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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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charlotte, north carolina in just a bit. 11 days and counting until the big election night. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story," hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. hey, martha. >> martha: always love the notablnotable quotables. thank you, bret. as bret just said all eyes on charlotte, north carolina this evening. the president is about to speak on a day, well, you know, full, really of october surprises. we have got 11 days to go until the midterm elections. the president will likely address what we learned today, perhaps in some way. we will be watching for that of the ghoulish plans of this man a suspected serial bomber targeting trump critics across the country 56-year-old man from florida preengtly lived in a van covered by pro-trump stickers discovered by former fitness obsessed male stripper with a quote steroid problem. a lot to unpack there. great work by u.s. law
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enforcement put this pipe bomb plot to an end. thankfully nobody was injured or killed. although they do warn that he may have mailed more bombs before the arrest. they still are investigating obviously. on top of that. and the president's critics were quick to place blame before the suspect was even named. >> i will challenge to you find a clip where there are democrats with a platform like donald trump, donald trump speaking like that. you will not find one. >> everybody should stop pretending that trump doesn't really know what he is doing. that when he says these things he knows exactly what he is trying to encourage. >> i think it's incumbent upon the republicans in this country to start to speak up. they have stayed silent and they're the perpetrators, also. >> martha: we will get reaction from that on karl rove and richard fowler in a movement first, the latest from fox news chief correspondent jonathan hunt as we know it tonight. hi, jonathan. >> good evening, martha. it's been a day of
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fast-moving events and it's coming to a close tonight with a 56-year-old man in custody and charged with five federal crimes, including transportation of explosives and threats against former presidents. that man is 56-year-old cesar sayoc, a registered republican living in florida near the postal facility from which many of the packages were mailed. he was tracked this morning to plantation, florida after investigators lifted a fingerprint from one of the packages and were able to match it to sayoc. it's fingerprints were on file because of extensive criminal history that included a bomb threat that came in 2002 when he called florida power and light threatening to blow up the electric utility and saying it would be, quote: worse than september 11. his record extends back to the early little 1990s and includes theft, drug charges, and traffic infractions. a van owned by sayoc was
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also seized today by investigators. it was covered in politically motivated material that appeared to show sayoc's ardent support of president trump and his distaste for democrats. several of whom were among the targets of the devices discovered this week. a picture of hillary clinton, for instance had a rifle sight printed across her face. a large sign reading cnn sucks. sayoc attacks democrats and supporters on twitter and facebook. none of his social media account or previous convictions have brought him to the attention of the secret service. that all changed this week with the discovery of the suspicious packages that the fbi director, christopher wray today described as improvised explosive devices not hoaxes. mr. wray also paid tribute to the speed with which so many agencies worked to find the suspect. >> the partnerships that exist in the law enforcement profession right now in this
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country are extraordinary, are better than they have ever been. and it's exactly what the doctor ordered for this country at this time. >> and those same law enforcement officers are likely to remain on high alert for several days, martha. given that further devices were found just today. cesar sayoc is scheduled to make his first court appearance in florida 2:00 p.m. on monday. >> martha: everybody will be watching closely and hoping there are no more and they are discovered quickly. jonathan, thank you so much. here with more tonight car rove former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and fox news contributor here in new york tonight. carl, good to see you. thanks for being here tonight. the headline really have incredible work by law enforcement, how quickly they found this guy. i think everybody feels really good about everything that they did today. the political side of it not so pretty. as usual. what's your reaction when you see how, you know, some folks are jumping on the
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obvious, which would be to, you know, draw the line between president trump and this crazy guy? >> let's try a thought experiment. what would be the reaction of some of those same figures if, in the aftermath of the assault on the republican congressional baseball team? remember that guy shows up, bernie sanders supporter shows up with several weapons and lots of ammunition and carrying around a list of, you know, republicans that he wants to kill. and only the coincidence that steve scalise, a member of the leadership was at the practice and was accompanied by security detail kept us from having a potential massacre of a number of members of congress. what would have happened in the aftermath of that if somebody popped up a prominent leader in america said the democrats had better apologize and explain because they are responsible for provoking this insane lunatic to undertake this violent act. there would be hell to pay, and rightly so. that was the act of a disturbed individual this
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afternoons to be the act of a disturbed individual. they have political consequences that ought to cause all of us to be restrained in finger pointed and what can we do to lower the temperature and unify the country? >> martha: both things can absolutely be true. this is a crazy person who was probably had issues. i'm going to guess. i don't know at this point. long before president trump ever joined the political scene. however, there were a lot of questions today to the president about his rhetoric and whether or not he should change it. here's what the president said. >> do we have that sound bite? >> i think i have been toned down you want to know the truth. i will could really tone it up. because, as you know, the media has been extremely unfair to me and to the republican party. what do you think? >> my advice would be, mr. president, you are the president of the united states, the most powerful individual on the face of the planet. stop punching down. but better to ignore it. better to not dwell on it.
