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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 31, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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staff, debbie is not here, cardin, jessica, the academy awards, scott, shawn, mike, everybody. >> i have to say so many people have been tweeting they wanted me to thank you on the first anniversary and congratulations, year one. >> thank you, see you tomorrow, shannon bream's one year anniversary as well and we have cake for shannon bream in the fox news at night team. shannon: i don't know about you but the year has flown by. >> a lot has happened, that is for sure. happy anniversary. shannon: fox news alert, the caravan of migrants approaching the us border donald trump set his right on birthright citizenship, the latest move before the midterm election and
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the potential legal battle and the political action, the president and first lady travel to bubba bubba for the tree of life synagogue, the communities and morning. the president visits protesters. the voters head to the polls in one week, pulling out all the stops to stave off democratic gains. mitt romney hitting the trail for other republicans and we will take you a long as he goes door-to-door. i am shannon bream in washington. trace gallagher at the la bureau, birthright citizenship. >> reporter: the legality of birthright citizenship being debated whether the president follows through on his promises executive action is unknown the controversy surrounding this issue is beginning to snowball and that is bad news for democrats 7 days before the midterms wanted immigration out of the headlines, the started
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when donald trump made comments during an interview as part of the new hbo series debuting this weekend. >> i was always told you needed a constitutional amendment. you don't, number one, you don't need that. >> that is in dispute. >> you can do it with an act of congress but they say i can do it with an executive order. >> reporter: the president went on to say we are the only country that allows birthright citizenship which isn't correct, some 30 countries have the same law including canada and mexico. paul ryan quickly dismissed the president's comments. >> you cannot revoke birthright citizenship with an executive order, we didn't like it when obama changed immigration laws. we believe in the constitution. >> reporter: other republicans were more supportive.
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chuck grassley says there is a debate among legal scholars whether birthright citizenship extends to the children of illegal immigrants and gop senator lindsey graham said finally a president willing to take on this absurd policy of birthright citizenship and intimated congress might be the best vehicle to change the law. immigration rights activists and democrats blasted the president and nancy pelosi called it an effort to diver detention from healthcare. donald trump said he has spoken to his lawyers about the legality of using executive action to end birthright citizenship. so far the president's legal team has not issued any comments. shannon: a top military official telling reporters he expects more us troops to the southern border. the second caravan made its way through guatemala into mexico.
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from southern mexico, high, william. >> reporter: we are 270 miles north of the mexico guatemala order and where the caravan is, they are sleeping too much now. there was no mention of changes in us policy, and the individuals we spoke to, we believe the law and public opinion is on our side which is why they continue. >> mister president, give me an opportunity because i want -- i want to work.
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>> reporter: the rough count we have from police is a caravan, many left on their own, some took the train, 220, we talked to several of those asking for asylum here. some officials from this caravan are going to mexico city, they are waiting and will be here tomorrow. they will talk to officials about rights and transportation to tijuana. one cross on sunday over one police, and mexico. simply overwhelm police. and over 1000 there and waiting for a third caravan to come out of el salvador to meet them where they try to cross the
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mexico border to take the same route as they have here. if i knew what i know now what is happening in america, that information should be communicated to these people and i have second thoughts about coming to the us because donald trump changed the rules of the game. the pictures they've seen the last four years, the overwhelming number of central american families and unaccompanied minors different, changing, that is what the president is fouling to do and that should change at least in their head. basically at the us border where they can't go north and have no money to return south. shannon: how many people you talk to, what they are going to face when they get to the us and it is not a promising situation. that is eye-opening for us. thank you very much.
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in the absence of congressional action on immigration both presidents trump and obama have taken on the issue with executive orders. is it the right way to handle it? former acting ice director thomas homan and homeland security spokesman marcia catron and gop congressman jason chaffetz, author of deep state. welcome to all of you. i went to start with you. the idea of additional troops that have been sent to the border. an additional 5200 active troops, national guardsmen who are armed but not going to be confronting any folks who arrive at the border. they are about logistics, support. what do you make of it? >> nobody wants to hear this but there is no good solution to this and taking a bunch of troops to the border will not do very much.
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we did it under the obama administration. nothing. these people from coming unless you address the underlying issues why they are coming here in the first place. they are running from hunger and death. in new mexico and texas they sent the national guard but they don't have the authority to do any domestic enforcement. they are there in a supportive role. shannon: what do they mean to the equation? >> the troops will -- a lot of assets tied up in logistics, moving medical supplies, personnel from one sector to another. this is where the armed forces can take those jobs in the release of men and women on the frontline to defend the nation. it is a good idea the military is down there and it will be very useful to mortar patrol.
