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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 25, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and i want to thank everybody who are the border who made this a great day. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the apparent pipe bombs have received huge media attention in the past few days and rightly so. the whole thing is horrifying. but they are not isolated acts. it's supposedly part of the landscape in this country. threats, envelopes filled with white powder and physical attacks. every day, are more examples of this. the details remain sparse but the reaction has been predictable and depressing.
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you see the usual dumb people on television to make partisan points or boosts cable news ratings as they invariably do, and and that includes the president's dislike of the media and active terror. it went on like this with maximum self-righteousness. >> the president cannot escape scrutiny. he is at the head of the hate parade and way too often. >> the president has seen for two years notnt interested in trying to detox the environment but pouring gasoline on the fire. >> i blame the rhetoric out of that building in the white house that comes from the top. >> to say there is no connection between what n trump has said about hillary clinton, barack obama, eric holder, john brennan, and cnn in the thinking
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of the person who sent the pipe bombs is foolhardy. >> tucker: so trump is responsible for the pipe bombs now. normally this kind of thing would drive republicans crazy but this time strangely it didn't. they didn't seem to care very much, maybe they expected it was coming. the president tweeted back at the media, he blamed them for making america angrier. at his rally, they shouted "lock her up" -- all of it seems normal. iis is all normal. two parts of the same country that despise each other so much, there is almost nothing one can't imagine the other doing including encouraging acts of terrorism. this is ominous, we're not supposed to hate our fellow americans this much. the question is how did we get here? there are a lot of reasons. our leaders made a series of terrible decisions and never apologized for them. the middle-class died and nobody
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noticed, new technologies that were supposed to unite us instead drove us farther apart. a rotten education system, disintegrating families, shockingng rates of substance abuse, all of those played a role. there were other factors too. but more than anything, our thinking changed. that's what really happened. over time, we stop debating politics, issues, and ideas, and we start attacking each other for things we can't change, for who we are. take immigration. 20 years ago we would be arguing about howra many migrants to adt into this country, under what circumstances, whether it was all good for america -- none of that is seriously under discussion today. instead we get moments like these. >> what is happening here is a sin againstap god. the hypocrisy of all people of faith in our country not to clamber for what the administration is doing to end.
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>> those who selectively use the bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenet of christianity. said suffer the little children onto me, he did l not say let te children suffer. >> tucker: a sin against god, what you're hearing is not political debate, its theology. it's not based in reason, but something deeper. something less predictable and ermore ferocious, it's a religis argument. those are not resolvable, that's why you were told not to start them at the dinner table. religious disputes push people into extremism. if i think your ideas are wrong, i'm happy to argue with you about them.ou but if i decide you're evil and may be attempt to hurt you, if only in self-defense, politics like this isn't really politics. it's sectarianism and ultimately it's an insight to violence. months agogo we invited congressman beto o'rourke of
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texas onto the show to discuss whether the united states should provide free health care to illegal aliens. there are two sides to that question but o'rourke couldn't even see the other side. he saw only callousness and sin, watch. >> i think there's an interest in making sure that if someone is going to be sick, if someone needs help, we deliver it in the most efficient, effective, cost-effective way possible. >> tucker: cost-effective to pay for the health care of people. >> you can pay for it in the emergency room. >> tucker: how about not paying for it atm all? >> you can watch people die in your community. >> tucker: i mustt be a mean person for not being in favor of -- thank you for joining us. beto o'rourke is not stupid but like soni many in the political class he has adopted a habit of mind that leaves no room for legitimate disagreement with his views. if you're opposed to paying for health care for illegal aliens here in favor of watching people
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die, you're morally corrupt. why would anyone waste time trying to reason with a monster? would you debate human rights with idi amin? facts are irrelevant. his character and motives are all that matter. increasingly that's what we argue about, character and motives. watch this exchange, the question we raise is the russian government act's email account, he happens to be one of the few people who might know the answer to that is the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee, watch how he responded. >> tucker: can you say i know for a fact the government of vladimir putin was behind the hacks. >> it was behind the hacks of our institutions. not only here, but also in europe.