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better to be -- last night we saw a president that those remarks in wisconsin i thought were right on target and what the country needed to hear. but we don't need to hear this. and it does him no good and does the country no good to punch down. he is above it. >> martha: he doesn't seem like he can help it. >> you know? i hope he works on it. he did say he is trying today. he serves -- he does not serve himself well. did he no, sir not serve his cause well. he eats up valuable time talking about something that is not -- doesn't advance his agenda and isn't good for the country. as it is just not good for the country, with all due respect i saw president obama speaking today and he talked about how we want to have a politics that is lawful. was that a suggestion that somehow or another the current administration is unlawful? i mean, let's all step back for a minute and be careful about what we say and do in the next 11 days. >> martha: good advice. karl rove, thank you very much. thanks for being in new york. >> thanks for having me here.
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>> martha: you bet. any time. president trump largely sticking to the script this afternoon as he announced the capture of the suspect and called for unity. >> these terrorizing acts are despicable and have no place in our country. no place. >> martha: but he did take some heat after that karl was referring to some of this at the very same event. watch this. >> we get these poll numbers and a lot of them were fake polls. i call them fake polls. and i can do the greatest thing for our country and on the networks and on different -- it will show bad. they will take it back. >> fake news. >> there were some people saying cnn sucks and using all of that language in there. richard, maybe that's a moment, you know, to sort of say something. the president didn't take that opportunity to do it. it's very difficult because he does not want to suggest that he has anything to do with this crazy person sending pipe bombs out there which is absolutely true. but, at the same time,
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perhaps it's a moment to, you know, try to settle things down just in general in the temperature which separate and apart from the pipe bomber is an issue. >> right, i think temperature all-time high and separate it apart from this terrorist here and i'm happy our law enforcement caught him and caught him early. i think one thing that we all know, martha, we come to work every day and we do our jobs. some of our job is to provide opinion and some is to report the news. whether you are at this network or another network. the president has to be very careful. there is not one president in modern history tell you how they like how the media covered them. whether we agree with them or not. >> martha: yeah, you talk about doing your job and doing the news. you know, pinning this on the president and saying that this is not the way to go. >> i'm not pinning this on the president at all. >> martha: i'm not saying did you. i'm saying we played those sound bites and pretty clear some people did exactly that it was very interesting today and i want to go back to this moment today because at the white house there was a large meeting of young
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black leaders. the president was speaking to them. that was what we just showed. here is one moment from that let's play that. >> who, in this room, wants to be president some day? [cheers] so it's an ambitious group. it's an ambitious group. that's great. >> martha: victor david hanson wrote a piece a couple of days ago saying it's possible that the president could win 20% of the african-american vote in 2020. he break breaks down his reasoning to for that provocative donald trump seemed to be your thoughts? >> i don't know about that. i think that's a stretch. and here's why. i think because when the president -- the one argument he has for the african-american people when asked what has he done for them, he says the unemployment rate is low, i think there are other issues
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ailing the african-american communities that goes far beyond the unemployment rate. i have been on this show before and talked about infant mortality and loss of black women giving childbirth. i have been on this show and talked about the break down between the police and communities of color. >> martha: i understand that. the things that you just mentioned, some of those things are improved when the economic environment improves: >> it goes beyond economics because serene that williams who is a millionaire almost died childbirth herself. this is what happens when black women go to the hospital, they are not being heard by their doctors. right? this is a far bigger problem than just economics. i think the president and i think republicans if they really want to attract african-americans they have to peel the onion back and realize african-americans care more about what's happening in pocketbooks. they care what's happening in community and public schools. we are not a monday list thick group of people just like any other group. >> martha: that's the point i guess in a way. look at this room packed with young individuals very
