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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 31, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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happening. they are pushing people apart. >> sean: it's all about division. i remind you, you have the powe power. quick programming note, don't miss tomorrow night's show. we are always fair and balanced and you can chop the world. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham. >> laura: what was your favorite halloween costume growing up? >> sean: i don't even know what halloween is. everyone is going to take this seriously. for the record, i'm kidding. halloween teaches kids to be liberal. can i have free stuff? i said that once in the media went nuts. i'm joking. >> laura: are you one of those parents, you open the door and you take 70% of the kids candy and say how does it feel? >> sean: you are horrible. you're a horrible person.
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>> laura: i didn't do anything this year, i'm just a beleaguered single mother. when i was 12, my friend pam and i dressed up as bombs but you can't say bombs anymore. we had no money for costumes. >> sean: is sorry, lost connection. >> laura: we can laugh and have a good time. >> sean: halloween is for kids kids, dress up, get free stuff and jacked up on candy. >> laura: this is the "the ingraham angle" from a menacing washington tonight, we are now less a week away from the crucial midterm elections and in moments, i'll lay out why it's so vital to choose treats over tricks at the ballot box. after don lemon said white men represent the country biggest terrorist threat, cnn is all mom, no comment. we are going to explain why.
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what happens when the former head of ice in the current asking ambassador to the u.s. share a set with me tonight? a blunt conversation about the caravan is ahead. raymond arroyo is here with a halloween treat. who did the voters think is the scariest politician in washington? what happened to all of that money justice kavanaugh accuser christine blasey ford raised through her go fund me effort. a "the ingraham angle" deep dive, and i hate that phrase, it tonight. but first, democrat tricks versus trump treats, that's the focus of tonight's angle. democrats are putting all of their candy in a new basket of candidates this halloween and the result for americans can be downright nauseating. here is democratic gubernatorial hopeful andrew gillum on the trick he has in store for florida voters. >> raise taxes on businesses.
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i believe businesses are to pay their fair share. >> you want medicare for all for all. >> it out to be a right not a privilege. >> so you would acknowledge that you are perhaps more aggressive. >> i wouldn't deny any day of the week. >> laura: everything is free, no one has to pay anything. i can't imagine this is what florida voters really want. higher taxes, more spending, more regulations that will end up choking their states thriving economy. and there's another charismatic left leftist running for governor of georgia, she has a spooky view of basic economics. >> i'm sick and tired of hearing about the free market being the solution to our problems. >> laura: why waste time with
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capitalism when socialist redistribution seems so much more fair? abrams is currently running neck and neck with republican secretary of state brian kemp and now she's trying to connect with regular folks by bringing in star power. oprah is coming into town and she's hoping to be the queen maker in georgia, and comedian will ferrell is going door to door to canvas for abrams hoping that you think he's a real anchorman who knows something about politics. former president barack obama and senator bernie sanders are also expected in georgia next week, meanwhile president barack obama headed down to florida on friday -- totally unfazed by the new revelations that his guy andrew gillum was again shown to be corrupt. what he did? he used taxpayer funds from his mayoral office to take a private plane to meet with his donors to his gubernatorial run. when confronted on his corruption, gillum runs to race.
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>> i don't take free trips for anybody, i'm a hardworking person -- i know that may not fit your description but i don't need any one handing anything for free. >> laura: that subject isn't too hard to read. a frequent trick is used to do flex questions by claiming his opponents republican bob desantis is a blatant racist. >> i do think that mr. desantis is given too much harbor to racists and a xenophobe's and anti-semites, he spoken at conferences with them, he authored a book justifying slavery. >> laura: that is just a bald-faced lie. ron desantis wrote a book justifying slavery? it's a wonder he was ever elected to the house of representatives. we pulled to the book, it's
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called dreams from our founding fathers and in it, desantis recounts how alexander hamilton and benjamin franklin lamented the "notorious compromises" that were made to tolerate slavery so the constitution could actually pass, they could form a government. here's a quotation. the recitation of historical fact is not racist, nor is it justifying slavery. either andrew gillum is really not all that smart, or he's purposefully lying about something this awful and horrible. it's defamatory and should not be tolerated or rewarded by the voters of florida.