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>> tucker: look and say i know they did john podesta's emails. >> i think ronald reagan would be rolling over in his grave, you're carrying water for the kremlin.. >> tucker: you're a sitting member of congress on the intel committee. >> you're going to have to move your show to russian television. >> tucker: in other words, i don't care what you're asking. the question is why you're asking it in the answer of course is you're a bad person, a traitor to your country. increasingly, most political conversations look like this. when you want to defeat someone we disagree with, we know longer argue against what they believe, we wait until they say something stupid and we pounce. we don't consider their explanation, we refuse to accept their apology is, there is no forgiveness. the point is not to make things right or to improve anything, the point is to vanquish an enemy. it's not just democrats who do
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this but obviously they lead the category. lock her up? that's not something any politician should do even to hillary clinton. criminal guilt is for courts and for judges to decide, it has to be. and what about the reverend john kasich, he's a republican governor of ohio. watch and explain if you disagree with him, you are disagreeing with god. >> we've got to start putting ourselves in the shoes of other people. we've got to start thinking about the consequences that t others suffer and if we have been spared those by the grace of god, let us be appreciative, let us count our blessings, and let us reach out to those that have less and let's stop putting up walls around ourselves and not understanding the plight, the trouble, and the problems of others.. it is not right, and the lord doesn't want it. our people at their hearts want to reach out to others, look at what they do in these storms. they rescue people they don't
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know, they put them in their homes, they feed them. that's america. >> tucker: the lord doesn't want that, says pastor k john kasich. what's easy to no end to foresee is what happens to a country when the people in power claim moral authority they don't have in order to compel you to obey. what happens? resentment builds. factions form, craziness starts to seem normal. it is all bad. if you want to fix it, stop talking like this. mark steyn is a best-selling author and a very smart man and he joins us now. is it my imagination or do many of our political debates affect theological debates? >> you said there are two sides to every question, that's how it should be. there are a number of subjects that are not two sides, that's why it seems entirely normal to these people that on a day when there are ten so-called pipe bombs that failed to go off,
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almost everybody in the establishment thinks the answer to more violence is less speech. the answer to more violence is never less speech and it's to restore in fact the idea of two sides to every question. you can't say at the left increasingly does on any number of issues that on immigration there is one side, there is the virtuous moral side, and on the other is the evil side. that's true for gay marriage, that's true for climate change. it's true for islam, it's true for transgender bathrooms. it's true for an ever wider range of subjects. when you do s that, you do incentivized violence. if you say to people you can't talk about that, there's nothing left except to shoot up storefronts and law bombs through windows. to hear people including republicans like mitt romney quite shamefully calling out
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vigorous open speech which actually we need more of. as a canadian friend of mine said that you need to have in sensitivity training, you need to train people to have vigorous debates and not get to the point whether on left or right, obvious jokes and bad taste, obvious vulgarities things that drive people nuts and call for people to stop tweeting and all the rest of it. we actually need more speech. if you don't want days like yesterday, you need more, better, more vigorous free speech. >> tucker: doubtless you've noticed the irony, as at the heart of a corporation becomes more powerful the society becomes cooler. how do you debate someone who believes he's already won the debate by virtue of his personal
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virtue. >> i think that's the key point. when i got into difficulties in canada with the human rights guys, i won that and we got a lot repealed. i will remember a minister of the crown saying to me that the object of this was to denormalized me. that's why these guys on the left and the islamic guys were doing this, i'd never heard that word before. i think that's actually what's happening here. if someone disagrees with you about immigration policy, about climate science, about transgender issues, then you denormalized them. you dehumanize them, you did legitimize them. once you've done that, you're on the same continuum to saying it's okay to punch their lights out or shoot him up. that's the danger.
