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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 29, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: monday october 29th and this is "fox & friends first", happening right now at 4:00 a.m. on the east coast cold-blooded killer in court. man accusing of gunning down 11 worshipers in court today, what we learned about disturbing path. rescue mission overnight, passenger plane plunging thousands of feet with nearly 200 people on board. searching for survivors happening right now. while you were sleeping boston red sox reclaiming crown as best in baseball. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪ ♪ [music] heather: good morning to you from the streets of new york city to wherever you're waking up on this monday morning, i'm heather childers, starting your day with us, we are getting first look at some of the victims of the synagogue shooting, the accused killer due in court today as we learn more about the sick plot. lauren blanchard in pittsburgh where the community is pulling together, good morning, lauren. >> good morning, heather, prosecutors say they will be seeking the death penalty, the suspect robert bowers charged
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with 29 federal crimes many which carry the sentence, he is expected to appear in court later this afternoon but first let's take a look at the 11 victims, ages 54 to 97 year's old, included a pair of brothers, husband and wife, the community surrounding the tree of life synagogue is still coping with this incredible loss. >> we will be here to help you through this horrific episode, we will get through this darkest day of pittsburgh's history by working together. >> and prior to the shooting bowers made antisemimatic comments on social media. he told an officer he wanted to, quote, kill jews. loaner and forgettable person. >> nothing would stand out,
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normal. i wish i knew. i wish i knew what was going on inside his head. maybe something could have been done, i don't know. >> and police say bowers used an assault rifle as well as 3 handguns all of which he legally owned and was licensed to carry, heather. heather: much more on this coming up, lauren, thank you. well, some on the left have tried to tie the president to the shooting in synagogue but lisa boothe says the media involves the president's personal ties to the jewish community. >> people forget that president trump's daughter is jewish, his son-in-law is jewish, grandchildren are jewish, it's a special place in his heart for the jewish community and you see that in policies, moving embassy to jerusalem, first sitting president to visit the western wall. you also look at what's been reported that the shooter didn't like president trump because he
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felt that he wasn't an antisemite, so all of this gets lost in the media when they have a narrative that they are trying to drive and narrative is always antitrump, i mean, that's the only thing that's been consistent about the reporting that it is all negative towards the president. i think the best thing to do is for people to stop trying to score political points when somebody terrible happens, condemnation when we see violence particularly in the name of politics as we saw after the bomb -- the mail bomber. heather: president has advocated that the suspect get death penalty if convicted. another story we are following overnight, massive rescue mission underway after passenger plane crashes into the sea off of the coast of indonesia, all 180 people on board, brand-new lion jet to be dead, lost contact with air control 13 minutes after takeoff, personal
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items like cell phone and luggage have been found floating in the sea. the cause of the crash still unknown at this point but heart-broken families have been gathering at the airport, tragic, crash comes two years after the u.s. lifted almost a decade's long bapped on indonesian airlines, we will continue to follow that story as well. isis suspect to appear in court today, tried to blow up new york city tunnel last year. the only person seriously injured when a pipe bomb strap today his body went off prematurely. he faces a potential life sentence if convicted. well, the trump administration doubling down at the border, military moving down barriers dhs makes clear the migrant caravan will not get into the
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u.s., this as one migrant dies in guatemala while hundreds oh more force their way into méxico to join caravan. griff jenkins live in southern méxico where he's traveling with the caravan, good morning, griff. griff: good morning, heather, we are here in san pedro and just trying to wake, you can see them here, they have been on a day of rest, they didn't travel yesterday, the first day they have taken rest and the mexican federal police as well just sort of checking on people, you see people over here getting sort of ready, waking up, now, what's fascinating about this heather is this group was really trying to police themselves yesterday because they've become so very large but a second caravan down on the mexican guatemala border trying to get up here to join this ended up in clashes reportedly one person has died and when we talked to one of the organizers a man named ronald
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here, he said if the other caravan tries to get up here they've become too big already. listen. >> too many people now. so in the beginning, we were 2,500, now we are more than 8,000 people. now we have to follow some rules because if we don't keep following the rules, so -- they go nowhere. >> when you talk about rules and you look here, you can see people starting to walk around. one of the rules is to behave, pick up the trash, they were telling the crowd to stop smoking marijuana, one thing for sure, the will of the caravan, at least 4,000 strong have not been deterred, they will start marching shortly, dhs secretary nileson telling chris wallace, don't come, you won't let be in. >> the caravan is not getting in. there's a legal way to enter the country, those who choose to enter illegally will be stopped.
