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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 25, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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members of congress up for reelection. florida, governor and senator. tennessee and nevada and arizona. then we have even montana can be won. and indiana can be won. you could make it all happen. even west virginia and new jersey are now in play. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it away from the sewer in washington, d.c. >> laura: every time you throw to me, the last word out of your mouth is sewer or swamp. it's demoralizing. >> sean: it's not my fault. i live in a sewer and swamp in new york. i pay 10% state income tax. if i lived in florida or texas i would pay zero. why are we here? i agree. >> laura: [laughing]. >> sean: and the weather is better there.
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>> laura: come visit us. we have a great show. i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from a busy news night in washington. we have no suspect or motive in the case of devices sent to democrats. but that hasn't stopped some media organizations from what i think is despicable finger pointing. we received interesting details about the bombs today. some media folks don't want to talk about it. last night's florida gubernatorial debate revealed an ugly truth about some democratic tactics. level charges of racism and you win the argument. we will break down the left's new rule. first the democrats convenient case of amnesia, the focus of tonight's "angle." at this point the bombs sent to
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democrats and cnn were not to detonate but to intimidate. they are blaming trump. >> law enforcement is noticing that all of the recipients have been the target of wrath from president trump. >> he channeled his supporter's rage towards people in our groups. some of whom were togethargeted today's bomb. >> the atmosphere in our country. he is not doing anything to tone that down. >> laura: the impulse to blame the president takes us back on the issue of fairness and common sense. two qualities in short supply. it's outrageous for these folks to imply that these act were
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provoked by our commander-in-chief. the media wonders why the american people have little respect for them. when was the outrage and fury when democrats were viciously insulting conservatives or using aggressive actions toward them? >> [shouting]. if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store or gas station, you get up. >> don't i wish i were debating them. no, i wish i could take him behind the gym. >> you can't be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for and care about. >> laura: no urging of aggressive rhetoric. where was all of the media and democratic outrage when hollywood made threats with
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bloody depictions of the president? >> it's julius ceasar like you have never seen before. a man dressed like president trump gets stabbed to death on stage. >> of course i want to punch him in the face. >> tyler and i are not afraid to make noise. >> i have thought a lot about blowing up the white house. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president. >> [bleep] trump! >> laura: i guess that's high art in america these days. not only no criticism from the left, they were applauding this stuff. they love ugly personal confrontations like this. they are so nasty. the stores and the restaurants and the elevators. i don't recall joe scarborough
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asking if hillary's rhetoric led to this viciousness. the democrats are so wraparound about what trump achieved they adopted a by any means necessary strategy to get him out of power. i think in a way you could argue they have become the party by default of antifa. let's stop comparing the tea party to antifa as some on the left have done. last time i checked the tea party was dressed up like betsy ross. they were debating how to stop obamacare and future bailouts. the tea party was interested in driving people to the polls in 2010 and not driving people from the public square. in the wake of the bomb mailings, it's amusing and
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disturbing to watch the pied pipers of chaos try to flip the script. >> all of you, i am glad are here and alive. we could have been mourning you guys. >> i know that president trump bears a lot of responsibility for rhetoric that made this inevitable that top democrats would be targeted. >> i think they are acting out in the way that the president wants them to do and act. >> laura: this is a woman who said go find them in public. we remember what happened more than a year ago. when a trump hating bernie sanders supporter opened fire on the republican baseball practice.