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>> tucker: because of not even human. thank you as always for rooting us in reason, i appreciate it. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: at least ten suspicious packages have been intercepted by authoritieses across the country so far and a spelling investigation is underway to determine who is behind us, who sent them and why, and if there are more packages on the way. former fbi terry church joins us, thanks a lot for coming on. without speculating and in a responsible way but from the fact that you are aware of, what does this add up to? >> i feel like this is probably some sort of lone offender, i don't think it's going to involve a group. it's somebody who's clearly been planning it for a while, after all this person has put 7-10 bombs in the mail. it took a while to do the research, the building, now what the fbi has to do is have a plan
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because they have to figure out what happened in between. where these packages were and try and piece all of this together. the things we talked about before, finding cameras, finding potential witnesses, people in the stream who handled the devices. >> tucker: it's hard to believe, if yout' don't know it, you're one of the reasons the unabomber is behind bars right now -- it seems likely all of these packages at least one of them hand-delivered that there would be an awful lot for investigators to look at. >> there definitely is. when you look at the cases and did use the word earlier about a sprawling, they can become even bigger. what you have to do right at the beginning is you have to prepare and hope that you can get a break and some of the key areas and solve these cases immediately or that you start doing everything as you should do it. and lay the foundation if you have to go forward and become even bigger as far as manpower.
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you look at two things. they are simple and basic, strategy and structure. the strategy of all of these incorporates the forensics tale, the investigative trail, the handling of public tips and then going back out to the media and you can take every one of those categories and go back to other bombings and we can illustrate how that has been helpful. the structure is how you collect it all and bring it together. separate all the garbage from the nuggets you have to go through thera process. >> tucker: really quickly, there are an awful lot of bombs, none of them went off. what does that tell you, where these designed to go off? >> i have a rough time when i start speculating on it but i will try to say it like this. there's a lot of possibilities and people are talking about these kinds of theories. this may be they don't know what
9:16 pm
they're doing and how to put together a bomb. they could be someone who didn't want the bombs to hurt anyone. i don't think they would care if they hurt anyone. c and then you can get into political stuff. is it a republican, a white nationalist -- who knows? >> tucker: we don't know. thank you very much. the federal government will be deploying nearly a thousand troops to the southern border as many thousands of central americans make their way toward the united states. sheriff mark daniels overseas 8t arizona and he joins us tonight. thanks very much for coming on. will these troops make a material difference do you think in the crisis that we've been covering for the past week, with this migrant caravan? >> i do, it sends a message, a
9:17 pm
very important message that we're not going to let you come to a border as they see as vulnerable and weak and that's why they're a coming. they can claim refugees out of mexico and stop there, but they are coming all the way, a thousand miles all the way to the southern border because it's a vulnerable border. what i see is our congressional folks, republicans, democrats, independents, pointing fingers, nobody is solving this issue while the men and women on the front line of this, of the federal partners, our local law enforcement are standing by doing everything we can do. it's tough, it's a challenge. >> tucker: if you were in charge, obviously you spent a lot of your life thinking about this problem and it's right in your neighborhood. what would yous do? >> i've worked the southern t border for 34 years. i've seen the evolution, i've seen the failures of it.
9:18 pm
what we have going for us right now, it gets very positive is the collaborative effort from state, local, and federal law enforcement. the executive branch that are working so closely, it's the best it's been in three decades when it comes to best practices on the border as we come up with community plans, federal plans that complement each other. we have a president, we need to have a secure border which i 100% agree with. we need our elected national leaders, this is a policy and a legal issue. >> tucker: i needr: to ask you this question since you lived there, in washington and new york this is framed purely as an ethnic issue, as a racial issue. as i tell people in your county see it or is it more complicated from your perspective? >> you don't hear that kind of talk on the border.
9:19 pm
you hear it everywhere else. but on the front line where we are dealing with it everyar day, 34 years i've never seen a complaint on a deputy or a law enforcement officer that's based around race, we just don't see that. what we see as a community working with law enforcement at all levels trying to come up with solutions to stop the flow into our country and throughout this nation. that's what we see down here. but the rest of the country doesn't see is the violent aspect of this too. last night my deputy that worked with the borders team, they found one of the smugglers, they had a physical altercation, that the stuff you don't see. it's a vulnerable time at the border. these criminal transnational organizations that are pushing these drugs in this human smuggling which i called modern-day slavery into our country, they don't see that. we see that, it's a vulnerable and dangerous game. >> tucker: no one mentions
9:20 pm
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♪ >> the allegations made by mr. mr. avenatti about you true? >> those are not true, never met her, don't know who she is.
