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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 28, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> we're under fire. we're under fire. he's got an automatic weapon, he's firing from the synagogue. >> horror in pittsburgh as a maniac, fueled by hate, opens fire on worshipers. 11 people are dead. at least four police officers are injured. >> the suspect reportedly yelled all jews must die before he attack is an assault on all of us. it's an assault on humanity. we must draw a line in the sand and say very strongly, never again. march north.
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>> republicans want strong borders, no crime and no caravans, right? turn around, you're not coming in. >> the president covered a range of topics, everything from and a games to one. >> we begin with a fox news alert. it's the deadliest attack on the jewish community in history. eleven dead, six injured including four police officers inside the ingoing. pete: the -- the synagogue. pete: 46-year-old robert bowers charged with 29 federal counts including hate crimes aftersurrendering to -- after surrendering to we're under fire. he's got an automatic weapon. he's firing on us from the synagogue. every available unit in the city needs to get here now.
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all units hold a perimeter, we're taking on ak-47 fire. >> live in pitts9 burg we're learning more about the suspect's background. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. it is a cold and rainy morning here in pittsburgh, and this is a city that is soon going to be waking up to a very different place than it9n+lfo$e]bnalol ago. this is a a city that is mourning now. as you mentioned, the anti-defamation league is now saying it is likely that what happened here almost 24 hours ago was the deadliest attack against the jewish community in the united states. the alleged shooter, 46-year-old robert bowers, faces dozens of federal and state charges. during the attack, before and after he made a number of anti-semitic remarks.
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custody. last night a u.s. magistrate here signed a federal complaint for 29 counts including 11 charges of obstruction of exercise of religious beliefs resulting in death. the death penalty, but federal prosecution could result in his execution. president trump is soon planning a trip to pittsburgh. talked about attackers in this type of situation and said they must face the most severe consequences. >> when you have crimes like this whether it's one or another bring back the death penalty. [cheers and applause] they have to pay the ultimate
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price. >> reporter: and as the investigation continues, the healing process is just getting underway. shooting. the deadly rampage took a toll in a section called squirrel hill, but many came from all around to express their grief. >> i just can't believe the kind of violence that we're experiencing in our country, and squirrel hill, and when i found out about the news, it made me fearful, and i just came tonight to show my support. >> reporter: it is expected later today authorities are goingçn@ those who died and then, very soon, the first of 11 funerals will take place as this city begins the process of mourning. back to you. ed: david lee miller, appreciate
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that report. we talked about it yesterday and recent days, how critics of president have been going after him about, you know, the mail bombs and all of the rest, and i thought the president struck a really good tone yesterday saying this is unspeakable evil, and it simply cannot happen in america. he had this political rally compared it to 9/11 and what happened here in the new york city area, people were saying we've got to keep the stock market closed for a while, and he said, no, people in new york city and others said we need to get it going. we can't let this kind of evil win. pete: right. he was at a rally yesterday. he talked about this sheer anti-semitic attack. listen. >> the hearts of all americans are filled with grief following monstrous killing of it.
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this evil, anti-semitic attack is an assault on all of us. it will require all of us working together to extract the hateful poison of anti-semitism from our world. the scourge of anti-semitism tolerated, and it cannot be allowed to continue. we can't make these sick, dementedded, evil people important. lives in order to accommodate them, it's not acceptable. this is the time to renew the bonds of love and loyalty that hold us all together as americans. these bonds have always sustained our nation in its hour of need. they are always more powerful division, anger and evil. >> the president couldn't be more unequivocal about how evil this is, his thoughts on it. he was very clear, denouncing
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this anti-semitism. something that probably is very personal to him. who are jewish. and, yes, some people could not resist the temptation of blaming president trump. here's a quote from jee biden: hate is on the march in america, and when hatred is given a safe harbor, when it's given space to fester, when it's brazenly put itself on display in a historic city, when its -- when it hears an american leadership saying good people can be found, it grows. democrats basically said this is trump's fault. this is where i think we need to take a pause. not everything that happens is political. some things are just sheer evil. the reports are this shooter hates trump, believes trump is controlled by jews.
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into church on sunday -- shah bat is a -- shabbat is a holy day for jews. the bravely of law enforcement is were. ed: could have been so much refugees, doesn't mean i hate illegal immigrants or hate people who are proponents for them. it means i disagree on the policy or the way it should happen. when you say that donald trump deinvolving down to a -- the devolving to a place -- ed: or charging he's giving it safe harbor. >> there's also just plain crazy. i mean, the guy with the van and the pipe bombs, clearly unstable, probably had some e0jg93a3q&h# i mean, we just can't always, as you say, pete, very wisely, we can't attribute everything to politics, and it seems like
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we're in this bubble where everything is being taken advantage for political advantage. ed: and we expect the president at some point in the next few days when it's appropriate planning to go to pittsburgh to the express his concerns about all of this. obviously, the timing is difficult, a midterm election less than two weeks away, politics is going on right now, you've seen those attacks on the he's trying to stay above the fray, and there are a lot of wig issues -- big issues. the migrant caravan, which is still marching toward our southern border ready to defy u.s. immigration laws. many of for asylum. pete: griff jenkins is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're in san pedro, and it's the about 200 miles north of that u.s./guatemala border. look at the scene behind me, it h+úçq/éas/>ufh7.x
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migrants. they're here sound asleep, and i'm going to the walk the entire distance. it's just bodies everywhere, and clearly this has taken a toll. now, the organizing group, usually they are up at three a.m. marching to the next location. they want to avoid the heat of day, but they announced very late last night they were having a 10 a.m. press conference here today. and we're also hearing the toll on this group is becoming quite strong because we're hearing multiple reports of children being abducted, we're hearing that there have been some younger ones in this group to rob others. these are report, they're coming out with local reporters and amongst the people we are talking to here as well. and, of course, we have the medical folks here treating people that are continuing to get sick. now, when we talk to these they're heeding president trump's worddwñ?ñ?ñs about not g and that that they will be violating the laws if they do try and come, that they will not
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be given asylum, they say they're coming regardless. we talked to one of them this location, this gentleman, i said, are you still going to come even if it means breaking the law? here's what he told me. will you continue to the united states? >> yes. [inaudible] the babies. >> reporter: so we're going to, as hay begin to the wake up, talk to them again and see if they're intending to break the law or whether or not they'll accept mexico's offer of temporary work, health care andç shelter. >> my heartbreaks for those little babies. ed: we're also hearing this week we might hear a proposal from the administration. >> we're going to turn quickly to some heldlines. the man accused of sending more than a dozen packages to
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in court tomorrow. the van cesar sayoc had explosive device materials and credit card receipts. authorities arrested sayoc in south florida and are looking for other suspects who may have helped him. with the latest. now to extreme weather in -- [inaudible] leaving thousands without power. heavy rain triggering severe coastal flooding from new jersey to long island, even shutting down roads. winds reaching up to 67 miles per hour, stirring up a sandstorm in massachusetts. towards even canada. ed: to baseball news, the boston the red sox rallying and are now just one win away from a world series title. a 9-6 wid(overüu 5ñnz(1í>hr meanwhile, president trump tweeting in f it is amazing how a manager takes out a pitcher who is loose and dominating
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through almost seven innings and brings in nervous relievers who get shellacked. big mistake. dodgers manager dave roberts had to actually respond to the president. watch. >> i'm happy he was tuning in and watching the game can. i don't think he was privy to the conversation. that's one man's opinion. ed: wow. boston can win their first hammered even before that game on some of his news back in boston. sometimes he just quos with the book -- goes with the book, and i think a lot of baseball fans agree with the president that you've got to go with your gut sometimes. a pitcher's striking people out, don't worry about the stats. [laughter] pete: all right. well, up next, they walked away from the democratic party. >> realize what the left has
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i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these. >> john daniels is president of fr, lessons of holocaust. see
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something like this in pittsburgh, what's it mean to you? >> you know, i have to start by expressing my con doll hences. it was such a horribly tragic thing to happen. you know, this is people who are they're going with families, with children, i go every shabbat, and the notion that a crazed man can come in and open fire and brutally murder so many people is just so horrendous. hatred that's hpg here, this isn't -- happening here, this is horrifying for us all. pete: he was crazy at some level, but he also had hate in his heart for jews. where does this anti-semitism continue to come from? across the world. we're seeing it on the rise today in europe, you know, we're seeing countries like germany and france and belgium and sweden, countries that are
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really not that safe to be jewish anymore. could potentially elect an antisemite as the head of a political party. this is very, very problematic and scary. and we are seeing a rise in hate speech, and we're seeing a rise in anti-semitic rhetoric. and be i think a lot of this has to do with social media and a social media sites to combat these kinds of hate speech. but we all have to stand together against any kind of racism or bigotry or whatever it may be. happened in the past. rise in anti-semitism? >> again, i'm dealing on a daily basis in europe and different countries, and we're seeing the messages and you're seeing these lessons. we work with holocaust survivors and the righteous, those who saved holocaust survivors, and
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you hear these stories again and anti-semitism started on the rise, and it wasn't combated strongly enough. and i think that what we're seeing now and this hate speech don't have an ounce of anti-semitism in their heart, where does that come from? where does this reoccurring desire to point to the jews and say you're evil, where does it come from? >> unfortunately, a lot of it is institutional. in a lot of countries there is definitely institutional anti-semitism. if something goes wrong in a country, you're going to blame a m jew.ns to be the continues. that this control and all the -- this is so much of this hatred that is just so unnecessary.
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pete: scary that once again we're revisiting this in europe, the place that just seven heinous, heinous acts.fñ?ñ? johnny daniel, president of from the depths, you're keeping the holocaust alive to make sure people remember it. today's an important reminder as well. thank you very much. appreciate it, good stuff. tough day. murders 11 j well, well,ews as f worship, but it's donald trump that the left is calling evil. plus, the migrants are pushing closer to the u.s., so to our hospitals? we're going to ask dr. nicole saphier next. ♪ delicious 100% real chocolate embracing the lightness of crispy rice. crunch. the chocolate bar all americans love.
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ed: we're back with a fox news alert. the man accused of sending suspicious packages to prominent democrats might have had some help. steve harrigan joins us live from miami where the feds are searching for some possible suspects. steve, good morning. >> reporter: that's right, good morning. the fbi is saying the investigation is ongoing, and they are poring over that white van. that's the place where cesar sayoc, the 56-year-old man to prominent democrats and critics of president trump, lived actually for the last several years and where he may have constructed some of those pipe bombs. they're also poring over his digital footprint. sayoc from his family members, his aunt said the following: i think he was very troubled, i think he had a problem with his mental health. he wanted attention, and he didn't know how to get it.
3:25 am
sayoc, of course, had a lengthy before a federal judge monday before being transferred to new york. he could be facing up to 48 years in prison. back to you. ed: thank you, steve steve harr. rachel? rachel: the mass of caravan migrants now refusing major medical attention that's being offered by mexico and instead pushing onwards to the united states. our next guest warning that the overwhelm local hospitals as well as taxpayers' wallets. here to explain, dr. nicole saphier who has worked in a border state hospital. welcome. >> thank you for having me. rachel: i saw the images from floor. they're about 7,000eçñ?ñ? strone
3:26 am
think. what kind of medical risks are
3:27 am
funding, that causes a lot of hospitals to really tighten their financial strings, some going bankrupt and some having to close. if you're going to have a large influx and not have the funding to cover them, it's going to strain their systems even more. down in arizona. vaccines, that's a problem because some of these people -- a majority probably are not. >> a large amount of the children coming over in the caravan are not vaccinated. they're not appropriately
3:28 am
subjecting our of being around unvaccinated children. >> i want to get quickly to sexual assault. 30% of the girls are sexually assaulted, almost 20% of boys and and young men are being sexually assaulted. we're seeing young girls coming stages of pregnancy. what are you -- what are doctors seeing as they cross the border to the medical and psychological needs? >> well, my mother works many sex trafficking, and a lot hats hold true to my heart, when i was many training, i had a 22-year-old pregnant girl who crossed the desert for three weeks, lost the baby and lost her own life, and it was devastating. we've already been hearing there are cases of the children this caravan. let me el you, by the time they get here, they will have physical and mental damage that's going to need to be cared
3:29 am
for, and it's going to be expensive, and we already have a bankrupting health care system. we can't afford it. rachel: thank you, doctor. rachel: a topic that's not getting enough attention. a madman murders 11 people in a a place of worship, but howard dean says it's donald trump who is evil. ed: this has now become a struggle about good versus evil, states is evil. rachel: dr. sebastian gorka is here to roadway act next. -- to react next. plus, what do voters think of the president's rally last night? >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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pete: we are back with a fox news alert, 11 are dead and 6 others injured including 4 police officers after a shooter opens fire in pittsburgh. >> it's a very horrific crime scene, it's one of the worst that i've seen. it's very bad. rachel: 46-year-old robert bowers now charged with 29 federal counts including hate crimes. udwixvñ7h y3 after deadliest attack on jewish community in u.s. history. ed: let's bring in dr. sebastian gorka, former deputy assistant to the president, author of new book, "why we fight: defeating
3:34 am
america's enemies with no apologies." good to have you, dr. gorka. >> thanks, e.. ed: obviously, the book focuses on our enemies around world, but when you see a case like this, just unspeakable horror, there are some enemies from within, unfortunately, and tragically as well, it seems. >> absolutely, absolutely. #gcd4o6l.vp"k÷j'm+l again that anti-semitism is alive and well, and we have to be on our guard to pick up the signs early, to find people that are going to act on it like this heinous individual and to intercept them before they can actually do violence. so, yes, everybody has to be on their toes, everybody has to report anything they see that is suspicious. in this case there were some social media postings that if they had been picked up in time could have perhaps led to the law enforcement or to the ed.