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enthusiastic about the president's policies and obviously that's why they're there. they are supporters like the president like any other group of americans are. but, does it, you know, what does that make you think when you see that enthusiastic support for him among those people. >> shows not only people who support this president but also people out there who think this president's rhetoric is remarkable. in this week is he set american history first time on the same day you had two presidents and two first ladies had assassination attacks against them and this president didn't even pick up the phone to call these people. right? and i think there is a loft african-americans who look at that and say this is not necessarily the leader that i want to have in the white house representing me. there are groupings that support him like the ones at the white house today. >> martha: i don't know why that would be an issue. that's just an issue whether or not you think that's an act of decency and kindness. i don't think it's relevant. >> all voters including african-american voters care about that. >> martha: we will see. richard, thank you very much. >> always good to see you, martha. >> martha: thanks for being here tonight. we are awaiting president
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trump in charlotte, north carolina where he is expected to address several of the big stories breaking today. we are going to take you there and see if there is any news made dipping in there when that happens. also, the caravan of migrants moves towards the united states. it's a very slow march. if they walk it's going to take a long time there are buses and trucks that are also trying to help them get here more quickly. who is organizing this? very interesting take on that when we come back. the timing of this, the way in which it was organized. the direction that they are being given. ♪ he harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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at home, with internet essentials. >> martha: tonight, hundreds of migrants continue to make their way through mexico towards the u.s. border growing questions about who is really driving this force through mexico right now and if the victims of this human tragedy are being used for political purposes by others? this is a huge question everyone wants answered joining me now brian dean wright a former cia operations officer who has a lot of familiarity with this part of the world. good sty tonight. >> a pleasure. >> martha: you say they have a very specific political goal aimed really at two people. >> that's correct. >> martha: who are they? >> president trump and president hernandez of honduras. so, most of us look at this caravan and think to
4:18 pm
ourselves, we feel horrible for these folks who are struggling. they are trying to find economic prosperity. escape violence. the people who have organized this are not really particularly interested that. interested in embarrassing trump they saw what happened last spring when that first wave came across the border. lots of chaos. they think they can do it again embarrass the president once more just before the midterm elections and punish him electorally speaking in front of the american people. that's the first piece. the second is president hernandez, so we have to understand that honduras is a mess politically. there are a lot of fights happening between the right and left just as here. and so this has been organized by his opponents, his leftist opponents who belong to the previous honduran president and they are working that together. these immigration activists want to embarrass trump and also embarrass the president of honduras. >> martha: shows the incivility in honduras. helps elevate opposition living outside the bubble right now but would like very much to get back in
4:19 pm
power in honduras? >> exactly. >> martha: this guy is running things but doing a lousy job. >> precisely. >> martha: you are saying it won't stop. that they will keep coming and coming in these caravans? >> the organization that's putting this together, the people without borders, their whole goal is to first create mexico not just as a sanctuary city but a sanctuary country and then to move all the folks from central america into the united states for these economic opportunities. so, this will not end with this caravan. we already know that there is another one forming. this will only continue in the weeks and months to come. in fact, in the years to come unless we send a very clear signal that the border is closed. not to people who follow the rules but those who break it. and so that's what we need to push and insist as a country that no one comes in uninvited and no one comes in unvetted. >> martha: we were on the border this week and. so feedback was, you know, this isn't really a big deal. the numbers of people crossing the borders has
4:20 pm
stopped. i mean not stopped but it's declined. it's not rising. it's declining. and this is a relatively small group of people when you look at the numbers of illegal immigrants who are here. what would you say to that? >> i would say we have about 1500 people coming across our border every day. that's not just a couple. that's not just a few hundred. you expand that across a year, that's a heck of a lot. more importantly, i think that if you demonstrate that the border is to be taken advantage of, what's that number likely to do? you are incentivizing people to take advantage of a broken system. so, until our country, republicans and democrats alike sit down and fix this problem, which by the way president trump put forth, i think a very fair proposal last spring. >> martha: 1.8 million daca recipients to stay in the country. >> absolutely. >> martha: that return for border security. >> we didn't want them to have a political win. that's why we said no to that. >> martha: really good stuff. good to see you tonight. today was a day full of october surprises over the
4:21 pm