9:24 pm
there is a letter released within two hours of that breaking from 60 people who knew me in high school, men and women who said it was their words nonsense. totally whole thing, ridiculous. >> none of these allegations are true? >> correct. >> tucker: the senate judiciary committee has referred to creepy porn lawyer and one of his clients julie swetnick to the fbi for alleged conspiracy to mislead congress during brett kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation hearings. creepy porn lawyer and his client says he was involved in a series of long gang rapes, he spoke about the criminal investigation intove him. we welcome the investigation requested by senator grassley who obviously has no idea what he's just done. what he has effectively done is
9:25 pm
he's now opened up a pandora's box and my client and i are very much looking forward to a full and complete investigation into my clients allegations. >> tucker: creepy but undeniably brash. unfortunately for him, that's not the only bad news he received today. cplcp also blew up his presidential campaign completely by suggesting in an interview with "time" magazine that the democrats should nominate a white man for president in 2020, that's not allowed in today's democratic party. he was seen as a front runner for the democratic nomination two years from now. senator john kennedy serves on that committee, thanks for coming on. if you would mind explaining to us what this criminal referral is about. >> they are very serious allegations, the committee is alleging mr. avenatti and
9:26 pm
miss swetnick violated title 18 of the united states code, basically conspiracy, making a false statement, obstruction of a senate committee. basicallye the basis of the allegation is that mr. swetnick and mr. avenatti said that miss swetnick had personal knowledge that judge kavanaugh spiked punch with drugs and alcohol, that judge kavanaugh, now justice kavanaugh fondled women and that justice kavanaugh rape ed had personal knowledge f that. then she gave interviews to the newshe media, she recanted mostf that testimony. the judiciary committee interviewed ten witnesses trying to corroborate miss swetnick's allegations, none of them could -- quite the contrary. i don't know whether miss swetnick was just a pawn or
9:27 pm
not, the fbi will find out. i don't know mr. avenatti, based on my relationship with him through the committee just on what i've observed, he has a casual relationship with the truth and it appears to me that he will do the right thing but only when constantly supervised and cornered like a rat. >> tucker: what you're saying if i'm interpreting this correctly, there is no evidence that these ten gang rapes took place. she swore under oath. this is going to be the one case in my memory were somewhat he actually gets punished for lying to a congressional committee under oath. >> this is serious. wepl want people who are victims of sexual violence to come forward. if someone comes forward and lies about it, that undermines the legitimacy of the
9:28 pm
allegations that are valid. at one point, when it was clear that there were no corroborating witnesses, mr. avenatti alleged that he had a witness and would present a sworn statement, but he would not tell us the name of the witness. it was a turning point in the hearing. i think even if you ask the democrats, when mr. abernathy entered the picture, it was clear we work at the good of the foothills of thehe preposterous. >> tucker: i live there so i didn'tfo notice. thank you, the foothills of the preposterous. great to see you. what do private jets, country clubs, luxury hotels, and paris have in common? they are all things that new jersey senator roberts menendez leveraged his influence to get for 3. he might lose his reelection bid as a result, we will speak to
9:29 pm
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>> tucker: the political press spent so much time mindlessly exulting over the imminent blue wave that they largely overlooked one of the real surprises of this cycle. there is an actually competitive senate race in new jersey. that's a bluee state if there ever was one. recent polls show a single digit margin between democratic
9:33 pm
incumbent robertt menendez and republican businessman bob keegan. federal court documents describe specific allegations that he had with dominican. prosecutes pursued a bribery case against senator menendez, paid for expensive hotel rooms in p paris, and of course contributed generally to the campaigns. federal prosecutors failed to convict him successfully on those charges mostly because the supreme court narrowed the standards for what constitutes bribery in america. earlier today, video of menendez supporters ripping out lawn signs surfaced on the internet. >> you don't live here.