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racism seems to be one of the most potent forces that the democrats have in their trick bag this midterm season. everywhere you turn, the refrain is the same. >> what i did wrong in 2016 was i overestimated white people. i didn't think white people would put him in office. so here he is running around the country, appealing to our darker angels, appealing to our hatred and fear. and i'm supposed to believe that ohio isn't going to vote for him? that the suburbs in pennsylvania aren't going to vote for him? speak of evidence is there, i have to give the facts and the truth. the truth and the evidence points to him being a racist. he is a racist. >> laura: this is race baiting taken to a new low, if it's even possible to go any lower. rather than mount credible arguments in the face of trump's, it's easier to tar him and all republicans were ever supported him as racists or members of the third reich, they
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are race obsessed on the left. appears. here's indiana's democratic senator joe donnelly who recently attempted to brag about some of his employees, or at least about their ethnicity. >> our state director is indian american. he does an amazing job. our director of all constituent services, she's african-america african-american. she does a more incredible job and you can ever imagine. >> laura: i don't know what that is. at a moment when the country is focused on immigration and securing the border, texas democratic superstar beto o'rourke dropped this treat on msnbc's chris matthews. he slipped it in his view of the border when talking about how he met his wife. >> we met on a blind date in el paso before tinder, i took
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her over the bridge, had a margarita at the kentucky club, we just hit it off. i told that story to folks to remind them of the binational nature of the u.s.-mexico borde border. >> laura: somehow, somewhere that passes as really intelligent, the binational nature of the border. a border is between turtle countries. there are two but what does that mean, binational nature? there are two distinct nations and a border should be protecte protected. now compare all of those democratic tricks, the empty racism charges, a vision of an open border, abolishing ice, all of that stuff to trumps treats. now under this president, wages and salaries rose 3.1% in the third quarter, the biggest increase in a decade.
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gdp expanded by 3.5% annual race ahead of the 3.4% expectation. african-american and hispanic unemployment are at historic lows, and the president is taking real steps like sending 5,000 troops to the border to protect our sovereignty. your bottom line, your wallet. you know the democrats don't offer any cogent argument or response, alternative to the trump record. they expect to win via a sustained campaign of anti-trump anger and race baiting. like old halloween candy, none of that is going to satisfy or sustain the country. it'll just give you a really bad aftertaste, kind of bitter. that's the angle. joining me now to discuss on this halloween, dan bongino a former secret service agent, democratic attorney and match lap chairman of the -- what will
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happen to the democratic party s midterm cycle? if they are moving further to the left every day and every day there is something more unconscionable said about racism. like that comment that was made by gillum about ron desantis' book. >> which is just history. here's what i fear, there will not be a blue wave. you can't have a blue wave when republicans pick up senate seats and i think it's almost impossible for them not to pick up senate seats. they're not going to lose the majority so there's no wave. the question is do the democrats get back the house. i hope for the country's sake republicans hold on to the house but what happens when these democrats who have been told was a huge wave coming in the media, i fear that people who follow these hateful rhetoric are going to become unglued. i don't think that's great for the country. >> laura: don lemon on cnn, he used to come on my radio show, i
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always liked don lemon. i feel like people go on these other networks, we disagreed on stuff but it was always a good conversation. to hear him say that the biggest threat to the country are white men the night before last and cnn comes out today and says we have no comment, were not going to have any comment about that. what if he had said something about black men in any way, shape, or form, what's going on out there? >> i don't take matters or threats to my american way of life. i know he does agree with me. if you listen to the whole quote, he was doing a comparative. i'm not making any excuses for him, i would never use the language, he was comparing what democrats believe to be this hype about this honduran caravan, compared to real threats in america. what he should have said is we know the right wing extremists
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commit heinous crimes. there have been about 115 in this country and when they do the majority of those 115 have been right wing extremists including last week. >> laura: at fort hood? that was a navy barracks. a recruiting station in little rock. >> 115 committed by angry white right wing extremists. that same group kills more police officers on an annual basis. if what he was doing was doing that comparison. >> laura: our point here is that race seems to be the obsession of the left without concern. >> it's trumps obsession too. i >> laura: i think what he's saying is that the border matters. this is what trump said about andrew gillum, let's watch.
