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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 26, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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1994-2001 the issue of sexual assault or having been sexually assaulted? >> never, never once did she mention it to me. if anyone who knows julie sweat neck -- swetnick, i know her. i don't believe her. >> michael avenatti will fix the whole thing. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. shannon: i am out. my heart is broken on many levels but i will tell you this. i did a nonscientific twitter paul but asked our followers whether they thought michael avenatti or chuck grassley would win in this fight and it is a landslide but i won't tell you. i will let you guess. we will see. thank you. we begin with a fox news alert, the bomb scares continue as investigators work to find a
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suspect and the motive. central florida courthouse evacuated after a suspicious package, and the mail sorting facility in the miami-dade area. we are hearing from the nypd after another suspicious package was found that time warner center, and the trump administration since troops to the border as the caravan pushes north thomas still unfazed. the administration making it clear no one will be crossing into america illegally. we begin with jackie heinrich live, another suspicious package surfaced. >> a second day of evacuation at the time warner ctr. after a pair of unintended packages,
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this building houses cnn and after a live explosive was found, police spared no resources making sure there was no repeat incident. 10 of the mail bombs were found in new york. the latest today, two more mailers addressed to joe biden were flagged to u.s. postal service offices, none of the packages reaching their intended targets. joe biden no longer has his mail screened by the secret service. and reviewing images from facilities were processed. >> in terms of tracking 600,000 postal employees looking for these packages. >> investigators opponent in on new york and florida, preliminary information
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suggesting those packages were sent from florida but all 10 are being dissected in quantico where they are scanning everything from dna and fingerprints to similarities in how they were built, questions remain on how many were operational and the nature of the power packed in with glass projectile's. it proved not to be dangerous but the bomb was live. all 10 bombs came from the same sender and in new york and across the country the search for the terrorist charges on. >> what we have seen in the last few days is an attack on media outlets, prominent public figures. to show very vividly that new york city takes these issues seriously. >> reporter: none of the bombs reached their intended recipient, many were handled by civilians and that had law enforcement encouraging the
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public to be vigilant. the bomb found in robert they niro's office noted by a retired police officer turned security guard noted the package looked a lot like the ones he had seen on tv. >> in the wake of suspected exposes devices mailed to numerous high-profile figures on the left donald trump taking a net a familiar target. fake news. there has been plenty of pushback. and henry is here with the latest reaction. >> tension building between the president and the media particularly cnn, donald trump junior is calling minute workout for nonstop attacks on the presidential family, read tweeting this chiron that appeared on cnn's screen today 24 hours after the attempted bombing of their headquarters cnn saying onscreen trump has no plan to claim any responsibility for inciting serial bomber. that despite the fact that investigators do not know much of anything about motive or who was responsible for these
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attempted attacks. jim acosta griped the president did not mention cnn at his rally last night and called them out for not taking responsibility for his rhetoric yet criticizing the media's tune at the event, donald trump junior tweeted did you or your colleagues take any responsibility for your rhetoric and constantly calling my family racist and nazis for two years when my wife opened and exploding envelope of white powder intended for me. what about what happened to my brother. please understand everybody at cnn was terrified for members of your family when they were attacked. and your father's rhetoric calling us the enemy of the people, very worried somebody is going to get hurt. we mentioned john brennan, former cia director and msnbc contributor continued his criticism, saying stop blaming others, look in the mirror, your inflammatory rhetoric, insults, threats of physical violence are disgraceful, tried to act
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presidential. the american people deserve much better. your critics will not be intimidated into silence. sarah sanders lashed out at everyone today. >> day in day out there is a negative tone, 90% of media attention is negative, the first thing the president did was come out and condemned the violence, the first thing your network did was accuse the president of being responsible for it. that is not okay. >> jake tapper did not hear any of his colleagues a publicly or privately that anyone other than the bomber or bombers were responsible. it was only yesterday cnn president jessica charged, quote, is a total and complete lack of understanding at the white house about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media and trump campaigning today noted that cnn's parent company time warner sponsored a play in central park depicting the stabbing death of
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the presidential look-alike. calling it brilliant at the time. >> i remember it well. other top stories, the migrants caravan heading north through mexico has 800 active-duty us troops are heading to the southern border at the direction of donald trump. trace gallagher is here with the latest. >> the numbers were estimated at 7000, now we know roughly 1700 migrants have decided to apply for asylum in mexico and more than 1000 others dropped out because of exhaustion, sickness, fear and a longing to go home but reporters on the ground say the 4000 or so that are continuing to move north have picked up speed by getting rides on buses, trains and cars but as the midterms approach donald trump is failing to hold his ground and plan to send 800 active-duty troops to the southern border. defense secretary james mattis consignee order at any time.
