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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 31, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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halloween thing. >> we need some joy today. >> all right, go knock on greg's door. set your dvr to every episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. >> bret: these races could decide the balance of power in the u.s. senate. tonight's headlines, stories we are following at this hour. president trump says the number of military troops deployed to the u.s. mexican border could go as high as 15,000. also today, the president saying the right to citizenship for babies born to non-u.s. citizens on american soil will be ended one way or another. if stocks were up on wall street today, but not nearly enough to offset a terrible october for investors. we will go through all the numbers shortly. and secretary of state mike pompeo and jim mattis are
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calling for a cease-fire in the yemen civil war. there are significant obstacles to ending the conflict for iran iran-backed yemeni rebels and saudi arabia. in america's election headquarters, new fox news polls and some of the senate races we are looking at. first let's go to missouri. we were just there talking to the incumbent, democrat claire mccaskill against of the attorney general republican. take a look at our poll, tied 43-43. each one of these states, also interesting to look at, president trump's approval rating. in missouri, 54% disapprove in the state of missouri. that state extremely tight according to our polling. if we go out west to arizona, republican martha mcsally, democrat christian cinema , we also have it tied. the president approval rating in
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arizona, 52-46. of the president is not going out to arizona in the last stops of his tour before election day. then we go up to north dakota. this race has really changed the incumbent trying to hold on, heidi heitkamp, kramer pulling away. 51-42 in our latest poll. one of the readers, look at his approval rating for president trump in north dakota. 61-36. that makes a big difference on turnout in a state like north dakota. in tennessee, once thought to be very tight where marsha blackburn is up against bill bergeson, former governor there as we take a look at our poll, also, blackburn pulling away 50-41. the president's approval rating in tennessee, 58% approve of president trump's job in the state of tennessee. and the last races we are looking at here are in indiana, and this is an incumbent trying to hold on.
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joe donnelly against mike, the republican. here we have joe donnelly with . this is a libertarian in this race, 5%. at the president's approval rating in indiana is a 50-48. we are looking at this race very closely because that's one of the ones we look at on election day. a senior correspondent mike tobin is an indiana to look at the senate rate. >> in the final days, a fox poll shows a break in the indiana senate race with democrat joe donnelly suddenly pulling ahead. this is just after a gap in the last senate debate. at the democrat had a poor word choice that seemed to be indicae he was surprised by force turnout by minorities. to speak at our secretary of state is indian american, but he does an amazing job. constituent services director, she's african-american but she does even more an incredible job then you you could ever imagine. >> joe donnelly said he missed
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misspoke, but social media was not convinced. another said he is a idiot and is doing a terrible job. >> i've had had it happened on the other side, i think it would be getting more attention. >> he's referring to the 2012 flub by richard murdoch, who says sometimes a pregnancy resulting from a rape is something god intended. accosted republicans the seat. at the race has been tight with two candidates very similar. a democratic joe donnelly has said that he has bipartisan, voted with trump 62% of the tim. he is pro-life and pro-gun. he says he can be a uniter and a bitterly divided nation. >> my job is truly to bring america together. that is what i am trying to do. >> the top of the agenda is
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health care. the difference between the candidates is that joe donnelly emphasizes protection for pre-existing conditions, and his opponent wants to keep premiums under control. joe donnelly said kavanaugh did not have the temperament or impartiality for the court and voted against. that gave his opponent opening to call him a liberal, out of sync with indian appear to speak of the fact that he voted against the kavanaugh nomination took any question ous allegiance is. and that is to chuck schumer. >> both parties are bringing out the big guns for this race. president trump will be in indy indianapolis on friday. he will be in indiana on sunday. back to you. >> bret: mike tobin in indianapolis. thank you. we will look at one more senate race before we turn it over to the house of representatives and that's here in the state of montana. trying to hold off the republican matt rosendale. the news here is not polls, we don't have a new one.