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>> president trump: andrew gillum wants to take a wrecking ball to one of the most successful economies anywhere in the world, the florida economy with massive tax hikes, crippling regulations, and a socialist health care takeover that would destroy your state. andrew gillum wants to throw open your borders to drug dealers, human traffickers, gang members, and criminal aliens. >> laura: you're in florida, how is this playing in the state? gillum is rated as the megastar along with beto o'rourke and stacy abrams. >> i live in martin county, 50/50 split. almost right down the line, i can tell you it was not the scientific sample, not a pollster, i'm not flaming as such. i make my way around the county, i give a lot of speeches and i have not seen republicans as fired up about defeating a
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candidate as i have for them about defeating gillum. it has everything to do with his policies. the left wants to make this about race, that's absurd. it's outrageous. people in florida move here for a very distinct reason, i know you're familiar with florida. people move here from the northeast to escape the taxes and big government, not to reelect big taxes and big government in the form of big government andrew gillum down here in florida. i could be wrong, i think those polls are off. >> laura: i think the news has come out about taking the official money and the fbi surveillance i want to get to something that happened in the view. this is abby huntsman an interesting interview with stacy abrams. >> do you think they are racially motivated? >> i don't question his heart, i
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question the results. we know that he has disproportionately purged voters of color, stop the voters of color, arrested voters of color, and that's problematic because regardless of his intent, the result is that racial bias is injected into our system. >> laura: i guess you could say that about rahm emanuel because in chicago, people of color are also arrested -- in hartford, connecticut, -- she's clever she got a lot of praise for saying i can't question his heart. >> all of those things are crimes. you can't keep someone from voting who is legally gone through the process to vote. all that he's talking about and other folks are talking about is we have to spend money on making sure these lists comport to reality and the people on these lists are eligible to vote. this is about one man, one vote. if people who aren't eligible to vote do vote, they dilute everyone's vote.
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>> you can't kick somebody off the list of their legal to be on it. >> but he does because of this one name one match. if a person gets married in their last name doesn't match, they have a hyphen with their name, those voters get pulled. >> than the list gets muddied and you don't know. >> laura: you can't born an international flight if your passport is different from other primary identifications. it applies across the board. >> provisional ballots, let them vote. >> laura: i think it's very insulting to imply that minorities are unable to follow rules of voter registration which i always wondered, how do people make that point? if people don't have identification. >> the name match could be from five years ago if they had been married or not married. >> laura: then georgia should change the law. >> to get in the building i had to give them an i.d. that had to
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be right, it's the way it is. >> laura: i wanted to play a moment from bill nelson, he's obviously running for reelection in florida, very important race against rick scott, the current governor. this is what he said about the atmosphere in the united states. >> the story of rwanda is very instructive to us >> laura: trumps america is on the verge of having a million people hacked to death with machetes. if the only time i've seen that is when we had concerns about terrorists coming into the united states but take it away. >> i spent some time in kigali rwanda, that's a disgusting horrifying charge.