3:35 am
it walks the earth, and this man was evil. pete: doctor, you're right, evil is very real, yet a lot of folks after shooting are quick to point fingers at president trump and say, you know, it's an environment of hate that has led to this. make that claim? >>ñ?ñ? first, i'd like to pointt facts to them. donald trump's grandchildren are orthodox jews. his daughter converted to judaism. donald trump is the first people of israel and to recognize jerusalem as its capital and to move our embassy. so those are the facts. the only thing that is evil in this instance is the man who anti-semitism that he was propagating. also note that we now know there his social media that the perpetrator of this massacre hated president as well. so we've got to the stop the
3:36 am
people who are exploiting tragedy for their own political shooting former dnc chair howard dean had this to say about donald trump. >> yes.ville lurks in the hearts -- evil lurks in the hearts of men. the democrats have made plenty of mistakes, but they are about the future and making america a better place. about good versus evil, and the president of the united states is evil. rachel: your reaction. >> howard who? the most irrelevant man, the most laughable character in the last generation. it's unconscionable to talk about donald trump, who helped defeat isis in the form of its caliphate, an individual who's taken all kinds of slings and arrows for the american people and whose -- it just, it beggars
3:37 am
dean still think they're relevant and are insulting the president of united states. i'll tell you what's evil, it's people who exploit tragedy for their own purposes and also the man who perpetrated this crime. pete: when you call someone evil, it justifies whatever means you want to -- >> right! right. you are dehumanizing. this man, dean, is dehumanizing president of the united states, and his comments could lead crazy people to do things we don't even want to talk about. ed: dr. gorka, important words, we appreciate you coming in. pete: thank you, sir. rachel: we're going to turn now to your head@ut3 soccer world, we now know billionaire owner of the u.k.'s leicester city football club was
3:38 am
on his helicopter when it crashed just steps from the team's stadium. flames and smoke shot into the sky after the team's match, no word who else was onboard. four jacksonville jaguars players detained by police because they didn't pay their bar tab. the philadelphia eagles in about three hours. the team says it's the handling the issue internally, and all four players are with the team. hundreds of supporters turning out for the first ever walkaway march in washington d.c. of fed-up democrats who say they're sick of being manipulated by the left and are throwing their support behind republicans in november. >> the media do not want you to know that a black person doesn't á--
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realize what the left has been telling us has been a total lie. rachel: maga hats draped in american flags. check your powerball tickets, because at least one person is waking up a millionaire. million jackpot. the winning numbers are 12, 13, 19, 27 and the powerball, 4. one of the tickets sold in iowa, the other in new york. i heard-in harlem. rachel: the jackpot is the fourth largest in u.s. history. pete: well, the midterms now just over a week away. what happens if democrats win back congress? our next guest explains how it could spell disaster for our military. james stumped for hillary clinton? now he's putting his star power behind another democrat. didn't work out last time.
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3:44 am
republican brian camp. we'll see if these celebrities weighing many actually works. ed: didn't work out in 2016, you're right, pete. since president trump took office, his administration has given strong support for the over $700 billion defense policy bill back in august that boosted military pay by the most in nine years, but what will happen if the so-called blue wave washes over washington? let's ask former adviser on military manners for the hill, at the hudson institute. good morning.émñ?ñ? >> good morning. ed: we've heard this idea that maybe the blue wave is not all it was cracked up to be. >> yeah, i think we shouldn't pay attention to polls, it's the house of representatives, for instance -- it's going to be much more difficult for president trump to get through his agenda, ask that includes
3:45 am
sufficient spending, funding and resourcing our national defense. obstruct a lot of what the president is trying to do, and democrats tend not to prioritize and invest in the military like republicans do. democrats tend to look at things like health care, social security, things that are actually ballooning federal spending. so that's what we're looking at here. ifyó just the house, we're going to have a hard time getting through a good defense spending bill. ed: these are the facts as you lay them out, and i wanted to show our viewers what the military blueprint is if they take back the house, they vow a very different path from the president. they will cut pentagon budget, eliminate overseas contingency spending and, quote, achieve smaller force structure through gradual attrition. this is what the president said was happening under president obama when he took office and that he's wanted to reverse.
3:46 am
not -- pentagon and said people are not going to like it, we've got to build the military back up. >> and the thing is, nobody disagrees we have a ballooning debt. it's just that it's social security, and it's health care, and the interest on the debt that is actually driving the debt. it's not the military. is a priority. this is what congress is supposed to do, number one, before we do anything else. and so be we actually are going to the -- be we actually are going to engage in fewer wars only military capabilities that we have many greater quantities, but also address in the technology so we can be superior, not on par with, but superior, in all domains including in space. we've got to fund that first. our men and women in uniform. you've got investors in wall street thinking about cold, hard cash, if you will, and they want to know who's going to control the house and senate. and we looked at it, credit
3:47 am
suisse put together an analysis of what's going to happen to shares of weapons manufacturers. 2%, down 3% or more if democrats win the house and senate, and then you have shares of weapons manufacturers under the republicans up 3% or more if the republicans can retain control in 2018. that's the view from wall street. and i wonder though wouldn't critics say that's because there republicans who want to make money off of building up the military? how old -- how would you respond? >> this is government's first responsibility. we always hear complaints about that that not having to engage and constantly react to conflicts abroad. we have adversaries coming from all angles, and if the united states doesn't want to get
3:48 am
embroiled in another of these protracted wars hike in the middle east, you've got to have none, war fighters that are optimistic and have great morale, and all of that requires a healthy military budget. >> just another example of the big stakes just over a week are4 rebeccah heinrichs, appreciate it. meanwhile, he's making a big, last minute push to become the newest senator from michigan, and now john james has this message from the african-american community. watch. >> the democratic party ñ?ñ? about -- >> well, john james will join us live next hour. don't miss that. and what do the voters think of president trump's rally last night? todd is having breakfast with friends in illinois.
3:49 am
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♪ ♪ >> this is our most important midterm election perhaps ever. we have made so much progress, we don't want to give up that progress. a#s pete: that was president trump rallying thousands last height in illinois.
3:53 am
what do voters think? let's ask todd piro. he's many illinois. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. it was a very big night last night, although definitely the specter of what happened yesterday, the horrific events definitely hung over people's heads. let's talk to individuals who were at rally to find out what they thought. we begin with sherry. you said the president said he ultimately followed through with that despite calls from the crowd to rev it up. why did you like that? >> because i thought it showed that he was compassionate, made me respect him more, showed that he was able to be consider rate of other people's feelings, but he also had another message. have to keep going. we cannot let these things cripple us. >> reporter: and that's such an important message, such an american message. sherry, thank you.
3:54 am
janet, interesting note here. the president was here to stump you said the president was smart to come here for mr. so. why? >> well, mike is the most honest person i've ever met. his family and he, of course, people. they're not pretentious, they're just grasses roots, honest -- grassroots, honest to goodness good people. and i can't tell you how much i care about them. >> that's so weird, the babysitter. [laughter] p.ép1sdzwy important thing the president spoke about was jobs. why? >> well, here in southern illinois the economy's really tough. it's not competing with the cities, and now we have the president and mike vos working together to bring back the coal mines and steel manufacturing, so we need those both very much, and i'd like to thank both of
3:55 am
>> reporter: and clifford to, finally to you, you also were at the rally. you say the most important issue to you are the events at border. why? >> yes. i think it's -- i'm all for immigration into our country. we'rej and they need to come in an orderly fashion and do the proper paperwork. i've been to all those countries, i've worked in all those countries, and it takes a life history just to get in the door. so for them to be charging our border to come into the united states, it's a privilege, not a right. they've got to do the paperwork. >> reporter: understood. thank you all very, very much. obviously, a tough day yesterday, but we really do appreciate you taking time to chat with us today. guys, back to you many new york. ed: that was awesome. rachel: that's right. long. pete: and now to a fox news alert after deadly shooting inside a synagogue, democrats
3:56 am
make it all about politics. ed: plus, our man at border, give jenkins, he is still embedded with that migrant caravan, we're going to check in rachel: and david bossie and karl rove all here live. ed: monster show. rachel: monster show. [laughter] ♪ ♪ today, 97% of employers agree that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day. even when nothing else is. gopi's found a way to keep her receipts tidy, and customer service are critical to business success. (brand vo) snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,628 in tax savings. quickbooks. backing you. any voter with eyes can see that's just not going to fly, so
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we still have two weeks from today and we don't know how this will play out. >> it seems to me it's playing out remarkably well for the republicans. it might be forming on the caravan circumventing happen. now this is a country that has to defend its borders >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
3:58 am
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>> we are under fire. we are under fire. he has an automatic weapon. >> deadliest attack on the jewish community in us history. 11 dead, six injured including four police officers after a shooter opens fire inside a synagogue. >> of this evil anti- somatic attack is an assault on all of us. it's a assault on humanity. >> donald trump is the first president in 23 years to keep our nation's promise to the people of israel. we have to talk-- stop the people who are exploiting tragedy for their own political purposes. >> they continue to mark north. they think they have a right to march to the united states. >> republicans want strong borders, no crime and no caravans.
4:01 am
turnaround. >> covering a range of topics from nasa to immigration, jobs. >> we are fighting to win and that's what you have to do. >> three games to one. >> we begin with the fox news alert the deadliest attack on the jewish community in us history. 11 are dead and six others injured including four police officers after a shooter opened fire inside a mosque. >> the face of evil right there, 46 rolled robert bowers charged with 29 federal counts including hate crimes after surrendering to police. >> chewing dispatch audio with what happened in that synagogue released. >> we are under fire. we are under fire. has an automatic weapon and he's firing on us from the synagogue. every available unit in the city needs to get here now. we are taking on ak-47 fire from the synagogue.
4:02 am
>> david lee miller live in pittsburgh this morning where we are learning more about the suspects background. good morning? reporter: good morning. times like this people have a difficult time expressing in words their grief and sorrow. at the mayor of pittsburgh talking about the rampage at the tree of life synagogue said simply this is one of the darkest days of for his city. during a baby naming ceremony yesterday morning at the synagogue the alleged shooter, 46 rolled, robert bowers killed 11 and during the rampage he shouted: all jews must die. it happened on the jewish sabbath, time for reflection and prayer. all who were killed eight men and three women were adults and we expect to learn more about their identities later today. six others wounded including four police. authority say bauer was armed with three handguns as well as an
4:03 am
ar 15 style semi automatic rifle. he is being treated at a local hospital for life-threatening injuries. his condition is listed as fair. he faces dozens of criminal charges from both the state and federal level and if convicted he could be sentenced to the death penalty. president from speaking at a rally last night in illinois setting cases like this the punishment should be most severe. >> when you have crimes like this, whether it's this one or another one or on another group we have to bring back the death penalty. [cheers and applause] they have to pay the ultimate price. reporter: last night here in pittsburgh a candlelight vigil took place. thousands turned out to show their solidarity with the victims are president trump has ordered that all flags be flown at half staff at federal buildings and he said he would soon
4:04 am
like to visit pittsburgh as the city continues to mourn. pete: appreciate that report. pete: much more somber tone than the president yesterday in illinois. as a christian myself we likeness to a sunday morning walk into a church and shooting up folks worshiping. same thing for jews in a synagogue. this is as bad as it gets at the president understood the gravity of the situation and as a freight-- great friend of israel at the jewish people you could hear when he talked in illinois about this attack rooted in anti-semitism. listen. >> this evil anti- somatic attack is an assault on all of us. it will require all of us working together to extract the hateful poison of anti-semitism from our world. it must be confronted and condemned everywhere
4:05 am
it rears it's very ugly head. we must draw a line in the sand and stay very-- it's a very strongly never again. we can't allow people like this to become important. i don't want to change our life for someone that is sick and evil and i don't think we ever should. ed: the prop-- context is that the president's advisor was weighing whether or not to cancel the rally because obviously we are over a week away from the midterm elections, but yet the mail bomber situation a few days ago it now this which is much more horrific with 11 people killed. he ultimately converted to 911, of course not the same number of loss of life, but he said it's still a dramatic tragedy and after 911 to new york city some people said we have to shut down the stock exchange for a long time and he said dick grasso and others said we can't
4:06 am
let evil when. rachel: that is something politicians way when an event like this happens, do we can tick-- continue or pause in the president said we need to continue and we are not going to let this guy when. we are going to push forward with our agenda for the day. by the way, the shooter was an anti- trump shooter. very resentful of the president's pro-israel policy and nonetheless despite the fact that the president had these very pro- israel ideas and as reminded yesterday has grandchildren who are jewish, a daughter and a son-in-law, still people trying to politicize this blaming president trump, but-- >> immediately almost the pauses gone. it used it to be a couple of hours you are talking about let's talk about the situation and then maybe the politics, the left went straight to guns. chris murphy said our loose gun laws are to
4:07 am
blame. we have to stop make it so easy to make guns and richard blumenthal. it wasn't just guns the left is also pointing to hate saying this is inspired alluding to it using trump's name and saying he created this environment. we talk about politics everything obey but there are some things that are not political and sheer evil. why can't we pause for a moment and recognize this is a sick person who hated jews and did horrible thing? we should commend the bravery of law enforcement. to jump straight to guns or blame trump again when evidence shows it has nothing to do with him is offensive. ed: rachel made a good point that the shooter did not like the president. you can't imagine actually help file that attacks were. rachel: can i just say there's this also when we say tragedy like this there's a reaction in
4:08 am
our country that we should stop always look into the top four answers. if we want change, if we want hate to come down in the rhetoric to come down, we have to start with ourselves. starts and her family. reagan once said the greatest change in america happens at the dinner table so if you're upset about what happened this weekend, and all the sarcoma bring it to your kids about love and tolerance stop always looking to the sports and president and everyone else. start with yourself. pete: e-mail us this morning. how do you talk to your kids about this? how do you explain x of unbelievable evil without going to politics? ed: other news this morning as well. the migrant caravan marching towards our southern border ready to defy us immigration laws ed: many are refusing mexico's offer for asylum.