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of polls has them up about 4 and change. the news is breckenridge, the libertarian, got out of the race today. he said he was throwing all his support to the republican, matt rosendale. will that make a difference in this race? the we don't know, but it's the development today in montana. and now let's look at the house of representatives, our power rankings here. need 218 to take the majority. right now, as of tonight, fox says there are 29 toss ups. these other races that will really decide how the house it goes. you see likely democrats, 192, leaning 15, and here is 166, lena 33. today, it looks like it is heading the democrats ''way. a very confident house minority leader says she will be a speaker again. here is mike emanuel. >> election day maybe next tuesday but nancy pelosi it says
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it might as well be over. >> what i'm saying now is we will win. [laughs] [applause] spigot we will win. >> this is not the outcome we wanted. >> that led stephen colbert to remind nancy pelosi of the last time democrats were supremely confident. >> do you want to say that on hillary clinton's fireworks barge? >> democrats will carry the house, the senate, governorship, is going to be a great night for america. >> despite her role in trying to lead her party back to the majority, at least 46 at democrats on the ballot have said they won't support nancy pelosi pour speaker. >> we need a new wave of leadership, we need new voices directing the conversation in washington. >> nancy pelosi has floated the idea of holding the speaker's gavel short gavel short-term. >> i have things to do, places
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to go. >> pelosi and her allies have eagerly started to lay out an agenda. democrats would use her first month to make major changes to campaign and ethics laws, restrict gerrymandering, and require outside political groups to disclose their donors. other key authorities are lowering prescription drug costs, spending on clean energy, and building new infrastructure. what's missing is any mention of impeaching president trump. it is worth noting republicans have been campaigning in many places against pelosi becoming speaker, hoping that will motivate folks to vote. it will be interesting to see if this bold production and rollout of an agenda could potentially backfire if voters say it not so fast. >> bret: mike, thank you. president trump has denied insisting he does have the legal authority to end birthright citizenship, and he is citing a 25-year-old comment by a powerful democrat to back him up. chief white house correspondent john roberts is a lie from the north lawn.
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>> there may be more military members headed south, as well. the president upping the ante to stop that migrant caravan from coming into the united states, saying late this afternoon he is willing to put an additional 10,000 active-duty troops at the border to assist the border patrol. he continues to take aim at the issue of birthright citizenship. on his way out the door to begin a five day, 11 rally campaign, president trump doubled down on his bed that he can and birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants with a strok. >> this is not a constitutional amendment. we don't need a constitutional amendment for birthright citizenship. i believe that you can have a simple vote in congress, or, it's even possible in my opinion, this is after meeting with some very talented legal scholars, that you can do it through an executive order. >> earlier today, the president took an issue with house speaker paul ryan's assessment that it would take a lengthy congressional process to do it. >> i think in this case, the
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14th amendment is pretty clear, and that would involve a very lengthy constitutional process. >> the president tweeted that paul brand should be holding the majority rather than giving his opinion on birthright citizenship, something he knows nothing about appear >> all you have to do is take a look at something harry reid said in 1993. he got it right. >> president trump did applaud harry reid, who in 1993 introduced legislation to end birthright citizenship, rejecting it as an award to lawbreakers. >> no sane countur laws by breaking into this country without permission and give birth to a child, we reward that child with citizenship. >> today, harry reid said he made a mistake. he said, my wife immediately
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tracked me down and said, harry, what are you doing? my father is an immigrant. but at least one candidate pursuing congress says birthright citizenship is the 14th amendment of our constitution. >> how this should be handled is by the congress, and i heard you say that lindsey graham is going to put legislation forward. we have to take a look at that legislation. >> immigration will form a central part of the president's closing argument as he tries to hold control of the house and increase the margins in the senate. the economy is another issue, and at a workforce event this afternoon, the president pointed to volatility in the stock market, warning peoples of 401(k)s could be at stake. >> they are waiting for the result of the midterms, and the midterms for some reason, if they don't do so well for republicans, people will lose a lot of money, i think. >> on the issue of birthright citizenship, congress has never