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the 800 military members would be on top of the 2000 national guard members already at the border and homeland security secretary kirstjen neilsen explains how the troops would be used. >> helping to bolster our capability, we are looking for air support, logistics, planning, vehicle barriers, engineering, and offices and agents themselves. >> unclear if us troops would be armed or engage with the migrants in any capacity. the president sent a message to the people coming to north quoting to those in the caravan turnaround. we are not letting people into the united states illegally, go back to your country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing. migrants who reach the border can claim asylum and would be
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allowed to stay while their cases are processed but many in the caravan told fox news they don't plan to seek asylum but they do plan to come into the united states and for context last year the us at 331,000 asylum claims. the most of any country in the world and the number of asylum claims in 2017 was four times higher than it was in 2013. >> we will debate that a little later. turning toward a session of political tensions at home two republicans, carlos cabello got a different via social media and has offices they notified us capitol police and quickly identified the individual. a republican running for congress in new jersey share this photo the letter he received. allegedly makes threats against his children. it was delivered with a torn up campaign sign. one of the democrats targeted in the suspected explosive device mailing, maxine waters, is blasting donald trump saying he should take responsibility for political violence. >> he is expert at lying and
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deceiving and encouraging people in his own way to be violent or racist or sexist. >> let's talk about with the power, vice chair of the nc michael boykins president of the american conservative union matt schlapp. welcome to you both. what do you make of what congresswoman waters had to say? >> absolutely irresponsible. we have taken political differences, there's plenty of those, too many, and the trump haters are turning these acts, bombs, terrible scary incidents and trying to say his rhetoric somehow is responsible for the bombs but the same time is an investigation about who sent these packages. it is like maxine waters already
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has determined that came from our a lot going the politics of this are disgusting and hateful and they will boomerang on the democrats. we should be taking a pause from politics. people's lives could be at stake, people could be harmed, let's see what the investigators find out before we jump to wild irresponsible conclusions. >> those who said this came from someone on the right who was trying to hurt enemies or target the president, there was a piece tonight on the new york post, if indeed the bomber was doing this to take revenge against trump's enemies he was doing trump no favors for the simple fact of the matter is it casts the light not on those critics but on trump and trump's rhetoric at the moment it is least helpful to him politically. days away from the midterm we are having a conversation about the president and his role. >> obviously we say thank you to the first responders and those in uniform that are standing up for us in these crises.
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it would be irresponsible to try to convey that. is disregarding the truth when this is someone who had a tweet last month about race baiting, this rhetoric has existed on the other side about fear. the investigation is happening right now but it would be irresponsible to make it seem like donald trump has no responsibility at all. this is someone who has repeatedly -- shannon: we are talking about someone who allegedly put together devices full of glass shards and powder to blow up in people's faces if they were meant to detonate. you can't be directly linking the president of that action. >> i didn't and let's not go down that road. >> you said the president had to take some role for this. >> absolutely. >> you are blaming the president's rhetoric. shannon: let's let michael
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finish what he is saying but if you are pointing a finger at the president saying he bears response billion that i want to be clear what you are saying. >> am i being abundantly clear that when you have someone calling the press enemies of the state, yes, there's responsibility in the rhetoric happening that is very different from trying to attribute it to bombing in that manner but let's be clear, donald trump has repeatedly been communicating this rhetoric and to say there is no bearing would be irresponsible. shannon: what connection is there. >> none. shannon: the president has said things, joking about roughing people up, praising the congressman who got in trouble for body slamming a reporter, what part of that factors in? >> the first thing is the biggest characteristic at the rally which the person the last 24 hours is condemning is when trump supporters say lock her up.
