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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 30, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i'll be on tucker carlson later tonight at 8:00 p.m. and a book about kavanaugh in the media smearing him. >> set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five," "special report" is up next with a special report from the white house. >> bret: gets immediate pushback from the house speaker and others. the president of the first lady traveling to the site of the synagogue massacre to pay respects today. how --dash hillary clinton running for president again in 2020? this is "special report" ." good evening. i'm bret baier coming to you tonight live from the white house. the president and first lady will be back here soon after a trip to pittsburgh where 11 people were killed saturday at that jewish synagogue. meanwhile, president trump indicating, as you look at the
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west wing, just a stroke about pen away from ending birthright citizenship, ending citizenship for a child born in the countrys are not. the president said he can do it. many others including the house speaker says he cannot and it would require a cause additional commitment. she corresponded john roberts joins me on the north line with the latest. good to be you good to see you here. normally the process to amend the constitution follows ratification of the three quarters of the united states, but president trump believes there may be a way to do that with a simple signature. >> it's a process. it will happen. we have the executive order. >> for 150 years, the 14th amendment of the constitution has conferred citizenship for children born on u.s. soil. three migrants caravan setting their sight on the united states border, president trump would
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like to add back that. >> it's told to be you need a constitutional amendment? you don't. >> all persons born or naturalized in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the united states. but the white house is zeroing in on the five words, "subject to to the jurisdiction thereof," to possibly make the case that people who cross the border illegally may not be eligible for constitutional protections. >> the supreme court of the united states has never ruled on whether or not the language of the 14th amendment subject to the jurisdiction thereof applies specifically to people who were in the country illegally. i think the president is looking at executive action, congress has looked at legislative action to reconsider that. >> bret: the issue of birthright citizenship came up early in the 2016 campaign. donald trump and jeb bush both highlighted the problem of what they called "anchor babies" and taking sharp criticism for it. >> if there's another term i
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could come up with, i'm happy to hear it. >> bret: a week from the midterms, president trump has picked up the torch again. >> we are the only country in the world were a person comes in, has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen for the united states those 85 years. it's ridiculous. it has to end. >> bret: united states is not the only country to confer birthright citizenship. more than 30 others, including canada, also do. but some countries, like the u.k. and australia, have rescinded birthright laws. while president trump would like to add that with a executive order, leaders from their own party says the only way to do it is through a constitutional amendment. >> you obviously cannot do that. you cannot add back birthright citizenship with a executive order. >> bret: -- deflect what voters really care about, health care. in a statement, statement, house minority leader nancy pelosi saying the president does not have the power to a race parts
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of. wearily republicans will do anything to take away americans health care. republican senator lindsey graham seemed to agree it would take a constitutional amendment. instead he would introduce legislation to do it. but in principle, he was in lockstep with the president with a statement saying, finally the president willing to take on this absurd policy of birthright citizenship. this is a magnet for illegal immigration. it needs to come to you and an end. >> bret: it seems to be increasing. general terrence o'shaughnessy, the head of the u.s. northern command, says this caravan is different from what we seen in the past. what we've seen as an organization at a higher level we've seen before. we've seen violence coming out of the caravan. we've seen them behave in a nature that we have not seen in
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the past. so clearly this administration, if they can't do something to stop them, they want to make sure that people know that they are not welcome here in the united states. seven days until the midterms, every indication that he's going to be talking a lot about immigration from now until next tuesday. >> it's not a topic on the lot of voters minds. the president still trying to keep immigration up there. he does it fuels the base. >> bret: john, thank you for the caravans, as john mentioned, getting closer but still a long way from the u.s. southern border. the biggest caravan is actually getting smaller according to people traveling alongside. but the president is still ordering the pentagon to deploy 5,000 additional military personnel to the southern borde border. national correspondent william la jeunesse is traveling with that larger group in mexico. >> i want to go to the united states because i want to build for a better opportunity.
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>> 47-year-old alvis madero >> i asked president trump to get the opportunity. i want to give a better life for me. >> mexico offered the migrants work permits, housing. fewer than 150 accepted. >> not much money... >> organizers want 150 buses to transport that caravan from oaxaca to mexico city along the narrow winding roads and blind curves for the safety of migrants and motorists alike. some may take the the trade. but the group, ranging from 4000-5000 rides north. >> then it happened in mexico. soldiers. now they are passed. they didn't force them through.