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there could have been 12 people killed and not 1 nearly killed as steve scalise was. when someone looked for a political explanation. do you remember what nancy pelosi said? >> this sick individual does something despicable. it was horrible and hateful. for them to be sanctimonious as if they have never seen such a thing before. the comments made by republican colleagues are outrageous. beneath the dignity of the job they hold. how dare they say such a thing? >> laura: how dare anyone ascribe a connection to a nasty, horrible, criminal act with the atmosphere. in the aftermath. of the steve scalise shooting there was no examination of how democratic rhetoric contributed
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to the violence. there were no apologies from the left. in a joint statement with chucks -- chuck schumer. pelosi is blaming the president. where was he last year when maxine waters was making threats like this? >> with this kind of inspiration, i will go and take trump out tonight. >> [cheers and applause]. >> laura: she was not talking about out to dinner. revealing what most americans should know: the left wants to impose a college speech code on the rest of us. where the left gets to speak,
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hate and do whatever they want with impunity. the rest of us have to watch every word. every emphasis. i think the american people are smarter than the democrats give them credit for. i think they see through attempts like this to limit speech and politize the act of a few lune ticks. -- lunatics. here is what really going on. the press enablers are hoping the horrific events in the last 72 hours will stem the gop's late surge. the public will look at them. look at what you did. in order to do this, they will need to silence donald trump on the stump. that rimes. they want to force the president to be more like a conventional
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politician on the trail and less effective. good luck with that. this ploy will not work. most americans know real evil when they see it. and they know what political opportunities are and that it can spring from that very evil. that's the "angle." joining me jeffrey lord and in studio drew litman. drew, the first crack. you heard nancy pelosi in the "angle." it was the republicans worrying about the demonization of trump. in this case the script is flipped. >> what different here is donald trump is president. he commands the military. he is the commander-in-chief and federal law enforcement. when he makes a threat, it has a
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different potency. even during the campaign he urged supporters in a rally to apply second amendment remedies to hillary clinton if she was elected. that could only mean shooting her. he said to have her secret service detail pulled and see what happens. he contemplated physical danger for her. >> laura: you believe donald trump wants physical harm to happen to hillary clinton? >> yes. >> laura: i don't think democrats want physical harm to republicans. in the restaurants they want to provoke a reaction. someone this close to your face when your child is with you, you won't say sit down and join us. you would be ticked off. but maxine waters said go where they are. eric holder said when they hit
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us, we kick them. hillary clinton we can't be civil. holding up a decapitated head of the president. >> cathy griffin doesn't speak for the democratic party. >> laura: they are applauded. maxine waters goes to every awards show and is the toast of the town. >> president trump made her the toast of the town by singeing her out for attacks. she is the only one to get one of these bombs in the mail. do you think that's not because of the rhetoric president trump uses? he abuses her every rally. >> laura: jeffrey, your reaction? >> there is a climate of hate in the liberal media and all directed at the president. cnn and jeff zucker and i used to work there. i love and respect all of my
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former colleagues. they have been put through hell the last couple of days. running these constant blaming of the president, we have no idea who did this. absolutely no idea whatsoever. i would say stop, stop, stop. for god's sake stop it. what is really dangerous is the logic. this is from an illinois paper. it was a letter to the editor. it reads this way: one of my favorite tv shows is the show on msnbc. the guy who wrote that is the guy who shot steve scalise. words matter jeff says and these other folks are saying. if words matter, they are saying that msnbc who are anti-trump are responsible for the steve
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scalise shooting. that's very, very dangerous. what is really bad about this, god forbid that something happens to the president or sarah sanders or a member of this administration. this kind of argument will whirl around in a heart beat and fingers will be pointed at cnn or msnbc to lay the responsibility on them. that's wrong. >> laura: it's an attempt to stop speech. i think more speech is better. when everybody is hitler, nobody is hitler. when you want physical harm to happen to someone, whatever mailed these things, whether they wanted to them to go off or not, this is an evil intent. we know that. >> that's right. >> laura: unless you say go hit them, it's a very dangerous territory people are walking into it. jeff, you touched on this.
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listen to what cnn's john king said today. >> no one is blaming the president. the president wants to make this about him. >> laura: the lower 3rd on the screen says cnn trump has no plan to claim any personal responsibility for inciting serial bomber. is that defensivible on cnn's part? >> perfectly defensible. they are not blaming trump enough. these are trump targets. he refers to people as traitors. they committed treason. they are enemies of the state. he offered to pay if his supporters would beat up protestors. >> laura: i have a lot of respect for rachael. she does a great show.
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i don't agree with her on anything. people will probably hate me for saying that. if i was a liberal i would watch racism. -- rachael. when you have someone like margets saying go out and do this. calling trump hitler. you are saying that has no connection to anything that would happen to a supporter of the president like steve scalise. if something happened to the president, would you connect those claims of hitler to the assassination attempt? >> are you suggesting that steve scalise was shot because of democratic rhetoric? >> laura: the president has been called stalin, hitler and every dictator rolled into one.
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you think -- agree that you can't do that. you want to do it one way but not the other way. that's what the "angle" is about. >> did republicans say obama was a dictator? >> laura: people say idiotic things. the left used to be about free speech. the left now is about college speech code. less speech or more speech? i defended your former boss when they tried to throw him out. i said let the voters decide. he's been really nasty to me and i defended him. thank you very much. we are reaching a tipping point of civil strife not seen since the 1960s. victor davis hansen is the
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author of the second world war. your reaction to what you heard tonight? >> i think americans are just tired of this instant virtue signaling. they want symmetry. we don't be what the relationship is between violent speech and violent act. we have been told -- i believe in free speech. we were told there was no speech between the shooting of steve scalise with the type of speech you played. then there is no connection between trump being over the top in rallies and this incident. that's not what we are getting. we are getting an assymmetrical idea. when a conservative didn't say as much it does. i don't think that's a
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proposition people can accept. you would see maxine waters and joe biden, they would cease their violent speech because they made the argument in the case of trump it will lead to something. i don't think they will cease it. if you can say you cannot imagine, promote, advocate the assassination of the president. you might have to take a "time." -- time out. i think that would stop it tomorrow if you believed that was necessary. or somebody go to campus and get physical. maybe you could charge him with a felony or the people in the streets of portland. that would deter it. we have mechanisms to make the argument between violence speech and violent act.
