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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 28, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? >> the nation more than try to come to terms with hatred among us. this is to learn the names of the 11 people murdered the rampage at the synagogue in pittsburgh. hello everyone welcome to america's news headquarters. i am eric shawn. >> glorified mass shooting taken the lives of eight men and three women. reaching an age from 54 to 97 years old. among the loss to duke and father, a husband and wife. this is the fbi releases details of the expected shooter whose social media postings were reportedly full of anti-semitic
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lands. they seem 29 counts, 22 of which carry potential of the death penalty. he's in the hospital after police shot him but is expected to appear before a judge tomorrow. homeland chief condemning the atrocity. >> this was a pure act of evil. you heard back from the president and vice president yesterday. we all condemn this in the strongest terms possible. arthel: ellison barber has the latest reaction from the white house but we begin with garrett tenney live in pittsburgh. with the latest. reporter: you can still see a heavy police presence at the tree of life synagogue. it will likely be for another week or so as they continue to process the crime senior which several described as the most horrific they've ever seen. also learning 46 road robert
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powers moved throughout the synagogue yesterday. two wounded and injured those who came to worship their god. while he was being taken into custody, the gunman told police he wanted all jews did i appear to man as he recovers at the hospital for being shot multiple times by police is facing the full brunt of the lot with 29 federal charges, many of which could bring the death penalty and 36 day charges as well and is expected to make the first court appearance tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 p.m. arthel: what are we learning about the terms? >> it's been amazing to see how the community has been coming together. throughout the day a steady stream of people coming from across the city to bring flowers and cards for a makeshift vigil coming together here at the front of the synagogue. this morning the county medical
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examiner released the names of these individuals and for a lot of folks here, these are people that they knew in the tragedy hitting home today. ages range from 54 to 97, most of them from the pittsburgh area. richard gottfried, daniel stein, a husband and a wife and two brothers cecil and david rosenthal. they are much more than just names to many in this area and that is why the attack is hitting home for a lot of folks here. >> this is an awful, awful. for a jewish community and especially for the families did and it's real into your the names. we will do everything we can to help the families. >> pittsburgh is a strong town. we are a resilient city. we have been knocked down and found ways to send back a.
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we'll get through this darkest day of pittsburgh's history by working together. >> the medical team is doing everything it can to process these bodies and get them released to the families as soon as possible so they can be buried in accordance with jewish law. they will release several bodies today and tomorrow as well and they hope to wrap this up very soon if the investigation begins to unfold and they'll play a big role in this going forward. arthel: this hits home for people who don't even live in pittsburgh. >> president trump says he will travel in the near future to show support for the community. they spoke about it when he appeared last night at a rally in illinois. >> this was an anti-semantic attack at its worst.
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the scores cannot be tolerated and can not be allowed to continue. eric: ellison barber live with the white house. >> president trump condemned the attack calling it a wicked act of mass murder. he called on the nation to stand up for the jewish people. >> this anti-semantic attack is an assault on all of us. it's an assault on humanity. it will require all of us working together to extract the hateful poison of anti-semitism from our world. >> the president repeatedly talks about the death penalty. they need to bring back the death penalty for people who commit acts like this. he also suggested an armed security guard could have prevented the massacre. the mayor of pittsburgh
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disagrees. >> nobody knows exactly what took place yet. it's too soon. this is a case where they have an armed guard inside. they might have been able to stop him immediately. >> i don't think the answer to this problem is solved by having our synagogues, mosques and churches filled with armed guards or schools filled with armed guards. we are dealing with an irrational person who acted irrationally in trying to create laws around night is not the way that we should govern. >> today the american flag is not standing as she usually does. the flag on top of the white house is at half staff and will stay that way until october 31st. the president issued a proclamation ordering the american flag be at half staff on all public runs at a solemn respect for lives lost at the tree of life synagogue. plans to travel to pittsburgh but he did not say exactly when he intends to go.