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nobody in florida knows who he is, you go around asking about the bill nelson, that old senator from nebraska? nobody knows it, tell me i'm lying here. that's what they say. wasn't that the guy with the corn husker and obamacare? >> he's elected senator . >> he's senator what's his name! >> he gets elected because he runs on the democrat line. that is an absurd absolutely outrageous comparison. if trump is some kind of a fascist, he's the worst fascist in human history trying to shrink government, decrease the power of government, give you back your own money, school choice, give you back your own health care. the whole idea of a fascist is a power government, not to disempower it. this is idiotic nonsense. >> laura: i give all of you
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treats tonight, no tricks for you, you were all good. up next a rare joint interview, the former head of ice in the current mexican ambassador to the u.s. sit down with me live to seek out solutions for stopping these multiple caravans heading our way. and who's behind them. you don't want to miss this >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage...
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>> we have been trying to avoid at all costs violence in the border, unfortunately some of the people in the caravan have been violent against authority even though they have offered the possibility of entering and compliance with immigration law and refugee status. >> laura: the mexican ambassador to the united states saying what many of us fear about this caravan.
7:24 pm
border officials say the majority of migrants are single adult men, only about a third of them are family units. joining me now, mexican ambassador to the u.s. geronimo gutierrez and acting ice director tom homan. let's start with you mr. ambassador, tell us about some of the violence inflicted on your police just over the last four or five days. >> the vast majority of these people are just looking for a better opportunity. it's also true that they have had violent conduct with our police. that is why we have police presence in our southern border, the mexican government has offered them refugee status, this is important. if a big number of them have accepted that status and we continue to work to achieve making sure that there is a social safety but the law is
7:25 pm
applied. >> laura: when they pushed through the barrier, and they crossed that river, they were supposed to stop they didn't. right? is that a violation of mexican law? >> we have made it very clear to everybody that anybody comes into mexico must do so legally in compliance with immigration? >> laura: is that legal? >> no but you can understand from a moral point of view, we have to look after the safety of the children and the women that are out there. >> laura: the guatemalan minister, the minister of security yesterday told us that the women and the children in some cases are being used as shields as they were in guatemala, put them up front so any pushback would appear to be heartless, horrible, callous, terrible, is that happening? >> we have precise protocols. our police is well-trained and
7:26 pm
we have human rights agencies there and ngos taking a look at everything that is going on. >> laura: the ngos in my view are part of the problem. they helped organize the caravan last spring, other coaching a lot of migrants on the ground and they are insisting the caravan moving up north. >> they're doing it with a less caravan, doing it with this caravan. >> laura: you worked in mexico before when you are acting ice director, we have a better relationship with mexico i think now than we have had in quite a long time, we are trying to cooperate and get things done. >> i have a good relationship with the ambassador and still do. we worked on a lot of things together. the last couple years they have a arrested a lot of central americans at the southern border, people who would've made it to the united states. at the ambassador said, a couple thousand that applied for asylum
7:27 pm
in mexico which is not going to make it here. >> laura: most don't want to come to mexico, most want to come to the united states. mexico is a great place but that's not the safe harbor they want for the most part. >> it's true that many of them want to reach the united states, i guess many people would understand why. some of them have family member members. the most important thing again is we have offered them a very good opportunity to stay in mexico, president and ricky opinion you have offered them work opportunity >> laura: you have a lot of extra cash floating around, doesn't mexico have a lot of? >> it's the right thing to do. >> laura: they qualify as refugees under mexican law because they are leaving for a better job, most of them are leaving for a better job. it's violence but it's violence
7:28 pm
in mexico. >> both the united states and mexico have a shared interest in making sure whatever migration takes place it's legal, safe, orderly. it's not easy to achieve. >> laura: this is being organized, the idea that this is some organic thing where people are being persecuted for their religion or as part of ethnic cleansing like what you're seeing in yemen -- i want to py something that mike pence said on what's going on in these caravans, let's watch. >> these caravans are being driven by leftist organizations in central america. and by human traffickers who you need to know have no regard for human life. >> laura: what about that? >> he's 100% correct. the people that do get to the united states and go to court, 80% of them are losing their