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granted a law granting citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants, and the supreme court has never spoken on that particular aspect of the 14th amendment. they insist that there is nothing in the constitution that compels citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants and up until now it has been more of an "custom." >> bret: john, thanks. of the federal reserve wants to ease requirements on holding capital in cash for u.s. banks that are big, but is smaller than the wall street mega banks. they also want to relax the schedule for so-called stress tests that evaluate risks for banks. it's the fed latest proposal to lessen restriction on financial firms, after the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession. this could raise the risk of another potential taxpayer buyout of strong banks. facebook helps drive another positive day on wall street. at the down finishing up 241,
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the s&p 500 gained 29. the nasdaq surged 144. the good halloween results could turn a wild month of october positive, the s&p 500 dropped nearly 7%. the nasdaq was the worst, losing more than 9%. susan lee of the fox business network joins us with some analysis. good evening. >> it's the worst october since 2008 and from eight global financial crisis, and the worst month in years for the market. over $2 trillion have been lost in the markets this month. that's 10% of the u.s. economy. a big concern for investors, highest interest rates, global trade tension, and fear that corporate earnings may not look as good next year compared to this year. the main stock drugs have been the big technology players. facebook, amazon, apple, netflix, and google. amazon is back tipping into bear market territory this week, which means the stock was down
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over 20% from its recent peaks. also, the overhang of the midterm election have kept the market in check, but no matter who wins the vote, the market is set to rally after the midterms on average 12% to 15%. to some good news there. >> bret: susan, thank you. up next, new charges in the pittsburgh synagogue massacre. fox st. louis is a vegetarian food maker to ask a federal judge to issue a preliminary junction making it a crime to promote products as meat if they are not made from livestock or poultry. the company claims the law infringes on its constitutional free-speech right to use product labels such as veggie burgers and a vegetarian hammer roast. of the law earlier this year with help from the missouri farm bureau.
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general motors offers buyouts to about 18,000 white-collar workers in north america. the move coming on the same day gm report two and half billion dollar third-quarter profits. gm says although it's performing well, he wants to continue to reduce costs while the company and the economy are strong. and this is a live look at boston from our affiliate wf fc. the big story tonight, a huge party for the world series champs. players rode duck boats, a tradition. at the red sox defeated the los angeles dodgers four games to want to win mike lee fall classic. the red sox have won four world championships in the last 15 seasons. congratulations to boston and boston's fans. that's tonight live look outside of "special report." we will be right back.
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i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ >> bret: we now know what charges the suspect in the pittsburgh synagogue massacre will face. meanwhile, three more victims were laid to rest today. correspondent david lee miller is in pittsburgh tonight. ♪ >> as mourners were paying respect to the victims of saturday's shooting rampage at pittsburgh's tree of life
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synagogue, a federal grand jury indicted the gunmen. robert bowers faces 44 counts, including hate crimes. among the charges, 11 counts of obstruction of free exercise of religious beliefs, resulting in death. an 11 counts of using a firearm to commit murder in a crime of violence. attorney general jeff sessions, who will ultimately decide if robert bowers will face the death penalty, called the crimes incomprehensibly evil and repugnant to the values of this nation. bowers was armed with three glock handguns and a rifle. two police officers were wounded, three remain in the hospital and continue to improve. >> overall, the prognoses are good now for all the patients, including the three that remain. each of them in a varying way will have a different trajectory and likely require a series of ongoing care. >> three victims of the shooting were laid to rest today. 88-year-old melvin and