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this wiki is set to campaign on a few different days. wednesday he said to travel to florida for a campaign. on thursday missouri said to be in west virginia on friday for another campaign. eric. eric: all our hearts are heavy. thank you. arthel: another big story this hour. new details emerging on the men arrested for sending multiple mail bombs to prominent democrats. a lengthy rap sheet and apparently a very troubled life. he sat to make his first court appearance tomorrow. phil keating live at the detention center in miami with the latest. fill. reporter: hi, arthel. the threat by those who have known him our method is a total whack job and political hothead. he remains locked up in a small cell behind me. that is the federal detention center right here in downtown miami florida appeared tomorrow
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across miami avenue to the u.s. courthouse where he'll have his first court appearance before a federal magistrate. sayoc faces five counts including a legal milling of explosives and making threats against former presidents. in this case does barack obama and bill clinton. he suspected of mailing 14 envelopes with pipe bombs inside. each one address to a prominent democrat, trump critical recipient of trump's indignation. the fbi friday described the packages and ieds inside has not hoax devices. the notorious white van in which he lived at an auto zone friday morning where he went to shop in madison fbi agents jones. the van covered with dozens of political ideological sticker is glorifying the president and vilify democrats like hillary clinton and barack obama whose faces were covered with
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crosshairs. sayoc working as a dj in west palm beach is also had a least two pizza delivery jobs. people who worked with him and knew him from the ultra- gentleman's club were stunned by his arrest. >> when you succumb him he would bring these two big duffel bags and everyone wondered why. always up in the dj booth in hindsight being 2020 could have been making bombs in the dj booth. >> sayoc's first court appearance at the u.s. courthouse should be relatively quick and despite all of the miami florida connections to this case, for example, he allegedly assembled the bombs in broward county allegedly mailed the bombs in miami-dade county. he will not be prosecuted in miami shortly after the first. we expect they will be
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transferred to new york city where the department of justice wants the prosecutors inside the u.s. attorney southern district of new york which has a lot of terrorism experience to prosecute and try cesar sayoc affair. arthel: phil keating, thank you, phil. trade to continue to put pressure on saudi arabia will -- saudi arabia to "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. it has sparked international outrage and straight relationships. defense secretary james mattis says the u.s. will not tolerate actions that could undermine regional stability. >> secretary of state has revoked because it will be taking additional measures as the situation is clarified. the united states shared security interests with our arab and israeli partners in this region remain in their respect for the saudi people is
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undiminished. >> secretary mattis put the international security conference in bahrain. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham and national campaigning for marsha blackburn who's facing democrat still bredesen. traded a couple hundred people are hearing a dinner theater in nashville for senator lindsey compared. on the ballot ballot anywhere but he certainly brings out a lot of emotions because there have been a few protesters taken out of fear. behind the udc congresswoman burton. a lot about immigration even though we are not in a border region. she says phil bredesen granted
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illegal immigrants making tennessee a magnet for criminals and ms-13 gang members. i will always fight for the rule of law. will you help me fight back against the democrats radical open boarder gender. 6.5. lead in the real clear politics average. protesters interrupting a moment of silent. he says he would've been one of the only democrats to vote. i want to give this person too much attention to somebody protesting immediately behind us getting drowned out by supporters. they will, and take her out right here. this is about as bigger crowd as you see for any kind of event that don't involve the president or the vice president. you can see there's obviously
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some protesters who were mixed in. trying to play defense. on the ballot as a candidate. however he's not the only democrat who has voters attention here. on the way over we did see a car in a work. >> president trump considered an order that would seek to block immigrants making its way towards southern border but the midterms in control of congress as well. >> the suspect in the massacre in the hospital after police wounded him. connected on his condition and what's next for him and for the city of pittsburgh. >> will use the term pittsburgh strong because we are the steel city. it's america that's strong.