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do not come, you will not be allowed in, there's a right way to immigrate to the united states and this is not it. griff: but they're not listening, heather, they are going to come and start marching here in a matter of minutes and we will be with them, back to you. heather: we will continue to monitor and see what happens, thank you so much, griff, we appreciate it. another story we are following, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein could face a public grilling, congressman rat can -- ratcliff said interview can happen in open setting. >> this is more likely going to be a public hearing where more members of congress will be able to ask some of the questions that i just raised directly to the deputy attorney general. heather: rosenstein is facing scrutiny over the russia probe and report claiming that he we wanted to wear wiretap to secret
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ly record donald trump. when asked about it, beto o'rourke said, quote, i wouldn't concede that we are down, a lot of the people we are seeing and visiting and showing up for are not reflected in anyone' polls, congressman beto o'rourke sails senator cruz by average of 6 points, 8 points according to real clear politics. well, the boston red sox making history, how about this, winning fourth world series since 2004. >> red sox wins the world series! final tonight. heather: the some finishing off the la dodgers 5-1 in game 5, world series mvp after hammering 3 home runs and 8 rbi's in 5
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games. the red sox finished with 119 wins including playoffs and live to la for the celebrations at the bottom of the hour and you definitely want to stay tune for that because they were massive. but in the meantime a somber week in pittsburgh carrying over to the nfl, the steelers holding a moment of silence at heinz field to honor victims of tree of life synagogue shooting and then on the field they still played the game, steelers scoring 33 to 18 win over cleveland browns, new orleans saints used timely turnovers to take over minnesota vikings in late game getting win 30-20, rams are still the only undefeated team in the league, watch that after holding green bay packers and carolina panthers, pick up another win this week beating baltimore ravens 36-21.
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can't forget about cam. time now 10 minutes after the top of the hour, deadly viral outbreak growing, more children killed by rare respiratory virus, what the cdc is doing to contain disease. with 8 days before midterms where do evangelicals stand in elections, pastor says will outcome will impact spirit of our country for years to come. he joins us live. nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
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heather: welcome back, the midterms election 8 days away and evangelical vote is taking center stage after the president won 80% of conservative christian vote in 2016 where do evangelical voters stand in this election right now at least, right here to weigh in senior pastor pastor robert jeffres, thank you so much for joining
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us, we appreciate it. >> thank you, heather. heather: if you take a look at president trump's approval rating alone it's now at, what, 47%, that's up from 44% in september 19th poll, what do you attribute growing numbers to and do you think they also in terms of the evangelical vote specifically you see the same in >> well, this coming election next tuesday really is going to be a referendum on president trump's policies and i met with the president thursday and i said to him that even though he won the evangelical vote by 81% in 2016 i think if the election were held to today he would win by larger margin and here is why, evangelicals are thrilled with his record on the pro-life issue, his conservative judicial appointments, what he's doing in religious liberty, freeing
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pastor brunson from turkey, they are thrilled with this and i believe the mass of conservative christians want to elect the congress that supports rather opposes this president's policies and is rising poll numbers you mentioned coupled with strong evangelical vote i think at the very at least will diminish so-called blue wave we have been hearing about. heather: what about beyond fulfilling promises when you take a look at the economy, things he's been able to accomplish in terms of foreign policy? >> unprecedented when you look at the lowest unemployment rate in 15 years, rising gdp, what he's doing on national security, putting america first, i mean, evangelicals are like other americans, they applaud the policies of this president, he's not only met, he's exceeded our wildest expectation and i believe that many conservatives, most conservatives want congress that will support this
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president. if the democrats seize control of the congress they are going to either try to oust this president from office or paralyze while he remains in office. heather: doesn't concern you in terms of midterms which is week away that traditional the party in office does lose seats? >> well, look, look at the record of obama, bush, clinton, they suffered massive losses in the midterms of their first term, that's the usual course. i can't predict what's going to happen next tuesday, that's why i'm going to be tuned to fox news to see what happens, but i will make this prediction, the losses will be much less if existent at all because of the president's rising poll numbers. heather: what about the situation with the caravan, we talked about that with our reporter out there on the scene and john kasich has declared, quote from him that the lord doesn't want americans to build walls and impose caravans but
