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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 25, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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435 members of congress up for reelection. we have tennessee, missouri, nevada, arizona, then we have montana can be won, and indiana can be won. and you could make it all happen, even west virginia, new jersey are now in play. 12 days. let not your heart be troubled. there she is, laura ingraham who takes it away from the sewer, washington, d.c. >> laura: okay. every time you throw to me, the last word out of your mouth is sewer or swamp. i get it. it's getting to be a little demoralizing. come on 89 i live in a sewer and swamp in new york, also. i pay 10% state income tax. if i lived in florida or texas, i would pay zero. that means why are we here? i agree. >> laura: i have a tiny violin playing for you hannity. >> sean: are you going to make me throw papers at you again?
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>> laura: come visit us soon. >> sean: have a great show, laura >> laura: this is the "ingraham angle" from a very busy news night here in washington. we still have no suspect or motive in the case of those devices sent to democrats in the last few days. that has not stopped some media organizations from despicable finger pointing. we'll have it for you. we received interesting details about these bombs from experts today. media folks don't want to talk about it. last night's florida gubernatorial debate revealed an ugly truth about some democratic tactics. level unfounded charges of racism and then you win the argument. candace owens will be here later in the hour to break it down. first the democrats convenient case of amnesia. that's the focus of tonight's angle. now at this point it seems the bomb like material sent to prominent democrats and cnn
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weren't meant to detonate, but they were meant to intimidate, instill fear. predict blue the left and their brethren are blaming president trump. >> law enforcement investigators are obviously right now i'm sure noticing that all of the recipients have been the targets of wrath from president trump. >> he has frequently channeled his supporters rage toward people or groups that he sees as his political enemies. some of whom were targeted by today's bombs. >> he's distracting from that what atmosphere we have in the country and he's not doing anything to tone it down. >> laura: the impulse to blame the president takes us back to the issues of basic fairness and common sense. two qualities in short supply these days. it's irrelevant responsible and outrageous for these folks to imply that these cast arredly
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can acts were committed by the commander in chief. where was their outrage and fury when prominent democrats were insulting conservatives or using aggressive action toward them? >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. [crowd noise] >> and you push back on them. >> press asks me don't i wish i were debating him? no i wish we were in high school i would take him behind the gym. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. >> laura: no objectivity there at all, no aggressive rhetoric or attitude. where was all the media outrage when hollywood showcased bloody
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depictions of the president? >> it's william shakes pierce play julius caesar like you've never seen before. a man dressed like president donald trump gets murdered on the stage. >> of course i want to punch him in the face. >> tyler and i are not afraid to make images. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? i'm going to say one thing "bleep" trump many. >> laura: i guess that constitutes high art in america these days. the left was applauding this stuff. they just love these ugly personal confrontations. ones like this. and it's so nasty, all the different stuff, the stores, the restaurants, elevators. i don't recall folks like joe scarborough asking if hillary or
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maxine's rhetoric led to this viciousness. i think the democrats have gotten wrapped around trump and all the stuff he's achieved and his numbers are up, they've adopted a by any means necessary strategy to get him out of power. and by not strongly and repeatedly condemning the group's methods i think you could argue they've become the party by default of anti factual let's stop comparing by the way the tea party to antifa as some on the left have strained to do. i heard that today. last time i checked the tea party years dressed up like betsy ross debating how to stop obama care, arguing about tarp and stuff like that. the tea party was interested in driving people to the polls in 2010, not driving people from the public square. now in the wake of these bomb mailings it is amusing if not disturbing to go watch the pied
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pipers pipers of chaos, for meant terse of harassment to try to flip the script. >> all of you guys i'm so glad you're here and alive today. we could have been mourning you guys. >> i know in my heart president trump bears a lot of responsibility for rhetoric that made it almost inestimable that top democrats and the media would be targeted. >> the president has been dog whistling. they've been acting out what they believe the president wants them to do and the way that's wants them to act. >> laura: this is a woman who said basically go find them wherever they are, at a gas station, restaurant, wherever they are in public. my friends, we all remember what happened more than a year ago, june of 2017 when a trump hating bernie sanders supporter, yes it was all verified, james hodgkinson opened fire on a republican baseball practice. there could have been 12 people
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killed, not one nearly killed, of course as congressman steve scalise was. when some looked for a political explanation for the shooting, do you remember what nancy pelosi at the time said? >> this sick individual does something despicable and it was horrible what ed, hateful. but for them to all of a sudden be sanction moan use as if they've never seen such i have a thing before. i think the comments made by my republican colleagues are outrageous, beneath the dignity of the job they hold. how dare they say such a thing? >> laura: how dare anyone ascribe any type of connection to a nasty horrible criminal act with atmosphere? in the aftermath of the scalise shooting there was no examination of how democratic rhetoric might have contributed to the violence.