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which means hold hillary clinton accountable for her crimes. they are not saying below her up or she should be killed, sibley saying there should be a just legal response to the steps you took. they criticized him for saying cnn socks. cnn needs to be more balanced. it is a huge leap and irresponsible leap to say those statements imply they want these people to be killed or get bombed and that is the problem. you have a holder, former chief law enforcement officer of the united states of america say it is okay to kick people like me. hillary clinton say you don't have to be civil to people like me, republicans being kicked out of restaurants and run out of civil society, candidates who have been stabbed, who received death threats. the idea this is about donald
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trump alone and cnn alone is incorrect. shannon: i want to play something -- >> it is reprehensible that i'm listening to matt who did a tweet last month literally saying to conservative voters look at this photo, talking about democratic people of color, making it seem this -- >> this is where you guys always go. >> i want to keep the factual. it was a picture -- >> last month there was a tweet sent out by met with a photo of three democratic people of color that said conservative voters in the states, look at this photo. that is the epitome of race. >> i would like to respond because every deplorable and trump supporters listening to this interview can see what democrats do is call us fascists and racists and let's look at the facts. the facts are you just called me racist and the facts are that when those senators including diane feinstein which was also mentioned in tweet, i also
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talked about anglo democrat senators who went after brett cavanagh, the actions in attacking the reputation of brett cavanagh where reprehensible and you make it about race. i don't care -- i don't care -- this is an irresponsible use of time on this show and a change of subject and i'm not going to put up with it. >> we are not going to solve anything here but we appreciate both of you weighing in. donald trump proposes a new plan to lower drug prices, the war over health care heats up. >> we are here to announce another bold and historic action to bring down the price of prescription drugs. shannon: chris stierwald breaking down the races as millions of voters cast their ballots. i switched to geico and saved hundreds.
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12:21 am
>> from the stump earlier this week to a white house event yesterday. >> together we are going to end drug addiction in america. >> to major policy speech with health and human services secretary. >> today we are here to announce another bold and historic action to bring down the price of prescription drugs. >> to twitter yesterday saying republicans were totally protect people with preexisting conditions, democrats will not vote republican. with obamacare and 54% approval rating the president's message to republicans, even in dark red states like missouri is they need to move left and they are. >> i support forcing insurance companies to cover all preexisting conditions. >> despite a past life running hospitals, for governor and senate candidate rick scott promises to protect the little guy. >> my mom didn't have health
12:22 am
care, health insurance, you shouldn't be denied your healthcare insurance if you have a preexisting condition. bill nelson has never done anything but make the costs go up, deductibles go up, premiums go up. >> reporter: 40% democrats and 31% of independents rank healthcare at the top issue this election cycle compared to 17% of republicans, forcing republicans like ron desantis to paint democrats as moving too far left losing independents. >> support bernie sanders -- >> standing medicaid for 800,000 floridians. >> reporter: if the best defense is a good offense republicans have a lot of ground to make up in two weeks before election day. washington post poll shows voters trust democrats over republicans on healthcare by a 16 point margin. >> we will talk about that is more and we will focus on three
12:23 am
tight midterm races with the editor of the halftime report chris diverswald and author of every man aching. are you in a crown? >> they made me take it off. you are the royalty here. >> let's talk north carolina. district 9 a lot of heavy hitters on both sides of the aisle. >> no question that you know how close the republicans control of the house is being if they are willing to invest this much effort. north carolina doesn't have the senate race. north carolina doesn't have a gubernatorial race. is one of 435 house races and you have the president, vice president, everybody trying to save this seat. one of the other things that is interesting, as barack obama found you can't go everywhere and there's a limited number of places so this is not a good
12:24 am