4:09 am
we are told they wanted asylum and now they are being offered asylum and they are saying no. rachel: griff jenkins is live with the caravan in southern mexico. reporter: good morning. we are in-- the migrants are strong here want you to defy us laws and make it their. they are not accepting the president offer of asylum here to get temporary work, healthcare and some education benefits. look here and you can see they are waking up. the group leading this is going to have a press conference today at 10:00 a.m. and that has us interested because they are they trying to the migrants a day of rest or will they make an announcement? they said they will try to get to mexico city. you can see folks starting to gather with the group telling us they won't get moving because in the early morning they can get moving and it's not as harsh, but conditions are wearing on the group and we are told in this
4:10 am
area about 11:00 o'clock there was a pretty vicious fight over food. we talked to a few people one from honduras who was deported earlier this sheer. he was convicted of a homicide, but he wants to get back to the us. why are you trying to go back to the us? >> i want to go because i got my wife and my daughter to write there to. i would to live together over there, but i want it because i got in trouble in my country, honduras. reporter: earlier this year deported for a felony? >> yes. reporter: if necessary, are you going to break the law to get back to the united states?
4:11 am
>> he says he wants to apply for parted for the felony he committed. reporter: what was the crime he was convicted of? >> related to murder-- not convicted, no. reporter: can you asked him exactly what happened? [speaking spanish] >> their degree felony. [speaking spanish] attempted murder. reporter: does he think-- will he be successful in trying to get their? [speaking spanish]
4:12 am
[speaking spanish] >> yeah, he's going to try to play a-- pay a lawyer to get him cleaned and he just wants a clean work record. reporter: that's the situation here. we were talking to the people and he's trying to get back to his family. they live in the washington dc area, but you see this group is wanting to move. we are waiting to find out the new development that this group said they will not start walking today. we will stay here as things develop. pete: fascinating stuff. i mean, convicted of a felony, attempted work-- murder his wife and kids are in the united states. been deported once and willing to cross illegally. ed: i thought he was charged, but we don't know the details
4:13 am
and here he is charged with a third-degree felony saying i want to get back to america to clear up my record. this man was charged with attempted murder. pete: if you are selling-- yeah, i mean, it's one interview on the border. rachel: no reason for him to lie ed: this is his story. rachel: if he was going to lie he might have taken out the murder part. pete: is about the point like maybe we don't want felons in the country. rachel: this week the president is coming out with a plan of what to do and that might include camp on the mexican side as they wait we will see what's going to happen. ed: we have griff live at the reporter doing a great job. meanwhile, the nation is in mourning after the deadly anti- somatic synagogue shooting and pennsylvania congressman city attack on anyone in the us is an attack on all of us and he joins us live from the scene.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> this evil anti- somatic attack is an assault on all of us. it's an assault on humanity. it will require all of us working together to extract the hateful poison of anti-semitism from our world. pete: this morning america reeling from the worst anti- somatic attack in us history with 11 people murdered by a gunman's screaming: jews must die in a pittsburgh synagogue. ed: republican congressman mike kelly is live at the scene in pittsburgh and joins us with the latest. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. ed: to say that our hearts are with you and your community is the understatement of the year, but i wonder how are people doing. how is law enforcement?
4:18 am
four of their own were shot. how is the community doing when 11 people inside the synagogue were killed? >> we use the term pittsburgh strong because we are the steel city. as we look at the senseless acts and when you think about this coming yesterday morning a family went into celebrate the birth of a baby, a new life. another entity went into that same place, a place of worship, shouting all jews must die and decided to take lives instead of celebrating life. these are senseless acts of evil and we know evil exists and that's why it's so important for us to gather around, understand we have a role to play. all that is necessary for evil to trap is forget-- good men to do nothing is time for all good men to come forward and do the best we can make sure doesn't happen again.
4:19 am
pete: well said. how do we keep politics from encroaching in and stay focused on what happened and what really matters? >> i think sometimes we get politics and policy mixed up. politics is about doing the right thing for the right reasons with good policy. if we can get away from the fact that we are democrats, republicans, just the fact that we are americans, let's work together that way to unify the country. there are so much good in the country. we are the country that's therefore religious freedom. that's who we are, the basic fabric of america is and when we see things like this happiness is a call for every single american to say not on my watch, not on my time. i'm going to go forward and do something. each of us has a role to play. rachel: it's such a great point, patriotism, love of country, love up flag. that's what could be a unifying force at a time like this. i know people are thinking about the safety of religious buildings, churches, synagogues, mosques, do
4:20 am
you think churches should start to have security guards? i mean, the president talked about a security guard with a gun could have at least mitigated some of what we saw yesterday. >> rachel, i wish i knew the answer. the real answer is we have to heal and get people to change their hard make sure they understand who it is we are as human beings. we all go into our places of worship to practice our religion, but the real opportunity we have is once we leave those places of worship to take the message into the world. that's what i think is sometimes missing. our culture has changed so dramatically from who we were from the beginning to who we are today. we all have to come together and understand that there is-- you can't make sense out of senseless actions. ed: congressman mike kelly. appreciate it. pete: still ahead with just over a week to the midterm elections
4:21 am
the president is asking are you better off now than you were two years ago. david bossi here to break down the numbers for us. rachel: he's making a big last-minute push to become the newest senator from michigan and he will join us live. i am a family man.
4:22 am
4:23 am
i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless.
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. pete: good morning. quick headlines, potential 202010-- democrats hitting the trail today. cory booker stopping in new hampshire. , let harris and florida. senate incumbent who is fighting to hold onto his seat. meanwhile james mattis vows justice for murdered columnist during the security conference. listen. >> the murder of jamaal
4:25 am
in a diplomatic facility must concern us all and president trump noted we are going to get to the bottom of it. ed: after changing their story a few times they acknowledge his death inside their consulate appeared to be premeditated following a week at denial. pete: michigan senate candidate john james is closing the gap against his democratic opponent with a brand-new message from the left. >> the democratic party leadership cares more about the black votes than black people and it's time to wake up. it doesn't have to be this way. we can have a seat at both tables and we can elevate our people. rachel: senate candidate in us army veteran john james joins us now. >> thank you for having me. rachel: in your adhesive the democratic business model is centered around dependence on government. explain. >> i have to say first coming out of the gate with all the divisiveness and read a great we see all around the country i didn't
4:26 am
come back for more to see this divisiveness in this hate and domestic terrorism. identify for democrats and republicans when i went to work, i thought for americans and this is the same message of balance i'm taking today making sure where balance for the u.s. senate for the people of the state of michigan so regardless who is in the majority or the white house michigan has a voice and a say. for too long one party has had a stranglehold on african-americans around the country and i believe by pete-- keeping an open mind, open heart and open eyes we can make sure we have a seat at both tables so we can begin to get resources and opportunities into our community that has been neglected speed one. pete: seems to be the message resonating with black youth at the white house this week. certainly resonates in your race. the recent poll numbers in michigan senate race have you trailing by
4:27 am
seven points which is a lot less than where you were and if you consider the margin of error it could be closer than that. how do you feel about 10 days out from election day? >> we feel great. i think that number is closer to your point because typically the portables as we begin to call ourselves these days we don't poll. we vote. there's a grassroots energy all over the state and that's why when people hear a message they recognize it's not a black or white message, it's a red, white and blue message. a message of getting experience is getting to be a more dangerous place and keeping americans safe, making sure everyone can have the american dream and you can learn more about this american message at john james for rachel: you release your ad on the same day former president barack obama gave a speech in milwaukee. so, when he gave that speech he sort of seems to be wanting to take credit for the current
4:28 am
state of the economy. are black voters in michigan buying that? >> i will say i'm not the boys for all black voters, but-- rachel: you are on the ground. >> of course, when i'm knocking on doors-- i was actually at an naacp dinner of thought-- a few months ago and i was told by someone, young women, who said she lived in detroit for 45 years and feels like she's been no collected by the democratic party and another one told me she's looking forward to finally have a conservative to vote for. michigan is in play in for a lot of reasons one of which is straight ticket voting is not allowed anymore so people are going to be able to vote their own mind and think independently because too many people have died for us to that right. when i knock on doors around the city of detroit i actually saw bumper stick on a door that said: insured by smith & wesson. i'm going to church the next couple hours and people of this message and understand them choices and options and they can choose.
4:29 am
pete: john james running for senate in michigan. good luck. appreciate your service and now nine days left on the trail. rachel: we reached out to your opponent to appear on the show, but we did not hear back. pete: but, we heard back from you. former president obama slamming president trump and republicans. >> politicians just blatantly repeatedly, baldly, shamelessly lying. pete: but he might be wrong david bossi is here to react to. rachel: charlie kurt, karl rove and alan dershowitz all here live coming up. stay with us. hi. i'm diego. and for me, there is only one choice -- crunch. ♪ delicious 100% real chocolate
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rachel: we are back with a fox news alert. 11 are dead and six others injured including four officers after a shooter opened fire inside a synagogue in pittsburgh. the suspect surrendering after a shootout with police. >> the work of the first responders is probably prevented much more tragedy and when it is. at the scene is very bad inside. it's a very horrific crime scene. >> one of the worst that i have seen and i have
4:34 am
been on plane crashes. it's very bad. pete: forty-six are old shooter whose names-- name does not deserve to be said is charged with 29 counts including hate crimes. ed: former deputy trump campaign manager, very somber morning. i know we are over a week from a midterm election. we will talk politics in a moment, but i should wake up how do you balance this? i mean, this unspeakable act of just, you know, just for. it's just despicable. >> you know, your average american just doesn't understand an act of evil like this. we hear it, we see it reported, but it's hard to comprehend. i did 15 years in the fire service as a fireman and going on horrific scenes as part of the job day in and day out and it is incredibly difficult for those men and women who had to go to that seen in deal with that, but
4:35 am
this is becoming all too common in america and we have to-- all of us, every american regardless of your party , regardless of who you are what you are standing in society is, we have to come together and realize that our culture, our future is at stake here with what we are doing today. pete: you are right and unfortunately at moments like this which show the worst inhumanity and evil, the best in humanity first and people who respond to it, but you also see people who come out want to point fingers right away. we don't want to but you have to call it out. this is a tweet from julia losee, a dq magazine course audit said this:
4:36 am
pete: step back for a moment and this is the shooter who hated trump and there's no justification with a did. how do you respond to stuff like this? >> it's so disturbing that someone could write that. it's disgusting. it's despicable. there is no other word for it. why would you do that in this time when he went to have people come and not point fingers? this president has been president of every american doing the right thing every single day for every american and only because of the divisiveness and really the anger on the left and fake news this president has to deal with on a day-to-day basis does he feel he has to fight back and some policy decisions, doesn't the president's, a dozen presidents before president trump promise to move the embassy and he finally did. this is something that all americans can celebrate. rachel: so, the messages if you
4:37 am
don't want the violence don't follow through on policies you promise and don't recognize jerusalem. wow, amazing message. >> terrible. rachel: i went to turn to the rally. president trump is on the trail rallying, but so is former president obama. your something had to say and i went your reaction on the other side. >> throughout human history, certainly throughout american history politicians have exaggerated. they make promises that they may try to fulfill but it turns out to be harder than they expected. what we have not seen before in our recent public life, at least, is politicians just blatantly, repeatedly, baldly, shamelessly lying, making stuff up. rachel: so, david, he's calling him a liar and also trying to take credit for that economy. what is your response?
4:38 am
>> well, look let's be realistic. this is the liar in chief. if you like your healthcare you can keep it, let's not forget barack obama lied to every american regardless of your party come every american about your healthcare in order to ram obamacare down your throat, so let's not forget that. this president to take credit for an economy that's booming, this president, president trump campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs and bringing our economy back as a force. he's been incredibly successful with unemployment down to 3.7 and our gdp 4.2. in the third quarter 3.5 our economy is on fire because of this president. it didn't start with a president who doubled our national debt. when he became president , when president obama came into office it was about $10 trillion and when he left it was at about
4:39 am
20 trillion. took 220 plus years to get to $10 trillion and in eight years he doubled it. how irresponsible could you be? this president is going to grow us out of it. pete: in nine days voters will go to the polls and decide who they believe, is a barack obama or donald trump. is the line president trump is using that you are better off now than you were two years ago, promises made, promises kept, will it resonate enough to carry the house and keep it in republican hands clinic i certainly hope so. historically will be difficult, obviously on election day to keep the house, but this is something we haven't every race across this country, that argument that our policy, the republican party's position on policy along with president trump will allow america to continue to succeed economically and from a foreign-policy standpoint. this is a very very important election. if you want to see chaos
4:40 am
like you see at the border, like you saw during the justice kavanagh hearings, if you want the mob versus jobs in mentality, if you want that argument elect democrats. if you want more success with our economy, if you want a better future for our children than you have to think about who is in the job and who will do that job best for the american people and i think those are the republican candidates are across the country. ed: that's the case the president is make you. he said he would do four or five rallies a week. a lot of people were skeptical. east on that and more. rachel: thank you. on edge after an eighth child is killed from a viral outbreak. the virus that attacks week in the insistence infecting at least 23 had a single new jersey health center. officials say they have run out of room making it impossible to quarantine more patients or coworker telling
4:41 am
media filthy conditions like bugs crawling in the room are partly to blame. look at this incredible rescue with us coast guard saving 18 people after a fishing boat collides with a got off the coast of california. several people are injured, one critically. most of the passengers were taken to san diego safely, but the cause of the crash is under investigation. have you ever gone trick-or-treating and gotten something you didn't want? >> i got a candy bar. >> i got a cookie. >> i got dumb-- gum. >> i got a rock. rachel: north carolina cities that it's banning people from passing out that oh peanut butter cubes. i remember those writing outpaced the: no one likes them. don't get them out. i thought it was for peanut allergy, but it's just that no one likes them. the city is joking, but we wonder what candy would you see-- like to see boycotted? e-mail us at friends at
4:42 am pete: there's always that one how she go to and they give you an apple. no one wants an apple on halloween. let us know. get creative. what would you band besides halloween this halloween? rachel: we have gotten a lot of feedback. ed: with a bunch of kids coming at the end of the show. rachel: it will be fun. stay tuned for the halloween parade. al sharpton slamming president trump for hosting the young black leadership summit. take a listen. >> was not a summit. it was a make america great rally, the use of young blackness props which is an insult to them see when you can't have an event now? rachel: all minorities at the white house. charlie kurt is here to react live just ahead. ed: what are the voters think the president trump's rally last night? we will check in with
4:43 am
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>> this is our most important midterm election, perhaps, ever. we have made so much progress. we don't want to give up that progress. we can't allow that to happen. ed: a little more than a week to the midterms with the president rallying last night in illinois. pete: what do the voters think? getting reaction over breakfast at cindy b's café in illinois. reporter: good morning. obviously what happened yesterday in pittsburgh front and center on everyone's mind. is the main topic of discussion. let start with that. gordon, you are a strong believer in the phrase of good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. >> if there was a man with a gun of a probably would've stopped him before he got in the door.