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somehow they passed. >> as for the president's effort to secure the border, are you luis cruz believes u.s. law and public opinion is on their side. >> the last caravan we took out there, you can see most of the people in the united states or with the refugees. >> clearly in the last 48 hours, president trump has changed the rules of the game to stop the surge of central american family seeking asylum in the u.s. that we've seen since 2014, bret. at this point in time, it's about half the apprehensions right now of the border control and i do not think the american dream of these people are thinking about is going to end the way they want it. >> bret: william la jeunesse with that caravan. thanks. president trump went to pittsburgh with the first lady this afternoon visiting the site where 11 people were killed saturday at a jewish synagogue. not welcomed by all there.
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correspondent garrett teddy looked at the politics of consoling the morning. good evening. >> bret, good evening to you. the president took on the role of consoler in chief and visited the pittsburgh area three days after the worst anti-semitic attack in u.s. history. joined by the first lady along with daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner who are practicing and they joined the president on -- for the 11 victims. then he went to the hospital to visit the four police officers injured responding to the attack and the medical team that's treated them and two other victims. not everyone in the steel city is happy about the president city though. the president's arrival was met with protest and the city's mayor did not meet with the president saying he wanted to focus on helping his city --
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partly to blame for the attack but other jewish leaders says the presidents visit is welcome. >> he doesn't serve to help our community or as i surveyed, and the other committee other than white nationalist. white nationalist is the root of the problem here. >> i'm hoping he would engage with the conversation. >> funerals for the 11 worshipers again today. thousands lined up pittsburgh's largest and oldest synagogue government redemption long temple, for the cecil brothers. funerals for the other seven victims are scheduled to take place over the next few days. and the man who is charged with their deaths will now likely face the death penalty. bret? >> bret: let's talk more about the president's trip and the other news of the day. kelly conway joins us here on
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the north wall log. why did he feel compelled to go? others said he's the president, he should go. why did the president want to go? >> of the president never hesitated. he wanted to be there to express his condolences along with the first lady, his daughter and son-in-law. with the president's remarks, very strong against anti-semitism. that's the lesson i want my four catholic children in the whole world to know, these 11 innocent were murdered because they were jewish. that man went in there allegedly saying that all jews must die and he was bent on murdering them and he got his way with 11 of them. i want their names to not be forgotten. i've been trying to read in and also just have the instructor this of anti-semitism and its private prevalence around the world and in pittsburgh or its unfortunate people were out there politically protesting with
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different messages today. this president was not about politics. he was about the mourning in pittsburgh. >> bret: do you expect the president to speak more about this, white nationalism, anti-semitism? >> he's been doing this all along. people should read his tweets, listen to him on saturday when he gave those remarks, heartfelt remarks. those of us who discussed this particular tragedy, and active act of, vile hatred. he tried to express to the country. people will look up today with her the last hour truly moved by what they see in the senseless loss and active evil there. this president showed up in las vegas and parts of florida. he's been there for natural disasters, for him this is more
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of a natural place for him to be that people give them credit fo for. >> bret: the other issue today is he told axios that he possibly wants to sign an executive order to change birthright citizenship. >> obviously cannot do that. you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. we didn't like it when obama tried to change immigration laws with consecutive down the executive action. we believe in the constitution. >> as conspirators we believe in the constitution. any response? >> as we do. -- you know it's been over a year, bret, since the president introduced his 70-point immigration plan, then he got it down to four points. build the wall, the visa lottery, and max chain
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migration. four very simple concepts, all which paul very well, by the way, with large swaths of americans. not just the base. congress never acted. on birthright citizenship, 30 countries to have it, but only two in the "developer world" as the imf defines it, canada and the u.s., most parts of asia, many parts of asia don't have i. many other constitutional scholars have said that the 14th amendment has been misinterpreted or misused in this way. there is no question there have been use reports where women pay a lot of money, maybe money they don't really don't have to make sure they're children are born here. the idea that it doesn't happen and it's not going on in the thousands, the idea that it's not unique to the u.s., canada, the developer world? it's false. >> bret: what do you say to