time for donald trump to be in ohio, wouldn't be a good time to be in pennsylvania. he took a moving to pennsylvania before, his numbers are low in those states, states that he won but he is not so popular, north carolina is the kind of place where he can -- it will cause a backlash among democrats and increased democratic capacity but enough democratic voters in north carolina that he could make a district a race like this. shannon: he is there for the democrats. let's come to florida. this new paul, they have a thing in a dead heat. governor scott, senator nelson. >> in the average senator nelson has been consistently ahead. this is the first paul that we have seen in a while that has the race close. it was close at one time and scott had advantage in early going so we will wait and see if
12:25 am
this paul is an outlier or is it the beginning of a trend and for scott, he needed to be the start of a trend because as you were talking about with early voting already going on, time is running out quickly. >> there are big things on the ballot because you have the governor's race with andrew guillen and ron desantis. all of that factors into who turns out and who shows up. >> is a state that likes to decide elections rather narrowly. shannon: we have for them incumbent in michigan, john james, this business owner, military guy was down 23 points in september and his new paul says 7, any shots of the gop there? >> baylor might have won in the fourth quarter against wvu down 50. they might have won. anything is possible. a paul for the detroit news basically says the races have
12:26 am
tightened, bill shooty, the nominee for governor, both races of closed. i wouldn't tell everybody this. as you get closer to the end undecided voters lie. when they say they are undecided some people flatter themselves i might change my mind. what happens at the end is people return to their parties and roots, you will see this tightening at the very end. whether that has enough mojo, he's a very good candidate, a dynamic candidate. if it were different your he would be in better condition. >> next time we expect to see with crown and scepter and robe. thank you. a manhunt is underway around-the-clock for a suspect in mailings of suspected pipe bombs, prominent democrats including one working at cnn. officials confirming there is a region of interest. >> law enforcement ultimately has proven they will find the
12:27 am
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>> this has >> this has to be taken with the utmost you used this. is treated as expected exclusive devices. shannon: the latest in the search for the suspect suspected of sending exclusive devices the democrats and cnn. investigators focusing on florida, new york and maryland as regions of interest and officials treating them as live devices saying they are not hoaxes. vice president of intelligence fred burton and fox news contributor chief assistant us attorney andrew mccarthy, welcome to you both. i went to read you something from the washington post. it says there is a rich treasure
12:32 am
trove of forensic information, matthew doherty of the secret service national threat assessment center, fbi investigators, companions like a device, detectable expertise, method of mailing, a host of forensic evidence that can be gathered. they have gathered a lot of information the public does not yet know about. >> absolutely, no doubt in my mind, i would not be surprised, with the focus on the mail facility in florida they actually have footage of simply good suspect going in and out of there. if you think of this in context with the boston bomber we had here and think about the resources devoted to hunt him down you can look at this as an example of what is taking place behind-the-scenes. shannon: the la times touches on something you have written about
12:33 am
which is what is the intense? the headline is suspicious package is intended to spread fear rather than destruction. the text of the article says none of the devices into prominent figures in recent days have ignited, investigators now suspect either a would be bomb maker is inapt or the packages were intended to spread fear rather than injury or death according to two with knowledge of the investigation. i assume for experienced investigators, fbi bomb and others, they will know the difference quickly. >> they are although it is interesting and friends can attest to this as well, at the beginning of the investigation when it is just one or two packages you have to take the position because it would be irresponsible to take any other positions that these are live bombs, someone who intends to commit mass murder. when you get to the point you
12:34 am
are 24, 36 hours and now you have 10 devices and nothing has gone off and we are also hearing most of the time when you're dealing with packages like this the ideas they are booby-trapped, the act of opening them detonates them and that hasn't happened here with respect to at least some that have been opened, you have to then start shifting your theory to the idea that what we are dealing with is somebody who intended to frighten rather than have these things detonated that is important in your investigation because this means this is somebody who intended these devices to be captured intact so all your assumptions, we have this rich forensic evidence, that is true but if the guy is somebody who is more sophisticated and didn't ever expect these things to go off you are dealing with a different offender.