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there certainly were no apologies from the left. i don't think all that many people demanded apologies. but now, in a joint statement with chuck schumer pelosi is actually trying to blame the president for these suspicious packages. she said in a statement time and time again the president has condoned physical violence and divided americans with his words and actions. okay well where was she last year when maxine waters, she's now the queen of the lefty speaker circuit, was making threats like this? >> with this kind of inspiration, i will go and take trump out tonight. [ cheers ] . >> laura: she wasn't talking about like out to dinner, by the way. now selective moral outrage is revealing what most americans should already know. the left basically wants to impose what's tantamount to a college speech code or code of conduct on the rest of us where the left gets to speak hate and
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pretty much do whatever they want with impunity but the rest of us have to watch every word, every emphasis. but i think the american people are smarter than the democrats give them credit for. i think they see through attempts like this to limit speech and pot size the acts of a few lunatics. here is what is really going on. in the face of kavanaugh, the caravan and the tightening polls the democrats and their press enablers are hoping that the horrific events of the last 48, 72 hours will serve to stem the gop's late surge. the public will suddenly look at them as look at what you did, look at what you created. in order to do this, they will need to silence donald trump. on the stump and it rhymes. they want to distract voters and keep the great closer, which he is, on script. force the president to be more like a conventional politician
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on the trail and thus less effective. well good luck with that. the cynical ploy will not work. most americans know real evil when they see it. and they know what political opportunity is, and that it can sometimes spring from that very evil and that's the angle. joining me now jeffrey lord and former aid to president ronald reagan, and drew lickman. drew, i'll give you the first crack. you heard nancy pelosi there in the angle, it was an outright rage for republicans to worry about the democrats demon any saying of trump and republicans and how can you do that? but nick, the script is flipped. is it? >> well what's different here is that donald trump is president. he commands the military. he's the commander until chief as well as federal law enforcement. when he makes what sounds like a threat it has ale different kind
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of potency. even during the campaign he urged his supporters at a rally to apply second amendment remedies to hillary clinton if she was elected. that could only mean shooting her. he said she ought to have her secret service pulled and see what happens. he contemplated physical damage for her. >> laura: you're saying tonight that you believe that donald trump wants physical harm to happen to mrs. clinton? really? >> i believe that's what he expressed. yes. do i think [ laughter ] >> laura: i actually the don't think democrats want physical harm to come to republicans. some in the restaurant want to pro vehicle reaction, someone this close to your face and your child was next to you, you wouldn't want them to join you. >> i agree. >> laura: people are trying to promote a reaction. maxine waters says go where they are, eric holder said when they hit us, we kick them.