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shannon: many people in the face of this talking about the loopholes attracting people to the country, whether they can stay or not and they say only congress can solve this. it has been going on for decades was there have been numerous attempts even in the last year, nothing gets done. >> it is illegal to come across the border unless you don't have dobrin -- documentation. there is a good solution, democrats encouraged human trafficking, let's call it what it is, human trafficking and it is highly dangerous. you should not diverse yourself from central america to the united states of america and the democrats would do these people a lot of good if they would say you can't just come if you want a job, that is not meeting the standard of credible fear. that is not how you get in with asylum.
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shannon: the president today, that he decided to share during this interview and renewed the debate over whether birthright citizenship is direct contact and understanding the 14th amendment how this has been interpreted for 100 years in this country but renewing this debate and there's an interesting piece in the washington post trump's proposal to end birthright citizenship is unconstitutional. george conway right together such a move would be unconstitutional but would certainly be challenged and the challenges would undoubtedly win. a lot of folks say the supreme court has not ruled directly on the question whether people who are in this country illegally and have a child, the child should get automatic citizenship. there was a close decision in 1898 but sounds like the
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president wants this to go to the supreme court for final decision on these facts. >> reporter: our constitution should not be treated like an etch-a-sketch, you can't just erase something through executive order and then go back because the next president after this will be able to go back and change it. that sets a dangerous precedent, creates a lot of chaos. if donald trump happens to reverse citizen birthright now the next president can reverse it back, ping-ponging the constitution, doesn't make sense and it could lead to what if the next president is highly liberal and wants to repeal the second amendment? it creates chaos and dangerous precedent. >> a frequent guest on the show says because of the constitution it is a remarkable argument for many of the same people who think gun rights only belong to a state militia, and executive power means whatever they wanted to mean.
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where does this debate go? >> of donald trump should do what he can do it. back in 1980 for teaching me how to enforce the law, violate the law and angelo country illegally and at the same time birthright citizenship, this is crazy coming entices people to come to the country, encourages people to come to the country. people who enter the country legally hideout long enough, several us citizen kids and democrats say why did you arrest this guy after eight years? knowing he was here illegally by an immigration charge. it entices people and people are going to die from this country because democrats talk about abolishing ice, sanctuary cities and all these issues that entice people to come to this country. we got to stand by will of law. shannon: this coming so close to the midterms a lot of folks say
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it is purely political. here is what ronnie manual, talking about some things going on, election season catnip when i see it, the president doesn't have this authority but he is riling up his base, midterm election nonsense. >> rahm emanuel should spend more time trying to secure the people of chicago with the gun death and violence in his own city. as it relates to the caravan, that was not the creation of donald from but enticement of a lot of things and until we know what was generating this surge, and it was not necessarily credible fear. i recognize it is dangerous but the president has a duty and obligation to protect the united states of america and doing everything he is supposed to in order to do so. shannon: almost everybody agrees if it does become a reality it
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is going to court, that is one thing we all agree on. thank you all very much. as the president and first lady solemnly pay the request in but pittsburgh deep divisions remain. the first couple visits to the tree of life synagogue. >> the president as his family came to pay homage to each of the 11 people after the worst attack in american history. nearby there were protesters shouting the first family was not welcome in pittsburgh. the trumps join tree of life rabbi jeffrey myers, laying stones and white roses in each of the stars of david for the 11 victims. the second stop was university of pittsburgh medical center, spent an hour and a half visiting with the four officers during the attack, their families and the medical team
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treating them to other victims. >> really wanted to have stories about the event. >> many protesters's message to the president, it is your fault. >> we don't feel his presence today when burying our dead is remotely appropriate. >> the city's mayor said he wanted to focus on helping the city recover but the divisive rhetoric was partly to blame for the attack about of the jewish leaders say the president's visitors welcome. >> doesn't serve to help the community or as i see it any community but white nationalists. white nationalism is at the root of the problem here. >> he is our president and if he chooses to be with us i would hope he would be willing to engage in a conversation. >> reporter: funerals for the 11 worshipers began today, thousands lined up to pay their respects at services for jerry rabinowitz, daniel stein and the
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rosenthal brothers. notably absent from the president's visit today or any other elected official, the status two senators and top immigration leaders from both parties declined invitations to join the trip due to scheduling conflicts. shannon: one former presidential contender working the phones and knocking on doors. mitt romney hoping to join the u.s. senate. an exclusive interview with him tonight. >> the one guy if i get there, run for president and not planning on doing it again. shannon: the key midterm races, big states, new polls. one week ago. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford.