4:47 am
reporter: how do you respond to people that say having armed security everywhere means there will be too many got-- guns out there? >> bad guys will always have the guns. just would like to be saved is what it amounts to. they take the guns away, the bad guys will have them and you ain't got no way to protect yourself. reporter: thank you. a bunch, you say protecting our burden-- borders is a key issue for you. you say take care of our people first, why? >> we got a lot of people in america that are poor and everything else. people come and get on welfare so our money goes to therein set of taking care of our own people. reporter: understood. >> take care of hours. reporter: mike you are excited the trumpet administration is trying to bring back good paying jobs specifically in the steel industry. why is that important to you? >> well, a lot of the factories and steel mills and mines close down and people had to
4:48 am
look for other jobs and then you need a good paying job and i'm glad to see granite city steel starting back up and some of the call mines starting back up and i'm all for that. reporter: thank you. air force veteran, we thank you for your service. this is your phrase, quote america cannot afford to be central america's nanny, why? >> cost too much money and if you want to come to the us, do it legal. just do it the way they are doing it is a slap in the face to everyone that came here the right way. reporter: thank you. finally, fred, you say congress needs to get down to business and to stop focusing politics, why? >> the election was over two years ago and it's time to quit playing politics and take care of business at hand instead of bite between each other. they need to unite and take care of the problems going on in the united states.
4:49 am
reporter: gentlemen, thank you. what i love about these answers as they were concise, made the point, there wasn't a lot of glamour and bluster like you hear from folks in washington. it's real america. back to you. rachel: that is real america. pete: a lot of common sense at that table. rachel: actions have consequences. pete: a mad mad murders 11 people in a place of worship, a synagogue, but it's donald trump that the left is calling evil and tammy bruce's here to react live next hour. ed: the reverend al sharpton slamming the president for hosting a young black leadership summit. >> was not a summit. it was a make america great rally, the use of young blackness props which is an insult to them. pete: amazing image. the people in that room were excited to be there and yet he said they shouldn't be here. shabbat helped to organize the sum and he joins us live to tell us what really happened
4:50 am
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pete: welcome back. president trump hosting the young black leadership summit in the white house this week, but al sharpton slam the sum and its attendees as a props for the president. watch. >> this was among the lowest things that he could ever do. at they are talking about cnn sucks and building a wall so why do you need a young black summit to do it because it was not a summit, it was a make america great rally. of the use of young blackness as props which is an insult to them. rachel: charlie kirk helped organize the event and he's the founder of turning point usa and joins us to way impaired charlie, what you think about al sharpton's reaction calling the
4:54 am
young black kids you went to the white house, calling those leader-- future leaders props? >> how dare he say something like that, i mean, turning point usa we hosted this four-day young black leadership summit and if the reverend decided to do research you would realize we had thousands of applications for the summit. leaders came from across the country and had to apply for scholarships and travel fight it-- stipends. i had young black leaders and tears coming up to me saying i lived in poverty my whole life never thought i would got-- get to washington dc: the east room of the white house. there were leaders there that i had to get close donated to get into the white house. reverend al, if you really cared about progress in the black community wouldn't you be praising this? this makes me so emotional. what i saw there was 400 black americans that love their president, they love this country and they were honored to
4:55 am
have been invited to the white house and reverend al sharpton, where the most contemptible things i never seen him say and boy has he said some over the last two years. pete: not saying something, charlie. how much of the comments are based in fear, fear that the control he has had for so long that-- might be slipping away? >> that exactly right. that's the second thing i went to enforces that the success of this presidency is a threat to the power the left has had over the black community. the lowest ever black unemployment rate, the lowest ever black poverty rate. urban revitalization, school choice, prison reform, jobs coming back from overseas to our inner cities because they were decimated by bad trade deals and you saw the energy and excitement and enthusiasm and just yesterday our communications director, candace owens, launched -- launched a project. there's a movement happening in the inner cities that donald trump
4:56 am
started upon inauguration and you see black america really waking up and reverend al sharpton is worried of evidence he would not -- rachel: i heard kanye west designed that t-shirt for-- how do you say it? really quick, president obama has been trying to take credit for what he admitted was an economic miracle. really quick, are the young black summit leaders buying it? >> the economy is so good that barack obama is trying to take credit for it. i try to joke around if things were so bad then why is obama trying to take credit for it? they are not buying these lies from barack obama and they are 100% behind the success of the trump presidency. pete: thank you. ahead, griff jenkins is embedded with the migrant caravan and he ran into an illegal trying to get back to the us after he was deported for attempted murder. listen.
4:57 am
>> my country honduras i got in trouble. reporter: you asked him what happened? [speaking spanish] >> attempted murder critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day. there is a chance that's the last time. 300 miles per hour, that's where i feel normal. i might be crazy but i'm not stupid.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
>> we're under fire. we're under fire. he's got an automatic weapon. he's firing out in front of the synagogue. ed: the deadliest attack union jewish community in u.s. history history. 11 dead, six injured, including four police officers after a shooter opens fire said? a synagogue. trump: this evil anti-semitic attack is an assault on all of us. it's an assault on humanity. >> donald trump is the first president in 23 years to keep our nation's promise to the people of israel. we've got to stop the people who are exploiting tragedy for their own political purposes. reporter: the migrants continue to march forth. they believe they have a right
5:01 am
to continue their march for asylum to the united trump: republicans want strong voters, no crime, and no caravan caravans ; right? turn around. you're not coming in. reporter: the president covered a range of typos to everything from nafta, immigration, jobs. trump: we're fighting to win, and that's what you have to do. >> 3-2 pitch. the red sox are up 3 games t. 1 rachel: we begin with a fox news alert. tragedy striking in pittsburgh. 11 are dead and six others injured, including four officers after a shooter opened for a inside a synagogue. we're about an hour away from a press conference where officials will release the names of those victims. ed: we're all over this story this morning. meanwhile, the face of evil right there. the 46-year-old suspect now charged with 29 federal counts, including hate crimes. he surrendered to police after the deadliest attack on a jewish community in american history. pete: chilling dispatch audio of the shoot-out with first
5:02 am
responders now released. >> we're under fewer. we're under fire. he's got an automatic weapon. he's firing out in front of the synagogue. every available unit in the city needs to get here now. all units hold a perimeter. we're taking on ak-47 fire from out front of the synagogue. pete: congressman mike kelly condemning the horrific attack in or near his district earlier. >> we use the term "pittsburgh strong" because we are the steel city. if pittsburgh is strong, it's america that's strong. if we can get away from the fact that we're americans and democrats and republicans, and focus on the fact we're americans. there is so much good in america america. we are the country that celebrates religious freedom. that's who we are. that's the basic fabric of who america is and when we see things like that happen this is a clarion call for every single american to say "not on my watch watch." pete: so much good in this country but so much tragedy in pittsburgh yesterday.
5:03 am
you know, it was the jewish sabbath, shabbat, jews fully understand that holy day, but for christians there would be like someone walking into a church on sunday morning and opening fire. and this was the dedication of a child in the synagogue. ed: a baby naming. pete: and somebody comes in and murders 11 people. rachel: the representative really makes a good point, that we can't really look to the top, we can't really look to the president or anybody else, celebrities, if we want to change the rhetoric and the conversations and the hate and the coarseness of our culture, it has to start really with ourselves, with our family around the dinner table, conversations about tolerance and love and religious liberty. those are the conversations we should be having if we really want to see a charge. it starts there. ed: it starts that way, but i do think we should expect leadership from the president and others. rachel: yes, sure. ed: and i think he showed that. rachel: he did. ed: he said that his own advisers were saying, hey, we're a week and a couple days from a
5:04 am
midterm election. this is a particularly sensitive time. maybe we shouldn't have this rally in illinois. i think he made it very clear, a in his words. he condemned this in no un uncertain terms. rachel: he did. ed: despite what his many critics have said about him going back to charlottesville. he condemned this in no un uncertain terms. and then said, look. he was reminded of 9/11 and an unspeakable tragedy then that affected so many around the country, around the world, but particularly here in new york city, he said look, they opened the stock market within a few days 'cause they knew that we could not let evil win. pete: so he struck that tone as ed referenced in illinois during a rally talking about the shooting at the synagogue. and what was a blatantly anti-semitic attack and we cannot let evil win. listen to the president. trump: the hearts of all americans are filled with grief following the monstrous killing of jewish americans at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. this evil anti-semitic attack is an assault on all of us.
5:05 am
it will require all of us working together to extract the hateful poison of anti-semitism from our world. we can't make these sick, demented, evil people important. and when we change all of our lives in order to accommodate them, it's not acceptable. this is the time to renew the bonds of love and loyalty that hold us all together as americans. they are always more powerful than the forces of hatred and division. pete: you know, you come out of something like this and you're looking for a reason, and sometimes it's just sheer evil. has nothing to do with politics. this guy is widely reported, was inside the synagogue -- we won't even say his name. it's not worth saying. he was saying "all jews must die die." he hated jews. he hated president trump as well well. he believed that trump was controlled by jews. all of these things insane. but it motivated him to use a rifle and some handguns and mow down innocent people inside a place of worship.
5:06 am
let's keep it right there and call it for what it is and not try to go to some larger political conversation. rachel: he did hate donald trump because of his very pro-israel policies, the embassy in jerusalem and other things. he was on social media, indicated just before he went in that he was going in. he was on a website or a social media platform called "gab" that is very known for sort of having open, unsensored dialogue. and however that social media company immediately took down his account, suspended it and began cooperating with authorities. ed: and on that social media footprint, as you note, rachel, he said all kinds of despicable, disgusting things about jewish people in this country, around the world, that we don't even, frankly, want to repeat 'cause it's not worth repeating. and it gives us an idea also of what some of these social media companies should be doing in terms of being a bit more proactive about looking at this speech and the despicable nature of it. of course there's a first amendment in this country. of course that comes first. but when you see people saying things like this that are just
5:07 am
so abhorrent and then, as you said, he, i believe, tweeted right before "i'm going in," it's pete: we're also reminded yet again of the bravery of first responders and our police. got two first responders were shot, two members of the s.w.a.t. department there were shot. thankfully are were stable this morning and will recover. listen. we heard the reports in the open reports of whether it was an ak-47 or an ar-15, we don't know but people ran to the sound of fire to save people they've never met, who share a religion that may not be their own. that is the fabric of america, religious liberty and the freedom to worship. and when it's threatened, we should call it out for what it is and keep it right there. so anybody trying to play politics with this is playing the wrong game. and, unfortunately, that was joe biden yesterday with a statement on the synagogue shooting. listen to what the former vice president said. he said, "hate is on the march in america and when hatred is given a safe harbor, when it's given space to fester, when it brazenly puts itself on display
5:08 am
in a historic american city, when its distorted worldview is fueled uninterrupted in forum after forum on the web, when it hears an american political leadership -- hears american political leadership say good peep can be found amongst those spewing this ugly bile, it grows a clear allusion to the fact that the rhetoric of president trump, the policies of president trump are fueled by hate." that's a dangerous road to go o. ed: clearly at the end there a reference to charlottesville where he said that good people could be found among this hate. he's clearly going after president trump within hours of the murder of these 11 people. rachel: and, by the way, this is the front-runner, and he knows that. he is the front-runner on the democrat ticket for 2020. this is as political -- pete: polls say so. you're right. you're totally right. rachel: former vice president biden absolutely knows he's at the top of those polls and i think that's probably what's fueling that tweet. pete: when you say something
5:09 am
like hate or evil, it's right to do so when someone kills 11 people and tried to kill a lot more. when you're accusing your political opponents of being evil as, what was his name -- ed: howard pete: howard dean he said before the shooting, but still he said donald trump is evil and now joe biden moments after the shooting says this is hate. those words justify the dehuman dehumanization of another and the dehumanization of the people that support them. that's why you hear folks on msnbc and cnn ander networks saying trump supporters are racist or -- it's all putting them down -- ed: and how many on the left in the last three, four days around the attempted bombings were saying, "let's lower" -- including joe biden, by the way. he was saying "let's lower the temperature." maxine waters said, "the president is promoting violence and hate." and now it's those on the left doing what they said the president was rachel: what struck me is something we could all come around is the fact that we're all americans. and one of the things, i think, that president trump has been
5:10 am
very good about is really, you know, supporting our flag, uniting us around our patriotism helping us being proud about being americans. and that means -- and i don't know. i just think it's interesting that that's something he's actually been criticized for, and that's something we could use at this moment to unite us as americans. pete: absolutely. i'm going to be paying attention to the media coverage of this or the lack -- we'll see. i mean, we went wall-to-wall for a week on a failed bomber who sent bombs, never should happen, totally bad, we condemn it all. no one was kill thankfully in that approximate. now you've got 11 jews killed in a synagogue. are we going to cover it for one day and move on because it doesn't fit the political narrative? we'll see. rachel: there is a rise in anti-semitism especially in nuclear weapon 'cause it doesn't fit the narrative of the neo-nazis, that fringe group here in america, but in europe, and it's affecting our universities, by the way, is a very virulent anti-semitism from the left. so if we're going to have the the conversation about the rise
5:11 am
in anti-semitism, we need to talk about where it's being mainstreamed which is in our universities and some of the fringe sides of progressive -- ed: the former vice president suggesting that president trump is fueling this,, we want to hear what you th.nk rachel: we're turn to some headlines. a man accused of sending more than a dozen suspicious packages to prominent democrats is expected in court tomorrow. investigators say that cesar sayoc was living in and has evidence like explosive materials and carter seats in a vehicle. authorities arrested sayoc in south florida and are looking for other suspects in the area who may have helped him. steve harrigan will join us live in miami in about 30 minutes. two young women found dead in new york city's hudson river have been identified as sisters from virginia. police say the 16- and 22 22-year-old farrea sisters were
5:12 am
found wednesday bound together with duct tape at their feet and waist. they were reported missing from fairfax on august 24th. investigators still do not know how they ended up 244 miles from home. a as you say soldier killed in the korean war is finally laid to rest after nearly 70 years, master sergeant charles mcdaniels' remains were among the 55 boxes returned home from north korea in august. he was an army medic when he went missing in 1950. his family and loved ones saying their final good-byes during a ceremony in indiana with full military honors. pete: rachel, with your permission i will continue. rachel: i would pete: in a top 10 college football battle, georgia mows over florida. >> on the clock again. and he's got the first down and he's got a bunch of more! deandersonry swift to the house? pete: the prompter wanted me to say holds off. they mowed him over.
