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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 28, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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look at our facebook page, i write columns, post a lot of original content. we like to have a dialogue going especially in a week like this, so much tragedy and criticism of the media's behavior. back here sunday, 11:00 a.m. eastern, we see you here with the latest. jon: one day after a gunman opened fire if a pittsburgh synagogue, authorities release the names of the victims in the deadly shooting. hello. i'm jon scott and this is "fox report." police say robert bowers killed eight men and three women at tree of life, the victims range in age from 54 to 97. bowers facing 29 federal criminal charges, 22 carry the criminal death penalty. he is hospitalized after police shot him but scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow. >> this is an awful, awful period for our jewish community, and especially for the families who have been affected. we're going to do everything we can to help the families.
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>> we're here as a community of one for you. we will be here to help you through this horrific episode. we'll get through this darkest day of pittsburgh's history by working together. jon: we have fox news team coverage of the story. matt fin at allegheny hospital in pittsburgh. jackie in the newsroom. ellison barber at the white house with president trump's reaction to the shooting, but begin with garrett tenney live outside the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. garrett? reporter: jon, 11 people were killed in this attack. they were fathers, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, husbands and wives. part of this pittsburgh community. one that is grieving their loss tonight. their ages range from 54 to 97 and they were largely from the pittsburgh area and we are starting to learn more details about who they were, including
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71-year-old daniel stein, who recently became a grandfather. richard gottfried a respected dentist. mildred was the first to arrive for shabbat services and the last to leave. jerry rabinowitz one of the kindest human beings in the community. rose mallinger as one of the kindest people he's known and a major volunteer in this neighborhood. joyce feinberg and irving younger, and cecil and david rosenthal who lived with disabilities and never missed a saturday of worship and husband and wife sylvan and bernice simon. people bringing flowers and cards outside the synagogue. one group carried 11 stars of david with a name inscribed in the middle. folks are expressing a lot of
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appreciation for the police officers whose quick response prevented this shooting from becoming much worse. >> i still want to praise the officers for what they did. they reined in the gunfire to help others. some of that is training, some of that is experience, it's their inner core that wants to save others, save lives and they did that yesterday. reporter: there's been an outpouring of support from around the globe for the jewish community here in pittsburgh, including from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he spoke with pennsylvania's governor tonight to offer his condolences and, jon, i want to point out, there's a heavy police presence at the synagogue still. that is expected to continue by the fbi for the next week or so as they continue to process this crime scene. a crime scene that is described
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by several law enforcement officials as one of the most horrific they have ever seen, jon? jon: garrett tenney in pittsburgh, thanks. the accused shooter robert bowers injured in a shoot-out with police now charged with 29 federal counts including hate crimes. live to matt fin, he's outside the hospital where bowers is under arrest. matt? reporter: jon, the u.s. attorneys office tells us that bowers is inside a room at the allegheny county hospital behind me. he's considered fair condition, being treated for multiple gunshot wounds, associated with his shoot-out with police at that synagogue here in pittsburgh yesterday. he's scheduled to be transported to federal court tomorrow at 1:30 in the afternoon where he'll be read the 29 charges that he now faces, including hate crimes, and happening right now, one of the many vigils and ceremonies that have taken place since this travesty here in pittsburgh. interfaith services of all types coming together to
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celebrate and pay tribute to the 11 people who were murdered, and earlier today at the synagogue where garrett tenney is reporting from, there were members of a catholic church who dropped off flowers. it's clear people of all faiths have been hurt by this terrible deed here in pittsburgh. earlier today, we got to talk to some of those people. one woman who lost her friend who was a doctor and another man who had a friend inside the tree of life synagogue. >> nothing could be more cowardly to do than to walk into a synagogue and, you know, with an ar-15 and three handguns, and just blast away at people. >> jerry was 66. 66 doesn't sound old to me. he had a lot of life in front of him, you know? he really did. he was only just beginning to think about retirement, and i'm sure even when he did plan to retire, he would have remained for many years an active and contributing member of the community, you know?