past couple of weeks. some very frightening situations involved in that. the arrest of this would be bomber. the arrival of the migrant caravan that we have been talking about. so, 11 days from now with all of this in the mix, my panel from the "wall street journal" editorial board explains how october surprises work. ♪ now let's get started. ♪ the future isn't created in a keynote address. ♪ a presidential speech did not land us on the moon. millions of man hours did. they built their way there. some will ta-ta-ta-ta-talk about the future. but you'd be a fool to believe them. you see talk doesn't get things done. building does. building like we have for the last 115 years. and building for the next century. building cars, new technology, and transforming cities.
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♪ >> political violence must never ever be allowed in america and i will do everything in my power to stop it. [applause] in recent days we have had a broader conversation about the tone and civility of our national dialogue. everyone will benefit if we can end the politics of personal destruction. we must unify as a nation in peace, love and in harmony. the media has a major role to play, whether they want to or not. [crowd boos] >> we have seen that back and forth boos from the crowd. president suggesting the media could also go part of
4:26 pm
the way in toning things down here in the united states. so joining me now from the "wall street journal" editorial board, daniel hen jerry, bill mcgurn and owe grade. we have several october surprises going here. your reaction first, bill, to the president there. did he accomplish anything with that? >> he said the right thing. the act is what matters not just the words. look, i think he has been unfairly criticized or i will put it this way i think other people have been just as guilty if not worse. he is the president and he sets a lot of the tone. i hope that he follows his own advice. >> martha: mary? >> i think that part of what is going on here is that people on both sides are looking at this and it's looking more and more childish every day. it's kind of like you started it. no, you started it it's ridiculous. people are inclined to tune out. >> i agree with mary.
4:27 pm
these mail bombs were a significant public threat. sent to anyone. and the speed with which the dialogue instantly degenerated into this hyper partisanship with a joint statement by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer criticizing the president, the president cracks back. mary is right, people are disgusted at this point. and president trump is right to try to -- someone has to step up. he is the president of the united states. i don't think the democrats are going to do it they are locked in to using anti-trumpism ago a voter turnout. i think the president should start doing it and he would get credit for it if he did. >> martha: it does feel like from a political perspective one of those moments if he could sincerely as you say, bill. he was going in the right direction there to try to be presidential and take that tone. president trump is president trump. he is a very unique individual. he is not going to change
4:28 pm
his stripes. his supporters don't want him to change his stripes. whether or not he could, perhaps, take this moment and, you know, purely crass political way could he use this to his benefit in this midterm cycle. >> i don't know if he could use it to his benefit. president obama gave a speech in tucson after gabriel giffords was shot. a lot of people were intimating that it was republican's fault, this lack of civility. president obama gave a great speech saying that's not true there are reasons to be civil but that's not true. i agree with mary. i think normal people are disgusted by this. also, normal people are not voyeur vehicled by political rhetoric. one of the things i would like to see if we want less violence is to punish more of the violence. think of all the protest and protesters who never get punished. show up in black masks or burn a university building and no one gets expelled no. one gets punished. i think we should distinguish between rhetoric and behavior and we let a lot of people with bad
4:29 pm
behavior slide. >> martha: interesting. >> one of the problems for the president from the minute he came down that escalator he was very aggressive. remember how he was in the primaries? remember how he treated his rivals? it will take more than one speech like this to get people convinced that he is the one who is extending the olive branch and asking for it. >> martha: i have no idea if that would ever happen. as i said he is who he is. that's why a lot of people really like him. you wrote a piece on october surprises. you were talking about the caravan. >> yeah. >> martha: how much do these things matter when people go into the voting booth, the caravan, the pipe bomb, access hollywood which happened? >> the brett kavanaugh confirmation. >> yeah. >> really good question, martha. i think the answer is we don't know. the poor american voter is being asked to process so many huge monumental events two months before the election. it is impossible to predict what they are going to do. i think that's one of the
4:30 pm
magics of democracy is that people will sort all this out and make a decision. >> i have a feeling that the caravan is going to backfire on the democrats. i think they thought with the children being separated at the border this was a good issue, i don't think it's going to work that way. >> martha: thank you, guys. great to see you all. coming up next, president chucsecure asenate seat supposea pretty sure thing. chris stirewalt with the surprises underway in new jersey and also virginia when we come back. ♪ t hello. uh, no i need it right now. yeah... success is a numbers game. and you're not going to win if you keep telling yourself to wait. the more often that you choose courage, the more likely you'll succeed. the most inspiring minds. the most compelling stories. download audible.