5:13 am
seventh ranked georgia bulldogs beating the ninth ranked gators 36-17. ed: i'll let you continue but i have a comment. pete: in a shoot out14th rank washington state beats sanford 41-38 and penn state holds for a home win against 18th ranked iowa. ed: our executive producer sean groman went to florida. he always slips in when florida wins, like they routed somebody when they won by 2. daniel halperin of the free beacon was texting me all morning saying among others things dawg nation in georgia, the bulldogs, turning away from the show, he want the truth. so on behalf of dog nation, i am saying sorry florida, shore sean groman, dawg nation wants the truth. pete: we've got our own griff jenkins. he is embedded with the migrant caravan. and last hours, you may have seen, he ran into an illegal trying to get back to the u.s. after he was convicted of attempted murder and deported.
5:14 am
watch. >> in my country, honduras. reporter: can you ask him exactly what happened? >> attempted of murder. attempt of murder.
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
pete: we are back with a fox news alert. the migrant caravan marching toward our southern border ready to defy u.s. immigration law. rachel: many of them now refusing mexico's offer for asylum. ed: our man on the border, griff jenkins, has been talking to some of those migrants. he joins us now live from southern mexico, far from the border but amidst the caravan. good morning, griff. >> good morning guys. more than a thousand miles to get to the u.s. but these 5,000 plus strong migrants are coming to the u.s. one way or the other
5:18 am
and they are not deterred by either mexico's offer for temporary employment, health care, and education, or by the current administration saying they're not going to be allowed to get asylum, and many of them telling me that, if necessary, they'll be willing to break the law to get in. but as you look here you can see this is becoming very difficult for them. they started on october 13th. many of them wearing out about. about 1500 had given up but at least 5,000 have stayed strong. among this group a gentleman we talked to in the last hour, jose from honduras who's coming even though he's convicted of a serious felony. listen. >> in my country, honduras -- reporter: can you ask him exactly what happened? >> [speaking (speaking spanish)] >> number 3. >> a third degree felony. attempt of murder. reporter: and we see here as people are waking up, a small
5:19 am
group meeting, some of them trying to sort of self-police themselves saying they don't want -- there's been some fighting. last night a man was apparently could you find trying to actually kidnap a child and the crowd beat him a little bit; so it's gotten a little bit unruly as we're just giving you another look here, guys. as this caravan gets started. interestingly they've said there's a press conference of the organizers and so we'll see if that happens. normally they would already be marching for the day. ed: griff, real quick. did you get any more clarification from that man, that migrant? some parts of his story a little confusing just in the little time we had he said i got in trouble in honduras and then i said his wife and a child at least one child or more were in america. do you know where this attempted murder happened? reporter: that's right. it was in the u.s., and that's a good question. we did clarify that. jose was convicted of attempted murder in the united states. he left honduras and fled to the united states because his wife's
5:20 am
stepson was killed by a gang member in honduras. that was his story and so it was a little bit lost in translation but leucine our mexico city producer, translated that for us us. he is coming despite what he is accused of. he also told lucena that he wants to avoid going to prison in the u.s. we're not sure whether he has already served time for something related to that conviction, guys. pete: griff, interesting. reported now wants to come back to the u.s. but not to prison. rachel: thank you, griff. great reporting. ed: after that deadly synagogue shooting democrats make it about politics and blame the president president. it was love at first slice pizza lovers everywhere meet o, that's good! frozen pizza one third of our classic crust is made with cauliflower but that's not stopping anyone o, that's good!
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ed: a difficult morning as we've been reporting, america reeling from the worst anti-semitic attack in american history, 11 people murdered by a gunman screaming, quote, unquote, "jews must die." completely vile, as they prayed in a pittsburgh synagogue. but it's not stopping some democrats from pointing fingers at the president. house minority whip steny hoyer saying, quote, the fact that we have seen a rise in hate filled violence in conjunction with the use of anti-semitic and other racist rhetoric in our politics cannot be ignored. i would hope that the president and others that have sought to divide our country by race and faith would apologize for doing so." that from steny hoyer. rachel: here to weigh in fox news contributor and president of the independent women's voice tammy bruce. good morning. >> good rachel: dividing america by race and religion, i mean this is the party of the identity politics. there's a lot of irony in that. >> this is infuriating. this is an event, a horrible mass murder, that all americans
5:25 am
agree on, that we recognize this horror. we know it's not blaming anybody who's in politics here. and yet the democrats' hatred for the president eclipses their understandings of that and their desire and the ability to bring people together, which is part of the job of politicians in some ways, is to have us all be recognized in that way. they not only don't know when to stop, they don't care at this stage. there is the irony of that comment is blaming the president for dividing people, as he is effectively blaming the president's supporters but when they attack the president he is effectively a stand-in for the american people who voted for him. ed: right, well, in the case of the mail bomber there was a rush by some in the media to say there is pro-trump, pro-pence bumper stickers on that white van, but in the case of pittsburgh, they're less likely to rush to point out that this murderer -- and that's what he is -- had tweets in social media
5:26 am
-- >> in either case -- rachel: he hated trump. ed: he hated trump, though, is my point. >> yes of course. but the facts on either end don't matter. obviously in florida, this guy was a career criminal. anything would have pushed him over the edge. that had nothing to do with the president. this has nothing to do with the president. this has to do with the american people. and, frankly, 325 million americans, 24/7 a day attacks on the president and his supporters a majority of americans, for almost two years now, it is astounding with so many people in this country that there are so few attacks. any attack, of course, is too many. rachel: right. >> and yet that is a testimony to the discipline and to the decency of the american people. and yet the democrats and other liberal legacy media continue to tell us that america's going down the drain, that this happening everywhere, that americans are divided, that hate controls us. oh, no, it doesn't. it might control some people in washington. it does not control the american people. anyone watching this program
5:27 am
understands that. and this is now -- it's all about the politics of it, and these are the people, the democrats, who clearly don't care about the future of this country. rachel: you make such a great point. i think what's interesting is, despite all the negative press that the president gets, even before he was elected during the campaign, the american people seem to be very savvy. they seem to not buy into what they're being told to believe by others on the other side. so are the democrats in danger here, ten days out of an election, of overplaying their hand, just as they did in the kavanaugh situation? >> well, they are. and you see these series of events. the american people have seen that. the fact of the matter is i think most people already have decided what they're going to be doing for the midterm. what the democrats, though, are trying to do is depress people. this is their mission, not talk about the issues, not convince us and persuade us on how somehow they might be better. their behavior has been very clear in the last several months about how their behavior -- look look. they want to punish us for what we did in '16. rachel: right. >> so i think people have
5:28 am
decided it's about enthusiasm. an nbc poll just last week found comparative time for the 2016 election to now, g.o.p. -- early voting turnout up plus 6. early voting turnout for the democrats, down, minus 5. that's a signal of enthusiasm. rachel: interesting. >> and so i think they're recognizing that they can't persuade us because we've rejected what they stand for. but what they're trying to do is depress the american electorate. and shame on them. and with this horrific dynamic for the jewish people, who means for all of us, we're all of the tree of life. is a testament to what they prefer, which is being led by their own hatred and divisions and pointing fingers at the president, who, every rally, every statement calls for unity, for love of this country, and for people to come together. and americans will make their decisions -- rachel: but the president has said that he's concerned that
5:29 am
these events will sort of slow that momentum. >> well, look. these are depressing events. they're saddening events perform we've got legacy media and the democrats, many who are heroes for the american people, trying to reinforce that. i think the american people will come back, though, and do the right thing. ed: tammy bruce, we appreciate you. >> thank you. ed: as we mentioned, the jewish community, frankly, all americans, mourning over that deadly, anti-semitic attack. faith leaders join us with an important message for the entire country. that's n.xt rachel: plus, what do the voters think of president trump's rally last night? todd piro is having breakfast with friends in illinois, and we're going to check in with him next. a migraine hope to be there... for the good. and not so good. for the mundane. the awe-inspiring. the heart racing. the heart breaking.
5:30 am
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trump: through the centuries, the jews have endured terrible persecution. and you know that. we've all read it. we've studied it. they've gone through a lot. and those seeking their destruction, we will seek their destruction. now, when you have crimes like this, whether it's this one or another one or another group, we have to bring back the death penalty. they have to pay the ultimate price. pete: this morning, america reeling from the worst anti- anti-semitic attack in recent history. 11 people murdered by a gunman
5:34 am
screaming, "jews must dies" as they prayed in a pittsburgh synagogue. here to react, orthodox jewish rabbi shmuli, dr. kunta ahmed. and father morris. a great trying to be on this tough day. rabbi, let me start with you. your reaction to what happened in pittsburgh and the culture in which it happened. >> well, this is the worst attack on american soil for the jewish people in our history. and my fear is that this -- we're going to start seeing synagogues having to experience what we have in europe, which is armored convoys outside of shuls use outside of jewish community centers. we don't want to see a major change in jewish life, where jews have to fear going to places in worship. but this has not happened in a vacuum. and i'm amazed that people are trying to politicize it and blaming people like the president. this president has a jewish daughter -- having said that,
5:35 am
you people like louis farrakhan who called jews termites just last week, almost nazi rhetoric, because what you do with termites you experiment them. you have people on the right, vile neo-nazis being allowed to get away with festering anti-semitic. let's not not point this to one particular group but the deleg delegization of the state of israel for so long leads to this culture where violence has to ensue. pete: well, said, rabbi. through the lens of islam and current, how do you describe this? >> the loss of one is the loss of all mankind. so the 11 jewish people that died yesterday are a national loss and also a spiritual loss for me. also as a member of the usc shoa foundation, we combat anti-semitic. people must really anti-semitism is different than other hatreds. it is the only hatred that
5:36 am
carries genocidal history and action with it. it is lethal, and it is different than all other xenophobias. but we can do things about this. we'll be back teach people in school how to combat this. week teach leaders and policy makers. unesco just adopted a lot of our materials in that regard, and we are ready to share that with the nation. pete: father john? >> when i heard this happen within the first thing i thought of was pittsburgh, pennsylvania? really? maybe we could imagine it could be more possible on one of the coasts. there's more jewish people. there's perhaps -- pittsburgh, pennsylvania, i grew up very close to pittsburgh and went to school just outside of pittsburgh in college. but we're living in a new world as the rabbi said, this didn't happen in a vacuum. it happened on the internet. the lies that have been perpetuated throughout history and that were much more present in europe, for example, when i was living there and that's where i first encountered really anti-semite thought, those thoughts are able to make it to
5:37 am
pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and anywhere. we have to be very careful to make sure that any thought whatsoever, any idea whatsoever that creates a foundation for anti-semitism or hatred against anyone be completely rejected, and we have to recognize that those hateful thoughts can exist in places that they never existed before. pete: rabbi, the lies that exist on the internet, the lies about history, how do you combat that for the jewish people? >> well, through education. i want to tell our father that of course pennsylvania. hatred of the jews, it springs up almost everywhere and anywhere. it's the world's oldest, most insidious, most malicious you hatred. what we dare not do is politicize. when i look at somebody like joe biden, he was speaking about charlottesville, et cetera, with all due respect, the obama administration also legitimized
5:38 am
iran which spoke openly about annihilating the jewish people and did not once condemn that genocidal rhetoric. they speak about killing every single jew on site in the world. it doesn't make a difference if it's extreme right, neo-nazis, charlottesville is something we universally condemn. when people are chanting in america "jews will not replace us" or this man walks into a synagogue and says all jews must die, it must be condemned, because it can spring up absolutely anywhere. and i don't think we need to see this as another shooting attack. as horrible as it is in the united states these mass shootings, we have to condemn that. but the history of the jews is different. the jews have experienced this repeatedly and for the first time we have someone in the white house who understands that his own family is now vulnerable vulnerable. he has three jewish grandchildren, and these are grandchildren who are great-grandchildren of holocaust survivors themselves on the side of jared kushner's family. >> what's interesting also is this man on the internet went on
5:39 am
to say, you know, "trump is never going to make america great again until he gets rid of you know, these jews." the anti-semitic thought, he try to put it into politics, but what caused him to kill was not the left or the right. it was not modern-day politics. it was his hatred that comes back to these terribly disgusting ideas that he had in his head. pete: you're nodding your head. >> and both of what you're saying has great validity. we're able to use the world's largest archive of holocaust testimony, 53,000 people have recorded their experiences of the holocaust for the shara foundation and we take that material and deliver it children in schools and look at history and connect with the history of anti-semitism which can change how people feel. another important point rabbi brought up, louis farrakhan, islamism is an enormous vehicle for contemporary anti-semitism and it marries with far-left
5:40 am
thought. and that affects all of his. islam sees the muslim and the christian just like we're here as our brethren. this is our mourning. which is why i'm wearing a symbol of judaism today because it is a loss for all of us, and anti-semitism threatens all of us from the white house to our own homes. pete: well, said. father, doctor, rabbi, thank you for your time this morning, and we're certainly thinking of everyone in pittsburgh and in your community as well. president trump condemning prejudice everywhere after the synagogue shooting. a former speechwriter for president george w. bush tells us how the president struck the right tone following yesterday's tragedy. plus, what do the voters think of president trump's rally last night? todd piro is having breakfast with friends in illinois. we'll check with him coming up next. ♪
5:41 am
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5:43 am
ed: and we are back with a fox news alert. the man accused of sending suspicious packages to prominent
5:44 am