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that's the kind of guy he was. reporter: four police officers were injured. by the end of the day today, two were expected to be home and two more need additional treatment. jon? jon: thanks, learning more about how the horrific events unfolded at the pittsburgh synagogue. the chaos happening inside and the rush to help. jackie heinrich is in our newsroom with that. reporter: police received calls from injured and hiding victims and rushed to the scene calling for all available backup. still police were met with gunfire, sending officers scrambling for cover. >> we're under fire, we're under fire. he's got an automatic weapon and firing in front of the synagogue. >> slow the perimeter, automatic weapon, gunshots fired out the front. >> officer [ bleep ] shot in the hand. reporter: police initially believe the alleged shooter robert bowers was using an
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ak-47. it turned out he was using an ar-15 and as many as three handguns. bowers engaged in three separate shoot-outs with police, four officers were shot, some multiple times, officers were forced to use their vehicles to shield them from bullets, s.w.a.t. to the roof to make contact with the gunman as he retreated inside. >> contact, contact! shots fired! shots fired! shots fired! give me additional resources! additional resources the third floor. a guy actively barricaded and shooting at s.w.a.t. officers. reporter: telling him to crawl out of space he was hiding in on the third floor. bowers did not initially respond to negotiators. >> 75, all units, there's a communication with the suspect. contact with the actor, spontaneous negotiations
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ongoing, communications efforts to get him to come out, telling him we're not coming in. >> giving orders to crawl out and crawl out. reporter: as first responders ushered out hostages and triage the wounded, officers related what bowers said was his motive. >> suspect is talking about all these jews need to die. we're still communicating with him. >> the suspect keeps telling them about killing jews. he doesn't want any of them to live. reporter: bowers faces 29 federal charges, including charges for murder and hate crimes. he'll be arraigned tomorrow at 1:30. jon? jon: jackie heinrich in the newsroom. thank you. meanwhile, white house reacting to yesterday's synagogue shooting. president trump at a rally last night in illinois condemning the attack as an assault on humanity. department of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen spoke earlier today with fox's chris wallace.
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>> this was a pure act of evil. you heard that from the president and vice president yesterday. that's what it is. we all condemn this in the strongest terms possible. jon: ellison barber is live from the white house with the latest reaction, ellison? reporter: john, the president will visit pittsburgh, pennsylvania exactly when, we do not know. the president is scheduled to attend a campaign rally wednesday in florida. there is one in missouri thursday and one in west virginia on friday. president trump considered canceling some of his events yesterday, he decided against that, and as he traveled between d.c., indiana and illinois, he publicly addressed the attack multiple times calling it an anti-semitic attack, a wicked attack of mass murder. >> our minds cannot comprehend the cruel hate and the twisted malice that could cause a person to unleash such terrible violence during a baby-naming ceremony. >> i said it before and i'll
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say it again, we have to bring back the death penalty for people like this. reporter: the president spoke with the governor of pennsylvania and the mayor of pittsburgh and assured them they would have the full and complete resources of his administration as they investigate the violent act. an armed security guard could have prevented the massacre. the mayor of pittsburgh says armed guards are not the answers in synagogues, mosques, churches or schools. >> nobody knows exactly what to place yet, it's too soon. this is a case where if they had an armed guard inside, they might have been able to stop him immediately. >> i think the approach that we need to be looking at is how we take the guns, which is the common denominator of every mass shooting in america out of the hands of those that are looking to express hatred through murder. reporter: on the south lawn tonight, the president and first lady are hosting local
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school children and military families for halloween, handing out candy, above them on top of the white house, the american flag is not standing as tall as she usually does. the flag is at half-staff and will stay that way until october 31st. the president issued a proclamation ordering the american flag to be flown at half-staff where all political grounds out of respect for the lives lost at the synagogue. jon: the pentagon dispatches equipment to the southern border with mexico. amid reports mexican police have abandoned their blockades as the migrant caravan heading towards the u.s. continues to make its way north. william la jeunesse is live with the caravan now, william? reporter: jon, the caravan on the road in mexico for literally one week since crossing the guatemala border. averaging 25 miles a day. that puts them 80 miles from the goal to tijuana.