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4:35 pm
aren't. in new jersey chuck schumer's pack appears to be dumping another $3 million in a last-ditch effort to support senator bob menendez against his challenger republican bob hugin that's on top of the 3 million they through in a week or so ago. in west virginia, depending on which polls you trust. could be anybody's race there between popular democrat joe manchin and his republican challenger patrick morrisey. here now to help us get updated on exactly how close these races are chris stirewalt fox news politics editor. good to see you, sir. >> howdy ma'am. happy friday. >> martha: happy friday to you. let's talk about new jersey my home state where usually you don't even see political ads on tv because everybody knows how it's going to go but that's not the case this time. tell us what's going on there. >> can you imagine how upset democrats are having to spend all this money on what should be a safe seat.
4:36 pm
bob then then did he see decision to seek re-election he hung one a hung jury and prosecutors say they are not going to put the case forward it has put a terrible stink over it and developed enormous i will will among the democratic party in new jersey that they are having to do all of this for this guy. look, is he still favored to win make no mistake about that. the tightening of the polls is unmistakable. we remember the lean of the state the vibe of the year. is he still favored to win. now they have to sweat it and take money away from other races where it might be internet spent instead of spending it on a seat they shouldn't have to be trying to save. >> martha: you say those cases he was not convicted on those charges obviously. he is still in the senate and still running. he did have ethics charges he was sanctioned. what's the word censored by the ethics committee for exactly the same charges that he was up against. so maybe some of that is hanging around as you say has put a stink on some of that race west virginia is where we started this whole
4:37 pm
thing. where you started from the very beginning. >> that's true from the very beginning. >> martha: we did the debate in west virginia during the primary race very interesting. patrick morrisey emerged republican side there very republican state but still maybe more interesting than people thought, chris. >> joe manchin is favored to win. democrat is favored to hold here. is he enormously popular. former governor. elected statewide many, many times. been in state politics in some form or another sings the late 1980s. people like and know in west virginia. morrisy, everybody ought to remember. this when you start out and have you no election and nobody has ever heard of candidate x. do you like popular former governor y or candidate x never heard of and don't know what party he is. in x is going to trail by more than he should. as we get closer to the end and herb knows which team everybody is playing for. these numbers tighten up and creates maybe not enough to get over the finish line but creates that tightening. >> martha: especially in a
4:38 pm
place where president trump won by a bigger stretch than anywhere in the country. trump has been in contact with top florida republicans on daily basis people close to the president concede they are worried trump fears florida wipeout pass the title of this story. what say you? >> they have not been having a good run in florida in either the senate or gubernatorial race. but, again, that same effect, that same tightening we have seen in some polling. the president is going to back down there maybe two more times we are hearing. is he going to stump hard but florida, i don't know whether you know this sometimes they have narrow elections democrats feel like they have the mojo. >> martha: i think there was a close presidential election there if i remember. happy friday. coming up next. spell major trouble for michael avenatti and presidential ambitions if he has them still department lie to congress in his case
4:39 pm
against brett kavanaugh. chuck grassley wants to find out. lisa booth and leslie marshall up next. >> what he has effectively done is now opened up a pandora's box. how can we say when you book direct at you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed? let's say it in a really low voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at
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♪ >> martha: developing tonight, senate judiciary committee chairman chuck
4:43 pm