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69-year-old irving younger. the head of the anti-defamation league claims 57% spike in acts of anti-semitism in the last year, partly on the political climate. >> people are anxious, people are on edge, that creates a situation where things are very combustible. >> the alleged gunman, robert bowers is due to appear in court again tomorrow. at that time, the prosecution says it will present some of the evidence against him. >> bret: david lee miller live in pittsburgh, thank you. two of the president's top advisors are calling for a cease-fire in the yemen civil war. he will take a lot more than talk to and the conflict between yemen rebels and a coalition led by saudi arabia and supported by the u.s. state department correspondent tells us why. >> we need to be doing this in the next 30 days. >> the united states wants the fighting in yemen to stop, and
3:22 pm
peace negotiations to begin. >> we have mired this problem for long enough down there. >> mike pompeo says it's time to address the conflicts' underlying issues, including the u.s. backed saudi coalition saying, the time is now for the cessation of hostilities, including missile and uav strikes into the kingdom of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. subsequently, coalition air strikes must cease and all populated areas in yemen." the u.s. to assist the yemen coalition, refueling jets and providing arms. we continue to support the right of saudi arabia to defend its borders. thousands are dead in the four year war. we call it the worst humanitarian crisis with thousands suffering from starvation. push for cease-fire as
3:23 pm
saudi arabia it deteriorates, following jamal khashoggi's murder in his temple. >> translator: this needs to be stopped now. there is no point in excuses. >> turkish media supports prosecutors there determined khashoggi was strangled as soon as he entered the consulate as part of a premeditated killing and his body dismembered. >> secretary mike pompeo says they are still waiting for where the facts in this case ultimately lead, but it stresses that saudi officials have got to get the facts out and time is not on their side in doing so, nearly a month after khashoggi's murder. >> bret: thank you. up next, our bedroom previous continue with the governor's race that republicans thought was safe and now does not appear to be. first, beyond our border tonight tonight. the newly elected governor of japan's okinawa plans to visit the u.s. with a request that the
3:24 pm
u.s. construction of a marine base. he says the marine base should be moved off the island and the u.s. military presence on the island should be reduced. authorities are still trying to find the fuselage and black box of the indonesian jet that went down on friday, but they have returned to some of the debris from the disaster that killed all on board. russian space agencies have said they found a rocket carrying a crew to the international space station it failed recently because of a sensor malfunction. the rocket carrying a nasa astronaut and a russian cosmonaut field 2 minutes into the flight, sending their emergency capsule in a sharp fall back to earth. both men were uninjured. to some of the other stories on our border tonight, we will be right back. ♪ face the world as a face to be reckoned with. only botox® cosmetic is fda approved to temporarily make
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♪ >> bret: what was thought to be the republican's best chance to pick up a governor's seat is now much less certain tonight. that's because what was a three-person race in alaska is now a head-to-head battle, and the g.o.p. candidate is sent to be losing ground. correspondent dan springer tells us about it from anchorage. >> over there, thank you. >> alaska's race for governor pitting mark baggage -- >> thank you very much, i appreciate that. >> against mike donnelly beat
3:29 pm
might appear conventional. it's not. missing is the incumbent governor bill walker, an independent who dropped out 12 days ago. so late his name will still appear on the ballot. the stunning move gave life to the republican candidate. >> it's hard because people were looking at, which one is the right one? but now it has changed. >> governor walker build after his running mate resigned abruptly after making an inappropriate comment to a woman. walker then threw his support to the candidate who gas dividend k to alaskans to lower the state deficit. he says he can do it by cutting medicaid to the insured. alaskans are used to bizarre elections, ted stevens was only defeated because of a federal corruption guilty verdict a week before the vote. senator lisa murkowski lost her
3:30 pm
republican primary, then retained the seat with a stunning victory. mike appeared to be cruising to end easy win before the shake-up, and now appears unfazed. >> both of these guys were running to the far left to begin with. we designed a race running against an individual on the left, and right now things are working well. >> the republican governors association is still confident, but a lot less so than a couple of weeks ago. they know they will lose some of the current 33 governor seats they have in next tuesday's election, but they have always viewed alaska as their best chance for a pick appear >> bret: dan springer, or just in anchorage. thanks. in alaska and almost everywhere else in the country, health care is one of, if not the most important issue. many democrats in house races are pushing for a major step towards a single-payer system. tonight, our correspondent tells us what that may mean for you and your family.