9:34 pm
>> tucker: ripping out lawn signs and lettering, our rules are generally we don't have candidates on, this is such an amazing race we couldn't resist talking about hugin, he's a republican against menendez. thanks so much for coming on. this race has received relatively little attention, the alleged corruption against menendez got little attention -- do you think has behavior as one of the central issues in this race? >> absolutely, when we started this race less than a third of new jersey inns knew that he had been indicted by the obama administration. when he went on the senate floor and was pontificating about when will america listen to women,
9:35 pm
here's a sworn fbi affidavit that talks about these very specific allegations in corroborating evidence, and in that same release in that department of justice said when we confronted you with these allegations, you lied demonstratively false statement statements. the people of new jersey deserve to know that. >> tucker: we do, i edited the first story on that and he called me a racist for running that story but it turned out i think to be clear and true. what you're saying is there is enough democrats who find his behavior abhorrent that they might vote for you, a republica republican. >> the momentum is palpable and clear, we are in a statistical tie right now. some internal polls have us with a slight lead, other polls we've seen had us tied. it's in the margin of error right now. the momentum is so clearly on our side. if people are realizing, new jersey can do better.
9:36 pm
i'm a jersey guy, i was born here, raised here, i only left to go into the marine corps. the momentum is so clear, people in new jersey want better, they deserve better and we're going to give them better on november november 6th. >> tucker: the state is controlled by democrats, are you worried it won't be a clean election, do you think you can get a fairy shake? >> we want all fair elections, we will have 6,000 precincts, republicans will have challengers in every precinct to make sure that we have the kind of election americans deserve. we hope as many new jerseyans get out to vote as w possible. especially momentum we have, another serious democratic endorsement on wednesday. tomorrow i'm going to get a very significant hispanic endorsemen endorsement, momentum for democrats, independents and republicans is tremendous.
9:37 pm
12 days left to go, it's all going to be down to who gets the boat out and we are committed to making sure that happens. >> tucker: will be watching, pretty amazing that guys still still in the u.s. senate. >> it's a disgrace. thank you. >> tucker: time now for "final exam," can you beat our news experts and remembering what happened this week? how's your short-term memory, we'll see what there is is after the break ♪ (electronic dance music)♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: time now for our special political mastermind addition of final exam, where news experts compete with one another to see who's been paying closer attention to the news. this week's contestants, ed henry and from the "washington examiner," byron york. >> i was off most of the week so i wasn't following the news. >> you're about to play golf ane
9:42 pm
you say i'm actually really sor sore. >> i bought a lot of christmas gifts early. >> tucker: it's a close call. hands on buzzers. i ask questions, the first one to buzzz in get to answer the question, you have to wait until i finish asking it before i answer it. each correct answer with a single point, each incorrect answer to tracts appoint from your total, first to 5 wins. >> best-of-five, is that? >> tucker:t you see it. it was a contentious few years between donald trump and ted cruz but earlier this week the president gave him two new nicknames, name one of them. ed henry. >> texas ted.
9:43 pm
>> he's not lying ted anymore, he is t beautiful ted. i call him texas ted. >> tucker: nice. beautiful ted or texas ted. >> both are true. >> tucker: there was a record-breaking lottery drawing, it was a mega millions jackpot worth $1.5 billion, only one person won, which state does that person live in? >> south carolina. >> tucker: is south carolina correct? >> someone in south carolina won the money, it has produced a winner. tens of millions of losers. if >> greater odds of dying of falling out of bed than winning the lottery. >> tucker: amazing. when you have the special political mastermind's addition you know it's going to be close.
9:44 pm
question three. a replica of the world's most infamous passenger ship due to set sail in 2022 will follow the same north atlantic of journey, what's the name of that ship? >> titanic. >> tucker: not lusitania, titanic. is it titanic? >> titanic two sets sail in 2022. ofsa course with modern technoly and safety procedures. it traces the same north atlantic a journey of the original from dubai to england and onto new york. >> tucker: they say technically the name is titanic two. i was unclear in my question you were technically correct but they want to rub in that they're not actually correct. >> forget it, don't buy ship of
9:45 pm
fools, whatever? >> it's a replica of what ship. it wouldn't be a replica of titanic two. it says what is the name of the ship. >> tucker: they are cutting the baby. question four. as required by thee game show commission of poughkeepsie, new york, we now s ask our weeky animal question. a m popular video shows a farm animal in ireland sinking like a human, what kind of animal was it -- a goat, chicken, a donkey. ed henry. >> a donkey. >> tucker: that's one of the questions where you know it or you don't. >> finally we have a musical donkey . you're right, i just said donke donkey. >> i was off on monday and
9:46 pm
tuesday. i have another idea come i'm not going to tellr you. >> tucker: question four -- rather five, final question. if you tie it up, we have a tiebreaker. this is a multiple choice, final question. there's a thief on the loose in the u.k., caught on camera, people say the thief looks a lot like a character from the 1990 sitcom friends. which character was at? monica, chandler, ross. >> ross, it was on the five. >> tucker: you spend a lot of time>> watching tv. is that correct, was it ross? >> did you recognize this accused beer thief, some people think it looks like ross from the show friends.