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the people who look at this from a one week away from the election day, this is about stirring the pot, getting people fired up. >> the president is out there, he's in pittsburgh to express his condolences, for this violent, anti-semitic act, but on the other days can be he's out there campaigning for candidates who he says will help support his agenda. he talks about free-market health care. he talks about tax cuts. talks about the regulation. talk that he tried to meet with kim jong il and to get denuclearization of the korean peninsula which helps everyone. we have detainees and hostages that are coming back home. he talks about immigration -- he talks about immigration in many ways. border security, national security, talks about coming to this country legally through legal port of entry. there are 26 of them. last year we had 38,000 -- we
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processed 38,000 claims of critical fear? that's a record. dhs said over half a million people tried to cross over illegally, of ticketed children being smuggled, uptake in the number of assaults happening. that's not everybody, but why are we turning a blind eye? they all signed onto the feinstein planned and basically looked the other way. border security, national security, this president has talked about it for many years. and help them get elected. >> bret: one of the tweets during the python mailings that the president set sent out -- she's turning the page. is that what he's seeing now? >> the president sends many tweets in many different topics. we have to take totality of his tweets and totality of his presidency. about the time he was sending
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that tweet within a day or so, he had an unbelievable event here with black americans. he came all across the country to say that we are not all democrats. we support the democrats -- and that got very little coverage. coverage was that he was being derided by others and he speaking up for themselves. this president does not see the momentum slowed down in so far as he's out there running for the tape like it did in 2016. does a record number of presidential visits between labor day and election day for any sitting president. president obama is active, president george w. bush is active, but this president will have more events that he they . >> bret: thank you for your time. uploaded say that this may be a big job losses. first with some of our fox coverage around the country. the mysterious death of the tory
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he was found unresponsive and prison union officials say that that is being investigated as a homicide. multiple reports cite sources saying that bulger had been beaten to death. fox 59 in indianapolis, a 9-year-old and her twin 6-year-old brothers struck and killed by a pickup truck as they cross the road to ride a school bus. police say it's too early if that person was speeding. from fox 5, the big story tonight a federal judge keeping the trial of the tory's mexican notorious mexican drug lord -- have more e to review evidence. jury selection will take place next week as planned. he is at the jury will hear of
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learned a second language. applied to college. applied for a loan. started a business. started a blog. shared a picture. shared a moment. turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. >> bret: welcome back to a gorgeous fall night here at the
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white house. five members of the afghan telegram freed from the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay in exchange for bo bergdahl have joint insurgent groups political office in qatar. that is according to a taliban spokesman. they will be among telogen representatives negotiating for peace in afghanistan. this indicates the taliban's desire for ap's pack. others fear the five will bring hard-line views that will make peace more difficult. an interior department inspector general's report here in washington says a federal employee infected a government network with malware after viewing almost 10,000 pornographic web pages at work. 10,000. the port says the employee at the u.s. child logical survey -- to a personal cell phone. reports the employee no longer works for that agency. the justice and interior
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departments refusing to comment that interior secretary general preferring one of its ongoing probes into secretary ryan zinke to the justice department. his said to be the subject of three separate inspector general investigations. not knowing which one is being referred to for further investigation. the secretary has not been contacted about any investigation and has done nothing wrong. and americans election headquarters tonight, a ballot initiative in colorado that could fundamentally change one of the largest industries there. correspondent alecia kuhn you and greenlee, colorado, tonight a measure to severely limit fracking. >> a battle is underway between backers of proposition 112 who want to change the law to require all the well sites for fracking to be at least
3:24 pm
2500 feet for areas considered vulnerable like schools, homes, water sources. >> there is solid science to back up these distant's. it's not arbitrary. >> backers of the the -- like chemical exposure and accusing industry of putting profits over people. >> they don't take into account of people's health, whether it's children, families, so we feel it's our responsibility as responsible coloradans to make sure that if industrial activity is going to happen it's not on top of homes. >> current laws says well distance be sent at 500 feet. if passed, the initiative would quadruple the setback, placing massive amounts of land off minutes. limits a majority of those jobs not through oil and gas but other community sectors like retail, hotels, real estate, according to the opposition which challenges the notion that the process is process is unsafe.
3:25 pm
>> we have the strictest health and environment regulations in the country. >> the list of opponents are long, powerful, well-funded. colorado democrats -- republican john elway and even the denver post editorial board which writes, the way this initiative is written, it would effectively ban oil and gas industries. oil and gas industry has been $40 million to fight this initiative, come . >> bret: a fierce battle in utah. beyond our borders tonight, calling on president trump and other leaders to ensure his death in istanbul is not covered up.