3:31 pm
>> we must and the international embarrassment of the united states of america being the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care >> in addition to bernie sanders, 120 members of the house democratic caucus have cosponsored a medicare for all bill. >> are we going to move america forward and brain, finally , health care for every citizen of the united states of america! >> according to a recent fox poll, 46% of registered voters agreed, saying they want the government to pay america's health care tab, but that would come with a big price tag. >> they are going to be horrified to finance medicare for all with tax increases. that would reduce household income by 19%. >> a george mason university study puts the cost of medicare for all at $36.2 trillion over the next ten years. put in perspective, that could buy 2500 new aircraft carriers
3:32 pm
for the navy. >> i want to ask those people, how the the hill hell does that happen that we spend twice as much on capital than any other nation? >> among the supporters, 2020 prospects, cory berger, elizabeth warren. >> a majority of democrats on the ballot for congress have already signed up for a bill of health care that will obliterate health care. >> they have radically different views of health care policy and solutions, voters in both parties agree on it importance, ranking it among the top three issues this election. >> bret: thank you. we are less than a week from the midterms. we will talk about the stretch run with the panel after a quick break. coaching means making tough choices.
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert, president trump arriving in fort myers, florida. waving to the ground, just got off air force one there. there you see governor rick scott of florida who is running for senate there. they are now racing to their card to get in the motorcade to follow him to this event in fort myers. this is a final campaign blitz. the president is going to be traveling to 11 cities in eight states over the next six days. do the math here and you can see all the places he is going. he's actually going to states that he won in 2016, many of them he won by a lot. he is trying to shore up not only house races but senate races and in some cases, governor's race is like in florida with the case of the governors race. let's bring in our panel. mollie hemingway, senior editor, and hugo gordon, editorial director of "the "washington examiner"." okay, first, the president and
3:38 pm
how much he factors end. new fox pulls out tonight, and this is the president's job approval performance in these states. number six, north dakota, tennessee, missouri, arizona, and indiana. look at the approval numbers in north dakota and tennessee. both races where republicans are pulling away in that senate race. he is on the ballot, as he said, in a lot of these places. >> it certainly helps the republicans that he is above water in the stable ability testing. in north dakota where he is ahead, that race looks like it's done, tennessee it looks like it's a done. missouri and arizona, which you have at tide, that's got to be troubling, or at least it shows republicans have a strong chance of taking those seats. if claire mccaskill is high in the race that donald trump took by a large margin and she's been campaigning very hard, but not to be above her opponent there, it's probably not where she wants to be at this point in the
3:39 pm
race. >> bret: there is that race, 43-43. the other when you mention, arizona. we have that at 46-46. kyrsten sinema and martha mcsally beard arizona and nevada, where arizonans are seeing a lot of a lot of hope. >> right, but those raises are still so close. it's been looking good for the incumbent until this last poll out today in nevada, where congressman rosen is ahead. that's been a big surprise and a disappointment to democrats. without latinos, that is not so much our purple state. do latinos vote in the midterms? not usually. is the harry reid infrastructure left over from when he last won their? that was really an impressive operation he put together. is that going to be activated again? again, i wouldn't be confident if i were the democrats there. and arizona i think it's going to be the closest race of the night. >> >> bret: in arizona, they he early voting and they are seeing
3:40 pm
tremendous numbers, really high, across the country, 40% of the people will have voted already by election day. republican state by state or performing pretty well in the early vote. >> they certainly are. this is going to be very encouraging to the republicans. normally, early voting has been something about which more republicans had expressed skepticism. democrats, it's been very popular amongst democrats. to see republicans performing well, and as you say, it's across the country, in the early voting is obviously going to be cheering republicans already appear >> bret: on the issue of health care, we just ran.please, take a listen to the president and joe biden. >> republicans will always protect americans with pre-existing conditions. >> presidency, we republicans strongly support making sure that pre-existing conditions are covered!
3:41 pm
lie. >> how the hill hell does that happen that we spend twice as much on health care than the people as any other nation? >> bret: the kavanaugh situation changed the dynamic. it seems across the board, democrats are really hitting health care as much or more than republicans hit it when obamacare was in its early stages? >> you can tell a lot by what actually motivates voters by what's happening in ads, and easy democratic ads focusing on health care and republicans also trying to focus on health care. medicare for all, free health care is always going to poll pretty well because people generally like free goodies from the government. it goes less well when he has the critical considerations and you look at that really huge red wave you saw an 2010, that was a response to the test of whether the government should take over a massive part of the economy in the health care scenario it's a complicated thing, but certainly effective political messaging in the end.