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train to the shooting remains at the hospital at this hour after police say after he allegedly stormed and the worshipers there. outside the hospital right now. matt, even though he was wounded where expecting a court appearance right now. >> is in the hospital behind me. how local time he scheduled to be transported to federal court and before a judge. their potential penalties and not at a later date he will likely enter a plea. we are told that he is listed in stable condition being treated for multiple gunshot wounds as the result of a shootout with police at the synagogue yesterday happening all around the pittsburgh area today are
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rituals and ceremonies to remember and pay tribute to the 11 people murdered here yesterday. bowers, the alleged gunman has been charged with 29 offenses including hate crimes to commit murder using the gun on an officer in the formal criminal complaint says that bowers told police he just wants to kill jews. this community upended by this wicked crime. surreal that innocent people were murdered a jewish service. everyone there over the age of 50 in the oldest victim 97 years old. today we got to talk to some people who lost friends and loved ones in here is they have to say. >> just a wonderful guy and extraordinarily gentle guy in the last person in the world you would imagine would be -- would
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die in a violent way. >> underside. i felt really angry. i felt shock to amend a sort of felt angry. i've never lost anyone to violence like this. to >> the neighborhood of pittsburgh is described as a diverse and inclusive neighborhood and i have to say we've seen people of all faiths come together to pray tribute to those. at the actual synagogue members of the catholic church nearby brought flowers. the neighborhood is living up to its reputation of acceptance and love towards everyone and this horrible crime happened here. >> that's for sure. ironically happened to be in the neighbor of fred rogers, who spread the word of love. thank you. arthel: federal prosecutors filing hate crime in the pittsburgh synagogue shooting
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which is now the deadliest anti-semitic attack in u.s. history comes amid a disturbing uptake in incidents of violent against jews. here's the anti-defamation league this morning. >> we saw a 57% surge of acts of harassment, vandalism and violence directed to the jewish community across the country. it is the single largest spike we have ever seen. >> the massacre coming on the heels of the arrest in florida in the mail by case will discuss ways to prevent future acts with marian o'connell. a former fbi agent who spent with them for 25 years. clearly fbi agents, local police and sheriff departments as well as the post office -- pittsburgh
1:22 pm
pd, all of the first responders and medical personnel did a phenomenal job. as we move forward in these terms come to you know of course if you see something, say some mean. is there a way for law enforcement to further train detect and report suspicious items or activity? >> many of the fusion centers throughout the country and there are quite a few had the capability for you to submit tips and leads whether you want to do them anonymously or not. reach out to your local law enforcement. join a group, for example the fbi has their public private sector outreach program that is 58,000 member strong throughout the nation with eight chapters. that gives you a vehicle to provide information and get
1:23 pm
training, crucial training that helps identify things in the category we call left of bangor before this incident happened. arthel: how do you get in touch with them? >> you can go to www..and for and the bar sponsored by the fbi. input in training from experts all over the country. everyone is vetted and we work very closely with dhs, every other three letter agency as well as local law enforcement agencies to help him voluble training. i went to the train yesterday morning from a world-class bomb attack and it's really good stuff that helps people throughout the country. >> specifically lay people geared towards private sector and we put on training. we were closer at the jewish
1:24 pm
federation threat the country and in the synagogue feeling the stress most of us are feeling during this time to reach out to local federation. they developed a csi team which is community resilience group and security initiative and they have cutting-edge innovative ways to come back to oversee in this country. arthel: in for it is spelled i want to ask you this. we are running out of time but i'm going to go here. should social media outlets that allow hatred, bigger and threatening messages fall under
1:25 pm
the jurisdiction of authorities instead of under the banner of free speech. from an investigative standpoint i will tell you although your spyware to cases i wouldn't know what people are talking about and who they're talking to. keep those channels open even if you are monitoring them very closely. arthel: good point. let them show their hands is what you're saying. 25 years as a special agent and it is thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the caribbean migrants we are told is continuing its march to our country. the mexican police abandoning their barricades in the administration says they will not come here. transfer the president vowing to stop the caravan as he makes
1:26 pm
immigration a top issue. voters just nine days away from election day. >> they have to come in legally like all the millions of people waiting on line right now. they can't break into our borders. they're not going to. zzahyeah! kraft. family greatly.
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ensure max protein. in two great flavors. get mentally prepared... could listening to audible bring out your best? i want you to own it. go after that goal. the most inspiring stories, fitness, wellness and more. download audible and listen for a change. arthel: fox news alert the military is delivering equipment there. standing by while they make its way towards the u.s. live with details. hi, william. >> you seen this before. every time the caravan goes to that kind of jury rigged these trash bags to protect themselves 90 degrees, very humid as it is every day. the plan is to leave somewhere
1:31 pm
around 3:00 in the morning about 50 miles away and were also told they are going to stop other way to tijuana. there was a police standoff on the highway. not to arrest people that communicate to the firm president piñon the echo with the school for their children. at this point we are told 151 people in saturday and 415th people to deal. some people like 16-year-old lopez. >> the president of the united states said he doesn't want them there. >> organizers will negotiate with the government from how
1:32 pm
long that's going to be. also in transition right now. you'll be taking office on december 1st and he may be more generous. he will in some type of action his executive authority to close the ports of entry and are tight in terms of those seeking entry likely be challenged in court. dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen give a few details. but they will not allow the caravan in. several people so far remained undeterred. >> they will be stopped. we are working with partners in mexico. they've taken unprecedented efforts within their territory to ensure an orderly flow with no legal right to be there. to be honest i really have to
1:33 pm
say that nobody cares because we want to do something because nobody has nothing. nobody has hopes injury. >> i better tell you i talked to dozens of people, maybe 100 people since i arrived last week and very few know what's going on. i talked about whose responsibility it is to tell them what they can expect when they get to the border. the u.s. government come down here and explain exactly what the president is saying in the news conference because that's not how they get information yet to be seen. i'll send it back to you. in terms of moving forward their tomorrow. back to you. arthel: william la jeunesse commit thank you very much. take care.