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12:21 am
surprised as you expect if mitt romney turned up on your front door since he doesn't need an introduction in utah about his senate campaign. a down ballot campaign, trying to remind voters their are a lot of close contests even though he has been running a mostly quiet campaign. >> i started with a good lead having run for president, i well-known in the state and it is a pretty republican state. it is not a highly contested race in the minds of most people so it is not getting the coverage it might. people in utah, it is an important race. >> reporter: when you go door-to-door what is the look on most people's faces when they see mitt romney? >> what are you doing
12:22 am
is trying to go viral or run in 2020? >> in the united states senate, run for president and not planning on doing it again and as a result i think i have the freedom to focus on issues people in our state care about and people in our country care about, the amount of debt we haven't immigration policy. there's a lot i hope to do. >> hillary clinton is saying she might want to run again. what do you think two years after the fact is going through her mind? >> i can't imagine she would seriously anticipate another run for president. the last one didn't work out so well in speaking from experience if you have a campaign it didn't work out take a lesson from that. >> reporter: the other story
12:23 am
this week caravan approaching might be a few weeks away but the president is trying to take action by sending troops to the southern border. >> we can't have people just walk into our country, the people from the caravan or anybody else has to come in legally, get in line, make sure they are processed appropriately. some will return to their original homes. others will qualify for refuge but that is the process they have to pursue willy-nilly. >> reporter: it was almost like watching somebody dressed up as mitt romney going door-to-door trick-or-treating a day early and he told me he has a mitt romney mask that might come out tomorrow. shannon: the guy who answered the door and the tiger snugy too. i know it will be surprising if mitt romney shows up at your
12:24 am
door, thank you. one week into the midterm elections, let's take a look with fox news politics editor chris stierwalls and author of every man a king. >> the tiger -- >> there was everything, i love that. >> to see mitt romney on your porch with the tiger cape. shannon: i'm all about a snugy. tell me where you get it and i will get one myself. you said whoever is craziest is losing. who is crazy? are you going to name names? >> if you want to know these campaigns have more polling than we do. we have public polls, fox news channel will drop some hot paul action pretty soon. it is going to be great. we are in the last round of public polling but these
12:25 am
campaigns have so much more because they spend all this money, raise all this money and very expensive pollsters and you can see their bmws in washington dc but the candidates know when they are behind. if you seem somewhat acting flake you are throwing out weird stuff, somebody doing things, they think they are losing. shannon: let's talk about some tight races and some not as close. in arizona we have kiersten cinema and martha mc sally, cinema up by 6 points looking at the rcp average, 46-45%, the advantage there but a lot of folks thought mcsally would have gotten closer. >> arizona, this is the benchmark, the question about whether democrats, if the
12:26 am
democrats had any shots, one in 5 chance for something like this, any shot of realistically taking the senate or dialing the republican majority down to 50 plus mike pence it is arizona. it is all about arizona. this has been the hottest race since the beginning, closely contested, democrats need a flip. heidi heitkamp is not thinking about in north dakota is not thinking about what she's going to be doing next year, she knows it will not be in the senate. democrats know they are down one to start, arizona is a must win for them and so far it cooked up the way they want it. shannon: let's move on to texas, polling for several months. the latest poll is a 5 point advantage. they would like more breathing room and it will stay red, going into election day. >> it will pool to cruise across the finish line, ted cruz has
12:27 am
struggled but the governor is going to help him in or mislead. beto o'rourke could win in texas, bob hugin could win in new jersey, when we open a can tuesday night, one week from tonight about this time we will know what was in there. it is either going to be the kind of year a republican can win in new jersey with the kind of your democrat can win in texas or combination of the two and people should show, we are close enough, see what happens and enjoy if you can. shannon: for junkies it is tough. before we run out of time, that is my home state as well. senate poll has democrat incumbent bill nelson a 45-43 over the governor. rick scott is the governor's race within one point.