3:42 pm
>> democrats have focused on health care all along. republicans promised again and again and again to repeal and replace it and they could not. they didn't improve it, they got rid of the individual mandate this year, that has made the coverage of more expensive. people know republicans did not come up with an answer on this. they know the president is not telling the truth. this has been an issue in their ads for democrats the entire campaign. not impeachment, not immigration, health care. it is the sleeper issue republicans are terrified about. >> bret: i asked each of you to pick a race, which race did you pay? >> i picked west virginia, which might surprise some people because the likelihood is almost certain that joe manchin will win. the reason why west virginia is interesting, is that it was won massively by president trump and at the moment, joe manchin is ahead by 12 points, but if that falls into single figures, it
3:43 pm
could suggest that republicans have great chance in the states that president trump won in 2016. that could mean florida, indiana, arizona, and misery. >> bret: he's going to huntington, west virginia, and we don't have the number here but we assume his approval rating is much like north dakota, which has the president at 61% approval in north dakota. your race? >> i chose california 39, is an open seat and it's one of many that will be key to the democrats actually retaking the house if they are able to do that. what's interesting is, had he not vacated this seat and announce he was going to run again, he would have kept it. it's now a toss-up. it's a good reminder that a lot of republicans bought into the hype that this is going to be a blue tsunami, that it's going to be devastating, it's going to be just like president obama's first midterm are so many seats were lost. because they bought into the hype, these are some of the most vulnerable seats and may be a reminder that people should be cautious before believing in
3:44 pm
these kinds of things. >> bret: it is shifting, a lot of the toss-ups we have leaning a little bit more democratic now, so they are close to the 218 number. >> i chose the arizona senate race and now we have that with all the polling 8.8% lead for sinema, so not a good one. and you have a tie. this could be the closest election of the night. i think this race is so fascinating, these two women are both moderates. martha mcsally, air force pilot. a colonel in the air force is not running as a moderate. republicans in arizona are no longer the republicans of john mccain or jeff flake. she's running harder to the right, while sinema has told independent voters, i'm for border security, i'm not a liberal, i'm not proud democrat, she's running as a moderate. they are both incredibly ambitious people. sinema has the controversial statements in the past, which
3:45 pm
could end up depressing independent boat but she is way up with independence, and i could heat up a victory. >> bret: what's interesting is the ads are trying to point each other as extremes. >> they call each other liars and treasonous. as ugly as it gets. >> sinema saying it's okay to work for the taliban is not okay. >> but they are both at each other's throats. it's as ugly as it could have gotten, and again so interesting that they are actually moderates. but one of them chose not to run as one. it will be interesting to see what happens as a result of that. >> bret: the president is not stopping in arizona on his final track. we will see. next up, president trump still insists that he does have the power to end birthright citizenship. that debate is continued. , now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it?
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♪ >> if making it easy to be an illegal alien isn't enough, how about offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant? no sane country would do that, right? guess again. if you break our laws by entering this country without permission and give birth to a child, we reward the child with
3:50 pm
u.s. citizenship. and guaranteed to full access of all public and social services this society provides, and that's a lot of services. >> all you have to do is take a look at what harry reid said in 1993, and guess what, before he went insane, he got it right. >> bret: the president of the united states heading out to florida referencing that senator reid, the former democratic leader in the senate, put out a statement today in which he said in 1993, i made a mistake after i proposed that awful bill. my wife immediately sat me down and said, harry, what are you doing question might do you know my father is an immigrant? she set me straight. immigrants are the lifeblood of our nation. this president wants to destroy it not billed. he wants to be able to tweet whatever he wants while he sits around and watches tv, but he cannot do whatever he wants.