7:29 pm
cases because coming for a better job, better life doesn't qualify for asylum. it has to be persecution based on race, religion, or political preference. these human traffic don't care, these are commodity, they're making money by moving these people north. the criminal cartels are involved, the drug cartels are involved so you have to pay a tax working through the plazas. mexico has been a good partner. as a couple more things they could do to help us, they have to send an mou -- -- >> laura: what's that? >> they way to mexico until the hearing, rather than be in the united states never show up in court. i don't know where that's at, now they have a change in leadership in mexico but i think if mexico agreed to a safe third country, that would be a great alternative for the united states, it would be grea great. i think mexico could expand biometrics when they come across people from other countries, we have a bitmap program, we can expand it so they can take
7:30 pm
biometrics from these people so we know in advance who's coming and if there are terrorists and bad people, not only do we know what the mexican government knows. >> laura: people call it migration lets like it's a mign or a natural process -- this is an organized effort and the honduran left-wing politician pulled out of the caravan and arrested along with two others, there's a sense that venezuela has its hand in all of this and this is what president trump said, i think it was today before boarding marine one whether he's fearmongering on the caravan. >> president trump: i'm not fearmongering at all. we'll go up to anywhere between ten and 15,000 military personnel on top of border patrol, ice, and everybody else at the border. nobody is coming in. when not allowing these people to come in. >> laura: your reaction to that. >> let me say something.
7:31 pm
if we are going to look at these apprehensively, we also need to recognize that countries benefit from legal migration. just a few weeks ago, we had the central americans, united states and mexico convene a conference here. what was very clear about that conference were three things. number one, we need to work on development. and we need to make sure that migration is not a forced issue. >> laura: it's overwhelming our system. it's hurting americans and asserting law enforcement. >> it's a good investment. investment. >> laura: what's happening now is not a good investment. they don't buy it. >> we need to work on development. >> laura: legal immigration, what we are seeing is an organized hit on the border, it's organized. >> even if this caravan was not -- we would still have that
7:32 pm
challenge. to ensure from a regional point of view migration is legal and safe. the united states, mexico and central america must work together to achieve it. it's very sensitive here but the only way we are going to solve this is enforcing the laws, but also working on development. >> laura: why are these trucks bringing people up to the southern border, why are we seeing truck after truck and bus after bus, these ngos are facilitating this. >> in the state of oaxaca, all transport companies issued a statement saying they're not going to provide. >> laura: that's a heck of a lot of trucks. really dangerous, no seat belt that i saw -- are we going to have another migrant caravan? >> this is a national security issue, bottom line. that's why the president is moving as fast he can because we
7:33 pm
have to show the other caravans were taking action. >> laura: it's great to have you both with us as always. it's been several news cycles since we revisited the accusations against brett kavanaugh by christine blasey ford. where's all that money she raised? we'll talk about that
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>> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment, tonight's edition barbra streisand is going on the road and binge eating something, just in time for halloween, who do voters think are the country's scariest politicians? joining us with answers, fox news contributor and "new york times" selling author, what is eating at barbra streisand? >> trump and the daily news cycle. she claims that not only that, trump has forced her to eat, here's a quote from an interview she gave to "the new york times"
7:37 pm
today. she said i'm just so saddened by this thing happening to our country, it's making me fat. i hear what he said now and i have to go eat pancakes now, pancakes are very fattening. she's channeling her age not only of the maple syrup but into new music. she's released an album called walls, here's a track i want to give you a preview, a music video that she has written and directed. watch. ♪ >> there is more auto tune here than in arianna grande album or three. this is angry music, it's divisive, political, it's not why people come to barbra streisand. now she is saying this, i've
7:38 pm
been thinking about do i want to move to canada? i don't know. i thought about this, if she's going to canada, perhaps as a way to quickly get up to vancouver, she's already in the carpool karaoke with james gordon so go all the way. >> do you really have to hear music? ♪ >> laura: let me just say about that, she has her own backing vocals underneath. she couldn't hit that note of her life depended on it. >> at least she'll have someone she likes, remember chelsea handler, snoop dogg, lena dunham, they all promised to leave the country if trump won. they are still here. >> laura: why don't they go to mexico.