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they may stop in mexico city at the basilica at our lady of guadalupe. police didn't stop the caravan saturday to explain president pena nieto's plan to stay here it. lacks some detail. they say how long can they stay? can everyone qualify? and will they be allowed to work anywhere in mexico, we're not sure. but as of today, 1700 requested asylum. 700 want to go home and about 100 have accepted the offer to have a work permit in mexico. one man we spoke to plans to stay here try to make three to five grand to pay the coyote to go across the border legally. >> i hope to work for about one year to make the money to pay the coyote for fast to the united states. we need to work around the one or two years to make the money.
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reporter: so a caravan is forcing congress to confront their failure to fix a broken immigration system, which has been complaining since 1990. the problem isn't new. the republicans and democrats can not seem to agree on a solution. >> we need better barriers. no doubt about it. but the fact of the matter is, we reward people for coming to the country legally. if they come here, they are able to stay in. reporter: so president trump, we expect on tuesday to use authority to close the port of entry to asylum-seekers or limit access to the immigration courts. will that action cause a pause or will they move forward? i can tell you jon, from everyone i've spoken to, it's not about persecution, they are willing to move forward. jon? jon: william la jeunesse in mexico. thank you. new details about the suspected mail bomber.
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cesar sayoc with a lengthy rap sheet before he allegedly sent suspicious packages to prominent democrats across the nation. phil keating is live at federal detention center in miami. what's next for him, phil? reporter: jon, sometime tomorrow, the hyperagitated postal pipe bomb suspect will be taken from his cell in the tall gray building behind me, the federal detention center in downtown miami, and walked through a tunnel directly into the u.s. courthouse, never to be scene by the public. inside, 56-year-old cesar sayoc will have his initial appearance before a federal magistrate. should be relatively quick, 15 minutes. arraignment and bond hearings come later in that in new york. described by those who know or met him as a whack job and hot head, sayoc faces illegal mailing of explosives and making threats against former presidents. in his case, barack obama and
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bill clinton. he is suspected of mailing 14 envelopes with pipe bombs inside each addressed to a prominent democrat from critic or recipient of trump's wrath. while the president and others expressed skepticism that these were indeed bombs. fbi friday described the bombs as nonhoax devices. police recovered his van at an auto zone but fbi agents jumped out and arrested him. the van blanketed with dozens of ideological stickers vilifying hillary clinton and barack obama whose faces were covered with cross hairs. sayoc has been working as a bouncer and sometime deejay and had two pizza delivery jobs in seven months. people who worked with and knew
3:16 pm
him from the gentlemen's club were stunned by his arrest. >> he used to come in, bring in the two big duffel bags, everybody wondered why he was bringing in duffel bags to deejay and hindsight being 20-20, he could be making bombs in the deejay booth. >> he tried to persuade me how to vote. reporter: investigators believe sayoc most likely assembled all of the package bombs inside his van since he was living in the van, and the white van now in the possession of the fbi and we expect being thoroughly forensically being pored over with what could be a goldmine of evidence. jon: phil keith, live from miami, thanks. we continue our coverage of the aftermath of yesterday's pittsburgh synagogue shooting that left 11 dead. >> it's still difficult to get your head around what happened yesterday. one of them was my constituent
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in north pittsburgh. there are 11 families shattered. a community shattered and this city is coming together. jon: the country joins in mourning as thousands turn out to honor the victims. plus, with little more than a week until the midterm elections, peter doocy is live in tennessee with the latest on a very tight race for senate, just ahead. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. heartburn and gas? ♪ fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical.