grassley submitting a second referral to doj and fbi asking them to investigated attorney michael avenatti and his client julie swetnick for making false claims against justice brett kavanaugh. grassley writing this: when a well-meaning citizen comes forward with information relevant to the committee's work, i take it seriously. it takes courage to come forward. but in the heat of partisan moments, some do try to unknowingly mislead the committee. it stifles our need to work on legitimate lines of inquiry and wastes times and resources for destructive reasons. here now lisa booth and leslie marshall political radio talk show hosts. good to see you both. so, as you might imagine, michael avenatti did not just go okay, that's good. we will submit that information. here's what he said. watch this: >> we welcome the investigation requested by senator grassley who obviously has no idea what he has just done. what he has effectively done is he has now opened up a
4:44 pm
pandora's box my client and i are very much looking forward to a full and complete
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
guy made up a story about something that happened in rhode island on a boat and then recanted on twitter. you also want to make sure that we aren't having people throwing out baseless and false allegations. >> martha: crazy moment. we experienced a lot of crazy moments. you look back at that and all the stuff coming out. levelsly there is also a suggestion that msnbc didn't do its due diligence because this other woman who was supposed to back up julie swetnick's story also had, you know, went back and forth with the producers at msnbc, and, you know, saying this is what happened. no, i never saw him do anything like that. actually. and there is moral
4:47 pm
responsibility. when you talk about the senate. it is tantamount to perjury. this you could serve jail time. no one is going to serve jail time. two problems. one, that other woman we are talking about. she signed an affidavit claiming things that she says she didn't believe she said that she skimmed over. you can't skim over a legal affidavit that you are presenting to the senate. and sign it. so, she could be, this could hurt her in the long run if we continue down this road. and then wait, wait, wait. and further to that. if we are looking at opening investigations and looking at who is telling the truth and who is lying and get into text messages and every t crossed and every i dotted
4:48 pm
it's going to come up again that judge kavanaugh had some things questionable with regard to a time line. ramirez's accusation and also the amount that he drank in college. >> i think the nbc issue is more nefarious than that jamie meyer part of the new yorker who ran the story about debra ramirez that not a single person could corroborate who said that her and ronan farrow did it they wanted to establish important in the moo too movement. >> martha: these accusations are incredibly serious. you do want to push back on this journalism in the senate and make sure there is a message sent do not come forward unless it's a have you all of your t's crossed and i's dotted in these situations. thanks, guys. avenatti might be sticking around and running for president. >> i hope not. >> actually, i hope he is. >> martha: incredible story real life army chaplain safe his marriage and family is
4:49 pm
the inspiration behind a major motion picture. >> have in you show up. wouldn't do it for your own wife and kids. >> those men need me. >> i need you. ♪ ♪ not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians
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4:54 pm
>> really. >> part of job description or something? >> i mean, kind of. >> my marriage is none of your business. >> you don't know anything about me or my family. >> get her down. >> couldn't save her chaplain. >> i guess. do whatever it is you do. >> feel like there is something more that's happening between us. >> it's not between you two. it's between you two and that war. >> oh, we got roof top. >> get us out of here. >> take them out. >> trust in god to protect those men and he didn't. >> no, you trusted in god to do what you thought he ought to do. >> i want to know why. >> i want to know why you somehow have it in you to show up for those men when you refuse to do it for your own wife and kids. >> those men need me. >> i need you. >> martha: joining me now the focus of this film army
4:55 pm
chaplain major turner and wife. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> martha: you are still an active chaplain, what's it like to watch your marriage portrayed like that on film? heather, you first. >> it's surreal. it's definitely unexpected but it's a great to see. i thought they did a great job casting and telling the story. >> martha: is that moment truthful for you in the kitchen? >> absolutely, yes. >> martha: tell me about that. >> well, i think it's truth for me, myself, as well as many military wives and just probably families in general. >> martha: you decided to serve as a chaplain. you went to iraq how did that experience and you get a sense of it from the trailer. obviously transformative to see ail of thasee all of that pe emotional pain and depth that went with it. >> it was traumatic not only for me but for a lot of people on this deployment. losing soldiers is never