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deported illegal immigrants in the march and trying to get back in by breaking the law, why should these people be allowed to come into america? how do you think this will impact the midterms? >> well, to be blunt, anybody who says god is against building walls doesn't have a clue what the bible teaches, you know, i had the honor of preaching the inauguration sermon to the president and his family and i used the old testament, god told niamia to build a wall around jeers -- jerusalem against invaders, the responsibility of government to protect citizens, roman's 13th teaches that, having wall, secure border that's one way government fulfills its god-given responsibility. heather: according to latest poll, 51% of people agree with you and think that this caravan
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should be stopped from entering the u.s. pastor jeffress thank you so much for joining us, we will see what happens with midterms days away. >> thanks, heather. heather: time now about 18 minutes after the top of the hour and political war of words with tom styer and president trump. >> what we are seeing is terrible behavior consistent systematic political violence from republicans. heather: carley shimkus with reaction pouring in online. good morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ guys, isn't it time you stepped up your game?
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viral outbreak in new jersey long-term care center, there have been 25 cases tied to the adni virus center that takes care of medically fractured children. cdc investigating the cause of outbreak. another potentially deadly health issue for children, peanut allergy, finding cases of the food intolerance in children have more than tripled in the u.s., from one in 250 back in 1997 to one in 70 in 2008, doctors think the spike could be due to parents keeping children too clean and not allowing them to build up their immune systems heather: democratic mega donor taking the republican party head on blaming gop for recent violence. >> what we are seeing is terrible behavior consistent
1:24 am
systematic from republicans, there's a complete difference supporting injustice and creating injustice and opposing injustice. heather: carley shimkus with fox news headline 24/7, siriusxm 115 is here with what the president has to say about that, good morning. carley: good morning, heather, billionaire environmentalist and liberal activist has been major critic for president trump for some time now, he's on the president's radar because of the interview he did with cnn, the president apparently watched it and he said so on twitter, just watched wacky tom steyer who i have not seen in action before interviewed by jake tapper and should be running out of money pretty soon, if he's runs for president the dems would eat him alive. steyer responded, president tweeted at me after watching cnn, it is unthinkable that in
1:25 am
the midst of political violence the president would resort to name-calling instead of repairing damage of fabric of the country. steyer has been spending millions of dollars for the president's impeachment. let's see what the folks on social media are saying, bare says tom does not speak for all americans, he's a billionaire, we should point out president trump a billionaire as well. another twicer writing as long as guys like this on the left keep swinging, then republicans better keep swinging back and another twitter user chiming in saying, steyer needs to quit dividing the country. he was one to have intended targets for one of the explosive device that is was sent to democrats last week, the president also seeing some criticism for targeting him on twitter while also calling for unity. heather: all right, someone else use today receiving criticism, kanye west, he designed these shirts which stand for black
1:26 am
americans exiting the democratic party. carley: yeah, that's right, a play on britain's brexit movement, these shirts are sort of urging people black voters to separate from the democratic party, candacae owens revealed the shirt in washington, d.c. this weekend. former white house adviser sebastian gorka tweeted about it, i now officially declare this a movement black brothers and sisters are breaking democrat chains of identity politics, what amazing time to be alive. another twitter user says, i think this could be defining moment in u.s. history, please keep pushing this great job so some positive reaction for this on social media. heather: before we run out of time let's talk about potus and flotus. carley: the white house went black and orange yesterday, the first lady and the president,
1:27 am
they hosted this adorable trick or treating event for kids, they handed out chocolate bars as the air force band played spooky halloween like the harry potter theme song. heather: looks like fun. time now 27 minutes after the top of the hour, just hours from now the man charged in the nationwide bomb scare targeting democrats will face judge, we are live outside of the detention center as his family speaks out. >> can you ask him exactly what happened? [speaking in spanish] heather: admission to fox news raising brand-new safety concerns about the caravan, we told you about that as it closes in on the border, national border council president says this is proof the migrants are gaining the system and he's here live to explain. today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first". another big story we are following today, the man accused of sending more than a dozen suspicious package to prominent democrats is due in court today as the fbi continues to search for potential accomplishes, steve joins us live from miami, florida with more on what we can expect as his family speaks out about his troubled past. good morning, steve. >> good morning, heather, cesar sayoc will make initial appearance in court today, not expect today last long, probably just about 15 minutes, the judge will ask him if he has an attorney and they will discuss the charges, he's not expected to make a plea at this point in court, he will likely be shackled by the arms legs and by the waist, he's facing at least 5 federal charges right now, he could spend up to 48 years in prison but they could also add
1:32 am