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hillary clinton we can't be civil. holding up a decapitated head of the president. getting applause when you say f the president. >> kathy griffin doesn't speak for the democratic party. >> laura: they are applauded and lauded. maxine waters goes to every award show that i can think of and is basically the toast of the town after what she said? >> president trump made her the toast of the town by singling her out for a tax. she's the only one out of 435 members of congress to get one of these bombs in the mail. you think that's not because of the rhetoric president trump uses? he abuses here at every rally. she's a safe veried it target. >> jeffrey lord your reaction. >> there is a chime matt of hate in the liberal media and all of it is directed at the president. you know cnn and jeff zucker and i used to work there, my old boss, i still like him, i love and respect all my former
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colleagues over there. doubtless they have been put through hell the last couple days. but you know i would just say running these constant chirons and everything, blaming the president, inferring the president is responsible for this, we have no idea who did this. absolutely no idea whatsoever. and i would just say to them stop, stop, stop. jeff for god's sake stop this. what is really dangerous about this is jeff's logic. i want to reed one sentence to you. this is from an illinois paper. the sentence, it was a letter to the editor, the sentence reads like this: one of my favorite tv shows is the rachel maddow show on msnbc, unquote. the guy who wrote that it is the guy who shot steve scalise. now, words matter, jeff zucker says and these other folks are saying. if words matter what they're really saying is that msnbc and rachel maddow who are anti-trump are responsible for the scalise shooting. that's just a bunch of hooey,
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that is very, very dangerous. while tell ya, what's really bad about this, god forbid something happens to the president or sara sanders or some member of this administration. this kind of argument will whirl around in a heartbeat and fingers will be pointed at msnbc or cnn and that is wrong >> laura: it's attempt to circumscribe speech. i think more speech is better. >> yes. >> laura: when everybody is hitler, nobody is hitler. it december means true evil and true evil intent. when you want physical harm to happen to someone, whoever mailed these things, whether they wanted them to go off or not. some people are saying they didn't, this is an evil intent. we understand that. we know that. >> exactly right >> laura: connecting political speech. >> whoever did this is responsible. >> laura: unless you say go hit them, i think it's a very dangerous territory people are walking into. >> jeff you touched on this. take a listen to what cnn's john
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king said today. >> no one is blaming the president. is anyone blaming the president? but the president now wants to make this about him. >> laura: did you look down when he was talking? john, the lower third on the screen says cnn, trump has no plan to claim any personal responsibility for inciting serial bomber. man hunt for serial bomber going after trump's targets. >> laura: is that defensible on cnn's part in the. >> yes. >> laura: clearly blaming trump on the lower third chiron. >> they're not blaming trump emphatically enough. these are trump targets, the people he cited. he referred to them as trait ors, they committed treason, enemies of the state. he offered to pay the legal fees if his supporters beat up --
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>> laura: i don't agree with rachel maddow you i like her show. if i were a liberal i would watch rachel maddow. but when you have someone like maxine waters saying go out and do this, when people repeatedly are calling trump like hitler, i mean people, if second have stopped hitler, they would have. so you're saying that that has no connection to anything that would happen to a supporter of the president? like steve scalise? wouldn't happen to, if something happened to the president, would you then connect those claims of hitlerism to the assassination attempt? would you do it both ways? >> are you suggesting that steve scalise was shot because of democratic rhetoric? is that what you're saying? . >> laura: the president has repeatedly been called pol pot, stalin, hitler, pretty much every dictator rolled into one on a continual loop of the main street media. of which james hodgkinson dee
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vourd on a daily base else. i agree you can't do that. you want to do it one way but not the other way, which is convenient, which is what the angle was about. >> how did republicans talk about obama? did they not say he was a dictator? >> if you said that it's idiotic. people say idiotic things. the left used to be about free speech. the left now is about college speech code and circumscribing speech. less speech or more speech? by the way i defended your former boss, when they tried to throw him out i was one of the few people on t.v. that said let the voters decide. he's been nasty to me and i actually defended him. gentlemen, thank you so much. as vit writes we're reaching a tipping point of civil strive. it seems the rules of discourse are being dictated solely by the left. victor davis hanson is the author of the second world wars and he joins us now. victor you've heard the
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conversation, your reaction to what you've heard so far tonight? >> yeah i think americans are just tired of this instant virtue signaling and wounded fawn victimization when we don't know any of the facts of this incident. there is no rules in the arena. we don't know the relationship between edgy speech and violent acts. i believe in free speech. there's no connection between james hodgkinson shooting steve scalise necessarily and the two years of speech that you played. if that's true there's no connection between trump being over the top in some of his rallies and had this incident. but that's not what we're getting. it's a symmetrical that when progressives use that type of speech it has no ramifications. when a conservative doesn't say nearly as much it does. i don't think that's a proposition people can accept. if it were true you would see tomorrow, think of it, maxine
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waters, joe biden, eric holder would cease you will of their vile present in speech and rhetoric for the next two years because they've made the argument in the case of trump that it will lead to something. i don't think they will cease it. if you think we need to curb our speech you can deter it. you can say you cannot imagine, promote, advocate the killing or assassination of the president, cutting his head up, burning him up, blowing him up, we don't want that. you might have to take a time out, a 90 day cooling off period, no fly list on flights, i think that would stop it tomorrow if you believe it was necessary. or if you had somebody go to campus and get physical, these are people that are quite ambitious, maybe you could charge them with a felony, or the people in the streets of portland. that would deter it if you wanted to do that. we have mechanisms to curb vile pleasant speech and violent
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acts. >> laura: i want to give another example of some of the violent edgy speech. barack obama on the campaign trail, magnetic speaker, historic, 2008, i remember this well, this was in philadelphia, june 13th. if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun. because from what i understand folks in philly like a good brawl. i've seen eagles fans. now i know he doesn't really -- i know he doesn't really mean bring a begun to a fight. if i conservative says something like that, it's how dare -- you're in the pockets of the nra, how dare you say that? everyone is walking on tender hooks if you're on the right. on the left, cut his head off, get in their face, make susan collins cower in an elevator and get the heroes welcome at the grammys. >> that was influential because corey booker channeled barack obama when he used his words that he embraced.