4:56 pm
easy. we lost a lot that deployment and heather was there to be with the families back home as well. so it was difficult not only on the battlefield but on the home front as well. >> martha: so, when he came home how did you deal with what he was going through because obviously you think it's going to be so joy outside he is coming home but he comes home with all this baggage. >> i didn't deal with it very well which is the reason for the story. i really just pursued him too much. i pushed too hard to try to get him to open up to me and tell me what was going on in his head and his heart. and he just wasn't ready for that. he wasn't tracking where i was i really pushed too hard and didn't give him the time and space he needed. >> martha: we hear similar stories to from a lot of people who deploy or been embedded with some of the intelligence agencies, all of it. it's such a different world. it's hard to convey it to
4:57 pm
the person that you love the most. tell me about that. >> yeah. so, indivisible does a great job about showing not only what we go through when we deploy equally shows what the families come through. when i came home i didn't respect what h heather had done with the three children and spouses at the time. i felt some way my experience might have been more significant what i didn't know at the time but now fully understand is her year was just as important as my year. >> martha: you say you got home. you bought yourself a motorcycle. you bought yourself a jeep. you were looking for ways to get out of the house and be with the guys. >> absolutely. >> martha: recreate that feeling. >> i didn't have to explain myself to my guys. a family wants to know what you went through: i was so tired and angry and frustrated. i would prefer to be with the guys that i had deployed with because we understood one another and i didn't feel like my family could understand me. >> martha: how do you guys
4:58 pm
help other strained military marriages deal with what you dealt with? >> we encouraged them to have hard conversations with one another, to check in to their marriage and their family. i checked out for a little while it almost cost us our marriage. it requires more courage to have a conversation with your spouse, with your kids, with your family, your parents, your brothers, sisters, neighbors, than it does to ride a motor cycle and buy a jeep. >> martha: you wanted a divorce? >> absolutely, yeah. i just couldn't take it anymore. it was my way out of pain and heartache and the fear of that never going away and never getting better. >> martha: how did your faith bring you guys together and i bet you are better now off than you were even before all of this, right? >> yeah. as a christian, a believer, it was everything. without that, i would have continued to walk down that road and really, it was because of my faith that i made the decision just to stick it out and not just
4:59 pm
for the sake of doing the right thing but because i knew that if god was for us then who could be against us. and that being together would bless my family more than being on my own. >> martha: that's a powerful moment in the trailer when you say i asked god to protect these guys. >> yeah. >> martha: how did you reconcile that when you ask god, you pray for the men that you are up there with and women and he doesn't come through? >> yeah. yeah. that's a great question. it's hard. there aren't easy answers. life and death, we experience that and n. combat in a very real and immediate way, and i don't know that anybody can fully be prepared for a deployment like that. i had gone through training in school and i thought i was prepared, burr the reality slapped me in the face and i struggled not only did my own guys struggle but i was struggling and i had to come to terms with that. >> martha: thank you very much. looks like an amazing film. i can't wait to see it and
5:00 pm
thank you very much for sharing your story with us and with everybody who is about to see it? >> it's an honor. >> good to be with you. >> martha: good people. all right. that is our story for this friday night. we will see you back here on a monday might at 7:00. have a great weekend, everybody. tucker carlson is coming up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. the man suspected of mailing dozens of pipe bombs to media figures has been arrested and charged in the state of florida. cesar sayoc jr. has been in charge of five federal counts and could face decades in prison if he gets convicted of those. fox news l.a. miramar, florida. phil? >> the man accused of mailing political pipe bomb packages to 15 high-profile democrats


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