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. jon: midterm madness hits tennessee. republican congresswoman marcia blackburn and democratic opponent phil brettson battling it out in a tight senate race with. over a week until the election, marcia blackburn is getting high-profile support. peter doocy live in nashville for that. reporter: the support came from senator lindsey graham who got a hero's welcome from republicans who are appreciative how he helped get brett kavanaugh confirmed to the supreme court.
3:22 pm
but just like that kavanaugh confirmation hearing in d.c., here in nashville at the ray stevens dinner theater, there were protesters who disrupted the proceedings and even needed to be escorted or carried out. >> judge me by my friends and the people want to yell at me. all the people that yell at me would turn the country into a mob. they don't respect the presumption of innocence, they have the view of venezuela. they have every right to their opinion, i guess they can yell and spit on you, they don't have a right but exercise it that way. reporter: after the event wrapped, blackburn pointed out one of the protesters interrupted during a moment of silence for the pittsburgh synagogue victims but brettisson has his own statement, he said it is a shame that people interrupted congresswoman blackburn's event and a shame they have been screaming at governor
3:23 pm
bredesen's events, it is time to bringing attention to fixing problems to the people of tennessee. bredesen had a chance to run as a moderate. he would have voted for brett kavanaugh if he had the chance. but didn't announce that vote until late in the game, and says he doesn't support chuck schumer, however blackburn told a crowd of hundreds bredesen's attempt to be moderate is insincere, she accused chuck schumer of actually pulling the strings. >> chuck schumer has pretty much bought and paid for his campaign. as i said, it took him 88 days to make up his mind as to where he was going to be. reporter: senator lindsey graham quickly left tennessee for a stop in missouri where he's going campaign against his colleague democratic senator claire mccaskill. i asked if he thinks that might make things awkward when he gets to the senate. he says it might but he'll be able to say he thinks he did
3:24 pm
the right thing. jon? jon: as he promised after the kavanaugh hearings. peter doocy, thank you. in california, the golden state becoming the latest battleground for control of congress with several fiercely contested seats. democrats are hoping to flip from red to blue nine days from now. jeff paul is live with our west coast newsroom with a closer look at those races, jeff? reporter: jon, in terms of which party controlled the house, it could come down to what happens at the polls here in california. the democrats are counting on flipping several red seats blue where a few race are so close, analysts say it could spark a nightmare scenario. at the moment, there are seven house seats considered toss-ups. few are in areas of the state that are historically red like orange county. dems have to gain 23 seats to take control of the house and political analyst larry sabato believes they're counting on california to provide as many as 6. here's where the nightmare
3:25 pm
scenario comes into play. with so many californians voting by mail, it can take weeks to count the ballots. if a few of the races are close, we might not know who controls the house for up to a month. >> california is that critical to democratic chances and republican chances of holding the house, and given california's past and the vote counting delays that have occurred. any race that's within, you know, four, five percentage points, you have to wait awhile to declare a winner. reporter: something else to keep in mind, last minute surprises. it was a few months ago when california republican incumbent duncan hunter was indicted on charges he used campaign funds for personal expenses, but despite the recent pace of major news stories and political events, both parties are confident heading into the midterms. >> i'm confident the democrats win back the house this year. we built our strategy around our candidates, incredible men and women with records of
3:26 pm
service. many who have served our country in the u.s. military, former cia officers, fbi agents who have commit lives to keeping the country safe. >> we have more work to do and we have great candidates. folks are incumbent members of congress. folks who are police officers, military folks, we have folks who are committed to moving our country forward, working together to make a difference, we'll hold our majority. reporter: there are two open house seats in florida vacated by retiring republicans. jon? jon: jeff paul in los angeles, thank you. from some key california house races to some toss-up contests in the senate. we're breaking down the tightest matchups as we count down for election day. after another senseless mass shooting, how pittsburgh is coming together to honor those lives lost. >> we've got to heal and get people to change their hearts. we all go into our places of