3:26 pm
says she is disappointed with many world leaders. heavy rains and high winds buffering much of italy have killed ten people over the last few days. officials say many of the deaths are from falling trees, or -- a landslide invaded her home. indonesia is safety committee saying officials from bowling to help with the crash. the 2-month-old boeing 737 went into the sea northeast of jakarta after takeoff. all 189 people on board were killed. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back to the white house. it doesn't have wings, horns or teeth. there's no self-appointed crown. it doesn't repurpose someone else's legacy. it's not a metaphor or the result of a merger.
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♪ >> bret: on the campaign trail now, tonight's destination is the state of utah, one of the reddest in the country. the republican incumbent with a one-of-a-kind resume is in a close, nasty fight to retain her house seat in the salt lake city suburbs. >> the only black republican in congress is locked in one of the tightest reelection fights in the country. >> this one is critically close right now because of all of the lies that have been put out there by democrats. >> congresswoman mia love and her challenger salt lake city mayor ben mcadams hide in "the new york times" poll in the
3:31 pm
closing days have been dominated by negative ads and allegations of dirty fund-raising. >> the fcc informed she raised almost a million dollars illegally. coming back and saying it wasn't a million, it was 400,000. reality is, she broke the law. >> the fcc actually said she's fine. completely send a written statement saying that we've done nothing wrong. >> constituents have collimated her support of efforts to free utah's resident joshua holt from the venezuela prison. >> working with the state department was a big issue. >> she also said voters expressed a desire of permanent tax cuts and immigration reform. >> they want those things done not by executive order but by the united states congress. speak mcadams says the top issue here is health care. speak what we talk about is my track record at the local level and what i plan to do to represent utah.
3:32 pm
i said that i'm not voting for nancy pelosi for speaker and i'm looking for new leadership. >> the democrat is establishing himself as the only one interested in bipartisan legislature. >> people have seen from last >> love says her record in congress can be calculate it differently. >> the same website he gets that from? both with democrats 70% of the time. it's absolutely baloney. >> because of redistricting, this is the fourth ever election in utah's fourth district, democrats stand a good chance to win means there might be a lot of split tickets here because the republican running for senate at the top of the ticket has a commanding lead. that's mitt romney. >> >> bret: hillary clinton says she really doesn't want to run for president again, but hillary clinton also says she would like to be president and is very qualified. and will make a decision after the midterms.
3:33 pm
those comments have reignited talk of a possible 2020 rematch between president trump and the woman he defeated two years ago. here is senior political appointment like a manual >> hillary clinton says she's not running for president again in 2020 but sent mixed signals during an event friday. >> well, i'd like to be president. i think, hopefully, when we have a democrat in the oval office of january 2021, there is going to be so much work to be done. >> hillary was quick to rehash her qualifications on the job. >> the work i feel very well prepared for having been in the senate for eight years, being a diplomat in the state department, it's going to be a lot of heavy lifting. >> philip ryan says she's more likely to win powerball. another quickly looking for a white house run on his own and
3:34 pm
poured cold water as well. >> i think she's done running for elective office. >> if she does run again, clinton will have to avoid potential landmines that can drive a new cycle, like confusing cory booker with eric holder. >> i know they all looked alike. >> they don't. >> asked about a possibility of a 2020 rematch with clinton: -- >> that could happen, but i don't see it right now. >> nick merrill notes that when asked who she would support, she's not going to think about until we get through the november 6th election. after that, plenty of democrats are likely to jump in the 2020 race. bret? >> bret: mike, thanks for the wild october run for the stock
3:35 pm
market continued but this time it was positive news for everyone's 401(k)s. the dow surging to 422. s&p 500 up 22, the nasdaq jumped 111. how can the u.s. expand american businesses in the developing overseas market equipment we'll talk live with a man running point for the president and one of the only agencies making money for the u.s. government. that's next.