3:51 pm
>> it's fascinating to see harry reid making that statement in 1993 announcing he has made a mistake. of course, he wants to stoke animus towards president trump, but i think the democrats are probably overreaching and a lot of people are overreaching if they think there is wholesale support across the country for birthright citizenship as it applies to illegal immigrants. i don't think there are many people who wouldn't say anyone who is on the path to citizenship and they have a child in the country, that child will become a citizen. if they someone is getting them and coming into the country and having a baby here that they can make sure their child has sufficient citizenship and from that the family can get citizenship, i think the president is onto something. >> bret: 's the president has talked to many legal scholars who say you just can't do it by executive order. if he did it by executive order, he would immediately be challenged and it would be a decision by the supreme court. that is where the debate is but
3:52 pm
what this means now is really about the election. >> president trump's basket of campaign goodies is overflowing. he is rationing the troops at the border to potentially 15,000, 40,000 by tuesday morning, and he's got birthright citizenship. it's not that it is not popular, or that it wouldn't -- a constitutional amendment wouldn't pass and americans wouldn't favorite it, i'm not at all surprised to see a tape of harry reid once being on that side of immigration, just like we've seen old tapes of hillary clinton and barack obama, the party has gone completely to the other side from civil rights and immigration rights that is absolutely out of the mainstream of this country, as well as president trump, who is also out of the mainstream of this country on immigration, but it's the process that you talk about. the idea of throwing this out there when it sounds ridiculous
3:53 pm
and there is no tax cut and people are calling the border deployment of stoned. >> bret: he says he doesn't do stunts, but got one pair to speak going into this requires a constitutional amendment, that is what all the constitutional scholars say. he is throwing this out there to make a headline, that's all. >> views on whether borders mean anything, that is not a viable campaign strategy but depending on how the election goes on tuesday, it will have ramifications on how we handle these issues, and it's also worth remembering the very first position that donald trump put out in 2018 called for an end to birthright citizenship. the question on executive orders is interesting because congress has the authority how to determine, how to handle immigration, but there are executive orders that could be constitutional and executive orders that would not be. if he uses the congress, that would be unconstitutional.
3:54 pm
>> bret: like barack obama with daca. the president said, if he can do it, why can't i? and they tell him, you can't do it. >> we have to wait and see what the actual words are. >> it's perfectly clear that if he tries to use an executive order, it will be challenged and go all the way to the supreme court and the court will make a decision. but he hasn't actually communicated on the children of illegal immigrants, and by raising the issue now, six days before the election, he is reminding people of one of his key issues in one of the reasons he voted for him and why they might vote for republicans. >> bret: there was one tweet, "paul ryan should be focused on holding the majority rather than giving his opinion on birthright citizenship, something he knows nothing about. our new republican majority will work on this, closing loopholes and securing our border." six days before the election, the guy is out there raising money for house republicans.
3:55 pm
>> but it's also true that republicans need to understand that their base very much cares about this issue and they are frustrated that republicans haven't done anything about it, and this is something that would be wise for all republicans to care about. >> bret: when we come back, a sweet end to this show. the new lincoln mkc. connecting the world inside, with the world outside. so you can move through both a little easier. introducing the well-connected 2019 lincoln mkc.
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so let's promote our falle a homecomingtravel dealame, on like this. touchdown. earn a free night when you stay just twice this fall. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at >> martha: happy halloween. people around this time of year, election time, barry very skepf polls. what do you think of this will not, the ultimate halloween candy power ranking. reese's peanut butter cup takes first place, followed by their miniatures. kate can't takes forth, snickers rounds out fifth, and dead last, good n plenty. reese's has a way to get rid of bad candy for a reward. >> i don't even want those.
4:00 pm
>> bret: there is a candy converted that you put candy in there and you get reese's back. it's not in my neighborhood. it may be is in martha's neighborhood. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. >> martha: i'm not taking any bad candy and getting reese's. i agree except i don't like anything miniature. i like the large size whenever possible. good to see you, thank you. tonight, we've got some very fresh new poles to take a look at that just came out. we fed six days to go until election night, and tonight president trump is going to florida, where he is expected to stick the stage in just a few minutes. >> it seems that the campaign is going very well. it looks like we are doing very, very well in the senate. a lot of seats that were not really being thought up in terms of victories a year ago now are looking


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