1:34 pm
>> to ignore seahorse of folks from unknown origins with intentions other than to come in illegally is just plain reckless. the role the federal government is empowered to provide for the common offensive that means that means securing sovereignty and integrity of borders. >> rack was talking to maria bartiromo this morning. making its way towards our country. we are told that major speech on the issue tuesday to announce a broad crackdown on the southern border including those seeking asylum here in the u.s. what can we expect? amber joins us for the daily collar. just laid out some proposals we expect from the president's speech. what specifically do you think he will announce to try and stop this caravan?
1:35 pm
>> a number of measures the president is considering right now and will cost the ports of entry and claim asylum. the other option is to have the troops sent down to the border and catch people as they cross illegally and preventing a catch and release policy of people do claim asylum they have to be held in definitely while the claims are processed. right now is the sister works at people make it across the border they can claim asylum. most make it through for their lives are in danger and are often released in to the united states of no return for the hearing which allows a lot of these people to stay in the united states has basically refugees. >> you just made a specific point if they can make it across the border. they have to physically touch
1:36 pm
u.s. soil to declare asylum. one method is for the president to prevent them from catching the homeland. >> right. that's difficult as well. what you talk about their is allowing the military and border patrol to basically operate on mexican soil to prevent these people from crossing the border which would damage mexico. that's why the president has been so adamant about getting funding for the border wall because the only way to stop these people outside of using physical force is to make a border that target across in the first place. >> under the law they can basically have the power to deport someone to a third country where they would not be in danger and theoretically that could be mexico under the president's plan to offer assistance in basic asylum to many members of the caravan.
1:37 pm
reporter: that's the number one question people have been asking. if you're coming from places like guatemala and honduras, why are you not stopping. so mexico and they will get jobs so that's another option for people seeking asylum but it seems only 100 or so have accepted this far. >> the rule is you're in danger. you could be murdered under danger from criminals. and a lot of the interviews, young man talk about jobs. this is what she had to say about the issue of asylum and the motivations of some of these people. >> if you do so, mexico has
1:38 pm
offered you refuge. if you want a job, that is not asylum. if you want to live in the united states, that is not asylum. there are legal ways to do that. >> about 80% of the cases turn out to be fraudulent. i expect the same with the caravan considering they've expressed a desire for a job. they don't talk about fleeing danger or violence. you saw the report a new division that showed people are coming from bangladesh rather than central and south america. people listen to mike microturbine have admitted criminals walking among them. american people are sympathetic to those actually fleeing violence but a lot of these people are coming to america with the hopes of getting a job. coming here illegally is not going to do that. >> they are legitimately fleeing
1:39 pm
crime, but the job of the authorities to sort this out. we'll see what happens when this arrives. thank you so much. >> what is driving people to vote early in the midterms but first our coverage continue with yesterday's synagogue shooting. new details on the police response to the attack as please for unity grow louder. >> or culture has changed so dramatically from who we were in the very beginning to we are today. all of us come together that she can't make sense out of a senseless action.
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>> investigation into yesterday's horrible mash it's horrible mash it in pittsburgh continues. we now learn more about what transpired during the horror that unfolded.