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>> laura: i want to give another example of the violent speech. barack obama when he came on the campaign trail. historic. this is 2008. i remember this well. it was in philadelphia june 13th. if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun. from what i understand folks in philadelphia like a good brawl. i have seen eagles fans. i know he didn't really mean bring a gun to a fight. if a conservative says something like that, how dare you say that? everyone is liking walk on a tinder hook on the right. on the left. cut his head off. get in their face. make susan collins cower in an elevator. >> and booker channelled barack
7:21 pm
obama. get in their faces in the way that holder talked about taking a gun to a knife fight. that didn't result in concrete acts. >> laura: up next more on the devices sent to democrats across the country. what they can tell us about the perpetrator. into the facts next. today... back pain can't win. now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long.
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>> we were told officials that fortunately the devices they were able to examine so far were poorly made. >> taped to the side an electrical circuit. apparently a timer. norwas it clear what was supposed to set the packages off. >> laura: some of the inspected mail bombs were not capable of
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exploding. the others have yet to be analyzed. what might any of this tell us about the motive and the skill of the perpetrator? has this been hyped or in the caution warranted? joining us is danny collison. the lead agent investigate the oklahoma state bombing and ryan. ryan, what can we take away from the fact that these devices to be all duds? >> well, laura, i have 24 years as a police officer. i have been a bomb squad commander and explosive specialist with the department of homeland security. i looked at thousands of x-rays. when i saw the x-ray put out to the media, immediately, people that worked with me every day at
7:26 pm
tripwire, we said there is no way that device would function. when we looked at the pictures of the device itself, it looked mickey mouse. it was very crude. a pipe with a red and black wire. very hollywood. like in a movie. and the timer. none of that would be what a real bomber would want to do. if it was a real bomber, he would be a victim. a timer is not an effective means of deployment. >> laura: danny, governor cuomo said something different about this device.
7:27 pm
>> it is wrong to say in my opinion that these are fake bombs. there is a question as to whether or not the bombs were designed to detonate. or to intimidate. the question is the motivation. >> laura: danny? >> that's laughable. i commanded the oklahoma city bombing investigation. i was the victim of an ied. this guy had no intention of these things going off. this looks like a movie prop. then what is the purpose? i tend to believe that the purpose is not to hurt anybody. these things are not capable of injurying people. that's verified the technician that examined them.
7:28 pm
i think it's theatre and messaging. it's almost a joke. it's not a joke because we take it seriously. this is not a bomb. it doesn't have the components of's bomb. no bomber makes a bomb out of that pipe because it doesn't restrict the explosion and cause it to hurt people. it looks like a movie prop designed for theater. it's like a firebug that sets a fire. it's a message. i think that's what we will find out once the fbi and nypd resolve this thing. >> laura: danny, i was talking to a friend of mine who is always on the israeli message boards. he said the guys who do the stuff you guys do in israel, it's horrible and scarce people. -- scares people but it looks
7:29 pm
ridiculous. anyone who wants to do harm doesn't construct something that looks like a flashlight connected to a baby alarm clock. it looked absurd. what does this tell us about motivation other than i want to get attention? >> that's a great question. it's one of two things. i won't be popular for saying this. either to send a message to these people we are watching you and coming after you and try to intimidate them. or possibly to create sympathy for them. i don't know where it will come out. >> laura: ryan, motivation given the prop-like quality of these devices? >> the only thing would be to intimidate or cause fear or panic. these are not functional. they sent them all over the place. in my opinion as well, i agree with your other guest.
7:30 pm
these devices are just meant to cause fear. >> laura: chuck todd on msnbc said this today. >> i have this fear it could be some russian operation designed to do what is happening now. >> laura: danny, russians. >> the russian make good bombs. this is not a bomb. it's a fake. it's a prop. the motive we will find out. the fbi will find this guy. there is so much opportunity to collect evidence and they have so many devices that are intact. they will take them apart and they will trace the components back to the guy who built it. >> laura: thank you very much. could then the end of the line for lawyer to the porn stars michael avanati.
7:31 pm
a criminal referral handed to the doj. details next.