3:27 pm
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. jon: new details emerging in a mass shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh. this is "fox report." it's the bottom of the hour if you're just joining us, robert bowers stands accused of killing 11 people at tree of life synagogue. six others were wounded including four police officers. this is one of the deadliest attacks on a jewish community in u.s. history and the shooting investigated as a hate crime. the professional football team in the steel city, the pittsburgh steelers with a moment of silence before their game with the cleveland browns to remember those who lost their lives in the shooting. this fan in attendance with the star of david that has the shalom on it and this is trending on social media, the
3:32 pm
steelers logo modified with a gold star of david and the phrase stronger than hate. the bitterly fought battle for control of the u.s. senate reaches a fever pitch as we close in on election day. the latest cbs poll showing how close some key races are. in indiana, republican mike braun looks to have a small lead over incumbent democrat senator joe donnelly. democrat kyrsten sinema is slightly ahead in contest against martha mcsally in arizona and florida, a dead heat, senator bill nelson tied with governor rick scott. let's bring in adele malpack political reporter from real clear politics. let's start with the indiana race, joe donnelly in trouble for sometime, and republicans are very much hopeful they can pull off a victory there. >> donnelly -- braun is ahead
3:33 pm
by about three points and in the last two polls, he has been ahead, it does look like he's getting a little momentum. one thing about that poll, there is a third-party candidate there who is a slightly right of center candidate, so that is something to keep in mind that, in tight elections, sometimes third-party candidates can be a spoiler. there are many examples of that. in the special election in pennsylvania 18, conor lamb won that race against rick saccone but there was a right of center libertarian candidate who got 1200 votes. indiana does look like it's trending and mike braun looks like he has momentum and has been ahead in this poll and previous polls. >> jeff flake is not running for his senate seat in arizona, he's got two congresswoman running to replace him, democrat kyrsten sinema against
3:34 pm
republican martha mcsally. sinema is slightly ahead but the race is close to being a toss-up. >> i called mcsally's campaign, they said it was an oversample of democrats, that is not an accurate reflection of the campaign. it is an online poll and does not include, the indiana one had a third-party candidate they asked the respondents to the poll. in the arizona one, they didn't use the green party candidate by name in the ballot, and the green party candidate in previous elections in arizona had got about 5.5% of the vote, that pulls away from a democrat, but regardless of that, there are 840,000 people who have already voted in arizona. and while you don't know how any of those people voted, they can tell in registration that 44% of the early voting in arizona is republican.
3:35 pm
33% is democratic and 22% is independent. so the mcsally campaign is feeling very good about the early voting, particularly with such a large amount coming in with republican registration, you don't know if that's for her, but clearly voted early. early voters are more partisan, because once they -- partisans decide early and they do vote early. that will be something interesting to watch in this election as the country moves more towards an early voting system. jon: kyrsten sinema once a green party candidate herself. larry sabato on this issue of early voting, says don't read too much into it. listen to the professor. >> mainly, i think, in a sense we're cannibalizing from the election day turnout. there are people who would have gone to the polls on election day, but for a combination of reasons including convenience,
3:36 pm
they go ahead and vote earlier. i don't think on the whole, it makes that much difference. jon: that's interesting because if he's saying both parties go out and early vote in equal numbers, that could be a positive sign for mcsally's campaign. >> some places can you actually see in real time when the ballots themselves come in, and that's what they do in arizona. in some states, there's not that same system. all 50 states have a different election system, and there are 37 states that do allow early voting, and you're seeing in the presidential campaign, 40% of the ballots were cast early. people -- i do agree with larry sabato in the previous sound bite, it is like rearranging the deck chairs. we know people that have a tendency to vote early are more partisan, more motivated voters and they would vote early, they were going to vote on election
3:37 pm