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get in their faces, in the way that eric holder also talked about taking a gun to a knife fight. i agree with you, they didn't result in concrete actions. >> laura: victor we'll see you on radio tomorrow, i hope. up next more on the devices sent to various democrats around the country, and what they can tell us about the perpetrator. we're into the facts, next. t t tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. . >> we're told by several officials that fortunately the devices they've been able to examine so far appear to have been poorly made. they contained a number of flaws. taped to the side an electrical circuit, a timer, though its exact function isn't understood. the nor it isn't clear what was supposed to set the pack damages off >> laura: some of the suspected mail bombs were simply not capable of exploding.
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the others have yet to be analyzed but it is thought they will suffer from similar flaws. what might this tell us about the motive and skill of the perpetrator? has this been hyped or is the caution and attention warranted? joining us is danny coulson, the lead agent investigating that horrific oklahoma city bombing. and ryan morris is an explosive training expert. ryan given your expertise in this field what can we take away from the fact that these devices appear at least to what we know now to be all duds? >> laura, i have 24 years as a police officer. i've been a bomb squad commander, supervisory explosive specialist with the department of homeland security. i've looked at thousands of x-rays. when i saw the x-ray that was put out through the media, immediately the people that work with me every day at trip wire we looked at it and said there
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is no way in any form or fashion the x-ray we looked at, that that device would function. when we looked at the pictures that were put out there, the actual device itself it looked very mickey mouse as we term it. the device was very crude, pvc pipe, red and black wire. very hollywood. indicators like what would be in a hollywood movie and the digital timer that's present there. none of that would be, you know, what a real bomber would want to do. if it was a real bomber, laura, it would be somebody that is going to send the device through the mail that would be victim actual waited when it gets there. a timer is not a means of deployme deployment. >> laura: danny chris cuomo said something differently about what he considered to be -- excuse me governor cuomo, about this device. >> it is wrong to say, in my
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opinion, that these two or three fake bombs. there is a question as to whether or not the bombs were designed to detonate or to intimidate. >> do they have a -- >> the question is the motivation. >> laura: danny? >> that's laughable. laura, i commanded the oklahoma bombing investigation. i've been to bomb school. i've been the victim of an ied. i know how these things work. either this guy is the alfred e newman of bomb makers or he had no intention of these things going on och. this looks like a movie prop. then you have to get to the question of what then is the purpose? i tend to believe the purpose is not to hurt anybody. these things are not capable of injuring people. that's verified by the technicians that have examined them. so what is "the story"? i think it's theater. i think it's definitely theater and i think it's messaging and i think that is the distinction
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here. it's almost a joke. it's not a joke because we take it seriously, but this thing is not a bomb. it doesn't have the components of a bomb. no bomber makes a bomb out of pvc pipe because it doesn't restrict the explosion and cause it to accelerate and the hurt people. it looks more like a movie prop. the whole thing is designed for theater t it's like a fire bug who sets a fire so he can see the fire trucks coming, or someone is messaging. i think that's what we're going to find out once the fbi and the nypd resolve this thing. >> laura: i was talking to a friend of mine on israeli message boards. today he said i guess the guys who do this stuff you guys do in israel were just not laughing, it's horrible and it scarce people but what you guys said, it just looks ridiculous. to anyone that wants to do harm
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does not constructs something in this type of -- it looks like, one of them said a flashlight connected with a little baby alarm clock. it just looked absurd. what does this tell us about motivation, other than i want to get attention? >> well i think that's a great question. i think it's one of two things. i'm probably not going to be popular for saying this. but it's either to send a message though these people we're watching you, trying to intimidate you or to create sympathy for them. i don't know where it's going to come out. >> laura: let's get ryan in on this. motivation given as you guys describe the prop like quality, mickey mouse quality of these devices? >> the only thing that would be to intimidate or cause fear or panic. these aren't functional devices. they sent them all over the place, in my opinion as well, i agree with your other guest,
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these devices are just meant to intimidate or cause fear. >> laura: chuck todd, we have to play this sound bite. chuck todd on msnbc said this today, it's real quick. >> i have this fear that it could be some russian operation, too, in design to do what's happening now. it is dividing us. >> laura: danny, russians! [ laughter ] >> well the russians make really good bombs. most people i dealt with in my career, they all made good bombs, too. this is not a bomb, it's a fake, it's a prop. and the motive, we'll find out. the fbi will find this guy. there's so much opportunities to collect evidence. and the fact that they have so many devices that are intact. they will take those devices apart and they will trace the components back to the guy who built it. >> laura: alright guys thank you so much. fascinating stuff. could this be the end of the line for lawyer to the porn stars michael avenatti? a blistering criminal referral
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against him feels handed to doj by senator chuck grassley. details next.