9:47 pm
>> tucker: ed henry. are you kidding? byron york and i, i'm staring at you. >> this is what happens when you spend all of your time reading russian. >> tucker: a commemorative mug that reminds us of the pivotal moment when eric wemple came on the show and deeply enjoyed himself. byron york, thank you. good to see you, that's it for final exam. you tune into the news each week, and see if you can outwit our experts on thursday, we'll be right back ♪
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>> a serial bomber has sent explosive devices to s barack obama, hillary clinton, major democratic donor george soros, congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, maxine waters, and cnn. authorities don't have a suspect yet, but based on the intended targets they have released this sketch. >> tucker: talk to anybody responsible for forming our perceptions about news or culture in this country, talk show hosts, late-night comedians, almost all of them will admit that hatred in america is getting to a crisis scary levels. ask them who is responsible and they will always point to people they will disagree with politically. theyey will never concede that their unreasonableness, stupidity had anything to do with creating the culture they disapprove of. are they right? joe concha watches the media for a living and he joined us tonight. thanks a lot for coming on. i wonder if the news media and
9:53 pm
i'm happy to include myself in that played some role in getting us to where we are. >> i think absolutely, no question about it. stephen colbert and his 17 writers must've been taking cues from certain quarters of cable news. i'm going to bring up cnn and a second and i wish i didn't have to because i'm sure if you're in that building, you're just some associate producer, an editor, cameraman, you must've been horrified by what you were experiencing. >> tucker: i used to work there, i feel sorry for them. >> w i was hoping there would be measured and sober like the old cnn of aaron brown, campbell scott, bernard shaw and set up wanting fingers. then i'm watching one anchor and he said this. he said no one is blaming the president. is anyone blaming the president? the president and i want to make
9:54 pm
this about him. then i asked the producers to put up these two chiron's that you lookok like these two and here's one of them. "trump has no plans to bear any personal responsibility for inciting serial bomber." it assumes an awful lot when gabby giffords in arizona -- sarah palin was accused of that shooting because she targeted that district, we want to take it back politically and people automatically assume the shooter, because it's erin sarh palin and cited him too. then the second tyrant. men hunt for serial bomber going after trump's targets. this is unbelievable, we work in the least self-aware business in the industry. you look at these people and say how could you be sold to us, it intentional? instead i got these kind of chiron's pointed the finger at the president when they have no
9:55 pm
idea what incited this deranged lunatic that's sending all of these bombs. >> tucker: that's right, there are copies of emails between trump and the mad bomber saying go ahead and take out my enemies, but there aren't those. have i missed news developments tonight? >> if you have not. you say does the media their responsibility. look at "the new york times" on monday. five fictional f writer's of housing about how the president will be removed from office including assassination by a secret servicece agent. they are absolutely responsible, partly responsible for the temperature of this country today. >> tucker: i don't want to add to that garbage, i hope the show doesn't. thank you. it's fair to call this the most dysfunctional moment in our lifetimes politically, why is that? we have some ideas come up next. .
9:56 pm
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divided than it has been in most of our lifetimes, and there's many reasons for that. thee internet, lack of cultural cohesion. the point is, our elites inflame those divisions in order to rule. that's the topic addressed in "ship of fools" available at hope you will check it out. we will be back tomorrow night, with the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and especially groupthink. sean hannity is next. >> sean: congrats on the success of the book. buckle up, busy news night and a lot percolating out there and we are only 12 days away from the all important midterm elections where you get to decide, where you have all the power. does nancy pelosi become the next speaker of the house? you decide whether that happens, our chuck schumer becomes the next leader of the united states senate. and so much is at stake, including, let's think about this, building the wall in our southern border. at this hour, the migrant care venice still headed straight for the southern border of the u.s.u as we speak, they are marching


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