more charges including the use of weapons of mass destruction, that could turn this into a life sentence and we are learning more about sayoc from family members and coworkers, family members say, sister said recently he got weirder and weirder as the years went by. sayec, long arrest record, he went through bankruptcy and fore clear sure, living in the white man where he may have constructed the pipe bombs. heather back to you. heather: thank you so much for joining us, we will continue to follow it. >> thank you. heather: well, now to another fox news alert 5 people are dead and 32 injured in halloween gun violence in chicago, 3 men and a 16-year-old boy shot and killed in drive-by attacks, another man shot and killed during ambush attack in a car n suspects in custody, nearly 2500 people,
1:33 am
2500 have been shot in chicago so far this year. we can come together and make it happen, lawmakers on both sides of the i'll calling for unity following week of violence on our nation's soil. >> we should come together as a country, this should not be a political response but rather a response on how we can further bring us together. >> democrats are not my enemy, they are my opponents, we are americans first, we need to come together and do what's in the best interest of americans no matter who wins in 10 days, i believe we can come together and make that happen. heather: lawmakers sounding off on the importance of a civil tone in our nation as midterm campaigns enter their final week. and potential 2020 presidential run and former attorney general eric holder is hosting a voting right's round table today. democrat in doral, florida encouraging people to vote in midterms, former ag will make
1:34 am
decision on 2020 presidential run after the midterms well, thousands of migrants refusing méxico's offer of asylum instead the caravan determined to enter the united states illegally, méxico's program offers schooling, jobs and more, but some even admitting to fox news on camera about their violent past. >> and in my country honduras, a lot of trouble. >> can you ask him exactly what happened? [speaking in spanish] >> attemptive murder. heather: what is the real motive here. here so weigh in brandon judd, brandon, thank you for joining us, first of all, i will get your response to what our reporter on the scene griff jenkins was able to get from that person in the caravan wanted for attempted murder? >> well, that shows what president trump said was absolutely correct, he got beaten up by the mainstream media when he said that there
1:35 am
are ms-13 members in the caravan and right there showed that we do, in fact, have that, in fact, if you look at past caravans, those that have been deported by ice, a large number of those came ms-13 members came in with caravans as family unit members. heather: secretary nileson, bottom line, you're not going to get in. >> this caravan is not getting in. there's a legal way to enter the country, those who chose to enter illegally will be stopped. do not come, you will not be allowed in, there's a right way to immigrate to the united states and this is not it. heather: so brandon, do you think that she's correct, i mean, can we stop them? >> well, so most people are thinking that this mass horde is going to make its way to the border, they start dispersing
1:36 am
and they enter the country illegally in smaller groups, that's all cartel controlled. once they cross the border illegally and we take them into the custody then the asylum process kicks off. if they come as mass horde theoretically we can stop them from crossing the border, but once they disperse and cartels get hands on them and force them to cross in smaller groups and becomes much more difficult. heather: i want to run this by you make sure i'm correct, 1700 of those migrants have applied for refugee status, thousands of those turned that down because they're hoping for asylum. >> well, of course, when you look at this and what méxico has offered it's clear that these people are not fleeing violence in their own country. if they were they would seek refuge in a country that would offer to them and méxico has already offered that. they're bent on the united
1:37 am
states and the united states only because they know that this is a much better country. these are not refugees that are fleeing violence, they want -- their economic refugees that want to come here, gain the system and get jobs in the united states. heather: so president trump is expected to discuss sweeping border plan this week specifically an immigration crack-down on tuesday, what do you expect to be part of that plan? >> well, what we expect is we think he's going to use the law that allows him to stop asylum seekers by making it a national security issue, so he can declare what people from what countries can seek asylum. the problem with that is we know that's going to get challenged in the courts and immediate injunctions are going to be sought and we know that if you go just certain courts like the ninth circuit you're probably going to get that injunction, so we don't know if this is going to work with this particular caravan, but as it works its way through the courts we would expect that it will be upheld by
1:38 am
the supreme court if it gets there. heather: then you have democrats like nancy pelosi, chuck schumer declaring that the president is using fear mongering as we head into the midterm elections. >> you know, that's absolutely crazy. i said it before, of all people nancy pelosi, she's not just a regular ticketed passenger on the crazy train, she's the actual conductor, it's crazy to think that when you have people who are admitting to attempted murder that are trying to come to the united states that it's called fear mongering, it's not fear mongering, it's the actual facts and the united states public has the right to know what the facts are. heather: all right, brandon jud, thank you very much for joining us, we always appreciate having you with us. >> thank you. heather: well, the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour, is hillary clinton going to run again? well, the big perhaps bombshell that she just dropped that she's gearing up for another white house run?