7:39 pm
>> kanye west, there's another celebrity in the glare of politics. it's only been three weeks since he sat in the oval office with the president, my eyes are now wide open and i realize i've been used, i've been distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative. the focus of his wrath seems to be candace owens. the black exit thing that she was promoted, she claimed kanye design the t-shirt she was selling. she tried to correct that, he said i don't want to be associated with this anymore and he pulled away. that's that. >> laura: what did we say at the time. >> we sent the time he was probably promoting an album and to be very careful of this. we don't have time to play our best of. just in time for halloween, i ask a question, who do you
7:40 pm
consider the most scary political figure in the country, their answers might surprise yo you? >> who was the scariest political figure is halloween? >> maxine waters. >> maxine waters. >> maxine waters. >> maxine waters. >> nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi. [screaming] >> as we build towards halloween, scariest political figure? >> hillary clinton. >> still? >> still. [laughter] >> the scariest person in politics would be donald j. trump because he's the one who's going to run a lot of people out of the country. >> he ended up being the scariest of all because he can repel all the other frightening characters. >> laura: fact to kanye, you said, do we have time?
7:41 pm
>> kanye's learning the lesson that barbra streisand doesn't learn. keep the politics out if you don't you're going to suffer. his last album only sold 60,000 copies, he has a new one dropping in november. he wants that want to sell. >> laura: ben affleck did really well after he worked with hillary. thanks, raymond, see you later for our first anniversary, it just never stops. remember all the pundits and politicians who told us that christine ford had nothing to gain by coming forward to accuse justice kavanaugh? is not the whole story. joe did jennifer and harvey dillon are here to break it all down ♪averlife
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>> take a look at dr. ford, she came forward out of a sense of civic duty, she has nothing to gain. >> she has nothing to gain from coming forward, her life has been upended. >> she had nothing to gain and everything to lose by coming forward. >> is a serious matter who serves on that court and she has the courage to come forward, she has nothing to gain. >> laura: oh, really? it seems she did have something to gain. according to the gofundme account set up, she raised nearly a million dollars in donations and at least one report said she has received several book offers to boot. joining me to discuss all of this, former u.s. attorney joe digenova, and harvey dylan. justice kavanaugh has declined the money raised on his behalf and is going to charity. is it incumbent on ford to do the same? >> the funds were raised on her behalf for security, travel and associated expenses, i think in
7:46 pm
terms the premise on which she raised the money, she raised a heck of a lot more money than what was needed for these causes. what was weird about it as she has continued to raised money, it is getting a taint of pure commercialism here and not the business for which it of origiy intended. >> laura: we have a statement from her counsel saying these funds have been used exclusively for necessary costs of physical security and housing occasioned by coming forward about her sexual assault by brett kavanaugh which i don't believe. justice kavanaugh ascended to the supreme court but threats to dr. ford continue. all unused funds will be donated to organizations supported by trauma survivors. >> dr. ford -- and i use the
7:47 pm
word doctor advisedly -- has converted her testimony into money. she has monetized this outrageous, phony performance that she did before the senate judiciary committee into money. she didn't want to come forward, everyone said. by golly, isn't it amazing how everything about her just became public so she had to come forward? whatever her lawyer says is irrelevant at this point. this is no longer the silly nonsense that lawyers like to pretend when something is over. this was an ugly abuse of power by the democrats with the assistance of ford and her lawyers, deborah katz and michael bromwich. the money that's being made now is dirty money, filthy money, it's just like drug money, it's awful. what they did to the senatorial confirmation process is
7:48 pm
inexcusable, shame on her, shame on her lawyers, and by the way, i didn't believe a single word of her testimony. >> laura: i didn't believe it either. when you think about other people who raise these outrageous claims that were unsubstantiated, no corroboration, michael avenatti is having to now endure a federal investigation on what he did. i still say that feinstein and her whole office should be investigated for that initial leak that put this whole country and kavanaugh through this. the idea that they can skate on that, that's not the kind of senatorial courtesy that i think the american public deserves of this process deserves. >> i agree with you, the senators in question have made a mockery of this process and casually drive by destroying people's lives without any consequences. it has been going on for a while. when you couple this particular episode with the fact that around the election, major
7:49 pm
democratic donors were offering $750,000 and up for people to accuse donald trump of gross crimes, you had to completely disregard there is no barriers for these people, no boundaries, no decorum and it's it's a come abuse of the process. it's drug money, dirty money, it's a perversion of our proces process. >> laura: really quick come of the mueller, the allegations that republican operatives, the sky jack burkman, people never heard of him -- he was trained to get someone to accuse mueller of something. what is there? >> i have no idea. i think the notion that bob mueller is asking for an investigation of some unknown fantasy people making allegations about him is nonsensical. it's part and parcel of the embarrassment that the mueller operation has become. we have one person to think for it, rod rosenstein the most embarrassing deputy attorney general in the history of our country.