democrats might have had some help. rachel: steve harrigan joins us live from miami where the feds are searching for more possible suspects. steve? reporter: pete, ed, and rachel, the feds are making it clear that this investigation is not over. they are paying close attention to that white van where cesar sayoc not only lived but where he may have built those 14 pipe bombs. they're also checking his media imprint, his digital footprint to try and find who may have influenced him or if he got any help carrying out these bombings bombings. we're learning some more about the 56-year-old as well, his personality. some family members are describing him this way. here's what one of his aunts had to say: "i think he was very troubled. i think he had a problem with his mental health and he was mentally challenged. he wanted attention, and he didn't know how to get it." sayoc of course has a lengthy criminal record, at least 12 arrests for fraud, theft, and drugs. he's going to be in court tomorrow, federal court here in miami before being moved to new york. he could face five federal charges and up to 48 years in
5:45 am
prison. back to you guys. ed: thanks, steve harrigan in miami. rachel: thank you, steve. with just a little more than a week to the midterms, president trump rallying thousands last night in illinois. ed: so what do the voters think? let's ask our own todd piro. he he's getting their reaction with friends live in cindy b's in illinois. reporter: good morning, guys. obviously the events in florida and throughout the nation front and center but right now everybody is focused on pittsburgh including at the rally last night. cindy attended the rally, waited 13 hours to hear the president. what did you think of the president's tone in light of the tragedy in pittsburgh? >> well, he was very concerned. the first thing he said when he approached the podium was it's been a very tough day in our country. and then he kind of looked around, and then he saw everybody was there for the rally, but his first words were of concern. and we just heard, you know, various prayers. so i thought the president was
5:46 am
carrying the weight of the world world. reporter: cindy, thank you. becky, you really liked the president's tone last night. why? >> again, he cares. he cares about any american. you know, it's so sad that this happened, but it can't stop him. he has to continue what he's doing. reporter: jerry, you say, switching gears now, the key issue for you is keeping the house of representatives red. you say all this talk of a blue wave is not going to happen. why? >> because the president is out working and taking care of business like he should be, and i believe the american people are listening to him. and i believe we will win greatly in the house of representatives and the senate both. reporter: and your friend brett here takes it a step earlier. he says democrats aren't behaving well enough to earn the nation's votes. why? >> right. i believe the president is willing to work with the other side and i'm looking for government that wants to work, not obstruct, not resist. and if it has to go all red, so
5:47 am
be it 9876 all right. thank you sir. jim, you say when it comes to border security, americans don't like people who cut in line. what do you mean by that? >> that's right. the english taught us a cue. i'm a veteran in the military, and they taught us to take our turn. and we just don't like people that want to rush the line. reporter: thank you for your service, sir, and thank you for your comments. and finally minister jim, obviously, tough day right now, tough weekend. can you please leave us with a message? >> yes. absolutely. we need to come together as a nation. i think president trump made it real clear. there are evil people out there that will do whatever they want, and i think we need to come together and remember that jesus tells us to love one another as he has first loved us. so if we come together and treat each other with respect and love one another, i think we can -- great things are possible, and i think that's what president trump wants us to do, is to come together as a nation. we saw this in the way that he
5:48 am
handled this. i mean, we know his family is diverse in religion and diverse in culture. so we need to come together. i think that republican, democrat, whatever your views are, if we treat each other with respect, we will be a much better nation for it. reporter: thank you. i can't say it better. back to .ou rachel: we can't, either. i think that the minister says it just right. maybe this is a time to look to god and not politics in a moment like this. ed: meanwhile, the president condemning prejudice everywhere after that synagogue shooting. that's what he said last night. a former speechwriter for president george w. bush tells us how the president struck the right tone after the tragedy. we'll get to that. pete: and the midterms. now just over a week away. who's going to come out on top? we're going to ask carl carl. maybe he'll have his white board board. joins us live with his prediction.
5:49 am
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ed: quick headlines. the russian military preparing for war in case the u.s. attacks attacks. a top russian diplomat confirming that to the u.n. just days after president trump withdrew from the cold war era international nuclear forces treaty. russia claims at least it's just a counter to moves made by the u.s. >> meanwhile, polls in brazil are now open in what some are calling the most important presidential election in the country's history. poised to win the so-called " "trump of the tropics" jair bolsonaro. he's against us corruption and the long-standing recession under years of liberal leadership. meanwhile, we just checked, and florida still lost to georgia. back to you pete. pete: american reeling from the worst anti-semitic attack in recent history. the president quickly condemning
5:53 am
yesterday's tragic pittsburgh synagogue shooting, saying this. watch. trump: this was an anti-semitic act. you wouldn't think this would be possible in this day and age. the vile, hate-filled poison of anti-semitism must be condemned and confronted everywhere and anywhere it appears. ed: well, in times like these, it's important. our commander-in-chief set the right tone for how we as americans move forward. that's what our next guest says the president has done. rachel: joining us now is former presidential writer for president george w. bush, ned ryan. welcome. >> good to be with you g.ys rachel: so you say that the president is striking the right tone. >> oh, hundred percent. and i think the thing that was important, i think the thing that's refreshing is we have a president who's very realistic about this world, about human nature, when he's saying that we live in a fallen world, that we're filled -- you know, imperfect human beings, that there are evil people that have committed evil acts. and i think that's important to
5:54 am
be able to say that there is evil, because you have to name it before you can confront it. and again we know there's no appeasing evil and there's no accommodation of evil. and i think the thing that really struck me yesterday was when he said this is a violent anti-semitic attack on all of us on all humanity, on all americans. it has no place in our society. and i think we do need to confront that. and i appreciate your previous panel calling out louis farrakhan who just a few weeks ago made very anti-semitic comments but more importantly just a few weeks before that was actually sharing the stage with prominent black and democratic leaders. and i know that he has close ties to keith ellison and maxine waters and al green. there is to be zero tolerance for this sort of behavior. and i will also add this. it's time that we actually confront what i think is a very virulent anti-semitic movement right now in this country, and it's the bds movement, the boycott, divest, sanction movement against israel. we have to confront these things things. and i tell you what, until the
5:55 am
left is open and honest about their problems and about the situation that they have within their ranks, i refuse to accept any criticisms about incivility or any criticisms about trump until we can have that honest dialogue. rachel: i think it's so important that you've brought up -- i'm sorry to jump on you guys here, but you brought up the bds movement. could you stop that? because, you know, alexandria ocasio-cortez is someone who has supported that movement. she is considered the future of the party. explain to our viewers what that is. >> the b.d.s. movement is the boycott, divest, sanction movement that targets israel that's been very big on college campuses and now it's really dug into the progressive movement. it is an attack against the nation of israel and i would say and i would argue it is very anti-semitic in its nature. it's just that people don't understand that it is such because it calls itself the b.d.s. movement but it is the new anti-semitism and it is very
5:56 am
popular inside the left. it is an attack against israel and the jewish people as well. ed: what about social media? there's a first amendment in this country. it's a foundation of who we are. on the other hand you have this murderer yesterday in pittsburgh saying these vile things in recent days on social media about jews, number one. number two, you mentioned farrakhan. as i recall about a week or so ago, facebook, to their credit, took it down, but twitter didn't take it down. >> no. and i think the thing, ed, that we -- we as americans, we as human beings have a lot of common sense. we can see hate speech. we understand when we have to have rhetoric, we have to have dialogue, we have to have free speech. at the same time, we understand what is hate speech, what is anti-semitic. and i am shocked, actually, that twitter hasn't taken louis farrakhan off of their platform because when he is not only saying these things but then tweeting out videos of him saying i'm not anti-semite, i'm anti-termite, this is very clear case we've got to say no more of
5:57 am
this. ed: thank you very much. pete: now a fox news alert, you're going to be looking live in pittsburgh where an update on the synagogue massacre is minutes away. we'll bring that press conference to you live when it happens. stay with us. ...
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> they're under fire. these are automatic weapon and he's firing. ed: the deadliest attack on the jewish community in u.s. history , 11 dead, six injured including four police officers after a shooter opens fire inside a synagogue. president trump: this evil anti-semetic attack is an assault on all of us. it's an assault on humanity. >> anti semitism a term is alive and well. >> the democrats and other liberal legacy media continue to tell us that hate controls us. oh, no it doesn't. griff: earlier this year deported for a felony? >> yes.
6:01 am
griff: can you ask him what happened? >> attempted murder. pete: the president is asking are you better off now than you were two years ago. >> whose going to do that job best for the american people and i think that those are the republican candidates across the country. >> 3-2 pitch the red sox are up three games to one. ed: 11 dead six others injured including four police officers, after a shooter opened fire inside a synagogue. pete: we've got a live look at the emergency operation center in pittsburgh where we're awaiting any update at any moment where the names of those victims are expected to be revealed. rachel: meanwhile the face of evil right there, 46 year old i'm not even going to say his name, now charged with 29 federal counts including hate crimes. he surrendered to the police after the deadliest attack on the jewish community in american history. ed: yes. rachel: chilling dispatch audio of the shootout with first
6:02 am
responders now released. take a listen. >> we're under fire. we're under fire. he's got an automatic weapon and he's firing in the front of the synagogue. every available unit in the city needs to get here now. all units hold the perimeter we're taking on ak-47 fire from out the front of the synagogue. pete: we're still waiting that press conference we'll bring it to you, first we'll go to david lee miller live in pittsburgh where we're learning more about the suspects background. david good morning. >> good morning. you know, pittsburgh, pennsylvania was once known as the steel capital of the world. now, it has another association, one that we have heard mentioned repeatedly this morning, it is now the site of the deadliest attack against the jewish community in u.s. history. the man allegedly responsible identified as 46 year old robert bowers, saturday morning armed with three handguns, authorities say he went on a rampage,
6:03 am
shouting, all jews must die, at the tree of life synagogue. now it took only minutes for 11 people to be killed, eight men and three women. >> it's a very horrific crime scene. it's one of the worst that i've seen and i've been on some plane crashes. it's very bad. >> authorities expect the names of those who were killed to be released at a news conference that is scheduled to take place in only a matter of minutes. six others were wounded in the assault including four police officers and despite that was history of santa fe i semetic rants on the internet he was not known to police. neighbors were asked if there was any clue he might be capable of this type of behavior. >> nothing that would stand out not like the most terrifying thing is just how normal he was. >> i wish i knew. i wish i knew what was going on inside of his head.
6:04 am
maybe something could have been done, i don't know. >> speaking at a rally last night in illinois, president trump said for crimes such as the one that took place here, the perpetrator should face the death penalty. the president has now ordered all flags at federal buildings to be flown at half staff. that news conference, again, scheduled to begin in just a matter of minutes when we should learn more about what happened here, a little more than 24 hours ago. ed: all right thanks for that report. we saw a moment ago there was a little video efrom last night of the white house. the flag was being lowered about the same time the president came back from illinois because as david reported the president ordered that for all federal buildings of course all around this great nation and you know we've been talking in terms of the mail bombing suspect, that see something say something, and it's heartbreaking as well to see that neighbor say i would have said something, i didn't see anything there was nothing out of the ordinary. you think about it you don't
6:05 am
know what's going on. rachel: but there was something on the internet and he did go on to i think it's called gab, a social media platform, and he did say that i'm coming in, i'm going in, or whatever but also if you look back at this social media account which by the way has been suspended, and gab, that company has been cooperating with law enforcement to give all information, but he had posted anti-semetic things in the past including pictures of his weaponry so these are things that we wonder, we want to protect free speech but this kind of stuff, wow. pete: we had that panel of religious leaders on the show earlier and stuff like this reminds us that we are fallen individuals, evil is real, hate can live in the hearts of men, not everything is political. some things are just shear evil and we have someone screaming all jews must die, on the holiday for jews, walking into this synagogue, the sabbath for jews is like walking into a church on sunday morning for christians or the same could be
6:06 am
said into a mosque for muslims, and committing murder and that's exactly what we saw. ed: in fact we've had shootings like that in recent years in south carolina there was a horrific church shooting, in texas a year or so ago so this is striking if people in their not just their communities in general but in their houses of worship, which makes it all the more tragic. rachel: it is more tragic. i'll say our last guest did a really good job i think of saying listen, he said that the president was right to name it as evil. that if we don't name it, we can't really counter it. here is the president talking about just that. president trump: this evil anti-semetic attack is an assault on all of us. it will require all of us working together to extract the hateful poison of anti semitism from our world. it must be confronted and condemned everywhere. it rears its very ugly head. we must draw a line in the sand
6:07 am
and say very strongly "never again." [applause] president trump: we can't allow people like this to become important. i don't want to change our life for somebody that's sick and evil and i don't think we ever should. >> [applause] ed: at that part of the rally the context as the president was saying as a new yorker that he remembered the moments after 9/11 when some were saying we've got to shut the new york stock exchange down for an extended period of time to let people re group, the financial community in particular had been so hard hit. pete: yes. ed: and dick grasso, and president bush right up to the top were saying no we've got to get people back to work and get this country moving and not let the terrorists win. rachel: not make them important is what he said. pete: don't make it change the pattern of our lives and it's also a reminder, we've got to draw a distinction between hatred and evil and heated political rhetoric. i think right now, this is a guy that did an evil thing and hated
6:08 am
jews because he hated jews that's very different than policy differences and heated rhetoric that we see in our politics right now nine days from election, step back from the fingerpointing that someone is to blame because they believe they should shutdown the border or shit zen ship should matter, and it just gets so over-hyped and i think these are moments where we should all step back and be able to walk back. ed: you had some democrats talking about gun control within hours if not moments without knowing all of the facts of what happened and of course yes, weapons were involved but they didn't have all of the facts. law enforcement was still responding to this basically. it's still trying to get a handle of it in fact in a moment we'll go to a news conference where we'll learn some of the first details. yes we heard some of it yesterday but let's go live where we think we'll hear the names of the victims. here we go, live.