1:39 am
and the champagne is flowing on both coast after the red sox win the world series, live in los angeles with the overnight celebrations up next.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first" with over a week to go into midterms democrats are still spending big, 2020 presidential candidates michael bloomberg, michael blooming i should say dropping $20 million
1:43 am
on democratic house races this week along and congressman ben is convinced that kind of cash will help his party pick up seats. >> i'm confident the democrats will win back the house this year, we built strategy around our candidate, incredible men and women with records of service, many served the country in the u.s. military, they are connecting with the american people talking about their personal stories. heather: democrats need to flip 24 seats on election day to retake the majority in the house. and hillary clinton now fueling even more speculation that she could be on the ballot in 2020. >> we will talk about 2020 in a bit. do you want to run again? >> no. >> a pause. >> well, i would like to be president. [laughter] heather: well, clinton says she's not going to even think about it until after the midterm elections, she says that she's doing everything in her power to make sure a democrat is in the
1:44 am
white house come january 2021. how about let's switch here, talk about sports, red sox winning fourth world series since 2004, the team clinching victory in game 5, ray is live in los angeles with how boston secured the big win, good morning, ray. >> good morning, heather, dodgers were hoping to win last night and get the series back to fenway park but boston just proved to be way too much last night here at dodgers stadium a lot of red sox fans in the stands by taking a look at images in boston, streets and bars packed celebrating world series win, it got off to hot start with steve hitting two-run home run for boston in top of the first, the dodgers david responded with home run of his own making 2-1 but from then on
1:45 am
it was all the red sox, added a solo homer in sixth, martínez one in seventh, steve hit another in the eighth, making the final score 5 to 1. pierce was mvp with 8rbi's. >> that's the best feeling of my life. this is what you grow up wishing that you could be a part of something like this but that special group of guys out there to celebrate with them, that was awesome. >> wraps up extraordinary season for the red sox, 108 games and dominated in performances in the playoffs, they're being called one of the best teams in franchise history. >> it's amazing. we won world series and to do it this year was special with this group of guys, definitely a blessing. >> now, the red soxes are
1:46 am
heading back to boston for big championship parade, the team says they want to have it wednesday morning but we are still waiting for official confirmation on that from the city of boston. heather. heather: yeah, i have a feeling red sox fans are already celebrating, so, ray, thank you so much, appreciate it. >> thank you. heather: just to clarify a story that we read about, potential 2020 presidential candidate michael bloomberg dropping 20 million on democratic house race this is week, time now and taking aim at president trump. >> this is a struggle about good versus evil and the president of the united states is evil. heather: how will this hateful rhetoric affect the midterms, our political panel debates up next. while i was in the navy,
1:47 am
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>> the whole modus operendi, it's not enough that on the day of tragedy hi say it is right words. with the synagogue shooter product of the toxic environment of the right. >> president and national political leaders of both parties have used mega phones to empower, instill, energize folks based on division. heather: democrats playing the blame game after horrific shooting in pittsburgh, how do attacks impact midterms? democratic strategists and contributor tom borelli, thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate it. >> thank you. heather: dr. grayson, i will start with you, you heard different sound from the mainstream media also democratic politicians speaking out
1:51 am
politicizing this horrific tragedy that happened over the weekend. >> well, i actually think that it was mr. trump who politicized this tragedy after all just hours after the largest massacre of people in the jewish faith in our country donald trump held a political rally, i mean, under normal circumstances you would have a president trying to unit americans against this complete act of hatred and instead he helds a political rally further dividing american. heather: he's not the first person to have gone to political rally or political fundraising event following something tragic happening, i recall that president obama did that following benghazi. tom, let's let you jump in and your take on it. >> well, heather, this is another example of the left-wing media really trying to really divide americans, they have really interesting formula. what they do is they have a left-wing host, left-wing guest who is do nothing but spout wrong things about president