12:35 am
shannon: i learned a lot in this process, the fact that the postal service takes images of incoming mail, how will that help track down the origin? will it speed up the process for getting answers? >> absolutely. the other interesting aspect i would be worried about at this moment based on the news coverage would be a tactical shift as andy indicated with the bombmedical which we saw with the recent model in austin where he watches the news footage and adjusts is a low predicated upon that. will we see a shift? will we see a real device? those are the things the fbi joint terrorism task force is focused on, along with looking at all the other protective intelligence database files secret service and the state department diplomatic security had, i would not be surprised in
12:36 am
the least this person is not of record in those files once we learn his identity. shannon: i suspect i will tweet that as well for mandy, thank you. hundreds of italians morning a slain teen a candlelight vigil. that story tops where in the world tonight, the team was attacked in a working-class neighborhood in rome and the mayor announced more police will be sent to that area to fight crime. there is outrage over debates over immigration as three suspects, all immigrants from africa are detained in connection with the murder. lebanon clashes between palestinian factions of refugees, officials say fighting erupted between members of palestinian authority fatah and the group allied with hezbollah. a week ago clashes in the same refugee camp led to two being killed and 20 injured in belgium has chosen lockheed martin's have 35 jet over the typhoon to replace the aging f-16, that is
12:37 am
a $4 billion deal. that joins a list of european nato allies in britain, and of the netherlands and turkey to buy the american-made warplane. if you happened to catch our power panel at the top of the shoulders of the debate over a tweet by matt schlapp. we want to show it to you, this is during the brett kavanaugh hearing about the democrats on the judiciary. our guest michael blake saying this tweet is racist, it does show three of the biggest objectors to brett cavanagh, now justice cavanagh, all democrats and all senators who sit on the committee. he tweeted and said look at this photo, conservative voters, several of those were red states, democrats up for reelection, we put it out, we wanted you to see it for your self. the president issues another stern warning to the caravan of migrants and is not the only
12:38 am
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: asked in the >> asked of troops being sent to the border would be armed, migrants will be stopped and turned around if they tried to come illegally.
12:42 am
>> no medicare, it is hard for everybody. >> reporter: gustavo got deported from a construction job in south carolina. giovanni got deported after a traffic violation. both are going back. >> why do you come back to i need it. i say maybe. >> most of the caravan never lived in the us. >> we are a big family. my children are young and we are looking for the american dream. >> we are in southern mexico, 2000 miles from the border, some will walk, they will hitchhike when they can catching rides on a pickup truck or flatbed or do this, pay $1.50 to $2 a person and get one of these taxi vans and hopscotch town to town, sleep each night, walking a
12:43 am
little bit, all the way through mexico to the us border. there's a train they can catch not far from here but it is dangerous so the farther we go north the caravan will likely splinter, some towards the east but the majority will go west to tijuana and that is where some will cross illegally, others will ask for asylum. >> are you worried at all about not being allowed in? >> translator: yes, a lot. a long way with the children for nothing. >> it is 62 miles away and home to a freight train called the beast. many migrants plan to hop that train because it moves quicker. they can cover in one hour what it takes one day to walk. mexico told the united states it plans to disrupt that train to try to force the caravan but that remains to be seen. >> thank you.
12:44 am
the white house fact sheet claims democrats are, quote, open border obstructionists. the new york times column points out how democrats should combat that narrative suggesting this, the author writes we are not going to admit thousands of undocumented immigrants in a caravan, we do not have open borders but we are and have always been a country of compassion. let's bring in the executive director of the resource center, and president of the federation for american immigration reform. welcome to you both. i want to play something mike pence had to say about the situation. >> a statement saying, quote, gang members and criminals with significant kernel history are in the caravan and that includes citizens from outside central america including the middle east, africa and south asia that
12:45 am
are currently traveling through mexico toward the united states of america. those are the facts. >> how do we that the people who want to come here? >> we have a process for vetting through the border, everyone has a right to ask for an asylum process and you figure out if they have a credible fear and begin the process of asylum. those that don't will be detained and returned the country, something the us has done and continues to do and will do. we have to remember these people in the context in which they come it is very difficult. we are talking a maximum number of 10,000 depending on numbers that you believe. i believe the us has the ability to deal with this issue. it is part of what is going on. >> part of the problem is
12:46 am
there's always a huge backlog, trying to process people coming for legal immigration, the asylum request, this stuff takes forever and nobody seems to be cleaning up the situation in dc. >> it is unconscionable that after we watched what happened in europe in 2015 the united states congress has not stepped up to close the loopholes and manipulation taking place in our asylum system. everybody in the caravan who's coming know full well that as they get to the us and ask for asylum they will be given a court date sometime down the line, they can disappear for years, maybe never show up and taxpayers are supposed to pay unlimited amounts of money to go running around trying to find them. then you have the democratic party that says anybody who wasn't a violent felon or murderer or terrorist shouldn't be deported. many don't want any resources to go to find some so the illegal population continues to swell, asylum becomes the method of choice to get around border enforcement. people are getting into that caravan because they know what to expect on the other side.