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>> ♪ >> laura: a criminal referral dropped today called for a criminal investigation into the accusations of brett kavanaugh made by michael avanati and julie swetnick. joining us is ed henry. what is the latest? >> more trouble for michael avanati. chuck grassley is pressing the justice department to investigate whether he and julie swetnick provided false statements to congress about judge kavanaugh. they said kavanaugh was involved in gang rapes. grassley claimed to jeff
7:35 pm
sessions and christopher wray, some tried to knowingly mislead the committee. it stifles our ability to work on: in a brief interview today with fox, avanati lashed out at grassley saying this is political. he added this at a news conference in new york. >> we welcome the investigation requested by senator grassley who obviously has no idea what he has done. he has now opened a pandera's box. my client and i are looking forward to a full and complete investigation. >> some of the left are turning on avanati and his dream of running for president. "vanity fair" mocked the lawyer for suffering two setbacks.
7:36 pm
he was evicted from his offices for not paying rent. racking up debt and evading responsibility when the bill came due. tweets from planned parenthood today: laura. >> laura: joining us a former federal prosecutor. you called this substantial. >> it reads like a prosecution memo laying out a case against swetnick.
7:37 pm
senator grassley lays out the case where she submitted an affidavit and said brett kavanaugh spiked punch and targeted young women and participating in gang rapes. that's what she submitted under oath. an affidavit. later she goes on tv and says, i really don't remember any of that. and contradicts her affidavit. grassley said you can't submit a sworn statement to my committee and then go on tv and contradict that. that warrants an investigation of perjury and obstruction of justice. i read it. this is a compelling document. i think the fbi and the department of justice will investigate this. >> laura: the statutes involved of false statements, and
7:38 pm
obstruction of a congressional investigation, and then conspiracy. the two of them working together. there we go. perhaps with others. there might be more. this is the beginning of what we are seeing here. i think it's really important that senator grassley does this because otherwise, any nominee who they want to stop, it will just be i heard this. no, i remember this 25 years ago. yeah -- it's the worst more horrible accusations. why not there is no price to be paid? i would go after the feinstein leak too. some of my friends said maybe even some of the are the accusers in this case. did christine blasey ford tell the truth? i don't know a lot of friends of kavanaugh are upset and think there was a lot of lying going on.
7:39 pm
>> i could not agree more. what senator grassley is saying, you have to have respect for the process. when you submit a sworn affidavit i expect it to be truthful. if it's not you will suffer the penalties. what senator grassley is saying you can't lie and dries disrupt my committee proceedings. if that rule of law is not maintained issue the whole process is a sham. >> laura: he is a showboating viper. he was also promising like the going out of business sale on the rug store and they never go out of business.
7:40 pm
he is always promising corroborate witnesses and they never occur. are you aware of any witnesses that could corroborate this story? >> i have spoken to many witnesses. i have been clear there are corroborating witness. we didn't just make this up. i just find a woman to sign this. >> laura: quick final thoughts? >> just a baseless accusation that almost destroyed a man's life. >> laura: last night's debate between gillum and desantis when in a jam liberals declare racism. >> what is that?
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>> ♪ >> the question is did you pay
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for the hamilton ticket or did the undercover fbi agent? >> i am a hard working person. that may not fit your description of what you think people like me do. i worked hard for everything i have gotten in my life. i don't need anybody handing me anything for free. >> laura: that points to what has become an uncomfortable truth for gop candidates. if you criticize democrats you get tagged a racist. candace joins me. the left is doing it. gillum in a big jam with potential bribes. he was willing to take tickets and other things. that's the question. it has nothing to do with his race. >> when the argument is loss they result to this attack. what i don't like about this.