12:28 am
>> it has been narrow but consistent for democrats throughout in florida. republicans tend to over perform and polls in florida and that would be the case for scott but the question for scott is has he kept a close enough so he can move over the line? shannon: the panhandle tends to go more conservative, people will have more trouble and other things on their mind but you are on the front lines tonight. thanks for coming in. we will be together. amid talk of the trade war with china talk of a real war in the south china sea, heating up with an ominous warning. brazil's president-elect gives his first tv interview since the election. - i think the best companies succeed as a team,
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shannon: tensions flaring in the south china sea, the chinese president ordering his military command overseeing about the contested area to prepare for war. richardson on the trouble brewing on what washington insists our international waters. >> reporter: a relationship headed towards collusion. the chief of us naval operations as the united states and china will meet each other more on the high seas. >> around the world, to indicate our position for illegitimate claims, okay? they are inconsistent with international law. >> reporter: the u.s. navy continues navigating the disputed south china sea. china has claimed territory, the us revealed navy destroyer on patrol had to maneuver to prevent a collision when a chinese warship approached
12:34 am
within 45 yards. >> reporter: some non-regional countries did things counter to our effort, never hesitated in stirring up trouble in the south china sea. >> reporter: china state television, chinese president xi jinping is ordering forces in the region to make concrete preparations for fighting a war and at the white house preparations for further economic confrontation. the trump administration planning to announce tariffs on all remaining chinese imports into the united states according to bloomberg which reports the us would impose those tariffs if discussions fail between donald trump and xi jinping. the two leaders are planning to meet next month at the g 20 in buenos aires. >> we will make a great deal with china because they drained our country. we really helped rebuild china. they have taken out an average of $500 billion.
12:35 am
not going to happen anymore. >> reporter: the president said he had $267 billion tariffs in chinese products ready to go if he fails to strike a deal. the us at $250 billion in chinese imports with tariffs. the justice department announced indictments against chinese intelligence officers and hackers who officials say repeatedly sold sets to aerospace companies and hackers stole information on a type of airplane engine and did so from 2010-2015 wednesday j a chinese state-owned company was trying to develop a similar engine. >> our president and their president, warming their relationship, very big issues. >> that i will try to do it to the g 20 but there's a lot there. brazil's newly elected president
12:36 am
gives his first tv interview. he sometimes or for 2 as the tropical trump. the far right leader gives his first interview since the election and insists minorities should not receive special treatment. >> translator: we can't consider some minorities to have superpowers or different from others. i think if we reached equality for everybody everybody would be satisfied. >> in russia several are injured and one missing after a floating dock saying and the following cream, the deck of russia's only aircraft carrier which was undergoing a massive overhaul and plans to relaunch into service in 2021. off of norway's coast, two massive military exercises. large-scale nato-led military exercise and russian missile test. secretary-general experts in confidence that both sides will act in a respectable way.
12:37 am
5 members of the taliban freed in army sergeant have joined the taliban's political office. we are told they will reportedly be involved in negotiating exch sergeant bowe bergdahl, negotiating peace with the afghan government and they said tuesday it is up to the delavan to choose their representatives. hillary clinton in the spotlight, could a controversial permit -- >> the want to run again? >> know. >> there was a pause. >> i would like to be president. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ comfort.
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shannon: former presidential nominee hillary clinton back in the spotlight after controversial comments conservatives say anyone on the right would be in big trouble for saying. details a lot of things she had to say. >> reporter: quite a comment. the former secretary of state was asked what she thought of the a former attorney general's comments when we go they kick them. his name is eric older. the journalist interviewing him called him the name of a number prominent african-american politician. >> what do you think of cory booker? what you think of him sank him in the shins? >> eric holder, they all look alike.
12:42 am
>> know they don't. >> that is hillary clinton making a joke that all african-americans look alike. during the same interview she also admitted she would still like to be president. she was very core but whether she would run again in 2020. shannon: the idea of running again is very unappealing, very difficult campaign. but somebody else who is running right now is in a tight race, steve king in iowa taking heat in his party about his own controversial comments. >> does from the top republican, the chairman of the national republican congressional committee. he put out a statement saying congressman steve king's recent comments are completely inappropriate. we must stand up against white supremacy and hate in all forms and i condemn this behavior. and a long list of highly
12:43 am
controversial remarks criticizing immigration, he retweeted, backed far right politicians including white nationalist fringe candidate, and told an austrian publication, quote, what does this diversity bring that we don't already have? mexican food, chinese food, those things, that is fine but what does it bring that we don't have that is worth the price? in response to all the criticism from fellow republicans the congressman took a page from the president's playbook by saying these attacks were orchestrated by nasty, desperate and dishonest fake news, their ultimate goal is to put the house and impeach donald trump. the most recent attack is not coming from the media but from the top republican. shannon: this is a tough race, so much pressure as they try to hold the house and they are trying to distance themselves from anything that they are hoping to hold onto.