12:47 am
the trumpet ministration is dealing with two hands tied behind its back because congress failed to deliver the goods, build a wall, interior enforcement, asylum reform, mandatory detention, speedy process, 72 hours, any alien who has not applied for asylum in mexico, not applied in guatemala should be summarily returned on the next plane was no reason for this country or any country to entertain asylum for people shopping for where they went to live. under international law that is not a privilege you have if you're a bona fide refugee. shannon: a couple things, the border patrol put out new numbers that talked about the number of people who come for claims and turned away or disappear somewhere into the system and what about this issue about why not stop at another country? why come to the us? >> look at this from a transnational perspective. the foreign-policy from previous governments created conditions in the country that are untenable and unbearable. the people, their choice is do
12:48 am
we stay and die or do we go and try the laws of this country? they know it is not an easy task. you were mentioning how difficult it would be for those people to undertake this trip. it is not something they take lightly. unfortunately conditions in the country are not ones that can sustain them. >> what about mexico? i travel thousands of miles through mexico and not try to seek asylum there? >> some of them have. over 100 people applied for asylum and we need to ensure mexico is not giving them a free pass. they need to strengthen their humanitarian protection and this is a humanitarian issue happening on our border that will end up on our doorstep and we need to decide what values we have and how to treat people. >> the people coming in are disrespecting the laws of guatemala and mexico and established mexico is not enforcing its immigration laws
12:49 am
allowing people not just from honduras but all over the world, people coming through guatemala and all over the world as mike pence said. this is a national security problem. if mexico is not going to be a full partner enforcing its own immigration laws we have a very big security problem with mexico's failure to act to prevent this happening. there is no reason for them to ride all the way. once they get inside the us they will find the ninth circuit judge to join it and next thing you know there's an injunction and they are all in. shannon: thank you for coming up. there's a new story out from the saudis about the killing of jamal khashoggi. that is next.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: prosecutors of >> prosecutors admitting the death of jamal khashoggi was planned and in the latest attempt to mitigate the international outcry over their original explanation they are lifting travel restrictions on jamal khashoggi's oldest son. richardson has new details.
12:54 am
>> reporter: cia director gina haspel is reporting on the death of jamal khashoggi, mike pompeo was also in the briefing. according to reports, gina haspel heard and on the recording of jamal khashoggi's murder, the cia declined comment, the saudi government released a statement and its investigators, quote, received information from the turkish side that the suspects committed their act with premeditated intention. saudi arabia stresses they relayed this information to saudi officials who will then use it in their own investigation. weeks ago the saudi government claimed jamal khashoggi left the saudi consulate in istanbul at friday saudi officials blamed his death on a meeting that turned into a brawl the children. this week turkey's president essentially said that was untrue and a saudi hit squad plant jamal khashoggi's murder. many of the details of this investigation come from the turkish government and turkish media which operate under government control.
12:55 am
saudi arabia has alleged jamal khashoggi abstinent his family to leave the country. the state department says mike pompeo made clear that they should allow him to return to the united states after jamal khashoggi's son and brother met with mohammed been salmon tuesday, the royals expressed their condolences and the family responded with great thanks for the consolation. the associated press reports last year the saudi government banned jamal khashoggi's son from leaving the country because of what his father was writing. criticisms of the government. shannon: we want to tell you about a small apartment building in seattle for the last 6 years, they are abiding by the old testament passage about the year of jubilee, forgive every debt every 50 years. they decided for the month of november 11th tenants living their building they have had in control for 50 years will be rent-free. that means they.
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jillian: friday, october 26th, this is "fox and friends first". happening right now a fox news alert, stopping the caravan. the move the white house is reportedly considering as donald trump sends boots to the border. homeland security chief is making it clear that caravan will be stopped. >> make it very clear this caravan cannot come to the united states. everything is on the table. i cannot stress that enough. jillian: we are live on the ground in mexico. "fox and friends f


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