day and vote regardless to. some extent it's not necessarily changing the outcome as much as the timing of when people do it. at least that's what people are finding right now. this will be another election to analyze the early voting data, particularly as we get into three states who already decided they do a straight mail-in ballot, so there's no going to the polls. jon: adele from real clear politics, appreciate it. >> thank you. jon: the intense atmosphere overshadowing ballot initiatives that have the ability to make big differences. voters considering hot-button issues like legalizing marijuana, voter identification on election day. not everyone agrees with the process saying it's become a tool of the wealthy. douglas kennedy explains the debate. >> they pour their money into a little state like maine and the billionaires can buy a law. reporter: as a political activist and former state
3:38 pm
legislator in maine, david pushed dozens of measures onto maine state's ballots. recently he changed his mind about the process that allows voters to decide hot-button issues. >> so your main problem is outside groups using outside money to push a national agenda. >> correct. in the last few years, billionaires figured they can buy a lot through the referendum system. reporter: voters in 38 states will decide on 160 ballot measures weighing in on a variety of issues with national implications. including abortion rights in alabama, west virginia and oregon. and health care policy in idaho, nebraska and utah. paul jacob is a longtime supporter of the ballot measure process. >> what better way, when possible, to do it than to let
3:39 pm
the people vote directly on the issues at hand. reporter: sometimes the issues are complicated. this year, for instance, voters could set tax policy in five states and energy policy in three states. jacob admits some ballot measures bring in outside money to states like maine, but says outside money is in order politics, and he says in the end, it's better to give the power to the people rather than the politicians. people who don't like direct democracy don't want the people to be in charge. >> so your opponents say when you limit direct democracy, you are limiting the power of the people. what do you say? >> direct democracy is maine people passing laws that govern maine people. reporter: and not influenced by out-of-state billionaires. in portland, maine, douglas kennedy, fox news. jon: and the fund-raising battle will play a major role who wins the house and senate.
3:40 pm
chris wallace hosted a panel with two key players, steve stivers and congressman ben ray lieu hahn chairman of the democratic equivalent, you can catch their conversation and much more when fox news sunday reairs about 20 minutes from now. 7:00 p.m. eastern time. the trump administration continuing to press saudi arabia for answers about how a "washington post" columnist was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul. ahead how secretary of defense james mattis is questioning the kingdom and what he says they're telling him? and violence on the gaza strip, what hamas is threatening to do if israel does not agree to the group's demands? blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor
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. >> the trump administration calling for transparency following the death of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi in saudi arabia's istanbul consulate. the white house is not backing down continuing the push for answers even though the saudis keep push their story. gillian turner has more. reporter: the secretary of defense is hot on the trail of the murder of jamal khashoggi this weekend. he confirmed to reporters his meeting with the saudi foreign minister in bahrain and reiterated the trump administration's decision to get answers from the government. >> the murder of jamal khashoggi in a diplomatic facility must concern us all greatly. the united states does not tolerate this kind of ruthless action. reporter: general mattis said they both agree on the need for transparency in the investigation moving forward. a promising sign considering saudi arabia denied the turks access to consulate in istanbul for two weeks after khashoggi
3:46 pm
was murdered. >> agreement from the foreign minister bear no reservations at all, and we need to know what happened. reporter: the saudi government altered version of october 2nd events multiple times. most recently thursday when they admitted khashoggi's killing was premeditated. as of yesterday, strategy is to put as much distance as possible between the murderers and the royal family. >> we're trying to uncover what happened. we know that the mistake was committed. we know people exceeded their authority and know we're investigating them. reporter: also this week, the state department revoking the u.s. visas of the suspects involved in the killing. and the cia director returned from turkey where she reportedly listen to audio of the killing and brief president trump on her own findings. now the trump national security team faces the tough task of explaining to the american people exactly what happened, john? >> gillian turner, thank you.