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>> ♪ . >> laura: a bombshell criminal referral dropped by the senate judiciary today calls for a criminal investigation into the allegations made by michael avenatti and julie swetnick. joining us ed henry. what is the latest tonight? >> more trouble for michael avenatti starting with the fact that chuck grassley is pressing the justice department to investigate whether he and his client conspired to provide false statements to congress and tried to obstruct a senate investigation during the confirmation bat l or justice kavanaugh. she alleged kavanaugh was involved in gang rapes during high school and gave varying accounts. she said in the heat of partisan
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moments some do try to mislead the committee. that's unfair to my colleagues and others. it steveless our ability to w k work -- i don't take lightly making a referral. ignoring this will ask for more in the future. avenatti lashed out at grassley saying this is clearly political and added this at a news conference in new york. >> we welcome the investigation requested by senator grassley who obviously has no idea what he's just done. what he has effectively done is he has now opened up a pandora's box and my client and i are very much looking forward to a full and complete investigation. >> though now some on the left appear to be turning on avenatti and his dream of running for president. vanity fair mocking the lawyer for suffering two setbacks this one, one a multi million dollar
11:36 pm
judgment and a court order evicting him from his newport beach offices after not paying rent for four months. vanity fair reported: tweets basically attacking grassley and kavanaugh today from planned parenthood and naral that said we still believe julie swetnick, #believe survivors. laura. >> laura: thanks so much ed. joining us now is john lauro. john thanks for being here tonight. >> good evening laura. >> laura: you called the referral substantial. tell us why. >> it reads like a prosecution memo, which really lays out a compelling case, particularly against miss swetnick. and what senator grassley has done, he's very careful by the way and very thorough but he lays out a case where she
11:37 pm
submitted an affidavit and i have it here before me, where she makes very specific allegations that brett kavanaugh, she became aware was involved in spiking punch, was involved in targeting vulnerable young women and actually participating in gang rapes. now that's what she submitted under oath, an affidavit. and then later she goes on t.v. and says, you know, i really don't remember any of that. thoroughly contradicts her affidavit. so what grassley says, is listen, you is can't submit a sworn statement to my committee, and then go on t.v. and say something that's contradictory to that. that warrants an investigation of perjury and obstruction of justice. and frankly i read it, this is a compelling document. and i can i think the fbi and department of justice is going to investigate this. >> laura: the statutes involved, a number of them, false statements, 18usc1001.
11:38 pm
18usc1505 obstruction of a congress al investigation and 18usc371, conspiracy. the two of them working together. there we go, perhaps with others. the there might be even more. this is just the very beginning of what we're seeing here. i think it's really the important that senator grassley does this, john, because otherwise any nominee who they want to stop, it will just be, oh, i heard this h. no, no, no, i remember this 25 years ago. oh, yeah -- and it's the worst more horrible accusations, unsubstantiated, why not? there's no price to be paid. i would go after the feinstein leak, too. they should do a full and thorough investigation of final stein and maybe some of the other accusers in this case. did christine ford tell the truth? i don't know. a lot of friends of kavanaugh are upset and when you think about it there was a lot of lying going on. >> i couldn't agree more.