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>> bret: welcome back to the white house, where the flag flies at half mast for the victims in pittsburgh. ray washburn, resident, ceo of the overseas private investigation organization, opec, thanks for coming out. first of all, people at home, what does opec do? one of the agencies that makes money for the u.s. government? >> set up in 1971 to help the
3:40 pm
-- in sub-saharan africa or south america, we can go in and lend the money. >> bret: bipartisan support. you got new powers, more money to do that tex-mex vehicle we came into office, when the new trump administration came in, opec was slated to be eliminate. convinced both sides of the house and the senate that opec is soft diplomacy and something that is important to our national security for the president came out with his national security -- saying economic elephant in these >> obviously china is bouncing around the world doing investments. part of empowering you is to counter china. >> the chinese, as everyone has
3:41 pm
read about putting money out, opec is active in 130 countries, but we cannot compete with the chinese dollar for dollar. this new legislation, called the build act, took us to $60 billion, return the profits to the american taxpayer, we are not going to go with the chinese dollar to dollar -- we made $260 million for the u.s. taxpayer last year. the way we are able to do that is we are able to arbitrage a small rate on the loans we make and that turns a profit for us. >> bret: for countries trying to get in these developing markets, they go to you? >> it's a private investment organization. we've been doing business since 1971 with projects. we underwrite that much like a bank, but we landed different from a bank because banks typically want to go a dicey market and a lot of these
3:42 pm
countries, we are able to go in and get activity started. >> bret: it's a win-win, because these countries want people to come there. >> we are able to go to good for these countries, it's much like teaching someone a fish rather than teach them to fish. >> bret: that seems like a no-brainer in washington. >> it's worked and we are very excited with the new powers we have. we are getting rename the united states development finance corporation. >> bret: we appreciate the time. next up, president trump wants to get rid of birthright citizenship. we'll get reaction to that. let's look ahead to the election seven days from now when we get back to the white house. ♪ let's do the thing that you do. let's clear a path.
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>> it was always told to me that you need a constitutional amendment. guess what? you can definitely do it with an act of congress, but now they are saying i could do it with just an executive order. ridiculous, we are the only country in the world where a person comes in, has a baby, the baby is essentially a citizen of the united states for 85 years
3:47 pm
will go over those benefits. it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. it has to end. >> you can't do that. you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. we did not like it when obama tried to change flaws with the of action. >> bret: the president wants to end birthright citizenship with a executive order. the 14th amendment reads, the -- according to pew, children born to illegal immigrants to the u.s., look at the numbers back in 2014. the latest they had surveying 235,000 children born to illegal immigrants in the u.s., thereby becoming u.s. citizens. we'll start with our panel, charles hurt the opinion editor for the washington times. john mccormack, senior writer
3:48 pm
at weekly standard. >> the reaction you saw from a lot of senate candidates today was a silence. you did not see a lot of them wanting to talk about this because this is a controversial policy, people not sure how this plays out. as for substance of the interview, interesting legal debate whether or not the words he mentioned, subject to the jurisdiction thereof, one of those that -- paul ryan disagrees with that. many other countries don't have birthright citizenship, the president is right about that. australia and they did in 1986 but did it with an interesting twist, saying that anybody that lived for ten years would be a legal citizen. that solves the policy problem of having permanent, stateless people. an underclass, if you will, if you implement this policy of people born here and they have no country to call their own. there is a big legal question if you can do it. >> bret: amy, let's not take the context out.
3:49 pm
we are seven days away from the election. want to talk about immigration. does this move that ball? >> i don't know the kind of places where republicans are either comfortable or would like to see the president come and do a rally or talk about immigration are in the kinds of states where republicans are already doing pretty well. those are typically in the senate races, those very deep red senate races. but in the house where the battlegrounds are in the suburban swing districts, where the swing voters are independent women, i do not think this is an issue that is going to get a whole lot of traction or going to be that helpful for republicans. i get that the president wants to be able to change the topic, right? he wants to move it onto areas where he is more comfortable where republicans get more energized. but what i've been hearing from a lot of republicans in the last couple of days is what they are seeing is something of an erosion now, they aren't feeling as confident in some of these
3:50 pm
house districts. here's one interesting point, the president's campaign came out with ads the other day, a national ad that focused on the economy and jobs and had a woman protagonists talking about how important it was not to go back. this is a message on birthright citizenship going the exact opposite way and talking not to the voters that those ads wanted to talk. >> bret: the president is not in that ad as they were making that final closing pitch. one pitch, charlie, behind this effort is senator lindsey graham who released a statement saying, finally a president willing to take on this absurd policy of birthright citizenship. this is a magnet for illegal immigration. it needs to come to an end, i plan to introduce legislations along the same lines of the proposed executive order from president trump. jeb bush was for this as well during that campaign.