12:44 am
thank you. over to missouri where the vulnerable incumbent senator claire mccaskill is facing criticism from activists but she's not doing enough to engage the african-american community. there is concern in the community and other states they failed to engage early and often. let's bring in richard fowler, fox news political analyst gianna caldwell. i want to talk specifically with regard to the party because the article is interesting about what a number of democrats, african-americans have gone to the party and said i don't think you're taking seriously enough minority voters may leave the party after president obama leaves the white house if you are not working out and to engage with them. this is what tom perez said in
12:45 am
december of last year. >> african-american women in particular that americans generally are the backbone of the democratic party and precisely because they are the backbone of the democratic party we should never take them for granted and we have. shannon: this is what he said in july, african-americans in particular generally are the backbone of the party because they are. we should never take them for granted. in the past we have. i want to apologize for this. any better in engaging? >> they are doing better engaging. in the race we are talking about, i spent two weeks in missouri and st. louis in the ferguson crisis and there was lack of engagement and the municipal government is failing because there was not something we had time to get into but as you see the party trying to engage african-american voters, by running african-american
12:46 am
candidates and by listening to african american voters in a transformative way and have them be part of the process. we saw that in the dow jones race where they took the race over-the-top for doug jones and in florida where gillam is leading because african american voters took him over the edge of the primary they will take more in the general election. shannon: how will the gop do that? >> the gop definitely needs help. no question. wait a second. we got to be honest with the democratic party has done. what you said was completely false. when we talk about diversity and inclusion in the democratic party but capitol hill, their senior staffers. it doesn't really exist. shannon: we will come back to you. >> disrespect in the democratic party for african-americans, you know the candidates we have seen locally.
12:47 am
in illinois, a candidate running for governor in illinois who was democratic staff that are african-american are suing them for racial discrimination. this is happening across the board. i thought we would have a bipartisan conversation. democrats are not doing enough. on the other end republicans are not doing enough either but looks different, look at the 2016 race, african americans and hispanics running for president. as we have on the other side on the democratic side? >> we have ever americans for president on the republican side? you could say that. you had donald trump accuse democratic candidate running for governor in photo called him a thief with no evidence. shannon: he is referring to the fbi investigation in which it has been revealed there were broadway tickets that were very expensive to hamilton, i heard
12:48 am
it is great, were given to him rather than reported. >> where is due process? >> the accusation is out there but i want to get to the next step, the celebrities who have gotten involved. a big gathering of young black conservatives, donald trump approval among black americans at a record high, democrats destroyed our communities and told us we could be nothing but victims, blacks that it is happening because it is time, blacks exiting the democratic party. what do you make of that? >> there's a long history of democratic and republican parties engaging in racism and bigotry from the dawn of time, back to slavery and work our way through it but here's what we know today. you have a president of the united states that traffics in bigotry.
12:49 am
shannon: we are up against a hard break. >> i believe not republicans but african-americans, democrats thinking twice about staying in the democratic party because they have seen the issues on the african-american community. a lack of real concern and more a thought you will vote democrat because you have no choice but which will be problematic. i talk about it on instagram this is what democrats do. it is unfortunate but it will continue. >> we had fun discussing kanye during the commercial. thank you very much.
12:50 am
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12:54 am
indiana senate debate, democrats owe donnelly's support for the border wall and sanctuary cities while his republican opponent accused him of being part of the problem. >> i am the only person on the stage who voted three times for a border wall. i voted against sanctuary cities. i stood for secure borders with john mccain. >> are you happy with the way results happened in dc? do you think the people who have been there can fix these problems? shannon: another vulnerable red state democrat, elizabeth warren, montana incumbent senator jon tester telling members of the tribe dna test results do not, quote, pass the test. joining claire mccaskill who pointed to warren if there were any crazy colleagues in the senate. barbra streisand putting donald trump in tucson, her latest do
12:55 am
out friday features several tracks highly critic of the president and his immigration policy and also thinking of moving to canada if democrats don't take the house. 10-year-old brody baron who is autistic moved from the uk to oklahoma. inviting classmates but big day arrived, none of the party guests showed up to the birthday venue. you can imagine, he told the staff no one was coming. they gave him a great party. they did at no cost. they saying happy birthday, saying laser tag, he called it the best day ever. on the first anniversary of our first day, thank you to our amazing staff and crew at fox news tonight, everyone worked harder than you imagine, thanks to the viewers who stayed with us, joined us along the way. you are our heroes.
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>> only country in the world where a person comes in, has a baby and the baby is essentially a citizen of the united states. shannon: it is wednesday, october 31st and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am birthrights blocked, donald trump cracking down on chain migration is this caravan closes in. increasing urgency to stop it. >> people ask us what can i do? what can i do as one person in a country that is full of hate and bigotry. shannon: if you can't protest, ben and rr


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