6:09 am
>> good morning, everyone. thank you for being with us here today. my name is scott brady i'm the united states attorney for the western district of pennsylvania on be half of attorney general jeff sessions an the teen family of the united states department of justice we want to offer our most heart-felt condolences and prayers to the victims of yesterday' senseless abouts of hatred and violence. to the families and friends and to pittsburgh's jewish community , and to the larger community of pittsburgh. the jewish community of pittsburgh is one that we, as pittsburgh treasures . it's an important part of the cultural and social identity of pittsburgh and so this was an attack upon our neighbors, and upon our friends and one that we felt very deeply. the fact that this attack took place during a worship service
6:10 am
makes it even more heinous. a place of worship is a sacred place. it's a place of peace and a place of grace. it's a place where community comes together to celebrate that that they hold most dear and most sacred, and this, of course is our first freedom as a people so today, all over pennsylvania, men and women in similar places of worship are in prayer for our jewish brothers and sisters, so today, we stand together as a community, a community that rejects hatred and violence. a community where neighbors respect neighbors, where we embrace our religious diversity and we celebrate our differences , and together, we mourn those whose lives were lost and we begin the healing process. i want to commend the courageous police officers and swat teams who responded to the scene. they are truly heros who without hesitation, without concern for
6:11 am
their own safety, ran toward gunfire, to protect innocent victims. by confronting and neutralizing bowers, they prevented additional loss of life. so word about the charges. last night, my office filed federal charges against the defendant, robert bowers. the complaint alleges that on saturday, october 27 at approximately 9:50 a.m., robert bowers entered the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh's squirrel hill neighborhood. they were engaged in religious services and worship. bowers was armed with multiple well ons he had three goloc .357 handguns and an ar-15 assault rifle. inside the synagogue bowers shot and killed 11 individuals and wounded two others. police officers and swat teams responded quickly to the scene and bowers shot at them, ultimately four police officers were injured and three of them
6:12 am
were shot by bowers. during the course of his deadly assault on the people of the synagogue bowers made statements regarding genecide and his desire to kill jewish people. after a standoff with police, bowers eventually surrendered and remains in federal custody today. so our complaint charges bowers with 29 separate federal crimes. there are 11 counts of murdering victims who were exercising their religious beliefs. there were 11 counts of using a firearm to commit murder, and each of these counts is punishable by death. the final seven counts are based upon the harm inflicted by bowers upon the brave police officers who, in trying to stop bowers rampage, put their own lives in danger. three of these brave men were shot by bowers, so bowers is scheduled to make his initial appearance before a federal magistrate judge on monday,
6:13 am
october 29 at 1:30 p.m. so moving forward, the investigation is underway and our work will continue. know that we will spare no effort or resource in ensuring that the defendant is held fully accountable for his unspeakable and hateful crimes. we would ask the public and the media to have patience with us as we conduct this investigation and understand that there are things that we cannot share at times during the course of the investigation. at the conclusion of our remarks we'll be happy to take questions now you'll hear from special agent in charge of the pittsburgh field bureau, robert jones. >> thank you, scott. last night at approximately 9:00 p.m. robert bowers was formerly taken into federal custody following the issuance of an arrest warrant by a federal magistrate judge in the western district of pennsylvania he's presently still in the hospital following surgery and under guard. at this point, we have nothing
6:14 am
to indicate that bowers had accomplices, but again, we are in the early stages of this investigation. our hearts continue to go out to the families of the victims of the jewish community, here in pittsburgh last evening, after some difficult work by the medical examiner's office, all 11 victims were positively identified and next of kin notification took place. as of 6:00 a.m. this morning, all of the victims had been taken from the education center to the medical examiner's office i want to personally thank the leadership of the jewish community center and the rabbis of the three congregations located at the facility with their patience and the patience of the families as we work through the night to identify and remove the victims this morning. this is a large complex crime scene and much work remains to be done. at present fbi evidence teams from baltimore, washington, and newark are here to augment pittsburgh and we estimate that the crime scene may take-up to a week to process.
6:15 am
as reported already, we've conducted a search at the subject's house in baldwin and a search of his vehicle will take place this morning. i can't comment on what was found in those searches. we continue to conduct interview s, scrub social media, review possible surveillance camera video, and exploit digital media to determine how and why bowers committed this terrible act. i ask again that if you have information that may help, please contact law enforcement. i'd like again to thank chief sh ubert of the pittsburgh police for the heroic actions of his officers. had bowers made it out of that facility there's a strong possibility that additional violence would have occurred. it also want to thank wend el historic and his team they are a big part of the community that all law enforcement promises to protect and serve. thank you very much and i'll turn it over to wendell. >> good morning. i would just like to take a few
6:16 am
minutes and thank the outpouring of support that we've received over the last 24 hours. the jewish community center, the red cross, the salvation army, the various grief counselors, the children' institute and the many other organizations and businesses that have provided food and logistics for the officers and for the victims. as mr. jones mentioned, the area around wilkins and shady will remain closed so that the forensic investigation of the crime scene can continue. that area will probably remain closed for up to a week. extra patrols have been assigned around various sensitive locations throughout the city of pittsburgh to include where the scheduled event will occur tonight. in the next few minutes, medical examiner will release the names of the deceased victims.
6:17 am
i would personally ask that the media respect the privacy of the families of these victims. i was there last night and witnessed the notifications being made to the families. it is a very difficult time for the families and i ask you to give them some distance. finally, if you see a first responder whether it be a police officer, paramedic or firefighter go up to them and say "thank you" for their work that they've done. the last 24 hours has been extremely stressful for them and a word of thanks would go a long way. at this time i'll turn it over to pittsburgh bureau police chief scott shubert hads who will give you an update on his officers, thank you. >> george, first and foremost
6:18 am
our heart-felt condolences to the victims and to their families and their friends, and we have a strong relationship with the jewish community in pittsburgh and i just want to tell them that we grieve with you, we support you and we're here for you and we will continue to work with you this is a tragic thing for everybody but it's something that makes pittsburgh strong is that we work together so we're going to continue to do that. i still want to praise the officers for what they did. they ran into danger, they ran into gunfire to help others. of that's training. some of that's experience, but it's their inner core that wants them to help others that wants to save lives and they did that yesterday, so we want to praise them for that. the four officers that were injured one was released yesterday. we're praying one will be
6:19 am
released today and the other two have a little bit more that needs to be donald can't say enough for the medical staff at the hospitals for what they're doing for the officers. we have incredible hospitals in pittsburgh and they're doing a fantastic job with that. can't say enough for the inner agency and intraagency support. western pennsylvania is blessed to have so many law enforcement agencies that work together that train together, and yesterday, just showed how that works. city, county, state, federal agencies working together, no eg os, working together for what's right, and i can't thank them enough for that and we're going to get through this, and we're going to continue on and show what pittsburgh is made of so thank you.
6:20 am
>> good morning i'm dr. carl williams the chief medical examiner of allegheny county and again, i want to reiterate what everybody said so far which is in my office, we extend our deepest sim path its and condolences to the families, i met with them last night during the process of identification, and there's no words to express the sim path it that they need. yesterday evening at the synagogue, we met at the synagogue and identified all 11 victims, before they were removed and brought from the synagogue last night to my office. we've been involved with four rabbis from the synagogue and elsewhere and they have a continuing presence at my office during the process and i'm going to give you the names of the victims now and these will be available to you afterwards 75
6:21 am
year old join feinberg of oakland, 65 year old richard god frey, 97 year old rose mallin ger, 66 year old jerry rab inowits, 59 year old cecil rosenthal of squirrel hill , 54 year old david rosentha l, they were brothers, 84 year old berkshire hathaway niece simon, 86 year old sylvan simon, they were husband and wife, and 71 year old daniel stein of squirrel hill, 88 year old melvin wax of squirrel hill, and 69 year old irving youngner of mount washington. now, the bodies are currently at the medical examiner's office, autopsies have begun on those, we are doing everything in our power to complete the process in a way that honors both civil and
6:22 am
religious law and cause and manner will be released to the media as they're determined. we have not established a timeframe for this. we're only in the initial process of evaluating what will be required to do that and final ly in talking with the families last night, they are in shock and grieving as you can imagine. my colleagues and i joined the authorities in asking for you please to be respectful of the needs for the time and space as they deal with this tragedy today and the coming weeks they will need to know that pittsburgh supports them as lifting them up. thank you. hi, i'm jeff finklestein, i'm the president and the ceo of the jewish federation of greater pittsburgh. so i have to begin by saying
6:23 am
that i've seen this room a lot of times on tv and i never thought i'd be at this podium. this is an awful awful period for our jewish community and especially for the families who have been affected and it's real once you hear the names. we're going to do everything we can to help the families. we're in the process of doing that now, and we'll be there for them, and be there to help our jewish community in the pittsburgh region heal from this i want to echo a lot of the thanks and gratitude that people have already expressed to local law enforcement, to the fbi, to the dhs, the salvation army, the red cross have all been there with us yesterday at the jcc. i want to thank my colleagues at the jewish community center and jewish family and children services especially for really stepping into work with the
6:24 am
families and we will definitely get past this and be a strong jewish community like we've always been. thank you. i'm going to ask the mayor to come up now. >> thank you. >> pittsburgh is a strong town. we are a resilient city. we have been knocked down and we found ways to stand back up and we've always done it in one way, by working together. to the victim's families, to the victim's friends, we're here as a community of one, for you. we will be here to help you through this horrific episode. we'll get through this darkest day of pittsburgh's history by working together. squirrel hill is the most diverse neighborhood in all of
6:25 am
western pennsylvania. people choose to live there because of the diversity of the community. the jewish community is the backbone. it is part of the fabric of pittsburgh and we will be there in all communities to support our friends in the jewish community. we, as i stated, have been knocked down before but we've always been able to stand back up because we work together and i have to take a moment to thank those that spoke earlier. the effort that was put in across multi-jurisdictions from the federal to the state to the county to the local was something that we should all be proud of. the fact that we were able to work together as one community, suburban medics coming involuntarily to take on different areas of our city, because all of our medics were
6:26 am
at the scene. our medics deciding on their day off to voluntarily come into fill seven additional ambulances to back up our officers and the officers who came from surround ing counties. the federal agents and the state troopers and the county officers all working together in order to be able to make sure an episode that will forever go down in the history of this city as one of the worst moments that we have experienced was able to be lessened because of that coordination and to those that are standing behind me who spoke earlier, the professionalism that was exemplified through their leadership was something that we needed at our darkest time. to our officers who are in the hospital and to the one officer whose been discharged. the thanks of an entire city go to them. their sacrifice and their knowing of the danger that they put themselves in in order to be able to protect others is
6:27 am
something when they put on that uniform that we should understand that sacrifice that they make and to their family members this city will be behind and there to support you ignition that you may need. finally, to those that are not familiar with pittsburgh. to those whom have given their words of not only confidence but support to pittsburgh from around the world, around this nation, and around this state. thank you. we know that we, as a society, are better than this. we know that hatred will never win out, that those that try to divide us because of the way that we pray or where our families are from around the world will lose and in pittsburgh, we're pragmatic and we find solutions to problems. we will not try to rationalize
6:28 am
irrational behavior. we will not try to figure out ways in order to lessen the degree of crimes such as this. we will work to eradicate it. we will work to eradicate it from our city, from our nation and our world. hatred will not have a place anywhere and we will work local ly to make those changes happen and we will work with partners around this country and around this world to make sure that it ends. want to thank again all of those in this room, the elected officials who are gathered, those that have worked on the frontline of public safety, those that worked within public works and other parts of the government in order to be able to assure the safety of our people, and we'll open it up to questions at this time.
6:29 am
yes, sir? reporter: [inaudible] >> either flying glass or a bullet fragment. reporter: was there any indication that the alleged shooter had any familiar with the synagogue for saturday? >> we don't have any information on that at this point. reporter: what's the one thing used in the shooting an ar-15? >> all the weapons he brought into the facility with him were used. reporter: a lot of people have asked in the case of domestic terrorism could you speak to that? >> we are treating this as a hate crime, as special agent in charge jones said there's no indication that he's working with anyone else and so we have charged it and are treating it as a hate crime but continue to investigate. reporter: and just to elaborate the distinction of domestic terrorism would involve what? >> the distinction between a hate crime and domestic terrorism is hate crime is where an individual is animated by a
6:30 am
hatred toward a person of certain ethnicity or religious faith and it becomes domestic terrorism where there is an ideology that that person is then also trying to propaganda through violence and so we continue to see where that line is but for now, this place in our investigation, we're treating it as a hate crime, charging it as such. reporter: you spoke of the ar-15 what are the other weapons? >> he had three glock handguns with him. reporter: the first two officers who confronted the suspect could you clarify where that occurred was it outside the building? ed: okay you have been watching live a news conference where we're getting the first real details of the pittsburgh synagogue massacre we have alan dershowitz, harvard law professor, of course standing by , we're going to get to him in a moment but i want to briefly recap that the suspect is now facing we're told 29 federal charges in this slaughter, 22 of those charges are punish punishable by death. he will appear in court tomorrow
6:31 am
about 1:00-1:30 p.m. eastern time for the first time, and what is particularly horrific about what we just heard is we're getting a sense of the ages, it was the people, the victims who were killed ranging ages i believe of 59-97 just trying to worship on a saturday. a pair of brothers were killed inside that synagogue and professor, a husband and wife as well. you told us while we were watching that you were in a synagogue in new york city yesterday and i walked past one last night that i noticed had a heavy nypd presence because of the fear of copycats. >> well tragically we live in an age now where synagogues, churches, community centers need to be protected. there is so much hate out there. but this is not a new phenomenon what's new is that the social network brings it to everybody, but the kind of rants that he made, "kill all the jews" my
6:32 am
relatives were brought over to the united states through this organization which is a wonderful organization that helps bring legal people to the country, many of whom have contributed so much and for this killer to focus on this incredibly positive jewish organization and to go into this jewish community and just murder people in cold blood while they were attending a ceremony for the birth of a young child is just absolutely horrific. pete: professor how do you expose and defeat this kind of hate? >> first of all you have to make sure that nobody seeks to gain partisan advantages from this or from what we want allow tragedies and horrible crimes like this to divide us along partisan lines. we have to unite and there is no justification, no matter where you stand politically, for any of these events and i think that it's very important for democrat
6:33 am
republicans, liberal, conservatives people of every political strife to say we will never tolerate and accept this. pete: how about just below the violence, which is the anti semitism a term which seemed to motivate this? >> there are several different kinds we've seen the end to social anti semitism, religious anti semitism that's over and today there are two kinds. there is the kind of fascist anti semitism which is the same that existed in many countries and europe for many years and tragically there's islamic anti semitism which also results in a great dell of hatred, to their credit a number of islamic leaders yesterday joined in the condemnation of this and that's a very very positive development rachel: but it is on the rise. we'd like to think we defeated some of those ideas and thoughts in world war ii and subsequently , but there is sort of a rise especially in europe. >> we're seeing it in europe.