1:52 am
trump, president trump has done tremendous things for the economy and for the country and it's a political season, they are trying to politicize everything. remember nancy pelosi and chuck schumer they issued a statement after the bombing man was caught and they didn't like what president trump had to say because whatever the president says is not enough. schumer and pelosi went after the president and they shouldn't have at the time. heather: that's a good question, that is a good question dr. grayson, when is it enough, the president of the united states is evil, howard dean launching into that discussing attack on president trump, listen to what he had to say. >> evil lurks in the hearts of men, the democrats have made mistake but they are about the future and idealism and making america a better place. a struggle about good versus evil and the president of the united states is evil. heather: do you agree with that? is that dangerous rhetoric? >> well, i think what the president speaks is dangerous
1:53 am
rhetoric, after all he's the one that praised the charlottesville protestors who were chanting antisemimatic phrases and calling them very fine people. what's more evil calling somebody evil for what they are doing or their acts themselves, i mean, this lands at the feet of donald trump himself. he had an opportunity to step up and do the right thing and, again, unit americans and instead more divisiveness, i mean, he -- he actually started chanting lock him up about a jewish man, a jewish man who had bombs sent to his house a few days earlier. heather: are you trying to allege that he's antisemimatic, you know he's not antisemimatic. >> heather, that's ridiculous. >> that is not true, heather. >> i have to respond to that. heather: i will let you respond, tom, first. >> what she's saying is
1:54 am
absolutely ridiculous, president trump loves jewish people, in fact, grandchildren are jewish, let's remember where the u.s. embassy, he moved it to jerusalem where no other president would do. what mr. dean said is reckless and dangerous. there's evil in the world and the evil antisemite is evil, don't let the left twist the words calling everybody evil. heather: we only have 15 seconds, dr. grayson, i said i would allow you to respond, we are up against a hard break, that's why. we will be right back, thank you both for joining us. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting
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♪ ♪ heather: time to wake up, hopefully you are wide awake at this point, live shot of times square here in new york city feeling like fall out there and feels so nice, nice and frisk, lights always shining bright there. thank you so much for joining us wherever you are this morning, we have time now left for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good, the first ever dog of the year crown "fox & friends" introduced you to todd back in july after he saved his owner from a poisonous rattlesnake. >> look at him. he doesn't look like he was bit
1:59 am
4 days ago. [laughter] heather: milk bone gave the pup the honor. poor little thing. now the bad, a couple tells inside edition they found secret camera inside room on carnival cruise. >> is that what i think it is and she looked at it and became concern, flabbergasted that there's a camera in the room and it's plugged up and it's working. heather: chris and dana white say it was hidden in wires and pointing right at the bed, carnival confirms the camera was there but says was not capable of recording and finally the ugly, can you spot what's wrong in the crowd shot at world series game, take a close look, the internet going insane over milk guy, he's there on the left holding half gallon of milk, what, he was trying to milk the
2:00 am
last day of the season, hey, who wouldn't? that wraps up this hour, "fox & friends first" continues right now. bye bye. jillian: jill good morning, october 29th, killed in cold blood, suspect due in court today. rob: disturbing details revealed about his past as we get a first look at the victims. jillian: turn around message from from the white house to the migrants as reinforcements are sent to the border. >> there's a right and legal way to come to the country and no other ways will be tolerated. rob: live again from méxico right in the mist of that caravan. jillian: is that prince harry, joke have been going on for a while, royal resemblance.


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