11:39 pm
what extent or grassly is saying, you have to have respect for the process. when you submit a sworn affidavit, to my committee, i expect it to be truthful. if it's not, then you're going to suffer the penalties under criminal law. the other thing that avenatti refused to do is allow swetnick to be investigated by the committee. that's very unusual if these allegations had substance to them. essentially what senator grassley is saying you can't lie and disrupt corruptly my committee proceedings. by the way if that rule of law is not maintained then the whole process becomes a sham. he's doing exactly what he needs to do to ensure that justice is done. >> laura: he's a showboating viper, if you ask me. avenatti on with casey the hunt back on september 30th, he was always promising, like that going out of business on the rug store, we're going out of business, we lost our lease, and then it never goes out of business, he's always promising
11:40 pm
corroborating witnesses and they never occur. watch. >> do you have -- are you aware of any people or potential witnesses who were at these parties who could corroborate this story? >> many, many, many witnesses, i've spoken to many witnesses. i've been clear for the last week that there are corrobora corroborating witnesses. we just didn't make this up out of whole cloth. i didn't reach into the ether and find some woman to file a false declaration. >> not one corroborating witness, instead a baseless accusation that almost destroyed a man's life. >> laura: thanks so much. last night's debate between andrew gillum and ron desantis in florida revealed a troubling truth. when in a jam democrats cry racism. candace owens the explains.
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the question is, did you pay for the hamilton ticket or did
11:44 pm
the undercover fbi agent pay for the hamilton ticket? >> i'm a hard working person, i know that might not fit your description of what people like me do. i've worked hard for everything i get in my life. >> laura: that exchange points to what has become an uncomfortable truth for some gop candidates this cycle. if you criticize a democrat you might get tagged a racist. is an honest debate still possible? >> joining me candace owens who is a communications director for turning point usa. candace is this a convenient ploy the left is doing? guilfoyle -- gillum got in a big jam. the fbi was clearly surveilling him and he was willing to take these tickets, and other things. that's the question. it has nothing to do with race and what color his skin is. >> i think when the argument is lost they result to ad hominum attacks. i feel like it really reinforces
11:45 pm
the bigotry of low expectations for the black community. apparently we can't win based off our own merit. we can't win a race based on our own ideas. we're going to say we're being attacked because of the color of your skin. it's nasty and negative. it's a show of weakness from andrew gillum. >> laura: he's kind of the new thing of the democrats. he's a new super star. >> right. >> laura: i think he's trying to be almost an obama type figure, kind of home spun, gets on stage. kind of cares matt i can. except when you look at the state of florida, tallahassee in particular. tallahassee is the real problem city. he's been running tallahassee. >> right. >> laura: desantis said if we want san francisco to come to florida, yeah. you can't even shea that apparently. >> if you want venezuela to come to florida. he thinks he's going to get away with it because he's black and
11:46 pm
willing to throw down the black card. the black card needs to be ripped up. you win based on good ideas not because of the color of your skin in this country. >> laura: candace you had an interesting event with turning point. i got to see the pictures that donee trump tweeted out tonight. what was going on today? >> yeah. we are having a massive young black leadership summit, all conservatives wearing maga hats. the energy in that room, i can't tell you, it's here, black america is tired of being the victim that the left uses to gain power in this country. and we are here and showing up. and the president will address us tomorrow. >> laura: wow! what time is that happening? i don't get any of the invitations. that sounds great. >> 11:00 a.m. p it's going to be at the white house. i can't wait to hear what he has to say. this crowd is fired up. they're shouting lock her up, it's something to be seen tonight. >> laura: you know there's not enough media coverage of interesting candidates. there's a republican muslim
11:47 pm
candidate in california who is running, difficult race. but it's fascinating. obviously john james running for senate. john james, unbelievable. you know, veteran, incredibly smart, combat pilot. it's like he doesn't exist. they don't know what to do. >> they think there's something proprietary about black people. when the they deviate away from the left, they try to ignore us and shove us under the rug. i think time's up on that. i'm calling time he is up on that. >> laura: what about college campuses? turning point does an enormous amount, fanning out to college campuses. we've needed this for so long. college conservative newspapers have been under assault. what is the reaction? sometimes you get stuff thrown at you, long it doesn't hurt you, wear it as a badge of honor. what's the reaction among
11:48 pm