7:45 pm
i feel like it reinforces low expectations for the black community. we can't win a race off our own merit so we will cry victim and say we are being attacked because of the color of our skin. it's nasty and negative and wrong. i also think it's a show of weakness from gillum. >> laura: he is the new superstar. i think he is trying to be almost an obama-type figure. home spun. >> right. >> laura: except when you look at the state of florida, tallahassee in particular, that's the real problem city and he's been running tallahassee. desantis said if you want san francisco to come to florida, then yeah. >> if you want venezuela to come to florida. he is pushing a socialist platform which should terrify everybody. he thinks i can get away with
7:46 pm
this because i throw down the black card. the black card needs to be ripped up. you win based on good ideas. >> laura: you had an interesting event today with turning point. i got to see the pictures that trump tweeted out tonight. what was going on today? >> we are having a massive young black leadership summit. all conservatives. the energy in that room it's here. >> laura: i love it. >> black america is tired of being the victim that the left uses to gain pour in in country. we are showing up. the president will address us tomorrow. >> laura: what time? i didn't get an invitation. >> 11 a.m. it will be at the white house. i can't wait to hear what he has to say. this crowd is shouting lock her up! it was something to be seen. >> laura: there is not enough media coverage of interesting
7:47 pm
candidates. there is a republican muslim candidate in california. a difficult race. fascinating. obviously john james running for senate. unbelievable veteran. smart. compat pilot. it's like he doesn't exist. they don't know what to do. >> because they think there is something proprietary to the left, when black people deviate, the left tries to ignore us. i call times up on that. >> laura: college campuses. turning point fans out to college campuses. this is something we have needed for so long. we have college conservative newsroom under assault. what is the reaction? you get some stuff thrown at you. what is the reaction among
7:48 pm
minorities students when they talk to you and see you and meet you. you are nice and run. >> in the beginning, last semester we were met with protesting. the entire game has changed. they are wearing maga hats and jumping up. we have a large hispanic following. people are pursuing different ideas. this country is changing. black americans have nothing to fear when donald trump said he will make america great. we are americans too. >> laura: you are a weapon in a good way. i love it. i love what you are doing. thank you very much being here. i might crash your event tomorrow. how do drug cartels operate inside caravans like the one ai
7:49 pm
ai aing -- approaching the u.s. border. we have shocking revelations. stay there. pproaching the u.s. . we have shocking revelations. stay there. approaching the u.s.. we have shocking revelations. stay there. while i was in the navy,
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i decided that i wanted to go for electrical engineering and you need to go to college for that. if i didn't have internet in the home i would have to give up more time with my kids. which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them.
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>> ♪ >> laura: the trump administration has come under fire for calling out the potentially dangerous members of the caravan making its way up through mexico. another one on its way too. since drug cartels control the illegal flow of everything in latin america, we want to know how they still might be influencing this caravan even though they say there is strength in numbers. joining us is derrik, a former special ops division head. this caravan is described as a sea of humanity wanting a better
7:53 pm
life. >> we have a national emergency. the terrorists are tapping into the criminal networks for funding. that's number 1. generating $400 billion around the world. we have young kids dying from their poison every day. every 11 minutes somebody dies from an opioid overdose. we have people coming into our country with disease, crime and drugs. we have to end it. thank god president trump stepped up and sent the troops down there to help us. 11 years ago, we had a case against a very big arms trafficker. he wanted to get 100 pass ports for middle easterns. they don't just wait. they are planing to get people here in in country to do very bad things. that's the bottom line. >> laura: at one point they found 100 bangladesh people in
7:54 pm
the area where the caravan was gathering. maybe 5,000 people. that's a lot of people. it's everybody at one time is approaching a border check-point some will just walk across. they get processed and released into the country? >> right. >> laura: correct? >> you look at el salvador and guatemala and horned. -- honduras. they are some of the most violent countries. they want to come here and want our taxpayer to pay for their babies and food and college. and all of the hard working americans have to pay the bill. what about the deceasesdeceases diseases coming in africa? >> laura: no one talks about the health implications.
7:55 pm
i think the media where is the investigative reporting on these diseases? kids are be paralyzed. i am not saying it's immigration. we have a tb problem. chris cuomo claimed the border wall won't stop the cartel. >> i had the unfortunate pleasure of spending way too much time south of the border covering the drug cartel. you have not. let me tell you how it works. tunnels. they use planes and huge cargo containers. the idea you are a wall away from stopping the drug problem is also untrue. >> laura: what is your view? >> my view is that the wall alone won't stop the drug cartels. they are a business enterprise to make money.
7:56 pm
they have tunnels. but if there is a wall they can't drive over, we can prevent them from getting into this country like they are right now. talk to the farmers, chris cuomo and the people that are on the border and these people are coming on to their property with weapons. it's like a free-for-all on our border. the wall will help. it alone won't stop the problem. >> laura: great having you on. thanks for your service to the country. we'll be right back.
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>> laura: tonight's news about michael avanati and julie swetnick remind us of an interview we had with swetnick's ex, 3 weeks ago. did see ever discuss with you in your 7-year relationship the
8:00 pm
issue of sexual assault or did she mention having been sexually assaulted? >> never, never, once. did she mention that to me. if you know julie swetnick, i know her. if you ask me if i believe her, i don't believe her. >> laura: that's already avanati will fix the whole thing. shannon bream and the fox news @ night team take it from here. who are you rooting out? >> shannon: i am out. my heart is broken. i did a twitter poll. i asked our followers when they thought avanati or grassley would win. it's a landslide. i won't tell you. i will let you guess. thanks, laura. fox news alert. the bomb scares continue as investigators work to find a suspect and a


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