7:50 pm
>> laura: president trump seems to have a better relationship with him right now. >> the president is trolling him, that's what that's all about. >> laura: thanks so much, happy halloween, were celebrating my one-year anniversary of the angle, some of our best moments and what does that mean? and the falls, stay there now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long.
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>> laura: you don't want to miss this, without further ado here is more of our favorite moments of your 1 of "the ingraham angle." it welcome everyone to the debut of "the ingraham angle," i'm going to call it as i see it. i'm going to get answers for you and i'm going to hold the powerful accountable.
7:54 pm
that includes you, mr. president . >> sean: "the ingraham angle" starts now, 2 minutes late. if it's be when i want you to voice that over for me, we'll play it instead of the graphics. >> laura: trump calls out to the real russian collusion, that's the focus of tonight's angle. what they are teaching our children, that's the focus of tonight's angle. the anatomy of a freak out, that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> if the democrats suicide mission, that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> i had a horrible dream last night, you wake up in a cold sweat. >> the calendar november 7th and the democrats gain control of the house of representatives. could i aspirate you?
7:55 pm
>> me? >> it is this what you mean by seen and unseen? >> laura: this works, this is great. if only nancy pelosi was here. just a joke. >> can you bring me back? >> we have unbelievable news it's ground breaking information you're not going to want to miss it. if you have to go to the bathroom, pause us because you're not going to want to miss this. >> laura: the aclu used to care about the rights of the accused. >> you threw me down in such a cruel fashion, heartless. the you pushed me with great vigor. i will give you a hug. >> laura: get away from me, don't touch me, get away! get away! this is really a sign of the decline. >> the staff and i are presenting you with a roast but
7:56 pm
i want you to know, i'm going to take this back before the show is over. >> at the end i did take it back, tonight on your first anniversary we are giving you another rose, i'm not good to fight you over this. >> laura: you told me to bring this to my house. you're giving me a rose that you told me -- >> they're called props, don't ruin it for everybody. since you're so ungrateful, i'll keep it and do it again. >> laura: alexis says bring a rose from your house, raymond needs it for the show. coming up, one more surprise on "the ingraham angle" first anniversary coming next t t tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief
7:57 pm
we really pride ourselves >> ton making it easyautoglass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
>> laura: i told my kids i would show the photo of them tonight, when they went out trick-or-treating. what is that? the grim reaper?
8:00 pm
>> we have to light the final -- raymond! you are the worst. i was like why are they getting another cake. >> laura: shannon bream is going to rescue me and the "fox news @ night" team, bring the hijinks to your studio. >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington we begin with a fox news alert. president trump begins his blitz a final push to turn out republican voters, ten more maker bally's scheduled over the next five days, we have brand-new fox polls on key senate races that prove they are noal


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