6:34 am
we're seeing it in other parts of the world, and tragically, we're seeing it in parts of the united states, particularly on social media. we're also seeing it very tragic ally on university campuses where rabid morphing into anti semitism here in new york, students at hunter college called for the firing of the zionist president of hunter college. she happens to be a jewish woman and saying there's no room for zionists at hunter college. they meant jews, and it has to be attacked at the root. there can't be any tolerance, we have to have zero tolerance, president obama meets with farrakhan? shame on him. president clinton sits on the same platform with farrakhan. shame on him. keith ellison joins with ferry can. farrakhan is one of the greatest
6:35 am
of anti-semetic hate. just because he's black doesn't give him a pass on anti semitism and any liberal who has any positive association with farrakhan is part of the problem not part of the solution. ed: and you say zero tolerance and yet twitter as of very recently one of our guests a moment ago said it's still up there i have to double check to be factual but there's this hateful speech where farrakhan among his many hateful speeches compares jews to termites and facebook took that down. twitter has not. >> well twitter has poll thinks that they try to apply objectively. the issue is not taking it down. the issue is the fact there are hundreds of thousands maybe millions of americans who support farrakhan, who support david duke, who support this and they will try to glorify this guy. rachel: mainstream. will try to mainstream them. we can't allow that to happen whether you're a democrat or republican. pete: you mentioned the university i think a mainstream ing of anti semitism is the bds movement but can you
6:36 am
talk a little bit about what bds is? >> bds is a movement prominent on colleges i wrote a book called the case against bds, because it's anti-peace and anti semitism. it focuses only on one country the nation state of the jewish people and only on jewish businesses and entrepreneurs and universities and there are a lot of people -- rachel: explain what it does. so they are encouraging what? >> bds says do not have any contact with any zionists, if there is scientific efforts being made at an israeli university don't work with them even if you can cure cancer together. it's more important to demonize israel than to cure cancer. it's more important to demonize israel than to send students there to work together. we have a case in michigan where a professor refused to write a recommendation, for a student because she wanted to spend a year in israel. he says i'm part of the bds
6:37 am
movement, i will not recommend you so yes, bds does encourage anti semitism from the hard left, but much of it comes from the hard right and we can't make distinctions. we have to attack anti semitism at its core whether it's called anti-zionist or anti semitism. rachel: correct me if i'm wrong but on the right i think everyone is sighing we don't associate with that. i do believe that on left, that anti semitism on the university is moving in and indeed there was a debate about the democrat party platform for the first time, because bernie sanders had appointed to the committee to debate the platform colonel west and a man who was also there so there is a little bit of a debate within the democrat party platform which is far more mainstreaming it than i would say on the right which is really rejected that. for the most part. rachel: i'm not excusing any of it. >> david duke ran for governor
6:38 am
and came very close. i agree with you, a couple of republican candidates now are running who are to their credit the republicans have marginalized that. i agree with you but i think the problem is deeper within the hard left of the democratic party and that has to be attack and we cannot allow any element of the democratic party to have anything to do with farrakhan or the extremeist anti anti anti semitism that grows out of! team anti-zion. ed: when we've been talking about special counsel robert mueller saying i'm not giving the president specific legal advice i'm not his lawyer but you speak generally about what would be a wise course in this case, given your personal experience, what would be a wise course for the president moving forward to bring people together you said we have to have zero tolerance and those are wonderful words but in practice, what can the president do to lead us on this? >> first of all he has to completely disassociate himself and his party from any of the
6:39 am
extremists on the right and many of them claim that they like donald trump. donald trump has to say he hates them and everything they stand for. i think that there has to be more federal government cooperation with churches and synagogues to provide security if they seek it. you know, we hate the idea when i go to a synagogue now i have to walk through a metal detector i have to show an id. that wasn't the way we had it growing up but we live in a world today where security is essential and there can't be any soft targets because these people attack soft targets. they are complete cowards. if they see three police officer s standing outside they are less likely, they may pick another target but the president has to take his bully pulpit and make sure he makes clear this is an attack on all americans. this is an attack on everything america stands for today it's a synagogue tomorrow it's a church the next day it's a university. ed: professor usually we joke
6:40 am
about the red sox and yankees and we won't joke today because we have a very serious topic. pete: thank you, sir. rachel: thank you. pete: we'll take a quick break coming up after the break we've got former senior advise or to president george w. bush karl rove. we'll talk a bit about the mid-terms don't go away. -computer, order pizza. -of course, daniel. -fridge, weather. -clear skies and 75. -trash can, turn on the tv. -my pleasure. -ice dispenser, find me a dog sitter. , -okay. -and make ice.
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pete: welcome back a couple quick headlines the man accused of saiding more than a dozen suspicious packages to prominent democrats expected in court tomorrow. investigators say the van that caesar say okay was living in was crucial evidence like explosive device materials and credit card receipts they were inside. authorities arrested him in south florida and are looking for other suspects in the area who may have helped him and a nasty nor'easter slamming the east coast leaving thousands without power heavy rain shutting down some roads and the
6:44 am
storm is now headed towards eastern canada. ed: wow all right another fox news a effort had the migrant caravan still marching toward our southern border ready to defy u.s. immigration laws if necessary. rachel: many now refusing mexico s offer for asylum. pete: our own griff jenkins happens been talking to them and joins us live from southern mexico, good morning, griff. griff: good morning, guys that's right. they are stopped for the day, they are not marching but you can see here, they're still waiting for a press conference from the leaders and if you look here, you can see them all in this square, they're very tired going since october 13. there's a lot of coughing here they've got blisters on their feet its been tough but they say that they're not accepting mexico's offer for temporary jobs, asylum, health care, and they're definitely not heeding president trump's warnings to not show up at the border they
6:45 am
all say they are coming. organizers here in fact say the group may be too big but yet they are still going to go forward and show up on the border. one person whose probably not going to have luck once he gets there is jose we spoke to earlier who had prior convictions. take a listen. are you willing to break the law to get back to the united states >> he says he wants to apply for pardon for the felony he committed. griff: can you ask him exactly what happened? >> a third degree felony, attempt of murder. griff: but not everybody has convictions we spoke to another man here who said that he was deported about 10 years ago he was in a round-up in a construction site and waited about 10 years to come out but he's just going to show up on the border in tijuana, he thinks
6:46 am
and just leader his case and ask for asylum. i told him that the administration won't grant it to him but he said he has no choice he will try anyway. guys? pete: griff great reporting has any hesitation entered the minds of some of those migrants because of the strong stance that president trump is taking? griff: i think i may have lost i fb, i apologize if you've got a question i'll toss it back to you. pete: understandable. ed: that's why we ask the questions because we don't always know what the answer is going to be. pete: it's true. ed: he's been convicted of murder. rachel: you saw the look of surprise on griff's face. pete: neither was the producer there trueness lating and think about it. convicted felon, deported now trying to come back in, illegally exactly the type of person president trump is saying not welcome in our country. rachel: he said his wife and kids are in the virginia area so he wants to reunite with them. well we'll move to another story the mid-terms which is now just over a week away and who is going to come out on top?
6:47 am
well karl rove joins us live with his predictions, next
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
ed: just a little more than a week to the mid-terms and our next guest says these crucial races are not just a referendum on the president but on democratic leadership as well. pete: so what can we expect joining us with his predictions for the mid-terms fox news contributor and former senior advise or to president george w. bush karl rove. first overall your predictions for the mid-term just nine days out? >> well let's look at three different baskets and in honor of rachel i'll have not only whiteboards but color coded whiteboards. rachel: [laughter] >> so first the house let's remember that it is rare that
6:51 am
the party in power gains seats in the house since the civil war is happening 1934, 1998 and 200d republicans lose seats. the question is how many. 218 is the magic number for control. charlie cook says today, that there are 208 seats that are likely or solid democrat 196 reporter republican seats in the same category and the control is decided by 31 seats that are toss-ups, of those 30 are held by republicans, one held by democrats. it's easier to win for the democrats to win 10 seats out of 31 to take control than it is for the republicans to win 22 out of 31 and keep control, but the key number for the republicans is 23 of those 30 are incumbents and incumbents do have a greater ability to win every one of them one last time around, though trump was losing their district, clinton was winning it they still all won.
6:52 am
here is closer numbers 214 democrats, 22 toss up, 199 and again easier for the democrats to win the four out of 22 but again, 17 of those 22 seats that are toss ups they're all held by republicans but 17 of them -- ed: bottom line do you hit republicans can hang on by a few seats? >> they could but the odds are against them let's be clear. it's an uphill fight. it could happen but it's easier if you're at 208 to get to 218 than if you're at 199 or 196 to get to 218 so right now challenges for the republicans to hold on to the seats are toss ups. the senate, i'm sorry? pete: go ahead. >> senate different, 51-49 today, 26 democrat seats up, 10 of them in states that trump carried five of them by double-digits. we have never seen since 1914 when we began electing senators by popular vote a landscape is favorable only nine republicans up only one of them
6:53 am
in a seat in a state carried by hillary clinton i think the republicans are likely to end up with a net gain of two or three on a very good night could be four or five net gain, but i think we're likely to end up with a 52, excuse me, 54 republican senate afterwards. governors, again, 33 republican governors we've never had as many republican governors since the 1920s. 16 democrats, one independent, 26 of the republicans are up this year, only nine of the democrats, the one independent, republican incumbents are termed out in florida, georgia, michigan, new mexico, nevada and ohio these seats are very much up for grabs republicans are also in difficulty in iowa, kansas and wisconsin with scott walker these are tough contests for republicans, republicans will lose net seats, how many again, it's going to be very very close. i think at the end of the day one of the interesting stories of this election is going to be how many house seats and how
6:54 am
many senate races and how many governor's races are" is eled by a relatively small percentage of the vote and a handful of actual votes i wouldn't be surprised if control of the house if you looked at the race that's won control one way or the other are literally settled by less than a thousand votes each. rachel: every vote counts. pete: karl, you're teaching a new course with an unlikely co- instructor. tell us about it. >> well it's david axlerod, the former senior advise or to president obama and i have done a thing called a master class on campaigns. it's a video lecture, an educational seminar and there was a lot of fun to do. our goal was to sort of describe to people particularly young people what campaigns are like and how to put together a campaign and what role you can play the campaign in a way we hope will inspire a lot of people to get involved. ed: how can people find that? it's on master class. just do master class, axlerod
6:55 am
and rove, and it'll pop-up. rachel: what a great idea. we had a lot of fun to it. david and i came together we met each other i wrote a white house memoire and david read it and sent me the e-mail i'd never met him and it turned out we had a shared experience. my mother committed suicide, his father committed suicide, we do, we've come to start to do suicide prevention and suicide awareness events together and become friends out on the speaking circuit and we had a lot of fun doing it. i hope viewers will take a look at it. ed: we will. >> there's a video available so people can get a sense of what it's all about. ed: thank you. rachel: thank you. >> rachel thanks for providing adult supervision. we challenged your childrearing abilities to supervise those boy s. rachel: it's fun. someone's got to do it. pete: now we're moving on with a tough fox news alert. moments ago officials updating us on the deadly synagogue shooting. we know you know the names and ages of the 11 victims. the latest information, coming
6:56 am
up next.
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pete: we're back with a fox news alert moments ago the names and ages of the 11 worshipers killed by a shooter who opened fire inside a packed pittsburgh synagogue have been released. rachel: those victims eight men and three women, ranging in age from 54 to 97 include a pair of brothers and a husband and wife. the community now coming together during this horrific tragedy. >> to the victim's families to the victim's friends, we are here as a community of one, for you. we will be here to help you through this horrific episode. we'll get through this darkest day of pittsburgh's history by working together. ed: the 46 year old suspect now charged with 29 federal counts including hate crimes and he surrendered to police and he's now in the hospital after the
7:00 am
deadliest attack on the jewish community in american history he's going to be in court in pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon. that's all we have go to the fox & website for our after the show show. rachel: have some halloween fun for you there so join us. pete: we're thinking about you pittsburgh. ed: all right maria: good sunday morning everyone thanks for joining us officials giving an update on the victims murdered during a shooting rampage at a synagogue in pittsburgh this morning. president trump has a message for thousands of migrants in that caravan headed toward the southern u.s. border deputy attorney general rod rosenstein 's closed door interview with lawmakers is postponed at the last minute and now nine days away until the mid-term elections which partly really have momentum, which party has the momentum now. high, everyone thanks for joining me i'm maria bartiromo welcome to sunday morning futures. 11 victims gunned down inside a synagogue yesterday, investigator


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