3:51 pm
>> sure. i think that lindsey graham is exactly right. kudos to the president for taking on an issue that matters a lot to a lot of voters, both democrats and republicans, that has been an issue that has been completely disregarded by the leaders of both parties. that is a tremendously good thing. we can have a debate whether or not, you know, whether it requires a constitutional amendment or alliterative action to change it. what i think is absolutely certain if he were to do it through executive action, you wind up with court action. when the court takes it up, it would matter to the court whether this was an executive order or legislative fix. the legislative fix for something like this would be so much stronger in court than an executive order, for example, for the reasons paul ryan mentioned which is the ping-pong back and forth, there will be a future democrat president and all they have to do is go and switch it back. i think that -- i like the idea
3:52 pm
of punching it to congress and forcing democrats and republicans in congress to deal with the issue that they have neglected for so long. >> bret: i wanted you all to weigh in before he ran this out, we talked about this before our elites called dell waited -- listen to this. >> talk about changing birthright citizenship which has been around for 150 years is a sideshow for the real issue. it's a sideshow because if you control the border, those numbers will dwindle. the issue is not the babies itself. it's the laws, the statutes which are changeable, that aren't constitutional, that change one baby into an important village because of the preferences we give to families. that ought to be an issue. that ought to be what we are discussing. that's what you can change.
3:53 pm
if you think the repeal of the 14th of 14th of them it is a winning issue, are these issues that republicans actually want to advance? >> bret: we miss him every day, especially during these tough times that the country is dealing with. wanted to hear him tonight on that. i want to turn to the election. want to take a look at the power rankings. we have a split 45 democrats, 50 republicans. this includes likely and liens. five types of braces it looks like at at this momenf this all holds republicans pick up two, maybe three seats in the senate. different story, 191-171, 31 toss-up. we have it, 218 is the magic number for control of the house of representatives. let me ask you all to pick a race. amy, let me start with you. you picked a house race. >> i did. in northern maine, maine second congressional district.
3:54 pm
what i like about this is it's on the east coast so we'll know early on where this thing is going. but it's also 1 of 12 districts that went for obama in 2012 but when for trump in 2016. these are the kind of districts i spend a lot of time watching on election night. we know the district that went for 2016, especially the suburban districts, continue to break for democrats right now. but if democrats are going to have a really good night on election night or republicans are going to have a better night, republicans need to hold onto these obama/trump districts in these more rule and a lot of these in upstate new york. >> bret: i've got to roll. lightning round here. two senate races. >> donald trump lost by 14 points because of this corruption trial. democrats having to spend millions of dollars that they'd like to spend elsewhere. it'll be interesting to see what it did some satisfaction
3:55 pm
that with the satisfaction with trump is enough to get him into the senate. >> one of the five races where the margin is within two points. democrats still have an outside shot of taking over the senate but if they are going to do it, dean heller up by one point, real clear average -- the union machine in the vita does a great job of getting out the vote and you have a lot of democrats over perform in the on the nevada. >> bret: thank you, panel. pulling together in pittsburgh.
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>> bret: finally, tonight, pittsburgh sports teams stepping up after that shooting at the tree of life synagogue. the pittsburgh penguins will wear these "stronger than hate" patches on their jerseys and tonight's game. the jersey auction will happen to raise for the victims and their families. members of the pittsburgh steelers attended the funeral
4:00 pm
for two brothers killed, they released this video yesterday in their honor. >> we just want to offer our condolences and our prayers to people of the tree of life, our hearts break, our prayers go out to the people. >> bret: good to see. that is it for this special report. fair, balanced, and still unafraid. here is martha in new york. >> martha: thank you, bret. we are one week out from the midterm elections, and the heat is clearly on. at the president all in, revving up debate, saying he believes they can change it the ability to gain u.s. citizenship if you are born on u.s. american soil. >> where the only country in the world where person comes in, has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the united states for 85 years, with all of those benefits. it is ridiculous. and it has to end. >> how we talked without counsel? >> yeah. it's in the process, it'll happen. with an executive order.


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