1:44 pm
that includes police scanner audio in the first frantic moments after the gunmen open fire. studying more from the newsroom. >> a chilling glimpse into what it felt like to be a police officer on the ground during the moments in the sun you're about to hear. officers arrived to the sound of 20 to 30 rounds of gunfire. >> under fire. not a magic weapon in the synagogue. >> the gunmen are to having shot a number of people in a pointed weapons at the building injuring four officers during three separate shootouts. police using vehicles as shields calling for backup, radio for every unit in the city in the county. first responders as sharp hostages and begin to treat the people injured. the s.w.a.t team goes into the
1:45 pm
root to make contact with robert powers. >> shots fired, shots fired. additional resources. we've got a guy barricaded. >> initial radio calls show officers believed they were fired out with an ak-47. turned out to be an a or 15. handguns also found inside. to convince them to surrender telling them to crawl out which he eventually did. the s.w.a.t team dragged into this territory tried to explain reasoning for the rampage. >> suspect talking about all of these jews need to die. >> the suspect talking about the need to die. >> bowers sustained multiple
1:46 pm
injuries but is alive and in the hospital appeared four officers recovered from their gunshot wounds and other injuries. >> chilling and horrifying this could take place today. >> folks across several states are getting a jump on the midterm election into an early voting. we will see if this bodes well for a particular candidate coming up with larry sabado joins us with his insight. she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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>> the election in nine days away. could be more of us a lot of people expected. the latest "washington post" in the most contested district lines democrats with a three-point lead over republicans. without holding could it mean democrats will take the house? director of the center for politics at the university of virginia and he knows all. he sees all. he is wise on all things politics. >> i wish. >> we know you really are. with what's going on right now. they say it's breaking records. what's the trend that you see? >> it is breaking records. it doesn't mean it's according
1:51 pm
to one party because you know we've had a revolution and voting and we are expecting 40% or more of the entire electorate to have voted early. that's incredible. when i was growing up it was 2%. now it's 40% and it won't be elections before a majority are voted early. it's a matter of convenience. are there new voters have gotten excited in this group? yes. mainly in a sense we are cannibalizing from the election day turnout. people would've gone the polls on election day but for a combination of reasons including convenience they vote earlier. >> is there a difference in the pattern of voting? something changes you can take your vote back. it's a done deal. >> and actually it's funny. i've had voter registrars so many people come to their office
1:52 pm
and say this hasn't happened yet. i change my mind can i have my vote back? no, you're stuck with it. if you vote early, all the things that happen between now and election day, it's too bad. you can incorporate them into your vote. i don't think on the whole it makes that much difference. many democrats tend to do better before election day in voters who are more disproportionally republican and you still voting on election day run-up to score for republicans on election day. that's true in florida, for example. >> replica. dallas county for example of 325%. that's a whopping amount. in 2016 to liquids and took it to the president. that would indicate more democrats going to the polls in
1:53 pm
dallas county. houston of 213%. 55% to 42%. even though that could reflect a greater enthusiasm right now by democrats potentially republicans would make up for that later on in the next week. >> that's the normal pattern. election day turnout will be more republican everywhere. what's happened in this campaign is both parties to have gotten super energized into me that means overall turnout is definitely going on. we sometimes go up in the 30th 38th percentile. 70% of americans in the 65% not voting in the midterm. we may well get into the 40s. that may not impress anybody but comparatively it's a very good turnout and it's going to be supplied by both sides. >> at the national election.
1:54 pm
i look at the crystal ball and i would urge folks to go online. a whole bunch of likely liens changed more republican seats. you weaken none. only one democratic seat has been strengthened. is that the trend ongoing right now. >> that's the remaining tossup. 21 of the 22 are currently held by republicans. that doesn't mean they will all fall or even hosts file to democrats on election day. it means they are competitive. if you want a really good turnout in an election, make it close. if people sent to an election is close, they will put more assist on their personal turnout. does show up at the polls or the polls were fit to a runaway they won't. eric: what do you expect the democrats will pick up the seats they need to flip the house?
1:55 pm
>> here's the current conventional wisdom. good old cw. the democrats are supposed to get the 23 seats they need and republicans are going to keep the senate and add some seats. the conventional wisdom. we've got nine days to go and this time and place means we have things that happen that we can even imagine over the next nine days. it's never over till it's over. >> it's never over till it's over. we won't talk about the red sox and dodgers today. university of virginia, always good to see you. thank you. >> a city in mourning coming together to remember the guns of yesterday's mass shooting in pittsburgh and to stand up to hate for one sports team that
1:56 pm
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2:00 pm
the steelers held a moment of silence before today's game at heinz field and the national hockey league penguins will head up a collection to benefit victims and families that tuesday night game. thank you for joining us. howie: president trump and the media escalate their rhetoric. but who is to blame for the pipe bombs. >> you blame us, we are the victims here. >> it's disgusting. they just sent a bomb to cnn and the president doesn't say a word about that and tells us we are to blame. >> the idea donald trump is responsible for these attacks is patently absurd any more than hillary clinton was responsible


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