3:47 pm
a weekend of violence in the gaza strip as rockets are launched toward israel. hamas threatens more if its recent demands are not met. reporter: jon, tensions continue to rise in the middle east after vollies of rockets were fired towards israel from the gaza strip over the weekend, but tonight a new demand from the group that controls the gaza strip. in a letter to egyptian negotiators hamas is demanding that israel allow the transfer of $15 million in cash from qatar by thursday or further escalation along the gaza border. during the israeli security cabinet meeting today, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu responded to the demands saying there is no way israel will accept this offer. over the weekend, 30 rockets were fired by islamic jihad sparking a strong response from the israeli air force that included 95 strikes. according to the idf, the
3:48 pm
rocket fire was directed by the iranian regime with the human of the syrian government. a major threat for the country of israel continues the presence of iranian backed troops and weapons facilities on the ground in syria. if confirmed, the development could substantially increase the number of israeli strikes in syria. the israelis have launched more than 200 attacks in syria mostly linked to iran. with the iranians allegedly involved in the gaza rocket fire, the egyptian attempted a brokering settlement agreement are further complicated. the region waits for thursday ultimatum laid out by hamas to see what happens next. jon? jon: thank you. and in the middle east, syria's national museum in damascus reopened, more than six years after it was shut down and emptied during the country's civil war. a former antiquity official says the country needs years and millions of dollars to open
3:49 pm
all museums nationwide. despite this initiative, sites were destroyed, damaged or completely looted. on the brink of another championship in beantown. >> that's been their catch phrase to damage, and rafael devers did big damage. jon: they could take victory over the los angeles dodgers tonight. we'll have a live report. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring.
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. jon: yeah, tonight could be the last chance for the los angeles dodgers to keep the baseball season going as the boston red sox are one win away from world series glory. last night boston came back from a 4-0 deficit to beat l.a. and take a three games to one lead in the series. with one more victory the red sox get fourth championship since 2004. jared max live at dodger stadium now. jared? reporter: i don't think dodgers fans are too confident, cheapest ticket to get in $100 less than last night. dodgers four times before have trailed world series three
3:54 pm
games to won, every time they lost in game five. last night, boston red sox came back from four runs down in the seveth inning scoring nine runs down the stretch. l.a. manager dave roberts took a starting pitcher out of the game. now a lot of criticism for dodgers manager dave roberts because he took a pitcher out of the game who allowed one hit. even the president offered his thoughts. our commander in chief tweeted -- what does dodgers manager dave roberts think about this? >> i'm happy he was tuning in and watching the game. i don't know how many dodger
3:55 pm
games he's watched. i don't think he is privy to the conversation. that's one man's opinion. reporter: dave roberts said that rich hill told him during the sixth inning, keep a close eye on me, i don't know how long i can go. game number five, they'll start clayton kershaw, boston goes with david price, first pitch on fox, 8:15 eastern time. jon? jon: one man's opinion with tens of millions of twitter followers, jared max. reporter: yes. >> thanks. a special dog gets a much deserved honor. what this young golden retriever did for his owner that garnered him a brand-new award.
3:56 pm
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this is laura's mobile dog grooming palace and this is where life meets legal. jon: thousands taking to the street in and around washington not in protest but for the 43rd annual core marine corps marathon it passes jefferson memorial, pentagon in arlington national cemetery. dc native jeffrey stein winning the men's race among women jenny mendez from [inaudible] take the prize. the award goes to todd, six -month-old golden retriever organize for his bravery and loyalty after he stepped in to save his human from a bottomless rattlesnake in phoenix in june. he took the bite himself. the hero dog named milk bones
4:00 pm
first ever dog of the year. todd is doing well and we are happy to say recovering and enjoying all those treats. that is how fox reports this sunday, october 28, i'm just got to keep watching "fox news sunday" bar snacks. >> i am chris wallace. a mass shooting in a pittsburgh synagogue. the deadliest attack on jews in u.s. history. >> of his evil anti-semitic attack is an assault on all of us. it's a an assault on humanity is the one that is just a day after a man is arrested for sending mail bombs to critics of president trump. raising new questions about inflammatory political rhetoric that sometimes goes over the edge. >> any acts or threats of political violence - - are an attack


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