional authority to do so. great reporting. "the new york times" reporting that as you mentioned he's considering executive action to stop migrants from entering the country, which would be similar to trump's previous travel ban. joining us now with reaction, former secrets agent secret sen ben john john bongiorno.
6:42 pm
as you are speaking to put up the video you just saw, and that is, if they get to the southern border, this is when they were at the border with mexico. mexican police did not have a very large presence, and they are banging down that fence, and then you see them rushing across the border and they didn't do anything. but that's not going to happen here. >> i think people should be very concerned about what's happening here. a lot of these people that are crossing have been coached and know what to say. this is the reason why the president is considering this drastic action. they get to the border and try to create a credible fear and asylum. they know what to say to get the asylum prescreen is to approve them into the country, so that they can actually go up and get a court date. these are really deep concerns here within i.c.e. i was on the phone with i.c.e. agents as well as border patrol agents. this is a large group of people and remember it's wild as it
6:43 pm
went through mexico. we have people coming from honduras through guatemala, and then some of the people through guatemala turned back and went to honduras. then the rest of them kept moving and the drug cartels kept adding to it. so they were putting their own people in with the smugglers. today i got information, some photos right before coming on this show, that in guatemala they found seven little children, unaccompanied minors with no parents and they have now taken them to a social worker facility and are keeping them there. so people are willing to do almost anything. remember these are not just migrants looking for work. some of them are but there are also people willing to cross the line that are criminals and willing to do things like smuggle children into the country that are unaccompanied. >> sean: dan bongino, the president has been cleared and when he says something, he means it, you heard the vice president. if there is any confrontation on our southern border it will be precipitated by the people that do not respect our constitution,
6:44 pm
our rule of law, our borders and our sovereignty. they will cause whatever confrontation happens and even people on the left are saying, well, they want open borders, clearly. >> yes they do sean, a lot of this is being driven by a honduran christman, mr. fuentes, who has been driven by radical far left ideology. he didn't expect the caravan to grow as large as it did. but let me ask a simple question to our far left friends, who have been conspicuously silent on this. what's the point of a border? if 5,000 people can walk across the border, with air quotes here, illegally with into the united states without being vetted, what's the point? and they keep saying, prove to us there are criminals in there. we don't have to prove anything, they are entering the country illegally. you have to prove to us that you are not criminals, not the other way around. >> sean: nobody can vouch for every person there and let's
6:45 pm
assume that 99% just bought a better life. nobody can vouch for anybody. one thing people need to understand, if we have the border wall built, then coming to the border would not be a problem at all. >> if that's absolutely true. one thing that was brought up today by secretary nielsen and her very good interview with martha maccallum earlier today, 30% of those little kids that you see mixed in with ms-13 and other adults that were there, 30% of the girls on this journey are sexually assaulted. almost 20% of the young boys are sexually assaulted. where is the me too movement? where are the protesters the summer from children being separated? this is heartbreaking stuff,
6:46 pm
9-year-olds having to have pregnancy tests, 9-year-olds at the border. our u.s. officials are having to do that. this is crazy stuff. the left needs to do some soul-searching because it is their open borders policy. they are encouraging and celebrating this and in some cases, organizing it. they bear some responsibility here, first serve. >> sean: rachel, thank you. and dan congratulations on your new book. sarah, great reporting. we appreciate you all being with us. when we come back, tomi lahren on the streets of los angeles, what they think about this caravan and what they have to say. although anthony also anthony ss in. that's coming up next on "hannity." physical physical force ♪
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>> sean: the migrant caravan is making its way north right to
6:51 pm
our southern border, and fox nation's autonomy laron tomi ls way to los angeles. >> can ask you a question really quick? are you aware of what's going on at our border with migrant caravans coming in and thousands of people from central america? what do you think? >> i think it's a nice place to be at. >> if i was outside of the united states i would do everything i could to get here. >> if you don't stop this caravan, another one will be built. >> i don't think the entire caravan is filled with bad people and hombres. but we can't have a bunch of people crossing the border. >> there should be some amnesty granted to them because of the travesties occurring in the country. >> we take care of the american people first and foremost before we deal with anyone else in the
6:52 pm
countries. >> what do you think we should have a wall on the southern border to stop people from coming in? >> there should no be in a wal. >> a wall, beria is the stupidest thing. look at the wall of china. >> there should be no wall in our planet. it's just wrong. imagine every country had our wall, how would we ever move around? >> doesn't make you nervous about who would be coming over here since we don't know who these people are? >> know because i don't know who most of the people already are that are here. >> god bless america, everyone of you is welcome here. i love you, peace out. >> sean: tommy will be part of the all new fox nation first look which airs sunday night at 8:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. actually, i might even be on fox nation, and if i do, it's going to be big. tommy will tell you how to become a founding member of fox nation and the new streaming
6:53 pm
service. but first, joining us now, author of the best seller "trump, the blue-collar president," anthony scaramucci. let's start with you. this is really important. one thing you write about in your book that is so true about donald trump, is it. >> no question. he is a deliver on his promises and goes down the list. steve roth said that about the president, takes out a gala piece of paper and checks off the list methodically so he's super happy that he is fulfilling these campaign promises. the border thing will get straightened out, and as you know, sean, and it's important for the american people to understand, the tightness at the border in the reduction of the illegal immigration has led to taking out the slack in the labor market and that's why the african-american labor numbers are so fantastic as well as the hispanic labor numbers. >> sean: and records
6:54 pm
asian-americans, hispanic americans, women in the workforce, amazing statistics. we saw what happened earlier at the southern border. we saw fences and they were allowed to get through. that's not going to happen here. if they do make it to the southern border and i pray they do not, any precipitation, and a charge like that will be met with our military. i don't want anyone getting hurt. i would argue that the overwhelming majority of these people want a better life which i can appreciate, a lot. but we don't know -- we can't vouch for any one person in there, and others will nixon with them. but it would be precipitated by mexico also allowing this. >> you are absolutely right. we have a president that has clearly stated in his own words, this is our house.
6:55 pm
he has also stated, he will protect the united states of america at all costs. this president has given notice to the democrats, the media, and the lunatics. this is our house. secondly, if you were standing in the front door of your home, and people showed up that you did not know and they had no credentials, would you let them in your house? the answer is, no. fortunately, we have a president that is saying exactly the same thing. this is our house. >> sean: i hope to god they understand this is real. by the way, congrats on your new book. more "hannity" right after this. musical physical
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it's a high honor. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: that's all the time we have left. in 12 days you get to decide 435
7:00 pm
members of congress up for reelection. florida, governor and senator. tennessee and nevada and arizona. then we have even montana can be won. and indiana can be won. you could make it all happen. even west virginia and new jersey are now in play. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it away from the sewer in washington, d.c. >> laura: every time you throw to me, the last word out of your mouth is sewer or swamp. it's demoralizing. >> sean: it's not my fault. i live in a sewer and swamp in new york. i pay 10% state income tax. if i lived in florida or texas i would pay zero. why are we here? i agree. >> laura: [laughing]. >> sean: and the weather is better there.


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