minority students when they talk to you, see you, meet you? you're nice, you're fun. >> in the beginning, last semester we were met with so much protesting, the entire game has changed. they're wearing maga hats, saying thank you, jumping up and mocking beto for pretending to be hispanic. we have a large his span nick following. maybe it's because kanye west put on the maga hat. this country is changing, i'm telling you. i say this all the time. black americans have nothing to fear when donald trump says he's going to make america great. we are americans too. >> laura: well i think you're a weapon in a good way, and i love it. i just love t i love what you're doing. thanks so much for being here. great to have you in studio. >> thank you for having me. >> laura: i might crash your event tomorrow. how do drug cartels operate within caravans like the one approaching the border? a former head of special ops for
11:49 pm
the dea is here next with shocking revelations. stay there. [ upbeat music ]
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♪ ♪ . >> laura: well the trump administration has come under fire for calling out the potentially dangerous members of that caravan making its way up through mexico. there's another one on its way, too. since drug cartels control the illegal flow of nearly everything moving through latin america went to know how they actually still might be influencing this caravan even though they say there's strength in numbers of people. dereks malts, we really appreciate you being here. a caravan of this size, is it a threat? it's described as just a sea of hue the hadn't wanting a better life. what could be embedded in this
11:53 pm
caravan? >> we have a national emergency as far as i'm concerned. the terrorists are tapping into this for funding. drugs generate $400 billion a year around the world. right now we have young kids dying from the poison every single day. every eleven minutes we have somebody dying from an opioid overdose. we have mass amounts of people coming into our country with disease, crime, drugs. and you know what? we have to put it in the end. thank god president trump has stepped up and has sent the room tos down there to kind of help us. now eleven years ago we had a case against a big arms trafficker. he wanted to get 100 passports for middle easterners, that's eleven years ago. these organizations don't just wait. they are planning to get people here in this country to do very bad things. that's the bottom line. >> laura: at one point they found 100 bangladeshis, most of
11:54 pm
them wanting work in the country, even somalis in the area where the caravan was gathering. when it's 4000 people, maybe 5000 people, that's a lot of people. if everybody at one time is approaching a border check point, some of them will go through the regular point of entry, some will just walk across. they basically get processed and released into the country after they're coached, correct? >> exactly. you look at he will val va door, guatemala, honduras, these are some of the most violent countries in the region, in the world. >> that's why they say they want to leave. >> but they want our taxpayers to pay for their baby it's, food, college, and then all our kids and all the hard working americans have it to pay the bill. what about the diseases that are coming in from africa? what about some of these new, like the tb's, and all these different medical issues >> laura: no one talks about the health implications. i think the media, like where is
11:55 pm
all the investigative reporting on all of these diseases that are popping up. kids being paralyzed for bizarre reasons, we don't even know. i'm not saying it's immigration. but we definitely have a tb problem. we also have chchlt haga disease, all kinds of things. chris cuomo claimed the wall will not stop the migration. >> i have had the unpleasant position of covering the drug cartel. you have not. let me tell you how it works down there, largely. tunnels, okay? they also use planes, huge cargo containers. so the idea that you're a wall away from stopping the drug problem is also untrue. >> laura: what's your view on that. >> well my view is that the wall alone is not going to stop the drug cartels. they are a business enterprise that wants toe make money. they're going to figure out ways to get the stuff into the country.
11:56 pm
they have tunnels. if there's a wall that will they can't climb over or can't drive a car over we're going to be able to prevent them from get intoing this country like they are right now. go talk to the farmers, chris cuomo, talk to the people on the border and these people are coming onto their property with weapons and just like a free for all on our border. so the wall is definitely going to help. but it's not alone going to stop the problem. >> laura: it's to slow it down. it's great something you on. come back soon and thanks for your service to this country. we'll be right back. >> thank you very much. ..
11:57 pm
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11:59 pm
>> time for the last fight. today's news about michael avenatti and julie swetnick reminding us of an interview we had with swetnick's ask three weeks ago. did she ever discuss with you in your 7-year relationship from
12:00 am
1994-2001 the issue of sexual assault or having been sexually assaulted? >> never, never once did she mention it to me. if anyone who knows julie sweat neck -- swetnick, i know her. i don't believe her. >> michael avenatti will fix the whole thing. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. shannon: i am out. my heart is broken on many levels but i will tell you this. i did a nonscientific twitter paul but asked our followers whether they thought michael avenatti or chuck grassley would win in this fight and it is a landslide but i won't tell you. i will let you guess. we will see. thank you. we begin with a fox news alert, the bomb scares continue as


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